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Default Batch Review Thread (2007-2009)


Adult's Sketchbook
BB Euro
Bury Me on the Jedi Battlefield
Cruel Whole
Twilight Techno
Dragon's Final Roar
Epidermis - BDN
Fly With Me
Frozen Fire
Half Symphony - SB
Horizon II - SB
Legend of the starfighter
Midnight Dragon
Monstrous Turtles
Norfolk Gals
Saikyou OX Keikaku
Sakura No Kenshi
Snowball Fight
Sound of my Dream
Speed Limit 38
Synaxis Symphony
The Space Between
Wild Sky
Wisdom - Exag0n
{Arabian Assassin}
Total: 35 songs

Further compare: F by Exag0n to the F by Zero that is currently in queue.

Songs I'm not 100% sure about permission: Rottel-da-STAR, Legend of the Starfighter...  so gimme info about these 2 if you have it.

[both +] 
15 [+?] - a bit gap late (especially 8ths at the end are off), missing a few notes at the beginning of short streams
AAA [+] (9)
Affected [+] (8)
Careless Love [-] - problem with effect of the song, really unclearly sounded piano, and too short with no fun factor.
Choprite [+?] - want a songcut somehow, silent places especially ending is boring.
Clockwork Genesis [+?] - rhythms are good, a bit overdoubled at parts, some 8th double patterns are weird
CS Gun Sounds - DJ Cristo [+?] - a bit BPM off (BPM is set higher, onsync at the middle), rest is fine
Dragon's Final Roar [+] (8)
Fly With Me [+] (7)
H.T.I.J. [+] (6) - patterns could be pitch relevant, but fine as it is
Half Symphony - Silver_Brian [+] (6) 
Hiszekeny [+?] - rhythms are basically ok but misrhythm on 24th roll at M23, some notes on silence, a bit overdoubled.
Horizon II - Silver_Brian [+] (7)
I'll be right here waiting for you [+?] - blue notes on 4ths at the beginning, rest is fine
Infernoplex [+] (9)
Kaleidoscope [+] (8)
Lapis [+?] - felt middle non-stream parts are a bit too sparse compared to the music and 16th streams at beginning/end
Monstrous Turtles! [+] (10)
Neon-213 [+] (9)
Norfolk Girls [+] (4) - 30 seconds file, a bit too short in general though
Pita [+] (5) - 30 seconds file, a bit too short in general though
Rottel-da-STAR [+] (11) - permission?
Saikyou OX Keikaku [+] (8)
Sakura No Kenshi [+] (7)
Snowball Fight [+] (8)
Sound of my Dream [+] (5)
Speed Limit 38 [+] (8)
StarmineX [+] (9)
Synaxis Symphony [+] (9)
Terror From Beyond v2 [+?] - rhythms are fine, 8th patterns are overall a bit too jacky(4-framers)
The Space Between [+] (8) - sync is acceptable since basically BPM constant song
Together As One [?] - inconsistency of difficulty at parts
Wild Sky [+] - (8)
Wisdom - Exag0n [+] - (9)
{Arabian Assassin} [+] - (8)

[Shash +] 
Adult's Sketchbook [+] (10)
Air Breeze D [+?] - overdoubled at parts, triplet rhythms are a bit repetitive
BB Euro [+] (10)
Bury Me on the Jedi Battlefield [+] (8)
Crystal Syndrome [?] - yellow/blue notes on 4ths at beginning, 8th patterns
Digital Intervention [?] - gap late, rhythm is off at parts (especially 24ths)
Twilight Techno [+] (8)
Dot Matrix Hero [+?] - double placement is a bit weird for me, 16ths rhythms around m45
Elements of a Party [+] (7) - double placement could be better but ok
Epidermis B [+] (11)
ESC [+] (10) - I know it's overdouble'd, but aren't too bad
F E [+] (9)
FictionJunction [+?] - no need for use jumptrills for most of mini-16ths, rhythms/8th jacks are ok
Fun at Times [+?] - patterns of beginning streams, also 24ths are better for the rhythm of beginning of short stream.
Funktacular [+?] - some doubles on 4-framer staircase-minijacks aren't needed IMO
Gigadelic [+] (9) - permission?
Going on Spring Wind [+?] - blue notes on 4th
Innocent Decay [+] (10) - beginning is overdoubled for me, but ok overall
Midnight Dragon [+] (10)
PowerinSilence + [+?] - 8th jacks, double placement
Romeo and Juli8 [+] (7)
Tibs Types with a British Accent [+?] - 8th triplets are a bit repetitive so go with other instrument, short 16th are a bit awkward
Welcome to the Jetgrind [-] - no problem with steps but I'm not a fan of 8 seconds files

[Tass +] 
600AD [+?] - a bit off at parts (beginning of m21/m29, m55), weird double placement. small bursts are better than double on some parts. but overall nice sync.
Air Breeze - V4N [+?] - 24th rolls on 32nd rhythm, offsync at parts
Arabesque [+] (6)
Classical Ecstasy [?] - gap/bpm late, too jacky 8ths, permission?
Cruel Whole [+] (8) - there should be notes on some blank places but ok
Dishwater - Parental Advisory [+?] - jumpstreams are a bit too continuous
Frozen Fire [+] (8)
Legend of the Starfighter [+] (8)
Lucid Quazar [?] - notes are off at parts
M.A.M.A. [-] - yea hilarious file but couldn't stand both song and steps so quit out
Over the Frail Dream [+?] - blue note on 4th, patterns are ok
Power [+] (1)
Roar [+?] - might be better patterns/rhythms than 8th with doubles after M20
Starmine [-] - np with steps but highly doubtful for the permission
You're Not Alone [+?] - double placement, all doubles on some parts, no double on some parts
{The Traveller} [?] - offsync, especially nearly 16th off end of the streams at the middle, pattterns are ok

101 Kittens ? (Beginning is offbeat, 48th jacktrill, few of the stream patterns could use work. Some parts were really good, others were really bad)
123 Funk! +? (Trills are a bit much...it'll be 4-frame hell)
15 +
600 A.D. in Piano +? (Part from 55-57 doesn't make any sense at all really, especially jumpwise...nice syncing though)
Adult's Sketchbook +
Affected +
AIM Anthem V2 ! (This song does not need a V2)
Air Breeze D +
Air Breeze V +? (Some notes around 38-42 are offsync, triplet patterns in D are better)
Alpha Helix V2 +? (Stream and 32nds are unnecessary)
Arabesque ? (A file this short to this kind of music only doesn't really work with random patterns IMO...needs more music-relevant patterns)
Arnold Remix ? (Jack, sync, song is basically totally unnecessary when we have stuff like tPaTB already)
BB Euro +
Beaker Sunset +? (4ths on blue)
Bury Me on the Jedi Battlefield +
Careless Love +
Chicken Dance ? (Offbeat in places, file really doesn't flow very well)
Choprite + (maybe cut the ending, still good though)
Chrono Trigger Antimatter - (Quit out...completely offbeat)
CIA Rave V3 ! (V3 on this is just not happening)
Classical Ecstacy ! (DE permission?)
Clockwork Genesis +
Counter Strike Gun Sounds D +
Counter Strike Gun Sounds B < (pure preference, both are good)
Cruel Whole +? (Too long and repetitive, cut at around 85?)
Crystal Syndrome +
Crystalis +? (So many 3-framers, though they all fit the music perfectly...discuss maybe?)
Dan ! (per request)
Delta Beat ? (Jump use, rhythms barely go with song at all)
Digital Intervention + (Not sure if 24ths are needed but it's ok)
Twilight Techno +
Disconnected Hyper +? (24th bursts are unnecessary)
Dishwater ? (Don't like the long 16th jumpy streams...song is kind of boring for FFR)
Shihen V2 - (I would honestly prefer something harder than this for a V2 of this song...this isn't really necessary as a V2, only major difference is some rhythms and the song cut)
Dot Matrix Hero +
Dragon's Final Roar +
Eating Candies - (Freeze)
Elements of a Party +
Endless Dream ? (It's not a bad idea for a V2, but god the jumpstream patterns are bad...plus the 24ths don't fit)
Epidermis B +
Epidermis E < (Preference...don't like the stream that much in this one, and it doesn't seem to do as much as B)
Equivelocity ? (Jumpstream and jumpspam are unnecessary...patterns could stand to be less random)
ESC (Amplified) +? (Jacks, jumpstream is too much)
Exotica V2 - (Doesn't seem different enough from V1)
Extra Zookeeper ? (wow major YNS lol)
F Z < (E is just too good really)
F E +
Fantasy Impromptu +? (Patterns at end are eh, file goes offbeat somewhere in the second half)
Fascination MaxX Generation +? (Minijacks, that funny 32nd burst thing)
FFL Final Boss - (Ew offbeat, and patterns are meh)
FictionJunction +
FF7 V2 ! (No V2's for this)
FF7 V2 ! (Read above)
Fish on a Parachute +? (Rhythms from 82-89 don't fit very well)
Fly With Me +
Forsaken Neon +? (Oust the 16ths and all 8th jacks, any can be 3-framers)
Frozen Fire +? (Don't like the jump use on the gallops, would be better as tap-jump tap-jump)
Fun at Times +
Funktacular +
Galaxy of Wizard ? (Quit at jacks)
Gigadelic + (We have permission for this??)
Going on Spring Wind +
Half Symphony S +
Half Symphony V < (Preference)
Hardcore Symphony ! (Permission)
Healing Smile ? (Stream patterns need work, 3-framer possibility in there, green wtf?)
Hidden Sorrow - (Quit out, jacks oh god)
Hiszekeny +
Horizon II S +
Horizon II A < (S has better pitch relevancy)
Horizon Remix ? (Jacks, meh patterns...either have random stream or music-relevant stream, don't try to have repeating patterns that don't actually go with the music)
I'll Be Right Here Waiting For You +
Infernoplex +
Innocent Decay +
Iron Echoes - (Jumpstream is way overstepped, patterns don't flow at all, very beginning is understepped)
Jetstream - (Quit out, jacks, offbeat jumps)
Kaleidoscope +
La Playa ? (Offbeat at the beginning, file is kinda repetitive and boring)
Lapis +
Legend of the Starfighter +? (Those mid-16th jumps aren't necessary)
Lolit Speed - (wtf dude, wtf)
Lucid Quasar ? (Song is pretty boring for a file, seemed pretty offbeat overall)
MAMA +? (I still don't particularly like this idea, but if we're gonna use it then at least lose the 32nds)
MaxX RessurexXion - (Quit out, blue 4ths, offbeat or something, jacks)
Midnight Dragon +
Monstrous Turtles +
Mute City ? (Difficulty variance is too much for song, trills/8th jacks randomly used)
Neon-213 +
NG81953 +? (Stream patterns/jack, try actually naming your file next time)
NG86437 - (Horrendously offbeat, file has no name, song is simply terrible)
Noir Remixed V2 (Quit out, talk about a song that does not need a V2...offsync or something but I wouldn't bother fixing to be honest)
Norfolk Gals + (lol)
Oasis ? (The one 16th stream has awkward patterns, rhythms don't flow well in general, especially that 8th trill part, 16ths at end go on for too long after the fade-out)
Orchestral Angels +? (The part with ALL 8th jumps [68-76] should really go tap-jump-tap-jump)
OV Zero Version - (BPM halving at beginning is just incorrect, beginning is very understepped, patterns in rest of file are ridiculously awkward as are the rhythms, especially the trill parts, randomly placed 8th jacks galore)
Over the Frail Dream +? (Blue 4ths)
Over the Ocean +? (Blue 4ths from that big stop section on)
Partay ? (Offbeat notes and jacks all over the place)
Pita +
Popcorn Remix LOL ? (Offbeat, rhythms are mostly wrong or boring)
Power +? (Way too long, cut please)
PowerinSilence +
R3 V2 ? (Rhythms with yellow jumps don't go with music very well)
Renaissance +? (24th trills = 3 framers, oust them or make them not trills)
Revival Day Impoetus ? (Patterns/rhythms don't flow, 24ths out of place mostly)
ROAR +? (All the places like in m19 feel incorrect, move the two consecutive 8th jumps to the sound that most of the others seem to go to)
Romeo and Juli8 +
Rottel-Da-Star +
Saikyou OX Keikaku +
Sakura no Kenshi +
Salad For Your Thursday +? (Stream at 24 needs a fix)
Shade of Stars +? (File is fine but dear GOD it needs a cut...WAY too long/repetitive)
Shift in Time ? (BPM seems halved especially near end, jump use is pretty random)
Shind Bad - (Nice job shuffling the SM steps)
Skyscrape +? (Totally random jump use for the most part)
Snipertime ? (Offbeat, patterns don't flow, lots of random offbeat rainbow arrows)
Snowball Fight +
Soul Shift V2 - (This is another one of those songs that just really doesn't need a V2)
Sound of my Dream +
Speed Limit 38 +
Spirit Pulse - (Quit out, jacks, awkward stream patterns, file is too long for me to bother finishing)
Starmine ! (Permission?)
StarmineX +
Synaxis Symphony +
Syndrome Craze B ? (After around 47 or so, LOTS of offbeat notes/rhythms, all 32nds and yellowjump parts are overstepped)
Syndrome Craze G +? (All the 24ths don't really work...I'd suggest 16th trills instead for the parts in the music that have 32nds)
Tell Me a Story - (Like half the notes are offbeat)
Terror from Beyond V2 +
The Space Between +
The Turquoise Crayon ? (Better jump use please, too many pointlessly repetitive patterns)
Tibs Types with a British Accent + (I don't particularly like this file and I don't know why, so I'll + it anyway and let the others decide)
Together as One +
Twister Hit - (Understepped, needs more jumps and way more jacks *rolls eyes*)
Vampire Killer ? (Streams need work, last jump wtf?)
Vertex ALPHA ! (To be fair, I did take a quick look at the chart and yea...no. We already said no more of Silvia's Vertex songs unless they're amazing, this clearly isn't)
Viva la PAINKILLERS ? (The 16th streams would honestly be a lot better as random index stream than what you have...the turnstream especially does not fit at all)
Welcome to the Jetgrind +
WiFO ? (If you remove all the 32nds and manage to make the file really fun you MIGHT have a chance at a + from me here)
Wild Sky +
Wisdom E +
Wisdom N ! (Multiple difficulties)
You're Not Alone +? (Tone down the things with 3 8th jumps in a row, this makes a decent easy file but then those are too hard)
{Arabian Assassin} + (However, I would turn the 2nd 4th jump in m19 into a tap, for consistency)
{Barbed Wire} +? (Green parts are slightly offbeat...and they shouldn't be green, we don't want noteskin tricks)
{Event Horizon} +? (Sandwiches at beginning don't really fit IMO)
{I Don't Need You Anymore} +? (Jumptrill 16ths are not really necessary, and I don't really care for the big 24th rolls either...also the end feels kinda overstepped)
{The Traveller} +? (Better stream pattern variety please)

101 Kittens +? runningmen, 48th trill doesn't fit rest of file's difficulty, overjumped @ 700ish
123 Funk ? sung put me to sleep
15 +
600AD +
Adult's Sketchbook +? jumptrill in middle
Affected +
Aim Anthem v2 - wtf was that in the middle?
Air Breeze D ? many groups not triplets, V4N's better, more pitch relevant
Air Breeze V +
Alpha Helix v2 ? opening, trills, 32ns 600ish triplets
Arabesque +
Arnold Remix ? joke file should be harder, plenty of spots missing, jack @ 300
BB Euro +? 8th section @ start of middle
Beaker Sunset +? 2 jumps in opening, chain
Bury Me on the Jedi Battlefield +? little better burst/stream patterns
Careless Folk +
Chicken Dance - had to quit out, too ****ing annoying, file not very good
Choprite +
Chrono Trigger Antimatter - parts offsync, BNS, quit out @ 32nd staircases
CIA Rave v3 - no v3!
Classical Ecstasy +
Clockwork Genesis + few patterns a bit awkward
CS Gun Sounds B bit overstepped
CS Gun Sounds DJ C +
Cruel Whole +
Crystal Syndrome ? YNS in beginning, BNS throughout, chains, permission?
Crystalis - release it for SM.  we have enough jack syndrome'd crystalis on FFR
Dan - permission
Delta Beat +? offset in beginning, notes missing in 700ish
Digital Intervention +? bit long/repetitive, part @320 off
Twilight Techno +? patterns in 1st stream
Disconnected -Hyper- ? overdoubled, some 8ths in 1st half feel off an 8th
Dishwater +
Shihen v2 - too similar
Dot Matrix Hero overdoubled, more non RBY
Dragon's Final Roar +
Eating Candies ! Mult difficulties, freezes, permission
Elements of a Party +? YNS & voice BPMs
Endless Dream ? grossly overstepped
Epidermis BDN +? less runningmen and trills
Epidermis EW +? more non RBY, missing flowing to main sounds in middle
Equivelocity ? 500 & 850 overstelled for file, jumpstream
ESC +? overdoubled
ESC Amplified ? minijacks, 2nd half needs more creativity
Exotica - dont see the need
Extra Zookeeper - quit out, annoying, YNS
F E ? bit overstepped, one spot twice w/ stream where there shouldn't be
F Z +? better of 2, 24ths may have 3 framers, just overall could be better
Fantasy Impromptu +? stream patterns
Fascination Maxx ? file is bland, bpm changes, jacks
FFL Final Boss _? offset, stream patterns a bit
FictionJunction ? song is blah, jack syndrome out the butt, repetitive
FF7 Battle v2 hi19 +? bland, slightly overstepped, permission
FF7 Battle v2 S ? not good, quit out, follow music better, permission
Fish on a Parachute +? 2nd chain, 4 note 16ths near end should got to music better
Fly With Me +
Forsaken Neon +? 3 framers, remove any 8th jacks
Frozen Fire +
Fun at Times +? pretty boring, weird patterns
Funktacular +? just not a fan of easy files with tons of 4 framers
Galaxy of Wizard ? jacks, sync
Gigadelic +? too long, jumpstream needs breaks, permission
Going on Spring Wind +? permission? parts in middle not pitch relevant
Half Symphony SB +
Half Symphony V$N < like the non-jack, less doubled version better
Hardcore Symphony +? fix up opening stream, slightly less doubled
Healing SMile +? inconsistent stepping of sounds, 64ths, end note
Hidden Sorrow - quit out in beginning, jacks
Hiszekeny + maybe step to some of the more unique sounds in the 2nd half
Horizon II A +? lacks intensity
Horizon II SB + green notes in opening?
Horizon Remix - quit out at pause in middle, pitch relevant stream, no jacks
I'll Be Right Here... +
Infernoplex +
Iron Echoes - quit out at 64th roll, way overstepped
Jestream - quit out, jacks, overstepped
Kaleidoscope +
La Playa ? overstepped, would make for a really nice 2 or 3 difficulty file
Lapis +
Legend of Starfighter + permission?
Lolit Speed - chains cause 3 framers
Lucid Quazar +
MAMA + hilarious
Maxx Resurrexxion - sync, BNS, jacks, flow
Midnight Dragon +? gap a bit off in beginning, overall could be a bit better
Monstrous Turtles +
Mute City < like the file in queue better
Neon-213 + boring song
NG81953 +? wtf is this? minijack
NG86437 - sync is off
Noir Remixed - i would not dare insult my friend by releasing this garbage
Norfolk Gals +
Oasis ? stream @ 200 not stream, 420s not 8th trill, 32nd too hard for file, ending rolls go past music
Orchestal Angels ? beginning needs to be easier, fix up 8th jump section
OV ZeroVision +? fix up section after 1st jack section, change from 8ths to vocals
Over the Frail Dream +
Partay ? jacks, missing sounds
Pita +
Popcorn Remix ? beginning half understepped, ending half overstepped
Power + clearly understepped.....   just don't think people will enjoy this.  at all.
Power in Silence +? steps to vocals?
R3 Omega really trying to discourage random v2's
Renaissance +? fix 3 framers in trills/24ths
Revival Day Impoetus ? 24ths are less note than you give them, jumpstream not in music in most places
Romeo & juli8 +? go to vocals throughout or mostly
Rottel-da-STAR + permission
Saikyou OX Keikaku +
Sakura No Kenshi +
Salad for your Thursday ? sound levels on the layers suck, file is repetitive as ****
Shade of Stars ? cut the song, repetitive, permission
Shift in Time +? beginning missing sounds
Shind Bad ? maybe cut 1st half? stream patterns, random 24ths
Skyscape +? missing notes in beginning
Snipertime - fix sync, shouldn't need 64ths, minijack
Snowball Fight +
Soul Shift v2 +? 1st half could go w/ music a bit better
Sound of my Dream +
Speed Limit 38 +
Spirit Pulse - quit out after 8th minijack
Starmine + permission from Ryu?
StarmineX +
Synaxis Symphony +
Syndrome Craze B - BNS, gap off, quit out after 10 sec
Syndrome Craze G +? 2 24ths that form jacks w/ jump
Tell Me A Story ? parts off, 24th 1 handed trills, jacks at end
Terror from Beyond v2 +
The Space Between + sync off a bit in a few spots
The Turquoise Crayon ? little more variety than straight 8ths, permission
Tibs Types +? ending seems more complex than 8ths
Together As One + how long is the full version?
Twister Hit - quit out at jacks, overstepped [Heavy]
Vampire Killer +? stream patterns suck, ending double
Vertex Alpha ? where are the 16ths?
Painkillers - worst stream ever
Welcome to the jetgrind +? bit overstepped, length
WiFO - no
Wild Sky +
Wisdom E +
Wisdom N ? 32nds? 4th jacks at beginning
You're not alone +
{Arabian Assassin} +
{Barbed Wire} MAC7 - quit out at 64ths
{Event Horizon} +? ending overstepped
{I dont need you anymore} +? bot overstepped, some 24/32 cause 4 framers
{The Traveller} + little bland

all discussion should go in the queue thread. all future batch updates will go here.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


Even if your file was queue'd...  make sure to read the notes from all 3 testers.  Also, you'll note in my comments that I agree with jx a ton but never with rebirth.  That is because I had jx's notes in front of me, but I did not have rebirth's notes in front of me.

The Queue:
Air Breeze - Vote4Nixon
Ancient's Death - SulferDragon
Ascii Art Core - Neonatrias
Baby Want Me - MixMasterLar
Beaker Sunset - L Endorphin L
Black Noise - Scytlock
Blue Army - dore
Brooks Was Here - dore
Bundy - BDN
Casio Destroy Toy - ElectricWerewolf
Charge!!! - SulferDragon
Chlorophyll - BDN - oni - 2 24th alien sounds not stepped near end
Choprite - BDN - no 3 framers
Crazy Hair Day - stargroup100
Digital Intervention - vemuck
Disconnected Sanxion7 Remix - eastsideman09
Duality - eastsideman09
Electro Rush x8 - ElectricWerewolf
Euphoria - eastsideman09
Field of Snow - SulferDragon
Fluity Loops - ElectricWerewolf - verify for me that you got permission from Vospi again?
Happy Happy Shinig Star!! - Cyanite
heel and toe - bmah
Hero's Theme (wip) - stargroup100 - Tass feels that it is overstepped, but rebirth and jx like it, so tass is queue'd it.
Hiszekeny - ELectricWerewolf
Horizon Remix - rshadow888
Hyperactivity - stargroup100 - who is the artist of this song?
I am maid - .dot
Indigo - who_cares973
Lost - starfalcon176
Matador - xSerpentinex
Midnight of the North - blah x6
Nanatsuropanda - stargroup100
Over the frail dream - sulferdragon
Plunging Hornets - BDN
PSYCHIC DiVE - SulferDragon
Pupil of Frenzy - Neonatrias - see jx's comments
Purple - dore - the 225bpm version
Reversing Darts - jx
Rock Paper Snippers - ElectricWerewolf - Rock song
Rocking Ass - dore - my fault probably...  jx/rebirth didn't get the dwi/mp3 for this, so i was the only one to test.  fun though.
Shin Trigger - SulferDragon
Sing a Song - Kalazor
Snow Stream - BDN - verify for me again permission from Vospi?
Southern Cross - jx
Syndrome - Ben Speirs
Synful Sub - Valtrix - seemed a wee bit overstepped
The Final Fantasy - Kalazor
The Worst is Yet to Come - SulferDragon
Underground - blah x6
X - MeaCulpa
You're Not Alone Remix - vemuck
600 AD in Piano - Knoobish
{Arabian Assassin} - DarkbearX - replaces ledwix's file
{I Don't Need You Anymore} - dore
{James Bond Breakbeat} - Vote4Nixon - this goes in queue...  but i doubt i'll ever put it in game.  this song is just awful for a bond mix.  i forget who, but some artist is working on a better one.  so, hopefully someone will step that.

Songs Tass Played But Didn't Queue
a dragons final roar - see jx's comments
a nightmare before kefta - missing ending notes, should be a break in the 5th jumps where there is no music, 32nds are overstepped compared to rest of file
a2 sauces op - this is garbage, although i did get my first ever AAAA testing it
all of your love - cut it around note 500.  also, i'm very wary of using remixes of commercial songs
anaconda remix - what jx said.  slow 32nds... are they onsync?
angel stays on this ground - few parts overstepped, vocal mix should go more with vocals
barney remix - see jx's comments
crying soul - sync, boring, extra 8th note at end of bursts in beginning, 8th jumpstream seems overdone
destined marionette - agree with jx
dot matrix hero - what jx said.  especially 1st mario land section
extra terrestrial - what jx said; 550ish especially
fascination maxx - i think i deleted this for some reason.  i'm guessing ben asked me to.  so, i didn't play it.  but both jx and rebirth did and both +d it.
hadazamui rittou - cut part of beginning
hardcore symphony - permission, jx is right, song is a bit repetitive
healing smile - what jx said
i once was a hero - cut this.  8ths near end felt overstepped
venetian spirit - what jx said
legacy - deleted this file.  i'm guessing at eastsideman's request.  didn't play it, but both jx and rebirth +d.
otters dance - agree with jx, would even tone down whole file's difficulty a notch
progression - agree with jx
same dream - song not all that great.  what jx said.
secret zombie room v2 - 24ths = 3 framers; what jx said.
sonic green hill zone - what jx said
starwolf - 32nds need to go
summer in believe - permission, try to tone down jumpstream in middle
surface - what jx said
the creeps - permission, what jx said
violent syndrome - agree with jx.  song is kinda bland for stepping.
waverip - overdoubled
you dont know what - what jx said
101 kittens - 32nds near beginning; more consistent on which sounds you're stepping to
{Adrinaline Pumper} - cut the last few arrows.  not really a fan of thos chart/song overall
{Barbed Wire} - fix colors and sync
{Firestorm} v2 - tass doesn't like v2's.  easier version of v1, not really original, trills are weird.
{Mercury} - agree with jx.

Rebirth's Notes:
(Too Much) Bass: ?
- Those pink notes you have before the jumps in the 20s measures are supposed to be yellow notes
- Has too many jumps

101 Kittens: +
- Goes offbeat after one freeze near the end (I can fix easily)
- I don't think any of those brown notes are really there
- Fun simfile though

260: -
- Exited out because more than half of the simfile was offbeat as hell. Those weird yellow note 8th streams are wrong

600 A.D.: +
- Very nice syncing
- We need more files like this. Very cool file

A Dragon's Honor: +
- Has a bunch of 12th jacks at 133 bpm, but I know what you stepped them to so I guess its ok

A Nightmare Before Kefka: + (Permission?)
- Do we even have permission for this?

A2 Sauce's OP (dore): +
- Uh.. technically its a correct simfile, but its pretty stupid

A2 Sauce's OP 2 (Engler) +?
- Has one 16th minijack which is bad for FFR when its 140 bpm
- Like the first OP, its stupid but I guess its an alright file

Air Breeze: +
- Repetitive 16th triplets..
- File is good for what the music gives you to use though

All of Your Love: +
- Was a little understepped in a couple parts, but you tried to make an easy file out of the song so thats ok

All The Memories: +?
- A few minor sync issues
- Simfile couldv'e been more interesting. Fill in some dull spots and make those parts fun to play

Alpha Helix v2 (omgitznpv): ?
- Those 24th streams look like they'd have some 3 framers in them
- Feels overdone. Too hard
- I don't think this song really needs a v2

Alpha Helix v2 (Ben Spiers): +?
- Better than the other submission for a Alpha Helix v2, and its an alright file, but I still don't think the song needs a v2

Anaconda Remix: +
- lol drum and bass music is always repetitive
- Good file though

Ancient's Death: +
- File fits the music so its alright

Angel Stays On This Ground Vocal: +
- The gap should be 1003 instead of 1040
- Once I changed the gap, it was a REALLY fun file

Ascii Art Core: +
- This will be a pretty hard file once/if it goes into the game

Aurora: +?
- That part near the end is kinda overstepped. It'd be fun for SM but I'm not sure about for FFR
- Otherwise good

Baby Don't You Want Me: +
- Those yellow notes should all be blue notes

Barney Remix: +
- lol missing note on the fourth beat of measure 35

Battleman Zero Theme: +?
- 155 bpm part feels very weird. Might be offbeat, I didn't check for sure

Beaker Sunset: +
- once I changed the gap by 80 it was pretty good >_>

Beatlejuice Theme Remix: ?
- Gap is way off
- Rainbow notes were stupid
- Really uninteresting

Black Noise: +

Blue Army: 
- I can't really judge this since I have a Blue Army simfile of my own in the queue

Brooks was Here: +
- Good file lol

Bundy: +
- Has a few sync issues. I'll fix before it goes into the game, if it does

Casio Destroy Toy: +
- Fun file

Charge!!!: +
- Fun file

Chlorophyll (Oni steps): +
- Might have 3-framers, not sure
- Technically correct file, but it might be a little too much for FFR

Choprite: +
- File might be too much for FFR, like Chlorophyll
- Accepting it but I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND you change those 48th jumps right after the red note jump. Maybe take those teal jump notes out, because those are almost quads

Composer: +?
- The pink and purple notes in that one 48th stream at the end of the song would be a 3 framer or worse. Change it, then its queueworthy

Crazy Hair Day: +
- Repetitive rhythms and patterns
- 16th jacks but its 100 bpm so I guess thats alright

Crying Soul: +
- notes are early in the simfile. Might need a tiny bpm tweak so everything is the same. I'll change if/when it goes into the game

Destined Marionette: +

Digital Intervention: +
- changed gap by 40
- cool file

Disconnected Saxion7 Remix: +

Disconnected Disco: +?
- Pretty good file but there are some 16th jacks near the beginning, where you have those small 32nd triplets. 16th jacks + 139 bpm = almost 2 framers. Change those then queueworthy

Dot Matrix Hero: +
- Fun file, no changes needed

Duality: +
- 12th jack in the middle of measure 45. It might need changing

Electric Candles: 
- I didn't play any of the charts because I don't know which one I'm supposed to be playing

Electro Rush X8: +
- I'd like to see a crazy hard file for this but this sim is ok

Elevated: ?
- Uh, the downbeat of the simfile shouldn't be a yellow note. Move it up to a red note then resubmit. Its good otherwise

Enjoy the Silence: ?
- Not entirely all correct rhythms but whatever. Some of those notes shouldv'e been yellow arrows instead of just blue or red. Listen closely to the music and make changes where needed
- 30 bpm part is really really early, but when it goes to 125 bpm its fine
- Repetitive song/simfile + easy simfile + 5 minute long song = incredibly boring
- I'm not so sure this song is step worthy becuase of the third comment

Esperanza: +?
- 24th minitrills in about measure 35 might be troublesome
- 32nd trill at around measure 50 at 147 bpm = almsot 2 framer = no
- Change those things and its queueworthy

Euphoria (eastsideman09): +?
- In the slow part, you have a few 64th bursts ending in a jump. That might cause 3 framers and will probably need a change
- Very good file

Euphoria (Spenner): ?
- Change gap by 40
- eastsideman's was better

Extra Terrestrial: +
- Bunch of 4th jumps that felt meh, but whatever

Fascination MaxX: + (Permission?)
- Those gallop things at 400 bpm were pretty weird
- Do we even have permission?
- Good file

Field of Snow: +

Fillipino style hardcore: -
- Might be a technically correct file but its too insane for FFR

Final Audition: +?
- Change gap by 40
- 24th streams in thewill probably pose a problem. 3 framers (12th jacks)
- Otherwise good, queueworthy

Final Fantasy VII Fighting Mix: +?
- Those blue jumps in the beginning are supposed to be red. You're off by an 8th note on those jumps
- Big syncing problem after about 20 - 30 seconds in

Fruity Loops: +
- Good file. 
- Gets a little repetitive

Forsaken Neon: ?
- Boring, weird patterns/rhythms
- Some of those 12th streams are supposed to be 16th streams
- Seems like you're missing some notes in the middle

From Mount Chorus v2: ?
- I don't think that song has any 16th notes lmao
- 8th jacks and crap
- This song doesn't need a v2

Gargoyle: +?
- Repetitive rhythms and patterns...
- Patterns don't feel too fun

Geno's Forest F-Zero vROFLOL: -
- Retarded. I exited out after measure 4

Hadazamui Rittou: +
- I almost fell asleep becuase this was so meh
- Incredibly repetitive. Not a song that should really be stepped, but I'll accept it since the simfile is technically correct

Happy Happy Shining Star: +
- Its a really fun file, but it'd be even better if you took out those 8th jacks in the 4th jump parts. I reccommend you do that because that'd make this file even better

Hardcore Symphony: +
- Pretty good file

Healing Smile: +
- aisdufnaisdf fun fun fun

Heel and Toe: +
- What was that last note two measures after all of the steps? I'd remove that and send the fixes to one of us (if its accepted into the queue)

Hero's Theme: +
- It'll be a pretty hard file for FFR, but thats ok
- Fun

Hiszekeny: +?
- Yes the file is good, but I feel its a bit overstepped, for FFR. The song is really calm and quiet, and the simfile has a bunch of jumps. I don't think all of those are really needed

Holy Orders: +?
- Some of those longer 24th streams have 12th jacks if you look closely. Might pose a problem in the game
- I'd prefer a harder file for this. One that uses the song to its full potential
- Those teal notes at around measure 108 aren't in the music lol. Sounds like 32nds or something, I didn't pay too much attention to the music there

Honey, I've Never Had Sex That Wasn't Awkward: -
- Probably too insane for FFR. Jumpstream, and a bunch of trills that will definitely cause 3 framers. Maybe even 2 framers
- Don't get me wrong though.. the file is alright. Its much better suited for Stepmania though

Horizon Remix: +

Hyperactivity: +
- Interesting patterns

I Am Maid: +
- Good file, though it couldv'e been done differently and wouldv'e really stood out more to me. I guess I just like Bursurk Lurk's Stepmania file for it too much

I Once Was a Hero: +?
- Has one 12th jack that doesn't fit the with the rest of the simfile. I suggest you change that

Ice Cap Zone: +?
- Fun simfile, I like it.
- One 16th minijack at measure 64. We can't have those at 145 bpm, change it

Indigo: +
- Good, fun file

Indulgence: +?
- One of my favorite files in the batch, but we can't have those 24th trills in there. Change them.

Venetian Spirit: +
- Good file. A bit repetitive, but that can't be changed.

Ken's Theme: +?
- Long ass 8th streams with a ton of running men. Running men aren't a problem but its really boring and repetitive
- Whole file is just repetitive. 

Kirby's Dream Land: +?
- I love these songs XD. Good simfile too, but its missing some notes. With a song this cool, I want it perfect. It just NEEDS those few 16ths you left out in the melody (or were they 32nds?)
- Has some 16th jacks which might be a little problem as well. 4 framers for sure. 

Legacy: +
- Has a few jumps that I thought were out of place in the slow part

Live at the Abbey: -
- Exited out after about 30 seconds. The file is way too much for FFR. Too many jumps, too fast and too many 8th jacks at 245 bpm

Lost: +

Lucid Quasar: +?
- Those yellow notes are supposed to be blue (From the beginning to measure 12 and from about measure 30 to measure 36)

Matador: +

Midnight Dragon (omgitznpv): -
- Incredibly offbeat, exited out

Midnight Dragon (behanjc): +?
- I'm going to assume the one in the queue is better. This file is missing some notes and some notes are off near the end

Midnight of the North: +
- Nice file. Fun easy file

Motherboard March: +?
- Sync is off and goes further off as the song progresses. Probably a bpm problem

Nanatsuropanda: +
- So incredibly fun, and its a really unique file. Possibly my favorite out of the whole batch

Neon-213: +?
- Felt like the same patterns and stuff throughout the whole 16th stream. 
- A bunch of un-needed jumps in slow parts too

Otter's Dance: +
- Mild jumpstream and 32nd bursts...Interesting. File would be pretty hard but thats ok

Over the Frail Dream: +

Plunging Hornets: +
- Might be too much for FFR, like 99% of Venetian Snares songs are, but I'm accepting it because its correctly stepped.

Progression: +
- Pretty cool once it gets to the second half of the sim


Pupil of Frenzy: +
- holy **** I love dBu simfiles
- Very good. Every note felt perfect
- I think you missed a couple notes in the 30 BPM part XD

Purple: +

Rendering My Boredom: +?
- Could use some less jumps
- the teal notes are supposed to be yellow

Rendering My Boredom 2: +?
- Those yellow jumps in the middle are off (Measure 20 something, and around measure 50)

Reversing Darts: +

Rock Paper Snipers: +

Same Dream: +
- One of my favorite sharpnel songs but its so repetitive
- Its hard to tell what those jumps were going to in the big 8th stream in the middle of the song. I still don't really know

Scythe of 13: +?
- Has a ton of jumps but I know a lot of those are necessary for a song like that
- Not sure about that 32nd streams 
- It does feel a bit overjumped once you get past measure 110

Secret Zombie Room v2: +

Shin Trigger: +

Shind Bad: +?
- Needs some more 16th fillers on a song like that. little 5 note 16th streams in the beginning and stuff like that
- First 40 seconds of the sim were pretty boring. Definitely needed to be more interesting

Sing a Song: +
- Would be nice if you didn't have a jump go to every beat in that one long 8th stream at measure 20 - 30 (about), but have jumps going to that one sound you put jumps to everywhere else

Sly: +?
- Gap is off a little bit
- Some notes offbeat even after I fixed the gap

Snow Stream: +

Sonic Green Hill Zone: +

Southern Cross: +
- Epic song
- Jumps in measure 85 - 87 are off a whole beat. Fix those because this sim is good
- You missed some jumps throughout the whole song since I can tell you did jumps to the lyrics

Starwolf: +
- Not sure about that 32nd stream at the end

Summer in Belize: +

Surface: +
- Pretty repetitive with weird pattern combinations

Survive: +?
- Once it goes to the higher bpm it goes offbeat slightly (First bpm change after like 20 seconds)
- Sync the simfile as best as you can, because its pretty good.
- At around measure 100 to measure 120, I suggest you not make those all jumps. Where there is no drum sounds in the background, and just vocals, put single steps, not jumps.

Sync: +?
- I suggest you step the sounds you missed in the beginning
- Goes offbeat as the song gets to the end. Resync and resubmit, because I enjoyed it otherwise

Syndrome: +

Synful Sub: +

Tell Me A Story: ?
- tons of offbeat notes on both charts

Terror From Beyond v2: +?
- All of the green notes in the middle are off
- Jumps from measure 86 to 93 (about) don't seem to go to anything

- I think you have some of the rhythms off in the beginning.
- Overjumpped a bit

The Attic: +?
- Has a 24th jack in the middle of the measure 20 - 29 area

The Creeps: +

The Final Fantasy: +

The Worst is Yet to Come: +

Three: ?
- I had to change the gap by like 80
- Some notes are offbeat
- 32nd trill at measure 39. Can't have that at 135 bpm

Touched By The Light: +?
- I think some notes were a little offbeat, I didn't pay too much attention
- Song felt boring and repetitive..

Underground: +

Violent Syndrome: +

WaveRip: +?
- Felt overjumpped

X: +
- Fun file

You Don't Know What: +
- Pretty fun for a sharpnel file. Nice job, I like it.
- Seems to be slightly off early near the end. Try to fix that

You're Not Alone Remix: +

{Adrenaline Pumper}: +

{Arabian Assassin}: +
- Some parts seem offbeat. Not perfect syncing, but I think it might be close enough for nobody to notice. Please try to fix though

{Barbed Wire} MAC7: +
- ohi weird colored notes that are supposed to be 16th streams or something
- Good sim though, I guess

{Firestorm} v2: +

{Flying Away}: +?
- Notes should be moved up or down an 8th beat. Downbeat should almost always be a red note

{I Don't Need You Anymore}: +
- Well stepped file

{James Bond Breakbeat Remix}: +
- Very nice stepchart for the song

{Mercury}: +
- Quite a few jumps but they seem alright

JX's Notes:
A Dragon's Honor (SulferDragon) [+?] - if going for jacks, want more pitch relevant patterns

A Nightmare Before Kefka (Scytlock) [+?] - should be notes on last orchestra hits, stream patterns. rhythms are good.

A2_Sauce's OP by dore (Engler) [-] - too boring, etc

a2_sauce's op part 2 (Engler) [-] - minijack, etc

Air Breeze (Vote4Nixon) [+] (8)

All of Your Love -Sanxion7 Remix- (blahblahblahblahblahblah) [+?] - song should be cut for this difficulty.

All the Memories (_GanonMetroid_) [?] - offsync at parts

Alpha Helix v2 - Ben Speirs [+?] - want more difficulty difference from V1, 16th long trills don't fit other parts

Alpha Helix V2 (omgitznpv) [?] - potential 3-framers, stream patterns, repetitive triplets

Anaconda Remix(who_cares973) [?] - partially understepped and repetitive

Ancient's Death (SulferDragon) [+] (7)

Angel stays on this ground -Vocal Remix- (bmah) [+] (8) - rhythms could go for the vocal more, but ok

Ascii Art Core (Neonatrias) [+] (10) - some stream patterns are a bit awkward but ok

Aurora [eastsideman09] [+?] - felt a bit overdoubled to the song for being 1000 combo

Baby Want me(MixMasterLar) [+?] - sync on the vocal, actually last notes on the vocal should be a bit more late

Barney Remix (xSerpentinex) [+?] - too long intro, cut or step. others are fine

Battleman Zero Theme (argo15) [?] - partially off, stream patterns

Beaker Sunset(L Endorphin L) [?] - offsync (gap late, and maybe bpm), got like all greats

Beetlejuice theme remix (cyrx900) [-] - offsync, stream patterns, placement of bursts

Black Noise(Scytlock) [+?] - stream patterns, last 8th trills are a bit repetitive

Blue Army [dore] [+] (10) - rhythms in m50-80 are a bit repetitive, but ok 

Brooks Was Here [dore] [+] (9)

Bundy (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+?] - 12th jumpstream at the end, that part isn't that intense

Car Sax (Classic_Rocker) [-] - use dwi or sm format

Casio Destroy Toy (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8)

Charge!!! (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

Chlorophyll (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+] (10)

Choprite (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+] (11) - no 3-framers?

Composer (D.J. Cristo) [?] - blue note on 4th, potential 3-framers, 32nd trill placement doesn't fit well

Crazy Hair Day (Stargroup100) [+] (7) - jacks are ok at this speed, 48th + double would be like triple tho

crying soul(who_cares973) [+?] - offsync (gap early)

Destined Marionette(.dot) [+?] - partially overdoubled, wrong rhythm at m77, ending 8ths should follow the music more. others are fine

Digital Intervention (vemuck) [+] (6) 

Disconnected Disco (solopro) [?] - jacky 32nds, stream patterns

Disconnected -Sanxion7 Remix- [eastsideman09] [+] (7)

Dot Matrix Hero (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (10) - still fun, but wanted some flows with the synth melody

Duality [eastsideman09] [+] (9) - potential 3-framer (12th jack), ok if it can be fixed

Eating Candies (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [-] - multi difficulty

Electro Rush x8 (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8)

elevated(who_cares973) [?] - YNS, stream patterns

Enjoy the Silence (Ssonik) [?] - offsync (gap early), extremely boring so cut the music

Esperanza (meb_mmm) [?] - 24th/32nd trills, minijack

Euphoria (eastsideman09) [+] (8) - not very audible parts but 48th bursts are actually 64ths + 32nds for me, not a big deal for playing tho.

Euphoria (Spenner) [?] - 32nd trills, minijacks, rhythms don't flow well at parts

Extra Terrestrial(Scytlock) [+?] - want more variety in rhythms/patterns, kind of repetitive

Fascination MaxX (K2 Chaos Remix) - Ben Speirs [+] (10)

Field of Snow (SulferDragon) [+] (8) - partially a bit overdoubled tho

filipino style speedcore 4 pre (WTFBrandon) [-] - totally doesn't make sense

Final Audition (omgitznpv) [-] - 24th staircase, stream pattern, who's music is this?

Final Fantasy VII Fighting Mix (freakysnots) [?] - offsync, double placement is weird

Fluity Loops (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8)

Forsaken Neon (coolboyrulez0) [?] - 460bpm isn't needed, stream patterns, potential 3-framers

From Mount Chorus v2 (D.J. Cristo) [-] - JE songs shouldn't be that hard

Gargoyle-behanjc [+?] - patterns are awkward, middle-ending parts are repetitive

Geno's Forest F-Zero vROFLOL (coolboyrulez0) [-] - waste of time, dude

Hadazamui Rittou (Silvuh) [+?] - felt patterns of beginning is repetitive

Happy Happy Shining Star!! (Cyanite) [+] (10)

Hardcore Symphony (Shad0wlord) [+?] - 16th streams at the middle don't fit other parts, others are good

Healing Smile - Rednanaki [+?] - stream patterns at the middle, rhythms m26-33, m73-84 could be less boring, last measure is mis rhythm'd

heel and toe (bmah) [+] (8)

Hero's Theme (w.i.p) (stargroup100) [+] (9)

Hiszekeny (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8)

Holy Orders (Silver_Brian) [+?] - rhythms are almost correct but missing some bursts and doubles (stepped too simply at parts), 24th stream patterns

Honey, I've Never Had Sex That Wasn't Awkward [dore] [+] (9) - discuss about potential 3-framer trills. pretty technical file overall

Horizon Remix (Final Cut) - rshadow8888 [+] (9)

Hyperactivity (Stargroup100) [+] (7)

I am maid (.dot) [+] (9) - this song has so obscene lyrics

I Once Was a Hero (WTFBrandon) (4) [+] - felt a bit long for an easy file tho

Ice Cap Zone (Glacial Mix)-(Alioth) [+?] - minijacks, felt long so song-cut is better

Indigo(who_cares973) [+] (6)

Indulgence [eastsideman09] [+?] - 24th trill should be other patterns

KaW-Venetian_spirit(Scytlock) [+?] - mis-rhythm around m50

Ken~Sharpnal~(MixMasterLar) [?] - 8th/16th stream pattern, double placement, felt a bit long

Kirby's Dream Land (freakysnots) [+?] - 32nd rhythms could follow the music better

Legacy [eastsideman09] [+] (8)  

Live At The Abbey (omgitznpv) [?] - not bad rhythms but way less 16th trills/8th jacks please, those don't work well on FFR at this BPM

Lost (starfalcon176) [+] (7)

Lucid Quazar (Vote4Nixon) [?] - offsync at parts

Matador (xSerpentinex) [+] (9)

Midnight Dragon (omgitznpv) [?] - YNS, off at parts

Midnight Dragon-behanjc [<] - the one in the queue is a bit better overall for not being too understepped, although some bursts and some pitch relevant patterns are better on this one

Midnight of the North (blahblahblahblahblahblah) [+] (7)

Motherboard March (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - a bit BPM wrong

Nanatsuropanda (Stargroup100) [+] (9) - quite a bit late at last 12ths but ok

Neon-213 (three17s) [?] - stream patterns

Otter's Dance (Hotroot Mix) (Silvuh) [+?] - rhythms are good, but tone-down right handed biased bursts at m32/46

Over the Frail Dream (SulferDragon) [+] (10)

Plunging Hornets (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+] (12)

Progression (Silvuh) [+?] - some 32nd bursts (and doubles with them) are a bit overdone to the music

PSYCHIC DiVE (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

Pupil of Frenzy (Neonatrias) [+] (9) - a bit off on some slow vibraphone part but ok

Purple[dore] [+] (11) 

Rendering My Boredom (coolboyrulez0) [?] - offsync at parts, stream patterns

Rendering My Boredom 2 (coolboyrulez0) [?] - YNS, stream patterns

Reversing Darts (jimerax) [+] (9)

Rock Paper Snippers (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8) - sync is almost ok for FFR

Rocking Ass [dore] [-] - no dwi/sm?

Sly (rel89) [?] - offsync at parts, stream patterns

Same Dream (ledwix) [?] - 8th parts are boring, weird ending, need a better music cut

Scythe of 13 (Xandertrax) [?] - streams/doubles pattern

Secret Zombie Room v2 (eastsideman09) [?] - 24th trills, second half parts are understepped

SGX - Tell Me a Story [Compendium Mix] (coolboyrulez0) [-] - multi difficulty

Shin Trigger (SulferDragon) [+] (8) - jumpstream part is a bit overdone tho

Shind Bad (rednanaki) [+?] - stream patterns, overuse of jumptrills

Sing a Song [Instrum] (Kalazor) [+?] - a bit repetitive, d-s-d 16th patterns

Snow Stream (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+] (8)

Sonic Green Hill Zone (MrPopadopalis25) [?] - patterns/rhythms are boring even for an easy song

Southern Cross (jimerax) [+] (11)

Starwolf(blindreper1179) [+?] - rhythms need to go with melody at some parts, tone down last 32nds stream + double

Summer In Belize (Shad0wlord) [+] (8)

Surface (EI_Tizzy) [+?] - felt a bit too long/repetitive, 8ths and stream patterns are a bit too 4-framer biased overall

Survive (bluguerrilla) [+?] - offsync at parts, especially chain parts at later-middle. less 4-framer patterns are better overall

sync (FOURSPLIT Remix) - Ben Speirs [+?] - ok but felt understepped at parts (beginning and ending)

Syndrome (Ben Speirs) [+] - (6)

Synful Sub(Valtrix; revised) [+] - (8)

SGX - Tell Me a Story [Compendium Mix] (coolboyrulez0) [-] - multiple difficulty

Terror from Beyond V2 (customstuff) [-] - offsync, GNS, need to be harder for V2

TGTMN [oni] - Cj_leonine [?] - patterns overall, apparantly overdoubled

The Attic(Scytlock) [-] - multi difficulty

The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Remix) (TK_pavonineukon) [+?] - one handed trills at the beginning

The Final Fantasy (Kalazor) [+] (8) - a bit weird double placement tho

The Worst is Yet to Come (SulferDragon) [+] (5)

Three (Redorigami) [?] - offsync use BPM changes, 32nd patterns at parts

Touched by the Light (FFR Edit) (spinal_compression) [?] - some notes are off, understepped at parts

Underground (blahblahblahblahblahblah) [+?] - slightly gap late, stream patterns

Violent Syndrome(Scytlock) [+?] - long 8th jack patterns without good reason

WaveRip(remastered) (Silvuh) [+] (10) - ending is a bit overdoubled but not a bad double placement

X (MeaCulpa) [+] (8)

You Don't Know What (Cyanite) [+?] - fine, but felt a few notes are missed, and song is a bit too long/repetitive

You're Not Alone Remix (vemuck) [+] (6) - want a better song cut (fade out, etc) though

101 Kittens (dag12) [?] - gap early, some 32nd rhythms are a bit weird

260(who_cares973) [-] - most yellow notes are off

600 AD In Piano (Knoobish) [+] (8) - sync is fine other than 1 off note at m29

(Too Much) Bass (lol) - rshadow8888 [?] - 24ths don't make sense, overdoubled at parts

{Adrinaline Pumper} (ledwix) [+] (9) - last a few arrows aren't needed IMO though (they just make ending weird)

{Arabian Assasin} (DarkbearX) [+] (8)

{Barbed Wire} MAC7 (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - cute, unique colors but a bit offsync at parts

{Firestorm} v2  - rshadow8888 [-] - file is ok, but not enough difference from V1 except for double placement

{Flying Away} (Zageron) [-] - offsync, orange, green, etc

{I Don't Need You Anymore} [dore] [+] (10) - it's a non-boring marathon song

{James Bond Breakbeat Remix} (Vote4Nixon) [+] (7)

{Mercury} - rshadow8888 [?] - want songcut, slow jumpstreams are repetitive

All comments can go in the queue thread. Submissions for the next batch need to be in to me by Friday evening.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


Again...  just because one of the 2 +d it didn't guarantee that I played it.  If both gave the same negative feedback on a file, I did NOT play it.

A black cat plays... by EW
Aurora by eastsideman09
Blue Noah by Rednanaki
Chariot by EW - weird song
Cid's Theme Piano Concerto by vemuck
Clockwork Genesis by eastsideman09
Comptine D'un Autre Ete Techno by Kotarouchan
Dishwater by dore
Dot Matrix Hero by EW - I agree with jx's comments
Dragons Bane by hi19hi19
Emerald Hill by SulferDragon
Final Fantasy Final Battle Festival by jx
Fight Through the Forest by MrZombie
Final Step by behanjc
Floating Bridge by dore
Forsaken Neon by Rebirth0 - 2 3 framers...  maybe fix so I don't have to?
Hadazamui Rittou by Silvuh
Hajnal by EW
Happy Happy Shining Star by Cyanite
Haven by tk_pavonineukon - is this the SIU menu music?
Ice Candy Pop by hi19hi19 - i hate you....  this will be a bitch to fix the 4-framers on an easy file
Indulgence by eastsideman09
Into the Night by Rebirth0
iPatch's OP by EW
Kirby's Dream Land by Rebirth0
Kire Kire Mayoi by jx
Koala in the Spiders Web by three17s
Legendary Etude by hi19hi19
Life Light by Cyanite
Lucid Quasar by Vote4Nixon
MAMA by hi19hi19 - i love this concept
Mario Eurobeat by vemuck
megane de ne by jx
Metal Geat Solid Piano Remix by hi19hi19
Metropolis Zone by SulferDragon
Ninja Turtles Theme by hi19hi19
Pavlov's Dog by Vote4Nixon
Power by hi19hi19 - lol, 1 footer.  i AAAAd.
Progression by Silvuh
Raindrops v2 by Vote4Nixon
Say It Right by eastsideman09
Shanghai Girl of Meiji 17 by behanjc
Shapeshifter by EW
Shind Bad by Rebirth0
Sunny Side Up by stargroup100
Teh Tricky Techno by Xandertrax
Tell v2 by dore
The Wanderer by SulferDragon
Utopia by Rebirth0
Zelda Quatro by Ben Speirs - probably could use a cut...  maybe remove some off the beginning?
{Adrinaline Pumper} by ledwix
{Paranorma} by SulferDragon

Songs Tass Played But Didn't Queue
101 Kittens by rednanaki
Breaker Sunset - overstepped
Car Sax - definitely parts offsync
Destined Marionette - agree with rebirth; whole song?
Elevated - remove final arrow, cut better, maybe no jumpstream
Emerald Hill Zone - only need 1 emerald hill file, other is better song and more fun steps
ESC - reminds me too much of current ESC. do we really need a 2nd ESC?
Eternus v2 - no eternus v2
Fascination maxx - file not fun
Growth - what rebirth said.  song and file are bleh.
Healing Smile - what jx said
Huzzah - change the 2 middle faint 32nds.
Lataia - agree w/ rebirth
Lazy Dog Funk - fix 1 note, resubmit dwi to queue
Legacy - what jx said.  not the best KaW song either.
Lolot Speed - what jx said, parts should go to melody
Lost - this song is ****ing annoying.  SM Assist Tick? Repetitive as ****.
Matricide - agree with rebirth. near beginning, too many notes in bursts. song sucks. permission?
Metropolis - don't need 2 Metropolis Zone files, like other better.
Mortal Combat at the Disco - cut around 600
Robotnik Theme - way too similar to boss machine
Starwolf - queue is better
Street Fighter techno - 2 16th streams don't go with the difficulty of the rest of the file. cut around 400?
SYNiC - what jx said.  permission?
WarioLand3 Overworld - bad cut, notes missing
{Big Boss} - what rebirth said

Songs Tass Didn't Play Because Rebirth and jx Said The Same Thing
Cruel Whole - already added to game
Delta Beat - overdone
Disconnected Exodus
Distorted Reality
Dragonic Rage
Fairy in a Jar
Fierce Combat - already in game
Guitar vs Piano - cut
Lapis - jumpstream
Midnight Dragon by hi19 - played and added to game
Painkillers - trills
Pirates of the Ciribbean - understepped
Scythe of 13
Superstar - doubles
twinklesky - jacks
Variations 2 - understepped
WaveRip - overdoubled
Wish - don't need a 3rd file for Wish
{Barbed Wire} fix sync
{Lazy Summer Days} by Xandertrax

Files Tass Wants to Discuss with Rebirth and jx
Dies Irae - maybe overstepped?
Lunar Saturation - similarity in music to Brain of the Moon?
Mr Evil - boring

15 [Engler] [+?] - 16th rolls are off, under 30 sec file

101 Kittens (dag12) [?] - sry, no comment

101 kittens (flipsta_lombax) [?] - sry, no comment

101 Kittens (RNanaki) [?] - sry, no comment

300 - Ben Speirs [?] - 300 BPM long streams don't work on FFR

A black cat plays intense jazzy phrases (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8) - doubt last part is needed though

Aqua Zone Remix (BzT) [?] - problem with the double placement

Aurora [eastsideman09] [+] (9)

Beaker Sunset (hi19hi19) [+] (10)

Beneath The Sand (Sequal) [?] - 24ths don't make sense, minijacks

Big Blue (rednanaki) [?] - overall misrhythm on 16ths, many potential 3-framers

Blue Noah (RNanaki) [+] (10) - minor pattern problems tho

Bowser the Shredder (WTFBrandon) [-] - jacks

Car Sax (Cyanite) [?] - extremely offsync, gap early?

Chariot (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (9) - rhythm is a bit weird for me though

Cid's Theme Piano Concerto (vemuck) [+] (3)

Clockwork Genesis (eastsideman09) [+] (9) - a bit overdoubled but ok

Comptine D'un Autre Ete Techno Remix (Kotarouchan) [+] (8)

Core - customstuff [+?] - missing some 32nd rhythms, felt boring around m60-90

Crowdpleaser V2 (RNanaki) [?] - missing some rhythms, not much better than/different from V1 

Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix) (~Zero~) [+] (8) - potential 3-framer?

