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Default Reaper (2 or 3)

Bleh. I know what you're thinking. "2 because of the NPS." No. The music is one of the main obstacles when it comes to this song. I can AAA a song 2x the difficulty no problem, but this one I just cannot because of the music and the note arrangement. Another reason is the song length. 2:39 is WAY too long for a song this difficulty. Especially for how loud the song is, it really puts you off accuracy.

Please consider switching it to a 3, the song's been kicking my ass for more than a month now. :/
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Default Re: Reaper (2 or 3)

+1 i agree.
I FC'ed the song asap after the release back then i was in the difficult range 2.
I had a hard time to FC that song.
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lol happy
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Default Re: Reaper (2 or 3)

The reason you might have difficulty with this is that it is pretty understepped. There's lots more sounds going on in the background that I ignored (on purpose) which might be tripping you up.
The steps themselves are actually quite simple straight rhythms. Every single arrow in the file falls right on the downbeat.
Also this does go up to 6 max NPS which is on the high end for a 2.

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Default Re: Reaper (2 or 3)

Bmah, sorry.

I just thought it was off-sync and I kept getting messed up for it. Bro my appoligies.

I guess since I'm in so much pain I just don't want to be contradicted right now. But whatever, it's fine.
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Default Re: Reaper (2 or 3)

Originally Posted by nickcool9999 View Post
Nevermind, keep as 2. I found the issue, the song is off-sync by one frame.

But oh well, so is 90% of the other songs :/

I'm now getting AAA's a lot easier.

Edit: you can lock the thread now.
Firstly, you shouldn't base your reasonings off of AAAing a song (nor should you ever base it off of your personal progress - people progress at different rates). Base it off of how easy it is to combo it.

Secondly, difficulty threads are up for anyone to debate, so even though you're done with it, it won't be locked.

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Default Re: Reaper (2 or 3)

I took the liberty of looking at the rest of the public 2s and pulled up a few stats, namely NPS, Length, and Total Arrows.

NPS - 2nd Highest after For Who I Am
Length - 5th Highest
Total Arrows - Highest

The songs that are longer than Reaper are Seattle's Finest, Driveway [Light], Freak Out, and Red Dress [Light]. They have 169, 332, 285, and 342 total arrows respectively. Reaper has 376 total arrows, which, when combined with its shorter song length (24 seconds less than Seattle's Finest), makes it a relatively dense chart for a 2. Although the notes are on the downbeats, all the other noise, especially the loud, perpetual static interferes with hearing the beats that the notes land on. I think this should be bumped up to a 3.
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Default Re: Reaper (2 or 3)

I'm working on ordering 2-3's right now actually, don't know about the 2-3 barrier but I don't think it's a 3, at least with songs like Imaginary sky, which so far is the hardest 2 I could think of, the 8th note patterns come out the grace notes in very awkward ways.
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