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Default FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

NOTE: If you downloaded the pack, please download this update for Reon, this sync fix for Luna's Tower, and this sync fix for Am I A Psycho.

It's out.

Here's the songlist...

Here's a review template if you want to review files!
(Valor) Abandon -
(rog) Am I A Psycho -
(mi40) Amber Shores -
(moches) Apple Butter -
(Antronach) At Dawn -
(Valor) Avril 14th -
(mi40) Beyond Abilities -
(Gundam-Dude) Bird Sprite -Awakening of Light- -
(iRanch) Black Lair -
(CosmoVibe) Black Light Machine -
(cedolad) Bonfire -
(moches) Boulafacet -
(FissionMailed1) Canary Part III -
(Detrimentalist) Chain Dumbin -
(rog) Club Ibuki -
(Detrimentalist) Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus -
(rog) Dancing Box -
(Antronach) Deja Vu -
(Linus) DENGEKI Tube -
(Torrent) Dirtwalker -
(IcyWorld) Dolize -
(Torrent) Drawcia Soul -
(AlexDest) Dstrukt -
(leonid) Earth Tower Devotion -
(Antronach) End Of The World -
(iamme) Fatal Tragedy -
(Kommisar) Final Battle vs. Satan -
(FissionMailed1) Floating Through Time -
(Torrent) Fucking Paranoid -
(moches vs Mollocephalus) Gamma -
(Torrent) GHOSTS -
(moches vs Valor) Guitar Hero -
(Ferrari) Gun Rock v2 -
(mi40) Hajnal2 -
(AlexDest) Hand Throw -
(eastsideman09 vs rog) Happy Screaming Night Businessman -
(Roar) Hayate -
(blind vs moches) I Knew You Were Trouble -
(rog) I Say Drink That Shit -
(Puppet) id -
(Valor) Judgement Day -
(Patashu) Judgment Day -
(moches) Juicy -
(YTY) Koi no Bakkin Bakkingamu! -
(moches) Lataia -
(mi40) Lawn Wake III -
(Gundam-Dude) Leia -
(Gameoson) Lewd Violence -
(Kommisar) Lightning Strikes Again/Metal Squad -
(moches) Little Drummer Punk Droid -
(Rumia) lmbo -
(Scylaax) Log On -
(Puppet) Loli fishing next 20000 leagues -
(iRanch) Lost Love -
(blind) Lost Woods -
(moches vs Torrent) Lovely Bloodflow -
(Don) Luna's Tower -
(wc) Machine -
(dondon151) made in innocent -
(icecubez v2) Magical Voice Shower -
(mi40) Masodik Galamb -
(Jyris vs Mollocephalus) Morning Sunlight -
(Torrent) near dark -
(skorpion9x) Nippon Egao Hyakkei -
(mi40) Non-Stop -
(IcyWorld) o'er the flood -
(npv) Ossuary -
(moches vs Scylaax) POINT OF NO RETURN -
(IcyWorld) Polis Ruin -
(eastsideman09) Pulse de Chocobo -
(Kommisar) Purple Drank -
(Kommisar) Puyo Puyo Song Game Version -
(B3nny vs rog) Red Heat -
(Condoct & Detrimentalist) Reon -
(00Razor00) Retro City -
(Torrent vs rog) Robotomy -
(Valor) Satori de Pon ! -
(Lynn) Sentou Amu -
(Don) Shion -
(cetaka) Since 1983 -
(Roar) Sol Cosine Job 2 -
(Kommisar) Sorceress Elise -
(Kommisar vs SCL) Still Getting It -
(mi40) Strangeprogram -
(Baq12) Switcharoo -
(bmah) Tabibito Rerun -
(moches) Thanks For Nothing -
(hi19hi19 vs Scintill) The Cataclysm -
(Gundam-Dude) The Clear Blue Sky -
(Kil) The Least 100sec -
(bmah) The Road is on Fire -
(IcyWorld) Thrillseeker -
(Scylaax) tick -
(ferrari) Training Mode -
(Torrent) Tsugaru -
(Wayward Vagabond) Twirling Star -
(Wineandbread) Unfounded Revenge - Smashing Song of Praise -
(Kommisar) Vivid in Heart -
(rparty89) Watch Out Pt. 2 VS DJ Yoshitaka -
(ferrari) While Tha Rekkid Spinz -
(MrTea) Windowlicker -
(eastsideman09) Wolfgang's 5th Symphony -
(Antronach) (i wanna give you) Devotion -
(Charlo) ...In A Movie -


