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Default Netflix Death Note Movie

Like many of you, I love Death Note. So as to not go on a tangent as to why it was good, suffice it to say it's a quality manga, quality anime, 10/10 would smoke again.

So, naturally, I was excited to hear that Netflix is releasing an original Live Action film adaptation of such a dank series.
Until I saw the trailer:

It's still too early to be certain, but it looks like Netflix has not only managed to wreck twist the plot to "thrill" us with intense action scenes and love stories, but also manage to cast what may be the least true-to-character actors I've ever seen.
You can see Light and Misa in the trailer above ^

Here's L:

I don't know how or why they changed Light from being a slightly preppy, slightly insane, over-idealistic genius to.. what appears to be a fringe punk kid. I also don't know how L, who's supposed to be a really weird, reclusive supergenius detective locked in solitude to solve the world's mysteries while eating strawberries barefoot with his thumb in his mouth, somehow became a very normal-looking black dude. As in, not a reclusive loner, probably eats strawberries, but almost certainly not barefoot with his thumb in his thumb in his mouth

I really hope Netflix makes me eat my words by producing something worthwhile here D:

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