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Default Re: I知 still sad that the US has no beatmania arcade machines :(

Closest round 1 to me is at about 700 kilometers (400 something miles) away from me :/

Saw some pictures and this one doesnt seem to have bemani other than DDR, so the closest Beatmania IIDX / Sound Voltex / Pop'n / Gitadora / Taiko etc. would be at around 900 kilometers (600 miles) away from me. Damn i wish i lived in the USA...
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Default Re: I知 still sad that the US has no beatmania arcade machines :(

aww, i'm sorry to hear that
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Default Re: I知 still sad that the US has no beatmania arcade machines :(

Originally Posted by QueenAshy View Post
Closest location is 364km away
Why not get a controller and play at home?
This is something I did years ago and gives limitless play. Perfect way to practice for those moments you can actually make it to an arcade.

The controllers are very easy to come by and so are the games... ACTuALLY I GOOGLED IT AS I SAID THAT AND LOL NEVERMIND WTF? ok the games are easy to come by but the old controllers are actually pricey...

for this id invest into a good controller anyways as it really defines the experience imo. Good luck and if you need help finding decent prices I'm sure we can help
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Default Re: I知 still sad that the US has no beatmania arcade machines :(

ya just order dat shiet off gamo2 lol i knew someone who got one and ended up hating it and went back to keyboard tho so eh

imo the fun of the game is the arcade setting and experience but i mean the controller is kinda cool

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