Files with ONLY a challenge chart are x-mod.
Notes per second (NPS) is still the standard by which everything is rated, but I also fudged a few files up/down to more properly reflect how difficult they really were. You can see my work in the Excel file attached in the pack folder.
(Stepauthor) File – denotes an unreleased file OR a released file with heavy revisions/new charts
File (Stepauthor) – denotes a released file


I have a long, long list of people to thank for their indispensable assistance in the creation of this pack.
First of all, I would like to thank graphic artists Mollocephalus/Necros, Aeir/Dyst, Antronach, Coolboyrulez0, Scylaax, _.Spitfire._, Gundam-Dude, d-feather, DDRBaller123, and NeoMasterPie for their thoughtful and professional contributions. Mollo, in particular, not only created sets for over 50 (!!!) files but also organized the seemingly impossible task of making graphics for 107 files and gave countless tips and suggestions for the pack. You’re amazing, dude.
I’m also amazed at how the FFR community has rallied to get this project completed. Thanks to…
1. swordmasters/Wineandbread and cedolad for creating easy charts
2. blindreper1179, codcrille, gameboy42690/Gameoson, intensez/Ferrari, NeoMasterPie/Detrimentalist, t-rogdor/rog, and stargroup100 for your timely and insightful notes on each and every file.
3. The 50 stepartists who contributed their work and made this pack as huge as it is.
4. Everybody for putting up with my OCD enforcement of deadlines.

On one final note…


Just one note before I begin: I’ve been playing this game for over 8 years now, to the point where I suspect it’s in my blood. Stepmania is a silly little game that nobody knows about, yes, but I grew up with it, I met some of the most influential people in my life through it, and I became the person I am today because of it.

In those almost-nine years, I can only recall a few truly life-changing moments. Perhaps the first was the release of Keyboard Ultimix, the first pack in which I ever had a file accepted (Procrastination on a Paper). I was a stupid eleven-year-old kid who just liked to hit arrows and had no idea how to make a file…but Kommisar, one of the people I really looked up to then (and still do now), took the time to mention that he really enjoyed it. There was a strange feeling of connection when I read his compliment that I had never felt before. Maybe everything that comes after that moment can be attributed to one little desire: I wanted to feel that connection again.

One of my favorite critics boils down the entirety of art into an incredibly simple but powerful image: that of somebody saying, “I made something, and YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT IT.” And that’s what I think makes this community special: All of us enjoy art, but more important, we like feeling things and making things. And we’ve found a way to connect with each other by sharing our creations—albeit esoteric and completely impractical ones.

And I would like to think that this entire month, at least for me, has been a huge experience in getting people to connect and collaborate and be sincerely, genuinely EXCITED for what’s ahead, even if what’s ahead is just some arrow-smashing game your mom tells you will never help you get to college and your sister hates because she’s studying for her midterms and that fucking tapping sound is driving her nuts. Of course, our community hasn’t always been like this: there were times in my early days when I was scared to even post because it felt like everybody was looking for a way to tear me apart. But I like to think that we learn from our mistakes and we move on. We keep making new things. We keep on trying. And if what I’ve seen from the community in the creation of this pack is any indication, we succeed only when we support each other.

What does all of this lead to? I don’t know. But I sincerely hope that you enjoy the pack, and I hope that you see something that fills you with excitement and surprise and wonder—and that you’ll draw from the experience when you’re making your own things.

Alright. Go smash some arrows.

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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!



get mad h8ers
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

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yo man im awesome
soleil ardent
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!


Originally Posted by choof View Post
you double dad loving dipshit
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dammit now i have to smoke a picture of choof out of a bong
Originally Posted by smartdude1212 View Post
I can't be the only guy who has wondered what it'd be like to menstruate all over the shower.
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

Originally Posted by dAnceguy117 View Post
esm, you are a fucking legend
Originally Posted by Arntonach View Post
wow ur pretty
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caring should be a get-outable offense
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

dude this pack is too powerful

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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!


this should be exciting
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

R U guys 4 Rael

"Watch Out Pt. 2 VS DJ Yoshitaka"

That ain't the correct song name n00bos



get mad h8ers
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

so powerful

hey mochey bby I'll give you some mirrors in a min
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

rip lief
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

Originally Posted by Roar176 View Post
Originally Posted by j-rodd123 View Post
Originally Posted by yo man im awesome View Post
Originally Posted by eastsideman09 View Post
<3 <3

Originally Posted by NeoMasterPie View Post
dude this pack is too powerful
holy shit, Aaron...wow.

Originally Posted by Aeir View Post

this should be exciting
indeed! congrats and thanks for all of your amazing work.

