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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3


Longest town win-streak: 5; XIX-XXI; XXIII & XXIV.
Longest wolf win-streak: 7; XXXII-XXXVIII

Longest town win-streak (individual):
Longest wolf win-streak (individual):
Longest overall win-streak:

Most consecutive games played (no replacing out):
Most overall games played: DarkManticoreX2 (65)
Most overall wins:
Most town wins:
Most wolf wins:
Most third party/non-TWG game wins:
Most MVP awards: DarkManticoreX2 (10)
2nd most MVP awards: Xiz (6)
3rd most MVP awards: Tps222, iggymatrixcounter, Charu (5)
Most consecutive MVP awards: iggymatrixcounter (LXXXVII & LXXXVIII), DarkManticoreX2 (LXXVII & LXXVIII), thesunfan (CLI & CLII), Funnygurl555 (CXLIV & CXLV), XelNya (CXL &CXLI) (2)
Most games hosted: Yoshl (14)
2nd most games hosted: Brilliant Dynamite Neon (10)
3rd most games hosted: Kilgamayan (9)

Most posts in a game (individual): Legit Doctor (817) Remembering storn42* / DaBackPack (782) Cedolad Replaces Out
2nd most posts in a game (individual): Hakulyte (772) The Wine In Front Of Me
3rd most posts in a game (individual): FreezinIce (764) The Wine In Front Of Me

Most posts in a game (overall): CLXV The Wine In Front Of Me (4722)
2nd most posts in a game (overall): CXLIX Cedolad Replaces Out (4119)
3rd most posts in a game (overall): CXLVII Read the Setup (3869)
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

Originally Posted by Thingyman View Post
Disregarding Season 1 (because communities were able to send more than one player back then), here is a ranking of community performances in the Mafia Championship:
+3 finale appearances
Flash Flash Revolution (4 finale spots with 1 sub + 1 wildcard spot)
Dark Lord Potter (3 finale spots + 2 wildcards with 1 sub)
MafiaManiac (3 finale spots + 1 wildcard spot)
Super Mafia All Stars (3 finale spots + 1 wildcard spot)
GameFAQs (3 finale spots)

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

I appreciate this being done.
Originally Posted by thesunfan View Post
absolutely I want to vomit on your face irl
Originally Posted by choof View Post
It was like trying to throw logic at a fuckin brick wall lmao
Originally Posted by choof View Post
whats more dense, a black hole or an icyworld file
Originally Posted by Celirra View Post
I've never been so disappointed by a man from Alabama than I am right now
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