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FFR Trading Card Game Complete challenges, defeat raid bosses, earn, trade and combine cards to eventually redeem for support tokens and even Vertex Beta vRofl

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Default FFR TCG Raidboss Thread

Community Raid Boss!

HP = 200,000,000

Difficulty: 255
Armor: None (Songs with more than - notes may not be submitted)
Loot: TBD
Weakness: Tournament Success
Despawns: 11:59pm Server Time - Last week of the Official Tournament
Attacks Allowed: 64!
Exceptions: N/A

Round Two - Constructing Siege Weapons

While about a third of the garrison escaped, they only served to cause the castle to prepare for a siege, raising the drawbridge, filling the moat, and bringing in supplies from the local area. You now have a chance to build the siege weapons that you'll need in order to break through the castle walls.
HP = 5,000,000
Weakness: Round 2 Songs
Each time the HP total is reached this round, you will have constructed another battery of siege weapons to bring to bear on the wall, giving everybody an additional x2 multiplier on round 3. (IE: At 5m damage, next round gets an extra x2, at 10M damage, next round is x4, x6 at 15M etc)

It's time to storm the castle! Devonin here, in honour of the 12th Official Tournament we're going to try something new. This is a multi-stage raid boss tied to the OT. Here's how it works:

1. Each week you can submit a total of 8 scores, one score each from all 8 divisional songs in the Official that week.

2. Rule 2 removed because eh.

3. The boss is weak to the following:
3a. While you are alive in the tournament the boss is weak x3 to your division's song
3b. While you are alive in the tournament the boss is weak x2 to all other division songs

4. This is going to be themed as a succession of single week bosses related to the overall goal of conquering this castle and putting it to the torch. There is that full 200M hp pool for the whole castle, and each individual week will have its own individual hp pool as a portion of that. This may just be visual, this may let me use defeat or failure to defeat individual pieces to tweak future rounds in case 200M turned out to be way too low or way too high.

What is a raid boss, you ask? A raid boss is an enemy the TCG Community must work together to defeat. Each user may submit scores as an attack against the raid boss. It is NOT wise to use all three attacks at once, however, because every raid boss has a different weakness, and it is up to the community to figure out which attacks deal more damage than others. Raw score WILL be a factor in damage, but the multiplier you receive will be a huge factor in your damage output. Figuring out the monster's weakness will be key to taking it down.

When you submit a score for an attack, I will post the song title, multiplier, and damage into the Raid Boss Spreadsheet. Only 1 player may submit a score for any given song. The player that posts it first counts. Once a song is posted for a player, the player may post improvements to the score up until the monster is slain. As soon as I've posted a monster has been slain, no more attacks will be calculated. If a raid boss has not been defeated by its end date, no rewards will be given.

Link to the spreadsheet is here.

Play the FFR Trading Card Game for your chance to earn credits, tokens, and expand your card collection! Click the image below.

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