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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

April 10, 2012

Judge Team 1



{Hollow Man} (Trivalent) - notes are early by a 24th. after fixing the sync the 32nd at 37.16 should be on the 4th after. the 16th jump you have after that should be on the 4th after. i think you have a great set up for a nice easy file butt he patterns you chose for the stream(runningmen mainly) dont really fit the song or the rest of your file. your layering is also a big all over the place. suggestion: layer the kick and snare and step the melody as singles. keep the 16ths as is just change up the patterns some and try to layer a bit more of the sounds without going overboard, [6/10]

16bitFruit (Elite Ninja) - nice file. my only suggestion is during the 16th js dont use jump jacks but instead use [14][23] or [13][24] and their opposite more for a better flowing file. [7/10]

357 Magnum (Frozen Beat) - the jump trills at 7.08 i have no idea what you're layering. if they go to the piano then single notes because there is no emphasis being put on the keys like in the jumps prior. notes that dont go to anything jumps that dont make sense. could make a great file and you have a good start but try playing on lower rates to see what you're missing and doing wrong. [5/10]

A FLOWER GARDEN (bmah) - apart from the song sounding like complete crap this file wasn't bad. some bad patterns (see trill @ 13.5). trill @ 66 is offsync. jack at 69.9 should be removed since it doesnt go to anything audible. the jump trill you have @ 108.5 just leave it as a regular trill and make it a 14 trill so it doesnt feel so heavy on the left. make the js at the end easier to hit because its a stupid big jump in difficulty compared to the rest of the file. [6/10]

Aci-L (Anaru) do we have permission? no to the 3 note jacks lol. change that up. [6/10]

Aerospace (Reshiram) - not a fan of the 192nds but to either their own. [8/10]

Aletheia (.Gazelle. & SKG_Scintill) - not a fan of the 1234321 32nd rolls you got going on there. a bit much for ffr. alsoa cut at 171.6 would be great. the rest of the file really dragged on waay to much. [7/10]

All Of Me (iironiic) - double check to make sure the file flows well. try avoiding any jacks that may feel abrupt and uneeded. other wise file is cool and sync is nice [8/10]

Angry Bird Mallets (reuben_tate) - notes are eary by a whole 16th note please fix that. your layering is doesnt really make sense. you're putting emphasis on notes that dont need it and you arent layering any other sounds with the main melody and during the second half of the song you completely stop layering all together save for a few jumps to something. file has potential but as it stand it needs a lot of rework [5/10]

Azul (Remix) (00Razor00) - 24ths at 32.03 dont go to anything same with the 24ths at 34.5. and the 24ths at 56.65 and at 59.11 and pretty much everywhere else you threw in 24ths. listen on .6-.7 rate they arent there. same goes for those 32nds you threw in there for who knows what reason for example at 112.7. remove those and the file should be good [6/10]

Bamboo Breakdown (Genocide101) - notes are early by a 48th. you have some issue with having heave left or right handed sections which need to be addressed. also those 32nds are a huge no for the rest of the file so tone those down first. [3/10]

Breakbeat Acid (DossarLX ODI) terrible song choice but thats to be expected from you so no surprise there. the 32nd 66.05 yeah sure that may go there but at 257 bpm no one is going to hit that as a 32nd just make it a 16th for the sake of flow and so it looks nice. i'll pass this as long as the framers get fixed at release [8/10]

Candy Galy (remix) [bmah] - 39.21 that gallop there you see it? leading into the hand? yeah? stop that dont do that its annoying when you have to do it repeatedly . change it to an up down gallop so it doesnt feel so heavy on the left and so it plays better. 68.88 what do these jumps go to a long with the rest of the jumps in this section? they dont make sense. those 32nds are gay but i guess you need your token gay section in all your files so i'll let them slide. theyre only gay because theyre being led into and out of by jumps which is dumb but w/e to each their own. 169.93 you stop that right now and make that a roll before i break something. a cut at 200 would be prefered because the rest of the song/file doesnt add anything to the song/file that you already stepped that wasnt repeated a shit crap ton of times already. [6/10]

cheerful forest (bmah) - the only thing cheerful about this forest was that it was only two minutes from beginning to end. except those two minutes were spent in the hyperbolic time chamber so it felt more like a shit load of time. when the melody is playing the 24ths that you hear on lower rates like for example at 11.3 no longer become audible on 1.0 rate. id rather you take them out so the file makes more sense than leave them in just because the notes actually go there even though you cant hear it. you also have a problem with jacks. they dont make sense at all and completely ruin the flow of the file. im not sure if you're doing that intentionally because you hate everyone on ffr or what but yeah switch some of those jacks to regular stream. oh hey i found your token gay patterns in every chart you make this time its super gay though nice one! 84.171. question: how many times do you playtest files before you decide to gay them up? [7/10]

Chris R Battle Theme (Hateandhatred) - this file was tough to get through. not because the steps were hard but because it wasnt a very good file. i get whate those 8th note jacks go to but you seem to have the same problemas bmah does and that is you make the jacks really gay. all in all not too bad of a file. i only ended up throwing up in my mouth once or twice. [7/10]

Chronograph (Tidus810) - im glad i only got to test one of your files. id hate to have to suffer through more than one. [8/10]

Corporal Jigsaw Quandary (hi19hi19) - this file reminds me a lot of reality. both have terrible stream patterns and both are files i will only play if im so bored out of my mind that the only alternative is masturbating to vore and even then i sometimes choose vore over playing reality. song should be cut at 221 because im pretty sure im not the only one that wants to listen to crap for more time than they need to. seriously though change of those stream patterns for the love of god. repetitive beyond reason [6/10]

CQ Boss (hi19hi19) - i had a dream a couple months ago or i should say nightmare. in this nightnare i was being chased by a shadow. i was being chased through this narrow hallway with a blip of light at furthest distance that i could see. this light never got bigger or at least thats how it seemed. i felt like i was being chased for what seemed like days with the light never seeming to get closer. this file played just like that dream [8/10]

Crystallize (iironiic) - this isnt dubstep this is terrible and you're terrible. 54.58 this would play a lot better as 4[23]1 [34][34][14] than how you have it now. keeps the flow going albeit its a flow of diarrhea. ok iironiic i know you have a boner for Lindsey Stirling but for the LOVE OF GOD CUT THE GOD DAMN SONGS JESUS. no one wants to listen to or play along to 4 and a half minutes of shitty violin laid over shitty dubstep. a cut at 123 would be highly preferred. [7/10]

Cs Custom Gun sounds (Elite Ninja) - if only those gunshots were real and the bullets were aimed at your head. work on jack usage they played really awkwardly. [7/10]

Danzai Yamaxanadu! (kjwkjw) - this file played amazingly as soon as i stopped playing and turned off the song gj on that. [8/10]

DATA DRAIN (FFR Pro 21) - this file is terrible offsync and you should be ashamed you ever even though about attempting to step this [0/10]

Day's End (Mario Kart Remix) (Zakvvv666) - i cant remember what this file looks like because every time i start playing it i fall asleep. cut the song please there is nothing interesting going on for the first what seems like 10 minutes of the file. [6/10]

Derezzed (mi40 Remix) (mi40) - this file is great! probably one of the best files ive played in a while by far. its hard to believe a file of this caliber comes from someone ive never heard of. im definitely excited to see more files and songs from you(btw this is a great remix and you do great justice to the original). at least thats what i would be saying if you knew what the hell you were doing. hands at 30.06 and onward dont go to any notable sound and you either add hands to every time that one synth holds the note(i know thats what the hands go to but you didnt add them before until now which is weird. also the 16th jump you have right after doesnt go to any notable sound either and i would prefer you remove the jump and just leave it as singles like you were doing before. this applies to the rest of the file from here onward. jumps on 8th notes like you have at 48.81 seem hella random and im not sure what they go to all the time. choose a sound to have them go to and add jumps every other time they hit that sound(i think some of them go to that acid sounding lead that hits on 4th 18th and 8th). those 32nd jump trills change them to singles because theyre a stupid difficulty spike and nobody wants to hit 240bpm 16th jumptrills excepty for maybe dossar but he sucks. [4/10]

Destination of the Heart (dragonmegaXX) - you should probably get a map because you seem to have run into crap on your way to your destination. or maybe this...this....this crap is your hearts destination! [8/10]

Devil's Music Box (Jake Ferguson) - i now know fear and that fear is ever having to play your files ever again. [8/10]

Dreamerz; Machines Will Fall (rayword45) - jesus wow this song is terrible. and that ending is completely uncalled for what the hell were you thinking? i guess some people like terrible music though(dossaR) but to each their own. file is late by a 24th. you rely too much on the 14 and 12 jumps. change it up more because the file feels hella repetitive [6/10]

Duncan Hills Cover (trumaestro) - this file isnt that bad compared to having a foley catheter inserted. [8/10]

ecstatic ghost party as Nightmare (bmah) -the only party going on here is a pity party[8/10]

Eight Melodies (YOSHl) - slept through the entire thing no comment [8/10]

Enchanting Venus (Elite Ninja) - i like the fact that out of everyone else that steps files you're the most consistent in making terrible files. keep up the good work [8/10]

Epilogue (Xx{Midnight}xX) - Tifa was in the master bedroom on the second floor of their new house, watching the man of her dreams cut the grass. The twenty-year-old woman was watching him mow the lawn for the seventh time. It was a hobby of hers, and the fact that they had a huge yard and that it would take Cloud an extra long time to cut it. Watching how strong he was, she would not move for anything.Suddenly, Tifa felt a slight rumble in her stomach, but she ignored it. She was having too good of a time watching Cloud. The best par the the mowing routine was the end, when he would come upstairs to shower. Right before he entered the bathroom, she would ask Cloud if they could take a shower together. They would always end up kissing throughout the shower, and they would leave in a better mood than ever. She was so sure he would let her shower with her that she was not wearing underwear under her black mini-skirt.She felt her stomach rumble again, and sighed. She really didn't want to leave. She wanted tay tay there for the longest time, watching he husband do the yard. Of course she knew he would do it again, and again, and again, but she cherished every minute of watching him, she could not bear to stop.Tifa's stomach rumbled again, louder than the first two times. She realized she had to think of what to do, and quickly. She could run and return immediately, but then she would miss some of the lawn mowing. Her second option was to stay and clean up after herself, but the fear of getting caught made her feel uneasy. This feeling caused her stomach to rumble more. Tifa looked down. The floor was a brand new and very expensive tile floor. It was not a very pleasant idea for her to mess it up."This is it!" she said aloud, while still pushing and grunting. A crackling sound filled her ears as the turd finally slid out of her body. It was a hard one, dark brown and compressed together. And boy did it stink. Tifa didn't mind the smell of her own droppings, but she knew it would be difficulty to get away with this.With Tifa's shit sitting on the floor, she felt slightly relieved. Tifa let out a long, gassy fart. She giggled, for she tended to have gassy poops. Her relief soon ended, however, as she felt another log traveling from her colon to her rectum. She pushed again, and the turd began to slide out. Unfortunately for poor Tifa, it got stuck halfway.Tifa immediately jumped up in shock. She was so focused on expelling what was in her gorgeous bowels that Cloud finished the lawn and came up to the bedroom. So there she was, standing there, in a white t-shirt, white socks, red sneakers, and no pants or underwear, and with five inches of shit sticking out of her ass in front of the love of her life. this is what playing your file made me think of [8/10]

EuroMorroc (Clean Edit) (DossarLX ODI) - for being a clean edit this sure is full of shit [8/10]

Flamingo (megamon88) - nice use of shit theory. not many people can make a file get progressively shittier and pull it off with such finesse like you can. flow could use some work especially during the second half and wherever you use rolls.[7/10]

FUTURE~SHOCK (rayword45) - your file is off by a whoile 12th note how does that even happen!? wait xandertrax is that...is that you? no way xander i thought you had quit stepmania its so glad to see you back bro! looks like you're still making those terriibly awkward files though XD you never change man you.never.change.at.ALL. 32nd rolls arre awkward as hell especially how you come out of them with those jumps. this file is like a bad version of devour mixed with ehhs. that ending is also offsync fix that [6/10]

G air (bmah) - typical i hate everyone so im going to make gay patterns that are technically but are crap to play bmah file [8/10]

Gargoyle (FFR Pro 21) - you get rid of the last note in the file this god damn instant that does not need to be there just cut the god damn song or step it all. aside from that though i was expecting this to remind me of that gargoyles show that was on when i was a kid and sadly this did not happen. this reminded me of the opposite, that terrible show that no one watched and i hate you for that. i hope you feel ashamed for what you've done [8/10]

Gravity Blast (Reshiram) - this is like a triple collab between bmah xandertrax and iironiic. iironiic supplied the shitty white notes to sounds that are kinda different just so it can look pretty and unique n.n bmah provided the terrible gay section and xandertra provided the really awkward everything else. shame on you for trying to take credit on a file you didnt step cyrenics [8/10]

Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix) (megamon88) - i like the part where you ruined the song. that was my favourite XD [8/10]

Heroes On Your Lawn At Night (T-Force) - THIS IS NOT GUITAR HERO WHAT ARE YOU DOING [8/10]

I Love My Sex (DJ Dela Remix) (Netjet!) - for being a mod you sure as hell dont know how to follow directions do you? no beginner difficulty and must have 2 seconds of silence in the beginning of the file. i cant see how this is hard to understand. aside from that though this file is kinda bad. not bad as in good but bad as in bad. hand usage isnt very good and the quads you used at 21.227 arent justified. the jacks and pretty much any 16th you have in this file goes to absolutely nothing. its an open highhat and if this was for stepmania you would use holds. file needs to be reworked to not have quads that go to nothing and 16ths that go to nothing [4/10]

In An Instant (MrPopadopalis25) - in an instant this file turned to crap. 213 and any variation of that pattern gets really boring to play switch it up more [8/10]

Internal Cannon (Condoct) - august burns red is a great band. the same cant be said for other things though at 5.73 change up those jump patterns so it isnt all anchored on the down column [7/10]

Internet Heroes (YOSHl) - you stepping this song is what gives asians the stereotype that they have shame on you [8/10]

Intersect Thunderbolt [Kommisar] - man i had the weirdest feeling right now. i felt like i was playing STEPMANIA. tone down the jump jacks a bit [8/10]

It's Too Loud (YOSHl) - its too crap its too crap its tooooooo crraaaaaaapppppppppppppp. the 192nd notes during the first section should be removed and just made a regular jump. i dont even know what they go to [7/10]

Jack-the-Ripper (YOSHl) - after playing i felt the ground shake and i knew it was jack the ripper turning in his grave [8/10]

jelly (Choofers) - i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly i am skeleton jelly [8/10]

MLPFiM Medley [Heavy] (megamon88)

MLPFiM Medley [Standard] (megamon88) i'll let this one slide because its the exact same song as the one i just finished ****ing judging [8/10]

Nix-Tek [Kommisar] - stop.stepping.chiptunes.jesus.wow. 38.756 that jump section anchored on the down arrow is pretty terrible maybe change it up to something else or make it not be all anchored on the down arrow [8/10]

Nous (AlexDest) - you know how you're always being told that you can do what you want and be what you want as long as you stick to it and do the best that you can. as long as you try hard and put your heart into it you can do anything your heart desires? yeah that really only applies if you have natural talent which when it comes to stepping, well, you might as well just stick to playing ffr. [8/10]

Pinkie's Castle (megamon88) - thats it your dick and fingers are gone. [8/10]

Pure Ruby (AlexDest) - you need to stop hanging out with bmah so much he's a bad influence you hear me? hey listen when im talking to you, you son of a bitch. if i ever catch you hanging around with that hoodlum i will beat you purple do you understand boy? not once more not never am i clear? now you get your little sorry ass to your room and think about what you've done you sorry piece of no good for nothing shit. WE ARE A PROUD FAMILY THAT LIVES HERE YAH HEAR WE DONT NEED YOU MIXIN IN WITH HIS KIND. this file wasnt as smooth as nous. a lot of what looked like copy paste sections were gay and that section from 95.09 to 104.87 pays like ass and is the biggest part of what kills the flow. [7/10]

Spaceman [Kommisar] - i hope the spaceman is without oxygen so he doesnt suffer this for very long [8/10]

Syntax (00Razor00) - the only thing worse than playing a dubstep file is playing a dubstep file by you. at least it isnt renard dubstep [8/10]

Tell Me a Story (DossarLX ODI) -
Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned inside out
And Id like to take a minute just sit down
And tell you about how I became the prince of
a town called Bel-Air

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground is where I spent most
of my days
Chillin out, maxin, relaxing all homo,
And all shooting some b-ball outside of
the trap house
When a couple of guys who were up to
no good
Started making trouble in my hood
I got one lil gun fight and my mom got
And said "You good for nothing move out
with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air"
I Begged and cheated on her day and
But she packed my junk in her mouth
and sent me on my way
She gave me a bj and then she gave me
my handj
I put my dick back in my pants and said I
might as well kick it

First class yo this is bad ass
Drinking henessy out of a champaine
Is this what the people of Bel-Air like?
Hmm this might be allright
But wait I hear prissy, bourgeois and all
Is this the type of place they should send
this cool cat
I don't think so, I'll see when I get there
I hope they're prepared for the prince of

Well ah the plane landed and when I
came out
There was a dude that looked like a cop
standing there with my
I aint trying to get arrested yet I just got
I sprang with the quickness like lightning
I whistled for a cab and when it came
The license plate said FRESH and it had
dice in the mirror
If anything I can say this cab was a
But I thought naw forget it yo homes to
yo moms

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabby "Yo mom
smells see ya later"
I looked at my kingdom I was finally
To sit on my throne while i take a shit [8/10]

The Bird's Midair Heatstroke (DossarLX ODI) - see my thoughts on metro [0/10]

Totsugeki! Glass no Kneesocks Hime! (00Razor00) - i went online to see what the title translated to and i saw that it translated to i am a worthless ****** and i thought that was fitting considering who stepped the file [8/10]

Untitled 3 (DossarLX ODI) - i'll let this file slide on the condition that you never step anything for ffr ever again [8/10]

[Resubmission] Death March (Silvuh) - looks a lot better and it looks like you did what the judges asked for. [8/10]

[Resubmission] Dracula (nois-or-e) - cut a good chunk of the beginning section the songs drags on for a while and the ending is really the only interesting part. [6/10]

[Resubmission] Gate Openerz (Condoct) - file still needs a lot of work. mainly with the difficulty distribution of the file and the js section. theres also the trill at 83.523. for that trill i think you should step the kick as is and then when it gets to the 32nds then do a 16th trill. it plays really weird how it is. as for the js parts i was talking about. 95.6 you could just make this section stream and dont step or layer in the vocals just straight stream. from where you have the js start just layer in the kick on every 4th and from 114.84 onward you could layer in the vocals and not the bass kick for maximum climax theory. [6/10]

[Resubmission] Rainbow Tylenol (PrawnSkunk) - that 32nd section is still completely terrible to play and a huge difficulty spike. figure something out to tone that down [5/10]



Death March (Silvuh) - 8/10 [+]

- nice easy piano file with a few hands thrown in there as intensity builds up in some sections.
- layering is nice

Dracula (nois-or-e) - 4/10 [+?]

- I think mini jacks should be just slow 16th stream
- section starting at 26.483s/measure 14, feels empty, so be sure to layer in the percussion as well (in other words, jumps on the first 4th note beat, and on the second 16th note, as well as the low bass synth on those empty spaces)
- 42.358s missing 32nd triplet (16th note and 32nd note right before the [12] 4th note jump)
- 50.358s same as above ^
- 58.358s same as above ^^
- after this point, the song gets a bit boring, so I'd suggest a cut.

Gate Openerz (Conduct) - 4/10 [+?]

- lots of missing 16th rhythms in the beginning/intro
- I'd stick with percussion jump layering (jumps to the snare or kick or both instead of the background sound)
- 83.523s the rhythm is definitely not straight 16ths....WAY off
- 85.336s again stick with percussion layering, because the 8th jumps feel weird when there's clearly strong emphasis on the bass kick sounds
- 105.276s jumpstreams just doesn't feel right for this section
- 127.935s the 16th note rhythms don't come in until the next 4th note
- still needs work

Rainbow Tylenol (PrawnSkunk) - 7/10 [+.]

- 78.682s that 24th mini jack is a dick move lol
- I don't agree on ending the file with 23 23 23 23 23 notes that go to VERY SILENT SOUNDS in the song. It should have ended with the last crash cymbal.
- Despite those minor issues, this file is pretty good.


{Hollow Man} (Tribalent) - 6/10 [+.]

- random 16th note run kind of spikes up the difficulty so I don't fully agree with that
- Layering is alright up until the main section of the song, don't really agree with that either
- file isn't too bad, but not that great, kinda meh about it...still, you did a nice job though, and song choice is cool.

16bitFruit (Elite Ninja) - 8/10 [+]

- I can sense the pattern flow and it's sweet
- careful layering is nice, as the jumps pretty much only go to the snare throughout the whole file
- decent file, bro. also, the song is not too long and not too short, so it fits well overall.

357 Magnum (Frozen Beat) - 5/10 [+?]

- some parts feel really overlayered with jumps/jump-trills
- polyrhythm pattern is really gay
- for sections where the piano chords are only 8th notes, or just simply when it's a piano melody/solo, I'd just leave those sections as 8th jumps instead of having them sandwiched in with barely-audible 16th hi hat rhythms
- the rhythm pretty much is alright, but the layering is iffy.

A FLOWER GARDEN (bmah) - 8/10 [+]

- piano cluster chords make me lol so hard
- it's not complete without a FFR file with colored note 2323232323 trills hahaha
- speed up section is really nice
- interesting song choice, and a nice file to go along with it

Aci-L (Anaru) - 5/10 [+?]

- wtf are you doing with those three-note 16th jacks?
- the other 16th mini jacks are okay
- ending felt weird, with the layering, what are the 8th jumps going to?

Aerospace (Reshiram) - 8/10 [+]

- layering is nice, and the pattern choices are cool as well as song choice

Aletheia (.Gazelle. & SKG_Scintill) - 8/10 [+]

- probably one of the few bursts-files that I enjoy
- patterns are well done
- I like this file, really nice, though the staircase patterns get old after being used 3-4 times

All Of Me (iironiic) - 8/10 [+]

- sweet piano songs like theres are needed on FFR
- file flows well, good file bro

Angry Birds on Mallets (reuben_tate) - 5/10 [+?]

- I would rather you just remove all jumps and make it a file with just single notes so there's no confusion with layering choices. otherwise, the rhythms are fine, and the jacks fit well too.

Azul (Remix) (00Razor00) - 5/10 [+?]

- if you're layering the jumps to the kicks, then the 4th note jumps at 4.654s and 14.500s should be removed
- 32.039s and 34.500s those 24ths don't really belong there, the rhythm is barely-audible, and it sounds like 16th notes to me anyway becaise the 16th note rhythm in the background overpowers the piano a bit in the song, at least to my ears.
- 104.962s could use jumps on the 8th notes to emphasize kicks and the buildup to the next measure
- whether the 24ths may be "right" or were just chosen to be put there for whatever reason, it would be safe to just keep it at 16th notes.
- file isn't too bad though, I'd like to see this song in game.

Bamboo Breakdown (Genocide101) - 5/10 [+?]

- nice easy file.........up until the 32nd notes
- I feel like there's a HUGE difficulty spike because of the streams, so I'm iffy about this file, despite it being technically correct.
- Honestly not a bad file, but I would have prefered if you had just kept it easy instead of surprising everyone with a wtf 32nd stream in what I thought was a difficulty-5 file or something. Stick to layering with the percussion as it was done in the beginning, OR make it a harder balanced file by adding more to the "empty sections".

Breakbeat Acid (DossarLX ODI) - 8/10 [+]

- Always count on dossar to make a flexible hard chart without jump-spams
- patterns are okay, 16th notes flow pretty nicely

Candy Galy (remix) (bmah) - 8/10 [+]

- 48ths are a bit nasty when sandwiched in with the 16th notes haha.
- the piano solo was really nice
- file is pretty fun

cheerful forest (bmah) - 8/10 [+]

- cheerful forest indeed, that's what I felt with the file. 12th/24th note swing files are usually fun, and this certainly is fun.
- layering is cool, almost like reach's gigadelic but not as homosexual.

Chris R Battle Theme (Hateandhatred) - 6/10 [+.]

- 22.181s you left gaps in there when you can fill them with 8th notes, since your layering pattern is to include the hi hat 8th note rhythms
- I don't fully agree with the layering but it's not that bad of a file either.

Chronograph (Tidus810) - 7/10 [+.]

- jumpstream is a nice touch
- layering is acceptable

Corporal Jigsaw Quandary (hi19hi19) - 6/10 [+.]

- beginning looks a lot like my file...
- I'll be honest, the stream patterns are awkward in some places. I'm not too fond of the constant 1234 and 4321 pattern usage and the 1324/4231 patterns make it worse. THAT'S JUST ME THOUGH...I'm sure a lot of people on FFR will love the stream patterns.
- though the file isn't all that bad, I prefer a cut instead of the longer version since it gets boring quick in the middle section, although the 16th note jumpstream kind of make up for it.

CQ Boss (hi19hi19) - 8/10 [+]

- file is really fun, not much to say about this

Crystallize (iironiic) - 7/10 [+.]

- ah... more dubstep on FFR
- pertty fun file, the only issue is how repetitive it is

Cs Custom Gun sounds (Elite Ninja) - 8/10 [+]

- haha interesting song choice
- layering is alright

Danzai Yamaxanadu! (kjwkjw) - 8/10 [+]

- file is nice and easy

DATA DRAIN (FFR Pro 21) - 0/10 [--]

- did you really copy the same "edit difficulty" from the stepmania file? because 1: it says difficulty 15 so I'm just assuming that and 2: there's a stop on the last note , as well as basically the same rhythm and notes (no jumps, etc)
- it would at least be acceptable if you had made the file AAA-able (or possible to FC) but keep in mind for next time to avoid songs like these where the BPM goes from a "doable" BPM to a very ludicrous speed.
- I also feel like there was absolutely no effort into this, except maybe changing the notes around and calling it your file.

Day's End (Mario Kart Remix) (Zakvvv666) - 5/10 [+?]

- 17.7 94s and 34.205s etc....what do those 32nd notes go to?
- song and file isn't too bad, just need to remove those 32nd notes
- some of the rhythms are a bit weird too, like in the section starting at 137.548s, it feels like some 16th rhythms are missing (guitar strum sounds)

Derezzed (mi40 Remix) (mi40) - 4/10 [+?]

- hand placements are really weird, usually is used with cymbal crashes and not in random places.
- those jumptrills just make the file harder for no reason. stick to using single notes instead of jumps.
- rhythm is fine, layering could use work.

Destination of the Heart (dragonmegaXX) - 5/10 [+?]

- nice use of PR in the beginning
- completely missed the use of hands at 11.570s and 11.870s to emphasize the crash cymbals
- 16.670 same as above ^
- 31.070 same as above ^^
- I would remove those 24th note jumps and just leave that part blank.
- 51.920s sequence ends here, so the 16th note after this 8th note should be removed
- 102.270s the note actually ends here on this 12th note and not on the 4th note
- not bad, but needs some more work

Devil's Music Box (Jake Ferguson) - 4/10 [+?]

- hand abuse much?
- layering is really sloppy, needs to be fixed
- rhythm wise, it's pretty much right

Dreamerz Machines Will Fall (rayword45) - 3/10 [?]

- there's a lot of ghost notes in the beginning section, 16th notes that don't belong there, as well as 32nd notes
- layering's a bit weird. although I can see that the percussion in the background is what's being stepped, if the melody sticks out more, then layer that instead.
- really weird and unnecessarily long ending

Duncan Hills Cover (trumaestro) - 6/10 [+.]

- the 24th notes feel weird, so does the notes that go to the vocals ("prepare for ultimate flavor")
- though I love the original a lot better, this cover is sweet.

ecstatic ghost party as Nightmare (bmah) - 8/10 [+]

- dubstep's really kicking in on FFR
- this file is really cool haha

Eight Melodies (YOSHl) - 8/10 [+]

- nice short easy piano file

Enchanting Venus (Elite Ninja) - 7/10 [+.]

- cool easy file
- I think the jump jacks make it just a bit too heavy for these kind of difficulties but okay

Epilogue (Xx{Midnight}xX) - 8/10 [+]

- wow bro, really like what you did to this song
- the pattern usage is awesome, nuff said.

EuroMorroc (Clean Edit) (DossarLX ODI) - 7/10 [+.]

- 46.846s this section feels just a bit too jump-heavy but okay

Flamingo (megamon88) - 7/10 [+.]

- layering is acceptable
- meh...grace notes
- still a pretty nice file though

FUTURE~SHOCK (rayword45) - 3/10 [?]

- I'd recommend starting the notes at 3.772s
- missing 8th notes to the hi hat in parts like at 36.695s and 39.157s
- 53.003s the 32nd note rhythm ends at 53.926s
- there's even some missing 32nd rhythms in some places.

G air (bmah) - 8/10 [+]

- sweet file, the song kind of reminds me of Canon in D lol

Gargoyle (FFR Pro 21) 5/10 [+?]

- I feel like the offset is making the notes appear a bit too late
- 83.930s 128th notes belong here. If you can't make them, then just double the BPM.
- missing 32nd notes like at 85.630s and 87.230s, etc.

Gravity Blast (Reshiram) - 8/10 [+]

- pretty fun file, not much to say here.

Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix) (megamon88) - 7/10 [+.]

- those 16th mini jacks at 37.685s are pretty awkward
- song is pretty cool though

Heroes On Your Lawn At Night (T-Force) - 8/10 [+]

- really nice soothing song and the file goes well with it
- the song ends abruptly though

I Love My Sex (DJ Dela Remix) (Netjet!) - 4/10 [+?]

- layering is really weird, lots of hands and jumps at random places
- not sure about those 16th notes to the hi hat, it just sounds like 8th notes to me, and the mini jacks doesn't make it any better

In An Instant (MrPopadopalis25) - 7/10 [+.]

- 56.420s those notes should be quicker than 48ths in my opinion. it doesn't sound like it ends on that 16th note.
- other than that, nice easy piano file

Internet Heroes (YOSHl) - 7/10 [+.]

- lolsongchoice
- eh, decent file. Even though personally I am not too fond of files with vocal-color-note layering, this turned out nicely and the song is pretty funny.
- patterns are decent too, flows well
- not to be insanely picky with layering, but a jump is missing on the 4th note at 25.543, though it's not that big of a deal since I'm sure the note was intended for the vocals.

Intersect Thunderbolt (Kommisar) - 8/10 [+]

- awesome heavy file, nuff said.

It's Too Loud (YOSHl) - 8/10 [+]

- interesting layering
- slow down section is cool haha nice file

Jack-the-Ripper (YOSHl) - 8/10 [+]

- nice file, nothing much to say here.

jelly (Choofers) - 8/10 [+]

- cute song cute file

MLPFiM Medley [Heavy] (megamon88) - 8/10 [+]

- wow, this chart was really fun

MLPFiM Medley [Standard] (megamon88) - 8/10 [+]

- nice easy file

Nix-Tek (Kommisar) - 9/10 [+]

- 77.473s that part is awesome
- really fun file, gj

Nous (AlexDest) - 8/10 [+]

- speed up section is cool
- good file

Pinkie's Castle (megamon88) - 8/10 [+]

- interesting song choice haha
- file is nice

Pure Ruby (AlexDest) - 6/10 [+.]

- not sure about those 24ths, and the 32nd notes at 73.185s, it's barely audible to me
- 94.758s same as above ^
- decent file though

Spaceman (Kommisar) - 8/10 [+]

- cool fun file

Syntax (00Razor00) - 8/10 [+]

- nice xKore song choice
- file is really nice

Tell Me a Story (DossarLX ODI) - 5/10 [+?]

- layering is really weird, I'd suggest layering the percussion because I don't know what you're doing with the 16th rhythm starting at 17.538s
- I also suggest toning the difficulty down as well so it's not so much 32nds

The Bird's Midair Heatstroke - 7/10 [+.]

- oh boy....
- the BPM trick to have two colors at the same time is weird
- the patterns are alright, but I really like what you did with the file (specifically color theory, minus the "two color jump trick")

Totsugeki! Glass no Kneesocks Hime! (00Razor00) - 8/10 [+]

- cool file, nicely done

Untitled 3 (DossarLX ODI) - 8/10 [+]

- anchoring/running men patterns like at 14.269s can be very awkward at that speed (*hint* 121 434 one handed patterns etc)
- overall the file is kickass, nice job



Death March (7/10)

- Right at the beginning of the song, I see you chose to omit the background notes playing only to focus on the lower ones. That's fine and perfectly justifiable since they play at the very same rhythm throughout the whole song. However, my only gripe with that decision is how at times it feels like you forgot about it; take, for example, the section at 30.722s. Suddenly, the same exact notes you omitted are now stepped. I know there's more of a reverb effect in here and the emotion changes at that point, but they're still the same exact notes! The climax effect kind of works, but it looks more inconsistent than anything else right now. Especially when you stop stepping them again at 71.185s.
- I'm pretty sure you forgot to layer a note around 82.306s since we can clearly hear four notes.
- For consistency sakes with how you layered your jumps, put one at 123.079s.
- I don't see the purpose of the hands at 139.531s and 140.099s compared to the ones you put previously where the sound we heard clearly was louder
- The section at 142.702s again feels inconsistent with how you put jumps previously to match the chords playing in the background. The reverb is gone alright, but that's no reason not to put jumps to layer your chords like you did previously. If you were to play this on the piano, you'd still have to press the same notes as when you held the right pedal pressed.
In the end, I enjoyed the song a lot. I really did! However, it's its inconsistencies that keep it from a perfect score. This song really deserves nothing less than a perfect chart.

Dracula (7/10)

Oh! I already reviewed this Well, time for an in-depth review since I now have the time:

- The small bursts like at 70.233s, 78.233s, etc They don't belong to anything! They're fun to pull off, but have no purpose at all.
- The voice-y parts like at 73.483s are not terribly wrong as jumps, but I feel it's my *duty* (tilde tilde) to suggest you an alternative which I believe is more unique and fun to play (even though less arrows are involved); make the voice a single arrow and step a jump where you hear loud beats (in this case, 73.858s). It looks definitely weird, but, after playing the same layering for, what, more than 2 minutes?, it's easy to pull off because you know the beat by heart. Just try it and tell me what you think.
- The main problem of the song is its structure. From what I played, it looks like you were going for climax theory. For example, the sections at 34.483s and 42.483s are the same in the song, but you step the other with more complete layering. It's well done and the problem isn't in how you chose to step it; it's in the repetitiveness. First off, the song is way too long for what it is; at 3:03 mins, playing the same melody and structure over and over feels like a chore. I highly suggest you cut the song at 98.483s. That's the perfect half where everything beyond that, except the silly ending at 182.483s, repeats itself. If you did cut it, that would let you scrap the under-layered parts (see 34.483s again for an example) and keep the replay value high: frankly, I would much rather play a two minutes song twice rather than playing a four minutes song one time; at least the two minutes song lets me take a break! If you REALLY want the 182.483s ending in your song, simply use Audacity to delete from 98.483s to 182. 483s and just edit what's left so that it feels right. I believe this really would make the song better.

Overall, the song is good, but the structure could use a little overhaul. Still, what you stepped clearly deserves nothing less than a 7/10.

Gate Openers (5/10)

- 20.606s is pretty wrong. In short, you have to scale down all of the jumps by one note; listen at low speed.
- This jump at 42.359s has no reason to be stepped that way compared to how you stepped the rest of the chart.
- The triplets in the section at 65.396s are all sorts of wrong. For example, 65.622s should be at 65.471s, and 65.924s should be at 65.773s. Basically, scale all of your yellow arrows up by one spot. I thought that section was hard because of the speed but nope. :P This whole section has to be re-worked to fit the music. PRO-tip: slow the song down when stepping. That song is way to fast to be stepped at normal speed and to notice all of its details.
- Ghost arrows: 83.674s, 83.901s, 128.010s, 128.161s
- Technically speaking, there shouldn't be a jump stream at all at 105.276s since arrows such as 105.502s, 105.804s, 106.106s, 106.409s, etc are all ghost arrows. If you listened to the music and only step the sounds you hear, there is no way you could come up with this pattern.
- That placeholder note has to go. When the file goes in-game, if it ends at 131.031s, it'll look perfect, trust me!

In the end, this song's difficulty lies on ghost arrows more than on its BPM, and that's a problem. It feels artificial. The fact that it's so repetitive doesn't help either, although I really appreciate the cut you made at the 2 minutes bar. Look over the sections I pointed out, slow the song down and actually listen. You'll there's a lot of spots you have to change.

Rainbow Tylenol (7/10)

- 16.237s could be a (134) instead of (234) because it's exactly the same sound as the previous hand (think PR!). Same with the later spot where it happens. ;-P
- Your layering still looks confused. It's like you can't decide whether you put jump to the beats or to the melody and that's a problem. Refer to 29.126s; I'm pretty sure you can find a way to make this easier to understand/read. (pro-tip: try putting only jumps to the beats in a copied chart and see how it turns off. I bet it won't be as bad as you fear!)
- It still looks like you copy/pasted huge chunks of the file... At least try to hide it by changing a couple of patterns around! Otherwise, it's like you stepped only 60% of it... if you see what I mean.
- Everything after 109.126s should be scrapped. I see what you were going for, here, but it really isn't necessary! The sounds you step are so low, you're just going for a combo breaker

Great great great great fun file, only make the layering easier to understand (as of now, it looks like a real mess (29.126s...)) and, if you really copy/pasted, try to vary the steps a bit or at least hide it in some way.


{Hollow Man} (8/10)

When I opened the file, the offset was 0.020s. I don't know if it's a conversion flaw or something, but the sync felt optimal on my monitor at -0.060s so here you go just in case.

- 19.428s I feel you should've continued to step the background beats as jumps. It would add layering to your file, which is a good thing!

Erm that's all I could find that was debatable about this chart. Otherwise, I'd approve it 100%! Well done.

16bitFruit (8/10)

- The PR at the beginning (8.696s) is wrong a bit. It's hard to explain what you have to change to make it better, so I just suggest you look back at it and listen closely to the song. I'm confident you can fix it.
- I find your jump usage/layering a bit questionable at times when you choose to omit beats and/or snares. Why not simply step them at all time?

Otherwise That song was very, VERY tight. Well-made, clean. Superb!

.357 Magnum (PASS)

This chart is challenging the version I sent which is in the queue at this moment. There is now way I can judge this objectively. I'm passing this one to someone else like a hot potato!


That song is so interesting wow. Very fresh. A few things bug me, though:

- 25.077s and 36.555s I get the idea, but it's a bit exaggerated. You could've at least made those parts in a way that not every single jump creates a hidden jack to let the player breathe!
- Missing arrows at 43.077s and 43.598s?
- That section at 49.077s will be nitpick, but the drums' PR is inverted if you listen closely.
- Those jacks at 69.946s refer to a sound that is way too low to be stepped so harshly, and I'm pretty sure you know it too. I suggest you opt for trills, it would have the same effect without the useless difficulty spike.
- Those trills at 74.120s are magnificent, but their PR stinks when you compare them next to each other. Pay attention, for example, to 75.685s next to 76.468s: their patterns should swap.
- Ghost arrow at 87.545s
- I get your layering at 88.200s. There is no mistake there. It does feel a bit wrong, though, as I had to listen multiple times to finally understand it. Just a heads-up.
- I know 113.744s and 114.344s aren't ghost notes (I believe they go to the background drum), but they feel out of place, especially when the drum just knocks two times. We don't have time to notice what hit us and it seems more like you wanted us to believe the piano was going really fast rather than you wanted to layer everything. I would simply remove them. As for that other arrow at 114.044s, it really doesn't go to anything at all. This begs for removal.

Aci-L (6/10)

- The PR at the beginning is kinda off. Let me explain; you start the song with a "124124124" pattern, when, if you listen closely, it should be "14124124124". It's a very very small mistake, but it makes the overall result feel off. I can only suggest you listen to this whole part at very low speed and tweak what has to be changed. It'll feel much more natural afterwards.
- 48.373s what is a hand doing in here!?
- Those triple jacks starting at 49.855s really are a fun killer. Just when you started having a jump stream which flowed fairly well, you kill that momentum by asking us to press notes which go to a barely audible sound in a very awkward fashion. My suggestion would be, for example, to change a patterns which looks like "11(14)" to a pattern which would look like "13(14)".
- Many missing arrows at 73.651s, 75.133s, 76.614s, basically before every blue jump.
- The minijacks here are fine, in fact, I encourage them! However, the jump placement leaves me wondering what you intended to step. I'm especially talking about the blue jumps why are they here? I suggest removing the blue jumps and only putting jumps on the red arrows where you can hear a beat in the background.
- The PR in your jumps at 96.892s isn't very good. I understand it might be because you used the right arrow as an actor to layer the small synth, but there is still a way to keep that structure while still acknowledging the pitch changes.
- At 120.781s, you're making it more complicated than it should be with the 192nds. It's like you wanted to layer too much stuff! While it may look good on paper, it doesn't play too well. What you could try to do here, for example, is to keep on layering the melody with coloured notes, but make them the only jumps in the stream. That way it'll be easier to follow for the player.

A good one, but a repetitive one with a few flaws. Still, this has potential.

Aerospace (8/10)

- I think the transition from red jumps to blue jumps at the beginning would be smoother without the jump at 16.211s.
- For gaps where you only step sounds which are far apart, like the one at 31.942s, it feels like we lose a bit of the momentum we got from the stream. I highly suggest adding blue notes to spots like 32.125s, 32.491s, 32.857s and 33.589s to keep the energy high in this example.
- Your colour usage (see 59.747s, 63.040s, 65.967s, ) is a bit far-fetched. Just look at 85.723s Do you think any player will understand while he's striving for the AAA that you're stepping the small "kshhhh" sound in the background? Answer: no . This is a rare case of "too much is like not enough".

This is is still very good and tons of fun to play. Just drop the 192nds, seriously.

Alethia (8/10)

I enjoyed the song a lot, even though it's a bit harsh and long (damn almost 4 minutes of breakcore (or whatever that genre is!)). Seriously, GOOD JOB.

All Of Me (8/10)

I didn't really buy the minijacks at times and I felt there's a part that had little missing arrows (78.806s, 79.211s, 79.615s, 80.553s basically everywhere you can squeeze a 16ths ) but, seriously


Angry Birds on Mallets (7/10)

The file is rather standard There is not much to complain about, except for the layering around the section that starts at 32.057s (it looks very dull/incomplete) and the inconsistencies in the layering at times too; for example, in the beginning, it looks like your jumps fit the bass very closely, and then you just drop it for no reason. I suggest you just iron this out, along with small PR mistakes (37.484s). Other than that, it's alright. Also, the offset was at -.600s, but it looked a ton better with -.700s in my editor. Maybe it's a conversion flaw, I don't know, but be certain you have the correct offset.

Azul (5/10)

- 3.270s I suggest using a "2342" pattern to fit the pattern more. This applies to the other places where you used this pattern to the same melody.
- A lot of your jumps look like ghost jumps, AKA they layer something that is non-existent. Take for example the jump at 4.654s: it doesn't go to any beat in the song. I noticed there was a somewhat strong piano chord playing at that moment, but, if that's what you were trying to emphasize on, just be careful not to be inconsistent. There are other chords (4.039s) which are the same that you didn't layer. Slow down the music and pay attention to make sure every jump usage or omission is justifiable.
- At 10.193s, that's copy/pasting. There's no denying it. We're already 10 seconds in the song; there are plenty other ways that you could've stepped this in an original way which would still make sense. Be careful about that. Don't be lazy. ;-P
- Your bursts (56.654s, 59.116s, 69.423s, 70.654s, 71.885s, ) all seem uncalled for if you listen to the music at low speed. They should all be 16ths! Please look again at them and correct them if needed. They definitely seem wrong.
- The fact you layered these jumps (84.192s, 84.500s, etc.) makes me wonder a lot about your layering at 76.654s. You layered a constant stream of 16ths, while the instrument that is playing isn't doing so at all times. I can understand the idea behind what you were doing if you were stepping the stream in the general idea of the song and not with the instrument actual playing, but the fact you put jumps for that very instrument afterwards defeats that general idea. There is an incoherence in what you stepped. Simply choose one or the other, but not both.
- 106.500s inverted PR; your notes go up and the melody goes down.
- 113.577s Some more shameless copy/pasting Now it looks more like you stepped only 50% of the chart rather than all of it. That is not acceptable.

Overall, you know how to make a fun song, but you should now try to make it technically correct as well. You have to get both parts right to have a good chart.

Bamboo Breakdown (6/10)

- Watch your PR: 4.880s is definitely wrong.
- You should try to layer the melody as much as you can; don't ignore it in tight spots like you did at 8.680s, for example.
- You have some rhythms wrong; 64.680s should be at 64.780s and 64.980s should be at 65.080s
- You totally ignored the drum's playing at 66.480s when it objectively was the most interesting thing to step at that moment.
- Missing a note at 102.580s, 103.330s and 103.430s
- Very nice cut. Very!
- The last thing that bugs me is the structure of the chart. Take for example the section at 54.480s, a very easy section with a very simple layering. This would've been fine by itself, if it weren't for the insane part at 91.280s which comes afterwards. It's an awkward clash of the difficulties where nobody is satisfied. Either lower the difficulty of the huge streams (not what I'd recommend) or try to layer more stuff in your empty sections (I think it's the best idea), for example the drum at spots like 54.780s, 55.080s, 55.480s, 56.380s, etc Don't forget to look over the other parts of the song. There are still plenty other things for you to layer!

Great song overall, but there are still things to look over. Don't give up!

Breakbeat Acid (8/10)

Wow, that went by fast. A bit harsh at times, but nothing terribly wrong about it. Still fun to play when you can. Why the weird BPM changes?

Candy Galy (8/10)

Sometimes, the sounds you chose to layer weren't always the most evident and some of your jump layering was questionable, which made the steps hard to follow. It got better in the end, though, so that's a bit weird if you ask me. Other than that, there is not much to comment on. You know what you're doing. Only make the chart in such a way that we can follow you too!

cheerful forest (7/10)

The steps fit the chart most of the time, but they're also repetitive due to the nature of the song and a tad overcrowded with the hands, the jacks, the trills and the jumps (95.206s). So there's nothing technically wrong with the steps; they all go to something in the song. However, the way you structured the chart overshadows the theme of the song. It's too heavy. Just tone it down! ;-P

suggestion: to prevent the song from getting repetitive, how about a cut at 94.930s?

Chris R Battle Theme (8/10)

- At the beginning, be careful with your layering. From how you put other jumps, I believe there's one missing at 5.190s, 6.855s, 7.7855s, 51.104s
- You used a lot of anchor notes. Some of them are fine (7.022s) but others (15.684s, 16.683s, 21.681s, 22.014s, ) don't really fit what the song is playing. Pay attention to that!

I hesitated for a 7 and a 8 for this particular review Mind you, this song is pretty short and if you had to calculate the percentage of the things you could change for the better, it would be higher for that reason. On the other hand, it's a song I had a great time playing (nice little solo near the end!) and I think it really capture the essence of the term "replay value". So, here you go. 8/10

Chronograph (7/10)

- I don't really buy how you stepped 30.285s. A single note would've been fine.
- At spots like 44.576s, are you stepping the bass? That's alright, but why aren't you stepping the other notes it plays like at 46.516s, 43.694s? It's just not consistent. Either step it all, or don't step it at all.
- The arrow at 53.492s is definitely wrong. We should instead see arrows at 53.463s and 53.521s
- You didn't step your "triple jump bass" at 55.873s, but you did it at 61.518s. I know there is supposed to be a progression in the chart, but the way you ignore some audio cues and step them afterwards can't really fall under the progression category, like in this case.
- Minijack at 83.310s is a b****, same with 86.133s, etc I know what you were going for, with the small beat in the background, but why not simply add a jump instead? If you're scared about a difficulty spike, simply make that jump the same one as the one which would follow it. For example, at 91.692s, if you were to do what I'm suggesting, you'd have something like "(23)(14)412(14)" instead of "(23)341(24)"
- Starting at 100.514s, what do your blue jumps go to? Again, I feel you were going for a progression feel with this chart, but I don't think you're doing it right. Simply layering one more jump feels a tad awkward, as it looks more like you were trying to step one new sound which doesn't exist. It's not like if you changed your patterns completely, like we would normally see in a file of this type.
- The 64ths you put for example at 124.395s feel artificial. They should be regular 16ths if you listen closely to the song. At least, that's how it felt when listened at x0.25 with assist tick.
- Why a placeholder note T_T why!? Remove it!

Overall, I went very picky with this one, but that's not because I don't like it. It's because of the opposite reason; I love it. I really want this to be good. I love the overall "clean" feeling this file has. It has the potential of being a superb chart. So far, though, I feel there's a bit too much inconsistencies and layering flaws for an 8.

Corporal Jigsaw Quandary (7/10)

( - 50.928s Is this guy vomiting? ew! )
- Stupid placeholder note
- Little to no steps are wrong in this song. You did a tremendous job on that. However, it's hard to accept a file with 301 BPM 16th streams that last overall almost 45 seconds. On SM, this would be a joke file because of its length, its overall repetitiveness and its absolutely ridiculous brutality. I'll be honest; I don't believe anyone can step representative chart of this song that feels fair. It's how the song is made; it is brutal. However, you must know by now that some songs don't really qualify as step material (at least, on FFR). I think this is one of them. I'll be a gentleman and grade this a 7. I have to recognize you stepped this the way it was meant to be stepped, even though that song begs for less.

CQ Boss (8/10)

- Careful with the PR of the (14) jumps at 43.942s

Some patterns were not my cup of tea (ex: 51.381s, 78.480s), but I have to admit this was very, very well stepped. 'Grats.

Crystallize (7/10)

- jump at 53.509s is meh
- You should try to make the part at 67.009s play more like a trill instead of cornering yourself into making a bunch of weird trills with those jumps.
( - Suggestion: for 69.152s, why not opt for trills too? Have you thought about that?)
- 185s would be a perfect ending to this song, as it's just the chorus that repeats afterwards (read: mood breaker )

The only things I disagree with this song is the overall generous use of jacks for the fragile sounds of the violin (when you play the violin, doesn't your arm move like "> < > < > < > <" instead of "<<<<<<<"?) and its length (this song really could use a cut. 3:40 minutes is too much, especially when most of it just repeats itself). Otherwise Mission accomplished!

Cs Custom Gun sounds (8/10)

- The jump at 61.440s stinks.

Last time, I was ready to give this a 9. I'll give it an 8 (to be completely honest, the song is kinda repetitive, although it was made that way so yeah.) YOU WIN!

Danzai Yamaxanadu! (7/10)

- Pr0-tip: I highly suggest you step the bass beats, like you did for example at 42.266s. An example of a spot where I would see some: 37.123s, 37.638s, 38.495s, That would had a touch of layering to your song (parts like 65.066s would get so much better than just jacks!) and make it feel less naked. Also, it would keep the jumps like the one at 42.266s from being inconsistent with how you previously didn't layer their sounds previously.
- Remove the place-holder note. Your ending will be fine without it.

Nothing terribly wrong with the chart, but it's very repetitive when there are no streams and it also feels empty because of your layering. Give it some more "meat", that's the only real tip that comes to mind.


(Wow, this is a song I can't believe has been in game yet. Such a classic!)

The sync you made is fine, and that's honestly one of the only things you can get wrong with the file. I noticed, though, that some jump placements were inconsistent. For example, a jump at 15.489s is perfectly understandable, but why did you put one at 1.072s and not at 1.720s? It isn't right. Other than that, the file is repetitive, next to impossible but that,s the way it has always been stepped, so I can understand it looks that way when it gets in FFR too.

Day's End (6/10)

- The first two notes' PR is pretty bad. Also PR at 81.133s, 108.827s
- Your layering doesn't make a whole lot of sense, at times. Here are some example of weird omissions based on how you stepped other parts of the song: jump at 13.947s, 16.512s, 38.467s, 41.898s, 42.411s, 132.932s and a note at 44.078s.
- What is the jump at 130.624s going to ?
- Suggestion for your layering at 137.932s: So far, your layering is somewhat constant, but way too toned down. If you listen to the guitar, you'll see some notes are missing for example at 137.932s and138.830s (you'd have to repeat that sort of pattern throughout that whole section, which ends at 153.959s). What I find weird, is that you stepped it correctly at 150.241s. So iron that part out so that the layering fits the song and is at least consistent.
- Misrhythms starting at 203.643s and idem everywhere this sort of pattern repeats.
- Remove the placeholder note
- The song should end around 133.445s. Four minutes of repetitiveness, even if the song is soothing, is inexcusable

Fun song, but a bit too flawed to be accepted fully.

Derezzed (6/10)

- For layering purposes, you could've stepped a jump at 7.936s, 9.936s, etc.
- I think a colour note at 21.561s would be even more effective than a full hand .
- Missing a note at 30.686s, 32.686s, 52.686s
- Starting at 46.061s your jump layering is pretty much all over the place. Why put a jump at 46.811s, but not at 46.436s? Why put one at 59.936s but not at 55.936s? One at 60.686s, but none at 60.811s, nor at 60.561s (you forgot to step a beat)? Look that whole part over; it really has to be re-worked.
- It wasn't necessary to step beyond 98.061s Everything just repeats itself.
- I find your use of hands a bit arbitrary, since when you use them there's nothing that really distinguishes them from a normal jump. (ex: 34.061s is definitely a bit overdone, but not hands like 42.061s, these are ok)

you seem to know what you're doing (most of the time), but sections like 46.061s kill a chart rather fast. I suggest rework it and send it back when it's fully ready. This is a fun song.

Destination of the Heart (8/10)

(Just by its name, I'm expecting old school DDR techno)
(6 seconds later: lol I was wrong xD)

- Suggestion: how about attempting to layer both synths at 7.370s using some jumps? Just try it and tell me what you think.
- Ghost arrow 51.995s
- Just saying, the song could end at 88.670s. That part afterwards, while being different, doesn't really add something THAT much interesting to make it uncuttable.
- Missing a jump at 93.470s, 99.470s
- Missing a jump at 102.270s

Very interesting choice of song. Now go tweak that chart XD.

Devil's Music Box (7/10)

- Hand at 8.119s is meh, I'd remove it.
- Jump at 17.214s
- Hand possibility at 40.456s
- got your jumps wrong somewhere; add one at 53.719s and not at 53.846s, add one at 58.140s and 58.646s, and also possible 59.024s and 59.151s
- jump at 61.677s, 66.730s, 71.151s, 71.530s
- Ghost arrow at 61.509s and 61.593s, missing one at 61.551s

Incredible! This was a lot better than I thought it would be in term of music choice (note: that doesn't count in your score) and in term of structure. Very, very clever. That note at 87.951s made me chuckle a lot; I was pretty certain it was a placeholder note until I heard that little "dung". LOL! Simply look over your chart and correct what I pointed out. If it doesn't get accepted as is, it sure will get awesome ratings next batch!

Dreamerz Machines Will Fall (8/10)

- Ghost arrows 59.240s, 59.440s, 73.440s
- Everything after 89.540s is well sucks. :P Those picks in the song aren't worth it. Remove that section, please. I beg you.

I would've liked to see you layer the "melody" a bit more, as most of what you stepped was only drum-ish sounds that were not always loud enough to warrant a step (see 35.140s for a perfect example of that). However, the notes you charted make perfect sense when we can hear what they're going to and are definitely fun to pull off. Good job.

Duncan Hills Cover (7/10)

The chart is alright. There is nothing too particularly interesting or mediocre. The layering could use a bit of work. What only boggles my mind is how you didn't step drum sections like at 10.899s! I also see you started layering the symbols at 27.183s, but the change is so subtle it almost doesn't qualify as climax theory. Finally, I think you can find a pattern that suits more the drum at 49.245s because the drum does more of a "432432432432" pattern and the sync isn't always top notch throughout the chart.

ecstatic ghost party as Nightmare (9/10)

(*Listens to song*, 6 seconds in; "I'd bet bmah is behind this madness.")
(*checks folders* yup, lmao! ;-P)

- Suggestion: You could layer the background synth's sound by adding jumps in the beginning to spots like 3.146s, , 9.608s, etc.
- Missing arrow at 11.915s?
- 125.569s left me perplex. lol

Your use of hands is exemplary. The chart is hella fun and represents the song perfectly. Here is a picture of the first result Google gave me when I searched the name of your song to commemorate:

Eight Melodies (8/10)

- Missing a note around 48.000s
- Layering the violins at 49.000s makes sense, but it's weird for 2 reasons: first off, what you layered so far was only piano, so layering two notes of something else in the middle of it is something we wouldn't expect and finally they're so quiet that these violins can be omitted easily.

Good chart, very smooth and a very nice use a PR!

Enchanting Venus (7/10)

- Suggestion: You could put a jump at 22.087s and at 26.552s to layer the loud bass sound while the little 16ths synths are playing!
- I believe it would be fun if you added hands at sounds like 45.249s to differentiate them from other beats, but that would also make the difficulty go up a bit so I'll leave this one to your judgement.
- Why did you stop layering the beats you layered before at 54.180s? According to what you stepped, there should be a jump at 54.738s, 55.854s,
- Missing a huge jump at 60.877s
- You're missing jumps like at 98.691s, 100.226s and 100.505s where a loud beat is heard. Maybe you omitted them to lower the difficulty of the song (you did use a lot of jumpjacks), but it feels a bit weird to omit them like that, especially when you stepped them previously like at 89.761s and 91.296s. My suggestion: change the jumpjacks to jumps which won't have jacks between them (ex: go from "(12)(12)(14)" to (12)(12)(34)") and step the jumps you omitted. That way, your layering will be complete and it will feel less like you watered down your chart to compensate awkward patterns.
- Tons of missing arrows around 105.249s. I noticed you wanted to emphasize on the melody here; don't worry, even by stepping the beats around that measure, we'll still notice you're stepping the melody.
- idem 113.900s

Very clean steps, but I fear the layering was a bit too toned down here. A simple fix could make this a whole lot more mesmerizing.

Epilogue (8/10)

A few PR inaccuracies, one of the most obvious for example is at 54.852s where your patterns go down but the song goes up and idem, but inverted, at 56.052s. There are less obvious ones, like those two arrows starting at 15.852s which are inverted. It is possible, with such a song, to get an arguably perfect PR: go for it. Listen to the song at low speed and do it. Your patterns are irreproachable and the song is fun. All that's left, for a 10/10 (I seriously would consider giving it such a score), is to iron out those PR inconsistencies.

EuroMorroc (6/10)

(hoylfok we have permission for this song?!!)

- Suggestion: To make your layering more complete, put jumps at 3.989s and 9.264s to layer the melody and the beats as well.
- I think a trill pattern would be more appropriate at 9.923s to step the hi-hat.
- Missing jump 18.495s?
- Bad PR 36.132s, 38.769s
- Have to disagree with the 16ths jump stream at 71.901s. When listened at 0.5x, we can hear a bit of sound that would fit 16ths, but it's so low it really is pointless to step it.
- Idem for the jump stream at 73.220s. You can step the hi-hat and the melody, but never will you manage to justify arrows like 73.467s, 73.786s, 76.104s, I'd say only around 76.187s is the 16ths jump stream justifiable because of the synth that plays constantly at that speed. I'm still pretty sure you could find a more interesting way to step this that could make it more relevant to the song.
- Jump at 96.132s?

In the end, your patterns are fun to pull off, but there's something wrong with them: it sometimes feel like they are loosely based on the song in order to justify tougher patterns. My advice is that you try to make them more unique and more shaped to your song.

Flamingo (9/10)

Although, the song is a bit repetitive and I kinda would have preferred to see less hands in here (even though they go to the snare, they do get annoying!), this chart is stellar in its progression and overall fun factor. I don't have anything else to say here. 'Grats.

Future Shock (6/10)
(with the tilde)

I see you didn't add any modification to this song after I commented on it *points at sig*. Well, you get pretty much the same review since my opinion stands:

- Why the jump at 3.311s?
- Ghost arrows 9.695s and 9.849s
- Bad PR on the jumps at 28.388s for example
- What do the 16ths go to at 58.311? It feels the same at other spots in the song. You sometimes put notes where there shouldn't be.
- The sync at 89.080s is very approximate and should be re-done in ddream properly.
- Your layering gets almost as repetitive as the song after a while, even if it's a pretty short song.

Still, it's an overall decent file. It could use a bit of work, though.

G air (9/10)

There is not much you should change, so I'll just post this picture instead of wasting your time:

Gargoyle (7/10)

- 62.530s Here we encounter the first mistake of this song: it's PR. Those mini "jacks" if we were to call them so (they really don't go all that fast) shouldn't exist. In fact, if you listen to this song, even at normal speed, you'll notice the synth never repeats the same note twice. It does more of a "13(24)13(24)" pattern then "11(24)33(24)".
- Suggestion: hand at 72.130s?
- I think you could be more generous in PR at 110.530s. there are more beats and synths you could step that would make this more exciting!~
- That placeholder note is dumb.
- From 110s to 161.730s it's a bit too marathon-esque/repetitive. At least try to add some progression or make the steps vary. We start losing interest in the song right when this part comes in.

Very well done, easy to correct mistakes. Keep it up

Gravity Blast (8/10)

(192nds is Reshiram behind this?)
(*checks folders* haha I knew it)

- At the beginning, it's weird how you go from omitting the triplets (4.257s), then step them (9.256s), then omit them again (14.922s) and re-step them (18.254s) I can see the structure, but not the purpose. How about grouping the parts where you omit them and group the parts where you step them in order to separate them well? At least you would have progression...
- No jump at 23.920s
- At 119.900s, just saying, it got repetitive.

Song is good, it could use a little cut though. Even if the ending is interesting. ;-P

Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix) (9/10)

- The jump at 144.326s makes me believe it shouldn't be there.
- Hands like the one at 162.841s are so-so. I'd simply remove them. The chart is awesome enough already, no need to add more ~style~. ;P

Hello! I really, really like what you did there. Looking forward to play this in game!

Heroes On Your Lawn At Night (7/10)

- The jumps around the beginning are kinda meh. I know you were trying to emphasize on the "louder" synths at times, but a jump isn't really the way to do it. In fact, there isn't really a need to emphasize those different tones except for PR. After all, it still is the same instrument playing! Look at 34.547s, you didn't put a jump and it's perfectly fine that way.
- FFR isn't like Guitar Hero: you can put arrows to anything. Look at 96.547s or 121.275s; it looks pretty empty because you only stepped the guitar and it doesn't play a lot around there. This sort of thing also happens at other places in the chart. You should try, for example, to layer the drum playing in the background while layering the guitar at the same time in order to make the chart more interesting.
- Missing a note at 104.456s

Nice solos, but shabby layering. There are so many possibilities here, only choose one! If you're afraid of the difficulty of the chart, you have to know that layering the drum for example at 121.275s wouldn't clash at all with your 32nds solos. Just try it out and you'll see how it can change a file in its entirety.

I Love My Sex (2/10)

"11. The difficulty should be one of these (Light, Standard, Heavy, Challenge). Don't use Beginner and Edit." (if you were using DDReamStudio and didn't know how to change the difficulty, refer to this thread.)

Onto the chart;

- The offset I received was 0.004s, but it looked better in my editor at -0.056s. Maybe it's a conversion flaw.
- _There shouldn't be any jump before 7.381s
- Those hands at 10.210s and 10.671s are very suspicious. I'd take them out.
- WTF quads 21.287s (and the one afterwards)!? This is a bit much, especially when the sounds you layer are the same as other jumps you put.
- 22.381s is a triplet, sure, but if you listen closely, 22.842s, 23.304s and 23.765s shouldn't have 16ths arrows. You're just hearing sounds, my friend. This kind of mistake repeats itself throughout the whole song!!
- You could add some PR sauce to 36.056s
- Ghost arrow 49.556s
- Misrhythm 51.633s should be an 8th
(- Well, that was an underwhelming play. The music just stopped before anything happened!)

The chart has basically every mistake that exists. It's repetitive, it has horribly inconsistent layering (some of these hands and pretty much every quad are out of place for sure), little to no PR and there isn't anything particularly likeable about it. It feels like no effort was given when making it. If you want this file to get more chances into being accepted, you'll have to rework it significantly.

In An Instant (7/10)

- 43.563s PR is wrong with this particular arrow
- You could put a jump at 50.348s if you listen carefully
- If you listen to 56.420s at low speed, the chord seems to finish even before the 56.539s mark. It should be quicker.
- No jump 58.920s
- Why did you suddenly stop putting jumps to your 16ths at 96.241s??

Overall a pretty soft and repetitive piano song with nothing revolutionary but nothing particularly wrong about it, except for the layering of 96.241s (what happened there?).

Internet Heroes (8/10)

- Suggestion: a jack at 43.918s, 47.918s, to acknowledge the 16th sub-beat
- The song might as well end at 156.460s. Even though it's a funny song, the steps are pretty repetitive.

Nice cut, but it's still a bit long. Cool Internet rap! I wish it talked about FFR :')

Intersect Thunderbolt (8/10)

- There are some hands I can only disagree with: for example 21.382s and 22.342s. It just over-emphasizes the riff playing at that moment and also makes us feel like you thought you were layering an in existing beat.
- There is still some stuff you could step at 23.422s instead of leaving a gap. I took the liberty of editing it to test it and it played very well, even at full speed. I suggest you try it out yourself.
- Missing arrow at 115.162s, 119.242s, etc?
- I understand how you structured the section at 57.862s. Being not such a good player, I can only love toned down section like you did here. However, you did omit some stuff that could've been layered since you stepped it anyway at other sections, i.e. you step 58.102s and 58.222s, but not 58.822s, nor 59.182s, etc, etc. There are tons of spots you could've put jumps to make this consistent.
- Another set of missing arrows at 107.482s, 119.002s etc? (lol, but you DID layer 111.322s wot?)

Cool, fast, aggressive song! If we forget about the small tweaks that could be added, it really is the kind of files FFR strives for. Keep it up!

It's Too Loud (7/10)

- Jump at 37.111s?
- I'm not really fond of 38.240s. Even though it's a feat to be able to sync an arhythmic sound, it's not as interesting as the drum in terms of steps. In fact, I'd call that more a combo breaker

short song, short review. You did a good job. I hate the song (different tastes, eh?), but the steps are surprisingly good! Approved.

Jack-the-Ripper (8/10)

I'm not fond of how you stepped the radio sounds in the beginning with 192nds and that section at 135.523s (the layering is a bit heavy compared to the rest of the chart, which feels weird since it's so close to the end to change that), but still I have to recognize that this was pretty brilliant. Good job!!

jelly (7/10)

- Haven't you thought of stepping the 4th arrows at 9.638s? It wouldn't up the difficulty so much and would layer the song a lot more! You could stop when the BPM shifts up, though, that would make the difficulty spike a bit too much
- At 62.848s, I would've liked to see you layer the long notes playing in the background in some way so it doesn't feel like we're playing the same thing over and over again
- A bit too repetitive for such a short song

MLPFiM Medley (heavy) (8/10)

(I bet megamon is behind this)
(yup, gosh darn I'm good )

My only complaint are the jacks around the section at 17.786s. The sound they're going to is really not that obvious and, since we're just at the beginning of the song, I think you should go easier on the player. After all, isn't friendship a magical thing? :3

Seriously, that was a very good file. I can't wait to see it in game.

MLPFiM Medley (standard) (10/10)

That was an examplary chart. Not only was it clean, very fun and technically perfect, it was also made with care for newer players to test their skills without being too frustrating. For example, I really appreciated the way you stepped 71.066s and 60.746s. It was overall a very pleasing easy chart and I hope it will be remembered as an example of how we can tone down the difficulty from a harder chart succesfully.

PS: Here's a pony

Nix-Tek (8/10)

Although some of the jacks near the end were a bit much (133.506s), this was a wonderful file. I loved the whole progression of it.

Only serious comment: that section at 77.463s is fine for most people with a standard setup, but think for one-handed players or other players like me who ended up with a setup that inverts their up and down arrows (left hand=as, right hand=kl). For example, in my case, if I want to pull off your pattern, I have too pull off one-handed jack trills. AKA insane. I would be fine with that for example if you made it universal by having it one time being one-handed for weird setups and the other time one-handed for standard setups (like I try to do in most of my files xP), but you really did focus on the standard players and that made me a bit sad, just saying.

Nous (8/10)

- I can understand why you left the beats in the beginning as single arrows, but I just wanted to point off that at 13.211s it's a tad hard to know which note is going to what at that speed. You should edit that part out to make it more obvious, maybe by adding jumps here.
- Really loved your progression at 106.617s, wonderfully synced!
- The chart is a bit generic though with its long jump streams. I think a cut even sooner would be a nice option to prevent it from going repetitive (the ending was pretty much always the same thing), but I'll let you decide. I still like what you did there, the chart is very solid. Good work!

Pinkie's Castle (7/10)

Happy little song you got there! I have two general complaints, though:

- The layering could use some work. I see you were going for an easier chart with this, but you could've stepped the gaps like the one at 6.403s to step the 8bit drum playing in the background! This would make your file feel more complete and also less like you're stepping the same thing over and over again, which touches what I'm going to talk about next:
- The song is pretty repetitive. Your patterns are always the same. The song isn't very long, but it could have used a bit more progression.

Pure Ruby (6/10)

- Ghost arrow 16.808s
- Careful with your jumps' PR at 33.072s. The main issue is that you often have two of the same jumps in a row which go to a sound of a different pitch You should address that!
- Inverted PR at 51.949s, deep!
- Suggestion for 51.949s: While that section is fun to play, the jumps, for example, could use a bit of work. Sure, they're going to the beat, but how about they followed the piano? :O Here's what I have in mind: when you have streams of 16th when the piano plays fast, make the last note of the stream a jump. And at parts like 53.971s which aren't streams, make every note a jump. Trust me, that layering will be much more interesting when you play the song.
- 56.499s I don't see what this is going to. I'd remove it. Idem at other spots where it happens. Those are all ghost notes.
- Why didn't you put 24ths or 16ths at 57.510s to layer the notes' climbing motion? Idem for 58.859s and close sections where this happens too
- Same inverted PR at 62.735s Did you copy/paste? If you did, shame on you! >( Every mistake I mentioned above and every suggestion just repeats itself Change around your patterns.
- You could fill that gap at 93.915s with single 8ths
- There are WAY too many jumps at 95.095s. Most of these jumps really don't go to anything at all. This section can easily be toned down while still staying fun. I'm thinking of a "(12)3131" pattern.
- 105.881s copy/pasted. grrr.

I really wanted to love this chart. That song must be pure bliss to step. However, there is quite a lot of stuff you could tweak either to make it less repetitive or to give it a more exciting or less unfair layering. Keep it up.

Spaceman (8/10)

The song sure has a learning curve near the end. It's a bit repetitive in its structure, but also very well executed.

Syntax (8/10)

I find the layering at 26.740s a bit of a wasted opportunity and some of the bursts (ex: 58.505s) kinda ghostly (aka ghost notes). But, seriously. This flowed so well. Very nice! Careful with those hands, though xP.

Tell Me a Story (7/10)

While there is no technical error in here, there sure is at least one flaw: repetitiveness. During the whole song, we're always playing the same thing over and over (except a few select regions) and it feels like we're never gaining any kind of momentum through this. You should try to use a bit more climax theory, like you did for example at 47.774s, to make this a tad more interesting to play through. Also, I just wanted to point out that I'm not really a fan of your layering/jump placement in the beginning (17.538s). I believe you should've emphasized the beats even more, not just the claps. I know that statement may sound subjective, but it would really add something good to your chart. Just try it out!

Other than that, though, I enjoyed it.

Totsugeki! Glass no Kneesocks Hime! (9/10)
(wtf is that supposed to mean I have no idea but it sure is intriguing)

- Remove the placeholder note or I'll fuCCEN RIP YOUR

Seriously, that was pure genius. Nothing else I can say. Everything just fit together. Coherent, fun, fair, clean and, most of all, unique. I expected to hate this, but I've sure come a long way! Congrats.

Untitled 3 (8/10)

- Sync offset seemed wrong but I'm betting it's because of a dream conversion so I won't bother talking more about that matter
- You could layer the melody (with PR) at 58.915s

Pretty solid chart, mate. Very dense, very complex. My only real complaint (and it's a big one), is that, as much as your steps are relevant to the song, when playing it, it seems like they're going to nothing. There are so many taps per seconds, yet the sounds are so low that it almost seems unfair! To tell the truth, I had to listen at 0.5x to clearly hear every sound, otherwise I couldn't tell. Just keep that in mind!

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0



{Hollow Man} - Steps offsync (early about a 16th note). It's a
repetitive song and the steps don't compensate with imaginitiveness or
fun patterns; shows a perfunctory grasp of rhythms and keysounding but
has little to recommend it. 3/10

357 Magnum - Great file. Highly approve of the hi-hat patterns,
it's a good (and rare) blending of percussion while expressing the
musical accents. A couple subjective notes: Some JaCk ThEoRy in the
layered sections to bring out the jazzy off-beats could go a long way;
has some mildly harsh difficulty spikes that the music may not merit
(thinking of the [13][24] trill which is pretty intense to hit given
the lightness of the trill musically; thinking also of the 12th/16th
polyrhythm patterning, which in the end I suppose isn't too bad for
this difficulty file overall). 8/10

[Dracula] - Entertainingly patterned but overlong -- the file
could stand to be cut (copy/paste + mirror is always a dubious
tactic). The long jumpstreams function as a sort of climax and would
be a pretty good place to end after. The switch from all quarter note
jumps to red-yellow jumps to the snares isn't necessarily wrong, but
it's a little jarring. Most of the 12th jump sections feel like
misrhythms. Also, lol that 32nd minijack comes out of nowhere.
Assuming you eschew a cut, the last two notes should be 34 instead of
33. 6/10

Untitled 3 - Notes are early. Rhythms are basically correct but
the patterns seem nearly random -- lots of same-column notes to
different sounds, very little sense of musical relevance. A strong
file can be made for this song, and some of the jumpstream patterns
(by the end) flow pretty well, but this needs cleaning up. 4/10

Totsugeki! Glass no Kneesocks Hime! - Fun, expressive (especial
props for the 8th jump patterns) and well synced. Effective use of
grace notes that don't butcher readability like they tend to. The
song's a squealy nightmare but this is fine work, I think you
expressed its full potential. 9/10

The Bird's Midair Heatstroke - Dang. I'm generally leery of IDM
charts like this (there's a lot of potential for clashing bombast in
song vs. step intensity), but this is pretty elegantly handled. Fun
FGO-tier file, artfully and accurately patterned. You walk on thin ice
a bit with grace-note pseudohands within or following denser bursts,
as they tend to add unseemly jacks or threaten readability. They might
function just as well with only two notes. Replayability is hurt a bit
by the long, dronier periods at the start and the fact that it's a
long song composed mostly of squelchy drums, but overall very nice
job. 8/10

Tell Me a Story - Opened promisingly -- use of PR when strictly
following the melody is good -- but just stepping that percussion
through the beginning is a bit of a snooze. I'd at least layer in the
bass drums. More interesting patterns can be used than simply 12341
and 43214 for the drum rolls (and the patterns in general are pretty
generic); you're not necessarily limited by pitch when stepping drums,
so maybe try some spin patterns or something to liven things up.
Anyhow there's nothing particularly wrong with this from an objective
standpoint and it's pretty decently done, despite the lackluster song.

Syntax - Really short and not particularly dynamic, but the
song, while repetitive, has just enough rhythmic variation to work as
a short Very Challenging or something IMO. Patterns are fun,
well-colored and bring out the song nicely. 7/10

Spaceman - Welp. Fantastic. Nothing to see here. 9/10

Rainbow Tylenol - The jumpstreams are pretty fun and overall
the file's well-layered. The 32nd solo stream ending with a left 16th
jack + hand almost derails the chart. I'd ease up the way it ends so
theres no harsh one-hand pattern there. The midstream 24th minijack,
while not ludicrous, also seems a bit unnecessary and dickish. Toward
the end things get repetitive and outstay their welcome. Copy/paste
rarely does anyone favors. Recommend a cut after the jumpstream phrase
immediately following the solo. I also don't hear what the gallops at
the end are going to. 6/10

Pure Ruby - Really nice, elegant simfile. Love the 8th jump
patterns, PR in the streams, trill-based JS toward the end, 24th
flourishes, etc. Only suggestion would be to mix up the 32nds a tad,
but not really an issue. 9/10

Pinkie's Castle - LOL this song, what. Well then. Song doesn't
give that much to work with but the file's basically perfect for what
it is. Nice use of PR in the jumps. 7/10

Nous - Oh god, t+pazolite. Despite the song and being awfully
repetitive this file is well-made. Fun 32nds and speedup and stuff.

Nix-Tek - That's a Kommi file, all right. Really fun and
there's even some hints at jack theory (!!!). I'm irked by the idea of
a long 3 jack going into a [34] jump because I suck at that but it's
not preposterous or anything. You done well again, sir. 8/10

MLPFiM Medly [Standard] - Smooth as silk, cool and subtle use
of double BPM. Very nice and about as good as you can do as an easier
chart for this song. 8/10

MSPFiM Medly [Heavy] - Glorious simfile full of perfect jack
theorems grace notes and win. 10/10

Jelly - Sheer repetition kind of neuters the replay value of
this chart. The patterns aren't bad, but since musically it feels
basically like the same phrase repeated ad nauseum at different BPMs,
it get kind of grating. Also hardcore Integraation syndrome in terms
of difficulty progression -- the outro is like 2/3 of the file.

Jack-the-Ripper - What a strange song and file o.O. Fast 16ths
to the ticking noises in the beginning (especially with jumps layered
pretty densely) seems like overkill. The rhythms starting at b102.5
and elsewhere are very prominent, and you can use 8th jacks to stress
them (ex. [12][14] or even [12][134] and then a 16th triplet; repeat).
Grace notes throughout the file are pretty cluttery and I don't really
see them adding anything. Not bad, but could use work. 6/10

It's Too Loud - PASS

Intersect Thunderbolt - I'm terrified to think what framers are
going to do to those long jacks haha. Pretty great file, not totally
getting some of the hand usage but they're not very intrusive or
anything. Streams feel lovely. 8/10

Internet Heroes - The patterns here feel almost entirely
random, and thanks to the song you don't have a lot of exciting
rhythms to work with. A long song with a ton of 16th triplets and a
few rainbow notes gets old really fast, especially since it never
really changes in intensity; by the time the chorus rolled around for
the third time my mind went pretty numb. I'd advise you to densen up
the later sections (additional jumps and/or minijacks work nicely) to
give a sense of difficulty intensifying as the song progresses.
Further, I feel rainbow notes stepped to vocals work better when they
aren't just directly layered into the 8th/16th patterns -- it makes
them difficult to follow and feel sloppy. 4/10

Internal Cannon - Decent if fairly generic metal file. All
those 16ths in the beginning are actually 12ths, be sure to fix those.
During the slowdown, you might underlayer it a bit, since as it is
that part's almost as dense and jumpy as the rest file whereas it
could provide a nice easy vs. hard contrast. Really enjoy the open
8th-note jumptrills to the guitar. With the misrhythm fixes this
should get in. 6/10

In An Instant - Lovely and will make a perfect easy piano file.
Slightly untraditional PR in places, but nothing troubling except a
few repeated three-note passages going to slightly different pitch
progressions. The 48th flourishes are nice as well. 8/10

I Love My Sex - Steps are a little early. Just not interesting
enough for something this short, much due to the song which is
basically an 8th note loop lol. Hands/quads don't seem to go to
anything prominent or layered and add unecessary bombast. Pretty weak
file overall and feels thrown-together. 2/10

Heroes on Your Lawn at Night - Well-made easier file, good use
of PR where it counts (though the big stream with the runningmen has
some iffy patches you might check again). Difficulty progresses well
and the chart's pretty fun. 7/10

Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix) - Guessing permissions for this is a
bit of a gray area lmao. Anyway great ass song and file. Gets a little
repetitious by the end but lovely jack usage and 24ths and stuff.

Gravity Blast - You jumpstream good, sir. Might be having a bit
too much fun with green arrows (some of the random blerchy noises
during the 8th notes probably don't need expressing that intensely),
but yeah. Fun stuff, even if I'm getting kind of tired of 16th-note JS
files haha. 8/10

Gate Openerz - God I feel like there's five copies of this file
in FFR already. Really generic Sharpnel stuff. The song doesn't give
you anything to express but a kickdrum, snare and ambient 16th fuzz so
the patterns inevitably come out pretty random and we end up with
another 190-200bpm jumpstream file. Nothing objectively wrong with it,
but it's not especially fun or interesting and there's enough of these
as it is. 4/10

Gargoyle - All right, here's how to make a file for a generic
song and make it basically work. Patterns are thoughtful and fun and
varied. While I commend the 32nds not being 12341 and 43214 rolls ad
nauseum, the ones with the jumps and 16th jacks may be a little brutal
compared to the rest of the file (I personally find them fun as hell
but I could see them being called out for spikyness). Just a thought.
Also nice trolljack at the end rofl. I'm partial to alternating 44/33
or 33/22 minijacks for things like this but it doesn't need to be
changed. 8/10

G air - Technically perfect simfile. Feels like an exercise in
PR and layering, this plays like a beatmania chart or something haha.
Not much to say -- not the most exciting thing ever but fast streams
are fun and not obnoxiously patterned, and the added jumps in the end
are a nice touch. 7/10

FUTURE~SHOCK - Strong scoring file. Not a fan of jumbo rolls
that change directions/turn to spins midway through but whatever it's
cheatable. Good use of BPM changes for color and overall very
replayable. 8/10

Flamingo - Pretty fun. Grace notes are used well, and
keysounding is effective. Nice file. 7/10

EuroMorroc - Wasn't expecting much from the preview music but I
ended up impressed. Smooth jumpstream for how dense it is. Hands on
the cymbal crashes would probably work well. Also some jump+minijack
combinations instead of [12][34] trills in the ending JS might be
fun/interesting. Anyway solid stuff. 7/10

Epilogue - PR is odd by traditional standards (backwards rather
often in fact) but fortunately I don't really give a shit because this
rules and the patterns are flowy and expressive without getting snared
up by tight PR laws. Glorious yo9/10

Enchanting Venus - Nothing really noteworthy about this. Climax
theory is a saving grace here, otherwise repetition would kill it
outright. Rhythms and layering are really straightforward and the file
is unremarkable, but accurate and passable as a lower-level chart.

Eight Melodies - The cut on this is really sharp; you might let
it hang a bit and add a fade. PR's nice and this is a good easy file,
especially as grace-note practice (seeing how common those are now).

ecstatic ghost party as Nightmare - What a song title lmao.
Really fun, nice use of color/jack theory etc. The 32nds are
especially entertaining. 8/10

Duncan Hills Cover - PASS lol

Dreamerz Machines Will Fall - Sounds a lot like a certain In
the Groove song! Minijack usage is pretty inconsistent (bass drum,
snare and hihat are all sometimes minijacks and sometimes not) and add
a little too much intensity in parts. In general it feels like you
can't decide what to follow at any given point (what you choose to
step switches around confusingly). For all my effort I don't know what
those 48th flams are going to, so I have to imagine it's something
very subtle and probably doesn't need stepping. The ending is lol, all
right I guess but I don't see any reason to leave what's basically 20
seconds of negative space when you could cut it. This has potential,
but needs work. 5/10

Devil's Music Box - Slight song and slight file but pretty
entertaining. Missing jumps at b34, b76.25 (should be the yellow note
not blue), etc. They're a little inconsistent throughout. B80 could be
a [124] hand because it's intense and the jack would slam into it
nicely. Remember, PR is conveyed more importantly through the jumps in
a stream than the stream itself, which acts sort of as filler. Maybe
adjust the midstream jumps so you don't end up with repeated [13]s for
different pitches and whatnot. With some technical fixes this will be
solid. 6/10

Destination of the Heart - Really generic. Watch the PR in the
intro. The file's basically correct and sort of fun but simply really
straightforward and there's a bunch of songs like this already.

Derezzed (mi40 Remix) - Super repetitive and long--needs a cut.
Difficulty is very erratic, you've basically got a TON of really slow
repeating broken jumpstreams, intercut with megatrills. Those trills
would work miles better as simply 32nd streams, and you'd have a lot
more options for patterning. 3/10

Death March - Nice to see 12th notes for 6/8, I think it fits
nicely. Good syncing and PR, really elegant and minimal simfile.

Day's End - I don't really follow all your jump usage and
there's little sense of PR throughout the file. Suffers a little from
Random Percussion Patterns. But it builds nicely and the song's
pretty, and the patterns mostly work. I'd vary up your jumps to
express PR some (at least don't have repeating jumps to different
pitches as it's jarring), and the one hand 32nd trills are a little
trollish for a file this long and straightforward. I don't follow the
one hand 32nd flams either, they could probably be single notes or
64th flams if you want them as grace notes. You might also try to
densify some stuff toward the ending for the sake of Climax Theory
(accent jacks or chords work well). 6/10

DATA DRAIN - Wow okay. Same pattern copy+pasted for a whole
song, up to ludicrous, very nearly uncombo-able speeds. Unfun and
gimmicky. 1/10

Danzai Yamaxanadu! - Everything is spot on expressive and very
fun. Even the loner green note is perfect. Good use of color blurb and
16th patterns. 9/10

Cs Custom Gun sounds - Isn't there a file for this already?
Anyway was pleasantly surprised. The song isn't much but the steps
work well and the jacks + hands are an effective touch. 7/10

Crystallize - Perfect file that suffers only for length and
copypasta. Love the double time minijacks (someone knows how to use
[34] and [12] jumps!), and the way the patterns in the slower parts
are strung together with seemingly random 16th jacks. Nice, relevant
touches of color as well. 9/10

CQ Boss - Really smooth file. Nice PR, fun stream patterns and
jumpchains, and I like the slight one-handedness of the 16th sections.
Ends in the nick of time too. 8/10

Corporal Jigsaw Quandary - PASS

Chronograph - Man that jumpstream with minijacks rules pretty
hard. Fun stuff. IMO [23]2 is the only clunky one there--at that speed
they come off better from [12], [34] or [14] jumps. But that's
subjective I guess. Smooth stuff. 8/10

Chris R Battle Theme - Hella short and the 8th patterns seem
phoned in. The streams are fun, but the song/file ends so quickly that
nothing really gets to develop and we're left with something a little
generic. 6/10

cheerful forest - I think a Patashu file for this would look
almost identical haha. Song's kind of samey and not my cup of tea, but
the steps are solid and I like the denser jumpchains toward the end.

Candy Galy (remix) - The steps are fine, but the song is pretty
brutally repetitive and I was feeling braindead by the middle -- which
I really enjoyed (maybe a cut after the 24th long trill bit?). The
48ths are a good touch (ver yamajet) and save the file from getting
TOO generic. 7/10

Breakbeat Acid - Steps go early by about a 16th note. I think
you may have some syncing issues with all these BPMs, causing weird
pseudo-16th rhythms at times that just seem wrong. The song's brevity
may lend itself well to a short really hard chart, but the patterns
are often (as in untitled) seemingly random and a little unfriendly.
Flow is important for something this fast, and since there's so many
breakbeat FGO's in a similar vein already in the game it should be fun
enough to really shine. 4/10

Banboo Breakdown - Begins bland but acceptable, though the file
needs stronger PR (especially in the 16th run) and more melodic
emphasis. The 32nd runs are completely untelegraphed and very
unfriendly (I can hardly combo them in Stepmania... and I'm pretty
good at Stepmania) and kill the file. You need to smooth our the
difficulty of the entire thing and repattern the hell out of those
fast runs. 2/10

Azul (Remix) - Solid file. I'm a little perplexed by the
pseudo-PR in the piano runs--they're not very jump-laden so IMO if you
make it more exact it'll feel better for this song. The 16th minijacks
into 12th jump bits may be a little dense/tricky. Love the 24th
mini-runs. Overall fun stuff. 7/10

Angry Birds on Mallets - Steps are early by a fair amount.
Short and sweet otherwise, though the grace-notes seem to be overkill.
PR is also wildly inconsistent; do a run through on .5 rate or so and
make sure same-column notes aren't going to different pitches (this is
important for a song like this which is basically all melody), and
also check for ascending/descending runs of three which you have
stepped as minitrills. 5/10

All of Me - Lovely file. Somehow doesn't go on too long, steps
flow and jacks are smartly used to create tension as well as for PR.
Nicely done. 8/10

Aletheia - Pretty cool song! Opening bursts and stuff (32nd
staircases) might be a little harsh with sneaky 16th minijacks,
probably make those easier/rollier for the start of the file.
Threatens to go on too long, but then explodes with a nice climax with
polyrhythmic goodness. 8/10

Aerospace - Nothing exceptionally novel here, but the song's
nice and thepatterns feel great. No complaints. 8/10

Aci-L - Oh my, this song. The three-note jacks in the middle
are pretty unfun. PR is fine in the streams I guess but bass drum JS
gets old and this is pretty repetitive. The green-note JS in the
ending could work for Climax Theory or whatever but it makes it
cluster****y to read even in SM and doesn't provide a big help in
bringing out those notes (this is better done with careful
patterning/minijacks etc). No huge complaints, just a little generic
and could use cleaning up. 5/10

A FLOWER GARDEN - Hilarious song and hilarious chart.
Expressive, reasonably fun and perfect for FFR. 8/10

16bitFruit - Works well for how short it is. Jacks are fun and
non-intrusive. Song's a little drab/repetitive but the file length
doesn't drag it out which is nice. Cut is really sharp (unless that
really is just the end of the song lmao.) 7/10


Death March (Silvuh) - 7/10 [+.]
- Missed 12th at 23.33.
- 43.11 should be a jump.
- 48.10 ^
- 57.04 ^
- 58.62 shouldn't be a jump but the 24th after should be.
- Missed 24th at 101.83.
- 111.01 should be a jump.
- 123.08 ^
- Great chart, just needs to be cleaned up.

Dracula (nois-or-e) - 4/10 [+?]
- Beginning not mini-jacks.
- 25.48 this rhythm is wrong. x's are 16th notes, -'s are rests:
x-xx-xxx should be the rhythm.
- 73.48 ^
- Rhythms get pretty repetitive throughout, it's flatline.
- 80.48 not mini-jacks.
- 82.48 lots of missing grace notes, check for them, primarily around 8th notes. The ones that are there, are also too close to the actual note. Need more space between them.
- 98.48 it's stepped the same as 82.48 but there's more going on, add in the bass.
- 129.73 get rid of the 32nd mini-jack.
- 137.48 same as 25.48.
- Lots of instances of copy/paste.
- Ending few notes, put more PR to them, especially since it's such a familiar tune.

Gate Openerz (Condoct) - 5/10 [+?]
- Beginning is missing some 16ths.
- 42.36 should be a single note.
- All of the jumps up to 44.85 didn't really follow a pattern, they were kind of haphazardly thrown in.
- Some of the 16ths in the trill at 83.52 are ghosted.
- Misrhythm at 85.49, the notes should be placed at 85.34 (red), 85.56 (yellow), 85.79 (blue) and 85.94 (red).
- Jumpstream at the end is ghosted.
- A lot of the chart is ghosted, wrong patterns, or just thrown in for nothing.

