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Default A Little Trip Down Memory Road

It's been almost 11 years since I joined this old site. Made a lot of memories both good and bad. I wanna focus on the good though.

I was pretty much welcomed by the general community this site created. I arrived a bit late to the party, but it was a lot more active back then. When I got my first FMO AAA on BB Evolution (1-13 difficulty scale at the time) people took notice of that. And Back then there were six(?) divisions. (correct me if I'm wrong here. It was 2009 when I joined.)

I made a lot of friends here and while most have moved on to other things, a few have remained here. I guess some of them still call this site a home away from home. And so do I, honestly.

About mid 2011, I got serious in getting AAA's and started going for that grind. By the time I graduated, I had around.... maybe 1000 AAA's? (There were only 1400 public songs at that time, I think.)

Cut to ten years later, I'm up to almost 1850 public AAA's, and recently have been getting skill boosts like crazy. The trip I've had during my time as a member here has been amazing for the most part. Were there bumps in the road? Definitely, but they're just tiny pebbles when I look back at them now.

I remember getting into my first official tournament. I was a bit of a shit then, but I've grown to be a better person since. I was almost top of Division 5 at the time, and that was pretty big then. Now I'm middle of Division 6 and still getting better at the game.

I've met a lot of people here too. Most of them are pretty cool, but every party has those few bad monkeys that can ruin it for everyone else. (Not naming any names, by the way.) I grew to like these cool people, and some of them have actually helped me on occasion.

Overall, I've had one hell of a trip on this site, and I hope the rest of you still active folks have too. 11 years is a long time, but it goes fairly quickly when you're enjoying yourself with something you're passionate about.

There will come a time when FFR eventually fades away, and it's sad to think about that. But I hope it remains strong for the time it stays until then. I love this site and was a godsend for me.

My favorite thing about this site is, obviously, the friendly community it's developed. And I like that a lot. It's transformed into a game of who can support one another in their eventual endeavors and sharing their achievements. I look up to the higher level player players like Josemba and Matthias (Especially Matthias. Like, holy crap, dude.) But I also see a LOT of potential in the lower level players like Eppujolo and especially my good friend MarcusHawskins (hoping a spelled that right. If not, let me know and I'll correct it.)

So, over all, I've loved this site since the day I joined, and it's brought a lot of memories to the table. And I hope it continues to do that. 27 years of age, and I'm STILL going hard on this game. I don't see myself retiring any time soon.

Key smashing is awesome.
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Originally Posted by _Zenith_ View Post
@ULTIMEGA, dank meme genie.

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Default Re: A Little Trip Down Memory Road

Good post, ULTI, and thanks for the shoutout! (all looks good except for that extra s)

I joined this site in the summer of 2013, hard to believe I'm two-thirds of the way into a decade since registering! FFR was how I spent a lot of time with passion, persistence, and perfection as well, and I'm very grateful for my time here!

Long live the keysmahing!

Originally Posted by Ghost_Medley View Post

This man is three months too early.
Originally Posted by badman7772 View Post
Guess I'll take another Quality Pack please. I won't have Hawkins luck but I'm sure I'll have badluck7772.

Originally Posted by _Zenith_ View Post
what the fuck marcus lmao

Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
You should all thank MarcusHawkins btw

Originally Posted by DDRNGGin View Post
Marcus is probably going to be the main man to win this (You will always be my DDR brother for life, MarcusHawkins! )

Originally Posted by Sky Kitten View Post
Best Newbie
1st: MarcusHawkins: 4

Up And Coming FFRer
2nd: MarcusHawkins: 3
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Default Re: A Little Trip Down Memory Road

Thanks so much for the shoutout ulti! I've been looking for this type of game in the past decade and I finally stumbled into this a bit late... ok SUPER late I suppose lol. I started playing from the beginning back in November 2017, fresh-minded when it comes to VSRGs, and despite being bad at that time I still loved it (Hence is why I made unthinkable progression in 2 years!)
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Default Re: A Little Trip Down Memory Road

20th anniversary soon


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Default Re: A Little Trip Down Memory Road

lol i remember when you'd meme about having like 11 gfs
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Default Re: A Little Trip Down Memory Road

Originally Posted by ULTIMEGA View Post
but every party has those few bad monkeys that can ruin it for everyone else. (Not naming any names, by the way.)
Resident bad monkey here

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
how could i deny the greatness that is our Lord Xelnya hoooooooooooooow
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