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Default Re: everyone hates me

well, you'll definitely get seen by a specialist when you're in a mental hospital. if you're there on a legal hold, you won't be let out until you see a specialist. I would imagine (and hope) that you would be seen quicker than if you just get a referral, but I then again I'm not sure about canada

if anyone has personal experience, let us know
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Default Re: everyone hates me

so conflicted with how to reply to this thread

so many people occupy the outer edges of psychiatric issues (rather than the central, obvious example of the issue you'd imagine if you thought of it) and resemble a diagnosis enough to use them as a shield from criticism or responsibility. this theater guy I knew from college got himself diagnosed with PTSD, and I know it's because he just looked up the symptoms and made himself believe it, because this is what theater kids do. yet my other friend, a marine who I saw break down in tears randomly on New Year's eve due -- this guy wouldn't consider himself PTSD even though he could get a diagnosis if he really wanted to.

when I first read this I decided I wasn't going to say anything. then I realized I was falling into the same pattern of behavior that I hate other people doing where no one calls something like they see it because they're concerned about stepping on toes.

so fuck that I'm goin in

here is what I know about Cavernio that's relevant here:

* willingness to claim victimhood over things that are far less serious than psychological issues

seriously, if there's a psych issue here, we'd probably know about it with far more detail. this is a person who has studied, iirc, some combination of computer science and psychology to bachelor's or near-bachelor's level and has dated a person who is a philosophy student that with a diagnosis known for highly literal communication styles.

there is no way that Cavernio could not precisely describe the details of her psych issues if a psychologist had confirmed them in a more formal way.

instead, we get this romantic vagueness:

Although my current diagnosis actually has no pharmacological treatment, but my diagnosis changes with the wind.
"my current diagnosis changes with the wind"?

I had a disorder once shift from ADHD to GAD to GAD+ADHD to ADHD but that's clearly described as "ADHD with past anxiety issues" since I don't have anxiety issues anymore

if your diagnosis is so ephemeral that you describe it as "changing with the wind", that a figurative zephyr is enough to block you from description, then I question whether these issues are debilitating enough to justify this level of self-pity, much less expecting people to solve your issues for you.

let's not forget that this interaction happened either:

Originally Posted by Cavernio
Originally Posted by Arch0wl
what did you expect to result from this thread?
Something to entertain me.
oh? something to entertain you? well fuck everyone who thought you were actually sincere then. but nah I'm sure you think it's still their fault for taking you at face value

this is entirely consistent with her ethics as shown in the time that I argued with her on TGB because she effectively argued that a person's feelings are more important than the truth.

here is another thing I know about Cavernio:

* she says that a major issue for her is lack of motivation.

throughout this thread she has argued with most people who have attempted to provide her assistance.

the tone of some of these replies is like "wow, you are so incorrect for characterizing me this way, how could you not know?" yet she's the one expecting assistance. because screw people who tried to help you, it's their fault for thinking of something to say in the first place.

her reaction is such that only the most deferent, walk-on-eggshells replies are tolerable, and these will of course be the least motivating to actual action because the kind of person who responds with page-length arguments over how you characterized her is not the kind of person who will listen to gentle nudging.

and more importantly, if you're so fucking demotivated then how the fuck can you argue with everyone, because you're sure as shit motivated enough to write 500 words about how someone is wrong about how to help you

here is yet another thing I know:

* unless another woman has posted it, and even then that's a tossup, she's almost never given a charitable reading to another person's personal problem.

seriously the times I have seen people post their problems in TGB -- doesn't matter who -- Cavernio used this as an opportunity to make smug potshots at whatever the person's circumstances are

in fact, the last time I posted about a real personal issue I have, Cavernio shit all over it. thankfully most people called her out on this, but it eroded the possibility that you could have a productive discussion about your psych issues on this forum.

the only thing that will actually lead to substantial changes in Cavernio's life is meaningful progress toward achievement in some thing. I'd say start writing short fiction or get on a good exercise program but I'm sure she has some bullshit about why she can't do that too.

so no

fuck you

seriously, fuck you

I'm glad you think everyone hates you.

because you're right.

I do.

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Default Re: everyone hates me

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Default Re: everyone hates me

I don't think Cavernio expected to be taken seriously in this thread.

It's a shame, but at same time, I can't blame her for it.
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Default Re: everyone hates me

These bait threads should probably be locked or deleted on sight.
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