Rainbow Tylenol (PrawnSkunk) - [color="orange]4/10 [+?][/color]
- Ending few notes aren't audible enough to merit stepping them.
- A lot of the file, I couldn't tell what the jumps were following; either the percussion in the background or the melody. It gets pretty dense for a song that isn't very heavy.
- The 32nd run is very awkward and hard to hit on the left hand. Some of the transitions in the 24th runs are awkward too.
- In the old batch notes, I believe you were told to get rid of the 24th mini-jack at 78.61 and you didn't.
- A lot of the notes you were given from the last batch, you didn't adhere to. It's a resubmission because things needed to be fixed, but they weren't.

Regular Submissions
16bitFruit (Elite Ninja) - 9/10 [+]
- Clean, jumps were all in the right places, not overdone, very nice.

.357 Magnum (Frozen Beat) - 5/10 [+?]
- Jump heavy, you have a lot of sections where it's a jump every other note in a 16th stream and it gets pretty dense. I understand what the jumps go to for the most part, but for the song, it's a bit too heavy. A suggestion; when you hear the piano playing 16th notes in the melody line, have that section just be single notes. There's no reason to make every other note a jump just because you're making the melody jumps. It gets too heavy.


Aci-L (Anaru) - 5/10 [+?]
- In the beginning, change up some of the patterns after it repeats. Bit too repetitive.
- 48.37 not a hand.
- 49.48 I like how the one handed jumps were kept to a minimum, keeps it cleaner and more player friendly~
- 67.26 you add hands, why'd you remove the jumps?
- 72.45 these 16ths aren't jumps.
- 73.19 this section, the 8th note (blue note) jumps shouldn't be jumps, this goes for all of them. The 4th note jumps are questionable too.
- The entire file needs a pattern mix-up, the same patterns are used throughout the entire thing, just add in jumps, which puts in a lot of awkward patterns. You don't have to keep strict pitch relevancy throughout the entire thing. It's nice to open with, but we get the idea after one run through.
- I think a missing 32nd at 120.18?
- 120.60 some of the white notes are jumps, some aren't. As well, I don't know why you have the 8th notes as jumps again.
- Then when it gets to 132.45, it's extremely dense in comparison to the rest of the file and is too much of a difficulty bump. Tone this down, especially since just about 0 of the jumps should be there.
- I should mention this too, just about any time that you have 16th note jump trills (the [12][34][12][34][12][34] parts), the 16th note jumps aren't there, and there's no point to it.

Aerospace (Reshiram) - 7/10 [+.]
- Basically any of the 16ths such as 31.67 and 31.85 aren't there. I know it's to prevent an empty space, but 8th notes would suffice, especially since you could also put them with the 4th notes that continue on with nothing around them after it.

Alethia (.Gazelle. & SKG_Scintill)- 7/10 [+.]
- Unnecessary placeholder note.
- 14.56 should be a single note.
- Kind of surprised and disappointed you didn't step the drumroll at around 47.05.
- Missed 8th at 98.88.
- 167.03 another section that you didn't step, and this had a tune and a drumroll you could have chosen from.
- It's pretty good, just disappointing that there's a few sections that could have been stepped without problems that weren't.

All of Me (iironiic) - 8/10 [+]
- Mini-jacks such as 55.77 don't really fit/belong, this occurs later in the song too at 105.06.
- Missing note at 85.37.

Angry Birds on Mallets (reuben_tate) - 5/10[+?]
- Lots of jumps that don't really accent anything in particular.
- All of your rhythms though are fully correct.
- Awkward patterns starting at 36.78 or so, pitches change but arrows don't and it doesn't feel right.

Azul (Remix) (00Razor00) - 8/10 [+]
- Found some copy/pasta patterns late into the song.
- Placeholder note but it doesn't take 3 years to get to it~

Bamboo Breakdown (Genocide101) - 4/10 [+?]
- Holy difficulty jump. You had the makings of a good easy chart, then you blow it up with 16th runs with one-handed trills, and a nasty 32nd run with extremely difficult transitions. Pick a difficulty, either easy or hard.

Breakbeat Acid (DossarLX ODI) - 7/10 [+.]
- Any particular reason for the sporadic BPMs? A lot of them don't really make sense and just seem like they're for color purposes that aren't necessary.

Candy Galy (remix) (bmah) - 6/10 [+.]
- 50.95 should be a hand.
- Love what you did with the 48th zooms~
- Starting at 64.81 though, there's a lot of 16ths that are misplaced; some are ghost notes and some are missing. This section should be looked into more and cleaned up.
- Missed 32nds at 84.70, there's another little buzz in there.
- 85.68 this section, the jumps don't seem to follow a defined pattern, they're kind of just thrown in. 96.11 though is fine.
- Same thing with the 16ths at 116.98, it's better but there's still some that shouldn't be there.
- 119.24 should be a single note.

cheerful forest (bmah) - 7/10 [+.]
- 84.17 these would be so much cleaner if they were something like [12]3[12]3[12]3 or mirrored. Having them as they are creates one-handed trills.

Chris R Battle Theme (Hateandhatred) - 6/10 [+.]
- Some notes in the beginning that should be jumps; you have them as jumps in the rest of the chart but not in places such as 5.19, (6.69 should be a single note), 7.85, 12.19, there's more, if needed I can point more out to you in a PM.
- Missing notes at 21.18, 22.35, 22.51, 25.01, this section is continuous.
- Missing note at 35.84.
- 51.10 should be a jump.

Chronograph (Tidus810) - 6/10 [+.]
- Don't really understand what a lot of the jumps go to, they don't hit any strong sounds.
- In the jumpstream, there's a few mini-jacks that ruin the flow. Also, the jumps again not really going to anything in particular.
- One thing that you really should do is double the BPM. Having it only at 85 BPM creates another Monstrous Turtles (32nd stream). Otherwise nice.

Corporal Jigsaw Quandry (hi19hi19) - 7/10 [+.]
- 20 second offset means we're waiting 20 seconds for the chart to start. Bit long.
- I like how there's a couple one-handed trills in the beginning, I didn't actually count but I think there's a few more left-handed ones than right-handed ones, maybe even them out so there's no difference when mirrored (just a suggestion).
- 32nd jumps at 118.88 and 119.47 aren't there (same as 153.90 and 154.50).
- I can see why you didn't step the solo, but still sad :<
- 9 second wait for the placeholder note, either remove or add in the little percussion at the end because that's a bit too long.

CQ Boss (hi19hi19) - 7/10 [+.]
- Double the BPM.
- Be sure to cut the mp3 before final submission.
- Vary up some of your patterns, you have a lot of places where the same thing keeps getting repeated too much.

Crystallize (iironiic) - 7/10 [+.]
- Ghost note at 52.97.
- 78.74 ^
- 116.62 ^
- 137.37 mini-jack is a bit too tight, I'd change the jump afterwards.
- There were one or two notes that were slightly off around 178.65, double check some of these.

Cs Custom Gun Sounds (Elite Ninja) - 9/10 [+]
- I love this. I intend on playing this 1000x more than the original. Can't really say anything else.

Danzai Yamaxanadu! (kjwkjw) - 8/10 [+]
- lol this song makes me laugh every time, especially that colored vocal part xD this song even had my daughter dancing.
- Nothing major, pretty fun.

DATA DRAIN (FFR Pro 21) - 2/10 [?]
- Welp...
- It's just one giant copy/paste/speedup. Not fun, and even slightly painful to listen to. It also goes off sync very early.

Day's End (Mario Kart Remix) (Zakvvv666) - 4/10 [+?]
- Add a little more silence before the first note.
- 9.84 should be a jump/have a grace note.
- 13.95 ^
- 71.39 should be a single note if you want the 16th note afterwards to be a jump, either that or change the jumps so that there isn't a mini-jack. You did this fine at 87.80.
- 108.57 make a different jump due to PR.
- 116.46 this is a 32nd late, bump it all up one.
- With the jumpstream at the end, it's a little bit of a difficulty jump. Makes the rest of the chart seem obsolete. Beef up the rest because I like this part.
- Some missing notes and misplaced notes starting after 137.55.
- 206.53 please make this a two-handed trill (and any after it).
- This starts to really feel extremely long, it's not really going anywhere, will likely require a cut. I was starting to get bored after the jumpstream.
- Start to miss jumps that were previously placed at the section at 244.22.
- Get rid of the placeholder note.

Derezzed (mi40 remix) (mi40) - 6/10 [+.]
- 30.44 and any other 16th jumps like it should be single notes.
- Missed bass hit at 60.56.
- Any of those 32nd note jump trills should be single notes, they're just a bit much as jumps.
- Almost all of your patterns are staircases, vary it up.
- 128.56 another missed bass hit.
- 146.44 should be a single note.

Destination of the Heart (dragonmegaXX) - 9/10 [+]
- I really like this, I suspect a lot of others will too.
- 102.27 should be the last note, you missed it~

[b]Devil's Music Box (Jake Ferguson) - 8/10 [+]
- 17.21 should be a jump.
- I'm not really sure what to say about this, it's all stepped correctly, you literally stepped everything because there wasn't much to do as is.

Dreamerz; Machine Will Fall (rayword45) - 5/10 [+?]
- Offset is late and it almost starts to feel later and later as the chart goes on.
- A lot of the 48ths are just too much, especially with the given patterns.
- Some ghosted 16ths throughout, not in just one spot.
- Ending chink noises drag, you could probably safely stop after the down arrows.

Duncan Hills Cover (trumaestro) - 8/10 [+]
- A lot of the patterns just keep repeating, such as the 2/3 trills in the middle of the tune.
- I did like it though, was a step away from the long, repetitive, stupid hard rock songs.

ecstatic ghost party as Nightmare (bmah) - 8/10 [+]
- I can see an x-mod chart in this so bad, would probably be pretty intense (just pointing it out xD).
- 40.34 and 40.49 should still be jumps.
- Missed opportunity for 32nds at 103.42.
- This is fun, different.

Eight Melodies (YOSH|) - 8/10 [+]
- Grace note should be connected to 35.00 and 39.00.
- Easy chart, not much to say.

Enchanting Venus (Elite Ninja) - 7/10 [+.]
- Opening 16th stream is continuous, shouldn't be any breaks.
- Why didn't you start the stream back up at 75.95?
- Pretty good though, nice job, just mainly stream together that beginning.

Epilogue (Xx{Midnight}xX) - 8/10 [+]
- I remembered this was in the last batch, and I took the initiative to see what the old notes were and if you corrected what was noted, and you did. Wasn't really anything to note, nice job.

EuroMorroc (Clean Edit) (DossarLX ODI) - 8/10 [+]
- 88.38 should look like 83.11 with the jumps.
- Nicely done, the slowdown felt awkward for the first few tries but it's fine.

Flamingo (megamon88) - 9/10 [+]
- Loved it, wasn't over done, was strong where it needed to be, all around this was great.

FUTURE~SHOCK (rayword45) - 5/10 [+?]
- Offset is late.
- Missed 16ths around 32.39.
- Missed 8th at 36.85, 41.78.
- Disgusting transitions in the 32nds at 53.01, this is a mess.
- Missed 32nds at 58.55.
- Why the slowdown? The speedup isn't bad, but the slowdown is unnecessary.
- 81.01 is not 48ths.
- Ending isn't synced.
- A lot of stuff is missing, the 32nds are almost always nasty to hit and the sync really needs to be fixed.

G air (bmah) - 10/10 [++]
- Before my hard drive crashed, I judged this file. I don't even have to re-judge it, because I remember this being my one 10/10. This file is great. It's beautiful, clean, well thought out, well executed, I know a lot of people are going to enjoy this.

Gargoyle (FFR Pro 21) - 7/10 [+.]
- Beginning rhythms are off, they should be more syncopated. Two 16ths followed by a rest, not three. PM me if you need this better explained.
- Why the insane slowdown?
- After the slowdown is nice, the remainder of the song is very good.
- Placeholder note takes a bit too long to get to, best to remove.

Gravity Blast (Reshiram) - 7/10 [+.]
- I can predict some players getting mad over the patterns at 35.92. It's tricky.
- Let's just say I knew who the step artist was without having to look...and I think that says enough. Bit too much on the white notes. Some are nice for the little twinkle sounds or whatever, but it gets to be too much.

Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix) (megamon88) - 8/10 [+]
- This song was bad before, now with the really bad auto-tuning, it's hard to listen to...without the chick singing, it's good though.
- File is fine though, nothing to really say about it.

Heroes On Your Lawn At Night (T-Force) - 6/10 [+.]
- If the 32nd runs were more comfortable, then I would be alright with them being there, but they aren't. They're pretty awkward, and they're a difficulty spike from what you were stepping in the beginning (or rather, what you weren't stepping).

I Love My Sex (DJ Dela Remix) (Netjet!) - 5/10 [+?]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- From what I remember, it's against the rules to be stepping on beginner difficulty.
- 21.23 and 21.69 really don't have to be quads and the song doesn't merit any either (same with the quads later too).
- All of the 16ths are ghosted.
- You attempted to force difficulty out of a chart that doesn't need it. Could have had a simple 3 or 4 but you threw in ghost notes, hands and quads to make it harder.

In An Instant (MrPopadopalis25) - [color="lime]7/10 [+.]

- 56.42 doesn't have all of those grace notes, it's only about 1 or 2, and they'd come before the 4th note.
- I noticed that every single one of your 16th note triplets, they always start on an either down or up arrow, next is an arrow to the left, then back to the right (if that makes sense). They ALL are like that. I guess an example:
Always something like that, even if the pitch doesn't. Very repetitive.
- Grace notes at the end, same as stated before.

Internet Heroes (YOSH|) - 6/10 [+.]
- ...
- What's going on at 12.23? Nothing merits the extra notes.
- A lot of these 16ths are ghosted, I think they're supposed to be going to the lyrics, but even then, they're off or not there. I know what's going on in the chorus though, every thing in there is fine.
- Also, I actually know what the jumps are going to, unlike a lot of other things I've been seeing. It's just the 16ths that are the problem.
- Be sure to cut the mp3 before final submission.

Intersect Thunderbolt (kommisar) - [color="lime]7/10 [+.][/color]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- If I know what the jumps are going to, then there's a lot that are placed late. The groups of two jumps should be moved up by an 8th note.
- 21.38 should be a jump, 21.62 should be the hand/cymbal crash.
- 22.34 is the same, should be the 4th after.
- Same thing happens repeatedly.
- After that section where the jumps need to be earlier, everything is nicely done.
- Be sure to cut the mp3 before final submission.

It's Too Loud (YOSH|) - 7/10 [+.]
- Yes it is.
- 4th notes such as 5.28, 7.85 and 10.36 should be jumps.
- Slowdown is just a touch late.

Jack-the-Ripper (YOSH|) - 6/10 [+.]
- 30.60 reason for that slowdown?
- 56.46 and any similar patterns, don't know what those jumps go to.
- Section starting at 59.58, some of these jumps don't make any sense either.
- 70.11 all of the 12ths are ghosted.
- After the slowdown, 95.31 it picks back up, it's a little late.
- 135.52 a lot of these 16ths are ghosted as well unless you're stepping the hardly-audible ticking in the background.

jelly (Choofers) - 8/10 [+]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- Be sure to cut the mp3 before final submission.
- Wow that song was kind of painful to listen to. Stepped well though, nothing to really comment on.

MPLFiM Medley [Heavy] (megamon88) - 8/10 [+]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- Got my daughter dancing xD
- 86.43 you didn't do the grace notes like the beginning. This section looks awfully similar to standard, if you put the grace notes in here, you could help alleviate that.
- Dense for my own tastes but everything is fine.

MPLFiM Medley [Standard] (megamon88) - 8/10 [+]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- Nothing to say, nice and clean. My only little nitpick is that it's got sections that are a bit similar to heavy but I made a note in the other notes to help with the one part.

Nix-Tek (kommisar) - 8/10 [+]
- 72.05 should be a hand.
- 73.60 ^
- The very ending feels like a mess to hit, I'm not sure if it's from the mini-jacks in the jumps or what.

Nous (AlexDest) - 8/10 [+]
- 43.21 you missed an entire beat of stepping, killed the flow.
- Great job on the speedup.
- Be sure to cut the mp3 before final submission.

Pinkie's Castle (megamon88) - 8/10 [+]
- That was a cute song. Can't say anything about it, nicely done.

Pure Ruby (AlexDest) - 7/10 [+.]
- 16.81 is a ghost note.
- 56.50 don't hear the 24ths, neither the ones after and any like them. 58.02 is fine though. Same thing later in the chart as well.
- 95.09 what merits the consistent 8th note jumps?

Spaceman (kommisar) - 9/10 [+]
- Really nice, wasn't over done, very clean, enjoyable.

Syntax (00Razor00) - 8/10 [+]
- 58.50 those grace notes are all ghosted, maybe minus 1.
- Placeholder unnecessary.

Tell Me a Story (DossarLX ODI) - 7/10 [+.]
- Any time you have the syncopated rhythm like 18.25, there's actually a bass hit on the 4th note in between. The syncopation is technically incorrect the entire time.

The Bird's Midair Heatstroke (DossarLX ODI) - 6/10 [+.]
- What in the world honestly is the point of all of these bpm changes? Over 1 million bpm if I see this correctly? And the entire chart is just one giant color dump. It's not fun, it's an eye sore, and is just a bit ridiculous.

Totsugeki! Glass no Kneesocks Hime! (00Razor00) - 8/10 [+]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- Placeholder note unnecessary, otherwise this is cute and fun, I like the song as well.

Untitled 3 (DossarLX ODI) - 8/10 [+]
- 95.23 ghost note.
- Pretty good, more PR could have been used at 58.91 but it's not a big issue.

{Hollow Man} (Trivalent) - 6/10 [+.]
- Offset is early.
- Any of your hands that are on 8th notes (83.49 is one), should be regular jumps and the 4th note after should be the hand (not all the time though, listen for the truly bigger sounds).
- The 16th stream is kind of a difficulty spike in comparison to the fairly easy chart you started with. The beginning needs more if you want this to be a consistent difficulty.
- Be sure to cut your mp3 before final submission.


16bitFruit (EliteNinja) 7/10 [+.]
- The jacks come a bit inappropriately, but they're consistent when they do come at least.
- The PR in the intro is pretty bad. Should be fixed.
- The file itself is simple and doesn't lend much room to errors, and I couldn't find a whole lot in terms of layering and such, specifically the second half of m.19 is missing a couple of jumps that are context specific.
- M.22 has another layering error with the jumps being on the wrong times.
- Consistency error m.33 and m.29, the 3 16th jacks.
- M.54 why'd the stream stop?
- Also stream stopped again later, which is more reasonable 'cause the drums cut but still not entirely correct. It also cuts out too early.
- A note just because, if this wasn't FFR that last arrow would make me cringe (and still kinda does) but since you need the placeholder it makes sense.

A FLOWER GARDEN (bmah) 8/10 [+]
- The first part of the file I like a lot, I just can't see any rhyme or reason as to where the hands differentiate from the jumps musically.
- As silly as it is I kind of like the jumpgluts, although I have a small complaint; The first, smaller set of jumps and the 8th jumpstream, I can't see how they differ musically. I tried to rationalize it by saying "well the first part is octaves and the second part isn't" but that's pretty ambiguous as far as reasoning goes.
- Btw this song is really silly.
- LOL ending.
- I think this is the kind of file that people are either going to HATE or LOVE. Fortunately for you, I like it, I think because the steps match the song, they're just as wacky but still well done.

Aci-L (Anaru) 4/10 [+?]
- The 16th trill sections going into measures 3 and 4 should be reversed, switching dominant hands on the trill there makes the pattern uncomfortable.
- Circling measure 8 is a 16th anchor on the up arrow that sould be fixed.
- Dropping the pattern just before measure 9 is really unecessary and and kills the flow.
- Just before M.16 that anchor gets repeated.
- And again just before M.24.
- Dropped the stream just before M.25, just make the patterns flow and there's no need.
- Hand during M.32?
- Also that transition is awful.
- Those jacks are a huge difficulty spike, and even in a file of that difficulty completely unecessary.
- M.45 no reason to drop the jumps on quarter notes.
- What are those jacks going to?
- The ending builds nicely, but the colour theory isn't the greatest choice, it makes it incredibly difficult to read.
- PR of the eigth notes starting at M.65 isn't straight one note, it actually changes.
- There are some inconsistencies in the file, I noticed the snare jumps on 16ths were missed about half the time, and hit half the time.
- On top of that, the file is almost entirely the exact same as it plays through, super repetitive.

Aerospace (Reshiram) 4/10 [+?]
- That switch to jumping on 8ths is really out of the blue. No pun intended. But seriously the transition doesn't work.
- Neither does the transition into the next jump sequence. It comes while the sound is low so it's hard to hear the transition, and then the 16th rhythmic pattern drops out, then it stops being jumps again, it's inconsistent with itself.
- And then the hands; the file is all over the place.
- Next section has a lot of added 16ths, consistently in wrong areas.
- And the transition starting at measure 36 is a huge difficulty spike.
- The build in the arrows of measure 53 is also wrong.
- I've also noticed that the layering is off with those 16ths, there are a lot of jumps on the kicks that shouldn't be there because they're not layered with the synth.
- I can't even follow what's going on starting at measure 54, the background synth is the only thing I can compare, the rest just seems to be random.
- The file doesn't flow well because there's no logical construction to the arrows compared to the flow of the song. I will say, however, that it has some potential to be a good file, it just needs a lot of work first.

Aletheia (Gazelle & Scintill) 8/10 [+]
- First obvious error in the file was at measure 74 where you added the last 32nd for the first time in the file.
- The jump scheme on the guitar-ish sound at measure 130 has a couple of missing jumps near the end. It's also a bit difficult to follow from a players perspective, because the music line isn't terribly loud and there's more potent things happening musically.
- The single down arrow before measure 152 should be a jump.
- The [14] jump after m.154 sounds like a gallop, too. It is in the first sequence.
- Added left arrow just before m.157
- I think if you've already gone polyrhythm crazy you can afford the slower ones at m.171 as well. They are indeed 12ths, if you layered them as the 16th and 8th by accident.
- There also seem to be some added 16ths in the early section there that I can't find a sound for.
- The ending section is overall kind of disappointing. It jumps back and forth between 16ths being represented by the synth and the 16ths being represented by the drums. This is fine if the synth isn't dense enough to cover enough area, but when that area is already full enough, it stops it from flowing naturally and adds too much.
- There's also a lot of break time in this file. It's the kind of thing that's more suited for an SM file than FFR, because files get less and less replayable when you know there's probably a minute and a half of what is essentially dead space in a nearly 5 minute long file.
- With that said, this file is actually very good. A lot of what I have to say aren't big consistent issues, but minor blemishes.

All of Me (iironiic) 9/10 [+]
- Since this file was clearly ddream I'll be nice and use seconds. 118.850s you missed out on some notes after the jump.
- And right after, starting at 120.577 dropped arrows. This one has more of a reason than the first one, and I can see why it was done, however I disagree with it pretty heavily. Even rounding out the notes, that's an incredibly diminished sequence.
- And starting from this point on, the arrows, while appropriate, do a pretty poor job of following the builds and fades of the music. I'm only pointing this out because that's the sole factor in stopping this file from being a [++] by even my ridiculous standards.

Angry Birds on Mallets (reuben_tate) 6/10 [+.]
- Offset is early.
- It feels like notes are dropped throughout the beginning, the 8ths should be consistent with the music.
- I have no sweet clue what's up with the bpm of this song but it does some weird shit it seems. It seems to get late near the end of every 8 bars (where the first bar is bar 4) and then pick up tempo again? Seriously, no clue what's going on there, but the arrows are definitely off sometimes.
- The 192nds I think some may have been dropped, but there are a couple missing.
- The ending the 8th jumps are dropped in the 16ths but I'm not sure why, it seems to be just to make it easier, but it would fit the file anyway.
- It's really short... I realize you can't do anything about that, but it is...
- Another problem with the file is that it kind of flops between jumps everywhere to no jumps at all, which makes it kind of hard to follow.

Azul (00Razor00) 6/10 [+.]
- I'm not sure where to begin on this file. It's both good and bad at the same time.
- Also those 12ths are a great idea but you NEED the quarter notes as singles in there, otherwise there's no real way to keep control of the beat and they just get lost.
- If you take a look at beat 15, that jump doesn't seem to be there in the music (assuming the drums are making the jumps) and the repetition as well.
- There seem to be a lot of added jumps in the next section there. I think what you've done is layered both the main "violin" (for lack of a better instrument) and the drums as jumps, the problem being that, with the drums being so heavily layered, you naturally overlook why some of the jumps are there in the first place.
- That first 16th stream at measure 27 is a bit off, I don't hear the 24ths at all, it seems to be just 16ths to me, and there are a couple of breaks in the earlier half too.
- Right after the stream there's 4 piano bass notes that got missed.
- Missed a note at beat 141.
- Same errors repeat.
- Measure 151 I can't decide if patterns flow or are AIDS... *insert Fryface here*
- From measure 58-61 I don't really like the choice to cut out the 16ths with the piano still going wild like that, it doesn't flow naturally.
- 12th jacks, yep.
- Again, same errors repeat.
- This looks like a lot, but the file isn't as bad as the review might make it seem. Lots of little/big mistakes, but easy fix for the next batch because most of the work is done.

Bamboo Breakdown (Genocide101) 5/10 [+?]
- The file starts off pretty good, but starts getting messy later on.
- Those triplets at measure 10 and 18 are actually runs of 7 technically.
- And that next section could do with improved PR, although it's altogether not bad.
- This section is where it gets kinda lost, at measure 35. Some of the jumps are hard to follow or just don't make any sense at all.
- And then you get to Measure 49 and 50, and you change the timing, but it's correct the second time around. I don't see why you didn't also step the first repetition the same way.
- What just happened?
- srsly bro...?
- I'm so confused (@_@)
- That 32nd stream is WAY out of tone with the rest of your file. If you want to keep runs like that you really need to amplify the difficulty of the rest of the file too. It comes out of nowhere and just bewilders you. You could also leave that as 16ths and signify the 32nds starting and ending in another way (for example, jumps) to keep the current difficulty level if you so choose.
- Overall, the file needs some work on PR and trying to keep with the music a bit better, but you really need to find a way to not spike the difficulty so much, it's a bit obscene.

Breakbeat Acid (Dossar) 7/10 [+.]
- Dis song again...
- Um yeah ow?
- The patterns really suck in this file. But the timings are good, and I don't have much to complain about overall.
- This is also going to be one of those files that's really annoying just because you have to go through the *yawn* intro every time just to get to the part of the file that everybody will mess up on.
- Also I'd suggest running through it once more and adding in any missed 32nds, I feel like arrows got overlooked in some sports because the offset was a bit early.
- The patterns REALLY suck in this file.

Candy*Galy (bmah) 6/10 [+.]
[strike]- This file is massively overstepped but that's not a relevant comment according to FFR so...[/strike]
- So yeah measure 15. That's too much. The song hasn't built enough energy there to be using such a dense jumpstream.
- The chorus seems off. It seems to me you've added 16ths just to make it more interesting.
- I feel like the file gets better as it goes, though, some of the early work is rough and the later work is good.
- I really don't like this file, but, for the most part, the stepping is good. The climaxing via the chorus is well done, and it flows (again, mostly) naturally.
[strike]- Also way too long.[/strike]

cheerful forest (bmah) 9/10 [+]
- Much better. Fun file to play, if a bit tedious.
- Not a whole lot to say, it's well executed and enjoyable [strike](although a bit overstepped.)[/strike]

Chris R Battle Theme (Hateandhatred) 8/10 [+]
-File is great, just a couple of bad 16th transitions, from how I see it, a missing arrow or two. Nothing much worth noting, just a solid file.

Chronograph (Tidus810) 7/10 [+.]
- I'm not a big fan of the 24th transition into measure 10. It's a very liberal take on it, and a bit out of place.
- The next dnb section has some missing 32nds, and a couple of extra jumps, careful on the layering.
- Around measure 25-26, notice the 8-arrow anchro on the up arrow, try to work a different pattern there, the transition into the roll is pretty bad because of the anchor and the roll starting on different hands.
- I think your layering in the JS is a bit inconsistent. I like the idea of building it, but then it changes to the melody for jumps. I actually like the melody more, it flows a lot better, so maybe try starting with that and transitioning into layering the drums with it, I think it would flow nicer.
- Great ending.

Corporal Jigsaw Quandry (hi19hi19) 6/10 [+.]
- I'll be blunt; I think these speed-zerker files are worthless. I really don't like them at all. Okay now that I've said that time for a review.
- Alright, this file is quite good. Sticks to the music well, I only have a couple of complaints.
- One: It's repetitive. Not a lot to do about it because the song is as well, but regardless.
- Two: I don't like the use of mini-trills when your stream is that fast, it's hard to read and REALLY hard to keep up with. (for instance, see measure 51, 53.5, just before 61, etc.) really hard to play. And I realize at this speed there are few viable patterns when your stream is that long. Just think it should still be noted.
- Three: The sync goes off a bit in some spots, for example, starting at measure 111 is super early. Like 40ms early. It resolves a bit later, and it's only about 20ms early. And then it goes about 40ms early again later on.
- And a personal note that doesn't count towards the review: if you're not going to step the drums and stuff at the end just get rid of the placeholder.
- So yeah, long/repetitive, mini-trills, and sync are the big problems in the file for me.

CQ Boss (hi19hi19) 9/10 [+]
- Great file, only part I didn't like was near the middle (starting measure 37.) The timing on the section is really weird because it has no beat to help the player, and it has odd accents inside the streams.
- I actually don't have anything else to say, the rest was really well done and fun.

Crystallize (iironiic) 7/10 [+.]
- Those 32nd gallops starting at measure 5 are actually triplets.
- That speed double around measure 37 for 1 measure is a nonononono. It's too abrupt and you can't see it coming well.
- The jump on the 16th at measure 40 is really weird. It should just be on the 4th before it.
- The polyrhythm at measure 45 has another arrow I think.
- Dat speedup again (m75)
- And just a note, you have to be REALLY careful using colour theory when your BPM is that slow. It starts to become less of an accent of sound and more of an accent of timing, because the time between your coloured arrow and the intended destination gets larger and your actual arrow comes across as offsync.
- I really like the idea of the file, the jacks are very fun, and it's something new without being just something old re-done.

CS Custom Gun Sounds (Elite Ninja) 9/10 [+]
- I liked it more without the jacks but I still like it regardless.

Danzai Yamaxanadu! (kidjwakidjwa) 9/10 [+]
- Good file. Placeholder wasn't necessary IMO, it's not keeping anything relevant in the music.
- Measure 62 don't really agree with that hand. It doesn't really fit.
- I think a better spot might have been stuff like measure 74 (the [14] jump) seems like a good hand.
- Missed an 8th at beat 302.5. Stood out a lot for some reason.
- I can't nitpick this really, there's not really anything wrong.

- The stop is kinda unnecessary as they don't register the same on FFR as they do on SM. In fact, I think the converter skips them? 1 sec checking with bmah...
- He's not answering...
- Anyway I refuse to accept this. I can't even tell if this is actually a song or if you just took a loop and sped it up at a gradual rate, and either way it's not something I'd accept. Refer to Kommisar's notes for your review.

Day's End (Zakvvv666) 5/10 [+?]
- Wow this is long. And repetitive. Not to be mean, but when I hit measure 66 I had already begun to think the file was a bit repetitive, and then it went on for over twice that. Way too long.
- Aside from that there isn't much terribly wrong with the stepping. I think the sync got off a bit later on, like a tiny bit late.
- The file also doesn't really go anywhere, and is, frankly, very generic in terms of the steps. It just sits around the same pace for the majority of it. I think if you cut this down to 1.5-2 minutes of just your favourite parts it'd make a better simfile.
- It's too long to go and point out individual errors right now. Cut first, arrow fixes later.

Death March (Silvuh) 9/10 [+]
- Fantastic file. Really well done.
- Sync is a TINY bit wonky at the end but nothing FFR would notice.
- Special mention around 142-144s, cutting the jumps was genius.

Derezzed (mi40) 5/10 [+?]
- The hand at beat 39 makes no sense, the music doesn't have any sort of climax there, so I don't get it.
- Measure 15 and on the hands again don't make any sense. You should also insert the 16th at beat 57.250+reptitions because there is technically a note there. And the 16th jump at 56.750+repetitions is also unnecessary.
- Measure 19, I'm a big fan of PR so I'm going to point out that this is backwards.
- Measure 21, good spot for a hand. n.n
- Those 32nd jumps are spikes, and the steps are kind of generic starting at m.23. They don't really go to anything new, even with a new instrument introduced.
- I like the accents like beat 121.500, nice touch.
- Missed a 16th at 181.250.
- Placeholder note is really far away.
- All in all the file is okay. Just need to work on making it more realistic to play (i.e. the 32nd jumptrills) and work on making sure the file stays true to the music and doesn't cut steps when the music doesn't (i.e. measure 64) or add jumps (i.e. a lot of stuff).

Destination of the Heart (dragonmegaXX) 6/10 [+.]
- Sorry ignore me~
- The PR in some spots is mediocre, but the only spot it's noticable to somebody who isn't looking for errors is in first few measures there's a couple of triplets that are backwards.
- Note the added 16th note at 165.750
- Not a fan of how you handled measure 46, it comes across as incorrect. Maybe jumps the first time with the full triplets and get rid of the jumps for those so it's fuller?
- The ending with the JS has a few errors in the jumps, I think I saw one missing and one added.
- The very end of the song could do with better layering, the jumps aren't all there.
- Missed the last note of the song.
- File is mostly quite good, the ending was messy though.

Devil's Music Box (Jake Ferguson) 6/10 [+.]
- There are a couple of spots (like around measure 27-28) where your jumps don't match the music correctly.
- Right on beat 34 there's a missed jump.
- Measure 20 jump misstimed.
- Following your own theme measure 21 should be a hand.
- Missed a jump at beat 115
- If you follow the layering closer at the end of that section the jumps would make for a good ending.
- Beat 121 isn't 24ths.
- Missed some jumps near the end again.
- I'd like to point out this file/song is adorable, but a few too many errors to be accepted in it's current state.
- Food for thought: the song is also done in triplets not 16ths. Not terribly relevant, just a note in passing.

Dreamerz Machines Will Fall (rayword45) 3/10 [?]
- Those jacks in the intro are odd. They don't really need to be jacks, it's just like it's trying to force it to be harder than it needs to be.
- Starting measure 4 those steps are way off from what I hear.
- The file is pretty inconsistent for the next section (measure 13). There's a lot going and it does some of it sometimes and some of it other times. It's just inconsistent.
- And thereafter (measure 21) you ignore the most prominent music, i.e., the only intrusment that's not a drum.
- The run around measure 36 doesn't start that early. It's a run of 5 with a break in between.
- The layering starting at measre 39 doesn't make sense, I don't get where the jumps are coming from. Also don't get why the 48th gallops are there in place of jumps.
- Overall the file doesn't make a lot of sense. Doing stuff like changing how you represent a drum roll from one time to the next is just inconsistent, and it seems to be making up arrows sometimes as well. I think you might be better off restarting, sometimes that's more helpful than trying to edit something that has a lot of mistakes in it.

Duncan Hills Cover (trumaestro) 6/10 [+.]
- First things first, the sync goes early around measure 10.
- As an example of the consistency issue in the file, look at the 24th run just before measure 6, you stepped it later but not here, and there's no reason not to, particularly when the music is expressing a new section so heavily.
- Your layering starting at measure 14 is correct, thing is though that using the cymbals to layer as jumps is kind of odd just because they're hard to hear. It took me 3 or 4 times through the file to hear what the jumps were going to.
- Just before measure 18 is that 24th run again.
- Measure 18+ is really random because you hadn't stepped the "vocals" in the file before that point, and it's really similar musically to the start of the file.
- The solo-esque spot near the end is the only spot that's particularly off. There are a lot of misrhythms, I suggest slowing down the song speed and trying to get it figured out.
- Not bad at all, just has mistakes that need fixed.

ecstatic ghost party as Nightmare (bmah) 9/10 [+]
- That pattern just before measure 4 is really awful.
- Just before measure 18 should be a minijack, or at least have a 16th.
- Missed an 8th at beat 97.500
- That solo section was sexy.
- Fun song, fun file.

Eight Melodies (YOSHl) 8/10 [+.]
- PR is very important when you're stepping a solo melody and it's not quite right in the intro.
- And then the song ended?
- Holy **** it's over a minute long! O_O It felt like 20 seconds xD
- Yeah PR is the only thing really wrong about the file, the rest... well there's nothing to complain about except the fact that there's like 2 arrows per second.

Enchanting Venus (Elite Ninja) 7/10 [+.]
- I don't like you dropping the 4th note jumps around measure 25.
- Layering could be done better in measure 28, it's okay the way it is but it's not optimal.
- Measure 35 curious as to why you didn't restart the stream again, same as the beginning.
- These little sections like measure 48 are odd to me. You seem to just drop everything whenever an instruments not doing the exact same pattern, instead of adjusting that pattern in your layering and keeping the drums with it.
- Fading out the file would be easier if you started the 16ths again at the end.
- File is kind of blah, but at least it's not too long or anything like that. And it's stepped quite well aside from some small changes that need done.

Epilogue (Xx{Midnight}xX) 9/10 [+]
- Um yeah so awesome?
- Seriously this file is really good. The only complaint I have is that there are mistakes with the PR in some spots.

EuroMorroc (Dossar) 8/10 [+]
- The 32nd in the intro, used the first time not the second time. Wat?
- (subjective but) Y U NO USE HANDS FOR THE 12THS woulda been so sexy.
- beat 115.250 might consider not using the same jump twice in a row, otherwise it makes the single up arrow look out of place.
- Measure ~31+ is overstepped, you don't need to layer the drums for jumps as well as the main synth.
- Good file, no real complaints.

Flamingo (megamon88) 8/10 [+]
- I really like this style of stepping, using sounds for a hand instead of layering.
- Just before measure 35, that roll is really awkward. If you're like me and don't roll (which a lot of people don't on FFR) that pattern is actually a jack.
- It does come across a bit repetitive, especially when the dnb section starts because it's fairly static from that point on.

FUTURE~SHOCK (rayword45) 5/10 [+?]
- This file suffers from a lot of the same problems as your previous file did, changing how you represent the same things, errors in making the file playable, and placing notes correctly to the music, although admittedly it's much better.
- The ending of the file isn't timed correctly.
- The problem areas for this file are before measure 23 and after measure 38. There are missing rolls in some spots, added rolls in others, the same roll represented with different timings again in others.

G air (bmah) 9/10 [+]
- Kanon Kanon reprised!
- That PR is delightful.
- Ending was very abrupt.
- Great file, the only issue I have with it (and it's mostly uncontrollable) is that it takes giant leaps from the difficulty in it's downtime to when it's streaming like a crazy mofugga, which makes it less fun to play over.

Gargoyle (FFR Pro 21) 7/10 [+.]
- missing a 16th at beat 78.250
- missing a jump at 128.000
- Another missing 16th at 146.250.
- measure 40, beat 156.250, missing a jump.
- Same mistake at 164.250. (this actually repeats the whole time that line is used to layer jumps)
- Missing a roll @ 164.5
- There's definitely a note at beat 169.875 (the 32nd), but it's hard to tell if there's one for the other spots around it... I think it's actually all of them but maybe not, really hard to tell.
- oic and then it comes in later... hrm since the decision is kinda wonky to begin with just leave it as is then.
- The increased build of the 16th pattern is an interesting idea because it stops it from becoming a repetitive pattern, but it kinda happens anyway, just because it repeats for so long, and the increase stops after adding a few random notes to the end.
- Those 32nds are a bit harder than they need to be, but they're consistent with the ones earlier so I'll let it slide.
- Jacks at the end? Not one jack in the file, but ending it with a 4 note jack? Stamp of disapproval.
- File is mostly good, just a couple of small errors.

Gate Openerz (Condoct) 7/10 [+.]
- I'll admit I don't like the file. It's just more sharpnel, generic 8ths to some japanese chick and then jumpstream. And any errors you point out in a sharpnel file are kind of irrlevant because there's so much going on in the background you could fill it with arrows and it's still probably right.
- Now that I'm done b**ching about it, the file is pretty good, few mistakes.
- Those triplets in the intro are 5 notes long. Not terribly relevant but still.
- Took me a minute to figure out what the problem was here, right before measure 18 those jumps are all a 16th too early. The ones after measure 18 are on time.
- There's some inconsistent triplets in the file throughout, ones that are there with no real reason to be, particularly in the early sections.
- The trill at 70 isn't straight through, broken up a bit.
- Could add the kicks during the transition at 71, would be a nice touch.

Gravity Blast (Reshiram) 8/10 [+]
- Starting at measure 34, the second quarter note of every measure is left out. I don't really like the choice, the kick is still really heavy, a single arrow each measure would make the section flow a lot better.
- Second, colour theory starts to blend too much when you use the same colour to represent everything, it'd be a good idea to use some 64ths and possibly 48ths (of course, sync'd correctly) to more effectively represent the song.
- DEAR LORD THAT TRANSITION IS DELIGHTFUL (measure 73) I can't recall playing a 32nd EVER that flows that well.
- Measure 87, those first three notes could also do with being gallops of sorts.
- I think measure 88 has too many arrows. I see some of what you're trying to do, but there are 3 arrows that go to nothing.
- Really like around measure 105.
- There's hardly a thing wrong with this file. Also really fun.

Hello (megamon88)
- lol u trollin' brah? Dis song 9/10 [+]
- Aight so, I feel like there's not quite enough representation of the obvious jacks that's basically all the music has to offer for the first 30 seconds. I realize it would be really boring to do "3333333333331111" for the whole thing, but you could have done SOME.
- There are a couple of spots where I thought hands would have been nice (i.e. beat 248.500) but not necessary by any means.
- aight so this song is hilarious and this file is amazing. I don't really need to say much else.

Heroes On Your Lawn at Night (T-Forc3) 8/10 [+]
- BEAT 143.875
- k that's it gj

I Love My Sex (Netjet!) 6/10 [+.]
- I also love your sex.
- Offset is awkward. The intro happens way earlier on the beat than the section following it does, and in either case you're like 0.04-0.06s early. Also wow the whole song is like this...
- First of all those quads at beat 46 and 47 are why?
- I also don't get why you cut the 16ths in random places starting at measure 21.
- Or why you alternated to a jack at beat 101.750 and nowhere else.
- Extra arrow at 107.250.
- Not many errors, just the ones that are there are very noticable, it just needs to be made consistent and standardized a bit, currently some of the choices are a bit senseless.

In An Instant (MrPopadopalis25) 8/10 [+]
- That grace note at beat ~42 is a bit late.
- Some of the PR, mostly the jumps, are incorrect. I feel like I'm one of the only people that pays attention to the PR of each jump in relation the previous (and, in actuality, any jumps relevant to it) and there is PR to be used for them, as tedious and unimportant as it may seem.
- Missing jump at 135.750
- Grace notes are a bit late again at the end.
- Fixes to do, none are terribly important though.

Internal Cannon (Condoct) 7/10 [+.]
- ew song
- Don't need the jump at beat 61.
- Beat 85.00 is actually a 12th run straight to the hand.
- Beat 105 is 12ths again.
- Okay let's just assume any 16ths I come across at 12ths unless I specify otherwise.
- The sync gets a bit late as the file goes on, bpm must be off a tiny bit. Not that FFR converter would notice it anyway, just noticable on SM.
- Just a bit hand heavy. There are instances where they weren't really necessary, but just sneak under the radar because they start a phrase or something.
- Good simfile, I like that you kept it simple, it could have gone in a really grace note/disgusting stream everywhere direction. Just fix what needs fixed and yep all set.
- ... Oops I was supposed to skip this. owell, have a free review.

Internet Heroes (YOSHl) 8/10 [+]
- One of the things that's really hard about stepping this kind of "spoken word" music (because this isn't quite what I'd call rap) is trying to find good spots to use grace notes. Using mostly 16ths like you've doesn't seem accurate and when you do use grace notes they seem random, but using too many makes it seem like a rainbow file.
- That comment isn't meant to say this is a bad file. Just that you've taken the safer route in using 16ths in some places that might've done better with grace notes, and it's quite difficult to find those places without making it seem like, again, a rainbow.
- "HEY~!" was hilarious, good hand placement.
- The later hands (measure 67 and those ones) weren't as good though, they're a bit out of place.
- It's quite long and a bit repetitive, but still very good, and entertaining at least.

Intersect Thunderbolt (Kommisar) 9/10 [+]
- Your pattern usage sucks
- PR is crap
- Layering doesn't make sense
- 0/10
- lol jk
- missing a 4th at beat 161
- also you jump'd on the 8th at 242 and none of the others in the section
- That's it (p.s. ver fun)

It's Too Loud (YOSHl) 8/10 [+]
- This song is actually awful. Like, not just subjectively. I realize it's supposed to be satirical but it sounds like crap.
- The files great though it goes well with the song.
- Um, up until measure 10 makes no sense though, I have no idea what you're layering.

Jack-The-Ripper (YOSHl) 7/10 [+.]
- Missed a grace note at beat 31.
- P.s. that section is impossible to read.
- No need to cut the 16th at 75.250, just make the pseudo-hand a 124 instead.
- Same again in repetitions.
- Start of measure 47 wat? That does not flow at all. Particularly because the stream right after it is made up of very tricky patterns.
- Suffers a lot from WNS, that colour theory isn't necessary to make a point of layering.
- That ending is also a bit overdone.
- Unfortunate how this was my favourite song choice and file, just had some poor executions in it compared to the others.

jelly (choofers) 8/10 [+]
- Kinda silly and repetitive but fun. I could find any real mistakes, just a couple of patterns that weren't the best, mostly involving the 32nds.

MLPFiM Medley (megamon88) 9/10 [+]
- The 8th at beat 59.500 should be filled.
- Again at 63.500. Probably an intentional note left out, but it shouldn't be.
- Great file, very enjoyable.

MLPFiM Medley (megamon88) (standard) 8/10 [+] [<]
- Very similar to the other file, clearly because you stepped them both. Frankly, there's nothing bad about either of them, but I'd pick the heavy over the standard just because the steps are less generic, and where the steps have very similar styles and traits I wouldn't want this as a v2.

Nix-Tek (Kommisar) 9/10 [+]
- pro file not a thing wrong with it.

Nous (AlexDest) 8/10 [+]
- Dropping the notes at measure 32 doesn't flow well.
- Speedup sync isn't perfect but I don't think it'll pose a problem on FFR.
- I've noticed this a lot this batch, stuff like measure 96. I like the idea of breaking the pattern so it doesn't become stagnant and repetitive, but I feel like there's a better way to do it without dropping everything and making that one measure completely out of tone.
- That jumpstream flows SUPER well btw.

Pinkie's Castle (megamon88) 9/10 [+]
- Yeah I can't complain with it, it's well done.

Pure Ruby (AlexDest) 8/10 [+]
- If beat 44 is a hand then 45.5 and 47 should be as well.
- Measure 73 is a huge spike. Honestly the only part of the file I don't really like.

Rainbow Tylenol (PrawnSkunk) 7/10 [+.]
- Nice PR.
- Those jumps in the intro aren't layered properly, and it's not a strong enough beat to layer jumps there.
- Measure 8/9 should be the same hand. Changing hands means that something changed, and it's the same drum/crash/etc.
- 16th missed at 42.250, 54.250, 58.250, 64.750.
- Hands again.
- Those 16th jumps around measure 31 are weird, particularly because you skip the jump right on measure 31.
- Dat 32nds. PR is nice but aksjfjaslkj?
- Measure 44. WHAT? a 24th jack? That's a nay-nay.
- Same thing with the jumps as in the intro, and 16ths at 198.250, 202.250, 208.750.
- That ending is ridiculous, just end with the hand.
- Lots of notes but they're all small things that really don't get noticed by most players.

Spaceman (Kommisar) 8/10 [+]
- I was kinda hoping it was gonna be that...
- There's a couple of odd patterns in the file, mixing 32nd rolls with trills that don't come out quite right and such.
- There're 2 16ths missing somewhere in the second half of measure 95.
- Fun and well done, I'd have liked to have seen more fun had with some of the background whees though.

Syntax (00Razor00) 8/10 [+]
- Missing a 16th at 188.750
- Consistency thing, the SHIIIIIIING like a sword slash shing happens at 234 and isn't the same concept used as the one at measure 29.
- Placholder is really far away, but nothing else
- That's it, great file, really neat concept.

Tell Me a Story (Dossar) 8/10 [+]
- Some of the steps in the start of the file are a bit arbitrary, kind of like the arrows are assumed to be there, and because the line fades out and back in it kinda works, but it feels more like senseless arrows.
- I couldn't really see much else that I didn't like. The patterns are good and the file flows nicely.

The Bird's Midair Heatstroke (Dossar) 6/10 [+.]
- I dislike the decision for going with jacks in the intro. It's a forced decision, not one that's goes with the music very well.
- Also this file has zero replayability. You'd play it once and be fed up with it, partly because it's really long, and partly because it seems longer because half of it is two steps per measure. Don't care for the overuse of colour theory either. Coloured note syndrome.
- I don't care for the file, although it is relatively well done. That being said, it's just a lot of unreadable crap at the same time. It's more like button mashing than simfiling, the patterns aren't good or very playable.

Totsugeki! Glass no Kneesocks Hime! (00Razor00) 8/10 [+]
- I liked stepping the voice in the intro, I didn't like when it stopped for the organ. I think the voice was more prominent and relevant to step.
- The timing on the notes just before measure 30 is a bit early.
- Also, why would you ever put one minijack in a file? Particularly one in such an irrelevant spot. It's out of tone with the file.
- Placeholder note is irrelevant.
- K that's it, I like the file a lot, the colour notes work well and it's fun so yay.

Untitled 3 (Dossar) 5/10 [+?]
- Your simfiles have a tendency to be like 10-20ms early. Gets kind of annoying.
- Careful on your jacks, especially early on. Some of them aren't all the same note.
- Also the PR in this file is generally kinda bad. It could do with some work in that area.
- Measure 5 to measure 9 is incredibly overstepped. I have no clue what's going on there but it's not what I hear, and the section right after is easier with heavier music.
- The jack at measure 59 is a good example of bad jack/PR, not all of those are the same note/combination of notes.
- Also some really bad patterns in the section around 70, just doesn't flow well, (for example, just before measure 74 is a good example of patterns just being undoable, there's too much hand switching going on)
- As a matter of fact, that hand switching stuff is a note for most of the file, there's a lot of patterns where arrows just go whichever way they want instead of making flowing and playable streams.
- End is super out of the blue.
- The big things are PR and making sure your patterns are better and more playable. I get it's supposed to be hard but it's not realistic.

[Dracula] (nois-or-e) 4/10 [+?]
- I'm pretty sure everybody told you to get rid of the jacks in the intro and you still didn't. They're incredibly unfitting, and, honestly, a terrible way to start the file.
- beat 49.5 should be a jump.
- Starting measure 14 why are you cutting your jumps? The music adds layers so you should be adding layers to the steps.
- I'm a big one on PR, just before measure 21 the 32nd run is backwards. I get it's for variety, but you can still do it right and have variety.
- beat 129.500 should be a jump
- jump at- okay when there's that same "bleh" thing before the 12ths on the 8th, put a jump on the 8th.
- That colour theory? It's not how you use colour theory. And the arrows are also made off-timed by it.
- The 12ths before measure 54 aren't there.
- 16th missed at 226.250.
- Measure 77 what happened?
- That stream also changes layering a lot with no reason for it.
- The ending (and the spot it was repeated earlier) have missing arrows from it.
- It seems to me that you just resubmitted the exact same file hoping nobody would notice and the judges this time would be nicer...

.357 Magnum (Frozen Beat) 6/10 [+.]
- That intro has two long anchors in it. That pattern has to be redone, it's unplayable as is.
- You don't need the jump at beat 130.250, the one before it is fine though.
- A) that pattern at beat 151 is a bad choice anyway but B) the 8th jump isn't actually there.
- beat 162.250 same thing as before.
- Beat 191, that 24th is only the second half, the first half isn't actually there.
- Measure 56. Aside from that pattern being awful (anchors again), I don't think it's stepped right. The 16ths aren't even there, and the 12ths I think are mistimed.
- Start of measure 88 is a bit off, as well, the timing isn't correct.
- 'Dat spike at the ending, wow overstepped.
- A couple of big mistakes, but the file is pretty good. Fix what needs fixed and resend it, because it's deserving.

{Hollow Man} (Trivalent) 6/10 [+.]
- That offset mang, you're like 40-50ms early.
- It's... okay. There's a lot of untapped potential in the song, the layering needs a bit of work in the intro, and some PR checks the whole way through.
- Really, the only big problem is that the file is inconsistent with itself. There are times when something is stepped one way, and then right after stepped a different way.
- Prime example, go to measure 30. The notes don't change the PR does?
- Or, another, measure 54/55. The jump is on the 16th the first time, but on the 8th the second time?
- etc.
- Once you fix your PR up a bit, and the consistency thing, I think the file will be fine.
- Oh, and the "untapped potential" thing. There's a lot of neat stuff that could have been stepped that wasn't to give the file a bit more of an edge, particularly in the percussion. Right now it's kind of bland.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Team 2


Addict [7/10]

-The beginning PR I'd maybe look at some of the jump jack 8th notes, a few seem a little off but it's no big deal
-Good clear layering throughout
-the main chorus seems to drag on a little but the speedup makes up for it
-very fun file

Addict (Monsta r3mix) [7/10]

-I don't like the way the song starts. it's right in the middle of a sequence and feels awkward. I'd start at measure 5 if I were to add a bit of silence before the song starts.
-m36 some of these should be straight 8th notes (ex: second 12th note should be an 8th technically)
-m53 the 12th note should be a 16th
-I'm usually not a fan of polyrhythms because it looks messy and just layers everything together.

Autumn Insomnia Session [8/10]

-I don't really have anything to say about this file. well made and very consistent throughout

Baby Still Too Fat [6/10]

-end of m19 don't think that roll is necessary at all
-m23 if you're stepping the mini-jack to the melody, there should be many more. otherwise it's just ignoring it after 2 notes
-m31 no more mini-jacks?
-m44 not sure what this 16th jack is supposed to follow since this melody hasn't changed

Boss Battle RX [3/10]

-m5 this is wrong right off the bat. listen to the percussion patterns carefully.
-m9 there isn't much to warrant a 16th note
-it's fine that you want to step the bass drum as jumps, but when it's all you're following, it makes the rest of the file quite empty since there are many other things you could incorporate here
-m14 16ths here don't really make any sense
-m21 you randomly start following the background 16th gallops, pretty inconsistent with the rest
-m22 the first 5 notes probably shouldn't be there
-m23 the 16ths aren't followed correctly. listen carefully
-m29 believe it or not, this section shouldn't be done as a 16th jumpstream
-the 24th patterns are awful for keyboard play
-also rejecting audio quality. there is a much better mp3 for this.

Falcor [2/10]

-I can't help but feel the 16th gallops are sort of randomly placed for the sake of variety. This section is very repetitive.
-If that's the entire song (like 20 seconds?) I can't see myself accepting this. There isn't anything keeping it interesting and it just repeats the same sequence more or less.


-This really just seems like an attempt at getting an easy file in. The 4th note placement literally looks like it was done in 10 seconds
-There isn't much pertaining to the actual song except the crashes where you'll occasionally add a jump.
-The fact that you added 8th notes at m55 leaves much to be wondered about the rest of the file, and why they weren't used before. I don't think this would make difficulty very consistent

FFReedom [6/10]

-m41 I would honestly follow the main melody rather than focus on the bassline
-very strange and generic song, but there isn't much else to be said. It's very plain and predictable.

I <3 Voltage [3/10]

-right off the start I don't think the 16ths do much justice to the melody
-m9 I understand the mini-jacks to accentuate the percussions, but I think rather than just fill the rest with 16th stream, this section could solely focus on the percussions to add better accentuation
-when the speed picks up, some of the 16th patterns feel thrown in and don't have much flow
-m25 this whole section there shouldn't be 12th notes. I know what you're following, but they aren't 12th notes
-given the difficulty of the file, I'm disappointed at the amount of jumps (none)
-m54 missed some 16th notes after the 3rd 8th note
-m63 something could definitely be done differently here to accentuate the change

Ice [5/10]

-LOL is that you yelling in the mike luis
-the whole section where the song picks up, I feel like the wubs could be more focused on. A straight 16th jumpstream feels like ruined potential
-m33 this little effect is cool, but also could've been used at m29
-consistently following the 16th hi-hats in the background make this pretty boring after a while, even with the clever color changes
-m99 the bass isn't being followed much but the quiet background piano notes are?

Kazoku Totalis [4/10]

-at the beginning I don't think hands are necessary
-pitch relevancy in general at the start could use some work
-once the song picks up, the 3 note hands are literally thrown in at random and have little to no influence on the accentuation of the song
-m20 these 32nds could use a lot of work
-m24 this looks like a mess, especially with jump jacks thrown in?
-m34 if you listen carefully you missed a lot of 16ths to the meldoy
-m43 uhhhh color notes? why? makes this whole section offsync
-the teal notes have got to go.
-m74 could've managed the jump jacks a little better, and you missed some bass drum notes immediately after
-song has tons of potential, but needs a lot of fixes before I can accept this.

Key of delete [3/10]

-m47 there should be a 16th after the 3rd 4th, as well as a few other instances in this section
-m60 the little changeup is fine, but I don't think it warrants hands
-m71 after the first 8th there should be a 4th note, pretty sure this happens a few measures before
-during the fast speedup it's difficulty to see what you're consistently following
-m113 I don't hear any 16ths here
-m126 these 16th jump jacks. no. they just add too much difficulty and are dumb to hit
-M146 long 16th jack, no.

Kind im Einschlummern [7/10]

-very close attention payed to pitch relevancy, well on-sync and decently crafted simfile.

Kirlian Changes [4/10]

-the whole beginning section when there isn't background notes you still step the violin as jumps, could just be done with single notes (not a big deal though)
-the song can't just cut like this. it's only a small portion of the song and feels very unfinished and empty. I was expecting some sort of climax but this simply won't do.


-you managed to make this a better file than the song would ever have to offer. props.

Leave It [6/10]

-m5 I'm assuming you're following the main synth, but the first 8th note doesn't follow it.
-m16 the change in what you're following (from synth to percussion) seems a little sudden. I'd suggest adding them as jumps instead to accentuate the change even more instead of just sliding it in like this.
-There isn't really much wrong with the file, but I'd like to see more of the percussion throughout the whole file, instead of just during the later half.

Magnum [8/10]

-Much like the SM chart, this is very enjoyable and offers a few difficult spots that aren't over the top. some might complain about the heavy layering at points but the rest is diverse and interesting enough to warrant several playthroughs

May The Triforce Be With You [5/10]

-right from the start, pay close attention to pitch relevancy. It should be pretty obvious at this spot (ex: 2nd 8th note of measure 2, the note changed yet it's still in the 4th column)
-right when the song picks up, I find it disappointing that the rhythm guitar isn't given more attention. This would help propel the chart into a nice momentum to accompany the lead
-m11 this 3 note hand doesn't seem to be any different from the following 3. I'd keep this as a jump
-m13 after the first 8th note, listen carefully and you'll hear a bass drum hit on the 4th note
-m27~ I don't quite understand the slowdown aside from the change in instruments. I know the speed doesn't matter in FFR, but the color change might throw a few off unnecessarily
-the rest goes into a deep jumpstream section that is layered pretty consistently
-m60 I'm going to have to disagree with your jacks. The rest of the file doesn't have them for the same sequence, I wouldn't add them here either.
-the slowdowns in general aren't needed, especially at the end. A few fixes and this file is great for scoring.

Mmmmmmm [3/10]

-the sync feels very late. it might just be me, but check again in case.
-m8 listen to these 32nds carefully. They aren't exactly one complete roll
-immediately after this section, you decide to step all the background 16th hi-hats which basically just turns this whole file into a gigantic dumpstream
-So much more could've been done with this file had it not been solely done as jumpstream. In moderation, that would've been fine, but this is ridiculous. Most sections could be done much differently.

Mo-Ko-Mo-Core [2/10]

-m9 I don't think it's necessary to step these silly noises with 32nds layered in with the rest
-m16 I don't see the use for color notes here
-m17 this is just heavily overlayered. The jumps are following something barely audible. This goes on for too long
-dump. quit out. sorry mang

Mostly Dark Universe [9/10]

-Wow this is super fun. Some chorus parts seem a tad iffy PR wise but the rest more than makes up for it.

My favorite shoes [8/10]

-Honestly have nothing to say about this file. Everything seems pretty spot on.

N's Farewell [7/10]

-m5 this is blatantly going downwards melody wise. The PR here should be no excuse
-file has a beautiful climax

Never Enough [7/10]

-This song has the longest buildup to a drop I've ever heard
-The song has some pretty decent layering, great use of accents.
-One suggestion I'll make for your 32nd patterns (ex: m58) I'd perhaps use a different pattern to make it more fluent to hit. Same with the other 32nd patterns of this section
-Really fun file otherwise

o [3/10]

-The first 20+ measures are the same beats and patterns and it gets pretty repetitive
-m26 shouldn't there be a 16th jack after the 3rd 4th note? I think you mixed up the 16th jack placement in this whole section
-m41 this section doesn't feel intense enough to hate this sort of heavy difficult layering.
-the ending is very abrupt and doesn't feel like it built up to anything.

Ongyilkos Vasarnap [6/10]

-m8 probably step the hands as simple jumps. isn't anything new introduced to warrant them
-when the song picks up sometimes the hands seem randomly thrown in. Honestly I'd add them for cymbal crashes for a better feel
-the mini-jacks are well managed
-really aside from the questionable hand useage this is pretty cool

Phi-dentity Crisis [6/10]

-I really hate your 32nd patterns haha.
-This is really heavily layered, some parts a little excessive.
-really great challenge, but change some of those patterns for the love of god

Pokemon RBY Gym Battle Remix [5/10]

-m16 after the 3rd 4th note, you shouldn't ignore the 16th drum bass kick
-m28 flam note isn't needed
-after the 2nd time the main chorus repeats, I'd suggest to follow the rhythm guitar as well rather than just the bass drum kicks
-end of m72 missing a 16th
-m77 try varying your patterns a little, and make them more pitch relevant. Some of these patterns just look thrown in with no coherence whatsoever
-m89 this whole section is completely wrong, but I can understand not wanting to step the guitar notes

R176 [6/10]

-m11 these 32nds are really annoying to hit and completely kill the flow.
-m59 this three note jack. no.
-m67, this three note jack, yes.
-m71 listen carefully for some 16th percussion rhythms
-some of your jumpstream patterns come from very quiet 16th notes that aren't very audible, but it's no big deal I guess

Reminders [7/10]

-while there isn't really much wrong with this, some parts I'd like to see the main melody followed a little more
-m59 you stop stepping the guitar/drums?

Rondo a Capriccio [8/10]

-idk if it's just me but sometimes the audio seems to spike a little creating some slight earrape
-this file is a great example of how to properly use jumps to accentuate notes. This whole file doesn't have any major points that I'd pick on for flaws. Great stuff.

S [7/10]

-one of the simpler files of the batch. The sort of file that isn't really hard to layer right but has some scoring qualities.

Saffron City [5/10]

-the beginning starts awkwardly in the middle of a sequence
-m17/18 huge gap, no reason why
-end of m30 listen closely for a few missed 16th notes
-this whole file has some missed 16th amen break notes. I'd suggest revising closely
-m45 this section doesn't seem to pay much attention to anything going on aside from the bass drum. There are lots of melodies to follow here

Scars Left by Time [3/10]

-I love the original version of this song and although this song really sort of butchered it, it's alright I guess
-m11 there's got to be another way to step this section rather than obnoxiously long 16th note jacks
-m15 in this case, the jacks are justified with the melody and would work
-some parts have some 32nd hi-hats that you could've followed to add diversity
-this file is unfortunately pretty bland and just becomes a jump jack fest with a huge lack of diversity.

Shadows [7/10]

-very plain file, but nothing really wrong with it. some parts maybe some questionable mini jacks but no big deal

Shimasen N Bass [2/10]

-the whole beginning you ignore the percussion breaks, then randomly start following them?
-m29 not only do you throw everything you just followed out of the window for a proper buildup, but you also follow the most boring sound available to follow
-this file has consistent layering issues. There is barely any structure.

Shotgun Surgery [6/10]

-if you could be a nice person, you'd alternate the 16th one handed trills to both hands at this speed
-m15 if you could be a nice person, please don't add a 16th jump before a hand at 200 bpm
-m55 this "solo" part seems off (like the random jump at the end of m56)
-I'm honestly not quite sure what to think about this. I think some guitar solo parts could use some work, especially regarding patterns at this speed

Silent Wind [7/10]

-sync feels a little early
-This is certainly an original blend of patterns. For this sort of difficulty, I think it's pretty unique to what the FFR game has to offer

Since 1983 [6/10]

-m8 i'd maybe debate this, but I've always heard these as 24ths
-decent rendition of a classic simfile. the polyrhythm patterns can be quite a mess though

Skeletones [5/10]

-sync is late
-end of m10 missed a beat
-m15 this one handed 32nd trill has got to be changed
-end of m43 missed a 16th beat
-m48 it feels like a few 16th notes are too many
-end of m52 missed 16ths
-I'm finding lots of small mistakes throughout this file. I'd take a look over it again to find some missed rhythms

SOLROS ~Vocal Edition~ [7/10]

-once the vocals start, i'd keep following the accoustic guitar just to keep some flow going
-the rest of this file flows very well. nicely done.

Spoils [5/10]

-right off the start listen carefully for some 24th drum patterns
-m4 snare isn't stepped anymore?
-m5 the end jumps here I think only the last 16th note should be a jump
-m12 I don't think it's a good idea to add jumps to the voice since it doesn't really accentuate this area as much. I'd honestly keep focusing on more prominent instruments especially the guitar
-m27 these 12th jumps could be managed differently. the jump jacks at the end are a little much
-m31~ if you listen carefully, there are lots of missed 32nd guitar strums/ bass drum kicks
-m40 in this transition the snare hits are completely ignored and leave sort of a void
-Song has lots of potential as a difficult file, but needs some fixes.

Star Wars Anthology [+]

-Fixes sufficient

Tequila [+]

-idk why this got rejected in the first place honestly. It was better before

Terror to Terror [6/10]

-m8 these 32nds....really
-m24 as is, I can't accept without a bit of cleanup here. Needs to flow a little more
-Wow this file has bad habits and hard pain step written all over it. Going to be quite the challenge especially with your choice of patterns

The Earth Blew Up [7/10]

-One of these strange files that end up being really enjoyable for some reason. Weird as hell song but well done and great for scoring.

The First Epidemic [5/10]

-m9 at this speed I'm not a huge fan of your pattern use, could be managed a little better for flow
-m16 again these 16th note patterns are abominable
-m19 I assume the jumps could also follow guitar hits like you were doing earlier, which you also do later on
-your jumpstream looks too much like it's going from column 1 to 4 and back too much.
-the cut of the song also needs some polish

The Little Mermaid [PASS]

-m10 still think 16th hand note jacks are much for vocals
-still think everything is overlayered for no reason haha.
-Since I'm not sure what the word is on heavily layered files, I'll have to pass judgment on this one.

The Replicator [8/10]

-Song and file rule. Hard to ignore the noise hi-hat rolls but it's probably better that they're not stepped

The Steel Monster Above the City [4/10]
-m3 feels weird that the 24th note toms aren't stepped
-end of m6 missed some 24ths, end of m8 as well
-m20 you step them as 24ths, m21 you step them as 32nds???
-I think you're having some difficulty telling the difference between 24ths and 32nds
-This song has tons of potential to be a great token difficult file

Thrashbaath [6/10]

-m23, especially if you're throwing 32nds in there, could use some pattern changes to make it flow better
-what an odd song. File doesn't really have anything wrong worth pointing out, I'd just make the suggestion to re-structure some patterns.

Through Peaks and Valleys For The Meetup [!]

-m10 these jump jacks could work as single notes
-m16 the bpm slows down and everything seems to get messed up. sync is a little off? If it's an error on my part, I'd like to know so I can give proper judgment.

To Make the End of Battle [8/10]

-everything about this file is fantastic. great flow, great pattern use, great challenge.
-end of m120, you missed a drum roll

Together as One [2/10]

-m14 16th note jump jacks would work fine as jumptrills
-m24 rather than dumpstream this part, I'd focus on the synth and underlayer it much more. This part isn't really intense enough to warrant this
-I'm not even sure the whole jumpstream part is technically correct, but this classifies the file as a dump, sorry.

Vampire Killer Remix [2/10]

-m10 the hands from here on out seem randomly placed and don't really add any accent to the song
-Listening to the original song, from what I can hear (this song is pretty loud to start with) the starting melody should have a 16th after the first 4th note
-the jump trills to the snare hits could easily be done as single notes.
-m41 invisible 16th jumpstream. There's nothing here that would indicate a full 16th stream

Velaciela [7/10]

-I was pleasantly surprised at this file. Well constructed and has consistent layering. Very fun, albeit a little repetitive at times.

Walking on Water [7/10]

-Original choice of song for this game. Saw nothing worth picking on. Good stuff

WE LUV LAMA [2/10]

-m17 these could work as single notes
-m26 starting here everything is ignored. tons of wasted potential going on
-the only thing has has to offer unfortunately are the jumps to synth accents.
-m154 barely audible 16th streams.

White Walls pt.1/2 [7/10]

-ait so I did play through all this, only thing I noticed was that the sync got a tad late at parts (usually during the speedups)
-great marathon file, but honestly I'd leave it to one part because it's long enough as is lmao. I think the first part should go in for sure, but the 2nd part isn't necessary.

WHO GIVES A **** [6/10]

-compared to the previous version, lots of improvement
-The empty section at m26 still doesn't need all those color flam notes. just straight 4ths as color would work

Windy Valley [7/10]

-a very simple file with pretty clear techniques for layering. I see nothing to pick on except maybe that the hi-hats are ignored a little too frequently, but it doesn't really matter.

WEYX [+]

-My opinion hasn't changed since last time this was judged.

Ching Chong Wong MOSAIC.WAV song [6/10]
[i.e. えっへん≦( ̄^ ̄)≧どやどす?天狗自慢(Short ver.)]

-Right off the bat, this is way too layered. 48ths at m3 really don't need to be jumps
-m27 if you wanted to make this file even more hard pain, you could step the synth 16ths in the background. I actually think it would be better with them
-m43 ok maybe this part could be toned down a little. Doesn't seem intense enough to have this heavy jumpstream. I'd also focus more on the more prominent sounds which doesn't result in a full 16th jumpstream
-I'd fix this up a bit for consistency measures, but damn what a file.


(keep in mind I use sm-ssc to judge, and the measure counter starts at 0 - yours may start at 1, so you may need to shift the measure numbers up)

Addict [wc] [7/10]
-pr at the beginning sounds a bit off (stuff like b28-29, red notes should fall on the same note)
-from m10-16, i don't really see much justification for minijacks since you seem to be doing them semi-randomly
-jumps would be preferable at b76.5, 82.5, 84.5 (unless you're just stepping the clap but it still feels weird without jumps, and you step them in the 16th stream right after anyways)
-m25 when she says "addict" you only step the first syllable
-you should decide on whether or not to step successive kicks as the same jumps like b118 or different jumps like b150, if not it creates inconsistencies
-hands may be a bit too much on b167 but i'll leave that up to you
-not too keen on minijacks from m64-67 but i guess they're ok for pattern variation
-pretty good file overall, a bit repetitive and boring at parts but still decently interesting

Addict (Dr. Ozi Monsta r3mix) [wc] [8/10]
-trill at m11 is pretty hard to hit well due to inconsistent speedups in the middle - maybe try speeding up a bit more gradually?
-b210.67, 374.67 should be a 16th
-not sure why you used minijacks at the end 12ths since you didn't use them before in the entire file
-fun file

Autumn Insomnia Session [wc vs samurai7694] [7/10]
-m4-10 i don't hear much justification for some of the minijacks - look over this part and get rid of inconsistencies
-jump at b92.83 is either erroneous or missing a jump right after it
-minijack at b123.17 shouldn't be there
-minijack at b124 is kinda random, but feels right as opposed to some of your other ones
-b187.5 should be 24ths instead of 32nds
-minijacks are better in the 2nd half, with very nice patterns in the streams
-good file, fix inconsistencies in first half and it'll be great

Baby Still Too Fat (MarioNintendo) [9/10]
-runningmen go very well with the song
-i feel like a jump will feel more appropriate at the end of the runningmen (eg. m11, 15) instead of a single note, since you step the two successive claps on every second runningman (m13, m17) but really it's your call
-roll at b75.25 seems early
-no idea why there's a minijack on b172
-really fun file, gj

{Japanese characters my computer can't read} (MrPopadopalis25) [7/10]
i.e. えっへん≦( ̄^ ̄)≧どやどす?天狗自慢(Short ver.)
-jumpjack anchors at m27 and similar spots are very hard to hit, consider changing them
-hands from m38-40 don't feel necessary
-extra hand at b318.5
-missing hand/jump at b336
-hand placement seems a bit inconsistent overall, mostly during jumpstreams
-overall, decent scoring file, just fix up a couple patterns and inconsistencies and you'll be good

Falcor (ichliebekase) [6/10]
-beginning few notes could have been stepped, but it doesn't really matter
-16th note should be at b8.25 instead of b8.75, same with b31.25 and 31.75, and all other similar instances
-song drifts quite a big amount sometimes, try to fix sync issues
-missing 16th at 79.25 and similar spots
-file feels very generic, almost no variation

FAREAST HARDSTYLERZ (samurai7694) [7/10]
-not much to say really, ok for a level 2 file since we need more in-game
-even though it's evident you aimed for an easy file, this still feels understepped
-patterns aren't too interesting but not much you can do with a 2

FFReedom (MarioNintendo) [6/10]
-file feels very old-school
-lack of percussion layering makes some parts feel quite empty
-not sure why you missed 16ths at m40, 42 and 44
-layering choices seem a bit iffy at parts like m52 - i know you're trying to accentuate certain sounds, but it makes the file feel inconsistent
-not a bad file, but feels like it could still be improved a good amount

I (3 Voltage[wc] [8/10]
-interesting structure (no jumps)
-pr needs a bit of fixing at m4-7
-bursts at m20-23 are boo-bait, maybe try making patterns a bit friendlier
-you didn't step the 8-bit sound at the beginning of m24 but you stepped it after
-missed 16th at b214.75
-pretty unique file, fun to play too

Ice (samurai7694) [5/10]
-imo the beginning should have jumps to the kick too but it's ok as is
-you have extra 16ths at b133.25 and 133.75, 145.25 and 145.75, and all similar spots
-16th hi-hats comprise most of the jumpstream instead of the wubs, yet are barely audible; this leads to the file becoming very generic because it's pretty much just constant jumpstream with a break every 2 measures or so for the first 90 seconds of the song
-piano from m72-79 is barely audible, instead of constant 12th stream try stepping just the obnoxiously loud WUBWUBWUB
-file gets repetitive very quickly
-colour gimmicks seem unnecessary
-could be improved a good amount

Kazoku Totalis (XxMidigamixX) [3/10]
-beginning layering seems off - your jumps seem to go to higher notes when there's still only 1 note playing, and hands aren't the best choice either considering there's still only 1 instrument playing
-hands at m12-15 should be different combinations and not the same one twice
-once the drums come in the layering starts to get very inconsistent - hands are seemingly random
-32nds in m19 need better patterns
-missing 8th at b92.5
-16th jumps such as the ones in m23 are very hard to hit at that high of a bpm and ruins the flow of the file; you have these everywhere in your file, try to use them sparingly
-missing a note at b106
-patterns, patterns, patterns; throughout the song there are a huge amount of unfavourable patterns that you would do well to change
-colour gimmick from m42-52 is really unnecessary and will make frame placements a huge problem
-many misrhythms from m53-56
-jumpglut from m73-74 (and similar sections) is atrocious, please change this pattern
-missing some 8ths at the end of m74
-your jump and hand selection is very inconsistent from m74-97
-m138 is very inconsistent - you step 16th stream for some parts and stop for no reason on other parts
-m179 holy bejeebus 32nd one-handed minitrills and hidden 16th anchor jacks at this speed, noooooo
-i don't hear justification for the 16th jumpstream from m205 onwards, should be broken jumpstream
-layering inconsistent from m222 onwards
-some ending 4th notes shouldn't be there
-pretty much the same comments for the entire file - change patterns and be more consistent in your layering
-needs quite a bit of work

key of delete (nois-or-e) [6/10]
-b122.5, jump should be on the 16th, not the 8th (happens multiple times)
-a lot of one-handed trills (mostly hidden in jumps), try to change some to friendlier patterns
-instead of straight 16ths from m51-59, broken 16ths would be better
-not much justification for use of hands from m59-73, also jumps are inconsistent
-missing 8th note at b403.5
-16th jumpjacks are pretty mean at this bpm
-missed some kicks m130
-long jack at m145 is also going to cause rage
-not bad, but patterns and layering need fixing

Kind im Einshlummern (Silvuh) [8/10]
-very relaxing file
-good pr for the most part, some right to left hand piano parts may need a bit of tweaking though

Kirlian Changes (Choofers) [9/10]
-not sure what the note at b116 goes to
-loved the pr and pattern choice, very good easy file

KOMMICORE (0 + Choofers) [6/10]
-the only reason your notes are 12ths/48ths is because the actual song is misaligned - the kick and the vocals are actually offset by a bit, which kind of messes up any kind of precise sync - for simplicity's sake, i'd say keep them as the 8th rhythms they're supposed to be or ask kommi to fix the song lol
-pattern at m7 is pretty awkward to hit due to timing of notes
-there are plenty of one-handed trills in your jumpstream in m37+, try making patterns a bit smoother to hit
-ending feels a bit dumpy (since there's not much musical justification for constant 16ths), but is effective as a hard file
-not a bad file, but sync issues and pattern choice may be problematic

Leave It (Silvuh) [8/10]
-nothing too interesting but nothing wrong the file either
-jumps sometimes feel random or out of place
-good easy file

Lufia II Boss Battle RX (Genocide101) [7/10]
-it seems like you step the snare hits such as b75.5 and 83.5, but not ones like b31.5 or 39.5 - try to be consistent
-rolls going into m22 would be better as a trill
-missed jump at b102
-the 24th 3-note staircase patterns throughout the song such as m32 and 33 may need to be changed as they create very unfriendly one-handed patterns
-missing 16th at b179.25
-jack in m53 would do better as a quick roll
-should be a 4th note at b216 for the crash
-the way you stepped the bass 16ths in m56 and 57 but not 54 and 55 makes it feel a bit out of place
-shouldn't be 16ths at b269.25 and 271.25
-imo lead synth should be stepped as jumps during the ending but that's your call
-fix unfriendly patterns and you should be good to go

Magnum (samurai7694) [7/10]
-jumps at b6.5, 14.5, 22.5, 26.25, 30.5, 34.5 etc. don't go to anything
-imo you should step the siren at b39, 43, 47 etc. since the player is focused on it thanks to the jacks
-jacks in m17 (and everywhere else you have these groups of 12th jacks) aren't actually 12ths, rather offset 5/64ths (very evident when you slow it down) - however for simplicity's sake it may be ok to keep them as 12ths, though it might probably screw up players since the jacking is at a different speed than the wubs (for the proper timing, check here: http://i.imgur.com/rHiBI.png)
-same thing with your minijacks in m65 - they're not 16th jacks, but instead something very close to 21/384ths - these are noticeably different than your 16ths, so I suggest you make these follow the wubs (i've included another picture for you for an idea of how to step the rhythm - you switch between 10/192nd and 11/192nd intervals, starting on the 16th: http://i.imgur.com/ymtAc.png)
-when you fix these parts, the clap assist will sound MUCH sexier
-pretty fun file, just needs a bit of fixing

May The Triforce Be With You (woker-X) [8/10]
-the time signature changes are unnecessary but it doesn't really matter
-not sure why b41.5 merits a hand while some other notes around it don't, happens multiple times
-a lot of one-handed patterns in your jumpstream which leads to it being awkward to hit, try changing some around a bit, especially the huge one in m39
-jacks in m59 are inconsistent with the rest of the file, you don't use them anywhere else
-pretty good, just change some patterns

Mmmmmmm (icontrolyourworld) [8/10]
-wow, more steps than anything else in-game
-for a 4-min js file, it actually does well in keeping things interesting
-16th jumps at m60 don't seem to go to anything
-16ths at the beginning of m82 to vocals seem out of place
-some pattern choice is iffy - one-handed trill chains are going to be inevitable in the dense handstream but try to keep it to a minimum (for the most part though patterns were really well done)
-great stamina file, not many other songs are as relentless as this one

Mo-Ko-Mo-Core (hi19hi19) [7/10]
-long js parts are very repetitive - patterns aren't bad but i see some long hidden 8th note chains here and there
-(13)(24) jumptrills are mean but ok for this kind of file
-roll patterns are going to cause rage since there is a possible 2-frame interval between notes
-i suggest that you cut the file - there is a lot of repetitiveness that can be cut down on, especially with the long js parts
-not bad but gets boring after a while

Mostly Dark Universe (Tidus810) [8/10]
-layering the ride cymbal instead of the kick drum as jumps at the beginning would be preferable since the ride is much more audible than the kick
-jump preferable on b29.75, although not necessary due to surrounding 32nds
-not sure why you went with a 16th jump pattern in m10
-extra jump at b45
-again, you switch up the jump patterns even though it sounds the exact same as 2 measures before - try to be consistent, at least within sections
-b116 should be a hand according to your layering
-not sure why you have a jump at b195
-fun file, especially the solo - keep it up!

My favorite shoes (Silvuh) [8/10]
-not sure why you left out the 16th at b51.25 (same at b243.25)
-end of m32 feels empty since it gets louder, yet notes suddenly drop off
-m41-46 feels inconsistent with jump placement
-16th jump at b182.75 should actually be on the 8th note before
-imo you should step the piano in m55, but it's ok without it too
-fun file with an old-school feel

Never Enough - xKore (Marionintendo) [9/10]
-i would have preferred if you layered in the vocals at the beginning though not necessary it would make it less repetitive (especially during the 4x4 kick buildup at m20-27)
-no steps to vocals right before the drop makes me
-layering was simple and easy to follow during the dubstep part and felt great
-jump at b151 should be on the 16th before it (same with b167, 183, etc.)
-32nd pattern at b228.5 might need changing because it is awkward to hit with the (13) 16th jump in the middle (same with b252.5)
-b240 feels weird without a jump
-extremely fun file

N's Farewell (Xx{Midnight}xX) [7/10]
-pr is a lot better than before, props
-grace notes to (13) and (24) jumps feel awkward, especially after the (1)(2)(3) grace note patterns - try changing some around
-still a couple pr issues though (eg. b17-18 should be descending rather than ascending)
-b24 sounds like a hand would be more appropriate, or at least a jump + grace note (same with b33)
-grace note at b54, 81 should come before the jump
-b57, 60, 63 should be hands
-not sure why b66 isn't a hand when you had hands to sounds exactly like this
-b95 and 95.5 should be jumps, since you seem to reserve hands to when both lh and rh piano are playing at the same time
-b99-105 feels empty without lh piano, but i can see why you want to exclude it
-still can't figure out why some of your jumps aren't hands and vice versa - layering feels inconsistent at times
-pr improved from last time, still some inconsistency issues though

o (0) [6/10]
-very repetitive file and song
-jump usage from m24-31 is inconsistent
-m40-43 feels overstepped for what's going on
-missing jumps in m42
-very generic and repetitive file

Ongyilkos Vasarnap (mi40) [8/10]
-b5, 8 etc. i don't know why you didn't step these as jumps, since they actually have more going on than your other jumps
-hand usage from m40-58 seemed inconsistent, i couldn't tell what some were going to
-fun file overall though, not many complaints

Phi-dentity Crisis (hi19hi19) [8/10]
-nothing technically wrong with file
-some parts like m30-34 and m70-77 feel overlayered for what you hear
-memorable file

Pokemon RBY Gym Battle Metal Remix (VisD) [7/10]
-would prefer a jump at b22.5
-m30-31, 64-65, and 106-107 would be better with jumps just to lead guitar
-3-note roll pattern at m80 and m82 doesn't suit the guitar pr-wise
-jumps at b361 and 362.5 should be an 8th note later
-not too sure about jump placement from m96-103
-also try to cut down on one-handed trill patterns in the jumpstream
-rby colour gimmick at end is cool, but makes file hard to read
-jump at b497.5 should be a note later
-ok file, fix some patterns and jumps and it'll be great

R176 V2 (MrPopadopalis25) [8/10]
-jump and hand layering at the beginning is a bit heavy but ok
-very nice patterns for the most part
-minijacks beginning at m58 make the file not flow as well
-nice file; whether the file warrants a v2 or not, i'll leave that up to the higher ups

Reminders (hi19hi19) [9/10]
-file flows incredibly well, layering very easy to follow
-stepping crashes in m23 would've been nice
-crash layering from m32-43 seems inconsistent - sometimes you step it, sometimes you don't
-piano layering would be nice in the ending, although not necessary
-great fun file

Rondo A Capriccio (Bluearrowll) [7/10]
-after the bpm change in m56, the file becomes a bit late - try making the bpm 120 instead of 115
-16th at b474.75 should be on the 12th before it, and the 12th on b475.67 should be on the 8th before it
-bothered me a bit that you didn't step the left hand from m119-122
-one-handed trills are annoying but fine for that "classical file" feel
-b611.5 16th stream should start on the 16th before (and stream before that should end on the 16th before that), same with b615.5
-you put jumps on b663.5 and 665.5 when you didn't have jumps the same sound before then - happened a couple times before too
-overall okay classical file, just watch out for jump inconsistencies and misrhythms

S (MarioNintendo) [8/10]
-layering from m24-29 felt kinda weird - i think it would be best to ignore the hats on the 8ths for this part
-song isn't too interesting but you did well to make it exciting

Saffron City (VisD) [6/10]
-missing grace note at b28
-m16-20 feels empty with just the drums - try including at least the melody
-missing 32nds to hats all over the place, but you don't need to step these since they're pretty quiet
-32nd roll at b116 only lasts for half a beat (same with b148 and similar spots)
-32nd pattern at b132 and 164 needs changing
-missing 16th at b151.75
-i don't think you should stop stepping jumps at spots like b180, 196 and 212, it disrupts the flow of the section
-not sure why you randomly started stepping jumps at b222 when you didn't before
-pretty much exact same comments for the second drum part since it's nearly identical
-not bad, but fix pattern choice and misrhythms

Scars Left By Time (Silvuh) [9/10]
-missed a bass note at b35 (could be intentional)
-you jacks at m10 should actually switch a note later (ie b42 should be a left, b44 should be a down)
-missing bass note at b148.5
-file flows very well, good practice for slow jacks

Shadows (iironiic) [8/10]
-minijacks at b125.33, 273.33 etc. don't go to anything
-minijacks at b172.33 would be ok if you had this pattern elsewhere, but you don't
-file gets quite repetitive, maybe cut it?
-pretty fun file, kinda long though

Shimasen N Bass (Elite Ninja) [6/10]
-drum layering feels empty from m5-12 - layering what you had in the beginning would've made a perfect bridge between the intro and the dnb part at m13
-not sure why you randomly started layering the dnb in m13 since there's no difference in drums, only bass (i guess you could use the "climax theory" explanation but still)
-at m29 maybe try layering at least part the drums, also pa needs a bit of work
-i see what you're trying to do at m44 (and similar parts) but alternating between stepping the drums and the lead instrument is inconsistent - it's actually not too bad here but i still think you should layer in the drums where you have the 8th jacks to the instrument
-overall not bad, lacking in consistency and structure though

Shotgun Surgery (Hateandhatred & samurai7694) [8/10]
-not a fan of the one-handed trills at the beginning but i guess somewhat appropriate for a hard rock song like this
-16th minijack created by hand at b59 should be removed
-not sure why 16ths stop at b223
-hands seem inconsistent at times, like b470
-improve 32nd patterns from m128-134, some are very awkward
-overall good file though, pretty fun

Silent Wind (0) [8/10]
-feel overlayered from m24-31, with m69-76
-minijack at b160 probably isn't the best choice
-pretty fun file, a bit dense though

Since 1983 (DarkZtar) [9/10]
-great flow
-watch out for 24th patterns that create jack chains (such as b307.5 or 320.33), those tend to make patterns awkward
-other than that, really enjoyable file

Skeletones (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [8/10]
-i don't think one-handed trill in m14 is a good idea
-32nds out of m27 would do better as a roll
-long jack in m90 is quite mean for this bpm
-in fact most of your longer jacks are unnecessary, although they do add a difficulty factor
-missing 16th at b619.75
-fun file

Solros ~Vocal~ (iironiic) [8/10]
-flows quite well
-i suggest changing the one-handed minitrills coming out of some of your 24th rolls like at b81, these are throughout the file and are awkward to hit
-i feel like i've seen some of these patterns before :P
-vocal layering seems a bit off, since this IS the vocal version more emphasis should be placed on them (a lot of missed jumps like b110 and 113.5)
-missed 24ths rolls at b266, 290, 446 (seems intentional but not 100% sure why)
-great file to complement the version in-game, just change some patterns

Spoils [dore] [8/10]
-don't hear justification for jump at b19.25
-missing a 16th at 124.25, 132.25
-pattern at b205 will screw people up - maybe try altering it a bit
-pretty fun file

Terror to Terror [TC_Halogen] [7/10]
-burst patterns are kinda ugly atm - try fixing them up a bit
-massive bootrap leading in to m24
-section from m40-51 does not flow very well due to jacks (likewise from m118-129)
-decent fie but some sections seem overdone

The Earth Blew Up v2 (Choofers) [9/10] [>]
-nothing technically wrong with this, and fits the song well - however i feel it's too similar to the one already in-game
-not sure what the decision will be, but disregarding the one already in-game, this would get a 9 from me

The First Epidemic (yomanimawesome) [6/10]
-missing a 16th at b68.25
-m18-32 layering is inconsistent and switches between vocals and guitar, not too much of a problem here though since sections are broken up by 16th fills
-jumpstream is filled with one-handed patterns - a few wouldn't be an issue, but they're literally all over the place, try changing some
-extra 16ths at b259.25 and 259.75
-missing 16ths right before last 2 hands
-not bad, but patterns and consistency need addressing

The Replicator [wc] [8/10]
-note at b45 should be on the prior 12th
-24th at b79.167 should actually be on b79.5
-extra note at b126.5
-5th last note should be shifted down a 12th
-layering isn't overly obvious throughout - feels inconsistent at times
-great file though, very fun

The Steel Monster Above the City (Reshiram) [5/10]
-missing a 32nd at b10.875, 58.875, and pretty much everywhere else this tom line occurs
-missing a 16th at b11.25
-24ths at b19.167 and 19.33 are actually 32nds on b19.125 and 19.25, this happens pretty much everywhere you have this pattern
-48ths in m13 is actually just a 32nd
-32nd at b67.125 should be lowered to the next 32nd, same with the one on b75.125 and everywhere else this bass pattern appears
-missing 24ths at b91.5
-m27-34 layering isn't consistent - it switches constantly between what's a jump and what isn't
-24th and 32nd substitution for 8-bit sound aren't consistent with each other
-rhythm at b187 should be your typical 3-note 32nds then 24ths pattern
-rhythm after b196 should be 3/64ths, not 24ths
-burst patterns from m48-51 aren't very friendly but doable
-random hand at b234
-rhythm after b316 isn't 12ths, it's 3/32nds
-24th jumpstream from m93-94 should be 32nds
-many misrhythms and inconsistencies, fix them and you'll have a fun file

Thrashbaath (Sticklydude) [6/10]
-bpm should be an even 210 - if a bpm analyzer is giving you a number like that, the rule of thumb is to round it to the nearest whole digit
-pattern from b18-19 should be straight 24ths
-according to your layering b52.5 shouldn't be a jump
-missing 16th at b84.25
-missing 32nd at b101.875
-missing 16ths to kick drum at b155.25, 159.25, 163.25, etc. pretty much for the whole section
-not sure what most of the 8ths from m54-69 go to (eg. b219.5, 227.5 etc.)
-from m70-84, missing 16ths to kick drum just like before
-missing 16ths at b367.25, 369.25, 372.25, 372.75, 391.25, 391.75
-missing constant 16th kick starting at b400
-not bad, but some misrhythms and missed notes

Through Peaks and Valleys (Bynary Fission) [6/10]
-looks like someone forgot to shift bpm changes and stops down - i'm guessing after you added 2 sec. of silence?
-luckily i was nice enough to do it for you and judge it properly :P
-32nd trills like m41 make the difficulty very inconsistent - it's mainly easy 8th notes, then all of a sudden woah 32nds
-0-framer jack at b186 is just wtf
-jumpstream pattern at m123-126 is extremely awkward to hit, especially at that speed - you have a 8th jack chain that's 4 entire measures
-the song is long - maybe try to cut some parts?
-overall not bad, but pattern choice and difficulty spikes leave something to be desired

To Make the End of Battle (DarkZtar) [8/10]
-your snare layering seemed inconsistent, sometimes layering it and sometimes not (happens pretty much throughout the file)
-other than that, no real complaints, plays like a typical ssh file

Together as One (Anaru) [5/10]
-m22-29 is overstepped for what's going on - ghost 16th notes and jumps to really quiet sounds
-m30-36 i still can't tell what the constant 16ths are going to
-gets even dumpier at m37
-hands in m45 don't seem to go to anything either
-jump into hand before m53 breaks flow
-still ghost notes from m71-86
-random hands like b372
-why are there jacks in m111, it's alternating notes, also jump usage around this section seemed inconsistent
-missed jump at b531.5
-random jump at b545.5
-very repetitive and some misrhythms and layering problems

Vampire Killer Remix (Sticklydude) [7/10]
-using 24ths to represent the vibrato at m25 and 29 doesn't feel right, maybe try something closer to a 16th rhythm
-missed some good rhythms in the hat and kick in m34 and 35
-not much else is wrong, okay file, felt a bit of fun factor was lost though since you ignored a lot of interesting rhythms

Velaciela (DarkZtar) [9/10]
-could have stepped 32nd snare rolls at b109.5 and 111.5 (in any case, snare buildup to m28 should be constant 16ths)
-great file, very fun and layering felt intuitive

Walking on Water (Silvuh) [8/10]
-missing 12th on b7.33
-i would've preferred if you stepped the vocals throughout the song like in m4 and m16 - the file is ok without them, but starts to get repetitive only playing the drum and guitar
-layering felt a little off throughout, oftentimes unclear what some jumps are going to (eg. step some jumps to snare but then some single steps in the same section)
-overall pretty good rock file

WE LUV LAMA [pokelda vs wc] [6/10]
-has a very old-school feel
-why are jumps at b41.5 and 49.5 alternating when every other time they were jumpjacks?
-don't see the need for jumps to every note from m16-20 but doesn't really matter
-i would've preferred if you stepped the 32nd rolls throughout the song like at b99.5 but that's just personal preference
-if you stepped the kick in m32 i feel like it would make the file feel more representative of the song
-don't get why you only paused the 16th hats for one set of kick rolls and not the rest in m64
-extra 16th at b288.25
-same comment as m64 at m80
-should be rolls instead of jumps at b387, also missing a jump on b388 for the crash
-m97-104 feels inconsistent with jumping between layering
-missing 16th at b451.75
-missing jumps to crashes from m153-176
-also, same problems from first stream apply here
-good attempt at an old-school file, but execution is a bit lacking

White Walls Part 1 [dore] [8/10]
-missing jump at b87.5
-not a fan of the one-handed trill made by the jump pattern in m103
-one-handed trill is also a bit iffy but not as bad since it's slower
-24th patterns in m175 could use some cleaning up
-good file - didn't drag on for being 7 minutes
-just watch out for some pattern choice - one-handed trills especially

White Walls Part 2 [dore] [8/10]
-missing a hand at b176 and b208 (seems intentional but i don't know why)
-jump seems to be missing at b240 ,261, 282, 303
-alternating jump pattern in the right hand at m80 is really awkward to hit
-missing jump at b451 to crash
-jumptrills at m221 are a bit much imo
-awesome use of one-handed trills in m252-253, this is how it should be done
-24th patterns in m259-260 may need to be revised
-i know what you're trying to do but a jack at b1098 just feels weird (same with b1114)
-another good file that also didn't drag on too long
-again, some patterns should be changed but on a whole it was great

WHO GIVES A **** (nois-or-e) [7/10]
-better than last time
-not sure why b24.5 isn't a jump when it also has the harmony line playing (and other similar instances)
-layering seems inconsistent from m13-16 - you only sometimes layer the kick
-you don't step the percussion at all from m17-24 - it's not too bad, but the section feels a bit weird only hitting the melody notes when the kick and snare are so pronounced
-not too fond of the idea of 192nd grace notes to notes that don't even have them (colour differences will be annoying)
-also for notes that do have grace notes, notes should be spaced out a bit more, like a 24th apart for the ones that start the melody and 48th for the others
-section from m25-40 also feel empty without the percussion
-same comments about emptiness for ending too
-improvement from last time, but could be better

Windy Valley (Genesis'd) (Silvuh) [7/10]
-layering from m2-17 is hard to follow - constant switching between layering and not layering the snare will confuse players
-random jump at b116.75
-missing 16th at b124.25
-same thing from m34-49, snare layering is inconsistent
-not a bad file, but inconsistencies make it not fun to play

[Resubmission] Star Wars Anthology (Sticklydude) [8/10]
-16th snare roll at b121 actually starts a beat before
-missing 8th at b153.5
-much better than before, still feels a bit repetitive though

[Resubmission] Tequila (Anaru) [7/10]
-missing jump to clap at b46, 62, 78, 90, 94, 102
-not sure why you stepped a note at b88.5 since the only thing there is a hat and you didn't step them anywhere else
-missing 12ths after b145
-missing 16th at b144.75
-not sure why beginning of m37 isn't jumps
-hands at b150 are inconsistent - you didn't use them before when there were those noises
-beginning of m38 should be kept as jacks to be consistent with the rest of the file
-missing note at b163
-jumps at m41 should still be jacks
-overall not too bad, but still needs some improvement

[Resubmission] THE LITTLE MERMAID (hi19hi19) [8/10]
-b30 should be a jump, 30.5 should be a hand, 31 should be a jump
-consider changing the jumpjacks at b38, since there's no other similar jacks in the file and it creates a difficulty spike
-i stand by my comment from last time that the heavy layering fits the aggressive tone of the song, good job

[Resubmission] World End's Yama Xanadu (0) [8/10]
-considering the only changes you made were 8th notes in the slow part and adding a hand, my notes and mark from last time pretty much apply here
"-lol this has more notes than any file in FFR apart from vrofl"
"-gets really repetitive (2nd half is pretty much the same as the first), but that's pretty much unavoidable with a song this long"
"-I would maybe suggest a cut, but that would detract from the potential of a good stamina file"
"-not many technical criticisms, although I would have stepped some snare rolls like m145, 290"
"-not much more you can do with this song, good job"


えっへん≦( ̄^ ̄)≧どやどす?天狗自慢(Short ver.) [MrPopadopalis25] - [+.] 7/10
- Really dense file, some patterns are tough to nail but they're passable.
- Beat 358.50, shouldn't be a hand there.

