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Default Fellow gym rats

So hello fellow gym rats. I see that im, not the only half breed that plays video games all day and still enjoys to bang out some weight.

I was wondering how has your gym journey been so far. I myself have been going to the gym regularly with some small breaks in between for the past 4 years. I think the main reason i started, was cuz even as a child i was exposed to how the male body should look like. When I was around 10 when my dad showed me this guy called "kali muscle"

And this was at that time my idea of how should the male body look like. And I really wanted to go to this thing called a "gym" but dad wouldn't allow 10 year old me to go there. i had to be 14 he said.

did calisthenics until i was 14 and thats where my journey began lmao
now my ideal body leans more towards classic physique, people like "Chris bumsted" or "keone prodigy"

Throughout my journey at gym i would say i have made good progress
Here some before and now pics
This here was me right when i started 4 years ago
This is 2 years in the process
And this me at 18

Sometimes i to get sad over that i dont make fast enough progress, but then i just make my self remember that you have to look at the bigger picture and not just the daily changes

Whats ur story? and hows it been like?
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Default Re: Fellow gym rats

Made a lot of gains over the years I've been training.

Btw, everyone of these people take PEDs.
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Default Re: Fellow gym rats

I dont work out or go to the gym but id consider myself pretty fit since i never get sick and my fat content is pretty low(especially on my legs and arms). I ride bmx for like 30-40 hours a week on top of working 40 hours a week at a job thats constant walking and running around so id say its going pretty well. Id say BMX is also way more fun than working out and also works the whole body.
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Default Re: Fellow gym rats

I have done the same workout twice per week, every week for at least 8 years can't remember exactly, Power Clean for 15 sets of 5 reps in 30 minutes with 200lbs it's called constant weight training I could probably Power Clean 430lbs if I cared. A guy I knew was always hating on me, so I guesstimated his weight to be 200lbs so I figured if I could throw around his weight easily on the bar I could pick him up and throw him at least 100 foot into the air.
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