Delta Beat (0 Vector Mix) (Silvuh) [+?] - many overdoubled parts

Destined Marionette (~Zero~) [+] (9)

Dies Irae (Rednanaki) [+] (9)

Dimensions (SulferDragon) [+] (9) - 24ths at m114?

Disconnected EXODUS (Arcsynth) [?] - this song has really clear melody, please try to follow the rhythm (especially 16ths, 24ths) accurately.

Disconnected HaZaRD (Rednanaki) [+?] - understepped part/stream patterns at middle, ending 12ths aren't needed

Dishwater [dore] [+] (6)

Distorted Reality (hi19hi19) [+?] - some 24ths on 32nd rhythms

Dot Matrix Hero (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (10) - although I hate rhythms in m40-52 or some parts of ending because fun melody is ignored.

Dragonic Rage (Silvuh) [+?] - overdoubled/4-framers 

Dragons Bane (hi19hi19) [+] (8)

Electronic Torture (Liquid3arth) [?] - a bit gap off, overuse of 4-framer 24th trills

Elevated (Vote4Nixon) [+] (8) - last arrow isn't needed, want a proper song cut

Emerald Hill (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

Emerald Hill Zone (HammyMcSquirrel) [+] (8)

Endless Maze (hi19hi19) [?] - offsync at parts, too many potential 3-framers, 32nds on 24th rhythms

ESC (Amplified T Squared Mix) - Ben Speirs [+] (8)

Eternus v2 (behanjc) [+] (8) - file is fine but difference is just some doubles and bursts, need to discuss V2 is needed

EternuS v2 (KH Luxord) [-] - offsync, wrong BPM

Evasive Maneuvers (DJ SBX) [?] - double placement and some rhythms are a bit weird

Apex Ultima (Neonatrias) [?] - offsync(gap early), minijacks, overall understepped for the hard rock rhythm and its length

Fairy in a Jar (HammyMcSquirrel) [+?] - ok but random/just continuous 8th patterns could be improved

Fascination MAXX (Triple CHAOS Mix) - Ben and Detach [?] - offsync at the last part, backing 16ths don't flow well, want more pitch relevant patterns

FF last battle festival (JX) [+] (11)

Fierce Combat (hi19hi19) [+] (6) - gap early, others are fine though

Fight Through the Forest (MrZombie) [+] (4) - fine for easy file but it's still sad missing some 16ths/24ths which are great fun factors for this song

Final Step-(behanjc) [+] (10) - minor syncing/pattern problem around m70-72, but quite nice rhythms overall

Floating Bridge [dore] [+] (4)

Flower Forever (psychopete) [?] - gap off, way understepped

Fluity Loops (trumaestro) [+?] - purple note on 4th, m112-113 are off

For FFR v2 - Ravia [?] - it has some difference, but want harder/better version for its V2

Forsaken Neon (Rebirth) [+?] - bunch of potential 3-framer patterns, could be less

Gradeus V2 (adlp) [?] - ok file but similar to V1 in difficulty and same type of steps as V1 at most parts, has differences on some parts tho

Growth (MixMasterLar) [+] (6) - gap early

Guitar Vs. Piano (Xandertrax) [+] (6) - pitch relevant, but felt a bit too long 4-framer song, and last note isn't needed

Hadazamui Rittou (For FFR) (Silvuh) [+] (7)

Hajnal (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (11)

Healing Smile - Rednanaki [+?] - m25-33 could be better rhythms, awkward stream patterns

Happy Happy Shining Star!! (Cyanite) REVISION [+] (10) - nice usage of your style

Happy Rainbow (Rednanaki) [+?] - stream patterns

Haven (for FFR) (TK_pavonineukon) [+] (8)

Holy_Orders (rednanaki) [?] - a bit BPM late, missing 24th rhythm at beginning, misrhythm at parts, use 24th notes instead of BPM change at middle

Huzzah!! (SulferDragon) [+] (8) 

Ice Candy Pop (hi19hi19) [+] (6)

I'm Not Ready (iPatch) [+?] - fine but felt a bit repetitive overall for me

Indulgence [eastsideman09] [+] (8)

Into the Night (Rebirth) [+] (9) - have permission of cranky's old stuff?

iPatcH - Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [+?] - too many crossovers/runningmen without good reason

iPatcH's Opening Theme (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8)

Ivaltek (Chromer) [-] - offsync, YNS

Kirby's Dream Land (Rebirth) [+] (10)

kire kire mayoi (jx) [+] (8)

Koala in the Spider's Web (three17s) [+?] - stream pattern should be better, rhythm is fine

Lapis -The Heavens Remix- (bmah) [+] (10) - jumpstreams in m13/69 are a bit overdone though

Lataia (RNanaki) [+] (7)

Lazy Dog Funk (Tibs) [+] (7) - one potential 3-framer

leeroy jenkins fun times mix (Coolgamer) [?] - gap off, YNS

Legacy (meb_mmm) [+?] - double jacks

Legacy [eastsideman09] [+?] - gap off, continuous long stream is a bit weird (not a pattern issue, rhythms) for me

Legendary Etude (hi19hi19) [+] (9) - 3-framers? last 48th double isn't needed, seriously

Life Light (Cyanite) [+] (10) 

Lolit Speed (hi19hi19) [+?] - overdoubled/too continuous

Lost (~Zero~) [+] (7)

Lucid Quazar (Vote4Nixon) [+] (4)

Lunar Saturation (Rebirth) [+] (11)

M.A.M.A (hi19hi19) [+?] - played whole thing this time. pot 3-framers in 32nds at m24/40/48. otherwise add it if you guys like this style.

Mario Eurobeat (vemuck) [+] (6)

Matricide (Liquid3arth) [+] (8)

Megane de ne! (jx) [+] (10)

Metal Gear Solid piano remix (hi19hi19) [+] (4)

Metroid Evacuation Theme Remix (Calcium Deposit & spookymagician) [-] - offsync

Metropolis (HammyMcSquirrel & brothaice) [+] (8)

Metropolis Zone (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

Midnight Dragon (~Zero~) [>] - organs rhythms could be more accurate. 24ths rolls on organ are kind but pitch relevant patterns are better.

Midnight Dragon (DarkbearX) [>] - pitch relevant patterns are good overall, but in double placement and 24th patterns hi19's is better.

Midnight Dragon (hi19hi19) [+] (11) - missing some organ burst rhythms but non jacky pitch relevant 24th patterns are good, patterns on piano are also good.

Mortal Kombat - At the Disco (freakysnots) [+?] - minijacks, weird 64ths, others are fine

Mortal Kombat At The Disco - Ben Speirs [+?] - gap early, felt a bit too long

Mr. Evil (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

Music(TK_Breed) [+?] - ONS, file is ok

Netbattling Gospel (intensez) [-] - offsync, wrong BPM

Ninja Turtles Theme (hi19hi19) [+] (7)

One Winged Angel 8bit (freakysnots) [?] - blue notes on 4th, a bit offsync, 24ths going with nothing

Only Medicine (Cedolad) [-] - offsync (it's not constant BPM), weird rhythms

Over The Frail Dream (Liquid3arth) [+?] - stream pattern, the one in the queue is better

Painkillers (MixMasterLar) [?] - gap off, trills

Paradice (RB_IcePh0enix) [+?] - minijacks

Pavlov's Dog (Vote4Nixon) [+] (7)

Pirates of the Ciribbean - Remix (MrZombie) [+] (3) - kinda understepped though

Pound To My Senses(Shadowlessheart) [?] - minijacks, rhythms should go with the music better

Power (hi19hi19) [+] (1) - lol understepped, going with slow organ

Progression (Silvuh) [+] (9)

R3 (Omega Mix) (Vote4Nixon) [?] - not different/better enough as a V2

RainDrops (Vote4Nixon) [+] (8) - honestly want a songcut tho

Robotnik Theme (MVL Redux) (daikenkaifreak) [+] (5) - everything is similar to Boss Machine 2 tho

Say it righ t-Sanxion7 Remix- (eastsideman09) [+] (8)

Scars Throughout Time (coolboyrulez0) [?] - offsync

Scythe of 13 (Xandertrax) [+?] - 32nds should be toned down (even have 3-framers), long one handed trills should be changed

Secret Zombie Room v2 (WTFBrandon) [?] - 24ths, want more difference on other parts

Seven v2 (KH Luxord) [-] - offsync, this song doesn't need V2

Shanghai Girl of Meiji 17-(behanjc) [+] (10)

ShapeShifter (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (10)

Sheen Screen (sente3) [?] - jacks

Shind Bad (Rebirth) [+] (10) - song cut is good

Shonen JUMPstyle (Arcsynth) [+?] - 16th gallop rhythm is weird for me

solar carona part 3(who_cares973) [+?] - pattern should be fixed for long streams

Starwolf(blindreper1179) [+] (8) - can the beginning be fixed?

Strangeprogram v2 (Ravia) [-] - no need for V2

Street Fighter (Techno Remix) - Ben Speirs [+] (7)

Sunny Side Up (stargroup100) [+] (9) - potential 3-framers on 32nds?

Superstar (MeaCulpa) [+?] - a bit overdoubled

SYNiC (Arcsynth) [?] - overuse of spins in streams

Teh Tricky Techno! (Xandertrax) [+] (8) - a bit werid patterns tho

Tell Me a Story [Compendium Mix] (D.J. Cristo) [?] - 16th jacks

Tell v2 [dore] [+] (9) - trill patterns are left-hand biased tho

The Crow's Eyes (hi19hi19) [?] - 24th jacks

The Wanderer (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

This is Sparta EXTENDED mix (Coolgamer) [?] - yellow notes on 4th, jacks

Token Whore (hi19hi19) [-] - no file?

twinklesky (bmah) [+?] - 12th jacks(potential 3-framers)

Utopia (Rebirth) [+] (8)

V1 V2 (hi19hi19) [+] (5) - file is ok, but I doubt easier V2 is needed

Vanity Angel (bluguerrilla) [+?] - long 32nds are a bit overused.. especially first 2 bursts are weird

Variations 2 (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (7) - understepped at parts though

Vertex (omgitznpv) [?] - really repetitive, needs song cut

Vertex Alpha (u9hq5yqh) [-] - no comment

Vertex GAMMA (Silvuh) [?] - way too long/repetitive jumpstreams

W@REZ (V3T_ddrultramix3) [+?] - minijacks

Warioland 3 Overworld (freakysnots) [+?] - steps are ok, repetitive music and weird ending?

WaveRip(remastered) (Silvuh) [+] (10) - overdoubled tho

Way out of the dungeon (cyrx900) [?] - jacks

Zelda Quatro - Ben Speirs [+] (7) - a bit gap early

{Adrinaline Pumper} (ledwix) [+] (9)

{Barbed Wire} MAC7 (Vote4Nixon) [+] (7) - a bit off on a few notes tho

{Big Boss} (~Zero~) [+] (8)

{Big Boss} (jugglinguy) [>] - nearly as good, but liked zero's a bit more.

{Factory} - (d4u7211) [+?] - double placement/stream pattern at parts

{Flying Away} (FFR edit) (bmah) [?] - BPM change is better on beginning, 8th trills in m71-78 are weird for the song

{Flying Away} (Nul) [?] - beginning is a bit off/blue notes on 4th, use BPM change, stream patterns

{Flying Away} (Zageron) [?] - has better sync, but use BPM change to sync the beginning, long trills

{Lazy Summer Days} (Aa_Doodaa) [-] - steps end suddenly in the middle of the song

{Lazy Summer Days} (dudelogan14) [-] - offsync, wrong BPM

{Lazy Summer Days} (Silvuh) [+?] - burst around m59 is overdone, overdoubled at parts

{Lazy Summer Days} (Xandertrax) [+?] - avoid 12th jacks and long one-handed trills

{Paranorma} (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

{The Traveller} - Cornandbeans (Cyanite) [?] - off at parts, especially m70-80, m112 is early

{Timebomb} (D.J. Cristo) [+?] - offsync (gap early), 64ths?

+R+ Anthem (Liquid3arth) [+?] - yellow/blue notes on 4th

+Shind Bad (Silvuh) [?] - patterns/a lot of spins, rebirth's is better

<+R+> Anthem: ?
- Downbeat isn't a red note the whole time. It should be
- Offbeat throughout the whole file. Probably a gap problem but I'm not sure

101 Kittens (dag12): +?
- Offbeat after that first stop

101 Kittens (flipsta_lombax): +?
- rednanaki's is better

101 Kittens (rednanaki): +
- Best of the three
- Still, a little weird. I'll accept for the fact that its the best of the three. Other judges can really decide on this one
- 12th jacks might be a little problem

15: +?
- In those 8th jumps near the end, make them single notes and a jump to that dynamic note every two beats

300: +?
- Its pretty cool how the bpm progresses throughout the song and everything
- Aw.. that large 300 bpm 16th stream at the end is the only thing that will keep this file from the game. We just can't have that long of a really fast stream in there
- I really liked the file otherwise

A black cat plays intense jazzy phrases: +
- Pretty cool file

Apex Ultima: +?
- Is that bubble bobble I hear in that? Nice. I like stuff thats TGWP related rofl
- Good file. LONG, but thats ok.
- Has a 32nd jack at measure 120. 2 framer for sure, remove it
- Also check the sync throughout the whole file. Make a couple syncing bpm changes, because the song sounds like it goes a little off on some parts

Aqua Zone Remix: ?
- From what the song sounds like, I think it needs a really easy stepchart.
- This is a bit overstepped anyway

Aurora: +

Breaker Sunset: ?
- That beginning stream with the tons of jumps in it, I think it should be gallops and single notes and stuff. No big 16th stream
- Seems to go offbeat

Beneath the Sand: ?
- Goes offbeat
- I don't think it needs any 24ths at all
- Repetitive as hell rhythms/patterns. Song shouldn't really be stepped because of that
- Way overstepped after the middle

Big Blue: +?
- Needs more filler notes in some empty spots
- Jimerax's file is better (one for 3rd style)

Blue Noah: +
- I don't think that part was 22 bpm lol
- Pretty good file

Bowser the Shredder: ?
- Has 16th jacks at a high bpm. They're correctly placed, but FFR can't have them. Release the file for SM

Car Sax: +

Chariot: +

Cid's Theme Piano Concerto: +

Clockwork Genesis: +
- Really fun

Comptine D'un Autre Ete Techno Remix: +
- Weird jump placements during those triplets

Core: ?
- Would be nice if it had the correct rhythms
- Second half was incredibly dull

Crowdpleaser v2: +?
- Has some 16th minijacks
- Not sure if I'd want this as the Crowdpleaser v2 in the game

Cruel Whole: +
- Would be nice if a lot of those little 16th streams ended in jumps, because that last note is is a different, louder sound (in the first half)
- Kinda boring after a while

Delta Beat: +
- Middle part might be a little overdone. I'll be nice on this one because its pretty fun

Destined Marionette: +
- Accepting but I think this can use a better chart

Dies Irae: +?
- A lot of unnessesary jumps
- Seems like the song needs an easier stepchart

Dimensions: +
- Some weird patterns but ok

Disconnected EXODUS: +
- Has 12th jacks but they're not that bad

Disconnected Hazard: +?
- Weird streams
- Could use a better chart
- Weird filler notes
- That 12th thing at the end doesn't have to be there

Dishwater: +
- I changed the gap by 40 (F12 two times)
- Kinda repetitive..
- Weird simfile. Not sure if its FFR material but I'm accepting it because the steps fit the music

Distorted Reality: +
- Really repetitive patterns
- I think all of those little bursts are 32nds. Not 32nds and 24ths.
- That weird 24th gallop you have every once in a while sounds like its a 16th

Dot Matrix Hero: +
- That was a pretty fun simfile

Dragonic Rage: +
- Fun simfile. I like it
- Lot of jumps but thats alright. They're fun to hit
- Repetitive after a while

Dragons Bane: +

Electronic Torture: ?
- Bunch of trills, including 24th trills which will make tons of 4 framers
- Difficulty within the simfile isn't distributed too evenly. i.e. some parts are piss easy while others are harder, and those easy spots can be stepped much better
- The simfile is pretty boring because of that

Elevated: +
- Not sure why you have streamy stuff (in the second half) then stop and put just 4ths for a measure or two, then start back up again with streams. I guess to make the simfile seem easier
- Simfile is alright, even with jumpstreams

Emerald Hill: +
- A total of one jump? uh ok, thats boring

Emerald Hill Zone: +
- Fun

Endless Maze: +?
- Changed gap by 40 (F11 two times)
- The jacks and stuff are actually fun, in the middle, but 16th jacks at 130 bpm.. not sure. 
- It is a good file though

ESC: +
- Could have more interesting steps

EternuS v2 (behanjc): +
- This is a little bit like hi19's simfile, but it has a few things that make it different, and fun. 
- Letting the other judges decide on this for sure

EternuS v2 (KH Luxord): -
- Such a terribly off file lmao. Quit out after 20 seconds but came back to watch the whole thing because its funny

Evasive Maneuvers: +?
- Pretty boring and repetitive

Fairy in a Jar: +
- A little boring but ok

Fascination MAXX: +
- Changed gap by 20 (should be 30 actually) F11 once

Final Fantasy Final Battle Festival: +
- Really fun simfile though, despite the length. Nicely stepped
- After the 196 bpm part or whatever it is, the sync went off a little. I'll fix that myself before it goes into the game, if it does

Fierce Combat: +
- Changed gap by 40. F11 twice

Fight Through the Forest: +
- I guess this was intended to be an easy file

Final Step: +
- Fun steps + OSTER project = Very nice simfile

Floating Bridge: +

Flower Forever: ?
- Understepped. File needs a harder chart

Fruity Loops: ?
- File thats in the batch is better

For FFR v2: +?
- Its a pretty nice file, but I don't think that song needs a v2, even if its got the blue noteskin and is hard with the rolls

Forsaken Neon: +
- lol my simfile

Gradius v2: +?
- A lot like the v1. Doesn't really need a better stepchart

Growth: ?
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once
- I don't know how to explain it, but the file is just meh. I don't know what to say to improve on. I guess that it doesn't need those gallops and triplets. It sounds like it should be a really easy file

Guitar vs. Piano: +
- Gets really repetitive, but ok

Hadazamui Rittou: +

Hajnal: +

Happy Happy Shining Star *REVISION*: +
- Much better

Happy Rainbow: ?
- Awkward simfile
- Needs to be stepped differently, and more to the music with fun steps

Haven: +

Healing Smile: +
- Changed gap by 40. F12 twice. (Actually it should be by 37 but whatever)
- This one is kinda iffy, but I'll accept it

Holy Orders:
- That slowdown in the 30s measures is not in the music
- Opening stream seems to have too many jumps than whats needed
- 136 bpm 16th jack triplets
- I just think there can be a better chart for this. The chart isn't too bad though

Huzzah!!: +

I'm Not ready: +?
- Seems to go offbeat at parts
- Repetitive and boring as hell

Ice Candy Pop: +
- Yossy music is pretty nice. Fun file/music too

Indulgence: +

Into the Night: +
- lol my simfile

iPatch's OP: +
- Changed gap by 20. F12 once
- Really nice file

Ivaltek: -
- lol wut. Super off simfimle

Kirby's Dream Land: +
- lol my simfile

Kire Kire Mayoi: +
- Nice

Koala in the Spiders Web: +

Lapis: +
- Changed gap by 40. F12 twice
- Some jumpstream that might be hard, but thats ok, it goes to the music.
- Its good. Something I'd expect from bmah

Lataia: +
- Changed gap by 40. F12 twice
- Its a pretty good file, but I think more can be done with it. Accepting anyway

Lazy Dog Funk: +
- rofl tibs made a simfile for FFR. Its good though. Nice file
- That one handed triplet at measure 68 has a 16th jack in it.. 118 bpm, not sure. File is really good though, so I'll disregard that jack

Leeroy Jenkins fun times mix: +?
- Changed the gap by 40 or 60, I forgot already rofl. F12 two or three times
- Downbeat of a file should almost always be a red note. Change that and resubmit

Legacy (meb_mmm): +?
- Changed gap by 20. F12 once
- 16th double jacks in the middle. Somewhere in the 20s measures

Legacy (eastsideman09): +
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once
- Better of the two Legacy files. Good file as well.

Legendary Etude: +
- Fun file. Nice pitch relevancy

Life Light: +
- Pretty fun once you get to the second half

Lolit Speed: +
- Aw its a cut of the song, but its got the vocals. Nice. I wish it had more 16ths but that'd make big problems for FFR since its so fast XD

Lost: +
- Could use some jumps in spots where it doesn't have them. During the loud claps

Lucid Quasar: +

Lunar Saturation: +
- lol my simfile

M.A.M.A.: +
- lol you don't use a single left arrow in the whole simfile. That's actually unique. Its probably a joke file, but its actually good.

Mario Eurobeat: +
- Changed gap by 40. F12 twice
- Its actually a pretty cool file.

Matricide: +?
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once
- Random 8th and 16th patterns that make the file really weird. I don't know about this one

megane de ne: +
- Good file. As expected from JX. This makes me want to step more MOSAIC.WAV rofl

Metal Gear Solid Piano Remix: +
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once

Metroid Evacuation Theme Remix: -
- Very offbeat. I can't even tell how much to change the gap

Metropolis: +
- That one handed 8th note trill shouldv'e stayed the same pattern because the music doesn't change

Metropolis Zone: +

Midnight Dragon (DarkbearX): +?
- The one in the queue is a bit better

Midnight Dragon (hi19hi19): +
- Good enough to compare to the queue file
- There seems to be a little sync issue with the second half. I'll fix that if it goes into the game

Midnight Dragon (~Zero~): +?
- The one in the queue is better

Mortal Combat - At The Disco (freakysnots): +?
- What the hell are those 64th things supposed to be? Get rid of those
- 16th minijack at measure 25 I think
- Repetitive

Mortal Combat - At The Disco (Ben Spiers): +
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once
- Seems to get early at the end. I'll fix if it gets into the game
- Like the other file.. its repetitive, but good enough

Mr. Evil: +
- Repetitive.. but alright

Music: -
- Every single note in the file is brown. Change it to the correct noteskin before I even look at the file

Netbattling Gospel: -
- offbeat as hell

Ninja Turtles Theme: +

One Winged Angel 8Bit: +?
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once
- Strange file, kinda
- That 16th jumpstream in the 60s measures, doesn't need to have a jump every 8th beat. Only every 4th
- Try getting rid of the 12th jacks in the first half of the file. In those short 12th streams

Only Medicine: -
- Offbeat. I couldn't really tell what to change it to, so I just quit out

Over the Frail Dream: ?
- After thinking for a while about what type of stepchart that song should have... its either an easy 8th note stepchart, or something like what you have. For FFR, I'd like to see the easier one of the two

Painkillers: +
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once
- Weird simfile because of song, but I'll accept
- lol trills

Paradice: +?
- Sounds like the 16th stuff after measure 43 is off by one 16th or something
- 16th minijack at measure 44, one at 66, and one at 70

Pavlov's Dog: +

Pirates of the Ciribbean Remix: ?
- lol its spelled 'caribbean'
- Changed gap by 20. F12 once
- After changing the gap, it is an alright easy file. I'd like to see a harder stepchart for this song though. One that goes with the melody

Pound My Senses To TB: +?
- heh filler arrows. Those made it cooler and more interesting
- 16th minijack at the end of measure 63. Another one at measure 90, and 92

Power: +
- I remember Tass rejecting this before for some reason, but it looks ok to me. I know its infectionous bladder piss easy but I see what you stepped it to, so I approve. I would like to see a harder stepchart though

Progression: +
- Fun

R3 Omega Mix v2: +?
- Seems to have a sync problem
- Its a bit different, but I think its too much like the v1. Or that with stricter judging on v2 files, this isn't good enough

Raindrops v2: +
- This is about what I'd be looking for in a v2 for this song. Nice.

Robotnik Theme: +
- Has a sync problem in the second half. I can fix

Say It Right: +
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once

Scars Throughout Time: -
- Sync the file. Until then, no

Scythe of 13: +
- Enormous amount of jump, but this song calls for them
- Those 32nds might be too much though. I'll let Tass decide for sure

Secret Zombie Room v2: +?
- Stricter judging for v2 files makes me say its not quite good enough. 

Seven v2: -
- Terribly synced

Shanghai Girl of Meiji 17: +

Shapeshifter: +

Sheen Screen: ?
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once
- 16th minijacks all over this song

Shind Bad (Silvuh): +?
- Mine is better imo
- Might be a little overdone in the middle with all of the jumps and 16ths

Shind Bad (Rebirth): +
- lol my simfile

Shonen JUMPstyle: ?
- Understepped in my opinion. It needs all of the 16ths that you hear in the song or something a lot easier than this
- Very weird jump placements throughout the whole file

solar carona part 3: -
- Theres a big gap problem in the simfile. If I change the gap to make the steps come later, it throws off the whole file, if I make the gap make the steps come earlier, it does the same thing. I can't really say anything about this because of that. Fix the sync

Starwolf: +?
- One in the queue is better

Strangeprogram v2: ?
- Weird sim/steps. Too close to the difficulty of the v1

Street Fighter techno remix: +
- Could use more interesting filler notes, but this is good enough.

Sunny Side Up: +
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once
- Its a pretty fun file with the 48th things

Superstar: +
- Jumpstream at the end might be too much but I think its a good file.

SYNiC: +

Teh Tricky Techno: +
- Repetetetetitititveveve but short so its probably ok

Tell Me A Story: ?
- Has some 32nd jacks in the 60 bpm part. Change those. Also some minijacks after that 60 bpm part.
- File is good otherwise

Tell v2: +
- Changed gap by 20. F12 once
- Very good file. The one handed triplets are actually really fun

The Crows Eyes: +?
- It has a bunch of 24 jacks which I should autoreject. The file is really good though, so its hard to reject. Those need to be changed for FFR though.. 

The Wanderer: +

- Needs the downbeat to be a red note.

* twinklesky *: +
- Changed gap by 40. F12 twice
- It has some 12th jacks in the beginning, in those 24th bursts. The file is really good though, so I can let that slide. If this gets rejected, its because of those. Fix those up and it should be a GREAT file (this is if its rejected)

Utopia: +
- lol my simfile

V1 v2: +?
- Feels a lot like the v1 to this simfile. I know the v1 has about two times the amount of arrows though

Vanity Angel: +?
- 32nd rolls feel a bit long. They probably need to be taken out. File is ok other than that

Variations 2: +
- I wish it had those really fast bursts that are in the music. But its a good file

Vertex: +
- Jumps are placed in weird locations as it gets close to the climax
- Fun file though, even if its repetitive
- Has some 12th jacks at the end, in that 24th stream. That might be too much, but I'll let tass decide for sure.

Vertex ALPHA: -
- lol stepmania file with hands, freezes, hyper jumpstream and jacks during the hyper jumpstream

Vertex GAMMA: ?
- Jumpstream is a little much in the middle. Overstepped I'd have to say. The file was good before the big jumpstream though haha

W@REZ: ?
- Incorrect rhythms
- 16th minijacks at 200 bpm

Warioland 3 Overworld: +
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once

WaveRip: +
- Might be a little overstepped but I think it'd make a good hard file

Way out of the dungeon: -
- Changed gap by 60. F12 three times
- Incorrect 24th rhythms
- 16th jacks
- Weird patterns and simfile overall

Wish: +
- Good simfile

Zelda Quatro: +
- Changed gap by 40. F11 twice

{Adrinaline Pumper}: +

{Barbed Wire} MAC7: +
- Those yellow jumps sound off, but not by too much

{Big Boss} (jugglinguy): +?
- 12th jack during that 24th triplet. Might be alright though

{Big Boss} (~Zero~): +?
- It doesn't need 32nd rolls
- 12th jack during the 24th triplet, like jugglinguy did

*Both files didn't have jumps where I saw it needed them*

{Flying Away} (bmah): ?
- Changed gap by 40. F12 twice.
- Patterns were repetitive. Song is repetitive as well
- Seems to have a sync problem. Its onbeat in the beginning and gradually goes off near the end

{Flying Away} (Nul): +?
- Weird steps and rhythms sometimes
- Tons of jumps every beat near the beginning and stuff. Really boring when they drag on that long

{Flying Away} (Zageron): +?
- Same thing as Nul's file. I don't think Flying Away is a song that would enable a good stepchart

{Lazy Summer Days} (Aa_Doodaa): +?
- Changed gap by 40. F12 twice
- Xandertrax's is better

{Lazy Summer Days} (dudelogan14): -
- Can't even begin to describe the errors in this file. Needs complete overhaul. Its not supposed to be stepped in 24ths

{Lazy Summer Days} (Silvuh): +?
- I thought it was the best file of the four until that jumpstream in the middle. That seems like too much when you compare it to the rest of the song

{Lazy Summer Days} (Xandertrax): +
- Both silvuh's and xandertrax's files are rated 9 footer heavy on SM, so I honestly don't know which one is which. This is the one with 1154 steps. I'm assuming its Xandertrax's file because I recognize his style of stepping
- Those 24th bursts have 12th jacks in them. Might need a change
- Best of the four but still flawed a little

{Paranorma}: +

{The Traveller}: +?
- Slowdown part isn't synced correctly enough
- Its really easy to tell what patterns to place for this song, and you have something a little different. I think it can be better

{Timebomb}: +?
- Beginning feels overstepped kinda
- Gap is off by like 60 - 80. I don't remember

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


Devotion and Desire - DSC & blu
Dimensions - SulferDragon - any way to fix up the 1st 2 vocal sections?
Do a barrel roll - EW
Fantasia - eastsideman
Frictional Nevada - jimerax (this is a FGO people!)
Gameboy Rave - EW - make sure to only include 1 difficulty...
Glove Stage - EW
Guitar v Piano - Xandertrax
Hybrid - eastsideman - should 550-600ish go to guitar?
Hyper Hyper - eastsideman
Infinity 301 - SulferDragon
L9 - jx
Lapis - bmah
Love - EW - got 3 perfs on this...
MegaScorcher - eastsideman - didn't notice what rebirth said
Psychopathy 101 - silvuh
Read the Mind - SulferDragon
ROAR - SulferDragon
Rumia, Sealed... - EW - agree w/ jx
Same Dream - EW
Survive - bluguerrilla
Toph's OP - EW
Tougenkyou - jx
twinklesky - bmah
00.01 - SulferDragon
101 kittens - stargroup - about damn time a file for this song got in the queue

Songs Tass Played But Did Not Queue, Or Didn't Play
a dragon's honor - 77 4 framers, very similar song to dragon's final roar
am3p - not good enough. bland.
angel stays on this ground vocal - agree w/ jx, esp 1st vocal section
ascii art core - way overstepped.  right hand biased.
balamb style - what jx said
bang bang bang - vocals
bouff - too many 4 framers
chaos sphere - DNP
crystal monolith - what jx said, maybe less jacks
delta beat - what jx said. few16th patterns awkward.
dragonic rage - overstepped, go to melody. all ****ing dragon songs sound the same!
dreamin in the 80s - bit overstepped
endless altercation - what rebirth said
experience - DNP
flower forever - step the whole thing
happy rainbow - what jx said
high - no permission
highway star - repetitive
huzzah - what jx said
i am maid - DNP
ice disk - what jx said
intergalactic - DNP, fix noteskin issue
mr evil - little more to vocals
oh em gee 3 - i will shoot myself before this gets into ffr
skeletones - no 3 framers in the file, but what rebirth said
lunatic princess - DNP, overstepped
phonograph plays part and parcel - understepped...  and didn't i put a ban on JE?  lol
variations2 (jx) - 158bpm vs 160bpm for EW? also, what rebirth said...  fix up a bit still?
vertex - what rebirth said
wave rip - what they both said
wow wow 220 - any way to change single-double jacks so they aren't jacks?
too much bass - song.

(Too Much) Bass: +?

00.01: +

101 Kittens (flipsta_lombax): +?

101 Kittens (SulferDragon) +?
- Best 101 Kittens file I've seen yet, but its still not quite what I'd be looking for
- Has some 12th jacks that mightv'e been a problem

4 Chord: -
- Fun, but overstepped for FFR

Eleventh Hour: +?
- 12th jack

A Dragon's Honor: +
- Has a lot of jacks, but its correctly stepped. 

Aidra: ?


AM-3P: +?

Angel Stays on this Ground Vocal: +
- Changed gap by 20. F12 once

As Do I: ?
- Needs a harder simfile

Ascii Art Core: +
- Should be rejected for hyper jumpstream and 24th/32nds bursts at high bpms and stuff. But I think we need another good guru file

Balamb Style: +?

Bang Bang Bang: +?

Beneath the Sand: ?
- 16th jacks lol


Chaos Sphere: +
- Only accepting because I think it'd make an alright easy file. The song is boring, and with strict judging, I'd normally reject this for the song

CIA Rave v3: ?
- v3 for this sim would have to somehow be incredible

Clockwork Genesis: ?
- 16th jack at beginning lol.
- The queue'd file is better anyway

Close Combat: +?

Cloud Control (Knoobish): +?
- Jumpstream was kinda a little much. File is good otherwise

Cloud Control (OMEGAspike): 
- Same problem as the other one. Jumpstream. This file feels better than the other though

Club Beats: -
- Way offbeat, probably wrong bpm and everything

Cool: ?
- Needs a harder, better file for this song

Cosmos: -
- Freezes lol

Crystal Monolith: +
- Changed gap by 20. F11 once

CY.5: +?

Darkened Lights: +?
- Kinda had too many one handed trills. Could be fixed up some too

Delta Beat: +
- Missing a couple jumps in random spots, but its good (even with that climax at measure 68)

Demon(s): -
- I have no idea what the hell these notes go to. Incredibly offbeat

Devotion and Desire: +
- I expect a bunch of 4 framers, but the file is good

Dimensions: +

Disconnected Hazard: ?
- Song doesn't have any of those 12th/24th note stuff. Offbeat, etc. Needs a better chart

Do a Barrel Roll: +

Dont Call Me Peanut: ?
- Song makes simfile incredibly boring

Dragonic Rage: +
- I enjoyed this one. Jumps made it fun

Dreamin in the 80s: +
- I think those 200 bpm parts just shouldv'e been 100 bpm 32nd streams maybe, but ok. Good file

DS Boss: -
- offbeat. Needs better file

Electro Rush X8: +?
- ElectroWerewolf's file was better

Endless Altercation: +?
- Change those green jumps to red ones. Resubmit, because other than that its good

Enigma: +?
- minijacks

Epidermis v2: -
- I can tell just by the arrow count that this is going to look a lot like the v1 thats in the game
- No v2, at least not for a while. v2 for this file needs to be easier anyway

Experience: +
- I was going to reject this, but you did a nice job in some parts which made it a lot more interesting

Fantasia: +

Fantasy Impromptu (Zeron): +?
- Can have a much more pitch relevant chart, which is what I'd like to see for this file
- Streats felt too freeform

Fantasy Impromptu (i love you): +?
- Same thing as the other Fantasy Impromptu file

Final Audition: +?
- Had to change gap by 100 lol
- File didn't seem too fun anyway

Final Fantasy VII Fighting Mix: ?
- There aren't any 12th notes in the song lol
- Boring steps
- Offbeat

Flower Forever (Cyanite): ?
- Offbeat. It has a constant bpm
- Wasn't fun to play at all. Cyanite, you can do much better...

Flower Forever (eastsideman09): ?
- During the red-yellow-yellow note part thing near the beginning, you don't need jumps in there. 
- Wasn't too fun

Forsaken Neon: -
- Mine was better

Flight of the Bumblebee v2: -
- lol no

Fictional Nevada: +
- holy crap FGO file for sure
- Those green note things looked pretty stupid
- Might be too much for FFR

Futurescope.exe: +?
- Wasn't fun to play

Gameboy Rave (heavy): +

Gargoyle: +?
- Wasn't what I was looking for in this sim. Rhythms, patterns, etc

Geno's Forest: -
- Wrong bpm or something

Gerudo Interlude: ?
- Song is kinda meh. Gives for a boring simfile

Glove Stage: +
- Kinda seems like correct rhythms so ok

Guitar vs Piano: +

Happy Rainbow: +

Haven: ?
- Random jumps and streams and stuff. Missing some notes as well

Heart Attack (Codyboyrulez0): ?
- Song is too quiet for a simfile. Shouldn't be stepped at all

Heart Attack (RB IcePh0enix): ?
- Same reason as above

Higasi: +?
- Not quite what I'd be looking for in a sim for this. Less jumpstream, even though it was minor. The melody is a 5 note 16th stream, not a 7 note

High: +
- It has a stupid random quad at the end, so we'll just remove that if its accepted. (Tass - don't reject for this, just simply remove it)

Highway Star: ?
- This was just a weird sim. Needs to be different

- lmao this looks exactly like Exige's simfile for this song

Huzzah: +

Hybrid: +

Hyper Hyper: +
- Fun file, but I have a suggestion. You have some blue-yellow gallops where the yellow note is a jump. I think you should put a red note after all of those. It'd be really fun then

I am Maid: ?
- Isn't this simfile in the queue already? By this very sim author?
- Stricter judging says no on this simfile now. Its not quite what I'd be looking for, and there are some really easy parts where everything else is 8th jumps and stuff like that

I'll Be Here For You: ?
- Had minijacks, and rhythms not stepped correctly

Ice Disk: +

Infinity 301: ?
- Felt meh to play

Intergalactic: +
- Despite the green and orange notes... its correctly synced and everything... good job 

Introder: +?

Intruder Alert: +?
- Didn't feel too fun I guess. Mightv'e been because of the song

L9: +

Lapis (Xiaounlimited): ?
- Random steps everywhere and stuff. Overstepped

Lapis (robertsona): -
- bmah's is better

Lapis (bmah): +
- Change gap by 40. F12 twice
- THIS one is fun

Life: ?
- It mightv'e been stepped correctly, but the song isn't one that should be stepped. Boring sim because of that

LOLtechno: -
- tons of offbeat notes

Look to the Future: +?
- It has some minijacks that don't need to be there

Love (ElectricWerewolf): +
- Really fun easy file, nice job. VERY FUN on pad

- EW's was better

Mad Girl: +?
- It has a near quad thing near the beginning. Two 32nd jumps. Get rid of it

Makiba: ?
- First part of the sim was pretty good, but it got stupid after 30 seconds
- Might have a sync problem too

Super Mario - Plumber's Underground: -
- Wrong bpm it looks like

MegaScorcher: -
- Fix the stop, because it gets really offbeat after that. 

- This sim seemed alright.. but its way too much for FFR I think

Lucky Star OP: -
- Rejecting before I even play it, because I KNOW we do not have permission for this

Mr. Evil: +

Music: -
- Change them to the correct note colors...

Never Give Up: ?
- Boring/dull song makes for boring/dull simfile

Neverland: ?
- Not fun to play. Random notes

Novo Mundo: +?
- Its a very good simfile, but we can't have the 140 bpm 16th minijacks in FFR. Change those and resubmit. Easily accepted afterwards

OH EM GEE 2: +?

OH EM GEE 3: +?

Orchestral Angels: +?
- Boring/repetitive

Otter's Dance (Silvuh): +?
- I think it can be fixed up a little. Can be made a little better

Otter's Dance (Arcsynth): ?
- Thought Silvuh's was better

Paranoia Sigma: +?

Pump Me Up Amadeus: +?
- Do we have permission?

Popcorn Remix: -
- It was offbeat, and I can't tell where to sync it to

Procrastination on a Paper: ?
- Sounds like you missed a lot of notes

Psychopathhy 101: +
- The purple/pink notes part seemed offbeat, but since you made the song, I'll assume its correct

Read the Mind: +


Rumia, Sealed Youkai of the Night: +

Same Dream: +

Saria's Song: +?
- Some offbeat notes

Sasoribi: +?
- Get rid of that final jump. I'm sick of seeing songs with those

Scream of Roki: +?

Scythe of 13: +?
- Still think its a little overstepped. For example, measures 100 - 114 don't need to be a constant 8th stream. Theres nothing in the music but those 4ths

Shind Bad: +?
- Mine was better
- Didn't feel very fun at all

Skeletones: +?
- Do we have permission?
- Fix the sync up, it gradually goes off as you get further into the simfile
- Sounds like you missed a few notes near the beginning

Sly v2: -
- Doesn't need a v2

Smithy Showdown: +?
- Not a very appealing simfile

Smitty's Downfall: +?
- Dull simfile. I think it can be better
- Couple offbeat notes

Stronger: -
- rofl this simfile has freezes

Super Mario 3 - Overworld Theme 2: ?
- It doens't need all of those jumps

Superstar: ?
- Song doesn't really work for any kind of simfile

Survive: +

Sword Strike: -
- These notes don't even go to anything...

Terror: +?

The Doomsday: +?
- I don't really think it needed some of the 16th jumpstream... not sure

The Euphoria: +?
- Song was meh. Doesn't make for a good simfile

The Lunatic Princess: +?
- Kinda overstepped
- I can tell you copied the dwi file from my simfile and made your own steps from that. My SM simfile for it is how it should be done

The Phonograph Plays Part and Parcel: -
- Easy simfile for this... doesn't work

Thinking Different v2: -
- Doesn't need a v2

Together As One: ?
- Wasn't a very fun simfile

Toono Youkai Zensen: +?
- Needs more jumps to make it a good file

Toph's OP: ?
- Felt like a weird file. 24th gallop things aren't in the music from what I can hear

Toph's OP 2: ?
- File is good, but the music in the beginning is just far too quiet
- Has a minijack at the end of measure 36

Tougenkyou: +
- Fun

Tricky Disco: +?

Truly, Truly This Is The End: ?

Twin CHevron Remix: -
- What the hell is this?

* twinklesky *: +
- Change gap by 20. F12 once
- Awesome simfile

Vampire Killer: ?

Vanity Angel (bluguerrilla): +?

Vanity Angel (omgitsnpv): ?

Variations 2 (ElectricWerewolf): +?

Variations 2 (jimerax): +?
- The better of the two, but still not quite good enough

Vertex: +?
- Still just a dull simfile

Vertex GAMMA: +?

Viral Unity: +?
- It just seems like the steps can be arranged better

WAIWAI230: +?
- Didn't seem like it needed all of those jumps. Needs some more filler notes too

Wave Rip: +?

Way of the Dungeon: +?

WOWWOW220: +
- Change gap by 20. F12 once

Yager: -
- Change the notes to the correct colors...

{Flying Away}: +?
- Song just won't give a good simfile

{Lazy Summer Days} (Silvuh):?

{Lazy Summer Days} (Xandertrax): ?
- Silvuh and Xandertrax, I think you two should collab on a Lazy Summer Days file. There were parts that I liked in both of these files, and parts that I disliked. If your files were combined, I think it'd be a very good file if done right.

A Dragon's Honor (SulferDragon and ElectricWerewolf) [+?] - nice PR patterns, some weird double placement on 12ths, others are fine. 

Aidra (MV_Kingslayer) [-] - offsync, YNS

AIRWAVE (i love you) [+?] - not bad, but it's better to use more 16th rhythms with percussion inside 8th streams

AM-3P (Sanxion7 'House Party' Dub) (Wyde) [+] (7)

Angel stays on this ground -Vocal Remix- (bmah) [+?] - want to go with the vocal more without being too inconsistent in difficulty, minor layering problem. other parts are good.

As Do I ~FFR~ (MixMasterLar) [?] - offsync(gap early), felt understepped even for an easy file

Ascii Art Core (cetaka) [+?] - doubles should be toned down overall, some 24ths are actually 32nds. other rhythms are good

Balamb Style(scottish) [+] (5) - patterns could be more PR tho

Bang Bang Bang-(behanjc) [+] (6) - funny attempt

Beneath the Sand(Sequal) [?] - jacks, stream patterns, rhythms

Bouff (eastsideman09) [+] (9) - a bit jacky overall tho

Chaos Sphere (SulferDragon) [+?] - felt a bit repetitive at the beginning

CIA Rave v3 (i love you) [-] - too similar, no V3 for this

Clockwork_Genesis (Spenner) [?] - jacks, the one in the queue is better

Close Combat-behanjc [+?] - overdoubled on 8ths zone, patterns are PR but a bit too repetitive for me

Cloud Control (Knoobish) [?] - seems a bit off(gap late?), tone down jumpstreams

Cloud Control (OMEGAspike) [+?] - streams are a bit too continuous, also tone down jumpstreams a bit

Club Beats (Garenzo) [-] - offbeat

Cool (verra) [?] - both song and steps are boring for me, easy song though

Cosmos (Sheckler) [-] - freezes

Crystal Monolith (Neonatrias) [+?] - tiny awkwardness on patterns (more PR patterns are better)

CY.5(TK_Breed) [?] - offsync at parts, jacks are slow but shouldn't be there

Delta Beat (0 Vector Mix) (Silvuh) [+?] - overdoubled

Demon(s) (KH Luxord) [-] - offsync (wrong BPM), totally weird steps

Devotion And Desire (DrugstoreCowboy & bluguerrilla) [+] (8)

Dimensions (SulferDragon) [+?] - doubles on vocal = better IMO, because rhythm part of this song is repetitive

Disconnected HaZarD (insomniac_platypus) [-] - a lot of misrhythms

Do A Barrel Roll (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (10) - rhythms aren't very audible tho

Dont Call Me Peanut (DrugstoreCowboy) [?] - offsync at parts, it's not constant BPM

Dragonic Rage (Silvuh) [-] - music ends halfway, and steps are going with silence..

Dreamin' In The 80's (bluguerrilla) [+] (10) - could be less jacky tho

DS Boss (t-rogdor) [-] - offsync

Electro Rush X8 (unkdavar) [-] - overdoubled, no 260 BPM stream for FFR

Endless Altercation (smartdude1212) [+] (10)

Enigma(Sequal) [?] - patterns, jacks

Epidermis (Cyanite) [-] - why do you even try to make a V2 of this?

Excite Bike v2 (Mitchtyler) [-] - no dwi, and just no V2 for this

Experience (Sweet_Feet) [?] - blue on 4th, patterns could be better, if you use 24th long burst you shouldn't miss some other small bursts

Darkened Lights (tepsu) [-] - song is a bit boring, onehanded trill overuse, jacks

Fantasia (eastsideman09) [+] (8)

Fantasy Impromptu (Zeron) [?] - need better stream patterns

Fantasy Impromtu (i love you) [?] - stream patterns, doubles should be put on proper places.

Final Audition (omgitznpv) [?] - offsync, weird rhythms/patterns

Final Fantasy VII Fighting Mix (freakysnots) [?] - off at parts, 16th + 12th rhythms at beginning?

Flower Forever (Cyanite) [>] - m63-78, m93-94, m109-110, m125-126 should be different rhythms(understepped).

Flower Forever [eastsideman09] [+] (8)

Forsaken Neon (Darkstalker X) [+?] - 24th minijack, less 8th jacks at this speed, oterwise good

Fotbb v2 (Mitchtyler) [-] - offsync, understepped

Frictional Nevada (JX) [+] (12)

Futurescope.exe (omgitznpv) [+?] - felt repetitive at parts, double placement

Gameboy Rave! (ElectricWerewolf) [-] - multi difficulty

Gargoyle (eastsideman09) [+?] - off at parts(especially 8ths at second half), most small bursts should be the same rhythms, 32nds are closer IMO.

Geno's Forest - 8 Bit Rock (Coolboyrulez0) [-] - the music isn't enough different from/better than the one in the game IMO

Gerudo(MixMasterLar) [+?] - off notes at m29, less small spins, others are fine

Glove Stage - Ultra Sweden (ElectricWerewolf) [++] (10) - fun/great rhythms, perfectly done

Guitar Vs. Piano (Xandertrax) [+?] - steps are going on after the song ends, hopefully shorter music for this concept. nice full pitch relevancy tho

Happy Rainbow (bmah) [+?] - a bit understepped.. more 16th streams on some 8th section are better. not bad as it is though. 

Haven (Shadowlessheart) [-] - missing some rhythms, jacks/stream pattern, cut the music

Heart Attack (Coolboyrulez0) [?] - problem with the song, repetitive, stream patterns

Heart Attack (RB_IcePh0enix) [?] - problem with the song, stream pattern

Higasi (omgitznpv) [?] - double placement, patterns, 12th minijack?

High (Oni-Paranoia) [-] - wtf last quad, others are queueworthy (difficulty might be 6)

Highway Star (i love you) [+] (9) - BPM is just 150.000 I guess

HOT PEPPERZ (Sheckler) [?] - overdoubled, stream patterns

Huzzah!! (SulferDragon) [+?] - PR patterns are better on clarinet parts, some 32nds roll pattern?

Hybrid[eastsideman09] [+] (9) - at this BPM overall a bit too jacky tho

Hyper Hyper-Definitive Version- (eastsideman09) [+] (8)

I am maid (.dot) [+] (9) - isn't this already in the queue from you? awkward double placement at a few parts tho

Ice Disk (ElectricWerewolf) [+?] - good file but rhythm issues, m66-81 could be long streams, after m81 a bit repetitive/24ths don't fit the music

I'll Be Here For You (Shadowlessheart) [-] - jacks, patterns, rhythms, double placement

Infinity 301 (SulferDragon) [+] (9)

Intergalactic -Zenon Mix-(Scytlock) [-] - offsync

Introder (DnB Edition) - rshadow8888 [?] - gap early, song is a bit repetitive, rhythms/patterns(especially trills) could be better

Intruder Alert! (Scytlock) [+?] - felt jumpstream parts are a bit overstepped

L9 (jx) [+] (10)

Lapis -heavens remix- (Xiaounlimited) [+?] - overdoubled overall

lapis -the heavens mix- (robertsona) [?] - difficulty inconsistency, patterns could be better		

Lapis -The Heavens Remix- (bmah) [+] (10)

Life(TK_Breed) [+?] - felt 8th + mini-16th rhythms are repetitive, tone down 8th jacky patterns

LOLtechno (Garenzo) [-] - offsync

Look To The Future (Shadowlessheart) [?] - off at parts, many 16th jacks without good reason, most 24ths/32nds aren't needed

Love - (XPTRIPPYNESSXD) [?] - offsync, YNS, double placement

Love (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (5) - a bit long for this difficulty tho

Mad Girl (HK_Keith!) [?] - off at parts, continuous 8th streams, double placement

Makiba - cyrx900 [?] - repetitive song, and patterns don't flow well overall, especially jumpstreams and 24ths

Mario - Plumber's Underground (Poleaxe & Coolboyrulez0) [-] - notes are totally off

MegaScorcher (eastsideman09) [+] (9)

Model DDX (Sulferdragon and bmah) [?] - double placement (m2-17), 24ths at m21?, 24th patterns are bad plus they have a lot of pot 3-framers

Motteke Sailor Fuku!! (Lucky Star OP)  (damanwithdaskillz & MeaCulpa) [-] - no permission

Mr. Evil (SulferDragon) [?] - steps are going on after the music ends.. just for me? and it's better going with the vocal, extra voices more

Music(TK_Breed) [?] - ONS

Never Give Up (Goldenwind) [?] - song is boring IMO, a bit jacky patterns

Neverland (Eternity Mix) (Shadowlessheart) [?] - misrhythmed at parts, pattern/double placement coule be better, long for this difficulty 

Novo Mundo (Dj_Ossa) [+?] - 16th minijacks

OH EM GEE 2!!! (MrZombie and Macgravel) [-] - freezes, jacks

OH EM GEE 3!!! (MrZombie and Macgravel) [+] (8) - joke file lol

Orchestral Angels-(behanjc) [+?] - a bit repetitive/overdoubled at second half, song cut is better IMO

Otter's Dance (Hotroot Mix) (Silvuh) [+?] - weird 32nd rhythms/patterns at parts

Otter's Dance (Hotroot Mix) [Arcsynth] [+?] - minor misrhythms with the melody, need to step bursts correctly (mostly 32nds)

PARANOiA ~SiGMA~ [DXY] [?] - jacks, weird rhythms at parts

PMU Amadeus (i love you) [-] - no permission

Popcorn Remix LOL (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+?] - understepped, and simple 4ths don't flow the music too well 

Procrastination on a Paper (omgitznpv) [?] - rhythms/patterns could be better

Psychopathy 101 (Silvuh) [+] (5) - weird music though

Read the Mind (SulferDragon) [+] (7)

ROAR (Rage Mix) (SulferDragon) [+] (9)

Rumia, Sealed Youkai of the Night (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (9) - ending should go with the piano instead of less audible hihats tho

Same Dream (ElectricWerewolf) [+?] - difficulty/rhythm are ok, but beginning/ending are repetitive

Saria's Song (Coolboyrulez0) [?] - offsync/misrhythm at parts

Sasoribi (Cyanite) [?] - m25-33, m75- should be streams, a lot of misrhythms (32nds in m38 are 24ths, 16ths in m41 are 12ths, at m50 pianos are 32nd double rolls... etc)

Scream of [roki] (roundbox) [+?] - fine but missing small burst rhythms, patterns could be more PR

Scythe of 13 (Xandertrax) [+?] - funny concept but fix 32nds(apparently overdone + 3 framers) and one-handed trills

Shind Bad (Silvuh) [>] - the one in the queue is better

Skeletones (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+] (10) - could have some 3-framers?

Sly (omgitznpv) [-] - no V2s for this

Smithy Showdown [SMRPG Remix] (Coolboyrulez0) [+?] - felt some notes are off, more PR patterns

Smitty's Downfall (DrugstoreCowboy) [?] - offsync at parts, 8th patterns are a bit repetitive

Stronger(JTPROG) [-] - freezes, 24ths don't make sense, etc

SuperMario3 - OverworldTheme2 (Ravenazin100) [+?] - overdoubled, rhythms are fine

Superstar (MeaCulpa) [+?] - ending jumpstreams are overdone, others are fine

Survive (bluguerrilla) [+] (9)

Sword Strike (Shadowlessheart) [?] - jacks, rhythms/double placement could be better

Terror (DAshoe93) [-] - jacks, could be better stream patterns, 8ths are overall repetitive, 

The Doomsday (Zeron) [+?] - missing some drum rhythms, rhythms at m32, others are good

The Euphoria-(behanjc) [+?] - fine but a bit boring, could be better rhythms/double placement

The Lunatic Princess-(behanjc) [+] (11) - a bit overdoubled in general but not bad placement.. good rhythms, non boring long file

The Phonograph Plays Part and Parcel (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+] (4)

Thinking Different v2 (Knoobish) [-] - a bit harder, but basically quite similar to V1. plus 16th jacks aren't recommended

Together As One (D.J. Cristo) [+?] - a bit overdoubled

Toono youkai zensen-(behanjc) [+?] - decent file but 24th small bursts are all spins.

Toph's OP (ElectricWerewolf) [++] (9) - success in going with the rhythm

Toph's OP Remix (ElectricWerewolf) [-] - multi difficulty

Tougenkyou_H.E.Remix (jx) [+] (10)

Tricky Disco (revolutionomega) [-] - multi difficulty

Truly, Truly This Is The End (D.J. Cristo) [?] - offsync at parts, missing some rhythms

Twin Chevron Remix (verra) [-] - offsync

twinklesky (bmah) [+?] - 12th jacks at 172 BPM(= pot 3-framers), pattern is PR tho. ok if they are manually fixable 

Vampire Killer (Neo-Thunder Mix) (DAshoe93) [?] - stream patterns, and I don't think this song has any 12th/24ths

Vanity Angel (bluguerrilla) [+?] - weird 32nd streams (first two)

Vanity Angel (omgitznpv) [?] - first 8ths, stream patterns could be better

Variations2 (jx) [+] (9) 

Variations 2 (ElectricWerewolf) [+?] - understepped, mine's better IMO

Vertex - revised (omgitznpv) [+] (8)

Vertex GAMMA (Silvuh) [?] - rhythms are fine, off/overdoubled at parts, steps are going on after the music ends? 

Vital Unity (2007 Remake for FFR) (Oni-Paranoia) [+?] - wtf last quad, others are fine

WAIWAI230 (bmah) [?] - guitars are 24th at m9, m11-13, m59-64 are understepped

WaveRip(remastered) (Silvuh) [+] (10) - a bit overdoubled tho

Way out of the dungeon (cyrx900) [?] - gap off, jacks, rhythms are fine

WOW WOW 220 (bmah) [+] (8) - a bit 8th jacky tho

Yager (RubiedCross) [-] - ONS, jacks

00.01 (SulferDragon) [+] (8) - nice patterns

101 kittens (flipsta_lombax) [>] - minijack, decent but sg's is better

101 Kittens (stargroup100) [++] (9) - pretty nice detailed rhythms, only framer issue would remain I guess

4 chord touhou (cetaka) [+?] - good rhythms, but try to avoid 24th trills and other 3 framer jacks

(Too Much) Bass (lol) - rshadow8888 [+] (7) - song is lol

[SHD]Eleventh Hour (i love you) [+?] - 12th jacks, some notes are off

{Flying Away} (Shadowlessheart) [?] - BPM should be doubled, beginning is off use BPM changes, jacky patterns are overused without good reason

{Lazy Summer Days} (Silvuh) [+?] - overdoubled at parts

{Lazy Summer Days} (Xandertrax) [+?] - many 12th jacks at 165 BPM, change the patterns, others are fine

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


The Queue
101 kittens - stargroup100 (again.  beat out bmah's)
Angel stays on this ground vocal - bmah
Comfort Betrays - EW - is this the song that I got for you from AILD?  if not, do we have permission?
Crystal Wind - EW
Delta Beat - Silvuh
dr0p - eastsideman
Endless Altercation - smartdude
Grandolin - Sulfer
Happy Rainbow - bmah (finally) - could have stream though, as jx said
Kamone 100% - Sulfer - so... many... 4-framers...
Lover Reef - Silvuh - agree w/ jx; not overdoubled?
Oasis - eastsideman - agree that it feels a bit long and repetitive
PianoXForte - scottish
Relic Expedition Inanotherstar - jx
Scythe of 13 - Xander
Shining Sky - Sulfer
Sicilian Sun - jx and scottish
Sword Strike - EW
SYNiC - eastsideman
The Entertainer - behanjc - to rebirth: ragtime, not classical...  and 0 4-framers buddy.
Toono youkai - behanjc
X-Tinction - Sulfer

Played By Tass, Not Queue'd
Vanity Angel - what rebirth said
Tops OP Remix - seems ok...  but i can't hear it to be sure.
theme of the dragoon - agree w/ jx. 3-4 spots could use jumps
tell me a story - agree with jx. best so far.  hard song to step.
sting chameleon - agree with jx
rumia - replaced in the queue, was just a minor fix
Quickdraw - Silvuh - whole file feels overstepped
Otters Dance - what both said
Orchestral Angels - agree with rebirth. copypasta much in the 1st half?
Lazy dog funk - cut plz
ice disk - feel like a bad song choice. song is very repetitive. file seems overstepped throughout
hyperactivity - felt the notes going to background near beginning hard to hear vs main melody in rest of the file
hp song - what jx said
flying high - already in game for a widget
blue sky - either cut or make it get harder w/o overstepping
blue rose - fix up sync a bit.  technically accurate, fun, maybe 64th jumpstream a bit much?  remove 3 framers.
6 - what jx said.  if it was 180bpm, would be ok.
101 kittens - bmah - stargroup's is more fun.

