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Default Just a few scores

It seems that I have improved a bit since I've last played some good ol' SM/Etterna. It really is nice to see progress having been done. \^_^/ The lack of chord cohesion has really done wonders to how well I play the game over the past year alone.

Feels very overrated on the Etterna scale, quite fun.

At least my MA isn't as terrible as it used to be for this song.

This legit surprised me. I was not expecting to AA the edit chart. Esp since I can't jack for crap.

Ever an oldie, but a goodie! Hitman really had a way of charting minijacks.


Very fun jackstastic file. Yome has really stepped up his (her?) game when it comes to charts. Great file. Surprised I could do jacks like this at all.

Still working on my stamina for longer songs. Great file.

HOLY FUCK I ACTUALLY AA'D IT!? Been trying to get this for months.

I don't even know anymore...

These are my chokes, both files I've been trying to AA for way too long. Still personal bests, though...

brb going to go hang myself in the backyard.

brb going to go hang myself while drinking bleach a;lsdkfjqweaoirfhjeandj a;sda;af
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