Addict (Dr. Ozi Monsta r3mix) [wc] - [+] 9/10
- Really fun chart, no major errors can be made out as far as I can tell.
- At beat 210.50, better change this to an 8th-12th grace.
- Same above for beat 374.50.
- Measure 78-80, not really supportive of polyrhythms for a 7, it's better off leaving as 16ths.

Addict [wc] - [+] 9/10
- Got to say, I enjoyed this quite a lot. Using the jumps as an advantage to keep pitch relevency intact gave it a nice touch.
- For a 7, the jumps at the speed-up through measure 55-60 seem forced and surprising, better tone this part down a bit. Leave the first 3 jumps and continue with a 1234 roll.

Autumn Insomnia Session [wc vs samurai7694] - [+] 8/10
- You two really nailed this song down nicely. Good work.
- Beat 21.67 and 112.17, are missing notes.
- Beat 82.83 is a ghost note, get rid of it.
- Beat 187.25, move that 32nd down to a 16th.
- Beat 187.50, should be a 24th triplet instead of a 32nd.

Baby Still Too Fat [MarioNintendo] - [+.] 6/10
- When I played this, I thought it wasn't too bad. Seemed to get inconsistent though, but lets look into the editor.
- Beat 7.25, make this a (34) jump. Beat 7.50 didn't need to be a jump at all, make this go into a down 16th minijack.
- Beat 38.50, maybe make this a (14) jump. Just to keep consistency going.
- Beat 137.00 should be a jump for the missing clap.
- Beat 172.00, why does this lead to a minijack?
- Measure 61-62, 65-66, those shouldn't be 12ths, move the first 12th up to a 16th and the second down to a 32nd.
- Everything else seems fine. Consistency seemed to be the main issue with this file, layering wise. Otherwise, it's not too bad.

Boss Battle RX [Genocide101] - [?] 3/10
- The 24th runningmen were brutal in this file, seeing as the majority of the community plays spread, people won't enjoy trying to nail those down.
- At measure 7, start the first jump as a [14].
- There are many jump inconsistencies and PR errors after that. When you're layering, the bass is always one note and the melody is another, those two should only be a jump when they are together.
- For the 24th streams... measures 27-29 are good, maybe fix up the PR in this. Measures 31-35, are a no. Change those patterns to be like measures 27-29.
- You as well have many ghost notes in the file, slow the file down to 0.5 in certain parts to get a better understanding of what needs to be stepped. Beats 203.25 and 203.75 for example are ghost notes, remove these. There are many others. before and after that.
- Minijack on measure 54, should be a 32nd triplet followed by an 8th note at the end. Preferrably 123 4.
- Personal aesthetic, I would probably leave a silence between beats 226.00-232.50 and beats 242.00-244.00.
- As for the jumptrills, it'd be best to leave them as just trills.

Falcor [ichliebekase] - [+.] 7/10
- Not a bad file, but most of the jumps seemed to stay away from pitch relevancy with the song. Make the first 4 jumps, [12], [23], [13], [14], then go along from there.
- As for the triplets, work on these as well, perhaps make them more fluent. Such as making each start with alternating the player's hands (ex. 123, 432, 132, 423).

FAREAST HARDSTYLERZ [samurai7694] - [+.] 7/10
- For a song like this you'd expect some 16ths or 32nd rolls, but this is actually cool for an easy file. Hoping for multiple difficulties in the near future.

FFReedom [MarioNintendo] - [color=purple][PASS][color]
- I am NOT sure how to judge this at all due to the instruments of the song not being synced with other instruments, making the offset almost impossible to make out (-0.014 should be good?). Not being responsible for this.

I <3 Voltage [wc] - [+.] 7/10
- This felt very awkward at first, until I saw what you were doing. Interesting concept with making 2 melodies come together and attempting pitch relevancy on both.
- Beat 47.63 and 214.75 are missing notes.
- Beats 68.75 and 212.75 are ghost notes, get rid of them.
- Some of the 48ths at measures 21-25 could be much more fluent, these are baiting for boos and can cause bad habits to erupt easily. Especially for a 10, this is quite tougher to nail than the rest of the stepfile.

Ice [samurai7694] - [+] 9/10
- Really fun, the color gimmicks gave this file a nice touch to the song.
- Beat 155.50, shouldn't have a note there.
- Neither should beat 219.50.
- PR mistakes around measure 67, also around measure 93.

Kazoku Totalis [XxMidigamixX] - [-] 1/10
- Whoa there... calm down. This was way overdone with jumps and hands. Technicality is extremely poor in this stepfile and needs a huge revision.
- Pitch relevency issues with the hands at beats 51.00, 56.00, and 60.00.
- Measure 18, change the first two jumps to [14], and change the 3rd jump to a [34] since snares usually start with the right notes. Another note, snares stand out the most from the rest of the song so these should be layered as the jumps for now.
- Beats 69.50, 70.50, 71.00 should be single notes. Beats 71.50 and 72.00 shouldn't be hands, make them [34] jumps.
- Beats 74.50, 75.00, and 76.00 should be single notes as well.
- Beat 77.00, change to a [34] jump, beats 77.50, 78.00 change to single notes.
- The 32nd bursts are extremely dumpy and need to be more fluent for the player to hit.
- I'm done judging from there, the song does not need all these hands and jumps. When you're stepping any breakcore or DnB song, technicality is a must. Meaning bass notes as single left notes and snares as single right notes or [34] jumps. Make sure to switch these up while still maintaining technicality within the stepfile.

Key of Delete [nois-or-e] - [+.] 7/10
- On account of that ending, this would be good for a skill token lol.
- Technicality is good overall, layering good. But damn that ending is just a difficulty spike lol.
- If you really want to tone it down on the difficulty, turn some of the jacks into jumptrills/trills.

Kind im Einshlummern [Silvuh] - [+] 8/10
- Really soothing piano song, notes stepped perfectly to the song provided. Great work.

Kirlian Changes [Choofers] - [+] 8/10
- Another soothing song, expected by Flashbulb. Nothing erroneous in this file, quite an easy one.

KOMMICORE [0 vs Choofers] - [PASS]
- Okay yeah, I'm not sure how to judge this. Honestly I think the jumpstreams could be cleaned up but... eh, I want other judges to do this. Not responsible.

Leave It [Silvuh] - [+] 8/10
- You step the best easy songs haha.
- Good stuff, have to note the PR with the jumps beyond measure 33 were nice. Nothing seems to be wrong.

Magnum [samurai7694] - [+.] 6/10
- Really sure the jacks in this could be stepped as streams, minijacks at this speed is rough.
- The one handed trills right before measure 6 and the very end, it'd be best to change those.
- Measure 18-46, 12th streams would be better to play on.
- Measure 66-81, same goes for this.
- The 32nds starting at beat 321.00 is as well rough, tone this one down.

May The Triforce Be With You [woker-X] - [+] 9/10
- Excellent file, this played very well. Dense jumpstream/handstream file.
- Maybe change the minijacks to something else at beats 114.00 and 238.50.
- Nothing else to say, great job on this, enjoyed it very much.

Mmmmmmm [icontrolyourworld] - [PASS]
- I am not being responsible for this. Damn this hurts lol.

Mo-Ko-Mo-Core [hi19hi19] - [PASS]
- Er... yeah I can't judge this either.

Mostly Dark Universe [Tidus810] - [+?] 5/10
- This wasn't a bad play, it was hard to follow what notes went with the song and it seemed to run all over the place. Let's check in the editor.
- Some slight PR errors in the beginning of the song, make sure to fix these (e.g. the 16ths at beat 7.00, fix the 32nds at beat 15.00).
- Consistency is also off, you're leading some jacks into jumps, some not. Preferrably, you should seperate the jumps from that (e.g. beat 25.50).
- Beats 44.75 and 45.00, what are these jumps going to?
- Beats 60.25 and 61.25, better to not layer any more drums, it gets confusing to what goes to what.
- Beat 116.00, should be a hand.
- After beat 158.00, you're missing a bunch of hands which you were layering to before.
- Needs revision, the solos were stepped good, the consistency of layering in this file was poor.

My Favorite Shoes [Silvuh] - [+] 9/10
- This plays really well, correct technical structure and great patterns.
- Couldn't find anything wrong in the editor, so yet again, excellent job Silvuh.

Never Enough [MarioNintendo] - [+] 8/10
- A pretty nice playthrough, nothing I can make out that's wrong.
- Kind of a personal problem but, these short 32nd bursts at beat 212.50 could probably be best without the jump. Sure, they can be bs'd as a small jumptrill, but these stand out from the rest of the file.

N's Farewell [Xx{Midnight}xX] - [+?] 5/10
- Chill sounding song. It seemed nice during gameplay but I would have to recheck all the grace notes you put in, there are quite a lot that are wrong (such as beats 9.00 and 20.88)
- Missed a note at measure 18 and beat 80.75.

o [0] - [+] 8/10
- Can't really say that much for this since the song is very limited to what to step. It was a pretty nice play and had a good climaxed ending.
- Technicality in this file was correct and layering is good.

Ongyilkos Vasarnap [mi40] - [?] 3/10
- Eh... not so fond of what I just played here. It's a simple song to step and you've pretty much had a bunch of inconsistencies with technicality and layering. Let's take a look.
- Beat 2.75, just one bass note and nothing else, should be a single note. There's plenty more which you layered as jumps.
- Beat 3.00, same as above, just a snare note and nothing else.
- Beat 5.00, a bass and cymbal note, which you put only a single note. More which you have done the same afterwards.
- Beats 25.00 and 27.50, check the pitch relevancy for these notes.
- Missed a note at beat 104.50. Also don't know what beat 111.50 should be a jump.
- Beat 122.75, why did you cut off that trill?
- Beat 131.50, don't layer the violin, this is not an instrument to be acknowledged with the song. You did this many more times after that.
- There's plenty of other missing sounds you didn't step to such as beat 161.25.
- Revise this stepfile, the technicality should be worked on as well.

Phi-dentity Crisis [hi19hi19] - [+.] 7/10
- Due to its length, this starts to get more interesting as it goes by. Good play, some patterns were pretty awkward in my opinion.
- Beat 83.25 move this to a down note and beat 83.50 to a (34) jump. Just to keep left hand bias away.
- Beat 158.50, shouldn't be a hand.
- Beat 186.00, there's too many of these (123) hands that could probably be changed to fit the pitch of the other sound.
- Fairly nice file, good work on this.

Pokemon RBY Gym Battle Metal Remix [VisD] - [+?] 4/10
- Honestly, the majority of the patterns in this file are mediocre and aren't really providing anything interesting or fun. The solo was poorly done, didn't even feel much pitch relevancy there at all.
- Beat 353.00, better to just keep this part as single notes all except for beats 356.00 and 356.50.
- The jumpstream at measure 97, the drums are the most important to layer. Layering more of the guitar makes it confusing and it is barely audible.
- The consistency of the patterns are also very poor but yet seem lazy. Sorry, can't really go any further.

R176 V2 [MrPopadopalis25] - [+] 9/10
- REALLY fun, much better than the one we have in FFR currently. This would make a great second version.
- Only complaints I have are the 16th jacks starting at measure 59, please make these triplets.
- Excellent work on this though, everything flowed well and played awesomely. Probably the best file I've played so far in this batch.

Reminders [hi19hi19] - [+] 9/10
- Another fantastic file next to R176, flow was great and the song was amazing. Made a few errors.
- Right around measure 100, beat 395.50 should be a down to left polyrhythm and move the other 12th jump up to a 4th.
- Beat 410.67, move the up arrow to an 8th.
- Beat 503.67, the jump should be there, not at the 4th.
- Beat 609.67, not sure if I'm hearing it right but there should be a 12th there.

Rondo a Capriccio [Bluearrowll] - [+.] 7/10
- This played great, but noticed a couple careless mistakes in the file that were probably overlooked.
- Beat 172.50 doesn't need a 32nd grace.
- Measure 118-120, re-sync some of the notes on this.
- Beats 611.25 and 615.25 should have notes there.
- Beat 625.50 should be a jump.

S [MarioNintendo] - [+] 8/10
- This flowed pretty nicely, nothing that I can really point out in this file. Everything seems in its place and correct. Good work.

Saffron City [VisD] - [+?] 5/10
- There are quite a bunch of noticable errors in this, compared to your other file this played better but still no dice. The 24th colored rolls are a good appeal though.
- Missing a 48th grace right at measure 8.
- Beat 61.00, why is there a jump?
- For consistency, beat 72.75, change this to a (34) jump. Beat 78.00 should be changed to a (24) jump.
- Measure 24, change these 2 jumps to just single notes.
- Measure 30, this 32nd roll is 4 notes too long (there are plenty more of these later on in the file).
- Beat 117.50, the melody isn't to be layered at this point of the song, change to a single note.
- Beats 180.00, 181.00, 196.00, and 197.00, 212.00, 213.00, should have jumps.
- Revise this chart, a good song for FFR to play through until it is fixed.

Scars Left By Time [Silvuh] - [+] 8/10
- This was a good play, plays out smoothly in the beginning and goes to rough jacks. Song isn't all that appealing and didn't have that much to offer, but overall the chart is great and well crafted. Well done.

Shadows [iironiic] - [+.] 6/10
- This seemed to drag on and had a lot of copy and paste. But it wasn't bad, I wouldn't mind seeing this on FFR.
- The sync was good, nothing I can really make note of this file besides the fact of it dragging on.

Shimasen N Bass [Elite Ninja] - [+.] 7/10
- Not that bad of a file, flow is a bit weird but nothing really seems erreneous. Nice job Brandon.

Shotgun Surgery [Hateandhatred & samurai7694] - [+.] 7/10
- Flow was weird, felt like a pretty long 4 minutes. Nothing I can note wrong with this except maybe not have one hand trills in the beginning. Layering is passable, nice file.

Silent Wind [0] - [+?] 4/10
- Really can't tell what you're layering through this whole file, the bass layering is questionable. Starts to get extremely messy with jumps, unbearing to play through, and really easy to lose track. Sorry, can't let this through.

Since 1983 [DarkZtar] - [+] 9/10
- Good job with this one, stepped technically and done it well. Variety was also pretty good, nothing I can take note.

Skeletones [Brilliant Dynamite Neon] - [-] 1/10
- Glad you stepped the whole song; however, you've pretty much dumped the file with difficulty spikes and unnecessary bursts.
- Now I'm not accurate with offsets since I use the 3.9 editor to step my simfiles, but I'd say the offset would have to be -0.037.
- The speed-up and slow-down are not supposed to be so complicated.
- Many inconsistencies throughout the whole file.
- Sorry but, a definite no for this.

Solros ~Vocal~ [iironiic] - [+.] 7/10
- The patterns are still awkward and not much different from the other version, but nothing wrong with it. Could make a nice skill token, good job.

Spoils [dore] - [+] 9/10
- Really great file, nothing I can really take note. Song was awesome, really do hope to see this in game.
- Not really too fond of the 24th dual jacks at measure 47, but it's passable. Still fun to play.

Terror to Terror [TC_Halogen] - [+?] 5/10
- In my opinion, this wasn't THAT bad. Too dumpy for the members of FFR to really enjoy, so I can't let this pass by. Great effort but just way too difficult.

The Earth Blew Up v2 [Choofers] - [+] 8/10
- Better than bob bob's definitely. Very unanimous a V2 would be needed for this.
- Optional but, add 4th notes to measures 61 and 63 to the vocal, a long pause like that isn't exactly expected for this kind of song.
- Nothing that I can see wrong in this, good flow and technicality.

The First Epidemic [yo man im awesome] - [?] 2/10
- Okay, I'm sure you could do more with this song than dumping 210-225 BPM 16th jumpstream for 33 measures. At least make the stream more comfortable to play than small runningmen patterns and one hand trills.
- Between beat 102.00 and beat 117.00, what are some of these jumps going to?

The Replicator [wc] - [+] 8/10
- Great playthrough, some patterns were unexpected but this still had good flow and very nice patterns.
- Only thing to note is beat 300.33, move that down a 12th.

The Steel Monster Above the City [Reshiram] - [+] 9/10
- Maybe a bit rough with a few short bursts, but overall this was pretty well done. Excellent flow.
- Missing a note at beat 11.25.
- Bursts such as ones like at measure 49, seem harder to hit than what the rest of the file has to offer. Tone this down if you want.
- Nothing else to mention, really great job on this song.

Thrashbaath [sticklydude] - [+?] 4/10
- This wasn't very fluent and the layering was confusing.
- Starting at measure 23, you could pitch relevancy the 8ths making them jacks and make the stream into runningmen or trills.
- Measure 27, shouldn't really have a jump there since the pitch doesn't change from the jump before.
- Starting from measure 71 to 86, you should step the triplets according to the pitch relevancy. Doesn't feel right to have them just thrown in there lazily.
- Beat 342.00, honestly I don't know why you're stepping the vocals alone as jumps, better to leave them as single notes.
- From measure 96, a majority of the hands from there don't really show enough intensity of the song for them to be there.
- Needs a huge revision.

Through Peaks and Valleys [Bynary Fission] - [PASS]
- Due to Logan's slip-up, I can't really judge this. Passing it over.

To Make the End of Battle [DarkZtar] - [+] 8/10
- A good dense song and file, stepped everything technically to the song and the solos flow good.
- Missed a note at beat 119.50.

Together as One [Anaru] - [?] 3/10
- 3/5ths of the stepfile is easy to understand, but the generic and careless jumpstream at measure 23 just doesn't really make out to anything. Sorry, cannot allow this to pass.

Vampire Killer Remix [sticklydude] - [+.] 7/10
- This wasn't too bad, layering jumps and hands to accent certain instruments is a decent idea. Nothing wrong in this file but I suppose this would have been better if you stepped it technically. But, at least the layering isn't all over the place and you can actually tell what they're going to, so good effort for that.

Velaciela [DarkZtar] - [+.] 7/10
- Very nice play through, some parts seemed a bit awkward for the song but it's not really wrong.
- Missed jumps at beats 45.00, 53.00, 61.00, and 69.00
- Missed a note at beats 283.75 and 305.75.
- Should be a jump at beat 291.00.

Walking on Water [Silvuh] - [+] 8/10
- This was pretty neat. It had good structure and was a nice playthrough. Good work.

WE LUV LAMA [pokelda vs wc] - [+.] 6/10
- A simple file with simple patterns. Good for consistency practice.
- Beat 35.13, missed a 32nd.
- Beat 39.75, why couldn't this be a (12)(12)(12) jack?
- Measure 26-58, figured one of you two could step more in here than just putting jumps for 32 measures.
- Ghost notes: Beats 258.25, 259.25, 322.25, 323.25, 642.25, 643.25, 675.25, 706.25, 707.25.
- Beat 451.75, missing a 16th.
- Move beat 610.75 down to a 4th.
- Beat 756.00, optional, step the ending sound right here.

White Walls Part 1 [dore] - [+.] 7/10
- Well since it has been cut down, it should be passable now.
- Patterns were fun and well thought-out for this, but with it being extremely long I can't allow myself to give a higher rating than a 7.

White Walls Part 2 [dore] - [+.] 7/10
- Got to pass this one too since it is a second part. This was more brutal than the first, but still a good job and excellent effort for stepping the whole song (which is awesome by the way).

WHO GIVES A **** [nois-or-e] - [+] 9/10
- you obviously give a **** to step this neatly
- Really cool swing file. Not much to say about it except I think there shouldn't really be that many accented 192nds starting at measure 26. This played great though, excellent job Jae.

Windy Valley (Genesis'd) [Silvuh] - [+] 8/10
- I can't even point out any errors in your stepfiles. They all played great and were stepped neatly.
- Nice job with this, not much to do with this song but was still nice to play through.

[Resubmission] Star Wars Anthology [sticklydude] - [+.] 7/10
- Pretty old school, nothing I can note wrong at all. Good effort.
- Guess you don't have to resubmit again (assuming the other judges gave the same rating or higher).

[Resubmission] Tequila [Anaru] - [+?] 4/10
- Layering is all over the place with this stepfile.
- Beat 39.25, shouldn't be a jump.
- Beat 46.00, missed a jump (there's plenty more of the same error).
- Beat 50.75, why a jump?
- Beat 55.00, same as above.
- Can't even go any further, overrun with inconsistencies and errors.

[Resubmission] THE LITTLE MERMAID [hi19hi19] - [+.] 7/10
- What am I playing lmfao.
- The heavy layering is good for a song like this I suppose, too short of a file though.
- Nothing I can really note wrong, hilariously good haha.

[Resubmission] World End's Yama Xanadu [0] - [+.] 7/10
- Goddamn long lol.
- Looks good, everything seem in its place, flow was good.
- Measure 105, should be a hand there.
- Measure 308, should be a single note.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0



Note: All sections pointed out/mentioned are in seconds. Beats and measures do not apply.

Addict (Dr. Ozi Monsta R3mix) (who_cares973)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 136.639: Since you had made most of the 'wobs' and 'wubs' in the chart singles and /or broken runs, this section could've also been done the same,
although it's nothing to fret over though since it is near the end of the song.
• No real commentary for this file actually. Everything seems pretty straight forward for the most part. Nothing too exciting but very nicely done overall.

Addict (who_cares973)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 35.593: Maybe a hand?
• 36.965: I'd a suggest maybe a bit of variation at this section here considering you make these same sections
later in the chart a bit more spread out in terms of playability. (As in not one note constantly repeating)
• 44.508: Same as above.
• 74.336: The speed up of the chart here is pretty neatly done. Although it wouldn't have been something I'd done, it definitely
makes the chart a bit less of a bore. Despite the fact that your note placements here were a bit forced, it's not bad at all.
• 101.426: Maybe a hand?
• 131.081: Refer to 36.965.

Autumn Insomnia Session (who_cares973 vs. samurai7694)
Score: 6/10 [+.]
• Not too fond of the incosistent hand usage throughout most of the chart in the beginning. (see 38.648, 41.406, 49.682, etc. etc.)
• 77.096: Missed 16th jump.
• 125.015: Missing 32nds here? The chart fully follows the next bit of it, but here it seems to be missing 2 notes.
• 127.491: Stopped following the 16th snare here? It's just one note.
• Overall, the chart seems to be fine for the most part. A tad bit of incosistency turned me off from truly liking this as much as I thought I would but
nonetheless, great effort from you both.

Baby Still Too Fat (MarioNintendo)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 118.902: This probably has to be my only pet peeve about the chart itself. Your patterns here force seven notes to be
hit constantly, in which, do not have any relevancy to the music as far as I can tell. I'd try to change this up a bit and explore different options.
• Chart's clean and flows pretty well despite the section above. Good stuff.

えっへん≦( ̄^ ̄)≧どやどす?天狗自慢(Short ver.) (MrPopadopolis25)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 3.102: Missing a jump here?
• 37.214: Missing jump. (46.960: You place a jump here, but not in the section mentioned despite them being the same rhythm/sounds)
• 58.990: I'm not too fond of the stuff going on in this bit. The repeating 4th/8th notes hardly go to anything, and at this speed, these
kind of things are a bit of a nuisance to some players.
• 79.853: Same as above.
• The jumpstream/handstream's pretty dense, but it's nothing too bad. It flows well for the most part and makes for a very fun
and really challenging chart. Screams Japanese, but nicely done.

Falcor (ichliebekase)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• Missing 16ths in a few places such as 3.580, 13.453, 17.316, 34.056
• Song doesn't leave much room for replay value. Repetitive patterns of 16th note triplets and melody on every appropriate 4th
and sometimes 8th beat with not much else.
• It's a nice and easy chart. Despite having a few technical wrongings, it's still relatively clean and for the most part, passable.

Score: 7/10 [+.]
•The first 10-11 seconds are a bit unnecessary. Maybe a cut + fade in to get it started,
or place a note at 5.672 so it's not so empty.
• I also have no idea why you waited until 37.887 to start following the melody with your note placement,
so it seems a bit a weird to follow what you're trying to do for the first half of the song. Could be blind placement of 4ths?
• Rest of the chart is pretty watered down and bland.. Nothing too much going on, but it's a passable as an easy chart.

FFReedom (MarioNintendo)
Score: 5/10 [+.]
• Offset is incorrect. Changed to 0.025 from 0.014.
• 46.843, 47.570, 53.389, 54.843, 55.570, etc. etc.: The 16th jumps you have here are actually 12th notes.
• 94.570: Hand usage here is questionable. It actually felt anti-climatic, rather than what you were trying to do.
• 119.928: BPM drifts off a bit here, causing the rest of the file at this point to be offsync.
• The chart is a bit bland, and it's more on the 'meh' side. Maybe due to the song choice forcing repetitive concepts. You also have a drifty bpm and a couple of misrhythms in the beginning that plague this file from being what it should.

I (3 Voltage (who_cares973)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• Very cool song choice. I was diggin' it.
• The non-existent layering in the chart; not so diggin' it, albeit the BPM changes were nice and fitting.
• No issues seem to have been spotted. Clean and very nicely crafted!

Ice (samurai7694)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• The first 10-11 seconds are a bit unnecessary. Maybe add 2 seconds of silence and place notes
to the bass/kick up until where you have it actually start. It'd be nicer for the players.
• This chart screams copy and paste + mirror/left/right/up, etc. to me. Very repetitive and tends to drag on and on.
• 96.897, 124.326: All purple notes?
• 110.611, 138.040: All cyan notes?
• I'm going to assume the colors were used to make this chart more interesting, but it instead failed to keep me interested.
The gimmicks felt a bit tacky, and the chart seemed more of a chore to read, rather than actually being fun.

Kazoku Totalis (XxMidgiamixX)
Score: 1/10 [-]
• 4.992: These are actually 8th/16ths, not two 32nds.
• 16.163, 16.479, 17.426, 17.742: Sounds are different. Notes should be different.
• 18.689, 19.005: ^
• 29.900: This 4 jump jumpjack should be changed. For playability's sake. Beat isn't too intense to be meritable.
• 42.531: Missed 8th. • 44.979, 45.058: Since you step every sound in the sections before this, then include the 8th/16th you're missing in these spots.
• 71.723, 73.144, 76.776: Refer to 29.900
• 88.933: Considering you're following the bass before this, change this to a single note.
• 90.0670 - 92.249: Incosistent jump usage. I have no clue what you're trying to follow. Going in and out of the bass/melody with your layering is confusing.
• 113.081: ????????????
• 153.832: Hands after rolls make for nasty conversion/gameplay once in the engine. Big no-no here.
• 161.569: ^
• There's a difference between making a 12 that makes sense, and a making a 12 with things out of place and hard to follow.
Your pattern concepts need to be carefully well thought out; some of the things you tried to pull just didn't make sense, and felt out of place.

Key of Delete (Nois-or-e)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 65.001: Random jump jack? Everything else seems to be separated and fluid.
• 67.917: Missing 8th.
• 79.417: Using hands for the main synth here is slightly a bit overkill. Doesn't feel 'big'
or 'exciting' enough to use them. Tone this section down a bit? Just a suggestion.
• 131.047: Why not step the instrument/glitches goin' on here? Awkward blank area.
• 173.203: Change this to a trill, please.
• Some areas seem really over-exaggerated and unfitting; long 16th jacks, random jumpjack(s), etc. Structure and execution aren't too fallacious, but could use some work. Needs a bit of touching up and it's good to go.

Kind im Einshlummern (Silvuh)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• Short and sweet, easy piano chart. Nothing too exciting, but it is what it is.
• No errors spotted, quality stuff. Well done.

Kirlian Changes (Choofers)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• You could've stepped the last 16 seconds and ended on 85.911. Otherwise, trim it off. It ends a bit awkwardly.
• Nothing really wrong going on here. Nice and easy chart; nothing exciting. It gets the job done.

KOMMICORE (0 & Choofers)
Score: [PASS]

Leave It (Silvuh)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• No wrongings spotted here. Smooth sailing through it all.
• Summary: Easy peasy once again. Nothing to elaborate into; pretty straightfoward and well done.

Lufia II Boss Battle RX (Genocide101)
Score: 4/10 [+?]
• 36.506 - 39.329: When doing 24th note 8-bit runs, it's best to keep them as straight patterns. The [1][3] trills are a bit overkill.
• 42.153 - 47.800: Not very fun to hit, once again, keep them straight. A lot of this is just beyond incomprehensible and very unfitting.
• 74.624: 16th jack is misplaced. The correct rhythm is a 5-note 32nd bit. (Slow sections down to get better note placement.)
• 104.271 - 107.094, 109.919: Refer to 2nd note.
• This chart needs to be toned down. The 24th runs are not finger friendly and ultimately kill the flow of the chart, despite the rest of it being rather decent. I appreciate the effort you put into this, but it's just way too much.

Magnum (samurai7694)
Score: 9/10 [+]
• 11.657: Maybe a 2 handed trill instead?
• 189.474: Would've been cooler if you had stepped the ending sounds. Perhaps a trill to go along with it?
• To sum this up, it's pretty fun and challenging, despite it being a bit on the repetitive side.
• Cool color stuff to keep it interesting in the beginning, (wasn't as tacky as your other chart).
• It also seems a little bit reminiscent of the Stepmania version, but either way, very nice job.

May the Triforce Be With You (Woker-X)
Score: 10/10 [++]
• Oh god, so much yes in this chart. 'nough said.
• but on a serious note, outstanding job! Song choice was excellent, structure and execution were conceptually flawless giving the file a nice flow.
• Things didn't seem remotely awkward or out of place. The color theory/expressivemanis used for the appropriate sections were cool and didn't seem tacky at all.
• Summary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyqUj3PGHv4#t=2m56s

Mmmmmmmmmm (IcyWorld)
Score: [PASS]

Mo-Ko-Mo-Core (hi19hi19)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 21.549 - 58.149, etc. etc.: Is this another IcyWorld file?
• 193.149: I appreciate you not making this section completely asburd.
• 289.149: ^
• Feels like copy and pasted jump stream with occasional breaks here and there. It's fun for the most part,
but really wears out the hands due to it being a big lengthy. Either way, it's nothing too
exciting for me and at the same time, it's not complete a dump. Could use some work. Passable.

Mostly Dark Universe (Tidus810)
Score: 6/10 [+.]
• 69.386: Could've added a hand here.
• 75.671, 79.481: Missing 4th. Ghost 12th.
• 80.564, 81.171: 48th -> 64th. 32nd -> 48th. Pitch relevancy can also be improved in this area.
There are riffs in a higher octave where you have them placed in areas used for lower/bassier sounds.
• 87.529, 88.671: Could've added a flam here to accent the sweeping guitar melody. Missing 16th.
• 112.626, 113.207: Misrhythms. Try slowing these guitar solos down to either 0.3x or 0.4x to better your note placement on them.
• Stuff's lookin' good in the first half of the chart, until things start to a bit down-hill during the solo sections. Definitely refer to the advice given in bullet #4 to fix up the certain areas that need a bit of touching up on. Otherwise, it's pretty a decent chart outside of this.

My Favorite Shoes (Silvuh)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• Very fun chart! 69.197 - 77.668 was well done.
• Not very fond of waiting until 88.609 to layer in the bg hits during the 16th streams, but I guess it works
since it's near the end of the song and whatnot.
• Hardly any technical errors were spotted; it's reasonably clean and very well made. Awesome stuff!

Never Enough (MarioNintendo)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• Chart starts at 66.500? Might definitely want to trim off the first half.
• Play test went very well. Fun stuff through out most of it despite the notes being the same
concept over and over again which got a bit boring.
• No minor problems/errors seem to have been spotted. Clean, consistent, and well crafted but not enough oomph.

N's Farewell (Xx{Midnight}xX)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 8.995: This note, and 9.298 should be the same. They're the same sound.
• 9.323, 9.904: Ghost note. It's just a 2 arrow grace section here. Pitch relevancy can also be improved in the following area.
• 12.884, 12.934: Ghost notes. The grace notes actually happen AFTER the 4th note.
• 16.545, 16.596: Grace note starts here. Follow up is a ghost 192nd.
• 17.480, 18.389, etc. etc.: Would've been more interesting to have these chords, and every other one that occurs, as a jump.
• 23.540, 23.843: The white notes are unncessary. You have no bass sounds occuring during this section that merit the use for grace notes.
• 27.518: Note placement is actually here.
• 30.194: Misrhythm. Note goes on 30.232.
• 55.964, 56.267: These should follow the same suit you have at 57.783 and 59.601.
• 81.924, 83.730: 64th notes.
• 89.298: See 12.884 on slowing the song down.
• 91.116: 3 note flam, not 4.
• Summary: Chart's plagued with many inconsistencies that prevent it from being of adequacy. You seem to have an issue with grace note placement(s) and ghost notes through out the entire song. A fix to the mentioned areas will help drastically improve the quality of the chart.

o (0)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• o
• I don't see anything really wrong with this chart in terms of technicality... The play test was very fun, actually. It's clean and consistent all the way through; solid job.

Ongyilkos Vasarnap (mi40)
Score: 6/10 [+.]
• 3.535, 4.785, 6.452, etc, etc: Why not make these jumps instead of making the 16ths jumps?
• 13.119, 25.202: Hand? No hand?
• 36.869, 38.535, 39.785, etc, etc: Now you decide to make them jumps?
• 64.681: Missed 16th.
• 73.327, 73.535: I believe you have these backwards.
• 95.827: A bit too much.
• I see potential in this chart, but for the most part.. some of your layering is incosistent. You tend to accent things, then stop accenting them, and go back and forth between your note placement. It's a decent fun file, but certain areas have minor technical errors in which need to be improved on.

Phi-dentity Crisis (hi19hi19)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 183.253, 183.601: These patterns are literally pushing it at this section; barely
making it playable to some extent. Tone it down a bit? Speed up is also a bit questionable.
• 190.702, 190.788, 195.566, 195.653: Hands?
• This file's very well done, despite the points I had mentioned above. This'll make for a very challenging FMO/FGO of some sort but nonetheless, it's consistent and stuff seems to be thought out very well. Awesome job.

Pokemon RBY Gym Battle Metal Remix (VisD)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 12.383: Note change for thte drum roll starts here, in which you should've used a different column to start the next part.
• 12.869: Apply the above.
• 23.082: No bass 16ths?
• 29.243: Maybe column 4?
• 45.779, etc.: Refer to 12.383
• 67.179: See 23.082.
• 104.142: This section can be improved on in terms of pitch relevancy. The guitar riffs
don't actually repeat in a staircase fashion, therefore, it'd make sense to have them as
ascending/descending patterns, instead of 1234321234 the entire time.
• 111.356: Why not add the 16th here? It's just one note.
• Summary: Very repetitive and offers little to no variation to keep it interesting. Concepts are usually the same with technical errors here and there such as missing 16th bass, no real relevancy during the solo, and after 111.923, it drags on and repeats itself again. Great effort, but it just didn't cut it for me.

R176 V2 (MrPopadopalis25)
Score: [<] / 4/10 [+?]
• 4.539: Ghost note.
• 37.835, 37.993: 16ths? They don't start until after the 4th note.
• 43.204, 43.677: Missing 16ths. You don't place one between the [13] jumps, but you do
in every other section afterwards.
• 57.493 - 61.598: Beyond overstepped.
• 123.572: Missed 16th.
• 132.493: Pitch relevancy can be improved here. (133.598, 134.072: Different sounds, same notes?)
• 134.704: Unnecessary quad.
• Overview: Wasn't a fan of this v2. Patterns don't seem to be well thought out, missing notes in certain areas, and it feels like it was overstepped just for the sake of making it -more- difficult rather than more reasonable than the one in game.

Reminders (hi19hi19)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• No real commentary for this chart. Everything looks good although, some hand usage could've been added in here and there to give it some more oomph, but it's not actually necessary.
• Ending note should be placed on 207.830, imo. It seems to fit a bit better than the note you have at 208.580.
• Overview: Flows well, and seems enjoyable for the most part. Some concepts tend to be a bit repetitive, such as going in and out of piano then drums then piano, etc. No problems seem to have been spotted; very nicely done.

Rondo A Capriccio (Bluearrowll)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 0.053: Sync is off by 0.49 ms
• 12.387, 13.053: Why no jumps?
• 16.053: Chart goes off sync by 0.35 ms.
• 19.053: Pitch relevancy in this area can be improved. You have low sounds on columns that are
supposed to be used for high sounds and vice versa.
• 103.408: This entire section isn't too friendly and has little to no relevancy to the music.
The repeating [2] 4th/8ths go to nothing and create a huge nuisance for the player; Note choice could've been different here.
• 138.408: See 19.053 on PR; 432143214321 doesn't cut it. Vary it up more.
• 167.325: 16th note is actually a 12th note; it'd look better as a minijack (same sounds)
• 167.631: 12th is an 8th.
• The chart is very lengthy and leaves little room for replayability; repeated 16th broken runs, 4th/8th note chord layering with the occasional break here and there. Sync drifts through out most of it, and tends to be a bit off. I'd also recommend a cut for this chart, it's just way too long.

S (MarioNintendo)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 3.552: I'm sure you can be more creative with the PR here; 43214321 looks rather bland.
• 34.611: Pitch relevancy is backwards here.
• 51.552, 51.905: Different sounds, same notes?
• Everything seems to flow very well. Some hands could've been used in the chart to give it a little bit of oomph, but what you have works well. Neatly done.

Saffron City (VisD)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 22.365: Place a couple of notes in the melody here, so the section isn't so empty/boring
to the player.
• 25.199: See above.
• 26.865, 27.198: Missed 8ths.
• 31.365: 24th roll?
• 32.025, 42.691: No jumps?
• 84.324, 94.991: These look pretty gross; try changing these 32nd rolls up.
• 97.679: See 31.365
• Overview: Chart seems ok for the most part. 32nd bursts need a bit of reworking. Some of them are just completely weird to hit and poorly placed. Song is a bit generic which also forces generic notions with little to no replay value offered. Nonetheless, chart has potential, provided it gets a revamp in a few areas. Great effort.

Scars Left by Time (Silvuh)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• The jacks at this speed are perfectly comfortable to hit and are well placed throughout
the entire chart. Nicely and cleanly done.
• Feels fine, flows well and seems to be pretty solid. Nice job.

Shadows (iironiic)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 31.654: Grace note(s) are ghosted. Misplaced 64th. It's better off as a 4th/48th.
• 45.415: Missing 32nd in every other section you use this roll.
• 50.700, 56.411, 71.642: See 31.654 for every other section you use 64/48.
• 102.240: Missed 24th.
• 121.223, 152.758, 161.326: See 45.415.
• I lost interest in this chart about mid way through... it's very drawn out and boring in lots of areas. Song choice makes the chart drags on and on with the same execution, structure and note placement.
• Generic as a whole, needs a cut and could use some tweaks in the areas mentioned above.

Shimasen N' Bass (Elite Ninja)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• Offset changed to 0.720 from 0.740 (.02ms)
• 20.970, 22.303, 23.637, 24.970, etc. etc.: Missed 16th note.
• 47.053: Pitch relevancy can be improved in this area, it seems iffy. 43214321 is not proper PR in this section, you can change it to something else to give it variety.
• Overall, the chart doesn't offer much. Lacks fluidity and doesn't offer much replay value. 16th breaks with layered bass, and the occasional 8ths following the melody, otherwise, not much is going on in the file; feels generic and uninteresting to me. Wonky sync, but it's passable.

Shotgun Surgery (Hatenandhatred & samurai7694)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• First 11 seconds are a bit brutal; one handed trills are whack. Maybe change them to two hand trills, for playability's sake.
• 40.650: Missing 8th on column 4.
• 67.200: Random jump here.
• 77.475: Missing 16th.
• 104.100: The rhythm changes at this spot, therefore the repeating 16ths do not apply here. Relevancy is key when charting solos, something this section lacks.
• 147.746: Hands feel very anti-climatic considering nothing 'big' is going on here; seems unnecessary/overstepped.
• Summary: Chart structure is all over the place in certain areas, sometimes resulting in things
being hard to follow and having unnecessary hands/jumpgluts where they don't fit. Feels fine for the most part, despite having a couple of issues. It's a bit lengthy and not my cup my tea, but it is what it is. Good effort.

Silent Wind (0)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 72.711: Awkward jack.
• 141.878: Might want to cut the rest of the song out.
• Chart's fine for the most part. Repeating structure and note approaching just makes this file more of a chore to read. Boring and nothing exciting going on besides the 12/24th swing; Passable.

Since 1983 (DarkZtar)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• Offset changed to 0.600 from 0.572 (.28 ms)
• 18.927, 54.717: Missing 8th note. Missing 24th note.
• 57.891: You should add a 24th here.
• 61.164: See 18.927
• 79.059: See 54.717
• 93.335: Could've hyped this section up by adding in the bass drum. Feels a bit bland.
• 100.769: Missing 24th note.
• 107.217: This isn't really needed; solo starts on an 8th note.
• 125.177, 125.967: Missing 12th note.
• 163.664: See 100.769
• Chart's pretty fun on the play test side, but it includes lots of minor errors that prevent
it from being above average. Sync was a bit wonky, structure was ok, and overall the structure was meritable. Needs touch-ups/fixes.

Skeletones (Brilliant Dynamite Neon)
Score: 1/10 [-]
• 24.924: 280bpm one handed trill, yay.
• 61.116: Why not a jump?
• 130.449: No sir. Completely unnecessary.
• 131.949, 132.239: Extremely exaggerated; a simple 3 note jumptrill would've sufficed; the second one being 4.
• 140.227: Jack?
• 172.366: Not liking that forced jack.
• 215.013: A roll works better.
• The sync on this chart is absolutely terrible; didn't bother to fix it. Chart's a bit over the top in a few parts. Overzealous use of jacks in portions of the song that didn't fit. Could've used a different concept(s). Overall, it feels like a huge, disorganized mess. Rethink this one through.

Solros ~Vocal~ (iironiic)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 7.661: 16th note.
• 8.490, 9.599: Missing note, ghost note.
• 8.546: Incorrect rhythm. Actually slow these guitar riffs down to better place them. Correct rhythm: 4/48/24/16.
• 10.568, 24.726: Misrhythm as well; Latter rhythm is 4/32/16.
• 70.240: See 24.726.
• 89.070: No 24ths? Why stop following them here?
• 118.113, 124.895: See 24.726
• 169.535: 48th is a 64th. Missing note at 169.655.
• 206.397, 206.517: No notes to accent guitar?
• Felt a bit disappointed by this chart. The numerous misrhythms found in the beginning on primarily the acoustic guitar and during the piano 'grace notes' turned me off. Note concepts with the trills were somewhat shabby considering they're 315bpm at the note value given. Great effort, but it needs work.

Spoils (dore)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 23.980, 56.123, 68.986: No jump?
• 55.511: Maybe these 3 notes can be jumps? Just a suggestion.
• 173.418: Better to place a jump here.
• 182.164 - 188.152: Pitch relevancy can be improved in this area. Lots of different notes used in the same columns.
• 199.299 - 202.542: ^
• Chart's appears to be in fantasic shape. No real major flaws. Very clean, somewhat technically well rounded and enjoyable. Solid job. More Protest the Hero plz.

The Earth Blew Up V2 (Choofers)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• Everything seems to be smooth sailing. Hardly any errors were seen, all aboard smooth sailing and it plays exceptionally well.
• Trills seem to be a bit overdone and tacky, but they seem to fit what's going on. Kept me interested, (seems to be a different cut?) and I'd like to see this as a replacement to the one in game.

Terror to Terror (TC_Halogen)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 8.902: No hand?
• 31.604, 63.063, etc.: This looks disgusting. Gonna be somewhat difficult to nail for some people,
but I guess they aren't too bad.
• 63.063+: Plausible.
• So much hard pain with these rolls, and the mini-jack jumpstream. Kinda reminds me of
a Scrap Syndrome v2... just harder. This one's gonna be tough if it makes it through; great stuff.

The First Epidemic (yomanimawesome)
Score: 1/10 [-]
• 0.000 offset?
• 4.017, etc.: Doesn't sound worthy enough for hand usage; slim to jumps perhaps?
• 6.151: Substitute for a hand.
• 14.684, 18.217: Ouch, my left hand. Missed 16th.
• 17.217, 17.617: Anchors galore.
• 22.684: Spread out your 16ths here. Broken runs work better a majority of the time.
• 35.484 - 61.369: This section is completely awful. The patterns used here are a bit demanding. Not only this, you tend to use nothing but 12344321 streams, tiring 4323432, 1232123 crossovers with bass drum/snare drum layered into them that repeat for nearly 30 seconds. Again, spreading your 16th notes out to more finger friendly patterns is always the way to go.
• 67.651: Lots of right hand bias.
• 71.078: Don't get why you stop following the 16ths after this note.
• Chart needs drastic improvements. Messy pattern concepts, lots of certain hand bias and a lack of technicality ruin the file from being remotely adequate. Take on something a little bit smaller next time around.

The Replicator (who_cares973)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• Lots of repeating 12th jump jack stream. Should be quite a fun challenge for players.
• Not too bad. Not too exciting. It's bit on the generic side. But I mean, who doesn't love this song. Good stuff.

The Steel Monster Above the City (Reshiram)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 67.455: I'm not too fond of your note placement with these 24ths. For one, they tend to repeat
for a few seconds or so, then completely transition into patterns that do not follow the music.
Keep it consistent. Make them all follow one sound, like you do here at 74.486.
• Overall, it looks somewhat decent. The trill at the end seems a bit overkill and a tad bit tacky to me,
but it works. Layering scheme was a bit hard to follow, hardly any technical errors, and pattern choice
could've been a bit more thought out; passable.

Thrashbaath (Sticklydude)
Score: 4/10 [+?]
• 4.995, 5.138: Unnecessary 32nds here. Could've begun the layering scheme for the bg hi-hats on the 12th notes instead.
• 11.246: Layering is incomprehensible in this area. I have no clue what you're trying to follow.
It seems like you go in and out of the the melody/snare/bass with your jump usage. Stick to one instrument.
• 16.389 - 17.817, 17.960: Missed jump. In the next part, Why not make these jumps? You did before this.
• 30.104: Awkward runningman. Lacks relevancy to the music; keep them as broken 16ths.
• 40.676: Why not include the 16th bass notes?
• 56.535, 77.822, 81.537: Awkward. Missed jump. Unnecessary quad.
• 90.394: Improve the pattern choice of this run. It ends on a completely awkward anchor, and the last 4th note could use a jump.
• 104.110: See 40.676.
• 111.253 - 118.111: Huge and unnecessary difficulty spike. The hands are overkill for just layering vocals. Ugly anchor patterns and just overstepped.
• Summary: This file could use a complete revamp. Layering is incosistent, overstepped and unneeded difficulty spike(s), poor pattern choices and just a huge mess to me. Wasn't very fun or appealing in the slightest.

Through Peaks and Valleys (Bynary Fission)
Score: 4/10 [+?]
• 24.063: Your chart starts to drift off sync here by .05 ms and gradually gets worse to the point where it's virtually unplayable.
• 100.070: Please, get rid of this.
• 126.103: I hope you know you're forcing 300-340bpm trills with jumps in them by using 32nds here and in the parts that follow.
• Sync's very badly done, song choice doesn't offer much to work with and it overall seems to be very non-uniformed. Work out the issues in this chart and try re-sending it.

To Make the End of Battle (DarkZtar)
Score: 6/10 [+.]
• Song's lenthy. Not much is happening in the later portions of the song once the first section is overwith. Seems to kick back up with the same melody and song structure which force, repeated 8th note jumpgluts layered to melody/guitar riffs and the occasional 12th/16th guitar solos.
• Leaving no room for replayability makes this feel generic and mediocre at best; requesting a cut/passable.

Together as One (Anaru)
Score: 0/10 [--]
• No.

Vampire Killer Remix (Sticklydude)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 58.375: Could've used a hand here. A little accentuation wouldn't hurt.
• Overall, chart seems to be okay. Nothing really out of the ordinary worth mentioning. Pretty solid for the most part, despite it being a bit stale. Song choice might've been the deciding factor, but nonetheless, cool stuff.

Velaciela (DarkZtar)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 105.118, 105.891, 106.665, 107.439, etc.: Kind of disappointed how you didn't chart the 16th piano notes going on in the middle of the 12ths. It would've made for a neat and interesting polyrhythm section.
• This chart's pretty well done. Nothing stuck out of place, everything flowed nicely, no real issues were encountered. Very enjoyable to me.
• Although I'll admit, your rating would've probably been a bit higher had you placed those notes there :P

Walking on Water (Silvuh)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 64.586: Could've placed a jump here. Seems kind of weird having it as a single note despite it being the intro to the next verse.
• 65+: Nice and smooth sailing from here on out. The swing was pretty nice, making the song a bit more bearable.
• No real commentary needed. Nothing too exciting, but nonetheless, good stuff.

WE LUV LAMA (pokelda vs. who_cares973)
Score: 9/10 [+]

• 9.120, 13.691, etc.: These oughta be fun. :P
• 78.261, 82.832, etc.: Some hand action could've been placed on these appropriate crashes. Although, it's fine how it is.
• 174.252, 189.823, etc.: ^
• Despite it being the same concept repeating again, this has some really fun areas. The jumpgluts were a little tacky to me,
but I guess it's the best that you can do with that. Streams were nice, ending was suitable; climatic and you captured that well. Overall, really fun and something I'd enjoy playing in game.

White Walls Part 1 & 2 [dore]
Combined score: 8/10 & 8/10 [+]
• 41.834: Could've accentuated the bass drum roll going on here as well, like you did in the beginning of this part. Constant trill seems boring when there's a sound differentiation going on.
• 214.005: Yuck, 288bpm trill. I'd suggest making this a roll or some sort of broken run.
Part 2:
• 137.812: Overkill much? This jump-chain anchor type stuff is definitely gonna give people a run for their money.
• 327.185: WHITE WALLS.
• Summary: For how long both of these songs are, you seem to do a really good job of keeping them in sync and having patterns
completely relevant to the music at all times. Your technicality is on point, song choice wasn't too bad, and overall both
of these files were pretty well crafted. Despite having some absurd, non-finger friendly patterns at high bpms, I guess they
make up for how less challenging the rest of both charts seem to be. Nice stuff.

WHO GIVES A **** (nois-or-e)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 23.944, 31.055, 38.166, etc. : No hand?
• Summary: Flows very nicely, it's got that cool little swing to it, and somewhat of a Dubstep-like feel to it.
Nothing too skirmish to point out, well crafted and plays really well. Solid.

Windy Valley (Genesis'd) (Silvuh)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• 35.087, 38.515, 48.801, etc.: Why not include the 16th here?
• Pretty straight forward chart. Nothing to really point out. Flow's in check, patterns were cool and it's well done. Good stuff.

====== Resubmissions =========

Star Wars Anthology (Sticklydude)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 47.506: A jump could've been used here to not make the entire section completely empty. Also keep in mind, pitch relevancy is key when all you're doing is following the melody. Some of it is a bit backwards, but nothing too noticeable.
• 110.571: I personally feel as if the song should've ended here, and the rest of it could've been cut off. It sounds nothing like the first half of the song and it feels rather pointless to have.

Tequila (Anaru)
Score: 6/10 [+.]
• 40.376: The 64th grace notes here seem to be a bit unnecessary. Just having the vocals to primarily the 8th notes would've sufficed here despite your efforts in trying to be expressive.
• 50.704: I'm sure you could've came up with a better pattern than a repeating down jack.
• 51.196, 51.565: I'm not too fond of your idea on making these double jumps. A little more variety could've went into these parts to have made it a bit more interesting. Seems rather stale and uncreative.
• 81.728: These are just 16ths, with a 32nd thrown in at 81.749.

Score: 5/10 [+?]
• This would've been a better chart had most of it been toned down and reasonably stepped versus making everything a jumpglut fest. Not sure what your thought process behind on this one was, but it sure isn't my cup of tea.

World End's Yama Xanadu (0)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• A bit on the 'you snooze, you lose' side, but it seems to be cool. Typical fun 16th jumpstream, break in the middle, repeat.
• Nothing real errorneous or too spectacular.


Addict: 7/10

- I didn't find anything wrong with the pattern choice aside of them being generic 8th jump-singles. Actually I didn't really get the pattern in M68~74, but w/e it works i guess. Good enough IMO. I enjoyed it.

Addict (Monsta r3mix): 8/10

- lol another Addict? This one sounded more dynamic than the original in terms of rhythms. Patterns flowed well and were enjoyable.
- Could add 4th jumps (going to the snare sound) in M4~6, if you want.

Autumn Insomnia session: 8/10

- Loved this song. Those high-beat patterns for the drum rolls were lots of fun. Some of the jumpjacks felt like a difficulty burst, but by not so much. Just touch up what I've listed below.
- M43: Not sure what sound the 8th goes to. If it's the pad sound, the note is a 16th too late.
- M46: [34][2] should be in 16ths, and [1][2][1] should be in 24ths, not 32nds.
- M69: Maybe you'd want to ton down the 32nd trills.. maybe.
- M71: 32nds look like ghost notes.

Baby Still Too Fat: 8/10

- Patterns flowed well, difficulty felt right, and I didn't find any errors or sudden difficulty bursts. The song felt a little repetitive, but it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Boss Battle RX: 3/10

- Patterns were too repetitive, and those 24th patterns could be improved a lot. For example, M26 and M27 have different melodies but you stepped them with the exact same pattern. Also, M32 and M33 sound nothing like how it's stepped. One could permit oneself some technical errors if the pattern would become too difficult when stepped correctly, but this is the exact opposite case. Same goes to M75 and.. all the remaining 24th parts in this chart.
- M50: Ghost 16ths in the last four notes.

Falcor: 5/10

- Nothing particularly wrong with any of the patterns, but they were way too repetitive. 16th triplets from the start to the end, really? I'll still give it an okay-mark since the song was very short.


- Had lots of complaints on the pattern choice (all 4th), but I guess I should be lenient for easy charts.
- Could fit a jump or a hand in M3

FFReedom: 7/10

- I'm not very fond of the song choice.. (lol sry MarioNintendo)
- I can see people raging over the 8th jacks in the beginning. Other than that, layering was fine I think.

I (3 Voltage: 6/10

- No jumps at all? There is so much going on in this song and you could layer a lot more. If this is an index chart, people would hate all those crossover triplets.
- M8~11: Not really sure about the two-note jacks.
- M17: Ghost arrow (Second 16th)
- M20,21,22,23 and M25,27,29,31: Assuming you are stepping to the same melody on the last beat, their patterns are inconsistent.
- M62~65: Could add jumps going to the kicks.

Ice: 7/10

- Nothing wrong with the layering. Difficulty felt alright. I liked the color changes. I wish the song was less repetitive.

Kazoku Totalis: 7/10

- Chart totally fits the song. (wow damn scylax makes some fine songs) Very challenging and fun, but I strongly suggest fixing up these patterns, because they are way too difficult compared to the rest of the chart.
- B94: Jumpdumps
- B107: 32nds leading to jumpjacks and a hand
- B294,358,918: Jumpdumps <- Please tone this down. This is just too much
- M179: 32nd runningmen <- Please tone this down. This is just too much seriously (PASS if you are not going to fix this one)
- Found technical errors here and there but not gonna bother going through cuz other judges will point them out anyway right? right?

key of delete: 9/10

- Excellent song choice. But as much as the file was fine pattern are great, you really need to tone down the 8-note-long jacks at B582. It's just way way harder than the rest of the chart (including the 4-note-long jumpjacks)
- This is a PASS if you are not going to fix it up.

Kind im Einschlummern: 7/10

- No noticeable layering errors. Was a little boring, but it should be perfect for the beginners.

Kirlian Changes: 7/10

- The way you cut the song makes me feel like the song ended before even beginning, but it's just how this song is like..
- Good enough for a song like this


- Man that was hard.
- What's with all the 192nds and 12ths in the beginning? Shouldn't they all be 8ths? Ignore this line if you are sure that they are on sync.
- Other than that it was okay... I guess. Jumpstreams were difficult but not unfair. ..felt like playing lolo

Leave it: 6/10

- You could have layered the drum part more. I assume you left it on purpose to make an easy chart.
- Patterns had little diversity, and layering was questionable, but I guess beginners wouldn't complain. Song was nice too.

Magnum: 8/10

- Very tight chart. Some would complain about the jacks, but still the patterns flowed great.

May The Triforce Be With You: 8/10

- Great song choice. BPM was perfect for a jumpstream chart. Not sure about the sudden halving and doubling the BPM, but I guess you tried to get away using the same patterns for the same melody, but played by a different instrument. I think that turned out fine. Didn't find any layering errors. Enjoyed this one.

Mmmmmmm: 6/10

- Nothing really wrong with the layering and stuff, but seriously? Nonstop 190bpm handstream for 4 minutes? That's like a much gayer version of Pants, but I can't reject simfiles just because I don't enjoy them, right? Maybe this chart will raise the bar of "good stamina players" in FFR..

Mo-Ko-Mo-Core: 5/10

- Was about to give it a higher score than Mmmmmmm because it seemed to have more varying patterns.. But it turned out to be only a little less gayer.. That was far too repetitive and the so was the song (going on and on for 5 minutes) I strongly suggest a cut.
- M152-160: Seriously what
- I take it back. It's even gayer than Mmmmmmm
- What made you step this song anyway

Mostly Dark Universe: 8/10

- Cool song. Liked the guitar solo part a lot. Patterns flowed great. Minor errors here and there but not noticeable. Fix up the following:
- B158.75,159.25,162,171.75,174.75,175.25: Should be hands
- B183.25: Should be hand-single, not single-hand.

My favorite shoes: 8/10

- Nice song choice, layering was simple but effective.

N's Farewell: 4/10

- OMG This song ;;;;_____;;;; almost cried
- PR could use a lot of work.. The chart doesn't really seem to do this song a justice.
- B20.75: Sync this part better..
- B38.5 and B39: B39 has one more piano sound than B38.5. Maybe you should get rid of a note at B38.5
- B53.75,80.75: Missing a note around here
- B67.5,68: Missing a note
- B111: Should add a note at column 1 or 2
- B137,143.5,149.5: Shouldn't these be singles?

Never Enough: 8/10

- Simple and straightforward layering. Very fun. 32nd bursts were fun to hit as well.

o: 7/10

- o.. catchy
- Nothing particularly wrong with the layering.
- File suddenly becomes much harder from M40 in, with all dense handstream and minijacks mixed in.
- Song ends too abruptly; it makes me feel like the chart is unfinished, but people like short files right

Ongyilkos Vasarnap (Short Cut): 7/10

- Chart feels empty, but that's entirely due to the song.
- Songs like this would be stepped much better for stepmania with holds, mines and xmod tricks, but this wasn't bad either.
- Spotted some inconsistencies (e.g. Sound at B5 stepped as singles and jumps randomly), but they were minor.

Phi-dentity Crisis: 9/10

- Relentlessly difficult with all the 32nd bursts, rolls and handjacks.. They all went to the music perfectly. I loved it.
- B186~226: You should vary the hand placements. The FX sounds with the hands don't repeat.
- Would be nice if you toned down the 32nd trills.

Pokemon RBY Gym Battle Remix: 6/10

- Straightforward layering. Song was awesome. Fun to play.
- Same patterns repeating in the first half.. Not awesome
- Could use some PR in the 16th guitar solo section.
- WTF is up with the ending with the red-blue-yellow note syndro- ..oh. still lol
- B398.5: Jump here should be in the next 4th instead.

R176: 8/10

- I'm sick of this song, but you stepped it well enough. I enjoyed it a lot. Some suggestions below (all optional):
- M2: Doesn't feel right PR-wise.. How about [24][3] or [23][4] instead of [23][3]?
- M11: lol those 32nd bursts are so out of nowhere, but okay.
- B92.5: Missing a 192nd here?
- B117.25,117.75: Ghost 16ths?
- lol these jacks, but there's nothing wrong with them.
- B340.5: Missing a jump (goes to a kick) here?
- B357.25,357.75,378.75: Ghost 16ths?
- B407.5: A hand or a quad here maybe?

Reminders: 9/10

- Wow this song blew my mind. Layering was simple and straightforward, and the chart as a whole was really enjoyable. Swing rhythms felt great to hit, and flow was just right. Everyone should try this file. Minor bits below:
- B113.667,207.333,223.333,463.333,479.333: Missing a 12th here? (not sure)
- B287: Ghost 4th note.
- B609.667: Missing a 12th here.

Rondo a Capriccio: 6/10

- Simple layering that works. Some patterns (incl. one at the beginning) are repeating too many times.. Try to vary your patterns. Also I strongly suggest cutting the song to around 2 minutes.
- B615: This 4th is a 16th too early.

S: 8/10

- Great song straightforward layering nice flow etc etc No real complaints.
- Jumpstream files should be like this.
- M61: Shouldn't this be two-note jumpjacks like all the other patterns for this part of the song

Saffron City: 5/10

- Was sorta enjoyable.. Patterns were too repetitive IMO. Song was nice, but it's one of those songs that just repeat a short, good-sounding part over and over. Can't really make great simfiles out of songs like this.
- B116,148,246,278: 32nd roll should be 4-note-long, not 8-note-long.
- B174~222: Same pattern repeating for way too long.
- B180,196,212: I don't get the 8th jacks here.
- B65.25,117.75,143.75,151.75,273.75,281.75: Missing a 16th here.
- B119.25,149,25,247.25,279.25: These 16ths are an 8th too early.

Scars Left By Time: 6/10

- Wow those jacks. Luckily they are slow enough.. At least the song was great. Should be a good jack practice file.. I guess.
- B25,37: Missing a jump here.
- B35: Missing a 4th here.
- B63.75: Ghost 16th.
- B131: This jump is an 8th too late.
- B76.75,83.75,92.75,99.75: Missing a 16th here.
- B40: [1] at here sounds different than what [1] goes to afterwards. I recommend using [34] instead of [13]
- B42: Shouldn't be [2] for the same reason as above
- B44,52: Should be [2] (or [1] to be consistent with the pattern you chose to use afterwards)
- B48: Should be [2] or [4] (Same reason as B40)

Shadows: 6/10

- I liked the song, but it just feels very same-y as a whole, if you get what I mean. I strongly suggest a cut.
- No real errors because almost all the patterns here are jump-single-single-jump-single-single..
- Please vary your patterns.. um I mean just cut the first half of the song or something.
- B301.125: Ghost 32nd?

Shimasen N Bass: 6/10

- Generic dnb song.. Patterns were acceptable. Not really much to say.
- The 8th part in the middle feels empty. But I guess stepping the drum would make all the measures same.
- 8th jacks are skewed towards the right hand. Put some of them into the left side too.

Shotgun Surgery: 8/10

- That was a very enjoyable and challenging file. Patterns fit the song greatly.
- Beginning one handed trills: Why.
- Hand @ B59: FFR can't jack. Why not make it a jump?
- Why don't you cut the file at B538? Everything after here is just 16th handjack patterns. It's just tiring and not challenging enough. Those that can AAA til here shouldn't need to play any further. nvm if that was your whole point trololo

Silent Wind: 7/10

- Catchyyy
- Swing Swing Swing Swing Swing Swing
- Swing Swing Swing Swing Swing
- Swing Swing Swing Swing Swing Swing Swing Swing
- Swing Swing Swing
- Swing Swing Swing Swing Swing when does it end Swing Swing Swing
- B160 hand: Sudden difficulty burst

Since 1983: 9/10

- Oh man those 24ths.. Lots of fun
- Enjoyed the polyrhythms a lot.
- No major technical errors I could find.

Skeletones: 8/10

- I'm drowning inside all the colored bursts.
- B296.75~298: Too much burden on the left hand.
- B361.5: 10-note-long left-handed 180BPM jacks. You should definitely ease this up. (I'm giving this file a PASS if you are not going to change this part)
- B644: Not as severe as B361.5, but you should tone this down too.

SOLROS ~Vocal Edition~: 7/10

- Nothing wrong on the technical side, but man this chart is so freakin sadistic.
- Those 24th trills were very tough.
- Always wanted to have a FGO file with songs like this. Awesome.

Spoils: 8/10

- Enjoyed the song and the chart.
- B19.25: This jump is an 8th too early.
- B105: Tone changes for every three notes, but the first six jumps are of the same pattern.
- B138: What's with all these left-handed trills? Show the right hand some love..

Star Wars Anthology: 7/10

- Layering is very simple but it works. No significant errors found.
- B120: Missing 4-note-long trills going to drum rolls.
- B189.5,197.5: There's only one instrument making the 16th triplet sounds. Shouldn't be 16th jumptrills.

Tequila: 6/10

- This song is catchy lol
- Patterns looked fine.. Parts you decided to step had little diversity throughout the song, but I guess it's okay.. cuz the song was short enough.

Terror to Terror: 7/10

- B471: o_o
- B511~521: ;;;___;;;

The Earth Blew Up dump: 8/10

- My ears are bleeding.
- Perfect chart for this song.

The First Epidemic: 6/10

- There weren't parts stepped blatantly wrong, but the chart as a whole had little diversity, even considering the short length. It was basically a giant 220ish bpm 16th jumpstream that only goes to the drumkick sounds..
- B68.25: Missing a 16th here?


- lmao this song.. just what
- Quads going to the 'wow' sounds felt dumpy, but okay
- B81: So are these trills going to.. the vocals LOL
- I wish this file gets in

The Replicator: 7/10

- I don't like how this song simply fades out like this. At least it was cut before becoming boring
- Great BPM to play 12th jacks with. Chart flowed well IMO
- Felt like some hands could fit in, but this is fine too.

The Steel Monster Above the City: 8/10

- All those high beat bursts spiced up the chart. Enjoyed playing this.
- B267~282: If these 16ths are going to the bass sounds, you are missing a lot of them.
- M95: These trills will make many people rage.. trololo

Thrashbaath: 7/10

- Chiptune + Screamo what is this i don't even
- The chart was okay and all, but the very beginning part was the most fun. Rest of the chart was just not dynamic enough.
- B84.25,369.25,372.25,372.75: Missing a 16th here

Through Peaks and Valleys For The Meetup: 1/10

- B38: First three jumps go to one sound.. They should be singles
- B50.75,51.25,56.75: Should be a single note
- Difficulty suddenly boosts after the slowdown with 32nd trills and right near at the end with 200+BPM jumpstreams. That's like a difficulty jump from 6 to 11. Chart itself wasn't interesting enough and neither was the song (lol sry Bynary)
- B185.917: 150BPM three-note 192nd jacks what?
- Giving this a [-] due to wrong BPM in the middle (I would've still rejected this without BPM issues though)

To Make the End of Battle: 9/10

- Awesome, I was surprised nobody had put this song in FFR yet.
- Those guitar solos were stepped really well. Some wouldn't be fond of the 8th jumpjacks, but there's nothing wrong with them. IMO those patterns helps keep difficulty from being unbalanced.

Together as One: 6/10

- Come on, that was just not fun at all.. You could layer less to make certain instruments stand out more instead of making the whole chart a dense 190BPM 16th jumpstream. Everything seemed to simply repeat over and over. Maybe it's just the song :sharpnel:
- B214: Should be a single note

Vampire Killer Remix: 7/10

- Simple and straightforward layering. Liked the song and the chart. Wish it was more difficult but okay
- B39.25,55.25,199.25,215.25: Missing a 16th here

Velaciela: 8/10

- O.M.G. someone finally stepped this song !!
- Layering felt perfect; flow was great too. Difficulty was consistent as well, but I wish the later part was a little harder for some climax effect. It didn't seem like there are too many extra sounds to put more hands in though, so it's okay

Walking on Water: 7/10

- Swing rhythms mmmm
- No complaints on the layering and flow. Wished the patterns were more diverse. Felt a bit repetitive.
- At this BPM, putting some jacks during the drum fill-ins would make things more fun.


- wtfs up with the vocals LOL aaauaoeoeueeoioioeiaioiuuaoiaoeieuioaa
- Glad you didn't step this into a never-ending jumpstream.. but those triple jump parts felt a bit empty. Patterns as a whole still seemed to repeat a lot. At least less so than most of the other shrapnel files in this batch
- B288.25: You might have wanted to remove this note

White Walls Part 1: 9/10

- Awesome song and the chart. This should be great for practicing trills.. The only complaint is that the difficulty was very inconsistent, and that it's SO FREAKIN LONG. Liked the color changes across different parts of the song.
- B91: Drum fillins here sound much dynamic than how it's stepped.
- B106.5,108.5: Missing an 8th jump here?
- B412: This pattern is just mean.
- B432.167: Ghost 24th note
- B550: >_>
- B575: We have already gone through the right-handed trills (B523~539) >_> You need to allow the right hand to rest..
- B700~706: This is just brutal :P

White Walls Part 2: 9/10

- Patterns were less fun than Part 1, but it was still great. Some parts were far, far more difficult than the rest. You should really fix those.
- B320,397: These parts are 10 times more difficult than the rest of the chart combined.
- B1039: Left-handed 24th runningmen.. Please have mercy

WHO GIVES A ****: 8/10

- (why is the title of every renard song like this)
- Swing is always good
- Liked the color changes in the middle. what a mindfuc
- Short enough not to get bored of the chart. Nice

Windy Valley: 8/10

- Chart felt perfect for this song and the flow was great. Didn't notice layering errors. Short and simple <- always good

World End's Yama Xanadu: 7/10

- Seriously there's so little diversity in the song it will still be boring as hell if the god of arrows stepped this
- At least you managed to keep it good enough so I could stand playing through without ragequitting…
- Jumpstreams in the beginning were interesting with polyrhythms mixed in, but later on I could only see broken 16th js without much change ever. Felt very similar to playing Pants. Not a good sign.
- Occasional 192nd bursts will definitely enrage many people.
- In conclusion, cut the song.

えっへん≦( ̄^ ̄)≧どやどす?天狗自慢(Short ver.): 8/10

- YES YES this is what I call a good handstream file. Catchy song too.
- Those three-note jacks will be a pain to most players.

DossarLX ODI

えっへん≦( ̄^ ̄)≧どやどす?天狗自慢(Short ver.) (MrPopadopalis25) (wow that title totally got screwed over)

- m3, hand isn't needed and the color section right after should be single notes so it isn't ridiculously awkward. What you also stepped as a 24th should be a 48th instead.

- m7 is gross. Make this part single notes instead

- Remove the 16th jacks. At 197 BPM, they become very ugly to handle and aren't even needed.

- Main comment about this file is that it's overlayered to oblivion. Way too many hands are used when this could have been a nice 8th jumpstream file with jumps going to the lyrics, and not having 8th hands with 16th handjacks. I also wasn't a fan of the massive amount of minijacks in this file.


[Resubmission] Star Wars Anthology (Sticklydude)

- Starting from m6 and going to m46, you could try adding 16th triplets going to the hi-hats so it doesn't have a slow, empty-feeling 8th feel.

- m47 going into m51 you should just step the flute melody as single notes because the hands do not match the quiet atmosphere in this part.

- I recommend here to not layer the melody because it limits the choices you can make with pitch relevancy (and the layering makes it feel overdone).

- Pitch relevancy in this file could use some work, although it does have the old-school feel

- Strongly suggesting a cut around 110 seconds into the song.


[Resubmission] Tequila (Anaru)

- There shouldn't be any jumps until the start of measure 10 (where you actually started using hands). Jumps at measure 10 would work because of the intensity of the shouts.

- This file felt very overlayered. Single notes to the percussion would've worked with doubles rather than a lot of double minijacks with hands.

- The minijacks should be removed. I can definitely see this file working better without the minijacks.


[Resubmission] THE LITTLE MERMAID (hi19hi19)

- You've made it obvious that the hands are going to the lyrics. In m8, you messed up the hand layering here.

- Other than that, this file has successfully created the "headbanging" feel to it with the heavy layering involved, and this effect certainly has not been achieved by the current ingame songs. Surely one of the most memorable files I'd see in this game since it's very hard to effectively carry out such heavy layering in a masterful manner.


[Resubmission] World End's Yama Xanadu (0)

- m79 you could start stepping a 16 stream here going into the "32nd" roll for a buildup.

- From m144 going into the hand at the very start of m147 you can fill in the missing 16ths to make it feel more complete with a buildup.

- m225, make a 16th stream buildup going into the "32nd" roll. The snare just stands out way too much to not be stepped.

- Strongly suggesting a cut at 287.78. Not only did I get sick of the song after this point, it was basically the same thing for the rest of the file -- and almost breaking the 7 minute point with a file this repetitive is not exactly all that enjoyable.


Addict (Dr. Ozi Monsta r3mix) [wc]

- In places like m27, the melody is ddddd but you decided to step it as d-ddd and it really stands out and doesn't feel right to the player when it's that noticeable. You repeatedly do this for the melody throughout the file

- In spots like m43 and m84, the sounds are actually going to 3/32nds, not 12th notes -- the 12th notes are too fast and it certainly threw me off when I tried following the music.


Addict [wc]

- Second 75.25, there should be a jump here instead of the 4th note after it if it's going to that synth. Suggesting [12] for the 8th jump and 3 for the 4th note to follow the speedup roll.

- m62 that 4321 24th roll represents the voice decently while going into the 8th jack but still irks me since it's acually 32nds there

- Starting at 94, the layering is confusing. Are you trying to layer the synths? Because if you are, the layering here is erroneous.


Autumn Insomnia Session [wc vs samurai7694]

- m5 to m12 these 24th minijacks don't look justifiable, the sound is honestly just way too quiet to warrant something of that intensity.

- Jumps to the loud prominent snare on seconds 64.17 and 65.43 would be nice

- Second 75.20, 75.31, 75.43, and 77.10 could just jumps to be cohesive/consistent with the loud snare.

- m32, 32nd minijack is unnecessary

- A lot of the minijack usage in this file isn't warranted. It's also mistepped in a few places such as m48, where if you're trying to go to the snare, some of them would be 3 note or more jacks instead of 2 note minijacks.


Baby Still Too Fat (MarioNintendo)

- In the very beginning, the clap is 5.51 where the jump should be, not the 8th note on 5.62

- Missing 4th jumps to the percussion on 6.29, 9.87, 13.46, and so on.

- Starting second 35.95 you can make a four-note 48th roll here and then a 16th on second 36.18 to effectively follow the percussion and represent the synth "burstslide" at the same time.

- Missing jump on 63.60

- Second 79.28: Minijack isn't warranted here


Falcor (ichliebekase)

- Add in a 16th on second 13.44 to complete the guitar sounds here since it's empty with just the hi hat triplets

- Remove 4ths entirely on 41.24, there is no sound there and it's fine ending on the 16th before it

- For a file this short and having the jumps go to the melody, it's a good idea to try following PR more. Sometimes you were making attempts to do PR, and then reversed it.

- Song doesn't have much to offer, it's a lot of hi hat triplets.



- To make the player feel like they're following the synths, make 3-note long 4th "jacks" with the last quarter note of the measure a different note to show a difference in synth pitch, and then two 4th notes in the same column after that measure (you actually do something like this in m28 and m29 for example). Of course in this case following PR all the time would make the same boring repetitive pattern a million times, so it's good to use some pattern variation too

- The change from a note to each beat to a quarter note every two beats is a confusing change, especially since it changes back to 4th stream of doom afterwards

- I think it would be better to step the melody honestly, because this wasn't all that fun to play through. It was a gigantic repetitive 4th file, haha


FFReedom (MarioNintendo)

- Seconds 46.56 to 57.47, these synths are weird. I understand the melody you were trying to follow, but some of the synths sound like they're placed on 12ths or something; right now it feels misstepped because of how oddly placed these synths are in the actual song itself.

- Seconds 81.47 to 92.74, change this so it's all single notes. The loudness increases noticibly on second 93.10 which would warrant jumps (but you stepped that as hands, which is way overkill).

- Seconds 119.29 to 121.47, remove jumps.


I (3 Voltage[wc]

- Second 15.64, you could add a 32nd here going to the "coin".

- Missing 32nd note on second 23.89

- Starting at second 32.08 you have 48ths, but they vary from 4 note to 5 note length. Try sticking with one or the other, because it gets confusing when you switch back and forth

- m26/Second 41.08, not 12ths. These are 16ths.

- Seconds 40.08 to 48.08 could use revision. You should stick with the percussion because mixing that sound in when there's also 16th percussion going on that doesn't fill all those 16ths feels awkward


Ice (samurai7694)

- A few of the 16ths you have in your jumpstreams sound like ghost notes

- Assuming you're trying to put the same pitch in the same column, places like m67-m68 and m93-m94 aren't stepped to this effect

- Repetitive, but the layering layout is obvious and the notes are easy to follow. The color changes were a nice addition.


Kazoku Totalis (XxMidigamixX)

- m1 to m7, you shouldn't be using jumps here. m7 when the sound gets more accented is when you should starting using (m7 is when you start using hands, which is way overkill). Basically before measure 17 change the jumps to single notes and the hands to doubles, and try following PR in the process

- m4, why the 32nds? It should just be a 16th triplet

- This file is very overlayered and that severely limits your pattern choice and in this case makes you have a lot of icky minijack patterns.

- Places like m74-m75, m90-m91, m122, m128, and other spots have a lot of weird minijack anchor patterns which are very unnecessary (and part of the reason why they're so difficult is because of how overlayered this file is)

- m173, that color burst is misstepped/overstepped and doesn't go to the guitar.

- m180: 32nd Runningmen at 190 bpm = no

- Overall, this file could really use pattern cleaning and could tone down on the layering. Right now, there are a lot of forced minijacks and some of the patterns are just unbearable. Not the mention this file is pretty long as well, so keep it manageable.


key of delete (nois-or-e)

- In m31, the jump should be on second 41.00 instead of 40.92. You also make the same mistake on m32 since your jumps are going to the snare

- You have several missing jumps, such as at second 64.17

- m49/second 65.00: Unnecessary minijack

- m60 to m74, the hands are overlayered. Jumps would work fine here -- and you can also continue with the 16th jumpstream scheme you had going before, just with layering a different sound. The overlayered hands cause a forced minijack in m68 as well.

- The 4 note 16th jumpjacks at 180 bpm are too much. Change to jumptrills.

- m134: [13][34] minijack anchor with a trill transition right before is abrasive

- m146, the 8 note long 180 bpm 16th jack is too much (especially having to transition to another column on the same hand)

- Those 16th minijacks aren't really warranted


Kind im Einshlummern (Silvuh)

- Some notes felt slightly off, but other than that this was very easy to follow and nice to play through.


Kirlian Changes (Choofers)

- Missing 4th jump on second 29.00, it looks like you're layering to the violin in the 8th stream

- m16 to m29, not sure why you aren't just using single notes here since the violin doesn't have any noticeable increase in intensity

- Second 66.25, there isn't anything intensive enough for a jump here

- Second 79.50, nothing intensive enough for a jump

- Overall a nice easy file to play through with good PR -- just some of the jumps are used rather unnecessarily when the song itself really isn't that intensive.


KOMMICORE (0 + Choofers)

- Hands in this file should be removed.

- m8 is weird to hit

- m12, those aren't 16ths, those are 12ths

- In spots such as m24 and m26, those 48th hands should be changed into 8ths because right now it just feels awkward with the 48th placement (these should also be changed to jumps)

- When the 16th jumpstream starts, you have an inconsistent mix of layering to the vocals and then the 4th kick.

- Most of the 16ths in the jumpstreams are overstepped ghost notes.


Leave It (Silvuh)

- Second 12.02, 8th note looks unnecessary here since you were stepping the prominent melody right before.

- Second 130.31, Missing 8th note to the melody

- File was nice to play through with good PR and easy steps.


Lufia II Boss Battle RX (Genocide101)

- m6, doesn't warrant a 16th minijack

- m7 to m21, step to the melody as well. Right now it feels empty and lacking when you have the synths blasting over the kicks.

- The long 24th runningmen stream you have starting at m31 is very abrasive. In its current state it is too one-hand biased; change to more friendly patterns.

- m39 to m46, you can layer to the synths rather than the kick. The synths stand out way more here, so it's also a good idea to step them.

- m47 to m54 could make for some neat jumpstream if you put jumps on each 4th note.

- m54 it would be better if you didn't make a 3 note jack here. If you are going to make it a 3 note jack, don't have an arrow on the same hand transitioning into it

- m55 to m62, step more of the melody, it feels incomplete when you only step a partial amount of it

- m62, jumps aren't needed here, single notes would work

- m76, that 24th runningman is a nono. It's an entire measure long at Reality 16th speed

- m79 to m82 you have more one handed 24th runningmen. Clean these patterns up so they aren't so one-hand biased

- Looks like you repeatedly only step part of the melody. I suggest working out something that fills in those empty spots, because it's very prominent.


Magnum (samurai7694)

- Some jumps used don't feel right. For example, second 4.01, 8.81, 13.61, 15.86, etc. aren't those powerful beats that the other jumps are going to (instead they're going to the other instrument). Same thing with the 32nd hands later such as at 131.06 and 135.86.

- The 16th minijacks in m66/m67, m68, m70/71, etc. are misstepped.

- m82 to the end, I think it'd be better if you removed the jumps here since it's much more mellow


May The Triforce Be With You (woker-X)

- m29, minijacks aren't necessary here. Same thing with m60.

- Only real complaint I have about this is that the minijacks don't make sense when the rest of the percussion is stepped normally.


Mmmmmmm (icontrolyourworld)

- I think a cut at 98.35 would be amazing, because a marathon file like this is not suitable for FFR with how absolutely dense the trill-type handstream is. I wasn't really a fan of the 32nd transitions, but if this is going to go into FFR with its density, it needs to be cut. This file has more notes than Vertex Beta vROFL in its current state, haha (fun fact: with its length being just shy of four and a half minutes, its TPS is 17.827. That is higher than *RATO*. Now add a long duration to that!)

- An appropriate method to toning down this file would be limiting hand usage, starting from measure 25. Layering the vocals only like you did before this point would reduce the massive density of this file and make it more playable to other players.

- I really can't stand 4 minutes of this file honestly, it's basically the same thing throughout. With a cut, this file would make an excellent dense file.


Mo-Ko-Mo-Core (hi19hi19)

- The 32nd gallops in this file are really weird to hit (parts like m130 are brutal to score on because of this)

- m159, change 16th one handed jumptrills to [34][12] so the transition into m160's big 32nd roll isn't horrendous

- Strongly suggesting a cut at 194.35, I really liked that spot as the end of the file -- after that it's repetition of what you stepped in the first part of the file, which really isn't that fun to do again for another ~100 seconds


Mostly Dark Universe (Tidus810)

- Second 11.74, the 32nd here is a ghost note

- Consistently missing 16th notes to the guitar in places like second 16.67, 36.10, etc

- If you want to stay to the rhyrhm/sounds of the song, you'll need to use proper pitch as well. Measure 11, for example, starts with a hand leading into a minijack in another column when it should be stepped as a minijack into a higher column note if you're following pitch relevancy.

- Places like m48 and m49 have a color note nightmare, and some it doesn't even go to the guitar.


My favorite shoes (Silvuh)

- m17, why a 32nd and a 24th? It should be a 24th burst going into the 4th notes. This error occurs throughout the file.

- The longer streams could make for some fun jumpstream material, but is fine as is


N's Farewell (Xx{Midnight}xX)

- A lot of color bursts are misstepped in this file, a couple examples being the color roll in m6 and m7. There are more.

- No hands are needed for this file. Jumps can suffice; this also means you don't need 3 note bursts for the piano.

- Jumps play better than the weird color gallops used. That said, I think this file would be much more fun with cohesive consistency.

- PR could be worked on.


Never Enough - xKore (Marionintendo)

- m56, m66 should be modified so they aren't one handed minitrills with a 32nd gap in between.


o (0)

- The layering in this was confusing and there were a good amount of awkward 16th anchors. The song also doesn't have much to offer.

- I could see this file using less jumps/hands and no minijacks. Right now it's quite overlayered and not that enjoyable to play through.


Ongyilkos Vasarnap (mi40)

- m8, hands not needed here. Make them jumps.

- Spots like second 3.54m, 4.79 etc. these should be jumps too.