Rebirth's Notes
101 Kittens (bmah): +
- Very nice

101 Kittens (stargroup100): +?
- bmah's is better

6: +
- Change gap by 20. F12 once

[g-rain47 2 g-R]: ?
- what the hell kind of title is that?
- Didn't seem too good

.={A Warm Wind in Avalon}=.: +?
- I think you have a few notes off a whole beat in the beginning or something

Activity Unbroken v2: ?
- The song could use a v2, but I don't think it should be like this

Angel Stays On This Ground Vocal Remix: +

Balamb Style: -
- Change the downbeat to a red note then resubmit

Bizarre Beat!: ?
- oh god no. Song sucks

Blue Rose: +?
- Check the sync on some of those colored notes. I don't think those are all what you put them
- Change some of those and resubmit, because this is a very good file

Blue Sky: +

Comfort Betrays: +
- Change gap by 20. F12 once

Core: +?

Crystal Wind: +

Delta Beat: +

Ding Dong Song: +?

Disconnected Hazard: +?

DMYK: +?
- A few parts couldv'e been better. Like the part near the beginning, where its just 4th jumps

Dr. Mario Remix: ?

dr0p: +

Dragonic Rage: ?
- Don't we already have this song in the game?

Electric Heart: +?
- Kinda good simfile, but its not quite up to what I'd want for this song. Some parts were weird

Elevated: ?
- Kinda boring simfile

Elixir: +?

Endless Altercation: +

Eternal Nightmare: +?

Excite Bike: -
- Isn't this the same chart tear made? >_>

Fantasy Impromptu: ?

Fight Through the Forest: +?

Fish on a Parachute: ?
- Needs a harder chart

flashflashrevolutioniscool: ?

Flying High: +
- Change gap by 20. F12 once

Forsaken Neon: ?
- Mine is better

Going On Spring Wind: +?
- I love this song. Always have. And I'd like to see some more filler notes where you have a few 4ths or something

Grandolin: +
- I guess this is the best we're gonna get out of this song

Half Symphony v2: +?
- That little 32nd gallop near the beginning should be a 64th. Change and I accept

Happy Gang Bang!: +?
- man i love gang bangs this simfile must be cool then
- Actually it needs a few less 16ths. Its pretty nice but a few less 16th streams would make the file perfect, because some of the 16ths you placed aren't in the music, and felt like you put them there just to continue the streams

Happy Rainbow: +

Hit The Ground Running: ?
- Some notes felt offbeat, incorrectly placed
- Simfile wasn't very fun

Holy Orders (behanjc): +?
- Its a little overdone

Holy Orders (Neontarias): +?
- The minijacks in the beginning don't need to be there
- You started a nonstop stream from measure 15 to 19 (with one or two breaks), then the music repeated and you had some other pattern. Use the same pattern for that repeat
- I think this could be made more interesting. Have some things changed around and stuff

HP song: +
- I know there has to be a different title for this. Its a remix of Angel Eyes, so its probably "Angel Eyes Remix" or something

Hydrocity Zone Act 1: +?

Hyperactivity: +
- Change gap by 20. F11 once

Hypnosis: ?

I LOVE ****: ?
- It'd be cool if it didn't repeat the same stuff 50 times

Ice Disk: +?
- What the hell was that jump every 3 16ths near the end? That's the only reason I'm rejecting it. Change those to some other rhythm and resubmit

Into the Night: +?
- We already have a simfile for Into the Night in the queue. Its a different song, so I'm not sure what to do about this. If we allow multiple songs with the same title, then I accept this sim

Kamone 100%: +
- It has some bpm problems. It goes offbeat near the end. (Tass: disregard the sync, and if you accept it, let me know. I'll fix the sync and send back to you)

Lawn Wake I: ?
- A bunch of weird offbeat stuff. Weird simfile. Wasn't very good

Lazy Dog Funk: +

Lively Days: ?
- Needs a better simfile


Lover Reef: +
- After looking at this simfile, I finally completely understand silvuh's stepping style. Wow lol

Luna Marionette v2: ?

Luvin' You:
- 32nd trill at the beginning. 32nd trills at 160 bpm shouldn't be a problem really. 2 framers don't exist so this couldn't possibly have any

Mortal Kombat - At The Disco: +?

My World: ?
- You put gallops where there are triplets, 4 note 16th streams where there are triplets
- Simfile is just weird. Should be stepped differently

Netbattling Gospel: ?
- A bunch of offbeat notes

Nightfall: ?
- Overstepped. The song should be made into a very easy simfile

Oasis (Vote4Nixon): ?
- eastsideman's is better

Oasis (eastsideman09): +

One Winged Angel 8bit: ?
- Can be done a bit better. Whole simfile needs to be redone

Orchestral Angels: +?
- Patterns felt kinda crappy. Change some of the patterns around in the second half of the file then resubmit

Otter's Dance: +
- 32nds are a bit hard, but it seems ok

Outside the Skies: +

Piano Forte: +
- Man this song is awesome. Simfile is pretty good as well

popcorn: ?
- unknown artist? Figure out who the artist is
- meh simfile anyway

Pound My Senses to TB: ?
- Weird simfile. A lot of missing notes, a lot of offbeat notes

Quickdraw (Silvuh): +
- I guess its technically correct. A bit overdone but I can see how its layered, so ok

Quickdraw (Vote4Nixon): +?
- Silvuh's was more fun to play

Relic Expedition Inanotherstar: +

Rumia: +
- I'd like to see filler notes in the less active parts in measures 36 - 50 but it looks good overall

Scythe of 13: +?
- Macgravel's file for it is better (for my 3rd style project) I'll submit that for him so his will go in

Shattered Dreams: +?
- Just wasn't fun to play

Shind Bad: +?
- I still think my file for it is better. jx/tass should compare and decide for themselves over it

Shining Sky: +
- Change gap by 20. F12 once

Sicilian Sun: +
- You guys missed a yellow note in the middle of measure 36 lol

Sly v2:
- Too similar to the v1, not to mention 12th notes in this sim aren't correct

Sought Freedom: -
- 175 bpm 16th minijacks, 24th jacks, etc

Soul of the Ninja: ?
- Really really repetitive and meh

Star: ?
- Just didn't feel like a quality file for this song. Arrow placement is weird

Sting Chameleon!: +

Sword Strike: +

SYNiC (Archsynth): +?
- eastsideman's is better

SYNiC (eastsideman09): +
- Change gap by 20. F11 once. (Actually change it by 29, but you'd have to go into the notepad file and change it if you want to do it other than multiples of 20)

Tell Me A Story: +
- Out of all of the Tell Me A Story files I've seen over the months, this is the first one I've liked. Good job
- Could 3 framers at the end though. Maybe change those. Queue worthy anyway

The Beginning of Time: ?
- some offbeat notes
- Simfile wasn't fun to play

The Entertainer: +
- An enjoyable classical file. I like it
- Probably has over 300 4 framers

The Final Hour: ?
- Use better patterns
- Cut down on the streams if possible

The Frequency: ?
- Change gap by 20. F11 once
- Needs better patterns. The sim looks crappy because of the patterns it has now

The Pants of Eternal Darkness: +?
- I don't really think it needs that jumpstream in the beginning

Theme of the Dragoon Knights: +

Toono youkai zensen: +
- Borderline, but I'm gonna accept
- Is there an english title for this?

Toph's OP 2: +

Twilight Techno v2: ?
- Doesn't need a v2 really

UNtitled Gabber Song: +?
- You sure we have permission for this?
- More can be done with this song imo. Make it feel cooler to play

- Bad song to step
- Repetitive
- 200 bpm 12th double jacks in measure 38 too great

Vanity Angel: +?
- That 8th stream from measure 9 to 15 just made the sim feel dull. Do something other than a boring 8th stream there. 
- Once you fix that, this sim has my approval

Vertex GAMMA: +?
- I understand where half of the jumps go to, but I don't get where some other ones to go
- Some parts are still a little overstepped. 

Virtual Emotion: +?
- Change gap by 20. F12 once
- The jumps from measure 28 to the middle of 33 should all be single notes imo

Waverip: +?
- This sim has a lack of jumps where jumps are needed. I don't get that, since your sims always have plenty of jumps in them but this one doesn't. Add jumps to the accented notes

Waves of Opression: ?
- Has bpm problems
- Wasn't a very good simfile

X-Tinction: +

You Wanna Me: +?
- Has a few jacks near the end that shouldn't be there

James Bond Techno Remix: ?

JX's Notes
(Ravia) Electric Heart [+?] - want proper song cut, PR pattern would be better at parts, some patterns are repetitive

[g-rain47 2 g-R] (omgitznpv) [?] - some stream patterns, jumpstreams at the end

_-={A Warm Wind in Avalon}=-_ (Kotarouchan) [?] - a bit gap off, 48ths aren't needed, double placement

{James Bond Techno} (francesco12) [?] - offsync at parts, also some rhythms are off.

101 kittens (bmah) [>] - at m11 burst should be 24ths, parts like m36-39, m51, m115 seem off

101 Kittens (stargroup100) [=] (9) - minor fix

6 [eastsideman09] [+?] - overuse of chains/8th jacks

Activity Unbroken (Cyanite) [?] - 16th trills in quiet places are a bit overdone, some 24ths aren't needed.

Angel stays on this ground -Vocal Remix- (bmah) [+] (8)

Balamb Style (MV_Kingslayer) [-] - offsync, YNS, BNS

Bizarre Beat! (customstuff) [?] - off at parts, missing some rhythms

Blue Rose (stargroup100) [+] (11) - felt some notes are a bit off, pot 3-framer, but ok

Blue Sky (i love you) [?] - rhythms could be better, should go with drums more, want songcut somehow maybe

Comfort Betrays (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (9)

Core (customstuff) [+?] - rhythms are weird for me

Crystal Wind (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (10)

Delta Beat (0 Vector Mix) (Silvuh) [+] (8) - double placement in m64-74 is a bit weird but ok

Ding Dong Song (You Touch My Tralala) (HammyMcSquirrel) [?] - blue note on 4th, should go with vocal more, also want notes on the man's voice rather than a blank

Disconnected Hazard [eastsideman09] [+?] - missing some rhythms, some 8th jacks aren't PR

DMYK (ElectricWerewolf) [+?] - m33-57 could go with the vocal more, others are fine

Dr. Mario Fever (megamon88) [+?] - ok but seems missing some fun rhythms, 8th jacks aren't recommended at this BPM

dr0p [eastsideman09] [+?] - m42-57 could go with melody synth with doubles for percussions, some patterns could be more PR (some of them are ok)

Dragonic Rage (Silvuh) [?] - double placement, could be more PR, honestly I'm getting sick of this series

Elevated (Vote4Nixon) [?] - jumpstreams are a bit overdone, sparse places are weird overall

Elixir (omgitznpv) [+?] - overdoubled at parts

Endless Altercation (smartdude1212) [+] (10)

Eternal Nightmare (cut) (ElectricWerewolf) [+?] - some 16th jumpy burst patterns are a bit jacky, doubles on vocal is better in some parts, IMO

Excite Bike (stargroup100) [-] - no

Fantasy Impromptu [eastsideman09] [+?] - felt some parts are understepped

Fight Through the Forest! (SulferDragon) [-] - withdrawal

Fish On a Parachute(who_cares973) [-] - understepped, boring

FL45HFL45HR3V0LU710N15C00L (omgitznpv) [+?] - weird song, double placement at parts

Flying High (cut) (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (9) - sync of the guitar part could be better but it's fine

Forsaken Neon(who_cares973) [?] - 3-framer 16th jacks/32nd streams, more doubles are needed

Going On Spring Wind (Electricwerewolf) [+?] - rhythms aren't wrong, but felt some sparse parts are quite understepped, and want more doubles. It should be mid-FMO at least.

Grandolin (SulferDragon) [+] (9)

Half Symphony (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - patterns could be more PR, last 32nds could go with bass drums(12th doubles?)

Happy Gang Bang!-(behanjc) [+?] - a bit inconsistent double placement

Happy Rainbow (bmah) [+?] - felt a bit repetitive and difficulty inconsistency, you don't need to avoid streams so much, there IS a part that goes with it.

HitTheGroundRunning (HighBuddha) [?] - some notes are offsync, stream patterns

Holy Orders (behanjc) [+?] - 24th patterns, double placement could be better

Holy Orders (Neonatrias) [?] - minijacks, 24th trills at m82, double placement could be better

HP song(who_cares973) [?] - blue notes on 4th, missing some notes, patterns could be more PR

Hydrocity Zone Act 1 (Professor Raine) [?] - some notes are off (i.e. 16th should be 24ths, 48ths are off), missing some rhythms

Hyperactivity (stargroup100) [+?] - felt patterns are awkward (many spins, etc), felt doubles aren't needed on every 4ths

Hypnosis (customstuff) [?] - need proper double placement, patterns could be more PR

I LOVE ****[dore] [-] - lol 330 BPM long streams (and not fun sry), too long blanks

Ice Disk (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (9)

Into the Night (Silvuh) [?] - a bit gap off, weird 32nd patterns, overall song is repetitive

Kamone 100% (SulferDragon) [+] (10) - song is very repetitive, but ok

Lawn Wake I (HK_Keith!) [?] - not sure about permission, stream patterns are retarded, some notes are off

Lazy Dog Funk (Tibs) [+?] - funny concept, but this song has few variation in rhythms so needs a songcut

Lively Days ({Zero}) [-] - gap early, some rhythms are off, especially 24ths aren't put correctly

LOLOMGWTFLMAOROFLBBQ (omgitznpv) [?] - weird short song, offsync at parts, stream patterns, 3-framers

Lover Reef (Silvuh) [+] (8) - a bit weird double placement tho (YN ones, I know he put them on BDs)

LunaMarionette v2 (psycho) [?] - ok file, but not enough difference other than a bit easier difficulty

Luvin' You (i love you) [?] - 32nd trills/minijacks, rap section could be better rhythms

Mortal Kombat - At the Disco (freakysnots) [?] - some 32nds are off, rhythms/doubleplacement could be better

My World [DEMO] (Shadowlessheart) [?] - some notes are off, rhythms should go with the music more accurately

Netbattling Gospel (Battle Network 2) [Intensez] [-] - offsync

Nightfall (omgitznpv) [+?] - a bit difficulty inconsistency, 32nds on m24 could be more accurate

Oasis-Long-[eastsideman09] [+] (8) - maybe better ver, felt a bit long though

Oasis (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - gap off, didn't like some rolls

One Winged Angel 8bit (freakysnots) [?] - misrhythms at parts(some 16ths go with nothing, missing some 24ths), double placement

Orchestral Angels-(behanjc) [+] (8)

Otter's Dance (Hotroot Mix) (Silvuh) [+?] - 32nd rhythm/pattern

Outside the Skies-(behanjc) [+?] - want doubles on melody piano at m21-28, others are fine

Piano Forte(scottish) [++] (10) - nice debut

Popcorn Remix(EnR) [?] - minijacks, missing popcorn rhythms, jumpstreams are boring

Pound my senses to TB (Shadowlessheart) [?] - off at parts, weird rhythms (24ths/16ths that go with nothing)

Quickdraw (Silvuh) [+?] - felt a bit overdone at parts(32nd burst/doubles)/has pot 3-framer (damn 1337 thing), rhythms are overall ok though

Quickdraw (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - misrhythms(32nds should be before 4ths, and missing some 32nds), although patterns make sense more

Relic Expedition Inanotherstar (jx) [+] (9)

Rumia, Sealed Youkai of the Night (ElectricWerewolf) [=] (9) - minor fix

Scythe of 13 (Xandertrax) [+] (11) - kinda long 4 framer file but fun intense file, low-mid FMO

Shattered Dreams (omgitznpv) [?] - m21-24 are overdoubled, 32nds at m25 are misrhythmed, m34-41, m51-64 shouldn't be whole (jump) streams.

Shind Bad (Silvuh) [>] - queue'd one is better

Shining Sky (SulferDragon) [+] (10) - felt a bit understepped compared to what I've expected though

Sicilian Sun (JX&SC) [+] (9)

Sly (Xandertrax) [-] - withdrawal

Smash Podcast perhaps (Wyde) [-] - can't load

Sought Freedom (sticklydude) [-] - offsync at most parts, jacks

Soul of the Ninja (customstuff) [+?] - rhythms in m19-22 could be better, want more doubles on some vocals. difficulty is ok

Star(who_cares973) [+?] - gap early, rhythms in m19-21, m47-54 could be better

Starwolf (Genocide101) [-] - offsync at parts, ONS, stream pattern

Sting Chameleon! (SulferDragon) [+?] - ok but double placement could be better, more PR patterns at parts(for the guitar and base)

Sword Strike (ElectricWerewolf) [++] (9) - nice rhythm/d-placement

SYNiC (Arcsynth) [+?] - a bit awkward patterns, some rhythms could be better, blanks are too long, want 32nds m16, m52, m88 as well

SYNiC [eastsideman09] [+] (8) - felt a bit understepped, but fine for this difficulty

Tell Me a Story [Compendium Mix] (Ataraxiate) [+?] - potential 3-framers, 32nd spins, blank at m26-27, and felt bursts and doubles are a bit inconsistent.

The Beggining of Time (sticklydude) [?] - off at parts (esp. yellow/purple ones), weird double placement

The Entertainer-(behanjc) [+] (8)

The Final Hour(who_cares973) [?] - stream patterns

The Frequency(who_cares973) [?] - gap early, m17 is off, missing 1 note on 32nds in m52, overall rhythms/patterns could be better

The Lunatic Princess-(behanjc) [-] - no file

The Pants Of Eternal Darkness(who_cares973) [+?] - a bit repetitive and inconsistent in difficulty, missing the last note

Theme of the Dragoon Knights (SulferDragon) [+?] - want more doubles

Toono youkai zensen-(behanjc) [+?] - doubles on melody at m28-44 would be better, others are fine

Toph's OP Remix (ElectricWerewolf) [?] - rhythms seem to be correct but I didn't enjoy it due to the kinda unclear song

Twilight Techno (whocares973) [-] - no need for easier V2

UGS (psycho) [+?] - understepped at some parts, other parts are alright

UNTITLED - cyrx900 [?] - 12th jacks, overdone at parts, stream pattern, bursts are inconsistent

Vanity Angel (bluguerrilla) [+] (8)

Vertex GAMMA (Silvuh) [+?] - overdoubled at parts, want less jacky 24th/32nd patterns

Virtual Emotion - Starfalcon176 [+?] - not bad but wanted more rhythms in addition to the main melody

WaveRip(remastered) (Silvuh) [+?] - weird stream, going for so PR? and felt the first half has almost no doubles, should be more

Waves of Opression [augustburnsba55ist] [-] - off, totally steps don't go well with the music

X-Tinction (SulferDragon) [++] (10) - fun file, good rhythms/d-placement, high-VC or low-FMO

You Wanna Me (i love you) [?] - no permission? minijack, some rhythms could be better

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


AM-3P - Wyde - maybe more syncopated ending
Battle Theme #36 - SulferDragon
brain dot wave - jimerax
Brainwave - behanjc - up to you about m37...  if you want to fix, i'll replace updated with current
Bricks - bluguerrilla
Butterflies - behanjc - overdoubled...
Disconnected Hardkore - dore
DMYK - EW - perhaps cut the song/file?
Far Away From Home - SulferDragon - long 24th minirolls seem out of place in difficulty
Get Um Up - bluguerrilla - played this a few months ago, was good then, didn't replay
Melted Marble - SulferDragon - what game is this from? overdoubled in places throughout
My Beautiful Rescue - Silvuh - played months ago, was fine then, didn't replay
Orchestral Angels - behanjc - maybe cut?
Otter's Dance - Silvuh - what jx said...  6 4-framers in 32nds also
Outside the Skies - behanjc
Overdrive - EW
Pimp Slap - dore - what jx said
Pwntendo - EW - cut could be better
seagull - bmah - ending might be a bit hard compared to rest of file
seed - EI_Tizzy
Ska Cha Cha - Silvuh - pretty repetitive
Square, Volume, Amplitude - robertsona
Szerencsetlen - ~Zero~ - no 3framers in song.  maybe cut though?
The Final Conflict - RE
The Lunatic Princess - behanjc
The Sock is Down at the Dock - EW
Theme of the Dragoon Knights - SulferDragon - Tass is getting sick of DarkeSword.
Tokyo Banging - robertsona
Toph's OP Remix - EW - still do not like the idea of both original and remix...  so similar
Vanishing Gungaroon - SulferDragon
Wish Reprise - HammyMcSquirrell - still dont' like the idea of 3 Wishes being in game.  Also seems pretty similar in stepping style to the original.

Songs Tass Played But Didn't Queue
Highway Star - DNP, resubmitted for next batch
Fly Away - what jx said.  cut.
Game Boy Fiend - what jx said.  MAMA meets {Firestorm}
Hardkore Atomic - what jx said
Into the Night - agree with jx.  cut.
Jingle Bells - agreed with jx.  few 8th sections in beginning should be jacks.
Purity Control - what jx said.
Quickdraw - what jx said.  cut.
Re-Rave - repetitive, overdoubled.  cut.
Sirius - behanjc - fix sync, and...  i feel it's overlayered to music that doesn't merit such steps in many of the 16th jump sections.
tete-a-tete - fix noteskin
The concept of Love - if jx questions this permission, i do too.
WaveRip - good file...  patterns odd.

JX's Notes
(Alioth) Disappear -Shortened- [?] - minijacks, some 24ths should be 32nds, songcut is preferable, others are fine

(i love you) Highway Star [+] (9) - double placement could be more consistent, but ok

[techlo] (Nightfirecat) [-] - gap/BPM wrong, steps could be less boring overall

{Big Boss} (EI_Tizzy) [+?] - 12th jacks could be avoided more (not 3 framers tho), rhythms are fine

{Big Boss} (trumaestro) [+?] - missing some notes on drums, double placement could be more consistent

{Big Boss} (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - under-doubled at parts

{Big Boss} (Wyde) [+?] - rhythms are the most accurate in those 4 files, felt pattern is a bit awkward at parts though.

101 kittens (flipsta_lombax) [>] - not bad, but queue'd one is better

a time forgotten (who_cares973) [+?] - pianos on m37-40 should be stepped

A_Step_in_the_Wrong_Direction_(Nu0n_albaneenesk8r) [?] - offsync, double placement, weird termination

AM-3P (Sanxion7 'House Party' Dub) (Wyde) [Resubmit] [+] (8)

Ancient's Death v2 (Nightfirecat) [?] - IMO this song is 16ths based, not 12/24ths, double placement

Are You Happy (smartdude1212) [+?] - misrhythm in m4, m9, m17.... all similar places. also, wrong rhythm of 16th on m81, m84..

Battle Theme #36 (SulferDragon) [+] (8) - fine but m44-47 could be other rhythms tho

Beautiful Synergy(HK_Keith!) [+?] - missing rhythms that should be stepped overall (especially 24th section)

Boss Battle #1 (SulferDragon) [+?] - doubles could go with streams on middle 8ths

brain dot wave (jx) [+] (10)

Brainwave-(behanjc) [+] (9) - overdoubled at m37 tho

Bricks (bluguerrilla) [+] (8) - a bit many 8th jacks but ok since it's under 180 bpm

Butterflies Short Edit-(behanjc) [+] (8)

Card House Dreamer (Silvuh) [+?] - m12 should be 24th, some doubles don't fit the vocal

Chicken Dance NOISE MIX (EI_Tizzy) [+?] - missing 16th at m24, m48 should be streams, weird speed down at m66, last arrow isn't needed

Chocolate Magic-(behanjc) [+?] - m2 is 32nds (but it's ok), beginning of piano burst at m18/m54/m70 is wrong(32nd is ok for ffr), overall felt rhythms are a bit weird.

Clocks Rave Remix (Coolboyrulez0) [?] - gap early, 8th patterns should be PR, misrhythm on m50

Cold Storm (omgitznpv) [+?] - a bit gap late, m33-36, m40, m73-76, m80 could go with piano IMO, a bit weird stream patterns

Corneria (Zageron) [?] - too early gap, difficulty inconsistency(especially beginning), weird termination

Cosmo Canyon (Coolboyrulez0) [?] - felt layering is a bit weird. also yellow notes/green notes should be red/blue

Daydream Tuesday(scottish) [+?] - some 32nd bursts/splits should be faster, misrhythms at m18, m34, m38, m58, m74, m85, m98, m107, beginning of 32nd roll should be red/blue arrows. 

DeadAlus (~Zero~) [+?] - fun but at m11-26 doubles on guitars are better, m28-29 need 16ths, rhythms in m39-40 are weird, end of m43 is 12th, 
in m72 some 12/24ths are 16ths, m116 is offsync (partially late), also it's better if patterns are more PR overall. 

Deadfall--_-- (omgitznpv) [+?] - not enough good reason for jumpstreams (especially 2nd one), termination should be m68

Delta Beat (dandandamdandan1111) [?] - rhythm/double placement could be better overall

Disconnected Hardkore [dore] [++] (11) - nice 3-framer avoidance/BPM change for FMO, overall 4-framer inducing patterns are kinda ugly though

DMYK (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (10)

Dr1010 - Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [?] - 24ths aren't needed for this song IMO(they aren't dominant at all), overdoubled at parts

Dr1010 - FIII (OperationStrawbarry) [?] - rhythms could be better, overdoubled

dr. mario- fever gameboy rmx(blindreper1179) [+?] - pattern could be more PR, missing some sounds

Dying Beauty (Album Version)(MV_Kingslayer) [-] - offsync, BNS/YNS

Eradication (ElectricWerewolf & Bluguerrilla) [+?] - some 24ths could be 16ths in m4, want a note on first voice in m28, some 24ths/16ths could be 12ths in m34/38, JS at the beginning/ending and 16th drum + 12th guitar things are a bit overdone but ok.

Eternal Nocturne (stargroup100) [?] - m50- and m160- 24ths should be just 16ths, 24ths are 32nds in m83 and m195, 24ths are 16ths in m155, m194, and song is way too repetitive for being 5 min file IMO

Far Away From Home (SulferDragon) [+] (9)

FAREAST HARDSTYLERZ - cyrx900 [?] - overstepped, offsync/rhythms aren't correct at parts

Fascination -eternal love- (Vocal Cut) (robertsona) [-] - no need for 9sec file, plus missing some rhythms

Fascination ~Obsession Mix~ (Coolboyrulez0) [?] - stream patterns, 64th and 16ths at m32, 24ths at m56, 16ths are 12ths after m81.

Felys (Vote4Nixon) [?] - offsync after m50, missing note in m43, and also some other misrhythms. no need for 24ths for pianos. other than piano, 16ths should be put for hihats.

Fly Away (Knoobish) [+] (10) - doubles are a bit inconsistent/random though

Fly to the Sky (omgitznpv) [?] - offsync overall, green/orange notes aren't needed

Gabba No Chinko Katta(TK_Breed) [+?] - 2nd long trills/jumpstreams want pattern change

Galaxy - Ben Speirs [+?] - pattern should be PR, after m41 missing some dominant sounds

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon) [+] (9) - 3 arrow stream and some doubleplacement are meh tho

Gerudo(MixMasterLar) [?] - need to step other instruments besides the melody

Get Um Up (bluguerrilla) [+] (7) - in some 4th section synths/drums could be stepped tho

Going On Spring Wind (~Zero~) [+?] - blue note on 4th, in patterns appear in m3/m11,m15,etc, 24th streams are better than 12th doubles. 

Going On Spring Wind (Electricwerewolf) [+?] - some snares/toms could be stepped (esp around m22) along with the flute. back piano/strings could be stepped (m42-, m76-)

Half Symphony (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - some 16th jack patterns don't match the music, also 32nd/64th at m22?

Happy(i love you) [-]

Hardkore Atomic [dore] [+] (10) - overdoubled at parts tho

Heads Up for Tails (dean_machine) [?] - understepped for a 3+ min song. 16ths are weird at m51-66.

Hellscaper -TOUKKANKOUJI Mix- (Coolboyrulez0) [-] - totally offsync (BPM error), a lot of misrhythms

In Dream{EnR} [+?] - gap late, miss rhythms in m14-15

Insomnia_(FFR_Exclusive_Remix)(Genocide101) [?] - beginning 24ths don't match the music well, 16th jacks

Into the Night (Silvuh) [+] (9) - felt double placement is random at parts tho

Introsphere (Extended) (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - want notes on voice sound, double placement

ISU (Genocide101) [-] - yellow notes on 4th, jacks, use BPM changes

Jingle Bells [Hardcore Remix] (rshadow8888) [+] (8) - rhythms could be better tho

Jingle Bells(i love you) [-]

leeroy jenkins fun times mix (Coolgamer) [+?] - patterns could be more PR, felt missing some dominant 16th rhythms

LOL ****!!1 (omgitznpv) [-] - I hate super short files

lolhappy (HammyMcSquirrel) [?] - patterns around m49/m98(12th jack), want notes on melody(m49-65, 98-114)

Loopy 250(sk8mastr) [-] - no comment

Lunatic Eyes (~Zero~) [+?] - offsync at parts a bit, misrhythmed 32nds at m44, missing some piano splits

Makiba - cyrx900 [?] - offsync, double placement could be better, repetitive 

Megaman 4 Battle Theme (Mitchtyler) [-] - wtf offsync, total coloring error

Melted Marble (SulferDragon) [+] (9)

Midnight of the North (Plutonious) [+?] - minijacks, sync/coloring is ok maybe

My Beautiful Rescue (Silvuh) [+] (7)

New Rave (Silvuh) [+?] - not bad, but a bit overdoubled in general

nightfall [intensez] [?] - offsync, misrhythm at bell parts, m24 is 32nds

NovaMAX - Ben Speirs [+?] - m26-29 should be stepped

Oasis (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - a bit gap late, m28-29 should be 16th based (not 12th), m93-96 could go with the drums better

Oblique Breaks (Silvuh) [?] - offsync at some parts, misrhythm on some 32nds, doubles in 32nds are overdone

Orchestral Angels-(behanjc) [+] (8)

OTH Project (DarkbearX) [?] - gap early, m9/m13/m17/m110/m127... are 32nds, overall steps are going with things that's not very audible.

Otter's Dance (Hotroot Mix) (Silvuh) [+] (9) - m54 is 24th

Outside the Skies-(behanjc) [+] (7) - m2 is basically 48th

Overdrive! (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8)

PAL,36 (flipsta_lombax & trumaestro) [?] - gap early, off at parts (beginning voice, m21-22, guitar parts, etc). overall not bad concept though.

piano_forte (robertsona) [?] - most rhythms aren't wrong maybe(a few misrhythms tho), but lacks a lot of detailed piano rhythms

Pimp Slap [dore] [+] (11) - 48 rolls are a bit off

Popcorn Remix LOL (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+?] - gap late, 12ths should be 16ths

Power - Ben Speirs [+?] - gap early, rhythms could be better (m25-44)

Procrastination on a Paper (omgitznpv) [?] - missing notes of the last piano sound, some 24ths are wrong, many spins, 24ths on m56?

Procrastination on Paper (Silvuh) [+?] - some 16th stream patterns are awkward, m73 should be streams(runningmen)

Pure Energy - Starfalcon176 [+?] - rhythms could be better, offsync a bit on vocal part

Purity Control (Silvuh) [+] (9) - unique file, repetitive/over doubled though

Pwntendo (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (10) - didn't like songcut and could add more bursts, but ok

Quickdraw (Silvuh) [+] (9) - doubles are a bit inconsistent but overall ok

Quickdraw (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - splits are inconsistent (beginning ones don't have splits)

Quickdraw-(behanjc) [+?] - 24th splits should be 32nds, 24th rolls in m30ish aren't needed (not very audible)

RE-RAVE (omgitznpv) [+] (8) - could be less repetitive but ok

Revenge of the Nothing (Sequal) [?] - gap early, avoid unnecesarry 8th jacks/48th split, patterns could be PR

Rock Armor (SulferDragon) [+?] - BPM should be half, m52-56, m116-120 coulf be more PR. melody is so unclear..

Saria's Song (Coolboyrulez0) [?] - gap early, misrhythm at m9, 18, 27, 36, a bit understepped, patterns could be PR

seagull (bmah) [+] (7)

seed (EI_Tizzy) [+] (6)

Shind Bad (Silvuh) [>] - still queue'd one's better

Sirius-(behanjc) [+] (10) - a bit off at m3, m26, the rest is quite nice rhythms

Ska Cha Cha (Silvuh) [+] (9)

Sky Blue (omgitznpv) [+?] - JS on m49 is a bit overdone, less staircases for stream, song is a bit repetitive for 4 min

Sleezy Sunday {TMA Mix} (Kekeb) [?] - rhythms aren't wrong but boring layering(need to step some fun rhythm parts), patterns could be PR

Solace (Speedcore Mix) (robertsona) [+?] - trills don't match the music well, long blank at m46 is.. quite annoying.

Sonata quasi una Fantasia (Xandertrax) [?] - wow we have this song... but quite offsync(especially around m25, after m34), avoid 12th jack(m30, 32, 88), m36, 94 would be ok by classic rule but reallllly annoying on FFR.

Spaceful Nights (omgitznpv) [?] - gap late, stream patterns, double placement could be better, song is a bit repetitive/long

Speeding Demon - cyrx900 [?] - gap is completely late, rhythms/patterns on stream, guitars should be stepped correctly. double placement. 12ths are fine

Splash Beats (iCO Sunrise Mix) Ben Speirs [+?] - m29- 43 could be more PR

Spoonography 2 (Sequal) [?] - all 24ths should be 32nds, double placement could be better, want songcut

Square, Volume and Amplitude (robertsona) [+] (7)

StringMachine(CorelPrisonMix) (Genocide101) [-] - YNS/off after m45, gap early, want songcut, 24ths are basically 32nds

Swallowing An Avalanche -New Mix- (~Zero~) [+?] - file is good but way too many meaningless pot 3-framers, change 32nd patterns

Szerencsetlen (~Zero~) [+] (10) - would have some pot 3-framer on song 32nd-16th patterns (like m88)

Take_Me_Back_(e^2_Remix) [?] - misrhythms on m20, m28, m36, m52, m68 (no 24ths), too long blank(m77-82), more PR patterns, pot 3-framers, last arrow isn't needed

Tension--_-- (omgitznpv) [?] - weird double placement at parts, missing some note m25-32 and m41-56, m33-40 could go with rhythms part

tete-a-tete (stargroup100) [+] (8) - rhythms in m26, m30-31 should be more accurate tho. those note coloring is allowed on only 1 file for FFR maybe.

The Beginning of Time (UberCreep361) [?] - double placement could be better(overdoubled at parts), streams are where they shouldn't be

The Beginning of Time-(behanjc) [+?] - a bit weird double placement at parts

The Concept of Love (Professor Raine) [+] (7) - permission? steps/song aren't bad, but sougcut would be better

the Dream Duel (Knoobish) [?] - apparently overdoubled, misrhythm at snare part with doubles, termination is weird

The Final Conflict (ElectricWerewolf) [++] (10) - technical file as hell, impressed

The Great Giana Sisters {dore and eastsideman09} [+?] - 18ths are off(too fast) at m100-, weird rhythms in m116-117?

The Lunatic Princess-(behanjc) [+] (11)

The Siege (Sequal) [?] - stream patterns, missing notes at parts

The Sock is Down at the Dock (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8)

Theme of the Dragoon Knights (SulferDragon) [+] (6)

This is Sparta EXTENDED mix (Coolgamer) [+?] - double placement is a bit random, missing the rhythm of voices at parts

Tokyo Banging (robertsona) [+] (7)

Toph's OP Remix (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (10) - audible

Tricky Disco (revolutionomega) [+?] - 32nds on m16-17 aren't needed IMO, missing a note on m58, 16ths on m67-69 are a bit weird

U.M.A (ElectricWerewolf) [+] (8)

Unbittersweet (xObserveRx) [?] - beginning is off, use BPM change, m25-27, m29-36 are understepped, m56-m60 are a bit overdoubled at parts

Vanishing Gungaroon (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

Violet Leaves (SulferDragon) [+?] - felt missing some notes for drums (conga or bongo), basically going for them?

WaveRip(remastered) (Silvuh) [+] (9) - didn't like patterns tho

Way out of the dungeon - cyrx900 [?] - misrhythms on m24-27 (esp. 24ths), rhythms/double placement (m22-23, m39-44)

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [+] (9)

Zelda TP Hyrulian Trance (megamon88) [?] - long one-hand trills, rhythms could be better overall

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


The Queue
101 kittens - bmah & stargroup
Agenda X - bluguerrilla
Black Wind Metamorphosis - behanjc
Blue Rose - stargroup
Border of Maximum - rebirth
Death Piano - stargroup - omg i failed this so hardcore
Dokodemo Kawaii - eastsideman
Fruity Sweety - behanjc - wee bit overdoubled
Gacha Figumate - jx
Gacha Figuradio - jx
Garyo - behanjc
Haruka - behanjc - i guess...  very repetitive.  gets boring.  glad you cut, at least.
Here's to Life - kailure, dsc, and blu - have rebirth touch up sync
I'm Just a DJ - starfalcon - bit generic, but ok
Ketsarku Mozgalom - jx
Lawn Wake I - rebirth
Mario Minor - behanjc - rebirth tweak sync
Pure in Asia - behanjc
Quickdraw - V4N - i like the patterns better in this one than in Silvuh's.
R8U - behanjc - i do agree with jx though...
ReRicked - sulferdragon
Rise Up - sulferdragon - maybe cut around 1300?
Tell Me A Story - Ataraxiate
Casket of Star - behanjc
The Rhythm of Life - sulferdragon - cut?
Vanity Angel - blu
Virtual Emotion - starfalcon
Waiwai230 - bmah and rebirth
Washamanoose's OP - jx

Played by Tass but not queue'd
big boss - v4n - good... add more jumps.  don't go overboard.
lazy summer days - xander - one mega 24th pattern out of place.  overdoubled compared to music.
bleck - generic.  repetitive.  not that fun. technically ok.
boss battle #3 - ending is more awkward than rest of the 8th jacks
bouff - overdoubled, but repetitive.  maybe cut @ 1100 or 1250?
chill penguin - try layering it...  see how it works.  bit bland as is.
church bells - jumpstream overstepped
coldstorm - what jx said.  plus at end of large jumpstream, music changes...  notes should too
cookies and cream - think we have enough skitzo raccoon for now, really.  technically ok, song is just blah.
dreamin in the 80s - what both said
fantasy impromptu - no real comments...  just ehh.  i'm thinking it's the piece, not the steps.  i gave rebirth the actual classical piece...  maybe that would be better to step?
forsaken neon 2 - would like to see harder, i think, with no framers anymore
game boy fiend - what jx said
game over - no
get ready - agree with both
happy rainbow - similar to queue'd file, but not better
hero in a dream - what they said.  cut?
keep in mind - sync.
lunatic moon - agree with jx
oasis - what both said
psi2 - what jx said
quickdraw - silvuh - see above

101 Kittens: +
- I need to fix a few sync errors in the colored notes before this gets released

6: +?
- Jumps where there shouldn't be jumps, no jumps where there should be sometimes
- Overstepped in parts

7 Second Epic: ?
- pitch relevancy is a big thing when the sim is so short

A Night To Remember: ?

Agenda X: +.
- Change gap by 20. F11 once

Alpha Helix v2: -
- Yellow notechart? Change it to the correct colors. Red arrows should be the downbeat

Behind These Hazel Eyes:  ?

Black Wing Metamorphosis: +?.
- I see 2 pink notes in the beginning that shouldn't be there. Some more around measure 30 too
- Double check for syncing
- Pretty fun otherwise

Bleck: +?

Blue Blast: ?
- Very offbeat

Blue Rose: +
- very nice how much
- Maybe some very minor sync issues on some notes. I'll fix maybe before release

Border of Maximum: +
- my simfile
- Need to fix a few things before release though

Boss Battle #3: +
- I think I see why there are so many 8th minijack things. So that makes this file good and accepted

Bouff: +.
- Need to check those random colored notes at aroud measure 125

Breaking the Ice: +?

- I think this is a new chart for a widget sim, so I'll skip this

Celcius: +?

Chaotic CENTURY: +?
- Good simfile but there are some missing notes and jumps

Charge!!!: +?

Chill Penguin: +?
- Watch your layering in this sim because it could be an awesome layered sim
- Missing some yellow notes near the beginning

Church Bells: +
- hi jumpstream, but this is pretty fun
- Those 12th jacks might be a problem though. Don't care, because this sim is good

Cloud Control: +?
- Seems too freeform when this song could have a simfile with great pitch relevancy

Cold Storm: +

Composer: -
- Terribly offbeat

Cookies and Cream: +
- Kinda boring song that isn't too well suited for stepping, but all the notes are pretty much correct so ok I'll accept

Crystalized Trance: ?

Death Piano: +
- Might have to change a few notes around but holy **** this was fun even though one of the hardest files that I've judged for this game

Disregard: ?
- I highly doubt we have Berserker permission
- Simfile isn't too great anyway

Dokodemo Kawaii: +
- Nice enjoyable file

dr0p: +?

Dreamin' In The 80s: +?
- Shouldn't you add a jump to that slap noise?
- Missing a couple notes in the very beginning

Elements of a Party: +?

Evacuation: ?
- That green jump in the beginning doesn't need to be there
- Extremely boring file

- Could use some filler notes in the easy jump parts

Fantasy Impromptu: +
- I don't like the fact that its almost all stream but its all pretty much correct

Felys: +?

Fight With Seymour: ?

Final Fall: ?

Forsaken Neon v2: +?

Fruity Sweetie: +
- I love how this thing turned out. Maybe a few things I'd change but its really nice

Gacha Gacha Cute Figu@Mate: +
- I think its supposed to be called just Figu@Mate but I don't know.
- I thought it'd be pretty hard to come up with steps for these songs, but these charts are pretty nice. 

Gacha Gacha Cute Figu@Radio: +
- CHange gap by 20. F12 once

Game Boy Fiend: +

Game Over: +
- lol my simfile

Garyo: +
- Cool song

Gene Gadget Zone: +?

Geno's Forest F-Zero: +?

Genophobia: +
- lol my simfile

Get Ready: +
- Just a boring song/sim =/

Half Symphony v2: +?
- Seems like the difficulty is too much like the v1. I don't know

Halloweenies: ?
- Boring

Happy Rainbow: +?

Hardkore Atomic: +?
- Probably can't have those 12th jacks in there

Haruka: +
- Weird sim. Looks correct though

Here's to Life: +
- A three person collaboration? haha
- Just a few sync things I need to fix for you guys, but I'm accepting this.

Hero in a Dream: +
- I might need to fix the sync during the big 12th streams part

Hutsu: +?
- The song is called Huutsu no Uta

Hydrocity Zone Act 1: ?

HyperSpeed: -
- Make the thing onbeat and have the red note the downbeat...

I'm A Maid: +?

I'm Just a DJ: +?

Infectiouz: +?

Keep in Mind: +
- I might have to fix some sync errors in the end but its a really good file overall

Ketsarku Mozgalom: +
- I wish people would stop stepping VSnares >_>

Last!Least!Regrets!!: +?

Lawn Wake I: +
- lol my simfile

lolhappy: +?

Lunatic Moon: +

Mario Minor: +

Marisa Stole the Precious Thing: +?
- One of my favorite touhou related songs so I'm judging this hard. Pretty good file but not extremely high quality, which is what I want for this song
- It looks like you took a few parts from the Zagh sim anyway

Oasis: +
- I'll fix those 12th things. They aren't 12ths

One: -
- Has 2 charts, both with freezes. Auto reject

- Could make for a good easy song. I think some of those jumps should be taken out to do so

Procrastination on Paper: -
- uh... has two charts

Psi^2: +

Pulsaris: ?

Pure in Asia: +
- Awesome sim. I love the song and was waiting for a dbu version simfile for it
- Aw it has some sync errors in the second half or something. I'll fix those

Quickdraw (Silvuh): +

Quickdraw (Vote4Nixon): +?
- Silvuh's was better

Quiet: ?
- Extremely boring song and everything

Quiet Speedy Tranquil Mix: +?

R8U: +
- <3

Reality: +?
- Again, I don't think we have Berserker permission... (Tass and JX, let me know if I'm wrong here)

ReRicked: +
- rofl yes

Rise Up: +

Robotnik Theme (daikenkaifreak): +?

Robotnik Theme (Grim5768): -
- Sim has multiple charts and charts with freezes in them

Rottel-da-Station v2: ?
- Don't really need a v2. And if we did, this is too close of a difficulty to the original

Secret Zombie Room v2: ?
- no

SF-R: +?
- Not sure about the 32nd streams
- Couple parts that couldv'e been done better

Silence: ?

Skirmish in the Sand: ?

Snowstorm: ?
- Those aren't 24th gallops

Space Wave Akiba Pop: ?

Strawberry Magic: +?

Strip Mine: +?

Suite Dreams: +?
- Pretty interesting to have the band step their own song for FFR. The simfile is bad though =/ so I don't know (oh and it has freezes rofl)

Tell Me a Story (Ataraxiate): +?

Tell Me a Story (DJ Cristo): +?

the Casket of Star: +?
- Its just called Casket of Star
- Those 32nd gallops start on the red note. Not the 32nd before it
- Whats with those 425 bpm parts?

The Euphoria: +?

The Moving: ?

The Rhythm of Life: +
- I pity the players for playing a 3 minute song with under 500 notes

The Terror of Death: 
- sup .hack
- Incredibly offbeat wtf

- Multiple charts with freezes

Time: ?

Together As One: +?

Under Your Bed: ?

Vanity Angel: +

Virtual Emotion: +

WAIWAI230: +

Washamanoose's OP (cyrx900): ?

Washamanoose's OP (jimerax): +

Wave Rip: +?

whisKers: ?

Xxxperiment: +?

{Big Boss}: +?
- Missing some jumps

{Lazy Summer Days}: +?

{The Traveller}: +?

Under Fire: +?

Highway Star: +?

Hydrocity Zone Act 1: +?

Lawn Wake I (t-rogdor): -
- Terrible

(dood gone krazee) Under Fire [+?] - gap early (30), in m13-16 doubles should go with drums

(i love you) Highway Star [+?] - doubles are inconsistent (missing some), in sections like m25-32 I felt triplets randomly appear

(Professor Raine) Hydrocity Zone Act 1 [+.] (7) - it would be better if more 48ths are used

(t-rogdor) Lawn Wake I (Lawn Funeral Edit) [-] - offsync, wrong BPM

{Big Boss} (Vote4Nixon) [+] (8) - nice PR

{Lazy Summer Days} (Xandertrax) [+] (8) - gap late (30), in patterns like m112 24ths should be 16ths 

{The Traveller} (flipsta_lombax) [?] - offsync at parts, overdoubled, could be more PR

6 (operationstrawberry) [?] - gap early (30), apparently overdoubled, 24ths are mis-rhythmd

7 second epic (robertsona) [-] - k

101 Kittens (stargroup100 + bmah) [=] (9) - updated file, ++ worthy as well

A Night To Remember (cyrx900) [?] - gap late (30), green note on m27?, JS is overdone compared to other parts, felt a bit long

Agenda X (bluguerrilla) [+] (8) - gap early (20), m18-21 could be more accurate

Alpha Helix v2 (omegalpha789) [-] - YNS, offsync

Behind These Hazel Eyes (dj-N Remix) (TK_pavonineukon) [+.] (5) - could be more PR tho

Black Wing Metamorphosis (behanjc) [+] (9)

Bleck (megamon88) [+] (8) - missing a note on m16

Blue blast (Alfarjamie) [-] - offsync, wrong BPM

Blue Rose (stargroup100) [+] (11) - 12th jack on m27/116/120/233, missing 24th on m129

Border of Maximum (Rebirth) [+] (10) - lol rfpack

Boss Battle #3 (SulferDragon) [+?] - gap early (30), 8th jack is overused (even though some of them are going with the pitch)

Bouff (D.J. Cristo) [+?] - felt a bit off, a bit inconsistent double placement, 8th jacks could be reduced

Breaking The Ice (Genocide101) [?] - gap late (20), all 24ths are weird, missing note on m58, patterns could be more PR

Bundy (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+.] (7) - a bit off at parts (beginning tends to be late), a bit long

Celcius (unkdavar) [?] - gap early (30), understepped at parts, patterns could be more PR

Chaotic CENTURY [Arcsynth] [+?] - felt missing drum rhythms at parts, m26-40 are unique

Charge!!! (omgitznpv) [+?] - gap late (20), double placement on m25-m33/m74-81 and climax parts is inconsistent, song is a bit repetitive

Chill penguin (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

Church Bells (behanjc) [+?] - overstepped overall, 24th patterns are jacky

Cloud Control (trumaestro) [?] - m46 is 32nds, inconsistent in difficulty

Coldstorm (For FFR) (OperationStrawberry) [?] - felt double placement is random, could be more PR

Composer (D.J. Cristo) [-] - wtf offsync, also some notes are misplaced

Cookies and Cream (Silvuh) [+] (8) - weird color at parts but sync is acceptable, missing note in m11

Crystalised Trance (Genocide101) [+?] - 24ths on m29, felt rhythms/doubles are inconsistent

Death Piano (stargroup100) [+.] (12) - definitely hate 9 2 framer/100+ 3 framer jacks and long double jacks/trills but +'d for Tass' opinion

Disregard (D.J. Cristo) [+?] - yellow note on m19? felt off at some parts

Dokodemo Kawaii ~True Heart's Rescue~ {eastsideman09} [+] (9) - a bit inconsistent in double placement

dr0p (D.J. Cristo) [?] - bpm/gap off, 24th placement is random

Dreamin' In The 80's (bluguerrilla) [+] (8) - maybe double placement could be better, want 32nds on m50

Elements of a Party [dore] [+.] (8) - gap late (30), some part at the beginning are a bit overstepped

Evacuation (nev670) [-] - misthyrhms on a lot of parts

EVERGREEN(pokelda) [+?] - gap early (20), rhythms on m25/80 could be better, understepped on m25-40

Fantasy Impromptu (behanjc) [+?] - sync gets earlier towords the end, patterns at the ending cause a lot of 8th right jacks

Felys (Vote4Nixon) [+.] (8) - gap late(20), piano section got better but not synced enough yet though

Fight With Seymour (Genocide101) [+?] rhythms on m9/m11/m20, 32nds on m53 aren't needed, could be more PR

Final Fall (Demonic Mix) (robertsona) [?] - offsync/misrhythmed in many parts

Forsaken Neon (Uncut) (Silvuh) [+] (10) - V2 of this should have less 8th jacks IMO, but just +'d for uncut version

Fruity Sweety (behanjc) [+] (9)

Gacha Gacha Cute Figu@Mate (JX) [own file] (10)

Gacha Gacha Hertz Figu@Radio (JX) [own file] (11)

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - long 3 arrow stream, JS at m33-39 is overdone compared to others

Game Over (Rebirth) [-] - k

Garyo (behanjc) [+] (11) - overdouble'd but ok

Gene Gadget Zone - Act 1 (bmah) [+?] - m26/82/m99 is 32nds

Genophobia (Rebirth) [+.] (6) - could be more PR tho

Geno's Forest F-Zero v2 (robertsona) [?] - gap early(20), IMO V2 should have steps that go with melody/drum more accurately

Get Ready (OperationStrawberry) [?] - gap early(30), 16th/32nd rhythm on m15-16, m40-41, m55-56, m65-66, streams on m75-82?

Half Symphony (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - 32nds on m18/34 should be 48ths, 32nd+64th at the end of m22 should be 16th+48th

Halloweenies (shad0wlord) [+?] - on m8 24ths are 32nds, double placement

HAPPY RAINBOW (dag12 & .dot) [+] (10) - compare with current queue'd one

Hardkore Atomic (MilkChan) [+?] - 12th jacks(pot 3-framers), overdoubled at parts, rhythms are correct though

Haruka (behanjc) [+] (7) - gap early(20)

Here's to Life [oni] (Kailure + DrugstoreCowboy + bluguerrila) [+.] (8) - felt quite offsync at parts because some instruments are laggy

Hero in a Dream (SulferDragon) [+?] - gap early(30), m72-m73 is overdone

Hutsu (behanjc) [+.] (10) - trills on m22 should be shorter, 24th on m38/66?

Hydrocity Zone Act 1 (Professor Raine) [?] - most of 16ths are misrhythmed

Hyperspeed (Starshot) [-] - offsync, wrong BPM

I'm a Maid{EnR} [?] - 32nd on m13 is 16th, double placement on m84?, m113 should be more accurate, blue note on 4th and going off after m114

I'm Just a DJ (Starfalcon176) [+] (7) 

Infectiouz (customstuff) [?] - gap early(20), double placement, m22-23 should be 32nds

Keep in Mind (behanjc) [+?] - beginning is a bit early/a bit off at parts, some 32nd could be 24th on m52, some 24th trills are a bit annoying(4 framer) 

Ketsarku Mozgalom (JX) [own file] (12)

Last!Least!Regrets!!(Scytlock) [+?] - double placement could be more consistent

Lawn Wake I (Rebirth) [+] (11)

lolhappy (HammyMcSquirrel) [+.] (8) - gap late(30), weird rhythms at some parts for me but maybe technically ok

Lunatic Moon OC Remix (Knoobish) [+?] - inconsistent double placement/overdoubled at parts

Mario Minor (behanjc) [+.] (11) - off at parts/some patterns would be gay on FFR though

MARISA STOLE THE PRECIOUS THING (Knoobish) [+.] (8) - probably steps could be better but IMO want this song with BG on FFR

Oasis (Vote4Nixon) [+?] - misrhythm in 12ths at m26-30, m98-102, could be more PR on some parts, 32nds are better on m96

One (CharonStyx) [-] - offsync

POWER (Arcsynth) [+?] - PR and double placement could be better

Procrastination on Paper (Silvuh) [+.] (9) - missing notes with drums on m46-56?

Psi2 [eastsideman09] [+?] - misrhythm on m9/54-56, m57 could be better

Pulsaris {eastsideman09} [+?] - double placement, rhythms are a bit awkward. bpm/notes are fine

Pure in Asia  (behanjc) [+] (10) - a bit overdone but ok

Quickdraw (Silvuh) [>]

Quickdraw (Vote4Nixon) [+] (8) - both are queueworthy and pretty damn close in quality, I liked v4n's a bit more.

Quiet (meb_mmm) [?] - song is way too boring.. could be more PR.

Quiet Speedy Tranquil Mix (meb_mmm) [?] - same with above..

R8U (behanjc) [+.] (9) - overdoubled at parts?

Reality (D.J. Cristo) [?] - BPM wrong/offsync, 12ths and 24ths?

ReRicked (SulferDragon) [+] (8)

Rise Up (SulferDragon) [+.] (9) - a bit off at parts due to the non constant BPM song, felt a bit long

Robotnik Theme (MVL Redux) (daikenkaifreak) [+.] (6) - music is quite similar to boss machine 2

Robotnik Theme (MVL Redux) (Grim5768) [+?] - another one is better

Rottel-Da-Station (Oni-Paranoia) [-] - a bit bpm/gap off, similar to V1, no need for V2 of this song IMO

Secret Zombie Room V2 (unkdavar) [?] - gap early(40), difficulty inconsistency.. should be harder overall

SF-R (ShadowDragon!)V2 [+?] - need songcut, 32nd pattern is a bit weird

Silence (Hap Mix) (D.J. Cristo) [?] - offsync, repetitive/too long(6 min!)

Skirmish in the Sand (unkdavar) [?] - gap early(30), until m16 doubles aren't needed, after m19 it suddenly gets 4th rhythm.. etc.

Snowstorm (three17s) [-] - gap/bpm off, a lot of misrhythms, rhythms are basically 16th based

Space! Wave! Akiba-Pop!! (omgitznpv) [?] - needs a songcut, most of 16th/24th stream in m159-195 (rap+guitar section) don't fit the music too well

Strawberry Magic (sc979) [?] - yellow notes are off at beginning, 32nd on m23/33/76.., 24th on m37/48/53.., missing notes on piano section.. etc

Strip Mine (Professor Raine) [+?] - BPM off(0.02), gap early(20), a bit overdoubled

Suite Dreams (stepfile made by band, The Offseason) [-] - offsync, freeze

Tell Me a Story [Compendium Mix] (Ataraxiate) [+] (8) - 3-framer on m46

Tell Me a Story [Compendium Mix] (D.J. Cristo) [+?] - has some misrhythms, other one is better

the Casket of Star (behanjc) [+] (10)

The Euphoria (TK_pavonineukon) [+.] (6) - felt notes aren't going with the melody at parts, could be more PR

The Moving (spEXartELITan) [?] - misrhythms (16ths and some other rhythms are inaccurate)

The Rhythm of Life (SulferDragon) [+] (6) - gap early(20)

The Terror of Death (D.J. Cristo) [?] - offsync(especially beginning), needs songcut

TILL (stepfile by the band, Redcraving) [-] - multi, freeze

Time (robertsona) [+.] (6) - gap early(20), song is kinda meh though

Together As One (D.J. Cristo) [+.] (9) - some 16ths are kinda random though

uNdEr YoUr BeD (dandandamdandan1111) [+?] - felt missing notes at parts, also sometimes I don't get which instrument notes are going with

Vanity Angel (bluguerrilla) [+] (8)

Virtual Emotion - Starfalcon176 [+] (9)

WAIWAI230 (bmah+Rebirth0) [+] (9) - pot 3-framers

Washamanoose's OP (cyrx900) [-] - withdrawal

Washamanoose's OP (jimerax) [own file] (9)

Wave Rip (Scytlock) [+?] - stream pattern could be better (also could have some jumps in them)

whisKers (three17s) [?] - felt abuse of 4 framer jacks

Xxxperiment (dandandamdandan1111) [+?] - 32nds aren't needed IMO(inconsistent), double placement, song is repetitive

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


The Queue
300 - Is this by robertsona or sulferdragon?  the email came in from robert...  but there is a cd-title for sulfer
Going on spring wind - stargroup
Kil Stage - stargroup
Okusenman! hardcore mix - bmah
Sonata quasi una fantasia - xandertrax - still need to touch up sync slightly, see other judges comments
What's what - bmah
xeno-flow - bmah

Tested by Tass, not Queue'd
Blue-Violet - agree w/ jx.  change the ending stream to more audible sounds
Can you feel the sunshine - cut please, also what jx said
DeVour - agree w/ rebirth about the song.  agree w/ jx about the rhythms
HITUZI - overly repetitive, nothing special about it...  bland
Quasar angelic - the one crazy section ~625 doesn't fit with the rest of the file, even though it fits the music
Real 210 - decent for what it is, not the best paraoka song for stepping
Revolutions - agree with both
Rock Armor - fix blue on 4ths
Star of mine - what jx said
Trisection v2 - what jx said

Rebirth's Notes                                   
300: +

*[GloW]*: ?

