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Default TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces out Postgame Thread

Xiz wins solo as the SK, well played. Obvious MVP goes to Xiz, DBP had a good game as well, and Yoshl and AA both had very strong performances after replacing into tight spots. Fonti did as well.

A few short things before the full reveal:
I hope this doesn't turn people off from non-cardflipping games, they're a lot of fun
n0 deaths suck but they were necessary to the game
deadchat is a good idea
19 man is too much for FFR for right now I probably won't go above 15 for a while, and probably not more than 13
I made the SK too strong (should've taken the vest or the green-check ability away, probably the latter)
I made the Wolves too weak (should've given them a hooker and taken away the 1-shot hook)
I made town roles really dumb there should've been a weak town role like a Mortician instead of a triggered inno-child that was REALLY strong for town
You so so SO rarely see roles in final 3, and its never the cop, so that was cool to see
DBP has to quit TWG now lol
Too many replacements

For those that are aware, there was some amount of cheating that occurred during this game. If you are aware of what all happened, please don't discuss it too much at length, there will be a separate thread for this and it should be addressed in that place at that time. Talking about it here is going to detract from the postgame discussions.

19 Players
Cardflips Off
Nighttalk Off
Nightkill Distinction On
Instalynch On
Phantoms Off
Posting Requirement On (3 Contentful posts per phase. If not met, force replacement)
KitB On
No Lynch On
No-Kill Off (For Mafia only)
Night Start (Only Renegade Doctor, the Mafia and the Serial Killer have actions n0, Cop gets a random green that lives through n0 (check is given after the SK and the Mafia have made the kills). Mafia cannot use their Role-Cop Check on N0. Renegade Doc gets a free medic save n0).

Cop, Renegade Doctor, Psychic, Innocent Child (triggered)
Renegade Doctor gets a free medic save n0, then is a 1-shot medic and 1-shot vigi that can't use both powers on the same night.
4 Mafia members total: 1 Godfather 3 Goons 1 Collective Team Roleblock, 1 Collective Team Role-Cop Check (cannot be used same night as Roleblocking and vis versa)
Serial Killer (Cop Checked Green and has a 1-shot Vest, cannot claim their role)
11 Vanilla Town (See Innocent Child below)

Innocent Child is triggered when there are 9 players or less at the start of a day phase. Innocent Child is Randomed from the pool of living Vanilla Towns at that point.

If the Serial Killer and the Mafia target the same person, and the person is medic saved, the kills overwrite the save. The same goes for if the renegade doctor vigi-shoots the serial killer along with the mafia while the Serial Killer has their vest.

Mafia cannot talk in Mafiachat during the day.
Psychic gets a report at the end of every day phase (after the lynch occurs) of the number of living mafia members (Serial Killer not included).
The entire Mafia team gets the result of the Role-Cop Check at the start of the next day phase.
All persons who claim, hint at being, etc the Serial Killer are instantly modkilled, if this is during the day phase the day phase ends early and the player may face further punishment.

All new players (to FFR) have been given a general rundown of the game by me.
If any player has any question, please PM it to me. All questions directed to me in the game thread proper will be ignored unless it is a pressing issue that I somehow did not cover otherwise.
All votecounts will be made by the automatic vote counting program Fennec Fox, though I may be checking them if need be.
Don't talk about any private communications with me. Example: "I asked Sunfan x and he clarified a."

mechanics bullshit:

Don't hint at being the serial killer, claim serial killer, say something like "I am dancing on the edge of a pit and trying not to fall in but maybe I kill people" or anything like that I won't be having any of that shit.
Cop gets their result as X is Green/Red/Roleblocked.
Godfather can never lose their passive ability
Psychic cannot be roleblocked
If the Renegade Doctor has one of their actions roleblocked, the action is not refunded
The Psychic receives their PM in the form of "There are X mafia alive,"
The Cop's n0 green check cannot be the serial killer or the godfather; it is always a vanilla town or town role
The 3 contentful posts rule may not be applied in very rare situations
Do not angleshoot. Do not comment on the alignment of a player based on their act of replacing out. I may give an opposing faction powers or punish your own if I deem it necessary to preserve the balance of the game based on any angleshooting.
The Mafia teams role cop check is PM'd to all living mafia members at the start of the day after they use their action. The PM will read X is A, with A being the exact role of the player X. EX: thesunfan is Vanilla Town, or thesunfan is Serial Killer.
If a player has an action roleblocked, I will inform them of such.
I will accept role actions through any means/method. This includes Skype, sending me a selfie with a new tattoo of the player you want to use your action on, etc. I prefer FFR PMs or Skype, but if you have to use some other method like texting it to me or something, you are allowed to do so.
The If the Godfather sends in one kill, but a goon later sends in another, I will not take the Godfathers kill unless they later resubmit their action. Basically, I will always take the most recent role action that I am given.
Renegade Doctor gets a free medic save n0. He/she can never use an action on themself.
The Mafia Members can talk during the night phase only using whatever means they want. I'll try and make a Skype group, in addition to a quicktopic. Be aware however, that whatever method you choose must also be able to be accessed by myself.
If I do not receive an action from a town role or a serial killer, I will not the action. If I receive no action from the mafia team, I will it, but don't make me do that guys =*(.
The nightkills are differentiated. If the maximum number of kills are made in a night phase, the beginning of the day phase will look roughly like X was killed by the mafia, Y was killed by the serial killer, Z was killed by the Renegade Doctor.
If a player was saved by the renegade doctor, or the serial killer has their bulletproof vest hit, I will not announce that they were targeted but did not die.
If the Doctor targets the SK, and the mafia team tries to kill the SK, and the SK still has their vest, the Medic Save takes priority over the vest, meaning the vest will still be in tact.
The mafia team will know the exact role of all of their teammates, because I will tell them this in their PM.
The Serial Killer will be aware if their bulletproof vest is hit.
All modkills are announced as modkills, and will take place immediately after an offense occurs. If you believe that someone has done something that is modkill worthy, please do not talk about it in the thread proper, bring it to my attention privately.
Because of the existence of a Serial Killer, the Mafia team cannot concede.
Do not ask me to replace players. I will be keeping an eye on who needs to be taken out and who doesn't.
Try not to be too much of a dick. Should be an overall fun game, I hope. Do try to have fun.