Originally Posted by Roar176 View Post
R U guys 4 Rael

"Watch Out Pt. 2 VS DJ Yoshitaka"

That ain't the correct song name n00bos

fuck I forgot to fix that

Originally Posted by cedolad View Post
so powerful

hey mochey bby I'll give you some mirrors in a min
please do hun <3


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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

requesting a mediafire mirror
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

Originally Posted by moches View Post
holy shit, Aaron...wow.
what xd

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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

Downloadan, this will be fun.
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

Originally Posted by NeoMasterPie View Post
what xd
nothin', you just nailed what I was going to say :0)
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

downloading now. huge props to everyone that helped work on this pack. im sure it will be amazing
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behanjc & me are <3'ers
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

k here it is. my monster wall of text

Preface: Before I begin, I just want to explain that these reviews are a combination of my own opinions and constructive input/criticism. If it ever seems like I'm being too harsh, please excuse me. Every chart in this pack has some positive merit and, in my opinion, worth at least a playthrough. I have to say that on the whole, I'm really diggin this pack. Lots of good stuff.

In addition, these reviews are directly copied from the playtesting phase, so if changes were made to the chart before it was released, let me know and I'll re-review them.

However, there are some things I want to say about the large scale of where charting has taken us, based on what I've seen in this pack. Firstly, the community as a whole needs to cut back on the mines just a tad bit. There's a ton of files in here that have waaaay too many mines, and this usually messes something up. While I'm glad everyone is taking the "new-school" styles well, I do think there's a kind of polish that is missing on most of these files due to people jumping a bit too far trying new techniques without mastering some fundamentals. Many chart artists are trying to incorporate everything they want into a chart, and while this isn't a bad thing by any means, it usually happens at the cost of smooth pattern flow, directional control, and note density control, which isn't good. In this sense, I actually think we need to take a couple of steps backward to the days of ODI2, maybe even as far back as ODI. There's something about "technical" charts that leaves a clean, polished feeling on a chart that is difficult to attain with the more artistic techniques everyone is trying to use now. The chart artists whose work we should emulate include dondon151, Ducky, Kil, Kommisar, Zaghurim, jimerax, blurk, Kn33grow, and Yesssss (there are probably more, but these come to my mind first). Examples of charts in this pack that have what I'm talking about include Kommisar's Lightning Strikes Again, Puppet's id, Kil's The Least 100 Seconds, and dondon151's Made in innocent.

As for my numerical ratings, here's a general idea of where things fall:
0-5: Given that the charts already passed through a judging process, no chart should fall in here. Severe technical problems and/or not fun.
5-5.9: Lots of technical problems that make the chart difficult to play and/or a very boring chart.
6-6.9: A couple of significant problems ruin an otherwise solid chart, or it's just really really boring.
7-7.9: Chart's either solid but has nothing noteworthy, or a potentially really good chart has a few problems.
8-8.9: Very solid and fun chart with no major problems. Optimally you want to aim at least here.
9-9.9: Absolutely nothing wrong with the chart and outstandingly fun. Usually has something in it that's particularly noteworthy.
10: yeah right like I'd give a chart a 10 LOL jk but really though 10's will be rare

It may seem really egotistical for me to lay out criteria for my ratings like this, but when you're judging like a hundred charts, you realize your reviews are very inconsistent about one-third through. I figure that if I'm gonna write out criteria for myself anyways, I see no reason not to explain myself.

And now we begin the reviews of this monster:


(Arntonach) At Dawn: Fun, simple. Both of the xmod effects were done really well, though the second one is kinda hard to read. 8/10

(Arntonach) End Of The World v2:
[Hard] This chart really proved to me that this guy has potential. Intense freeform patterns that keeps driving the song forwards all the time. 8.5/10
[Challenge] I don't know why you would do this. The heavy chart was great. -_-
*Highly recommended just deleting the Challenge chart.

(B3nny vs rog) Red Heat:
[Hard] The frequency and usage of holds I think fits the song well. They're a bit rigid for my taste, I would've varied the hold lengths a bit more. However, this is just my personal view. I feel like there is some inconsistent accenting/layering in the first major section, because some sections feel abnormally empty compared to others, but it really is a minor nitpick. Overall, it's simple but well done. 7.5/10
[Challenge] No accenting problems here. Also well done. Not much to say. 7.5/10
*There is something else I would like to point out though. If this chart is meant to be played xmod (which I assume it is, as there are xmod effects in it), I highly recommend that the speed be toned down for the two speed-up sections, especially the first one. The first one looks like a straight rhythm but plays as an irregular one, making it extremely frustrating to deal with. The second one is borderline unfair. While the trill is somewhat manageable and people can catch on pretty quickly, the transition out of it should be clear as possible. The problem is the readability is not there. Something should be there to make it readable, whether it's color manipulation, proportional spacing, the speed itself, or a combination of them. If it's cmod then nvm fuk it