Activity Unbroken v2: +?

-Api- Anaconda: +?
- Some missing notes. Missing jumps

BEER!!!: ?
- Sync issues

Blue-Violet: +

Can You Feel The Sunshine: +
- So much better than what I was expecting

Chaotic CENTURY: +?

Devour: +
- Song is stupid but the sim is actually pretty good

Figu At Mate: +?
- jimerax's is a little better

Going On Spring Wind: +


I Wish I Had Died That Day: 
- Sync. Move the downbeat down one 32nd. Makes the downbeat a red note instead of a brown.... As it is now, its crappy because of that

Kil Stage: +
- Change gap by 40. F12 twice

MaxX WipEout: +?

Nightfall: ?

Okusenman!: +
- Pretty interesting song. A vocals song for one of the megaman songs in FFR

One Thousand Cranes: +?
- it'd be cool to have 1,000 notes in the song. I hear a bunch of spots where you could put jumps too

Oriental Inspiration: +?

Pants Dance: +?

Quasar: +

REAL 210: +
- Better than I was expecting. Bmah definitely knows how to make a fun file out of almost any song

Revolutions: +?
- Kinda boring song and steps

Rock Armor: +
- Seems pretty boring but its done well

Saffron Beach Driving: +?

Snowstorm: ?

Sonata quasi una Fantasia: +
- After the 22 bpm part in the 70s measures it goes offbeat slightly, but I can fix that. 

Speeding Demon: +?


Storm Eagle Redux: +?

Strawberry Magic: +?
- Those yellow notes in the beginning are off. They're supposed to be red I think

The Beginning of time: ?

The Euphoria: +?

Trisection v2: +

Variations 2: ?
- jimerax's is better

Way out of the dungeon: +?

What's what: +

Xeno-Flow: +

~Progress~: ?

JX's Notes
[GloW] (Nightfirecat) [?] - a bit offsync overall, want better patterns/layering

~Progress~ (three17s) [?] - gap late(20), 16th stream at m8- don't match other parts, care about pitch relevancy

300 (SulferDragon?) (Robertsona?) [+] (11) - some double placement is weird, but ok fun file

Activity Unbroken (Cyanite) [+?] - felt long(4.5 min), a bit inconsistent in rhythms

Anaconda (Jtehanonymous) [?] - gap early(30), understepped at parts(esp m46-), pattern/double placement could be more consistent, ending is offsync

BEER!!! (omgitznpv) [?] - quite offsync, need to sync by notes

Blue-Violet (stargroup) [+] (8) - gap early(20), after m62 what streams are going with isn't very audible but ok

Can You Feel The Sunshine (bmah) [+?] - end of m67/m101/m131/m139 is 32nds, song cut is preferable

Chaotic CENTURY (Arcsynth) [+?] - gap late(20), not a bad attempt but felt some rhythms are out of place

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+?] - gap early (20), quite interesting but too many misrhythms(most are 24th-32nd errors, missing some notes)

Gachagacha Cute Figu@mate (New Take) (omgitznpv) - I'm not going to review this, but I don't think full version is needed.

Going On Spring Wind (stargroup) [+] (10) - lacks some jumps at parts/m52 could be trills, but ok

HITUZI (SulferDragon) [+] (11) - song name is "Samayoeru Hitsujitachino Meikyu"

I Wish I Had Died That Day (vvav) [+?] - felt some 16th rhythms don't go with the music well (including streams)

I've Been Running (Arcsynth) [?] - rhythms (like m21-28) could be more accurate, want better layering in m29-40, ending is weird

Kil Stage (stargroup) [+] (11) - music is similar to glove stage (I don't mind about it at all though), green notes seem off/a few misrhythms

MaxX WipEout (championanwar) [?] - gap late(40), rhythms could be more accurate in many parts, a bit repetitive

nightfall [intensez] [+?] - misrhythm in m12/m20/m54, could be more PR overall

Okusenman! -Hardcore Mix- (bmah) [+] (10) - gap early(20)

One Thousand Cranes 1.1 (Xiaounlimited) [?] - gap late/bpm late, most 24/48ths are actually 32nds, m59-65 could be more consistent

Oriental Inspiration (gnr61) [+?] - fun but misrhythms at parts / apparently some parts of this song aren't 16th based

Pants Dance (three17s) [-] - misrhythms on some 16th parts, and I hate this song so much sry

Quasar (Angelic Blue Mix) (bmah) [+] (9)

REAL 210 (bmah) [+?] - a bit repetitive/long, also felt missing some notes

Revolutions (omgitznpv & robertsona) [+] (10) - felt stream pattern is a bit random but ok

Rock Armor (SulferDragon) [+?] - blue note on 4th, felt guitar parts are chaotic (maybe because it's so unclear), and are they synced well?

Saffron Beach Driving (robertsona) [+?] - understepped/inconsistent at parts, PR could be better (fine at parts), m50/78 is 16ths

Snowstorm (three17s) [?] - rhythms aren't correct in many parts

Sonata quasi una Fantasia (Xandertrax) [+] (11) - still felt a bit off at parts but acceptable (not just offset), now av-miss is fixed so you can get trills back I guess

Speeding Demon - cyrx900 [?] - want more 16ths etc, misrhythm at m58 

STAR of MINE (bmah) [+?] - 32nds at m103 are out of place, 24ths would be fine (and 48ths are overdone), songcut is prefferable

Storm Eagle Redux [intensez] [?] - some 32nds are 24ths, weird double placement at parts

Strawberry Magic (sc979) [?] - many errors, 16th in m2-4, 24th in m37/m49/m53, misrhythms in m76/78, m79-104 is understepped, BNS in second half.. etc

The Beggining of time (sticklydude) [?] - BPM/gap early, YNS?, should be more PR

The Euphoria (Celira) [?] - gap late/a bit bpm off, most of yellow(16th) notes don't make sense

Trisection v2 {eastsideman09} [?] - m35-m37, m51-55, m57-m61, m68-70 are 24ths, also better PR on 24th parts, m63-66 is understepped

Variations 2 (robertsona) [+?] - difficulty inconsistency, streams in m37?, misrhythms in bursts

Way out of the dungeon - cyrx900 [?] - offsync due to BPM error, want more PR

What's what (bmah)  [+] (8)

Xeno-flow (bmah) [+] (10) - a bit off at parts in beginning but overall fun

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


11ELEVEN: +?
- 4:22 long sharpnel file would be pretty boring. Steps are boring as they are anyway

4 Chord Touhou: +
- Gonna have cetaka relayer this and add the necessary jacks, but this is a good sim.

Almost There: ?
- The sim is good, and would probably be accepted if you didn't pull the stupid massive 32nd stream for 8 measures. That sound is barely audible

Angelic Mirage: +?
- Parts in measures 18 - 25 couldv'e been done better. Otherwise not too bad

Are You Happy?: +?
- You've got to be kidding me, the song is incredibly incredibly repetitive and the whole thing was stepped rofl
- Make a cut and we'd be more likely to consider it

Battle Theme #37: +?
- Not bad of a sim, but I see some places where you couldv'e layered better and added hands
- Not to mention it seems to go a little offbeat as the song progresses

Big Blue: +?
- All minijacks for the triplets? Anything else wouldv'e been better. Even if that wouldv'e been the correct thing to put, for a metal song like this, and considering the notes you put those minijacks to, ou probably shouldv'e put non jack patterns down. As they are it makes the sim seem dumb while everything else about it is pretty good

Blood and Black Chocolate: +?

Blue Zenith: -
- hey thats cool, multiple charts and freezes in both

Blue-Violet: +?
- We have a version thats already queue'd. Its not an FMO/FGO but the steps fit the song better than these steps do

Boo: ?
- Long songs are not reccommended at all when they're songs like these. Quit out after like 50 seconds

Club: +
- Accepted because its my own sim and it seems about right

Core: +?
- Funner patterns couldv'e been used. It feels pretty repetitive because of the lack of many different patterns in the active 16th parts

- So repetitive. Even more so than Blurk's old version for it

Death on a Dynasty: +?
- whoa major sync error 110 seconds in
- Actually a good sim, just needs a little better layerin

Digital Confession: +?
- 5 minute sims are so dumb when they're for repetitive songs. Its a good sim and I think its just about worth accepting except for those pointless minijacks and the length. Cut the song length down and resubmit for a normal batch because it'd make a good file

disconnect the dots: ?
- Not what I'd be looking for in a sim for this event

Disconnected Exodus: +
- Great file even if it is a little repetitive

Disregard (Both versions): -
- Sorry, but I just can't see any kind of good file coming from these Berserker songs. Both sims are kinda dumb

Eclipse (Solar): +
- Note for Tass: play the oni
- 32nd streams are so stupidly hard but ok its a good sim

Electro Rush X8 v2: +

Eradication: +

Fareast Hardstylerz: +?

Feelings From The Air: ?
- Sync errors, notes placed in incorrect spots.

Happy Rainbow: ?
- That song doesn't really need to be stepped like I did the oni for it 2 - 3 years ago. Besides, we have one in the queue already thats better

Hardkore Atomic: +?
- Song kinda sucks but the simfile for it is pretty good.
- During some of the 12th double jack streams the notes aren't the same, they change every 3 notes/every beat. So the pattern should change.
- Some of the 32nd streams should have one less arrow. The blue arrow on some of those 32nd bursts should be cut out

Higan Retour: ?
- HST's sim was pretty much the best you can get for this song. It just doesn't seem to compare, even if his wasn't for FFR.
- This one just feels weird to play. 32nds in places that don't really need them. These 48th things in the slow parts probably don't go there at all

Integraation: +

Kimi Wa Nan Terabyte: +?
- Yeah this sim kinda isn't an FMO/FGO. That and theres ultimate green note syndrome at the end, but thats an SM bug, thats not you. I just don't know how to fix it

- This is like... the perfect hard file for a Sharpnel song. Except its killingscum but whatever, same guys. Hands might be a little too much but its awesome

Little God Ch@nnel (Classic Rocker): +
- I would definitely not expect a good sim out of this song. Very nice
- Few small things I'm noticing around the simfile, I might talk to you on AIM and have you fix them up or something

Lucky Star OP (TK_pavonineukon): +?
- Classic Rocker's destroys this

Maikelru's OP: + / +?
- I think that double jumpstream in the very beginning is unnecessary, but I'm not sure. Tass can look at this one and decide


Molto v2: +?
- Reach's v1 is better

Nanairopanda v2: +
- My sim, etc

Nauticus' Tragic Past Revealed: ?
- Not the correct rhythms

- In terms of fun factor, this sim isn't too great

Novo Mundo: +

OniGiri: ?
- Retarded jacks where they don't need to be. Super long streams where they definitely aren't necessary. Incredibly annoying simfile

Operation Evolution: +?
- Why do you all step such long songs like this -_-. If you're going to step something over 3:30 in length, it better be damn good
- Not FMO/FGO material anyway

Piano Etude "Gymnastics": +
- I need to look at the sync, but its accepted

Radio Heads: +?
- Few spots that need more/less layering. I'll help you with those
- Some inconsistency near the end

Rapture: ?
- Its not a bad simfile, its just stupid for the song

Reality: + / +?
- This isn't nearly as bad as the Disregard submissions but I still think any Berserker sim is stupid. I'll leave this up to tass again because I'm somewhat biased on Berserker sims

Rottel-da-STAR: ?
- Big sync error in the beginning. Random 32nds that aren't really needed at all

Saikyou OX Keikaku v2: +
- In my own opinion it might not be an FMO but I'll let tass/jx decide

Secret Zombie Room v2: -
- no

Setsujou! Hyakka Ryouran: +


Tell v2: +
- F12 once to the gap

The Adventures of Lolo: +

The Games We Never Player: ?
- The artist is Zaghurim, not aspergian
- Rhythms in some parts are just wrong

- Doesn't seem like FMo material

Variations 2: +?
- Seems like too much to be a good sim. Your original version is probably better

Vertex+i: +
- I'll have to fix some sync errors but it looks like a good sim

W@REZ: +?
- May not be FMo material

White: +?
- Some of the jump gallop parts were just put there so the sim would be more difficult. Its not really the actual layering.
- Needs some better layering in those same 8th jump parts

Your Destination: ?
- The jacks go to nothing. Long ass song, etc

[[White]] [[eastsideman09]] FMO event [+? - 5]
misrhythms.. at m3-m6 most of 48ths are actually 32nds + 64th triplets.
64th is 32nd/24ths are 64ths on m7-13 (this applies to all similar parts), 24th on m53?
overhanded at the ending.

4 chord touhou (cetaka) [+ / 7.5] (low-12)

11ELEVEN (omgitznpv & eastsideman09) [+? / 4.5]
inconsistent rhythms on m36-43, at m52 missing notes on 4ths, end of m92 should be 32nds, most 24ths/48ths on burst zone are actually 32nds/64ths,
also want lower-left PR there, quad placement overall

Almost There (ElectricWerewolf) [+. / 6.5] (high-12)
32nd stream (includes many trills, RM) is so intense compared to other parts, felt making it harder by overlayering but rhythms are correct overall

Angelic Mirage (unkdavar) [+? / 5]
some parts are fun but layering is pretty inconsistent overall.
longtrill at m51- is unfun. 16th stream on m35-41?
Besides 48th bursts the difficulty doesn't deserve FMO

Are You Happy (smartdude1212) [? / 4]
196BPM 16ths = 130.66BPM 24ths (not 147) = 98BPM 32nds = 65.33BPM 48ths (not 73.5)... ok?
Difficulty inconsistency, need to follow more instruments for hard files, m216 should be 32nds

Battle Theme #37 (SulferDragon) [+. / 6.5] (high-11)
inconsistent 16th placement on m15, 19, 40, 60, 64, 85

big blue (JX) [own file] (high-11)

Blood and Black Chocolate (robertsona) [+? / 5.5]
a bit too easy for this batch, misrhythms on m7, also missing notes in many parts, fun but could be better/harder

Blue Zenith (Knoobish) [- / 0]
freezes/multi difficulty

Blue-Violet (Silvuh) [+? / 5.5]
misrhythm at the end of m16/m48 (they are 24ths), m26/m30 (one extra 32nd), m33 (missing one 32nd note), abuse/overuse of quads

Boo (customstuff) [- / 0]
offsync as hell, YNS/wrong coloring at parts, missing a lot of rhythms

Club (Rebirth) [+ / 6.5] (high 11)
technically correct except for some PR, kinda harder version of AIM Anthem

Core (customstuff) [? / 4]
difficulty is apparently under FMO, misrhythm on m18/98/114, many missing/extra notes with rhythm parts

DATA DRAIN (Ravia) [? / 3]
PR could be better, pattern changes at ending (especially roll parts) are weird

Death of a Dynasty (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4.5]
inconsistent layering after m31, misrhythm on m45/127, after m47 16ths should go with drums they don't sync with guitars well. a few off parts around m70,
rhythms after m77? offsync in m85-106.

Digital Confession (_.Spitfire._) [+? / 5.5]
rhythms on m75/115/155/187/211, technically ok for other parts, but whole thing is way too repetitive/long

Disconnect the Dots (HighBuddha) [? / 4]
need more consistency for streams (I don't recommend putting streams on hihats on this song tho)/PR, color notes after m153 are weird

Disconnected EXODUS (eastsideman09) [? / 3.5]
file is ok until m34 but after that it's like a storm of misrhythm (I'm not even pointing out those).

Disregard ([TeRa]) [? / 3.5]
more like above FGO but felt stream pattern is quite awkward, and honestly I don't think those sequent 300BPM 16ths fit the music too well.

Disregard (ExtremeX) [? / 3.5]
set 300BPM, placement of jacks/jumps/hands is weird

Eclipse (Solar) (ElectricWerewolf) [+ / 7.5] (high-12)
multi difficulties but played oni cause it looks obvious. some 32nd stream patterns are awkward, otherwise rly cool file

Electro Rush X8 v2 (Rebirth0) [+ / 7] (mid-12)

Eradication (ElectricWerewolf & bluguerrilla) [+ / 7.5] (low-12)
still extra 24th on m34/38 but ok

FAREAST HARDSTYLERZ [Oni] (cyrx900) [? / 3]
misrhyrhm on m8/86/137-142, color notes on m23?, color notes aren't synced too well but ok, 64th rolls are pretty crappy

Feelings From The Air (Knoobish) [? / 4]
misrhythm at m5-6, m8, m40.. many parts, offset of beginning is early, also some jack placements don't make sense

Happy Rainbow (Cyanite) [+? / 4.5]
bpm/gap wrong, 24ths? and extra 32nds on m75, ending is just offsync/weird. JS attempt isn't bad but not better than current queue'd one overall

Hardkore Atomic (EnR) [+? / 5]
many misrhythms, there're no 32nds on this song, those are 48ths. 64ths are weird on m68. otherwise it's ok.

Higan Retour (Ravia) [? / 3]
most 32nds/48ths go with nothing, or are misrhythmed. Original might be HST's but layering is changed with an inconsistent way

Integraation (bluguerrilla then SulferDragon) [+? / 5.5]
beginning of m11 should be 32nds (actual rhythm is 64th), 24ths on m15/33/70/71 are 32nds, misrhythm on m21/50, lags on 106-107?

Kimi Wa Nan Terabyte (omgitznpv) [+. / 6] (mid-11 due to the guitar)
some overdone parts/misrhythms on guitar part (plus contains 24th jacks and such that are just retarded), others are fine

LET'S NYANCING (omgitznpv) [+? / 5]
32nd spins could be rolls, hand/double placement on m53-88 is apparently wrong
felt missing some 16th rhythms but ok, other things are fine

Little God Ch@nnel (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [+? / 6]
The way of stepping is technically good, but jack usage like this is bad when the song is pretty repetitive (190bpm longjacks aren't recommended in general).

Lucky Star OP (Little God Remix) (TK_pavonineukon) [? / 3.5]
misrhythms on m32/49/65/81.. etc, a lot. inconsistent layering.

Maikelru's OP (Maikelru) [+. / 6] (mid-12)
file is full of annoying/retarded patterns and song is lol, but most parts are technically correct surprisingly.
rhythms are well-done, PR is good but could be better at parts.

Model DDX (Sulferdragon and bmah) [+? / 5.5]
m38-39 - guitar is faster than steps, m41-42/m55/ steps are faster than the guitar, also misrhythm in m38/m57, use 192nds for syncing, a bit easy for this batch

Molto Vivace v2 (NetJet) [- / 0]
way too many misrhythms and sync/layering error

Nanairopanda (Rebirth) [+ / 7.5] (mid-11)
several things are correctly done/harder compared to V1, only some jack use is a bit annoying

Nauticus' Tragic Past Revealed (Ravia) [? / 1]
extra note on m4, misrhythm on m6/ending, m35-38 are 32nds(kinda fast though), 64ths on m18?, 48th at m63/67?, patterns aren't PR at all.

NECROPOTENCE (bmah) [+ / 6.5] (low-12)
missing a 32nd on some patterns, others are fine

Novo Mundo (Dj_Ossa) [+ / 7] (low-11)

OniGiri (ExtremeX) [- / 0.5]
a lot of misrhythms, also patterns are totally horrible

Operation Evolution (Coolboyrulez0) [? / 4]
layering/rhythms could be a lot better, 24ths on m161, also patterns should be PR

Piano Etude Gymnastics (behanjc) [++ / 8] (high-11)
a bit off around m9/19/29-31 but acceptable level enough for FFR. also 16th doubles are a bit overdone, but great file overall

Radio Heads (behanjc) [+ / 7.5] (low-11)

Rapture (Coolboyrulez0) [? / 3]
quite inconsistent layering/PR, misrhythms on m36-38 (those are 32nds)

Reality (hi19hi19) [+ / 7] (mid-12)
rhythms are nice for this song

Rottel-da-STAR (_.Spitfire._) [- / 0]
auto rejection for permission issue

Saikyou OX Keikaku V2 (Rebirth) [+? / 5.5]
jack usage of m29, underlayer on m34-37(and all similar parts), misrhyrhms on m75/78/83

Secret Zombie Room V2 (sticklydude) [- / 0.5]
Those 32nds don't make sense at all plus awkward patterns.

Setsujou! Hyakka Ryouran! (Rebirth) [++ / 8] (mid-11)
simply pretty fun.

STRAWBERRY SWEETZ (Silvuh) [+ / 7] (high-11)
32nd trills on m68/m217 are a bit stupid, others are fine

Tell v2 [dore] [> - 6.5]
multi difficulty (played oni), jack version.
pitch relevancy has some room for improvement, missing notes on m71-72, are jacks with BDs needed?
I don't think queue'd one should be replaced with this one personally

the adventures of lolo (JX) [own file] (low-12)

The Games We Never Played (Ravia) [? / 1]
want more PR and correct rhythms (misrhythms and random color notes)

THE OTHERS (TK_pavonineukon) [? / 2.5]
want more correct rhythms on m4/8/.. all similar parts, too easy for this batch, rhythms/double placement aren't fun, ending

Variations2 (jx) [own file] (low-11)

Vertex+i [[[eastsideman09]]] [+? / 4.5]
extra note on m14/16, m67 is 16ths, incorrect layering (some doubles/hands aren't needed), offsync especially at second half

W@REZ(EnR) [+. / 6] (low-11)
a bit gap late, missing note on m8, otherwise not bad

Your Destination - Starfalcon176 [+? / 4.5]
m33/73/105 are 32nds, some jacks are abused(m20/22/24/125/etc), some notes go with nothing/inconsistent layering

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


Note: A lot of these files still have very minor tweaks that have been suggested by jx and blu.  Please feel free to make these minor tweaks and re-email me just the dwi file and I'll replace the current version.
The Queue
Planet Karma - stargroup - would kinda like to see the 16th jack section toned down
Air.sul G iRock - behanjc
CRASH the BEAT - behanjc - definitely some weird patterns throughout
Falsie the Pseudo-Science Girl - behanjc
Funktacular - dore
Here we go - jimerax
Integraation - blu & Sulfer - i know you are fixing this as per jx's comments.  also, the 48th rolls at the start seem kinda out of place with the rest of the file
Ome Minute Waltz v2 - jx
OSTER Project World Tour 04 - behanjc
Procrastination on a Paper - silvuh
Randomness Reactor III - Kommisar - this song is pretty crappy though
Speedcore Sunday - jx
Starlight - macgravel
Fei Longer - hi19

Tested by Tass, Not Queue'd
A World of Piano - nice sync.  what both judges said.  also, last 30 or so seconds seem intentionally overstepped vs the music
Blue-Violet - fix the layering
Document 13b - what jx said
Einstein Rosen Bridge - what both said
Kanon-Kanon - definitely overdoubled
lightfoot - autorejected for hands in non-FMO
Lunatic Princess - hands in stream, overlayered, we don't really need another LP file that isn't THAT different from the one already in-game.
Space! Wave! Akiba-Pop - fix up jumps, overwise good.  32nds are fine for the rolls.
Big Blue v2 - fix PR.  It is pretty boring in the 1st half vs v1.  
The Crow's Eyes - this never ended...  please cut.  look into the other comments as well.

JX's Notes

[Wild ARMs Town] (Redorigami) [? / 4]
song/steps are pretty repetitive for 4 minute.
need shorter song, more consistent steps.

{Lazy Summer Days} (Xandertrax) [? / 5]
m1-12 are overall offsync, all of mini 24ths should be 32nds
The song should fade out earlier.

{The Sewers} (Arrowhead Stadium) [- / 0]
no file

{Wildflower} (blazelust) [- / 0]
offsync + misrythms(all 12ths). couldn't even understand what arrows are going, quit out.

~Progress~ (three17s) [? / 3.5]
difficulty is ok, but pattern and jump placement are completely random. 

==Planet KARMA== (stargroup) [+ / 8.5] (11)
m50-51 should go with the harp. jacks in m102-109 don't match the music too well.
minor sync issue in m172-174, m186-188.
It still has high technical level, but it's basically a clone of SM dump.

13th,Friday (megamon88) [? / 4.5]
offsync at parts due to incorrect bpm changes, inconsistent layering at parts(understepped at parts).
It would be better if patterns are more PR (some parts are ok). 

260 (smartdude1212) [? / 4.5]
kinda boring due to the lack of layering, also some rhythms don't flow well for me.

3020 (Coolboyrulez0) [? / 3.5]
misrhythm on m8, 16, etc (20ths), PR could be better. jumps could be used on proper place.
songcut is better.

A Nightmare Before Kefka - Copy [- / 0]
PR, misrhythm, etc

A World of Piano [sc979] [+. / 7] (9)
Not perfect but syncing is good enough for FFR.
some issues with PR(unnecessary jacks could be changed)/jump placement/split placement.

Air.sul G iRock (behanjc) [+ / 7] (10)

Balloon Fever v2 (Crayzie) [- / 4.5]
basically similar to V1, just a bit understepped.

Battleman Zero Theme (-Barista-)

Blue-Violet (Silvuh) [+. / 6.5] (8)
Layering between piano and drums is a bit inconsistent at parts.
The rest is ok.

Chariot (JenovaSephiroth) [+? / 6]
Color changing technique is interesting.
but in parts like m55-62, felt missing some rhythms (understepped at parts).
4 min full song is a bit too long for this song.

chemicalattraction (NestleKwik) [? / 3]
gay early by like 100ms, many misthyrhms there.
felt arrows are going with the vocal and drums randomly.

Chocolate Magic-(behanjc) [+? / 6]
gap early, felt steps are going with not very audible parts a bit too much.

Chrono Eternit (xxJakexx) [- / 0]
offsync, YNS

Cloud Control (batistabomb300) [? / 4]
gap late, misthyrhms in m45, m56, m72, etc. stream patterns are neither PR nor index.
inconsistent jump placement at parts.

Concrete Dandelions (TC_Halogen) [? / 5]
many misrhythms overall. the second half is pretty repetitive.

Corneria (Trance Remix) (Coolboyrulez0) [? / 4.5]
a lot of misrhythms, felt patterns are random.

CRASH the BEAT! (behanjc) [+. / 6.5] (10)
in m55-66 felt some jumps in 24ths are overdone
m81/m85 are slightly misrhythmed(but ok), and weird patterns

Crying Soul v2 (Breakdown16) [? / 5]
m27 should go with drums, 16ths in m42? PR could be better.

Damage Control (Mahjix) [? / 3.5]
gap late, PR could be better, rhythms after m63?

Dance Off (dtpietrzak) [? / 2]
steps don't flow the music well overall.

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [? / 5]
some parts are PR and properly layered but burst patterns (m22, m32-, and more) are extremely awkward.
48ths should be 32nds.

Digital Confession (SulferDragon) [+? / 5.5]
Not too much issues except for some PR things, but felt long and repetitive overall.

Digital Skies (kpmuzik) [+? / 6]
It has good PR and some parts are creative, but layering is inconsistent at parts.
m5-12 - increasing jumps with PR 16ths is a better way.
m37-40, 57-60 - should be jumpstreams
m86-89, m98-105 - keep piano rhythms, double jacks in m89 are overdone
m110-113 - not sure what's going on there, weird patterns
etc. and songcut hopefully.

Document 13b (FFR Remix) (bluguerrilla) [+? / 5.5]
most parts are technically ok, felt some jacks are unnecessary and some bursts have bad patterns.
blank in m57?

Domhail - Bosa  (Netjet & EAGAMES) [- / 0.5]
offsync, wrong BPM

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [? / 4]
patterns are not PR at all, 24ths are inconsistent (and some are misrhythmed).
m59- double placement could be better.

-trainstation dukeout- (b-a-e-r) [- / 0]
no file

Education(Beethovens_Mask) [? / 2.5]
some 16ths are 12ths, missing some notes. also PR could be a lot better.

Einstein Rosen Bridge Cut [dore] [+. / 6.5] (11)
kinda interesting, double jacks/32nd trills are pretty gay though. tiny misrhythms on bursts. 

Essential Speed (championanwar) [? / 4.5]
jump placement (especially m23-25), 16ths are put inconsistently. a bit boring overall.

F (Knoobish) [? / 2.5]
BPM wrong, many misrhythms overall, m7 is 12th, m8 is 24ths, etc. many jacks there aren't needed.
PR could be a lot better.

Faint (Remix) (_.Spitfire._) [? / 4.5]
misrhythms on many 32nds/48ths. felt most hands/some jumps, jacks are unnecessary. enjoyable than I thought tho.

Fall Foliage (SulferDragon) [+? / 6]
some jumps are missed, and some aren't needed (should be put where the sounds overlap consistently).
120BPM parts should be 80BPM 24ths, notes are weird. PR could be better. others are fine

Falsie the Pseudo-Science Girl(behanjc) [+? / 6]
m15-m22, m77-85 notes for the pitch changes of synth are wanted IMO. 24th in m49?
also, consistency in m25-34 could be better (jumps).

Fire Aura (kjwkjw) [? / 2]
offsync, so many misrhythms, lack of consistency. 64ths aren't needed. don't use Edit.

Footsteps (Crayzie) [? / 3]
overall, PR/consistency issue

Suikoden (Forgotten Daze?) (Theone_one?) [? / 3]
there're some misthythms, also rhythms are boring overall for a long song. gap early

Frozen_Bond(Beethovens_Mask) [- / 1]
There're some misrhythms (want detailed rhythms for piano), also PR/consistency issue, gap early

Funktacular [dore] [+. / 6] (6)
pattern error in m17/21, a bit inconsistent but acceptable level for an easy file

Geno's Forest F-Zero (MrPopadopalis25) [? / 5]
nothing special, but I want more layered harder file for V2.

Gig the Alternative (behanjc+stargroup) [? / 6.5]
unique file but misrhythms on m25, m83/106 is offsync, m110- just weird, etc.
and at least cut the song, otherwise I can't accept.

Gyermeteg (Dragoonhead) [? / 4.5]
Isn't this Hiszekeny? BPM off (MM isn't always correct), offsync ending. jacks are misplaced at parts.

Hardcore Bass (cyrx900) [+? / 6]
sync on m31, 32nds on m39/71 aren't needed
not bad overall, but silent(or step voices)/repetitive parts should be cut

here we go (jimerax) [own file]
nothing special.

Here We Go (stargroup100) [no rating]
some parts are identical with my previous ver rofl
didn't like the way of stepping of beginning-middle much, just personal opinion.

HereWeGo(psychozerosk8er) [no rating]
felt some parts are misrhythmed.

Highway Star (Knoobish) [? / 5]
jack placement isn't PR or music relevant overall IMO. also handstream isn't a good idea for FFR.

Hyper Highspeed Star (Izzy) [- / 0]

I am Maid v2 (npv) [+? / 5.5]
I don't get some of those hand usage (also overused for ffr), and m68. also ending is offsync. JS is ok.

I Want Candy(-barista) [- / 0.5]
wtf are those 32nds?

Integraation (bluguerrilla then SulferDragon) [+. / 6.5] (11)
rhythms in m14(should be 32nds), m21&m32(actual rhythm is 64th but 32nds are ok), m106. need to fix those

Its A Small World (Hairy Cabbage) [- / 1]
it has fatal misrhythm on the main rhythm, plus inconsistent overall

IVALTEK (three17s) [? / 3]
there're some misrhythms. also, some parts should have more rhythms other than 8ths.

Jingle Bells (Frigtionn) [- / 0]
freeze, also misrhythms and misplaced jacks

Kanon-Kanon (bmah) [+. / 6.5] (11)
some doubles on 8th part aren't needed (for the melody), missing 8ths on m110-111.

Lady's Cake (DarkbearX & HammyMcSquirrel) [+? / 5.5]
rhythms are ok, layering is inconsistent IMO.

Last Boss Battle Theme #2 (SulferDragon) [? / 5]
gap early, jack placement at beginning is inconsistent, double placement. also missing notes at parts

Lawn Wake IV v2 (t-rogdor) [- / 0.5]
weird sync, a lot of misrhythms, jacks, worse than V1

Leeroy Jenkins (fun times mix)  (Silver_Brian) [? / 2.5]
I didn't get how it was stepped (vocal follow maybe), felt pretty inconsistent, and has many misrhythms.

lightfoot (stargroup) [+. / 6.5] (8)

lolhappy (HammyMcSquirrel) [? / 5]
rhythms in m49-64 don't fit the music much, and felt repetitive.

Lolit Speed (xxJakexx) [? / 4.5]
yellow note on 4th, want more consistent jump placement. has a few misrhythms

Lunatic Princess (npv) [+. / 6.5] (10)
hands in the stream are overdone IMO but ok

Malicious Fingers (Cyanite) [? / 3.5]
notes aren't synced well overall, misrhythm in m128, m140-, etc

Marisa Stole The Precious Thing (Ravia)

MaXx AttaXx v2 (championanwar) [? / 4]
similar in difficulty for a v2. steps are nothing special

Mike French Hardcore Custom  (t-rogdor) [- / 0]
no thx

Mirror (nev670) [- / 0] 
offsync + YNS = immediate quit out

Music (Serialization) [- / 1.5]
a lot of misrhythms, inconsistency

Ninja Lad (megamon88) [+? / 6]
m23- putting minijacks is preferable for PR, also jump placement could be better on this part 
and 12th part. missing note on m48. others are fine

NthDegree (Cyanite) [? / 2.5]
you may have put effort on syncing this, but it's still bad.
would be better than planet karma if it's correctly done though.

One Minute Waltz v2 (JX) [own file]

One Thousand Cranes v2 (Xiaounlimited) [? / 3]
pretty offsync, many errors in jump placement/32nd rhythms/PR

Operation_Evolution (flipsta_lombax) [? / 3.5]
PR could be better, bad jack placement, also many misrhythms. songcut is preperable

Osakanajigoku (trumaestro) [? / 5]
m2-m8 putting jacks on the guitars isn't a good idea.
adding some more 24ths/32nds for drums would be better, also some 24ths are misrhythmed.
unnecessary jump in m48.

OSTER Project Presents World Tour 2004 (behanjc) [+? / 6.5]
decent but felt technical level still doesn't match the length (I mean it should be polished more).
at the beginning snares should be done correctly by using 48ths, m14 is 24ths, m109/111 is 48ths.
some syncing on color notes could be better(like m115), some harp parts should be stepped IMO.
bursts in m135 are 24ths, in m136 are 32nds. m143- 24ths could be better on some parts. m189-190 is offsync, etc

PacMania (customstuff) [? / 3]
32nds should be 24ths (not very audible), 11 sec song, the concept isn't very fun for me

Pacsyndrome (bmah) [+? / 5.5]
use 32nd trills for m38/m42 consistently (and remove jumps on yellow notes).
IMO the song has more technical factors such as 16ths for drums, 24ths for synth, bursts for organs, etc.
PR is ok.

PAL,36 (trumaestro & flipsta_lombax) [? / 3.5]
the whole layering method is weird for me, especially quad placement.

Perfect Insanity  (Silver_Brian) [? / 3]
steps are inconsistent, need proper layering at sections.
PR in m114- could be better.

Procrastination on a Paper (dag12) [+? / 6]
decently technically accurate overall. 
after m37 PR gets a bit worse. m46/m50 should have JS. 
patterns after m65 aren't very good, ending could be 32nds (personal liking).
similar level to silvuh's, more erroneous but has better PR and more layering.

Procrastination on a Paper (Silvuh) [+? / 6]
decently technically accurate overall, patterns after m65.
PR could be better at parts.

Pure Hatred (t-rogdor) [- / 1]
lots of misrhythms, that's all

Rainspark  (Silver_Brian) [? / 3.5]
PR and consistency could be better. there're a few misrhythms

Randomness Reactor III (Kommisar[os]) [+ / 7.5] (10)
good PR/jump placement for emphasis. a few more extra 32nds could be added for fun but ok

Revolutions - Copy [? / 2.5]
weird rhythm changes in m8-, m17-, etc.
a lot of misrhythms, no 24ths in this song.

Roki (EnR) [+? / 6]
jacks after m22 don't fit the music well, m30- seems ok but some jack related patterns are bad
use jumptrills in m36/38/42/etc(imperfect layering), m57 is 48ths

Rolling Along (Sprite-) [? / 4]
funny concept, but some parts are quite understepped.
felt jump placement is mostly wrong, PR is sometimes incorrect (especially in jack section).

Saturday [eastsideman09] [? / 3]
misrhythms on m15/17/25/etc, both patterns and rhythms lack consistency IMO
m58-59 is offsync, all 24ths at the end are wrong

Scream of [roki](roundbox) [? / 4]
beginning minijacks aren't PR, PR on m48-49 could be better.
guitars and drums should stepped more consistently. ending 32nds should be 48ths.

Skyfire Ace(EnR) [? / 4.5]
simple parts could be layered consistently (steps for bass sometimes disappear) 
32nds in m43 are 48ths, 48ths in m83 are 32nds. hands aren't needed on this imo

Slashfic [eastsideman09] [? / 3.5]
parts like m21, m25 are understepped.
48th splits in m33, 32nds in m34- aren't needed. some 24ths are misrhythmed.

Space! Wave! Akiba-Pop!! (behanjc) [+. / 6.5] (9)
in m17-24 want more jumps on some 8ths, m25- also a bit weird jump placement
others are fine

Speedcore Sunday (JX) [own file]

Square, Volume, and Amplitude [Resend] (robertsona)  [= / just replace old one]

Starlight (MacGravel) [+. / 7] (10)
climax is fun, PR could be better at parts tho.

Starwolf (Silvuh) [+? / 6]
32nds/jump combination around m60 is weird for playing(plus not very audible), 
end of m41/58/76 could be 32nds. in parts like m69-72 PR could be better

Strawberry Crisis (knuckles2224) [- / 0]
quit out because of the offsyncness

Swallowing an Avalanche (TC_Halogen) [? / 3]
a bit offsync, misrhythms/missing notes/double placement at parts

Tempest (ShirkDeio) [? / 4.5]
some parts are inconsistent/understepped. PR is ok on some parts but could be better.
song should be cut.

The Hero Fiend (Buizel8888) [? / 2.5]
in m12 16th is 24th, m13- want pattern change with 8th jacks, m79-80 should be 24ths
jump/hand placement isn't good, misrhythms in many parts. PR could be better

THE TERROR OF DEATH (cyrx900) [- / 1]
beginning is offsync and gap off after that. also many misrhythms, m102- are 24ths.
some quiet parts should be cut.

ThunderBolt (Frigtionn) [? / 3.5]
some rhythm parts that are missed could be stepped.
32nds on parts like m32 aren't needed, 24th on m53
also if you want to put long jacks, put them on all sequent snare parts.

Titan -The Superjail Mix- (Zap_Track) [? / 3]
missing notes/weird jump placement at parts, also long non-stepped parts are meh (could be cut)

Tokyo Banging [Resend] (robertsona) [= / just replace old one]

Tricky Concert - Ragev1 (Netjet!) [? / 2.5]
offsync, PR should be better

uNdEr YoUr BeD_(dandandamdandan1111) [? / 2]
those 24ths are just weird, also misrhythms in many parts. structure is quite inconsistent.

Versatile (OperationStrawbarry) [? / 2.5]
misrhythms on beginning/middle piano, PR could be better 
12th on m20, 24th on m24/32/etc 

Vida (Izzy) [? / 3.5]
felt some(many) bursts are out of place, some are misrhythms.
32nd trills are kinda gay, need to put 64ths on every hihat(or whatever)?

Virus (Zero054) [- / 0]
no file

William Tell Overture (nev670) [- / 1.5]
bad music seriously. misrythms, PR could be better at parts.

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [= / just replace old one]

World End's Yama Xanadu (_.Spitfire._) [? / 4.5]
very long and repetitive, songcut is preferable.
felt rhythms are fine technically, but some parts are quite overlayered for the music.

Xuxa (a_dumple) [? / 4]
overlayered overall, some long jacks are retarded and not technically correct. also 16th jumps.

Xxxperiment_(dandandamdandan1111) [? / 2]
weird jump placement, 16ths don't flow well, overall boring.

Zero Zero Hero (HammyMcSquirrel) [? / 3]
felt inconsistent, PR could be better

Big Blue v2 (hi19hi19) [? / 5]
File's pretty boring without layering IMO, can disregard my opinion for this file though.
24th on m19?, PR is ok but not great.

Chocolate Rain (DJS Remix) (hi19hi19) [- / 0]
offsync as hell, and 64ths are just retarded. quit out.

Endless Maze (hi19hi19) [? / 4.5]
lack of consistency at the beginning (randomly switching the instrument), and difficulty 
overall. 32nds should be 24ths. jacks are interesting though.

Fei Longer (hi19hi19) [+. / 6.5] (9)
gap early/minor bpm errors, but the way of stepping is kinda amusing.

Gradeus v2 (hi19hi19) [+? / 6]
bad sound quality, get better mp3.
180bpm jumpstreams for 2min, that's all. some people would enjoy this for scoring probrally. 

Qu'est ce que c'est(psycho) [? / 4.5]
offsync at parts, decently vocal followed.
not a big fan of 4 minute vocal followed rock file, since there're already plenty of files like this.
at least need to cut, and PR could be better.

Shapeshifter (eastsideman09) [+? / 5.5]

need rhythm/pattern fix of burst on m5, m8-m9. m31-34 is underlayered.
PR could be better on the stream parts going with synth and piano melody.

Silly Symphony [sc979] [? / 5.5]
m77-78 should be all 24ths. misrhythm on m140, 144, 148, 154, 166, etc.
on some jumpstream part, jumps could go with snares.
m168-170 is offsync. cut the song.

Storm Raid Battle (Matrixdude) [? / 4.5]
quads/jacks aren't needed in most cases. parts like m27-28 are 32nds.
also, too many misrhythms/offsync parts overall. PR at the beginning could be better.

The Crow's Eyes (hi19hi19) [+. / 6.5]
missing notes on m27, felt layering for drums is inconsistent. felt a bit long.
semi-accepting it.

Blu's Notes
-trainstation dukeout- (b-a-e-r) [-] - no chart?

13th,Friday (megamon88) [+?] - Understepped in parts, could have better flow, synced ok but could use better bpm choice (3->1)

260 (smartdude1212) [?] - overdoubled and repetative in parts, rolls instead of spins, m42-56 or so needs better sync

3020 (Coolboyrulez0) [?] - needs better PR, many rhythms missed, trills need to change correctly, 16ths are wrong (they should be weird 64ths I think, slow it down to .3 and check), some rhtyhms wrong like in m47, sim needs lots of work

==Planet Karma== (stargroup) [+] - rock section seems overstepped but probably ok

Wild ARMs Town (Redorigami) [-] - some rhtyhms wrong (like m38), overstepped but missed rhythms in quiet part (with only drums, off sync after each slow down, inconsistent layering

A Nightmare before Kefka (?) [-] - hold, needs better PR, pay closer attention to sync (like oboe, or whatever that instrument is), many misrhythms, ending needs better sync

A World of Piano (sc979) [+?] - Good sync, some weird double placement, may have missed a few jacks, some BNS

Air.sul G iRock (behanjc) [+] - layering good, good PR

Balloon Fever v2 (Crayzie) [-] - Easier than original and not as good, bad layering, missed rhythms

Battleman Zero (-Barista-) [-] - missed rhythms, overstepped, long 32nd trill, needless minijacks, this file has potential but needs a lot of work

Big Blue v2 (hi19hi19) [+] - missed a 32nd in m15, PR could be a little better

Blue-Violet (Silvuh) [+?] - some of the 24ths off sync but may be ok as is, because of the layering style some of the single notes that don't go to piano feel out of place

Chariot v2 (JenovaSephiroth) [-] - similar difficulty to one in FFR, weird bpm tricks

Chemical Attraction (AEROJET Mix) (NestleKwik) [+?] - changed gap to -.107, some vocals off sync but could be ok bc of diff

Chocolate Magic (behanjc) [+?] - some layering seems off and the 16th patterns could be better at parts, the one minijack felt out of place for the file

Chocolate Rain (DJS Mix) (hi19hi19) [-] - beginning is lol... overstepped, overlayered to compensate for lol beginning

Chrono Eternit (xxJakexx) [-] - YNS, fix PR and layering, fix patterns, uneven in difficulty, should be 32nd rolls not 24ths

Cloud Control (batistabomb300) [?] - PR could be much better, many rhythms ignored that could be fun, flow could be better, misrhythms m56-57

Concrete Dandelions (TC_Halogen) [?] - many misrhythms (64ths as 32nds is fine), layering needs work

Corneria (Trance Remix) (Coolboyrulez0) [+?] - missed rhythms, inconsistent PR (needs lots of work), 'triplet' section could be better

CRASH the BEAT! (behanjc) [+?] - some missed rhythms in m6, some ignored rhythms thoughout entire file

Crying Soul v2 (Breakdown16) [?] - weird cut but could be ok, missed rhythms throughout file, second half of file could be much better (got very boring)

Damage Control (Mahjix) [?] - fix up sync, missed rhythms, minijacks no good, PR needs work

Dance Off (dtpietrzak) [-] - many manual sync errors, many missed rhythms, song could use a cut for difficulty

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+?] - could do without 16th jacks, m76 would be better as a roll, m92-93 is a weird pattern

Digital Confession (SulferDragon) [+?] - sync on vocals could be better, missed notes in m116 and m124, weird choice of JS patterns (might be better if the two weren't so 'right handed')

Digital Skies (kpmuzik) [?] - PR needs work, jacks to the drums don't fit, maybe needs cut

Document 13b (FFR Remix) (bluguerrilla) [+] - perfect don't listen to jx

Domhail (Netjet & EAGAMES) [-] - terribly offsync, PR and double placement needs a ton of work

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [?] - offsync (round up the bpm), some misrhythms and PR needs help

Education (Beethovens_Mask) [-] - missed rhythms, misrhythms, bad cut

Einstein Rosen Bridge Cut (dore) [+?] - change 32nd rolls into 64th rolls (awkward next to 32nd rhythms), some jacks may be over the top, 32nd trill, uneven in difficulty

Electrical Parade (Hairy Cabbage???) [-] - very many misrhythms, minijacks

Endless Maze (hi19hi19) [?] - i don't hear the 32nds in m9-10, misrhythms m11, jacks and 32n trills make difficulty way uneven

Essential Speed (championanwar) [?] - missed some doubles, missed (or left out would be fun) 16th rhythms, bpm increases at end might be better

F (Knoobish) [-] - many misrhythms and missed rhythms (in intro and in jacky part)

Faint (Remix) (_.Spitfire._) [?] - hands make it overstepped and are outside of the difficulty, some missed 64ths that could be fun at this bpm, some doubles to guitar need better PR, many missed rhtyhms, maybe consider cutting...somehow

Fall Foliage (SulferDragon) [+?] - some PR of doubles could be better like m25, some PR of stream could be better like m28, i think you got all of the double placement right but you might want to recheck to make sure

Falsie the Pseudo-Science Girl (behanjc) [+] - fun and simple

Fei Longer (hi19hi19) [+?] - fun, some PR issues in jumpjacks like in m5, missed rhythms in intro (on purpose?), missed rhythms in m9-13

Fire Aura (kjwkjw) [-] - file needs a lot of work, some 16ths go to nothing, some missed rhythms

Footsteps (Crayzie) [?] - some missed rhythms, weird double placement

Forgotten Daze (Theone_one) [-] - many many missed and invented rhythms, minijacks, song needs to be cut by like 2/5

Frozen_Bond (Beethovens_Mask) [-] - many missed and misrhythms, weird double placement, bad PR

Funktacular (dore) [+] - lol funktacular

Geno's Forest F-Zero v2 (MrPopadopalis25) [-] - needs to be harder for a v2, many missed rhythms

Gig the Alternative (behanjc+stargroup) [+?] - good enough sync to guitar, not sure about 16th jacks m86 and hands, don't hear the 24th trill in m100, ending to keyboard is wrong

Gradeus v2 (hi19hi19) [-] - lol just a tad overstepped

Gyermeteg (Dragoonhead) [?] - missed rhythms and some PR jacks are wrong, ending synced wrong, bpm is wrong (should be flat 160 i think)

Hardcore Bass (cyrx900) [?] - song needs to be cut, overdoubled, inconsistent doubling

here we go (jimerax) [+] - 1st

Here We Go (stargroup100) [+?] - 2nd

HereWeGo(psychozerosk8er) [?] - 3rd

Highway Star (Knoobish) [-] - many unjustified 16th jacks, dumb handstream

Hyper Highspeed Star (Izzy) [?] - holds, 32nd roll instead of jumptrill would be better, weird double placement, could use cut

I am Maid (npv) [?] - 32nds to nothing m44, m68 lol, ending offsync, way overlayered

I Want Candy (-barista-) [-] - many many many rhythms to nothing

Integraation (bluguerrilla then SulferDragon) [+] best file ever

IVALTEK (three17s) [?] - ending stream waay too hard compared to the rest of the file, manual sync isn't right, rhythms (gallops) wrong, should be no 12th stream anywhere, bpm off

Jingle Bells (Frigtionn) [-] - jacks, misrhythms, overdoubled, hold

Kanon-Kanon (bmah) [+] - kinda overdoubled, this is more of a +. than a +

Lady's Cake (DarkbearX & HammyMcSquirrel) [+?] - would be better without the minijacks and jacks caused by 32nd patterns, and that one yellow jump

Last Boss Battle Theme #2 (SulferDragon) [+?] - a handful of places where 32nds should be 48ths, some sections with strange doulbe placement, overall ok

Lawn Wake IV v2 (t-rogdor) [-] - wrong in many ways, misrhythms, missed rhythms, bad layering, similar difficulty to the one in game

Leeroy Jenkins (fun times mix) (Silver_Brian) [+?] - 16ths in m17 are really quiet, misrhythm m30, some strange double placement but it might work

lightfoot (stargroup) [+] - missed a purple m83 and maybe a couple measures after as well, interesting layering technique, more of a +. than a +

lolhappy (HammyMcSquirrel) [?] - Not sure about the section with the rhythms that go to nothing, free form stream to the cymbal might be better, some weird double placement

Lolit Speed (xxJakexx) [-] many missed rhythms, bpm needs doubling, weird double placement, YNS

Lunatic Princess (npv) [?] - missed and misrhythms in section m53 on, overlayered

Malicious Fingers (Cyanite) [?] - sync in m23 needs to be much better, inconsistent jack placement, missed rhythm m31, needs 20 seconds cut from beginning, you can't just gap it out, sync wong m91, m129+ many misrhythms (i hear no 24ths), m140-144 are 16ths, end bpm changes wrong, inconsistent layering (hands out of nowhere)

Marisa Stole The Precious Thing (Ravia) [-] - m24-25 no 12ths, PR needs work, many missed and ignored rhythms and misrhythms, cut could be better

MaXx AttaXx v2 (championanwar) [-] - missed rhythms, very similar to original

Mike French Hardcore Custom (t-rogdor) [-] - bad PR, bad layering, bad rhythm usage, bad

Mirror (nev670) [-] - YNS, missed rhythms and misrhythms, quit out

Music (Serialization) [-] - wrong gallops (should be yellow-red not red-pink), many missed rhythms, needs better layering and PR

Ninja Lad (megamon88) [?] - missed rhythms (mainly in sections that go to keyboard, where you have tow yellows in a row), doubles need better PR,

NthDegree (Cyanite) [?] - once again 20 seconds of blank space at beginning is a lot, some sections need a lot of work in terms of sync and rhythm, file feels incomplete

One Minute Waltz v2 (JX) [+] - great sync, good PR for this layering technique

One Thousand Cranes v2 (Xiaounlimited) [?] - misrhythm m6, some PR mistakes, ending steps go on too long (roll would be better), sync seems shaky,

Operation_Evolution (flipsta_lombax) [?] - beginning stream PR (jacks for no reason for example), guitar needs better sync, more rhythms and better PR, lots of PR problems

Osakanajigoku (trumaestro) [-] - many missed rhythms and misrhythms, needs better sync on instruments, needs better layering

OSTER Project Presents World Tour 2004 (behanjc) [+] - awesome, it's like EPCOT: the videogame, good PR, good layering, nice choice in what rhythms to step etc

PacMania (customstuff) [-] - i highly doubt those bpm changes, even for a very short song it was boring, make it better

Pacsyndrome (bmah) [+?] - should end on a red?, wasn't sure about all of the double placement m49-63, sounds like you missed a red note in sections like m66, m80 sounds more like a trill, go over your rhythms to drums

PAL,36 (trumaestro & flipsta_lombax) [?] - overlayered, minijacks to nothings, weird double/triple placement

Perfect Insanity (Silver_Brian) [?] - overall pretty good but the solo needs to be better PR (not like guitar hero but better!), the double placement seems really strange

Procrastination on a Paper (dag12) [+?] - similar to silvuh's but had some misrhythms

Procrastination on a Paper (Silvuh) [+] - liked this one better

Pure Hatred (t-rogdor) [-] - random jacks, ignored many rhythms in the drums, many misrhythms, this file could be a lot better, 24th jumpstream to a scream?

Qu'est ce que c'est(psycho) [+?] - sync on vocals needs a little work and you missed a handful of rhythms in the vocals

Rainspark (Silver_Brian) [+?] - more attention to PR in triplets (FFR sense) would be better, missed rhythms in the intro

Randomness Reactor III (Kommisar[os]) [+] - simfile good, song's high freq's hurt my ears :-(

Revolutions (Izzy) [?] - misrhythms in intro, patterns could be better (even if it is just an index file), misrhythms (no 24ths), some PR in the doubles would be good, superfluous slowdown and stop

Roki (EnR) [+?] - section m28-33 should never have more than minijacks (2 arrows in a row), sections to guitar would be better without double to snare, 32nd jack in ending lol

Rolling Along (Sprite-) [?] - lol, song sounds like a cat had a seizure on a midi keyboard, don't understand the double placement most of the time, honestly it could use more jacks, needs more PR in the stream because of the jacks, m53 doesn't make sense, needs either more or no hands

Saturday (eastsideman09) [+?] - m33 missed rhythm, all 24ths should be 32nds, i think you also missed some of the 32nd rhythms, m145 PR doubles

Scream of [roki] (roundbox) [?] - not as good as EnR's, some PR to guitar isn't right (minijacks next to long jacks), almost better guitar patterns than EnR's

Shapeshifter (eastsideman09) [?] - missed some 8th note rhythms, minijacks are hard compared to the rest of the file, 3 note stream doesn't fit the music,

Silly Symphony (sc979) [?] - 16ths in m77-78 (and m217-218) are wrong (should be 24ths), missing notes in rhythms like m94, m166 should be 32nds not 24ths, not sure about 24ths to guitar (very distorted, hard to tell), harp needs better sync (should be easy since you can hear it at .3x), song could use a cut (maybe after harp? or before it you're feeling lazy)

Skyfire Ace (EnR) [+?] - hands, m67 PR, m83 should be 32nds not 48ths

Slashfic (eastsideman09) [?] - m33 wrong manual sync (should be one 16th gallop and two doubles), m58 no 24ths, overall PR could be much better as well as double placement

Space! Wave! Akiba-Pop!! (behanjc) [+?] - m19 (and the other m like it) misrhythmed but 64ths probably are too much, m78 3 arrow pattern would fit better, some double placement in vocal section wrong (doubles to no vocals), ignored rhythms (might be overstepped not ignored though)

Speedcore Sunday (JX) [+] - this file is a lot of fun and i didn't find any mistakes

Square, Volume, and Amplitude (robertsona) [?] - some wrong 8th note rhythms, some missed 16th note rhythms, missed '32nd' rhythms in slowdown sections, missed rhythm m32, a little PR in the 8th rhythms would make this funner,

Starlight (MacGravel) [+] - very fun

Starwolf (Silvuh) [+?] - mostly good, don't understand some of the double placement, sections like m15 that have 16ths to drums feel out of place but probably ok, layering in JS section should match the layering in non-JS section like m24, not sure about m39 rhythms (can't really hear it, maybe ask KgZ?)

Storm Raid Battle (Matrixdude) [?] - m24 not 24ths (16ths?), hands and quads don't fit, many misrhythms in break section, jacks out of nowhere, jacky stream patterns, more misrhythms after break section and after it

Strawberry Crisis (knuckles2224) [-] - many many misrhythms, quit out, artist?

Swallowing an Avalanche (TC_Halogen) [?] - some misrhythms (slow it down to .5 and go over all of the 16th rhythms, not sure about, m40 could be JS, minijacks out of nowhere, bpm should be constant pretty sure, some missed doubles, some weird double placement

Tempest (ShirkDeio) [-] - you need to either step all of the 16th rhythms or none of them not just a little, 8th stream gets really boring, bad double placement

The Crow's Eyes (hi19hi19) [+?] - m10 m14 m30 etc missed or misplaced 48th rhythms, m45 and m107 no yellow note, missed 48th last measure

The Hero Fiend (Buizel8888) [-] - many ignored rhythms in drums, bad PR in doubles, unstepped guitar in stream, misrhytms in guitar (24th trill doesn't make sense), many more misrhythms quit out

THE TERROR OF DEATH (cyrx900) [?] - misrythms in sections where you put a 32nd, there should be zero bpm changes, 16th stream wrong (should be 24th stream), needs cut, lots of blank space

ThunderBolt (Frigtionn) [?] - m65 needs a lot of work, some weird double placement, some missed rhythms, needs a lot of cleaning up but isn't bad

Titan -The Superjail Mix- (Zap_Track) [?] - inconsistent doubling, after break is very understepped (it could be so much fun!)

