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Default Touhou Pad Pack 7 (name pending) Submissions Open!

(banner/jacket coming soon)

Rules on how to submit for Touhou Pad Pack 7:

Currently "claimed" songs by Gpop and CondorTalon (please ask us directly if you want to step any of these charts first):

Preview Trailers!

Announcement Trailer:

So yeah, after 4 long years, we're finally making a brand new installment for the Touhou Pad Pack series (not counting Soku). But I'm kinda glad to be back. Soku took a lot out of me and just made me want to get back into this even more.

I decided to also make a submissions thread here in ZiV! Usually I'd only post in r21freak and FFR, but since both boards are slow in activity, I decided it's better to reach out to other stepartists. Just remember, as I stated in my submission rules, these charts are ITG style, so we will be using the ITG scale, not the new DDR scale.

I will update the main post with a songlist very soon. For now the announcement trailer showcases the current revealed songs in the pack.

Feel free to ask any questions about the pack here!
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Default Re: Touhou Pad Pack 7 (name pending) Submissions Open!

First set of submission REVIEWS! (this post will be a dedicated submissions reviews posts)

closED I X4 - Rejected

So this is a 21 alright............

...but it's unnecessarily a 21. A lot of the difficulty felt very forced. I guess I should've also mentioned a difficulty cap for submissions but I didn't want to force people to make charts easier than they could be.

This could easily be an accepted submission, but there's going to have to be quite a few changes that'll need to be made. I won't be very thorough since it'll be too much to mention, but here are some general things to be changed:

- Get rid of all the 16th bursts. At 334BPM this is extremely uncomfortable and only restricts the charts to a very few select number of players, and the bursts aren't really equivalent to 32nds at 167BPM. They can easily be converted to simple rolls instead.

- The 16th streams at the end (from m153 to m168) are also not needed. Again, they're too fast to be realistically played properly. I don't know what you can put as a replacement but I 16ths are too much.

- The longer 32nds bursts in the slowdowns are also unnecessary, and can be replaced with rolls as mentioned in the first point. I think the triplets are fine.

But yeah, I dunno about this one because this chart is too high on the scale (our last pack only went up to 18, so jumping to 21 is a bit much don't you think?) If you want to resubmit this, try to change up the chart based on my three points and try again, and if it's good enough MAYBE we'll accept it as a boss chart.

Hakanakimono Ningen - Rejected

So this chart definitely has promise, but this biggest issue is just confusion as to what rhythms the notes are following. I feel like a lot of it is following the guitar in the background, but the issue is that it's so quiet that it took me a couple tries to only somewhat hear it to make sense on what the notes are following.

- The chorus doesn't make too much sense because I don't know what these triplets are following. Is it the guitar in the background? It's really quiet that I can't tell. I think it's better to follow the melody for the most part except for the drum rolls which you can keep those 16th bursts.

- The parts right after both chorus where it's a stream, again I don't know what it's following except possibly the really quiet guitar in the background. I would suggest following the vocals more and maybe follow it similar to the hard chart? (except instead of mini-holds, make them jumps instead and follow with non-jack notes).

The final stream can stay though because I can hear the guitar in the solo there and it makes good sense.

- I think you should follow the vocals more instead of just making most of the chart an 8th stream. However, using the occasional 16th bursts to follow the drum rolls are okay, so keep those in.

Overall, it's not bad, but it's mostly an issue on figuring out what the 16ths are following. I would definitely say try again and follow my suggestions above.

Night Falls ~ Evening Star - Rejected

- A lot of instances where you're ending streams too early so it can end in a jump, resulting in a chart that feels like it's missing them. Example of this is b36.750 where the piano still rolls into that there is no note there. I would say get rid of the jump and end on a single note, etc.

- b47.250 forces incorrect/awkward double step.

- b208 starts off on an ambiguous note. Switch that up arrow to a right arrow instead.

- b212 is incorrect. Switch down arrow to left arrow, because using down arrow will trip up the player as his right foot is already on it.

- b268 make this another arrow (like down or up), or get rid of it entirely and extend the roll to match the right arrow roll length. The roll is too close to it that players may accidentally hit that arrow too early when trying to continue the roll.

- Don't make the 16ths follow right into a jump hold. Probably just get rid of the left hold.

Those are some specific stuff, but overall the issue is that there's a lot of missing notes for the piano like the one example I pointed out in the first point. The chart also has A LOT of crossovers, which I'm not a fan of because they kinda just feel all over the place and not following any sort of rhythm or melody to accent them. I'd definitely tone down the crossovers.

Optical Cellphone - Rejected

Now this chart kinda suffers from being a bit too simple or undercharted. I'll point out some examples as to the most notable parts that I think needs to change, but also some parts I DID like about it:

- There are some snares that are hit that I think you should chart. For example is b87.750.

- m25 - m28 I think should be more complex to accent the snare and kicks (probably jumps for snare with single notes following for kicks?)

- m39 - m42 was stepped well. I liked how you did it.

- m175.5 vocal actually starts here so a note should be placed here.

- remove b180.5 and b196.5 as the vocal is held on the previous note.

- m51 - m53 should have some notes in between each jump to follow the vocals as well.

- I liked the use of crossovers to accent the section of the vocals.

- For parts of both choruses you dumbed down some parts for jumps, which I don't agree with.

