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Default Etienne AMA

I'll be pretty damn bored tomorrow so if you guys have any questions about SM, or anything about me rhythm game related, ask here:


The AMA section is kind of dead btw so I thought I would post it here, lmao.
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Originally Posted by KgZ View Post
enjoy having every guy ask if they can get some love on their weiner
Originally Posted by Izzy View Post
I also like the nps scale. The standard ITG scale for harder files is blown out of proportion and no longer makes sense.
Originally Posted by kommisar View Post
nps is still a better idea for ratings
Originally Posted by klimtkiller View Post
there is 1 tip for people going to college. When you're in college, you'll be 16, which is the age where (where i live) you can get laid lawfully. basically, get laid asap when they look the best.
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My logic is that the brain processes in 60 FPS so I play 60 FPS.
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Default Re: Etienne AMA

You're playing poker with a tiger, a platypus, a heron, a llama, a seagull, and a shark. You're holding 7d 8d and the flop is 9s 10s Ah. The tiger is looking pretty aggressive and menacing and is staring very fiercely at both you and the llama, hits its front paw on the floor hard, and bets 1/2 the pot. The platypus shows no emotion at all and does whatever the hell a platypus does, and smoothly min-raises confidently. The heron pauses for a long time and reluctantly folds. The llama and seagull are fighting with each other for long enough that both players time out and get automatically folded out of the hand. The shark already folded preflop, but is glaring intently at you even more threateningly than the tiger. Do you fold, call, raise, or run screaming?

Can you think of a reason why people's arse cracks are vertical rather than horizontal, apart from the fact that if they were horizontal, then our arses would clap whenever we walked downstairs?

What is your opinion of One Winged Angel's proposed change to the difficulty system on ffr to extend to 120?

When was the last time you went to a trampoline park (to clarify, that's one of those places with trampolines all over the floor and walls everywhere you can jump around), how fun was it, and would you do it again? If you've never been, how far is the closest one to where you live and would you consider going?

Theorem: If you have a large enough number of monkeys, and a large enough number of computer keyboards, one of them will sight-read AAA death piano on stealth. And the ffr community will forever worship it. Proof Example

ask me anything here

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