(blind vs moches) I Knew You Were Trouble:
[Hard] The acoustic sections were done well and flowed nicely, but started to become oversaturated towards the end. This in turn made the drop sections feel underwhelming. Othewise, nothing really wrong with the chart. 6.5/10
[Challenge] Goddamn dodgeball. Chart is okay, it's just mine-centric, so people who don't like mines won't like it. 7.5/10

(blind) Lost Woods Dubstep: yeah not playing all 3 charts LOL
[Challenge] It's the right style, and there's nothing wrong with it, but it just feels a bit bland and basic. S'okay. 7/10

(bmah) Tabibito Rerun: wtf once again only playing hardest chart not playing all 4
[Challenge] I'm surprised by how easy that was to read on an xmod, even though it's cmod. Patterns are a bit oldschool, but they work well. I think the play on color notes is what will win everyone over though. 8/10

(bmah) The Road Is On Fire: Little issue with flow at various points but this is a very minor nitpick. Overall insanely fun and felt kinda refreshing to play towards the end. 8/10

(CosmoVibe) Black Light Machine: Mine. I haven't been this proud of a chart I made since ==PLANETKARMA== so hopefully you guys will enjoy what I think should be one helluva monster chart.
*IMPORTANT: I'd also like to point out that I have 2 measure of really sick xmod, so I recommend playing the chart in xmod. However, if you're sight-reading, I suggest not going past 4x, or you're gonna have a bad time LOL

(Detrimentalist) Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus: I don't understand the reasoning for note placement but it flows incredibly smoothly so I'm not gonna complain about it. 8.5/10

(Don) Luna's Tower: Every note precisely placed. Clean and fun as hell. But dude, you really need to figure out how to do that BPM ting in the beginning properly LOL 9/10

(eastsideman09 vs rog) Happy Screaming Night Businessman: I just can't. I can't. This song is almost as bad as that nick galvez eulogy earpoop crap plz nobody ever chart a song like this again NA/10
********REMOVE THIS CHART FROM THE PACK jk im just mad

(eastsideman09) Pulse de Chocobo: This is by nature a very fun song to play. Chart was fun and does have a lot of nice things about it, but there are still some minor problems. The flow of some of the patterns are a little bit off, but instead pointing all of these minor things I'll just say that as a whole, this is something you improve on with experience. I guess you could classify this as the technical "cleanliness" I was talking about in the preface. Difficulty balance is much better now. However, the sax solo problem remains. Where the sax solo repeats, you can/should repeat your patterns, but as soon as there is a variation/difference in the phrases, your patterns should reflect that, and right now this occurs a tad late. Otherwise, it's a huge improvement and definitely very very fun. 8/10

(eastsideman09) Wolfgang's 5th Symphony: Overall pretty good. A couple of the xmod effects are a little bit unfair, but at least I don't see any extreme cases. 7.5/10

(FissionMailed1) Canary Part III: I won't take off points for how bad the song is. Otherwise, chart is pretty tight. 7.5/10

(FissionMailed1) Floating Through Time: Really chill and nice. I would've used more vivid patterns but this works just as well. 8/10

(Gameoson) Lewd Violence:
[Challenge] Actually pretty solid. There was one particular mine thing that bugged me and there were like two xmod effects that were sorta unfair, but otherwise fun. 8/10

(Gundam-Dude) Bird Sprite -Awakening of Light-: A lot cleaner than I expected it would be. Just about everything was planned out very nicely. 8.5/10

(Gundam-Dude) Leia:
[Hard] A brilliant example of how important well-planned patterns are in a chart. Even though there's nothing special about any of the rhythms in this song, the careful planning of notes and changes in their direction control the flow and emphasis of the song. 9/10

(Gundam-Dude) The Clear Blue Sky v2:
[Hard] A brilliant example of how important well-planned patterns are in a chart... again. Surprisingly really damn good. The seemingly arbitrary choice of layering somehow fuses the instruments together smoothly. When the driving drum beat comes in, there's a very cute play on patterns on the left hand. 9.5/10

(hi19hi19 vs Scintill) The Cataclysm: If this is what the standard for a "stream chart" was, I'd gladly play them all day. The beginning solo section, where there is a mix of harmonized and nonharmonized notes, there is a distinct lack of layering/emphasis on that, which made the harmonized notes feel really empty and underlayered compared to the rest of the section around it. The latter sections rememdy this by layering something else. Aside from that it's a very solid chart and very fun to play. 8.5/10

