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Default H&I Forum Rules. READ BEFORE POSTING

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Homework and Information forum.

The purpose of this forum is to provide a place where people can ask for help with their schoolwork, submit papers for analysis and suggestions, and generally ask for, or provide useful information on a variety of subjects.

In order to keep the forum moving smoothly, and to help facilitate the exchange of help and knowledge in the best way possible, there are a number of rules that must be followed.

Note: Failure to comply with these rules will result in locked and deleted threads, and quite possibly temporary forum bans.

1. The homework section is for HELP ONLY. This forum is for people to ask for assistance and explanations to help with homework issues. It is NOT for you to ask for the answers, and it is NOT for you to GIVE the answers. Any thread simply asking for someone to post a solution will be deleted. Any user who simply posts complete answers will also likely fall afoul of punishment. We are here to assist and inform, not spoonfeed.

2. Even in addition to the usual rules against flaming, trolling and spamming, this forum is intended -solely- for legitimate academic posting. Any flaming, trolling or spamming will result in immediate deletion, and as harsh a penalty as I can slap you with under the circumstances.

3. The information function of the forum is a means for users to provide useful information on a variety of subjects. This does not mean posting wiki links, this does not mean copy/pasting from wiki pages. This does mean posting text from and links to journal articles, scholarly monographs, and other information that might not be quickly and easily found via google searches.

There are thread posting conventions that MUST be followed.

Failure to follow these thread posting conventions will result in a number of consequences. The first time you do it, your thread will simply be renamed to follow the guidelines, and you'll recieve a private message reminding you of the guidelines. Doing it again will get your thread locked. Continuing to do it will likely result in harsher penalties.

The convention for thread titles is as follows:

For HOMEWORK threads, all thread titles -must- be done in the following manner:

[level of schooling - subject] general description of issue

For example:
[Highschool - Math] Having trouble with trig identities
[College - Philosophy] Can someone help me understand Nietzsche?

For INFORMATION REQUESTS, all thread titles -must- be done in the following manner:

[Information - Request] general description of information sought

You get the general idea. Threads that fit outside of these guidelines will be dealt with on a case to case basis, but then general rule of "[Type of thread] specific information" will be constant for all threads.

If this seems to you like an excess of moderation, it is. This is intended to provide a useful and helpful area for the community to spread academic information, and help to foster a way for those who need help with school to get legitimate and serious replies from helpful users. Misuse of this forum will result in bans to the face, so feel free to lurk a while before posting.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the rules or the enforcement thereof, please don't hesitate to contact me via private message.

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