- m35 to m59 is very overlayered and creates some unneeded minijack anchors (measure 58th's handjack is gross)


Phi-dentity Crisis (hi19hi19)

- m24, that left handed triplet going into the 8th jump has a ridiculously high chance of making a cameljack. Fix so it isn't one handed please

- m67 there isn't any solid sound that warrants a one handed minijack triplet like that, so I suggest a 3 note roll

- m72 to m79 there's a lot of annoying 34 and 43 column 32nd gallops that really aren't that fun in their current state, recommending pattern cleaning hear so there isn't a bunch of one hand bias (especially with the 2[34]23[124] part)

- m85, the 43 34 [34] 3 part on the right hand side isn't that great. Consider cleaning here

- m90, consider an alternative for that 343 one handed triplet because that's also a good chance of a cameljack and that would make this part much worse to play (not to mention it's really uncomfortable)

- File could use some pattern cleaning in a few parts, but overall was alright to play through


Pokemon RBY Gym Battle Metal Remix (VisD)

- The sections with guitar that you stepped with lots of empty space feel lacking of their potential. m21 entering into m24 for example could have 16ths going to the guitar, but you decided not to step it -- yet in measure 24 you put a trill to the guitar.

- Some pattern choices, such as m81 and m83, don't really match with the song. 431431431 triplets do not match to a 16th guitar stream, that would be a PR triplet stream.

- Second 114.03, missing a jump here to the guitar (same thing with 116.30)

- m89 to m96, this part needs revision. You have a bunch of 8ths when there's a guitar solo going on, and the 12341234 16th roll doesn't really go to the guitar either. This is a case where you'll have to sync the solo

- The color change at the end to red note syndrome and blue note syndrome didn't reflect the song. Yes there was a buildup, but it didn't warrant a one color syndrome


R176 V2 (MrPopadopalis25)

- m59, m63, m67, m68, m69, and m70 would honestly just be better as triplets rather than 3 note jacks -- it's just a sudden confusing change that feels off when you have the 24ths and creates unnecessary difficulty spikes

- This file is very overlayered and could have had jumps going to the melody rather than the beats. Right now there are a lot of hands when the song's intensity doesn't warrant them, and that quad at 134.70 is nowhere near intense enough to have a quad.

- It was rather nice to play through putting aside the jacks I mentioned above; those ruined the fluency of the file.


Reminders (hi19hi19)

- Seconds 45.56 and 56.06, 24ths here are ghost notes

- Put the 12th note to second 56.98 instead of 56.87

- The 24th on 74.81 is another ghost note, remove it and this part matches to the music well

- Nice use of layering.


Rondo A Capriccio (Bluearrowll)

- Second 56.28 32nd note is barely audible at all, as well as the 32nd note on 56.11 (making them not worth stepping since it also makes this part more awkward). I recommend removing the 32nd on 56.28 and putting a [12] jump on 56.07 for better flow.

- m57, the file starts drifting off (going from marvelous to early perfect/great).

- Seconds 212.85, 214.18, missing a 16th note here

- The main problem with this file is that it drifts off and that I was getting early greats for basically half the file. This needs a sync fix.


S (MarioNintendo)

- Second 46.82, not a big fan of this 32nd being one handed but it's not a big deal

- m40 and m41, I recommend filling in the missing quarter notes to the hihats. It makes the part feel more complete

- Seconds 66.37 and 67.78, filling in these hihat quarter notes would make this part feel more complete.


Saffron City (VisD)

- m9 to m24, you could just step to the melody and then include the percussion along with it rather than layering jumps and immediately stopping when the percussion comes in (it'll make it feel less awkward and the layering scheme won't feel inconsistent)

- Seconds 34.23 and 34.32, these 32nds are ghost notes

- Measure 34, that 1234-4321 32nd pattern does not represent the music well and forms a nasty minijack/roll transition. I suggest stepping it as 123421431 instead (something that doesn't form a 16th minijack)

- m35, rather than having [23]1-[23]1-[23]1 into the the 32nd roll (making a one handed transitions), you can step [23]41[23]41[23]4 which not only makes a smooth transition to the roll, but also fills in missing notes!

- Seconds 44.90 and 44.98, these 32nds are ghost notes.

- m42, you did the same this as in m34. Change the pattern to something like a roll or spin to better represent the music rather than 4321-1234 which forms an unnecessary gap missing note along with a 16th minijack.

- m44, after the 32nd roll you should layer to the melody and start following PR. Right now, the 8ths here don't go to the melody which is the most prominent sound in this section and the 8th jacks like in m46 are inconsistent with the quiet synth.

- The slowdown from m56 to m60 should be single notes. It doesn't make sense to have an 8th jumpglut which totally goes against your previous layering layout and when the sound gets gradually softer.

- In the second half, you have several more technical errors (same as the ones I mentioned above about the 32nds)


Scars Left By Time (Silvuh)

- m2, you decide to make this a one handed 64th triplet, and then in m3 you decide to make it a 3 note 64th triplet that doesn't have a 32nd minijack. It's inconsistent and creates an unnecessary minijack.

- Second 25.56, the 32nd here is a ghost note. The 64ths here should be placed in a manner that they don't create a minijack.

- m10, switching between 64th triplets and 64th triplets with 32nd minijacks makes the file feel inconsistent. Change this so it doesn't have a 32nd minijack.

- Jack section was fun. The jacks weren't too long and were at a reasonable speed, along with how the anchors were manageable.


Shadows (iironiic)

- m75 leading into m79, this part is very mellow. Having minijacks/jacks here doesn't represent the section very well. I'd suggest just stepping the violin here, since that definitely would enhance the relaxed atmosphere in this part considering the violin isn't playing that many notes here.

- The violin difficulty spikes were very fluent and definitely added a good deal of fun factor to this file. The syncing was also excellent and the layering scheme was easily identifiable. The only thing I don't exactly agree with is what I mentioned above about the mellow section.


Shimasen N Bass (Elite Ninja)

- m4, why did you only step 4ths here?

- m6 leading into m14 feels very empty when there's all that percussion going on. You can try figuring out something here that will fill in the empty space, such as this

- Starting at m29 you could also try layering percussion here so it isn't just the shamisen being stepped since the percussion is also very prominent and it feels lacking without having it included in there somewhere

- m56, only 4th notes again?


Shotgun Surgery (Hateandhatred & samurai7694)

- m2 through m19 I'd suggest changing the hands to doubles since right now the hands are overkill. Doubles would make this part much more fun instead of hands, honestly -- and making your current doubles in these measures single notes would also work better. Players might also complain about the one handed trills (an alternative would be 131313 instead of 12121212 for example), although they're manageable.Toning down the layering here will not only represent the song better, but will also prevent ugly minijacks like the one in m15.

- m71 to m91, layering to the guitar is nice and this part is fun to do, you managed the short trills nicely here

- m91 to m121, it would be a good idea to layer the guitar like you did in m71-91 because right now the jumps here feel rather random.

- m122 you put 4th jumps to the slower guitar which works, but then in m128 you stop and then have a 12th onto the drums? which feels very inconsistent considering the drums right before are single notes and basically the same sound.

- m133 to m135, the patterns used in the 32nds can be done but they really aren't that fun to play. I suggest to change them into patterns that aren't a lot of one handed gallops, because that gets easily annoying even if it's doable

- m135, not intense enough for a hand.

- File is well done for the most part. Some of the layering is questionable and the beginning trills could probably be more friendly (not one handed).


Silent Wind (0)

- With a song this pleasant, the amount of hands/layering is ridiculous. For example, in spots like m33-m39 and m48 single notes would have worked perfectly fine, but then you used many jumps when this part is very mellow.

- The 8th jumps you use such as on seconds 1.20, 4.83, etc. are going to a bass kick and it isn't even close to warranting a jump (especially since the bass kicks before are single notes, so it's noticably inconsistent).

- This file would work better as an easier, calmer file. Right now it's too dense and it doesn't represent the song well. Starting from m49 you could've worked something out in the vocals, but then you just continued to follow the 24ths that you've been trying to layer for the first half of the file. This file could have been more interesting -- right now it's largely repetitive and not fitting to the song.


Since 1983 (DarkZtar)

- m69, the 24th trill here is weird to hit.

- m80 and m81, find an alternative to not make this one hand-biased. The runningmen here are quite a difficulty spike.

- There are several missing 24th notes that should be stepped to the drums, which would make the file feel more complete. These are also noticeable to the player (for example, second 163.07 and second 163.66 and this isn't the only part, there are parts before as well).

- There are a good amount of awkward one handed gallops from the polyrhythms which could be changed for better fluency.


Skeletones (Brilliant Dynamite Neon)

- Had to change offset by over 30 ms

- m15, fix the 32nd trill here so it isn't one handed

- m23, the 24ths here sound very understepped and off, maybe step a quick pattern friendly burst instead

- m28, change the 32nd trill into something else since this is just an unnecessary difficulty spike

- m33, remove hand -- there isn't a cymbal crash here and it isn't intensive enough to warrant a hand

- m40, unnecessary 16th jack

- m44, this part is very weird to hit.

- m51, you don't need to make a minijack everytime that loud snare has a 16th

- m53, hands here are overlayered, they'd be fine as doubles

- m64 it would technically be a 4 note 16th jack if it's going to the snare. Like I said, you don't need the make the snare jacks every time it has 16ths. Change this up so it isn't unnecessary jacks

- m66, the 16th hand not only makes a minijack with how it's stepped, but also is inconsistent with the doubles right after. A minijack is not warranted here.

- m72 has awkward 32nd one handed transitions, change this up

- m74, 16th jacks aren't needed here.

- m75, like I've already stated several times, you don't need jacks every time the loud snare has 16ths. This is too much for 180 bpm and really creates unnecessary difficulty spikes that don't go with the song with how you're stepping other parts.

- m91 and m92 are a disaster. Do not put 16th jacks that long, especially when they're at 180 bpm. A 16th bass kick that you haven't been stepping as long jacks you step as a gigantic long jack here, and then the loud snare as 16th jacks again.

- After this point you have more awkward burst patterns and combo breaking parts (not surprisingly formed by the minijacks and jacks). m142 for example is a horrible transition. m162 you have a vibrating 24th jack, and so on.

- This file needs a major overhaul. Right now it has too many combo breakers for a combo scoring game like this, and the difficulty spikes are very unnecessary. The layering could also be toned down because there were many places that could've have a better layout.


Solros ~Vocal~ (iironiic)

- The 24th trills in this file make for nasty transitions and are very inconsistent with the roll-type 24ths you use, and they don't represent the song well. These are also damn fast.

- Calm parts such as m5-10 and m77-m83 don't deserve to have that amount of layering. Mainly single notes would've worked better here than a lot of jumps.

- Many times, your layering is confusing. I'm seeing occasional jumps to the clap, then jumps to barely audible sounds, and so on.

- Patterns could be better since a lot of them have one handed transitions that lack fluency a great deal


Spoils [dore]

- In the beginning, your layering is weird. It looks like you layer to the guitar, but then miss layering the last note repeatedly.

- m27 and m28, unnecessary 12th jumpglut (147 bpm 16th equivalent)

- m31 through m34 are understepped

- m35, fix one handed trills, especially the one with the 24th gallop

- m47 and m48, the jumpgluts should simply just be jumptrills, this is an unnecessary difficulty spike

- The 3/16th doubles section in m72 and m73 would be better if stepped as 12ths

- m75 to m90 is overlayered, you should just be using jumps here instead of the hands. The 16th minijacks are also not warranted, those sounds are barely audible.

- Second 183.81, this 24th is a ghost note. Second 185.31, this 8th note is a ghost note.

- This could use some fixing on the one handed sections and the layering to make the file more cohesive.


Terror to Terror [TC_Halogen]

- Second 8.90, missed hand

- m24, that 32nd transition and single 16th to the hand is just gross. This part really needs a reworking.

- m69 to m83 really just does not play right. A 16th stream following PR would work better here.

- m98 entering m99, this shouldn't create a 16th minijack. Making it a straight roll would've been much more fluent and enjoyable.

- The 16th minijacks you have going to the synth really make horrible transitions that are not fun at all to play through. You also have plenty of poorly placed transitions. Places such as the end of m118, end of m54, and end of m50 have terrible minijacks.

- This file could avoid a lot of unnecessary minijacks and be much more fluent with some technicality and layering sacrified. Right now, the supposed "jumptrills" have really bad transitions which basically make them useless; I'd love to see this file have more fluent/doable parts rather than anchor transitions with awkward jumptrills. Technicality is being abused here when the file has the potential to be much more fun.

- The 16th jumpstreams were the best part of the file, which makes the burst sections look like an insult to the file.


The earth blew up v2 (Choofers)

I can't judge this file without thinking about the file that's already ingame and is fine.


The First Epidemic (yomanimawesome)

- m2 to m6, doubles would work better here than hands. The quad you had in m6 is too much; it should at most be a hand.

- Second 22.95, remove 4th jump since it's not going to the vocals. Also make sure there aren't any "hidden" jacks here.

- Second 27.35, ghost note

- m26 to m30, don't layer in the drums. Stick to the vocals, because changing back and forth makes it confusing.

- Second 31.48, missing a 4th jump here (vocals).

- Second 70.51, missing a 4th jump here (vocals).

- The two 16ths at seconds 70.29 and 70.44 are ghost notes.

- m66, have 16ths to finish the drum roll that leads into the 8th hands.

- Your long 16th jumpstreams have a lot of hidden trills/runningmen in them which are a little too much. Consider restepping into friendlier patterns.


The Replicator [wc]

- Second 15.04, missing 12th

- Second 100.99, missing 12th. Remove 12th on second 100.88

- It looks like you're trying to mix in layering to the synth and the vocals but then it suddenly stops and makes the sections feel incomplete. When I was expecting jumps to the vocals, some of the notes were single notes and it was confusing. Same thing when I was expecting synths at the end to be doubles.

- Not a fan of the difficulty spikes of the jacks along with the confusing layering.


The Steel Monster Above the City (Reshiram)

- m42 to m45, putting jumps to the 4th notes would make for some great jumpstream here. Right now single notes feels rather empty when you were layering the 4ths right before

- m45, after the 24ths end you should only have jumps to the 4ths. Right now this part is stepped weird (especially the 64th gallop, it doesn't go to the music)

- m59, that hand doesn't sound intense enough to warrant one

- The 64ths such as at second 110.90, 111.21, 111.52, etc. are ghost notes. You could actually step 32nd triplets here (since there are actually 32nds) to represent the music in this part and it certainly works a lot better than your current 64th gallops which don't follow the music. Measures 69, 70, 71 also suffer from this.

- m93, those 24ths are ghost notes. This is just a 16th.

- m94 to the end, these are techincally 32nds (although be careful, it's not an entire 32nd stream). While stepping as 24ths may have been an attempt for a watered-down representation, this just feels wrong to play and it doesn't work here.

- Overall, several technical errors that could use fixing and this file could be polished up. The patterns were surprisingly fluent.


Thrashbaath (Sticklydude)

- m5, make the 32nd note a 24th instead. The 48th note is also a ghost note -- this is actually a 24th burst, which you can check on a lower rate.

- Second 26.18, missing a 16th note here

- Second 31.21, missing 32nd note here (to complete the burst)

- Seconds 40.75 and 40.89, missing 16th notes here

- m54, the 48ths are too far off from the quarter notes. Change to 192nds or make a bpm gimmick that allows the 48ths to play like they were placed on 4ths.

- m54 to m69, it would be better to just have single notes going to the melody because this part is calm and having a lot of jumps along with an overemphasized hand ruins the atmosphere of this section.

- m70, quad isn't needed here.

- In the first half of the file, you have a nice layering scheme going on which didn't require hands. In the end you have a lot of unwarranted hands, such as the 4th hand on second 111.54 and 111.82; to represent the music better, tone down the layering.

- You have several missing bass pedal kicks throughout the file, and it would make the file feel more complete if they're stepped.


Through Peaks and Valleys (Bynary Fission)

- In measure 15 you have a bpm change that goes all the way down to 75. From here, the file becomes impossible to figure out as there is no syncing to the actual notes. Right now, giving feedback on this file isn't possible.


To Make the End of Battle (DarkZtar)

- m3 to m18 you could layer to the snare like you did starting in m19 for a more cohesive layering layout rather than a switch from the guitar. I'd recommend following PR here too along with this change.

- m21 and m22, it's ok to have 4th jumps going to the snare since it is very light (it's not jumpstream on every quarter note, because the snare is not every 4th).

- m25 and m26, same thing. Having the 4th jumps makes these parts more cohesive rather than switching back and forth. It's not going to make the file a huge deal harder as long as you aren't creating hidden jacks.

- Second 26.53, the jump here should be a single note. You're layering to the percussion.

- m27 to m120 I recommend layering to the cymbal crashes and percussion so you don't wind up with medium sized jumpgluts leading into long guitar 8th streams that feel inconsistent because they're not jumps. For the guitar "minijack" parts, you could always make 8th minijack parts following PR as well so you don't have to keep making 8th jumps to the guitar for massive amounts of jumpgluts. Same thing with m129 to m152.

- m161 to m165, confusing layering

- m205 is very awkward and one-hand biased with the 32nd gallops. Change into something more pattern friendly.

- I wasn't too fond of the plethora of 8th jumpgluts in this file. It doesn't represent the song very well when you have a crapload of minijack gluts to guitar when you also have single notes to the guitar when the 8th guitar streams become too long. You also did some weird layering mixes, which made the file more confusing to follow.


Together as One (Anaru)

- m6 entering into m7 is stepped incorrectly.

- m14, 16th jack is unnecessary

- m23 to m31 you have an 8th jumpspam which doesn't make sense

- m31, you mistepped this part since there are several 16th ghost notes and you're actually missing a few 16ths that do exist.

- m39, you start doing another 8th jumpspam.

- After this point there are more 8th jumpspams present and it really doesn't represent the song.

- Quite simply put, this song has been overlayered to oblivion with no cohesive layering layout. There are also many cases of overstepped 16ths/misstepped parts. File needs an overhaul.


Vampire Killer Remix (Sticklydude)

- m26 I understand what you're trying to do with the 24ths here but it doesn't work in this case. Remove the 24ths/12ths and then add a 16th note on second 43.37

- m28, change 48th note to a 32nd note. It's more technically correct and plays better

- m30, same thing as I mentioned in m26 above. Also in m32 change the 48th note to a 32nd note.

- You have other melodies going on in the file which make parts like m5-m16 feel lacking of potential interesting steps. Here, you also are overlayering; hands shouldn't be used at all here.


Velaciela (DarkZtar)

- m18, that quad should be a hand at most. It's simply not intense enough for a quad.

- m21 to m36 you have a mix of layering the piano and percussion, and the bass kicks are sometimes not layered. Confusing to follow here.

- No hands on seconds 95.93, 96.71, 97.48 or 98.25? They're intense enough to warrant the hands, especially since you were putting hands to the same sound right before.

- m85, why did you stop layering the percussion here?

- I personally think the jacks/minijacks you used aren't needed. They aren't too bad of a difficulty spike, but certainly would be better not as jacks. Also, attempts at PR would be a plus with that change.


Walking on Water (Silvuh)

- To the guitar, missing 12ths at seconds 52.47 and 58.28

- The layering is technically fine, but I still think it would be better if there weren't hands used for this song since it's relatively soft for rock.


WE LUV LAMA [pokelda vs wc]

- Missing 32nd note on second 22.91

- m16 to m22 would work better as single notes.

- m26 to m57 feels lacking with just the main melody stepped. Stepping 4ths to the bass kick would make this section feel more complete, as well as 16ths to the bass kick such as in m33.

- Second 96.26 is missing a 4th to the melody.

- In the big streams starting at m58, you have many 16th ghost notes (the synths aren't straight 16ths)

- m82 entering into m86 would work better as single notes, and the hands from m86 through m89 would work better as doubles.

- m97, it would be better to make the jumptrill a straight 32nd roll leading into a 4th jump that starts on 98 (which would be layering the cymbal crash too).

- m101, unnecessary doubles. Single notes would work fine to the synth here.

- m102 through m104 are overlayered, the kicks themselves are fine as single notes.

- Starting at m106, these jump chains feel lacking just as straight 8ths. There are some 16th triplets going on that will add more flavor here.

- A cut at 169.68 would be nice. After this point, the file just repeats what was in the first half.

- Overview: Many misstepped parts, ghost notes, plain sections, and questionable layering. The beginning slow 32nd section was actually quite nice. However, this file right now as a whole is very lacking. A cut is strongly suggested.


White Walls Part 1 [dore]

- Second 97.83, missing 8th note. Second 118.52, missing 8th note.

- m110, change 32nds into rolls, such as 2341[234]. Right now, 3131[234]-3131[234] feels way out of place and an unnecessary difficulty spike (and this is a LONG file, you want to make the player get something good out of it)

- m125, the 16th minijack [14] double should be changed to 3. It's way too soft for a double (not to mention minijack). In m113 the minijack double was fine because it was clearly audible.

- m138, the 32nd trill you stepped is technically 24ths. And that makes a BIG difference here.

- m144, rather than having the 16ths form minijacks, change them to 3 instead for much better fluency.

- m145, this is a 270 bpm 16th one handed trill. Fix it so it isn't one handed -- and that 48th 3 note burst, change the 48th from 3 to 1 (right now it creates an ugly one handed transition that is not fluent, and as I've mentioned above, this is a LONG file and you want it to be good to play through.)

- m176, clean these patterns up. The left handed trill transition you form is pretty awful in its current state.

- m207 through m220, you have missing notes that should go to the bass pedal. Examples include second 316.98 and 317.42; filling them in will make this part feel more complete because it is very noticeable.

- I think the ending drifts slightly offsync, because when I was hitting to the music I was getting mainly early perfects.

- Layering is acceptable for the most part.


White Walls Part 2 [dore]

- 32nd note at the end of m22 would be better as a 24th.

- Second 61.26, step a 16th here since you did it for second 68.12 (which is going to the same thing).

- Second 79.59, make this a hand since your hands here are going to the vocals. Same thing for second 93.30

- m63 through m64, what are these hands going to? If it's supposed to be the vocals, the layering is inconsistent and wrong here. Same problem in m69, it's like you're only partially layering the vocals.

- Second 136.36, missing 4th jump here.

- m81: No. Clean up these patterns.

- m100 through m101: No. Clean up these patterns.

- m102 through m103: No. Clean up these patterns.

- in m123 and m124, it would be nice if you could space out the "12ths" to the guitar more evenly, because right now it's offplace. If you're trying to get a white section and you're failing to keep it rhythmically consistent, it doesn't make sense. You could even do BPM changes here to make it work out.

- m204, you're going to the guitar here, meaning that seconds 303.27, 303.35, and 303.44 are wrong. Remove these replace them with 12ths to the guitar.

- m210, to demonstrate PR on the guitar better and avoid a minijack, make the double here [14] instead of [34].

- m215, the guitar here is misstepped.

- m217, restep the 32nd triplet so it isn't one-handed (I smell a cameljack here)

- m222 through m233, it's better to have this as a [34][12][34][12] jumptrill than [14][23][14][23]; it's not only a smoother transition into the [134] hand right after, but also removes an unnecessary long one handed trill that's over 5 minutes into the file. The player will be able to appreciate this a lot more during gameplay.

- m257 through 258: No. Clean up these patterns.

- m261: No. Clean up these patterns.

- Layering is acceptable for the most part.


WHO GIVES A **** (nois-or-e)

- Stepping the percussion would've added some more flavor to this file. It feels weird not hitting to the percussion as well because it's blasting at the player, making the parts feel emptier than they should. Otherwise, it's a nice short file.


Windy Valley (Genesis'd) (Silvuh)

- Second 16.66, ghost note

- Sometimes you had jumps to the percussion, sometimes you did not. While you had jumps going to the melody, the percussion is also a prominent part of the song as well, so it makes sense to include it in the layering. There isn't anything extreme going on in this file either.


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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


[PASS] Files

If your submission was not reviewed with a numerical rating OR was given a [PASS] rating, then these judges will review it. All such files will end up here.


Kommicore (0 + Choofers)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]
-> offset is good up to zoom 8 in DDream, but there's no way the right BPM is used, because notes start getting nearly twenty milliseconds off from where they should be landing at the end of the song (-3)

- 14.734: not 16ths (should be 12ths, at 14.734, 14.820, and 14.906) (-0.5)
- 59.360: 16th streaming? I'm not sure it's uninterrupted... (-0.5)
- honestly, chart is pretty easy to follow, albeit pretty hard; aside from the sync. The run isn't the most called for thing, though.

Mmmmmmm (icontrolyourworld)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]
-> offset looks good, sync is good too

- not going to lie, at first I wanted to just give you like a 4/10 for how long and repetitive the jumpstream is. (-2)
- however, a point for passing a file like this is that there really isn't any other stamina-heavy jumpstream file like this, and it is appropriately executed.
- 88.237: if you really wanted to be mean, you could switch the direction of the roll to accommodate for the fade into reverse bass-drum
- 252.623: this boost in layering doesn't seem called for, really (-1)
- some relevance to vocals or melody would have been really nice, but I'm not going to complain
- this file has a very old school touch, for sure; very heavy jump usage typically geared toward some sort of percussion, whether it be claps, drums, or even following the melody, you always know what a jump is following.
- definitely interested in seeing the kind of scores this file will produce


FFReedom (MarioNintendo) [6/10]
small comments.
m42- inconsistency for higher square sounds?
m66- last blue hand can be double or single.
m67- it will be more interesting by layering rhythm parts (there're already similar parts)
No major issues and mildly enjoyable, a bit generic/bland feelings for playing (could be improved a bit more).

Mo-Ko-Mo-Core (hi19hi19) [5/10]

Voice, SFX parts are interestingly done but overall repetitive for nearly 5min song.
Mainly due to the structure of the song. Songcut is preferred, in my opinion.
Technically, mostly understandable but felt some jumpstream sections are quite overlayered (jumps for every 8th).
Overall, not bluntly wrong and might be food for JS practice or patience competition, otherwise kinda boring/painful to play in general.

Through Peaks and Valleys (Bynary Fission) [1/10]

gets totally offsync after m16 (obvious BPM mistakes), not playable due to this.
gap is early for about 40ms, too.


.357 Magnum (Frozen Beat) [+] (8/10)
- Good chart for a wonderful song! I like your hand usage.
- Just little suggestions regarding the note patterns - beat 130.25 on m. 33 would be nice with a jump other than [14] because it's different from the preceding chord. Same with beat 162.25 on m. 41. ([34] would be a good choice)
- m. 85 - beats 338.75 ~ 340.00 - the pattern here is a little awkward to hit, especially with that left note on beat 339.50. Experiment with different patterns?

Star Wars Anthology (Sticklydude) [+] (8/10)
- Hehe, the chart's gotten better!
- m. 22 (beat 86) to m. 29 (beat 114) feel a little empty, though it does make the main melody stand out. Still, even little things like adding a jump on m. 26, beat 102.00 could go a long way.
- m. 31 (beat 120 ~ 122) - 16ths here?
- m. 37 (beat 144.75) - maybe use a different jump here since the note is different from the preceding jump? There are a few other spots like this, although it's personal preference.
- In the first half, you could vary up some of the 14 trills you use, since the song itself doesn't offer much variation. They don't even have to be trills; for example, you could try this for m. 46:

- m. 64 on was fun, no complaints :P
- suggestion: halve the BPM from m. 108 to the end of the song? Just for expressiveness =P

Tequila (Anaru) [+.] (7/10)
- Quite better than the last time I played this, haha
- Hands feel a little frequent, although you can keep them as is because they accent parts pretty well.
- m. 18 - missing a note on beat 70.50?
- m. 38 - beats 150.00 & 151.00 - I can see why you put hands here, but jumps should suffice.
- m. 40 - beats 158.00 ~ 159.50 - not sure why these aren't all jumps, as there was a similar section on m. 32 for which you used 4 consecutive jumps (beat 126.00~). Given how often jumps come up, changing m. 32 to the way you layered m. 40 wouldn't be a bad idea.
- m. 42 - consider ending the file with a [14] (you could move the notes before that around if you don't want to create a minijack, but that's up to you)

THE LITTLE MERMAID (hi19hi19) [+?] (5/10)
- lmao, doesn't feel like much was changed from last time; check my notes from last time for overall thoughts since they still kinda apply
- m. 13 - beats 50 ~ 51 are still off - feels like it needs to be something like this, although it's still not completely accurate because of the BPM change:

- For how dense the file is, you -could- layer in some jumps for m. 21~23

World End's Yama Xanadu (0) [+.] (7/10)
- Still feels a little repetitive (both chart and song). The file changes as much as the song does so no problem there !_!
- Some of my comments from the January batch still apply - 16th buildup in certain sections could be really effective (e.g. m. 79~80, 226~227, 321~324)
- Could be a neat long file if players are into that stuff, so here, have an extra point from last time

A FLOWER GARDEN (bmah) [+.] (7/10)
- lol that discord at the beginning
- m. 17 - this jumpglut section feels pretty long. Doesn't seem very consistent in terms of layering either, considering not much changes in the song from right before.
- A couple of sections are pretty mean compared to the rest of the file (the trill on m. 31~32, trills on m. 35~38, the ending). Besides that, nothing that takes away from the fun of the file.

Corporal Jigsaw Quandary (hi19hi19) [+?] (5/10)
- Another file that's technically fine, but drags
- The long, 302BPM streams that come up from m. 47 still seem rough compared to the rest of the file (the patterns did seem more simplified from last time, though)
- Placeholder could be moved up a little; doesn't really seem to be a need to include all 11 seconds of what's in between
- Consider either a cut (if you want to keep the difficulty at top notch), or a toning down of the streams (for difficulty consistency)

It's Too Loud (YOSHl) [+] (8/10)
- Nice short file here, no real complaints. Good work with catching the little 16ths that come up from m. 45.
- If I *had* to pick out stuff, it'd be tiny issues like "the pink note on m. 13 feels slightly late" - where I might be wrong (and it shouldn't matter once it's on FFR anyway).
- also I hate it when all the notes are layered and suddenly they stop

DATA DRAIN (FFR Pro 21) [?] (3/10)
- no.
- with FFR at 30fps, this file will just be "broken" stream with a mess of notes 0 or 1 frame apart
- Also, if you think about it, there's almost zero variation in the file - it's the same rhythm repeated over and over (but gradually speeding up the second time around). Even some jump usage in the first half would've been nice. (e.g. m. 14, beats 52.00 ~ 53.50, etc.) Or constant 16th stream from m. 32 beat 126.00, leading up to the speedup section.
- Was expecting something different from the SM chart, but askdfhskjhgsfmasdmf.

Duncan Hills Cover (trumaestro) [+.] (6/10)
- Nothing too interesting, but not bad either.
- m. 19 (beat 74) - note here, as you're following the guitar as well
- Check the rhythm on m. 29 and m. 31. You -could- leave the 24ths as is for the other bits, but for those two sections at least, you might want to check if there should be a few more notes. Up to you; given the difficulty of the rest of the file, it doesn't need to be super-technical)
- m. 34 (beat 135 ~ 136) - step the drumroll? It stands out.
- m. 36 - last yellow note isn't really necessary.

KOMMICORE (0 + Choofers) [+?](5/10)
- Not feeling this one, rofl
- m. 38 - jump usage is weird here; seems like you were using them for both the background drumbeats and vocals, which gets confusing
- Last jumpstream (m. 56~) is pretty awkward and difficulty-inconsistent
- lol abrupt ending

Mmmmmmm (icontrolyourworld) [+?] (4/10)
- The song title reflects my thoughts upon first seeing this file
- Song itself is pretty darn repetitive - feels even longer than 4:22. Strongly recommend a cut.
- Almost all of the file is straight jump/handstream. At almost 18tps. (The midsection was a good change of things) Granted, it's Sharpnel, but the chart feels like it's better suited for SM than for FFR
- Your layering starts off great, but once you start layering multiple instruments over the basic 16th stream, it causes jumps/hands everywhere, which takes away from emphasizing certain beats. It just feels like generic hard jumpstream with hands mixed in.
- Could be a fun chart for higher-end players, but the file does need some variation/shortening. Otherwise (from a technical point of view) there's not much that's weird.

The Bird's Midair Heatstroke (DossarLX ODI) [+.] (6/10)
- Has me worried about framerness, but otherwise it's a fine technical chart. lol 344k BPM
- m. 4 - consider making the jacks alternate every 2 notes. Also feels weird when there are anchors. Same for m. 7, etc.
- m. 22 - beats 84.6xx ~ 85.2xx - notes aren't too audible here, could take those out (except for the up note)
- m. 29 - just a suggestion: a slight tone-down from beat 112.50? The buzz isn't too clear...
- Last bit was fun lol

The Earth Blew Up v2 (Choofers) [+.] (6/10)
- The "dump" in the title had me worried at first
- Not sure if a v2 of this is necessary, although I wouldn't mind having this version instead of the one that's already on FFR
- Consider changing patterns around for some of the long trills that show up from m. 79. They seem pretty similar to the ones in the already-accepted chart. (e.g. have different trill patterns for m. 99 and 100)
- The little jumpstreams on m. 65, 69, etc. feel slightly weird (I do hear all the 16ths, but maybe try experimenting with other rhythms/patterns)

Through Peaks and Valleys (Bynary Fission) [?] (2/10)
- Offset is early (~40ms)
- There's an issue with the BPM changes that makes the whole file go offsync - move every change down by 1 measure (4 beats) and see if this fixes the problem.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

June 1, 2012

Difficulty 1-9 Special Batch
link: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...d.php?t=124049

Judge Team 1


A Sloth's Song / PrawnSkunk
rating: 3/10 [?]
- for what little sounds there are in this sound, the steps have PR and are fine
- even for a beginning player, this is probably one of the most "fall asleep" difficulty 1 files out there
- Summary: How can I say it...it's stepped "fine", but the song itself is the biggest culprit that would make even novices snore.

Bodies In The House Next Door / mi40
rating: 5/10 [+?]
- the guitar strumming is accurately synced and PR is relatively good too
- not sure if it's necessary to step the guitar "clicks" such as at 19.09s
- this song isn't really the best sort of genre to step, as you have colored bursts separated with 5-10 seconds of silence in between them. In this light, the file is not only trickier to play for novice players, but is also boring for other people waiting for the next set of arrows to come.
- Summary: This song sets a very mellow mood for listening, but the structure of the song itself isn't very conducive for stepping, easy or otherwise.

Calling Mars / DarkZtar
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 22.15s,28.91s,84.69s: jump on accented drum?
- 41.16s,42.85s: missed 16th on slow section
- 91.13s,97.89s,104.65s,etc.: missed 16th (there are a few other places)
- at the very end of the song, stepping the voice sample "calling Mars" feels a bit funny due to the fact that "calling" comes a bit after your [14] jump. Add an arrow here.
- Summary: Cool. This is a fun, energetic song that really fits the bill for a moderate difficulty. Well done!

Carrots / yo man im awesome
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- 8th jacks at the beginning sorta butcher the appearance of any sort of PR, such as at 18.71s or 22.97s; however, the next part of song you represent with 8th jacks quite nicely
- some areas to watch out for PR: 53.06s (does the 16th note repeat itself? [no]), 54.61s (does the 16th note repeast itself? [yes]), etc.
- great climax theory progression throughout most of the song
- 113.74s: this section I'm not exactly following what the jumps are going to
- 126.13s: from here on in, you should probably reduce the layering more as the song winds down
- Summary: A pretty repetitive song with not much variation. However, you did a good job in making it varied as possible. Reduce the layering near the end as that makes the file appear redundant.

Case Closed / DossarLX ODI
rating: 8/10 [+]
- nice syncing
- steps flow well too, although I thought there were one too many staircase patterns
- I also like the small nod to color theory on a few arrows
- Summary: Nice work. Plays smoothly like the words coming out of the rapper's mouth.

Colors of the Wind / iironiic
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- nice syncing
- there are places where you should be more discrete in placing single arrows vs jumps; some places have simultaneous melodies you missed such as 4.23s/54.08s/126.35s, while other areas have unnecessary jumps that don't even appear to refer to an adequately accented/emphasized sound such as 71.98s/100.47s/129.94s
- 49.24s: the bass melody definitely plays a note, as quiet as it seems; this is one of those cases where I'd add it for the sake of musical structure
- 67.58s: syncing on bass melody a bit off (comes earlier)
- 81.87s: an upward trend in the pattern is preferable as the song ascends in scale
- Summary: In general, you did a great job in making the file feel natural like playing piano rubato. However, there are many places that need refining in single arrows or jumps.

Countdown / DarkZtar
rating: 8/10 [+]
- spectacular PR!
- 119.88-121.08s: it would be reasonable to layer this please
- fade-out or cut the mp3, even though you only stepped a short part of it
- Summary: Easy to follow file. Shorten the mp3 please.

Diaspora / DossarLX ODI
rating: 6/10 [+.]
- song definitely emphasizes single arrows, and I can certainly respect that; however, it becomes detrimental when you try to step multiple adjacent melodies/sounds that are all to be represented under a linear stream of arrows. What you step to becomes more nebulous, and playing the file will also feel nebulous. I suggest you do layer a bit more on sections that lose this distinction - or only focus on one melody/instrument at a time without crossing over onto another right away.
- regarding the above, multiple melodies begin to appear at 14.62s. Places like 27.65s are where you have adjacent melodies clashing together. Really becomes less distinct in areas like 42.06s and 81.54s.
- syncing is quite generalized, but that's fine considering the song's difficulty
- Summary: I'm aware you're trying to layer as little as possible, but you shouldn't let distinct melodies lose their flavors by reflecting a stream that melds them by single arrows. The file itself is nice and simple though.

Dystopia / nikoflame
rating: N/A [!]
- well let's start with the good news. The good news is that there are several areas in which you did sync it alright and the PR was quite decent. The bad news is that this file is far too long to be interesting, the wrong BPM, lacks layering, has repetitive and uncomfortable patterns, and to top it off, a few places with incredible difficulty spikes. Also, did you acquire permission from the song artist?
- Summary: You need quite a bit of work, but first and foremost this is the wrong batch to send your file to. Regardless, I wouldn't have accepted it in a regular batch either.

Electrolosys / YOSHl
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- the very beginning and end I first thought you were disregarding multiple melodies in favor of a single layer of arrows (see Diaspora above), but the song eventually gives way into more instruments that are better for layering; nice
- 17.18s: no jump according to your layering
- 30.68s: generalizing the drumroll as 16ths is questionable, same goes with 88.75s
- 43.75s: ghost arrow
- 75.36s: missing arrow
- 75.46s: making a 16th stream out of quiet hi-hats isn't the best idea; at least change some of the one-handed trill patterns here
- Summary: Not bad. A pretty moderate difficulty with a few technical errors. Plays nicely though.

Exotic Matter / Tidus810
rating: 6/10 [+.]
- it'd be sensible to distinguish the tom drums with jumps (e.g. 28.68s), especially when adjacent with other sing arrows (e.g. 29.97s)
- 47.32s,49.04s: I would personally not generalize the drumrolls here, but I understand you want to maintain an easy difficulty
- 73.68s,75.39s: the cymbals are too accented to be ignored; use a jump!
- 100.68s,etc.: see above
- 157.04s,etc.: see above; this one seems more of a personal preference, as I understand you're only adding jumps to guitar chords
- 180.07s: alright, this is probably the one drumroll I think you should NOT generalize into 16ths at all. Step this accurately.
- Summary: The selective stepping to maintain a consistent, easy difficulty is understandable but is also questionable when it comes to a number of obvious accented sounds or drumrolls. Even if you stepped everything fully, the song would still be fairly tame. Add onto the more accented sounds and step more accurately in places where generalizing becomes insufficient.

Find a Pet (Candy Mix) / megamon88
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 28.82s,42.15s,63.68s,74.15s: jump on cymbal
- Summary: energetic file that feels pretty fun to play, despite being mainly 8th notes. Pony lovers will enjoy this song.

Fire / Elite Ninja
rating: 8/10 [+]
- offset/gap is slightly late
- 45.24s,48.06s,etc.: I usually don't care about hands too much, but I don't think they're necessary in these cases. They don't appear to be representing any sort of accented sound that's more significant.
- Summary: Nice dubstep file!

Firebird / Silvuh
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 1.56s,6.36s: the 8th jacks here don't seem to fit as the drums don't play repeatedly here; try for a different pattern
- 20.46s,76.86s: would you mind doubling the BPM here for aesthetics please? I get sorta bugged when the bpm doesn't reflect the energy of the music. (slowdown at 61.26s)
- 76.86s: optional, but what do you think of adding some steps to the syncopated tom drums for some climax theory?
- Summary: Catchy song with good steps of moderate difficulty.

Freak / SKG_Scintill
rating: 9/10 [+]
- this song is certainly pushing it for a 9 haha (I'd say it's a good match for a high 9)
- aside from that, the steps were executed really well, with great patterns that played naturally, accented jumps, a cool guitar solo, and a variety that keeps you interested the whole way through
- 91.22-95.98s: optional, but you have plenty of room to layer some drums if you want
- 126.98s: guitar does a little trilly riff that can be stepped
- Summary: Very fun file to play that has a lot to offer.

Galaxy9 / bob bob
rating: 5/10 [+?]
- 6.19s: optional, but IMO I'd step the intro claps
- 13.32s: missing 16th
- there are a number of "filler" arrows that don't serve to do anything other than make the file play more nebulously (e.g. 8.18s). Please avoid these. There are other cases in which one could argue they're for climax theory purposes (e.g. 13.64s might go to hi-hats) but they still feel nebulous due to a very loosy-goosy layering scheme. Layer more distinctly so we know what we're playing.
- 13.53s,etc.: missed 16th
- 19.77s: 32nd doesn't exist
- 27.80s,28.01s,28.43s,etc.: steps to some pretty distinct drums missing here
- 30.31s: ...and a case where no such drum exists
- 48.04s,60.73s: ghost note?
- 81.82s: according to your stepping scheme, this would be a 32nd roll
- 90.63-100.70s: I don't really follow this...I suspect you're misstepping the gallops
- Summary: This file is an honest attempt at some simplicity, but suffers from the same indistinct feeling that Diaspora (see above) does. In addition, the last part of the file doesn't feel right at all. This is a cool song, so it would be great if you could relook at this file.

GET OUT MAH DRIVEWAY / psychozerosk8er
rating: 3/10 [?]
- song made me laugh
- 41.36s,152.79s,156.21s,etc.: ghost note (adding another note to "extend" the sound doesn't work either)
- in the second half of the song, the steps are not synced very well to the rap lyrics, and generalizing the steps make this part feel sloppy. You can probably get away with minor differences in sync such as at 58.18s (but I still suggest syncing them better). Other areas, not so much: 61.29s (very offsync), 63.43s (very offsync and/or misstepped), etc.
- 68.79s,70.29s,96.21s,etc.: random jumps?
- 89.36s,etc.: 8th note
- Summary: It starts off simple enough at first, but the second half is filled with ghost arrows, missteps, and offsync patterns.

glaciate / DarkZtar
rating: 8/10 [+]
- for aesthetic purposes, it would be nice if you re-arranged your steps to the proper time signature (3/4 time; i.e. 12th and 24th notes). To find out the proper BPM that would reflect this, there's a formula you can calculate. PM me for more info.
- 15.19s,32.07s,65.50s,86.75s: this feels nice as a jump too
- 42.07s: PR slightly off (follow your own example at 45.19s)
- 52.69s,53.00s,etc.: optionally you can step jumps to acknowledge the melody
- Summary: Pretty song. You surely can add some jumps to a few more places. As for the time signature, that's up to you, but I can help with that if you'd like to fix it.

Hearth's Warming Holiday Cheer / megamon88
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 119.93s,120.54s,121.15s: optional, but you might want to change the three [13] jumps that go to a changing melody
- optionally, you can also halve the BPM during the calmer parts of the song
- Summary: Energetic! The file flows well and is fun to play. 'gratz.

How I Met Your Mother Theme (Piano Arrangement) / VisD
rating: 4/10 [+?]
- I find this song too short
- some of the grace notes/gallops are acceptable, but others are questionable or doesn't exist (e.g. 14.10s)
- 16.45s: jump
- 18.37-22.06s: wrong bpms for the slowdown; maintain those 8ths and don't turn them into 4ths; burst is also of a greater note value than 8ths
- Summary: The file is stepped fine for the most part, but this song is just too short.

I Think In a Minute or so I'll Explode / I like it
rating: 4/10 [+?]
- even adding jumps to sine-like tones (e.g. 5.19s) or vocals (e.g. 28.41s) would help make this file more interesting. Perhaps try to add them in a gradual manner?
- Summary: As it stands right now, this file is nothing but a series of 16th triples. The problem is mainly the song itself not providing many opportunities to step something more varied. I guess it's a good practice file for this sort of pattern, but not really presentable for FFR.

I Wanna Rock Your Body ('til the break of Dawn) / rayword45
rating: 5/10 [+?]
- 7.15s: I suggest you generalize the drumroll to single arrows when it transitions into notes faster than 16ths (i.e. single arrows at 7.53s,7.90s) [or perhaps when it transitions into notes faster than 24ths]. A similar case occurs at 22.15s, except there are no real 16ths here. In this case, put a single note at your second roll if you want to generalize.
- 8.28s,24.02s,36.02s: jump on cymbals
- 26.96s,32.97s: in this empty section of the song, it feels a lot better to step to the drums rather than the offbeat vocals; just feels awkward
- 34.89s: 16th drumroll should start earlier, but you've also left the 16ths a bit too long as it enters a 24th note phase at 35.27s. Also, the 32nd rolls are a sharp difficulty spike considering the rest of your file. Either reduce these rolls to a single arrow as noted previously, or step more fully throughout your file.
- 36.02-46.14s: another case of "awkward steps due to vocals". When deciding whether to step vocals or instruments, consider a) how well those vocals go in sync with the music, and b) if the song's beats/instruments are more dominant vs the vocals.
- Summary: This is an interesting song with variety. However, drumroll generalizations and stepping on and off to vocals make the file feel sloppy.

Iced Innocence / Reshiram
rating: 8/10 [+]
- oh lordie lord, white arrows following the main melody - classic! Thankfully, the amount of white arrows aren't overwhelming.
- 5.09s: optional, but the 8th notes here could also be jumps if you want, since it does step to those slightly accented hi-hats
- 12.64s: missing two jumps here, according to your stepping scheme
- 47.35s: missed 8th
- Summary: Decently stepped and plays well. The drum'n bass stepping is rather repetitive though.

Infinity / Elite Ninja
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 6.91s,27.12s,etc.: ghost 12th
- 10.70s,15.75s: missed 12th
- 19.33s,21.86s,22.17s,etc.: I recommend layering in the swing drums too
- 37.43-41.22s,42.49-46.28s: optionally you can also layer in the melody here, since you've got a decent amount of room to reasonable do so
- Summary: This is a quick and tidy swing song that I had a lot of fun playing. Swing songs tend to become repetitive after a while, but the length here is just right.

Insomnia (Acid Paradox remix) / nois-or-e
rating: 8/10 [+]
- whoa, title on SM confused me for a bit; be careful next time!
- 24.95s,etc.: ghost 16th according to the main melody, but if you're stepping this to the omni-present hi-hats, I don't really advise it. The hi-hats have their own individual rhythm that's different from the melody. Keep it simple.
- 49.65s,60.95s,etc.: obvious 16th missing
- 74.36s,74.45s,etc.: some areas with 32nds are clearly ghost notes
- 90.42s: maybe a hand?
- Summary: Awesome file that has impact, since it flows well and hits those beats like a nail. Please check over missing arrows and ghost arrows.

It Tied The Room Together / Jake Ferguson
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- 20.59s: is a hand needed?
- 32.52s,etc.: the "shwooping" sound starts a bit earlier, so perhaps add another arrow to the burst (e.g. 32.48s)
- 37.12s,52.77s: no jump
- be more discriminate in how you choose which sounds to step as jumps and which ones to step as single arrows, since it doesn't always seem clear. For instance, a dull bass drum doesn't have a jump at 38.62s but suddenly does at 40.12s. Then it becomes a single arrow again at 41.62s and 41.99s.
- 56.99s: I don't follow this
- the last few arrows seem a bit nebulous in sync. Also, around 68.63s: omitted sound?
- Summary: A short drum'n bass song with sensible stepping for the most part. Try to be more choosy in determining jumps vs single arrows going to certain sounds.

My Name is Jankenpopp / 00Razor00
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- weird song haha
- inconsistent stepping on the blip noises (e.g. stepped at 2.12s, but not at 4.56s or many cases right after that)
- inconsistencies in a few more places such as 25.70s,25.88s,27.14s,etc.
- why jumps in places like 46.30s or 47.74s but none in similar areas like 46.66s or 48.47s? Be consistent.
- Summary: Fun and weird song that's well-structured. There are just a lot of layering inconsistencies though. Thankfully, they don't distract too much, but take a second look.

New Rave / Silvuh
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 9.95s,etc.: I'd rather preserve the melody than step 8th jacks that go to the drums if you prefer to keep scant layering
- 32.25s: I wonder...would there be an 8th here?
- 63.84-77.97s: the main melody stands out more than the quieter piano for which you're stepping to; feels weird that the main melody is ignored here
- 90.57s: neat color theory!
- Summary: This file suffers a bit from a nebulous feel (similar to some previous files I've reviewed above) due to selective layering. However, the color theory and attempt for variety makes up for it.

Nocturne / Silvuh
rating: 6/10 [+.]
- nice syncing
- as with most piano files, you should make it feel like one is playing the piano. This is particularly important when you choose to tone down the file for difficulty purposes.
- 6.78s,10.05s: don't place jumps simply due to the fact that the bass melody plays a lower note. The bass melody wasn't acknowledged anywhere else in this section of the song, so keep it that way (or conversely, step the bass melody more fully). Jumps come into play though when the treble melody plays chords, as you've shown in such places like 17.61s.
- 16.72s,30.08s,94.70s,etc.: a number of other places scattered throughout the song don't appear to warrant jumps
- 43.86-56.51s: some jumps aren't needed; what's a bit strange though is that the bass melody seem to randomly come into play only later on; try stepping it earlier as well
- 56.51s,68.03s: I don't think a hand is warranted here
- 67.24s: no jump
- 81.62s,82.03s: umm, missing bass melody?
- 83.91s: jumps should start here
- Summary: Not bad, but quite a bit of work needs to be done for a more consistent piano file.

Warai / DossarLX ODI
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- interesting vocal clips; isn't this song actually called "W"?
- 32.63s: stepping the quiet hi-hats was alright earlier, but here I think there's better potential to introduce the stepping of the vocals to the player
- 44.67s: personal preference, but there's tons of room to do minor variations (e.g. alternative 121212 or something) in addition to your repeated arrows
- 59.38s: what's with this 4th?
- 63.40-66.24s: haha wow, this is quite a sharp spike in difficulty in contrast to what we've been introduced to so far. I would suggest toning this down, or increase the layering a bit in the previous areas. I initially thought this was going to be a really easy file!
- 66.07-76.77s: might I suggest some pattern variety
- 174.41s: nice patterns, but gets boring after a second cycling of the same chorus, in addition to a lack of change in arrow patterns (until the very end)
- Summary: This is a cool but repetitive song that can still be trimmed a bit in length. The difficulty distribution in this file is sorta wack though. Only until the last third of the song do we see a progression that's relatively consistent. I say make this file a bit easier or a bit harder! It can go both ways pretty easily.


A Sloth's Song (PrawnSkunk) - 7/10 [+.]

- it's a good beginner chart, though I feel like the song is really slow but it doesn't bother me much. (guess that's why it's called 'a sloth's song'?)

Acid Paradox (nois-or-e) - 7/10 [+.]

- is the title Acid Paradox or Insomnia?
- enjoyable 32nd note patterns patterns but it feels repeated and boring after 8 measures
- 8th note jump at 104.182 is unnecessary if the jumps mainly go to the kick sounds
- second half is pretty much just like the first but it's good that it cuts early
- pretty good file overall though

Bodies In The House Next Door (mi40) - 8/10 [+]

- technically correct notes at the section starting at 28.600 (it happens again at 62.214), but those notes are so damn quiet that it can come off as ghost notes so I would have just not stepped that
- I actually enjoyed this file though

Calling Mars (DarkZtar) - 7/10 [+.]

- I'd avoid repeating patterns in the beginning
- the 12th note and 24th note to the vocals is unnecessary and idk why one is a 12th note and the other is a 24th note.
- I still liked it though

Carrots (yo man im awesome) - 5/10 [+?]

- I don't hear an 8th note rhythm piano note at 8.256
- 76.579, I wouldn't layer the 16th notes in there because that rhythm is in the background and doesn't stand out as much as the piano notes. It sounds like straight 16ths too so there's a ton of misrhythms anyway.
- layering at the end could use work, try less jumps and have notes going to either only the piano or the percussion.

Case Closed (DossarLX ODI) - 8/10 [+]

- really nice vocal file haha

Colors of the Wind (iironiic) - 8/10 [+]

- nostalgic song choice
- sync is awesome although I had feeling that a few rhythms/notes were slightly off but that could be just me. I still enjoyed it overall, good job!

Countdown (DarkZtar) - 8/10 [+]

- really nice layering in this
- enjoyed it, good job!

Diaspora (DossarLX ODI) - 6/10 [+.]

- I would like it if you only layer one instrument at a time (one section just violin rhythm, guitar rhythm, vocals, and not all meshed together)
- still wasn't too bad though

Dystopia (nikoflame) - 1/10 [-]

- what's your reason as to why the BPM is so high? if the intention is to make all notes 4th notes then that's completely unnecessary and silly.
- very long pause after that hand
- idk about those one note jacks but I'm sure some beginner players wouldn't like that at all. maybe lower the the BPM first, and also fill in those empty gaps because that's terrible.
- this doesn't feel like an easy file in the first place though. this song also is EXTREMELY long so I'd suggest a cut or to do an extreme redo on this and give it a better replay value because this wasn't fun at all.

Electrolosys (YOSHl) - 6/10 [+.]

- 16th jump at 30.142 would be nice to emphasize the snare more
- missing 16th note at 75.356
- besides those two things, pretty good file

Exotic Matter (Tidus810) - 7/10 [+]

- nice song choice
- layering is good
- the change to the 12th note rhythm was cool, it made the file more interesting

Find a Pet (Candy Mix) (megamon88) - 6/10 [+.]

- 42.150 layering is very basic and unoriginal
- in this case, starting at 18.150, I would just keep layering the percussion or both percussion and vocals because imo the transition to the single note vocals to the percussion 31213121 is awkward, so keep it the way it was done similar to 28.817

Fire (Elite Ninja) - 6/10 [+.]

- was it intentional to skip some 32nd note kick rhythms? (example, 47.286) I would add them.
- this song was shorter than expected
- file was okay at best, song is cool though.

Firebird (Silvuh) - 8/10 [+.]

- not much to say but I honestly didn't like the jump layering at the end starting at 76.862

Freak (Scintill) - 8/10 [+]

- really nice song and cool file to go with it
- patterns flowed nicely, good job!

Galaxy9 (bob bob) - 8/10 [+.]

- nice percussion layering
- I would have ended right at the 4th jump at 102.378 instead.

Get Out Mah Driveway (psychozerosk8er) - 4/10 [+?]

- lots of misrhythms, such as 73.179 where that should be a 16th note instead of a 4th note and a missing 16th note at 75.321
- layering (random jumps)
- starting at 41.143, I think the bass stands out more than the two 8th note rhythm
- song choice is odd

Glaciate (DarkZtar) - 7/10 [+]

- song is nice with it's unique time signatures
- layering is nice too

Hearth's Warming Holiday Cheer (megamon88) - 7/10 [+]

- at the beginning as well as the ending, I'd remove those 16ths because they're not that audible and have the other notes (piano or w/e instrument that is) stand out more but that isn't a big deal. I still liked the file.

How I Met Your Mother Theme (Piano Arrangement) (VisD) - 5/10 [+?]

- I'm not a fan of short songs, even though it is just a theme song
- hand at 5.588 is unneccessary
- ending seemed offsync to me

I Think In a Minute or so I'll Explode (I like it) - 5/10 [+?]

- it's hard to make an interesting file out of this song since it's repetitive as hell throughout the 50 seconds and this was just boring.
- ending 24th note was unneccessary

I Wanna Rock Your Body ('til the break of Dawn) (rayword45) - 4/10 [+?]

- it was blant, more percussion layering please
- the vocal notes are offsync

Iced Innocence (Reshiram) - 7/10 [+.]

- the 192nd note color theory thing is a bit old now
- layering is good, file wasn't too bad

Infinity (Elite Ninja) - 6/10 [+.]

- cool 24th swing file
- only thing that bothered me was the section starting at 52.592. that could have been layered better, personally I would add the 8th jumps to the snare, or just continued layering the main melody since the triplets are in the background.

It Tied The Room Together (Jake Ferguson) - 4/10 [+?]

- layering is a bit shaky due to the kick drum being layered as jumps sometimes and other times as just a single note (for example, 35.617 the kick has 16th jumps)
- the ending notes killed it because they're offsync as hell

My Name is Jankenpopp (00Razor00) - 5/10 [+?]

- thank you for not making it a huge dump like I did haha
- 45.576? what do those 12th notes go to?
- I'm positive those 12th notes should be 16th notes instead (for sections like 53.286 and 56.177 and so on...)

New Rave (Silvuh) - 6/10 [+.]

- layering is pretty weird for my taste, especialy at 63.840 since the piano is almost too quiet and way in the background

Nocturne (Silvuh) - 8/10 [+.]

- really nice piano file

Warai (DossarLX ODI) - 5/10 [+?]

- classic song choice lol
- I feel the the difficulty spike is huge because it goes from slow 4ths to a burst of 16th notes
- 135.283, that should start with a 4th note instead of the 16th note



A Sloth's Song (PrawnSkunk)

A bunch of the notes' sync is a tad off, as I know you feared. The easiest way to fix this is in ddreamstudio:


In the pocket guide, read those sections (and download the program first if you don't already have it):

(How to open songs and simfiles (to open the .sm))
Intro to BPM and Offset using the waveform
How to put in a beat manually
(How to save (to save in .sm))

Also, the "342124…" pattern is the same every time, you might want to vary it a bit, even though it's so slow we can hardly notice it. Finally, I don't get why you started putting jumps at 33.518s and suddenly dropped it afterwards. Nothing changes at all in the song. If it was to add variety/challenge to the song, I'd recommend saving them for the end. Other than that… it's a rather underwhelming difficulty 1. [6/10]

Bodies In The House Next Door (mi40)

I can't believe what I just played. Who are you to step such magnificent things in the shadows? PS: the pitch of your notes is slightly inverted at m25! [9/10]

Calling Mars (DarkZtar)

Forget FFR. There's a job waiting for you at Konami. [9/10]

Carrots (yo man im awesome)

Very old school. I like how you stepped similar sounds with many variants.

- Not a fan of the under stepped beginning (before 27s), even though it kinda works.
- Do you need a jump at 114.902s? Removing it or changing its place (ex: 12 instead of 24) would make the melody more obvious.
- Another jump at 113.546s I disagree with.
- 132.127s needs a jump
- 147.804s is begging not to stop the bass layering. It's so obvious, you kinda have to step it. If you avoid making any indirect jacks like in the section right above it and made the 8th notes as much the same arrow as possible (ex: (34)1(24)1(23)4(13)4(23)4……), it would be enough to see the difference you were trying to make by completely removing them. [8/10]

Case Closed (DossarLX ODI)

Typical classy/clean Dossar style. I liked it. It was hell to play on x-mod, though, and I'm suggesting to think about putting jumps to the beats playing in the background, like you did for the "snare", otherwise it feels kinda naked to me. [8/10]

Colors of the Wind (iironiic)

Thank god FFR doesn't use x-mod T.T I'm not kidding, I got 93-92-149-118-58-119 as a sightread. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go back and play this with c-mods to enjoy the sheer brilliance of what you stepped for us. [8/10]

Countdown (DarkZtar)

Haha, that PR was pretty strict! I used to be like that, too. Just be aware of the fact that, while it makes your chart technically perfect, it's also very repetitive ("(34)2(13)", for example, that pattern always came back). Still, pretty good job on this. Very clean file. [8/10]

Diaspora (DossarLX ODI)

(The offset of the song seemed wrong by a hair, but it might be a conversion flaw so just make sure it's alright) The chart really wasn't dynamic at all. Every arrow you put was ok, but you could've added jumps to louder guitar strums to add a bit more oomph, for example. [7/10]

Dystopia (nikoflame)

Holy sweet baloney. That file is way too hard for an easy batch like this one. The difficulty spikes are just hnnnngggggggg. Flagging this one as inappropriate. Try submitting it to the next regular/hard batch. [!/10]

Electrolosys (YOSHl)

The file is pretty fun, but just watch out on the technical side;

- Why a jump at 3.464s?
- 6.464s should be a right arrow ("4") to follow PR
- Why a jump at 17.178s? Same deal as 3.464s
- Suggestion: it feels weird, when you starting stepping the cymbals as jumps at 29.178s, to completely stop putting jumps to claps (if that's what you did, because the majority of them are at the same time). I say put a jump 30.142s. It might be just one more jump, but your layering looks much more complete.
- Ghost arrow 30.892s
- Ghost arrow 43.749s
- Missing arrow 75.356s
- Sections like the one starting at 89.178s get pretty repetitive, I'm sure there's a few different way to approach these parts (you could try making them gradually harder until the end, for example). [7/10]

Exotic Matter (Tidus810)

- Following how you layered the rest of the beginning, shouldn't there be a jump at spots like 26.537s, 29.966s, 36.823s and 40.251s to go for the guitar + drum?
- 34.251s I'd keep it that way, but instead of "(24)1(24)1(24)", I'd do "(34)1(34)1(34)" to avoid having a one-handed jump trill, if you see what I mean!
- 47.323s, 49.037s, 50.751s, … Toning these down was a choice you made, but I think you don't have to be afraid to step how the drum really plays. You'll see it doesn't up the difficulty very much and also makes the chart more satisfying. Of course, though, opt for simple and easy to pull off patterns as much as you can if you try it.
- 89.966s, 95.644s: I also see why you toned it down, but I really am not a fan of the result.
- Your layering at 99.823s is pretty incomplete, look at spots like 100.680s and 102.180s; they beg for jumps. Same remark about the part at 111.823s (look up 113.109s, 114.394s, …). In short, it's toned down again a bit too much.

The song is technically correct overall, but is also so toned down at times that it just makes you wish to play what it could've really been. I believe you had to step it that way just to get it accepted for this batch, but it doesn't have to be that way. I think everyone would enjoy seeing it stepped to its full potential with an appropriate layering in a regular batch where it would have the right to be as hard as you want it to be. [6/10]

Find a Pet (megamon88)

- Starting at 98.483s, I don't really get your layering. It's like you step the drum and one half of the chords… but also sometimes, the jump in the middle of those trios of 4th jumps (if you see what I mean) seems to go to absolutely nothing. And if it does, it really isn't obvious, so I think you should rework that pattern.
- I'm kinda disappointed that you only acknowledged the kick in the background playing throughout the whole song only when it got faster at parts like 60.983s. It leaves gaps for example at 18.817s that would have been interesting to fill, or, in other cases, underwhelming layerings.
- 132.650s; too much ghost in that arrow to be acceptable [7/10]

Fire (Elite Ninja)

- Offset seemed wrong, maybe conversion flaw, it was ok for me at -0.060s just saying.
- The most offensive missing arrows I ever saw; 47.266s, 50.089s, 52.913s. This is not like 58.648s where the specific beat isn't played at all.
- Another set of missing arrows that I believe is really a shame you omit: 55.207s, 55.560s, 55.913s and 56.266s. Idem starting at 77.707s Maybe make them trills and drop some jumps not to make this too hard, but not putting them is like not acknowledging the coolest feature of the song.
- Missing arrows… 55.031s 72.678s, 75.501s, zzzzzz.
- missing arrows everywhere. RAGE.

Either you have to put on headphones in order to hear the sounds you're missing (you're missing out! ), or you have to be brave and step what the song is asking for. It's not like it'd be too hard for this batch! It also kills many good parts of the song to do that. [6/10]

Firebird (Silvuh)

- Missing the 2 added seconds
- You toned down the layering by not putting arrows at 0.812s, 1.112s, etc., but I believe you could show these little 16ths some love too. Besides, the difficulty of that segment would be more coherent with the rest of the song.
- Missing jump 44.162s, 48.962s? there is still drum + synth being played at this part like every other jump you acknowledged… It's different, for example, than the arrow at 56.162s
- At 86.462s, when it plays for the second time, you could put jumps instead of single arrows to go for some climax. Besides, I don't really see the need for single arrows in the first place, except if it was to lower the difficulty on purpose. [7/10]

Freak (Scintill)

- Missing the 2 seconds ya lazy bum
- Because there's bass playing on that note and the guitar is performing a grace note as well, not having an arrow at 4.297s, 9.860s, 15.820s feels wrong
- Starting at 13.932s, you could try altering your patterns at bit. Same for when it plays again every time…

I feel this song is a bit too hard for this batch. It's on the very limit of being a 10, and that's because really I suck at estimating difficulties. Nevertheless, that was a piece of art. You freak. :monkey: [8/10]

Galaxy9 (bob bob)

Goodjob-m8 [8/10]

GET OUT MAH DRIVEWAY (psychozerosk8er)

- Jumps at 60.857s is a no
- Missing arrow 89.357s, 92.786s
- That part at 101.143s where the chords in the background are more frequent has poor layering. How about you drop the jump at 101.357s and simply put jumps to 101.571s, 102.000s and 102.426s?
- PR 152.571s and 154.286s
- Inverted PR at 156.000s

Nice effort, but, most of all, the song was kinda underwhelming (it doesn't help that the singers' voice are so tame) and repetitive. that's about it, frankly. [6/10]

glaciate (DarkZtar)

I really enjoyed how you chose to represent the song. Very professional-like, clean and well-rounded. The only thing that bugs me something is the jump layering, and I think you should address that. In short, your jumps help clearly define each "stream" of notes the player has to play, but are not 100% relevant to what the instruments are playing.

For example, at 4.608s, it almost hurts not to have a few jumps there when you put one right before to a nearly identical sound and even one at 2.420s where there's clearly only one sound played. Same goes for 52.732s and 53.045s. Again, it plays well, but I think you should try to incorporate the instruments' real layering a bit more. Idem with the beats in the background. I would've loved to see you acknowledge them just a bit more around 22.576s, 25.389s, 76.326s, …

Finally, I found a few ghost notes in a section: 50.076s, 51.639s, 53.201s, please remove them! [7/10]

Hearth's Warming Holiday Cheer (megamon88)

Who ordered more pony music?
(read: you could've added jumps to the beats around 63.905s because you haven't really layered them, but, then again, I'm left speechless by how fun and clean this was) [8/10]

How I Met Your Mother Theme (Piano) (VisD)

… That went by fast. 0_0

5.588s I see what you were going after by putting a hand there, but the song doesn't really justify it. It's not louder than those previous jumps you put, only has higher pitch. You could put a jump instead.
14.096s Whoops, there should not be a jump there because the melody doesn't play on that note.
22.062s That pattern is pretty awkward, why not at least make the pattern be "12341" instead of "12314"?

The song is also pretty short. Not Excite Bike short, but 24 seconds is close to it. I just don't think it's queue worthy. [6/10]

Insomnia (noise-or-e)

For everybody's sake, spoilers.

Alright. Before I begin this review, I want to address an important yet easily fixable issue you have when it comes to step charting: naming your stuff properly.

When I open StepMania to do my reviews, here's what I see:

It made me believe the song was called Acid Paradox made by Unknown artist, but Acid Paradox is in fact the artist's name. That's like if you had a song called "The Beatles", written by Unknown artist. It makes no sense at all. I had to go look in my folders to realize what the song was called Insomnia. Come on, man, you get it mixed up with every submission. Here's how you can correct this in StepMania: in the editor, choose your song and press enter to start editing it. Then, press escape and go to edit song info:

When you're done editing the info, it'll look like this if you've done it right:

I hope you'll get it right next time ~~~~~~

Unto the song, I have 3 general complaints: firstly, you put a jump to the voice at 55.828s and the next time it happens when it really didn't need any. Secondly, you have ghost notes always on the same pattern: 74.357s, 80.004s, 85.651s. Thirdly and finally, copy/pasta. This is too obvious. I noticed you used mirror to try to hide this fact, but it is still highly noticeable and unneeded: don't be lazy and step your song like a man.


I Think In a Minute or so I'll Explode (I like it)

Before playing the song:
The difficulty should be one of these (Light, Standard, Heavy, Challenge). Don't use Beginner and Edit. lol
Now, what was that? Triplets? Lots of triplets? That was just bleh. The only word that comes to mind is repetitive, but it doesn't really express what I want to mean. It's like there was something supposed to happen and then the song just finished. 54 seconds of waiting, and then the end. I don't think anybody will want to play this twice if this ever gets in game. [5/10]

I Wanna Rock Your Body (rayword45)

If you don't send a fix of your song with a jump at 8.276s, I swear I'll go Hulk.
The sync on the voice parts is completely awkward. Besides, there was no real need to do this. You could've stepped the new drum sounds in the background to make your chart more effective. Now it's like we're playing sounds we can't predict at all (if you see what I mean) and it doesn't really add anything either.
Overall the song was just bambadoodoohoomboodem and did not convince me of being worth putting in game. [6/10]

Iced Innocence (Reshiram)

inb4 white notes
For the sake of this batch, an easy special batch, you might be pushing your layering a bit too far. Putting jumps to hi-hats (3.644s)? It sometimes creates super awkward patterns: 24.565s A simple trill would've worked like a charm, if not better. Aside from that, I'm not a huge fan of how you use your white notes. It's like you don't know how to make room for the melody in your layering. The problem is that it doesn't feel like we're playing the melody at all, even though it's there. You should try experimenting with something else because that effect is getting both old and gimmicky. [6/10]

Infinity (Elite Ninja)

2.698s and such could be argued as ghost notes. You chose to omit them, but maybe you should try it out and see how you like it. I think it would add a lot to your song. Otherwise, I love the fact the jumps you had going for the beats followed the PR closely. [8/10]

It Tied The Room Together (Jake Ferguson)

17.557s Bad arrow placement, it makes your PR wrong when you look at the arrow before it. Make that arrow a left arrow, for example.
20.591s Yeesh, kinda heavy to have a hand here, the sound is so mellow! Make it a regular jump.
23.622s The jump should be before the single arrow, if you listen closely the the song at low speed. Just invert their timing.
29.618s Be careful to have coherent layering throughout the whole song. I chose this spot to show you because it was the most obvious. Here, you put an arrow to a beat kind of sound. Fair enough. However, you put a jump to that same sound right at 29.993s. This can't work. You have to make a decision; either that sound gets jumps every time or arrows every time, but not both. If you listen more to the song, you'll see this happens a lot in other spots (31.118s vs 35.429s, 40.116s vs 41.990s, etc)
45.177s missing a jump for sure since you put a jump to that sound every time beforehand
45.740s ^
52.489s and 52.770s, you can't put jumps on these because the sound is so low! And also you didn't put jumps there previously so don't change that, it was ok.
69.672s That note is clearly off sync

At 26.618s, I thought you struck gold. This was clearly right up my alley. However, there are too many things to fix in order to let this pass right through. Mainly, the coherency of your layering needs a slight upgrade. Keep it up, though. Even though you get 6/10 this time, I have to admit I had tons of fun at certain sections of the song. Don't give up, I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next time! [6/10]

My Name is Jankenpopp (00Razor00)

ow, my ears. They hurt for real. Even the Berzerker doesn't have that much of an effect on me. I can't judge this. I'll go insane. I think I've already gone insane. I pass (out). [PASS]

New Rave (Silvuh)

69.132s Why not step the beat in the background here? You did it previously in the chart...
72.674s Missing an arrow to step the melody? Or, if you are still stepping the faint repeating piano sound (I think it's piano) in the far background… Well it really isn't obvious and the effect isn't that good (considering the sound repeats and you don't use jacks at any time…)!

Cool song, but also questionable layering at times. I know you use various stepping techniques to try new stuff, but it does gets confusing, even for me who tries his best to follow your steps at low speed. That sudden change from stepping the faint piano sound to the actual melody really isn't obvious the first time (76.427s), and it makes you wonder why you even chose to step the faint sound in the first place while the melody was playing the entire time. [7/10]

Nocturne (Silvuh)

31.566s There's a better way to step this part while respecting PR, I'm sure of that. You don't have to go pac-man style and use warp zones in your arrows (poor video game reference lol)
Some hands are over layered to me (68.029s…)

Nice song, it was very soothing. It was a bit toned down to me though and I felt created awkward gaps at times when there was clearly notes being played (98.234s). Still, nice job. [8/10]

Warai (DossarLX ODI)

You're willing to step parts like 65.403s, yet you don't layer the 8ths of the bass at 44.667s, 76.774s, 153.009s, … Something is wrong with you.
Some patterns repeat themselves too much around the 60 seconds mark, but I guess that's excusable in favour of lowering the difficulty. It's your call on this one.

A bit long for this kind of song, a few weird choices, but good job overall. My favourite part was that climax ending, that part was very well crafted my friend. [7/10]


A Sloth's Song - Okay 1:30 of quarter notes is acceptable for a
1 i guess. Wish PR was more identifiable (with single notes it's not
clear which pitch lines you're following, if any); that would
strengthen such a simple chart. Consider offsetting by a green/white
note for obvious dissonances. 6/10

Bodies in the House Next Door - Neat chords in this song.
Well-patterned and -colored arps; a little short and it's simply done
but the chart matches the bursty chillness of the song. 7/10

Calling Mars - Bland beatmania-sounding song, results in a
pretty bland chart. Offset sounds early. Lack of pattern consistency
or discretion makes the chart feel like random notes were put to the
rhythms, and feels a little too close to myriad other (mostly older)
files in this range. Not technically bad, but needs cleaning up to
overcome its genericness. 5/10

Carrots - Longish but ends just in time. Charming file -- lots
of really fun patterns come out of those 8th jump chains and the 16th
runs are entertaining and suitably climactic (though perhaps watch out
for the slightly overlong 8th jacks threaded through a few of them).

Case Closed - Is that fcuking gil scott heron at the beginning?
Legit song, I am a big proponent of having more hippity hop numbahs in
the game. Well synced (not that it matters LoL framers) and tons of
fun, you know how to step vocal accents with rap rather than pitch
which would be dumb (hi npv). I'm docking you from a 9 though because
I'm too good at stepmania to enjoy this file for that long owned

Colors of the Wind - so beautiful =^) i like you're minijack
usage 9/10

Countdown - Perfect PR, love the reprisal of the descending
bits at the end, plus the 64th flourishes make a smooth climax. Really
nice file. 8/10

Diaspora - Not bad considering how sparse it is. But it's
really tricky to make a compelling file with almost entirely single
notes and a repetitive rhythm like this. It gets numbing fairly
quickly. I also have no idea what's going on when the vocals come in
-- the straight 16ths don't seem to work. Try to spruce things up a
little. 6/10

Dystopia - lol.. nice FSO. Unquadruple the bpm, and fix your
early offset. Though you have some fun 6th note (lol) patterns this is
mostly just nuts and way too long for those difficulty spikes.

Electrolosys - Read the artist as IOSYS and was like ?___?
anyway the file's good but the song's reeeeally boring for a simfile
lol (apologies if an FFR'er made it, because that seems likely).
Central rhythm is quirky enough to make it interesting at least, and
the bigger js (and all the patterns, actually) is really fun. Drags on
like hell and not really my cup of tea but it's well done. 7/

Exotic Matter - Pretty aweshome. Picked all the right bits to
step and used some nifty and expressive patterns. Long and post-rocky
but doesn't drag too bad and the interesting 12th section with
minijacks keeps it lively. Good work. 8/10

Find a Pet (Candy Mix) - I revile this song omg and it just
doesn't end. File's perfect. 8/10

Fire - Brevity saves the day. The song sounds like burping.
Good call on keeping it 16th-based. Nothing exceptional happens but
it's fun enough and, like I said, short. 7/10

Firebird - Very intriguing song/file lol. Iffy on the PR during
the choruses but idc really. Good job adding jumps at the end. Fun
chart and a little wacky I like it. 8/10

Freak - Was expecting to hate this, but it's truly great. Good
[ver metal] [13][24] jumptrills, 24th runs are glorious etc. No way in
hell this belongs in an easy batch, though? Pretty sure this flirts
with FMO rofl 9/10

Galaxy9 - This file put me in a bad mood lmao. KaW is boring
and rhythmically ambiguous enough that the file manages to not feel
right with all those single notes, even if it is. And it is right. I
think. Whatever man. **** KaW 7/10

GET OUT MAH DRIVEWAY - lmfao what. Thought this was gonna need
a cut but it's fine I guess. A little slapdash and the 8th jumpchains
I don't really get (and the last few bars make no sense at all plz
rearrange those arrows to something resembling a simfile). I lol'd
though and there's not enough songs in this difficulty range.

glaciate - Pretty song, short and sweet. This is right in the
range a couple friends of mine are at now and I think they'd really
like this. Well done. 8/10

Hearth's Warming Holiday Cheer - Pretty decent, if a tad
generic. Recommend half-bpm in the intro because that's what it is.
Also wish the PR was a little tighter among the 8th jumps -- notably
with consecutive same jumps (even separated by 16ths) to different
pitches, which feels weird. Fun file, though. 7/10

How I Met Your Mother - lmao. Is this legal? Can this be real?
Effective use of arrows, please put in game ty 10/10

I think in a Minute or so I'll Explode - Song title sums it up
pretty well. Those patterns are fun but I felt like killing myself
right around 400 comb -- wait it ends right there. Ok
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh make something different I guess
this is really gimmicky and weird to me (like a short data drain with
no speedups) 5/10

I Wanna Rock Your Body - Awesome song and file, great
introduction to medium-density color notes and the patterns are fun.
Just the right length, too. 8/10

Iced Innocence - Is it just me or does this song sound kind of
bad -- like it was uncomfortably sped up or something? Anyhow this
flirts dangerously with what might pass as an 'Easy' file lmao, plays
like a solid 10 to me but maybe I'm just bad. Green-offset notes seem
extraneous at this density (hi Reshiram i'm callin this shit), they
kind of get lost in the shuffle and don't bring anything out. Patterns
are quite entertaining. Solid JS file. 7/10

Infinity - This felt really fun to quad lol. And it did not
sound like ParagonX9, but it HAS been a long time since I've heard
that stuff haha. Proficient little swing file, nicely patterned and
fun to hit. 7/10

It Tied the Room Together - File roolz. It's tricky and yet I
managed to sight-quad it while lying down which means nice clean
patterns dog. Short but packs a lot of punch in that time. gj

My Name is Jankenpopp - Grungy little tune. Steps are
proficient and fit the song nicely. Good balanced difficulty. Not much
to say. 7/10

New Rave - Missing a few prominent notes in the 8ths toward the
end. Very straightforward and a little draggy and the PR doesn't quite
click for me but I am literally going to accept this because of the
yellow-orange gimmick at the end. 7/10

Nocturne - Seriously I don't get your PR rofl. No real
complaints though, nice subtle climax. Maybe after this we'll have had
a sufficient influx of low-level piano+pr files. 7/10

Warai - Yay.. Sharpnel for the last file. Anyway PASS
because stop it

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


DossarLX ODI

Connect (HOUSE SOUL REMIX) [bmah]
- m34 to m38 an alternative is to go with the vocals rather than just the low sounds, it just feels weird after going to the vocals for the previous half of the file
- m38 to m42, the vocals are prominent and 8th jacks to them would be nice
- Two notes 24th intervals before the 24th burst in m46 will make this part less awkward. It's actually very noticeable and just leaving the 4 note burst makes that transition into the next section a little bit off.
- Second 101.77, this 32nd is a ghost note or barely audible (probably just an interval switching mistake). A 16th [23] jump would work better here.
- Switching between the vocals, low noises, and combining both with 16th gaps was pretty meh, but nothing outstandingly wrong with this file.

FF7 - Theme of Aeris (MarioNintendo)
- Considering how relaxing and easy-listening this song is, all these jumps really aren't needed. In fact, you could've stepped this with even less notes and layering to certain instruments and it would represent the song much better.
- Orchestral songs like this are a pain to play through. Some parts felt ok, some parts felt way too early (late perfects or greats). Recommending snapping these parts to sync better.
- This file could be toned down to the most prominent melody and it would certainly represent the song better.

Kanashiki Ookami (Ghakimx & vote4nixon)
- m1 to m16, jumps should be used sparingly here. Right now it really feels overlayered and it doesn't go well with the calm atmosphere of this part.
- Second 42.61, missing 4th note. Putting it there would make this transition into the next part feel more complete. Second 80.41, same thing with the missing 8th note. These sounds are noticeable enough to warrant this.
- There are a lot of unnecessary minijacks in this file which could easily be changed to better represent the song.
- The syncing in this file is weird, I'm getting a lot of late perfects/greats.
- m72 to m75, this part is mistepped.
- The layering scheme used here looks rather untidy, it certainly is overlayered compared to the song's atmosphere. This could actually be toned down to represent the song better.

Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] (Xx{Midnight}xX)
- Right off the bat the overlayering in this file was what stood out the most. This song has a mysterious, mellow feel to it so a lot of jumps aren't really that great here.
- Instead, I recommend you follow the melody rather than having quarter notes to every xylophone sound. I can't stress enough how a file can be made easier to better represent the song.
- Basically I'd suggest following the piano and work out a buildup later on. None of these hands are justified, so remove them. Start with the piano melody, and then include the xylophone for climax theory. This would definitely make the file more interesting than it is now, because this file felt way longer than it actually is from huge repetitive factor.

LQJR song (Hakulyte & Hateandhatred)
- m3 to m5 while I understand you're trying to layer the vocals here, it definitely just works better as single notes.
- Remove all minijacks from this file. They're random difficulty spikes.
- The 16th streams and the jumps to the vocals honestly just don't work very well here. This would make an excellent easier file if you followed the vocals rather than having a lot of jumps and 16th stream.
- File could use some syncing work. A lot of sections are stepped weird and slightly offsync.
- Basically, remove the plethora of jumps and figure out something with the vocals; they're definitely the most prominent part of the song. You could even include the 4th beat in the background if it feels a tad bit empty.

Lunar Landing (bmah)
- Second 6.02, missing 8th note. Later on though the stepping is consistent.
- This was actually managed quite well. No overlayering, the steps made sense, and it wasn't largely repetitive.

Mabi v2 (woker-X)
- Just a random comment, why does this have v2 in it when I don't see Mabi currently ingame or in queue? Anyways, onto judging.
- m1 to m9, holy eyesore of 192nds. Those aren't needed at all here. Rather than what you currently have, it would be better to remove the jumps and step to the melody and the synths for a buildup transitioning into the bpm change.
- From the 140 BPM change to m26, this part would work better as single notes to the melody rather than jumps on every note it plays.
- You have a lot of "melody jumps" in this file, which would work better as single notes. Sometimes you actually do have single notes to the melody but then decide to layer them as jumps when it's clear it's following them.
- m91 to m99, considering how mellow this part is, you could just step the melody here instead of using 192nd notes.

Malevolent Mansion [Standard] (Xx{Midnight}xX)
- Second 2.53, 12th here is a ghost note. What you're looking for is the 8th note.
- m4 to m20 You can step the basically just the kicks and percussion here so at m20 you can sense that the intensity of the file increases right after.
- Second 39.47 and 40.17, misplaced jumps throws off the layering to the percussion.
- m44 to m48 this entire 12th part is misstepped. These are 16ths.
- Later on you could put more of a focus on the xylophone rather than constantly having to step the percussion.
- This song has a variety of instruments that will prevent this from being a lot of 8th notes to percussion, and it would definitely make for a more interesting file.

Mascarada [Scintill]
- The layering wasn't crazy in this file, and it does a good job of following the melody. Doing the same patterns over and over was a bit boring; sacrificing some PR for more variety in this file could've prevented this issue, but still a good file to play through.

- Second 19.93 this 8th note doesn't fit since the 8th note previously was to a synth sound.
- m65 to m79, remove jumps and have the melody you stepped along with the clap. Doubles to one sound in an empty spot like this doesn't work.
- m79 to m81, the countdown should be single notes and there should be also be an 8th note when he says "zero".
- In short, jump usage should be looked over, it looks like you copy pasted these patterns but the point is that the song is largely repetitive and could follow some different layouts. A lot of this file also ignores PR and may have attempted the "old school" feel, but right now these patterns repeat too many times and they feel really random.

N's Farewell (Xx{Midnight}xX)
- Second 26.57, ghost note. You're looking for the 16th right after (and don't make it a jump, because this is really quiet)
- Second 27.43, this would work better as a 32nd instead of a 48th.
- Second 52.78, a 16th note here would work better than the 192nd you have here.
- Second 85.61, step a 32nd here instead of a 48th.
- Remove all hands from this file. This song is nowhere near intense enough to warrant them.
- What I mentioned above will prevent this from being a confusing grace note file. A file like this limits pattern choice due to the grace notes involved and it also is not good for players trying to get into the game (there are quite a few files ingame that suffer from this actually). Remove the grace notes, make them 8th jumps instead, and make this file more straightforward to play, and it will definitely be a solid piano chart. Newcomers shouldn't be confused by emptier files like this, they should be getting a sense of cohesive rhythm and not weird gallop/grace notes to confuse them further.

Need You (Elite Ninja)
- This file is way overlayered. Please do not use hands here. In fact, the hands should be doubles and the doubles should be single notes.
- Find a different layering scheme. You have the jumps to the percussion but there isn't any synth sound there, and the point of layering is to layer certain instruments at once or emphasize intensity. In this case, the double and hand usage isn't warranted.
- m58 to m66, while not just being overlayered, it will also be better if you figured out something with the other sounds playing rather than having an empty feeling here. It will make the 16ths at the end feel like a smoother transition.

Nocturne (Jake Ferguson)
- Second 9.25, 8th note here feels offsync and could be fixed.
- m9, that 64th burst into the 32nd jump is poorly stepped. Recommending just to make it a 4th jump for more fluent playing.
- m23, get rid of this color burst and use a 4th jump instead.
- Second 82.32, remove 48th ghost note.
- Remove hands and quads. They really aren't needed in this file. Same thing with the burst grace notes that have confusing color mixes.
- What I recommend is snapping the color notes to 16th, 8th, 4ths, etc. basic colors, since recoloring will make it less of an eyesore for players that are trying to play files at this level. You also could have just stepped along with the melody rather than using all those jumps, but the recoloring issue along with the grace notes is more important. This will make it a solid piano file that will not only be easier to read, but also have more of a cohesive flow for the player (and keep in mind this is an easier file too).
- Syncing for the most part is good.

On the Origin of Species (Evolution) (Tidus810)
- Second 87.02, ghost note
- This file shouldn't have any hands or quads. The hands aren't justified/intense enough and the quad at the end is overdone.
- The layering you use in this file creates a lot of minijacks, and a snare doesn't automatically mean it has to be jumps. This file could use less layering to prevent minijacks and encourage more pattern usage that would represent the song better; considering how easy listening this song is, all these jumps don't fit.
- I'd recommend removing all the minijacks you have. Most of them are there due to the heavy amount of jump usage, which really limits your pattern choice here.
- Reduce the layering, focus more on the melody so there aren't as many jumps, remove the minijacks, and this will be a solid file representing the song.

Pine Ridge, SD (mi40)
- The 9 second gap to the first note is annoying. Recommending a fade in with a 2 second gap instead.
- All jumps should be changed to single notes, and the hand should be changed to a double.
- The file should end at where you placed the 48th hand. The 8 second difference to the last note is unnecessary here.
- While this does have a good syncing job to it, it's an eyesore of colors right now and looks like a CTRL+R file. A recoloring for this is needed.
- Pitch relevancy could use some work.

Politically Correct Holiday Song (YOSHl)
- For the first 7 measures you could actually just go along with the bells. Right now this part is quite overlayered; the song here is way too calm for all these jumps.
- From the end of m7 to the BPM change, you can go along with the lyrics here rather than the repeating piano. This will make the bpm change much more surprising!
- Second 54.30, no clap is being layered here. This jump isn't needed.
- This song would make a solid file if you focused on the vocals here and used less jumps. It feels weird not stepping the 8ths in an attempt to place attention to the vocals but then having continuous 8th streams in between. Rather than have the streams of 8ths, you can follow the melody, use less jumps, and put a focus on the vocals and melody.
- m42 going to the end is overdone. An 8th stream here is understandable, but the jumps every quarter note isn't needed.
- The 8th jack at the end to the guitar doesn't need the 192nds to the bass pedal (and even then 4th jumps would be better here than the 192nds). The single 8th notes would work fine here along with using a double instead of a hand.
- The file is overlayered right now, and it would be better if you put more focus on the melody. You did step the ending melody with those jacks, but the doubles in between made it awkward and less noticeable. This could make a very solid easy file.

Pollyanna (YOSHl)
- Second 4.78, this isn't intense enough to be a jump like the previous measure. This would work better as a single note. Same thing with seconds 7.73 and 36.26.
- Seconds 15.85, 16.83, 23.72, and 24.70, stepping these quiet sounds higher than the piano doesn't make sense. It would work better stepped as the lowest sounds (left side).
- Second 41.71, this shouldn't be a jump. A sound like this isn't nearly as intense as the jumps you placed for the piano beforehand, and this low sound would work better as a single note.

Pork and Beans [Scintill]
- To improve fluency, you can change the 16ths at seconds 16.16, 32.15, 66.15, 134.15, etc. to down instead of up so there isn't awkward one handed transitions from the fast bursts here.
- This file is quite overlayered. There are several cases of similar sounding piano sounds that are stepped as jumps while others are stepped as single notes.
- These patterns appear way too many times. This file needs more variation. Rather than have all these jumps going on (they limit pattern choice if you don't want minijacks) to similar piano sounds you can sacrifice some PR and vary up these patterns more. I was basically playing the same thing for 2 minutes, the same patterns irked me.

Qu'est ce que c'est (psycho)
- Some of the vocals are mistepped.
- m24, inconsistent jumps. Same thing with m28, the vocals should be single notes like you were doing for all the previous measures.
- The changing between the instruments and the vocals is confusing and doesn't make this file cohesive.
- The percussion in this song would make for some interesting steps, but you ignore it and put a big focus on the vocals. This file feels emptier due to it (especially where there are those cymbal crashes, which some of them you didn't step at all). I recommend finding a layering layout for this song, figuring out something that would mix well with both the vocals and the percussion. Switching back and forth like this with inconsistent jumps makes the file confusing to follow.

Redirected Moonlight (FFR Cut) (MarioNintendo)
- m22 to m26 you can just go with the piano melody here rather than layer the lower piano to make the 8th buildup in m26 more interesting.
- m30 I get that the 16ths are going to the hi hat but the missing 16ths feels weird here. In fact, you could just step along with the piano melody here since it's short and leads into that 32nd roll.
- m39, these are 24ths, not 32nds.
- m43 the notes here don't snap to the 4ths (and this is an annoying part of stepping orchestral sections like these). I recommend doing some syncing changes here so it snaps better to the notes since right now it's off.
- m44, the jumps here layer both the hi hat and the piano but it would be better if you just left this as single notes; this part is way too calm for those jumps.
[7/10] [>]

Redirected Moonlight (FFR Cut) (Sticklydude)
- The PR in this file could use some work, and some jumps are unnecessary (same or similar piano sounds being stepped as jumps when the notes around are stepped as single notes)
- m30, 48th trill is overstepped. It is just 24ths.
- m42, these are four 32nd notes, not 24ths.
- m43 the notes here don't snap to the 4ths (and this is an annoying part of stepping orchestral sections like these). I recommend doing some syncing changes here so it snaps better to the notes since right now it's off.
- m44, the jumps here layer both the hi hat and the piano but it would be better if you just left this as single notes; this part is way too calm for those jumps.
- None of these hands are needed.
- In the calmer sections, going with the melody will be a lot better than trying to layer in the lower piano.