Tokyo Banging (robertsona) [+?] - m60 24ths, m61 48th, cut is meh

Tricky Concert - Ragev1 (Netjet!) [+?] - PR could be much better for a classical song

uNdEr YoUr BeD_(dandandamdandan1111) [-] - 24ths don't go to anything, many misrhythms, needs better layering, PR could be much better

Versatile (OperationStrawbarry) [?] - bpm is constant, misrhythms in intro, stream could be better, 24th rolls should be 32nds, many missed and misrhythms

Vida (Izzy) [-] - many many many rhythm mistakes, needs a ton of work

Virus (Zero054) [-] - blank

William Tell Overture (nev670) [-] - bpm wrong, horrible PR and layering, quit out

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [?] - some PR would be nice, many misrhythms and weird layering

World End's Yama Xanadu (_.Spitfire._) [?] - misrhythms to synth in sections like m60-61, sooo long (and it basically repeats)..., rhythms in m148 go to nothing?, so overstepped...

Xuxa v2 (a_dumple) [?] - long jacks that don't fit, many missed rhythms, way overstepped

Xxxperiment_(dandandamdandan1111) [?] - 16th stream to nothing, talking will get cut off without an ending note

Zero Zero Hero (HammyMcSquirrel) [+?] - some rhythms in drums missed, some 8th note rhythms wrong, PR could be better

{Lazy Summer Days} (Xandertrax) [+?] - patterns to 24th bursts could be better, intro could be cut (before piano or something), some missed notes in 8th note JS section

{The Sewers} (Arrowhead Stadium) [-] - many many misrhythms, minijacks that go to nothing, halved bpm, quit out

{Wildflower} (blazelust) [?] - intro all wrong, 16th rhythms wrong m41+, long jacks that go to nothing, boring m49+, simfile needs lots of work but is salvageable

~Progress~ (three17s) [] - horrible patterns (needs better PR), missed some rhythms, inconsistent layering

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


{Big Boss} by V4N
Across Rooftops by jx
Black Key Etude by behan
Blue-Violet by Silvuh
Brandish Headless by Shash
Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern by gnr
Destined Marionette by behan
Document 13b by blu
Empornium by dore - jumps on hihat, maybe.  song is pretty mello though...  extra jumps might ruin it.  ps - 2nd parental advisory song on FFR
Feldschlacht by behan
Kanon-Kanon by bmah
Lost in Mind by Silvuh - file is nothing special though
Momentary Life by Shash
moon child - go with the flow- by bmah - takes me back to Reach and 2003.
Phantom Ensemble by behan
Summer Time Perfume by bmah - i like the current layering.  then again, i am not a huge fan of overlayering files.  if you want to layer it more, likely would require a re-submit.

Files Played By Tass But Not Queue'd
Fighting for Control - fix PR.  remove hands, file isn't FMO.
Game Boy Fiend - consistency in layering.  underlayered is OK, but be consistent.
Hero in a Dream - check sync. fix missing 16ths.  neat song, IMO...  bad vocals.
Moonlight River - fix up PR
Rose At Nightfall
Ska De Chocobo!! - jumps/layering

3020 (Coolboyrulez0) [-]
-64ths are completely retarded sorry
-Rest of file is boring and generic, some parts are kind of ok but PR is missing and jumps could be used a lot better

Across Rooftops (jimerax) [+]
-Maybe some bits are a little overlayered, in the hardest parts it's kinda hard to tell what things are going to
-Overall very fun though, the slightly easier layered parts where I could really tell what was going on were excellent.

Black Key Etude (behanjc) [+]
-Nice PR
-Fun little piano file

Blue-Violet (Silvuh) [+]
-Ok PR, fun file overall
-Personally I try to avoid using the 3241 type of 32nd burst pattern since it often feels really weird to hit, maybe make it 4321 or 1234 instead?
-I would suggest more minijacks for PR and consistency, since you only have one bit with them and they're fun there IMO.

Brandish Headless (Shashakiro) [+]
-Own file. 4/5 + so far, holy **** this is probably a record

Calmness (Mr. Nothing) [?]
-If you're going to do this you need PR, period, and this has none. Fix it.

Chaoz Fantasy (Netjet!) [?]
-WTF layering and jacks. No, no, no, no, no. This file should have no jacks at all and about half the jumps.
-There is potential buried beneath the awful layering here, PR of non-stupid parts could be better but first things first get rid of the ridiculous overlayering.

Chaoz Japan (eastsideman09 and EnR) [+?]
-In places like m7-8 that pattern stinks, make it more fun like 1 (12) (34) or something
-For 12th jacks in m29-36 make the jacks switch hands please, switching from jacking on 2 to jacking on 1 is insanely awkward
-Fun aside from that.  64ths are kinda nasty but accurate and not too bad.

Chocolate Rain DJS Remix (Xandertrax) [-]
-Quit out after intro.
-No. Just...no.

Chocolate Raid DJS Remix (DarkZtar) [?]
-In contrast to Xander's, the intro is massively understepped. Do more than just put one jump please.
-Needs to be more layered and PR throughout. Ignoring the very prominent 'o o-o o-o' noise throughout until like the end is pretty damn bad.

Church Bells (-Barista-) [-]
-Jacks and 32nds used horribly throughout. Not even a little bit fun.
-Needs to be completely redone.

Church Bells (HighAndr0id and Classic_rocker) [+?]
-Some of the yellow jumps midstream didn't seem to go to anything audible, and file seemed overjumped in general.
-I dunno about the jumpjack + megatrill, it's accurate but pretty silly. Probably higher chance of getting file accepted if you just make it jumptrill + rolls

Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern (gnr61) [+]
-Insanely hard file for FFR but seemed accurate and well-stepped overall
-May need toning down of super hard parts to actually get in, and I'm not 100% sure of super technical accuracy but it's fine for me.

Crowdpleaser [Drop the Mic Mix] [+.]
-Kind of generic but decent I guess.
-m6-9 should prolly have layered 8th jacks
-Minijack part doesn't seem very accurate

Data Drain [Xandertrax] [-]
-Just don't step this, seriously. Your file will either be inconsistent or stupid no matter what you do (in your case, inconsistent). It's a funny SM song but has no place in FFR.

Death of a Dynasty (Vote4Nixon) [+?]
-Patterns in general are fairly weak. Use more PR.
-Hands were not used well and were almost entirely unnecessary.
-Rhythms and sync were good.

Decisive Battle (DarkZtar) [-]
-WAY overstepped, sorry 8th jumps to the melody is terrible.
-The good thing about this file is the song is amazing, so I will step it for the next batch hehe

Destined Marionette (behanjc) [+.]
-PR in various places seemed a tad off, like the beginning
-Very fun overall

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [?]
-Way overlayered, tone down the massive layered 32nd wall parts
-Parts that were not overlayered with 32nds were fun

Document 13b (FFR Remix) (bluguerrilla) [+]
-Jumps to the "echoes" in the quieter parts don't work that well and seem unnecessary, the echoes don't seem pronounced enough to me to warrant jumps
-Very fun overall, jacks are used quite well

Drop (Operationstrawbarry) [+?]
-16ths such as in m30 are actually 24ths
-PR needs work throughout
-Jumpspam doesn't seem like the optimal pattern for the beginning, try different combinations of jumps + taps
-Overall rhythms are quite fun, potential for a very good file here if it's fixed up.

Empornium (dore) [+.]
-oh man tass needs to play this hahahaha

Endless Dream v2 (s0ulst0n3) [-]
-Inconsistency with jumpstream and non-jumpstream
-Jumpstream patterns are meh
-m46 has no 24ths in the music
-auto-rejection for holds

Ezuora (DJAirWave) [-]
-wtf random stream with random jumps, quit out.
-steps don't match music, sorry.

Falling Phase (badman7772) [?]
-Needs a good bit of PR work throughout
-NEVER use a jack as part of a descending runningman pattern.  The repeated arrow should be preserved for only the repeating pitch, plus it's awkward as hell to play.
-File is incredibly generic as is now and really needs perfect/near perfect PR to get + from me, rhythms are correct though so good job there.

Far East Allnight (Coolboyrulez0) [?]
-Lots of places where PR fix is needed
-m27 does not have 12ths
-Layering would help this file a lot since it's very very generic right now.

Feldschlacht (behanjc) [+.]
-Layering seems inconsistent in many areas, even within measures/sections
-Overall extremely fun though.

Fighting for Control (kommisar[os]) [+?]
-Needs PR work in parts with just 8ths and jumps
-Other parts are pretty fun.

Fire Aura (kjwkjw) [?]
-Nothing changes in the music in m13 to warrant jump use change
-Above is just one example of inconsistency throughout file, also needs much PR work.
-Some misrhythms in a few places.

Flames of the Sky II (b-a-e-r and fluuk) [-]
-HORRIBLE patterns throughout, like jacks in beginning and random trill and roll patterns
-Terrible song choice, file is incredibly boring and generic and pretty much not salvageable
-Eventually I quit out because this song is also WAY too long.  Almost 4000 arrows of this nonsense?  Please.

Freedom (Mr. Nothing) [+?]
-There are no 16th gallops in this song, those are all either 8ths or nonexistent
-Not bad overall for an easy file, PR is all right and rhythms are ok except for the above.

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
-Wtf MAMA stream near beginning lol, I know what you're doing but it feels way too weird and consistency with m33 jumpstream isn't that important IMO.
-Decent in general, could be much better if layering was added well and maybe slightly better PR.

Halloweenies (Flaming_Dingleberry) [+?]
-m27 is inconsistent with the rest of that section
-m38 jumpstream is completely BS, rhythm is actually ta ta-ta-ta ta-ta-ta ta-ta-ta etc
-Minijacks used very well, overall it's pretty decent but fix the above.

Hardcore Bass (cyrx900) [+]
-Song is quite long, maybe use a cut?
-PR used very well, good file overall even if the song is kind of irritating.

Heaven Road 2 (Ng mix) (kjwkjw) [?]
-PR throughout needs a lot of work
-First 16ths in m35 should be 24ths and there's another part like that later
-12121 as 32nds is a horrible pattern, make it 2-handed please
-I would suggest more layering throughout.

Hero in a Dream (SulferDragon) [+.]
-No real suggestions, idk...just an ok file, song isn't that interesting so it's pretty good given that.

Higan Retour ~idling mix~ (Knoobish) [-]
-Before m29, it was actually pretty damn good
-Then I quit out for retarded 64th wall and overlayered jumpstream after it.  Fixplz.  This actually has potential based on the first 28 measures but holy crap it gets bad after that.

I Don't Hate the 80's (bluguerrilla) [+?]
-Why no pitch change in m5/m9 jack?
-m12 trill probably starts too early
-m70 is an incredibly awkward pattern
-Throughout, (12) and (34) jumpjacks don't have 16th's, while (13) and (24) do.  I'd reverse these.
-Big 32nd roll pattern should probably be 1234 or 4321, other pattern types are meh

I Wake Up Clueless (Ground_Breaker) [-]
-Auto-rejection for hands in file that is not hard

Inside the Fire (dore) [+]
-Great PR, great sync and rhythms, no problems for me.

K8107 v2 (t-rogdor) [-]
-This file is basically exagon's with some hands
-Completely unnecessary

Kanon-Kanon (bmah) [+.]
-Decent PR and rhythms
-Chains and parts with that jump-tap rhythm could probably be layered better.

Kusharu Shrine (Skeleton-GotW) [+]
-Small PR error throughout, you have 32132123 (or the equivalent shifted to the right) in many places, and 32132132 is correct.  M1 is an example.
-Otherwise well-stepped and fun.

Loot Burn Rape Kill (Not Available) [+.]
-More layering and PR would help this a lot
-Pretty fun though.

Lost in Mind (Silvuh) [+]
-small PR errors: m38, and many of the 16ths in the section starting with m75, just two notes reversed a lot.
-Good file overall, but I would really love to see that flute or whatever the slow woodwind instrument is layered in, I think it would make the file really great if done well.

Lullaby (customstuff) [-]
-Waaaaaaaaaaay overstepped
-Song choice isn't good, this song doesn't seem like it could make a good stepfile really.

Lunatic Moon OC Remix (Knoobish) [?]
-Copymirror on slow bit = bad
-Overall fairly boring--could really use more layering in the faster bits, and then PR on the slow part.

Meow! (customstuff) [?]
-Jump placement in the jack sections seems completely random
-Trills and runningmen in the stream need to go away, stream patterns aren't great in general
-1-hand trill is random and unnecessary.

Momentary Life (Shashakiro) [+]
Own file, although I plan to change a couple little things and then resubmit.

moon_child –Go with the Flow- (bmah) [+]
-Not 100% sure if minijack rhythms are right, see what other judges say.
-OK PR, nice file overall.

Moonlight River (Silvuh) [+?]
-PR with jumpspam parts is overall not very good
-In the bits where you have an 8th runningman, you reverse the pitches of the red notes
-Good PR otherwise.

Nightfall (Azafreak) [?]
-Many misrhythms like gallops, remove minijacks, fix stream patterns
-File is extremely generic, not a very good song choice for stepping.

Pacsyndrome (bmah) [+.]
-Small misrhythms in various places, like missing red notes in m66 which feel awkward
-Good file overall.

Phantom Ensemble (behanjc) [+]
-Jump use seemed a little erratic throughout
-Good file overall.

Psychopotamia (Ledwix) [+?]
-Some PR could be better, especially in streams
-Layering of jumps midstream is ok, but finish with a jump too.  For example, first blue note of m14 should be a (14) jump.
-Nice rhythms.

ReMotion Remixed (Xandertrax) [?]
-Needs more PR, for runningmen parts especially
-The part with yellow jumps stinks.  The yellow beat doesn't get any stronger there.  When the music seems to get 'stronger' then the previous section but with a similar beat, try actually analyzing what changes and having your steps reflect that.
-m73-81 doesn't have gallops.

Rose at Nightfall (SulferDragon) [+.]
-I don't really hear the 12ths that are layered in, other judges can confirm them or not
-Some small PR issues, like for example the 16ths in m1 would be better as (14)23 and 423.
-Otherwise pretty good file

Sidology Episode 3 (Apex Ultima) (Zap_Track) [?]
-24ths don't really seem correct in the part with zillions of them
-Needs a lot of PR and layering work in general for such a long file.  Also seemed like there were quite a few misrhythms.

Ska De Chocobo!! (behanjc) [+?]
-I didn't really get the layering you were using if that was the idea, so the jump placement seemed kinda erratic throughout…I would just go with jumps to the melody honestly, except for 16ths which could be sandwiches.
-Why did you not step the last few notes of the song?  That seemed weird.

Space Pirate (Vote4Nixon) [-]
-File is stepped incredibly inconsistently, entire thing is basically one huge misrhythm, and hands are used very poorly
-Auto-rejection for hands in non FMO

Spark's Theme (Skeleton-GotW) [+?]
-Layering around m10-20 and m40-50 is done poorly, fix those parts to make the main melody more prominent
-Otherwise well-stepped.

Strangeprogram [Long] (s0ulst0n3) [-]
-Auto-rejection for holds
-From what I did play this is too similar to the ingame one and not necessary.

Summer Time Perfume (bmah) [+.]
-Nothing really wrong with this file IMO, but I think it could be a lot more fun if more layering was done, especially in the beginning parts.
-Still fun without that though.

Tension Up System (r3v0lut10nm4st3r11) [-]
-Auto-rejection for completely wrong snap (this song is 16ths based) and holds.

The Dream (Serverkiller) [-]
-Offsync and wrong BPM bye

Titan –The Superjail Mix- [+?]
-Syncing for part with words is COMPLETELY off
-It's…ok aside from that, although it seems like better layering/jump use is possible.

Velaciela (bmah and HammyMcSquirrel) [+?]
-Needs better PR and layering for me, too boring as it is now.
-Song cut is really bad, ends incredibly abruptly.

Vertex ALPHA (tj28) [!]
-Auto-rejection for multiple difficulties
-Tass already basically said he will never put this song into the game as it's almost the same as BETA.

Violent Storm (thechild) [?]
-Beginning seems to be misrhythmed
-File is pretty boring, needs more layering or something to make it more interesting, also some of the yellow 'jacks' aren't PR as jacks.

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [?]
-Needs massive PR fix.
-More layering might also help in parts
-16th stream seems completely wrong.

Yoshi's Castle (HammyMcSquirrel) [+?]
-Again, basically needs total PR overhaul.
-Seems ok aside from that.

{Big Boss} (Silvuh) [?]
-Badly overlayered 12th jack part, inconsistencies throughout
-The other one is way better

{Big Boss} (Vote4Nixon) [+]
-Much better than Silvuh's
-Very well-stepped, great file.
Note: Due to a pure bias based on the respective quality of files produced by Silvuh and V4N (and the stepping style of each of them as well), I kind of suspect that they were somehow reversed…no offense to either if this turns out to be false.

{Evolution} Out Stage (rushyrulz) [?]
-12th snap is wrong, it's 16ths for most of the file
-Some parts are fun, but for the most part layering is very bad and inconsistent.

{Paranorma} v2 (CosmicRain) [-]
-Bad misrhythms, terrible use of jacks, no PR in easy bits.

{Spacefall} (iluswirl) [-]
-Godawful stream patterns and minijacks in stream and random 16th pauses and stuff.  Learn how to make fun stream patterns.

{Spacefall} (Orange Dude) [-]
-Horrible stream patterns, also has misrhythms and such.  Similar in quality to iluswirl's.  Random 16th stream for years is not the way to step this song.

{The Sewers} (CosmicRain) [-]
-24ths wtf.  No, no, hell no.  Quit out after the third set because I could see where this was going.
-Overstepped like hell with 24ths and then understepped elsewhere.  Awful overall.

{Big Boss} (Silvuh) [+? / 5.5]
missing jumps on m1/m5, 24th on m7 isn't needed. 
misrhythms on m10/14/42 (actually 48th + 64th, and need better pattern/modification)
some jumps on the yellow note/jack placement are weird.

{Big Boss} (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4.5]
felt some parts lack layering (beginning, m16, m24, etc).
misrhythms on m10/14/42 (actually 48th + 64th, and need better pattern/modification)
also missing notes on some parts.

{Evolution} Out Stage (rushyrulz) [- / 1]
BPM error (offsync, and make the main rhythm 8th or 16th) 
file's full of misrhythms, needs layering

{Paranorma} v2 (CosmicRain) [- / 1.5]
many rhythm errors, 64ths are 48ths, some are 32nds, 64th trills are stupid. PR could be better, gap off

{Spacefall} (iluswirl) [- / 1]
felt jump placement is random, quite inconsistent structure

{Spacefall} (Orange Dude) [? / 2]
PR could be better, some misrhythms, m18- stream doesn't fit the music well

{The Sewers} (CosmicRain) [- / 0]
offsync, 24ths/32nds/etc are completely out of place

3020 (Coolboyrulez0) [? / 2.5]
misrhythm on m8/16/etc, a bit inconsistent layering. also felt repetitive

Across Rooftops (JX) [own file] (12)

Black Key Etude (behanjc) [+ / 7.5] (11)
ok sync(a bit off esp in m23-32, ending), great PR, jumps could be put more on some parts for layering

Blue-Violet (Silvuh) [+. / 6.5] (9)
piano parts are improved a bit but felt layering for drums is still inconsistent at parts.

Brandish Headless (Shashakiro) [+. / 7] (11)
unnecessary jumps in m10/14, unnecessary notes in m14, PR on m16/17, m64-67 could be better, 
hands aren't needed IMO, want 48ths in m61, last two 32nds are 24ths in m62

Calmness (Mr.Nothing) [- / 1.5]
too short, jumps in m8, PR could be better

Chaoz Fantasy - (Netjet!) [? / 2]
PR could be better, jump/jack placement isn't good

Chaoz Japan [eastsideman09 and EnR] [+? / 6]
downjacks/minor rhythm error at beginning, minijacks around m57 don't fit the music
m46-53 could be better in terms of consistency. IMO 16th note after the 64th burst could be removed.
otherwise, sync is fine.

Chocolate Rain (DJS Remix) (Xandertrax) [0 / -]

Chocolate Rain DJS remix (DarkZtar) [? / 4]
beginning should be stepped more/offsync at parts.
after that, felt the layering styile is generic/inconsistentat parts

Church Bell (-Barista-) [- / 1]
a lot of errors in jack placement(PR)/rhythms in general
also PR in guitar part could be better

Church Bells (HighAndr0id & ClAsSiC_rOcKeR) [+? / 5.5]
PR could be better overall, especially in solo part. hands should be placed more carefully
m47 is 24/16ths

Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern (gnr61) [+. / 6.5] (12)
funny/weird song, hard file.
rhythms in m19/46, also some other minor rhythm errors but ok (lol @ bursts with all colors).
they all could be counter clockwise spins.

Crowdpleaser [Drop the Mic Mix]  DarkZtar [? / 4.5]
BPM error (don't use stops for syncing)
layering for hihats at the beginning, inconsistent in parts like m31.
also minijacks don't fit the music well. some 24ths are 32nds.

Data Drain (Xandertrax) [? / 3.5]
rhythms in m17-25, m34, m47-52, layering is inconsistent, especialy in parts like m68-
felt inconsistent when steps switch from double based style to single
sync error, after m159 notes get earlier to the music.

Death of a Dynasty (Vote4Nixon) [? / 3.5]
need better layering sytle/more consistency between guitars/drums overall
also, PR (guitar) could be better

Deceisive Battle   DarkZtar [? / 4]
many misrhythms, m27-28, m33-34, m42, m54, etc are 12ths.
the style of jumps on melody + random 8ths isn't too fun for me

Destined Marionette (behanjc) [+. / 6.5] (9)
want 16ths for drums on parts m48, m54, m65, m67, m69, etc

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+? / 5.5]
on m35-43, m53-, m80, most jumps aren't needed (or put more carefully), sone 32nd pattern could be more roll based, 
m95- many 32nds are out of place. got better than the last one though

Document 13b (FFR Remix) (bluguerrilla) [+. / 7] (11)
burst rhythms/jump in m24? didn't get some jump placement but ok

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [? / 3.5]
inconsistent layering(double placement), some 24ths could be used

Empornium [dore] [+? / 5.5]
adding jumps on handclap in hihat section would be better, layering method is a bit boring for me.

Endless Dream - s0ulst0n3 [? / 2.5]
pretty inconsistent layering, not good hand placement, 24ths?

Ezuora (DJAirWave) [- / 1]
streams don't fit the music, random pattern/jumps. quit out

Falling Phase (badman7772) [? / 2]
need some layering and berrer PR not to be boring

Far East Allnight (Coolboyrulez0) [? / 3.5]
many misrhythms(12ths, synth melody, etc), repetitive at parts

Feldschlacht (behanjc) [+. / 6.5] (10)
some parts are cool but felt layering is inconsistent/weird at parts for me, technically not wrong though
32nd on m91/99? some 16ths for piano on m27/96/102/etc are 24ths (shift up-arrows by 48th)
triplet jack in m106 isn't needed

Fighting for Control (Kommisar[os]) [+. / 7] (10)
PR for jumps could be better maybe

Fire Aura (kjwkjw) [? / 2.5]
notes on silence/misrhythms, jump placement is quite inconsistent

flames of the sky II (b-a-e-r & fluuk) [? / 2.5]
quite random patterns, inconsistent, felt way too long (6+ minutes)

Freedom (Mr.Nothing) [? / 3]
misrhythms (16ths?), PR could be better

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon) [+? / 5.5]
a bit inconsistent/underlayered at parts, could add some 32nds notes for drums

Halloweenies (Flaming_Dingleberry) [? / 3.5]
bpm late, beginning should be stepped more, jump placement could be better overall, could use 32nds more

Hardcore Bass (cyrx900) [+? / 5.5]
meh sync, songcut

Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix) (kjwkjw) [? / 3.5]
PR/layering could be better. could add some 32nds on synths for fun (m39, etc).
especially blue note parts, they are ones of the ways to step but not fun.

Hero in a Dream (SulferDragon) [+. / 6.5] (10)
on parts like m18 snares could be layered maybe
missing 16th on m99, 109, missing jumps on m40, 98

Higan Retour -idling mix- (Knoobish) [- / 1]
64ths are crap (and not even technically correct)
PR could be better, and noticed a few errors in rhythm/jump placement

I Hate the 80's (bluguerrilla) [+? / 5.5]
PR error in m5/m9, jumps are put BDs consistently but weren't too fun for me, burst pattern in m16
weird 16th placement on m19/25/etc for drums? or they are put on hardly audible things
other synth parts are fine I guess.

I Wake Up Clueless (Ground_Breaker) [? / 5]
ending should be cut, hands are overused

Inside the Fire [dore] [+? / 6]
it has decent PR and the style is ok for this difficulty, but still long and it's getting boring for me.

k8107 - T-rogdor [? / 2]
sync errors, v1 is better

Kanon-Kanon (bmah) [+. / 6.5] (10)

Kusharu Shrine (Skeleton-GotW) [? / 4.5]
didn't like the music, some jumps are inconsistent (around triplets), missing some 16ths (m18, 22, 25, 26, etc)

Loot Burn Rape Kill Repeat (Not Available) [- / 1]
offsync overall, random jump placement/misrhythms

Lost in Mind (Silvuh) [+? / 5.5]
inconsistent layering (especially m26-), rhythms on m72

Lullaby (customstuff) [- / 1.5]
pretty awkward hand usage (especially quads)/patterns overall  

Lunatic Moon OC Remix (Knoobish) [? / 3.5]
seems some rhythms are wrong/missing some 32nds, inconsistent double placement

Meow! (customstuff) [? / 4.5]
inconsistent jumps, 3 arrow jack would be better than 4 arrow jack 
want some climax

Momentary Life (Shashakiro) [+ / 7.5] (11)
m6/30/177- could have some more jumps, missing hand on m68/132, jumps for snare on m81-83?
tiny things, though.

moon_child -Go with the flow- (bmah) [+. / 6.5] (9)
decent PR, m33-49 could be layered more/better, missing 32nd on m106 

Moonlight River (Silvuh) [+. / 6] (7)
PR is ok at parts but could be better (m13-, m54, etc)
layering is mostly correct, a bit boring imo but maybe ok for an easy file

Nigthfall (Azafreak) [? / 2]
complete error in m9? and random rhythms/many rhythm errors after that, need more layering

Pacsyndrome (bmah) [+? / 5.5]
steps aren't erroneous but felt missing a lot of background drum/synth rhythms for fun factors

Phantom Ensemble (cut) (behanjc) [+ / 8] (10)
felt a few parts are underlayered but fun/technical file anyway

Psychopotamia (ledwix) [? / 5]
after m13 need 32nds for piano, missing note on m33
in parts like m48-, some base rhythms should be 16ths
PR could be better at parts

ReMotion Remixed (Xandertrax) [? / 5]
jumps for marinba could be more PR after m9, after m82 some jumps are missed
overall, quite inconsistent layering even though the song is repetitive trance

Rose At Nightfall (SulferDragon) [+? / 5.5]
want a 16th note before blue 8th jump on patterns like m15
also, you layer strings as 12ths but the layering way is inconsistent IMO
after m45 felt 4th part is understepped

Sidology Episode 3 (Apex Ultima) (Zap_Track) [? / 4.5]
could follow the background drums more for better layering, need songcut, PR could be better

Ska De Chocobo!! (behanjc) [+. / 6.5]
felt jump placement is inconsistent at parts, misrhythms on m80-82

Space Pirate (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4.5]
didn't see any good reasons for hands on most parts
missing notes on m28, 36, 53, 65, etc

Spark's Theme (Skeleton-GotW) [+? / 5.5]
mostly ok but PR could be better at parts, could layer drums more on some parts

Strangeprogram[Long] {s0ulst0n3} [- / 1]
just similar to v1, no need for sull version, random patterns

Summer Time Perfume (bmah) [+. / 6.5] (9)
m9-15 is underlayered (on purpose?), felt a bit long/repetitive

Tension Up System (r3v0lut10nm4st3r11) [- / 0]
freezes, BPM should be 165

The Dream (Serverkiller) [- / 0]
totally offsync, quit out. and this is matathon

Titan -The Superjail Mix- (Zap_Track) [? / 3.5]
voice part isn't done well, imo you should cut the song before that.
also jump placement is inconsistent overall

Velaciela (bmah & HammyMcSquirrel) [+? / 5.5]
missing notes on m63(32nds), m65(piano), m27/71/78
m42- example of bad layering change

Vertex Alpha (tj28) [- / 0]
multi difficulty, played one of them randomly and wasn't queueworthy at all

Violent Storm (thechild) [? / 3]
rhythms of beginning aren't correct(also not very audible), PR/layering could be better overall

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [? / 4]
multi difficulty, also felt melody, chords, drums are randomly layered (edit).

Yoshi's Castle (HammyMcSquirrel) [? / 4.5]
small misrhythms on beginning, PR with melody/pizzicato could be better
m35- could be layered.

3020 (Coolboyrulez0) [?] - totally misunderstood what I meant about the 64ths, piano section needs better PR, trills should change first in red notes not blue notes

Across Rooftops (JX) [+] - m19 maybe missed a note, m35 missed another, m55+59 32nds should be a 2134 spin, m68 not sure what 3rd orange note goes to, m73 missed two hands?, m85 24ths not 32nds, m91 missed rhythm in second half of measure, ending jumps could have a couple hands in it and better PR (+ bc i'm being really nitpicky here)

Black Key Etude (behanjc) [+] - really fun piano, liked the layering choice at end

Blue-Violet (Silvuh) [+] - could have more jacks to piano in there but otherwise good

Brandish Headless (Shashakiro) [+] - ignored bass drum in intro on purpose?, m75 two 4321's should be 1212's,

Calmness (Mr.Nothing) [+?] - some PR issues in the doubles, is this a cut?

Chaoz Fantasy (Netjet!) [-] - PR in intro, jacks in JS, missed doubles in JS, weird double placement, inconsistent

Chaoz Japan (eastsideman09 and EnR) [+?] - PR issues in m46+ jump section, pretty good otherwise

Chocolate Rain DJS remix (DarkZtar) [+?] - some inconsistencies double PR,

Church Bell (-Barista-) [-] - major PR issues, many missed rhythms and misrhythms, ending bpm change

Church Bells (HighAndr0id & ClAsSiC_rOcKeR) [+?] - PR in guitar solo could be better, PR to piano could also be better, overall pretty good

Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern (gnr61) [+] - some jacks caused by layering or choice in jumps that could be avoided but it doesn't really matter at this bpm

Crowdpleaser [Drop the Mic Mix] (DarkZtar) [?] - missed rhythms, should be no stops to sync (bpm+gap error), better pattern choices for 32nds, vocals need better manual sync

Data Drain (Xandertrax) [?] - many missed and misrhythms, a cut would be nice, ending could be more fun

Death of a Dynasty (Vote4Nixon) [?] - sync needs to be much better, some missed rhythms in guitar and drums, m47+ stream goes to guitar?, m77 or so rhythms go to what?,

Decisive Battle (DarkZtar) [?] - overstepped, the high pitched guitar parts especially, m51 missed a yellow after the 24ths, go over every section that has 16ths and make sure they actually go to something, sections like m81 should be 12ths not 16ths,

Destined Marionette (behanjc) [+.] - some weird layering and possibly missed doubles

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+] - muchly improved

Document 13b (FFR Remix) (bluguerrilla) [#] even more awesome than before

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [+?] - the 16ths that you put to sticks are actually 24ths, if this is confusing I can show you what I mean

Empornium (dore) [+] - ell oh ell oh ell oh ell

Endless Dream (s0ulst0n3) [-] - holds, PR in doubles bad, ending stream goes to nothing, hand usage bad

Ezuora (DJAirWave) [?] - random yellow jumps?, m51-66 misrhythmed, free form stream lasts for too long, would be more fun if you stepped the secondary rhythmic synth

Falling Phase (badman7772) [?] - PR needs a lot of work (the doubles that go to drums are fine), some missed rhythms in the 8th notes

Far East Allnight (Coolboyrulez0) [?] - misrhythms in intro synth, PR in patterns could be a lot better, sync to guitar could be better, random 12ths/24ths/etc go to nothing?,

Feldschlacht (behanjc) [+] - good balance in layering different instruments, good flow

Fighting for Control (Kommisar[os]) [+.] - some of the stream in the first JS section could be better PR, other than that good

Fire Aura (kjwkjw) [?] - some of the triples go to nothing, random minijack, some PR issues in the jumps,

flames of the sky II (b-a-e-r & fluuk) [-] - bad stream patterns, bad PR in doubles section, overdoubled, OMG LONG

Freedom (Mr.Nothing) [?] - jacks for no reason and misrhythms, needs better PR in 8th stream

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon) [+] - interesting layering scheme, couple misrhythms like in m85 first red note,

Halloweenies (Flaming_Dingleberry) [?] - inconsistent double usage, inconsistent jack usage, ignored some 32nds that could be fun

Hardcore Bass (cyrx900) [-] - long boring breaks, inconsistent difficulty, bad sync, very very long

Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix) (kjwkjw) [?] - some 16ths go to nothing, missed rhythms throughout, weird double placement

Hero in a Dream (SulferDragon) [+?] - sync needs to be better, missed 16ths m34 to bass drum, other than that fine

Higan Retour -idling mix- (Knoobish) [-] - missed drum rhythms, lol 64ths dumb, permission?, weird cut, mixed hand jacks,

I Hate the 80's (bluguerrilla) [#] own file, kind of lol

I Wake Up Clueless (Ground_Breaker) [?] hands not FMO, 48ths wrong (actually 128ths but 64ths would work), manual sync needs to be better,

Inside the Fire (dore) [+?] - solo very hard compared to the rest of the file, 16th stream after solo could be harder (JS or just lots more jumps),

k8107 (T-rogdor) [-] - same as v1 but much worse

Kanon-Kanon (bmah) [+] - not overdoubled anymore

Kusharu Shrine (Skeleton-GotW) [?] - missed yellow notes throughout, weird double placement, inconsistent jack usage

Loot Burn Rape Kill Repeat (Not Available) [?] - bpm way off, many missed rhythms, better layering choices

Lost in Mind (Silvuh) [+] - fun and easy, as usual atypical layering but it's good

Lullaby (customstuff) [-] - overlayered and incorrectly layered at parts, hands in non-FMO

Lunatic Moon OC Remix (Knoobish) [+?] - some rhythms feel wrong because they're not dominant, (13)(24) jumptrills aren't as fun as the others, some PR issues in slowdown part,

Meow! (customstuff) [?] - 12th jacks are a little much compared to the rest of the file, long trills in stream made no sense, end of trill to bass drum made no sense,

Momentary Life (Shashakiro) [+] - rly fun

moon_child -Go with the flow- (bmah) [+] - weird song with a fun file

Moonlight River (Silvuh) [+] - fun and easy

Nigthfall (Azafreak) [?] - minijacks for no good reason, pattern choice for 32nds should be better, double placement mistakes, rhythm errors,

Pacsyndrome (bmah) [+] - much better

Phantom Ensemble (cut) (behanjc) [+] - lots of fun and very accurate, fun drums

Psychopotamia (ledwix) [+?] - doubles need better PR, could use a step after the last note to hold the piano

ReMotion Remixed (Xandertrax) [+.] - good layering, could use better PR in the gallops

Rose At Nightfall (SulferDragon) [+] - not much to say

Sidology Episode 3 ( Apex Ultima) (Zap_Track) [?] - many misrhythms and missed rhythms, too much wrong to list it all, seems like you gave up halfway through, good effort though

Ska De Chocobo!! (behanjc) [+.] - layering scheme makes play awkward, sometimes seems incorrect with jumptrills,

Space Pirate (Vote4Nixon) [?] - overlayered with hands, non-FMO, rhythms to noise may be ok, jacks may be ok at this bpm but feel out of place

Spark's Theme (Skeleton-GotW) [+.] - minor PR errors throughout

Strangeprogram[Long] (s0ulst0n3) [-] - holds, loljacks, dump stream, a lot wrong with this file, like v1 but really bad, quit out

Summer Time Perfume (bmah) [+] - lots of fun but could be harder, lots of room to put jacks and more layering but really fun how it is

Tension Up System (r3v0lut10nm4st3r11) [-] - holds, expand 2->3, minijacks for no reason, layering could be better

The Dream (Serverkiller) [- -] - everything is wrong, quit out

Titan -The Superjail Mix- (Zap_Track) [?] - manual sync needs to be way better, many missed rhythms, weird double placement, maybe cut some of the middle boring stuff,

Velaciela (bmah & HammyMcSquirrel) [+?] - minijack at m20 no good, m43 missed rhythms, missed rhythms around m80 (drums),

Vertex Alpha (tj28) [-] - multiple difficulties, BNS, dumpstream, quit out

Violent Storm (thechild) [?] - intro off sync, PR needs to be much better in gallops etc, m42 on misrhythmed,

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [+.] - multiple charts, ok file but flow could be better

Yoshi's Castle (HammyMcSquirrel) [?] - weird double placement, intro offsync, missed rhythms, needs PR, very weird cut

{Big Boss} (Silvuh) [?] - many misrhythms, seemingly inconsistent jack usage, weird double placement, mixed 12ths and 16ths very awkward

{Big Boss} (Vote4Nixon) [+.] - m19-20 missed drum rhythms (like a total of 3 arrows), a couple PR errors in 12th section (two bass drum hits in a row stepped as gallop should be jack), very minor fixes

{Evolution} Out Stage (rushyrulz) [-] - wrong bpm, quit out

{Paranorma} v2 (CosmicRain) [-] - weird jack usage, missed rhythms, misrhythms, bad double placement, misrhythms, misrhythms, misrhythms

{Spacefall} (iluswirl) [-] - jacks for no reason, weird double placement, overdoubled, bad stream patterns, weird cut, lots wrong

{Spacefall} (Orange Dude) [?] - misrhythms, stream for no reason, could be a lot better, bad pattern choices for snare (123432),

{The Sewers} (CosmicRain) [-] - 24ths/32nds go to nothing (actually they go to the smearing sound but it really doesn't work), crazy 32nd jacks, misrhythms out the wazoo

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


The Queue
A World of Piano - sc979
Church Bells - HighAndr0id & Classic_Rocker
Fake Jazz - behanjc
Fighting for Control - Kommisar[os]
Hellhounds On My Trail - behanjc
I hate the 80s - blu - such a dump...  but if jx is ok with it.
Lady's Cake - DarkbearX & Hammy
Leeroy Jenkins - Silver_Brian - i will likely hate myself tomorrow for queueing this
Memories - Sprite - going to queue this assuming the minor stuff still gets fixed; bit of sync, the 1 jack
Moonlight River - Silvuh
Ninja Lad - Silvuh - Same as Sprite's, queueing w/ the expectation of fixing the tiny stuff
3020 - blu and Cbr0
Piasolute - behanjc - 1 random note at the end?  placeholder?  can i remove?
Rain - Silvuh
Remember 15 Years Ago - behanjc - again...  1 note at the end?
Run through the stream of time - behanjc - cut maybe?
Silly Symphony - sc979 - cut?  green section?
Toxiferous Dystopia - TC_Halogen - cut some of the middle, please
Twilight Jewel - stargroup & Behan - maybe cut around 1500?
300 This is Sparta - hi19 - i really hate memes
A - hi19 - can fix PR if you want
Battle Squadron - hi19
Big Blue v2 - hi19 & Shash
Eye of the Tiger - hi19 - makes sense if you realize hi19 wants it to be a 3
PianoCore - hi19 - fix if you want.  fun file.
St Scarhand - hi19 - accepting under the assumption that you fix blu's stuff
FF3 Tower - hi19 - maybe fix jumps...  not a big deal.  Maybe not cut it though?  Or a longer cut?

Played by Tass but not Queue'd
After Altair - too many jumps
Cynthia - was way offsync
Dreamin in the 80s - what jx said
Game boy fiend - MAMA vs Firestorm.  isn't fun for the song.
Gym Leader
Inside the fire - dore - i like the non layered vocals. definitely cut shortly after the solo...  assuming we're allowed to.  i forget.
Mega puzzle world - JS is definitely too intense for the song
Nomina Nuda Tenemus - i don't follow this at all.  i'm with jx.
Pullin Through - didn't play.  blu says it can be better still.
Rainspark - like the song
Super mario bros 2 overworld
Usatei - overstepped, especially after the vocal section.  + jx stuff
Versatile - opening JS overstepped
Wish reprise - lack of consistency makes it awkward, and really similar to v1.
World End's Yama Xanadu - overstepped
Big Boss - hands in non-FMO.  V4N's file
250bpm mega project - fix up issues, especially 32nds
300 v2
Bowser the shredder - great song.  fix up issues, especially JS
Caprice for Violin - long, sync, hands
Clash on the big bridge - didn't play.  permission issue with cut
CmR - what blu said.  boring as hell
Fierce Combat v2 - how is this different from v1?
Freedom dive - lol no
Kanto Gym leader - what blu said
Shash challenge - c'mon
Sly - way too similar to v1
Tell v3 - if we need a v3, dore already did a really nice one
Vi Sitter I Ventrilo v2 - what blu said.  then, w/o those, not that different from v1

Blu's Notes
250bpm Mega Project (hi19hi19) [+.]
. More mashable pattern choice for rolls like 4312 instead of 4231
. Single 8th notes in m33+ not all on sync if they go to the sound I think they do
. m81+ maybe step crashes too

300 This is Sparta EXTENDED mix (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Parts where voice is ignored are less fun (could be layered with voice)
. m39-41 16th misrhythms
. m52, m54, don't hear the 16ths
. m59-60 PR

300 This is Sparta EXTENDED Mix (Silver_Brian) [+?]
. Inconsistent jack usage
. Inconsistent double placement m23-34 and m43-50 and m59-60 and m63+
. m57 missed a two notes (blue then yellow at the end of the measure)

300 v2 (hi19hi19) [+.]
. m43 trill changes late
. M43+ gallop PR
. better than v1 and harder

3020 (bluguerrilla & Coolboyrulez0) [#]
. Wow fun jacks

6 (SpammyMcSquirrel) [?]
. Freeform stream not justified
. Some layering in the first half and outro would make the file much much better
. Many misrhythms in 16ths in the first half

A (hi19hi19) [+]
. brb pad
. some minor PR issues, probably doesn't matter because of the difficulty

A World of Piano (sc979) [=]
. Much better

Above The Rising Falls (XxHaseoDragonxX) [-]
. PR
. Layering
. Missed rhythms
. brb KH cool song but could use a cut

After Altair (Silvuh) [+]
. Easy, weird cut but I can understand it

Airport Infinitum - Robo-Andy's Theme (hi19hi19) [+?]
. m13, m19, m21 2nd jump should be yellow
. jacks omg need ice brb
. But seriously the jacks don't fit the intensity of the song at all

Arrival to Earth (Orange Dude) [+.]
. PR needs a ton of work but could be ok because of the difficulty

Battle Squadron - Menu (Juno Reaktor Remix) (hi19hi19) [+.]
. m24 feels wrong because of dominant synth
. PR issues in jumps like the end of m28
. Not great but relatively easy so...

Beloved Girl's Rondo (sc979) [+?]
. The lack of layering makes the intro very boring
. Better pattern choices for 24ths as they're very hard compared to the rest of the file, 4321 or 4231 would be easier

BF2014 (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [+.]
. Overdoubled
. Other than that ok

Big Blue v2 (hi19hi19 & Shashakiro) [+]
. :p
. :d
. :b

Blue Betrayal (Coolboyrulez0) [?]
. There are no 16ths anywhere in this song
. The stream before m77 should be all 3 note patterns
. Ignored many rhythms

Blue-Violet (Vote4Nixon) [>]
. Not as good as Silvuh's

Bomb The Base v2 (Silver_Brian) [+.]
. Some PR patterns might be nice (i.e. jacks to some of the synth)
. Meh double placement

Bonivital (Rednanaki) [?]
.  So many misrhythms
.  Bad PR in intro and throughout
.  Weird double placement in intro (if not weird then you missed some if not many doubles)
.  Many missed sounds

Botu (akaFrOsTinG) [?]
. Gets offsync midway through the simfile, bpm changes
. Weird double placement
. Ok PR but could use a going over

Bowser the Shredder (hi19hi19 & WTFBrandon) [+.]
. bad ass-file
. minijack stream is awesome
. I didn't like the jumpjacks to the snare, trill that
. m51 missed a yellow note at the end
. PR not perfect but might be good enough

Canon in WHEE (RB_Quackies) [?]
. Hands,not FMO
. 12th section overdone
. PR problems
. Misrhythms in second 32nd wall
. Pattern choice in first 32nd section

Canon in WHEE v2 (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Stream patterns (in the big stream part, not the snare part) bad PR
. 12th section overdone
. More could be done with this file

Caprice for Violin in B minor Theme and Variations (hi19hi19) [+]
. lol
. sure
. whatever
. hands felt meh

Chaoz Fantasy (Silver_Brian) [+.]
. Good enough PR
. Good enough double placement

Chaoz Impact (DarkZtar) [+?]
. Bad cutting place, might as well step the entire song (not too much longer past where you cut)
. m27+ some doubles in this section that don't belong
. PR ok

Chipscape (Gnr61) [?]
. lol ok there has to be something else you can do with those bursts like make them only 4 notes long or something (I realize it's actually longer but jesus)
. m41 trill give me a break
. m71, m97 bad burst patter
. m91+ could be stream :p

Chocolate Rain (DJS Remix) (flipsta_lombax & Silver_Brian) [?]
. m39 and such 16ths go to nothing
. 8th note stream to piano had really bad PR
. Overall I feel more could be done with the song in terms of layering

Church Bell (-barista-) [-]
. Still missing a ton of rhythms in the guitar solo
. Meh PR and jack usage
. Overall still needs a ton of work

Church Bells (HighAndr0id & Classic_Rocker) [+]
. Don't think it's FMO but the hands would be easy enough to take out
. The polyrhythm looks awkward but is mashable enough, would be worse if you tried to layer it
. Overall I liked it

Clash on the Big Bridge (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Song is cut and part of the permissions were that you weren't allowed to cut their songs
. Missed rhythms in the intro (didn't step all of the guitar)
. Could have stepped more drums
. Overall meh even for an easy file

CmR (hi19hi19) [+.]
. Missed notes in the intro
. Could be half as long but meh, easy file

Crazy Batch (Loucst) [-]
. Bad bad non-PR stream patterns
. Weird double placement
. Misrhythms and missed or left out rhythms that would be fun

Crowdpleaser [Drop the Mic Mix] (DarkZtar) [-]
. Still missing rhythms in the intro JS section that would be fun like 24ths at the end of m11
. Could use more jacks in some parts
. Bad PR in doubles during JS sections
. Missed notes in minijackstream part
. Bad sync to vocals
. m42 pattern
. Don't use stops to sync the vocals, use colored notes
. JS/vocal doesn't work very well
. m45 isn't 24ths, listen closer
. PS I like this song, fix the simfile
. The 64ths stepped as 32nds might be ok but 64ths might also be ok, as long as you make them easy

Crying Soul v2 (Breakdown16) [+?]
. Missed rhythms
. Weird double placement
. Ending pretty boring but it's the song's fault really
. Didn't like the pattern choice for freeform stream
. Does this simfile need a v2?

Cynthia (dood gone krazee) [+?]
. PR in doubles not great overall
. Probably not FMO for hands
. Overall fairly overstepped
. Better than the one below

Cynthia (hi19hi19 & Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+?]
. Poor double placement during JS bursts (lacking consistency)
. Jacks feel way out of place compared to what this simfile is overall
. 2nd half overstreamed (meaning stream where there shouldn't be stream)
. Very end piano stream should be stepped

Damage Control (Mahjix) [-]
. Can't have both jacks and zero PR
. Really bad sync, one BPM should do this song
. JS section way over the difficulty of the rest of the simfile

Death of Morality (hi19hi19) [+?]
. My poor left hand
. Minor PR issues in piano section
. Layering and pattern choice boring but correct
. This is dumb

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+.]
. m102 jack, maybe change end of that measure from (34)213(24)142to (24)312(34)124
. Kind of a ridiculous song

Die Barney Die (Coolgamer) [-]
. Horrible sync
. Bad double placement
. Missed rhythms
. Wow, just wow this song... wow.

Disconnected HaZaRD (Rednanaki) [?]
. Misrhythms
. 105 might be a better choice for the bpm
. Jack inconsistency
. Poor stream patterns
. Missed rhythms
. Overall a meh file

Distorted Reality v2 (hi19hi19) [?]
. Bad PR in intro (singles)
. Missed sounds in intro
. Trills don't fit, should be 23234 or variations
. Many steps go to nothing
. Why not do 64th rolls if you're doing 32nd trills?
. m68 and the like, 16th swung
. Overall overdoubled

dr. mario- fever gameboy rmx (blindreper1179) [-]
. Incorrect bpm
. Horrible Patterns
. m10 really really bad

Dreamin' In The 80's (bluguerrilla) [#]
. rly old file, thought it was in the queue but I never remembered to send it back in

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [?]
. Only stepped about half of the 24ths
. Jacky-hand patterns, should sacrifice PR for non-jacky patterns
. Feels overdoubled in some sections
. m70 16ths to very soft sound may be ok
. ffs this is better than the one in game |D]:<

E-Rosion (akaFrOsTinG) [-]
. Holds
. Overall terrible
. Quit out

Eclipse (azafreak) [?]
. Loops don't make great stepfiles
. Misrhythms
. Poor double placement

Elf Pirate (Redsky139) [?]
. In intro some single notes to nothing
. m32 misplaced rhythm in 32nds, should be 48ths
. m35 and m36 and later incorrect rhythms again, recheck all of them on .5x or so

Endless Maze (hi19hi19) [+?]
. m36 bad
. double placement m37-40 bad (overall double placement not great
. overall difficulty still uneven but meh

Fake Jazz (behanjc) [+]
. Fun and correct

Falling Phase (i like it) [-]
. Horrible PR
. Misrhythms in intro
. Boring
. Is this a cut? If so it's a bad cut.

Far East Allnight (Coolboyrulez0 + _.Spitfire._) [+?]
. The rhythms to the very quiet synth aren't justified, just step the main one
. m80 24ths fit better
. Some rhythms in the slowdown section very quiet but I guess it's ok

Felys (Vote4Nixon) [+?]
. m10 and the like 16ths should go 321 not 231
. m17 could go (34)21 instead of (24)31 for consistency
. m35 and the like missed 16ths to piano (it's quiet but not that quiet)
. m54 one too many 32nds
. m59-66 boring, could step more of the drums or something
. m67 48ths go to nothing and you missed 32nds that you stepped earlier in this section
. m90 should end with an 8th jack
. m95 should go (12)34 not (34)21
. Doubles possibly too much layering for the outro
. I like this song too, hence the nitpicking

Fierce Combat v2 (hi19hi19) [+.]
. Some missed notes to whatever woodwind that is
. lol 6 notes less than the one in game, coincidentally, you missed exactly 6 notes wtg
. Better PR than Sulfer's but that's about the only difference

Fighting for Control (Kommisar[os]) [+]
. Missed an inconsequential 32nd somewhere in there and the PR at the very end could be slightly better but meh, overall really fun

Fighting Of The Spirit (Rednanaki) [?]
. m37-38 missed rhythms
. lots of background guitar that you half-stepped
. lots more drums could be stepped
. why half bpm for solo?
. m171-172 almost entirely wrong
. The whole ending after that is bad

Fish Hell (megamon88) [?]
. m21-22 missed 32nd rhythms in guitar
. overall ignored lots of possibly fun drums
. m29 no 24ths
. m35 and throughout entire piano part missed rhythms
. Bad PR in many sections
. Weird layering overall

For FFR v2 (hi19hi19 & Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [?]
. Messed up the intro rhythms
. First part of JS section overstreamed
. m43 many notes to nothing
. Much of m39-45 has very bad PR
. Chain section boring
. m70-85 most rhythms not completely correct, listen closer
. Ending stream PR or something, bad pattern choices

FREEDOM DiVE (hi19hi19) [+.]
. m5 missed a 32nd
. m45 missed a jumptrill
. PR in slowdown section could be much better
. overall mostly correct, a few things to fix, i like to repeat myself, i like to repeat myself

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
. Did you change anything or even read my notes? >:|
. Some 32nds would be nice, like jx said last time
. Overall not much to fix but some additions would make this file 10x better
. Maybe instead of MAMA like stream do it on 134 instead of 234, make the down arrow the BD note

Go!Go! Broadapeal (shadow 1800) [-]
. Wrong bpm
. Stream for no reason
. Overdoubled
. Too many misrhythms to count
. Quit out

Gym Leader (RBY) (Xandertrax) [+.]
. Needs a note after the last one as a 'hold'
. The understepped 4th note jump part seems out of place in the stepping style and doesn't lead to a more intense part, just step all the noises there that you had been stepping
. Switching PR schemes was a little annoying but I see why you did it
. Really liked the 16th rhythm pattern choices
. Some of the layering seemed like a bit much but it's ok

Hardcore Bass (cyrx900) [+?]
. -52.3 gap means a minute of no steps in FFR, you have to actually cut the song
. m57, m93 missed doubles
. still very, very boring and long
. I hate this song but it had no bearing on my judgement : P

Head Banger (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Missed rhythms in the double/triple sections
. Overlayered
. Boring

Hellhounds On My Trail (behanjc) [+.]
. Section after solo a little meh but ok because the solo is so intense
. Some of the layering schemes were nonintuitive but also ok
. Loved the solo

Higan Retour -idling mix- (Knoobish) [?]
. Wow overstepped but whatever
. Missed lots of doubles if you're going full throttle with this layering scheme
. Dumb js could be fun stream
. Missed rhythms and misrhythms in trumpet section

I Hate the 80's (bluguerrilla) [#]
. More powerful than ever, thanks npv :p

Identity (woker-X) [?]
. Jacks for no good reason
. Pretty sure some of those 16ths to snare are swung
. 24th trill should be a 32nd roll
. This song needs a much better simfile
. lol jumptrills

Inside The Fire (Silver_Brian) [+?]
. Solo still terrible
. Some of the layering better than dore's but overall PR was distractingly bad

Inside the Fire (dore) [+.]
. Overall better than silver_brian's
. The layering in the first half of the sim is pretty dull, specifically the singles to vocals with no other noises stepped
. Stepping some of the drums in the first half might be nice

Iron Echoes (U84) [-]
. Offsync
. Misrhythms
. Many PR and layering mistakes
. Those are 32nds not 64ths
. Long and wrong quit out

Jethro And Vash At The Fair OC ReMix (hi19hi19) [+?]
. bpm should be 69.6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666... (double that if you're a stickler but this is prettier)
. PR and layering could be way better
. Some misrhythms

Jetstream! (silvercomet1525) [-]
. This song begs to be cut
. It also begs for JS with relevant stream patterns
. Chains are boring and not PR correct
. Lots of PR and pattern choice needs work
. Inconsistent jack usage
. Overall needs a lot of work

Kanon Medley ~Metal Wings~ (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [+.]
. Doubt this is FMO, not as hard as, say, The Lunatic Princess
. That said, it's overlayered, the doubles to the guitar in some sections is too much
. Other than that it's really fun

Kanto Gym Leader Remix (hi19hi19) [+.]
. Missed notes in the yellow note parts, should be a 16th rhythm, not solo yellow notes but could be ok how it is
. Overall fairly meh

Lady's Cake (DarkbearX & HammyMcSquirrel) [+]
. Silvuh?

