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Default What's going on

Hello, I recently came back to FFR to play when i have some free time and it's been fun again and i am even better than i used to be long ago when i played.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been FCing a lot of songs and sometimes when im browsing the list for songs to play I feel like I have full comboed that song already. And now I am actively paying attention, when I full combo a song, I let it save the score, then check it and it says "FC" in the list.

When I refresh my browser and check the song again, it no longer has the "FC" symbol next to it. This has happened to me at least 10 times now, a few times with the same song, I have had to "FC" a song twice or even 3 times for it to finally stick.

Can anyone explain? And what must I do? because I just full comboed a song that I have been trying to work on for a week and its gone now and I got pissed so I decided to post about it...
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Default Re: What's going on

when you get a score, if your AAA equivalency is higher than what you got when you FC'd it, it overwrites your best score.

if its not updating, then maybe u might need to wait a bit and refresh the game, idk. If you explicitly lost an FC, its probably because of AAA scoring, for more info read this:


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Default Re: What's going on

Are you sure your non-FC scores aren't just higher/better than your previous FC scores?

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Default Re: What's going on

Yeah, they got rid of combo scoring a while ago, so if your scores are more accurate overall it'll count as your pb.
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