Seaside Hill - Act 1 (Antronach)
- Later on, the ogg should be converted to mp3
- The jump usage is awkward in this. Some parts you put jumps to quiet notes, and then sometimes it's on the guitar and it doesn't have an identifiable layering layout.
- After playing through this file, this can be a very solid easy file if you went more with the melody rather than adding in all these jumps and other quiet notes. A lot of quiet parts are stepped, sometimes with jumps, and it makes the file awkward compared to the song playing.

Sick Trance Guitar Solo (Zekramcross)
- There are a good amount of missing/mistepped notes in this file.
- The solo going on for the entire file would make for a solid file. What there is here are some unneeded minijacks, jumps that aren't needed (and some seemingly random), and misstepped parts that don't go with the solo (such as being a 16th off). The PR could also definitely use some work here considering how short this file is.

The Big Bang Theme (Rock Cover) (VisD)
- First four measures, jumps are unnecessary.
- m8, this "quad" really is too much compared to what's going on in the song. The cymbals don't justify 192nd color usage. The drums also don't have to be all jumps here; remember layering is usually done to represent intensity or certain instruments at once. Same thing for m16, m30, and m39.
- m17 to m24, holy 8th jumpspam. What you could do is in the beginning go with the melody, and then introduce percussion here for a smooth buildup rather than these plethora of 8th jumps. The 8th jumps right now are just really bland.
- m26, no jumps are needed here. The part is way too calm.
- For m31 to the end, I'd recommend going with what I said about the buildup idea.

The Hop (rayword45)
- The long 16th streams in this file with confusing layering and seemingly random patterns doesn't work for this song. Again, I tried visualing this song with single notes going to the melody and it matched the song a lot better than the inconsistent layering and random long streams.
- A lot of these jump placements are confusing. The 16th streams didn't match the feel of the song and this file overall could use a revamping. An easier file that focuses on the melody more with some buildup will definitely work better here.

The Tunnel (bob bob)
- Seconds 43.58, 54.55, these are not intense enough for a jump.
- Seconds 54.21 through 54.55, these are 12ths, not 16ths.
- Starting from m57, rather than the standard percussion layering you could figure out something with the vocals here to prevent the file from having the same repetitive layering layout. This will definitely make the section more interesting.
- m76 I see what you're trying to do here but it's better to step the synths here too so it doesn't feel awkward since they're very prominent here. Same with m80.
- m88, while these 32nd transitions are ok they can be a little more fluent (not leading into pseudo one hand trills, etc)
- None of these hands are needed. Some of the xx-xx 16ths you stepped would play better as straight 16th notes without the gap because it does sound like there are 8th notes in that squeaky synth noise as well.
- Buildup attempts were reasonable but could be polished.

Tokimori Uta (bmah)
- Before the two bursts I mention below, this part is too soft for jumps.
- m4, this 48th burst was stepped too fast. If anything it sounds like 32nds.
- There's also a color burst after that plays really weird. I recommend taking a look at these bursts again.
- This file is quite overlayered. In fact, while I was playing this file, I was actually picturing what it would be like if you were doing single notes to the vocals rather than the massive amounts of jumps and hands to a song this relaxing. The way it's stepped right now honestly just feels overstepped and doesn't represent the song well.

ULTRAnumb (MarioNintendo)
- Second 10.29, ghost note
- Second 33.28, ghost note
- Second 38.57, missing jump
- Layering to the guitar and then the vocals was noticeable and no hands were used. Layering was done pretty well in this file.

With a Cherry On Top (Reshiram)
- Please find a different layering scheme. Single notes to the melody would fit much better for a relaxing song like this.
- The BPM change for the 48th notes is very unnecessary. Color theory forced like this doesn't work.
- Some of the grace notes are misstepped and even ghost notes.
- m24, the 64th slide roll here feels off and would work better as just two notes.

Your One (_.Spitfire._)
- File is way too difficult for this batch. This was asking for 1-9 files and this certainly isn't even a low 10.
- File does have a good amount of inconsistencies and layering schemes could be much better along with more fluent patterns. Subjective here, but the song also was jarring to listen to.


All millisecond values are truncated, given from ddream after moving the offset. Please PM me if you need clarification on anything, need a more detailed analysis, or would like for me to check over your corrections.

[6/10] Connect (HOUSE SOUL GEMIX) / bmah
// I listened to the .mp3 on repeat for a while after watching the show. Listening to the track gave me an expectation of what the file should feel like, and while this file isn't bad ... A lot of the rhythms are lost in your layering, and that makes it less fun.
2.45–8.08s: You have a lot of two yellow jumps in a row here, like the second goes to the echo of the first, but the echo is actually on the 8th after. Remove the arrow from the second jumps that's shared with the previous ones. So like at 3.04s, remove the 4. ... If you mean to layer that echo, anyway. It kind of works as just emphasis on the lyrics, but it's just odd that there's more jumps here than in the chorus at 47.45s.
9.02–9.95s: There isn't a reason in the music for this long anchor on 1 to be here (unlike the other ones), but the BPM isn't high enough for it to be too difficult.
9.95–13.70s: The secondary melody that you do follow here is missing some notes: 11.24, 11.59, 11.71, 12.06, and 12.41s
17.45–32.45s: Trying to understand your layering in this section ... It seems that you auto-jump the clap and the chords in that secondary melody. And sometimes, you auto-jump the bass, even though you don't follow it consistently. Like in 26.83–27.76s, you put jumps to the 3/16ths in the bass, but there are no vocals or anything on these notes that layers with it. I know it's difficult when the melodies and percussion don't follow a lot of the same beats, so strict layering looks messy.
Here's something you can try (copy your steps into a new difficulty so you don't lose what you have in case you don't like it): Whenever the vocals have two notes an 8th apart, remove all the arrows between them. This does mean removing a lot of jumps (especially to the clap and bass; you don't lose the jumps to the secondary melody), but the rest of the layering will be left intact. It may seem inconsistent to jump the clap in some places and have not a single arrow on them at others, but this way, the rhythm of the vocals is much more apparent. You may find this flows better than auto-jumping all the claps.
47.45–62.45s: So this is the chorus. One thing that feels off is how this was layered a lot less than the verse. Here, you only follow the vocal while layering the kick and auto-jumping the clap. It's good that it's layered less than the next time the chorus comes in, but this doesn't feel right. (Sorry; I know that's vague.)
62.45–69.95s: I was hoping you'd step that voice here, so you'd get that trill at 63.86s.
69.95–75.58s: Try taking the jumps to every other clap (starting at 71.36) here, so you don't totally lose the rhythm of the bass.
95.61s: I do really like the hands here.
After the chorus again, in the last part, you miss some more of the secondary melody. 110.97, 111.08, 111.43, and 111.79s.

[4/10] FF7 - Theme of Aeris / MarioNintendo
// Some layering and rhythm problems, and the PR is mostly fine.
21.66s: The arrow doesn't go to a sound here.
27.97–29.05s: Not sure if the bursts are necessary given how easy the rest of the file is.
36.88–54.27s: Starting here, before any more instruments come in, the harp and strings aren't consistently layered. There are jumps at 36.88 and 44.70s, but there are singles at 40.36, 43.84, 47.31, and 50.79s (and also 16.88s) when the same layering is happening.
39.49,39.92s; 42.97,43.40s: Each of these sets of two arrows are too early; they should be on 12ths.
54.28s: There's the new instrument you layer in here, but you miss the note a 4th earlier: 53.40s, 67.31s
56.88,57.31s; 63.84,64.27s: Same as 39.49s.
57.75s: You can put a jump here to the layering I mentioned earlier, but it's less necessary because of the louder instruments that come in.
64.70,65.14,71.66s: These can all be jumps.
65.14s: Make this 4 a 2. Shouldn't be on the same arrow as 66.01s.
75.58s: Make this 3 a 2. Shouldn't be on the same arrow as 76.45s.
82.97s: Unlayer this note because there's no bass here. You do have a single arrow to the high-pitched strings at 89.92, so there is some strict layering here.
98.62s: I can see why you have jumps to all the 8ths here even though there's no layered instruments. But the jumps at 98.62s should go BCDCBA instead of ACDCBA and at 104.70s be DCABA instead of CBABA to fit the melody.
113.40s: The .mp3 should be edited so the note fades out fast and you don't need this filler note here.

[5/10] Kanashiki Ookami / Ghakimx & vote4nixon
// The offset is correct, but because the speed-up wasn't done correctly, everything after it is 50ms early, about a 32nd. These BPMs will fix it, and all your steps will be where they are supposed to:
// There were good chunks of this file, but the most-repeated parts were the least well-stepped.
7.35s: The left-hand chord here is lower than the one before it, so make this (14), which will also distinguish it from the next jump at 9.06s.
35.05s: I looks like this jump is layered to the bass, and the 8th jumps around it make three jumps in a row ... And the bass makes three notes here, but they start on 34.65s. So it looks like those jumps are trying to go to the bass, but they don't. Remove the jump to the bass or try to layer it in a different way.
In this whole 29.85–35.45s section, it does look like you put the pattern to the flute down and layered the percussion over it ... but you moved things around more than you needed to. For all of the 8ths in these beats, the flute does only two different pitches, but your 8th jumps use all six possible jumps. ABAAABBAABAAAB. And you can fit that with the PR flute patterns fine without causing 8th minijacks.
36.25–42.25s: Same stuff here, really, except this time the 8ths go ABAAABBAAAAAABC. And then the same thing at the end of the phrase about the bass layering being weird.
42.65s: May want to put a note here.
58.55s: Missed a 16th to the percussion here. Everything else in the 42.65–65.05s section is good.
66.30s: The 32nd is a ghost note.
68.05–68.25s: Go ahead and fill in the 32nds here.
68.25–93.85s: Some of this is good, but a lot of the time it just feels like it was arbitrarily filled in to keep the arrows adjacent. The instrument does only play adjacent pitches, but you can't step it like that and have the correct peaks and valleys.
If you can't hear when the highest and lowest notes are, listen to the notes around them, because they'll be the same. Listen at a slower rate and you can hear, for example, the same two pitches surrounding the 16th at 68.55s. That's a peak you have right. Try to figure them out yourself, and then read the next lines if you're having trouble or want to see if you got them right.
Peaks: 68.55, 69.25, 70.15, 70.85, 71.65, 72.35, 74.05.
Valleys: 68.85, 69.75, 70.45, 71.25, 71.95, 74.55

The pattern from 68.26 to 74.65 is played four times, with the only change being the removal of four notes in 79.85–80.65s. And there's repetition within the pattern: 68.25–69.65 occurs again right after the 16th at 69.85–71.25s.
From 72.45 to 73.65s, there are three trills that do not share pitches with each other. The first two are four notes, and the third has five. So you did get it right that there are trills there, but the last one is too long and they should not be connected.
It seems like you deliberately ignore the percussion sometimes, but most of the time it just makes it look inconsistent: 97.35, 98.95, 99.15 and 111.95s.
107.95s: Missed the 16th to the bass melody here.
Take out the 16th at 110.35s and add the 16th at 110.75s.
115.05–117.85s: This whole section is confusing, because you step these grace notes to this one sound but don't step all the non-grace notes of that sound.
119.45–145.05s: And this is all a repeat of 68.25–93.85s, so the same stuff applies.
145.45–145.85s and 148.65–149.05s should be filled with 12ths, not 8ths.
151.05–151.45s: The 12ths should continue into here.
164.85 and 165.05s actually have the same pitch and should be a jack.
The melody you're layering now doesn't have a note on 167.65 and 168.65s, but it does have one on 168.85s and 173.05s.
175.85, 176.25s: Looks like you're putting jumps to the bass again, which is just as weird as it was before.
178.25s: Jump should be on the 4th here, not the 8th after it.
178.85s: Put this 8th on a 1 instead of 2. At 2, it causes a pitch-irrelevant jack and trill.
181.45s: No melody note here, shouldn't be a jump.
And you can remove the filler note at the end.

[2/10] Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] / Xx{Midnight}xX
// You didn't change any of the arrows since you submitted it to the New Artist batch; there's just an arrow added to make a hand at the end. As it's been said, the file needs a PR overhaul.
You can vary the steps to the background melody, but do so without sacrificing PR: the arrows at 1.69 and 2.23s are the same but go to different pitches.
8.78–13.14s: The main melody that comes in goes AABBA, but your jumps are CABAB. There are a lot of unnecessary jacks here.
13.14–14.23s: The melody goes down but your jumps go up.
And so on throughout the file.
At least, 42.05 and 43.14s shouldn't be hands.
43.69–52.42s: It would be a nice variation and use of climax theory to take out the background melody and just put single arrows to the flute.

[1/10] LQJR Song / Hakulyte & Hateandhatred
// The song itself is a joke, but the file ... The notes to the voice are done well (so you don't get a 0), but the Eurodance stuff is waay too soft to put that many arrows to. Can't even hear what all the 16th stream goes to.

[9/10] Lunar Landing / bmah
// Great PR, the simplicity of the file is really nice.
55.02–62.35s: Move all the same pitches on 1 to somewhere on the right hand, because those were all on the left hand before that.

[4/10] Mabi v2 / woker-x
// A lot of PR is consistently backwards. Some odd layering choices.
3.08, 11.08s: These pitches are the lowest of jumps in this section, but they are on the highest jump.
5.08 and 7.08s are the same pitch.
7.33s: This 8th should make a jack with the previous jump.
13.08s: This pitch is the highest of the jumps, but it is on the lowest jump. The same pitch is at 15.08s.
13.59, 15.85s: Because these jumps don't go to the melody, should they be white too?
The section starting at 20.79 has all the same PR problems.
20.79, 27.65s: These pitches are the lowest of jumps in this section, but they are on the highest jump.
22.51 and 24.22s are the same pitch.
It's not just the ending 4ths that are problematic: the jumps starting at 25.08s should be going up, the jumps at 28.51s should be going down ...
29.37 and 31.08s are the same pitch.
29.79 and 31.51s are just echoes and are not emphasized enough to be jumps.
And so on and so on until 46.5s when something different finally happens.
58.94–60.22s: There are four different jumps here but the pitches are doing an ABAB pattern.
70.29s and 70.51s are the same pitch.
81.65s is not the same pitch as the two jumps before it.
81.97–82.51s: The 16th jump should be below the 4th jump, and the jumps should then go down, not up. i.e., just mirror this thing.
83.37s is not the same pitch as the two jumps before it.
85.08s: May as well make this a pseudo-jump using that grace note before the beat.
107.08–121.08s: Fill in some of the echoey rhythms here. The section feels empty, and it's not like it'll make it too hard if you add them.
123.08s: So now that the BPM is slower and you can afford to use more difficult patterns ... you unlayer half of it from the last time this melody appeared. If that's a "slower=softer=less layering" thing, I guess that's okay.
The whole section has more of the same PR problems, high notes are low, low notes are high, same pitches not on the same jumps.
170.06s: Starting from here, now you're doing the opposite of what you did at the beginning. Before the percussion was white, now it's the melody. This should be consistent so it's not confusing.

[3/10] Malevolent Mansion / Xx{Midnight}xX
// Biggest flaw is the inconsistent layering that makes the file harder to follow when its played.
8.41s: Only sound here is the snare, and you put a jump to it. So if you're auto-jumping the snare, you missed the jumps at 19.70 and 25.35s.
There's also a slightly different snare hit at 9.47s and every four measures later (15.11s and 20.76s) that you can layer.
Besides the snares, you follow the main melody with jumps. There is also the instrument that plays a note every other 4th which you put notes to but don't layer with jumps. Inconsistencies with this occur at 10.88s (missing note) 22.17s (shouldn't be a jump)
18.29–21.46s: I would suggest putting jumps to the sound every other fourth in here, because the notes are louder.
27.46–38.76s: In this section, you only jump the snare. The bass is inconsistently stepped, and it detracts from the main melody. Try removing the arrows that just go to the bass, like 28.35, 31.17, 33.99, 36.82, 37.52, and 37.87s.
38.76–50.05s: Now that the main melody from earlier comes in again, the jumping gets inconsistent. You jump the melody and not the snare at first, but when the melody comes in again at 44.4s, you ignore it and jump the snare.
50.05–59.93s: The melody isn't always just doing four notes up. Like at 54.99–55.52, the last note of the four goes down, but you don't change your pattern.
Also, what is it that you're jumping on these 4ths? Sure, they start each set of four notes, but not all of them are layered with another instrument. There is one that does 3/8ths patterns, so if you followed that, you'd have jumps at 50.05, 50.58, 51.11, and 51.46s, etc.
There are some 8th jacks in the music there, but not as many as you have stepped. The bass does a jack every two measures starting at 51.46s.
Try layering in some more of the percussion that comes in at 58.52s. The steps shouldn't just be the same as before here.
61.34–66.99s: The staircase should start by going up, not down. I guess it's okay to just keep it a staircase for simplicity, but there is more variation in the pitches than that. If you can find a PR pattern that's as easy to play, do that.
66.99–88.87s: In this section, you don't have any jumps, but there is so much going on in the music: different instruments, notes being emphasized more. It's disappointing to not see any of it layered.
88.87s: The first half of the trill is much softer than the second half, so it should all just be one trill like that.
Remove the 4th at 98.40s.

[8/10] Mascarada / Scintill
// The layering and PR are all good, but you should fill in some of the long empty spaces.
Empty spaces that can be filled with notes to the other guitar starting at 20.21, 27.59, 49.75, 69.13, 73.63, 77.33s.
(It's not as important to fill in anything in 28.52–43.29s because it's a break)

[1/10] Monday / psychozerosk8er
// At 3:20, it's a little long for something so simple. Some of the phrases could be cut in half and nothing would be lost.
// It felt like PR was deliberately ignored a lot of the time. FFR isn't for pad, though, so those conventions aren't necessary.
6.88s–10.30s: The first four pitches you put arrows to, the first one is the highest pitch, but you have it on the lowest arrow.
26.59, 33.45, 40.30s: These 4ths should be all be a 16th earlier, where the percussion is.
27.45s: Maybe start stepping the bass that comes in here so we're not playing the same few notes for 40 seconds.
41.59–42.02s: These arrows go down but the pitches go up.
42.23–43.09s: These arrows go ABA, but it's one arrow later at 42.66–44.38s when the pitches go ABACA.
43.95–45.23s: You only have left and right arrows here, but every note is a different pitch.
And these patterns are repeated a lot in the track.
54.88–55.20s, etc: The 16ths, almost all of your arrows go down, but the pitches go up.
63.02–66.45s: Of these six notes, there are three that are the same pitch. There are only four pitches here, so the most accurate PR should be easy to see.
68.16, 68.59s: These 4ths should not be on the same arrow.
77.16s: This 16th pattern is good, it's the only one with different pitches than all the others, which should be 1234.
79.30–109.73s: These patterns are crazy, barely breaking from left-right or up-down. There's more happening in the melody than that. Same as before.
123.45–124.73s: I feel like I'm being trolled here.
137.59–138.66s: Your arrows go ABACC, but the pitches are ABCBC.
139.52–141.23s: BAABACA --> CBCBCBA
141.88–142.52s: ABAB --> ABAC
143.16–144.02s: ABABA --> ABACA
144.88–146.80s: Mirror these.
147.23–148.09s: ABCB --> ABAC
148.09–148.73s: ABCD --> ABAB
150.88–164.59s: And then those melodies repeat. And the rest of the file is nothing new.

[7/10] Need You / Elite Ninja
// Not much PR in the music to do here, but the patterns and layering are good.
6.65, 12.30s: These two arrows should be a 4th later.
26.06–47.59s: This section is all good.
It's hard to hear exactly what the 16ths in the next section are going to, because not all the sounds are stepped ... But it's consistent enough that the rhythms feel fine to play. You have a lot of three-note anchors that aren't necessary, but the triplets with the hi-hats are fine; just move them out of the other arrows.
59.94s: Don't miss the 16ths here.
60.30–68.42s: In this section, there are gallopy echoes that would be fun to play if stepped and make the section less empty.
62.06s: You do step one of them there, but don't make it a jack. Put them on one of the same arrows as the jump before as like a transition in to the next jump.
68.42–71.24s: And then don't step the echoes here for climax theory because of the missing percussion.
81.47–82.00s: There's nothing gone from the track here, so between the jumps should not be empty.
82.89s: And then again about stepping the echoes.

[PASS] Nocturne / Jake Ferguson
I stepped a file for this myself, so what can I do? I do want to point out though that you should use more sub-beats.
Helps the sync and makes it easy to remove unneeded coloration.
And I realize now I should have layered in the left-hand stuff at 89.55–108.05s, whoops.

[5/10] N's Farewell / Xx{Midnight}xX
// Really fast grace notes add as much emphasis as jumps, so a lot of the toning down you did made that better. But there are still some layering and PR things that could be fixed before it's accepted.
// I know I'm rating it lower than others rated it before, but that's just my standards being different. If you'd like me to look at the file again after you make fixes, I would try to work with you so this can get queued on your next send-in if it doesn't this time.
8.66s: Should be on a different arrow from the ones after it. It's a lower pitch, so I'd put it on 2.
12.93s: The only grace note before the 4th should be the 32nd; the other grace notes are after the beat. (And it's good that you don't step all four here.) They're much slower than the ones at, for example, 16.57s, so 3 arrows works.
20.20s: Only one grace note is really audible here, so make it a jump with one grace note.
24.14–25.66s: PR here is backwards. The pseudo-jump at 25.66s should definitely not be on the same arrows as the two before it.
28.38s is the lowest pitch here, and 28.69s is the highest.
29.29s is just a chord with no extra notes (that make the next two hands), so this can be just a jump.
31.41–32.02s: If you have these arrows go up (for PR) instead of down, you also fix the unnecessary jack with the hand.
42.63 and 43.23s are the same pitch and should be on the same arrow.
The pseudo-hands at 43.84 and 44.75s should not be the same. I don't really hear all the grace notes. Maybe remove one of the grace notes from the first one, then have the second be a grace-note-and-jump.
49.29s: There should be another grace note before the beat here.
54.75s should have more notes than 52.93s, which is softer, so remove one from 52.93s. And I don't really hear the grace notes here, either.
56.26s: This beat doesn't have the violin on it, so it shouldn't be a hand.

[4/10] On the Origin of Species (Evolution) / Tidus810
// Patterns get awkward. A number of minijacks where they shouldn't be throughout the file. The layering being mostly good redeemed the file some.
Most of the hi-hats don't really warrant jacks. Keep the jacks to the other percussion, but don't extend them across different sounds.
Try breaking all the jacks in 5.27–6.77s, move out the arrows 7.82, 8.27, 8.87, 9.17, 9.77 ... Play with those patterns some, and you should something that flows a lot better.
You should be able to fix the rest of the jacks in the file when you can feel that. I don't really want to point out everything when it's such a consistent issue. You should be able to figure it out. PM me or something if you have questions and want me to look at the file again after you've made fixes.
45.47–55.07s: Because this break doesn't have the other percussion, this is really the only time the jacks to the hi-hats work. This section is stepped well.
64.07–64.37s: There aren't any actual beats these 24ths go to, so they're unnecessary. The other weird stuff around here is fine.
74.27s: Remove the two 32nds around this note and make this note a jump.
94.67s: I don't think a difficulty-9 should have 3-framer jacks like this.

[2/10] Pine Ridge, SD / mi40
Cut out the first seven seconds; you only need two seconds of silence. Put a fast fade on the last note so you can cut out the last eight seconds and not need a filler note.
This is a live recording, so if you haven't already done so, download ddreamstudio from one of the links here.
Move the beats manually with this program so you don't have to use a lot of random colors.
A lot of your arrow timings are actually good, but in ddream, you can instantly see which ones are off.
Some of the stepping is inconsistent, like with the guitar flam things. You step the one at 13s but not at 11.5 or 14.3s.
And also, some flams are stepped as jumps, like 27.3s, which should be changed.
10.55s: Starting from this note, the next pitch is lower, and the third is between the two. The last two notes are PR-backwards. Same at the next set of notes.
31.49s: It's still just one note even though it's louder, so it shouldn't be a jump.
There are PR issues scattered throughout the file, and that's too much to tell you everything that needs fixing.
You don't need a hand at the end.

[PASS] Politically Correct Holiday Song / YOSHl
// It annoys me that the best they could come up with was making fun of "Feliz Navidad", which isn't even the correct pronunciation.
So yeah, I still can't look at this.

[7/10] Pollyanna / YOSHl
// You didn't change anything since the last time I looked at it, so ... everything I already said. The file is acceptable though.
I understand that you left the soft section unlayered for climax theory, but I'd still like to see those low notes layered in.
9.94s becomes (13), 10.93s becomes (34), 11.91s becomes (12), etc.
If the other judges don't suggest you do so, though, you can leave it.

[9/10] Pork and Beans / Scintill
// Ragtime, yessssss. PR and layering are great. Those 'broken burst' XXXxX 32nd patterns are really annoying to PA for me (see: Midnight Dragon), but they're accurate. Maybe to mix it up, make some sets of them alternate hands, 1324 instead of 1234. That would also be less annoying.
69.99, 79.99s, etc.: These graces note should be on 2, same pitch as the next ones. Having them on the same hand as the jack is unnecessary and harder to PA.

[1/10] Qu'est-ce que c'est / psycho
// Gets off-sync, because it's a non-constant BPM and not perfectly quantized.
// The PR is almost passable, but all the empty spaces and incorrect rhythms are a huge detriment to the file.
For incorrect rhythms, check around: 20.25, 46.58, 50.18, 52.92, 55.15, 60.29, 65.26, 83.94, 85.32, 88.06, 90.46, 103.49, 108.97, 118.06, 121.48, 124.23 ... and that's only half of the file.
9.89–10.58s: These three notes should all be on the same arrow, and fix all the repetitions of this: 75.72, 81.20, etc.
149.42: The antithesis of climax theory: filling in the even-softer break more than the chorus.

[6/10] > Redirected Moonlight / MarioNintendo
#OFFSET:-2.155; ish
// With the two seconds of silence, all the second values will be offset from those of the notes for Sticklydude's file.
// Your file has fewer small errors to correct, but there's still some layering and PR that could be better.
5.15–5.65s: Throughout the file, with these patterns, you may want to sacrifice the strict PR of the "12321" pattern so you don't end up with mini-trills into the jumps every time.
11.15–12.15s: There are four different pitches between the jumps, so there is a "perfect PR" pattern here. Shift the 232 (starting at the 16th) to 121, and that's it. The 8ths are on the same pitch.
9.15–16.15s: Both the ways you two layered this section are acceptable. You only emphasized the chords, where Sd layered all the bass notes. And generally, your file is layered less, so that's consistent.
16.15–28.15s: Like before, you only emphasize the chords; that's good.
20.65–21.15s: Change this pattern around so the two 16ths aren't on the same arrow as the ones later; they're different pitches, so the anchor should be split.
27.15–28.15s: Just mirror the notes in here to split the anchor for the same reason as above.
31.15–32.15s: This is the same as 11.15s.
39.15–40.15s: This has the same pitch contour as 11.15 and is one note away from the pattern I suggested earlier. The pattern should be similar but not the same. At least don't keep the pitch-irrelevant anchor in the middle you have there.
You should step 43.15–46.15 the same way you do 51.15–54.15s. They're (nearly) identical, but your layering is inverted.
The piano does do 32nds at 76.15s, but at 78.15, it's just the percussion which does 24ths.
76.9–77.9s: Move these over to the left column; it shouldn't make a jack with the 4th. And when you change these 32nds to 24ths, you'll have an 8th at 78.4 to complete the jack.
86.15–89.15s: Both of you stepped the exact same rhythms here, but the first two 4ths feel quite early and the 12th jack stuff is way too soft to step like that.
90.15–98.15s: These patterns are perfect, but things start to get tricky when the jumps come in ...
100.4–101.4s: Move these 8ths out so you don't have a trill.
105.15–106.15s: It's disappointing that this is the first time all four 16ths in two beats have been different pitches since 24.15–25.15s, yet they're all on the same arrow to go to the percussion that comes in instead. I'd step this here differently for the sake of variation.
106.15–108.65s: There's no trill in the music here. But you have a long trill here!
115.65–117.65s: Grabbin' trills.

[5/10] < Redirected Moonlight / Sticklydude
// Doesn't have two seconds of silence, so all the second values will be offset from those of the notes for MarioNintendo's file.
// Has a lot more little errors and things that need fixing than MN's file, but I do like the heavier layering.
7.35s: The 8th shouldn't be on the same arrow as the jumps around it.
9.1–10.1s: There are four different pitches between the jumps, so there is a "perfect PR" pattern here. The 8th on 9.85s is on the same arrow as the 4th before it, but it is actually on the same pitch (and should be on the arrow of) the 8th before it.
7.1–14.1s: Both the ways you two layered this section are acceptable. Yours is stricter layering with the bass notes, where MN emphasized only the chords. And generally, your file is layered more, so that's consistent.
14.1–26.1s: You do a good job of keeping the jumps pitch relevant and fitting in the stream around them.
19.1–20.1s: The pattern here should be a running man or three-note staircase, not a trill.
23.1s: Missed a jump here.
24.6–26.1s: Same as before about the pattern not being a trill. Also, make sure the first two 16ths are not on the same arrow as the next four, because they are different pitches.
27.1–30.1s: Same thing from 7.35s and 9.1s.
44.1s: I can see why you put the jump here, but it would be better to remove it. You don't need that going into the 32nds. And then just do 43214321 because it's just as accurate and is simpler.
44.6–46.1s: The 12ths shouldn't be on the same arrow as the 4ths after them; you have weird three-note anchors here. Make the pattern look cleaner so it's easier to read.
49.1–50.1s: Move the 8ths in here out of the anchor.
57.1s: I'd make this a (134) hand so it's not on the same arrow as the 8th before it, and that beat has a high chord, a low emphasis, and the base, so it's definitely hand-worthy.
59.1s: The 48th trill is way too difficult for the rest of the file. If the file gets accepted, you must remove this.
62.1s: This jump should not be on the same arrows as the one before it.
62.1–65.6: Like MN did, I do think the empty spaces here should be filled in with the 16ths to the hi-hats, or at least starting at 64.1s.
64.1–65.6: Cut the anchor in half here at the pitch change.
72.1s: Because you use hands, this note could be one. And have it be on the arrows that the 8th before isn't; you don't need that jack.
The percussion does do 24ths at 74.1s, but the piano does 32nds. The same piano sound is repeated at 82.1s without the percussion, so they should both be stepped as 32nds.
74.35–77.35s: This column of 8ths should be somewhere on the left hand so it's not on the same arrow as either of the next two.
76.35s: Yes, there are multiple sounds here, but it's not as emphasized as the 4th before it, so it doesn't need to be a jump.
77.85s: This 8th is alone with its pitch and should not be a part of either long column of 8ths.
84.1–87.1s: Both of you stepped the exact same rhythms here, but the first two 4ths feel quite early and the 12th jack stuff is way too soft to step like that.
88.1s: MN did the perfect-PR pattern here: a mini-staircase instead of a runningman. The runningman works just as well, though, and you do it consistently, so that's good.
93.72s: This 16th should be a part of the previous anchor, while 93.97s should not be the part of one.
98.72s: This 16th should be a part of the previous anchor, while the next two 16ths should be on a different arrow.
Then, move the two 8ths 98.35s and 98.85s so you don't have a trill.
101.97s: The 16th anchor needs to break here and again at 102.97s.
101.6–102.6s: You can fix the PR here so there's no chain (so the jumps aren't anchored to each other), but really it's not much of a problem, because that pattern is unique and consistently stepped like that when the repeats come up.
The jump at 103.6 shouldn't be the same as the ones after it.
106.72s: Same as 98.72s: move the 16ths to the correct anchor and the 8ths out of them.
109.6–110.6s: Same as 101.6s.
110.97, 111.22: These two 16ths should be on a different arrow from the previous ones.
111.6: Same as 103.6: move the jump.
114.72s: Same as 98.72s and 106.72s.
117.6–118.6s: Same as 101.6s and 109.6s.
121.1s: All the stuff after here is good for variation. Just move the 16ths at 123.72–124.47 so there's no anchor.

[3/10] Seaside Hill - Act 1 / Antronach
// I don't get why the OST labels them as "Act 1" and "Act 2" instead of "Classic" and "Modern", but anyway.
// I can kinda see what you're doing here, but the way you step sounds that aren't the main melody doesn't flow very well.
// There are some weird rhythms and the PR does need quite a bit of work.
// It's hard to give suggestions on the layering because of how much is going on in the music; it's harder to pick what stands out past the main melody.
1.87–3.18s: Already at the start, the PR is off. Third note is the lowest pitch, and the fourth pitch is between the first and second.
3.56s: Only thing I hear on this note is the bass, but just stepping this one bass note doesn't work.
4.12–4.87: The pitches go up but your notes go down.
5.80 and 6.18s are the same pitch and should be on the same arrow.
6.55s is the lowest note but is on the highest arrow, and 6.93s is the highest note but is on the lowest arrow.
8.43s should be lower than the next three notes, ABCB instead of ABAB.
12.92: I don't hear what this note goes to. Would be better to step the percussion at 13.30 and 13.67s rather than this.
14.80–15.36s: Pitches go up, notes go down.
15.36 and 15.55s can make a minijack if you want to have 8th jacks in the file. You don't use any, but there are quite a few in the music.
16.67s: An arrow here would go with the main melody.
24.91s: Same thing as 12.92s.
then 25.85–37.84 is mostly a repeat of 13.86–25.85.
And from 37.84s, there's just an ABAB pattern of phrases until the end, so there's a lot of repetition here. And you don't always layer things the same way.
41.02–41.77s: Missed some notes in here.
47.39–48.89s: These arrows don't feel like they go to anything.
57.32s: Put a note here rather than on the 8th before it, so it goes on the chord and not the percussion.
// There's really more to fix than just what I have here, because the whole structure needs a little tweaking.

[1/10] Sick Trance Guitar Solo / Zekramcross
// Exactly what it says on the tin ... The "sick" part is debatable, though.
// Rhythm issues in the first half, lots of PR problems, arbitrary stream. Not close to acceptable.
2.08s: The first three arrows and the next three 4ths and 8ths, those are all the same pitch and should be on the same arrow. So you'd have A..A..ABAB.A
4.43s: These next pitches are higher, and then 5.08s is even higher and 5.51s is the same pitch as that.
6.15s: There's no reason for this jump to be here.
6.36s: This note should not be on the same arrow as the one before it. Also, you have a 1/8th rhythm here, but it should be 3/16ths.
7.22–8.93s: These don't follow the pitch at all.
9.90s: There's no sound on this 16th here.
10.01–10.43s: Notes should be going down.
11.61s: The sound is on the 8th after this 16th, not here.
11.93s: This arrow should not be part of the jack of the next two.
13.01s: Shouldn't be a jack here.
14.08–15.79s: PR is totally off here. 8th jacks aren't all where they're supposed to be. High notes are stepped low.
Your jump stream is entirely arbitrary. There is (something resembling) a melody there that you can step. Listen to the 3/16th beat, and that should help you figure it out. There's veerry little variation in it. And with the way the melody goes, it would probably be better to just step stream with no jumps.

[7/10] The Big Bang Theme (Rock Cover) / VisD
// The PR is good. I'd tell you to unlayer all the 16th jumpy crap, but then you do that all-jump stream stuff, so I guess the difficulty is fine.
13.62s: So there's a crash, but it shouldn't be a quad. Same for all the other crashes.
Like 16.62s, all of 21.22, 29.41, 34.01, 38.80, and 61.19 should not be pseudo-hands, so unlayer one of the jump-arrows and move the 48th to there.
Do unlayer the last set of 16th jumpy crap, though, because the music has faded out. Turkish March has a really senseless example of this.
// I'm going to accept this because the errors are small, but please make these fixes if it gets queued.

[1/10] The Hop / rayword45
// Whatever fun the file is to play is killed by very inconsistent layering.
// The 24ths should actually be on 64ths. Doesn't make much of a difference at 30fps, but the 24ths are definitely a frame early at 60fps. And don't forget the swing in the rest of the file!
3.14–6.10s: The sounds the jumps go to here are all the same pitch, and then 6.78–9.73s are all the same pitch, different from the previous section. You have the first section stepped AABAAC and the second ABCDAA. They should be similar.
10.41–17.69s: You should probably step all the swing in the stream here. No reason to step just half of it.
17.69–24.96s: The jumps that come in don't seem to go to anything in particular. And if they do, it's really inconsistent.
32.23–39.50s: Again, the jumps here aren't going exactly with either the melody or the percussion.
39.50–46.78s: Whatever this is, I don't think it's what the music is doing. You can see quite a few mini-trills but not hear any in the music.
46.78–54.05s: Why do the arbitrary jump-stream here again? There's a new melody in here that's just asking to be stepped with jacks.
54.05–59.50s: This beat is really interesting, but the jumps ... Some claps are jumped, some aren't. One melody is auto-jumped (like, it's the only sound at 55.19s), and other times it's a single. At least one thing should be consistently emphasized.
59.50–61.78s: There is some swing in the percussion here you should step.
61.78–63.14s: Why is it suddenly empty between these jumps? There's stuff to layer in there.
74.05–75.64s: Shouldn't you be jumping the 8ths here instead? You do that at 81.55 right, but there's there are arbitrary jumps at 80.64s and 81.10s that make it look like they're a part of the next 8th jumps, but they aren't.
77.46–79.28s: Step a long 8th jack here to fit whatever sound that is that's doing that.
83.71s: You shouldn't put a jump on this one little sound, and you missed the gallop into 85.19s.
85.41, 85.64s: These two shouldn't make a jack. The are more incorrect minijacks in here.
87.35s: This jump is consistent with the previous one, but there isn't even the sound here this time.
90.41–96.78s: The sound this 16th stream goes to is hardly audible and shouldn't be stepped. And there's no one sound that's on every 4th.

[PASS] The Tunnel / bob bob

[8/10] Tokimori Uta / bmah
// Really good for the most part, flows well. Slight layering issue.
11.97–27.47s: I like how you only consistently add that one 16th to the percussion here, keeping that empty so you can fill it later for climax theory.
I like the way all the clock sounds are stepped.
58.72–60.97s: Layering here is a little weird. 57.97 and 58.72s have both the chime and voice on them, but it took me a while to notice that 58.72s also has a guitar sound which is what 59.22s is jumped on. Because chime is on every half-beat from 58.72 to 60.97s, I'd just unlayer everything that doesn't go to the voice.
61.97s: Starting here, a lot of the 16ths go to a really soft melody I can't hear well when I'm playing the song. The sound's there, though, it's consistent, and it doesn't hinder the flow of the file.
91.97–92.97s: Like earlier, I think the jumps in the middle that don't go to the voice could be unlayered.

[10/10] ULTRAnumb / MarioNintendo
// Whoa. This is really good. Great layering, jack-usage, PR, all that.
10.28s: Ghost note here.
And that's it.

[6/10] With a Cherry on Top / Reshiram
// While each section is mostly accurate, the layering shift between them doesn't work.
Kind of odd starting in the middle of a phrase like that. Should probably add the two-seconds of silence and fill the first two measures in.
I don't get why you offset the second half for the 48ths, but I do like how the lone-24ths look like cherries.
I'd suggest offsetting every other 48th though to either white or green, something that doesn't add much contrast. You'd have alternating colors which help with seeing the rhythm, and the 24ths will still be the focal points.
13.78–20.65 and 20.65–27.47 ... The first section, the melody is auto-jumped, but in the next section, you only jump to the bass. So how about you unlayer the first half so only the bass is jumped in there. The shift in the music is not as drastic as your shift in layering. Same as in the cyan half of the file.
Cut the .mp3 at the end so you don't need the filler note.

[!] Your One / _.Spitfire._
// The file itself is well-structured, but at 170 BPM, it is too hard for this batch with things like the 24ths-into-32nds at 88.79s.


Connect (House Soul Gemix) (bmah) 8/10 [+]
- File is very good, there are a couple of layering mistakes with the vocals, mostly between m.26-m.34. Not every quarter note is a jump, and the jumps that exist would be more impactful if the jumps that aren't in the music weren't in the steps.
- I'm also not sure if this falls into the category of difficulty 1-9, but that's also not my prerogative.

FF7 - Theme of Aeris (MarioNintendo) 7/10 [+.]
- You could use a single at beat 19, there's a small note that changes the chord.
- I'd also put a single at beat 58, starts a new instrument there, but not the biggest deal.
- Also that 24th at beat ~55 is kinda unnecessary, particularly considering this file is a 3.

Kanashiki Ookami (Ghakimx and vote4nixon) 5/10 [+?]
- Also the sync seems disjointed between the intro and the part starting at measure 18 by about 30-40ms.
- The layering is quite well done, but some of the patterns (the first entire stream, jack layering, etc.) is pretty bad. (btw to fix the jacks, just don't put them all on the same arrow)
- There are also a couple spots where notes were missed from that snare-jack thing. (for example beat 239, 240.75, etc.)
- Measure 100 is all jumps.
- Meausre 110 is not all jumps.
- That placeholder note is incredibly unnecessary.
- Lots of fixing to do.

Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] (Middie) [+.] 6/10
- PR is either awkward or just plain backwards for most of the file.
- Those hands are a bad idea for an easy file like this.
- I'd have an easier time accepting this if the PR didn't make me cringe.

LQJR Song (Hakulyte&hateandhatred) 7/10 [+.]
- dafuq did i just play
- jacks at measure 12 are kinda dumb, you already represented those as triplets and there's no reason to change that, particularly where people would rather laugh at the song while playing than have to concentrate on jacks.
- The layering seems a bit messy, you cut the jumps sometimes for no apparent reason, (not the ohmygods, I got that)
- wtf is up with that ending please fix that.
- not sure if legit submission or trolling... meh it's entertaining at least.

Lunar Landing (bmah) 9/10 [+]
- I wish I had submitted mine too. D:
- This is actually an excellent easy file, back when I was new I would have loved this.

Mabi v2 (woker-X) 8/10 [+]
- beat 25-26 has 16ths on the kick
- Keep an eye on your snares, you switch frequently throughout the file on whether or not you wanted to step them as singles or jumps, it's actually very distracting because it doesn't seem to have any reason to it.
- Your patterns are really good though, PR is great too.
- Just want to point out, without the small errors this file would have been a 10/10 for me, the concept is really interesting, it's like you mixed a more recent style of stepping at times with a retro one, it was really cool to play.

Malevolent Mansion (Middie) 7/10 [+.]
- You missed some jumps throughout the file, typically things like snares that got overlooked.
- Your jumps go themselves turned backwards (i.e. jumping on kicks instead of snares) at measure 28 and then fixed itself at measure 30.
- And did the same at measure 35.
- Measure 40-44 seems a bit lazy, neat idea but there are some spots in it that it just doesn't work.
- Liked the ending a lot.
- Neat file, just some small fixes n stuff.

Mascarada (Scintill) 9/10 [+]
- Sync is a tidbit early, like 10-20ms
- Very enjoyable file, sometimes a lot of dead space, but I like the concept of playing a solo instead of the music, it's refreshing and fun.

Monday (psychozerosk8er) 6/10 [+.]
- 8th note at beat 46.5 isn't there.
- beat 318 zero has two cyllables
- PR is generally non-existent, but even overlooking that it doesn't stop that this file drawls on for like 2 minutes longer than it should. For how simple it's stepped it's way too long, there needs to be a happy medium where people of any skill can enjoy the difficulty if you're going to step 3+ minute songs.
- That being said, the steps timed correctly, you just need to add to it or cut the song.

N's Farewell (Middie) 7/10 [+.]
- You need to watch out on your PR, you have a tendency to make things very 1234321234321 instead of giving it some variety.
- If you cut the hands at beat 48 and 49.5, the one at 51 would make a bigger impact.
- And when you do things like measure 24 where you randomly start layering hands when the chords didn't even receive jumps before that it comes out of nowhere. It's like saying "O HEY REMEMBER ME THE MELODY?"
- I like the file though, sync seems good, just some poor decisions in the file.

Need You (Elite Ninja) 9/10 [+]
- This file is like good sex. Goes on just long enough to make you feel satisfied.
- Only complaint is right at measure 57, I don't like cutting those two extra 8th notes, when you change patterns like that it's more impactful to the player if it stays the same until the change actually happens. It's like the difference between "oh, look, a transition....." and "OH LOOK A TRANSITION!" if that makes any sense (which it doesn't but LOVE ME DAMMIT I'M AWESOME)

Nocturne (Jake Ferguson) 6/10 [+.]
- Sync isn't quite there, although it's pretty good. You have the right idea for it, but sometimes your breaks between notes need to be a little longer, and others a little shorter.
- beat 34 is really gross, change that
- Also PR needs work.
- beat 84 I actually said "nononono" 'cause hand??
- beat 89 also gross pattern.
- Ending could be more intense.
- It's mostly the sync that does it in, but you do need to work on the steps a bit too.

On the Origin of Species (Tidus810) 8/10 [+]
- You changed the pattern from the first time at measure 7 (beat 26)
- That thing at beat 54. Love. It. jussayin
- beat 132 and 134 are not the same jump.
- Very enjoyable file.

Pine Ridge, SD (mi40) 7/10 [+.]
- beat 25 is 3 notes, a triplet to be exact.
- could use a gallop at beat 54
- Those are pretty nitpicky, this is actually pretty well done, although, kinda pointless all the same.

Politically Correct Holiday Song (YOSHl) 9/10 [+]
- I lol'd
- Ended at a good time, the joke gets old pretty quickly so making sure it was short was a smart call.
- Steps are great, no complaints.

Pollyana (YOSHl) 8/10 [+]
- Kinda short...
- Stepped well, song is beautiful, ending make me kinda "wut" but I liked it.

Pork and Beans (Scintill) 8/10 [+]
- Very fun, loved the song. It feels longer than it is because that main melody (with the 32nd triplets) repeats so often. If you cut one of those repetitions out I'd like it more, but that's about it as far as I can pick on.

Qu'est ce que c'est (psycho) 4/10 [+?]
- Sync is about 20ms early
- missing an arrow at beat 44
- Overall there's a lot of dead space with nothing stepped, try to use some transitionary material between the lyrics.
- beat 133 is stepped wrong.
- beat 145 the 8th is early.
- beat 153 the 8th is early.
- beat 160 the 4th is late.
- I could go on but you get the idea, just need to fix the timings and fill the dead air.
- Also WAY too long. Like, double what it should be.

Redirected Moonlight (FFR Cut) (MarioNintendo) 7/10 [+.]
- Not gonna lie IMO the file should end at measure 34 but not really a note so much as a "this songs ending doesn't make any sense"
- Kinda tough for a 9.
- Some poor pattern decisions (measure 32 for instance,) but it's stepped well.
- So... yeah. These files are essentially the same thing. The only differences I I could see were you had better technique and SD had better patterns.
-there's no real way to choose between the files, they're basically identical, there's no way of really picking one or the other without it being at least a bit subjective.

Redirected Moonlight (FFR Cut) (Sticklydude) 7/10 [+.] [<]
- Not gonna lie IMO the file should end at measure 34 but not really a note so much as a "this songs ending doesn't make any sense"
- Kinda tough for a 9.
- You made some poor choices with stepping it, the stream starting at measure 8 for example has odd jump layering patterns, and that 48th trill at measure 30 is just silly...
- So... yeah. These files are essentially the same thing. The only differences I could see were you had better patterns and MN had better technique.
- there's no real way to choose between the files, they're basically identical, there's no way of really picking one or the other without it being at least a bit subjective.

Seaside Hill - Act 1 (Antronach) 5/10 [+?]
- PR needs a bit of work, you represent the same not as triplets a lot.
- Also quite a few times where you layer the snare, and others ignore it, it's just inconsistent.
- Don't be afraid of the 16ths just because it's supposed to be easy, (i.e. before measure 28)
- There seem to be a lot of invented notes, careful not to just fill spaces just because they feel empty, find a layering scheme that works.
- And the jumps don't really have much reason to them. I really like the song, but you have to improve the stepping before I can accept it.

Sick Trance Guitar Solo (Zekramcross) 5/10 [+?]
- The sync is massively early, like 40-50ms
- Also song is way too short, seems pointless.
- Around measure 4 is messy.
- Also that tendency to follow PR and make everything for entire measures on one arrow isn't a good idea, breaking PR is fine to make the patterns more playable and fun.

The Big Bang Theory (rock cover) (VisD) 6/10 [+.]
- Dropped an arrow at measure 5.
- Those 16th jumps and stuff are very spiky in terms of difficulty, I don't really care for them all being jumps.
- PR needs work in the file, some of it is really good and some of it is just backwards.
- It's very jump heavy, which is fine, but something I don't personally care for.

The Hop (rayword45) 7/10 [+.]
- There are some really good parts to this file, but the main issue I see with it is that it's more like a pad file than a keyboard file. Instead of following the music, it steps generic patterns in certain sections that fit because they're generic, not because they're ideal or even correct.
- However, the parts that are done well are quite good, it just needs work on consistency with the music and internal consistency.

The Tunnel (bob bob) [+.] [!] 6/10
- Sync is about 15ms early. Also file is quite possibly too hard for the batch.
- m.53 want to note this stream 'cause it's really well done.
- There are quite a few instances where you miss arrows in the file. Mostly in the intro and the less dense sections. Some of it is pretty noticable, but some of it is going to be subjective regardless of what you step because the sounds meld together a lot with that weird synth.
- I'd also like to see a small cut maybe. It does feel a bit long, even if it is only a little over 2 minutes, it just repeats a lot of the same stuff, even if the music doesn't repeat that often.

Tokimori Uta (bmah) 9/10 [+]
- Very well done, no complaints here.

ULTRAnumb (MarioNintendo) 8/10 [+]
- Aside from making my ears scream out in pain gj.
- Also careful with some of the 32nds in the intro, some of them are pretty inaudible.

With a Cherry On Top (Reshiram) 9/10 [+]
- Just a biiiit late, like 10-15ms
- Awww why did it end so sooooooon. That song was cute and the file was adorable. Loved it.

Your One (_.Spitfire._) [+] [!] 8/10
- As far as having this submitted to a batches with intended difficulty 1-9, I don't think it's appropriate. But this decision is really up to JX.
- That being said, I did like the file, it's very well done. You do a good job of changing the steps to represent the same theme in different sections of the song.
- My only complaints are the difficulty thing and that section starting at measure 30. Later on when you do the entire thing it's fine, but at m.30 there's a higher tenor melody that prevades over it, and you can't really hear the wonky bass until the end when everything else drops out. It seems more random until you go back and listen to it a couple of times.


Note: All sections pointed out/mentioned are in seconds. Beats and measures do not apply.

Connect (HOUSE SOUL REMIX) (bmah)
Score: 9/10 [+]
• 11.596: Kinda pointless not to include the 8th here.
• Outside of that little mistake, this is really great stuff you got goin' on in this chart. Some parts did feel
a little bit too dense for a 9, but considering the rather low BPM of this song, it shouldn't be too bad. Nice work!

FF7 - Theme of Aeris (MarioNintendo)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• Recommended offset change to 2.100 from 2.076 for a tighter sync.
• Sounds such as the ones at 39.491, 39.926 and every other section like this are VERY faint and hard to hear.
Ignoring these and just sticking to the more prominent sounds will do this file a bit more justice.
• Rest of the chart seems pretty okay.

Kanashiki Ookami (Ghakimx & vote4nixon)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 29.009: Chart is off sync by .04 starting here, and continues on for the rest of the song.
• 68.209 - 79.809: If you're going to PR 16th stream to an interchanging melody, please do it correctly. A lot of this
is just sloppy and half-assed to me. Same applies to the second half the chart where this melody repeats.
• Jack patterns into mini-bursts are really pushing it for a 9, otherwise this just drags on with the same
concept for nearly 4 minutes with nothing interesting to offer.

Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] (Xx{Midnight}xX)
Score: 6/10 [+.]
• The first 8.5 seconds of this chart have wonky pitch relevancy. Not sure whether you actually tried to PR,
or just placed the notes however you wanted for the sake of making it non-repetitive.
• Chord jumps seem to be appropriate. Hands were somewhat used properly. Nothing really shabby to be honest. I'd
prefer you remove the single note at 85.681 and fix the PR in the beginning and latter portions of the chart though.

LQJR song (Hakulyte & Hateandhatred)
Score: 4/10 [?]
• Starting at 2.264, the chart starts to follow the vocals, then immediately jumps into 16th gallop synths...
Stick to one thing at a time, and make sure you're consistent with it.
• 18.933: Please, get rid of these jacks. Gallops, broken stream, etc. work better.
• 36.586, 38.136: Misrythms on the vocals, and I never knew simplified 32nds were 12th notes. Must be something new.
• The chart and song are both garbage. Misrhythms, inconsistent pattern concepts, layering is all over the place, etc.
This honestly feels like a waste of time and energy.

Lunar Landing (bmah)
Score: 9/10 [+]
• Well done! It was very simple, clean and coherent.
• Wasn't too boring for how calm the song seems to be. PR and layering made sense, and really...I liked this. Props.

Mabi v2 (woker-X)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• The 192nds from 3.085 onward to 19.085 seem absolutely pointless to have. Not to mention, it's a bit hard to
acknowledge what they're even going to, albeit the ones in the latter half of the chart make more sense.
• Song drags out for almost 3.5 minutes with the same composition alongside a repetitive chart that follows it.

Malevolent Mansion [Standard] (Xx{Midnight}xX)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• Might as well make 9.470, 15.116, etc. jumps. They're the same snare-kick sound as all the other ones.
• 16.175: Don't get why you changed your layering scheme here.
• 50.760 - 60.64: What are these 4th jumps even going to? This area makes zero sense to me. Your pitch relevancy
with the 8th runs in the background isn't that great either. Fix this section up, please.
• 61.348: 12th note staircase, isn't a staircase. Actually listen to the song and place the notes accordingly.
• Lots of inconsistent layering, bad PR, and a whole lot of non-sensical things going on in this chart. Fix the above.

Mascarada (SKG_Scintill)
Score: 9/10 [+]
• Extremely well made file, until I see this at 82.061, which LITERALLY pushes it to almost or even yet, beyond a 9.
But considering how well made everything else is/was, I'll let it slide. ;P
• Wasn't a bit understeppd for how up-beat the song seems to be. PR and layering made sense, chart flowed well and honestly...I liked this
one too! Good stuff.

Monday (psychozerosk8er)
Score: 6/10 [+.]
• Pitch relevancy could use some work in most, if not, ALL areas of the chart.
• You could've went the extra mile by stepping the bg synth starting at 27.857, that way, it's not so much of a snoozefest.
• Second half kicks up a bit, but I don't get why you waited a whole minute to start using jumps in the chart.
• Overall, it could've been better. Felt half-assed to me, but it is what it is.

[b]Need You[b] (Elite Ninja)]
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 7.003, 12.927: Improper note placement. a.k.a, not 4ths. Revisit this.
• 26.062 - 46.886: I liked this section. Very well done.
• 54.209, 57.033: Missed 16th.
• 59.944: add 16ths pl0x (you add them at 82.533 anyway)
• 76.797: Refer to 54.209 every time this section occurs.
• 93.298: 8th note anchor doesn't go to anything, try again by changing this entire area up.
• Long story short, there's LOTS of 8th note anchor patterns that have little to no relevancy to the song, whatsoever.
Small errors are scattered around the chart, as well as blatant 16th note inconsistencies about. This needs a complete revamp.

Nocturne (Jake Ferguson)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 4.936: Random 192nd?
• 6.210: Don't you think this jump should be the same as the one at 5.362?
• 30.427: Grace note ends in a jump? This is awkward, but moreso incorrect.
• 118.431: The quad here, is a bit overkill.. same goes with a lot of the hands you had placed earlier in the file.
• Overall, sync is objectable and it seems like you got lazy with the BPMs and decided to colorize a few notes
in certain areas. Not sure on this one. Lots of good, lots of bad. Definitely needs some work.

N's Farewell (Xx{Midnight}xX)
Score: [PASS]
• Did this chart get worse from the last time I saw it? Cause honestly, it sure looks like it did. Don't feel like dealing with it again.

On the Origin of Species (Evolution) (Tidus810)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• Very well layered chart. Seemed pretty straightforward for the most part. Patterns were ok and fun.
• 200bpm 12th jacks at the end were, ehhh... but shouldn't be too bad. Overall, it was pretty decent. Nice.

Pine Ridge, SD (mi40)
Score: 6/10 [+.]
• Missing notes at 9.369 and 9.472.
• 11.503: Inconsistent grace note usage here, and at 13.022.
• This chart is just a colorful mess. Weird jump placement, and I'm really not digging the 8.5 second gap from the
48th hand to the placeholder note. Remove it.

Politically Correct Holiday Song (YOSHl)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 2.535: 64th should be re-adjusted. It's off.
• 8.545 - 11.098: Pitch relevancy needs major work in this section.
• 25.992: Stick to accenting ONE thing at a time with these 16ths. Either vocals, or piano.
• 83.086: Remove this 4th jump, so the vocals are easier to follow/looks cleaner.
• Not much to say about this. Song choice was lol, but the chart was okay. Nothing spectacular.

Pollyanna (YOSHl)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• Great pitch relevancy throughout the chart. Pretty short and simple.

Pork and Beans (SKG_Scintill)
Score: 9/10 [+]
• 18.780, 34.780, etc.: Might as well add the 8th note here. Seems pointless leaving it out.
• Very, very good chart. You definitely know what you're doing. Some areas seem to be a lot like your other file,
in which they push a little past a 9 in difficulty, but it's great nonetheless.

Qu'est ce que c'est (PsychozeroSk8r)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• Offset changed to 0.625 from 0.600. Better sync with the improvement.
• 46.220: Starting here, you have the 'and escape' lyrics stepped incorrectly. They're all 4ths, no 8th included.
• 50.162, 52.905: Change to 4ths.
• This chart drags on and on with the same technical errors in the following verses. Didn't like the pseudo-hold note
gaps, and you this should probably require a cut.

Redirected Moonlight (FFR Cut) (MarioNintendo)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• Offset changed to 2.155 from 2.165. Seems to be a better sync, and some notes felt drifty.
• This was really well done. Clean, coherent and definitely a fun one. The 24th section did seem like a difficulty spike,
but similar to Mascarada, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Adjust the offset a tad bit, and you're good.

Redirected Moonlight (FFR Cut) (Sticklydude)
Score: [<] - 5/10 [+?]
• Weird how your version is almost identical to MarioNintendo's. Hmmmmmm.
• The chords you layered in the jumpstream before 17.475, still apply to this section. Nothing's changed.
• 23.100: ^ and you're missing the 4th jump.
• 44.600: 24th section is awkward as hell. The broken runs don't even account for PR, a.k.a, not properly PR'd.
• 59.100: Whoa, 48th trill. Get this out of here. Even if it is emphasizing the 24th piano, it ruins the flow.
• 129.100: Seems like you got lazy after this part.
• Although the extended version does sound nice, a bit of the patterns you used were kind of awkward, and unfitting.
With a majority of them not accounting for PR and a bit of inconsistent layering, I find MarioNintendo's version to be
the better chart for this song.

Seaside Hill - Act 1 (Antronach)
Score: 7/10 [+.]
• 39.913, 45.909, etc: I would've liked to see the 24th flams added in. Just so it's not so much of a bore.
• Missed jump at 52.280.
• Overall, it's pretty straight forward. Layering seems to be somewhat ok and understandable. Nothing spectacular; passable.

Sick Trance Guitar Solo (Zekramcross)
Score: 3/10 [?]
• Offset changed to 2.080 from 2.031. Poor sync with original offset.
• The first 15 seconds could use better PR. A lot of it is backwards and makes hardly any sense.
• The jumpstream starting at 15.804 has little to no variance whatsoever, nor does it account for
the differentiating synthlines going on at all. The mini-jacks in the intro are unappealing nor fit what's going on.
• Needs fixes, and/or an entire rehaul.

The Big Bang Theme (Rock Cover) (VisD)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• 13.625, etc. etc.: Accenting the cymbal crashes works best with hands, instead of making a near-like quads which gives
newer players trouble to understand.
• 16.656, etc., etc.: The 48th note goes before the 8th in every section you do this in.
• 28.015: Starting here, these jump chains are badly PR'd. You also use them in a way where one note is constantly repeating,
despite what else is going on. Definitely fix this area and listen to the song more closely next time.
• Rest of the chart repeats with the same mistakes as above.

The Hop (rayword45)
Score: 5/10 [+?]
• Offset change to 3.140 from 3.160. (Made all the 24ths, 16th notes from the way you had it originally synced.)
• 17.685: Could've kept adding the 24th note during the stream.
• 21.549, 21.776, 22.004, etc.: Why not layer the melody in these areas like 22.458 and 22.913?
• 39.524: PR on 16th stream here is poorly done. Actually listen to the synthlines going on, and appropriately place
notes, rather than put random 16ths everywhere that don't follow anything.
• Not a fan of this chart at all. Random 16th stream that goes to nothing included with half-assed/spotty
layering isn't going to cut it. Fix this up.

The Tunnel (bob bob)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• Very straight-forward chart for the most part. Some patterns were a little bit awkward during the 16th
scratches, but nothing too bad.
• Great song choice, flows well, and pretty decent to play.

Tokimori Uta (bmah)
Score: 9/10 [+]
• 7.975: This looks gay, probably cause it starts on a jump.
• Rest of the chart looks and plays great! Liked the climax theory towards the end, gave it a nice touch/build-up.
• Pushes it a bit for a 9, but totally worth it. Good stuff.

ULTRAnumb (MarioNintendo)
Score: 8/10 [+]
• Great chart! I loved the song a lot, haha. But seriously, y no hands? ;__;

With a Cherry On Top (Reshiram)
Score: [PASS]

Your One (.Spitfire.)
Score: [!]
• Nothing really wrong with the chart as far as I can tell. It's just a bit too hard for a 9.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

August 28, 2012

Judge Team 1


Note: All times are in seconds. Beats and measure do *not* apply.


Enchanting Venus (Elite Ninja)
Score: Score: 6/10 [+.]

• Layering is a bit on the heavy side for such a somewhat tame song... PR in the melody could use a bit of work.
• Missing jumps at 97.993, 98.273, 100.226, 100.505, 100.924, etc. Pretty inconsistent.

Ongyilkos Vasarnap (mi40)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Looking back at my previous review on this, you seem to have fixed up a lot of the things I pointed out, really well done!
• Chart seems to look and play a lot better than it did before. Although, it's still empty (primarily due to song's fault), it's pretty nice
and cleanly executed.

===Regular submissions===

8-Bit Purple Comet (Reshiram)
Score: 4/10 [+?]

• Offset changed to 2.100 from 2.090. (+0.010)
• Usage of sub-beats breaks the sync on your chart starting at 69.021 all the way to the end.
• Color theory attempt seemed to be thought out, but didn't really come out the way you intended it to be.
• No real mistakes found in your note placement and structure, but refer to the first point on how to fix this.

A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX) (PrawnSkunk)
Score: 6/10 [+.]

• Offset changed to 2.083 from 2.093. (-0.010)
• Unnecessary coloring at 2.805. Rest of it is acceptable.
• 32.324: Paying attention to the low pitched synth and PR'ing like you did here would've looked better in the following sections. Otherwise, it looks sloppy and out of place.
• Starting at 46.401, PR could be improved. Random broken 16th bits on the wobs look sloppy and it seems like you didn't bother in making these neat.
• 77.785+: Hand usage is questionable; chart drags on with same pattern concepts and is a real bore.

Cloud of Darkness (pmonibuv1)
Score: 5/10 [+.]

• Offset changed to 1.035, from 1.000. (+0.035)
• 5.034: Inconsistent pattern usage. No jumps on the 4ths here, but later in the file they're found on this same percussive instrument.
• Chart has a ton of anchored stream with repeating notes that have little to no relevancy to the music whatsoever.
• Missing 16ths after 28.196 and 58.856.
• Missing jump at 37.361?
• 24th drum rolls starting at 61.023 are continuous and do not have a break at 61.356. Could've filled in a bunch of other percussion
going on in this area as well.
• Pattern choice needs to be drastically improved in this chart; missed notes, anchored stream, could use a revmap.

Alchemy (SKG_Scintill)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Offset changed to 0.250 from 0.236 (+0.014)
• Add a 32nd to 10.736, you accent this later on in the file, so do it anyway.
• Outstanding chart. Solos were very well synced; very fun and everything seems to fall in place nicely. (And cut + fade out the rest of the song, btw.)

altmirrorbell (ca25nada)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• 75.836, 85.195: Always becareful of using hands after rolls; framer issues could arise upon conversion of the file and lead to nasty gameplay.
• A lot of the climatic 32nd rolls have ghost jumps and aren't very friendly to hit. Tone them down a bit?
• Otherwise, excellent chart. Please submit more!

Arsonist (Kommisar)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Seems a bit repetitive in some areas, otherwise, neatly done!
• The swing is sexy, no doubt. Jumpgluts will be a nuisance to some players, but shouldn't be too bad. Good stuff.

Ascension to Heaven (iironiic)
Score: 5/10 [+.]

• This is how I expect every Acension to Heaven file to look like. -__-
• Chart starts out pretty decent. Dug the bpm changes and the ~expressivemanias~ going on in those areas.
• Starting at 20.430, first jump isn't even a hand, already disappointed. Hand usage is tolerable through out the next 10-15 seconds.
• We start heading south towards 56.430 with exaggerated pattern concepts; anchored hand stream into a 32nd burst. Tone it done some.
• 102.030: Hand usage no longer becomes tolerable and instead becomes overkill, and turns this second half almost into a dump........
• Re-work some of your hand usage. This really doesn't need to be omgsuperhard to express the song well.

asdfmovie song (Niala)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• The chart was going so great, until I reached the 32nd parts at 81.736. Completely ruined the flow ;__;
• Really nice color association you had going in areas of the file. Song was a bit repetitive, but I enjoyed this outside of the first point.

Ball of Malt v2 (DossarLX ODI)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Missing 8th at 3.813
• Nothing really out of place here. Should make for a decent v2 skill token.

BF2014 (Choofers)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• I'm actually surprised this file turned out to be rather decent. Props on not making this another generic jumpstream Sharpnel file.
• Pitch relevancy was rather weird starting at 110 seconds, but nothing too bad as the rest of the chart makes up for this.

Bloody Tears (hi19hi19)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• 64.191: Missing a couple of notes on this trill; feels/sounds incomplete
• The 32nd/24th runs in this chart are really nice to hit; flowed really well, should be a fun challenge.
• No real errors found, structure and pattern concepts seem to have been thought out exceptionally well. Good job.
• Also, S.S.H. is gay. Stop stepping it.

Boooring! (Blindreper1179)
Score: Score: 5/10 [+.]

• Offset changed to 0.050 from 0.020 (+0.30)
• 33.549: Missing jump. Don't accent bass hits if you're going to leave them all out when they occur.
• 43.109: Do you not know how to make proper 16th drum patterns? What the hell is this? Awkward runningman concept with an awful transition.
• 43.991: You forgot to accent the rest of the "Boooring" sample.
• Rest of the chart includes really amateurish attemps at keeping the song interesting, using awkward patterns and weird concepts of
accentuating certain sounds.

Breed Again (Brilliant Dynamite Neon)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I'd appreciate this file more if it was cut around the 2 minute mark.
• Layering scheme could've been varied up some instead of mainly focusing on the drums. (Lyrics can be layered too, y'know)
• Minor/awkward mini-jack patterns and 24th bits. Nothing really much else to say.

Calling (bmah)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Really awesome song. I loved the vocals in this a lot, haha.
• Chart is flows well, and expresses the song nicely. Albeit, it does feel kind of empty, it's alright.

Can't Hide Your Love (Kommisar)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Takin' it back to the old days with all the trills, aren't we?
• Very fun and challenging chart. Nothing to really complain about besides some of the anchored trills being aids and
a couple of awkward left handed patterns towards the end (around 1500c?), but nothing too bad. Good stuff.

Carol of the Bells (yo man im awesome)
Score: Score: 5/10 [+.]

• 39.203: Layering is exaggerated here. Stick to layering one sound at a time, and not everything going on at once.
• 51.203: Really awkward runningmen styled patterns, 4th jumps are going to what again?
• 76.221: Drum sounds are completely different here. No need to continue on with repeating 16th notes; jumptrill is overkill at the end.
• 86.893+: lol no
• Dumpy in certain areas; awkward 16th transitions, layering is hard to follow, doesn't really flow well and lacks structure

Catch that Train (Kongfish)
Score: Score: 5/10 [+.]

• "The difficulty should be one of these (Light, Standard, Heavy, Challenge). Don't use Beginner and Edit."
• Missing 4th jumps at 12.216, 14.783, 17.716, 23.583, 23.949, 35.683, 36.049, 38.249, 41.183, 44.116, and 47.049.
• Song ends on the 16th before the last note.
• This song has really nothing to offer; boring 8th runs that do not flow, inconsistent layering and overall a really shotty chart.

Celestica (Brilliant Dynamite Neon)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Nothing out of place here, seems rather decent although really boring and nothing to offer.

Center Piercing (bmah)
Score: 9/10 [+]

• 84.728: asdkl;dfpoqruj9e30uijkop unf
• This chart made me really wet. On a more serious note, really fun to play and the song was awesome as ****. :')

C'est la Vie (dore)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Protest the Hero <3
• Very fun! You really know how to make PtH look good, haha. Ending was cool.
• A couple of awkward left handed runs here and there, but nothing too bad. Good job.

Child Protective Services Theme Song (alloyus)
Score: Score: 6/10 [+.]

• 11.135: Layering is pretentious; jumps on main beats would've sufficed.
• You have a ton of awkward 24th bursts in this chart. (See: 14.663, and the sections where you blatantly copy and paste the same burst
in other areas)
• 21.988, 24.339: No 16ths stepped here?
• 37.182: Pitch relevancy is terrible in this area. Song quality is garbage and is hard to tell what's going to what outside of the obvious
16th synthline.
• 82.762: 16ths could've been added here. Climax theory is always good, quit intentionally leaving out things that can make the chart
NOT boring.
• Weird song, mediocre chart. Could use a bit of work.

Colibri (Niala)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• This chart is sex.
• Not much to say, really. It's a bit on the repetitive side, but pretty straight forward for the most part and really fun to play through.

Crow's Ghost (mi40)
Score: Score: 5/10 [+.]

• 72.585: 16th jump should be moved up to an 8th.
• 74.848: You can shave off the 48th at the end of this burst; it's unnecessary and makes this bit awkward.
• 77.243: These hands don't sound like the ones used a couple of notes above this; trim to jumps.
• 119.243: Jump jacks are gross and completely unwarranted; leave as jumptrill.
• 148.611: Single note trill plz.
• Lots of awkward 16th breaks, spotty layering, and weird burst patterns. Chart flows somewhat well, but the overall structure
and pattern choice can definitely be improved. A couple of tweaks here and there would make this a whole lot better.

Cutthroat (AlexDest)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Missing 16th at 67.012. 1234[12] works, kk.
• Otherwise, cool shit. Obnoxious coloring on the 32nd rolls, but lol ~pitch relevancy~

Cybertron (Cedolad)
Score: [PASS]

Day's End (Zakvvv666)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Despite this boring me half way through, it's seems solid for the most part. I'd recommend a cut.
• Flows well albeit a bit of spotty layering during the 32nd trills (mainly the piano bits), otherwise, nothing erroneous. Good job.

Deify (TheSaxRunner)
Score: Score: 6/10 [+.]

• Beginning requires 2 seconds of silence.
• 22.281, 31.430: why are these jumps? they were single notes before, and they continue to be afterwards......
• 106.909: Layering becomes exaggerated/pretentious; questionable hand usage and ghost jumps.
• Inconsistent layering across the entire chart; sync is a bit drifty and song is slightly repetitive.

Discord (nickcool99999)
Score: 0/10 [--][/size]

• This isn't StepMania. You cannot step whatever the **** you want and submit it to FFR. There's a thread in which contains a list of
blanket PERMISSIONS from artists that you are allowed to step from. Try reading it sometime.
• Also, this chart is absolutely terrible. Again, this isn't StepMania, keep your dumps AWAY from the FFR submissions email.

Discord [The Living Tombstone's Remix] (Xiz)
Score: 6/10 [+.]

• Heavy layering everywhere!!!!!!! Not really suitable for the song either... Tone it down some, or maybe a large portion of it..
• Repetitive as all hell and layering could use some work. There are other ways to keep it interesting; overlayering isn't one of them.

Dizzay (Xayphon)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• 126.509: ajdklaji9234kadl;kad'sl;;lads
• Fun chart. A bit bursty and tricky in some areas, but really do-able and should make for an interesting challenge.

Doubt (DarkZtar)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Lots of copy and paste and mirror going on in this chart. (Pretty easy to tell, btw)
• Awkward 32nd bits such at 39.514, 41.360, etc.
• Not a fan of the mini-jacks crowded in between aggressive layering during the breakbeat sections; bpm changes were nicely used and were fitting.
• Song's pretty cool, chart's alright. Not my cup of tea, but it's nothing too bad.

[b]Down Temperature[b/] (DossarLX ODI vs. icontrolyourworld)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Pretty cool chart. Not sure if the sub-beats were intentional or not (bpm gimmicks?), but this was fun to play through.
• The long anchors starting at 66.844 are a bit harsh, and the intro to each set is a bit messy as well.
• 16th jumpstream areas felt a bit out of place to me (sounds more like 24ths?) (assuming these were the icyworld parts of the collab, hehe)

dr1 (hi19hi19)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Reality v2 anyone?
• On a more serious note, this was pretty fun. Hard pain 220+bpm 16ths galore, although the 8th jumps kinda ruin it a bit...
• Not much else to say, pretty straight forward.. should be awesome if it gets in. (Also, stop stepping S.S.H.)

Dreamerz; Machines Will Fall (rayword45)
Score: 5/10 [+.]

• Spotty layering starting at 20.282; no clue what your 8th jumps are going to, and you have 4th notes going in and out of the place.
• 48th roll doesn't actually start until 22.082.
• I don't get why you choose not to step the bg snare at 24.182, but you do in the follow section after this.
• 41.282 - 32nd notes, not 48ths...... Slow the song down and listen carefully next time..
• Roll starts at 47.249. Your note placement is extremely late.
• 76.482 - Drum roll starts on an 8th, and they're 48ths, not 32nds.
• Inconsistent layering, entire chart is off by a 24th note and spotty note placement are pretty much what sums this file up in a nutshell. Mix up your jump
patterns; repetitive and really boring.

EAR - Jeh Jeh Slammin' (Extended Mix) (Charu)
Score: 6/10 [+.]

• 19.720: Music doesn't really account for 8th note chains; best as separate/spread out runs.
• 43.007: REALLY ugly burst. ALWAYS keep them straight. (1234, 4231, 2341, 4321, etc.)
• 46.363, 49.720: Missed jumps. When stepping vocals, always account for each syllable.
• 71.748: Don't see why you stopped layering the 4ths here; nothing's changed... (See 83.496 as well)
• 86.853: Missed 4th jump.
• Really solid attempt at a first chart. You seem to have the basics down, which is a great thing. Your pattern choice could definitely
use some improvement. Always try to keep your notes close together; having them all over the place really makes for an awkward chart,
where as keeping the flow and having a nice structure for the song is vital. Song's a bit repetitive, a bit of spotty layering and a couple
of missed notes keep me from giving this a passing score.

Endless Tewi-ma Park (Zakvvv666)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Pretty fun Wapanese file. Song is a squeal-fest and not my cup of tea; really straight forward and not much to say, honestly... Some of the 16ths
could've been thought out a bit more.. but it's all good.

Enjoyable Fruit (Elite Ninja)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• 90.060, 96.460, etc.: Stop making anchored 16th breaks; repeating 8th notes do not go to anything...
• 102.460: 48ths are actually off here. Keep them as 8ths, or make them white. They don't fit correctly as they do in the intro.
• Repetitive/anchored 16th breaks, nothing really exciting, but solid outside of these small bits.

Entry (DossarLX ODI)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Wasn't expecting this to be dubstep, lol.
• Chart-wise, nothing really much to say. It was solid all around.
• PR was nice at 65.9+, dug the accentuation of the wubs at 73.213 and in the sections after it... Just really good. Nice job.

Erase Us (VisD)
Score: 5/10 [+.]

• Really awkward jack patterns at 38.550+.
• I'm sure you could've been a bit more creative starting at 48.150, but instead lets just dump 16th streams all over the place
with lyrics layered in shitty, unnecessary coloring for 20+ seconds!
• Song and chart repeat with the same (copy-pasted) concepts as above.

Extratone Pirates (t-rogdor)
Score: [PASS]

F [Xi] (Jake Ferguson)
Score: 5/10 [+.]

• Oh man, where do I begin.......
• 18.700: Upsetting you didn't step the roll here.
• 19.744: PR is decent, although very spotty when going down the octaves...
• 32.738: Could've made for some really interesting polyrhythms here if the 12ths were added... otherwise this is just another
boring section with plain 16ths..
• 41.352: Random 12th jump?
• 57.535: Backwards PR.
• 72.451: Please note that there isn't a continuous 4th beat in the background, therefore you have tons of ghost jumps here;
only to assume that you copy and pasted this section without listening to it first.
• 96.561: See 18.700.
• 108.540: Synth is too faint to keep stepping; pick the more prominent sound.
• Chart is a huge let down and does the song ZERO justice. Revamp is necessary.

F+ToG (~Zeta~)
Score: [PASS]

Lightning Strikes Again/Metal Squad (Kommisar)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• The first 35 seconds were beautiful. I think I shed a tear. :')
• Rest of the chart was pretty straight forward. A bit on the repetitive side, but damn... the solos are too good
to pass up, haha. Anyway, good shit.

Overdrive (psychoangel691)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Really impressed how you managed to keep this interesting without the holds/bpm gimmicks outside of the TS/SM version.
• Chart's pretty decent. I find the jump jacks to be a bit overkill, but that's just me.. Overall, straight-forward, fitting and well done.

Posers Listen to Fakebit Music (AlexDest)
Score: 9/10 [+]

• This chart is ****ing legit... I don't even...

Soulcrusher (megamon88)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• No real commentary needed. Straight forward, fun to play through and dat speedup......... so weird because
the file before this one also has a 340bpm speedup.......... either way... good shit. Keep it up.

Vortex (Choofers)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Holy, this chart is really interesting. It's about time someone stepped some REAL IDM, haha.
• A lot of the bursts in here are really brutal, and might make for nasty conversion once in the game.. be wary of your pattern usage.
• Second half of the chart really gets intense (at around 171.xxx) which makes for a really fun and interesting challenge. Overall,
this is pretty decent. Some patterns could use minor tweaks (and i'm sure this'll require frame fixes) but enjoyable for the most part.



8-bit Purple Comet

I'm kind of torn apart on this one. First off, I think the song is great and has a lot of potential. A lot of steps you had were spot on and great. But, at the same time, the biggest issue I have with this is that what we're playing seems out of place compared to what we hear. Before you say anything, yes, your steps are accurate and, yes, I don't mean that in a way that you have ghost arrows and whatnot. I mean that you emphasized notes that weren't always the obvious pick, and that's a problem. For one, you used colour theory a lot, but it made your file look like an overall mess. Instead of helping us know what arrow went to what sound, it just looked like you wanted to put colour all over the place. Those arrows like the one at 24.790s for those long notes… What do they add to the chart? Quite frankly, they add nothing because you have so many of them.
Also, to be noted, I found your empty gaps quite perplexing (40.899s, 60.473s), as you could've added some much needed layering there instead of colour notes. It would also make the whole chart more coherent in its difficulty.
Last thing, it's a detail, but it's there in your whole chart, so I'll take time to mention it. Look at 3.306s, there's a small stream of 16th notes playing that you didn't acknowledge. But then, you step them at 4.928s. But then, you re-drop them at 6.549s… It's like that the whole time. Please brush this off, it's pretty aggravating
Please fix your sync if needed, around the last half it gets pretty draggy on my sm.

In conclusion, you had good ideas, but you omitted some important parts. I think you should rework your chart before getting it in.

A Lifetime (F-777 ReMix)

- Good length, good song choice, that was great and contributed to the fun factor of the file (the jumps were energetic, made your whole body want to dance, etc.)!
- Careful about your jumps in the beginning, I personally think some of them would be best as single arrows (7.631s being the most obvious)
- Drum PR is not a thing we often talk about, but it's lacking around 16.862s a lot in your chart. You chose a "(34)444-3" sort of pattern, but try it out as "(34)414-3" instead. The left arrow I added acknowledges the fact the "drummer" changes the snare he's using. Just listen, you'll pick it up. It's important that you change it because this whole part of your chart (until 31.632s) feels off because of that
- You had hands in there, but none of them are justified. They sound the same as jumps. That's a mistake and they should be removed.
- At 31.632s, you managed to make a repetitive part not repetitive by varying your patterns, but just be careful as your PR is not always optimal. You should brush it off.
- 48.427s and 50.093s, … why jumps there!?

File was still fun overall, just needs a bit of work


I haven't got many things to say about this, mostly that some of the solos seem a bit exaggerated in the amount of notes we have to press (you make slides as "1234"… woa :P), but that is an insane chart. Good job. I hate how the song ends, though, I guess it's important to let you know (jk)



Wow, that is one hardcore song. I really liked what I saw there, even though you had a few mean minijacks and jumps. The part that influenced the score, though, was 131.735s. That's just BS. The amount of jumps you've got there is insane and doesn't correlate to the song at all! But I digress. Aside from that, it's legit!



Parts like 84.001s are accurate, but they're pretty hard for a sound so low, they don't really belong compared to the rest of the genius you stepped there. I'd say about 20% of the jumps had that problem. I loved the chart, but some jumps were too much. I can't give a full 8, so a 7 will have to do for now.


Ascension to Heaven

Holy sweet JESUS. People can play files like that nowadays? Sorry, I just can't believe it. This is handstream, there is no way in hell someone can AAA that… The whole song is a difficulty spike! /rant
Seriously, though, what you stepped was coherent, but I don't believe in that kind of charts. It's so dense, so unforgiving, just look at 102.030s… holy christ! I'll give it a 7 so that, if the other judges find anything in it, it'll pass, but, otherwise, this hand stream you've got should be reworked.


asdfmovie song

I could play this song any time of the day. This is just brilliant. The way your steps feel, how you used your colours, it's just orgasmic. I still don't really dig the lama part at 81.737s (you made the patterns easier, but they're still too hard at this speed IMO), but otherwise it's flawless. WOW.


Ball of Malt v2

I don't really know what to say of this… I don't think a v2 was needed. I find the original to be more fun to play than this one anyway. Your sync seems a bit off right off the bat. You didn't use this opportunity to add any layering whatsoever, aside from the harmonica's 32nd notes… I'm not convinced, sorry.

[<] (6/10)


Surprisingly playable! I loved the patterns, even though the song was super generic. That's no small feat. Other than that, I ain't got much to comment on. Overall, good job!


Bloody Tears

- I found a spot where you had a weird layering choice (that spot repeats itself also later in the song, watch out for that): 14.372s. You stepped the little synth correctly, but I think it would've a more appropriate choice to step the guitar riff, even if it's not the main melody. It's what stands out the most and it wouldn't make a bad pattern at all! If you don't plan on changing them all, at least change a few of them. It gets pretty repetitive.
- I wouldn't be afraid to add the missing snare notes at 72.562s and 72.071s, they make great polyrhythms.
- This is too hard compared to the rest of the song, at least try to avoid some of the jacks, it's making it way too hard for no reason.
- Around that part at 132.311s, you left a lot of gaps between notes. I would fill them to keep the energy high (remember there's a bass playing 16ths throughout the whole song at all time!)
- Dat walking man at 158.745s. The left arrow is getting tired, please change the pattern around a bit, there is a lot more you can do here than repeating the same thing you did in the intro. It doesn't even have to be a running man!



Don't let the score I'm giving you today fool you. I think that was a great effort at making a chart and you've got lots of potential. I hope this review will help you make the chart as close to perfect as possible and also help you understand your mistakes in order to become a better stepper. Here we go:

- First off, your sync is off. Are you using DDReamStudio? If you need help on that topic, please follow this link: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...d.php?t=123423
- If you listen closely, you could put a jump at 33.549s instead of a single arrow.
- On the other hand, the jump you put at 43.432s goes to nothing in the song and should be removed.
- At 43.961s, we hear "Booo-" and then the "ring" is at 44.491sm but you didn't step it at all. What the hell! I urge you to correct this! It's the name of the song! Make it memorable :P
- PR technicality: the arrow at 46.255s should be either a up or right arrow to match the jump you have before it. It's the same note, so it should be the same arrow.
- It's incoherent to put a jump at 51.902s when you put a single arrow to 49.079s and 46.255s which are the same sound. Notice how through the rest of the song you put jumps… You have to decide and stick to your decision, not have both.
- The pattern you have at 55.961s is quite horrific, and there's a reason why we never see it appear in the files released for FFR. You're better off just copying what you had at 33.373s than leaving it like this.
- The arrow at 68.579s should be at 68.667s
- The arrow at 78.461s goes to nothing and should be removed
- Don't forget to put a jump eat 78.726s!
- At 91.079s, you're missing a very important pattern in your layering. To see it, add the following arrows, and then rinse and repeat for the rest of that part. It's a mistake and you should correct it! Here are the arrows: 90.991s, 91.167s, 92.402s, 92.579s, etc.

Do this and your file will be worth at least an 8 in my book!


Breed Again

That song is waaaaaaay too long, man! 4 mins, yaouch, especially when we're playing the whole thing over and over! I'll say, though, that this song, if you give it a quick cut, is quite awesome. I'll also note that your hand placement makes me scratch my head a bit, just saying! ;P

(7/10) if put to conditional queue

C'est la Vie

THAT. WAS. BRILLIANT. Two comments which prevent me from giving a perfect score:
- At 14.316s (and the other part just after that looks the same), why not layer the drum in between the jumps, i.e. 14.511s, 15.290s, 15.680s, (repeat)? It feels like it's really missing
- Why didn't you layer the drum at 115.669s? There has to be a reason since it's pretty obvious, but in my opinion it's better to put it in because you're missing on some pretty slick patterns: i.e. 120.069s

I'll give an 8 because I think the song could use some reworking, but just fix that and it could end up behind a 9-10 on my side. Good job, man!!



Pretty chill chart, I don't have much to say about it frankly. I'd be surprised if you even anticipated huge reviews for this. :P It's just alright. It's pretty repetitive in what we hear and what we play, but at the same time it's clean and professional. Good job!


Can't Hide Your Love

Sound effects from Final Fantasy 1, Space Cadet Pinball and Galaga, all mashed up in one glorious chart. I can't hide my love. It got pretty repetitive around the end, though, I think you could use a cut. Otherwise, I have no real comments. Your steps are solid and represent the song very well!


Carol Of The Bells

This has to be one of the best charts of Carol Of The Bells I have yet played. *Chapeau*. Only thing I could tell you that should use a little correction is around where you pretty much went "Bazinga!". Your jumps are heavy and represent the notes well. What's bugging me is the fact you put 16th notes between every set of jumps. The guitar is indeed playing in the background, but it ruins the feeling of your jumps and is just an unnecessary difficulty spike in an otherwise perfect chart. Just saying! Still, awesome job, you ROCK!


Catch That Train

Difficulty: Novice, Meter: 1300 WAT THE FUUUUUUUUU
This song breathes old school, it's amazing. Sadly, though, there are some things wrong with it.
- Why didn't you step the first notes playing at 0.116s? They're lacking.
- 12.674s I can't even comprehend how that matches the song….. The song is playing trills and you somehow came up with that pattern. Same for 36.049s and possibly 24.316s. There's indeed a small melody playing, maybe that's what you were stepping, but it's playing continuously, just like a trill.
- The note at 48.5156s is a ghost note, meaning there's no sound going to it (beginner's mistake ;P)
- It's super repetitive (I mean, very) for a 50 seconds long song. There's nothing that would keep someone playing this. It's too short, too repetitive and too flawed...



I have 4 main gripes with this song:
- It's more than 3 minutes long. It's the same thing over and over. Please cut it somewhere. For example, you could save a nice 20 seconds by beginning to cut every arrow after the 181.814s mark; why step these!?
- Your jump placement is coherent, but too hard to figure out while playing. You're stepping (1) the beats (2) the voice and (3) those little high pitched whatever-they-are sounds. Sometimes 1 and 2 at the same time, other times 2 and 3, sometimes all of them… It gets really confusing. If I were you, I'd try to either stick to a certain layering, by making those high pitched sounds as jacks instead of jumps for example (try it it'll work), or layer the first half some way and the later half another way by staying very strict with what you step or not.
- Your 16ths appearing around 115.757s… Yeah, if I listen a long time, maybe there's something there, but it's so vague you're better off just forgetting it altogether. It seems forced. This would be a nice time to cut your song, just saying.
- Those hands you used bring a heavy feeling to some jumps, but come on, that's forced a lot too. 120.984s, for example, and 174.685s… I can understand why you put hands there, but they could work just fine as jumps. For an easy chart like yours, it's more of a nuisance than an awesome factor. The fact you have to use hands just to distinguish what you're stepping makes my #2 gripe all the more valid.

Overall, good job, but you have a lot to change in order to make this passable.


center piercing

- 15.062s I'm 100% certain bmah stepped this
- 84.728s I'm a big fan of this part as it's two-handed for me, but I'm convinced most people will have a problem with it as it is one-handed. You could change the trill to a simple "242424" pattern like I had to do for In Flux. Also to be noted, it's pretty bad to have that difficult trill to be placed right BEFORE an easier, two-handed part. You could easily keep the one-handed trill but just place it in a more coherent, climactic way.

It's pretty fun for the rest of it, and flows pretty well. I could see myself playing this over and over if you just corrected that small slip-up.


Child Protective Services Theme Song

The only thing I find wrong about this song is PR.
- Parts like 31.394s have pretty lame PR, I hope you agree. :P
- Also at 37.182s, you sometimes put two notes together (ex: "12121314…"), when they are in fact totally different notes. Watch out, this happens to every time you have that kind of pattern in your running men. It's… dare I say… GROTESQUE ;P
- At 42.970s, you could've taken that opportunity to change the anchor arrow (in your case it's always the left arrow, but you could use for example the up arrow by being creative to add variety)
- PR again 85.294s in your gums, idem 98.679s

Solid track, but please fix the PR!


Cloud of Darkness

- I recommend adding 8ths between your jumps at 23.667s to make it less empty (step the bass), idem 55.668s. Those were the most easy to spot parts, but look around for other spots you could fill that way. The chart will play better.
- When the sound is fading like at 69.668s, you should drop a part of your layering. It just looks stupid to keep on mashing arrows when the song isn't playing anymore…

… And that's it! The song ended and there was nothing left to say. Good chart while it lasted, with still a few tweaks needed.



- 48.791s That jump stream is pretty harsh when you have 3 8ths jumps in a row which aren't even the same… You could make it easier, considering the fact it's so long!
- 76.939s Shouldn't there be 8ths here?
- (end) … DATA DRAIN^@!?

Rockin' song. I'm a colibri woooo!


Crow's Ghost

- Loved the way you tackled the song, but watch out for those nasty nasty jacks you stepped (19.059s 119.322s, 154.611s, 173.875s), those can be a deal breaker.
- Holy shit that one-handed part 148.611s is going to be hard… You could've stepped it as (12)(34)(12)(34)… to avoid that huge difficulty spike
- At 3 minutes long, don't you think this deserve a small cut? Those beats are the same from beginning to end… I'd rather play this twice than play its full length!