(IcyWorld) Dolize:
[Hard] Could potentially be a really intense chart. However, while most of the jacks and polyrhythms are borderline questionable, the 24th polyrhythm sticks out like a sore thumb. 6.5/10
[Medium] Decent chart that delivers exactly what the song offers. 8/10

(IcyWorld) Polis Ruin: Again, this has some real potential. This time though, it'll significantly trickier because of the way you decided to go about layering the chart. The choice not to emphasize the heavy drum hits with doubles is interesting and can work, but requires much more precise planning of the patterns themselves. As of right now, a lot of the patterns feel a bit arbitrary, mostly where the piano and drums don't intersect. Minor nitpick, but it does slightly hinder the flow of the chart. Once the pizzicato comes in though, most of these problems are alleviated thanks to the driving 8ths. 7/10

(iRanch) Black Lair: As soon as I saw the first speed-up section (not the first note) I immediately switched to cmod LOL. There a lot of noticeable improvements since the fix, but for some reason I feel like the chart has lost a bit of soul. Some of the changes weren't necessary, for example the adding of drum layering in the acoustic guitar solo in the beginning. Still, decent chart to a good song. 7.5/10

(Kil) The Least 100 Seconds: I don't think I've ever seen xmod effects done like this before. Really fun and consistent and I'm actually kinda glad the solo didn't get charted. 9.5/10

(Kommisar) Lightning Strikes Again: Nothing I can really say. Solid as hell, straightforward. You can really tell that the person who made this has a lot of experience in making charts. 9/10

(leonid) Earth Tower Devotion: This almost made me cry. Almost. What totally killed it for me was the very inconsistent bursts throughout the chart. I personally don't agree with charting the snare rolls, as well as making other snare hits doubles by themselves. I don't really like most of the polyrhythm pattern choices either. I highly recommend that if you don't want to edit this chart, at least make a lower difficulty chart that is actually sensible and mostly fun to play. This is basically like looking at a beautiful plate of food, taking a bite, and realizing that it doesn't taste very good. 6/10
*please add a difficulty where the chart is sensible this could be so amazing dear god if leonid doesn't do it im doing it

(Linus) dengeki tube:
[Hard] holy fuuuuck linus holy fuuuuuuck LOLOLOL NA/10

(Lynn) Sentou Amu: Uhhhhh, nothing I can really say. Fun, solid, guy(girl?) knows what he's(she's?) doing. 9/10

(mi40) Amber Shores:
[Hard] I think most of the veterans in this community know that I personally fundamentally disagree with the application of rolls to buzz sounds, especially when they're all over a song (thanks drum and bass) and especially when the large majority of the roll patterns are variations of 4321 or 1234. Nontheless, I can put my bias aside and say that it does work very well, and I can see it being a very fun and successful chart and there's nothing else I can really nitpick about it. At least in terms of the pattern choice I can see a lot of things I like. Which is good, because now I'm excited to see what this guy's other 6 charts in the pack are like.
(looks at song list)
...godddammit. 8.5/10
[Medium] Slightly better.

(mi40) Beyond Abilities: The flow of the colored notes sections is a bit weird. Not sure if it's the pattern choice or simply an issue of being too dense. Aside from that, not bad. 7.5/10

(mi40) Hajnal2: A lot of minor things that I simply disagree with, but in general I really liked the pattern choices. 8/10

(mi40) Lawn Wake III: Welp. Same review. Disagree with some things, overall liked pattern choices. 8/10

(mi40) Masodik Galamb: Mildest offender of my pet peeves so far. 8.5/10

(mi40) Non-Stop: This song. New guilty pleasure. T_T Chart's solid, nothing to say. 8/10

(mi40) Strangeprogram: This is clearly a pure scoring file so I'm not gonna bother reviewing the same way as the other charts. Xmod effects are kinda dumb so I recommend cmod. NA/10

(moches vs Scylaax) POINT OF NO RETURN: Really fun. Not much to say. 9/10

(moches vs Torrent) Lovely Bloodflow: Solid. Really diggin' this. 8.5/10

(moches vs Valor) Guitar Hero: Patterns are solid, but chart feels a tiny bit bland, but I attribute that to the song. Difficulty spread is kinda inconsistent but that's minor nitpick. 7.5/10

(moches) Apple Butter:
[Hard] This gets better and better each time I play it. Funky as hell. Reminder to everyone: this is cmod. 9.5/10

(moches) Juicy: Slick. Love that bass synth licks. 9/10

(moches) Lataia: Groovy. Jacks are always fun. :3 8.5/10

(moches) Little Drummer Punk Droid v2: Nothing to say really but why is that song so cheesy ugh 7.5/10

(npv) Ossuary: Playing constant jacks on a single key while there's stuff going on around the other 3 for extended periods of time is extremely annoying. The rest of the chart is okay, not my cup of tea though. 7/10

