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Default ITG Mods SRT Online Capabilities

So this past Sunday, I ran a tournament at Rumble in the Prairie 10.5, that was an ITG mods sightreading tournament. This entails competitors playing songs that they have never seen the charts to before. The additional caveat is that I had scripted effects to the song to go along with the music, so it's much more than "whoever has the best accuracy wins".

It was actually a pretty monumental occasion, despite the fuckton of technical issues, because there was also an online portion run parallel to the live event at the venue, where people across the world played along with the songs, and were able to submit their own sightread scores for the event as well. As a proof-of-concept event to have online sightreading possible, it was a huge success in that respect.

This has been pretty much the culmination of at least a years worth of work from multiple people coming to fruition, along with so much new technology revealed for this specific fork of open ITG (notITG) in general. I'm really proud of this release, and it's likely that it probably went missed by a lot of people. (I posted something basic in the ffr discord and didn't really feel like touching the forums)


link above is a playlist with recordings of all of the stages, and the cutscenes shown at the event. The first song was used by people online to sync their client (ultra easy song with minimal effects, so that offset could be easily obtained), and the intro to the venue event was used to wreck people participating online who were watching the stream

also, happy 8th birthday, PFUDOR

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Default Re: ITG Mods SRT Online Capabilities

that aozora no rhapsody was gold
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