Example PMs:

Vanilla Town
Hello [Player Name Here], you are Vanilla Town. You win when all threats to the Town Faction have been eliminated.

Hello [Player Name Here], you are the Cop. The first night, you will be given a random Green check that was randomized between all living Vanilla Towns and Town Roles, other than yourself. Each night after that, you may PM me the name of a player, and I will return to you their alignment at the beginning of the next day phase in the form of Green (Vanilla Town, Town Role, Godfather or Serial Killer), Red (Mafia Goon) or Roleblocked. You win when all threats to the Town Faction have been eliminated.

Renegade Doctor
Hello [Player Name Here], you are the Renegade Doctor. The first night, you have a free medic save. In addition, you have two one-shot abilities; an additional medic save and a vigishot. You cannot use both abilities during the same night. You win when all threats to the Town Faction have been eliminated.

Hello [Player Name Here], you are the Psychic. At the end of every day phase, you will receive a PM from me with the number of living Mafia Members. EX: If none have died, you will get a PM that reads "There are 4 Mafia alive." You win when all threats to the Town Faction have been eliminated.

Hello [Player Name Here], you are the Godfather. Your partners are [Player Name of Goons Here]. You have a passive ability of being Green-checked by the Cop. Each night, your Faction may submit the name of a player you wish to kill. Your Faction has a 1-shot Role Cop Check, and a 1-shot Roleblock. The Role Cop Check cannot be used n0, and the actions may not be used on the same night. Your quicktopic for Mafiachat is [Insert Link here]. You may talk through other means if you wish, however. You win when all threats to the Mafia Faction have been eliminated, or nothing can prevent this from occurring.

Hello [Player Name Here], you are a Goon. The Godfather is [Player Name of Godfather Here], and your partners are [Player Name of other Goons Here]. Each night, your Faction may submit the name of a player you wish to kill. Your Faction has a 1-shot Role Cop Check, and a 1-shot Roleblock. The Role Cop Check cannot be used n0, and the actions may not be used on the same night. Your quicktopic for Mafiachat is [Insert Link here]. You may talk through other means if you wish, however. You win when all threats to the Mafia Faction have been eliminated, or nothing can prevent this from occurring.

Serial Killer
Hello [Player Name Here], you are the Serial Killer. You have a passive ability of being Green-checked, as well as a 1-shot bulletproof vest, which is also passive. Each night, you may submit the name of a player you wish to kill. You win when you are the last player alive, or nothing can prevent this from occurring. You cannot claim your role, or hint at being the serial killer.

1. (rzr) j-rodd123 Cop Lost at Endgame
2. Red Blaster Innocent Child Killed by SK n5
3. roundbox Mafia Goon Killed by SK n0
4. (Vendetta21) fontisian Vanilla Town Lynched d6
5. XelNya Vanilla town Killed by SK n1
6. Xiz Serial Killer Won at Endgame
7. DaBackPack Vanilla Town Lynched d7
8. Hakulyte Renegade Doctor Killed by SK n6
9. (cedolad) storn42 Vanilla Town Killed by SK n4
10. botchi246 Psychic Killed by Mafia n2
11. Tokzic Vanilla Town Killed by Mafia n0
12. reuben_tate Vanilla Town Modkilled n3
13. Charu Killed Vanilla Town by Mafia and SK n3
14. (tiloco217) (Makilaz) Yoshl Mafia Goon Killed by SK n2
15. danceflashrevo Mafia Goon Lynched d2
16. helphelp11 Vanilla Town Lynched d1
17. Sinistrosuede Vanilla Town Modkilled n2
18. (_Zenith_) AragakiAyase Mafia Godfather Lynched d4
19. SKG_Scintill Vanilla Town Lynched d3
*No lynch occurred on d5

1) Aragaki Ayase
2) storn42
3) Yoshl
4) Makilaz
5) j-rodd123
6) fontisian
Originally Posted by Vendetta21 View Post
Did you get a chance to kill that deadbeat sonuvabitch boyfriend of danceguys', "sunfan"? i hate that fucker. he's a stupid head. i'm way smarter and funnier and prettier and richer and more sensitive than him, and like i can get drunk and still hold complex logical conversations n shit and i bet that fucker cant.
Originally Posted by Litodude View Post
i'm on page55, is this seriously how mafia games are played in other forums? is this what's been going on here over the years?

0 math games, all just pure rando dumbness.
Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
I'd suck a dick in a dark, dark alley.

If roundbox flips town, look at his reads

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