(Patashu) Judgment Day: A lot of the longer holds were really annoying for me, and the mines at the end felt a bit tight. Otherwise pretty good. 7.5/10

(Puppet) id: I think the smartest thing about this chart is how certain instruments were chosen to be charted at certain times. Things such as not charting background sounds or doing the voice trading call-response thing gave a lot of space to work with clean, exciting patterns, rather than dense, lifeless ones. 9.5/10

(Roar176) Hayate: Only criticism is that some of the patterns with triples feel kinda awkward/heavy, as expected of roar. 7.5/10

(Roar176) Sol Cosine Job 2: Eh, chart was ok but more than anything else execution just felt dirty. Everything was all over the place. 6.5/10

(rog) Am I A Psycho: Pretty good. 9/10

(rog) Club Ibuki: Solid. 8/10

(rog) Drink That Shit: Good for scoring I guess. NA/10

(rog) The Hero Returns Home: Goddamn, you're really not afraid of inserting jacks all over your chart, are you? 7.5/10

(rparty) Watch Out Pt. 2 VS DJ Yoshitaka: I have mixed feelings about the first half. The polyrhythms and jacks in the beginning sections make the chart feel really messy but somehow add a high level of intensity to the song. However, the latter half of the chart becomes rather boring. Putting the 16th chordstream in between faster sections is fine, but when that basic chordstream is extended so much and previous layering schemes are not revisited or enhanced, the ending falls flat. 7/10

(Rumia) lmbo: I would love to see this song charted to the end, I almost broke into tears playing this. Most of this chart is beautifully done, especially the beginning and the solo. Why have I never heard of this guy before 9.5/10

(SCL vs Kommisar) Still Getting It: I really like the choice of difficulty. Not overlayering the chart allows the jacks to be able to breathe better and give attention to the parts of the song that deserve it the most. 8.5/10

(Scylaax) Log On:
[Challenge] The jacks in measure 40 are a HUUUUGE difficulty spike compared to the rest of the very difficulty consistent chart, making it stick out like a sore thumb. Everything else is great. Fun to play on xmod too. 8.5/10

(Scylaax) tick: I totally did not expect a Touhou arrange what the hell. Chart is simple, solid, and the only xmod effect in this piece isn't out of place. Solo's mad groovy. I would've done the hold lengths differently but that's just a style difference. 8.5/10

(Valor) Judgement Day: Chart's solid and fun. Has a nice drive. 8/10

(Valor) XTREMEPOLESTA: not touching that beginner chart with a 10-foot pole
[Challenge] Solid, nothing wrong that I can pick out. I'm happy the buzzes weren't charted as rolls. 8/10

(wc) Machine: Surprisingly tough but flows smoothly. 9/10

(Wineandbread) Unfounded Revenge -Smashing Song of Praise-:
[Hard] For once I actually ignored the highest difficulty. I think the Challenge chart was intentionally overloaded, so it would make sense to critically review the chart that was intended to be the most sensible to play. As for the chart, it's frickin' great. 9/10

(YTY) Koi no Bakkin Bakkingamu!! v2: Decent. There's a couple of minor technical mistakes but they're most unnoticable without a couple of playthroughs. Chart's got nothing special though. The chart artist forgot/isn't aware that triples exist, and layering is as straightforward as you get. 7/10

review to be continued...

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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

Abandon (Valor): Intense. Really like that dense minefield in the middle there, it's a nice touch. Some of the patterns I feel could spaced out better, but again, minor nitpick. 7.5/10

Avril 14th (Valor): I personally wouldn't have given the piano any miniholds whatsoever, but that's me. Cute little easy chart. 7.5/10

Boulafacet (moches): God, those mines and jack patterns made this infuriating to play. 7/10

Chain Dumbin' (Detrimentalist): This has to be a joke chart but I honestly don't get it. ??/10

Dancing Box (rog): The jack patterns when the song picks up and some of the mines are really obnoxious. It could be considered a minor nitpick but this chart just feels mad off to me just because of that, which is a shame too, because the beginning was very promising. 7/10

Deja Vu (Freemasons Remix) (Antronach): There were some patterns I didn't agree with but overall it's got a lot of good ideas and very fun to play. 8.5/10

Dirtwalker (Torrent): Pretty good. Nothing I can really pick out. 8.5/10

Drawcia Soul (Torrent): What the hell are some of those patterns. This is an example of why I dislike 32nd rolls to buzzes. They don't add much to the pattern flow, in fact sometimes getting in the way by spiking the chart difficulty, and you barely notice that they're following buzzes amidst all of the chaos. 6.5/10

Dstrukt (AlexDest): Solid chart. 8.5/10

Fatal Tragedy (iamme): Most of this chart is pretty good, but there are some really fucked up patterns, most notably the ones with polyrhythms around the jacks. These patterns are not only super gay to hit but destroy an otherwise consistent and fluid chart. 6.5/10
*Highly recommend fixing the above mentioned.