- Drum solo starting at m75 had some missed parts. Missed note at b299 and then should be a straight 16th stream from b299.5 up to b303

- m92 - m93 should have each 8th triplet start with a jump instead to accent the crashes.

It has good parts but as I said, it feels understepped. I'd say fix up what I mentioned above and then if I think it's good enough I'll accept it and maybe fix up a few more things you might have missed myself and send it to you if you agree.

Reach the Speed (Immortal Core) - Rejected

- unnecessary short hold on b80. Not a fan of really short holds just to accent something. Same with the short holds in m70 (they could just be regular steps).

- Stream starting at m41 doesn't make sense. I don't know what you're following but it's best to just step the bass kicks instead

- b204 technically starts off on the wrong foot as the last hold was also on the right foot, causing for a possible weird double step if the player was still on it

- 8th jacks starting at b217 are kind of random since I don't see them used elsewhere since you don't use them in the second chorus either.

This is actually a good chart but just needs those minor tweaking before I give the full approval. Otherwise good job.

The Concealed Four Seasons (Eurobeat Remix) - Rejected

- In the choruses, there's a bass kick triple in places like b83.750 which I think you should step as well.

- In the slowdown, the melody actually has a note in places like b135.250 that you missed.

- Missed triplet at b181.500

- At b185 there's actually some melodies being played here that you didn't step entirely, and again in b193

- b196 you should replace the roll with an actual 16th stream that follows into the stream in b201 (remove the jump)

- For the later streams like b206, extend it one more beat as the stream actually goes on for two beats.

- Missed 16th at b78.750, b110.750, b246.750, and b278.750

- Missed 16th at b299.750.

Not too bad, just some missed notes here and there at points I mentioned above. This can probably be accepted when those fixes are made.

Ultimate Ascension - Rejected

Okay so I won't be thorough with this for the simple fact that this is a file that I've already claimed in the pastbin link (please ensure you read it before submitting files to ensure you're not charting a song that's already planned by us).

But regardless of that, this file has an issue of being way too streamy for no reason. And the crossovers in the last stream was unnecessary and not something I'd recommend at 200BPM. There's no reason to have entire sections be streams except for the first stream starting at m17, but streams like m25 were unnecessary since it's not as audible anymore and it would be much better to just follow the main melody/rhythms instead.


Again, as I mentioned in the Ultimate Ascension chart, the chart is already claimed in the pastebin.

The speedup was absolutely unnecessary. I know you were doing just for the lol420 joke, but it came at the cost of overall readability, because now players are forced to read either too slow for the rest of the chart just so they can read the one speed up section, or read everything normally but read the speed up too fast.

Crossovers were also probably not needed. BPM/stutter gimmicks were fine though though some might have been a bit too excessive

Please ensure you read it before submitting files to ensure you're not charting a song that's already planned by us.

Tenkuushou Bakkaa!!!!! - Rejected

- Right off the bat I see you just add 8th notes instead of just adding holds to follow the melody for sections like right at the beginning. You should put holds to follow the melody more faithfully and make it more interesting.

- You missed some parts of the main melody such as b40.250, even though you actually stepped that pattern earlier in the song but then just stopped.

- b113.5 to b119.5 you should've continued to simply follow the melody instead of just putting 8ths for that whole part

- don't agree with the hand at b124. Just shorten one of the holds so the player can transition to that one instead.

- m33 - m44 you keep going back and fourth between making it a simple 8th stream and following the piano. I would suggest just making it follow the piano the entire way to make it more interesting.

- All instances where you added a 16th on places like 216.750 to extend the burst should be removed because it goes to nothing audible

- These trills on b288.5 and onwards for this part of the song don't make sense.

- Jump hold at b320 doesn't make sense. Just follow the main melody here like you did after the holds.

- Don't know why you didn't step the triplets at parts starting at b331.5 for this section.

- Change these 16th bursts are also unnecessary. They are gallops at most.

- Final stream at b380 unnecessary, as it goes to nothing.

- Remove the stop at b383.

Overall the chart is just very inconsistent with what the notes are following and what they aren't. It also has the big issue of just having 8th streams just placed when the melody isn't so busy, making the chart feel uninspired in those parts instead of following the melody more faithfully. There's no objective errors otherwise (no ambiguous steps or unintentional double steps, etc).

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Default Re: Touhou Pad Pack 7 (name pending) Submissions Open!

7th instalment on the pack series i learnt to play kb with.

GL, i look forward to the files
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Default Re: Touhou Pad Pack 7 (name pending) Submissions Open!

Hey everyone!

For convenience sake, I decided to put all reviews on a google spreadsheet document. TPP7 reviews are in the TPP7 Reviews tab.

You can filter the reviews by going to "Data > Filter Views > Create new filter view". Then you click the headers to filter however you want. This will make it easier to find reviews by date or by submissions, or even see all accepted or rejected files.

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Default Re: Touhou Pad Pack 7 (name pending) Submissions Open!

New trailer!

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Default Re: Touhou Pad Pack 7 (name pending) Submissions Open!

Nice production.
Play my files (Includes information about my upcoming packs!)
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Default Re: Touhou Pad Pack 7 (name pending) Submissions Open!

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating the pack here, but it's still going! It's slated for a Late Summer/Early Fall 2020 release!

Reviews are still being updated in the google doc update, so check it out if you submitted anything!

There was also two additional trailers to check out:

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