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Default Palimpsest

Hi friends

I know at least some of you, myself included, found Protest The Hero through FFR, and they just released a long anticipated album, Palimpsest. This band is super important and influences me to this day, and this is possibly their most inspired album to date. Would love to hear some thoughts on the piece + this is a nice reminder that we have perms for this wonderful band to be stepped for the game - they've got plenty of stuff that can be made into some quality charts c:

My personal favorite from the album has been Little Snakes, it's so on the nose and the work up to the climax at the end is so freakin good

Edit: Also worthy of note that Rody blew the fuck out of his vocal cords on their Fortress anniversary tour, and basically had to relearn how to sing to record this album, so to me it's even more impressive bc i think he sounds even better than before

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Default Re: Palimpsest

I've been loving the album so far, liking it as much as Volition!

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Default Re: Palimpsest

Funnily enough, I was listening to Little Snakes upon clicking on this thread.

Real talk though, this might my favourite album. PERIOD. Like of any music.
I enjoy every song immensely, and I think they showed a lot of variety and depth in terms of the music and vocals.

Also, dibs on stepping Harborside.
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Default Re: Palimpsest

Yes this album is AMAZING. I really hope it inspires some step-filers to write some stuff for newer Protest, especially with how intricate and melodic some of their instrumentation has gotten in the last few albums.

Plus as a political piece in today's climate the album lyrically is just incredible.

Having met most of PTH (sans Rody since he would never usually come out after shows) they are also really great dudes.
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