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Default Charlie Charlie

wheter you say its the holy grail, say its abyssal to read, whether your just left wondering what you just read, It doesnt change the fact that I still see this as one huge mistake
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing After all, it was just for a school assignment

note: the doc you see here is actually a poor conversion (well just copy and pasting really) of a copy i have with my teacher's notes and feedback, if you want that copy, just hit me up
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Default Re: Charlie Charlie

since i know no one is going to press that link, just to find its just hot garbage, ill just ctrl + v the thing here, and not bother spacing it out
Charlie, Charlie

Dear diary, it’s me jass[NC1] , just an average girl writing on her diary[NC2] or I’m[NC3] i? I am part of a cheerleader’s club in[NC4] my school[NC5] , I always get to be the first to test out my uncle’s new inventions and I am also a V.I.P member of the official souses[NC6] swimming club plus as a VIP member[NC7] we don’t get marked as late for swimming lessons. But when there’s good things there’s also bad things, I have to do homework everyday even in the weekend and school holidays[NC8] if I don’t listen to my parents, I have to do summer school if my grades in any subject are lower than B[NC9] ?! and worst of all I was once sawn[NC10] naked in front of the whole school during assembly[NC11] then I was suspended for the whole term but I was later expelled and since the people at the school couldn’t stop talking about me, the majority of the students at the school either got expelled or had dropped one grade down and some even committed suicide, teachers began leaving the school and the school had so limited teachers the school had to combine classes together then the space was tight in classes and the school got robbed twice and the internet there got hacked with nearly every single computer connected to the wi-fi delete all anti-virus programs, important files and even slow down the performance of the computers than the school was shut down with parents seeing better alternatives to this school and the school owner was so exasperated[NC12] he requested the school to be bulldozed to the ground I was sorry about that school but I did went to another school named the united states sway academy you weren’t here for that school[NC13] aren’t you somebody creeping in my diary your looking for the Charlie, Charlie part as heard from the title, well if you’re interested in that part don’t skip ahead but press on the words you step on your path[NC14] . Now let’s begin, shall we? Firstly[NC15] it was a very beautiful day in the school holidays with all the prettiest butterflies (which are male[NC16] ) show there[NC17] wings, the sun smiles at those who there’s to put eye contact[NC18] and every kid on the street comes out to play (expect for me[NC19] ) as I was grounded but the wi-fi was on and I still had my phone so I message my good old internet friend bonjibob[NC20] about how depressingly borrrrrrrred [NC21] I was. here[NC22] was the chat and my username is lenny911

Then I called Bella, my BFF and requested her a sleep over [NC23] and she replied ‘yes I would do anything for my BFF but do ya also wanna play Charlie, Charlie?’ and I questioned ‘what is Charlie, Charlie[NC24] ’ and she replied ‘it’s a game where one pencil on a piece of paper will be on top of another pencil balancing and there is four sectors in the paper, 2 labelled yes and the other 2 no, then you must ask a question and you will expect the upper pencil to rotate to either yes or no’ so now I got the idea of this game I asked ‘could I see a pic of a Charlie, Charlie game set up’ and she sent me this pic

Then I demanded ‘please ask jack my boyfriend to come please? And, my two other friends Mathew and Alexandra’ and she did so. I then rushed down the stairs and Susan my older sister blocked my path and said ‘what’s the password?’ and it was obviously[NC25] ‘please’ and I was able to pass to the kitchen asked badly mum[NC26] ‘can I come to Bella’s house for a sleep over?’ and she said ‘fine you can go but how long ya gotta stay there for?’ then I rushed to the bedroom for my phone to ask Bella ‘how long am I gonna sleep over your house for?’ and she said ‘for a week’ which was good enough for me[NC27] so my mum then dropped me to Bella, along with jack, Mathew and Alexandrea I was happy to be in time as it was just about to rain so we came in the house for shelter, we had dinner than Bella asked ‘who wants to play Charlie, Charlie? And we all said ‘yes please!!!’ so we came In the bedroom to play its past bedtime, the sky was showering and thundering outside[NC28] , and the game was set up Bella asked devilishly[NC29] ‘who dares to go first?’ and we were scared to go first so I did a rock, paper, scissors with jack and I won so he was first and he questioned ‘will I cheat on jass?’ and the pencil was pointing at yes then jack started smooching Bella as if he was possessed[NC30] and we were frightened[NC31] to death then[NC32] I throwed I lamp at jack then he went back to normal and he[NC33] spine was broken so he had to rest on the bed then it was Alexandra’s turn to make a question, she questioned ‘will I survive this dumb game’ which was a dumb question[NC34] , she than moved to the corner of the room and the pencil was pointing at yes, but it suddenly moved to no then the pencil thrown itself to Alexandra’s throat resulting in one corner containing a corpse with blood all over it and it tried to rip out its organs and eat them and then grabbed the pencil and stabbed its hand opening a line of blood all along its arm and stabbed its eye, ending the horror with the blood now all over the wall, we nearly got a heart attack but we had to move on, we used a new pencil aside from the bloody pencil that was stabbed into Alexandra’s throat, so Mathew was next his question was ‘can you summon a Mexican demon as urban legends say?’ and it the pencil pointed at yes and so a Mexican demon actually appeared in the room then it took Mathew away and now it was just me and Bella well it was until jack was fine and woke up and he was shocked to find Alexandra lying down in the corner with her stomach open, blood all over her and the pencil been stabbed to her eye and throat and Mathew was also gone so he ignored she was there and Mathews disappearance and he asked one more question ‘can you please heal Alex?’ and so the pencil has said yes and Alex’s wounds were no more and now it was Bella’s turn and her question was ‘is my mum scared of clowns?’ and we all heard a window in another room which was presumably Bella’s mums room and we were listening and then Bella’s mum screamed to death and we listened and we heard the clown was probably saying ‘prepare to die’ and we heard a chainsaw started in the room which probably sawed her in half, maybe even quarters then he started putting Bella’s mums dead body been put in a bag then it chain sawed the door in the bedroom and said ‘where is BELLA!!’ and Bella said ‘here’ the clown was then licking Bella’s saliva and Alexandra sitting in the corner to lick her saliva too then he found out Alexandra was Bella’s cousin so he took both Bella and Alexandra and we tried to stop but he couldn’t let go than he jumped out of the window causing a shattered mess on the window[NC35] and now it was only me and jack left remaining and I was begging to not die and I cried ‘I have enough, I don’t want to play this game anymore, I don’t want any more people tortured, I don’t want to die, I just want to go home, please, I’m begging you, can I please go home? And the pencil has said yes and time rewinded[NC36] for me to make a better decision, I was in my bedroom again, I was happy to be alive, I ringed Bella on the phone but this time i said ‘do you want to go to the park with me’ and she said yes and I was now safe, there was no more Charlie, Charlie, Or was there…
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