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Default Re: Bugs that don't deserve their own thread

Originally Posted by Psychotik View Post
Your current best on that song is 343-16-1-1-12. If you don't beat your raw score without a miss, it won't officially count as an FC.
I still think that this is a bug and not a feature. The whole thing regarding being able to "lose an FC" was likely an unintentional side effect during the switch from combo-scoring to raw-scoring.

The simplest solution would be to have an extra bit dedicated to each file in one's levelranks that denotes whether they've FC'ed it before or not.

Without this issue being fixed, it unfairly penalizes those that have yet to obtain the Here We Go token and who previously have tried to aim to get the best PA possible on every file.
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Originally Posted by Spenner View Post
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Originally Posted by Xx{Midnight}xX
And god made ben, and realized he was doomed to miss. And said it was good.
Originally Posted by Zakvvv666
awww :< crushing my dreams; was looking foward to you attempting to shoot yourself point blank and missing
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Default Re: Bugs that don't deserve their own thread

Yeah I wouldn't argue with you that it's a bug, but it's a well known design of the system.
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Originally Posted by TEEX
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Default Re: Bugs that don't deserve their own thread

the song preview on the song selection list isn't working anymore, i hope I'm not the only one with this problem
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Default Re: Bugs that don't deserve their own thread

For as long as I can remember, I've had a notification about a comment on one of my videos here on ffr, and I've tried to check every single video i shared here to see if i could clear that notification. Is it possible I can have that notification removed?

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Default Re: Bugs that don't deserve their own thread

Hey im trying to find out why im not getting ranked in Average Ranked... mine says 0.0 Unranked!
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Default Re: Bugs that don't deserve their own thread

Generally, you have to check your levelrank page to update stuff like your average rank. On the plus side, this updates when anyone views your levelrank page. So your average rank looks to be showing up now after I viewed your levelranks.

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Default Re: Bugs that don't deserve their own thread

When I checked the leaderboard after playing a song (on the Linux build), some of the spots were empty.

After playing the song and checking the leaderboard again, the spots were still empty.
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