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Default [4k] Mosaic

click on the banner to download

Oh look a single release I guess no one will play it OH WELL. It's really fun, but a tad hard. Please leave a review if you got bored enough to play this really awesome file. I mean, GLoVE and moches liked it, so it must be good.

Stepped back when SIRIUS was very new when I was trying to step all of the parallel rotation songs for pad. I only got G59, Almagest & D done when I tackled this song. Never got around to stepping this on pad, so I just did a quicke for KB. Then I kept fixing it up over the years and now I've released it. So yeah.

Now released!

Prof. Raine's Originals

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Default Re: [4k] Mosaic

g00de thing it's not a restep !!


get mad h8ers
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Default Re: [4k] Mosaic

I played it and i have to say that while the song doesn't really give much space for interpretation to begin with, the file felt really awkward to play and did not depict the music at all. In this particular case, the mini streams with all the jumps and hands are really awful, and they repeat quite a lot, too. There's also some variations in the melody you haven't followed cause you were too focused on following the main sounds. I think this is one of the cases where it's necessary to make some digressions on your layering instead of trying to follow everything at once.
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