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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 1

Judge Notes:
> Music offset is good (No changes necessary).
> Within simfile properties, suggest changing ‘Artist’ property from ‘Nina, Goddess of Dance’ to ‘Nina - Goddess of Dance’, To match the search query for artist’s name within the game engine. No other issues found in simfile properties. No issues found within the submission folder.
-[1:15.353] Move the 8th here to the 16th a little bit later, located at 1:15.460. The vocals do indeed land on the 8th, but isn’t accentuated until the 16th alongside other instruments.
-[1:18.889] Same situation as the above note, but will let it slide since the majority of instruments are more dominant on the 8th rather than the 16th alongside vocals.
-Super easy file, not that much to complain about it. It’s good. Arguable that it’s within the difficulty shot of the original, but the original is a blue note mess.
I've listened to it with the 8ths as submitted, and with it moved to a 16th where you noted, and I must be missing something in my auditory processing of it because they sound -super- off shifted down, and exactly right where I put them.

Since it's accepted as-is, I'm going to keep it as-is without those two arrows shifted.

Do you need me to resubmit the file with the comma in the artist name changed to the dash, or can you guys do that on your end? I know fixing out property issues isn't your job, but it's a comma. I can reupload if it's an issue.

Thanks for the notes and the score

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