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Question Can't play on standalone

I solved the problem on my own. I remembered opened IE before failing to run on standalone. Now I simply opened Internet Explorer again and closed it, and then the standalone flash worked again.
But this is a bug anyway.


I could play Velocity engine on SA Flash 9 on my desktop PC earlier before. And then I tried R^2 engine on SA Flash 11, but failed (only a blank loading screen, as shown below). And then I tried Velocity engine again on SA Flash 9, and failed as well (only an error message, as shown below).

So I conducted some experiments to see where does the problem occur.


Situation 1:
- Run R^2 engine
- on my desktop computer
- on standalone Flash Player 11

- Blank loading screen

Situation 2:
- Run Velocity engine
- on my desktop computer
- on standalone Flash Player 9

- A message is shown: The playlist failed to load. Refreshing should fix this error. If problems presist, please post of the forums about the playlist not loading.


Situation 3:
- Run R^2 engine or Velocity engine
- on my desktop computer
- in web browser (Google Chrome)

- (No problem for either engine)

Situation 4:
- Run R^2 engine or Velocity engine
- on my laptop computer
- in standalone Flash Player 11 or 9

- (No problem for either engine on either Flash Player)


So, the problem only exist when playing on standalone on my desktop PC. When changing to another computer OR switch to browser view, there is no such problem.

I've tried the following:
- wait
- log out from FFR and log in again
- restart the computer
- clear browser cache
- disconnect the internet connection and connect again

But the problem still occurred.

I don't want to play on my laptop because of the less comfortable keyboard and laggy performance. And I don't think I need to explain why I don't like to play on browser.

What should I do if I really want to play on standalone on my desktop PC ?

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