- I'd try to vary those jumps at 20.941s
- Holy shit at 34.512s, I don't know, man.
- 48.798s damn I think you're going a bit far there, hiding colours at that speed
(- Those three notes at the end could've been cut, the effect would've been better)

Overall, you know what you're doing, but, hot damn, you gotta slow down a bit too! Some of those difficulty spikes you implemented are just hardcore. Still well stepped, though, just make those modifications, please!!



- 35.697s That's an ugly pattern, you should fix that to make it flow better! Idem 40.669s
- 107.869s That's such a mess!! That arrow placement is pretty lousy, see ^
- 116.440s You put arrows to sounds that are barely hearable, that's not a good decision in my book. You artificially make the difficulty higher when it's not even needed; the rest of your file is hard enough

You've got something going, here, but calm yourself, geez XD And careful how you place the arrows. Even though they can be relevant, the way you place them is important too not to make your chart seem forced.


Day's End

- 17.834s How about a "43214" sorta pattern instead to avoid that indirect one-handed trill? Idem 34.245s, and everywhere else...
- Because you step the beats and the piano chords exactly the same way with your jumps, it's hard to distinguish what goes to what. You should come up with a way to show us what's what. That's the importance of layering! Otherwise, it's hard to follow you and just feels like you placed jumps at random.
- Lousy PR 81.173s, 95.276s, 101.431s
- 150.281s OUCH it hurts to play this, you used the wrong rhythms! You used 32nds notes like at 150.345s when it should've been simple 4th notes for example at 150.409s. Same for 158.871s, it's… ugh!! idem afterwards, gah.
It plays so many times, I wonder how you didn't quite catch that huge mistake. Did you listen to the song at all?

Brush up your layering with the jumps to make it more clear and please fix those arrows near the end, we'll be able to talk after that.



- You have a few problems in your layering, sadly. Right at the beginning, why step half of the vocals as single arrows and the other half as jumps? It doesn't make sense. you could've simply stepped the vocals as single arrows and the drums behind it to make it feel less empty.
- I know you'll find this weird, but at 13.704s, it's better to invert your pattern; have "(34)2…(34)2…" instead of "2(34)… 2(34)…" it just flows better, trust me.
This applies right until 32.002s
- 19.994s vs 22.281s are the same sounds, but one is stepped with single arrows and the other with jumps. That's pretty incoherent. It's like you just dived right in and stepped the song without checking out if you were coherent or not… please fix that. It also applies for 29.143s vs 31.430s
- I somehow can't agree with your jump layering at 36.577s. What you did is put jumps when the guitar did a different note than what it was strumming, but… why? It's still just a note, it would've been better just to fully step the guitar as single notes and include the drums once again as jumps. Otherwise, those jumps are like jumping into a void, it doesn't feel like we're hitting anything concrete. It should be noted though that you didn't even step coherently with yourself; why not put jumps at 57.019s, for example, based on what you did previously?
- That hand at 45.440s has to be removed
- Lousy PR 48.585s, 54.874s too
- No jump should be at 59.878s, but there should be a jump on the next note.
- 59.449s is like a missed copy/paste. What happened here? Your 16ths miss their sound right off… That's unforgivable. It feels like you didn't even care at all when stepping this.
- Why is every note a jump at 68.312s but then you add single notes at 70.885s instead of jumps? Be coherent for once.
- That 32nd note at 70.998s should be after the red note, aka at 80.070s
- Alright, I thought it couldn't get worse, but 98.046s is just it. What the hell happened here? I can't speak, nothing seems to match what's going on in the song. I tried to see if it was my step mania which was broken, but no. Your PR is off, the jumps don't fit with anything, nothing's coherent, you really stepped it horribly. Sorry, mate, but it's the truth. I won't lie, that's a pretty horrible chart.
- 118.917s That's it, you just dropped the ball. And I drop the bomb.


Discord (After Forever)

I cannot believe you sent this as a serious submission. If it was, I am truly sorry. This is a dump and deserves no review. There are just so many ghost arrows, so many things you stepped that aren't even in the song, I won't try to act nice just to act nice. It's like you put the wrong song in the folder, I mean, come on! What do that string of 16ths at 49.250s go to? That string at 49.750s? The one after that? The whole notes, pretty much? You deliberately used hands when it was uncalled for, it's like you didn't even try.

Sorry if this review seems brutal, but you have to realize that this is not the way to do it. I bet the chart is fun if the music is set to off, but the point of rhythm gaming is to play to the sound of the music, not to play to the sound of our keyboard under our fingers. You have some potential, just wake up from that nightmare!


Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix)

This chart could've been fun. Like 10/10 fun. Instead, it's flat out ridiculous. 0)_0). There are four things you have to learn:

- The purpose of jacks and how to use them
- The purpose of jumps/hands and how to use them
- The purpose of jumpjacks and how to use them
- How to vary your steps.

Some of the steps you have there honestly had me smiling pretty hard; they were GREAT (part at 28.131s). Sadly, though, it was not always the case. Why did you repeat that horrific pattern at 46.986s THREE times in the whole song without changing it? You did alter it around the end, but three times is just too much! Not only is it repetitive, but it's just a bad pattern overall (there has to be a good reason to have jump jacks in a chart, but I don't hear any in the song where you put them). Why do you put jumps everywhere? The philosophy behind jumps is a hard one to grasp at times, but, basically, you have to understand that the fact 2 people sing at the same time is not a good enough reason to step a whole part as jumps. The feel you get out of it almost never translates in the song. That's what happened in your chart.

Among the horrible parts you HAVE to fix, there's 14.701s, 131.551s, 165.834s (drop the hands, man, and lower the jumps, too), 175.976s (gosh, do I really have to explain?).

… yup. Don't give up, though, as I've said, if step in a more conventional way, I could give this a 10/10. Just rework it.



I'm a sucker for files like this one.
- Those bursts at 40.966s are "ouch", you could simply drop the jump and remove a note. It would be more fair and also easier to appreciate what you stepped; so far, we're blinded by all the colors. Also applies to 73.328s
- The song should end at 130.024s Three minutes is tooooooo long.
- Alright now, 178.682s is definitely too messy now. You should calm down a bit.

That was an insane amount of brilliance, but the file is just too long and too burstly. Had you fixed that, though, I'd gladly change my score.



That was a very, very cool chart, but one thing was a huge turn off: your jacks. In the beginning, it wasn't so bad, but when you started adding jumps in there, oh boy, it was pretty hard to read. I like a healthy challenge, but I think you went too far. Parts like 31.898s, for example; minijacks would've been fine, instead of having sometimes 3 notes repeated (34.668s).

Fine chart, but you really have to address this issue.


Down Temperature

Wowowowowowowow that was the weirdest thing I played in this whole batch. And I liked it. Just be really careful with your bursts (28,741s, 39,241s, 54,841s, etc. you can spot them easily). They do look cool, but have an artificial rhythmic value which the song doesn’t provide. It’s also problematic that you made them go so fast... So that could use some work. But otherwise, though, you succeeded at tackling this very intricate song. Good work!



- "Most misleading name ever for a chart" award of the year
- You missed some hi-hats at 12.959s to step the drum fully

Alright, so this is DATA DRAIN. There's no other reason why you'd pick this song to step, it just screams DATA DRAIN. There's some positivity in it, though. It's short, and it's effective. It's the kind of song I'd like to show my friends as a test; you start kinda easy, and then you see how far you can get. No ghost notes or missing notes, professional, well. Gets MN's seal of approval. Haters gonna hate!



There's no chart on my end, what's going on?


Enchanting Venus

- Why a jump at 44.412s?
- I understand why you stepped jumpjacks at 89.342s, but pay attention; you're just on the fence between being fun and being too hard compared to the rest of the chart
- The song is so repetitive, it just drags on for 2 minutes. It's not your fault, but it definitely is something the player will notice.

Kinda generic, but good nonetheless. GG


Endless Tewi-ma Park

- Careful with your PR at 6.802s, now was not the right time to change notes. (should be down arrows)

Weirdo baby fetches this chart a:


Enjoyable Fruit

Even though it was pretty repetitive, this song was just 100% fun for some reason… High score, you deserve a picture:



- I wouldn't step the 16th at 26.070s as what we hear most are the high pitched sounds which are 8ths (not the wubwubs which are barely hearable the first time).
- At 30.356s, you started stepping the wubwubs as 12ths, why not stick to stepping subs at that point? Be coherent.
- (idem but of these points starting at 31.641s and more, since the song just loops 3 times)
- It would be a good idea to add jumps to 46.641s, 46.963s and 47.284s because there are some nice beats in the background
- idem ^ for 50.070s
- Whoops, PR slip-up at 51.999s. It should actually be something along the lines of "12…13…14…1", and not "12…12…34…2". Idem for the later patterns which are the exact same. Apply the same logic, and pay attention to inverted PRs like at 63.999s
- It's a missed opportunity at 72.356s that you didn't layer the wubwubwubs in the background, they're pretty easy to spot and would make great patterns. At least add a jump to spots like at 73.106s because there's clearly a beat begging to be stepped more heavily right there.

Nice potential, right there, but not quite enough for the moment being. Never give up!


Erase Us

- You're beginning on a PR mistake (4.350s, 6.750s). Brilliant. Or tragic, I should say.
- 18.150s T_T ugh!? That totally doesn't fit the song. Your jumps go to the melody, but… the drum's totally stealing the show! It should have been something like "4(23)(14)…4(23)(14)…4(23)" starting at 18.000s (see picture:
- You layer the vocals exactly like you layer your drums, it feels pretty wrong. (33.750s vs 33.000s) Vocals shouldn't even be jumps, anyway!
- You have a constant stream of 16ths at 48.150s, but the song has in no way that kind of pattern. Listen closely. You overstepped.
- 55.950s those colours are… pointless :P
- Missing jump at 86.250s
- 93.750s (see picture in spoiler)
- 96.150s isn't copy/pasted, but it heavily feels like it since that part is so similar. Even the pointless colour part is there! Watch out.
- Missing arrow 119.100s, 119.400s
- 146.550s (see 93.750s)
- 148.950s At this point, after hearing the chorus 3 times stepped similarly those 3 times, it's time for this song to end plz.

One thing I can tell you is that you want to layer too much stuff at the same time and that, in the end, it looks more like a garbled mess than a full fledged musical score. Guitar + vocals + drum = too much. You should focus on one or two things MAX at a time to make your layering optimal.


Extratone Pirates

Music choice gets in the way too much, I can't listen to this without going deaf. I'll keep my mouth shut.



Cool! Aside from a few critical missing notes (19.830s, 75.311s, 99.683s, 100.369s, 121.685s, 122.252s, ...)
- I'd try to add the 12nds missing jumps like at 83.438s. Even though their rhythm is different than the stream, there has to be a way you can at least acknowledge them. They're lacking :<
- Starting at 116.845s, your jump layering gets wishy-washy. While it was previously coherent with the claps and chords, now it just seems thrown altogether. That's because there's no way to tell that 50% of the jumps go to the claps and the other 50% to the chords. You should try to use different patterns to make it a tad more evident, as right now I almost thought it was off!
- I suggest you remove notes like 21.127s and 22.514s even though there's a beat playing because it'll make the awesome melody stand out more.
- Suggestion: 49.910s could be a down arrow for better PR flow



That was just awesome. No real comment. Exactly the type of chart I wish I could be able to step. It's a little long, yes, but I give it my seal of approval. YER.


Jeh Jeh Slammin'

- 43.007s noooooooooo don't do it.
- 99.4400s would've been the best spot to end this, I highly suggest you consider this, as everything else afterwards just loops and is painful.

Fun little song, you got there! Just cut it and drop that ridiculous pattern at 43s and you've got gold.


Lightning Strikes Again/Metal Squad

This song speaks to my heart. Lightening Force… How I loved you ;_; This was a masterpiece of a chart. A bit on the long side though, but that's my only real complaint. That was rockin'. Good job.


Ongyilkos Vasarnap (Short Cut)

Hot damn, that beats gets on my nerves, but when this song gets started, it's pretty orgasmic. Forget about that placeholder note, though, it has to go (130.306s) Only last comment, is that it's a bit on the long side for that kind of song. But wow! I was surprised with this.



That translated to FFR better than I expected! Great job. Even though I'm going to miss the gimmicks the Thirdstyle file had, that was pretty surprising! And it's such a good song, too… Feels like soap in my ears. Well, keep it up! Small note; the last hand at 157.991s I think is too much since the volume fades out...


Posers Listen To Fakebit Music

- That's a pretty repetitive song for 2 minutes, man. Literally the same sound pattern over and over again!

I'm not sure about the song's length, but I know those steps were found, even if they were a bit uninspired xP



- 30.034s hand=no
- 46.446s wtf jump? what does this go to

Those steps don't vary a lot, now, do they? It was a good piece, I'll have to admit. Just a tad long, like everyone else, apparently. XD Good job, though, be proud.



- Those 4 arrow bursts are a bit intense in my book, I think you're better off with 3 arrow bursts even though they're less stylish (they'd play better) Just look at 81.554s and tell me that wasn't a troll!
- That jump/handstream with jacks is aids man haha… T_T
- -10 points for no video included of you doing faces to the song

That was unique, to say the least. Very well stepped, even if those bursts of yours were pretty unfair imo and even if your jacks and hands in those jump streams pushed the limit a tad too far. Still, what hurts your score the most is the length. So we really have to play 6 minutes to understand the "message" of the song?… I think 3 minutes would be more than enough, considering most os the song sounds the exact same.

(7/10) If put to conditional

Wayward Vagabond


[Resubmission] Enchanting Venus (Elite Ninja) - you should make the 16th at 114.319 just like you did the previous time this occured. i was fine with the file before and im fine with it now 8/10

[Resubmission] Ongyilkos Vasarnap (mi40) - enjoyed this more than the other version 8/10


8-Bit Purple Comet (Reshiram) - this file wouldve been better had it remained on sync the entire time. learn to use colour association while keeping the notes on sync please. as for the steps themselves its hard to really say because of how off sync the file gets at points 4/10

A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX) (PrawnSkunk) - what does the very first 192nd note go to? seems pointless would be better as just an 8th jump. aside from that one hand to the crash or w/e the hands didnt feel like they fit. sure you use it because there are three sounds playing at the same time but they dont feel right considering the song. would be better as doubles in my opinion 6/10

AKHT - Cloud of Darkness (pmonibuv1) - take out the layering in the fade out lol it plays terribly when the sound is going to an end and you're hear playing like as if the file was at full energy. the layering kinds sucks at section because you're adding jumps to the lead guitar and the drums at sections. 6/10

Alchemy [Scintill] - cut the song lol. double check for missing 8th jumps to the snare. 8/10

altmirrorbell (ca25nada) - this started off amazing and then got worse and worse. tone it down some rofl 6/10

Arsonist [Kommisar] - missing a hand at 99.33. file seems a bit overlayered imo but enjoyable. song sucks omgomgomgomgomgomg 7/10

Ascension to Heaven (iironiic) - 32nds like at 41.5 should be removed really theyre terrible accent notes especially with how dense the file already is. thats really the only problem i see with this file even though i didnt find it very enjoyable because ive played icys file for this. i'll give you the benefit of doubt and i'll assume you'll actually remove those accent notes so instead of a 6/10 i'll give you a 7/10

asdfmovie song (Niala) - file is bad and you should feel bad 8/10

Ball of Malt v2 (DossarLX ODI) - double check for missing 32nds 8/10

BF2014 (Choofers) - im so glad you finally stepped those lyrics in that pause at the beginning 8/10

Bloody Tears (hi19hi19) - running men were kinda bad you couldve switched it up and anchored the 16ths on 2 or 3 7/10

Boooring! (blindreper1179) - cut the song. vary up the patterns especially with the trills. you exclusively just use 12 31 24 34 trills with 12 and 34 being your most used. file is fine as is but could definitely be better with some pattern variation 6/10

Breed Again (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) - this was great until i realized how god damn long and repetitive this file is. cut at 2 minutes on the dot please. other than that file was dope good to see you back bdn 6/10

Calling (bmah) - the 32nd burst for this difficulty should not start or end in jumps lol. 8/10

Can't Hide Your Love [Kommisar] - you didnt step like any buzzes and brrts terrible file 8/10

Carol Of The Bells (YMIA) - glad you made the fixes i suggested 8/10

Catch That Train (Kongfish) - for a file this easy i would suggest turning the one handed trills into 2 handed trills and changing the 2 note 16th jacks to gallops. i dont mind the song being short and repetitive because its nice and energetic. 7/10

Celestica (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) - i would like permission to be verified before this gets in game since crystal castle is kind of a big deal. your jump usage is questionable and those 16th runs dont really make sense at all. a cut would also be needed 5/10

center piercing (bmah) - very fun file dam. for some reason theres a section in this song that reminds me of you spin me right round. 9/10

C'est la Vie [dore] - good to see you stepping easier files that way other people can also enjoy some ptth goodness 8/10

Child Protective Services Theme Song [alloyus] - vary up the patterns more like the bursts try ascending and descending not just ascending. the running men and your jump usage gets repetitive too 6/10

Colibri - FFR (Niala) - hey this was fun 8/10

Crow's Ghost (mi40) - at 65.6 the jump should be on every 3rd note not how you have it. same goes for the section after it with the same repeating sounds. other than that though sick file 8/10

Cutthroat (AlexDest) - 21.5 this is a really terrible pattern choice considering the jumps around it lol. maybe try a 323 trill starting at the buzz sound only having it 3 notes long and then switching back tothe 14 jumps. i dont mind the white walls but expect some bitching 7/10

Cybertron (cedolad) - 49.32 try having it be [12][34] instead of the 16th minijack to jump. it'll play better and fits because theres a bass kick on the 16th. the part right after it with the 24ths also plays really weird because theres nothing going on to really make those 24ths fit even though i get what you're doing with them they just dont feel right. id say just take them out and leave it as an 8th only same thing at 50.097 at 55.58 same thing as before only here a hand on the 4th would be great to emphasize what you're trying to do. 6/10

Day's End (Zakvvv666) - at 150.281 it should be 16th and 4th there are no 32nd here same where this repeats. glad you cut the song 7/10

Deify (TheSaxRunner) - check your 16ths triplets because some dont below and then you miss other for example you miss the 16th at 62.45 but have a 16th at 62.951 where there should be one and this continues on for a while.
you jump usage here also doesnt make any sense. sometimes you put jumps to vocals sometimes you dont sometimes you put jumps to the guitar and other times you dont same with the snare and bass kick. overall this file is very inconsistent, the cut is terrible, and you're missing notes 5/10

Discord (nickcool9999) - ok yeah no 1/10 im only giving you a 1 because the song is cool even though we dont even have permission

Discord [The Living Tombstone's Remix] (Xiz) - cut the song the entire second half is just the same thing being repeated over and over again. work on your jack usage some of it is more annoying than fun to hit and vary up the patterns more namely the sections where you have the [23] jump jacks 6/10

Dizzay (Xayphon) - glad you didnt overstep this 8/10

Doubt (DarkZtar) - 39.51 and everywhere else where this repeats. the 32nds dont go to anything please remove. the rest of the file wasnt bad you're improving 7/10

Down Temperature (DossarLX ODI vs. icontrolyourworld) - i was expecting a bad file not going to lie 8/10

dr1 (hi19hi19) - much better than stavies drum solo of doomz 8/10

Dreamerz; Machines Will Fall (rayword45) - your jump usage makes no sense to me and in the first half i dont know what it is your stepping 5/10

EAR - Jeh Jeh Slammin' (Extended Mix) [Charu] - might want to just take out the 16th in the burst at 43.111 to make it a bit easier on the player considering the rest of the difficulty for this file this should definitely not be the hardest part of the file 7/10

Endless Tewi-ma Park (Zakvvv666) - better than your other file by far 8/10

Enjoyable Fruit (Elite Ninja) - if you're going to change the colour of a file at least make sure you make the note onsync lol. im talking about those 64ths btw. glad you didnt step the whole song though or ruined the file by trying to do what reshiram tries to do. 8/10

Entry (DossarLX ODI) - enjoyable not the kind of file id expect from you 8/10

Erase Us (VisD) - get rid of the white notes and the ghost 16ths that you used during the chorus. this song doesnt need filler it wouldve been just fine without the undeed 16ths and 192nds 5/10

Extratone Pirates [t-rogdor] - that js at the end is brutal. some patterns could be easier i think like the [12]41[12]41[12] pattern which is aids to hit rofl but thats about it. 7/10

F [xi] (Jake Ferguson) - the 48th you have at 68.9 should be a 16th remove the 24th and 48 you have before the 8th at 116.327 and turn the 4th after into a hand it makes more sense than what you have here. jump usage could use some work and the sync at the end needs work 6/10

F+ToG (~Zeta~) - 103.9 this should just be x.xx.xx.xx.xx. not straight 12ths like you have here. missing the 4th note to the lead at 167.69 the song couldve been cut at 197.109 because the rest of the song is just bland and doesnt add anything other than length. id really prefer a cut to this song 6/10

Lightning Strikes Again - Metal Squad [Kommisar] - hand usage didnt make sense sometimes but this file is dope 8/10

Overdrive (psychoangel691) - sweet solid dubstep file 8/10

Posers Listen to Fakebit Music (AlexDest) - i listen to fakebit get at me 8/10

Soulcrusher (megamon88) - awesome song and file. the bursts during the speed up sucked though 8/10

Vortex (Choofers) - the song is w/e the file is typical of this kind of music. nothing wrong with it i guess tho 7/10

Silvuh/psychoangel691/Niala (a collaborative effort here)

[] When you remove graphic files, please also remove the references in the .sm and .dwi files.
[] Please cut the .mp3. Leaving it is an unnecessary increase in file size.
[Ÿ] You don't want your username in the song information. Same reason why CD titles aren't allowed.

[5/10] 8-Bit Purple Comet / DJ Bouche // Reshiram
#OFFSET:-2.104; (-14 milliseconds)
// If you're going to use BPM changes for colors, please sync with sub-beats in ddream. With my adjusted offset, by the end of the file, your steps are 61ms early.
// You put green notes to too many different sounds. Other than that and the sync, there are a few layering issues and some unnecessary anchors.
21.56-27.64s: You can alternate the jumps here to follow that bass on the 3/16ths, because the pitch alternates.
27.84-28.05s, 29.06-29.26s: The first set of greens go to percussion, the second set goes to the same instrument as the main melody. But before this, you already had green notes to that other flutey noise that you put more greens to in this section. All three of these things can't be green. You don't use any pink, orange, cyan, or white arrows, so there are lots of options for what you can do.
28.05-41.023s: I didn't like the layering here when I playtested it, because of all the soft hi-hats that are being stepped. It felt too dense for the music. The layering is consistent until the end though. In the sixth and seventh beat of every eight beats (starting at 28.05) you put a jump on the percussion on the 8ths in the absence of the main melody. In the last set of these beats at 39.80-40.61, you jump neither both 8ths nor the main melody note at 40.21. I would remove the jump at 40.41 and add a note at 40.21.
30.88-32.10s, 34.13-35.34: Change the patterns somehow to break the long left anchors here.
31.29, 37.77s: The flutey noise is the same pitch as on the 8th before it here, so the green arrows should be on the same direction.
50.34, 53.59s: There are no sounds layered here that warrant jumps. Like they're only here to make the bursts jump-trillable, but they're not that fast or difficult for that to be necessary.
55.61-56.83s: Same thing here about not having these separate sounds both be green.
57.03-58.05s: You have the same pattern with the hands here going to different pitches. Change one of them.
60.07s: This being green is even more confusing, because it's a 32nd from another green note that goes to a different sound.
60.48-65.34s: Your BPMs are especially messy here. Your 4th on 64.74s here is on b156, when it should be an 8th on b155.5. And because of the way you half and double the BPM, you can't get an 8th on 61.49s where there's a percussion hit you might want to step.
60.88s, 62.50s &c: Maybe don't auto-jump the percussion here. You don't auto-jump it at 64.94s when it wouldn't even interfere with the layering to the melody.
65.75-66.56, 68.99s &c: Don't anchor the purples to the 4ths here.
71.13s: Missed a 16th.
89.26, 92.50s: Because you're not stepping the hi-hat rhythm in this section, it may make more sense to follow the pitch of the bass instead of just thinking "hi-hats mean trills" here.
The cut on the end is a little weird.

[4/10] A Lifetime (F-777 Remix) / Soulero // PrawnSkunk
#OFFSET:-2.082; (-9 milliseconds)
// With trance music with a constantly repeating melody like this, progression and climax theory become even more important. That's what needs the most work here.
13.17s: Starting here, you have repititions of 43214231, but if you listen at 0.8x, you should be able to hear that the 4231 pattern should be: 3142*
16.86-31.63s: Instead of having the anchors be 4321, try 4231 so the playing hand alternates. I do still like the 16ths and 192nds you use in this section.
31.63-46.40s: Every measure in this section should start with a minijack (with the first 16th) to the main melody.
37.17-38.90s: You heard the triplet at 37.51s and the peak at 38.09s, so that's good. The only major PR problem starts at 38.32s. The pattern is: BCABCA*
39.01-46.40s: Put a jump at the start of every measure to the pad would be progression from the section starting at 31.63s. You do start layering these in after 46.40s, but that section also has the rock-guitar noise that will retain progression in your steps.
46.40s: Because you do use hands for layering later, I will suggest putting them on the loud crashes like here.
53.09s: What I said for 38.32s applies here, too.
54.78s: To acknowledge the repeated percussion coming in here, consistently anchor some 8ths.
61.04s: Here, the 16th is actually the grace note, with the main sound a 96th later.
61.15s: In this section starting here, I would suggest mini-trills to the rock-guitar noise, but what you have here is good. You consistently step the rock-guitar noise with the 16ths on one side of the 8th and the original melody with the 16ths on either side of the 8th. That works.
82.39, 89.77s: There's nothing emphasized enough for hands here.
90.58s: Some thing here as 61.04s.
90.69-98.08s: This is nearly an exact copy of 61.15-68.54s, but now, the music is missing the synth that it began with. For climax theory, this section should be stepped lighter than the last one. Easiest way to do this would be to remove half of the jumps or all of them.
98.02-105.46s: More instrumentation (percussion in this case) comes in at 105.46, so the layering should increase, but here you decreased it. Keep the steps to the synth as it comes in to acknowledge it, but don't layer in all the jumps to the percussion, so you can ignore the synth starting at 105.46s without decreasing the layering.

[7/10] [] Alchemy / G5 Project // SKG_Scintill
#OFFSET:0.304; (-16 milliseconds)
// It's fun, but there are a lot of little rhythm issues with the lead guitar. Has a few more hands than necessary. PR is mostly good.
1.91-15.25s: Every measure should start with a minijack to the guitar.
32.40s: The 32nd doesn't go to a distinct sound here.
38.16, 39.55, 42.61s...: These shouldn't be hands, because the percussion isn't there.
57.19s: 32nd should be after the 8th.
59.83s: Missing a 16th here, would work best on 3.
61.08s: The rhythm is two 32nds from here instead of 24ths.
61.36s: There are only six notes in this beat, not seven. And there shouldn't be a minijack here.
61.91-62.75s: Sorry, but there's definitely not this much going on here.
63.58s: Maybe don't have the little minitrill here be one-handed.
65.25s: So maybe you're intentionally using an easier rhythm, which would be okay, but the accurate one is two 32nds into the 8th here. Also, try removing the jump from this 8th. Layering the percussion here takes away from the fact that these three notes build up to the 16th.
69.00-69.27s: I hear 32nds between the 16ths here, but not at 69.34s where you have one.
69.69s: If you listen just from the first 16th to the next beat (69.83-70.25), you should be able to hear only five notes here, not 24ths.
70.25s: This stuff should be earlier, ending on the last 16th. The rhythm (in 48ths) I would use is XxXXxxXxXX*
71.08s: Unnecessary minijack here.
74.83s: The pitch on the 8th is lower than on the 16th, so this minijack should be broken.
75.11s: The guitar rhythm is smooth here, so there should be two 48ths from the 16th instead of the 4th.
77.19s: The fast 48th stuff starts here, and remove the 64th when you do that.
77.68s: Remove the 32nd here.
78.09s: Missing a 32nd here.
82.61s: Same thing as 38.16s.
88.65s: Remove the 32nd here.
90.04s: Missing a 32nd to the percussion here.
99.83s: Missing a 16th here.
104.41s: Should have four 48ths starting from here instead of these five 32nds.
107.05s: Should be two 48ths between the 16ths again instead of 32nds.
107.82s: Remove the 32nd here.
121.08s: This minitrill should not be this long.
The stuff at the very end of the 32nd stream might be a little much.

[6/10] AltMirrorBell / Grand Thaw // ca25nada
// The strict layering with the percussion is kind of interesting, but there's definitely some that should be toned down. A few playability issues, some PR fixes to be made.
21.83s: Missed the lower piano notes here; you can make the 8th a jump and add the 16th after it.
28.30s: You're not using hands in this section, so make this only a pseudo-jump instead. Also, try to break the long left-anchor this is a part of.
32.22s: There is a faint note here, but try removing this 16th. The break in the stream fits the music better.
32.74-33.42s: You do a ABCBA pattern here, but that's not in the melody. Moving the last two arrows to 4(23) would be a simple way to fix that.
34.44s: The slide down the chimes is after this beat, not before it.
36.49-52.85s: You could try moving the patterns around to get some more PR in the jumps. Things like the two (34)s in the beat of 41.26s, when all three melodies (the strings, the chimes, the foreground melody) that you could be following have a different pitch, are really noticable.
39.38, 47.56s: This 16th is a ghost note. It does sound like something faster is going on here, but that's just because the foreground melody is also doing 24ths.
52.85-55.11s: This is really quiet, so the steps should not be this dense here. That 16th anchor is a mystery.
57.35-59.54-61.73s: The chords in these two sections have different pitches from the other, so the steps should not be the same.
67.11-74.04s: You're acknowledging the pitch of that synth by stepping minijacks in this section, but you can hear a lot more going on with the pitches at 70.96-71.73s than what is shown in the steps.
74.04-76.34: Do you need the 8th jumps that don't have the synth layered? (74.23, 74.61, 75.38, 75.77s) Also, it would play better to step the jacks as one-hand jump-jacks (34)(34) and have the ending roll be jump-trillable (which would need the 8th jump removed), if playability is a concern to you.
85.19s: Same thing about playability here, but remove the 16th jump. There's no sound on there that warrants this.
The pitches of 86.15-86.73s and 88.46-89.04s are different, but you have the same arrow placements.
87.88, 90.19s: Here, when the glide is after the beat, try removing the 8th after the glide, because it's anchored on the jump.
89.04, 91.34s: Because the glide only has a 16th after the beat here, you don't need to anchor the 8th to the jump.
92.50s: This glide is actually different from the others. I'd move the 1 from the jump to a 48th earlier. And then, remove the 8th like before.
93.84-94.61s: All these jumps are unnecessary. The 24ths shouldn't strictly layer ontop of the percussion like that.
94.81-99.42s: Same things as before. And the 32nd jump at 99.47s is kind of odd.
100.58s: You don't really hear a chord here, just the glide, so this shouldn't be a jump.
Also, you don't need to do (14)3214 with the glides every time. Starting on one hand (e.g. (43)2143) will play better.
103.65s: Okay, this 16th jump fits. You have the 8th in the jack though. Maybe a pattern like (23)41234(12)3(124)* would be easier to hit.
105.86s: Should be a minijack.
107.11s: Because these aren't chords, the 16ths don't need to be jumps. Also, the 8th before at 106.92 shouldn't be the same jump as the beat.

[5/10] [] Arsonist / Fighter X // Kommisar
// So much layering that it often feels like I'm not playing the music at all.
8.53, 8.94, 10.21s: The 64ths like these, the sounds they're on are echoes of the 8th before and not the melody, so removing them would help recognize the high melody.
10.29s: I don't get the minijack here. For the low melody, it sounds more like it makes a minijack at 10.00 and 10.42 with the 8ths.
26.25s doesn't actually have the sound of that melody you've been layering on it, unlike in the previous measures. So when you jump that, like 25.83-27.51s: With 26.04s, it feels like a jump to the new sound that comes in. But because that sound is mostly 64ths, it doesn't layer, so it gets lost in the other jumps and percussion. The pitch of the sound at every 64th is different, but every arrow is the same.
27.51-40.96: Any amount of off-beats is going to build from the last phrase, so you don't need to fill (nearly) all the gaps here. It feels like I'm playing jumpstream for the sake of jumpstream.
28.04, 29.72s...: I don't hear any special sound here that would make this a 16th. Just that percussion the 64th. You didn't put the 16th at 33.08s, and I don't hear what's different.
40.33s: If you unlayer this jump, I don't think anyone's going to call you out on inconsistently layering the 8th. The layering focus has shifted to the percussion, so this jump gets in the way.
40.96-49.36s: All the 4ths to the percussion, the triplets, they fog the melody. 41.38 only has the percussion sound, so try unlayering the 4ths like those, and it will feel more like playing the music. 41.80s does have the melody on it faintly, so that's fine. If you do take out those 4ths, then you don't need the jumps here either.
49.36-54.40s: If you want to avoid this feeling like JSFSJS, I'd suggest to try removing 50.20, 50.50, 51.88, 52.19, and 53.56s (those 4ths don't have the melody from before, and the percussion on the two 64ths is light enough that someone playing it won't feel like they need to be stepped.) The layering is consistent here except for the jump on 53.56.
53.90-54.95s: With these long anchors, it's harder to tell when playing when the sound the off-beats go to changes. So two different percussion sounds are merging here.
54.40-64.48s: To help this section feel more like it plays with the music, try removing every 64th that comes after a hand, except for the very first one.
56.29, 59.65s: You step both of these as jumps, but other than the bass, I don't hear any other sounds. They should be singles.
69.85, 71.53s...: I'm not hearing sounds on these 64ths. I would put notes on the 8th before instead. The rhythm of the off-beat triplets like 69.85-70.06 doesn't feel right.
82.87s: The 3/64th minijack might be okay if it gets framer-fixed, but it may be better to just unlayer the jump.
82.95-96.39s: So you start to ignore the melody you had layered before here, so I don't see where all this new layering is coming from, why there are all these jumps grouped together.
99.33, 102.69s: I can't hear why these hands are unlayered ...
103.11s: or why this one is a hand when it only has the bass on it. Not enough sounds to warrant a hand for just being the start of a phrase. Also, this phrase loses the percussion sound that was on every 8th, so toning down the layering (maybe just unlayer the hands) would add more climax theory.
106.05-108.15s: The layering got a little jumbled here. Can't tell when it's added emphasis to a melody sound or percussion or what.
115.84, 116.05s: Silly little but noticable PR thing: the jumps are on the same arrows but are differnt pitches.
116.13s: You don't need to ignore this sound. Stepping 16ths could be neat.
116.76s: Try the rhythm without this 8th.
118.99-120.25s: Got another silly long anchor here, and this one has a one-hand trill.
119.91-121.59s: It's always confusing when something else is jumped between melody notes like the first two 8th jumps here, but you'd have to remove those two jumps completely, and doing that might just feel more like inconsistency in this case. So, I guess it's fine.
123.27-136.71s: Mm, a simply PR section. I don't think all the right-hand trills are necessary though.
139.04s: I would put a 64th before this 8th instead of after it.
140.59s: There is a note in the melody here you can step.
147.16s: Feels like a ghost note.
148.49-149.33s: If you remove a note from the 8th jump at 149.12s and have the hands be different, you can make something more PR with the melody here than just a left-hand trill.
191.97s: Remove the 4 from this jump. Layering that other sound is interference.
196.80s: Maybe change the pattern here to be like 193.44s and so on.

*These are a little quick and rough because I was trying to get them out as fast as possible for you guys.

Enchanting Venus (Elite Ninja) (7/10)
-M9 to M13 - The issue I see here is that what you're following is hard to hear underneath the main melody. I feel like this may be confusing to some.
-Really feel like the jump jacks into the hands throws off the flow of the chart a bit and makes it ridged, but I understand why you did it.
-Overall the chart flows pretty nicely, the jump and hand usage seems consistent. I didn't notice any major glaring errors.

Ongyilkos Vasarnap (mi40) (8/10)
-Man that intro is kinda draggy. I feel like this might be better received with some of that cut out but then again the song isn't that long.
-I didn't notice any glaring errors, the chart flowed pretty well.

Ascension to Heaven (iironiic) (8/10)
-Loved this file. Overall the flow was good and a lot of good pattern choices.
-I didn't notice any glaring technical errors. I felt the ending might be slightly over layered, but overall it worked.

asdfmoviesong (Niala) (7/10)
-Overall really fun to play and the song will definitely give people in the community a laugh. I loved the little color gimmicks in it as well.
-The song does start to drag though. I really feel it could benefit from a cut.
-M45 to M48 - These 32nds feel really out of place with the overall difficulty of the song. They do make sense. I think the biggest thing is the pattern choice, it's a bit awkward to hit. I recommend maybe smoothing out the pattern a little bit here.

Ball of Malt v2 (DossarLX ODI) (5/10)
-The rhythms in this are really awkward. A lot of times I feel like I'm not sure what I'm following.
-Some of the 32nds are really hard to even hear what they're following. I'm wearing headphones and some of them are barely audible. I feel like a player may struggle with them.
-A lot of the patterns are pretty ridged too, although a lot of that I feel goes along with the awkward rhythms.

BF2014 (Choofers) (9/10)
-Really fun song with a really fun chart. I didn't notice any major errors with the chart. I think people are going to rage at you for the end though.

Bloody Tears (hi19hi19) (8/10)
-Overall I think this was really well done. I think people are going to hate you for the running men but they definitely make sense.
-Few rough patterns here or there that could probably use a little smoothing, but overall I didn't notice any major problems with the file and I think overall
it has a good flow. The guitar solo was pretty nice too.

Boooring (blindreper1179) (3/10)
-M24 being that you have the other bass kicks as jumps it's a little awkward that they're not jumps here.
-M40 where you have the left right jumps with 16ths in-between. I don't really understand what you're following here.
-Really overall this chart is pretty inconsistent. The patterns aren't all that great and are ridged in areas. There are some extra jumps in the chart that
don't belong. There’s really no replayablility factor in this chart. I also am not fond that you just stopped stepping and didn't cut the song.

Breed Again (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) (5/10)
-I strongly recommend a cut for this song, it's
really draggy.
-The layering is a bit awkward in this chart, there were times I wasn't sure what it was following.
-Some of the minijacks are hard to hear why they're minijacks. There are ones that I can definitely hear clearly as to what they are, but others I'm not
hearing what they follow.

C'est la vie (dore) (7/10)
Overall the chart is pretty solid, and the patterns flow pretty well.
-There are some areas that I feel could benefit from a little more layering.
-This really starts to drag after a little while.

Calling (bmah) (8/10)
-Really nice easy chart. The 32nds near the end give it a little spike that may trip some newer players up, but they make sense.

Can't Hide Your Love (Kommisar) (7/10)
-Overall a pretty solid chart of course. Patterns are smooth and easy to hit.
-It's a bit repetitive though. I understand why but I feel it would benefit from some more variation in patterns.
-Starts to get a little draggy because of the repetitiveness of the chart.

Carol of the Bells (YMIA) (6/10)
-The patterns are a bit ridged in this. I feel like the running men are not needed.
-The file starts to drag a bit.
-M66 to M73 - This just feels really super over layered. I feel like it's hard to understand what I'm following plus it feels out of place with the rest of the chart overall.

Catch That Train (Kongfish) (7/10)
In terms of structure the chart is okay. The jumps are consistent and the chart flows okay.
-There's a lot of repetitiveness though. I'd like to see a little more variation in the chart, but being that it's only 48 seconds I guess you can get away with it.

Celestica (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) (6/10)
-This is one of those charts where the difficulty is unbalanced. For the first two minutes it's like playing something that's in the 5/6 range (old scale) then from there it picks up, which I'm all for progression but I feel it's overly layered a bit in the end here. It jumps it a good deal. I think maybe you should lighten up on the jumps/triples.
-The file is also a bit draggy because again you have two minutes of a lighter file then jump into something more difficult for the last minute something. Maybe instead of toning down the end you could make a cut to the beginning of the chart.

Center Piercing (bmah) (9/10)
Fun file, the patterns flow nicely.

Child Protective Services Theme Song (alloyus) (7/10)
-Didn't really notice any glaring technical errors.
-What bothers me the most I think is that a lot of the chart is just 8th notes and then there's some really hard sections like with the running men and the bursts here and there.
-Some of the burst patterns are a little bit ridged.

Cloud of Darkness (pmonibuv1) (8/10)
-Didn't notice any major errors, chart flowed pretty
nicely. I think my only thing is where the song fades out I'd suggest not stepping it quite as much since it's a little hard to hear at that point.

Colibri (Niala) (9/10)
-Fun file, patterns flow nicely.

Crow's Ghost (mi40) (7/10)
-File is pretty solid and the patterns flow pretty nicely. But it starts to drag on after a while because it's a lot of the same stuff through the whole thing.

Cutthroat (AlexDest) (8/10)
-Overall really nicely done. Most of the bursts are really smooth, there are a few that were a little awkward to hit. I also think you did a nice job keeping it tame and not too over the top.

Cybertron (Cedolad) (6/10)
I have to be a bit harsher of a critic here than with DF. Some of the burst patterns really need smoothing out. I especially say this because I know how they come out converted and they don't convert well at all. I really think you should smooth those out a bit and then the file will be good to go.

Day's End (Zakvvv666) 6/10 [+.]
- I like the cut much better, it doesn't feel like it goes on forever.
- Sync seems a bit early.
- Some of the 16ths in the earlier parts of the file are a bit tough to follow. Try to stick to very clear sounds, as interpreting 16ths can be hard when the music isn't very clear about timings.
- Whoops beat 227, 32nd early.
- Those 32nd gallops that happen at around measure 74 are actually a 16th early, if they started on the beats they'd be right. Actually, I think they're 16th gallops, too.
- Ending is a bit soft, the PR is wrong and it doesn't end in a likely place.
- I like the changes so far, the cut is great and the consistency in the file has improved a lot, just need to fix the big mistakes and it's good to go.

DEIFY (TheSaxRunner) 3/10 [?]
- The early parts of the file were particularly poor. It takes more than being on-time for a file to be good, you need to use things like layering to make your files internally consistent, instead of having jumps being essentially random.
- In general the whole file is messy. There are a ton of misrhythms and mislayered areas, if any layering at all...

Discord (nickcool9999) 1/10 [-]
- That's a dump. We try to accept simfiles with some sort of relevance to the music here at ffr.

Discord (Xiz) 4/10 [+?]
- This song is pretty ****ing awesome. Really enjoyed it. Like, the first time I heard the chorus I jizzed all under my computer desk. I'm still ****ing cleaning that shit man this song is awesome.
- The FILE however is really amateurish. It has random layering and little to no musical relevance for it's choices. Granted, there are few misrhythms, and you clearly put some thought into what arrows you were putting where, but no layering no PR no techniques to make a file make sense or come across well to the player. Feel free to retry after reading up on how to make successful simfiles.

Dizzay (Xayphon) 6/10 [+.]
- One of the things you need to try to steer clear of are awkward timing weird patterns. They're what lead your files to have really poor conversions on FFR, stuff like off-timed 48ths that are represented with 64ths usually end up with odd framers or hands or something you can't really read well.
- skipped a 16th at measure 59.
- I think the file was neat for about 40 measures and then just became a pain in the ass. It's just noise, granted it has a relatively steady beat, but the song isn't even really a song and the file just gets boring and repetitive. It really needs to be much shorter.
- Another minor issue I noticed in some spots is that the file distances itself from the more relevant parts of the music to step something that's hardly audible or hard to pay attention to. Now, it's up for debate what's more relevant and what's not, but that's even more reason to be careful.

Doubt (DarkZtar) 7/10 [+.]
- The 32nds you shouldn't be using a jump in the middle of, it's just unreasonable.
- Right at measure 33, leave that trill ending on a 4 and change the jumps, it makes the transition stronger.
- beat 194.75 needs a 16th (and repetitions)
- The quad at the end makes zero sense.
- The only areas this file could improve on are consistency with the 16ths (i.e. making sure your 16th streams end at the same times in subsequent repetitions) and trying to make the transitions with heavy jumpjacks a bit more comfortable.

Down Temperature (Dossar vs. icyworld) 8/10 [+]
- That intro was really gay. Also it seems sync'd a bit late compared to the section starting after measure 16.
- The ending has some very obvious missed notes (i.e. beat 254.500)
- Good length for the file, it's actually really enjoyable, just the intro is awkward.

dr1 (hi19hi19) 8/10 [+]
- Wtf are those 2 48ths for?
- Measure 6 seems kind of odd to me, you add the hi-hats at the start of the measure and then cut them half-way through.
- The stream is very One Direction.
- I think the song sucks as a file but it's done well so w/e.

Dreamerz (rayword45) 4/10 [+?]
- sync is about 10 ms early.
- After playing 20 measures there were enough misrhythms to make me want to stop.
- On top of that it's just inconsistent and has random void spaces.

Enchanting Venus 9/10 [+]
- The only thing I could complain about in this file is the PR is weak but it goes basically unnoticed.
- The hands give this file a real edge that it didn't have before, I find it strong and it does a great job of representing the music.

Endless Tewi-ma Park (Zakvvv666) 7/10 [+.]
- A couple of missing 16ths at beats 136.250 and 138.250
- ghost 16th at 193.750
- arguable ghost 16th at 203.750
- missing 16th at 208.250
- hand at 248 is somewhat unnecessary
- This song is adorable and the file is pretty solid. Check over the first 16 or so measures to make the patterns a bit more friendly and a couple small misrhythm fixes, but it's all hardly noticable.

Enjoyable Fruit (Elite Ninja) 5/10 [+?]
- so i herd u like misrhythms. 23.750, 27.750, 31.750, etc.
- and then you fixed it. that's a poor choice, ignoring a sound for the sake of climax theory just looks like you ****ed up and missed something.
- measure 30 should have some 12ths for the voice thing
- missing 16ths at 122.750 and 123.250.
- yeah just tons of misrhythms with that voice thing, go over it again.
- those offbeat 32nd things are neat but the last two are mistimed, they get a bit slower as it goes.
- ~beat 193 is wrong too, keep in tone with your earlier choices.
- If you'd like I'll show you how to sync those 48ths so that they come up on time instead of awkwardly off-sync.

Entry (Dossar) 6/10 [+.]
- Intro PR is weak, I realize you can't do it strictly because it'd just be a circle but it's weak regardless of that.
- those 12ths don't flow well into the 16ths in measure 17, I think it's the jack continuing an extra arrow on the up arrow (with the [34] jump)
- consistency error at beat 82, jump before not a jump now.
- Also I don't like the switch to a single jack in measure 29, it's inconsistent.
- Something ****ed up with the bpm-changey section because that is not sync'd correctly at all.

Erase Us (VisD) 5/10 [+?]
- The 32nd at beat 63.625 is a ghost note.
- beat 71.5 and 71.75 are ghost notes.
- why no arrow at beat 76?
- measure 24 should have the lyrics "randoooooom colour theory" 'cause it makes no sense. repeats too etc.
- The file gets inconsistent here, it starts layering the lyrics without the guitar except with the guitar awkwardly, and then switches randomly into the jack thing... You could just layer them and choose a more appropriate way to step the jacks before to have a more consistent final product.
- The file seems to switch somewhat at random between layers, which is tough to follow.
- And on top of that the jumpjacks, and I noticed the file in general, has a bad tendency to stick to using the same arrows over and over again, which is easily solved by using a different jump on your jacks instead of using the same one 2-3 times in a row.
- measure 37 should be a 5 note 32nd trill.
- I mean, I could go on about some misrhythms and general consistency errors but I think I've made my point.

Extratone Pirates (t-rogdor) 7/10 [+.]
- measure 6... I listened really hard and didn't hear anything for those 16ths. And even if there is something if it's that hard to find it probably shouldn't be there.
- These patterns are some massive shit.
- Uh... I mean I guess so. This file is generally some massive shit but at least it's somewhat managable and the steps make sense.

F (Jake Ferguson) 5/10 [+?]
- missed two notes at beat 6.250 and 6.375
- ghost note at 15.5
- pretty sure that note a 76.75 is a ghost.
- however one at 80.250 wouldn't be.
- btw this whole section could use something other than single arrows, a bit of layering would make it more relevant to the music.
- beat 98.333 huh?
- I'd like to point out m.56 where you started randomly layering the basskick (that was always there but not brought up until now) along with the snare.
- starting measure 66 has a couple mistakes with misrhythms.
- Ending needs a touch up with the pianer stuff.

F+ ToG (~Zeta~) 6/10 [+.]
- Entering measure 19 'dat anchor is gross.
- beat 79 etc. jumps please there's a snare it's like a rule, particularly when you're using that pattern and when it's vague layering like that.
- lots'a ghosties around here, careful of that.
- that stream at measure 54 made me wet.
- another bad anchor in measure 70.
- I might recommend putting that 16th triplet in at measure 72 for the drums. Where the music is actually syncopated to start late, the drums play in the transition and not as much in the solo measures, so it fits better.
- stream at measure 87 is one maaaaaaaaaasssssssssssive anchor.
- Starting at measure 120 massive misrhythms.
- missed a 4th at beat 575
- and at 578.
- key change was nice.
- missed a jumpat beat 776.5
- One of the issues with the file is that it leaves a lot of dead air because there's such a focus on the guitars that layering the drums to sometimes fill those areas well enough.

Jeh Jeh Slammin' (Charu) 6/10 [+.]
- Whoaaaaa this file was really good and then measure 26 happened. What was that?
- Issues with that: drops layering, timing of that mess at the end, rhythms.
- careful using swing 24ths into a 32nd roll, polyrhythmic effects will occur.
- missed a 24th before measure 69.
- those 24th's too, you should try to keep your jumps layered in. Transitions like those are typically where files get more intense because it's the end of a section, (i.e. a smaller climax theory kinda thing)
- beat 307.750 + repetitions is a ghost note.
- This is unfortunately one of those files that the more I play it the more I realize there's actually quite a few ghost notes throughout it, for example beat 116.75, 119.25, etc. Some of it is implied and you can get away with, but some of it you can't, and finding that line is how to make this chart successful.

Lightning Strikes Again (Kommi) 9/10 [+]
- the spots with the grace notes in between 16ths feel a bit off (intro)
- measure 57 nice 16ths that are actually 12ths.
- measure 64 the 8th shouldn't be a hand
- measure 139 could'a done a lot more with the synth
- that's it great file overall.

Overdrive (psychoangel691) 8/10 [+]
- i'd call it a misrhyth for the 16th a 35.750, it's probably drums vs. synth but still
- beat 90 i find transitions somewhat weak out of what's coming before because it's easy to forget the guitar is relevant.
- right before measure 84 the 4 note jack is kinda silly, the entire file has been basically 2 note ones, but this one is 4. I get that it's there for the 32nd in between, but the jack is more prevalent.
- hand to end with is kinda weird, it's a fade out after all.

Posers Listen To Fakebit Music (AlexDest) 8/10 [+]
- Fine, nothing much to complain about here, good consistency which I like to see.
- The one thing I'll touch on is the hands are odd and kind of unwarranted.

Soulcrusher (megamon88) 9/10 [+]
- You do realize that's a 32nd roll at 340 bpm right?
- Just making sure.
- Three Hundred and Fourty....
- Okay then, if you're sure.

Vortex (Choofers) 8/10 [+]
- Um, the fact that this is just noise for like 4 ****ing minutes and the file is gayer than Clay Aitken aside, gj.
- go back to stepmania now. <3

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Team 2


Art of Madness (MarioNintendo) 8/10 [+]
- Mid section is really well done, it's just so colourful that it's hard to tell what's going on until you've played the file a couple of times. IMO this is an issue, I don't think the file should necessarily be a sightread AAA or anything, It's just hard to follow because not only is the time signiature switching back and forth, but the arrow colours don't do anything to help the player figure it out quickly and adjust.
- That minijack at measure 29 is out of place, there's 1 in the whole file and when it comes out the two arrows around it are on the same hand making it even more awkward. I get it's for PR and all it's just out of the blue and hard to hit.
- I like the JS sections, really well done, kinda oldschool feel and they're fun.

Danse Bacchanale (Silvuh) 7/10 [+.]
- Sweet lord this file is long. Like, it's entertaining to me because I enjoy the music but I can see some people not being happy with this because it's long and very easy save two or three spots.
- At around measure 54 you start with the 24ths between the jump and the hand. Now, granted, this could be entirely for climax theory, but measure 52 and 53 have the same flutes that are ignored. I don't see why, even if you wanted the fact that it became octaves to be more prominent. You could use a 16th at 52 and 53, just some sort of indication of "this is relevant coming up btw."
- Measure 80 & 82 why not a third hand?
- Measure 87, not sure if 12th gallops what, but I don't think it's 16ths. May want to double check for accuracy. <THIS IS IMPORTANT because it feels VERY wrong.
- Arrow disappeared in measure 112, might be conversion error.
- This also happened earlier but cbf to find the measure, 141 and the earlier spot what are those jumps for? I can't find a single thing they represent, try to make it more cohesive.
- It might help to note that most of this is nitpicky stuff that isn't really file-breaking (although the 16th gallops are file-breaking imo) but should still be addressed.

dr. mario (blindreaper1179) [?] 2/10
- Make sure you title your folder the same thing you title the song btw, it's hard to find who stepped the file if they're not the same name.
- File starts on a weird beat, you should either be starting it 2 arrows before-hand or 6 arrows later.
- Overall the file needs a pretty massive rehaul. The patterns are random and have little relevance to the music, and the jumps flow in and out at random, no reason, no layering.
- On top of that, stuff will get stepped sometimes but ignored other times.
- As mean as it may be to say, the file comes across as amateurish, no regard for standard simfile-making concepts.

Dragon Slayer (Silvuh) 8/10 [+]
- The polyrhythms were a really nice touch, gave it that extra little push to make it interesting.
- The layering must be some new meta shit 'cause I have no ****ing clue what went on there. It's not a big very big deal because it's all still playable and fine it's just odd and doesn't really have any reason to be like that as far as I can tell.

Far East (AllNight) (00Razor00) 6/10 [+.]
- There's a bit of a consistency issue in the jumps at the start, beat 26 has a jump, beat 42 doesn't, beat 30 does and beat 46 doesn't. I was literally like "doot doo~ dalalalala doot doot doo~ dalalalala doot doot doo~ do dododododo doot doot doo~ doot dalalalalalalalala doot doo~ why is this one different, doot doo~ and this one is too, doot doot doo~ this one is right, doot jump doo~ aight."
- btw that happens again, too many doots to type out twice though !_!
- Careful on the 32nd gallops, particularly around 16ths (i.e. beat 134ish area) that pattern simplifies to 43[13] 43[12] which is messy in terms of the polyrhythm and pattern.
- doot doot~ you get the point.
- AH SHIET another one, uh, I checked it out and it happens each time too, beat 204 is a single whereas beat 188 is a jump, beat 164 is a jump and beat 180 is a single. 'dat consistency errors *bite lower lip*
- beat 231's roll is better suited going the other way 'cause pr. Also that roll is ****in' nasty ass mean shit bro.
- beat 324.5 and 325.25 you should consider singles. =o
- Um, lots of small errors that absolutely have to be fixed, but it's very very fun.

Feelings From the Air (trumaestro) 8/10 [+]
- I had a simfile author orgasm at measure 74 and 75. Thought you might like to know that.
- My one big note is be careful to be constantly filling in the double snare kicks throughout the file. There are a lot of spots it was missed, and it's so prominent you can't really get away with ignoring it unless for good reason (i.e. avoiding the polyrhythms with the 12ths is a good reason.) Stuff like that actually helps round out a transition between themes and even fill in dead space which is really useful in a song like this with tricky transitions that are rhythmically hard to follow.
- (note on that, you don't necessarily have to make strict LAYERS with it to make it work, it can be all singles or however you like, just the dropped representation in transitionary sections feels clunky and unorganized instead of filled and complete.)

Fire (Elite Ninja) 9/10 [+]
- I LIKE THIS GUY. "Fire" is four letters. I can SPELL fire. Do you know how many times it takes me to try and spell all those japan words that people send in? A ****ing lot, that's how many.
- AND THE FILE IS SHORT? You're doing everything right if you're trying to get into my knickers later.
- Except the file.
- loljk so that arrow at beat 62 (right before the 32nd stream) isn't part of the jack that precedes it, change that.
- and again at beat 94.
- k done.

FLOWER FOREVER (MrPopadopalis25) 8/10 [+]
- Missed a 16th (piano) at beat 59.750
- That's literally the only mistake I found. This file is ****in' oldschool, DJ Sharpnel streamfile. But hey it's fun and the stream is comfy (even if you copypasted some of it)
- I will also argue it's a bit repetitive, but I get why.

For FFR (XxMidigamixX) 3/10 [+?]
- Why no 8th note a beat 6.5? Even if it wasn't there (which it prominently is) it's an ugly transition from 1 4 arrow to the next.
- Same issue as beat 30.5.
- Starting at beat 9 it's hard to distinguish the difference between the bass synth and melodic synth so instead of breaking the stream at unintelligible points you're better off doing straight stream.
- What's with the stream drop at measure 16?
- That colour theory is fine, if unnecessary, but beat 91 isn't one of them.
- It also isn't a jump.
- And then it transitions out of colour theory and stream for no apparent reason.
- Missed a jump at beat 123.5
- The JS starting at beat 186 needs some work too, patterns are a bit messy. For example, look at the anchor at beat 203.
- Again, the stream just cuts out for no reason.
- Starting at beat 231 is mistimed.
- Another example of poor JS patterns is starting at beat 255.5, it's an anchor just a less obvious one. Notice how all the quarter notes are on the right arrow, and, on top of that, all of the stream notes are on left, down, and up until you hit beat 260.5. It creates that same "stale" feeling where the notes get harder to hit because the pattern doesn't flow nicely.
- Broken record but breaking the js for no reason etc.
- Don't get me wrong I think this file has good intentions and has the potential to be a good file, there's just so many inconsistencies in the steps.

Futari, Hajimari (Silvuh) [+] 9/10
- Have nothing but positive remarks about this file, it's not only technically astounding, but has great attention to detail (for example, the re-coloured 24ths are a great example of adding colour to represent the style of the song.)

Future Destination (Reshiram) 6/10 [+.]
- beat 214.5 is clearly a second triplet.
- 222.5 is a ghost note.
- So is 238.5
- and you missed a bunch of arrows at the end of that area, beats: 240.250, 241 (debatable but imo yes), 241.750, and measure 62 is actually straight 16ths.
- Measure 70 is also straight through with 16ths.
- beat 383.5 I think is also one of those triplet jumps.
- beat 387.5 the jumps aren't entirely correct, the last 6th of that 7 note string should be a jump, and the last 8th and the 4th shouldn't be (although 4th can be for snare if you want.)
- there's a jump on beat 392.5
- also that last 4th isn't technically there, if it's a placeholder it could do with being a bit later.
- Lots of small notes, most of which are quite noticable.

FUTURE~SHOCK (rayword45) 7/10 [+.]
- You did a number on this file, props, last time I judged it, it was basically unplayable, now it's significantly more consistent and the layering is much better.
- Only a couple smaller notes this time, one is make sure you pay careful attention to the music, sections like measure 38 drop the synth on the 16th runningmen, it seems like you just got carried away with the section before-hand and forgot to implement that as well.
- Second, watch out for ridiculous patterns that are difficult to hit for no reason, for example, starting at beat 193, polyrhythmic 32nd16th overlaps in the shape of a roll is pretty disastrous, particularly at crazy speeds such as this.
- That 48th roll near the end (right before measure 65) is completely unnecessary. It's easy to fall into the trap of "I don't want my file to be forgotten" but changing the speed of the rolls like that isn't the way to go about it.
- Excellent improvement however, it's nice to see your notes make some sort of fruition for once.

Galaxy (coolboyrulez0) 9/10 [+]
- This is not dubstep! made me giggle.
- Enjoyed it quite a bit, no reason to nitpick because the file is great without it.

Go *60* Go (Wayward Vagabond) 6/10 [+.]
- IMO way too long. The file gets it's point across the first time, the repeat is kinda unecessary.
- I was really expecting a lot of messy transitioning between the 16ths and swing, but somehow it actually flows very smoothly.
- p.s. 151.367s shouldn't that be more of a x-xx/ style? Seems like a copy-paste mistake.
- The only other issue I see is that it's kind of... not fun. In all honesty the 64ths being everywhere just makes it feel like awkward JS patterns and it's like there's so much shit going on all the shitting time that you have no idea how to hit the shit because shit's hitting the shitfan namsayin?

Go Beyong!! -Jazzy Mix- (FFR Edit) (Patashu) 7/10 [+.]
- I'm not going to say a lot on this file. I think it's a good file and has competitive value, and it appears to be stepped with that in purpose in mind which I'm fine with, but I do want to point out a couple of massive issues from my own perspective.
- One: The hand and particularly quad placements are nonsensical. Not entirely, mind you, but they don't have much value or stand out as anything purposeful, they're just there to make the file harder.
- Two: The cluster****. It's just a constant stream of arrows and minijacks and polyrhythms and etc. It's not the kind of file I expect to be loved by anybody simply because 90% of the people will just bitch that it's too hard.
- Three: (this is in part caused by #2 but) The relevance to the music. This is caused by two things: firstly, there's just a bunch of arrows with no real breaks in them; and secondly, there was no real effort to bring attention to any dynamics of the music. It's just so heavily layered that it became irrelevant what the SONG was doing and became all about what each instrument was doing and how they layered on top of each other.
- Four: It's insanely long given the file doesn't change much the whole way through.

Gotta Catch'Em All (Wayward Vagabond) 8/10 [+]
- Take the amount of times you used the word "shit" in your last batch reviews and that is the amount of shit this song is.
- At least the file's good.
- I remember noticing a couple of consistency mistakes, but they were very small and I can't be ****ed to go find them since nobody else is going to notice them anyway, unless you really want me to.
- 193.283s OUR courage will etc.

Hajnal2 (mi40) 4/10 [+?]
- Beat 134 what the **** is that?
- Beat 168 ghost 16ths
- Beat 178 missing 16th
- Beat 182 ghost 16ths
- Beat 185 is a really weird way to represent those noises, trip-quads?
- Beat 192 that pattern flows about as well as a dried up river.
- Beat 209.375 makes that pattern nearly impossible.
- That empty area starting at beat 256, I'm fine with it but use some PR to make it look better.
- Beat 408 might have to kill you for that. It doesn't HAVE to be changed but it should be.
- When stepping voices you can still try to keep the feel of the voices in the arrows instead of just stepping them on time with no regard to which arrow represents which sound.
- Beat 476... I think you might be able to get away with that because the sound is wobbly as **** but even still it's pretty odd.
- Beat 527 same issue as before with the quads not really meaning much in this case.
- Beat 534 missed 16ths.
- Beat 557 missed a 16th.
- I'm just going to put etc. here because it'd take me hours to go through this file and find all the misrhythms.
- Aside from making sure you look it over and catch any spots where you added/missed 16ths, try to avoid making your file look like a rainbow in some spots. Don't get me wrong, colour theory is fine if used with discretion, but some of the spots have so much random colour to them it's impossible to tell what the rhythm is that you were trying to convey.
- Just fix it and resend it 'cause the file will work once it's actually executed properly.

Headless (00Razor00) 5/10 [+?]
- Measure 34 is really poorly done. The patterns don't flow well with the timing being so awkward.
- I don't quite get the layering scheme at measure 54, It's pretty random plus it seems to change awkwardly halfway through.
- Have a look at measure 104, this is a good example of a bad dnb pattern. That's literally translates into [12][34][34] as 16ths, which doesn't fit the situation at all.
- That being said, you should try to keep in mind when going over the file that the patterns will need some reworking in general. There are too many hands amidst really fast 16th stream, the dnb breaks are awkward and hard to hit, and the layering is hard to figure out.
- P.s. that placeholder is really unnecessary.

Hyper Highspeed Star (Rebirth vs Izzy) 4/10 [+?]
- Sync feels a bit early, like 10-20ms somewhere in there.
- Just before measure 53 you used the same 16th triplet twice. Which would be fine if it was somehow consistent with the earlier parts of the file part it isn't.
- Starting at measure 54 is really odd. The first like 10 jumps alternate between [13] and [24] and the whole section is like awkward half-chains.
- There are a ton of awkward 16th anchors in this file (one that made me cringe was measure 104) but really there are a lot. I realize the file is a kick-back to EHHS and a pass style of stepping but keeping in mind more recent discoveries is still important.
- Another example right before 131.
- And the file just goes on forever for what's basically entirely 16th JS. On top of that, the 16th JS has a lot of problems in it with poor patterns and anchors. If you want to base an entire file off of one specific stepping technique you should really make sure that one thing is done well.

I Made This for You (Soul.) 8/10 [+]
- There are some misrhythms in the file for sure. For example, the 16th at measure 53 should be a 12th, small things like that.
- I personally quite like this file, but I guarantee a lot of people won't, including some of the judges. The song doesn't lend itself well to being objectively stepped, there are a lot of sounds that can be represented in 10 different ways, and some people will disagree with your choices.

I'm a Monster (cbr) 7/10 [+.]
- Measure 13 you might want to consider a hand, to me it doesn't seem very quad-worthy, but not a big deal either way.
- Just before measure 17 the pr is off. Which I only point out because it's been right everywhere else basically.
- Measure 48 is stepping wrong. Those 16th jumps happen a 16th late.
- Missed a jump at beat 194.5
- Pretty good, nothing but small mistakes.

Incident Zero (hi19hi19) 8/10 [+]
- The file is great, I only thought two things of it really while playing.
- One: That solo section is REALLY empty. You might want to try turning it away from a full solo and add some layering because it's a lot of dead air.
- Two: There was this section near the end (starting measure 62) is sort of rough. A lot of the patterns tend to go 1234 or 4321 or 43234 or etc. It's all in the same direction which makes it kind of stale.

Internal Cannon (condoct) 6/10 [+.]
- I don't like this three not jack into half-chains in the starting section, it's not congruent with the more open steps before it.
- I'm fairly certain I've mentioned this before but beat 85-87 is 12ths.
- Same as beat 105-109. And even if it wasn't that pattern is awful.
- Yeah I feel like I've said this before. Use 12ths. Not 16ths.
- And yeah, don't ignore drumbeats for no relevant reason, i.e. beat 147 area.
- Beat 167 is actually 16ths! Too bad the pattern is poop.
- You missed a triplet around measure 93 somewhere.
- All in all, it's unfortunate, because the mistakes in the file are basically the areas that could make the file more interesting.
- It's also unfortunate that the parts of the file that aren't what I mentioned are well-done, just what I did mention really isn't.

J'ai Entendu Le Train (dossar) 7/10 [+.]
- What an odd song.
- Those 24ths make absolutely no sense. Like you can't even pretend to rationalize them. Even given that the entire song is entirely subjective to step, that's wrong.
- I think I see what you're trying to do at measure 37 and no it doesn't work. Stick to the higher sounds it makes more sense.

Jazzman - Super Mario Bros. (MarioNintendo) 9/10 [+]
- I'd personally get rid of that 8th at beat 74.500, it'd give more an impact to the steps right after.
- This file restored my faith in ffr's simfile authors.

Just Hold On (bmah) 8/10 [+]
- It's a bit long, but not excessive by any means.
- The polyrhytm jack area is a bit awkward but not file-breaking.

Kirlian Choices (Choofers) 7/10 [+.]
- It's a tad on the jump-heavy side.
- Also some of the 32nds are absurd.
- This a huge issue with using hands in a fast file like this and it's that you create insane anchors and leave very little room for verying your patterns. I noticed it really badly starting at measure 45.
- The ending drags a bit, but at least the file as a whole.

Kirlian Shores (DarkZtar) 4/10 [+?]
- beat 122 no.
- beat 171 no.
- beat 195 no.
- Okay here's the problem with this file, it seems all fine and good and then there are these random massive, and I mean MASSIVE, difficulty spikes. The jacks and the crazy un-readable speedups and all that just crap all over the file because they're legitimately not playable.
- Like, measure 75, wtf is that?
- And measure 76! I can't even mash that fast.
- I think the file has good intentions, but the jacks don't fit and the bursts are impossible.

Lawn Wake III (mi40) 5/10 [+?]
- right before measure 33 the breaks are the same but you have one three note string and one 5 note.
- ghost note at beat 151.5
- this section with the 4th jacks has an odd layering scheme to it, the jumps come because of the note changing? I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to convey with them.
- measure 54 that section has the 16th on the starts of measures but if it's for that soft dnb there are quite a few missed throughout the section, if not then no clue.
- starting measure 62 has a similar issue, there are 16ths thrown in but not consistently with the drums, just at a whim.
- Measure 84 you made a change to randomly start incorporating the 4th jacks again. Consistency is important.
- beat 339 could be more impactful somehow. the red quarter note just makes it feel like it blends when it's such a striking opportunity in the music. It's not technically wrong, just a note on something you could see if you could make more out of it.
- there's a definite downbeat at beat 403.5
- beat 382 and 414 are actually different breaks represented the same way.
- beat 421-424 is messy with the timing, the first break is 2 notes, and then the ones after don't align with the music correctly.
- beat 425.5 you've been using kind of 2 groups of 48ths to represent that sound for most of the file but it changed here.
- the hand at 449.5 is for what?
- measure 117 is really well done
- beat 506 for climax maybe but still out of place.
- starting measure 134 there seems to be a lot of inconsistent use of sounds. Sometimes it gets used sometimes it doesn't and there's no real reason for the switches (particularly relevant to the first 16 measure after 134)
- ending is also quite inconsistent with itself and the sections it repeats from earlier.
- The song is long and has a lot of dead space which isn't good for replayability of a file, and as i mentioned has too many inconsistencies.

Lawn Wake XI (t-rogdor) 8/10 [+]
- Measure 21 is standard ddream shitdick pattern of the year.
- Nice length though, and it's smartly done with few unplayable patterns. Which is impressive given that it's not really a song as much as it is noise.

Let's Go (trumaestro) 8/10 [+]
- Excellent simfile, PR is payed attention to throughout, just generally really well done.
- The only thing I'm a bit unimpressed with is the length, the file is incredibly one-toned so having 2.5 minutes of it gets sort of boring but that aside this file is great.

Louder!! Louder!!!! Louder!!!!! (Alex Dest) 8/10 [+]
- The ending is a bit of a spike mostly because of patterns and I'm not sure how well it'd convert but I love the song and the file, it suits the song really well.

Lunar Eclipse - a nation of moon (DarkZtar) 7/10 [+.]
- Very nice attention to detail in the intro with the 8th jacks.
- For reasons of comfort, using a jump on meausre 22, 24, 26 etc. is a good idea.
- The ending is really poorly done. It fades out into hands and a 32nd pattern? It just doesn't make good sense.
- Overall I really like the file. Simple and fun and easy to play.

Malevolent Mansion [Heavy] (MiddieXForc3) 5/10 [+?] [<]
- The 24th patterns and switching the 32nds are bad.
- The dnb section has a lot of misrhythms in it.
- Overall the PR is weak too.
- Also the 32nds at the very end got ignored.

Malevolent Mansion [Standard] (Middie) 8/10 [+.]
- I knew there was something missing. Beat 80.500 and 112.500 are missing a note.
- Also this is something I didn't like about either file but it's not terrible: When you layer the bass for jumps you ignore the snare in the same section (starting m.36). It just plays uncomfortably.
- This file is much better than the other, more consistent and better patterns.

Mario Mix For Piano (MarioNintendo) 10/10 [++]
- This file is flawless.
- This file is how to make piano simfiles the right way.
- This file is everything right about simfiling.

Megaman 9 Rock Medley (meagmon88xMarioNintendo) 7/10 [+.]
- Measure 88 feels wrong, I think the second last 16th jump is supposed to be the 4th.
- I don't like the switch to 8ths at measure 194. The music doesn't come accross as 300 bpm.
- File is generally fine. It's a lot better than it used to be for sure, I still think it's understepped in some spots though.

Milky Blue (icyworld) 7/10 [+.]
- The amount of times I squee'd like a little girl during this song is somewhat degrading....
- I'm just gonna say this: I don't like blue's for 4ths, I get it Milky Blue and all but still.
- Measure 76+ is a bit of a problem for me. I find that it gets very stale and while the PR is good it's just awkward and difficult. I think the BNS also contributes to making it harder than it should be because of colour association.
- Measure 113+ is a bit impactless because there's too much layering. The voices would be fun but the voices with the synth is just too full.
- Some of the patterns in this file really don't make me happy. Which is awful because the song does. Long strings of 32nds with no breaks and that can be almost entirely put in the same direction get very stale very quickly and aren't fun to hit.
- Something I can concede to this is that the file is actually pretty exceptionally well done, it's main problem is that it's not fun for people who aren't quite good enough to play it effectively.

Myriagon (Reshiram) 6/10 [+.]
- This file is incredibly repetitive and it's not entirely the songs fault. There's no attempt at building the file throughout or... well, anything really, it's just very static and the steps are basically copied and pasted for 90% of it.
- To further incite, the hardest part of the file is actually right at the start because the patterns are somewhat disorganized.
- On top of that the layering is somewhat weak, there are entire sections of the file that I'd miss jumps and hit a single instinctively because it just should not have been a jump there.
- It's not like the file is filled with misrhythms and unreadable patterns or anything, it's just lackluster and doesn't make me want to play it at all.

Negions Fall (hi19hi19) 9/10 [+]
- Congrats to hi19. He stepped the one dnb file this batch that I actually enjoyed. And considering something like half of my files have been dnb that's actually saying something.
- The one thing I don't really like is that the ending is kinda out of nowhere. It's in that awkward length of "the file must be going on longer after this slow section" and "is it going to end here?" It's kinda right in the middle.

Nekomimi Switch (middie) 7/10 [+.]
- I think the step fade out at the end is somewhat unnecessary, the song cuts well enough to keep the jumps layered.
- measure 43's 16th is wrong.
- The file is fine really, it just doesn't leave much to be desired. It doesn't come across as repetitive or anything, it's just not enticing.

New Fluttershy (megamon88) 7/10 [+.]
- I'm not sure the sync on this file is great, I think the intro is slightly out of sync with the rest of the file.
- The 16th dumpstream goes on for too long too, I'd recommend finding a way to wean into it instead.
- Song isn't my cuppa tea, but file's aight.

NEXT STAGE!! (Silvuh) 9/10 [+]
- Excellent file.
- Found it! beat 226.5 (right near the end) you missed a jump on an 8th note. I knew I felt something odd when I played it, and that was it.

Not Our Tomorrow (Dossar) 6/10 [+.]
- The song making me rather I'd chew my ears off than listen to it aside...
- I noticed a lot of jumps that don't seem to belong, stuff like beat 17. As far as I could tell, the jumps were 4ths based on whether the guitar was playing or not, and there seemed to be a lot of extra jumps.
- Um, you have some massively shit 16th patterns in here. Like, all of them that are longer than a string of 5. If something is 260 bpm using awkward patterns is really bad.
- I'd say that's as bad as it gets, though. The parts of the file that are playable are mostly good, but the parts that aren't are just spikey and impossible.

OKAY! (Frank Munoz) 1/10 [-] [!]
-No .sm file. You either submitted the file as an "EDIT" file, or you have SM saved in an area where you need administrator permission to extract files, in which case it saves the files to your computer but you can't take them off (i.e. program files or something)

Outer Space (Tidus810) 7/10 [+.]
- Those 32nds at measure 16 flowed really well, gj on those.
- At measure 45 I think you missed some 16ths.
- The latter half of the file feels as though it has a lot more misrhythms in it, if nothing else because there seems to be too many arrows.
- In my experience, these kind of simfiles have a tendency not to convert well for FFR, as well I find them in concept somewhat underwhelming.

Still Shy VIP Instrumental (megamon88) 7/10 [+.]
- Those triplets in the early parts of the file are all 5 note strings. Once you hear it it's incredibly distracting.
- The 32nds at m.54 are kinda rough, might've been easier with a bit more pattern variability.
- The one at m.70 works a lot better.
- I also don't like how spikey those 32nds are. The file is SO easy compared to them, you could have just used 24ths or something a bit more reasonable.

[resub] THE LITTLE MERMAID (hi19hi19) 9/10 [+]
- congrats you've xandertrax'd a file that deserves a 1 into the game gj. Just trying to get this crap out of my batches from now on.


[Resubmission] THE LITTLE MERMAID / hi19hi19
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Looks like an easier Grocery Escape Plan... and I like it.
- I did read the previous notes of this file and I have to ask... have you changed anything at all?? because I see that the file still haves all the stuff from those notes.
13.165 - Should be a jump.

Art Of The Madness / MarioNintendo
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: The beginning feels repetitive but it's ok.
5.933 and 6.683 - these are jumps, you will have to change that runningmen pattern so they are different than [34].
63.85 - This is not that fast, the last note of the triplet should be a 4th (like 70.76).

Danse Bacchanale / Silvuh
rating: 7/10 [+.]
Play Test: long file x.x ... the file is fun, there are some questionable hands in some sections.
16.58 - This note is way offsync.
96.558 and 97.558 - According to your layerind, these notes should be hands.
183.944 and 184.184 - I don't see any reason to use hands here.
187.784 and 188.024 - Same as above.
238.214 - Offsync note.
250.326 and 264.158 - Missing notes.
337.656 and 337.773 - Missing notes, you stepped those sounds at 336.702 and 337.182.
372.353 - Hand.

Dragon Slayer / Silvuh
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: The file feels generic, but I don't see anything wrong.
- I didn't get what were you layering on the second half of the song, because the sounds are not that noticeable (it feels a bit overstepped for this reason).
- I think 26.324 would fit better as a jump than 26.124 and 26.524

Far East (All Night) / 00Razor00
rating: 7/10 [+.]
Play Test: Some 32nds feel awkward.
47.198 - I don't hear anything here.
47.995 - I think this would fit better in the first column.
49.495 - These are the 32nds that feel weird, probably because is in the same column as the notes before and after but being a totally different sound.
88.354 - This shouldn't be a jack.
92.995 - Missing note, you can change the [12] jump in the beginning of the roll to [14] to keep the same hand at the end.
118.448 - a mini-jack??... a ghost note??... both!!!... move it to the 4th at 118.542 (and change it to the right arrow)
125.057 - The first note is a ghost note, the roll starts at the 8th, and I think it's faster (like 124.354).

Feelings From the Air / trumaestro
rating: 5/10 [+?]
Play Test: Interesting file. Layering has some problems.
48.206 - Missing note.
61.157 - Jump.
61.716 - jump.
63.206 - Should be a jump (same sound as the next 2 jumps).
64.697 - Jump, check this entire section again.
84.169 - Missing note.
111.374 - Remove this arrow.

fever gameboy rmx / blindreper1179
rating: 3/10 [?]
Play Test: PR is pretty bad sorry.
- You should add 2 seconds of silence so you can step the intro. If you don't want to add the silence, start at 3.220.
- PR has a lot of problems. This is a good file to learn to step, you should download the midi of this song and a midi player that tells you how it is played (like VanBasco's Karaoke Player). This will help you a lot with the PR, because you will know if it's ascending or descending.
25.220 - This arrow is totally different from 24.820, so they can't be on the same column. You have this problem in several spots. This is only an example of the PR problems. You have to check the entire song again, the midi and the program will help you.

Fire / Elite Ninja
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Solid and fun file.
34.119 - change the 16th and the 8th to another column.
69.678 and 69.854 - Missing notes.

Flower Forever / MrPopadopalis25
rating: 6/10 [+.]
Play Test: This feels so old-shool haha... anyway, the trills feel weird.
40.028 - Missing note.
- I think this is the best you can do with a song this repetitive. I know you stepped the 32nds rolls as 16th trills, but I don't think they fit that well.
- One more thing, I understand why you used 16ths even though they are only 8ths (old-school manias)... but they feel so forced, especially the second stream.

For FFR V2 / XxMidigamixX
rating: 5/10 [+?]
Play Test: I have to check this closely, I think it is better that v1 though.
0.00 - Add 2 seconds of silence.
3.550 - Missing note.
11.216 - This should be a single note.
11.550 - Missing note.
12.300 - Remove this arrow.
22.716 - You ignore the 16ths here but not in the next measure, be consistent.
23.966 - Missing arrow.
28.966 - Missing arrow.
31.833 - I suggest to change this pattern so it has better flow, just make sure the first arrow is different from 31.716
39.383 - I like how you were using 64ths, but here you changed all the notes to green without any reason.
91.050 - I'm not sure about these gallops, there are some notes missing.

Futari, Hajimari / Silvuh
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: You really like to use hands, don't you?? hehehe. Good file.
0.00 - Add 2 seconds of silence.
64.644 - I don't hear anything here.
110.582 - Jump. Actually in this section you ignored some jumps, I don't know why.
118.957 - Missing note.
119.707 - Ghost note. Move it to 119.957

Future Destination / Reshiram
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Amazing chart, the ending is hard compared to the rest of the file though hahaha.
112.860 - This hand is not necessary at all.
124.560 - You could add the 16ths here.

FUTURE~SHOCK / rayword45
rating: 5/10 [+?]
Play Test: There are some jumps that would be better as single notes. The 32nds are jumptrillable so I don't see any problem, but there's a questionable 48th roll that I have to check.
- I don't get what you're layering near the beggining.
28.800 - This jump should be different from 28.339
31.800 - Missing note.
34.493 - Check this section, a lot of the jumps should be single notes. My suggestion is keep the jumps that goes to the "lyrics" like 34.954 and 35.416 and ALL other sounds as single notes, this will improve this section a lot.
48.646 - Missing 32nds.
52.416 and 52.569 - Missing notes.
80.954 - This is a 32nd roll like the others.
86.492 - This need better sync.

Galaxy / Coolboyrulez0
rating: 9/10 [+]
Play Test: Great chart.
37.952 - Missing note.
51.666 - Missing note.

Go 60 Go / wayward vagabond
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Really fun file, I love the flow of the chart <3 .
151.367 - WTF is this haha. The 16th, the 64th and the next 4th are ghost notes. They should be only 2 jumps, near the 8th and the second 16th.

Go Beyond!! -Jazzy mix- (FFR Edit) / Patashu
rating: 7/10 [+.]
Play Test: I thought this was going to be an mid-difficulty file... ohh, I was so wrong. I don't think that many quads are neccesary.
- Chart is overstepped, but it can be fun for the FFR gurus.
38.866 - Should be a jump.
67.585 - This hand should be different from the previous one.
82.951 - I think a hand fits better here.
162.890 and 163.073 should only be jumps.

Gotta Catch'em All / Wayward Vagabond
rating: 10/10 [++]
Play Test: this file sucks [/jealous]
everything is pure sex except for:
179.449 - this could be a cool roll.

Hajnal 2 / mi40
rating: 4/10 [+?]
Play Test: The colored quads are weird.
32.613 and 34.337 - I don't hear anything here.
48.273 - Missing note.
50.026 - Ghost note.
54.207 - This note should be moved to 54.164
63.647 - Missing note.
65.974 - Only the first "quad" is acceptable, the other two should be jumps at most.
70.759 - This burst should start at the 4th note and end at the 8th, so you have to remove the first 32nd and add it to 70.931 instead.
76.405 - Ghost note. Missing 16th at 76.578
95.888 - This is not in the same pitch as 95.457, change it. 100.716 too.
173.044 - Change this pattern so it is different from 172.871
177.526 - Missing note.
183.906 - I suggest changing theses bursts to 3-notes ... so you can have more variation.
186.319 - Missing 16ths.
189.164 - Missing note.
201.837 - I suggest changing theses hands to [124] and the ones at 203.216 to [134] to have better PR.
229.768 - The lyrics are more appropiate to step here.

Headless / 00Razor00
rating: 6/10 [+.]
Play Test: File is fun... so many hands though. Placeholder is not necessary.
0.00 - Add 2 seconds of silence.
8.835 - Remove the first 2 notes here.
14.523 - This should be a 16th.
52.665 - Ghost note.
92.505 - If you're are stepping the melody, then all the notes should be different. But I know you where stepping the same sound as 101.381, so sync it in the same way (24ths).
128.560 - There are ghost 16th notes in this jumpstream, remove them.

Hyper Highspeed Star / Rebirth vs. Izzy
rating: 5/10 [+?]
Play Test: Despite being a different remix, it feels similar to EHHS... and a bit inconsistent.
0.00 - Add 2 seconds of silence.
- Offset is wrong.
66.397 - This is the only time you stepped the 16ths, be consistent.
68.291 - This should be a single note, the jump is in the next 4th.
143.715 and 143.804 - Missing notes. This repeats at 186.608
16.215 - Missing note.
165.503 - No matter what you're stepping here, you have ghost notes like this one.

I Made This For You / Soul.
rating: 5/10 [+?]
Play Test: 32nd trills... really?
40.714 - I'm not sure about this roll.
42.857 - Quad does not fit that well imo.
43.661 - Change one note to the 16th.
44.143 - You use 32nd trills everywhere only to increase the difficulty. I'd say change all of them to 3-note rolls (same feeling but a little easier).
49.018 - Ghost note.

I'm a Monster / Coolboyrulez0
rating: 6/10 [+.]
Play Test: File is ok. There a part with only [12] and [34] jumps that could use more variation.
0.00 - Add 2 seconds of silence.
55.825 - Missing note.
62.473 and 62.598 - Missing notes.
75.348 - This is not wrong at all, I just recommend giving this section more variation alternating with [13][24] or [14][23] patterns.
106.286 - Missing note.

Incident Zero / hi19hi19
rating: 9/10 [+]
Play Test: Cool mid-difficulty chart. Congrats.
0.00 - Notes within the first 2 seconds.
29.783 and 30.050 - You could layer these as jumps.

Internal Cannon / condoct
rating: 6/10 [+.]
Play Test: The are some misrhythms.
0.00 - Notes within the first 2 seconds.
27.752 - These are 12ths, not 16ths.
33.491 - Again, not 16ths.
113.677 - Missing note.

J'ai Entendu Le Train / DossarLX ODI vs. j-rodd123
rating: 7/10 [+.]
Play Test: lol country... anyway there's a runningmen pattern repeated a lot that made this feel repetitive.
11.780 - This is the runningmen patter I mentioned, you could alternate with a 1343134 runningmen.

Jazzman - Super Mario Bros / MarioNintendo
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Song is repetitive but chart is fun and very well stepped.
2.105 - I don't think hands are necessary, other than 3.028 . This is repeated 3 or 4 times in the file.

Just Hold On / bmah
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Fun file.
111.605 - I don't think this is part of the jacks, so it would be better on another column.
173.170 - You can step the 24ths like you did before, they're more noticeable imo.

Kirlian Choices / Choofers
rating: 5/10 [+?]
Play Test: Lol... 4 Flashbulb files in a row x.x . Anyway, this file seems good... only a couple weird transitions.
26.651 - I don't hear anything for this note.
63.323 - Missing 16ths.
68.423 - Another missing 16th.
112.974 - Missing note.
193.300 - Missing note. This pattern is repeated like 3 times.
208.816 - This section is full of ghost notes and missing notes (if I get correctly what you're stepping).

Kirlian Shores / DarkZtar
rating: 6/10 [+.]
Play Test: I find this so hard ... I don't like it that much as a player.
46.465 - These are straight 12ths... but I guess you're being expressive so it's ok.
67.036 - This is the same situation, but this time they're more off-sync... so move them closer to the 12ths.
71.750 - These are 32nds.
96.929 - Sync better.
163.893 - Sync better.

Lawn Wake III / mi40
rating: 7/10 [+.]
Play Test: Wow... really fun file.
7.707 - The change of bpm is weird.
10.932 - Missing note.
28.707 - Missing note.
94.407 - You should add the 4th jacks here too... I really like them.

Lawn Wake XI / t-rogdor
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Nicely synced, looks great.
0.00 - Add 2 seconds of silence.

Let's Go / trumaestro
rating: 6/10 [+.]
Play Test: Not a bad file, but so many jacks for my taste lol. PS: I played it one-handed too haha, nicely donde.
33.376 - Missing note.
34.209 - You could give this section more variation than only down and right arrows.
41.616 - You can make this a jump because you're entering a louder section.
42.265 - Missing note.
77.079 - Missing 16th.
77.820 - Missing note.
78.561 - Missing note.
82.913 - Missing note.

Louder!! Louder!!!! Louder!!!!!! / AlexDest
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: I really liked this chart <3
16.323 - You ignore this note 4 times but then you step it at 25.989.

Lunar Eclipse - a nation of moon / DarkZtar
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: I don't hear the grace notes, I need to watch closely.
11.330 - I know why these are jacks... but you are stepping the melody, and there are not jacks if you follow it.

Malevolent Mansion [Heavy] / Xx{Midnight}xX vs. T-Force
rating: 7/10 [+.] **NOTE**
Play Test: Great chart.
77.051 - Missing note.

**NOTE** - The patterns in both charts are identical for the most part, [Standard] just takes away all the 16ths from [Heavy] with very few changes. I judged them as different charts, but in my opinion they cannot get in-game being so similar. One chart must be changed completely.

Malevolent Mansion [Standard] / Xx{Midnight}xX
rating: 7/10 [+.] **NOTE**
Play Test: Cool chart, but there are some parts identical to Heavy. I really like the 16ths trills instead of 32nds rolls.
69.288 - If you move this to the right arrow it would be tons better.

Mario Mix For Piano / MarioNintendo
rating: 9/10 [+]
Play Test: I love Super Mario Land, but I thought this would have more than 1 song in the "Mix" lol. Great chart.
*No comments*

Mega Man 9 Rock Medley / MarioNintendo & megamon88
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: so beautiful... :')
51.178 and 57.578 - I don't hear anything that explains the jump jack.
157.858 - You should make this a single note and 157.946 a jump, layering the same sound as the jacks.
276.988 - Not sure about this being a triplet.
396.911 - Missing note.

Milky Blue / icontrolyourworld
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: I was having so much fun... but then long 24th and 32nd streams ... still a great chart with a lovely song.
258.091 - You missed the 24ths here.

Myriagon / Reshiram
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Great approach for this song.
55.569 - This section feels empty, you could add some minijacks, or continue the triplets. But don't leave only 4ths here.

Negions Fail / hi19hi19
rating: 7/10 [+.]
Play Test: Cool chart... but I'm curious to know why you ignored some obvious notes. I really like the use of colored notes.
7.572 - Missing note.
36.155 - This is repeated in this entire section, the first pattern is ok, but then it repeats like this... missing the 8th jack here. Since this is repeated 14 times, you should add them to have more variation.

Nekomimi Switch / Xx{Midnight}xX
rating: 4/10 [+?]
Play Test: I like the song choice. It seems like there are some ghost notes in the jacks.
16.235 - Missing note in the jack. Also, 16.422 is part of the jack too. This is repeated at: 22.235 , 28.235
18.860 - I think this is not part of the jack, but 19.422 IS part of the jack.
24.672 - Ghost note. and 25.422 is part of the up-jacks. This is repeated at: 30.672, 36.672
64.047 - Missing note.

New Fluttershy (MONSTER MIX) / megamon88
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Good job syncing those bpm changes.
0.00 - Add 2 seconds of silence.
20.955 - There are some 16ths missing through this section. I will list the ones I found: 23.350 , 29.908 , 32.280

NEXT STAGE!! / Silvuh
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Great chart.
14.461 - Missing note.
46.128 - Move this note to 46.220

Not Our Tomorrow / DossarLX ODI
rating: 7/10 [+.]
Play Test: Fast streams are fast...
48.992 and 49.107 - Ghost notes.
69.300 - Ghost note.
72.992 - Ghost note.

