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Default jTWG LXXXIII Game Thread

KitB: On
OOTC: Off, excepting wolfchat. Wolves may communicate privately at all times
Nighttalk: Off, excepting wolfchat
Phantoms: Off
No lynch/kill: On, Cannot be performed 2 days/nights in a row
Cardflips: On, full role flips
Instalynch: On

Day phases will always be 48 hours (excepting instalynches) and will revolve around 12:00 PM Server time. Night phases will always be at least 24 hours and will revolve around the same time.

Game begins with a d0 start.

Wolfchat will be wherever wolves want it to be. I suggest discord as it is something that most people use and is fairly accessible.

This game's signups will be restricted for the first 72 hours to only allow players who have played 10 or fewer full games of TWG on FFR.

9 Players
5 Vanilla Towns
1 Weak Seer
1 Doctor
1 Wolf Role Seer
1 Vanilla Wolf

Vanilla Townie - You have no special powers except your intelligence. The most common role in TWG.

Weak Seer - Each night you get to target one person and are returned with a result of their alignment (e.g. "red","green"). Red means they are a wolf, green means they are town. Does not get a check on n0. The Weak Seer will die if targeted by the wolf nightkill, even if they are protected by the Doctor. The Doctor does not die in this scenario.

Town Doctor - Each night you get to target one person and save said person from the nightkill. You cannot target the same player two nights in a row and you cannot target yourself. If the Doctor target the Weak Seer the same night that the wolves attempt to kill them, the Weak Seer will die. The Doctor does not die in this scenario.

Wolf Role Seer - Each night you get to target one person and upon the start of the following day phase, all living wolves will learn the role name of the targeted player privately. The possible results are: (Vanilla Town, Weak Seer, Town Doctor & Vanilla Wolf). You cannot target yourself. You may perform a factional nightkill each night by targeting a player to be killed upon the start of the following day phase.

Vanilla Wolf - You may perform a factional nightkill each night by targeting a player to be killed upon the start of the following day phase.

All town players (living or dead) win when all the wolves have died.

All wolves (living or dead) win when the number of towns is equal to the number of wolves, or nothing can prevent this from occurring.

Voting for players is done using the tags of [twgv]the sun fan[twgv] but including a / at the beginning of the second tag.

Players unfamiliar with the rules should read at least the tl;dr version of the rules located here

1) star-crossed Weak Seer, Killed n2
2) inDheart Vanilla Town, Killed n1
3) Wayward Vagabond Wolf Role Seer, Lynched d1
4) jessiebessie Vanilla Town, Killed n3
5) Funnygurl555 Vanilla Town, Lynched d2
6) jefanno1 Doctor, Lynched d0
7) antori Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
8) CharuVanilla Town, Lynched d3
9) flashflash account Vanilla Wolf, Won at Endgame
1) Hakulyte
tell me to finish the TWG stats

Originally Posted by Arntonach View Post
Wait, V has a pregnant wife? I thought he was gay with sun fan.
Originally Posted by Thingyman View Post
Disregarding Season 1 (because communities were able to send more than one player back then), here is a ranking of community performances in the Mafia Championship:
+3 finale appearances
Flash Flash Revolution (4 finale spots with 1 sub + 1 wildcard spot)
Dark Lord Potter (3 finale spots + 2 wildcards with 1 sub)
MafiaManiac (3 finale spots + 1 wildcard spot)
Super Mafia All Stars (3 finale spots + 1 wildcard spot)
GameFAQs (3 finale spots)

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