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Question Is there a way to mark songs as favorite?

I want to know if this is possible in R3 because i want to mark songs on ffrmania instead of always searching.
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Default Re: Is there a way to mark songs as favorite?

Yeah, it's possible.

1. Go in Filters and add "Personal Rating". Choose a rating like 5 by example.

2. Play the songs you want until the end (or 95% of it duh) in order to be able to rate them. (it doesn't work if you quit early)
3. Rate it the same thing as your filter.
Note: You can use multiple numbers/ratings if you want multiple favorite lists.

4. You should have your list.

Note: Songs will appear as if you rated them "3 stars" even if you rate them "5 stars", but it does work.

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Default Re: Is there a way to mark songs as favorite?

Digging up thread : Still no way to tag songs as favorite ? (aside from the annoying personnal rating thing, have to play the song and go in a messy UI)

A long time ago it was possible on an older version, i don't get why this isn't implemented.

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