Final Battle VS Satan (Kommisar): I did not expect the huge difficulty spike at the end there. Overall pretty solid and fun, sorta oldschool. 7.5/10

Fucking Paranoid (Torrent): Those are some brutal xmod effects LOL. While the patterns themselves are ok and fun at first, this is probably one of the most repetitive charts ever. It was honestly several minutes of just at most 2 basic rhythms. I normally don't factor in song choice in my judgments when it's a matter of taste or style, but I question why this song was even picked. 7/10

Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Remix) (Torrent): I just feel like I'm tapping 8th notes the whole song. Nothing interesting happens. Plain and boring. 7/10

Gun Rock v2 (ferrari): Fun. Pretty straightforward. 8.5/10

Hand Throw (AlexDest): Lots of fun things happening in this chart. Actually kind of surprised me. The 2121 pattern threw me off a couple of times though. 8.5/10

I Wanna Give You Devotion (Antronach): It's got a couple of cool things going on, really chill chart. 7.5/10

INFINITE PRAYER (AlexDest): Jesus christ go easy on those mines. -_- 6.5/10

Loli Fishing Next 20,000 Leagues (Puppet):
[Challenge] Alas, I've been waiting to play this for a long time now. And when I hit the end I got mad. Chart the whole song next time ya pussy. >:[ The solo section is goddamn brilliant. 8.5/10
[Hard] Finally got around to playing this. Overall, it's a very nice cleaned up version of the harder chart, and once again you do the voice-trading thing really well. Only complaint is there were some sections where I could just feel you were holding back, where instead it should simply feel like you chose a lighter way to approach the song. 8.5/10

Lost Love (iRanch): Personally I would've ignored the 16th hihats in order to make clearer patterns instead of the chordstream, but there's certainly nothing wrong with this. 8/10

Made in innocent (dondon151): Patterns are planned pretty well, they're rooted nicely and flow well, and the control of note density makes this wonderful build-up to the climax. Superb chart. 9.5/10

Magical Voice Shower (iCeCuBEz v2): There's a lot of issues with layering consistency, pattern flow, and overall connotation. It doesn't detract too heavily from the chart but astute player/chart artist will very easily see these things. On the bright side, one particular thing I liked is the noticing of panning effects throughout the song. 7/10

Near Dark (Torrent): The repeating rhythm/pattern occurs throughout the entire piece, but there are enough things to add variation and the chart is short enough for it to be tolerable. Pattern choice does demonstrate a decent ear, as the sounds in this song are quite delicate. 7.5/10

Nippon Egao Hyakkei (skorpion9x):
[Challenge] The only negative things I can say about the chart are minor specific nitpicks, such as invisible notes. The chart's really simple, but it shows that an inexperienced chart artist is grasping the basics of chart design. 6.5/10

o'er the flood (IcyWorld): There's something about the flow of this chart that really matches the feel of the song. The build-up was effective and quite nice. Still not a fan of 32nd rolls though. 8/10

Purple Drank (Kommisar): Chart's good, but not my cup of tea. What the heck is that minewall though 8/10

Reon (Condoct vs Detrimentalist):
[Challenge] I see some really bold pattern choices here, which is fantastic. It's got the right idea and execution is so close to being a technically accurate chart. There are still some instances of inconsistent layering, and they result in a lot of climactic sections feeling underwhelming, but otherwise chart is really really fun. 8.5/10
[Hard] Pretty good chart, really fun. The layering scheme is more discernible than the Challenge chart, and a lot of sections were set up better, such as the beginning. However, the Challenge chart has much better in handling a lot of the fills and runs. All in all, each has its strengths. Personally, I think a little surgery with both of them could result in a really badass chart. 8/10

Retro City (00Razor00): Fantastic. The beginning is actually much more fun than the ending, so I was set up for a little bit of a disappointment. I think this is partially due to the song, but I also think a little more work would've polished that ending more. For example, putting consecutive bass/snare hits as the exact same double without enough development in between feels very odd to play. I especially loved the use of holds with the reverse pads and appreciated the choice of patterns for the 16th trill section. 8/10

Ringo's Theme (Kommisar): Seems simple and straightforward at first, but it's got a lot of fun little tricks thrown in everywhere. 8/10

