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Default Musicians' Jungle Gym Rules

The Musicians' Jungle Gym forum has now been altered to include all kinds of music discussion. Threads are no longer limited to content based on music/audio performance and production.

Here are some rules and clarifications to help with making a thread within this forum. (The main forum rules obviously apply here all the same.)

-Absolutely DO NOT post where or how to illegally obtain music here.

-Don't even think about plagiarizing.

-Respect everybody's taste in music. If you despise a song, band, artist, etc. then be mature about your opinion. Everybody is welcome to talk about any form of music. On the other side of things, don't be stubborn and throw a fit if someone doesn't agree with you on your tastes in music.

-Threads based on music/audio performance and production are still welcome here, of course. Also keep the Music and Audio Production Critique subforum in mind for a higher form of discussion in that area. Just like before, you don't have to post about your work in that subforum if you don't want to.

-Content based around music games will generally belong in the Music Games forum. Only exceptions are if you are just wanting to discuss the artist and/or their music and said discussion doesn't rely on the context of their work being a part of a game. Simply put, if a game is the basis of your thread, it doesn't belong here.

-Threads based on music you want to get/have gotten permission for FFR do not belong here. Those belong in the FFR Songs/Permissions Subforum.

-Threads based on music you have made a stepfile for or want to see a stepfile for do not belong here. Those belong in the Simulator Files forum.

-If you want to discuss an artist or song that happens to be a part of the FFR game, you should do so here. If main discussion of said artist or song involves the FFR game (such as any FFR stepfiles involved) then the thread belongs in the FFR General Talk forum.

-If all you are going to do is post a video about a song, performance, concert, etc. then don't post it here. Post it in the Google/YouTube Videos thread. If you have a good chunk of discussion to bring out then a video to supplement that is fine here.

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