Okay! / Frank Munoz
rating: ??/10 [!]
Play Test: -Blank File-
Editor: -Blank File-

Outer Space / Tidus810
rating: 8/10 [+]
Play Test: Cool colorful chart.
110.292 - You should make this a single note since there's no melody here. If you make this be sure to change 112.343 and 114.394 too.
116.446 - Move the down arrow to around 116.510 , making a triplet.

Still Shy VIP Instrumental / megamon88
rating: 5/10 [+?]
Play Test: Those 32nds streams are an unnecessary diff-spike imo.
0.00 - Add 2 seconds of silence.
28.069 - This entire section is missing a lot of 16ths in almost every triplet you have, like this one.
90.962 and 118.391 - I think the 32nds are too much for this file.


Art of the Madness [3/10]
-The entire beginning is a huge dumpstream. Rather, this whole file is one long dumpstream. There is barely anything accentuated here and is very bland. The halfway part is just a huge mess of colored notes that really have no business being colored notes.

Danse Bacchanale [4/10]
-m9 this section is quite confusing. Your jump useage isn't very consistent with what you're following, nor are the accentuations.
-m33 this sound isn't accentuated enough to warrant hands. It looks overlayered for what the song offers. Just a simple pattern with a bit of buildup works better.
-m43 crashes aren't hands anymore? though I realize they're not as loud, they're still quite a presence.
-end of m51 don't forget the flute 32nds.
-the 24ths you did follow sound more like 32nds.
-re-check that section to make sure you're using consistent rhythms between 24ths and 32nds
-m80 hands would work as jumps
-m90 the gallops are no longer audible compared to the straight 8ths. would make more sense to follow those.
-m93 2nd 4th note is missing 16ths following it if you listen carefully. same with a few other parts in this section.
-m97 this feels a little too understepped. the flow is broken here.
-m105 the bass hits can be accentuated as jumps
-m109 I have nothing against the 32nds to the harps, but technically it could be something a little faster to add that effect. though given the difficulty of the rest of the file it's not a big deal
-end of m144 the missed 16th triplet here should be obvious
-This is a very long song that often repeats some areas longer than they should, but given the nature of the song and how it's all sync'd there isn't much to do about it.
-the 24th stream parts can be a bit of a difficulty spike though
-m181 you could follow the percussions here to fill in the bland straight 8th jumps (the 16ths)
-m197 for a climax you really should follow the 16ths here building up to the end.
-m200 I don't agree with the jump here. nothing really there. could step the timpani roll though.
-Props on stepping a song like this.

dr. mario [1/10]
-first off, you shouldn't start the song on an awkward beat like this. you should either start it right away or when the melody starts at m3
-there doesn't seem to be any effort put into pitch relevance. feels like the arrows were thrown in at random
-m10 you could've stepped the bleeps here at least
-m11 the 16ths aren't followed, instead it's just incoherent 4th jumps with 8ths in between.
-lots of work needs to be done on this file. nothing really makes sense, areas are very inconsistent.

Dragoon Slayer [3/10]
-from the start, I can't help but feel the 16ths would add so much more to your chart.
-m4 the orchestral hits could be more pitch relevant for a better feel of the chart.
-end of m5 16ths leading up to the next measure (reason i'm suggesting 16ths is because of the heavy useage of jumps)
-so many missed sounds, then 12ths to trumpet? there were so many other sounds that were much more prominent.
-most of this file is just 4th and 8th jumps with the occasional 16ths if the lead just so happens to go with it. given the density of this file, there really should be more things followed. as is, it's quite bland.
-m65 missed a note

Far East (All Night) [5/10]
-m9 3rd 4th if i'm following your layering correctly, shouldn't there be a jump here to the synth hits?
-some jumps seem either missed or the layering becomes confused in this section.
-m26 the background synth here has some nice little 16ths that could be followed to add a nice transition since this section can get a little monotonous. that, and you follow them at m30 so it's just a quesetion of consistency.
-in this section, I really don't think it's necessary to add 32nd flam notes to the guitar notes. they're barely audible and don't really add much to the lead.
-m33 the guitar here has more of a glissando, so more than a 32nd flam would work better here.
-m34 the 32nd here is a good example of why it's really not necessary to add flam notes. it's an 8th and should stay that way.
-end of m34 i don't really hear 16ths, same with m36
-end of m41 if you listen carefully you can hear the synth adding a 16th note after the last 8th.
-m71 I get wanting to accentuate the guitar here, but it isn't completely necessary.
-m72 this whole part is a mess. could use some more clean sync'ing of guitar and overall what you're following.
-m98 no 32nd roll anymore?

Feelings From the Air [5/10]
-m22 this is probably the first time i'll suggest it but the claps should be followed as polyrhythms to fill in this empty section
-m25 same thing with the claps for consistency.
-m30 the 12th jumps here don't really make much sense.
-m31 first note could use a jump since it's a crash, this section could also follow the bass drum which is more or less ignored until the end of this measure for some reason.
-m48 listen carefully and the piano will present a 2nd 16th gallop between 4ths.
-this section it's also a little hard to ignore the running 16ths, but it's up to you.
-m68 the 16th bass drum/clap combination is sometimes followed, sometimes ignored.
-m74 compared to the rest of the file this section feels disappointingly underlayered. I would honestly add jumps here.
-rest just repeats.

Fire [7/10]
-start of the file, the brass instruments I feel could be used as jumps instead of single notes.
-nothing really blatantly wrong with this file otherwise. jumps are very consistent, 32nd patterns are very nicely managed. shame the song is so short though.

Flower Forever [2/10]
-not the best pitch relevancy I've seen. Could definitely use some improvement.
-m6 percussions here could be given some importance rather than just repeating the past 4 measures.
-m10 there's a new synth introduced that offers other 16th notes to be followed. listen carefully.
-i'm sure this whole intro section could be cut in half, but that's up to you.
-m17 these could be 32nd rolls, but again it's up to you.
-m21 listen to the 16ths here. rhythm is wrong. should land on 4th note.
-m35 that first 16th note doesn't really fit there.
-m45 you should keep following the jumps on 4ths.
-invisible 16th streams. quit out.
-if you really listen to the BARELY audible percussions in the background, they're not straight 16ths at all. though this seems to be a popular misconception with sharpnel songs

For FFR [3/10]
-m8 this jump should be removed. it's not enough of a hit to warrant this. if you were in stepmania, as a hold it would work. but here I think it's best to leave as a single note.
-m9 technically this is a straight stream with no stops, so there shouldn't be any holes. though I see you're following the bassline, in which case I would go over this section again since there are a few extra 16ths added (ex: the 16th note after the 2nd 4th note)
-m17 you should follow the 8th (16th at half speed) notes here. feels like a really awkward transition.
-your bursts patterns are fine for the most part, but the last one at m20 should be re-worked a little.
-m22 there's really no need for teal notes here, especially since they're offsync.
-mid of m25 you randomly stop following the stream?
-m38 hole here?
-m53 you stop following the stream again. makes no sense.
-i'll give you one thing, your stream patterns are nice.
-file needs a lot of work. given the nature of the song though, it doesn't offer much more than straight 8ths and jumpstream though.

Futari, Hajimari [6/10]
-first measure, i'm sure some of those echo notes shouldn't be there. barely audible (the last 4 more specifically)
-m7 right before the 16th note, should be an 8th. this occurs in this entire section.
-i'd have a few more nit-picks about this file but the fun value makes up for it.

Future Destination [3/10]
-m10/11 single notes should be sufficient for this lead. the jumps just oversaturates this section.
-m35 missed a 16th in the melody.
-m37 why are there 32nds here?
-m54 if you're following the percussion, there's an awkward gap between the 2nd and 3rd 4th jumps that should be filled with the 16th beat you can hear.
-m56 when slowed down, some 16th notes in your sequence are too many (near the end of the measure)
-m57 alternatively, some 16ths right at the beginning are missed.
-slow down this section and listen carefully. a few other spots are off.
-m63 the 192nds really aren't necessary.
-m79 192nd again really useless here. nothing to warrant it.
-m87 this whole section is a mess. none of the leads/rhythms are being followed properly. when slowed down, there isn't anything making much sense. this is further demonstrated by the awkward break at m90
-m101 the bass drum is completely being ignored, same with the 32nds.
-m102 the hits are mingled in with the jumpstream, but then at 103 the jumpstream randomly stops.
-last 4th note shouldn't be there.

Future~Shock [2/10]
-song starts on an awkward beat. start either on the frist measure or at measure 4. also the hi-hats aren't consistent if you're following up until the end of m3. they go throughout the whole measure (probably best not to step them)
-m6 I don't hear any 32nds here.
-m10 this part is just a mess. you now placed 16ths where there were 32nds, and then you switch again. makes no sense whatsoever.
-listen carefully to the beats in this song. Most 32nds and 24ths seem thrown in at random.
-m31 the first 4th jump doesn't exist.
-file needs a lot of work. lots of ghost notes added where there are no present sounds.

Galaxy [6/10]
-m22 missed a 16th bass drum beat after the first 8th note. check the rest of the file for a few syncopated bass drums missed like this.
-layering is consistent, accentuation is clear and nothing is out of place. well crafted file.
-song ends tragically short. there's no real climax and feels as if it's incomplete. extend at least with the dubstep chorus again?

Go 60 Go [5/10]
-artist should ~technically~ be takoyaki but whatev
-starting at m5 i'm disappointed you didn't follow the little toms (m6 feels like it has an empty space as a result)
-m13 really the 64th notes should be before every 8th beat. the hi-hats pick up in this section.
-m25 your following of the 64th swing hi-hats is inconsistent. sometimes you randomly stop, sometimes you mingle them in near the 16ths. Honestly I would just follow the straight 16ths in this section.
-m45 this is a great example of how you should've followed m13
-m48 since this is a bit of a transition, rather than stepping every audible sound it would be better to accentuate the beat hits instead of adding all the intermittent 64ths.
-This file has an issue with consistently following what's going on, especially with the 64ths. They're often dropped or inconsistently used and it's really confusing to follow what's going on most of the time

Go Beyond!! -jazzy mix- [7/10]
-file starts on an awkward beat. fix this please. either start it on time (add proper 2 second delay don't be lazy tim) or wait till measure 5
-some of your mini-jack useage I don't exactly follow, but the rest of this file makes up for it. very complex beats with awesome accentuation. xoon pack hehu

Gotta Catch 'Em All [4/10]
-I have no problem with you layering the vocals to the jumpstream, but maybe add the snare hits as well? Just a suggestion
-m19 this could also work as jumpstream to add to the transition with the 8th jumps.
-m22 during the hands the drums don't stop, but you stop following the 16ths for some reason.
-m30 totally missed the snare 16ths
-m37 since you've been following jumps to the vocals the whole way so far, shouldn't there be a jump on the last 8th as well?
-m52 there's a hole and there should be a 16th there. nothing in the song really stops here
-m58 I guess this works alright but the missing 16ths snares irk me.
-end of m63 missed 16th snares again
-m71 missed 16th snares
-m75 after the first 8th hand missed a 16th
-m85 missed a snare hit where the 2nd 4th note should be
-end of m86/start of 87 I don't get why there are invisible 16ths here.
-m97 some lead guitar notes are ignored after the first 4th note
-m102 you decide to accurately follow the guitar sweeps, why not in the two measures before?
-m134 I really don't understand the 4th jumps here. not really going to anything in particular
-m160 for the last three notes, the missing 16ths is really inexcusable given the difficulty of the rest of the file.
-lots of inconsistencies in this file

Hajnal [6/10]
-the lack of 2 second silence at the start of your file may be an issue, but that's not really a reason to penalize your file since it starts off right.
-m34 this is probably just me nit-picking but the burst patterns could maybe flow a little better
-m42 instead of adding 192nd flams why not just make the whole 3 note jump a 192nd if you want to accentuate that sound?
-m45 missed a 16th after the 3rd 4th note
-m47 this needs to be looked over. the buzzing sounds follow a more specific sound than just randomly placed 192nds. Regardless, it would work better as jumps of one color rather than complicating things with polyrhythms
-at m62 I'd rather you do something like you did at m64. Flam notes should only be applied when actually present.
-m68 the violin has some pretty clear notes, the pitch relevancy here shouldn't be an issue.
-the amen break sections of this song, 192nd flams aside, are fantastically managed. again I stress nearly all of the flam notes in this song don't really exist and only cause annoyance.
-m134 after the 192nd missed some 16ths
-bursts like at m186 are an example of how they should be used for that specific sound.

Headless [pass]
-VBR extention, doesn't play on SM5

Hyper Highspeed Star [4/10]
-m25 crash cymbal should be a jump/hand
-so far the first 30+ measures have been the same gallops on randomly placed patterns.
-m42 adding the random gallops again while strictly following vocals creates inconsistency. It just really seems out of place at this point.
-m49 the same sound was present last time you added the gallops, yet now it's a 7 note stream. this makes no sense at all.
-m63 the 2nd set of 16ths are barely audible
-m67 the jumpstream 16th hi-hats hasn't stopped, there's no reason why there should be a hole here.
-m69 if you're following jumps to the vocals, some 8th notes are missed.
-there isn't much consistency in this whole file. I realize it's an old-school structured file, but even as such it has major structure problems and missed things that just make it a mess at sections.

I made this for you [5/10]
-m24/25 I don't exactly think this is 32nd roll worthy. I realize it's to accentuate the buzzing effect but just some colored notes could work here as well
-m26 32nd trill. why? there's really nothing here to indicate such.
-m36 places like these there's no need for 32nds. it's just for the sake of difficulty but are irrelevant to the actual beats provided.
-this actually isn't a bad file at all. just suffers from "well since I can't use holds i'll just drown said section in invisible 32nd trills" syndrome.

I'm a Monster [6/10]
-m32 if you listen after the 4th jumps, sounds like there's a 16th guitar note (like at m34 but it has snare over it)
-m37 around the 3rd 4ths there are some drum beats missed
-m46/47 here I will pick at your simplicity. The jumpstream here is very blandly patterned.
-I like this. Very simple, not trying too hard to be fancy.

Incident Zero [6/10]
-m25 this hole here sounds like there could be a tiny 8th note
-solo theory is great. perhaps a little more could be layered in since it feels a little empty.
-m46 I'm disappointed the bass drum 32nds didn't get stepped
-M47 after the 16th jump missed a snare hit, also the next 16th could be a jump since it's a crash note
-m62 this 24th section is very long and becomes a bit tedious to play after a while. Could layer in some of the solo notes to avoid monotony. The solo just feels drowned out completely here.

Internal Cannon [6/10]
-m9 the hands are a great addition, but I don't think the 8ths between them should be forgotten.
-m22 3rd 4th the toms keep going yet you cut off at the next 8th note. should sound pretty apparent here.
-m27 these are 12ths, not 16ths.
-m31 after 3rd 8th note missed percussions (beat 122.5)
-m32 again the 16ths here are 12ths.
-m37/38 the percussions are completely ignored here for some reason.
-M57 should be apparent that there would be 8ths between the hands, but I get what you're doing.
-m61 feels a little unsettling because the ride is being stepped but louder things aren't
-this is a really sweet file but really needs some of those fixes.

J'ai Entendu le Train [pass]
-VBR extention, doesn't play on SM5

Jazzman [8/10]
-First 5 notes are the same intensity, so technically they should all be hands (though honestly you should place them as jumps, with the 6th note being a hand)
-accents are fantastic in this. really have nothing to complain about here.

Just Hold On [7/10]
- +1 for excellent pitch relevancy
-m25 it's pretty apparent the swing is MUCH more present than the barely audible background marimba. But I see you switch over in the next section.
-This song really feels anti-climactic haha. nothing technically wrong really.

Kirlian Choices [8/10]
-went over this song twice, couldn't really find anything worth picking at.

Kirlian Shores [7/10]
-there are a few spots (m20 for example) that have a few ghost percussion notes you can hear. could step them but just a suggestion.
-m24 if you slow down this section, the 12ths are actually faster.
-m31 at least make the jumps here alternate. having that jack is a little much. (not a huge deal though)
-great file. bursts managed quite well.

Lawn Wake III [7/10]
-I suddenly get to a point where I have to play like 5 flashbulb files in a row which are all fantastic.

Lawn Wake XI [8/10]
-this is the weirdest intro to a file I've ever played.
-I don't think I need to go and look at the sync of every note in this file. the first 20 measures were spot on.
-new contemporary simfile art award.

Let's Go [7/10]
-m19 this section here the 16ths from the previous measures keeps going on here, would maybe work well here as well.
-m21 missed percussion 16ths
-m35/36 the snare is ignored, would make a great build-up
-This file is really fun and that makes up for a few iffy sections.

Louder!! Louder!!!! Louder!!!!! [6/10]
-m8 if you're following the synth, listen carefully at the end there are 12ths.
-m18 missing 24ths (same as before)
-m20 the first 16th should be 24ths/32nds (go over this part carefully.)
-m69 this 1243 pattern at this speed is a little annoying to hit. could change it around to flow better
-m72 if you're not following the synth, at least go with rainbow dash's annoying mutant screaming. just a hole like this is too awkward
-m86 the 16ths here could use a pattern change.

Lunar Eclipse [7/10]
-this song has a great feel to it. even though some sections are just slow jumpstreams the pitch relevance is great and the patterns flow greatly.

Malevolent Mansion [Heavy] [6/10]
-m20 you're only placing jumps to the snares here. I think it would be fitting if you added jumps at least to every 1st bass drum 4th note.
-m36 I feel like there could be more emphasis on the bass drum kicks here. when there are double bass drum kicks you could arrange the 4ths/8ths as a 2 note jack to note its presence.
-also at this measure, the jumps you placed aren't really loud enough (alghough correct). I feel like they could be used more effectively for percussions (though this wouldn't matter much if previous comment was follwed)
-m69/70 the 32nds with this pattern might be a little rough on each hand. maybe use 431/421 patterns?

Malevolent Mansion [Standard] [5/10]
-for this difficulty, I think the jumps are a little too heavy. You basically just took out the 16ths like a mediocre easier chart on stepmania.
-m44 you still left the jump trills. rather inconsistent with difficutly, especially with the 16th stream coming up after it. if you choose to follow the 16ths here, then perhaps the rest of the file should have them as well.
-m66 the 16ths were followed as 12ths before. why is it different here?
-just seems like there isn't much consistency in this file difficulty wise.

MArio Mix for Piano [6/10]
-right off the start i'm not sure the 8th jumps are really consistent with any sort of layering. the lower piano notes are on every 4th technically. then at m4, they're on every note.
-this sort of jumps on every 8th notes becomes really annoying throughout the whole file.
-I'll be honest, if you could cut the entire first half of the intro, this would be way better. the 2nd half is infinitely better.

Mega Man 9 Rock Medley [7/10]
-m5 the guitar notes would work better as jumps in this section.
-end of m10 next to the guitar flam there should be an 8th bass drum note. sorta irks me in this spot.
-m27 this 16th section feels too empty compared to the rest of the file. perhaps adding some synth jumps here would be cool.
-file's super fun

Milky Blue [7/10]
-sync at the start of the file isn't exactly spot-on
-m16 could you pick a better pattern for this plzzzz. 3412 going to 1234 is a horrid transition
-m44/45 this part feels a little too empty. i'd keep following the background chips
-reset of the file is very well crafted. another great ymck marathon file

Myriagon [7/10]
-theoretically (first few measures) the 8th single notes to the synth should be jumps as well.
-m16 missed bass drum 16ths
-great example of how traditional layering with accents is fun as hell.

Negions Fail [8/10]
-m14 missed 16th notes
-this is fantastic.

Nekomimi Switch [4/10]
-end of m10 missed 16ths
-m11 you really should step the vocals. the hole at beat 43 is super awkward.
-this whole section feels really underlayered compared to the rest of the file.
-m34 16ths missed again
-m39 when the synth kicks in again, you should layer this
-m43 this 16th note is wrong and should be an 8th.
-layering consistency is pretty odd in this file. pitch relevancy in obvious spots is relatively ignored.

New Fluttershy [6/10]
-beat 18.5 missed bass drum 16ths
-beat 26.750 missed 16th
-beat 31.250 missed 16th
-beat 62.250 missed 16th
-beat 169.750 missed 16th
-beat 171.750 missed 16th
-the long jumpstream section feels sorta anti-climactic, but works since it's near the end of the song.
-rest is pretty great.

NEXT STAGE!! [6/10]
-m2 feels like the harpy melody could be stepped as well to fill this gap a little
-m9 a hole like this is sort of awkward. there are some percussions going on as well.
-beat 49.5 this 8th jump goes to a barely audible brass note that wasn't followed as jumps before (example being the brass melody after beat 46)
-beat 102 the 16ths technically keep going.
-m28 what you're following here isn't exactly clear/accurate. the synth should be straight 16ths.
-beat 132.250 missed 16th
-beat 222.750 missed 16th

Not Our Tomorrow [8/10]
-ah man the 16th patterns in this are fantastic, EXCEPT BEAT 259 WHAT WERE YOU THINKING.
-I do wish some of the guitar melodies were better accentuated with 8th mini-jacks to give a better feel of transitions.

Okay! [pass]
-uh, sm file is empty for some reason

Outer Space [6/10]
-m6 I don't think those 24ths are necessary.
-beat 41.5 since you're accurately following the synth notes, should add a flam here
-some of the colored notes seem like a mess in this area pattern wise
-m16 32nd patterns need an overhaul.
-M40 not discrediting the color notes here, but some of the 64ths could just be used as straight 4th/8th notes
-m73 these could be managed a little better flow wise.

Still Shy VIP Instrumental [6/10]
-once the percussions start, the 3 note 16th runs should be 5 notes (example beat 69.250 is missing a 16th. this happens very frequently)
-m54 woooooooooooah these need a major pattern overhaul.
-beat 238.5 missed an 8th
-the 32nd runs in this file need to be re-done in general
-with some fixes this file is pretty boss.


Art of Madness (MarioNintendo)
Rating: 5/10 [+?]

- pitch relevancy can be improved slightly in many areas [-1]
- 53.188 to 88.525: lazily synced, and overly colorful as a result. The BPM could have been left at 162.9xx like it was before, and then subbeats could have been applied on the last note before where the 4th note needed to occur. You would accomplish the same result in terms of sync (letting it land on a 4th when you want it) while maintaining proper colors. [-3]
- chart/song are incredibly repetitive [-1]

Danse Bacchanale (Silvuh)
Rating: 6/10 [+.]

- VERY unique song!
- sync looks decent
- 109.513: nasty spike, oof. The rest of the file was (comparatively) pretty light, so going into a 24th trill with jumps like this is a bit harsh. [-1]
- 384.979: again, but near the end of the song, eek. [-1]
- 419.621 to 425.519: that's also really extreme. [-1]
- 112.339/114.221: where are the 24ths/32nds for the flutes? They're clearly audible here. [-0.5]
- after taking a second look at the song, I can't help but feel like the chart could be a bit more fitting (and more level in difficulty) with accented layering rather than direct layering (see: 99.538 and 103.586 for trumpet accents, or for a different side of the argument, 120.025/121.872/123.777 for spots where jumps are questionable because there's really nothing of accenting value for increased layering, etc.) [-0.5]
- also: holy long song

Dragon Slayer (Silvuh)
Rating: 6/10 [+.]

- changed BPM to 149.985 to prevent drifting, changed offset from -1.724 to -1.663 (61 ms) [-2]
- feels very forced and overlayered near the end, only as a by-product from trying to accommodate for strong instruments alongside of weaker and not prominent instruments [-1]
- the attention to detail in repeated notes is appreciated, though (48.068)
- lacking in accent detail and plays like a much more repetitive file because of how jumpy it is without any real changes [-1]

Far East [All Night] (00Razor00)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- 9.604 to 21.042: layering seems slightly off in some spots (I understand omitting jumps in spots like 9.604/11.104/etc, but what about 13.167/16.542/19.167/(etc)? [-1]
- 24.042 to 31.542: copy/paste (noticed the first two measures changed, but the rest is directly copy/pasted). [-0.5]
- 34.917: missing note for bass drum?
- 57.042 to 69.042: more copy/paste from first section [-0.5]
- 105.042 to 129.042: really nice guitar solo; patterns are well done and reflect the slides/pitch bends that the guitar does [+1]
- 129.042 to 151.542: copy/paste again? This song is repetitive enough as it is, but doing the exact same patterns that many times is a bit too much - it might be technically correct, but it makes the file drag so much more than it should. Simply manipulating the turn directions for the chorus melodies would have made the file considerably less repetitive because it would have mirrored notable patterns to make them notable on their own, or it would have turned split-handed [13]/[24] to one-handed [12]/[34] and changed the chart's patterns and structure without ruining the layering. [-2, simply because the layering situations in the 9.604-21.042 note exist within all of the copy/pasting and could use fixing in general]

Feelings From The Air (trumaestro)
Rating: 5/10 [+?]

I had to adjust the sync a bit because of a pause being in the chart since I judge with DDream. Times should hopefully be close, still.

- missed a note at 19.200
- 38.242 to 41.223/43.087 to 45.695: while the layering shifts to a more prominent instrument, it leaves behind the clap that you've been following the whole time... why? [-0.5]
- 46.192/46.938: jumps? [-0.5]
- 62.745/65.633/66.006/66.192/66.379/(etc.): missing jumps [-1]
- 78.304/90.229: missing jump (piano and bass drum coincide here, and it seems like you've been taking a more direct approach to your charting here) [-0.5]
- 83.897: missing note
- 99.360 to 102.341: another strange layering shift [-0.5]
- 104.111: shouldn't this be a jump too?
- 107.000: missing note for a synth accent that is very easy to hear [-0.5]
- 111.285: 16th run starts too early (it should start at 111.472) [-0.5]
- 127.497/139.422: missing jump (piano and bass drum coincide here) [-0.5]
- 143.894: you had a jump at this particular spot in the last section like this, why is it missing here? [-0.5]

This chart is somewhat disorganized. It tries to have a clear structure, but it breaks from the structure a few times and it's not always clear as to why.

fever gameboy rmx (blindreper1179)
Rating: 3/10 [?]

- offset changed from -0.020 to -0.050 (30 ms)
- structure in this chart is very strange
- 3.250/6.450/9.650/12.850: while I'm not against a lack of pitch relevancy in a chart, I wouldn't mind seeing consistency within sections that sound the same, and that simply doesn't happen here. The patterns almost look randomly thrown together. [-2]
- 8.050: that works alright.
- 16.050: jumps put in place instead of the 16ths actually works somewhat nicely in this area
- 20.050: accidental repetition in taps when there's really nothing that merits it [-1]
- 28.850 to 41.650: all sorts of problems here - jumps aren't consistently used (see: 31.250/34.450; a synth actually lands every two beats so these should be a jump), all sorts of missing sounds for things you attempt to follow (you account for the sound at 30.050, but that same instrument plays an 8th note later - this happens at 29.250, 29.450, 30.250, 30.850, 31.050, and many other places.) [-3]
- 51.250: you put jumps here for the 8-bit claps, but don't account for them anywhere else, which is a structural inconsistency for the entire section [-1]

Fire (Elite Ninja)
Rating: 9/10 [+]

- offset changed from -0.060 to -0.038 (22 ms)
- as someone who is a huge fan of accenting, I was a little disappointed to not see at least jumps for the brass accents that happen at the start of every measure for the introduction [-1]
- I love the indirect attention to detail in the bass in your chart; when the percussion is running, the bass gets much more attention in your chart and gets heavier layering, regardless of what's going on (see: 47.332, 50.156/etc), but has considerably lighter layering when there is no percussion going on at all (see: 79.803/85.450/etc.) [+1]
- I am VERY fond of this chart. Excellent work!

Flower Forever (MrPopadopalis25)
Rating: 3/10 [?]

- offset is fine
- 49.874/55.353/60.832/66.312: check rhythm - these notes should be a 16th up [-1]
- 86.774 to 125.130: as a pad player (moreso ITG player), I very much agree with climax theory as a way to increase difficulty -- however, I don't think this is an appropriate place to do this; what's worse, is that this stream lasts for nearly 40 seconds. [-3]
- 130.610: this would be a more appropriate area for a stream since all of the components of the song are together, but either way, I don't think you can get away with it for that long.
- 174.445 to 207.3122: again, it doesn't really work well. It actually gets a bit boring after a while. [-3]

For FFR v2 (XxMidigamixX)
Rating: 3/10 [?]

- offset changed from -1.383 to -1.364 (19 ms)
- 3.531/11.531: missing notes for main melody
- 12.031 to 22.697: the gaps in the streams are a bit strange, especially considering that there are not one, but two instruments that run constantly (your hi-hat, and your synth). [-0.5]
- 22.697: BPM cut is early, and somewhat unnecessary at this point because the bass drum still runs quarter notes at 180 BPM [-0.5]
- 24.197: YNS - adjust for the changing time signature (do it at 33.364 too, because after fixing the sync at 24.197, your entire chart will be YNS) [-0.5]
- 34.697 to 40.031: green note gimmick for the piano is a minor problem without forced arrow placement because the stream becomes horribly uneven; if you're going to do a color gimmick, force the note to land where it normally would be without the color change. [-0.5]
- 50.197: strange layering structure for a split second [-0.5]
- 50.697 to 61.197: inconsistent layering - bass drums and piano chords seem to all be jumps, but jumps are missing in numerous spots for no real reason; area also seems overlayered as is, so it might be wise to rethink this area [-1]
- 61.364 to 72.031: run looks very plain because there doesn't appear to be any relevance in it [-0.5]
- 79.364: odd place to stop the stream [-1]
- 89.447/89.614: remove notes
- 91.114/91.447: misrhythm [-0.5]
- 93.967 to 110.697: a jumpstream really doesn't seem appropriate here; yes, the synth is playing the entire time, but it's hard to discern the notes in between the 8ths and it's also uneven chart progression (a more active area like 61.364, for example, has only streaming). [-1]
- 110.697: again, pretty abrupt ending for the stream [-0.5]

Futari, Hajimari (Silvuh)
Rating: 8/10 [+]

- offset is fine
- 1.915: while this rhythm starts correct, it actualls ends up being too slow to account for the rest of the echo [-0.5]
- 29.582/45.582: missing jump? can't quite tell if you're following the snare or the bass that happens, but there are three previous instances of jumps that don't collide with the strings on beat 2 of every measure. [-0.5]
- 58.207/60.207/62.207/(etc): missing flams for snares [-0.5]
- 125.582: see 29.582 [-0.5]
- really well done chart aside from a few minor details

Future Destination (Reshiram)
Rating: 6/10 [+.]

- offset changed from -0.060 to -0.052 (8 ms)
- 9.652/14.452: with you following the bass as jumps previously, I can't help but feel like the bass shouldn't be ignored in your PR (i.e. you could try anchoring the left arrow and then do 4-3-2 - so... [14]/[13]/[12])
- 22.552: check PR (I mention this because you're obviously trying); 22.252 and 22.552 should be on the same arrow (this happens later too, and it is slightly glaring, also: see 23.452) [-0.5]
- 41.077: missing note
- 43.627: I hear some sort of distortion in the synth here, but it's barely audible and actually impossible to hear at lower rates, so you might do better without the 32nd here
- 60.502: remove note
- 64.402: missing notes [-0.5]
- 66.802/71.452: tons of ghosted notes if you're attempting to follow the melody (and with how much attention you're paying to the melody, you probably shouldn't try to fill things with the bass drum since this area is entirely unlayered and seems to focus exclusively on the melody) [-0.5]
- 76.252/81.052: ^ [-0.5]
- 94.846: that's an odd place for a triple
- 103.252 to 124.852: this ending is strange and hard to discern and seems very inconsistent [-2]
- not a bad chart really, but a lot of strange patterning

FUTURE~SHOCK (rayword45)
Rating: 4/10 [+?]

- offset changed from -0.031 to -0.022 (9 ms)
- 3.407: what does this follow? if it's a hi-hat, there are more of these beforehand that aren't followed [-0.5]
- 4.945 to 14.792: a few issues right off the bat -- one of the things I'm noticing is some slight inconsistencies with jump usage. Right off the bat, I see that you're layering jumps over percussion, which is perfectly fine; however, comparing something like 6.176/8.638 where there's not a large discernible difference in song structure, so it seems incorrect. Also, not all of the 32nds are correct in this chart if you take a bit of a closer listen. 11.715 and 12.022 also share similar jump issues (what are the 8ths on? Vocals are on quarter notes in this spot.) [-1]
- 18.484/19.099: these aren't 24ths if you listen a bit more closely. [-0.5]
- 24.330: to be perfectly honest, I can't hear the notes in this part of the wall at all [-0.5]
- 34.484 to 43.099: way too many jumps in this area - you have no differentiation between your synths and your more noticeable percussion, which makes this area look extremely awkward (there are also a few ghost notes here, but not really noteworthy enough to deduct further) [-0.5]
- 52.945: holy wall; a lot of the notes are barely audible too, so that's just a ridiculous spike [-1]
- 66.484 to 76.330: not feeling this section. I'm all for syncopation, but it's hard to really draw a rhythm that fits with what you have. The synth doesn't play as frequently as the chart conveys, and despite being a cooldown area (cooldown being 1/2 BPM section), it's still extremely heavy. [-1]
- 80.945: not a 48th wall [-1]
- reminds me of a slightly more enjoyable DeVouR...

Galaxy (Coolboyrulez0)
Rating: 6/10 [+.]

- offset changed from -0.023 to -0.035 (12 ms)
- 34.321 to 54.892: the first stream is so aggressive with very little going on (just a very mellow and active synth), but the section after this seems very empty when it could have a little bit more added on (like the bass drum, for instance) - it's quite a difference in difficulty [-1]
- 69.464/83.178: you follow previous bass repetition with jacks, but ignore it here, and having these as jacks will give more attention to the pitch changing [-0.5]
- 89.178: so empty - you could fill a few spots with the hi-hat/ride/w.e. that plays every 4th note so that the run at 96 seconds isn't quite as abrupt [-1]
- 92.606: another option you have could be to follow the choppy synth here, it would catch a player's attention and hold them over right before the longer streams that happen a few seconds later
- honestly, I can't give many -real- technical errors in the chart, but the emptiness is a killer, especially when it can be alleviated in some cases [-1.5]

Go *60* Go (Wayward Vagabond)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- This song has sampling issues that causes it to drift suddenly for a bit, and then drift back to 160. I tried getting all of the instances of this, but it happens very frequently. The chart stays at 160.000 all the way to 109.750, and then I applied a change of 162 at 109.750, until 110.496 (which I put it back at 160). This happens a few times, and without these changes, the chart will drift as far as 25 ms off. Trying to increase the BPM will level other portions of the chart, but will never entirely sync the file perfectly. [-1]
- offset changed from -8.117 to -8.130 (17 ms)
- 38.130: missing cymbal, sadface
- 44.130 to 68.130: really inventive layering/patterning - the switching in and out of the swing and the main melody whenever applicable is really well done
- 74.130 to 78.630: not a big fan of the fact that a really calm area of the song actually gets the full swing of the hi-hats, which is a bit awkward to me [-1]
- a lot of the forced mini-jacks within the 64th swing don't feel correct [-1]
- this seriously is a really goddamn clever file, haha

Go Beyond ~Jazzy Mix~ (Patashu)
Rating: 9/10 [+]

- my only gripe with this file is the large amount of forced minijacks [-1]
- I have a feeling a lot of people might disagree with the file, but I think it is spot on in terms of intensity, feel, flow (in and out from smooth and rigid), pace, and pattern choice. Relevance is spot on, layering is great and a bit less constrained than your typical Patashu chart (albeit, a bit more aggressive), and I could see a lot of top-level players having a love/hate relationship with this file.
- very difficult and EXTREMELY technical file, but with no real luck-based patterns that require you to cheat.

Gotta Catch Em' All (Wayward Vagabond)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- nice attention to detail at 17.449
- file starts to drift early [-1]
- the interruption at 95.366 to accommodate for the lyrics is really awkward without the drums following it because the first chorus section had full focus on both [-0.5]
- 190.449: layering looks a bit odd; it's definitely worthy of accenting, but I'm not quite seeing enough of a differentiation for triples [-0.5]
- 195.449: extremely harsh patterns; I'd much rather see the lyrics here accommodated as jumps to give the POK-E-MON lyrics as triples much more of an accent [-0.5]
- not a bad file, FFR needs more jumpstreaming files like these

Hajnal 2 (mi40)
Rating: 5/10 [+?]

- offset is fine
- 19.078 to 23.906: jumps feel a bit strange to me considering they're only following the same bass instrument; the differentiation is acceptable to note as jumps, but I feel like the jumps are much more appropriate from 26.320 and on, since a percussive instrument starts trying to feed through behind the bass/violin/etc. [-0.5]
- 48.388: that is gross. It makes sense, but man...
- 54.250: neat little accenting bit there.
- 59.423: when it comes to color accenting on special sounds (and I think Carlos for telling me this because it does make your charts a bit cleaner on conversion too), change all of the notes to one color rather than having them slightly separated - it becomes more visually clear to the player that you want them to pay attention to some sort of sound, and you won't have to worry about frame separation either.
- 60.112 to 68.388: try to make your jump usage a bit more clear. Following the bass drum and snare drums are fine, but if you want to follow other things, try to do so more consistently. There's instances of hi-hats/rides that you follow as jumps and other instances as single taps. [-0.5]
- 64.940: mess of ghost notes here. [-0.5]
- 66.125: this colored mess isn't needed here, there's only a single buzz and then everything becomes cohesive right after it [-0.5]
- 68.388: not the most representive rhythm here, but I guess it works.
- 70.026: ghost note
- 70.716: roll begins a tad early (buzz lands on a 4th note)
- 73.561: this buzz really doesn't have a defined rhythm, yet you put some really nasty pattern to it when it can be accented as something really smooth or simple. This also goes for the burst that you have at 74.078. 74.336 and the next five notes are fine, but remove 74.552. [-0.5]
- 79.423: much better. Bass and snare drum are much easily discernible and your chart reflects this.
- 83.043: nothing lands here to merit a jump in this particular area. Try putting jumps at 82.957 and 83.130 (as there are snares here). [-0.5]
- 83.216: I understand the white notes, but why the jump here? Also, the short buzzing stops at 83.561, so you can drop the white notes there. [-0.5]
- 108.388 to 124.940: again, try to keep a closer eye on your jump usage. One example of inconsistency I can point out is 114.078 and 114.768/115.112, which have the same percussion sequence. Keep track of where all of your bass drums and snares are, and your chart structure will be a bit more clean. I understand intentional omission of jumps for short sequences of snares that are 4 notes or longer, but try to keep things as consistent as possible. [-0.5]
- 110.630: no need for a minijack here
- 145.975: a nice attempt at color tricks, but the rhythm is actually noticeably incorrect. [-0.5]
- 166.319: while not correct in rhythm, the sound is very noticeable and very unique, so I'm not entirely opposed to this being here. However, the pattern is a little rigid.
- 171.837: rhythm is incorrect; every sample in this sequence is 3/64th of a note apart, with a snare happening once every three 16th notes [-0.5]
- 183.906: while I do like that you care about accenting, it seems like your accenting is almost worthless simply because you're forcing quad-flamming, which is a similar motion every single time, whereas you can capture something like this using triples and actually give a visually descending feel, too. [-0.5]
- 192.526 to 224.251: but then, there's areas like this that are stepped really well [+1]
- 231.147: fill in this blank space with the violin - it would be a shame for someone who likes the file to hate it because they weren't aware of something else coming
- 268.389: see 231.147
- there are a few more jump discrepancies from 183.906 to the end, just browse through and see what you can do to make things more clear [-0.5]
- very strong effort to make this a good file, but there tons of little mistakes that really start to become glaring as the file goes on and they keep consistently happening

Headless (00Razor00)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- offset is fine
- 14.523: no swing here; also, the 24th that appears immediately for after should be a 32nd [-0.5]
- 45.165 to 64.982: a missing note here or there for some of the drum breaks (see: 50.807, 52.252) [-0.5]
- 116.731: slight but noticeable PR issue with a repeating tap for two separate notes
- 128.560 to 131.037: quite a few ghost notes here [-1]
- 135.991/139.775: nasty mini-jack forced into burst [-1]
- pretty good file with some minor errors

Hyper Highspeed Star (Rebirth vs. Izzy)
Rating: 1/10 [-]

- offset changed from -0.024 to -0.055 (31 ms)
- patterns are very repetitive in multiple areas [-2]
- 83.314 to 100.989: inconsistent layering due to a lack of continous representation of lyrics (missing jumps at 83.630 and 84.261 where 88.364/88.680/88.996 are quarter note lyrics that are represented with jumps; missing jumps at 84.577, 84.735, 85.050 and 85.208 where 87.102/87.260/(etc) have jumps on 8th notes; this issue happens in the second half of the chorus as well [-1]
- 103.514 to 123.556: inconsistent; if the main focus is only the synth, then there's a large amount of ghosted notes (104.777/105.092/107.302/107.617), or if the focus is a layered combination between the synth and the snare/clap, then there are a fair amount of missing notes (104.461/106.986/109.511/(etc) [-1]
- 124.977: more missing jumps for lyrics at a pace that is represented later in the file [-1]
- 130.500: another missing jump
- 133.814 to 143.914: this part of the chorus shares similar issues with the earlier chorus areas [-1]
- 154.014: BPM is cut when the pace of the song has clearly returned (bass drum is playing every beat at 190 BPM when your chart is still moving at 90) [-1]
- 166.560: the first half this chorus is directly copy pasted from the first half of the previous chorus and quite honestly, I can't take anymore of this; this chart was lazily put together with very poor and repetitive pattern choices; quitting out here because I browsed through the rest of the song and realized that it's just more 16th jumpstreaming with pretty much the same patterns over and over and over and over and over and over and
... and over and over again. [-2]

I Made This For You (Soul.)
Rating: 4/10 [+?]

- DDream hates positive offsets. Your offset is -0.000 and it needs to be a tad earlier, however, my offset is -0.418 when fixed. If you apply that offset, you'll have to shift your chart up a beat.
- use of pitch relevancy in the intro is actually not too bad
- 40.704: I'm all for accenting a sound like this, but a roll isn't the way to do it because this sound really doesn't have a definable rhythm. [-1]
- 44.132/(etc): 32nd note patterns from here on out are not the right option because it makes the difficulty incredibly forced, which is heavily frowned upon. This happens quite frequently with a mess of trills/rolls and other tricky patterns. [-3]
- 52.811: these 16ths are a mis-rhythm (notes should be at 52.704, 52.847, and 52.989, as 12th notes) [-1]
- 65.668: should be a 12th note [-0.5]
- 93.097: should be a 12th note [-0.5]
- this chart is somewhat inventive in areas, and does have some creativity behind it, but it's lacking in foundation. It's interesting in structure, but needs work to be an actual file.

I'm a Monster (Coolboyrulez0)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- offset changed from -0.348 to -0.384 (36 ms) [-1]
- the intentional omission of snares where the guitar doesn't play is a nice touch to give the guitar a bit more accenting value
- overall, layering is pretty strong
- 94.634/97.634: slightly wonky jump placement, the first has an extra jump or two for snares, the second is missing a jump [-1]
- overall, some jumps throughout the chart stand out as incorrect or inconsistently placed because a majority of this chart follows either hard vocals or snares/bass and there are a few jumps outside of these areas [-1]
- somewhat reminiscent of dore charting in rock songs, which is not a bad thing in my eyes

Incident Zero (hi19hi19)
Rating: 8/10 [+]

- first sixty seconds are GREAT.
- however, the huge drop in pace to try and pay attention to the new melody really killed the intro for me, unfortunately. [-2]
- 80.898: this echo note is a tiny bit late (probably should be on the 16th at 80.853)
- honestly, the rest of this file is pretty good. I loved the opening, it literally emulates how you would play a march of this rhythm on a snare drum, it's so intuitive.

Internal Cannon (condoct)
Rating: PASS [NA/10]

- Passing due to bias as I've stepped this for ThirdStyle.

J'ai Entendu Le Train (DossarLX ODI and j-rodd123)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- sync is early throughout the file, and it's hard to alleviate with a song that changes in BPM constantly [-1]
- a little repetitive [-1]
- pitch relevance could use a bit of tweaking in a few areas [-1]
- it's nice to see this file stay pretty tame for a mid-level file in terms of layering, not a bad file by any means.

Jazzman -Super Mario Bros- (MarioNintendo)
Rating: 9/10 [+]

- while technically accurate and correct, 2.105 (and any instances of this particular structure) looks very odd because most people won't notice that the bass disappears on the second note, and this is somewhat visually distracting even though I know that it's correct. [-1]
- fantastic file otherwise.

Just Hold On (bmah)
Rating: 8/10 [+]

- very subtle PR in the intro, nice work with that
- 68.823 to 102.214 the structure changes from the swing to the streaming can be a little distracting when the synth is playing 24ths constantly, but it's not a daunting issue as it tries to keep things interesting. The large fluctuations of difficulty are more of a concern. [-1]
- 182.562: those jacks right at the end of the file, ugh [-1]
- aside from a slight dislike to the jacks, file flows nicely overall

Kirlian Choices (Choofers)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- have to judge this from SM due to the large amount of stops that really aren't necessary
- while most of the rhythms are otherwise correct, a majority of this file feels -way- overlayered (208 seconds in is perfectly fine, though) [-3]
- file is pretty rigid, but the rhythms are fine and despite the overdone layering, the file isn't bad under any circumstances

Kirlian Shores (DarkZtar)
Rating: 5/10 [+?]

- offset changed from -2.143 to -2.171 (28 ms)
- PR for first 20 seconds is fine
- the constant focus on the same subtle instruments you follow in the first 20 seconds makes the layering over-aggressive in many spots [-1]
- 60.266: 48th bursts at this speed are ridiculous [-0.5]
- 71.142: while this 48th burst is a bit shorter, it's split handed which makes it nearly impossible to hit without some ridiculous manipulation [-0.5]
- 105.028 to 107.028: more 48th madness at 210 BPM, jesus [-1]
- 134.552: another 48th burst (realize that 210 BPM 24th jumptrilling = 300+ BPM 16ths, which is over 20 taps a second to hit things cohesively). [-0.5]
- 152.456: ew, what is this 48th burst [-0.5]
- 160.790: gross 48th split-handed burst [-0.5]
- 165.028: 64th mini-bursts at this speed, jesus [-0.5]
- this chart has a great structure, but is overshadowed by a ridiculous amount of unreasonable bursting D:

Lawn Wake III (mi40)
Rating: 5/10 [+?]

- after noticing that your song was YNS in the intro, you should have fixed the offset so that the quick little change at 7.555 didn't need to happen [-0.5]
- similar to Hajnal, this chart suffers from ambiguous jump placement; there's missing jumps for occasional bass drums and snares that are strongly accented, and not all of them look like tasteful omissions to maintain good pattern flow; it's considerably more noticeable as the song starts going on and occurs from start to finish, unfortunately; the structure can be improved greatly throughout the entire file without compromising too much difficulty [-2]
- 17.682/17.982/18.282/19.182: bursts don't follow anything; also, why does the burst at 18.995 have a jump in it? [-0.5]
- there are more bursts with either incorrect rhythms/representations, or simply don't exist (see: 24.807 - somewhat easy to tell at normal rate but much easier to notice slowed down; 26.907 - no real separation; 35.607 - doesn't exist; 36.207 - 32nd/16th are ghosted; 37.970 - missing note for hi-hat sample; 40.070 - ghost note; 40.970 - ghost note; 42.245 - missing note; the list goes on throughout the song [-1]
- continued inconsistency with jump usage following the second half of the song [-1]
- file has great potential for sure, but needs a structural overhaul. Rhythms are mostly correct outside of the faster/more intense bursts, so there is an acceptable foundation.
- patterns are creatively put together as well

Lawn Wake XI (t-rog-dor)
Rating: 8/10 [+]

- what the hell is this song O_O
- the patterns are really fast and intense, yet they are smoothly pieced together, so that's a plus
- structure looks accurate for the most part
- rhythms all seem correct, although extremely abrasive in some spots (see below)
- however, try to keep your bursts tame; stuff like 57.520 (forced minijack), 60.627 (1/192nd apart for four notes?), 81.527 (another forced mini-jack, albeit not quite as bad), 83.928 (96th burst?) and others are a bit extreme, even at 100 BPM. [-1]
- the intro drags quite a bit [-0.5]
- so does the end [-0.5]
- fair warning: I can see a lot of people really disliking this file (I don't, though).

Let's Go (trumaestro)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- offset changed from -3.098 to -3.092 (6 ms)
- despite being toned down, the file actually mains noticeable relevance with good structure
- while your target audience might be for one-handed players, a larger majority of the players playing this chart are spread players. With that being said, your patterns definitely get repetitive due to your constraint of making it playable for a particular style. [-2]
- song is a bit draggy and could use a slight cut [-1]
- I will give you props for holding to your promise; it's definitely playable for one-handed players - I can AAA this one handed for sure.

Louder!! Louder!!!! Louder!!!!!! (AlexDest)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- offset changed from -4.031 to -4.024 (7 ms)
- 16.024 to 26.024: being that you caught the 32nds at 25.941, the missing 32nds at 16.316, 18.983, (etc) are a little weird to see not present [-1]
- 26.691 to 37.358: while I'm all for having good relevance and all, a majority of the melody is masked behind jumps that go to the heavy bass drum; with that being said, I don't agree with this being copy pasted from the previous section [-1]
- 36.691/36.941/37.191: this change in accent is kinda neat
- 37.608/40.274/(etc): missing step for DER in "louder"? [-0.5]
- 69.358: another copy/paste melody, but it's only half so I'll only penalize half as much lol [-0.5]
- the last steps that represent the "lou-der" sample at the end of the song are slightly off (steps should be at 78.691/78.941)
- look out FFR; those of you that bullied All Y'all Bitches to a good score will have a bit more of an issue with this one

Lunar Eclipse - a nation of moon (DarkZtar)
Rating: 6/10 [+.]

- offset changed from -0.080 to -0.102 (12 ms)
- while relevant, that stream is incredibly draggy [-2]
- song feels very long, even though it isn't [-1]
- layering at the end is very heavy, almost over-emphasized (by-product of direct layering) [-1]
- structure does make sense, but personally isn't the most ideal choice since again, it makes the file feel much longer

Malevolent Mansion [Heavy] (Xx{Midnight}xX vs. T-Force)
Rating: 4/10 [+?]

- offset changed from -0.295 to -0.291 (4 ms)
- difficulty of this file fluctuates pretty rapidly [-1]
- 4.114: pattern change for relevancy happens a note too early; also, it forces a 12th note mini-jack (not the worst thing ever, but can be reworked) [-0.5]
- jump placement could use some work in terms of consistency [-1]
- 27.464 to 50.050: section is very repetitive and offers little relevance to anything really; even a lot of the 16ths are hard to hear (or are ghosted) [-2]
- 60.990 to 66.989: compared to the rest of the file, this is a huge spike in difficulty [-0.5]
- 79.635: pattern starts 1/24 of a note early [-0.5]
- 85.340/96.986/97.692: disgusting patterns for a file of this difficulty [-0.5]

Malevolent Mansion [Standard] (Xx{Midnight}xX)
Rating: 4/10 [+?]

- like the Heavy chart, there are some questionable jump placements [-1]
- 27.465 to 38.758: some notes feel like they don't follow anything - if they are a combination of the bass drum and the melody without adding extra layering, you're missing notes at 33.994, 35.052, 36.817, and 37.523 (for the bass drum) and at 28.700 (melody), ; if you're only following the melody, you have a ton of added notes that don't belong - it might be better for you to follow only the melody here anyway [-2]
- 38.758 to 50.051: jump usage is unclear [-1]
- 61.344: huge difficulty spike for this stream [-1]
- 66.991 to end: more jump inconsistencies (missing jumps for snares at 69.108*, 71.578, 71.931, 74.755, 77.225, etc -- missing jumps for power chords at 78.284, and 78.990)... [-1]

Mario Mix For Piano (MarioNintendo)
Rating: 8/10 [+]

- the repeated taps are a bit of a distraction when there's not many repeating notes, but that's an arguable point so no huge penalty there [-1]
- the ending seems a bit under-layered compared to how heavily accented things are [-1]
- PR and layering are correct, and the accents are appropriate for a large majority; file looks enjoyable

Mega Man 9 Rock Medley (megamon88 and MarioNintendo)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- structure seems solid for the first minute and a half, nothing to really complain about without being subjective/overly nitpicky
- 95.178 to 107.978: jump usage seems a bit ambiguous [-0.5]
- 157.682/157.858/158.035: with the guitars being your main point of accent, putting these snares as jumps seems incorrect since they're nowhere near as audible [-0.5]
- 279.654 to 295.653: why are the guitars followed only half of the time? They're clearly audible and it's mildly distracting to see them followed in and out [-0.5]
- not liking the 300 BPM section areas starting at 307.388; it's artificial difficulty for areas that really doesn't merit a 300 BPM pace [-1]
- 398.286: what are the white notes for? seems a bit much for a guitar fade-out and I can't think of anything else that it could be [-0.5]
- very well stepped for a seven minute medley

Milky Blue (icontrolyourworld)
Rating: 6/10 [+.]

- blue note syndrome [-2]
- 39.724: roll stops a bit short from where it should - also, the second roll should run all the way to 41.152 (it stops at 40.948) [-0.5]
- 132.377/134.010: jumps? the notes layered on top don't play here [-0.5]
- 159.112: sounds like these should be 24ths
- 159.928: nice PR using rolls
- 164.826: jumps from here to 169.520 seem a bit strange to me [-0.5]
- 197.836: missing note
- 208.091 to 210.540: a lot of these 24ths are very very hard to hear [-0.5]
- while the patterns are generic in some spot, they are relevant in others

Myriagon (Reshiram)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- offset changed from -0.078 to -0.080 (2 ms)
- 11.178 to 22.277: strange layering (some bass drums are ommitted from layering?) [-1]
- 25.051 to 47.248: I let it go in the intro, but I can't let it go here; the jump placement for the melody is really awkward and the omitted notes feel strange without jumps compared to the rest of the chart (but having it as all jumps feels overlayered, so you definitely have a catch 22 with your structure) [-1]
- 58.346 to 69.444: PR isn't quite right with runningmen [-0.5]
- 84.531/90.080: missing white notes? [-0.5]
- 94.415 to 116.612: nice copy/paste/mirror
- file is a ok, a bit repetitive in terms of patterns

Negions Fail (hi19hi19)
Rating: 9/10 [+]

- offset is fine
- neat color tricks!
- 35.988/38.822/41.322/(etc): missing step for repeated notes [-0.5]
- 102.238/104.905: missing note
- 110.115/111.488/(etc): I can't help but feel like there should be jumps here for these particular bass drums [-0.5]
- this file looks really goddamn fun, great job

Nekomimi Switch (Xx{Midnight}xX)
Rating: 4/10 [+?]

- offset is fine
- 3.110 to 15.110: aside from the jumps for snares, the 8th notes seem like they're just dumped in to fill space without creating jacks, as they're not relevant whatsoever [-1]
- 15.110 to 39.110: the pitch relevance isn't quite right because you have a constantly descending piano but your chart fails to reflect that constantly; also, what's with the missing steps at 16.235/22.235/28.235/(etc)? [-1]
- 39.110 to 51.110: same as 3.110 to 15.110 [-1]
- 57.110: random jump? [-0.5]
- 73.860: misrhythm (should be at 73.891) [-0.5]
- 75.110 to 99.110: same PR issues as earlier, although not quite as frequent since 88.610 and 94.610 since that would be correct [-1]
- ending is same, jumps with no real relevance, etc. [-1]

New Fluttershy [MONSTER MIX] (megamon88)
Rating: 8/10 [+]

- sync does drift a tiny bit after the intro - it becomes about 10 ms off [-1]
- really goddamn intense file, woo
- structure is consistent in the drum breaks and stays perfect to the layering rules all the way throughout
- a little PR in the synths (not perfect PR, but just something even slightly noticeable) would have made the file a bit more memorable to me during the huge streaming section [-1]
- looks fun for higher level players

NEXT STAGE!! (Silvuh)
Rating: 8/10 [+]

- offset is fine
- 17.517 to 35.294: a few horns are missing representation for some reason and it looks strange to see some notes missing (they're accented at 21.035/21.220 and 32.887/33.072, but not at 19.554/20.017/20.294 and 31.406/31.869/32.146) [-1]
- 51.683: missing note
- 67.887: missing jump for both flute/horn together? [-0.5]
- 91.874/92.430/93.356: missing notes for flute? [-0.5]
- not bad overall, a few minor kinks here or there

Not Our Tomorrow (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: 7/10 [+.]

- offset changed from -1.165 to -1.161 (4 ms)
- jump placement, while relevant to guitar (I noticed the repeating notes in respective spots consistently) is a bit tricky to follow because while you follow vocals with guitar as jumps, you also follow snares (or cymbals/rides, both are applicable) with guitar as jumps, so there are quite a few ambiguous jumps since the file does carry the same general structure through [-2]
- the 16th runs where the blast beats occur in the song are actually pretty rigid, but tolerable. However, that second to last run with the two down/up jump absolutely sucks. [-1]
- file is alright otherwise

Okay! (Frank Munoz)
Rating: !!/10 [!]

- Blank .sm file with no content.

Outer Space (Tidus810)
Rating: 6/10 [+.]

- offset changed from -2.087 to -2.083 (4 ms)
- good job catching the fact that the melody is disjointed from the actual percussion
- 12.339: what are these 24ths for? [-0.5]
- 92.852: I'm all for capturing sounds that are tough to hear, but overlaying that bass adds sudden layering for something that might not be easily heard [-1]
- 141.848: that's a little nasty [-0.5]
- 149.263 to 150.289: check your rhythms here, there are noticeable mistakes [-1]
- 151.507: at the end of a run this fast, a burst like this is really harsh [-1]

Still Shy VIP Instrumental (megamon88)
Rating: 5/10 [+?]

- offset changed from -0.105 to -0.107 (2 ms)
- 29.250 to 52.393: jumps being represented by both the bass/snare and the piano make the chart kinda messy; also, just about every instance of 16ths should be 5 notes and not 3 [-2]
- 90.964/118.393: what a huge spike, jesus; a 140 BPM 32nd stream with a jump in the middle of it, and a forced mini-jack too; I don't think people would be completely oblivious to the reasoning behind using a 24th stream here rather than a 32nd stream [-3]
- drop is sweet and charted really well, but those two huge runs are just a killer and I guarantee you this chart will be universally disliked by nearly everyone below D6 level, even more so because the rest of the chart is fairly well done

Rating: 5 [PASS]/10 [+?/PASS]

- I've passed this one before... ugh.
- the layering is beyond overdone [-3]
- difficulty inconsistencies galore [-2]
- song sounds absolutely terrible and it makes me want to gouge my ears out, so I will mark this as PASS again alongside of my 5

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NOTE: I judged all of this in Stepmania 3.9. So if I notified you of an incorrect offset, what I give you may be off by just a grain of sand. Also, measures on SM 3.9 start on 1 while SM5 starts on 0.

44edit (FissionMailed1) - [?] 3/10
- The structure for this is really rough and unstable, there are many awkward approaching transition jumps from bursts.
- What you need to think with songs like this, is to find certain patterns that flow well at this speed. Usually patterns that alternate your hands. What you were doing, you let a lot of patterns get left/right hand biased.
- You got a lot of bursts with jumps at the beginning and end of them which causes the simfile to have no breathing room. Remove the jumps from them so the file can have some leeway.
- You're also using a bunch of 1234 or 4321 broken patterns a lot, causing a lot of awkwardness.
- Need a different runningman pattern at s13.17 here please. This one doesn't fit too well.
- s20.68 is the same sound from the note above. This time you stepped it as a triplet pattern. You need to pay attention to certain parts of a song and notice if they come back later. That's where consistency comes in, find a pattern you'd want to use for a certain element of a song and use it again if it comes later in the song.
- This burst leads into a weird jump transition at s18.68.
- s19.62, personal aesthetic but it'd be best if you don't lead any kind of burst into a jump that causes it to be a minijack.
- s21.97, this should be a hand considering you let all the heavy sounds show as a hand (for an example of avoiding broken 1234/4321 patterns, let that pattern be a 23(124)).
- How this trill at s22.56 transitions weird, mirror the trill.
- s23.38 doesn't constitute a 3 note jack.
- The 32nds from s24.20 to s24.73 don't seem very audible and it is very messy how you have it patterned.
- Missing a 64th at s26.41.
- s48.30 and s48.54 don't constitute as hands.
- Measure 27 to 29, uh... yeah you're missing a lot of scratchy sounds in there and they seem very out of place. Listen to this much more closely.
- Measure 29 to 31 is an extreme mess of bursts and awkward patterns. Rehaul this part.
- Missing 16th at s58.53.
- Using up arrowed jacks when measure 31 starts leads to a lot of awkward patterns when you're going to step something like this. Right or left arrowed jacks make the steps feel more fluent.
- s66.17, should have a 4 note long jack here.
- s66.88 and s67.35, hands?
- s77.46, s78.87, s93.91, s100.02, s101.44, s103.79 should be hands considering you were doing so for these sounds.
- s108.96, s116.49 should be jumps.

Bwshitennou (MarioNintendo) - [+.] 6/10
- Your pitch relevance is okay, you always seem to isolate it with runningmen or triplets. How this stepfile played out was extremely awkward with said patterns.
- For example, starting at s44.155. What you have doesn't seem correct, you need to learn how to feel out the pitch through keysounding, because you seem to be rushing through it. Take your time and listen to it lower than 0.5x rate. How I would step this, it would be [1 2 3 1 3 4 1 4 3 1 2 3 2 3 4]. Same thing here at s46.68, you even should have stepped it the same way as you had the last one (my example goes to this one too).
- s50.945 & 53.471, missed a jump.
- s97.68, is a high pitch, change to a (34) jump.
- s80.79 - s90.58, this part I actually like, nice.
- The triplets in the ending feel like they overlap the pitches. Try to make the triplets feel like they're going along with those pitches, don't just throw them in there.
- For the rest of the file, I'd work on parts that need to be rehauled with pitch relevance because there's a lot that have runningmen like s65.80, which actually feels like there are split rolls in there.

Dead Batteries (Silvuh) - [+.] 7/10
- This played a tad bit awkward for me, but for the most part it was actually fun. A bit of the guitar reminds me of Shawn Lane for some odd reason.
- Anyway, the only part I don't really agree with are the 3 note long jacks in measure 85. Not much else to say, this played nicely.

Distortion Power (Wayward Vagabond) - [+] 8/10
- More Drunk Optimus. :>
- This played pretty damn well too, but the 24th trills seem a bit too much for it. They rack up to 300 bpm 16th trills.
- Not much to say about this one either, fast paced and brutal in places. Good job Carlos.

Empty Garden (Silvuh) - [+] 8/10
- The song seemed to have an abrupt cut off, I was actually expecting more.
- The stepfile is pretty progressive in the beginning, everything was stepped accordingly and done well.

Pocket Monsters (Trogdor!!!!) - [?] 3/10
- It started getting understepped near the second half of the file and it seems like you're throwing everything around.
- s6.63, should be a down arrow (pitch relevancy, work on it in this area).
- s7.72, shouldn't have a note here.
- Starting at measure 9 to 15, you should probably just layer the bass. The jumps are irrelevantly thrown in that part.
- The 24th at s21.03 should just be moved up to a 16th.
- Measure 17 to 23, starts to get really empty here. Layer the bass please.
- s24.62, s27.51, and s30.40 are missing a 16th.
- s34.53, random 24th jump?
- After measure 25, it starts to get really empty afterwards. Possibly just get the right people to playtest it for you and point out what you need to fix.

Poppin' Shower (MrPopadopalis25) - [+] 8/10
- It starts to drag on a bit but this was stepped pretty well otherwise.
- Missing a note at s85.82.

Power Rocket (justin_ator) - [+?] 4/10
- When the 16ths start at measure 7, the 8ths aren't consistent with the PR'd 8ths in the beginning. Copy and paste those then restep the 16ths again.
- Now the 8ths at measure 11 aren't PR'd.
- Don't particularly agree with the 32nd trill at s24.65, a roll if you please.
- Starting at measure 15, you're just throwing everything around. At least give it some flow in the 16ths because you can definitely make it pitch relevant a bit with some variation.
- One hand trills at s66.83 while you have roll-esque patterns at s81.83 on the same sounds. Keep the chart consistent.
- From measure 47 and beyond you're still throwing stuff around which interrupts flow for the song. I'd message people to playtest your chart and give you suggestions on what to do with flow and keeping it consistent.
- Missing jumps at s91.21 and s98.71.

Punch You (Coolboyrulez0) - [+?] 5/10
- The pitch relevancy in the beginning was eh, you could have let the 8ths follow that rule. Also you had a bunch of runningmen patterns that didn't follow the song, and the jumps in the jumpstream were just thrown around.
- You should make that first runningmen pattern into a [1 2 3 2 4 2 3 2 4 2 3 2 4 2 3 2 1] and repeat.
- Your pitches are wrong at s15.29 and s15.59.
- s20.06, s21.26, shouldn't have jumps here.
- From measure 27 to 30 you got a lot of random jumps going on there. Clear some out.
- Measure 37 would be better if you were to just keep it as a stream because there are 16ths going on there.
- Starting from measure 39, at least have the jumps be pitch relevant.

Pussy Pump (samurai7694) - [+.] 7/10
- Nice song name lmao.
- Every burst section is reasonable to manipulate in FFR, nice.
- Although the patterns at s81.06 - s82.38 made the stepfile like grind2-esque. I'd have to fix that to something that balances out to the rest of the file.

Quark (00Razor00) - [+] 8/10
- This played insanely well, there's no comparison between both of our versions lmao.
- The only part that irks me is that you completely missed the stream at s33.36 - s44.03. It feels empty without it compared to what the rest of the song offers. Everything else was really good, nice job.

Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX) (megamon88) - [+.] 7/10
- The variation only made this stepfile more tolerant to play.
- The only parts I don't agree with what you did were the multiple areas that are between s86.41 - s87.85. The pitch only changes at s87.83, s90.85, and so forth.

Rationalist (NeoMasterPie) - [+.] 7/10
- What are you, baq12?
- I don't know, this started getting repetitive pretty fast, I was relieved that it ended where it should have. Stepped awkwardly compared to most metal simfiles, but still stepped pretty well. Nothing erroneous.

Rebirth's OP (Rebirth) - [--] 0/10
- I'm assuming you sent this just to troll the judges. There's copy and pasted patterns, terrible anchor patterns, no variation.
- Don't send poorly charted files intentionally.

Resource Recourse (cedolad) - [?] 2/10
- You stepped this all wrong. The pitch relevancy in the beginning needs a rehaul plus you have a lot of ghost notes.
- Beginning note and beginning jump should be grace notes.
- In fact, the 12th jumps aren't supposed to be 12ths.
- s13.21, should be a grace note.
- s16.80, should have a triple grace.
- s19.45, another missed grace note.
- s20.30 and s20.77, s22.13, s22.98, ...
- s31.01 and s32.80, s33.70, s34.56, s36.33, 32nd graces here please.
- s37.22, missed a jump.
- s39.67, should have a jump here since the guitar and drum overlap here.
- s43.00, move this up a 16th. Also the sync on the 24ths after that are wrong, look at it again.
- From s45.23 until the vocals start you have missed more and more grace notes.
- When the vocals do start, don't layer them with any instruments. The vocals aren't very prominent even if it's loud.
- From s59.71 and beyond, the file gets understepped and it starts to lose feeling.
- s63.02, should be a hand here.
- s71.90 should just be a trill with layering the vocals as jumps.
- From s80.34 and beyond, what are those jumps going to?
- s87.91 - s94.54, you're copying and pasting this pattern from here on out.
- s95.00 - s98.51, you're now overlayering.
- s109.22 - s112.75, same thing above.
- s112.75 - s115.91, most of those jumps aren't going to anything and it's even badly patterned.
- s119.78, missed a 16th.
- s120.67, ghost note.
- s120.90, s128.65, missed 16ths.
- The file needs a complete rehaul on structure and patterns. It's mainly just thrown around and messy throughout the whole simfile.

Retro City (00Razor00) - [+.] 6/10
- Missing notes at s7.33 and s7.55. Also, it's best to delete the 3 notes at s7.76 - s8.40.
- Should just be 2 note long minijacks at s20.83 and s34.55.
- Not sure how there are 12ths here inside measure 35. Remove the notes at s58.76, s58.90, and s59.33. Place notes at s58.87, s59.30, and s59.40. Same thing here starting at s72.05.
- Send both of those 192nds at s65.62 down a 16th.
- Minijacks at s79.76?
- Missing note at s125.42.
- This sound at s134.83 used to be 192nd accents, why the change? Missing one at s140.83.
- The ending seems too biased on the right hand with jacks, best to use some variation there, probably mirror a bit?
- Overall the file played a bit inconsistently. But, it still played pretty fun in my opinion.

Return to Fire (hi19hi19) - [+] 8/10
- Nothing too special about this, just a jumpstream oriented file. The flow is done well (as if that was ever expected from you) and there's nothing bad habitable.
- Don't really notice any errors, nicely done.

Ring Ring Bang (Scintill) - [+.] 7/10
- Dragged on and repetitive but it was still patterned well to the song.
- No errors, good stepfile.

Shake yr glowstix (I like it) - [+?] 5/10
- I don't know... the patterns are pretty arbitary and I'm not sure what you would want to change. Or what I would want to. You pretty much derive from ThirdStyle, so your stepping style is "free."
- The hand should be on s43.21, not s43.03.
- Missed a notes at s61.02, s66.63, s72.24, s77.86.
- Having a jump for every 8th at measures 57 through 63 makes it cramped a bit, make them single notes in my opinion.

Skeletones (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) - [-] 1/10
- Like last time, this has so many inconsistencies and harsh patterns. I don't know why you're going to keep submitting this without realizing the patterns you're placing in here.
- The speed-up starting at s41.60 is not supposed to be that complicated, it goes by even intervals. The same goes for the slow-down at s206.91.
- s19.32, I'd wish you didn't step everything technically correct, a 32nd roll should be placed here. Honestly, just tone down the beginning into understandable patterns (usually 24th triplets or 32nd rolls work in this area) instead of clogging everything with technically correct bursts.
- Everything after the speed-up is inconsistent with technicalities. You got a (12) jump on a bass note at s47.25 and a snare note at s47.58 on the same jump pattern. Usually bass notes are on the left (c1 bass) and snares are on the right (c4 snare). Of course variation has to come into effect, but I'm not really sure what to tell you in this case because everything is all over the place.
- s52.58, no cymbal crash here, so no hand.
- s57.58, whenever this sound happens I'd leave it as a jump, a hand is overexaggerating it.
- s67.58, wow, ****ing NO.
- s78.91, a (23) jump works for this but you had this sound has a (134) on the others before it.
- s89.91, missing a note.
- s94.91, just remove any dual jacks at this speed, it's not fun.
- s97.91, first 2 jumps here should be triples because they both occur on cymbal crashes.
- s101.25, and this one.
- Anything inside measure 72 is unnecessary. Tone it down.
- s108.91... yeah.
- I'm done, can't judge this any farther than I already have.

Smile! (FrozenAngel91 & gold stinger) - [+?] 4/10
- Eh, very inconsistent in structure because there are quite a bit of broken 16th jumpstream patterns that become biased on the left/right hand.
- The 48th-64th accents are overexaggerating, just make them single 8th notes and layer the claps.
- Nothing really constitutes a 24th roll at s6.64. It's just 8th notes there.
- You pretty much mirrored the same things above after that.
- s16.42, leave that as a minitrill.
- A lot of missing notes and ghost notes from s17.75 - s31.08. s18.53 and s19.42 are both ghost notes. Missed one at s18.97.
- s45.53, make it (34)(12)(34)(12)32(14) to keep it consistent.
- s60.42 - s81.75, huge stream that doesn't flow well but I can see you trying to PR more of the melody. Just remove the stream, redo that part by stepping ONLY the vocals up until s67.53. Then, just step the melody and claps coming in after.
- s92.86, you stopped stepping the claps?
- The accent at s101.75 is used wrong.
- s115.97, 24ths?
- s116.75 needs a 16th.
- After measure 68 you got the 48th-64th accents again.
- The jump/handstreams should flow a bit better, it's fluctuating between trill and runningmen patterns.
- In the slowdown the PR for the vocals should be better.
- s148.86, shouldn't have a jump here.
- s166.53, s166.64, s166.86, should just be single notes.
- s168.64, shouldn't have a jump here.
- Nothing at s179.97 calls for 24ths. Missing 16th at s180.75.
- Best if you don't use 12ths in the jumpstream after measure 99.
- s185.31 feels like it should be a 1234 pattern.
- s203.86 is a ghost note. s204.75 is missing a 16th.
- s213.97, s216.19, s219.31, are missing jumps. Much more after that, it's just layering the bass.
- s231.53, missing a note.

Spirits (Scintill) - [+] 8/10
- This played pretty dense in pattern choice, but pretty fun. Nothing I can say about it actually.
- No errors, nicely done on this.

Superficial (nickcool9999) - [-] 1/10
- This just seemed like you placed whatever you felt fit in here. There's no real clue on what you're stepping anymore after measure 13 or so.
- Note about the song, it's repetitive as all hell, it's best that this shouldn't be stepped unless there's a bunch of variation with patterns.
- Missed a note at s13.50.
- s13.82, s14.89, s16.61, s18.54, s18.75, there's no 16ths here, get rid of them.
- The synths on every 8th you have there should be pitch relevant to the song (left note being the lowest going through to the right note being the highest), and should not be jumps. The only jumps there should be would have to be the bass and kicks.
- You need to have people test this for you first before jumping right into sending this to a batch. Learn first.
- Offset should be like -0.030 (I'm using Stepmania 3.9 to judge, probably off by a grain of sand).

Tache (Stage) - [+?] 4/10
- You had a very inconsistent and awkward structure going on through this file. You had quite a lot of 8th anchor patterns and layering discrepancies. The ending was a bit dragged on with the vocals only being stepped, but they were synced well so nicely done on that.
- Personal aesthetic on s20.18, but small crossover patterns (the 1343[12])play a bit weird considering it's the start of the breakcore part here.
- s20.59, missing a note.
- s20.73, that should just be a minitrill. Maybe place some accented notes there seeing how those sounds are pretty unique in the song.
- s21.55 and s21.96, these are both a snare and you presented them as 2 different jumps. I'd consider using the whole c1 bass and c4 snare theory for any song like this. Keeps it fluently structured, but of course variation is always needed.
- s24.98, missing a note.
- s26.56, missing a note.
- s27.45, ^^^.
- The 64th at s27.64 needs to be moved down, although I suggest removing it and redoing the burst because it's a bit awkward to hit with the transition from the (14) jump at the start. You're also missing the 16th at the end of it.
- Measure 26 to 27, personally I'd step the laser-type sounds as hands to express how tense the sound is. Jumps are fine though, make the 8th jumps as single notes though.
- s28.96 to s29.23, there's a fading in burst there, make it a 32nd roll.
- s30.19, should be a jump.
- s32.39, jump here.
- s33.69, I get what you're trying to do but that 8th jack is just ghosted. Just have the accents there only.
- s34.17, should start the 32nd roll.
- s49.67, missing note.
- s49.80, you shouldn't keep stepping the sounds that were in the very beginning. They have no purpose in the breakcore part now.
- s54.19, missing more of the breaks here.
- s65.85, mising note.
- s67.77, should only have 2 8th jumps here, that's all. A minitrill isn't needed.
- s69.35, ghost note.
- Going to stop noting stuff from there, you can pretty much get gist of what this file needs in order to be better.

Taste The Red Hands (foxfire667) - [?] 2/10
- Uh... everything is thrown around in this file. There's no structure at all. Learn to step first.
- Measure 2 to 4, when there is a lot of percussion going through the song, you decide to step the guitar as all jumps?
- Measure 4 to halfway in on measure 5, you completely ignored stepping the guitar stutter.
- s14.65, this is the same pitch to the last 2 jumps.
- s15.28, should be a jump.
- s22.86, should be a jump.
- s54.60, s55.86, missed a note.
- s58.15, missed a 32nd.
- Pretty much from measure 23 and beyond you're copy and pasting the patterns before it and mirroring it.
- Sorry, you need to learn first. Let people playtest your files and give you critique and tips.

Ten Seconds Flat (chez-the-guy) - [+?] 4/10
- You had a bunch of inconsistencies in the dub parts, some 12ths were jacks, some were triplets, etc. You were missing a lot of jumps that are used to represent the bass and kicks, look into those more. Plus the structure needs to be cleaned up a bit.
- Your pitch relevancy in the beginning was okay, a bit of it needs to be edited a bit.
- s22.63, hand is missing to constitute the cymbal crash.
- s34.63 to s39.57, PR got isolated here when you made the bass (12) jumps only. You still need to show variation.
- s44.86, should just be a jump and a 192nd since you were accenting the vocals before it as 192nds.
- s45.57, should have this be a pitch lower (a (13) or (12) jump would both work fine).
- s47.16, should be a jump to layer the bass.
- s47.51, not a jump.
- s48.92, from here on out, don't use a jump unless you have a kick or bass overlapping the dubs.
- s49.98 and s50.16 are missing jumps.
- At s50.16, best to avoid one handed trills.
- Starting at s61.45, should just make it a straightforward roll.
- s62.86, s63.04, s63.22, s63.39 are all the same sound/pitch. If they happen consecutively as 8th notes, make them a jack.
- s68.86 - s69.92, these are broken and not the same pitch. Should just be a trill.
- s71.69, same deal as above. Triplets don't flow well here.
- Incomplete 24th stream from s84.39 to s84.75.
- Measure 64-65, best if you don't step the vocals here. You're incompleting dubs halfway in.
- After that it just tunes out with the 8thy melody. Which still needs work on pitch relevancy.
- s112.98, not really strong enough for a hand.

TGWP v2 (Rebirth0) - [+] 8/10
- ...oh come on, you can't even cut it?
- This is pretty much stepped perfectly, guess I'll let it pass only because it'd be fitting for a skill token.

the benevolence of elk (.Gazelle.) - [+?] 4/10
- You sure know how to be technical with the 12th swing in the beginning, however your layering is inconsistent and your structure was very thrown around when it started getting into the breakcore part of the song. Be sure when you hear certain instruments, relate them to one particular jump only (if you're going to be technical that is).
- s50.30, shouldn't be a 24th note, should be moved down to a 64th.
- s50.64, not a 16th, move it up to a 64th.
- s59.56, I'd make this a jump.
- s61.77 and s62.44, snares should be layered as jumps.
- s66.67, the 24th roll here should actually be a 32nd roll.
- From measure 58 and beyond you're still ignoring a lot of snares to be acknowledged as jumps.
- Overall, your structure needs to be more technical when the breakcore part starts coming in.

The Big Bang Theory Theme (Rock Cover) (VisD) - [+?] 5/10
- It was alright, some of the 48th graces were questionable. The 16th stream at the end felt incredibly random.
- Shouldn't have 48th graces at s21.22, s34.01, s38.81, s46.80.
- Yeah, the 16th stream at s56.79 is random. Nothing is there to constitute that.
- Your pitch relevancy is also a bit weird in every place. I'd look at it a bit more.

The Ordeal Becomes Great (DarkZtar) - [+] 8/10
- This was sick, haha. The only thing I don't like is how overstepped it is.
- You're layering the drums in the solos, would be better if the drum layering was to be removed.

The Strategy of Emperor (Tidus810) - [+?] 5/10
- Your pitch relevancy was pretty poor, you seem to have been lazy on it. You have the right approach but you need to work on balancing some patterns out and re-look at the pitch relevancy more.
- Little one handed minitrills shouldn't be used to start off any song.
- s3.54, pitch feels lower than a (14) jump.
- s8.54, feels higher than a (14) jump.
- s8.88, lower than a (24) jump.
- s11.21, should be a (34) jump. Only naming those few PR errors for now. There's a lot more afterwards in the song.
- s12.54, should change this part of the trill to 2 3 2 3 ... so it will feel balanced.
- The streams after measure 27 started feeling weird in pitch relevancy, they started fluctuating between runningmen patterns and triplets.
- After s96.58, you're letting a lot of the hi-hats run into the 4th jumps, making a lot of unusual jacks.
- Missing layering the cymbals on s98.25, s98.58, and s98.91.
- You just need to work on having the steps flow better to the song, and need a rehaul on the pitch relevancy.

Tied The Room Together (Jake Ferguson) - [+?] 4/10
- Pretty short song, but not stepped well in terms of structure.
- s10.08, this pitch is the same s4.12, should be an up arrow earlier. Also s11.62 is a pretty low pitch, make it a down arrow.
- s16.81, same pitch as s11.62, down arrow.
- Songs like this you use the c1 bass, c4 snare theory. Bass goes on the left and snare on the right, although variation is going to be needed.
- Measure 10 to halfway in, should be 2 trills there. One high pitched, one low pitched.
- Measure 14 to halfway in, make this just 1 long trill. Nothing should really make it varied here.
- s56.99, not a minijack.
- You definitely need to work on structure and pitch relevancy, keep looking over this.

Touch Me (bmah) - [+] 8/10
- Nicely done on this one (didn't expect you to step Gunther haha). Some of the patterns play awkwardly but still enjoyable.

Touki ni Michita Sougen (bmah) - [+] 8/10
- Played nicely. A part I don't agree with is that right hand 24th trill, but it's not really a problem. Good job.

Trim The Fat (ReikonKeiri) - [-] 1/10
- Offsync and everything is thrown around. You're ignoring a lot of percussion going on.
- Offset should be 0.187 at least.
- I'm not even sure what you're trying to approach on this, but you're copy and pasting the same pattern for 18 measures and mirroring it a bit. Then you got long jacks going ONLY to the guitar when there's a lot of drums overlapping it.
- Can't go any further, please learn to step first before sending anything in. Let people playtest your file and critique/give you tips.

Turn The Light (bmah) - [+.] 7/10
- Eh, flowed a bit weird. There was one part that was either hard to tell what you were stepping or there were ghost notes.
- From measure 45 to 49 is what I mean. Thinking you may have misstepped the (?) hi-hats (?).
- Everything else is acceptable.

Twister (Scintill) - [+] 9/10
- Amazing job with this one, favorite one in the batch. Very dancy song.
- The solos were stepped well and the flow of the stepfile was great.

Ultrasounds! (Kommisar) - [+] 9/10
- ****ing UltraDevil, yes.
- The streams are acceptable and are comfortable for spread players. The jump/handstream flowed well and the solo was stepped great. Awesome job on this Kommi.

Unicron Barbeque (I like it) - [+] 7/10
- Real fun. So much variety and keeps it interesting to play through.
- All I ask is that you make the streams starting halfway in measure 10 and halfway in on measure 69 to flow better (i.e. make it indexable).
- Probably make the jumpstream at measure 105 flow better to.

Universe in Mother Earth (Elite Ninja) - [+?] 4/10
- Your pitch relevancy seemed very lazy or just thrown around a bit. Plus you had quite a lot of random jacks
- Starting at measure 22, nothing warrants those as jacks. You need to seperate the instruments from the melody, not think too hard on technicalities and let them run together.
- s75.01, more random jacks.
- Find the right people to playtest this for you so they can give you some tips.

Vah-Jay-Jay (dore) - [--] 0/10
- Okay. Don't do this again.

Walking On A Dream (Sanzath vs Wayward Vagabond) - [+.] 7/10
- Good job on this one, nice swingy file. Flows nicely except it's hard to follow along what is being layered.

Want You Gone (Elegant Too Remix) (Xiz) - [+?] 4/10
- Eh, it looks like you're copy and pasting some patterns in some places.
- Missing note at s13.41.
- s25.11, s26.31: these should be 24th rolls, not 32nd triplets and remove the 32nd at s27.73. Should have more of these later on in the file.
- When you start putting jumps on the vocals at s30.21, you could keep those out and just keep stepping the instruments themselves. Kind of interrupts the flow of the song.
- Missing jumps at s32.01, s113.60.
- Need people to playtest your chart, let them give you tips on what you need to step and how to approach it.

we are all error (Darkomni) - [+?] 4/10
- Most of your accent notes in the beginning don't really entail to what instrument they go to (more so they're unnecessary/inconsistent), they just seem to be thrown there just to look pretty. Also you got so many jumps that aren't supposed to be jumps.
- For accent notes, at s9.08 and s10.42, pretty unnecessary when it's approaching the snare.
- Okay, now you got accent notes at s12.08 and s12.25 on what I assume to be the melody when they should also be on s8.42, s9.75, and s11.08.
- s14.42, okay now you're just trying to make it look artsy, probably best that you don't use accent notes.
- Mainly the jumps should be on the melody and the snare in the beginning because you're using a jump for every hi-hat.
- Your pitch relevancy for the melody is off as well, s9.75 is a lower pitch than the previous one so it should be at least a (12).
- s11.08, higher pitch, should be a (34) at least.
- s32.25, these 8th jacks are a lower pitch than the last 2, these should be left notes.
- Everything else after should apply to the notes I gave above. Allow people to playtest your file if you want to know what to step correctly.
- Also the quad at the ending is unnecessary really, not strong enough of a sound.

Weapon (Kommisar) - [+] 9/10
- Since you mentioned you wanted to send fixes, I'll give it the rating I would intend to give if there weren't errors.
- Seems a bit left handed biased but still goddamn fun. Awesome simfile.

Zanzibar Green (DossarLX ODI) - [+.] 7/10
- Your stepping style is insanely old school haha. This reminds me of Reach's stepfile for Genocide.
- Wanting the jumpstream to at least flow better though, but it's fine. Assuming it is intended for an old school feel, this nailed that on the head.

Zeitmesser (Wayward Vagabond) - [+.] 7/10
- Didn't expect you to step Tarolabo.
- Your wide variation makes it hard to follow what is going to what, making it flow a bit weird. But, it's still nicely charted.


[RESUBMISSION] BAM BAM BAM (MrPopadopolis25) - [+.] 7/10
- How did this not get in before.
- Albeit, it's better. Don't really agree with the jacks at that speed. Nice job.


Note: all time markings were done in sm-ssc (basically sm5)

44 Edit (FissionMailed1): [6/10]
-file flows pretty smoothly at the beginning
-missing potential 32nd at 23.67s and 31.19, 46.24 and similar areas (not sure if you want to step these or not)
-32nds at 38.65s seem unnecessary
-part from 51.15s to 53.51 feels quite awkward
-32nds between 86.62 and 86.85 should be 24ths
-32nd at 105.01 should be on the 8th above
-for the most part, file flows well but a few sections are quite awkward, watch out especially for 1-hand minitrills

Bwshitennou (MarioNintendo): [8/10]
-32nds at 27.55s should be 24ths i think, same with 100.85s
-you have an extra 16th at 57.03s, 58.30s
-i'd suggest putting a (12) jump at 70.37 for the crash
-i found it a bit weird not having any jumps from 80.80s to 85.85
-missing 16th at 86.24s
-a couple awkward one-handed patterns here and there
-overall pretty fun file, doesn't get repetitive

Dead Batteries (Silvuh): [6/10]
-interesting intro layering
-24th/48th guitar flams during the solo starting at 79.91s don't fit too well, try something different
-minijacks at 137.08s don't flow with the song, they seem out of place
-jumpstream throughout the file seems very bland and awkward at times, i noticed especially that there are a lot of 8th notechains in your js
-overall structure is ok, but your patterns (especially in your js) need some work

Distortion Power [wayward Vagabond]: [8/10]
-i think i hear some 24ths around 6.77s
-extra 16th at 8.23s
-some 24ths are kinda iffy, but they'd probably flow better than 32nds
-rhythm at 119.16 seems a bit off
-not much else to say about the file, flows well and is challenging

Empty Garden (Silvuh): [7/10]
-has a very old-school vibe
-seems a bit generic - plays like a lot of other trance files
-technically accurate, but lacks originality imo

Pocket Monsters (Trogdor!!!!): [4/10]
-right off the bat, pr is wrong
-starting at 11.74s, jump placement is inconsistent - what sound do your jumps correspond to?
-starting at 23.31s, you start missing a lot of 16th rhythms, such as 16ths at 24.66s, 27.56s etc.
-again, jumps are really inconsistent at 34.88 onwards
-not sure why you stepped 48.25s when you didn't put a step all the other times there was this sound, same with 51.14s
-you should have at least one note at 58.01s, feels really weird without any
-rhythms at 60.90s aren't right
-rhythm at 66.32s is wrong
-misrhythms repeat throughout this section, along with inconsistent jumps again
-a lot of missed opportunities for interesting rhythms, like the roll at 69.58s
-misrhythms at 81.14s, same with 84.03s
-ending jumps are weird since there's less going on here than other parts of the song, yet it's more dense
-overall, really bad jump inconsistencies throughout the file along with a lot of misrhythms. needs a lot of retouching.