Leeroy Jenkins (fun times mix) (Silver_Brian) [+]
. Muchly improved choice of stream and rhythm placement
. Double placement still strange but I liked it, had good emphasis

leeroy jenkins fun times mix (Coolgamer) [?]
. Lots of stuff wrong
. Not nearly as good as S_B's

. Dumb JS
. no thank you

Lonly Lonly (sc979) [+?]
. Really really really really really boring, you're going to have to be at least a little inventive
. Other than the fact that I'd rather stab myself in the eye than play this again, it was ok

Mega Puzzle World (dag12) [?]
. This would be 1000x better if there were very little JS in this sim, as it is it's overstepped
. Missed some cool background rhythms like the beginning of m28, they don't need to be stepped but they'd be cool
. Also, the JS is very awkward and doesn't fit the intensity of the song

Megamix'd (customstuff) [?]
. Step the entire intro for coolness
. Terrible PR and layering
. 24th trills?
. I'm not supposed to judge on music quality
. I'm not supposed to judge on music quality
. I'm not supposed to judge on music quality

Memories (Sprite-) [+]
. Ok so the PR is nonstandard but ok because otherwise it would be boring as hell
. The one jack is probably ok because it fits
. This is a nice and easy file, doesn't need to be oversynced

Mitsudomoe-motion-triangular fight (Frozen Beat & I love gabba) [?]
. This song would be awesome if you cut it at 109 seconds because the next 100 measures makes me cry, especially the ending
. Ok, that said, this sim is almost good and has a lot of potential
. Some of the rhythms to guitar are wrong and the sync needs to be paid attention to
. Didn't like the hand usage, not FMO
. Some of the jack usage is ok, some is not, depends on how pronounced the sound is (to the snare is ok, otherwise it's no good)
. Step the beginning of the song
. Missed rhythms in the intro that aren't guitar
. The vocals need to be layered much better
. Many misrhythms during the vocal sections
. The reason I'm tearing it apart is because this song has a lot of potential that you aren't taking advantage of

Moonlight River (Silvuh) [+.]
. World of Dreams v2
. Ok so this is kinda boring but is a good easy file (also kind of long but this would be really hard to cut I think)

Mr. Nothing's OP (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+?]
. This is a weird simfile
. I didn't like the PR in the doubles (specifically the (12) that went to 3 different noises in a row)
. I also didn't like the choice of what to step in the intro, felt very awkward
. It's really hard to get away with stepping bass, added to the awkwardness of the file
. The whole thing is awkward, is Mr. Nothing awkward?
. Awkward doesn't really fit the song because it's so fluid *shrug*

NES-Style Eye of the Tiger (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Really really boring layering choice, needs a more fun stepfile
. PR ok

Ninja Lad (Silvuh) [+?]
. Parts like m59 missing a red note to synth
. Also the stream that you do to synth and other sounds at the same time like m62 feels awkward because it's a continuous pattern to a different noises, isolated patterns would be better (the stream just feels forced)
. JS patterns like m67 are awkward with the (13) in it, (12) or (34) depending on what you chose to do to the PR would be better
. Overall I really liked this file just a bunch of small things

Nomina Nuda Tenemus (bluguerrilla) [#]
. O.o.0 (that's right, 3)

Oceans of Time (DarkZtar) [+?]
. m21-22 PR and layering to Piano needs to be better
. m24 and m44 should be 64ths
. Instead of gallops you could have done all stream if you wanted but it might be fun as it is, or you could just do it as stream in the second half or something, something to ramp up the layering style and pattern choices so it's not boring

Onyx(SpammymcSquirrel) [?]
. 8th note stream section really boring, could be much better
. Overall strange double placement
. Also, overall poor choice in what sounds to step, almost entirely all the same type of pattern to drums -> boring

Perfect Insanity (Silver_Brian) [?]
. The solo still makes me cry with how bad the PR is
. The double placement overall seems very self-inconsistent
. Jumptrills to snare is really meh
. Ending 3 jumps should all be in a row
. Overall I feel this sim has a lot of room for improvement

PianoCore (hi19hi19) [+?]
. m34 should be a 24th note jumptrill not a 16th (it's wrong, deal with it :p)
. m10 2 24th bursts should be constant stream in this pattern or a variation 432321
. Ending notes should alternate left right because the crash comes out of alternating speakers

Piasolute (behanjc) [+]
. Great sync job
. Some of the PR and double placement is weird but ok because it felt really good

Please Wake Up (foilman8805) [+?]
. m9 and m17 first note should be a double
. Check PR overall, many small mistakes
. Sync goes off around m17
. m33-34 misses notes
. Overall the PR needs a little work but the sync is the big thing

Plunging_Hornets (lxDestinyxl) [-]
. Missed a billion rhythms throughout
. Double the bpm
. Bad layering style
. Misrhythms all over the place
. For the love of God cut this song

Power v2 (DJAirWave) [--]
. Terrible
. Ignored all of the drums
. PR and layering out the window
. Really really bad

Pulling Through (bluguerrilla) [#]
. Hindsight I think I could make this better

Raiden II Level 5 (badman7772) [-]
. Many misrhythms and patterns that go to nothing
. Many missed rhythms
. Many PR mistakes
. Good effort but this needs a ton of work

Rain (Silvuh) [+]
. Great sync
. Good PR
. Good layering
. What did I hear about this just being one part of a series?

Rainspark (Silver_Brian) [?]
. PR overall is really distracting because of how linear the progression is
. The intro is completely incorrect rhythmically
. Overall the file is very meh, pretty boring and the bad PR made it unpleasent to play

Rave7 (hi19hi19) [?]
. 32nd stream is actually 48th stream...so 24th stream would fit better but I'd want to kill myself but that's ok
. I think your bpm is off
. Ok so yeah the 'JS' section you actually missed a lot of sounds and invented rhythms to noises which just isn't cool at this bpm
. lol um cut lol
. Overall major steaming pile

Remember 15 Years Ago...(behanjc) [+]
. Really cool file

RIP (GG_Guru) [-]
. Holds
. BPM wrong

Robot Funk - Epoch's Theme (hi19hi19) [-]
. So many misrhythms and missed rhythms
. Overdoubled
. This is a great song with a horrible stepfile, try again

Rock Rock Rock (t+pazolite Remix) (_.Spitfire._) [+?]
. m59 don't like the (13)(24) jumptrill because it's to such a background sound at 1.0x
. Wow ok this song need a cut bigtime like maybe at 175 seconds and even that seems long
. This sim could use more mirroring of your copypasta otherwise my left hand is going to kill you after it passes out from exhaustion

Rocket Punch! (cal607) [?]
. Hands have no place in this file
. Rhythmically this file is mostly correct but the PR is terrible
. You missed a ton of rhythms in the drums that would be really fun to play
. Woah 16ths that go to nothing and don't fit the difficulty of the file at all
. This sim could use a lot of work but I think if you change a ton of stuff it could be a decent file

Run Forever (customstuff) [?]
. m33 missed drums and it's not 24ths it's 32nds (slow it down and play closer attention) also don't do a trill that's too hard compared to the rest of the file
. Overall this is a bad song for a stepfile
. Horrible PR and boring layering
. Trill section is really meh

Run Through The Stream of Time (behanjc) [+.]
. Looong but meh
. Missed some double bass 16ths in the second half but it's ok
. Other than that ok

Shash Challenge (hi19hi19) [+.]
. 32nd jack is lol but then again...
. lol ending
. hi19 legacy

Silly Symphony (sc979) [+]
. Much better, fun stream, overall good

Sly (Remastered) (hi19hi19) [+]
. m39 bass drum alternates speaker if you want to use that trick here too

St. Scarhand (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Jumptrill to snare is dumb, regular trill would be better
. m38 I hear no jack and later jacks to the bass drum don't really make sense as double bass is much more like a trill and also it's weird to be musically technical to drums when the rest of the file is basically not very technical
. m44 misplaced jack
. m58 it's really jarring to have JS here because you're in the middle of a solo, so it just feels wrong to play
. Other than that it's a cool file, just has some annoying things in it

Starwolf (blindreper1179) [-]
. Holds

Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld (megamon88) [+?]
. The ending bass/drum part is so omg boring and it looks like you put little to no effort in it
. Tell me this song is a joke
. The manual sync seems good
. Overall very meh because the song is basically a cover but that didn't affect my judging as much as the ending did

Tamara When I Close My Eyes ONI (XDark_PrinceX) [-]

Tell v3 (hi19hi19) [+.]
. Stepping those squee noises is really dumb
. Overall this file is quite superfluous

The Final Hour (silvercomet1525) [+?]
. The transition in m38 (and a similar transition later) is very sharp, there has to be a better way to do it
. Overall even though it's all freeform there are some PR mistakes that I didn't like, in one section you used (13) for the same noise like 5 times in a row
.  I didn't like the big blank space out of nowhere, step something there

The Flashbulb (hi19hi19) [-]
. ha ha funny ok next

This is Sparta EXTENDED mix (Coolgamer) [?]
. Uh noteskin
. Not as good as the other two

Tower (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Wierd double placement, will take 5 minutes to fix

Toxiferous Dystopia (TC_Halogen) [+.]
. You and Xandertrax should trade sims for it is lol
. Missed some doubles to snare and I can't tell if you did it on purpose all of the time
. Long but overall nice and inventive pattern choices

Twilight Jewel (stargroup100 + behanjc) [+]
. Nice sync, very fun

Twin Chevron Action Flash Remix (GG_Guru) [-]
. Holds

Usatei (dag12) [+]
. lol

Versatile (U84) [?]
. Missed tons of rhythms
. Inconsistent jack usage
. Bad PR
. Last note after end of song
. Not as good as Xandertrax's

Versatile (Xandertrax) [+.]
. JS section a little much compared to the rest of the file but ok
. Other than that ok

Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA v2 (hi19hi19) [?]
. mp3 quality ouch ouch
. Some vocals offsync
. m46-47 horrible trill into jack doesn't go at all
. Rolls and 24th trill harder than the rest of the file by far

WG-Naruto Theme-Sea. 4 (cyrx900) [-]
. You have to actually cut the song or you get 45 seconds of silence in FFR :p
. Really bad PR and double placement
. Missed tons of rhythms in the guitar and piano

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [+.]
. Freeform patterns pretty fun
. Better PR than before
. Still a lot like the v1 *shrug*

World End's Yama Xanadu (_.Spitfire._) [+.]
. Much nicer now that it's half as long
. Still overstepped imo but that's what people seem to want out of this song *shrug*

X Distant (Clipso) [?]
. Needs to be more even in difficulty with more layering, lots of long boring sections
. Needs more freeform stream to snare instead of trills
. PR needs to be more consistent if you're going to use it

{Big Boss} (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Not as good as v4n's
. Hands, not FMO
. Boring stepping style

{Magnetize} (championanwar) [?]
. BPM off
. Bad Cut
. Tass easy lol

JX's Notes
A World of Piano [sc979] [+. / 7] (9)
good sync, PR could be better, not sure what was changed from the previous one though

Above The Rising Falls (XxHaseoDragonxX) [- / 1.5]
offsync, YNS

After Altair (Silvuh) [+? / 5]
not too bad but it fails to be a truly easy file due to melody 8th jumps

Arrival to Earth (Orange Dude) [? / 3.5]
PR could be better, should have some 16ths/rhythms for drums

Bass Kick (DJAirWave) [? / 2]
meh, extremely boring

Beloved Girl's Rondo [sc979] [+? / 5.5]
I liked the no jump concept, but PR is could be better and some 24th could have easier patterns considering the difficulty of other parts

BF2014 (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [? / 4.5]
the style is inconsistent overall, also repetitive at parts.

Blue Betrayal (Coolboyrulez0) [? / 2]
16ths don't exist, need songcut

Blue-Violet (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4]
32nd sprit in m1 should be before red note, 48ths should be 32nds on m33
rhythms in m37- are just meh. layering/PR could be better

Bomb The Base v2 (Silver_Brian) [? / 2.5]
PR could be a lot better, jacks/jumps are kind of random

Bonivital - Rednanaki [? / 2]
beginning should be layered properly, also a lot of misrhythms in the file

Botu (akaFrOsTinG) [? / 3.5]
PR could be better, random jumps, ending is a bit off

Canon in WHEE (RB_Quackies) [? / 3]
32nds are quite useless, need more rhythms for bass drums.
putting jumps all melody notes isn't cool

Chaoz Fantasy (Silver_Brian) [? / 3]
some parts are quite inconsistent (for example between m8 and m9), need to layer

Chaoz Impact (DarkZtar) [? / 4.5]
Climax part is decently layered, but other parts are quite inconsistent/missing some fun rhythms

Chipscape (Gnr61) [+? / 5.5]
interesting concept. but I don't think you need to overdouble just to make it harder, 96ths are meh

Chocolate Rain (DJS Remix) (flipsta_lombax & Silver_Brian) [? / 3]
inconsistent, most of short 16ths should start earlier

Church Bell (-barista-) [? / 2]
another one is better, offsync

Church Bells (HighAndr0id & Classic_Rocker) [+. / 7] (11)
good sync and fun, has some PR issue though

Crazy Batch (Loucst) [? / 3]
some rhythms are incorrect, PR could be better

Crowdpleaser [Drop the Mic Mix] (DarkZtar) [? / 4]
BPM off a bit, m6/35/45/etc should be 32nd, m11- some 32nds could be added
minijacks are weird

Crying Soul v2 (Breakdown16) [? / 4.5]
I don't remember how v1 is too well, but is v2 really needed for this?
technically this isn't too bad but m44- pretty boring, could follow with hihats or something.

Cynthia (dood gone krazee) [+. / 6.5] (11)
felt some jumps/hands aren't needed in both technical/player's point of view tho
overall, a bit better than another one

Damage Control (Mahjix) [? / 3.5]
pretty inconsistent layering overall (steps get vacant suddenly on some parts), PR could be better.

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+? / 6]
rhythms on m19, missing some jumps for snares
m35-42, m53-74, m95- have pretty inconsistent layering and some awkward patterns for playing
better 32nd pattern switch on m93 (could be 6284 instead of 6482)

Die Barney Die (Coolgamer) [- / 0.5]
totally offsync

Disconnected HaZaRD (Rednanaki) [? / 3.5]
there're some misrhythms, and missing some fun rhythms.
ending 12ths aren't needed.

dr. mario- fever gameboy rmx(blindreper1179) [? / 3]
PR could be better, rhythms on m10?

Dreamin' In The 80's (bluguerrilla) [+? / 6]
missing hihats on m2/4/6, PR for piano could be better, on m50 32nd could be used for piano

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [+? / 5.5]
some 16ths (m5, 9, etc) should be 24ths, also those sounds (taiko rim or wood block) are added inconsistently
PR on m33- could be better, jumps/jacks after m41 are pretty awkward
better than v1 overall though

Eclipse (azafreak) [? / 2]
misrhythms, inconsistent

Elf Pirate (Redsky139) [? / 2]
misrhythms, arrows on silence, layering inconsistency

E-Rosion (akaFrOsTinG) [- / 0]
multi diff/hold

Fake Jazz (behanjc) [+. / 6.5]
interesting song/file
inconsistent on some parts, missing notes for piano on m24-25 though

Falling Phase (i like it) [- / 1]

Far East Allnight (Coolboyrulez0 + _.Spitfire._) [? / 4.5]
tiny misrhythms for melody synth
overall layering could be better (especially m23-)

Felys (Vote4Nixon) [+? / 5.5]
PR could be better, some rhythms for drums are missed

Fighting for Control (Kommisar[os]) [+ / 7] (10)

Fighting Of The Spirit - Rednanaki [? / 3.5]
many misrhythms, inconsistent overall

Fish Hell (megamon88) [+? / 5.5]
want more 16ths/24ths/32nd or whatever rhythms for guitar/snare for fun
missing notes on m60/71
some parts lack consistency (m51, m65, m78-, etc)
BPM change is pointless, songcut is preferable if possible, overall decent

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon) [? / 5]
PR could be better(esp beginning), patterns on m9-15..
what arrows are going with isn't too fun for me overall

Go!Go! Broadapeal (shadow 1800) [- / 1.5]
offsync, 4th on blue(BNS), many rhythms are incorrect

Gym Leader (RBY) (Xandertrax) [+? / 6]
m59-, 64-, 71- missing drums, m89-92 is underdone for climax

Hardcore Bass (cyrx900) [+? / 5.5]
overdouble on m28/30, technically almost ok but pretty long/repetitive.
songcut is preferable

Hellhounds On My Trail (behanjc) [+. / 6.5] (11)
parts like m11- want some 16ths of kick drums, rhythms on m114-115?

Higan Retour -idling mix- (Knoobish) [? / 5]
PR could be better, missing a few jumps for melody, 16ths for drums are inconsistent.
It's also pretty similar to HST's sm chart.

I Hate the 80's (bluguerrilla) [+. / 6.5] (12)
not liking 32nds on m16 but ok

Identity (woker-X) [? / 2.5]
blue note on 4th, weird rhythms/jump placement

Inside The Fire (Silver_Brian) [? / 4.5]
inconsistent jump placement at parts, misrhythms in a few parts
want a songcut

Inside the Fire (dore) [+? / 6]
technically better than another one. 
m54 is off, want more layering for some vocal part. 
want a songcut as well

Iron Echoes (U84) [? / 3]
jumpstreams don't fit the music very well, also similar parts are stepped inconsistently
has many misrhythms

Jetstream! (silvercomet1525) [? / 4.5]
stream patterns could be more PR, 8th jumps in the stream are just weird/inconsistent
want a songcut

Kanon Medley ~Metal Wings~ (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [? / 4]
beginning color notes should be 24ths, hands aren't needed

Lady's Cake (DarkbearX & HammyMcSquirrel) [? / 5]
rhythms for hihats are added inconsistently. others are fine

Leeroy Jenkins (fun times mix) (Silver_Brian) [? / 4.5]
some voice? parts could be layered more, PR could be better

leeroy jenkins fun times mix (Coolgamer) [? / 2.5]
rhythms are incorrect in many parts

lol k

Lonly Lonly (sc979) [+? / 5.5]
rhythms on m17, 33, 49, 65, etc?
layering on some parts you use 48th/color notes could be better.

Mega Puzzle World (dag12) [+. / 6.5] (9)
PR could be better but ok

Megamix'd (customstuff) [? / 3.5]
m93- 24ths don't exist
sync on m110-120 could be better

Memories (Sprite-) [+? / 5.5]
PR could be better, a few sync/rhythm errors, good concept for an easy file tho

Mitsudomoe-motion-triangular fight (Frozen Beat & I love gabba) [? / 3]
quite inconsistent, hand placement, some 16ths are used where they shouldn't be
song cut is preferable

Moonlight River (Silvuh) [+ / 7] (7)
technical piano stuff

Mr. Nothing's OP (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+? / 5.5]
missing jumps for some kick drums?, m65-72 is understepped compared to previous part, m80 is overdone
a bit repetitive, song cut is better

Ninja Lad (Silvuh) [+. / 6.5] (8)
last 2 8ths should be up arrows, need to cut the last 16th on m17/67

Nomina Nuda Tenemus (bluguerrilla) [? / 3]
o **** putting jumps on all BD & snare? jacks are lol
I understand the way of stepping but sry it's not endurable

Oceans of Time (DarkZtar) [? / 5]
m44 is 64th, felt rhythms are incorrect at some parts
also a bit repetitive

Onyx(SpammymcSquirrel) [? / 3.5]
some rhythms are incorrect, jump placement could be better

{Magnetize} (championanwar) [- / 0.5]
extremely boring

6(SpammyMcSquirrel) [? / 2.5]
rhythms are boring(especially streams)/incorrect overall

300 This is Sparta EXTENDED Mix (Silver_Brian) [? / 5]
a bit repetitive, inconsistent jump placement at parts, another one is better

3020 (bluguerrilla & Coolboyrulez0) [+. / 6.5] (10)
PR could be better on some parts tho

Perfect Insanity (Silver_Brian) [? / 5]
felt layering for drums isn't consistent, aka random jump placement
simple vocal following would be a boring method

Piasolute (behanjc) [+ / 7.5] (8)
good sync/PR

Please Wake Up (foilman8805) [+? / 5.5]
not bad for an easy piano file but missing some jumps, PR could be better at parts

Plunging_Hornets_(lxDestinyxl) [? / 5]
enjoyable but a lot of misrhythms (esp in bursts), jumps are a bit inconsistent

Power v2 (DJAirWave) [? / 2.5]
missing 16ths, need more layering

Pullin Through (bluguerrilla) [+? / 6]
triplet jack after m41 could be one note + minijack
32nds in m77 are 48ths, also weird ending burst (in both rhythm/pattern)

Raiden II Level 5 (badman7772) [? / 3]
some 16ths are going with nothing, and missing notes at parts
PR (8th jacks placement) could be better

Rain (Silvuh) [+ / 7.5] (7)
good sync, ok PR, nice easy file

Rainspark (Silver_Brian) [+. / 6] (6)
PR/consistency could be better tho

Remember 15 Years Ago...(behanjc) [+ / 7] (8)

RIP (GG_Guru) [- / 0]

Rock Rock Rock (t+pazolite Remix) (_.Spitfire._) [+? / 6.5]
repetitive semi-long left jacks are definitely unacceptable for the playability.
otherwise technically good.

Rocket Punch! (cal607) [? / 2.5]
BPM should be halved, rhythms could be better, hands aren't needed

Run Forever (customstuff) [? / 2.5]
24ths are wrong, poor 16th patterns, could be less boring

Run Through The Stream of Time (behanjc) [+ / 7] (10)
m147-m149 could be layered but ok

Silly Symphony [sc979] [+. / 6.5] (10)
PR could be better (ex. parts like m32/40, 24ths on m77-), rhythms on color note(m106-)?
hopefully songcut

Starwolf (blindreper1179) [- / 0]

Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld (megamon88) [+. / 6] (7)
sync issue, gap late, all 12th rhythms are a bit off, color notes are a bit better but still. 
semi-accepting since most FFR people won't care. also I won't say about PR on this file

Tamara When I Close My Eyes ONI (XDark_PrinceX) [-- / 0]
holy **** what kind of art is it

The Final Hour (silvercomet1525) [? / 4.5]
PR could be better, some parts are inconsistent

This is Sparta EXTENDED mix (Coolgamer) [? / 2.5]
inconsistent rhythms/weird note colors, other ones are better

Toxiferous Dystopia (TC_Halogen) [+ / 7] (11)
song is a bit long/repetitive but technically file is accurate

Twilight Jewel (stargroup100 + behanjc) [+. / 7] (10)
beginning is cool but song is a bit repetitive, some patterns on m110 are weird

Twin Chevron Action Flash Remix (GG_Guru) [- / 0]

Usatei (dag12) [+. / 6.5] (11)
felt minijack/32nd placement is a bit inconsistent, this is interesting anyway.

Versatile (U84) [? / 3]
overall bad patterns, another one is better

Versatile (Xandertrax) [+? / 6]
8th parts could be layered better (boring or inconsistent), the rest is fine.

WG-Naruto Theme-Sea. 4 (cyrx900) [- / 0]
multi difficulty

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [? / 5]
how about putting some minijacks for melody part? also want more consistency.

World End's Yama Xanadu (_.Spitfire._) [+? / 5.5]
most steps make sense technically but some parts are overlayered to be fun, also repetitive.

X Distant (Clipso) [? / 2]
PR could be better, there're some parts that should be layered 

{Big Boss} (hi19hi19) [+. / 6.5] (11)
issues in rhythms in m20/m48, layering on some orchestra hit parts but I liked the concept of this file.

250bpm Mega Project (hi19hi19) [+? / 6]
consistent layering for bassdrum is needed on this song IMO
you can use 64th rolls instead of 32nd pattern change on the bursts

300 This is Sparta EXTENDED mix (hi19hi19) [+ / 6.5] (6)
it's surprisingly kind for every style, best one

300 v2 (hi19hi19) [? / 6]
notable difference: beginning/ending, ending 300bpm streams
I don't think you need to use 24ths/48ths in the beginning part(could sync better by using 192nds though)
a bit more consistent than v1 but not too different overall

A (hi19hi19) [+? / 5.5]
not bad but a bit repetitive, and PR could be better at parts

Airport Infinitum - Robo-Andy's Theme (hi19hi19) [? / 5]
steps are basically simple melody following. 
but it's kinda joke file, long jacks are annoying rather than fun.

Battle Squadron - Menu (Juno Reaktor Remix) (hi19hi19) [? / 5]
felt a bit inconsistent

Big Blue v2 (hi19hi19 & Shashakiro) [+? / 5.5]
not saying too much layering on this difficulty but notes for snares are inconsistent 
otherwise ok, it seems people want a v2 for this

Bowser the Shredder (hi19hi19 & WTFBrandon) [+. / 6.5] (10)
sync in accelerating/slowdown parts could be better, jacks at the end of m16/43 are weird
semi-accepting because it's still fun

Canon in WHEE v2 (hi19hi19) [+? / 5.5]
bass drums on m33/74 could be stepped, also didn't like the way of stepping in m50-57

Caprice for Violin in B minor Theme and Variations (hi19hi19) [? / 4]
totally need to fix up syncing, BPM error in m48-66, m78-94(maybe offset), etc
PR is okay, but some parts (like runningmen section) don't fit well.

Clash on the Big Bridge (hi19hi19) [+. / 6] (5)
ok easy file

CmR (hi19hi19) [+? / 5.5]
weird song termination, gap off, some minijacks aren't needed IMO(technically ok)

Cynthia (hi19hi19 & Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [> / 6.5]
some jump placement and jacks
pretty close, but another one is a bit better

Death of Morality (hi19hi19) [? / 2]
gayest patterns ever

Distorted Reality v2 (hi19hi19) [? / 4.5]
repetitiveness of 32nds trills made me sick

Endless Maze (hi19hi19) [? / 4.5]
m17- you could put jumps on bass drums, in m45-48 32nds should be 24ths

Fierce Combat v2 (hi19hi19) [+. / 6.5] (5)

For FFR v2 (hi19hi19 & Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+? / 6] 
some 16th rhythms are weird/similar to v1 (m1- missing notes, m30, m70- inconsistent)

FREEDOM DiVE (hi19hi19) [+? / 5]
If people want dumpstream files like TOML on FFR it's ok
I doubt 32nds are needed though

Head Banger (hi19hi19) [- / 2]
FFR won't allow dumpy hand usage like this so not bothering

Jethro And Vash At The Fair OC ReMix (hi19hi19) [+? / 6]

Kanto Gym Leader Remix (hi19hi19) [+? / 5.5]
PR could be better overall, especially m73-74

NES-Style Eye of the Tiger (hi19hi19) [+. / 5.5] (3)
PR could be better

PianoCore (hi19hi19) [+. / 6.5] (10)
missing 24ths on m16/64 (maybe intentionally)

Rave7 (hi19hi19) [? / 4.5]
meh 200bpm 32nd streams for kinda stupid sounds and inconsistent. 
also some rhythms are incorrect

Robot Funk - Epoch's Theme (hi19hi19) [? / 4]
32nds in m4/28/36/44 are offsync, extra notes on m6/10/45

Shash Challenge (hi19hi19) [+. / 6] (12)
on parts like m7 (in between streams), jumps aren't needed
maybe needs a few pattern fixes, otherwise technically ok

Sly (Remastered) (hi19hi19) [+? / 6]
no issue for steps but basically similar to ingame Sly

St. Scarhand (hi19hi19) [+ / 7.5] (12)
it's almost what I've expected for this song

Tell v3 (hi19hi19) [? / 5]
jacks for bass drums and synths should be separated (I mean 5 note jacks are gay)
32nds are just random

The Flashbulb (hi19hi19) [- / 1]

Tower (hi19hi19) [+. / 6] (2)

Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA v2 (hi19hi19) [+. / 6.5] (9)
some parts could be layered to avoid inconsistency but ok
better than widget ones

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


The Queue
After Altair - Silvuh - seems fine
Bloodmeat - dore - approving, but want to see the 2 weird hand sections changed to match opening/closing
bmv.578 - dag12 - approving on condition of jx/blu tweaks
Card House Dreamer - Silvuh
Dead and Direct - Patashu
Einstein Rosen Bridge - dore - accepting under condition of fixes
Etude in E Major - Xandertrax - i hear what blu is saying, but FBOs are needed
Felys - Vote4Nixon
Forgotten Planet - Patashu
Gym Leader - Xandertrax - approved on condition of tweaks
He's a Radical Rat - behanjc 
Hey, Ladies - dore - PA much?
Illumination of the Sky - Patashu - agree w/ jx
Kanon Medley - classic_rocker - accepted, but fix up blu stuff
Keep in Mind - behanjc - behan poops great simfiles
Lilium - Spitfire - accepted, fix bpm up
Master Maid - Kommisar
Nebula - Patashu
Night and Day - ElectricWerewolf - not a huge fan of the layering, especially early in the file.  2 runningmen do feel out of place w/ the file.  Also, pretty darn long.
Nomina Nuda Tenemus - bluguerrilla - this file sucks balls
RATO - dood gone krazee - seems just a wee bit overdone, but if we're going ot have one like this, this "song" is as good as any.
Shining Swird - behanjc - does feel overlayered.  the 32nd triplets in the stream are rough
Sirius - bejanjc 
Snake riddim - jokim - going to approve this.  if you want, fix up the jumps between ~400-550c.  those seem to be the biggest issue of the file.
Starwolf - Silvuh - I feel like this is overlayered throughout, but if jx/blu are ok w/ it, then so be it.
Tears of Remorse - Xandertrax - noooo...  I got 1 perf on this.
Techno Green Greens - ElectricWerewolf - accepting, but I think ending mini-jacks should be changed.  ps - yay Kirby!
The Lion's Dance - Silvuh - approved, but make blu's fixes
Thrash - Patashu - fun 8bit
We wish you a merry xmas - behanjc - it's good.  but for an xmas file, would have rather seen it shorter and not as layered.  oh well.

Played by Tass, Not Queue'd
BF2014 - maybe cut last 200 or so notes?
Chaoz Factory - fix up per notes
Choppastyle - felt most of it overstepped.  could be a fun easier song w/ cut.
DeVour - fix up, says you talked to blu already?
didj z - fix pr
eclipse luna - what judges said
freedom - what judges said
get out mah driveway - didn't test as per +. from blu and 4 from jx
inside the fire - the solo.  doesn't fit w/ rest of file.  tone it down a bit, at least off of left hand bias
largiloquent ... - some jacks are retarded
machine rhythm - didn't test as per +. from blu and 4.5 from jx
Naruto whatever - what judges said
Night bird - needs a cut.  also, what jx said.  beginning is fun.
omnishred - what judges said
push - agree w/ judges
quasar - agree w/ judges.  also, not a fan of how file is stepped at all.  especially everything from jumptrill to end.
{flying Away} - didn't test as per blah blah blah
RedPill - i can't believe i played this whole file.  i hate you.  whorli does not approve either.
Refraction - repetitive and long
rock rock rock (both spitfile and bmah) - do a collab!
r-type game over - no.  die.
sepia v2 - holy crap batman!  it's v1 all over again!
slow down - need some kind of cut.  also, blu, while i do hate a file like this...  had a AAA until ~150 notes from the end.
sly remastered - silvuh - 1. this is still sly, just better audio...  so v2.  2. not nearly different enough for a v2.
game boy fiend - i'm still convinced this file sucks.  maybe just bad song choice?

JX's notes
260 (trumaestro) [? / 5]
overall repetitive, songcut would be fine. also hands are overused (I can understand though).

Above The Rising Falls (XxHaseoDragonxX) [- / 1]
offsync at parts, many rhythms are wrong, random patterns

After Altair (Silvuh) [? / 4.5]
easy sim, but a bit inconsistent/weird for me

ahhhohhh (WTFBrandon) [? / 3.5]
missing some swing rhythms, PR could be better

Aqueous Transgression (XxHaseoDragonxX) [- / 1]
YNS, need to follow drums on some parts

Arrival to Earth (Orange Dude) [? / 2]
missing detailed rhythms for drums, PR could be better

Beaker Sunset v2 (hi19hi19) [+? / 6]
BPM off (faster than the music)
awkward pattern on m15 and some right-handed biased 64ths, misrhythm on m40/56
the rest is fine

BF2014 (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [? / 4.5]
didn't get some 16th rhythms (sorta inaudible), 8th + jumps parts are overall boring for me

Blood and Black Chocolate (cedolad) [- / 0]
full of bs notes, quit out

Bloodmeat [dore] [+. / 6.5] (11)
overall ok file, some hands are annoying tho
G-solo rhythms are poor but who cares

Blue Sky(GG_Guru) [- / 0]

Blue-Violet (Orange Dude) [- / 0]
wrong bpm, no need for v2

Blue-Violet (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4]
v1 is better, no need for v2

bmv.578 (dag12) [+. / 6.5] (11)
jacks are pitch relevant, some 32nds/hands could be add on the climax though

Broken AirRow (hi19hi19) [+? / 5.5]
end of m12/16 could be more consistent, m74- a bit overdoubled

Bu Xing (hi19hi19) [+? / 5.5]
long 32nd rolls for timpani aren't needed IMO, hands are overused
cut repetitive parts maybe

Card House Dreamer (Silvuh) [+. / 6.5] (8)
ok I guess

CastleCrashers - Creature at the Mill (hi19hi19) [+? / 6.5]
hands on an easy file, not a bad usage and fun though.

Chaoz Fantasy (Vote4Nixon) [+? / 5.5]
interesting file. some PR for piano could be improved.
some parts are empty (m48, 72, etc), m81-86 16th notes for bass drums could be added

Chaoz Impact (DarkZtar) [? / 5]
ok, but it could be more consistent overall

Chaoz Japan (megamon88) [? / 5]
48ths are put of place and have bad patterns.
in m30-37 putting jumps for only bass drum is better.

Choppastyle (ElectricWerewolf) [+. / 6.5] (11)
ok overall, in some parts I felt there're better sounds to step/layering could be better

Cloud Control - Bynary Fission [? / 3]
at least needs a song cut if you step this as an easy file, pretty boring.
32nds grace notes, and some 24ths should be 16ths.

Confined(EnR&Gibson63) [? / 5]
overjumped/inconsistent jump placement. could be enjoyable if fixed

Congrats you pass (-KIDTHONG-) [? / 2.5]
yellow note on 4th, gap off, hands, rhythms on last arrows, etc

crescent_moon (stavie33) [? / 3.5]
many misrhythms, also felt there're better sounds to pick in many parts

Dead and Direct (Patashu) [+ / 8] (11)
seems rhythms are accurate, unique and fun

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+? / 6]
maybe need to remove some jumps and make the patterns rolly in 32nd sections

Didj Z (robertsona) [+. / 6.5] (10)
rhythms are complicated and seem mostly correct.. that's all about this.

Down But Not Out (_.Spitfire._) [? / 4.5]
inconsistent layering, there're a few misrhythms

Eclipse (Luna) (Puppet) [+. / 6.5] (12)
technically ok, but felt some long jacks/32nd trills are a bit too much for the song or other parts

Einstein Rosen Bridge Cut [dore] [+? / 6.5]
semi-long 64th rolls could be watered down (and actual rhythms are faster than 64th)
jack patterns in m75/79/86/88/89/91
32nd trill on m65 has extra note
otherwise, cool file

Etude for a dragon (championanwar) [? / 5]
felt minijacks are placed randomly, misrhythm in m36, missing some 32nds at the middle

Etude in E Major (Xandertrax) [+. / 6.5] (2)
could be improved a bit technically, but wanted easy files like this

Euphorium(akaFrOsTinG) [? / 2]
offsync, inconsistent/ some rhythms don't fit the song

Experiment (championanwar) [? / 4.5]
rhythms are unique and fine, need better layering

explode (Shadow 1800) [? / 2.5]
there're many misrhythms (most of 16ths, actually)

Extreme Dishwasher Race (SpammyMcSquirrel) [? / 3.5]
jack placement, need to follow drum part more accurately

Felys (Vote4Nixon) [+. / 6] (9)
gap late (also there's still room for color note syncing), weird layering on m25-33 just for me?

Forgotten Planet (Patashu) [+. / 6] (6)
PR could be better at parts, silence at the middle is lol

Freedom (Mr.Nothing) [? / 5]
PR is ok at parts but could be better, this song has so many repetitive parts imo

Funky Disco Typhoon (bmah) [+? / 5.5]
inconsistency on m17/21, felt a bit boring to play for me overall

GENTLEMAN (samurai7694) [? / 5]
there're some misrhythms (esp 48ths / 64ths), some hands/jacks are quite unnecessary
enjoyable at parts for a VS file though

Get Out Mah Driveway (psychozerosk8er) [? / 4]
a bit inconsistent overall, also felt a bit boring (maybe because of the song).

Gym Leader (RBY) (Xandertrax) [+. / 6] (9)
felt it lacks the layer for bass drum inconsistently (mainly 4ths)
maybe an ok file

Hand Throw [dore] [? / 4.5]
well ok this is a thing I can't pass. 
technically ok in most parts, but still patterns are beyond retarded 
(especially hand-jacks and super long jacks)

Happy Dreams (HighAndr0id) [+? / 5.5]
24ths are 32nds on m1-2, some minijack placements are annoying, or inconsistent

Hayden's OP (t-rogdor) [? / 3]
some misrhythms, patterns(32nds, PR), inconsistent layering

Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix) (kjwkjw) [? / 3.5]
PR could be better, some 24ths are out of place, songcut maybe

He's a Radical Rat (behanjc) [+ / 8.5] (12)
this is great.
tiny things for perfection, missing notes on m37/49, rhythms of some grace notes/m80-84 could be more accurate

Hey, Ladies [dore] [+. / 6] (7)
kinda weird vocal following, but ok

Highway Star (i love you) [? / 4]
rhythms are ok but instruments for notes are picked inconsistently, especially parts like m25-

Hot Soup (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [? / 5]
ok sync(gap late tho) and vocal follow, felt notes for drum parts are a bit inconsistent

Illumination of the Sky (Patashu) [+. / 7] (11)
overall fun, except it's a bit repetitive and has a few annoying patterns

Inside the Fire cut (dore) [+? / 6]
in m5-6 32nds could be added for drums, some vocal/guitar parts w/o layering are boring compared to other parts
patterns are nice imo

Introsphere (Extended) (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4]
I felt 16th placement is weird overall (should go with drum part I guess).

Jenovad Trance (Benny6p12) [- / 1.5]
gap early, rhythms aren't correct, weird one-hand trill, boring/long overall

Kanon Medley ~Metal Wings~ (Classic_Rocker) [+ / 7] (10)
this is decent

Keep in Mind (behanjc) [+ / 7.5] (10)
rhythms are accurate, patterns in m69?

komorebi(#Number) [? / 3.5]
PR could be better, jump placement

La Campanella(who_cares973) [+? / 7]
nice sync, ok pitch relevancy, some parts could be fixed though
some jumps should be singles with grace notes, misrhythm on m49
m22-24, m32-36 should have 16ths, missing notes on m37, m46
jack pattern on m44/45, jumps are misplaced on m50, some jumps should be there on m52-
pattern could be better on m60-, etc

Lament of Mechanical Heart (hi19hi19) [? / 5]
kinda unique, but felt some parts are inconsistent/weird for me

Largiloquent Dithyramb [dore] [+? / 6]
funny concept, but offsync at parts/some jacks are retarded

Last Battle (Shadow 1800) [? / 2]
bad pattern choice/inconsistent layering  

Lilium (Strings & Piano Remix) (_.Spitfire._) [+. / 6] (2)
a bit boring but technically good for a beginner file

Loot Burn Rape Kill Repeat (Not Available) [? / 3.5]
has misrhythms at parts, consistency/patterns could be better,

Machine Rhythm (Starfalcon176) [? / 4.5]
hand placement(basically not needed), rhythms for bursts

Master Maid (Kommisar[os]) [+. / 6.5] (10)
nothing special but decent sharpnel file

Naruto - Iron Dance and the White-Eyed Maiden (hi19hi19) [+? / 5.5]
PR could be better (ex. m21-28 16th patterns like 28028 should be 28082. also 24th rolls)
others are fine I guess

Nebula (Patashu) [+. / 6.5] (8)
song is repetitive/a bit inconsistent due to that, but ok overall

Night And Day (ElectricWerewolf) [+ / 7.5] (11)
on m50 32nd runningman is weird, overall enjoyable file

Night Bird (behanjc) [+. / 6.5] (9)
felt empty at parts but ok

Nightfall (cedolad) [? / 2.5]
some rhythms are wrong, patterns should be improved a lot overall

Now you're gone (XDark_PrinceX) [- / 0]

Nu-Island (FreezinIce) [- / 1]
patterns (esp minijacks for no reason), ONS/etc, many misrhythms

Oceans of Time (DarkZtar) [? / 5]
m24/44 should be 64ths, m57- needs climax theory, others are ok

Omnishred (hi19hi19) [+. / 6.5] (10)
m6- missing some jacks, m10- some jack patterns are overdone
missing some rhythms for drums that would add some fun factors
overall enjoyable due to song choice though

Onyx(SpammymcSquirrel) [? / 4.5]
rhythms on m20, m46-48, etc
jump placement is weird at parts for me

Out There (Coolboyrulez0) [? / 4]
m12/31/49 - grace notes should be ahead of 4th
PR could be better, underlayered/inconsistent overall

Out There stepped by LJRoX [? / 2]
a lot of bs color notes/misrhythms, PR could be better

Push (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4.5]
the way of stepping might be ok but both song and steps are boring/repetitive

Quasar (Angelic Blue Mix) (bmah) [? / 5]
felt long, some parts are boring, song cut is preferable somehow
some 32nd bursts could be added

{Flying Away} (hi19hi19) [? / 4]
could see what 8th trills are going with but they make little sense
the concept of 8th stream is ok  but song could be shorter

Raging Terror (samurai7694) [+? / 5.5]
enjoyable jumpstream file, most hands aren't needed, jumps/16th rhythms could be more accurate

Rainy Day - Starfalcon176 [? / 5]
inconsistent layering at parts, rhythms on m35-36, etc (missing 24ths for drums)
song has potential though

RedPill (hi19hi19) [+. / 6.5] (10)
annoying but funny concept. songcut is preferable though

Refraction (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+? / 5]
technically acceptable but felt song is way too repetitive

Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion (dood gone krazee) [+. / 7] (12)
m17-19 16ths missed, 24ths on m25-27 aren't exact rhythms, etc
overall accurate anyway, I'd accept this concept just for once

Rock Rock Rock (t+pazolite Remix) (_.Spitfire._) [+? / 5.5]
Rock Rock Rock (t+pazolite Remix) (bmah) [+? / 5.5]

both files are similar, just spit's has more jacks and shorter. 
both files has some retarded patterns.. yea jacks/minijacks are technically correct 
but getting pretty annoying due to the overall patterns and repetitiveness.

R-Type Game Over (hi19hi19) [- / 1]

Sepia v2 (hi19hi19) [+. / 6.5] (8)
need to check the difference from v1 (i don't remember)

Shining Sword (behanjc) [+ / 7.5] (10)
sick file

Sirius-(behanjc) [+ / 8] (10)
good sync/rhythm/patterns

Slow Down (Xandertrax) [? / 4.5]
could be layered better imo, also felt a bit long

Sly (Remastered) (Silvuh) [+. / 6.5] (9)
Sly (Remastered) (Vote4Nixon) [> / 6]
Silvuh's - has a bit better consistency so yea
difficulty is close to ingame version of sly though

Snake riddim (jokim) [+? / 5.5]
not bad, layering/jump placement could be better tho

Stai With Me (-Barista-) [? / 3]
imo steps should go with drums mainly (so inconsistent)

Starwolf (rushyrulz) [? / 2.5]
Starwolf (Silvuh) [+. / 6.5] (10)
rush's - has many misrhythms, wrong bpm, not queueworthy
silvuh's - 24ths on m13/41/76?

Symphonic Shredding(Azafreak) [? / 3]
need better PR, more accurate rhythms

Taketori (Mr.Nothing) [? / 2]
misrhythms/bad sync, random jump placement and patterns

Tears of Remorse (Xandertrax) [+. / 6] (2)
syncing could be better at parts but ok

Techno Green Greens (ElectricWerewolf) [+. / 6.5] (8)
missing notes on m43. technically almost ok

Temple (Xandertrax) [? / 4.5]
sync isn't bad but both song and steps are pretty obscure (due to echo and stuff) and felt weird

Ten Minutes With Tass (customstuff) [- / 0]
had to quit out sry

Teraholic (Zap_Track) [? / 3.5]
m9 should be 24ths, also some color notes are inaccurate
some burst patterns/jump placement could be better

The Lion's Dance (Silvuh) [+ / 7] (7)
good PR, could be a bit more consistent but ok considering the dificulty

The Nintendo Concerto Part 1 (darph fluffy) [? / 4.5]
there're some misrhythms. PR/patterns could be better at parts

The Stupid Piano (i love you) [? / 3.5]
eh the title says everything. technically, layering/PR could be better

Thrash (Patashu) [+ / 8] (11)
pretty fun file

To luv me I for u (t-rogdor and samurai7694) [? / 3]
use bpm changes and red/blue/yellow notes at the beginning (plus offsync)
quad placement is kinda bad, misrhythms at parts

Toxiferous Dystopia (TC_Halogen) [= / 7] (11)
just an updated ver

Tribe Attacker (Zap_Track) [? / 4]
rhythms could be more accurate overall, want better layering (steps should go with bass drums more)

Trip Machine FAITH [eastsidenan09] [? / 4.5]
PR could be better, could use some jacks for melody and drums, kinda dull without those 
rhythms (for drums) are ok at parts, some are inconsistent

Trisection V2 (DarkZtar) [- / 0]
no file

Turbulence (AG Hi'per Mix) - Bynary Fission [? / 4]
inconsistent layering/jump placement could be better
some minijacks could be used

Twin Chevron Action Flash(remix)(GG_Guru) [- / 0]

Ultimate Drum Set Solo of Doom (stavie33) [? / 2]
didn't review seriously because the music is pretty inaudible.. better sound please
plus, offsync

Usatei (dag12) [- / 0]

Versatile (Xandertrax) [? / 5]
32nds parts are basically well done
really don't like the transition between m16 and m17 (felt it's against the musical intensity).
layering on m33- could be better, 8th parts are overall boring, jacks could be used

We wish you a merry Christmas (Jazzy Groove) (behanjc) [+ / 7.5] (10)
xmas file oh well

White Skies (Club Mix) (Professor Raine) [? / 2.5]
rhythms should be more accurate overall (16ths, 32nds)
most hands are out of place, some pattern choices are bad

Windmill Jazz (robertsona) [+? / 5.5]
decent easy file but PR/rhythms could be better at parts

WOWWOW 220 (dag12) [+? / 5.5]
misrhythms, especially 24ths for fast organ could be 48ths

X (akaFrOsTinG) [? / 2.5]
a lot of fun rhythms are missed, patterns should be better

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon & bluguerrilla) [? / 5]
PR could be better (parts like m9-, not sufficient yet)
need a first note on m29/77, m49-56 is boring, m29-32, m77-80 should go with hihat
also, there're are some underlayered parts

Nomina Nuda Tenemus (bluguerrilla) [+. / 6.5] (12)
some bursts are evil as always, but it got decently fun as a hard file

Blu's Notes
260 (trumaestro) [+?]
. For the short rhythms and rolls 1324 is fine but the first long one should be either 1234 or 4321 or a spin if you'd really like
. You missed rhythms in the intro (more 32nds)
. The manually synced notes could be better, 64ths probably
. Don't think this is FMO, it might be more fun if it were stepped a little more sparingly (less overlayered)
. The JS repeating pattern is probably good enough, would be more fun with (12)/(34) jumps

Above The Rising Falls (XxHaseoDragonxX) [?]
. Ok this file is loads better than the last time you submitted it but it still has some things that need fixing
. Even the the sound might crest in volume near a yellow note you should still step it at a red note (like in the intro)
. The piano part needs much better PR
. The 16th pattern near the end is a more complicated set of colored notes but 16ths might be ok for this difficulty
. After this you missed 16th rhythms that could be fun
. Very long but love the song
. The consistency in jump usage could be much better too, keep working!

After Altair (Silvuh) [+]
. MISRHYTHMS AND LAYERED WRONG j/k easy file, pretty fun and short

ahhhohhh (WTFBrandon) [???]
. I hate you.  Isn't one WoW meme song (or whatever this is) enough? D:<
. Misrhythms (16ths that should be 24ths)
. Manual sync ok
. Blank ending?
. Layering very weird

Aqueous Transgression (XxHaseoDragonxX) [?]
. Yellow Note Syndrome, fix the gap, copy and paste the notes
. Again you missed rhythms (sounded like 32nds, just listen carefully)
. Work on the layering and PR more.

Arrival to Earth (Orange Dude) [?]
. Wow the PR was really terrible, fix it
. The layering was good enough for an easy file

Beaker Sunset v2 (hi19hi19) [?]
. m40 colored notes wrong, should be 134.3.2 all 32nds (or some variation of that pattern, whatever) if that makes sense
. m48 why not step the stuff after the fast stuff?
. PR so terrible
. m56 should be 32nds into 48ths
. m68 should be 16ths not 12ths >|
. Offsync at the end

BF2014 (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [+]
. Don't know if you actually took out some doubles but it seems like you did, overall I think I like it better than before

Blood and Black Chocolate (cedolad) [-]
. It's all misrhythms
Bloodmeat (dore) [+]
. 15/16 messes me up jesus
. You kids and your crazy RB

Blue Sky (GG_Guru) [!]
. Blank

Blue-Violet (Orange Dude) [-]
. Wrong BPM

Blue-Violet (Vote4Nixon) [>]
. Still not as good as Silvuh's

bmv.578 (dag12) [+.]
. Would be cool to push some of those BDs in there like Kit did in Dazzling Destiny
. Really fun jacks, overall good job on a complex song (btw it's OSTER Project)

Broken AirRow (hi19hi19) [?]
. Boring/Repetative and overstepped...

Bu Xing (hi19hi19) [?]
. ****ing arrow ****storm make an easier file this is wack so says i

Card House Dreamer (Silvuh) [+.]
. Check some of the double placement to vocals (lack of in some of the chorus really) but overall good choice of patterns to keep it easy

CastleCrashers - Creature at the Mill (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Missed some of the repetative 16ths and put in some that I can't hear no matter how hard I try
. Also hands in non-FMO  

Chaoz Fantasy (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
. This style of stepping feels choppy for the song but is overall good
. People might not like this file but whatever

Chaoz Impact (DarkZtar) [?]
. Step the entire song, that was a terrible point to stop stepping
. Overall you messed up the layering, missed some doubles, put in doubles where there shouldn't be any
. 16th patterns (JS) were way over the top in terms of difficulty compared to the rest of the file

Chaoz Japan (megamon88) [?]
. 48ths should be 32nds (64ths really but pls no)
. Too many unjustified jacks in the 12th section
. Many misrhythms in the section after
. I believe you can turn this into a good file
. m58 bad bad bad generally don't put steps to wooshing noises, it just doesn't work

Choppastyle (ElectricWerewolf) [+.]
. Woo fun
. Missed some rhythms in the intro but it's ok
. Overlayered in one section near the end, like m107-wherever
. Overall well placed jacks
. Didn't like the rhythmic feeling of m91-99 or so, understepping this section a bit would be better (leaving out the bass drum or something), this is more of a 'if you want to' comment, long comment is long

Cloud Control - Bynary Fission [?]
. 32nds were wrong
. PR was dong and needs to be much better
. Overall this song needs a more fun and more challenging file (even for an easierish file this wasn't good enough)
. Missed many rhythms in the strings, too

Confined(EnR&Gibson63) [?]
. No minijacks if you're doing freeform or trills to BD already, it makes no sense
. Also, no permission
. Intro JS made me lol, so much harder than the rest of the sim
. Overall PR in doubles not very good

Congrats you pass (-KIDTHONG-) [-]
. Misrhythms rampant
. Quad at end lol no
. Ending 4 notes should be 3 notes and no they're not 48ths

crescent_moon (stavie33) [-]
. So many misrhythms in this I'm not even going to try, which is a shame because this song is cool
. Seriously this simfile needs so much work it's not even funny

Dead and Direct (Patashu) [+]
. m63 is messed up rhythmically (misplaced 64ths), might want to check other rhythms if it actually matters to you
. Missed some bass in the quiet part
. Ending drags on a bit
. Most of this is non-issue, this file is super fun 

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+.]
. Talked to you about it, it's still a ****storm of arrows in terms of layering so you're going to try something different
Didj PVC (robertsona) [+?]
. Ok so the PR is atrocious, just need to pay more attention to the sounds, not telling you to do jacks or anything but match the patterns to the kinds of noises, etc
. Overall, you got most of the rhythms right, missed one m36 and possibly in other places, go through it again at .4x
. m44 don't like that 16th minijack but I guess it's ok

Down But Not Out (_.Spitfire._) [+?]
. m43 that last yellow note goes to nothing
. m72 should not be 48ths, it should be a jump then a step 1 16th later on each one except the last, which should be 2 16ths later
. m76 should be 24ths not 48ths
. m78 no 48ths
. m79 no 64ths
. m82 missed a 16th note after the JS
. m88 and m101 32nds or 64ths (4 of them) would be better than 48ths
. m102 roll starts too early
. m108-109 no 64ths
. m120-121 no 48ths
. Fade out too long

Eclipse (Luna) (Puppet aka gnr61 it's too late now ha ha ha) [+?]
. m30 trill is right but weird with the layering, maybe the melody should take precidence here
. m38 and m52 why a trill when all the other patterns are rolls?
. Fade out the stepping better
. m41-43 boring as hell

Einstein Rosen Bridge Cut (dore) [+]
. I like the 64ths in there, they're not too hard

Etude for a dragon (championanwar) [-]
. Not different enough and also missed rhythms (32nds) and v2 would have to have PR
. overall it's not a terrible file but not different enough (and the v1 isn't bad either so...)

Etude in E Major (Xandertrax) [+]
. Good for an easy file (I'd prefer both 'hands' stepped but I think it's ok how it is)
Euphorium (akaFrOsTinG) [?]
. Ok this simfile is a good start but it needs a ton of work
. The layering (jump placement mostly) is almost all inconsistent or wrong
. Some of the rhythms in the intro were forced
. Jack placement has to be consistent in the layering

Experiment (championanwar) [+?]
. m49+ you missed some 32nds and 16ths, m49 should go 1...(24)...3...(12)...1...(24).123..1..4, if that doesn't make sense AIM me
. the lack of PR is fine i think as it plays pretty well

explode (Shadow 1800) [-]
. Too many misrhythms to list
. Needs way better PR and layering

Extreme Dishwasher Race (SpammyMcSquirrel) [?]
. Tons of misrhythms, too many to list again
. Some PR choices are awkward (too many jumps)
. Overall I believe if you got some help with this sim or worked on it a ton more it could be a really cool file
. Errors in the manual sync at the end, slow it down more and check

Felys (Vote4Nixon) [+]
. Some people might not like that you didn't step the BD in some parts but I thought it played well
. Overall this is really really fun

Forgotten Planet (Patashu) [+]
. The only thing I'd suggest is make the 12th minitrills two-handed for a-little-easier-ness but overall really fun easier file

Freedom (Mr.Nothing) [+.]
. The layering could have been more interesting like, first single notes, then 8th note trills, then 8th note JS, etc, more of a gradient but overall I think it's ok
. Is this is a cut or does it just end like that?

Funky Disco Typhoon (bmah) [+?]
. m9 (14)2341 should be (14).341 and the similar patterns later should be adjusted as well
. m35 JS (even though it's right) feels wrong to play, I'd suggest taking out the single 8th notes and just stepping the jumps and single yellows
. The jacks feel out of place compared to the difficulty and layering style
. Overall I feel like this file could be much better even though there are few 'mistakes'

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon & bluguerrilla) [+]
. Overall I find the stream and JS much nicer now that it's more spread out visually
. I'm convinced that stepping the 32nds would ruin the strict layering of this file

GENTLEMAN (samurai7694) [?]
. Overall overstepped, plays terrible
. Lots of the 64ths that you stepped should go unstepped
. The jacks felt out of place compared to the rest of the file
. omg cut it, it's painfully long
. Also, overall this sim feels half-finished, like parts are good and other parts are crap, needs much more polishing

Get Out Mah Driveway (psychozerosk8er drunk mode) [+.]
. lol have you played this file sober?
. The 'hard' part plays well but the rest of the file isn't as good as that part meaning the rest of the file needs better layering
. Then again, it's pretty easy so it might be ok, plays well at least
. wut up bitch you in mah driveway around these parts we do things my way

Gym Leader (RBY) (Xandertrax) [+.]
. m42 missed BD yellow note at the end of the measure
. bb in 2 months pokemans
. missed some synth 8th notes in some parts, listen carefully

Hand Throw (dore) [???]
. I bet one person can pass this in sm and no one would ever FC this in FFR
. I don't think I could pass it in FFR
. This file is kinda hard
. But the layering and PR were ok so I should + it right? ... ... ...

Happy Dreams (HighAndr0id) [+?]
. 48ths rolls feel like too much and don't play well
. Why did you do manual sync at the end when you are using ddreamstudio? sync them with bpm changes, it's easy right?
. Feels overstepped, without jacks it would be better
. Overall really fun just a bit much for the song maybe

Hayden's OP (t-rogdor) [--]
. Not only did you do a terrible job stepping this but you didn't step the wall
. I claim this song will never be in FFR, ever

Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix) (kjwkjw) [?]
. m35 not 24ths, 32nds, same mistake near the end too
. m36 echo patterns should be 16ths
. m37+ missed tons of 32nds like the ones you stepped, listen to the synth closely
. Ending offsync
. Ending also boring before the blue notes at the end
. PR generally shoddy, make it not shoddy, make it good

He's a Radical Rat (behanjc) [++] <-- seriously
. Yeah, this is one of the funnest files I've ever played
. Awesome song too

Hey, Ladies (dore) [+]
. Skill Token: Be rude to every woman you meet to unlock this token!
. lol McFlurry
. Some of the not-manual sync to vocals isn't perfect but it's not that noticeable so whatever
. Damn, this song is so amazing

Highway Star (i love you) [?]
. Most of the 16th patterns need both PR and rhythms fixed as there are many many mistakes
. Missed many jumps throughout the file
. Get some help with this file, it's a cool song

Hot Soup (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [?]
. Sync needs to be 10x better (it's off in many places), get someone to help you use ddreamstudio to sync this
. Take out that last jump
. Overall the file plays pretty well but a lot of the rhythms feel off because of the sync, can't really judge it well till the sync is fixed

Illumination of the Sky (Patashu) [+]
. Fun and simple file, nothing fancy

Inside the Fire cut (dore) [+]
. I like the vocal-jumped ending, great progression in layering now

Introsphere (Extended) (Vote4Nixon) [?]
. The rhythmic choices didn't play well in the intro and right after the intro
. Felt overstepped in many parts
. Some misrhythms in the 16ths, hard to explain here
. This sim could be a lot better

Jenovad Trance (Benny6p12) [?]
. Some boring pattern choices in the 8th note stream (like the really long 123432 pattern)
. That long right-handed trill should be a two-handed trill
. In the end of m59 and all of m60 lots of the red and blue notes should be yellow, slow down the song and listen, this happens a few times throughout the file
. You should cut this song at like... 175 seconds in
. This seem needs a lot of improvement but it could be a really fun file if you get it right

Kanon Medley ~Metal Wings~ (Classic_Rocker) [+.]
. The PR could use improvement overall (esp.in the JS, just thinking of the jumps here, the patterns were fun)
. Last 3 notes [23(14)] would be cooler as (14)(23)(14)
. Overall this is 'acceptable' but the PR needs some polishing (shouldn't take too long, PR wasn't _really_ bad, just lots of little mistakes), really fun simfile

Keep in Mind (behanjc) [+]
. Jesus... Overall great.

komorebi(#Number) [?]
. BPM should be 200 the entire time (would be better as 100, select all, compress x2)
. Overall this file would be much more enjoyable with really good PR and no jumps
. Should step the ending guitar
. I kind of like it as an easier file but if you want you could layer the two guitars somehow but you don't have to
. Get someone to help you with this file

La Campanella(who_cares973) [+?]
. Ok so this file is pretty good but it needs some work
. You left a lot unstepped, some solo jumps that should be JS, some 3-note patterns (jump-step-step) that should be JS as well
. Sometimes you seemed to get lazy with the double placement and PR, fix it
. I'm not being specific because this stuff is all over the file
. lol that trill
. Check the sync, there was YNS in there, maybe check the sheet music to make sure you've got the tempo right for the time
. Don't be afraid to use hands

Lament of Mechanical Heart (hi19hi19) [+?]
. m12 missed a yellow note near the end (to that airy sound...)
. Ok overall this file has tons of missed and misrhythms, recheck it all

Largiloquent Dithyramb (dore) [+]
. Some of the sync felt late in parts but I think it was because of the band not being able to play as tightly because this song is nuts... So, the sync may be ok
. Damn 200 bpm jacks are hard...
. Kawaii desu desu desu~~~~~~~~~~~

Last Battle (Shadow 1800) [--]
. Terrible file, you'd have to do it over completely
. Like, seriously, it offended me >: |

Lilium (Strings & Piano Remix) (_.Spitfire._) [+]
. Make bpm either 1/2 or 1/4 that (1/4 will introduce some BNS but you could fix it)
. P.S. easy file, good enough PR

Loot Burn Rape Kill Repeat (Not Available) [+?]
. m27 no 24ths, just a 343(12) all 12ths
. Once the intense part starts you _need_ to step that guitar (the 24ths)
. Other than that it's pretty tight, just do some double checks overall on the PR and jump placement and it'll be awesome : )

Machine Rhythm (Starfalcon176) [+.]
. m30 the doubles should start on a blue note
. Ok the hands and quads are neat but I'm not sure it's FMO
. Overall this is a really cool file in that it's a meld of technicalness and pad file stuff, if you know what I mean

Master Maid (Kommisar[os]) [+]
. m40 should be an orange then green note (but a later green note than you had) (also later when that happens again)
. Overall a different but good way to step a sharpnel song, I think

Naruto - Iron Dance and the White-Eyed Maiden (hi19hi19) [+.]
. Some of those 24ths are wrong but it doesn't _really_ matter
. lolnaruto, easy but whatever not a 3 ha ha ha

Nebula (Patashu) [+]
. Weird, it's just like Monstrous Turtles but slightly easier
. Overall really fun and a good reflection of the song
. PR seemed a bit shoddy in places but it doesn't matter (probably just seemed so because of the layering style, felt right so whatever)

Night And Day (ElectricWerewolf) [+]
. m94 missed some 32nds to BD
. Thank you for not stepping all of the 32nds, the ones you did step were super-fun
. Probably your funnest (heh) file

Night Bird (behanjc) [+.]
. m116 red note at beginning of stream doesn't feel right (better to not step drums at all in this section)
. Overall I think it might be more fun if you step some more of the double bass with some index patterns (at least in the climax part before the slower part)
. Also, rly fun file guy

Nightfall (cedolad) [-]
. Bad PR, Bad rhythms, overall needs a ton of improvement

Nomina Nuda Tenemus (bluguerrilla) [#]
. Wow so much easier now! I may even be able to FC this in FFR now x100!

