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Default Poetry on College Fears

I wrote this on November 1st, 2010 as I was thinking about my religion, college, and my fears about the both of them. Comments, critiques, thoughts or feelings are all welcome and encouraged. I'm not shy, so tear it apart or build it up.

And when the sirens of disaster are a comforting sound
I know that the master labels me lost and not found
The odds are all against me, and I can’t help but sigh
Because I don’t consider myself an odd man, but the odds are I’ll die
I’m trying to hang on to an invisible bar
The world thinks I’m crazy; they throw feathers and tar
I’m quickly drowning in the worries of tomorrow
I know today came, but it only increased sorrow
I’m scared, worried to leap to insecurity
I lack the knowledge, faith and maturity
To take on a world of my own
I’m not sure how deep the seed was sewn
The only way to describe my fear,
My worry, concern, and fright is a tear
Pray for me, love me, show me you care
Life is up ahead and I’m taking its dare
To go out and be a light in a pit of despair

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Default Re: Poetry on College Fears

very depressing but good, the rhyme scheme wasn't bad either.
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Default Re: Poetry on College Fears

Nice, mood and tone come through immensely. It free verse with a little rhyming here and ther but correct me if there is suppose to be a concrete rhyme scheme. I like it, but on aside if college is really scaring you; know that worrying and pulling your hair out will only make it worse. Take a few seconds to forget the magnitude of the decision you have to take, (where to go, hours to volunteer, clubs to submit, areas to omit on application, money, scholarships etc. ) and just relax your mind. Relax your mind so that you can make the best decisions you can, choosing the choices that will work best for you. You don't want to make these kind of decisions hastily so take a few seconds or minutes (for me it took days) and think it over and in the most relaxed way possible. Serenity is key. Anyway, Love the poem. It's very real.
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