Poppin' Shower (MrPopadopalis25): [9/10]
-extra 16ths at 18.14s, 18.82
-missing 16ths at 25.85s, 31.34, 36.82, and all similar sections
-fantastic, almost nothing to complain about

Power Rocket (justin_ator): [7/10]
-some of the 16ths around 13.89s are kinda iffy
-speedup section at 23.27s needs work
-missing 16ths at 25.73s, 26.20s, 26.67s
-27.02s to 57.02s feels repetitive, but not too much you can do about that
-minijack at 56.08s feels unjustified
-12ths at 61.86 would do better as jacks imo
-32nd at 71.37s should go on the next 32nd beat (71.49)
-cameljack at 86.43s would do better as a different pattern
-2nd half is pretty good, 1st half could be better

Punch You (Coolboyrulez0): [7/10]
-pr in the beginning could use some work
-not sure why there's a jump at 20.09s, 21.29s
-16th patterns at 32.33s feel awkward
-not sure why you ignored the 16ths from 40.69s to 42.48 specifically
-ending jumpstream is a huge difficulty jump, but flows decently
-not bad, but feels unpolished

Pussy Pump (samurai7694): [7/10]
-missing 16th at 35.09s
-missing 8th at 39.01s
-48ths at 45.97 should be 16ths
-32nd at 47.60 should be on the quarter beat instead
-16ths at 81.1s are pretty awkward
-not bad, fix awkward patterns though

Quark (00Razor00): [5/10]
-64th note part coming out of 32nds at 10.75s is extremely awkward
-16th notes to vocals from 12.08s onwards are pretty iffy, especially longer 16ths runs like at 13.91s
-extra 16th at 28.00s
-24ths at 32.75s are kinda unnecessary
-inconsistent hand placement starting at 33.41s
-a lot of ghost 16th notes in this section too
-32nds at 47.08s last longer than you have it
-not sure why you have a random 64th at 62.66s, at this bpm it's really separated from the other note
-for sections like 68.08s, it would make more sense to have hand-hand rather than hand-jump because the sounds are the same
-layering is inconsistent from 68.08s to 78.75s
-not sure why you have 32nds at 72.41s
-some extra 32nds around 75.41s to 78.75s
-extra 16th at 82.33s, 83.66, all over this area
-a lot of layering inconsistencies and ghost notes, file doesn't really do it for me

Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX) (megamon88): [PASS]
-own file

Rationalist (NeoMasterPie): [4/10]
-24th time signature isn't appropriate since the beat often doesn't land on a 4th note
-extra jump at 6.31s, 10.72s
-not sure why there's a note at 17.33s, 22.98s
-some time signature changes are odd and unnecessary (like at 37.43s)
-stream at 43.25s isn't synced well at all
-missing jumps around 59.01s
-not sure what the 192nd/64th notes are doing at 67.03s since they don't fit at all
-again, time signature doesn't match music starting at 69.33s
-not sure why you have a random jump at 91.45s
-i don't really feel like the jumps at 92.6s, 94.25s etc. fit very well
-again, seemingly random jumps 97.98s and 98.16s
-missing jump at 104.25s
-missing 24th note at 105.06s
-your layering messes up at 122.42s (you stop stepping jumps to the guitar for some reason)
-going by your layering, 124.94s should be a jump
-stream at 128.15s is really offsync
-technically there should be constant 32nds at 129.28s but that might be a bit too much
-don't think there's a note at 145.28s
-note at 148.10s would be more appropriate on the 12th note right after
-a lot of layering errors and consistency errors made this file not very fun

Rebirth's OP (Rebirth): [4/10]
-layering style is a bit weird - the drums are barely audible, yet you step those as jumps as opposed to the much louder bass
-not sure why you neglected the jumps at 13.51s yet had them before at the exact same part
-jumpjacks at 16.15s are barely justified, if even that
-19.27s to 38.47 is an exact copy/paste
-really awkward jack patterns at 45.67s and EVERY SINGLE TIME THESE EXACT SAME STEPS ARE REPEATED
-extremely repetitive, please cut (even though it's less than 2 minutes already)

Resource Recourse (cedolad): [4/10]
-not too sure about jump placement at the beginning
-notes to the really quiet ride cymbal starting at 31.03s are a bit iffy - i can barely hear them when i don't hit my keys, and when i am playing then i can't hear them at all
-i think there should be a jump at 43.49s
-i hear snare grace notes at 47.71s
-quad seems a bit much at 59.44s
-jump at 62.82s should be on the quarter beat after
-missing jump at 68.14s
-hand at 72.71s should be on the quarter beat after
-minijacks at 75.37 are inconsistent - sometimes you have them, sometimes you just have normal 16ths
-jumps are pretty inconsistent in this section too, not sure what some of them are supposed to represent
-too many jumps in a row at 80.36s, doesn't make sense musically
-extra 16th at 84.93s
-jumps from 87.93s to 95.03s don't make much sense either
-jumps and hands are a bit overkill for the section at 95.03s, also some hand placement is wrong
-16th at 108.61s should be 24ths
-wrong hand placement at 109.89s
-jumps from 112.78s to 115.94s are seemingly random
-jacks inconsistent at 122.80s
-really abrupt ending
-overall a lot of layering inconsistencies prevented the file from feeling like it represented the music well

Retro City (00Razor00): [7/10]
-would've preferred if you stepped some empty places at the beginning
-the third note of the jack at 21.08s would fit better on a different arrow than the first two, same with 34.79s etc.
-second and third 192nds would be better as jumps since there's the voice and bass at the same time
-missing some notes around the 192nds at 65.61s
-there should be a minijack at 69.46s
-16th at 73.00s should be on the 12th if you want to keep consistent with your earlier steps
-there should be a minijack at 83.29s
-hand and jump usage in this section seemed a bit iffy
-there should be at least quarter notes after 97.26s imo
-missing 16th at 100.09s
-16ths from 111.41s to 112.50s seem kinda random
-jump usage after 116.86s seems kinda inconsistent
-roll at 149.45s is kinda random
-overall quite fun to play, but some there are some layering inconsistencies

Return to Fire (hi19hi19): [8/10]
-jump would be appropriate at 31.76s imo
-extra jump at 45.51s
-starting at 119.86s, your time signature becomes off by an 8th note, not too much of a problem though
-not much else to say, good file, layering was very easy to follow

Ring Ring Bang [Scintill]: [8/10]
-layering style feels weird sometimes, like around 22.07s - some jumps feel like they would do better off as a single note and some singles feel like they would do better as a jump
-minijack at 94.82s is pretty mean and it's the only jack you have in the song
-very few complaints apart from that, good file

Shake yr glowstix (I like it): [6/10]
-10.61s should be a jump if the same sound 4 bars before is a jump, same with following ones
-43.06s shouldn't be a hand
-missing 16th at 61.05s, 66.66s, etc.
-roll at 67.36 should start earlier
-not sure why you omitted jumps at 82.89s and 83.59s
-jump layering is very heavy and it's sometimes unclear what sounds the jumps are going to
-gets repetitive pretty fast

Skeletones (Brilliant Dynamite Neon): [6/10]
-jump at 19.78 doesn't seem justified
-since you stepped all the claps as jumps i don't see why you wouldn't step the down-pitched clap as a jump at 22.78s and 27.06
-trill at 29.74s doesn't feel right
-there should be a jump at 30.49s
-52.61s and 52.78s are both the exact same sound, but one is a hand and the other isn't
-burst at 67.94 would flow better if it ended on a (24) jump instead of (23)
-missing jump at 71.44s
-patterns at 73.78 are pretty fugly
-missing jump at 87.11s
-jumpjack at 94.4s is pretty mean
-jumpjack at 108.94 is even meaner
-missing jump at 109.94s
-missing jump at 151.11s
-from now i'm not going to mention the missing jumps since they're almost all to kick sounds
-minijack at 169.19 should start on the 8th and not the 16th
-hands at 190.61s would fit music better if they were different combinations
-missing note at 203.78s
-roll at 214.30s should last longer
-could have a roll at 215.72
-missing 16th at 230.48s
-this last section has a few jump inconsistencies, jumps didn't correspond to any sound
-overall not bad, but there seems to be a lot of layering and pattern fixing needed to be done

Smile! (FrozenAngel91 & gold stinger): [5/10]
-hand doesn't seem justified at 8.00s
-if there's a hand at 15.11s, there should be one every time the kick/clap/synth is at the same time
-polyrhythms would be nice at 31.11s
-32.00s onwards feels weird without steps to vocals
-jumps at 34.67s are pretty random - either they should be single notes, or you should incorporate jumps earlier in the section
-at 42.67s there's an abrupt switch in layering and all of a sudden the drums are ignored
-16th stream after 67.56 doesn't feel right since there are much more prominent sounds going on that you don't step
-not sure why you step some 8ths at 81.78s when previously you didn't
-same comment as 42.67s at 92.45s
-not sure why there's a grace note at 101.78s, if it's supposed to be going to the high synth then it's too early
-missing some synth 16ths at 115.00s
-missing 16th at 122.13s
-missing 16th at 130.56s
-jump at 185.63 shouldn't be there
-jumps at 187.11s are a bit excessive
-16ths should continue at 193.89s
-jumps are inconsistent starting at 213.33s
-225.00s, 232.00s, 239.22s shouldn't be a jack since it's 2 different sounds
-needs some work on jump consistency, but the file wasn't bad

Spirits [Scintill]: [7/10]
-solo section is pretty awkward at 45.28s, especially the 32nd section at 48.57s
-61.82s, 68.82s should be a jump
-could also use a jump at 64.01s
-same comments repeated in next section
-missing minijack at 72.11s
-32nds are wrong at 87.33s - they should be offset down a 16th
-again, 32nds are wrong at 101.34s - they should be offset down a 16th
-24ths at 111.85s have awkward patterns
-pretty cool file, fix up some patterns and it'll be great

Superficial (nickcool9999): [2/10]
-right off the bat, your layering doesn't make much sense
-ghost notes are VERY prevalent in your file
-random 16th stream starts even though i don't hear any constant 16ths
-not even sure what to say about layering at this point
-your layering constantly changes without any notice, even when the sounds are the same
-later on you start having random minijacks out of nowhere
-you can't keep changing your layering/what you're stepping randomly, it feels extremely unpolished
-you could literally put this file over any newgrounds dance song and it would work just as well
-try stepping a less repetitive song next time

Tache (Stage): [7/10]
-don't see the need for jumps at 28.05s
-layering is a bit weird during this section, eg. sometimes you have jumps to kicks and sometimes you don't
-same layering discrepancies at 112.82s
-layering gets pretty weird again once the french vocals come in - the constant changing in layering makes it pretty confusing and makes certain parts feel quite empty
-ok file, but lacking a bit of oomph

Taste The Red Hands (foxfire667): [5/10]
-layering at 5.37s is heavy, but when even more sounds are added at 10.42 your layering gets lighter, doesn't feel right
-jumps on crash accents would be nice like 15.31s
-layering feels inconsistent at parts
-your snare jumps are sometimes on the wrong note, like at 31.58s
-extra note at 38.37s 43.42s etc.
-vocals could be better represented from 63.47s to 68.37s
-jump layering is off at 73.7s
-90.63s should be straight 32nds
-missed some 32nds at 100.42s
-extra 32nd at 121.02s
-inconsistent layering at 132.94s
-32nd endings should be jumps like at 175.73s
-overall, a whole lot of jump inconsistencies throughout the file, and layering didn't fit the song at some points

Ten Seconds Flat (chez-the-guy): [5/10]
-would've personally preferred 8ths to the pluck in the back starting at 11.36s but that's just me
-22.66 should be a hand according to your layering later
-change in layering is kinda abrupt at 39.60s
-if you're stepping jumps to the kick, then you're missing a jump at 47.19s (if not, then i don't know what some of these jumps are corresponding to)
-random jump at 48.95?
-missing jumps at 50.01 and 50.19
-watch your jump usage throughout this section, it's quite inconsistent (not going to list any more missing jumps since they're all pretty similar)
-excessive jumps at 51.77s
-not sure why you have a jump at 52.66 either
-same with 57.60s, why is there a jump?
-not going to name any more extra jumps either, there's a lot
-would have a greater effect if you omitted the single notes at 64.48s
-in fact, a lot of sections would be better if you didn't randomly step a hihat here and there when there's nothing else since it's not too audible
-you should probably end the 192s on the downbeat at 90.42s, the way it is now feels really weird
-lol nice ending
-file's not too bad, but there are a LOT of jump inconsistencies that you need to fix, then the file will be fantastic

TGWP v2 (Rebirth0): [8/10]
-since you said you're not going to change it, i'm not going to put many notes lol
-some minijacks were in really mean places
-a newer take on the old version, plays pretty well

the benevolence of elk (.Gazelle.): [7/10]
-there's a small drum hit you missed at 34.38s, same with 36.27s (starting to think you omitted these on purpose)
-subtle ride at 43.01s, not sure if you want to make it a jump
-brass seems to come in a bit later than the beat at 44.27s
-i think 50.29s should be a 16th for simplicity's sake since the difference is so subtle
-not sure if 59.73s warrants being a jump
-odd choice not to step the loud snare at 61.78s and 62.25s as a jump
-not having jumps to that sounds makes layering a bit weird later on
-layering felt weird at points because the loud drum didn't have jumps yet little quiet buzzes did, but otherwise file played pretty well

The Big Bang Theory Theme (Rock Cover) (VisD): [6/10]
-very simple layering scheme, easy to follow
-13.65s doesn't really feel like a hand, also the crash right after isn't a hand so why is this one?
-grace note at 21.22s doesn't feel right, same comment when it happens later on
-instead of a grace note at 29.61s, there should be a note on the 16th before it
-grace note as 38.84s should be after the beat
-don't see why there's a grace note at 46.80s
-missing some guitar notes at 48.83s
-16ths at 56.82s don't really make sense - i guess you could somewhat interpret the 8th guitar as a 16th, but it's not really too evident. 8th jumps would work better here
-missing jumps to the crashes at 64.42s and 64.82s
-all in all, not bad, but kind of generic and some parts don't fit too well

The Ordeal Becomes Great (DarkZtar): [7/10]
-drum rhythm at 14.18s isn't right
-layering changes a lot during the section starting at 14.88, sometimes you step the main synth as jumps and sometimes you don't, it's pretty inconsistent
-jumps at 35.46s are a good example of this inconsistency
-again, in the next section, sometimes you step the snare as jumps and sometimes you don't
-polyrhythm patterns are pretty messy at 95.81s
-12th notes at 97.67s should actually be 16ths
-12th note at 100.46s should be a 16th, same with the 12th at 101.97s
-polyrhythms at 106.99s are pretty messy as well
-missing some guitar accents at 214.43s
-basically watch out for awkward polyrhythms throughout the song, and be mindful of your layering, otherwise the file is great

The Strategy of Emperor (Tidus810): [7/10]
-why is 2.57s a hand when it's the exact same sound as the two notes before it (which are singles)
-happens every time you have that 16th crash thing, it would be better as 3 jumps imo (such as (12) (34) (12))
-since most of your other crashes are hands, why isn't there a hand at 13.24, 18.57s etc.
-missing 16th at 15.49s
-same thing happens with the 16th crash at 30.41s, there should be at least jumps before the hand (and then preferably the hand would become a jump)
-why aren't there jumps to the crashes at 32.24s, 32.57s, etc.
-would've preferred the timpani hit at 55.09s to be on left since it's a low note
-65.86s should be a hand
-76.61s should be a jump
-pretty good, but the crashes bother me personally

Tied The Room Together (Jake Ferguson): [8/10]
-beginning reminds me of minecraft
-not sure why there's a minijack at 57.04s
-pretty cool song and file
-very few complaints, but doesn't really stand out to me much either

Touch Me (bmah): [9/10]
-i'd put a jump at 103.45 since you're stepping vocals in this section
-other than that, amzin. layering was really easy to follow and file was really fun

Touki ni Michita Sougen (bmah): [8/10]
-extra 24ths at 105.88s
-not much to say, almost technically flawless but nothing dazzling

Trim the Fat (Reikonkeiri): [2/10]
-not sure why the first beat isn't a jump or hand since basically everything hits
-layering is way off - you layer the end of the guitar phrases with jumps, yet the huge sounds of the crash/drums you leave as a single note
-missing all the bg drums at 5.12s
-seems like you're only focusing on the guitar when there's so much else going on at the same time
-layering is extremely inconsistent throughout the whole file - you have jumps to random notes that don't warrant a jump and then you step huge crash hits as single notes
-overall very repetitive and layering needs a rehaul

Turn the Light (bmah): [7/10]
-layering change at 25.78s is weird since it's the same repetition of sounds, but i guess it's passable since the phrase is pretty long
-12th/48th after the first 48th flam at 31.83s should be on the 16th and 8th
-16th at 51.31s should be on the 8th after
-missing 16th at 67.76s
-not sure why places like 94.07s are minijacks
-file's not bad but it feels pretty weird at some points

Twister [Scintill]: [8/10]
-i personally would have stepped the hi hat at the beginning but that's just me
-50.98s would be better as a jump than 51.07s
-some of the jump placement from 110.13s to 118.84s seems off
-jump hand accents are a bit confusing at points, but other than that pretty fun file

Ultrasounds! [Kommisar]: [8/10]
-missing 24ths to drums at 39.82s
-i think 52.55s should be 16ths and not 24ths
-accent layering is a bit weird sometimes
-pretty good file

Unicron Barbeque (I like it): [7/10]
-if 2.90s is a jump, then 3.14s and 3.30s should be as well
-your 32nd roll is too long at 4.24s, trying making the last 16th of the roll a (12) jump instead
-missing 16th at 5.67s
-lack of steps to vocals feels a bit weird sometimes but they're not necessary
-roll at 110.43s is really weird
-roll at 112.88s is also too long
-not sure why 115.32s is a jump
-roll at 128.03s is too long too
-some hand placement throughout the song is questionable
-i wouldn't step the last note since the roll actually stops before the downbeat
-file is pretty fun, fix up the small errors and it'll be great

Universe in Mother Earth (Elite Ninja): [6/10]
-fix pr at the beginning
-gradual layering scheme is a bit old
-minijacks don't really make sense at 52.62s onwards
-minijacks start getting better after 72.83s
-shouldn't be a minijack at 87.52s
-beware of awkward patterns like (12) 1 (12) or (34) 4 (34)
-overall not bad, but there's a lot of unnecessary minijacks and it gets kinda repetitive

Vah-Jay-Jay [dore]: [0/10]
-who likes 0s i do i do who likes 0s that would be me

Walking On A Dream (Sanzath vs wayward vagabond): [8/10]
-do we have pogo permission?
-i'm a bit iffy on stepping the "st" as a jump because you can barely hear it, but not really an issue
-placeholder note at the end is unnecessary
-fun file, get slightly repetitive though

Want You Gone (Elegant Too Remix) (Xiz): [6/10]
-extra jump at 20.64s
-jacks at 23.79s would be better as jumps since they're a hard snare hit
-extra 32nds at 27.76s
-it would be wise to step something other than just the vocals at 30.24s
-layering starts getting more inconsistent at 32.64s
-same thing at 38.34s as with 30.24s
-extra jump at 56.64s
-consider my earlier comments and apply them to similar sections later on
-pay attention to the drum that comes in at 91.43s and try to layer it in later sections
-overall not bad, but fix inconsistent layering

we are all error (Darkomni): [6/10]
-unnecessary grace notes at 9.11s, 10.45s etc.
-more unnecessary grace hands at 14.45s, 15.78s etc.
-EVEN MORE unnecessary grace quads at 19.78s, 21.11s etc.
-please stop with the grace notes
-oh cool jumps with grace jumps now
-yo dawg, i'll put a jump in yo jump so you can jump while you jump
-not going to mention grace notes anymore since they occur throughout the whole file, but just keep in mind that they don't serve a useful purpose other than to annoy people
-other than that the file is actually pretty good, just get rid of grace notes please

Weapon [Kommisar]: [7/10]
-not too sure what your layering is doing around 15.53s
-missing 16th at 34.63s, 35.43s
-61.53s feel like it should be a continuous roll to the downbeat
-accent layering style feel a bit weird when you don't have jumps to the snare
-100.55s should be 2 32nds leading into the 4th note
-101.09s should also be 32nds
-layering still isn't clear to me sometimes and it feels like i'm just hitting random buttons, especially during the really dense sections
-not bad, but accentuation could be polished

Zanzibar Green (DossarLX ODI): [6/10]
-why did the arp suddenly change from broken notes into full-out stream (unless you're stepping the hats, which aren't full 16ths anyways)?
-why did you step the kick as a jump at 28.73s, 68.26s, 80.26s but not other places?
-16ths from 50.88s to 60.76s are pretty random and sporadic
-random 16th at 61.56s
-quite repetitive
-decent file, but you need to address repetitiveness and some layering weirdness

Zeitmesser [wayward vagabond]: [7/10]
-16ths at 9.75s are actually swung 24ths
-some crash hits are hands and others are jumps, some are appropriate but others aren't
-it would be awesome if you could step the percussion starting at 68.62s
-not bad, but not too memorable either

えっへん≦( ̄^ ̄)≧どやどす?天狗自慢(Short ver.) (MrPopadopalis25): [8/10]
-layering is very heavy at the beginning, hands might be a bit overused
-hand accents are a bit overdone at 47.29s
-good challenging file, some minijacks are pretty mean though


The Games We Played v2 (Rebirth)

Very cool file, although some parts were pretty boring. Not your fault of course, mostly the song's fault. It'd be interesting to see this file put into FFR; it wouldn't be considered a stamina file but I think it'd be used as one (woah man you sdg'd TGWP v2 that's craaaazy, etc.) The only real issue I had was the jack during the very beginning. Change that to a trill or something. 8/10 [+]

Ring Ring Bang (Scintill)

Damn, that was a cute file hahaha. I loved it, couldn't see much wrong with it. I really enjoyed the fact that you understepped the song to give the chart a bit of a lighthearted feel. This fits the song perfectly. 8/10 [+]

Rebirth's OP (Rebirth)

Repetitive, boring, generic. Jump jacks are a huge bootrap. While this is mostly technically correct, you can't do much to make this fun, given the song. 3/10 [+?]

Smile! (FrozenAngel91 & gold stinger)

Boring. All of the grace notes aren't fun to hit, and the song just drags on foreveeeer. I don't see many people enjoying this file. The ending is an interesting touch, but that alone isn't go to get this file accepted. 4/10 [+?]

Quark (00Razor00)

Some of those colored notes seemed iffy and that stream near the beginning that's offset by a 64th is offsync, either fix the sync there and leave the 64ths, or change back to straight 16ths. Other than that, file was decent. Nothing spectacular, but nothing bad about it either. 6/10 [+.]

Pussy Pump (samurai7694)

lmao this song. Some of those bursts are NASTY (32nds l0l) but file flowed pretty well besides that. File was quirky enough to fit the song. 7/10 [+.]

Pocket Monsters (Trogdor!!!)

Layering was all over the place, terrible usage of grace notes, boring and annoying song. This file basically needs a complete overhaul before it can be close to being accepted. 2/10 [-]

Bwshitennou (MarioNintendo)

Fun file, even though there wasn't much that stood out besides the fun streams. One or two of those 32nd bursts are a tad awkward, but nothing too outrageous. 7/10 [+.]

Dead Batteries (Silvuh)

Pretty generic song, but the file works well enough. The jacks around m85 felt out of place, but the minijack section at m96 was awesome. Just gotta get better song choice next time. 6/10 [+.]

Distortion Power (Wayword Vagabond)

what am i listening to right now lmfao.... Chart isn't all that interesting, even though the song is. And those 24th trills were reaaaaaaly iffy. 5/10 [+?]

Empty Garden (Silvuh)

Nice easy file. Nothing much to say about it. 7/10 [+.]

Poppin' Shower (plopadop)

Very energetic file, and very fun. It's unfortunate, a lot of people try too hard when they step stuff, and their files turn out pretty convoluted. This, however, is stepped pretty simply and it turned out really fun. Nothing I could see wrong with it. 8/10 [+]

Power Rocket (Justin_ator)

Hmm, I'm kinda torn on this one. While the stuff after the boring as hell 16th stream was pretty cool, everything leading up to it was... not. That bit at m7 felt so lazy. I know what you're trying to do but it isn't executed well. The 32nd trills aren't fun. And the 16th stream... UGH that lasts for 16 measures. SIXTEEN. At least do something intuitive, I really wanted to quit out during this. I'd give this a look over if I were you, I'm sure you can think of something to do during those 16 measures. 5/10 [+?]

Punch You (Coolboyrulez0)

At first I was like, "is he making this an easy file... or..." And then the first set of streams hit and I was like "oh, so it's gonna be an easy file with bursts like this." Aaaaand then the js hit and I was like "OH OKAY LMAO." Pretty fun, glad this is short though. You may want to go back and playtest a couple times to iron out any awkward parts, though. 7/10 [+.]

Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (megamon88)

The slow parts are pretty fun but for the most part, this file drags on and on. Nothing interesting happens, and even during my first playthrough I could tell that you copy-pasted sections. I'd either make a short cut or find different music to step. There's a ton of breakcore out there that isn't this boring. 4/10 [+?]

Rationalist (NeoMasterPie)

You already know my thoughts on this file, I'm glad you fixed the jumpjacks in the beginning because that was the hardest part. File owns, the weird color changes are bit jarring at first, even if they are synced correctly. Technical mistakes aside, this flows pretty well and is very fun. 8/10 [+]

Resource Recourse (cedolad)

I didn't like the intro at all, some grace notes seemed to be incorrect (started too late or too early). You also seemed to miss some grace notes during the drum buildup. Once the vocals came in, the file instantly got a bit better, but it seemed sloppy. Some parts I'd expect a hand/quad, but I'd only get a jump. And some of the hands had me perk an eyebrow. Either the layering is inconsistent or you're using a weird layering scheme. It was fun, but weird. I'd go back and take another look at layering. 6/10 [+.]

Retro City (00Razor00)

Loads more fun than Quark, that slow down was AWESOME. With that said, some parts of the file seem to be stepped pretty strangely. And this is just personal opinion, but the file as a whole could be a bit more aggressive. You accented some sounds with color notes but didn't accent the same sound later in the same section. I think if you go back and look at your color usage/pattern usage (example: the slowdown and buildup to the second drop are, right now, very underwhelming), you could have a fantastic file. 7/10 [+.]

Return to Fire (hi19hi19)

Aggressive, draining, brutal, awesome, hardcore as shit. The only issue I had? WHERE ARE DA HANDS. Seriously, the breaks in the jumpstream could have been so much more interesting if you had used hands. As the file stands right now, it's pretty awesome. If this ends up being a resubmission for next batch, I highly recommend that you layer in some hands. 7/10 [+.]

Shake yr glowstix (I like it)

C'mon man, you're a pretty good simfile artist but... Ugh, this was so boring. That's mostly the song's fault. Pick a better song next time, loli ripe has a ton of songs that are much more interesting than this one. 4/10 [+?]

Skeletones (Brilliant Dynamite Neon)

Your bursts are absolute garbage. Every time I would get into the file, I'd run into a burst that was totally awkward and un-fun to hit. With that said, I'm gonna have to pass this file. I hate every single burst in this file and I can't judge it being unbiased. [PASS]

Tache (Stage)

File was good up until the French vocal samples, and theeeeen it all fell apart. The way that you switched back and forth between the vocals and the main beat wasn't intuitive at all, and was awkward as a result. I just didn't find the second half fun at all, sorry. 5/10 [+?]

The Ordeal Becomes Great (DarkZtar)

This. File. Fucen. OWNS. Blazing fast and beautiful, one of my favorite files in the batch. Polyrhythms flowed well, the guitar solos were so much fun to play, the crazy fast 24th runs were practically perfect. I really wish you were more aggressive with your layering outside of the guitar solos, though. Not much else to say, I really hope the other judges share my thoughts on this file. 9/10 [+]

Vah-jay-jay (dore)

A ****ing waste of time. 0/10 [--]

Zanzibar Green (DossarLX_ODI)

File feels like it drags on forever, pretty boring file. The tiny jumpstream parts are fun, but as a whole, just an un-entertaining stream file. 5/10 [+?]

Touki Ni Machita Sougen (bmah)

Another Y.W file, cool! Very fun file, without your token "awkward bmah patterns (lOl mfw bmah patterns !!)" I really don't have much to say about this, the 24ths were crazy fun to hit. trig(8:/10 [+]

Zeitmesser (Wayward Vagabond)

leonid would be proud. I'd liked that solo... whatever instrument that is? I'm very glad I got to play a swing file after a ton of streamy files. Some layering inconsistencies here and there but overall, fun file. 7/10 [+.]

doya (MrPopadopalis25)

I loved this file, super cute... Dare I say... kawaii... Those 24th trills are nasty at that speed, but that's really the only issue I have. Jumpstream flows well, I love the intro, and the outro (oh yeah, and the middle too). Solid file. 8/10 [+]

Weapon (Kommisar)

No words. 10/10 [++]

we are all error (Darkomni)

It seems like the only reason you used grace notes was to make the file artificially more exciting. Which didn't work. File was boring, gross usage of grace notes (gross notes). Seriously, what's going on in the song to warrant the use of some kind of staggered 192nd quad grace note... thing? 3/10 [+?]

Walking on a Dream (Sanzath vs Wayward Vagabond)

Really cool song, and the file is just as cool, although I couldn't help but think that the file got a bit repetitive after a while. Pretty easy file otherwise, nothing much else to say. 7/10 [+.]

Unicron Barbeque (I like it)

A lot better than Shake yr glowstix, this was actually fun to play through. The jumptrill section during that breakdown-ish part was awesome. Some parts seemed to drag on for a bit too long, but that's mostly the song's fault. Not bad. 7/10 [+.]

Touch Me (bmah)

Wait, bmah stepped this? wowowowow. This file rules, those 32nds are not awkward at all (near the end you used a trill but that's the only 32nd trill in the file) and the flow is spot-on. Greaaaat file, much better than the current Gunther files we have in game. 8/10 [+]

Tied the Room Together (Jake Furguson)

Short and boring little file, nothing spectacular about it. 6/10 [+.]

The Strategy of Emperor (Tidus810)

Kinda sounds like... Newgrounds music? Given how generic the song is, this is a pretty decent file. I wish I could say more about it, but there's not much to talk about (except maybe those 12th jump jacks). 6/10 [+.]

The Benevolence of Elk (.Gazelle.)

Song's boring and bland, which puts this file on the boring side. I really don't like the direction that clonepa's going in, he's trying too hard to be Venetian Snares lol. The breaks in the middle are uninteresting, jazzy bits repeat too often. Not enough going on in this song, tbh. 5/10 [+?]

The Big Bang Theory Theme (Rock Cover) (Visd)

Pretty boring for the majority of the file. Those ghost 16ths were a nice touch but they didn't follow anything (the guitar certainly didn't do anything that exciting). Grace note usage was weird. 5/10 [+?]

Ten Second Flat (chez-the-guy)

I can't listen to this song. [PASS]

Ultrasounds! (Kommisar)

Those 24ths lmao. Solid file, ton of fun. 8/10 [+]

Spirits (Scintill)

The guitar solo seemed inaccurate and some patterns were kind of awkward to hit. The song's really cool though, and I enjoyed the file, regardless of the issues it has. 6/10 [+.]

Superficial (nickcool9999)

Song was pretty cool, however the file wasn't. Layering was terribly inconsistent, and the file overall was pretty bland. Protip: Every time I've stepped my own music, I've used the project files to help me with stepping (in my case, it was FL Studio). I'd go back and look at layering and varying your pattern usage so the file doesn't end up rigid. 5/10 [+?]

Taste The Red Hands (foxfire667)

With long post-hardcore songs like this, you generally have to do something interesting to keep the players attention (if they don't like this genre of music, of course), or the song has to be a bit more progressive. Unfortunately, this file does little but repeat the same structure for almost 3 minutes, and turns out very boring. Technically, there's not much wrong with it, but it drags on and on and on. 5/10 [+?]

Trim The Fat (Reikonkeiri)

Offset is off by .60. Quit out after the same pattern repeated itself for 8 measures and tried again. This file is terribly boring, with whole sections literally repeating themselves over and over. Layering was minimal (which I can respect if it fits the song, however you used jumps to accent the ending of certain patterns and hardly used them where they could have been used to make the file less boring). As it stands, nope. 4/10 [+?]

Turn the Light (bmah)

Nice max combo. I'm not sure if I enjoyed this, the file fit the song, but I didn't like the song that much. Some parts were cool, others were boring. Overall, it's a decent file. Not one that I would go out of my way to play, though. 6/10 [+.]

Twister (Scintill)

This was the stronger of the two G5 Project files I judged, and this one rules. Like with Spirits, the guitar solo felt a bit inaccurate, but other than that, I loved this. I think if you go back and check the sync on your guitar solos, this will be widely accepted throughout FFR. 7/10 [+.]

Universe in Mother Earth (Elite Ninja)

During the parts that it wasn't 16th stream with jump every 4th note ad infinitum, it was a pretty slick file. But... I couldn't escape the 16th streams, and it made me sad. THEY NEVER ENDED. I think, though, you can go back and change up some patterns (either layer in some more stuff or drop the 16 streams altogether for a break of sorts). 5/10 [+.]

Want You Gone (Elegant Too Remix)

I'm a sucker for alternative voices like this (I liken this guy to a male version of Mellisa Kaplan). With that said, this file was weird. I can definitely tell that you used pitch relevancy when it came to stepping the vocals, but the way you switch between vocals and the main beat is strange. Not bad, just strange. And I don't think those vocals were totally accurate, either. 6/10 [+.]

44 Edit (FissionMailed1)

Those bursts are brutal and the file is so convoluted that it's almost impossible to hit the patterns correctly. This isn't much fun. 4/10 [+?]


[Resubmission] ‚‚‚‚…iP^Pj†‚‚‚‚H“V‹Ž– (MrPopadopalis25) [6/10]
I know this is meant to be a hard file, but apparently overlayered/overhanded to the song.
felt like steps are going with inaudiblish sounds in first half (most are actually audible if carefully heard), second half is somewhat enjoyable though.
m8, m30, m38 - not necessary jack placement / other minijacks are based on PR but tricly in terms of playability.

44 Edit (FissionMailed1) [6/10]
hard bursty file as a whole, rhythm-wise most parts are fine, or decently interpreted. Most patterns are doable but there're some overly emphasized parts than the music (hihats jacks, bursts, hands), one hand biased patterns, mini-jacky bursts, etc. could add some pattern tweak and it's alright.

Bwshitennou (MarioNintendo) [7/10]
16th triplets for hihat might be debatable since they reduce the contrast of intensity of steps, acceptable though. otherwise well-structured and enjoyable.

Dead Batteries (Silvuh) [6/10]
gap is 50+ms early.
felt song is a bit too long and jacks are too much on some parts compared to others (understandable placement, though) to my eyes, most of the structure of the file is overall fine in terms of technicality though.

Distortion Power [wayward Vagabond] [7/10]
some patterns (eg. fast mini-trilly patterns) are a bit awkward to hit compared to the rest, but overall enjoyable.

Empty Garden (Silvuh) [6/10]
felt like there're missing notes on broken stream parts (m43-).
some layering switches are sudden but acceptable, decent easier file.

Pocket Monsters (Trogdor!!!!) [5/10]
m25- felt the structure is too simplistic compared to the first half.
color notes are somewhat unique.
some are understandable, but felt many of rhythms are missed too (even at this difficulty level).

Poppin' Shower (MrPopadopalis25) [7/10]
good music choice, aside from some overdone/awkward parts (hand and burst jump placement), overall nice.

Power Rocket (justin_ator) [5/10]
felt 32nd trills and minijack on m30 add difficulty spikes.
other parts are mostly okay, somewhat repetitive/simple though.

Punch You (Coolboyrulez0) [6/10]
overlayered jumpstream part gets the most difficult part, and I don't find it very fun personally.
consistently layered and decently stepped overall, though.

Pussy Pump (samurai7694) [6/10]
m35 - slightly awkward, m38, m56, m72 - felt overdone
some notes for fast noise may ruin the flow, but majority of the chart is enjoyable as a speedy file.

Quark (00Razor00) [7/10]
pattern m82 can be cleaner. felt there're some not-very-audible notes but for the most parts, reasonably stepped for the song, overall.

Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX) (megamon88) [8/10]
mostly accurate and good pattern choice overall. enjoyable hard file.
m38, m115 - 32nds should be 16ths

Rationalist (NeoMasterPie) [5/10]
no major issue on syncing itself, but quite weird coloring/bpm choice.
I didn't get color mini bursts in m20, m30, m52.
otherwise replayable file imo, point reduction mainly due to overall coloring.

Rebirth's OP (Rebirth) [4/10]
some parts are quite repetitive (stepped in quite the same way), the layering style/structure of jump parts causes awkward patterns. the style is technically understandable, but playability is questionable.

Resource Recourse (cedolad) [6/10]
sync is sectionally a bit off. m42 - final 16th can be 24th
No other major technical issue, beginning was cool, but gets less interesting towards the end for me with screamy music.

Retro City (00Razor00) [6/10]
trill parts can be more accurately synced, okay as a whole but partially quite off.
other than that slightly repetitive/long but enjoyable as a whole.

Return to Fire (hi19hi19) [7/10]
so jumpstreamy and a bit long, but well-patterned and suitable overall.
playable and not much to say.

Ring Ring Bang [Scintill] [7/10]
aside from a bit weird patterns and repetitiveness due to the song, overall enjoyable and well-done.

Shake yr glowstix (I like it) [5/10]
in the beginning part, the constant use of hands (like every 2 beats) doesn't look very cool for me.
m44, 48, 52, 56 - missing 16th notes for bass drum?
otherwise stepped faithfully to the music but also a bit repetitive due to the song.

Skeletones (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [4/10]
syncing is mostly okay, there're some minor misrhythms.
m40, 44, 64, 69, 74-75, 92... etc - spikes or awkwardness
some parts are nice, but felt major tweaks are needed for more enjoyable file as a whole.

Smile! (FrozenAngel91 & gold stinger) [6/10]
technically mostly okay. song is getting a bit repetitive/longish.
snare jumpjack patterns might be slightly spikey compared to others.

Spirits [Scintill] [7/10]
m27-28, m49-50 - a bit awkward patterns
otherwise, decently done and enjoyable overall.

Superficial (nickcool9999) [2/10]
pretty repetitive song, felt patterns/rhythms aren't music-relevant, and inconsistent overall (can't note everything here).

Tache (Stage) [6/10]
after m80 - music rapidly tones down, and doesn't have potential as much as the first half so can be cut in some way imo. intense breakcore part looks mostly fine (minor pattern fixes maybe).

Taste The Red Hands (foxfire667) [5/10]
The song can be cut/shortened a bit more.
felt like there're intense arrows on quiet parts (ex. m2-m3), also emphasis jumps/slow jacks can be put differently for the music to increase fun-value.

Ten Seconds Flat (chez-the-guy) [6/10]
after m66, getting repetitive due to the song.
didn't think longish 12ths very comfortable/interesting pattern-wise, even though they are correct.
other parts have rhythm variety and nicely followed though.

TGWP v2 (Rebirth0) [7/10]
revision of sync effort material (w/o ddream).
only major thing I'd note is beginning jack, it's the hardest part by far imo and can be watered down maybe (PR wise correct though)?

the benevolence of elk (.Gazelle.) [6/10]
m47 - awkward patterns, m68 - UD jumpjack is intense and can be changed.
drum parts are main and beginning/ending sax parts sound obscure and can be cut a bit more.
chart is somewhat enjoyable, but felt still improvable in terms of intensity based structure style.

The Big Bang Theory Theme (Rock Cover) (VisD) [4/10]
m1-7, similar parts - PR improvable a bit more maybe.
m35-38 - I don't see good reason for a long stream, want to express a climax?
other parts are overall understandable, but didn't see many enjoyable features.

The Ordeal Becomes Great (DarkZtar) [7/10]
m67-96, and some other - some parts are too complicated/awkward due to the layering scheme.
potential song and solid technicality, there's a room for improvement of playability with some pattern fixes.

The Strategy of Emperor (Tidus810) [6/10]
very rapid layring transitions at parts, and sometimes felt inconsistent.
otherwise, simple and mildly enjoyable file.

Tied The Room Together (Jake Ferguson) [6/10]
m16 - the last 32nd minijack isn't needed.
the song sounds like 8-measure repeat with quiet first half, not much potential.
steps are mostly fine for the music though.

Touch Me (bmah) [8/10]
m63 - 32nds are a bit harder than the rest, maybe
good song choice, and accurately stepped overall.

Touki ni Michita Sougen (bmah) [7/10]
m10-m12 slightly weird pr, m56 should be 24ths, m66 has unnecessary 24ths, as small errors.
climax part feels quite denser compared to others, overall decent though.

Trim the Fat (Reikonkeiri) [3/10]
gap is nearly 60ms late.
m2-m17 (and similar parts after this) - felt some jump placement is off (assuming you want to put them strong guitar sounds, but actually not).
m33 - 32nds should be broken streams music wise.
I thought the whole file doesn't have many features, and gets repetitive towards the end.

Turn the Light (bmah) [7/10]
gets slightly repetitive due to the song but nothing wrong with file overall, decent middle-level file.

Twister [Scintill] [9/10]
very nice song choice/sync, good/smooth pattern choice, ending up a quite enjoyable file.

Ultrasounds! [Kommisar] [6/10]
m30-37 - 32nd -> 24th interpretation of streams plays weird and dumpy.
something else like 16ths + layering structure might be better.
hyper-stepped file overall but other parts are mostly nice and playable though.

Unicron Barbeque (I like it) [7/10]
m37-m44 - overlayered/overhanded and weird pattern choice occasionaly.
otherwise, enjoyable burstly file overall.

Universe in Mother Earth (Elite Ninja) [7/10]
m6-22, mainly because of the song, but felt a bit repetitive.
slow song/file but some jack usages look somewhat awkward, other pattern usage is nice overall though, mildly enjoyable.

Vah-Jay-Jay [dore] [2/10]
way too short song (6 sec) and didn't enjoy the concept itself, sorry.
the way of stepping of this song is barely understandable, though.

Walking On A Dream (Sanzath vs wayward vagabond) [7/10]
No major issues in steps, gets a bit repetitive due to the structure of the song.
enjoyable swing file though.

Want You Gone (Elegant Too Remix) (Xiz) [6/10]
gap is slightly early. liked slow jack placement/pattern choice personally.
felt layering transition is a bit inconsistent (especially drum parts).

we are all error (Darkomni) [5/10]
m49 - color note placement is off.
repetitive due to the song, hand/quad placement is questionable overall (including grace notes that will cause), some parts look unique though.

Weapon [Kommisar] [7/10]
after m141 notes are late by 8th for some reason, should be fixed and not too difficult.
some jack usage looks a bit too much, but quite enjoyable hard file overall.

Zanzibar Green (DossarLX ODI) [6/10]
technically okay and structures are understandable, but a bit simplistic overall (streams).
nothing wrong, slightly enjoyable.

Zeitmesser [wayward vagabond] [8/10]
good music/pattern choice overall, some can be more PR.
m38- music has potential for more climax, but good as it is.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


[PASS] Files

If your submission was not reviewed with a numerical rating OR was given a [PASS] rating, then these judges will review it. All such files will end up here.


Cybertron / cedolad
rating: 5/10 [+?]
- 20.61s: ghost arrow according to percussions
- 35.95s,40.67s,101.35s,102.55s: the 32nd pattern here is pretty tight. You may want to consider changing it to reduce framer issues.
- 38.93s: no 64ths here; if you needed to emphasize that sound, it would come after the jump
- 49.53s: the 24ths here are completely excessive, going to a very minor sound modulation; if you still insist on using them, at least change the pattern around since the left-handed bias makes the transition from the 16ths awkward
- 50.21s,78.38s: again, unnecessary 24ths
- 51.98s,106.15s: avoid lengthy left-arrow jacks; awkward transitioning
- 55.67s: another awkward jack coming from a 32nd burst
- 71.27s: ghost 16th arrow
- 82.33s: why not add the bass drum alternating with the kicks here? Also yet another jack created unnecessarily from two jumps.
- 92.27s: IMO just focus on the melody and ignore the incoming hi-hat
- 107.70s: ugh, please reconsider everything here
- 113.87s: [14][14][14] jacks is a big no. The awkwardness of this particular jumpjack pattern comes from the fact that you're hitting two arrows separately with two hands, and they're the furthest arrows away from each other. This is why many players dislike the pattern (see Husigi Usagi Milk Tei).
- 116.44s: avoid making the 8th a jump to accomodate for the 48th burst
- Summary: Overall, the file was actually fun to play. However, there were far too many instances of bad patterns: a combination of residual jacks, fast bursts with jumps, strange 32nd patterns, and unnecessary 24ths. The most notable thing about these patterns is that they end up creating bad transitions from adjacent patterns. Place your patterns more strategically.

Dreamerz / rayword45
rating: 4/10 [+?]
- you tend to easily switch your stepping from one element to another very suddenly without justification. For example, at 8.08s, you suddenly start stepping the bass drums, along with some rather unconvential patterns (32nd patterns, lone 16th jacks).
- 9.48-15.88s: I'm not quite sure what many of these 16th arrows step to, but it's certainly not the main melody. Also, no 32nd at 12.63s, but a 32nd is missing at 15.73s.
- 20.63s: these random minijacks aren't very aesthetically pleasing. They seem rather out of place.
- 21.88s,etc.: 48th rolls is a bit much in contrast to the difficulty of the rest of the file. It may have been more appropriate if you layered more of the file to create a harder overall chart.
- 23.95s: not a 24th
- 23.88-25.08s: a good example of sudden switching from melody to percussion. See my first point above.
- 30.78s: ghost arrow
- 35.08-47.08s: want to emphasize here that you're stepping to a far more obscure sound; you should focus on stepping the main elements of the song instead
- Summary: Stay on track with your stepping by switching elements at a more appropriate time. The switching from melody to percussion can be confusing for players. Also, the pattern choices throughout the song could certainly be improved upon.

Extratone Pirates / t-rogdor
rating: 3/10 [?]
- the main problem I've found were the stream patterns, which were often awkward and unintuitive to the fingers; at 250 bpm, you definitely should emphasize the flow of 16th streams to increase its playability
- 16.45s,24.13s: 128th arrows to make hands/quads seem excessive
- 21.01s,36.49s,46.21s,etc.: try to avoid jumptrilling of the [13][24][13][24] pattern at this speed; use with discretion
- 48.13s,etc.: the 16th stream patterns throughout the song hardly flow and often appear to go in random directions with very little symmetry
- 57.31s,68.47s,etc.: also throughout the various 16th streams are hidden anchor patterns that are exceedingly difficult to execute (especially with jumpstream) at this speed
- 59.62s,etc.: some 32nd bursts are pretty tight with the adjacent 16th stream (e.g. in this example, the down arrows may cause problems); change these bursts to play more comfortably
- 80.77-95.65s: at this speed, a TRILL-heavy jumpstream just won't feel right. This is comparable (but significantly more difficult) to the ending stream of A Kidney Stone currently on FFR.
- Summary: The file can be greatly improved if you change the majority of the 16th patterns. Patterns matter a lot more when it comes to fast streaming.

F+ToG / ~Zeta~
rating: 6/10 [+.]
- 3.68s,73.79s: optionally you can step the 8th note sounds as well
- 11.90s,12.84s,250.34s,etc.: ghost arrows
- 12.84-22.19s,241.38-250.70s: I'm fairly sure many of the 8th arrows here are complete fillers that don't go to anything, so remove them. The sections that follow these areas do have 8ths going to guitar strumming however. Also, throughout the song, some of the jumps within these 8th streams are a bit sketchy, especially when it comes to highlighting emphasized/high notes on the guitar. Sometimes you put jumps to both the main melody and emphasized guitar strums simultaneously. You need to reduce that ambiguity.
- 40.98s: just one of many examples on ambiguous/ghost 4th or 8th arrows
- 61.95s: excellent PR streaming!
- 83.23-96.92s: a bit surprised at the sudden lack of layering; this part of the song doesn't give the impression of a guitar solo being highlighted, so I'd continue layering up to this point.
- 100.41s: perhaps change the pattern up a bit, since the right-handed bias is really showing
- 83.23-129.54s: a number of inaccuracies for the guitar, so review this section again (however, the PR is really nice)
- 138.86s,167.11s: similar to 3.68s but this time I feel you really shouldn't skip out on the 8ths since they're quite noticeable; in addition, these sections feel pretty empty
- 183.13s: yet another example of ambiguous arrrows
- 187.79-190.12s: reverse PR, but it plays fine
- 239.92-240.51s: check your steps on the drums again
- Summary: This file plays pretty well and it's fun. In regards to the stepping itself though, there are tons of errors and iffy spots littered throughout the file. It's one of those files that you'll have to investigate entirely in closer detail. I guess one of the main suggestions I can give though is to reduce the ambiguity of your jumps and 8th streams. All too often these long streams seem to homogeneously connect without reason or rhyme. On a side note, if you can cut this song, please do so.

Headless / 00Razor00
rating: 4/10 [+?]
- PR can be pretty bad throughout the song, especially noted during the piano-heavy sections (e.g. 3.06s,100.23s,etc.)
- the incomplete layering is very apparent in the piano sections. I strongly recommend layering these sections far more accurately to convey the feeling of playing a piano. For example, the piano's bass melody is completely ignored at 22.05-23.70s, with only a small afterthought at 23.70-23.97s. It just doesn't feel right, even if you're trying to control the layering to a minimum here.
- another problem with the piano sections is jumps that go to emphasized notes but in actuality feel really out of place. Once again, it wrecks the authenticity of playing a piano. A few examples: 27.14s,28.65-31.95s, In some cases, there are ghost or misplaced jumps too. A few examples: 31.40s,31.82s,39.39s,150.30s.
- in the breakcore sections, very fast bursts quickly get out of hand. Please simplify them. Some examples: 59.48s,69.94s,134.75s,139.78s.
- 64.98-66.08s: very obvious 16ths missing
- Summary: This file needs a lot of work. The three main things: step more accurately to the piano, work on the PR, and tone down the bursts.

Internal Cannon / condoct
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 6.47s: there are probably 16th drums here, but you could get away with it since they're sort of muddled
- 38.71s: could step instead to the drums which are more than just 8th notes
- 46.53-53.68s: the monotony of continuous 8th streams could be broken up by stepping with a focus to the guitar's melody; by doing so, there would be occasional breaks in the stream
- 53.87s,155.72s: missed 16th
- 73.14s: ghost note
- 96.89s: 16th/32nd to drums
- 100.86s,109.59s: misplaced 16th (should go a little further down)
- Summary: Just minor errors with a few 16ths. Everything else plays pretty well and is relatively straightforward.

J'ai Entendu Le Train / DossarLX ODI vs. j-rodd123
rating: 5/10 [+?]
- similar to Dossar's Diaspora file from the previous batch, this one yet again suffers from a ton of ambiguity due to trying to acknowledge several different elements of a song within a single stream with no additional layering. Quite often, you mix in the main melody with the running guitar melody in the background. It's perfectly ok to make slow streamy files with little jumps for newer players, but in this case, you really do need to pick and choose a specific element of the song to step and stick with it. E.g. 14.90-15.64s, basically everywhere throughout the file
- 29.15s,etc.: for the few existing jumps, why are they here anyways?
- 33.19s: was this lone 64th arrow a mistake?
- the other issue I see here is that a large portion of the file is a series of copy-paste patterns
- 85.44s: and in these cases, it's a bit unusual to see you stepping to more obscure sounds for this file
- PR is good though
- Summary: Reduce the ambiguity of your steps by choosing a single element of the song and stepping to it. Vary up the patterns too.

Overdrive / psychoangel691
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- interesting chart that has a lot to offer. Many of the minijacks could simply be 16th streams, but they still flow in a sensible manner and are very playable.
- 49.61s: the 32nd trill leading into a hand is a pretty stiff pattern, so I'd suggest either making the hand a jump, or change the 32nds around. Could be a noticeable combo breaker.
- 59.33s: the three-arrow jacks in a few places such as here are probably better off as either shorter jacks or individual 16ths.
- 69.47s: not a big issue, but the hand at the end of the 32nd pattern may be a bit uncomfortable to play
- 113.20s: nice PR!
- 140.67s: probably the meanest part of the chart. I'd suggest making the jumpjacks either single arrows, or jump patterns that aren't jacks. If necessary, it's ok to forego the single 32nd arrow. I do acknowledge though that the jumpjack pattern is easy to hit with a right-handed bias.
- Summary: Despite jacks being a staple to this file, the chart overall flowed pretty nicely and was certainly not boring. A few harsh parts however should be reconsidered.

Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX) / megamon88
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- 6.31s,14.58s,62.50s: the piano plays a chord in these parts, and it just feels better with a jump here
- for the speedy parts of the song, it's great that you've made just about all of the patterns pretty manageable (e.g. jumptrilling) at 250 bpm
- 33.13s,etc.: I've noticed that on 32nd rolls, you tend to follow it with 16ths of the same pattern, which in actuality is more awkward to hit than you might think. The same thing happens in 404th of July. Try placing the 16ths in a different pattern.
- 36.49s,etc.: just want to point out that the jump patterns here are quite anchored
- 103.69-119.05s: in the middle of this section, you start adding 16ths that seem to go to quiter sounds, ignoring the main synths. Since you're not layering this section a lot, just stick with the dominant sounds.
- 122.89-153.13s: you can do better than copy-pasting the entire first quarter of the song. For instance, I've noticed you used a ton of jumps of adjacent arrows, namely [12], [23], or [34]. Surely you can make the second round of 250 bpm a bit different?
- Summary: It's quite player-friendly for the speed that half of the song plays at. In addition to a few pattern issues, please vary up the last quarter of the song.

Skeletones / Brilliant Dynamite Neon
rating: 5/10 [+?]
- this file was actually very fun to play, but as the song progressed, the harder parts certainly bogged down its playability for FFR
- 67.71s: this pattern is not great to hit because of the repeating up arrow. Avoid anchoring patterns in fast bursts. Some other instances of anchor patterns creating awkward situations: 101.50s,101.90s,105.16s,172.33s,etc.
- 80.75s: 24ths going to residual sounds do not need to be stepped
- 94.41s,108.91s: repeating [14][14][14] jumpjacks are very difficult to hit (due to coordinating fingers from both hands to hit fast). Try a different pattern (and perhaps avoid jacks) altogether.
- 107.66s: left-hand jacks can be used but are not preferable, solely due to the fact that the majority of players are right-handed.
- 131.91s: these sort of jumpjacks however are more doable to hit due to their arrow placements. However, you should consider other patterns if they occur more than four times in a row.
- 193.41s: nasty 48th pattern. When bursts become this fast, try a relatively simple pattern such as rolls.
- 198.58s: transitioning from right arrow jacks to a 48th burst is awkward. Change the jacks for a better transition.
- Summary: There were a ton of interesting things going on in this file, but some parts were a bit too unreasonable. If you address these sections, then I have no doubt the file can be very awesome.

Ten Seconds Flat / chez-the-guy
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 34.63s: weird (inconsistent) 8th note placements compared to the following patterns
- a few places have inconsistencies in jumps. For example, an 8th jump at 48.92s, and no jumps on the drums at 49.98s,50.16s.
- some players won't like the 12th note jacks, but they're actually placed pretty well (right-handed jacks - up or right arrows). The exception would be at 69.33s, 74.51s, and 77.80s: the wub sounds appear to be alternating in this case, so try a different pattern.
- 64.45s: I think it's better to focus on the wub sounds and drums, so to reduce the ambiguity of what you're stepping, don't worry about stepping to the hi-hats
- 81.57s: beware of anchor patterns, such as the repeating up arrows here (they're not that bad to play at this speed though)
- 84.16s: the anchor down arrows created by this 24th pattern is a bit more awkward however
- 100.98s: holy cow that shriek
- 106.63s: minor PR issue with repeating arrow
- Summary: Despite a number of things I would've done differently, this file was very fun to play. Try to reduce the anchor patterns though. Also, good job on stepping a song you've created yourself!



rating: 7/10 [+.]
- undoubtedly this song will have a strong love-hate relationship for anyone who plays it
- I certainly recognize that you're experimenting with a very different way of stepping; there's little I can criticize on the technicalities, especially with a simple song structure
- only thing I didn't like were the 16th and 12th note hands in the beginning; not that it wasn't playable, but they seem to be overaccentuated for that part of the song
- 41.31s: should be 16ths, not 24ths, so change the bpms here
- song is noticeably short
- Summary: This jump-heavy file is very different from other stepfiles, but to be fair, you will either like it or hate it. And perhaps get a good chuckle, too.


Extratone Pirates [6/10]
-the streams themselves are very well managed, but some of the jumpstream sections are a little messy.
-The flam notes could be taken out. they seem a little excessive at this speed.
-I think you did the best with what you had.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

November 1, 2012

Judge Team 1


2-9 (Dossar) 7/10 [+.]
- Contrary to what I'm sure is to be popular opinion on this file, I like the patterns. They're odd and quirky but doable, assuming I play it on a slower rate.
- One issue I have is the jumps, most of them come from the snares but quite a few are just drum kicks, and it's very inconsistent seeing half there and half not. The other part is that the layering of them is really awkward to hit which makes it even harder to tell what's going on.
- In measure 17, you have two sort of triplets with 16ths, it sounds to me as though it's just 16ths the whole way through
- beat 73.25 missing a 16th
- beat 119.75 missing a 16th
- beat 121.75 missing a 16th
- It's the kind of song that's easy to miss 16ths or just add them by accident because of how the sounds flow together, they can just get covered or omitted. I'm sure I missed quite a few even looking for them.
- Something wrong about measure 72, sounds closer to being 12ths but they aren't quite 12ths, I feel like at the very least there's a note missing.
- I also think it might be a bit of swing there are the end, like 64th or something small.
- I think the file is good, but still in that "could be improved" category. The ideas are fun, if a bit already-been-done.

20031023 (wv/wc/whocares) 7/10 [+.]
- Jump at beat 89.5 is debatable
- that roll
- 16th at beat 213.25 and etc. are also debatable
- beat 265 that anchor is silly and easily avoidable.
- That ending was just terrible.
- Overall I'm fine with the file, good job making a song that does the same thing (more or less) for 100 measures not the same the whole time.

44 Edit (FissionMailed1) 7/10 [+.]
- This file was really fun. Like, really fun. And I don't say that about a lot of FGOs.
- It's very consistent with it's own ideas, the only thing I think could have really improved it is to do something with the quirkyness of the music in some way. The song is very weird, so attributing that to the steps somehow would have been a nice touch.
- beat 93.75 missing a 16th
- I'd also call missing the 8th at beat 253.5 a missed arrow.
- Start of measure 264.75 is misrepresented very drasitcally.
- beat 357-359 isn't stepped with the right timing, could be better.
- beat 365.25 missing a 16th
- beat 384.75 missing a 16th
- I'm curious as to why beat 409.5 and beat 441.5 aren't the same.
- Honestly, mostly small nitpicky stuff, I really like the file anyway.

8-Bit Purple Comet (Reshiram) 8/10 [+]
- Sync's a tiny bit early
- Don't like the hands at measures 19, 21, 23. Particularly not without one at measure 17. They're uncalled for anyway, but inconsistent and uncalled for is much worse.
- I'd prefer measure 53+ to have the notes removed that aren't in the music, more accurate etc.
- That's about it, great file.

A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX) (PrawnSkunk) 8/10 [+]
- I don't really have anything negative to say about the steps themselves, the song doesn't leave a whole lot for them so making it not feel repetitive meant it either had to be short (which it sorta was) or you had to get really creative stepping it (which you didn't really.)
- Still, file is fun, simple, and good.

Alice's Garden (XelNya) 7/10 [+.]
- That song was really interesting. In a good way.
- The worst thing that I have to say is that it dragged a bit and the file wasn't really anything special. That doesn't mean, however, that it isn't good.

Arle gets raped on the way to Tim Hortons (samurai7694) 6/10 [+.]
- Wtf is this song title? ffs kommi you french bastard
- I don't get the joke if there is one.
- File is fine, really long and a lot of the same thing over and over though.
- On top of that, it's a bit subjective if what you're stepping is even really "there" or if it's just made up somewhere in the noise.

Arsonist (Kommisar) 8/10 [+]
- Uh... Interesting file I suppose. I don't particularly care for it, but I don't hate it.
- As far as mistakes go... There aren't really any. It flows nicely between filled sections and emptier ones, and the file itself is well-structured and consistent.
- I just didn't like it.

Art Of The Madness (MarioNintendo) 9/10 [+]
- Sure is a file

Beatrice (iironiic) 9/10 [+]
- Damn fine simfile right here. Damn fine. Two cyllable "Da-amn" fine.
- The one let-down is the lack of hands for emphasis, and there's plenty to emphasize.
- The only other thing I'd complain about is that it tries to be really nice with it's patterns, but in my experience, with files that have a lot of changing between 24ths 16ths and 32nds in small areas you have to be a bit rougher to avoid making it stale.

Beatiful Arrhythmia (iironiic) 7/10 [+.]
- I think one massive issue with the file is that there are so many bursts that are styled differently that it's really hard to read the file in general. It's like stepping a file with too many white notes, they become confusing because you can't see the actual rhythm of the song between the individual arrows, which makes it awkward as a player.
- That aside, I think the file is stepped very well, interesting bursts and good length.

Blue Marine (Elite Ninja) 9/10 [+]
- Honestly can't nitpick much. There was one section near the start that I thought played a bit funny but nothing big.

Boooring! (blindreaper1179) 8/10 [+]
- Sync is early by about 40ms
- File is fine. The title kinda describes it though. Prepare for that joke to be made a couple more times.

Brave Warrior (pxtang) 5/10 [+?]
- Starting beat 66+ the melody changes but the jump patterns stay the same. Makes playing it rough around the edges.
- The first 10 measures are really awkward. The pattern being the same for so long just makes it so stale, especially when you start the [13][24] jump patterns that last forever.
- Also, the layering and patterns in general are a bit odd, it seems like they stick to the same groups of jumps for a long period of time which is hard to play.
- Lastly, the hand usage doesn't seem to go to much, it's mostly like it's filling areas without 16ths between the 8ths...
- The file also just generally really clustered and hard to play.

Call Me Maybe (wv) 9/10 [+]
- just before measure 30 wat is that bpm change? Not that it matters just saying
- Good file

Call Upon the Seasons (megamon88) 8/10 [+]
- It's fine. That's about it.

Car Select (MarioNigtendo) 7/10 [+.]
- Sync is a bit early
- measure 24 is really messy. When the timing is really odd like that you're better off trying to keep straight 24ths because you can't hear the timing well enough to decipher coloured strem with odd timings.
- I stand by those quads are silly.
- The other bursts are fine, it's just that area in measure 24 where it doesn't.... really flow nicely.

Catch That Train (Kongfish) 5/10 [+?]
- Pre measure 10 is just the same as before, idk why you chose to change it to that random pattern.
- Same thing pre measure 18
- and etc. and etc. and etc.
- randomest ending ever.
- and horribly repetitive
- the ending stream starts right at measure 33.
- Um... honestly the file is kinda pointless. It just repeats itself 4 times and then it's done.

Challenge the final mission! (VisD) 6/10 [+.]
- Right before measure 14 the stream stays the same as the synth but the synth drops. I'm guessing it's for the drums, but you're better off doing jumps or something else there to symbolize the ending of the synth and starting to step the drums.
- beat 68.333 and repetition are missing a 12th note
- beat 99 don't care for a quad, it just got done this grand hurrah! section and then goes "poomp" on a tom drum. It's not really something you'd put a quad on, although I like the idea of the colour theory, probably just a single arrow makes more sense.
- Those 48th pseudo-hands around measure 49 are sort of off-timed and odd regardless. The timings are awkward and change depending on which "whoop" noise you're stepping... it's just a bit weird to play.

Child Protective Services Theme Song (alloyus) 7/10 [+.]
- That little bursty thing that you do right before measure 7 and throughout the file. Yeah. That. That has to go.
- Like I'm actually debating rejecting this file SOLELY BASED ON HOW BAD THAT PATTERN IS
- But seriously. The rest of the file is fine. (you could change that massive runningman to the other way the second time 'cause yeah)

Chris R Battle Theme (hateandhatred) 7/10 [+.]
- I think I said this last time but 'dat ending.
- The PR and such is all really good, it just makes the file feel really "look how hard I tried" instead of "look at how well this flows" namsayin

Colliding Chaos (Charu) 5/10 [+?]
- The file is full of misrhythms and poor layering. All kinds of ghost notes too.
- Idk maybe I don't get it but... it's very awkward and the steps don't seem to go to much in some spots. And with the file repeating as much as it does, it makes it even harder to play. A big thing to fix are the timings the drums and adding those in, and the fixing the messy ones for the synth.
- Also, when naming the folders for your files, use the song title first so it sorts properly, it's annoying to go looking for who stepped the file in my folders.

Cynthia (DarkZtar) 5/10 [+?]
- I'm pretty sure this is the exact same as before with none of the fixes I mentioned so... yep.

Day's End (Zakvvv666) 7/10 [+.]
- Just before measure 58 the 32nds for the cymbals are an 8th late
- 32nd gallops still a 32nd late.
- Better cut.
- Honestly the file has come a long way, acceptable at this point.

Dear Noriko (spitfire) 8/10 [+]
- The jacks are really dumb.
- Files very good, the jacks are really dumb.
- I don't care for the heavy hand usage at measure 54+, and there's actually a mild inconsistency issue with the [14] jumps at beat 217 and 218 versus hands used at 241. Those jacks are are really dumb.
- Did I mention those jacks are really dumb?
- Disclaimer: the jacks are technically correct and good for amping the difficulty of the file, and actually go well with what the music does in those spot. I just really really really really really don't like them.

Devil's Music Box (Jake Ferguson) 8/10 [+]
- missed a jump beat 72.750
- that placeholder is hilarious. As is the song.
- Surprisingly fun.
- Make sure to add that jump, it's pretty obvious.

Dim Wood (gameboy42690) 7/10 [+.]
- That WNS at the end was nearly unbearable. Just change it to regular layering.
- That's it though

Discord (stuff) (Xiz) 7/10 [+.]
- Beat 329.750 missing a 16th
- I'd also cut half of measure 45-77. It's absurdly repetitive.

DJ Gonna Save Us (RadiantVibe) 5/10 [+?]
- file was fucked up, send stuff right next time pleaaaaaaaaaase
- that aside it's meh, the hands being used as strict layering at measure 29 and that area and it's repetition is kinda silly.
- Also the burst at beat 174 and the repetitions is quite bad. Quite bad.
- 12th at beat 173.333 (and repetitions) is a bit early, 8th is probably fine
- ignored 12ths at measure 45
- It's just a lot of fine tuning to do, it seems.

Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Rondo (Zakvvv666) 7/10 [+.]
- I don't care for stepping the animal sounds like you did in the middle area, it's going to create a lot of framer issues on FFR. Also it just doesn't flow nicely with the swing.
- Chicken at the end was funny, keep that though
- As far as most of the file goes, it's fine, just insanely simple, like even some areas didn't even account for any strict layering changes (granted, that still worked, but didn't give much variety)

Electrolysis (YOSHl) 9/10 [+]
- beat 102 is a ghost note
- That's about it. I like the layering in it, it's fun.

En Tamako No Ri [+] 8/10
- beat 71.5 and reptitions are actually a jump according to your layering scheme with the piano being there.
- I like the file as a whole but holy shit that jumpstream is ridiculously hard, particularly compared to the spots with no jumpstream. Feels kinda spikey.

FF7- Theme of Aeris (MN) 8/10 [+]
- beat 30 missing a note (for the chord change)
- I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed myself. All because of your file.
- It drove me so far into sleep that I dreamt of not playing this file which is apparently the happiest place on earth while playing it.

sFoInNgDnAeBxEtTtTiEmRe (megamon88) 7/10 [+.]
- This song actually sounds like rape. Not even joking.
- anyway moving on missed a jump at beat 231
- FFR needs a new rule: anyone in Team Pony may not submit songs related to ponies. Period.

I See You Staring (psychoangel691) 9/10 [+]
- Missing a 16th 176.75
- again at 204.250
- Files great, one of the best this batch for sure.

Infinity (Kommisar) 9/10 [+]
- Some of the jumpstream is kinda anchorey
- nice marathon
- For how filled how filled with homo this file is it's surprisingly fun.
- 12ths

Jeh Jeh Slammin' (Charu) 7/10 [+.]
- Much better than before for sure
- just before measure 49 there's a ghost 16th
- measure 55s jump is unnecessary
- The last thing is the patterns around the bursts (aka 24th>32nd areas) are still sort of weak and rough to play. That's my only real negative note.

LEG TAP (Kommisar) 7/10 [+.]
- Okay...
- That was dumb...
- Too many colours, can't tell what the fuck is going on.

Macau Underground (Kommisar) 9/10 [+]
- files really good

Move It groove It (TC_Halogen) 8/10 [+]
- Honestly the polyrhythms with the 12th/16th thing is really pointless but yeah gj aside from that
- Also kinda draggy by the end imo

Move It Groove It (psychoangel691) 7/10 [+.]
- I don't care for the jump usage, or the hand at the end. 1 hand in a file is kinda silly, particularly right at the end, back when I played index that would have pissed me off to no end.
- As for the jumps, they're just so seldom and I'd rather have a bit more coverage over the file as opposed to in specific places.
- Lastly, same issue as the file above, although a bit simpler here. The file is clearly intended to be simple, so distinguishing between a 32nd triplet or a 24th run of 4 is kinda unnecessary.

The Big Crunch (kommisar) 6/10 [+.]
- measure 26 anchors everywhere.
- Honestly file drags forever 'cause there's nothing particularly interesting about the song.
- structure is also meh because the of how the songs laid out.
- that stream at measure 26 is fucking awful btw. Fucking. Awful.

Twinkle Of The Stars (Kommisar) 6/10 [+.]
- beat 26.5 seems to be layering the vocals, beat 27.5 doesn't layer them? (same for repetitions which there are many)
- Another file with somewhat poor structure because of the song. It's just a lot of 4th jump 8th note repeat for ages.
- end of song has 4 beeps not 2.
- Honestly feels very "i wanted to fill my queue of files"

Undiscovered Colours (TC_Halogen) 8/10 [+]
- True to it's name, the only thing that I kinda don't like is the keytaps are sort of ridiculous because of the somewhat excessive effort to make everything colourful 'cause lolsongname.
- Granted the drums are all over the fucking place...



Arsonist (kommisar) - 8/10 [+]
- This is a lot of fun, love the swing, yes it has a little bit of heavy layering but it's all justified.

Regular Submissions:

(Gonna Rape) Kylie (WV) - 9/10 [+]
- Fun, enjoyable, nice medium chart.

2-9 (DossarLX ODI) - 7/10 [+.]
- The 16th jumps right in the beginning, a lot of them don't make sense, especially within the 32nd trills.
- Liked the slowdown at 41.74, but I feel as if the slowdown at 50.61 was a little early. Would have liked it more if it started at 51.66.
- Overall it's pretty fun, there were places that I didn't understand some of the jumps throughout. Just didn't hear some of the layering.

8-Bit Purple Comet (Reshiram) - 7/10 [+.]
- Certain 16th note jumps (30.79 and similar places) should be single notes.
- Check your note placement starting at 86.43, some of the notes were omitted in the song (like 86.54 and 87.14 and wherever the patterns repeat).
- 97.79, I don't agree with this last set of notes being jumps since the song is fading.
- A few errors, but overall not bad.

44 Edit (FissionMailed1) - 8/10 [+]
- Missed opportunity for 24ths at about 103.32.
- (Yay no placeholder note)
- There were a few spots that the 24ths could have been placed a little bit earlier (like at 102.61 just to name one spot) but nothing is too overdone.

20031023 v2 (WV) - 8/10 [+]
- 41.56 these patterns are just asking for rage.
- Other than that, this is a really good heavy chart, everything is layered well and it'll be a good challenge.

A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX) (PrawnSkunk) - PASS
- I'm passing because I've stepped this before, just so you understand.

Alice's Garden (XelNya) - 6/10 [+.]
- Throughout the song, you'll step the guitar as a single note with a grace note, others you step it as just a jump, and as the chart goes on, you'll even step them as single notes. Have to pick one or the other.
- 51.60 and 51.72 are ghost notes.
- Not sure why you have 8ths as jumps at 97.69.
- Fix your layering and your grace notes (if you choose to keep them) and you'll be good to go.

Arle gets raped on the way to Tim Hortons (samurai7694) - 7/10 [+.]
- 8ths such as 25.49, not sure why they're jumps (I also don't hear the 16th right before it).
- Missed opportunities for 16ths in the section at 35.90 (example: right around 36.61 and similar spots).
- Overall it's not bad, the chart is a little repetitive but the song itself is fun which kind of makes up for it IMO.

Art Of The Madness (MarioNintendo) - 9/10 [+]
- I love that you didn't overlayer the beginning, love it.
- Mini-jack at 46.47 threw me off at first but it's fine, I'm sure it'll throw a lot of players off.
- This was fantastic, light layering, it felt like a more classic chart.

Beatrice (iironiic) - 8/10 [+]
- Overall this was pretty fun, a bit heavily layered for my tastes but I know what most of it goes to.

Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic) - 8/10 [+]
- I like how a lot of the buzzes aren't too overdone, only a few notes is all you need.
- Placeholder not really necessary.
- Again, a fun chart, not much else to say.

Blue Marine (Elite Ninja) - 7/10 [+.]
- Extra second of silence wouldn't hurt.
- Throughout the entire chart, you step more of the percussion than anything. Although it's not wrong, it's just a little disappointing since you have a nice melody going throughout the beginning.
- The jumpstream isn't really jumpstream, it's actually broken. Yes, I understand that you were probably going for climax theory, it just pushes the difficulty a bit.
- Overall the chart isn't bad, it's a little boring since you don't bring out the melody a bit more.

Boooring! (blindreper1179) - 6/10 [+.]
- Offset is early, should be -0.102.
- Wish there was a little more PR in the beginning since there's not much else going on.
- Very left-handed heavy throughout.
- 55.87 8th notes shouldn't all be jumps, and 56.31 is a ghost note.
- Unfortunately this was a bit boring. It was bland, a little repetitive, and some of your layering doesn't make sense, primarily when it pertains to any 8th note jumps.

Brave Warrior (pxtang) - 4/10 [+?]
- Wow, very heavy layering. You have jumps for almost every other note, yet a lot of the time, the song doesn't warrant it. Especially when you have nothing but jumps in spots like 20.85.
- Handful of places where you stepped 32nds that are ghosted (70.01 is just one example).
- Yea, this needs to be toned down A LOT. Way too many jumps, I can almost guarantee there's more jumps than there are single notes.

Call Me Maybe (Grabbitz Remix) (WV) - 8/10 [+]
- In the mp3, right before the song starts, there's an odd "TSSTT" sound, I hear it every time I play it.
- When the dubstep comes in, it gets boring. The entire beginning was great, but right in the middle it's just boring, nothing much going on.
- You end up alleviating that at about 101.02. This section is much better.
- It's well stepped, just gets boring in the middle. Fortunately it's not for too long, then it picks up.

Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix) (megamon88) - 8/10 [+]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- 25.76 should be the hand instead of 26.14. The sound is so much louder (happens again at 85.37 and 97.60).
- Feels like there's missing 16ths at 43.34.
- 52.13 just seems like too much having the 4ths all be hands, jumps would suffice.
- I like how you make the 8ths jumps at 93.02.
- This is a lot of fun, just a few things to touch upon, nothing major.

car select (MarioNintendo) - 9/10 [+]
- This was a lot of fun, flowed very well despite my thoughts that it wouldn't. I think this will be a well liked chart.

Catch That Train (Kongfish) - 6/10 [+.]
- An extra second of silence wouldn't hurt.
- Spots like 12.67 I'm not sure how you came up with this pattern. The music doesn't stop. Also, the song is honestly too repetitive, especially for such a short song. It's a well stepped chart, but this song wouldn't be able to keep interest for players.

Challenge the final mission! (VisD) - 7/10 [+.]
- The quad at 36.82 shouldn't be a quad. It's literally a ghost note that you put in for empty space. For that reason alone it shouldn't be a quad. A single note will suffice.
- I'd bump the placeholder note a few seconds, to about 99.61 or so. Either that or omit it.
- You've also got a few awkward patterns towards the end, at about 93.30.
- While I'm glad that you didn't step the 24ths at 59.62, this is the most boring section of the chart because you didn't do much with it. Add in a few jumps to make this still settle well.

Child Protective Services Theme Song (alloyus) - 6/10 [+.]
- Burst at 14.75 kind of seems like it's a little late, either that or it doesn't last as long as you have it. This occurs with any like bursts. Plus they're a bit repetitive; always the same pattern.
- Could have (should have) mirrored the second set of runningmen. copypasta..
- I don't hear the grace notes at 83.49.
- Overall, it's a bit repetitive and kind of boring. It's primarily 8th notes with a few sprinkles of 16ths, with random bursts.

Chris R Battle Theme (Hateandhatred) - 6/10 [+.]
- Technically this wouldn't be considered a resubmission because this is from the April 2012 batch. It would only be considered a resubmission for the next regular batch after that, which already passed.
- I did look at the previous notes you were given though, but it looks like you made no changes. I'll stand by my previous judgment.

Colliding Chaos (Afro Mix) (Charu) - 4/10 [+?]
- Just as a heads up, the EAR in the title refers to the artist, therefore it's not needed.
- 17.20, all these jumps are unnecessary and don't belong. Not to mention that this section is very repetitive and seems copy/pasted.
- 24ths at 18.93 are ghost notes (and any similar 24ths throughout).
- Lots of ghost notes which create misrhythms, no need for the majority of the jumps throughout the chart, and overall the chart is repetitive and boring.

Cynthia (DarkZtar) - 8/10 [+]
- Some of your jumps starting around 7.74 should be single notes. A lot of the notes you hear are echoes.
- Really liked the song. Everything looks okay, I understand your layering and it doesn't get too muddled.
- I don't hear why you omitted some of the 8ths at 114.91.

Day's End (Zakvvv666) - 7/10 [+.]
- 5.78 should be a jump (based on you making 9.88 a jump).
- 101.42 is fairly quite, would probably suffice with single notes (108.60 is fine as jumps).
- 116.55 needs to be bumped up an 8th note (should land on 116.29).
- I remember judging this before, has been cleaned up quite nicely and a good cut too.

Dear Noriko (_.Spitfire._) - 7/10 [+.]
- Right at the beginning you go back and forth stepping the bass hits as jumps or single notes. This actually happens as the song picks up too on occasion.
- Towards the end, some of your 32nd note patterns get pretty awkward. Clean these up and fix some of your layering with the bass especially.

Devil's Music Box (Jake Ferguson) - 8/10 [+]
- Watch some of your mini-jacks within the jumps at around 56.62, these don't belong like the others.
- Ouch, this is tight at 66.48.
- I remember judging this before, still stand by my previous judgment.

Dim Wood (gameboy42690) - 6/10 [+.]
- Section starting at 35.86 you go back and forth stepping the 4ths as jumps or as single notes. Need to keep it consistent (so I'd suggest making them all jumps because the bass never stops).
- Either 51.77 should be a jump or 52.23 should be a hand as well. Both cymbal crashes.
- 59.95, 65.41, 70.86, and any alike hands should just be a jump. You didn't start stepping these sounds as hands until this point, you have to keep some consistency.
- 56.54 and 57.00 should be single notes.
- 113.59 should be a jump.
- 114.50 should be a single note.
- Starting at 124.04, if you're stepping the white notes going to the same thing as the jumps just were going to, then you missed a handful of them throughout.
- You have a good structure going, you just have some cleaning up/fine tuning to do.

Discord - The Living Tombstone's Remix (Xiz) - 7/10 [+.]
- 77.27 should be a jump.
- Hmm, 100.69, I like that you changed this section, but at the same time I don't. Glad you brought it back later.
- 118.98 this section I'm not sure what the jumps are following this time since you have some 8th note jumps as well. If you're following the high pitched melody, you missed a bunch of jumps. If you're following the super deep bass, you missed some as well.
- Definitely a fun song, interesting chart. It's actually pretty fun, just clean up the ending as to what you're following with those jumps.

DJ Gonna Save Us (Grabbitz Remix) (RadiantVibe) - 5/10 [+?]
- 32nd at 21.71 should just be an 8th at 21.77.
- Now once we get to 29.27, you start to get pretty jump heavy. The jumps here don't really go to much (as well as 35.69).
- At 41.27 you do good putting jumps to the claps, but you don't need hands at 42.98 and any other places.
- 55.84 I'd get rid of any 12th note jumps but keep the 4th note jumps, it would clean it up a bit and not create so many mini-jacks. Do this any time this occurs.
- Section at 68.69 is great, integrating the vocals in the 12ths.
- Again, don't need all the jumps at 73.41.
- 82.84 is another good section where you step jumps on the bass kicks and the snare. 96.12 is another good section as well.
- Don't need hands again at 138.98.
- Ghost note at 180.98.
- It needs some work, but I hope you adhere to what I told you that you did well and you work with those sections that need the work. You have some great parts of this chart, just others need some attention.

Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Rondo (Zakvvv666) - 7/10 [+.]
- If you're following the vocals at 40.52, then you have some misplaced 12ths, such as the note at 41.80 should be moved up to 41.64.
- Missing notes at 100.67 and 102.59 (same missing notes occur later too at 117.31).
- The trills, for this difficulty, seem like a little too much. It's such an easy chart, and throwing in the trills in the beginning and end kind of throws it off a bit. Would probably be a little better as regular rolls instead.
- Very fun song, good chart, just clean up some missing notes.

Electrolosys (YOSHl) - 8/10 [+]
- Very odd song, a little repetitive after a while. Chart is spot on, good job.

En Tamako No Ri (MrPopadopalis25) - 8/10 [+]
- Not sure what your jumps are going to at 22.71.
- 107.38 not all of the hands should be there, at least the 8th note hand should be a jump.
- Some intense stuff, I think there's going to be a lot of people who enjoy this.

FF7 - Theme of Aeris (MarioNintendo) - 8/10 [+]
- Very nice, beautiful piece, nice easy chart.

gPrOeWaEtRaFnUdL (Dave! Remix) (megamon88) - 8/10 [+]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- Well, this was surely interesting. The song is a little harsh to listen to.
- Chart itself is fine, no glaring errors.

I See You Staring (psychoangel691) - 6/10 [+.]
- Starting about 53.12 I'm not sure what the hands are going to, and some of the jumps don't make sense either.
- 85.35 32nd ghost note? (and any alike 32nds)
- Missing 16th at 117.88.
- Throughout the song, you have a lot of jumps that I just don't understand what they're trying to accent. I was trying to put it with the guitar, the vocals, the percussion, none of it lined up. Needs to be cleaned up.

Infinity (kommisar) - 7/10 [+.]
- Some pretty tight jumpstream since you stepped the vocals as jumps.
- Some of your layering is hard to hear because you step to the bass and it's not too easily heard (even with headphones).
- I'd probably request a cut, because it's pretty long and very repetitive.

Jeh Jeh Slammin' (Extended Mix) (Charu) - 8/10 [+]
- Got some missing 16ths at 10.39 and 12.07.
- This was pretty good, great job catching some rhythms and good job on the layering.

LEG TAP (kommisar) - 8/10 [+]
- Well, interesting...song...to say the least. Chart is fine, on sync, keeps interest. I think players are going to be a little puzzled by this song.

Macau Underground (kommisar) - 7/10 [+.]
- Ha, ha, ha.
- A lot of the time I'm not sure what you're stepping the 8th note jumps too (it occurs throughout the song, but one section to name is at 51.95).
- As the chart goes along though, they start to make more sense and you can hear what they're going to.
- This is a fun chart though, funny song too.

Move It Groove It [Heavy] (TC_Halogen) - 8/10 [+]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- I'm assuming the layering starting around 35.38 goes to the synth-like sound in the background?
- Ha, "now move your toes while the arrows flow", I smiled at this in the song.
- 32nd at 55.54 should be a 12th at 55.56 instead, based on how you stepped it before (same as 124.11 & 132.68).
- lololol I looove the arrow references in this song and how you followed it at 81.17.
- Missed 16th at 85.34.
- Pretty good, not my personal cup of tea but this should be well liked by the community.

Move It Groove It [Standard] (psychoangel691) - 8/10 [+]
- All the jumps at 123.11? Not sure why.
- Otherwise it's fine, nothing special.

My problem with these two charts is that their structures are identical. Individually, these charts are both good, but I believe they're too similar to both go in as is.

The Big Crunch (kommisar) - 7/10 [+.]
- This kind of reminds me of the songs that would play in the Pokemon games when you were in a cave or in one of those electrical plants.
- Flows very well, but the jumpstream in the middle is a bit of a difficulty jump compared to the rest of the chart, especially considering how dense it is. I'd consider breaking it up or possibly getting rid of some of the less audible jumps.

Twinkle Of The Stars (kommisar) - 8/10 [+]
- 2 seconds of silence is required.
- I'm curious as to why you changed your pattern at 99.54 when stepping the "Twinkle Star". Personal opinion; I'd go back to the beginning and step the "twinkle star" as you did here in the end, because this is technically correct.
- It's a fun chart, fun song as well.
- Be sure to cut the mp3.

Undiscovered Colors (TC_Halogen) - 9/10 [+]
- Welp, I think we discovered the colors.
- It's fantastic, such a dramatic difference from the previous version. The layering of the bass at the end is a little difficult to hear to the naked ear but it's not an issue.


-- All sections pointed out are in seconds. --

====== [Re-submissions] =======

[Resubmission] Arsonist (Kommisar)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Despite being a bit overlayered, I still see nothing wrong with this chart, so refer

to last batch for my notes in reference to this file.

====== [Submissions] =======

(Gonna Rape) Kylie (Wayward Vagabond)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Nothing really to say here, haha. I was expecting this to be harder than I thought,

but it's a good medium-ish/easy-ish file.
• Not too exciting for the most part, similar pattern concepts scattered through out;

mostly straightforward.

2-9 (DossarLX ODI)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• 230bpm trills in the beginning are awkward to hit.
• 20.157, 20.809 - missing 16ths and everywhere else these same snare bits occur. Gonna

add them in?
• Difficulty of the file seems very forced; somewhat fun to play through but certain

sections just seem exaggerated..tone down some?

8-Bit Purple Comet (Reshiram)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Offset changed to 2.155 from 2.110. Seriously, learn to offset your charts properly.
• You could've PR'd the 32nd bits to match the melody of the 8-bit. (See, 29.114,

32.358, etc.)
• Nothing really wrong with this file; fix offset, and consider PR on 32nd bits.

44 Edit (FissionMailed1)
Score: 6/10 [+.]

• This chart became immediately worse when I saw the BPM was doubled.
• Missing jumps: 26.441, 41.486.
• Missed 8th: 107.901.
• Please consider that a lot of your current patterns become AIDS when they're at a

faster speed. (See, 16.744+, 22.562, 24.736, 57.355, 75.222, etc.)
You really need to work on the execution of your patterns; they need to open cleanly,

end cleanly. Starting runs in awkward positions
is a huge no-no at 250bpm+.

20031023 v2 (Wayward Vagabond)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Why do you not completely layer in every bit of the piano. (Sections at 13.911,

19.274, etc.)
• 41.565: rofl
• Adding notes to the echoing melody at 133.xxx+ is really unnecessary and it's

basically a huge wtf to the person playing it. Remove plz.
Otherwise, nothing really too bad outside of the lulzy 32nd fiasco and incomplete


A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX) (PrawnSkunk)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Based on the last notes I gave on this chart, it seems like you took the time to

actually fix stuff around.
• PR on low-pitched synths is better than it was before, on stuff like 32.324, etc.
• Overall, it's a better improvement. Glad to see the hands removed. ^__^

Alice's Garden (XelNya)
Score: 6/10 [+.]

• 52.647: Change 8th note to a 48th.
• 54.381: Inconsistent layering in the intro of this section; I have no clue what the

4th jumps are even accenting.
• 84.865: You should try adding in the jumps to the piano here, so they fall in-line

with the ones at 88.252.
• Really slow and boring file. A couple of rookie mistakes here and there, but it's not

too shabby. Needs a some fixes.

[b]Arle gets raped on the way to Tim Hortons[b] (samurai7694)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Pretty repetitive, for the most part. Some of the 8-bit melody could've been PR'd

better, versus having random/broken 16th runs.
• Nonetheless, I got raped on the way to Tim Horton's.

Art Of The Madness (MarioNintendo)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Art of the MarioNintendo.

Beatrice (iironiic)
Score: 9/10 [+]

• :')

Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Really cool file. Lots of fun to play through; some bursts were a wee bit awkward,

but nonetheless, still pretty enjoyable.

Blue Marine (Elite Ninja)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• File needs 2 seconds of silence; random jump at 0.106?
• Could've used a jumps at 16.754 and 22.081 to accent the sample, as well as in the

middle of the 12th jumpstream.
• Overall, file's enjoyable; stream at the end was fun. Chart could use some pattern

re-arrangement on broken 12th runs to improve flow.

Boooring! (blindreper1179)
Score: 6/10 [+.]

• Looking at the previous notes for this chart, I still see some of the errors I saw

last time.
• Offset was improved, but the pattern concepts in this chart are still a bit awful,

and need to be worked on after the drop.

Brave Warrior (pxtang)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Very straight forward file. Reminds me a lot of 4 Chord Touhou, haha.
• No real errors found. Fun to play through and seems to be well done and consistent.

Call Me Maybe (Grabbitz Remix) [Wayward Vagabond]
Score: 8/10 [+]

• rofl you would.

Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix) (megamon88)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• File needs 2 seconds of silence.
• Nothing really wrong here, fun song even though ponies aren't my thing, but the

chart's pretty well done and nice to play through.

Car Select (MarioNintendo)
Score: 8/10 [+]

• Chart's awesome! Really well made and fun to play through. Guitar solo with 32nds

seems iffy at 113.030, but it's nbd. Good job.

Catch That Train (Kongfish)
Score: 5/10 [+?]

• You're still missing jumps in all of the areas I mentioned last time, including one

at 20.649. Did you bother to fix your layering at all?
• Fixed ending, and a couple of different patterns, but nothing new. Still inconsistent

as last time.

Challenge the final mission! (VisD)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• I'm assuming you already know that these trills at 59.622 are the wrong speed. You

could've easily charted the correct sounds
and have made them straight patterns.
• Missed jump: 70.140.
• To sum this up, this file's not that bad. Really fun patterns, the flow's on point,

and no real errors found, outside of the above.

Child Protective Services Theme Song (alloyus)
Score: 6/10 [+.]

• 11.135: Layering is STILL pretty pretentious; not a fan of it.
• You have a ton of awkward 24th bursts in this chart. (See: 14.663, and the sections

where you blatantly copy and paste the same burst
in other areas)
• 21.988, 24.339: No 16ths stepped here? (They're stepped in other areas in the chart.)
• 37.182: Pitch relevancy seems to have improved in this area. Nothing really

interesting going on outside of the 16th synthlight.
• 82.762: 16ths could've been added here, instead of using 64ths.

Chris R Battle Theme (Hateandhatred)
Score: 6/10 [+.]

• I'm not liking how every run is some sort of chain of 8th note jacks ALL over the

place that turn into anchors. Learn to switch up your patterns some.
They hardly follow anything relevant to the music.
• Missed jump at 7.855, 10.853, 12.186, etc. When layering melodies, do not leave

certain things out; keep it consistent, you are missing a lot of these sounds out in

your layering scheme.
• Overall, pitch relevancy during the 16ths was nice, but really spotty layering and a

lack of pattern diversity turn me off from this chart.

Cynthia (DarkZtar)
Score: 5/10 [+?]

• 14.803, 20.579, etc.: Anchors galore. Change these up, jesus.
• 38.547: Running out of ideas, are we?
• 44.322: Missed jump; pitch relevancy can be improved in this area.
• 58.359: Better make this a mini jack as well. Same sound as above.
• 78.974: This entire section before the next chorus is terrible. I would've

appreciated it more if you actually stepped
the correct rhythms to the melodic piano areas, rather than going in and out of it by

accentuating the strings in the main melody. It's
all about omitting certain things and focusing on one section.

Day's End (Zakvvv666)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Still boring as all hell, from the last time I saw this. It's good that you've fixed

up the layering during the trills,
and made it a bit more easier to follow.

Dear Noriko (_.Spitfire._)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Chart starts out really hard hitting, haha, but I was a bit disappointed that you

didn't step any of the
bg snares going on around 45.829+. It feels rather empty when you're playing this and

hear these bits going on.
• These jump jacks/gluts are going to be a pain to hit. Could've made 'em a bit more

finger friendly (see, 72.528, etc.)
• Good, hard file; add in percussion when this gets in plz.

Devil's Music Box (Jake Ferguson)

- needs sm

Dim Wood (gameboy42690)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• Starting at 124.043+, it would've been better to just layer in the melody as 4th/8th

jumps rather than add
unnecessary coloring all across the ending portion of the chart. Other than this,

pretty solid, no real errors found.

Discord - The Living Tombstone's Remix (Xiz)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• 18.415: No accent here?
• 174.402: Chart should've ended here; rest drags on and/is repeats the chorus from

• Pretty straight forward for the most part, def needs a cut, and accents should be

properly placed.

DJ Gonna Save Us (Grabbitz Remix) (RadiantVibe)
Score: [!]

- blank .DWI, cannot make a .SM.

Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Rondo (Zakvvv666)
Score: 7/10 [+.]

• 91.393: Missing 12ths here.
• Pretty straight forward chart, slightly repetitive; cute accentuation with the 64ths

on the chicken cluck sounds, haha. Overall, solid stuff.

EAR - Colliding Chaos (Afro Mix) [Charu]
Score: 6/10 [+.]

• 32.230+: Chart could've used those extra 24th notes that you decided to omit; feels

out of place.
• Missing 24th: 73.816.
• Missing 12th: 77