Now you're gone (XDark_PrinceX) [-]
. ha ha ha 480 BPM, this is all so wrong sorry ctrl+r

Nu-Island (FreezinIce) [-]
. Multiple charts but one is blank but still >: |
. Gap wrong, hence tons of orange notes, fix the sync, then we'll talk

Oceans of Time (DarkZtar) [?]
. Slowdown section needs better jump placement (missed some piano) and better PR
. 48ths should be 64ths
. Might be good to incorporate more piano in the broken JS parts

Omnishred (hi19hi19) [?]
. m6 and m8 missed guitar jacks
. left out some drums that could be fun 24th rolls
. Missed some jumps in m46+
. Didn't step differently at the climax of the song so it felt really empty there
. Overall I feel this could a better simfile
. Parts felt offsync, maybe slight bpm change when it goes to 4/4?

Onyx (SpammymcSquirrel) [+?]
. BNS >: |
. Overall I think this is better than it was last time but still needs work in the section where you have mostly 8th notes, a few jumps there to that heavy synth

Out There (Coolboyrulez0) [?]
. The PR is wack.  That's right, wack.  Fix it, mensch.
. Some of the rhythms need to be fixed, recheck them.
. You missed some grace notes that you were stepping in the beginning and then stopped.
. Might be cool if you stepped more of the 24ths not as just 3-note rolls but as fun index-stream or something.  Just something more interesting.
. Might also want to consider doing a little more layering as well

Out There (LJRoX) [-]
. Not 32nds, 24ths, so many misrhythms D:
. Too many jumps wow
. Not as good as CBR0's

Push (Vote4Nixon) [+]
. Cool concept, intro felt long
. Would it be possible to make the outro exactly the same steps as the intro just reversed?

Quasar (Angelic Blue Mix) (bmah) [+.]
. Would be good if you cut it at 178.6 seconds
. Overall I liked the progression in layering, the jumptrill might be a bit much but I know you like to use that kind, maybe (12)(34) instead?
. Overall the broken stream is fine even though it's really constant stream but broken is more fun
. Lol homage

R-Type Game Over (hi19hi19) [+]
. lol short FMO

Raging Terror (samurai7694) [?]
. Way too layered, especially during the guitar solo, should just step guitar with PR patterns
. Dynamic BPM needs better sync
. Last note way too long off, gets boring

Rainy Day (Starfalcon176) [+?]
. The cut seemed a bit strange but it might be ok, haven't heard the whole song
. Missed some rhythms (24ths) to drums in the middle
. The one-handed minitrills might be a bit much, make them 13, 23, or 24 minitrills
. Other than that this is a neat file but needs a bit of work

RedPill (hi19hi19) [-]
. 22 seconds of note-silence. really?
. hahahahahahahahahahah no
. ilyhi19 but really boringest file ever

Refraction (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+.]
. Pretty good I guess, kinda droning but that's more the song's fault
. Not sure about some of those rhythms check them
. More fun at 2x :p

Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion (dood gone krazee) [+]
. I don't even care about the few rhythms you missed there shouldn't be any more notes in this simfile
. Some of those 48th walls don't really feel necessary even though they're right
. lol this file

Rock Rock Rock (t+pazolite Remix) (_.Spitfire._) [+.]
. Those 5 note jacks are harddd
. I'd like this file 10x more with zero jacks
. I'd comment on how I like this cut better but I won't because I made this cut. :p

Rock Rock Rock (t+pazolite Remix) (bmah) [+.]
. I'd like this file 10x more with zero jacks
. The length of this one is a bit much
. Wow that trill pls no
. Don't like the jack into the quad at the end
. Both of these files are queue-able but a combined forces file would be sah-weet

Sepia v2 (hi19hi19) [+?]
. Overall the pattern choice felt repetative and boring
. Not different enough from the v1 to warrant a v2 (not good enough either)

Shining Sword (behanjc) [+.]
. Cool file, felt overlayered at parts but good enough really

Sirius-(behanjc) [+]
. Some of the jacks felt unneeded (when caused by layering) but low bpm makes that fine because it's really fun

Slow Down (Xandertrax) [+]
. wow that's a lot of 8th jacks haha tass is gonna <3 this file
. Ok so we don't get many in this difficulty range but it's neat because it's technical and rather easy, a bit long but there's no way to cut it really
. Interesting file

Sly (Remastered) (Silvuh) [+.]
. Jacks to wayyy too subtle of a sound
. Some choppy rhythmic choices, seems like the bass isn't always 5 notes long, if it is it's really subtle some of the time

Sly (Remastered) (Vote4Nixon) [>]
. Some rhythmic errors I think, there's a lot going on in this song
. Ok, both of these files are good but I liked v4n's style better because of the flow but I'm fairly certain v4n's has some mistakes
. And I definitely like both of these files better than the one currently in-game
. Some parts identical to in-game file

Snake riddim (jokim) [+.]
. what I don't know who you are and you submitted a pretty good file what! : )
. Some of the patterns are a bit repetative but that's ok because it mirrors the song
. The PR isn't the best but that keeps it interesting, honestly (also not too hard to a sim so it's cool)

Stai With Me (-Barista-) [?]
. Many many PR and layering and rhythmic mistakes all over this chart
. Has potential though, seems unfinished, work on it more

Starwolf (rushyrulz) [-]
. BPM incorrect 

Starwolf (Silvuh) [+]
. I really liked the JS
. Mostly consistent without being annoying

Symphonic Shredding(Azafreak) [+?]
. um, did you make this cut or is this what the song does?  If so, terrible place to cut it.
. Layering in the doubled BPM part is terrible
. Overall I think a different cut for this is warranted, maybe drop the bpm halved part or something, it's pretty boring

Taketori (Mr.Nothing) [?]
. Jacks, no
. Gap wrong, get rid of that stop
. Needs 100x more layering and better PR, needs to be better and more interesting (less boring) overall

Tears of Remorse (Xandertrax) [+.]
. m31 missed a note
. Sync good enough I think, gap seemed a little off but overall good enough

Techno Green Greens (ElectricWerewolf) [+.]
. m28 last two jumps should go (14)(14)
. lol this song is terrible
. meh those jacks at the end

Temple (Xandertrax) [+?]
. missed some notes, should step more of the echoes, would make it more flowy, like the song

Ten Minutes With Tass (customstuff) [-]
. lol needs to be something more than just synced notes to tass, needs like, what hi19 wrote

Teraholic (Zap_Track) [?]
. 24ths, not 32nds
. Missed tons of steps
. Please don't step those 48ths, too hard compared to the rest of the file, maybe the short ones but no walls

The Lion's Dance (Silvuh) [+.]
. Missed violin that you were stepping throughout
. Why not step that triangle or whatever it is, cymbal, m41 or so :p
. Good otherwise and easy fixes so, yeah

The Nintendo Concerto Part 1 (darph fluffy) [?]
. Parts need wayyyy better PR and missed tons of rhythms and needs better layering overall
. Cool song though, makes me want to mario
. Recording hurt my ears though D:
. Work on it more, maybe get some help and it'll be a cool file

The Stupid Piano (i love you) [?]
. Needs PR and layering fo realz
. Terrible song D:

Thrash (Patashu) [+]
. Wow rly cool, no need to make this a colored note mess either, like it lots

To luv me I for u (t-rogdor and samurai7694) [-]
. lol sync the beginning correctly wow...
. Missed tons of sounds sacrificed due to layering, making it little fun
. Slowdown part has more swung notes than you stepped
. wow cut this jesus

Toxiferous Dystopia (TC_Halogen) [+]
. Missed some jumps to snare before the quiet part in the middle
. Maybe halve the bpm during the hip-hop beat section? then double again near like m100
. Missed more jumps in the last section
. Still good enough for queue, imo

Tribe Attacker (Zap_Track) [+?]
. Sync to vocals wrong
. Check some of those 32nds and the rest of your rhythms, double check them
. Don't like the notes at the end to the noises

Trip Machine FAITH (eastsidenan09) [+?]
. No 32nds later in the file (the ones like m70)
. Left out some 16ths to BD that could be fun, if you want
. Some of the drums sound swung but it might not matter for the playability
. Missed some cool stuff near the end of the song

Trisection V2 (DarkZtar) [!]
. No Chart

Turbulence (AG Hi'per Mix) (Bynary Fission) [?]
. Uh too like the original and not as cool

Twin Chevron Action Flash (remix) (GG_Guru) [-]
. BPM sooooo wrong

Ultimate Drum Set Solo of Doom (stavie33) [?]
. Too quiet denied! j/k
. Some of the hands and jacks make no sense at all
. Some of the PR wasn't right

Usatei (dag12) [-]
. Not yours D]:<

Versatile (Xandertrax) [+?]
. Layering jumps to synth would be cooler
. Left out some piano later in the sim
. Overall nothing really wrong but this could be much better ...

We wish you a merry Christmas (Jazzy Groove) (behanjc) [+]
. Hello Christmas file

White Skies (Club Mix) (Professor Raine) [+?]
. 32nds, although they fit, were retarded as trills
. Overstepped
. Not FMO material song, -hands

Windmill Jazz (robertsona) [+?]
. Missed some piano and PR could be better
WOWWOW 220 (dag12) [+?]
. Missed tons of drums that would be fun (that you stepped sometimes, but not all)
. Double the BPM maybe so that the tempo fits lol 220 ffs

X (akaFrOsTinG) [?]
. Forced stream, meh patterns overall
. Trills boring

{Flying Away} (hi19hi19) [+.]
. Cool as an easy file, maybe someone will make a hard v2
. Some parts boring but not boring enough to reject

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


The Queue
Chaoz Fantasy - V4N - accepting under condition of fixes
Chaoz Japan - megamon88
Cryosleep - Patashu - 32nd triplets might be overdone for difficulty of the file, but they are consistent throughout
Dying Flame - SulferDragon
Ievan Polkka - jx - some of the 16th jack sections seem overdone
Inside the Fire - dore 
J'ai Envie de Plaisir - Patashu - technical, sure...  nobody else feels this is a dump?
Jeanie and Caroline - kommisar - definitely needs a final note or two
Kyrie - jx
Largiloquent Dithyramb - dore - one of the worst songs and song names of all time.  maybe cut ending?  it's longer than my schlong.
Marisa Stole the Precious Thing - classic rocker - on condition of minor tweaks
Nebula - kommisar - agree.  maybe missing some notes.
Nitrx - V4N - meh
October - Xandertrax - conditional on fixing some burst patterns
On Conquest and Capture - dore - on condition you drop the 48th and 64th notes that make hands.  not needed for this file.
Perfect Cherry Storm - Spitfire - seems overlayered to me.  Is the 24th jumpjack needed?
Pulling Through - blu
Schmollbluk - Spitfire
Streets - Xandertrax - pretty repetitive.  some jacks annoying as hell.
Tricky Concert - Xandertrax - SDP.  Teh Tricky Techno vEasy.  Check sync.

Files Played By Tass But Not Queue'd
Blue Betrayal
Boss Battle 1 - what they said
Bouff - will be a fun file
Bus rides with people - too much climax theory on ending
cloud control - cut and fix
devour - what judges said.  file is almost fun.
down but not out - cut.  look into layering/rhythms.
elements of a party - song cut and YNS
happy dreams - seems overlayered
impulse - fix up judges stuff...  cut?
midnight shooter - fix up missing notes
off the wall - layering at end of piano.  layering near end overdone?  around 1000 combo
pulling through gamma - wetodid
push - i waited about 30 seconds for notes.  none came.  quit out.
rain - this song really sucks.  jacks, few spots w/ 12th jump bursts, ending spins.
rose at nightfall - really boring.  some weird patterns w/ 32nds.
skeletor - long song is repetitive.  hell hell long rolls.  combo'd 1st megaroll!
slow down - i hate you and this ****ty file.  fix ending down jack.
thinking different v2 - really fun...  still a bit of work though.
twelve - fix up.  will be fun.
up in the air - fix up a bit.  only major right hand bias i noticed was in the 24th gallop section near the end.
yorukumoryuu - 48th bursts.  16th jump-glut-spin-bursts.  cut?

jx's notes
{The Traveller} (silvercomet1525) [? / 2]
offsync, PR could be better

Adrenaline FX (DJAirWave) [? / 3]
rhythms/jump placement are inconsisent/weird at parts

All I Ever Wanted (DJAirWave) [? / 2]
offsync at parts, many misrhythms, awkward patterns overall

Black and White (Silvuh) [+? / 5.5]
inconsistency in layering (snares)
weirdness on color notes

Blasted By Bubbles (MooMoo_Cowfreak) [? / 3.5]
missing notes, misrhythms(esp 24ths are out of place), PR could be better

BLUE BETRAYAL [Oni] (Patashu) [+. / 7] (12)
no comment, go for a file w/ highest notes

Boss Battle #1 (SulferDragon) [+? / 5.5]
patterns on m31, missing notes at the end of m47
PR is partially ok but could be better on other parts

Bouff (Patashu) [+. / 6.5] (9)
16ths with are a bit odd but fit the music I guess
rhythms on m64?

Bus Rides With People (kommisar[os] & bluguerrilla) [+. / 7] (11)
fun, felt some parts are a bit overdoubled though

Buzzards (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+? / 6]
it has some misrhythms, and patterns on 64th long bursts should be fixed
minijack placement is a bit random

Chaoz Fantasy (CyclopsDragon) [? / 4]
missing some rhythms, PR could be better

Chaoz Fantasy (Vote4Nixon) [+? / 6]
some patterns/rhythms(missing some 16ths, ending 4th) could be improved

Chaoz Japan (megamon88) [+. / 6.5] (9)
not bad actually, 8th jump section is a bit boring for me tho

Cloak Steppin (HighAndr0id) [+? / 6.5]
ONS could be avoided, misrhythms on m16, m40-, m55m etc.
the concept is fun though

Cloud Control (Vote4Nixon & championanwar) [? / 5]
somewhat PR but could be better, misrhythms on 24ths
song is kind of.. repetitive.

Colossus (Silvuh) [- / NA]
multi difficulty

Cryosleep (Patashu) [+. / 7] (7)
decent, rhythm's accurate

Cutthroat (TC_Halogen) [+? / 6.5]
enjoyable, but rhythms could be more accurate/consistent. 
is the last burst needed?

Dad (danny53x) [- / NA]
no file

Decipher(x3Fallen) [? / 3.5]
kinda inperfect rhythm/layering

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+? / 5.5]
getting accurate but still gay, needs more jump removement/pattern fix

Dizzy Division (unkdavar) [? / 2.5]
way too inconsistent overall

Down But Not Out (_.Spitfire._) [? / 4.5]
inconsistent in layering, a few misrhythms

Drift (Silvuh) [? / 3]
wrong bpm (it should be 8th/16th based), misrhythms due to that

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [? / 4]
PR could be better, 16th jumps at the middle are kinda bad.

Dying Flame (SulferDragon) [? / 5]
rhythms on m22-26 don't make sense imo. others are fine but a bit boring.

Elements of a Party (dore) [? / 5]
funny but music is way to repetitive (need songcut), also a bit inconsistent

Elfin Pirate (Redsky139) [? / 4]
misrhythms/offsync at parts, some burst patterns, layering could be better

Fantasty Impromptu (Quasar889) [-- / 0]
quit out after I saw legendary patterns on beginning (aka NoVa PuLsEr).
plus in most of the time arrows don't go with the music

Forgotten Aura (kjwkjw) [? / 3.5]
rhythms for drums aren't done correctly, and inconsistent

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon) [- / NA]

Half Symphony (Vote4Nixon) [+? / 5.5]
jacks could be more instrument/pitch relevant

Happy Dreams (HighAndr0id) [+? / 6]
good sync, PR and layering could be better on some parts

Higan Retour -idling mix- (Knoobish) [? / 3.5]
could be layered more correctly overall, most hands aren't needed, PR

HoH (Heaven or Hell) (trumaestro) [? / 3]
fairly offsync at parts, didn't like the layering style much

HOT PEPPERZ (NSane) [- / 0]
wrong bpm

Ievan Polkka (Rin&Len ver.) (JX) [# / NA] (10)

I'm A Maid (NSane) [- / 0.5]
BNS, misrhythms, random patterns/jump placement

Impulse (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [+? / 6]
overall decent, jump placement at parts, misrhythms on m38/42, notes for guitar on m103-104?
4 minute rock is long in general

Inside the Fire cut (dore) [+. / 6.5] (7)
ok PR, felt a bit underlayered at parts tho

Introsphere (Extended) (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4.5]
has some incorrect/inconsistent 16th rhythms, notes not very audible things
also needs better layering in some parts (voice part was interesting tho)

J'ai Envie de Plaisir X2 (Patashu) [+. / 7] (12)
in m38- putting jumps on all BD looks ridiculous even though they are technically correct (also patterns)
ver accurate file tho

Jeanie and Caroline (Kommisar[os]) [+. / 6.5] (11)
fun file, a bit repetitive/some bursts are weird tho

Kyrie (JX) [# / NA] (11)

Land of Eternity (SulferDragon) [? / 4.5]
PR could be better, misrhythms on m19, 35, 51, etc

Largiloquent Dithyramb [dore] [+? / 6]
almost no change from previous one other than gap

lolhappy (HammyMcSquirrel) [? / 4]
song is repetitive, better layering on 8th/16th stream sections

Lunar Dial (Vote4Nixon) [? / 3.5]
misrhythms/missing notes on many parts, PR/layering could be better

Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [+. / 6.5] (10)
minor PR/layering fix could be done, but overall decent. ps this needs awesome bg flash

Midnight Shooter (TC_Halogen) [+. / 6.5] (11)
some long 8th jacks are annoying, missing notes/PR could be better at parts but ok

Mitsudomoe Motion - Triangular Fight (i love gabba vs. Frozen Beat) [? / 3.5]
pretty inconsistent, misrhythms,  some jacks/16ths are going for nothing

Mr. Heat Miser (HammyMcSquirrel) [? / 3.5]
unique rhythms but offsync and misrhythms at parts, layering could be better

My Holiday Dinosaur (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [? / 4]
felt every section is way too repetitive

Nebula (Kommisar[os]) [+. / 7] (10)
there're some misrhythms(48ths) and missing notes, but enjoyable file

Nitrx (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4.5]
felt first half is underlayered, and missing notes even with this layering

October (Xandertrax) [+? / 6]
rhythms are followed well, jump placement could be better, some burst patterns are awkward

Off the Wall (bluguerrilla & Vote4Nixon) [+? / 5.5]
first stream pattern could be 6842 instead of 4268, some minijacks don't fit the pitch
m41- is too simple without layering piano

On Conquest and Capture (dore) [+. / 6] (8)
short song, some rhythms of grace notes don't feel right though

Peacemaker(Darkstalker_X) [? / 3]
p.inconsistent, misthyrhms, PR could be better

Perfect Cherry Storm (_.Spitfire._) [+. / 7] (11)
technically ok

Pulling Through (bluguerrilla) [+? / 6]
Pulling Through Gamma [dore] [+? / 6]
basically the same except for bpm, m25- understepped, also missing some bursts that could be fun

Push (Vote4Nixon) [+? / 5]
I think this is technically ok, but boring due to the song

RAIN (_.Spitfire._ & bluguerrilla) [+. / 6.5] (9)
really hate ending 24th spins (should be better stream patterns), but overall ok

Rose At Nightfall (SulferDragon) [+. / 6.5] (9)
maybe ok file except for some PR issue

Schmollbluk (_.Spitfire._) [+. / 6.5] (12)
kinda long and seems some parts are overdone, technically acceptable for a hard file

Science Party (Coolgamer) [? / 2.5]
pretty inconsistent in rhythms/layering, PR could be better

Secret Zombie Room V2 (unkdavar) [? / 4.5]
not too bad for the consistency, but it still could be layered better/harder

Skeletor (psycho & bluguerrilla) [+? / 6]
rhythms on m42, some roll streams could have better patterns imo, want song cut

Slashfic (OperationStrawbarry) [?]

Slow Down (Xandertrax) [? / 4.5]
those jacks are ok except for the ending down ones, and apparently layering could be better

SM 64 - The Alternate Route Remix (megamon88) [? / 4]
green notes on m21? felt really long, also some parts don't flow too well

Starfox Speed Mix (CosmicRain) [? / 5]
a few PR errors/misrhythms, didn't like jump placement much(melody, jumpstreams)

Streets (Xandertrax) [+? / 5.5]
seems technically ok, just not the best layering choice/jack placement

Sunset Dept. (CyclopsDragon) [+? / 5.5]
song is cool, but there're many misrhythms so they could be fixed for accuracy

Swallowing an Avalanche  (New Mix) - Bynary Fission

The Final Hour (silvercomet1525) [? / 4.5]
not wrong, but PR could be better, weird layering

the Mooned Incects [sc979] [? / 5]
PR could be better, 24th+48th bursts are weird, want some layering

The Swarm (MooMoo_Cowfreak) [? / 4]
overall inconsistent, jump placement. PR somewhat

Thinking Different V2 (Silvuh) [+? / 6]
interesting at parts, but some 48ths/64ths aren't really needed

TizAshura (Vote4Nixon) [? / 3]
felt it's missing a lot of rhythms

Tribe Attacker (alexdestructions) [? / 2]
misrhythms, bad hand/jack placement

Tricky Concert (Xandertrax) [? / 3.5]
offsync, tweak the bpm, PR could be better

Tricky Concert_(dandandamdandan1111) [? / 2.5]
offsync as well, worse layering/PR

Turbulence (AG Hi'per Mix) - Bynary Fission [? / 3.5]
layering for drums is quite inconsistent, PR issue/could have more minijacks technically

Turn Soonest to the Sea [Oni] (MeaCulpa) [? / 4]
offsync at parts, some bs rhythms, missing 32nds on m16-

Twelve (TC_Halogen) [+. / 6.5] (9)
missing some rhythms, barely ok file

uNdEr YoUr BeD_(dandandamdandan1111) [? / 3.5]
kinda funny but felt missing a lot of sounds, PR could be better

Up In The Air (HighAndr0id) [+? / 6]
interesting file, but there're some misrhythms/missing notes, inconsistency

V.L.S.I. (woker-X) [? / 2]
pretty inaccurate rhythms, jack placement

Versatile (CosmicRain) [? / 2.5]
layering could be better, bad jack placement

Voyage 1969 (Zybanthia) [? / 5]
PR is decent at parts, could be better at parts
layering for drums (esp. m49-) could be more consistent

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [? / 4.5]
maybe getting better slowly but still inconsistently layered 

Xxxperiment_(dandandamdandan1111) [? / 3]
I don't get some 16ths and jumps, overall weird

yorukumoryuu yamikaze [sc979] [+? / 5.5]
32nds like m24- aren't needed, also similar 48th bursts are weird. PR could be better overall

Mouch (robertsona) [? / 3]
pretty boring even for an easy file

Science Party (Coolgamer) [? / 2.5]
rhythms don't feel right, inconsistent

ska ska and again ska (ahr2nd's Omegka Prologue Mix) [robertsona] [? / 3]
repetitive as hell

Swallowing an Avalanche  (New Mix) - Bynary Fission [+? / 5.5]
most rhythms seem fine, some jack placement is weird

blu's notes                                             
Adrenaline FX (DJAirWave) [?] {2/10}
. You could step so much more in this song if you wanted to...
. The layering choices were weird, first snare, then BD, then it fell apart, no feeling of good progression
. PR was not there

All I Ever Wanted (DJAirWave) [?] {3/10}
. Stop creates BNS = a no-no, copy and paste to fix
. Then YNS in the slowdown lol
. You need to step more of those 24ths in the drums
. Overall it's pretty ok how you stepped it but you missed some stuff in the ending that you had been stepping throughout
. Ending might be more fun if you put jumps to all the vocals

Black and White (Silvuh) [?] {4/10}
. Overall, this file is pretty meh
. The fast rhythms and jacks were much harder than the rest of the song, felt choppy and uneven in difficulty
. M30-40 or so I couldn't even tell what some of the steps were going to
. m58-59 those colored notes make zero sense
. I don't even know how you'd fix this file

Blasted By Bubbles (MooMoo_Cowfreak) [+?] {5/10}
. m18, m42, m58, m91 should be no 24ths (should be 16ths)
. m21 needs some 48ths
. m29 make that trill a roll
. m40 should be 24ths into that 48th burst
. m83 should be 32nds not 24ths i think
. last green note should be a down step
. Overall missed 16ths to hihat and some BD, go through IT ALL at .5x and just watch the steps go by to catch what you missed

BLUE BETRAYAL [Oni] (Patashu) [+] {jx/10}
. Missed sounds and it's overdoubled
. Ok let's [heavy] please
. hell yea

Boss Battle #1 (SulferDragon) [+.] {6/10}
. Overall ok, didn't like the jacks to snare but did like the jacks in the stream
. ending might be more fun with the 'guitar' or whatever put to jumps
. Not a lot technically wrong, just was kinda meh to me

Bouff (Patashu) [+?] {6/10}
. The 16ths to weird keyboard noises were okay I guess, played kinda weird, can't hear it really well at 1.0x, 
..also they should sometimes end in a yellow note
. Could have stepped some of the drum bursts like m17
. Some sections felt overdoubled, like during solo, singles would play better
. hihat could be stepped, felt weird to hit have a step on those quarter notes
. m62 guitar noise at the beginning a 16th
. m64 missed sounds in guitar

Bus Rides With People (kommisar[os] & bluguerrilla) [#] {fun/10}

Buzzards (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+?] {5/10}
. m5 64th unnecessary
. 32nd jacks please n
. Probably no 12ths or 24ths or 48ths in this song anywhere, probably all 64ths like DaD
. m30 64th burst ends too early
. This would be more fun with fewer jacks

Chaoz Fantasy (CyclopsDragon) [>] {4/10}
. Not as good as v4n's, though fun

Chaoz Fantasy (Vote4Nixon) [+.] {6/10}
. m48 would play better as (24)3.3(14) instead of (24)323(14)
. m56 (24)312(34) fits the PR better than what you have
. Some of the stream could have better PR but meh

Chaoz Japan (megamon88) [+.] {7/10}
. m59 should go (34).123.31(24) not (34).12323.(34)
. m61 should step the crashes, so it goes 4213.243.2.3 instead of <- if you want
. And the ending crash echo too <- if you want
. fun file

Cloak Steppin (HighAndr0id) [?] {4/10}
. m16 make that trill at 4231 roll
. m29 don't like that first 2121 or those other rhythms there, should go to that echo-y sound
. m33 don't like that 32nd jack
. m74 should have some jumps on yellow notes
. PR at the very end could be better
. Overall overdoubled, imo
. Also, some of the rhythms, especially 32nd trills sounded like they weren't exactly that rhythm

Cloud Control (Vote4Nixon & championanwar) [+.] {6/10}
. Parts like m37 not sure what that yellow jump is going to
. m65 missed violin 16ths
. Ending needs better layering, in fact, you either need to cut it at 86.05 or continue to step the song because
..as it is now, the cut sucks, +. assumes you cut the ending

Colossus (Silvuh) [+?] {2/10}
. bpm is off by like .1-.2 or something
. overall boring because of the song choice, I know it's an easy sim but still

Cryosleep (Patashu) [+.] {6/10}
. Don't like the 32nd triples because of PR (BD-BD-BD+snare just doesn't play right as a triple/minitrill/whatever you call it)

Cutthroat (TC_Halogen) [+?] {4/10}
. long blank ending waaay boring, cut it before those 3 jumps please
. Overall, needs more grace notes and much better PR

Dad (danny53x) [?] {3/10}
. Sent old dwi???
. This file would be much more fun without jacks
. Jump placement weird at parts
. Some grace notes felt like too much

Decipher(x3Fallen) [-] {1/10}
. Too much stream and misrhythms all over the place
. Cool song though...
DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+.] {6/10}
. m23 on should be single notes per layering scheme so far
. m92 4312 roll would be better than 4231
. Some parts still cluttered lol this file is probably never going to make it in D:

Dizzy Division (unkdavar) [-] {1/10}
. Needs better PR, layering and rhythm choice

Down But Not Out (_.Spitfire._) [+] {8/10}
. cut at 171.3 for awesome 

Drift (Silvuh) [+.] {5/10}
. Expand 2->3, Compress 2x, BPM = 95
. Overall pretty good but some of the PR felt off

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [+?] {5/10}
. Still missing some of the stick sounds
. Jacks may be too hard compared to the rest of the file
. Needs to be better to v2 the in-game one

Dying Flame (SulferDragon) [+.] {4/10}
. lol sounds like raustdragonblack
. Overall stepped ok but PR could be more interesting

Elements of a Party (dore) [+] {7/10}
. YNS & voice BPMs
. fun

Elfin Pirate (Redsky139) [+?] {6/10}
. m27 that pattern is too hard, do, 21432 instead of 434321
. m32 again pattern too hard, do 4321 or something instead
. Overall good transitions in the layering but you have to choose patterns for the faster rhythms better

Fantasty Impromptu (Quasar889) [-] {1/10}
. More misrhythms than I'd shake a stick at
. PR needs major work
. D:

Forgotten Aura (kjwkjw) [-] {1/10}
. Jesus this song goes on for freakin ever
. Ok tons of misrhythms and very boring

Game Boy Fiend (Vote4Nixon) [4] {m/e}
. no me da la gana

Half Symphony (Vote4Nixon) [+?] {5/10}
. m23 missed snare
. Some of those jacks aren't needed, especially in the intro
. Does this song really need a v2? :\

Happy Dreams (HighAndr0id) [+.] {7/10}
. m50, m55 that first blue jump doesn't belong (might be in other places too)
. m82 jack
. Might want to check over the double placement because this is a complicated layering job

Higan Retour -idling mix- (Knoobish) [?] {3/10}
. PR sucks almonds
. Overstepped but that doesn't really matter
. Layering not great

HoH (Heaven or Hell) (trumaestro) [-] {2/10}
. Wow sync is no good
. The difficulty jumps waaaaay too much
. Overall meh

HOT PEPPERZ (NSane) [-] {0/10}
. lol no

I'm A Maid (NSane) [-] {0/10}
. terrible

Ievan Polkka (Rin&Len ver.) (JX) [+] {8/10}
. lol this song will be stuck in my head for 3 days now

Impulse (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [+.] {7/10}
. step the intro
. double the bpm sooner
. m34 don't hear those 32nds
. That ending is kinda long
. Overall, really fun

Inside the Fire cut (dore) [+] {8/10}
. Solo easier, good enough

Introsphere (Extended) (Vote4Nixon) [?] {4/10}
. Part before talking feels choppy
. Some notes seem to go to nothing
. Vocals layered in play terrible

J'ai Envie de Plaisir X2 (Patashu) [+] {9/10}
. Awesomely hard
. Maybe 2x BPM in the hard part so it's easier to read?

Jeanie and Caroline (Kommisar[os]) [+] {8/10}
. Maybe one note at the end so the guy finishes talking at 135.07 

Kyrie (JX) [+] {9.5/10}
. lol this file is awesome

Land of Eternity (SulferDragon) [+.] {7/10}
. The 24th runs would be much more fun with no 12th jacks in them
. Feels a little overstepped but I think it's fun this way

Largiloquent Dithyramb (dore) [+] {can'tspellthis/10}
. Much easier without 200 bpm jacks >_<

lolhappy (HammyMcSquirrel) [+.] {7/10}
. m45 missed a 16th to bass drum
. I liked the stream technique you used but some of the PR could be brushed up, might be ok as it is

Lunar Dial (Vote4Nixon) [?] {4/10}
. m35 needs some 12th notes to the harpsichord
. Honestly I don't hear MANY of these 32nds, 
. m61 needs more steps
. Overall missed a ton of drums that really need to be stepped and other stuff too, especially near the end (m100 or so)

Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [+] {8/10}
. m72 overstepped
. Other than that good
. >:3

Midnight Shooter (TC_Halogen) [+?] {6/10}
. m16 missed some drums and throughout the sim
. m53 missed a double
. m61 missed some 16ths to guitar
. Needs more filler notes to keep the flow going overall
. m160 missed two doubles, m164 missed more
. m167, m176 missed guitar
. Overall missed a ton lol, this kind of song you need to step all the rhythms and then it'll be super fun

Mitsudomoe Motion - Triangular Fight (i love gabba vs. Frozen Beat) [?] {2/10}
. Some of the guitar needs manual sync
. Didn't like the jacks, take them out
. long 8th jumpjack made no sense
. Some 16ths go to nothing

Mouch (robertsona) [+.] {boring/10}
. Ok, technical easy files are really boring
. Like, really really boring
. Like, seriously, .63 notes per second

Mr. Heat Miser (HammyMcSquirrel) [+?] {5/10}
. Why BNS at the end?
. Needs jumps, like jumps to that skidding sound, and more
. layer please!
. fun otherwise

My Holiday Dinosaur (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+?] {2/10}
. Wow, this song, just, wow
. The sync is off later in the song
. Some of the jacks later in the song seem superfluous

Nebula (Kommisar[os]) [+] {8/10}
. rly fun
. may have missed a few 16ths but it doesn't really matter

Nitrx (Vote4Nixon) [+] {8/10}
. Very fun, maybe mix up the jumps at the end a bit?

October (Xandertrax) [+] {8/10}
. another really fun file this is a streak!
. ok some parts are kind of handed making it really hard to PA but it may be ok how it is

Off the Wall (bluguerrilla & Vote4Nixon) [#] {win/10}

On Conquest and Capture (dore) [+] {8/10}
. cool song, cool file

Peacemaker(Darkstalker_X) [+?] {6/10}
. freeform stream could be more fun
. bursts should be 32nds
. m68-74 missed some 16ths (one per measure)
. m84 missed a burst
. really fun file! make the fixes, I don't think it needs PR fixes, it's nice how you stepped it

Perfect Cherry Storm (_.Spitfire._) [+] {8/10}
. Perfect Cherry Blossom Storm

Pulling Through (bluguerrilla) [#] {nubbin/10}

Pulling Through Gamma (dore) [+] {9/10}
. Why didn't I step this version? D:

Push (Vote4Nixon) [+] {8/10}
. Cut it at 164.72 the ending feels too long now without the intro, + assuming you cut it

RAIN (_.Spitfire._ & bluguerrilla) [#] {lolanotherfilenamedrain/10}

Rose At Nightfall (SulferDragon) [+] {8/10}
. Finally a whole simfile of Kingdom Hearts music haha

Schmollbluk (_.Spitfire._) [+] {9/10}
. hard!

Science Party (Coolgamer) [?] {2/10}
. Misrhythms and terrrrrrible layering, felt like ctrl+r

Secret Zombie Room V2 (unkdavar) [+?] {4/10}
. I feel like the intro and outro could be stepped better
. Mostly right but there are definitely a few misrhythms and few jump issues to the snare, you missed one or two
..and had one or two extra in other part

ska ska and again ska (ahr2nd's Omegka Prologue Mix) [robertsona] [+.] {boring/9}
. Wow, boring, maybe mirror some of these sections, or turn them
..or step more of the noises so it's not so damn boring 

Skeletor (psycho & bluguerrilla) [#] {SKELETOR/10}

Slashfic (OperationStrawbarry) [-] {wrongbpm/10}
. BPM = 180

Slow Down (Xandertrax) [+] {7/10}
. Nice n short now, longest 8th jack ever

SM 64 - The Alternate Route Remix (megamon88) [+?] {4/10}
. Didn't like the stream in m48 on, very quiet noise being stepped there
. Maybe cut at 146 seconds in
. The intro is also painfully long, cut the first 35 seconds or so please
. Missed some drums in some parts

Starfox Speed Mix (CosmicRain) [?] {3/10}
. Hated the jacks caused by layering
. Many many misrhythms

Streets (Xandertrax) [+] {8/10}
. Fun gallops and minijacks woo! 

Sunset Dept. (CyclopsDragon) [?] {3/10}
. Half this bpm would be better
. Tons of misrhythms and the layering needs to be better

Swallowing an Avalanche  (New Mix) (Bynary Fission) [+?] {6/10}
. m31 wth bpm changes?
. m66 on some of the jumps seem wrong
. this song is pretty badass :O
. Jacks would be better as trills

The Final Hour (silvercomet1525) [+?] {6/10}
. m47-56 layering messed up (some jumps missed, some jumps to nothing)
. m101-104 needs better PR in the single notes
. The slowdown parts could be better

The Mooned Insects (sc979) [+?] {6/10}
. Lots of misrhythms in 48ths and 32nds

The Swarm (MooMoo_Cowfreak) [+?] {5/10}
. Didn't like the runningmen
. Didn't like the ending 3 jacks
. Didn't like that you didn't step more of the noises in m45 on

Thinking Different V2 (Silvuh) [+.] {6/10}
. These polyrhythms or whatever you want to call them suck to play
. Missed some synth in the intro

TizAshura (Vote4Nixon) [+.] {7/10}
. Flow would be better if you stepped all of that one synth, you know the one I mean

Tribe Attacker (alexdestructions) [+?] {6/10}
. Parts like m52 are missing one yellow note
. 16th jacks aren't as fun as the 12th jacks, they don't fit as well
. Probably not FMO, the hands _are_ fun though :\

Tricky Concert (Xandertrax) [+] {7/10}
. Easy and fun, see robertsna! 

Tricky Concert_(dandandamdandan1111) [>] {4/10}
. Not as good as xandertrax's

Turbulence (AG Hi'per Mix) - Bynary Fission [?] {5/10}
. Some 16ths to nothing
. I think people might prefer a v2 of this song that's JACKY
. BPM slightly off, it's late by the end of the song

Turn Soonest to the Sea [Oni] (MeaCulpa) [+?] {6/10}
. A ton of the drum rhythms are off
. Weird cut, is this song cut in the heavy version?
. Some PR a bit weird but overall pretty darn fun
. Some BPMs off by 2x or .5x

Twelve (TC_Halogen) [+?] {6/10}
. Missed rhythms and misrhythms throughout
. BPM seems slightly off
. Gap too

uNdEr YoUr BeD_(dandandamdandan1111) [?] {3/10}
. BPM way off
. Needs a climax part
. None of these 24ths belong
. PR needs to be 100000x better

Up In The Air (HighAndr0id) [+] {8/10}
. Some parts are _very_ hard on your right hand
. Other than that very fun

V.L.S.I. (woker-X) [?] {4/10}
. Jacks too hard for the file
. Too streamy (stream to nothing)
. Tons of misrhythms

Versatile (CosmicRain) [?] {4/10}
. Bad PR
. Boring Layering
. Jacks are a bit lol

Voyage 1969 (Zybanthia) [+?] {7/10}
. m41-56 needs better PR
. m81 on needs CLIMAX!
. Fadeout with no steps is waaaaay too long
. Seriously now, who are you?

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [+.] {6/10}
. m38 seems like there are too many 16th notes, possibly true in other parts of the sim as well
. Much better than before

Xxxperiment_(dandandamdandan1111) [?] {4/10}
. Most of those 16ths should be swung
. Boring overall

yorukumoryuu yamikaze (sc979) [+.] {7/10}
. m64 missing some notes
. Don't like the 48ths but they go I guess
. Damn this sim is fun and hard, could use a bit of climax near the end there

{The Traveller} (silvercomet1525) [+?] {6/10}
. BPM off at parts, needs just a bit more work, maybe get the BPM changes from CnB?
. too many jumps! Seriously!

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


The Queue
ABCDEarth - dore
Bus Rides WIth People - kommi and blu - song name makes no sense
Counter Strike Gun Sounds - blu
Didj Z - robertsona
grind2 - blu
Ivaltek - Patashu - maybe cut @ break near end, 700ish
Kidney Stone - DossarLX ODI - is the bpm doubling needed?
La Campanella - who_cares973 - so much fun. instafailed at 32nd jumptrills.
SaddestRMX - dore
Session - Patashu
Solar Force - Zybanthia
Turn Soonest to the Sea - MeaCulpa - a bit long / repetitive
Until You Leave - blu
Witches Hat - Patashu
Yeah Yeah Beats - Patashu - bit long
yorukumoryuu yamikaze - sc979

Betrayal of Fate - Patashu - check PR, cut.
Caiza D'Aqua - bmah - fix up judges rhythm issues
Infiltration - megamon88 - take a look at patashu's notes, fix some up.  real fun.
Story of the Constellations - Patashu - chenge 48ths to jumps
Temple - Xandertrax - tweak up
The Past - Spitfire - tweak up PR and it's good
Twelve - BDN - tweak the bursts, especially the green one
You're My Number One - bmah - m49 and ending

Played by Tass, Not Queue'd
666mph - fix up
beloved girl's rondo - what judges said. also, 24ths bump difficulty by 1 or 2, so if you want EASY, remove them.
blindfolds aside - really dislike just about all jacks.  some hand useage good, but w/o jacks may not be FMO. quit out.
christine - see judges notes
disconnected hazard - what judges said
eclipse luna - tone down layering
fantasie impromptu - not a fan of this song version. why not use ashura's or original? also, stream breaks.
gentleman - don't we have enough vsnares fgo cockdumps? plus what judges said
groovin' plains - fix judges comments. sync, ending.
half symphony - already in game. doesn't need v2.
hot soup - did not test. fix sync first. why is an offsync file even getting to me?
hurrikane x - cut, 24ths.
mourning heart - definitely too hard for the song. cut down on the slides.
oceans of time - see notes. not really fun. generic.
off the wall - again, not much fun. very repetitive.
omnishred - fix the 12th jumpspam sections.
push - why are there no notes in the 1st 30+ seconds. this file stinks worse than my nuts after going to the gym.
rain - fix up
slow down - boring x10
swallowing an avalanche - fix up
the great storm - fix
try to star - agree w/ judges. jumps to drums take away from song. long 8th jumpjacks not fun. trill to rolls awkward. a bit long/repetitive.
ultimate drum set solo of crap - no to the song. file is ok, not amazing.
versatile - overstepped.
voyage 1969 - not bad. 3 weird longer jack sections very awkward and harder than rest of the file.

Patashu's Notes
when I say m# where # is a number, I'm referring to something within that particular measure according to the way stepmania numbers them
if I say m# on I mean until the rhythmic pattern changes
pr is pitch relevance, the idea of using specific patterns, pattern types/changes and column usage to emphasize the different pitches involved in a changing melody

666 MPH (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
m17 on understeps the amen break but in a consistent way. maybe 16ths in m19 and 20 leading into the jumps though?
32nds in m20 start on the red note, not the blue
...and the same every time it repeats
m25: the lone blue note should be a jump too, right? same in m33, 45
m38: thinking make the second lone blue note the end of a 16th three note run, 32nd roll should start on the red note before again
m77: I don't like how it goes straight from stepping the amen break at the full intensity of the rest of the song to the sparse 8th melody. make it a toned down version (i.e. take out either the jumps or the 16ths) until you hit m81
m82, m84, m86 miss a blue note just after the second beat. it should go high low high, except in m86 where it's interrupted so it goes high low higher
m88: should end D,L,D or D,L,DU
m93: move the last note back three 16ths so it lines up with the second syllable of 'deserve'
overall not the most astonishing file (amen breaaakkk) but it has a decent technical aspect so I'll +. it anyway

A Battle for the Sky (Silvuh) [+.]
the first time you play it, it feels like a bit of a letdown, it takes 14 seconds to reach the first note and then starts with what is initially the quietest instrument. I don't know how you'd alleviate this, just commenting
m19 and every time this kind of pattern repeats: how about making the notes that are on their own jumps to accentuate the stronger melody here?
half way through m20, at the end of the 12ths: jump?
m21-26: I know it's an easy file but back and forth 8th trills at 100 bpm are boooring. after the blue cymbol crash step that funky synthline in the background that we've been hearing since the start of the song, it's cool (and poss. continue it through m27 until it stops at the beginning of m28)
m31: second 4th should be a left note
m36: the first blue note shouldn't be there, same for m39. I get that you're throwing in the clap but it's not time for the clap yet...
m46: the last blue note shouldn't be there
m48: move three 16ths down and place a down note, since it echoes a bit
m50: the 8th minijack at the end of this measure should have a 16th on the left arrow before each note
m56: starting on the third beat of this measure it should go something like DLUR on 16ths, the red note on the fourth beat of this measure needs to be moved forward one 16th
m57 on: stepping the clap here is fine, imo, since it gets expressed more, it's a segment that's been done straight before and it's closer to the end of the song (gotta take out that one minijack on the left again btw, and step the yellow echo again)
m65: again have the clap in this time, since you just had the clap, it's a segment that's been done straight before and it's closer to the end. :stepmania theory:
m71: make the blue note on the right either a minijack or a gallop, then add one more blue note just before it ends
I would like to note however that this is a fucen cool song and I'd accept it like hell with the changes

ABCDEath (Dore) [+]
haha this is awesome
the end of m19 is a bit early, first jump of m24 a tiny bit early
probably take out the random hand at m29 though, make it pure orange or pure red jump
m30 feels late
m34-m35 sync should be more like this... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...n00494.jpgmove the very last note back about a 16th so it lines up with the end of the scream

Alone Again At 4AM (foilman8805) [+]
PR can be tightened up a bit. for instance m4 should start (DR),U,R,L or something
loving the song, a bit worried the middle climax with the jumps in 8ths is too hard relative to the rest of the song but that's a judgement call

Angel Island Remix (Silvuh) [+?]
m1: first blue note should be R
m2: after the two 16th jumps I'd fill in the next two 8ths to carry out the echoing feel
m8: the middle 4th goes to nothing
m9 on: the gallops that go blue-yellow yellow-blue should start and end on the same note because of the instruments they follow
m18, etc layering is a bit weird; you suddenly jump from layering in only the snare to layering in only the bass drum? and then in m24 it's a bit different again
in m21 the melody is slightly different here: the second blue jump should actually go on the 16th before it
end of m24: lead in to m25 should go...LDURDLU
m27 and m31 step the same pattern but has less notes the same time, like you layered in one of the melodies the first time but not the second
and in m28 and m31 you miss the yellow note to the bass drum before the minijack part of it
m33-34: hmm...you miss a 16th after the middle beat of each one, but on the other hand adding it would make it pretty consistent stream. I'd try and find another way to layer this part properly, it feels weird as hell
m37: second minijack is erroneous, same for the second and third minijacks in m39
m40: after the four jumps in the row, I'd cut out the rest except for the one hit to that bass drum on the yellow note until next measure
however...I'd keep the minijacks in m44. minijack theory :ssh: ask kil about it
m45 on: I'd cap each of these streams with a jump on the blue note. call it layering of the melody and the snare thing
the layering you're using for m53, etc bugs me because it just makes a bunch of triplets. is there another way to do it?
m61: what exactly are the jumps going to? the synth melody is playing minijacks
m62: 64/3ths are awesome yessssss
m63-64: probably shouldn't have jumps in the trillrush since you don't have them in the next one
m74: misses a 16th to the bass drum
overall, I'm a bit conflicted on this one. lots to fix but it's cool anyway...

Band Dynamics (Dore) [+]
m15 misses a 12th leading into the third jump
middle 4th of m44 shouldn't be there
m67: first purple jump should be just a single note I think, same for m111
end of m71 should be straight 12ths, same for the end of m115
m117 on: listen more carefully. not every 4th is hit this time ;) there should be a 4th 'hole' in m120 and m124
beginning of m139 misses one of the swung 12ths, same for m143, 145 and 147
I'm really loving the overal feel of the file, tho. swung, upbeat and energetic. possibly also change the 24th sections to drop the hi-hat for the clap when it comes in? idk

Beautiful Synergy (boondocks77 + _.Spitfire._) [+.]
Just so you know...Beautiful Synergy is NOT a dj sharpnel song. It's a guest song on one of his albums, I forget who actually made it
the first and last pink jumps in m13, 14, 15 and 16 are erroneous
what's the pink jump in m20 to?
m21-m25: step da 16ths
m29: step da vocals and/or trill
fake sharpnel/10, it's nothing amazing but it's playable

Before Dawn (Yoshiisland) [-]
auugh, sync. the very -first- jump of the song is a 24th early, or about 0.09 of a second
um, yeah...sync. the sync is bad. it's a piano song so it'll have wavering bpm. you need to place steps a lot more accurately then you are now. also, pitch relevance would be good in this kind of file; if you don't know, it's where patterns ascending in pitch go to the right, patterns descending go to the left, repeated pitches repeat columns and repeated patterns repeat the steps. That kind of thing. also later on you're missing notes. this is too offsync to accept though, rework it from the ground up or try something easier to step if you're starting out

Beloved Girl's Rondo (sc979) [+.]
I wouldn't have gaps where the strong 'cha!' kinda noise comes in, I'd put jumps
also, since it's repeating itself so much melody-wise, why not re-arrange the notes from time to time, to keep a semblance of pr while keeping it fresh? just keep a pr 'rule' or two in mind and flip around the notes to adhere to the rule, like these notes must share a column or this part of the pattern must always descend
also, more jumps? how bout to the crash
probably shouldn't have 24ths in m20 or anywhere else in such an easy file, how about 16 triplets instead? that's basically what they sound like anyway
you have minijacks m26 on, so you should include them earlier on in the file too when they occured there
nice job on the slowdown :) but I think it should go (starting from the first red note) UDLURUDRL
I hear a gallop going onto the second 4th of m56
I guess I'll +. this, though, since it could be seen as being a bit on the bland side but the technical aspect is very good

Betrayal of Fate (Patashu) [#]
this file sucks, I only stepped it because scgmd2/3 players and newgrounds frequenters have the hots for goukisan
see if you can guess the rule that decides whether I'm layering the snare or not

Black and White (Silvuh) [+?]
the 16th gallops onto blue notes you put in the beginning measures are erroneous; should be the previous red onto blue
the 64th gallop off of the blue jump in m9 should actually be a 32nd gallop -into- the blue jump (or into a single note if you prefer) same every time it repeats
m17 on: you miss some of the synth hits of the new instrument coming in
the m24 layering bothers me. if it's piano + percussion the first two red beats should be jumps and there shouldn't be a yellow jump
m25 on: no instrument is playing a four note long 8th jack. the bass isn't, the left hand piano isn't. you'll have to change that part around. also, in m26 starting on the third beat the piano goes goes x..x.xx.x
m33 on: step the new synth instrument that comes in to match what you did from m17 on?
m57 on: there's one percussive instrument you can step here, it makes hits on the third and fifth beat of every two measure interval
m64: missed da orchestral hits
m65: the section is repeating with more added into the song, plz layer more to signify this. the synthhit and snare drum or something
m72: orchestral hits again
m73: ugh, kinda boring. maybe jumps to the snare hit too, repeat the 64th swung triplet as echoes, etc
m89: suggestion, since it's close to the end of the song now step the drumline, the fast chattering instrument playing 16ths with the snare over it. or something akin to that
hmmm. I love the song but the chart feels very understepped and vanilla, and has consistent technical errors and arbitrary patterns. follow everything closer

Black Apple (SacredInsanity vs Buizel) [!]
m14: you missed some doubles, same for m16, 22
m24: you swap from stepping the snare drum as a single note to a jump without pausing to breathe. so which is it?
m25: freezes in my ffr files :<
m41: haha, lots of freezes. ! and read the rules next time ;)
btw, you put jumps to the bass drum itself, don't do that haha
m62: the second last blue jump shouldn't be there
m134 on: there are triplets you can put to the hi-hat here
it's alright, but it needs tweaks since it has spots with long freezes. take them out and rework the file in their absence and try again.
some parts are really hard btw, like the 24th minitrills

Blindfolds Aside (Dore) [+]
the beginning felt weird, and now I know why; the first yellow note after each yellow jump should be right not left, since it's not part of the guitar that follows
I can see the patterns in m11-15 giving a lot of left-handed boos for me, haha, I'll live though
yellow jump at the end of m17?
m26: the last blue note should be pushed forward a 16th
12th after second beat of m32 should be a jump? to accentuate the cymbal
12th just before fourth beat of m35 should lead into the jump with a pink note, I think
m37: one note of the purple jump just before the third beat needs to be moved back, I think I hear the vocal come in a bit earlier then that
m38: the blue note to the vocals after the third beat should be moved back a 24th
m54: stream needs to be extended one note further, same for the one at the end of m58
end of m69 should be a triplet
the blue note at the end of m72 needs to be moved back an 8th and made...a 16th gallop, going to the left
the jacks in m74 should alternate hands for maximum comboability, ouch, judgement call tho. p.s. jumps in this section to the cymbal would be nice :)
m78: should go LxLLL on 8ths
m79-80: uhh, the last note vanished? XD
m81: first 4th needs to move a 32nd down
m84: stream should start on the 16th note before when you start it
m91-92: 8th sets of 3 should be descending not ascending now, and in m93 it shouldn't be minijacks
m121 on: 16th minijacks/triplets to the guitar?
these are all isolated errors, though. the overall file is cool, protest the hero is very steppable, and I loved the use of hands to accent power levels, and...woah, this song is almost 6 minutes long? haha, the slow part at the end takes up almost 2 minutes by itself. oh well, I'm +ing it anyway

Bogey at your Six (HighAndr0id&EAG) [?]
the jump on the second beat of measure 5 still needs to go
just so you know, the rising parts the high pitched melody plays (as in from the first yellow note of measure 6) are a 24th gallop, starting on the yellow note so it goes yellow-cyan
meh, screw this. I already pre-reviewed this file and a lot of what I suggested was ignored or misinterpreted to make it worse, so I'd basically be typing it all out again. ? and listen to kommisar's batch notes I guess :P
Bus Rides With People (kommisar[os] & bluguerrilla) [+]
cock rock disco
I only found one error: the last 4th of m70 should be a single note
uh, think this is about as good as it'll get. all my +s

Caixa D'Aqua (bmah) [+]
beginning of m7 is a 24th triplet, not a 64th gallop, the thing you stepped as 24ths is actually like this, starting on the blue note and progressing at 16ths: R,R,L 48th gallop to R, 192nd before D
beginning of m8 is a slide up
m10: possibly put jumps where the shaking percussive instrument and vocals overlap, making yellow jumps? this is a judgement call tho since I think it could work either way
sync to the acoustic guitar needs to be a lot tighter. in m26 the green left note is too early, and the 12th ascent (including the orange note) is early. in m27 the 32nd triplets are respectively a 32nd 5 note pattern starting on a yellow note and a 64/3th 3 note pattern starting on an orange note and ending on red. I'm not checking the rest :P
m34 on felt a bit underlayered, missing some of the shaking percussive instrument I think
before the minijack in m43 there should be a 16th note leading in on the left and in m44 I'm totally not hearing the minijacks
cool drum fill at the end of m53
end of m59 feels like there should be another note snuck in
other then that I love the file, I love the way it feels, sync it up more but you get my + anyway

Christine (bluguerrilla) [+.]
m2: third beat should be a jump? (same for m4 and m6 btw) also I'd like to see the little percussive bursts throughout the song stepped
m3: second blue note needs to be a jump
m6: why is it constant jumps this time?
end of measure 4 and 6: one more 8th to the guitar? since you do it in measure 8
m11 on: every 4th note that commenses a measure should be -absent-. listen to the guitar, it leaves them out
m17: what's the second triplet to?
m24: jump on the first blue note
m25: in the second half of this measure I'd put jumps to both cymbal crashes and downgrade the red jump in between them to a single note
m26, first red note shouldn't be there
m31, should be a blue note before the first jump, like what you did the first time. same drill tho, leave out the first note of each measure
not sure about m39 on (to 47). constant 8ths? to what? and what are the gaps to then?
m71 on: one last time, remove the first 4th of each measure
m81: step the snare as minijacks?
also wow, when I looked over this a second time the number of errors/oddities I found just ballooned out. curse you blu

Cloud Control (Vote4Nixon & championanwar) [-]
oh boooy a dimrain song
okay, when the stream kicks in you have the pattern going with the minitrill off each first beat. however, each seventh beat out of a set of eight has a triplet instead of four notes and you only pick this up part of the time, make it consistent
also, each second beat should be a pattern of the 1232 variety, but I don't know if that intereferes with your Artistic Vision or not
m22: last blue note should be a single, m24: third beat should be singles and likewise when it repeats
m37 on: I know it's a slow part but you should still layer it
m54: uh, the song's over already? haha. um, I don't think I can accept this, it doesn't have anything special going for it

Core (customstuff) [-]
mmmmmh. don't like this file. to begin with, in the opening there's no reason why the start of each measure should have a jump, there's no extra instrument to it or anything. layer the thing you step with a green arrow instead. once the bass kick comes in you can layer the bass kick, bass guitar and the koncking percussive instrument
m19 on it just feels like a cluster**** of bs exaggerated 16ths with lots of jumps to beats or offbeats with nothing special about them. if you layered the bass kick, open hi-hat hits and synth hit it -might- make a reasonable chart but as it is it's just so formless, so exaggerated compared to the song. mm, this is one of those songs that sounds cool as hell but doesn't make for a good stepchart
btw, the 32nds in m30 should just have jumps on whatever other instrument co-incide with it; since nothing else would hit the orange beat at that point, for instance, it would remain a single note.
m50: the first 48th gallop should be a 32nd triplet, the other two should just be one 16th
m51 on: should be a layering of the bass drum and the snare hit, or whatever the other percussive instrument here is, and it should keep doing that until m59
m60, 62, 64: the second blue jump you throw in here doesn't go to anything, and the red jump on each measure around here doesn't go to anything likewise
m65-66 steps the background tapping noise very poorly. it's evident you have an idea for the feel of the song but aren't paying enough attention to what's going on in it
m67 it shouldn't go right back to 8ths to the bass and nothing else. layer in something, anything
end of m78 is definitely not 24th jumpgallops; it's just 16th notes
after that it's just really boring for a while, then sort of okay. okay I'm going to move on now also you missed more 32nd triplets

Counter Strike Gun Sounds (bluguerrilla) [+.]IM EXCITED :D edit: okay that wasn't as epic as I hoped
the last 8th of measure 11 should have a 16th leading into the first 4th of measure 12, same for 12, 13, 14
missing 16ths and blue jump leading into beats 4 of measures 15, 16, 17, 18
m20: step 'unstoppable' properly you ***
+. because I guess it's good :?: better then aim anthem

Defection (megamon88) [?]
m10: totally step the 24ths leading into measure 11, do it
m11 on: the gallops should be of the type 23x31 because of the instruments involved in their formation
m11 on: there seem to be phantom notes leading in and out of each measure. I can't figure out if they go to anything. I'd like to see more layering or variation of some form
m14: just so you know, the 32nds start on the yellow note. I dunno if I'd step them though, they're not that audiable
m19 on: every fourth measure ends with a little drum trill, step it as a minitrill (and maybe put a jump after it to the orchestral hit)
m27 on: imho, I'd find a sound less frequent then the snare hit to put jumps to. then maybe put jumps to it through the whole thing, like all the orchestral and distinctive non-snare percussive hits or something
m34: step the orchestral hits damnit
m36: first note shouldn't be there, second note should come earlier
m39 on: is the echoed melody hit to be stepped or not? be consistent about it
end of m46: there are 24ths step them
m57 on is kinda boring, add 16ths back please
m66: oh god, too many 16ths with jumps in them, I take that back don't hurt me ;_;
end of m72: step the last drumtrill
p.s. have you played zaghurim's defection? I remember he commented that if he had restepped it today he'd have done it pretty much the same way as back then, so it's probably good to steal ideas from. specifically for the 'main' fast parts of the song which I wasn't too thrilled with

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+.]
it has bs 32nds though :( at least in measures 56-58, also you missed a 16th just before the third beat of m57
m53, 16th before beat four is bs btw
also the whole layering of the two drumlines feels whack as hell (possibly because of technical inaccuracies)
+. for erroneous or missing 16ths/32nds in places. it should really be +? but I want Tass to play this >:)

Didj Z (robertsona) [+]
the song is called DiDJ PVC, btw
freaking awesome 32nds/everything. I wish there were more jumps, you could possibly get away with putting jumps when the two acoustic lines superimpose? only if it feels right though. and I think you could get away with snare jumps or something once it speeds up?
m28: second yellow note should be absent
the green note in the outro should be a jump imo

Disconnected HaZaRD (DarkZtar) [+.]
first blue note in m12 shouldn't be there. the rest are fine since they're an echo of something or somesuch
m33/m35: should use minijacks to the bass drum imho, as a semi-layering technique
m36: the second minijack, I'd put an orange down arrow after of those so it emulates the stuttering of the vocals here
m65 on: minijacks when the vocal is repeated on consecutive 8ths?
ending 6th jack: I'd make it 12 notes long at most, and maybe a spin instead of a jack?
overall tho I think it's a decent file to a song without too much potential.
Dizzay (customstuff) [-]
it's, um. very messy. it's a good, uh, approximation...**** now I need to finish mine :oops:
p.s. dizzay is constant bpm
you follow the feel of the song but not very well and with lots of misrhythms and offsyncness and yeah. probably would have helped if you had it at the right bpm

Drift (Silvuh) [?]
awesome song with really bad steps. it's ultra-minimalist and very repetitive and at the same time not very balanced, with sudden 32nds out of jumps in an otherwise mellow chart. should have more layering and forced variety by changing patterns around.
also, what did the end jumpstream go to? the minijacks in it?