Robotomy (Torrent): I am not even kidding when I say that this chart puts into question a lot of my philosophies regarding charts. When you play something amibitious and it works, something clicks and it just becomes one hell of a fun ride. This. Is. Ridiculous. 9.5/10

Satori De Pon (Valor): Nothing I can really say about it. It's alright. 7.5/10

Shion (Don): There are a couple of quite obvious technical errors, which is not something I'd expect from Don. Otherwise a generally basic, fun chart. 7.5/10

Since 1983 (cetaka): It's always impressive how this guy can take the dumbest polyrhythms and extra-dense chordstream patterns and manage to make them flow so smoothly. And of course, there exist huge difficulty spikes, not that it's realistic to bring the rest of the chart up the same difficulty. Still a fun chart. 8/10

Sorceress Elise (Kommisar): Chart's fantastic, hate the song. Not docking points for song choice though. 8/10

Switcharoo (Baq12): The solo runs in this chart are really funky and intense, due to really good usage of grace note positioning and holds. I also think the chart demonstrates a good understanding and appreciation for the song, and therefore turns out really good. Only complaint is that the slow down at the drum solo is the only thing that ruins this from being a great xmod chart. 9/10

Thanks For Nothing (moches): Mostly a really cool file, but I didn't understand the reasoning behind a lot of the color notes. The notes themselves though are spot on and just great. 9/10

Thrillseeker (IcyWorld): Mostly really fun but could use a nice polish. A lot of the sections are sorta messy or could've been done better. The concept as a whole though works and is a blast to play. 8/10

Training Mode (ferrari): There is no way that this song can not be fun. Jacks seem ever so slightly off but it's so fun and groovy that you just don't care. 8.5/10

Tsugaru Apple Mix (Torrent): Okay those are some fucked up polyrhythms. 6.5/10

Twirling Star (Wayward Vagabond): Really fun. Can't even find any mistakes. Personally though, I would've taken advantage of the panning effects. 9/10

Vivid In Heart (Kommisar): Solid chart, really fun. 8/10

While Tha Rekkid Spins (ferrari): The mine usage in particular caught my attention. It's used consistently and in moderation, and turned out to be extremely effective. 8.5/10

Windowlicker (Mr. Tea): I feel like the people who would the large majority of this chart exciting to play would find the bursty sections to be way too hard. On the other hand, I don't think there's too much you can add to the rest of the chart to bring everything into line. Putting this aside, the xmod tricks in this chart are simply superb. Not only are they sensible and fair but they fit with the song well. 8.5/10

...In A Movie (Charlo): The easier parts of the chart feel underlayered and empty compared to the rest. A couple of triples/quads would've really spiced up the chart a lot. I also didn't really agree with some of the pattern choices but this is a minor nitpick. I just feel like the chart would've gone much further if more planning went into the notes. 7/10

Bonfire (cedolad): It's simplistic and really fun. Only criticisms would be the following: Mines show a lot of good ideas and potential, but during execution they're a bit tight, which makes them a little bit annoying. The dubstep section could also be constructed a bit better. Adding some depth and putting a bit more work into the note positioning would prevent the occurrence of the mirror syndrome you have there. 7.5/10

(moches vs Mollocephalus) Gamma: Holy shit more dodgeball. All in all it was quite enjoyable. Oldschool style chart with a cool approach to the intensity of the chart, albeit being a bit mine-heavy. Only thing I could really point out is, and I could be wrong, I think you got the left/right of the siren panning flipped. lol 8.5/10


And that's every single file reviewed. Some afternotes:

There's a lot of new chart artists I've never heard of before who show really great potential and/or already doing amazingly well. For me, the rising stars are (in no particular order) Arntonach, Wayward Vagabond, Lynn, mi40, Baq12, and Rumia. If you're not in this list, it's possible that there simply wasn't enough of your work in this pack for me to make a judgment about your overall skill, or maybe I've heard of you before.

My personal favorite charts (in no particular order):
- (moches) Apple Butter
- (Kil) The Least 100 Seconds
- (Gundam-Dude) The Clear Blue Sky v2
- (Rumia) lmbo
- Made in innocent (dondon151)
- Training Mode (ferrari)
- Robotomy (Torrent)



And just for fun, for no particular reason, let's hand out some pointless, meaningless awards:
- The I <3 DnB award goes to... mi40
- The Hit or Miss award goes to... Torrent
- The Slick Dick Rick award goes to... moches
- The Outdated award goes to... iamme
- The Notespam award goes to... leonid
- The whatthefuckisthis award goes to... linus
- The DICK award goes to... Wayward Vagina
- The Half-baked award goes to... Poopet
- The Self-promotional whore award goes to me.

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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

smo party?
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Default Re: FFR Community Pack 4 Released!

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