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Default I Need Help!

Hey guys! So I havent been on this website for long, and my profile looks like it was made by a 4 year old in 2001. I'd love if someone could change it up a bit? I'm willing to let someone fuck around with my profile and make it look more like it was made only a year ago ahahaha. Do I need to give out my username and password or anything?
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Default Re: I Need Help!

I don't suggest sharing username/password for obvious reasons.
People who are used to make profiles know what to make you change exactly and can provide links to background/avatar etc. or tell you what to modify in the style editor.
What normally happens here is that you think at a theme, find something or make yourself an example of what you would like as a profile.

Most of the technical information you could need for profiles is already stickied here too.
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Something like paint.net should be good enough for doing things like resizing pictures/transparency.

Wallpapers for mobile phones have similar sizes as what FFR Profiles are using so, this may be a good place to start for backgrounds.

If you really want others to do something for you, keep in mind that they tend to ask for FFR credits.
More importantly, they're going to want to know what kind of profile you want.

I suggest deciding of a theme/idea and experiment a little to see what's an obstacle for you.
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Default Re: I Need Help!

My profile, avatar, and signature cost 250k credits.
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