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [<]
I don't care for the beginning. it feels like it misses or hits fast bursts at its own discression (16ths/24ths missing here 'n there), also half the time it steps a 24th burst as 16ths
what's with the long jumpchains from m7 and m11 and later? they're not a layering of the two melodies
shouldn't m33-41 have layering?
m67-m74: it's the same thing over and over, do you want to step it as stepjumps or straight jumps?
m59-m66: not putting jumps to bass drum/plucking instrument properly
m75: minijack off the third beat?
hehe I get an excuse to use < :twisted:

Eclipse (Luna) (gnr61~) [+]
think some of the 32nd bursts in the opening start too early
since you're semilayering the melody...in m17, why not put a down arrow on the 16th after the fourth beat?
if you followed the trend, you'd put single arrows within the two yellow jumps in m20 and m21 then a yellow note just before the fourth beat of m21, and similarly in m22 and etc etc
m29, where you have the 24ths overlaping with the 16ths, you should mix it around so it's easier to figure out. as in, first two yellow arrows on the column as one of the notes of the middle jump
I get the 32nd trill in m30, but the triplet at the end of it shouldn't be part of it, make it like UDR or something instead
layer the piano and- melody riff thing from m39 on plz
is the very ending note needed?
seems like a good scoring file, though, so + why not

Eternal Chiptune Brawl (Xandertrax) [-]
****ing boring
don't step kommisar's music (this statement kommisar approved)

Eternal Struggle (championanwar) [<]
snare on its own does not warrant a jump
if you're going to have straight 16ths later on the file before that ought to be harder
what were the gaps in m25 on to?
kinda boring

Eternal Struggle (Vote4Nixon) [+]
more consistent difficulty and better pr than the other eternal struggle

Etude For a Dragon v2 (championanwar) [+?]
Standard is not a chart so I'm judging heavy only
missed a snare hit in m17
m18 stream needs to start with a jump to the crash
the 32nd thing is pretty cool
step the wavering melody at the start of m34 instead of the straight 8ths (well 16ths since you halved the bpm but u know)
not sure if the jump into 32nds should be there since it would be a bunch harder then the rest of the file that way
m36 on is boring, layer more, like I hear a new instrument coming in and playing groups of 5 16ths for example, see what you find
oh okay, you start stepping it in m44, but it's still really underlayered. find something else to compliment it and add jumps or break up 8ths
the 16ths around m48 aren't there (there is a snare on the 16th before m48, that's it)
you missed the 32nd triplet going into m50
m52: again, step the wavering melody in preference to the 8ths (16ths at half bpm) whenever possible
missed a 16th (32nds at half bpm) triplet going into m54
fix that stuff and I'd be willing to accept it

Experiment (championanwar) [+.]
opening is ****ing boring, I don't care straight slow 4ths are the most boring thing. step that crazy synthline
the 32/3thy stuff after that looks awesome, but every second blue jump should be a 16th gallop out or minijack or something (also take out the red note half way through m12, it goes to nothing)
end of m16, I wouldn't make it turn into jumps. use minijacks with a jump to the 4ths there only
m22 on you start adding blue jumps, how come?
don't suddenly stop in m31, you should be stopping in m32
m33 on it's the same thing repeated with the drumline included back in, so you should find a way to layer it up a bit more
again: don't end a pattern abruptly with a jump. in m47 just make it step out a trilly pattern instead if you need to change it up a bit
m49 on sometimes has a third blue jump and sometimes doesn't. be consistent plz
very unique rhythms btw

Fall Apart (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [-]
patterns dull, uninspiring, huge disparity between hard and easy sections
also it uses the f-bomb constantly for 8 measures straight two times then intersperses it throught the rest of the song, pretty sure tass wouldn't accept a homo song like this

Fantasie Impromptu (power surge + dood gone krazee) [+.]
I think the first and second streams have more 16ths then are actually there in places, take another look
the 12th+32nd thing is kinda ?_?
it's not high art or anything but it's good given the song, break up the streams tho

Farewell to Axiom (EnR) [+.]
opening should have jumps to the main melody or something
holy crap m31 and m33. ffr files have to fcable by normal people, thanks
seems good other then that? woo breakcore

Forgotten Aura (kjwkjw) [-]m3: change the columns used, since it changed pitch
sometimes misses piano? like in m20 and m22
the 16ths in m32 should be a 23123 kind of pattern
m33 randomly steps the melody or not again
btw, you missed the 16th drumline triplet leading into each new measure
generic, inconsistent and just goes ooooon and on. maybe pick a song with more variety or something unusual?

Freedom Dive (Knoobish) [--]
beginning sucks, should layer the bass drum with something, the background melody is always playing constant 16ths anyhow, it doesn't make sense to do it like this
m13 steps the cymbal crashes wrong, they're hitting every third 16th
yeah okay this is terrible, screw you too knoobish :v and don't step this song
I'm going to give you a -- to spite you

Generic Techno (kjwkjw) [+]
I don't think the 32nds should be in this file, they aren't really consistent with the difficulty of the file apart from them
m16: layer the bass here
I want this in just so we have a file called Generic Techno

GENTLEMAN (samurai7694) [+.]
the opening is offsync in places: m3 and m5 are late, when the drumline first comes in that's late too
m15: third beat, drop that note and the 16th before it. and given the song just started, maybe the huge ass jumptrill should be LD-UR jumps?
m32, second beat should have a 16th going out of it
you missed a 16th going into m34
seems interestingly jumped so far; you apparantly step any instance of certain percussive instruments as jumps regardless of anything else around them? it kinda reminds me of the way I stepped Eight ages ago, haha. jumps to anything that sounds strong
a constant row of one percussive instrument is sometimes a jack and sometimes a jumptrill, how do you decide?
voicesync in m68-70 can be tightened
m85 on: longest 8th jack ever????? the hi-hat has two pitches here, make use of the other columns
m107: you miss a bass hit on the blue note between the two jumps at the start of this measure
m111: missed a 16th triplet at the start of this measure
m112: can you step the way it echoes?
end of m130/through m131: missed some 16ths here I think
jumpjack in m162 ends a 16th early
put a LR jump at the start of 169 so in FFR it ends at a nice spot
+.ing this because it has a nice feel

grind2 (bluguerrilla) [+]

Groovin' Plains (samurai7694) [+]
Beat 0 offset is 2.58, should be 2.625
m10 on: I disagree with putting jumps to the snare accompanied by nothing else (elsewhere it's fine since it's accompanied by other instruments more prominently), I'd do it melody + bass/snare myself
m21 beat 3 misses a bass minijack
also the ending shouldn't randomly get harder
other then that tite file

Halcyon v2 (EnR) [+]
Beat 0 offset is 0, should be -0.040
step the 8ths in m3 and m4
m5: the first triplet should be LUR to conform with the last two columns those instruments were on. basically in each measure (or half measure) you should keep instruments to the same column you started them on except to avoid jacks, stuff like this makes a simple file cooler
+ing I guess since it's hard to screw up a song like this anyway

Half Symphony (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
the jump triplets in the beginning shouldn't use the same column as the column used for the higher pitch (it's OK to change around the jumps to the heavy drum, it's the only thing it could go to anyway)
m6: 64th gallop should be 32nd gallop
(imo) m16 shouldn't start with a jump, also you miss a 16th triplet
similarly imo, m23 shouldn't start with a jump (hard compared to surrounding song)
m23 and m24 jumpjacks shouldn't be there, the heavy drum is just playing 8ths there
end of m26: 16th triplet?
m31 and m32: heavy drum playing 8ths again
a bit simplistic, I'll let tass make the call

Happiness (BluearrowII and Cry4eternity) [+.]
hand in m4 should be a single jump, same for the one in m14 -I think-
m18 fourth beat, hand?
m22 on, guitar is underlayered and such
m132 had an erroneous blue jump, same in m143
ending is awesome, notes to the bass missing in late m150/early m151, the green jump in m152 should be on the red note it precedes and the very last note is about 100ms early tho
I guess as a jumpstream file it works?
Healing Vision (akaFrOsTinG) [!]
Beat 0 offset is 0, should be 0.05
there's no way in hell we'll ever get de-sire permission though. as for errors, you underlayer the piano in the opening, and later on m41 on you mess up the drumline horribly.
before and after that though it's repetitive as hell. not a very good song to step anyway

Hello Mr. Tree (Vote4Nixon) [+?]
btw if you're supposed to be putting jumps to the snare, you're doing it poorly. for instance, m3: the snare at the end goes pink red purple but you put it on red and blue, and you miss the pink snare in m5
what do the straight 24ths in the end of m6 go to? the 48th roll in m7?
think the end of m9 should be 32nds not 24ths, also you missed a 24th gallop just before that
m10: should be a gallop into the next blue note after the first red jump
what's the last purple note of m12 going to?
end of m11 needs more 24ths
eh, constant technical errors and misrhythms/misplaced notes. be more careful if you're not sure what's going on in a song, run through it on a lower rate with assist tick both on and off and just check everything yaself
it's a cool song btw

Hot Soup (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+.]
sync is late in the first two measures, and the random purple note?
sync continues to be awry, need to fix the sync! it's constant bpm, isn't it? why do you keep changing it around?
m51 jumpslides are a bit out of context for this relatively easy file
don't let into the game until the sync is fixed obviously

HurriKane X (robertsona) [+]
m4 should go RDU or RLD or something
m49: jump into 16ths in an easy file?
m103: wouldn't step the 24ths, just make it 12ths
I guess this is the only way you can step this file tho

Infiltration (megamon88) [+.]
understeps the acid synth in a predictable manner in the opening (missing notes at the end of every second measure)
m12, 14, etc: the first minijack is a note late (and again when it repeats later on)
m20, 22, etc: missing notes at the end of each measure
m27, 29, etc: missing a 16th at the beginning of each measure
m35: hoooolly random jumpstream. bit overly hard?
m90: I'd step the blue note before the first yellow jump

Ivaltek (Patashu) [#]
first blue note of m12 should be lead into as a gallop...wait, ****, this is my song isn't it
blue jump in m23 and m24 should be on the red note before it (damnit I -swore- I caught all of those)
blue jump in m27 should be on the red note before it too
the yellow jump thing in m39 feels queer as hell but so did shoehorning it onto the 8th before or after it so :< kommisar how do I solve dilemma
m55: again, shift the blue jump back one
m56: same
m59: same
are the chains in the end ok?

Kidney Stone (DossarLX ODI) [+]
m18: the 4 long 16th burst in this measure is actually 5 notes long this time, same for m22, m26, m148
end of m20: second last blue note shouldn't be there
end of m24 is missing a note, same for m28
what happened to the first triplet in m43?
m111: there should probably be another blue note between the first and second LR jumps so it's five notes long
same for m143
liking this, solid scoring file

La Campanella (who_cares973) [+.]
Beat 0 offset is 0, should be -0.045 (thanks, who_cares973)
disagreeing with the 32nds in m16 on being minitrills. should be patterns of the form 3212 like they are when played on the piano
yellow notes in m22-28 should 'wander' the same way the piano player is wandering, right now they're sticking to one column at a time
m35 should start with a jump?
m37: when the 24th jack begins, the blue jump before it isn't a part of it so shift it
m46: the 16ths between 32nd/24th spurts should be straight jumps by the sounds of it except possibly for the first 1-2 notes each time
the last blue note of the 24th jack in m49 should be part of the trill after it
jump at end of m62?
for the hugeass 32nd jumptrill: maybe make every 'hard' chord hit (i.e. the first 8th then every four 8ths after) a LR jump? so that the breaking up of the trill feels consistent in some way
after m79 ya got yellow note syndrome and you keep it until you shoehorn in a fix at m104
m79 on: straight jumpjacks should perhaps have one column 'fixed' and the other one wandering? the same way the piano is
m82: the four notes ending this part need to be jumps, you forgot
middle of m83 on: layering the piano would produce patterns like 21222221222221222221 etc (where 2/1 is the number of notes in the chord)
end of m88 on: missing jumps??? there aren't gaps in the piano where you're putting them. also at the end of m100
m109 on: are the single hits between 16th runs meant to be quads or jumps or hands?

Metropolis [8-bit] (OperationStrawbarry) [!]
it turned into drop

Mourning Heart (BluearrowII) [+.]
colouring is utterly random, might confuse those who don't understand where the colouring is derived from
fast slides into a jump probably too much for such a slow song/easy chart? imo just take out every jump that's connected to a slide
these notes should probably be a jump: yellow note in m10, first note of m21, second red note in m26, note in m46, notes in m49,
the second blue note in m25 should be a minijack, listen closer
jump half way through m53 should be a gallop

Nightrain (trumaestro) [+?]
opening hand doesn't make sense: jump into a triplet might
opening: maybe layer in the open hi-hat hits? when it goes hish instead of tink
m4: step the trilly-thing the guitar does at the beginning of this measure?
end of m17 should be straight 24ths
second 24th run in m19 should be a 32nd triplet instead
m22 incorrectly layers the piano and harpsicord/string thing/whatever you call it
the two yellow DR jumps in m27 shouldn't be there
32nds in m35/m37 are misrhythmed
half way through m47 there's a guitar gallop you only layer the first note of
overall feels kinda inconsistent and a bit sloppy; the PR for the guitar could probably be tightened all over, layering tightened and more consistent, etc.

Oceans of Time (DarkZtar) [+]
second blue note in m47 & m55 should be a jump
third note in m56 should be a jump
m60 should end with a minijack
not much else to say, really, not that interesting a song melodically so this is about all you can do
Off the Wall (bluguerrilla & Vote4Nixon) [+]
first blue note in m19, jump
should be a blue note before the lone yellow in m33
end of m84 feels wrong
everyone's gonna complain that you stepped the sissy piano in the beginning instead of the breakcore percussion, but that isn't neccesarily _wrong_ :)

Omnishred (MeaCulpa) [+]
m82: second jump should be lead out of with a three note jack, ending on the next red note on a different column. same for m86
m102-m103 isn't right
shouldn't be a gap in m135

Pain Redefined (stavie33) [?]
m17-m18 are too hard imho
m35 on: 8th jacks to the guitar?
m70 jumptrill makes no sense.
m72 on: jumps to the snare drum or something.
m75: why the blue jump in the trill?
m80 on is -way- underlayered
blue note in m91 should be a jump
constant stream in m90 to nothing? I understand you're trying to change it up every time it repeats, but it doesn't work if you have to make crap up

Piano Concerto No. 1 'ANTI-ARES' (For Kirby) (Bmah) [+?]
need to step the ultra-deep piano in the opening, for shame
then what are you doing? putting jumps to single instruments? for shaaame
miss some 16ths at the end of m9
m10, m14: misses the 16th minijacks into the third beats
m13: missing 16th triplets to the bass drum
m39: do you have something against the 24th-12th hihat DO YOU D:<
m53: just so u know the flute isn't playing on the first note of most measures here
m60: 16ths are misarranged: should be a triplet, then starting on the next red note lead into what you've got for the rest
m80: missed cool 16ths to the bass
m81: jump to the second blue note?
m92: first triplet is erroneous. however, I hear two of my own: off the first blue note, to the piano, and off the second red note, to the percussion
m93 on: why not step the hi-hat triplets here? and the bass
m109 isn't -nearly- intense enough given what we just went through, layer some more
m125 on: seriously? layer moreeeee
this is mother****ing climax theory 101

Push (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
no clue what to think about this file. it's wrong but sort of right?
could benefit from more proper layering of the 2-3 melodies for the first 30 measures, maybe?
misses 16th gallops to the percussion in m26 on

PWRPFF RAVES (-Barista-) [-]
what a mess. all these constant streams? I don't hear anything streaming in this song, there's something playing triplets, there's the obligatory amen break and later on a synth playing groups of 5 notes but no constant stream.
also I don't get the yellow jumps in the beginning
wow, the 32nd minijacks, lol
it has some technical aspects down but the huge bs streams ruin it for now, this could be good
Radiant Moonlight (cry4eternity) [+?]
should start with a jump
missing 16ths in m10-m17 to the echoing instrument? I can understand why you'd ignore it tho
m44 on isn't fully layered in places
what you do in m52 on doesn't make sense. it should relate to the synth instrument that just came in
second blue note in m65 is erroneous, and I don't like the layering in this part. it reminds me of palindrome which was similarly boring
not a fan of the big jumpstream that comes after, given how easy the rest of the file was
not a fan of this file
RAIN (_.Spitfire._ & bluguerrilla) [+]
pr could be tighter? the repetitions of columns on a local level is fine but the overall left/right flow of it feels off
end of m37 has the purple jump in the wrong place (should be before the red jump before it)
missed a jump before the fourth beat of m53
wouldn't have the jump in m61
simple file but seems tight other then that. not much to screw up anyway heh

Revival Day Impoetus OC Remix (DarkbearX) [+?]
for instance in the beginning and end, why do the jacks start with jumps and why do the heavy bass hits sometimes come up as a single note and sometimes as a jump?
m19 is missing 8ths to the 'click' instrument
what's up with the 24th slide in m31? it's the same sound as it is every other time
when the hi-hat 16th runs come in (m34 on) you seem to have random breaks and random jumps
m45: you missed a jack, since you stepped it as one last time
random yellow jump in m55?
m66: the first lone red note shouldn't be there
m77: around the first blue note, you missed a short organ burst
m93: jack should start on a red and end on a yellow, like how you did it the other times
m100 on: blue jump when the two organs layer?
this is a cool song btw, see if you can make it more consistent and intuitive

River of Ever Changing Forms (bluguerrilla) [+.]
m9 on: I'm pretty sure the triplets starting on a red note are erroneous
m24: second jump should be a bit earlier
m26 on: 32nds into jump strike me as a bit out of place for such a mellow song
m33 on: the trills should be more ABCBC kinds of patterns, imho (same for m69/70 when they reappear) (oh damn you you do it the way I suggested it later you ****er you)
m49: again, not hearing the triplets that start on red notes
m66: first beat should have an R note
m68: last blue beat should have an L note
m71: should be 12ths, -then- 16ths (some of the following ones might be closer to 12ths too)
m80: should start with 12ths
m82: again, second jump a bit earlier
watch out for 12ths in m95 on again

Round (Coolboyrulez0) [+]
m49 on should step the 16ths in the synth
other than that good

Saddest RMX (customstuff) [<]
what the hell was that 32nd/24th thing in the beginning
the sets of four 16th jumps should only have jumps on the 8ths
what the hell is that thing at the end of m40
cool I love 250 bpm streams with jumps in them thanks
what the hell is that thing at the end of m52
why does m53 on have no gaps aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
cool I love 250 bpm 32nd jumptrills thanks
missed the drum triplets in the end

Saddest RMX (Dore) [+]
about as good a file you're going to get for ****ing saddest rmx
step all those other good drumcorps songs, like incarnate & forgive and forget
ps you missed the drum triplets in the end

Session (Patashu) [#]
awww **** babababa
m27, second beat, make it a jump
m33 on: now that I'm listening with headphones I can hear the main and back melody properly. maybe layer those and unlayer the hi-hat every blue beat
m49-m50 has more 32nds if you want more 32nds

Sjon (-Barista-) [-]
bpm is probably 140 not 140.01 <.<
this isn't on the list of songs we can use that are by zaghurim (unless I'm mistaken?) so I can't accept this
the file itself: weird, wrong/inconsistent feeling jump usage and random hands, also inconsistent/wrong minijack usage, also any part with four 32nd notes is wrong; it's actually a 32nd triplet starting the 16th after the jump before it
Ska de Chocobo (Redorigami) [-]
step the triplet in m3/m19/m35
jumptriplet at the beginning of m9 is erroneous (only one instrument playing; imo I wouldn't put jumps to straight snare drum at all)
m41/m42 should have 8th minijacks to the bass before the 12ths
m55 should have 5 16ths in the beginning
m69 shouldn't have single notes  half way through it where there's silence
m78/m79 is triplets on the bass drum, not straight stream
ending is -completely- wrong, except for the straight 16ths (those are correct)

Skeletor (cut) (psycho & bluguerrilla) [-]

Slow Down (Xandertrax) [+.]
very well stepped, but the opening is seriously boring as hell

Solar Force (Zybanthia) [+]
maybe layer the bell when it starts in m49? you'd only get one more jump every other measure
me love this file long time

Sonata in F- Presto (akaFrOsTinG) [+?]
none of this jumpstream crap in an easy piano file
in fact, too many of the files in this batch cram jumpstream into otherwise easy files, stop iiiit :<
jump usage felt kinda weak or inconsistent in places, and more pitch relevancy should be used (it is classical after all)
make sure you're only using a jump when two pianos collide and always doing so when you are (unless it rams awkwardly into 16ths or creates long runs of nothing but jumps, in which case find a way to semi-layer it i.e. only put jumps to piano chords)
missed a slide halfway through m61

Sonic 3 - Bossbattle (RMX) (Coolboyrulez0) [-]
minijacks in the pitch aren't stepped correctly (for instance, the jumprun at the end of m7 and going into m8 should be something like ABBBCCDE etc)
m13 needs to have another jump, first blue note at the beginning
half way through m13 on: constant jumps are boring, why not step the melody as 12312312etc patterns and put jumps to the snare/cymbal?
really really short...it's intended as a loop, so pop it into audacity and have it repeat itself

Stai With Me (-Barista-) [-]
beginning is meh, why do the minijacks suddenly start wandering and why did you only half-step the synth?
vocals have more 16ths put to them then there should be, and jump usage feels random
you need to pay more attention to the music you're stepping and what you're putting down, you change the way you steps thing at random
I kinda like the song btw

Story of the Constellations (Patashu) [#]

Sunset Dept. (Cyclops Dragon) [?]
opening puts jumps to one instrument and a single step to nothing
feels inconsistent in a vsnares-put-jumps-to-any-drum-that-sounds-important kinda way
why don't you practice putting single notes every time a percussive instrument plays (bass drum, snare or hi-hat/cymbal) and create jumps that way? that kinda thing
make sure the rhythms are spot on while you're at it btw

Super Spy Hunter (who_cares973) [+?]
has random minijacks and pitch relevancy errors: first one in m2 and the one in m3 for instance, and the slide at the end of m5 should be a 2123 kinda pattern, fix your pr yo
lol short song, that means make it perfect

Swallowing an Avalanche (New Mix) (Bynary Fission) [+?]
stream position/length is erratic and seems to change from measure to measure in ways the song isn't changing (compare, for instance, the end of m16 to the beginning of m25)
minijacks are almost certainly inconsistent too
the last beat of m35/m37 should be absent
minijacks in m39 and m40 are too long
I get what the 64th gallops at the beginning of m42 are going to, but since it's basically just a sample cutting error and barely audiable I wouldn't do it. also, the minijacks should be going 221 221
first yellow note of m50 is bs
in m65 where you're syncing the vocals, the last yellow and orange notes need to be taken out and a green note placed exactly between them both
jump placement seems to suddenly be wrong in m84-m86?

cool song and looks like it could be an awesome chart, but needs more attention; stick to a rule of if the music in the song isn't changing, neither should your steps, and if the song changes to add in something new your steps should reflect that. if you step something as stream keep stepping it as stream unless a new instrument takes precedence over it, if you step something as a minijack step it as a minijack everywhere
polish this plz

Szamar Madar (nvwls300) [+]easy vsnares supremacy
m39-40 should have gallops off the triplets to bring it in line with the other time it occurs
this is probably inconsistent as hell but I don't care

Temple (Xandertrax) [+]
mmmmmm slow files
just one thing: if the gallop in m26 gets a note to the echo, they all should, otherwise none of them should
finally step the echo at the end to keep it going a bit longer

The Great Storm (foilman8805) [+.]
missing a blue note at the end of m7; maybe make the yellow jump a single?
this is kinda meh but technically correct otherwise sooooo...

The Past (_.Spitfire._) [+]
pitch relevancy of the gallops can be improved
m14 on should be arranges to feel like it's 'falling'
other than that good

TizAshura (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
cool song but steps seem to randomly miss 16ths and add jumps in. I can't really follow it. idk. you can't just add a jump because you think a beat feels stronger though unless it actually is due to the juxtaposition of two instruments
slowdown in m9 is wronggg
gallop in m23 should be 32nd not 64th

Try to Star (DarkZtar) [+?]
IMHO the snare should not get instant priority for any and all jumps. layer in the bass drums or crashes or whatever else whenever possible. bass drums rule, crashes more so. but don't do something if it just feels chunky or awkward, ok? use personal discression, I am fallible and able to suggest something that will suck hard
in m17 I'd layer in the bass drum so it goes something like (LD)(R)(LD)(UR) in the end, that would be cool
long 8th jacks hq (NOTE: not neccesarily a bad thing just not something you see in a file often)
m24: missed a 16th triplet at the beginning of this measure
m28/48 is definitely not 16ths
m29 on: there are cymbal crashes when the guitar plays a string of blue notes, so put jumps on those and not on the snares in between them, same for when this repeats, this makes it cooler because it's accenting the guitar -and- the cymbal crashes so it's not just bsing jumps to put priority to the guitar or anything, yaknow?
missed a 16th triplet in m33
missed a note in m44 to the secondary melody and 16ths to the guitar at the end of this measure 
m59/m60: WAUUUGGGHHHHH lol
8ths in m75? maybe
end of m90 should be 12ths not 16ths
missed a 16th triplet in m105
missed a 16th bass triplet in m117
end of m134 is 12ths not a 16th triplet

Turn Soonest to the Sea [Oni] (MeaCulpa) [+]
end of m2 and m4 are 32nd triplets, not whatever you're putting
32nd/48th roll in m14 is partially erroneous (for instance, the 32nd leadin is not there, and half way through the wall it slows down)
seems alright over all, big offender of the 'I am the lord snare, thou shalt have no other drums before me' variety but w/e

Twelve (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+]
do we really need a jump in the beginning? it's whispered
m6: you put a three note jack to the bass drum but not a two note jack only a bit later?
m45: the jumps should be around the third beat, not including it, imo
I'm just going to + this since it seems awwwright
our twelves are too different to compare properly

Twelve (Patashu) [#]
I put a lifetime of work into these patterns, and I don't indiscriminantly put jumps to the snare UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE :[ looking at you, ever single person who's ever stepped venetian snares who's name isn't Patashu
One Hundred Year Opus, Evening of Forbidden Step: Twelve
whoops, end of m91/92 is early as hell
(and yes, the 64/3th trill is accurate)
I wonder if I could tighten it up any more...

Twilight Desert (Xandertrax) [+?]
32nds shouldn't come out of jumps in easy files
jumps in m54,m56,m58,m60 to the flute
not as boring as eternal chiptune brawl; I'd cut it so it begins at second 75 (after the first chorus) so the length is tolerable then maybe put notes to the snare hit during the first half of the chorus, idk

Ultimate Drum Set Solo of Doom (stavie33) [+.]
m12: mirror the second roll and jack
the cymbal hits on their own in m29/m31 shouldn't be hands
yellow jumps in m40 should be purple
good I guess? too lazy to look for more errors

Until You Leave (bluguerrilla) [+]
you step 16ths to the hi hat in m6 but not in m10, why?
last 4th of m39 should be a jump
the two jumps halfway through m41 are erroneous. after the first jump of m41 it should go R, R, 8th pause, five sixteenth notes
16th triplet near the end of m63?
other than that I like it so gj

Versatile (Xandertrax) [+.]
in the opening...if you're stepping it as a layer of both hands, it should go jump, jump, gallop single single jump, jump etc.
if you're stepping it with jumps to the chord-playing right hand regardless it should go jump, jump, gallop into jump jump single jump, jump etc
as it is and in light of the fact that you throw in jumpstream and jumptrills later it's wrong either way
m17 on: step the occasional 16th note that crops up here, imo, also at the end of the first two 'runs' (and also when those ones repeat) the melody plays three notes in a row of the same pitch
the yellow jump in m31/m79 probably isn't neccesary
m57 on confuses me. there has to be some kind of stepmania code of ethic you break when you make patterns like this. in any case I don't think you put jumps to the 'strong' notes of the synth melody anyway
accept w/ changes
Voyage 1969 (Zybanthia) [+?]
that right handed pattern around the beginning of m7 is augh
missed a cymbal crash at the beginning of m40
pr in m41 on feels a bit whack. why are two notes sharing the down column when it's going 12321232 if they have different pitches? you do it right with the URDLURDL etc pattern once but other times don't. why is the gallop at the end of m43 DU when it's the same pitch as an earlier UR gallop?
m49 on feels really...generic? 16ths don't follow the hi-hat completely, and there's nothing else they could be following. if you listen closely there's an open hi-hat noise in the background, as well as the snare drum echoing sometimes, so you could echo the way the hi-hat is playing (which is predominantly the yellow notes in the middle of each measure and sometimes straight 16ths at the beginning or end) with that
m113 on: it's the same section of music as has occured earlier, but with the 	drumline layered in, so it should feel harder to reflect the way the music is more complex now (layer in anything basically)
m117-m118 is wrong, you copy+pasted in the wrong section of piano
ends a bit abruptly, I'd add three more 8ths on the down arrow to the bass drum then continue on stepping a watered down version of the drumline for a bit

Wave Rip -Final- (Silvuh) [-]
feels wrong in usual brokenly layered silvuh style
actually stepping each instrument correctly when layering them will go a long way towards making good files
Witches Hat (Patashu) [#]
ninja layering technique employed
if you're not sure why a jump is in the beginning, I'm layering the hi hat and other percussion as separate instruments for that part
later on, where the spooky organ guy plays (m33 on), I employed a rule to prevent it from getting overcrowded; if the main melody (right hand) is not playing, the percussion and left hand cannot add together to form a jump.
hope dis file has bought you an unconventional stepmania experience
hmm... measure 46, second blue note should possibly have a 24th leading out of it?

Yeah Yeah Beats (Patashu) [#]

yorukumoryuu yamakazi (Sc979) [+]
2123 12th patterns should ascend in pitch as the instrument does
m32: how about a minijack? LLDUR
end of m98/m99 is definitely erroneous, I can't hear any combination of instruments playing that, make something that fits
how about making m100 on harder? (layer snare?)

You're My Number One (bmah) [+]
m49: put something here, like step the vocal or something
m70 on should step less and less until the final note, instead of being sudden silence
other then that it feels intuitive so gj

Zymgoria's 8-Bit Adventure (EnR) [-]
hmm yes huge fast jacks in an ffr file
this will surely get by the judges
they're all longer then they should be btw and oh yes let's put them all on the left hand :D
and when the melody overlays with the jacks you can't break them up like that
anyway tass has said he won't accept zagh songs    I   sûe

jimerax's notes
666 MPH (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4.5]
some parts are enjoyable but a bit repetitive, missing some rhythms

A Battle for the Sky (Silvuh) [+? / 5]
I know this is meant to be an easy file but it could be more fun

ABCDEath [dore] [+. / 6] (10)
felt m34 is weird but ok. short

Alone Again At 4AM (foilman8805) [? / 4.5]
ok rhytrhms, PR is ok at parts but could be better, overall could be improved

Angel Island Remix (Silvuh) [+ / 7] (10)
rhythms are correct, decent jack placement

Band Dynamics (dore) [+? / 5.5]
swing is fun but some bass drums could be layered, also felt a bit long

Beautiful Synergy (boondocks77 + _.Spitfire._) [? / 4]
felt missing a lot of rhythms, patterns could be better

Before Dawn (Yoshiisland) [- / 0.5]
pretty offsync

Beloved Girl's Rondo [sc979] [+. / 6] (6)
simple and accurate, repetitive for a short song tho

Betrayal of Fate (Patashu) [+. / 7] (8)
tight file, a bit long though

Black and White (Silvuh) [+. / 6.5] (8)
maybe on a bit understepped side, but ok

Black Apple (SacredInsanity vs Buizel) [- / NA]

Blindfolds Aside (dore) [+. / 6] (11)
this sounds epic but I hate jacks usage overall and inaccurate at parts. semi-acceptance

Bogey at your Six (HighAndr0id&EAG) [? / 5]
many misrhythms, also didn't like pattern choices on some parts much

Bus Rides With People (kommisar[os] & bluguerrilla) [+ / 7.5] (11)
fun DnB

Caixa D'Aqua (bmah) [+? / 5.5]
many misrhythms (most are minor ones tho), patterns are ok, felt empty at parts

Christine (bluguerrilla) [+. / 6] (7)
nothing wrong but nothing special at the same time. maybe ok

Cloud Control (Vote4Nixon & championanwar) [? / 3.5]
24ths are meh, song is way too repetitive imo

Core (customstuff) [? / 5]
need songcut, beginning was ok but getting boring. some misrhythms

Counter Strike Gun Sounds (bluguerrilla) [+. / 6.5] (10)
funny concept, didn't like some jack patterns tho

Defection (megamon88) [? / 5]
didn't find it fun in the stream, rhythms could be better overall. ending wasn't too bad

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+? / 6]
looks better w/ jump reduction, still felt some 32nd related patterns are awkward.
also some 32nds in m53-59 are wrong, etc

Didj Z (robertsona) [+. / 6.5] (10)
accurate rhythms

Disconnected HaZaRD (DarkZtar) [? / 4.5]
not too different from A0 steps in R2, minijacks could be added, ending 12ths aren't needed
stream patterns could be better

Dizzay (customstuff) [? / 3.5]
felt like a lot of rhythms are bs (some are ok), song is too abstract to step.
jacks are annoying (and don't fit the music well)

Drift (Silvuh) [+. / 6] (6)
progressing with a repetition, ok concept since it's short

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [? / 4.5]
v2, felt 16th jumps are kinda out of place

Eclipse (Luna) (gnr61~) [+. / 6.5] (12)
kinda accurate file, although getting sick of those kind of rhythms

Eternal Chiptune Brawl (Xandertrax) [? / 5]
not wrong but not a big fan of those constant trills/jumps honestly, also felt missing some rhythms

Eternal Struggle (championanwar) [? / 5]
m17-21 is too much compared to others (and not climax), awkward patterns at parts

Eternal Struggle (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4.5]
a bit more consistent but lack of change, boring

Etude for a dragon v2 (ChampionAnwar) [+. / 6.5] (8)
didn't find especially new things for a v2 but accurate rhythms/better sync anyway

Experiment (championanwar) [+? / 5.5]
unique rhythms and not bad, a bit repetitive, felt patterns are a bit random

Fall Apart (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+? / 6]
ok style but it should be cut imo

Fantasie Impromptu (power surge + dood gone krazee) [+? / 5.5]
some rhythms are wrong, want some break for melody in streams

Farewell to Axiom (EnR) [? / 4.5]
didn't like jack/jump usage much overall (not technically wrong maybe)

Forgotten Aura (kjwkjw) [? / 4]
some parts are fun but missing 16ths for drums, underlayered at parts, songcut

Freedom Dive (Knoobish) [- / 1.5]
apparently overstepped, pretty gay overall

Generic Techno (kjwkjw) [+? / 5.5]
some parts are accurate, felt m16-24 is weird

GENTLEMAN (samurai7694) [? / 3.5]
I don't think green notes are needed, jumps/triples are overused

grind2 (bluguerrilla) [+. / 7] (12)
sync in m58, has some gay patterns in bursts as always but this is interesting

Groovin' Plains (samurai7694) [+. / 6] (6)
hmm ok

Halcyon V2 (EnR) [? / 5]
better than V1 but PR(flutes could be trills)/layering could be more accurate imo

Half Symphony (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4.5]
jumpjacks on m23-? using some jacks for the same instruments would make it more fun

Happiness (Bluearrowll and Cry4eternity) [? / 4]
unnecessary hands, inconsistent layering

Healing Vision (akaFrOsTinG) [! / NA]

Hello Mr. Tree (Vote4Nixon) [? / 5]
felt rhythms aren't correct in many parts, cool song though

Hot Soup (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [? / 3]
sync could be better (late/unstable overall), file could be more interesting imo

HurriKane X (robertsona) [+? / 5.5]
concept is ok for an easier file, just song is too long

Infiltration (megamon88) [+ / 7] (10)
nice structure, accuracy and jack usage

Ivaltek (Patashu) [+ / 7] (9)
a bit repetitive cause of sharpnel but nice patterns/16ths

Kidney Stone (DossarLX ODI) [+. / 6.5] (11)
seems accurate rhythms/layering, patterns are ok maybe

La Campanella(who_cares973) [+. / 7] (12)
sync could be tweaked overall but others are ok. some parts are p. crazy and high FGO material

Metropolis [8-bit] (OperationStrawbarry)

Mourning Heart (Bluearrowll) [+. / 6.5] (5)
acceptable sync

Nightrain (trumaestro) [? / 5]
a few misrhythms(24ths/32nds), some awkward polyrhythm patterns/jack and hand placement, has potential though

Oceans of Time (DarkZtar) [+? / 5.5]
on m24/44 rolls are gay, layered rhythms are better, m60- needs climax

Off the Wall (bluguerrilla & Vote4Nixon) [+. / 6.5] (9)
ok PR

Omnishred (MeaCulpa) [? / 5]
misrhythm/inconsistent at parts, felt some jump parts are too intense compared to others

Pain Redefined (stavie33) [? / 4.5]
some parts are quite understepped, left jacks are a bit gay, jump parts are ok. song could be cut

Piano Concerto No. 1 'ANTI-ARES' (For Kirby) [bmah] [+? / 5,5]
felt some jumpstreams are overdone compared to others, minijacks aren't needed
m12/16/etc need a note for 4th, m101-/etc don't need to be double jacks, m108 is 32nds

Push (Vote4Nixon) [? / 4]
hmm kind of boring and repetitive, minijacks could be used

PWRPFF RAVES (-Barista-) [? / 2.5]
beginning trills, many inaccurate rhythms, etc

Radiant Moonlight (cry4eternity) [? / 3.5]
the parts where minijacks are put are a bit wrong, felt missing other background 16ths
last jumpstream is inconsistent at parts

RAIN (_.Spitfire._ & bluguerrilla) [+. / 6] (7)
ending rolls are kind of meh but ok

Revival Day Impoetus OC Remix (DarkbearX) [+ / 7.5] (9)
this is quite fun, jack placement still could be polished maybe

River of Ever Changing Forms (bluguerrilla) [+? / 5.5]
not bad but felt a bit weird/boring

Round (Coolboyrulez0) [? / 5]
felt a bit repetitive, missing a few rhythms (mostly ok)

Saddest (customstuff) [- / 1.5]
no thx

Saddest RMX [dore] [+? / 5.5]
not bad but felt ending is a bit off, and some parts are overdone.

Session (Patashu) [+ / 7] (8)
mm okay file

Ska de Chocobo (Redorigami) [? / 5]
blue on 4th, felt missing some notes for melody, sync on the last part isn't very good

Skeletor (cut) (psycho & bluguerrilla) [+? / 5.5]
eh file was enjoyable but 32nd walls are too retarded sry, and getting sick of rolls

Slow Down (Xandertrax) [+. / 6] (6)
didn't get some jump placement but ok

Solar Force (Zybanthia) [? / 5]
felt steps are getting monotonous (maybe 50% due to the song, especially 8th parts)

Sonata in F- Presto(akaFrOsTinG) [+ / 7] (8)
this is pretty decent piano file

Sonic 3 - Bossbattle (RMX)(Coolboyrulez0) [? / 4]
35sec, a bit too jumpy/simple overall

Stai With Me (-Barista-) [? / 3.5]
felt missing rhythms, too long, and I think vocal isn't very interesting to follow

Story of the Constellations (Patashu) [+. / 6.5] (5)
cyan notes on only beginning? not a big deal though

Sunset Dept. (CyclopsDragon) [+? / 6]
hands on non-FMO, still some rhythms could be fixed, concept is p.cool tho

Super Spy Hunter(who_cares973) [? / 4.5]
26sec song, PR could be better imo (some are ok)

Swallowing an Avalanche (New Mix) (Bynary Fission) [+. / 7] (11)
fun DnB, felt some jacks are too much though

Szamar Madar (nvwls300) [- / NA]
multi-difficulty, no need for v2

Temple (Xandertrax) [? / 3.5]
felt so abstract and I didn't get what's going on well

The Great Storm (foilman8805) [+? / 6]
jacks might be fun, might be annoying. not innovative style anymore though

The Past (_.Spitfire._) [+. / 6.5] (8)
some jacks could be added but it's ok overall

TizAshura (Vote4Nixon) [+? / 5.5]
not wrong but felt unappealing and a bit repetitive.

Try to Star (DarkZtar) [+. / 6.5] (10)
it's decent, some 16th rhythms are questionable though

Turn Soonest to the Sea [Oni] (MeaCulpa) [+? / 5.5]
a few misrhythms, fast sections could be more fun imo

Twelve (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+. / 6.5] (10)
Twelve (Patashu) [> / 6.5]
close. BDN's more fun (and better mp3) for me, some bursts are gay though

Twilight Desert (Xandertrax) [? / 4.5]
felt a bit repetitive and inconsistent

Ultimate Drum Set Solo of Doom 2.0 (stavie33) [+. / 6.5] (11)
audible, besides hand placement and sync at parts it's ok

Until You Leave (bluguerrilla) [+. / 6] (6)
ok easy file, the length bored me though

Versatile (Xandertrax) [+? / 5.5]
got a bit better and 32nds are ok, still could be more fun and some jacks could be used tho

Voyage 1969 (Zybanthia) [+. / 7] (10)
felt this got better. right handed patterns around jacks are a bit hardh though

Wave Rip -Final- (Silvuh) [+. / 6.5] (8)
sounds ok

Witches Hat (Patashu) [+. / 7] (9)
kinda a bit weird but interesting file

Yeah Yeah Beats (Patashu) [+? / 5.5]
maybe okay stepping method, bit a bit weird/repetitive for me

yorukumoryuu yamikaze [sc979] [+. / 6.5] (11)
this could have more jacks/minijacks, overall fun though. hands, barely FMO?

You're My Number One (bmah) [+ / 7] (8)
this felt nice

Zymgoria's 8-Bit Adventure (EnR) [! / NA]
not approvable

Kommi's Notes
FFR Batch Notes December 5th - January 15th

Bong-Ra - 666mph (+.) 6/10
-Beginning Pitch Relevancy is questionnable
-Missed a few beats in the beginning (percussions beginning of measure 20 for example)
-should put a few more jumps in that same sequence so it doesn't feel understepped (this is optional)
-m29 you seem to ignore the beats you were following in the start since it's the same thing
-Song a little repetitive and some parts could of followed vocals to give diversity

Ikodo Moonstrife - A Battle for the Sky (+?) 5.5/10
-Nice pitch relevancy throughout the song
-the 8th beat patterns are kind of boring and generic
-Song is very repetitive even if the chart is meant to be easy

PSychostick - ABCDEath (+) 7/10
-Nice sync/song choice lmao
-Only thing that irked me was the beginning with 8th patterns and no jumps, feels kinda empty

nubbin149 - Alone Again At 4AM (?) 4.5/10
-m13 pitch relevancy starts getting wrong, m28 as well (there are no same two notes so no jack)
-Missed a few jumps for multiple piano notes
-Cute piano tune but needs fixes

darphfluffy - Angel Island Remix (-) 4/10
-just a little detail i noticed, the jumps you added in measure 2 there should be one on the first
16th note you put if you're following that little melody that comes in.
-some parts are overlayered, some underlayered (ex:m45), not too consistent
-Some jacks felt like too much; however, most are correct
-starting at m62 i'm sure it would've been easier to use 24ths rather than trying to sync that, I could be wrong though
-some parts with the jump jacks just doesn't flow all that well

About - Band Dynamics (+?) 5/10
-m25 feels like some 12ths are left out and the ones you did put in are kinda random if you don't put the rest
-PR on jumps could be better if you're following guitar
-slowdown was random? 
-m91 i don't hear any 12ths there, if you're following vocals it's offsync
-following vocals ruins the chart 90% of the time ~necros
-Chart has some potential but needs fixes especially during main chorus parts

DJ Sharpnel - Beautiful Synergy (-) 3/10
-m3 you stop following 24ths? same with a few other parts
-Inconsistent use of jumps, underlayered parts
-Song has been done way too many times and a decent chart simply can't be done out of it

Issac Shepard - BeforeDawn (--) (0/10)
-first notes are very, very offsync 
-As a matter of fact this entire file is offsync

IOSYS - Beloved Girl's Rondo (?) 4.5/10
-PR is off at parts, this is important especially in easy files
-Song is short and repetitive

Goukisan - Betrayal of Fate (+.) 6.5/10
-I would have liked to see more jumps but i guess that's optional
-Some pr parts are excusable but others aren't since the guitar is easy to follow
-Chart is very repetitive

KgZ - Black and White (-) 4/10
-so much more can be done with this chart, it seems you follow percussions when you feel like it
-some pr parts are off
-m65 this entire part is underlayered

XI - Black Apple (-) 7.5/10
-Sean you missed all freezes. gj bro
-submit this without freezes and i would have accepted it no doubt. would make a good fmo/fgo

Protest the Hero - Blindfolds Aside (+.) 5.5/10
-sync could be better, some parts are pretty late
-not sure if you should include hands in this, i mean personally i like them but :ffr rules fgo: etc.
-chart was actually pretty fun, the speedups and bpm changes are confusing as hell lmao

virt - Bogey at your Six (+) 7.5/10
-you missed a 4th note on m10
-m37 they're 24ths not 32nds
-amazing song, great chart, fun and challenging
-last two notes weren't really necessary

wisp - Bus Rides With People (#)
-CRD approves

naotyu - Caixa D'Aqua (+) 8.5/10
-Cool song, excellent chart
-sync on guitar/piano feels good minus a few parts 
-Possibly a few little notes missing (as i've told you) but nothing huge

Permanent ME - Christine (-) 4/10
-m3 missed a percussion hit
-pr is off completely for guitar
-jumps on vocals is meh
-things could've been added to make the chart more interesting since the song is repetitive. 

Dimrain47 - Cloud Control (+?) 5/10
-stream files are very 2004. the patterns could flow a little better
-all the 24ths you put are 32nds
-m47 should of kept following the stream since this makes the chart inconsistent, same with the rest
of this part of the song

AEROjet - Core (?) 4/10
-jack theory could've been used here to accentuate the bass drum hits
-streams seem all over the place and have a hard time seeing what it's following
-m78 they're not 24ths, 16ths would've been fine
-the middle part is rather boring and repetitive

Envy - Counter-Strike Gun Sounds (+) 7/10
-being a cs player for 7 years, this is heartwarming <3
-Only concern was one part where you should have layered jumps (m25 and so on)
-really makes you feel like you're playing the song....or guns i guess

ParagonX9 - Defection (+?) 5/10
-if you're going to layer jumps in the stream, do it in the first stream as well or simply don't use them
-m57 you should layer the percussion beats as well, since you follow this at the end. just a matter
of consistency

DJ Cristo - DeVouR (?) 4.5/10 
-hard dump. needs more jumps because right now it feels like an empty dump. (talking about the beginning)
-this is pretty much a scoring file but don't see much fun in it

The Flashbulb - Didj Z (+) 7/10
-in the start sequence you could've put a few jumps for the small hits
-cool technical chart, patterns aren't too difficult
-Blue man group anyone?

DM Ashura Feat. Inspector K - Disconnected Hazard (+.) 6/10
-stream patterns in the fast part were eh
-nothing much to say about this file since it's well made for the most part

Doormouse - Dizzay (+.) 6/10
-the sync needs some work at parts
-the file itself, being a good challenge, is good

SGX - Drift (?) 4.5/10
-some background percussion is ignored
-file feels a little short
-beginning feels very underlayered, much more could be done with it

Dr.1010 - Drop (?) 4.5/10
-m5 they're 24ths not 16ths, same with m9 etc.
-jump patterns could be improved for better pr
-melody pr needs work also
-jump jacks were a little much imo and ruin the flow

Glome - Eclipse (Luna) (+) 7/10
-Those 32nd patterns could be friendlier =/
-some parts overlayered as hell, but expected from puppet
-technically perfect despite it being a hard dump 

Kommisar - Eternal Chiptune Brawl (-) 3/10
-offset is a little late
-you chose the bad quality of my song =/
-all the jumps aren't really needed. single notes for the guitar would have sufficed
-invisible 16th trills 
-being the one who made this song, i can tell you that it would take a lot of work to make it accepted.

Championanwar - Eternal Struggle (+.) 5.5/10 [championanwar]
-pr needs work in some parts
-easy chart don't see much wrong with the way you layered.
-some parts could've followed percussion a little more 

Championanwar - Eternal Struggle oni (<) [vote4nixon]
-other chart was better

Draigun - Etude for a Dragon (-) 4/10
-stream patterns are all over the place and unfun
-m36 feels too empty. just jumps doesn't really feel like you're playing the song. besides there should
be 8ths on every beat since you're following the melody

Silentoath - Experiment (-) 4/10
-m33 needs more jumps on the beats
-pr is way off since you put jacks in parts and none in others when it's the same note being played
-m47 should keep using those jacks

Craq Rooster - Fall Apart (+) 6.5/10
-Parental Discretion =x
-Cool chart, simple yet fun
-could've maybe used some jacks at parts for a little more diversity

44teru-k - Fantasie Impromptu (+) 7/10
-cool stream patterns (wow this is a first)
-nice layering/sync, your chart is actually consistent

Farewell to Axiom (?) 5/10
-Drum layering feels empty, as if there should be more jumps on accents
-this goes on for the entire song so there isn't much else to say

ZeRo-BaSs - Forgotten Aura (+?) 5.5/10
-Misplaced/forgotten rythyms when the beats start
-no accents on important beats (snare hits), only melody
-with some work this could be really fun

XI - Freedom Dive (--) 1/10
-I know just by looking at this chart that it's knoobish/Midare
-I was right. Overlayered dump lmao. I could go into details since there are in fact lots of mistakes
but i don't think there's much point for this song. Would be the hardest file in ffr

Envy - Generic Techno (?) 5/10
-pr is wrong right off the bat
-starting at m17 it feels very empty and should have 4th beats
-file didn't thrill me that much but with some fixes might be acceptable

Venetian Snares - GENTLEMAN (+.) 6/10
-beginning notes are offsync
-offset is a little late
-fun file, good challenge and use of jacks
-m85 you missed a few 16ths on the hi-hats
-could put one last jump on m169 for ending purposes

DEV/NULL - grind2 (+.) 6/10
-looking at this file in the editor is eye candy
-it's a good thing i'm not epileptic, because god this is trippy
-Add jumps. Having single notes the entire file is sorta boring even though it's rly rly hard

MazeMaster - Groovin' Plains (?) 4.5/10
-File is very offsync (late)
-missed some bass drum hits, noticable since it's an important part of the file

SGX - Halcyon V2 (-) 3/10
-Would rather see jumps on the bass drum hits rather than just the hi-hats
-Song is short and repetitive, not much replay value

Saxxonpike - Half Symphony (+) 6.5/10
-missed a 16th right before m27
-didn't notice much wrong, potential pr issues at the beginning 	

403 - Happyness (+?) 5/10
-starting at m22 the guitar is stepped inconsistently with the vocals
-jumpstreams. not much else to this file.

De-Sire - Healing Vision (!)
-you mad bro

The Flashbulb - Hello Mr. Tree (+.) 6/10
-more jumps on cymbal crash accents
-few percussion notes missed at parts, mostly on syncopations
-Few fixes this could get in easily. cool chart

Doko Benjo - Hot Soup (+.) 5.5/10
-offsync. very late
-just the sync itself makes it hard to judge. The file itself is alright.
-jumps are questionably placed in most parts

DJ Airwave - HurriKane X (+.) 5.5/10
-as an easy file, fun with a few pr mistakes
-24ths. fix them. they're straight 16ths.

ParagonX9 - Infiltration (+) 7.5/10
-I absolutely loved this for some reason, awesome song and the chart has lots of replay value
-the long jacks might be a little much though. 
-Great use of jack theory 

DJ Sharpnel - Ivaltek (+) 6.5/10
-pretty straight forward chart, layering is consistent
-song is kinda repetitive but that can't be helped. 
-patashu would probably be more picky on judging this oh wait its his 8)

Draigun - Kidney Stone (+) 6.5/10
-cool song, chart is repetitive at parts but again can't be helped.
-nothing too amazing but acceptable.

Franz Liszt - La Campanella (+) 6.5/10
-you may want to re-check the gallops on the piano in the beginning, it may be 48ths
-m20 you missed a 16th note after the 2nd 4th note
-32nd layering is ;_;
-hard piano file but well made, sync in some parts were a little iffy however.

Ensiferum - Mourning Heart Interlude (+) 7/10
-pretty song, sync well done
-few parts may have missed jumps (parts where you have added them previously) for consistency

S.S.H - Nightain (+) 7/10
-some 24ths parts rather than trills could be a little more pitch relevant (m25)
-good jack theory use
-really fun chart, offers a good challenge with tricky parts 

Synthworlf - Oceans of Time (+.) 5.5/10
-m45 shouldn't be all stream aka invisible 16ths, there's still only the melody playing with piano
-repetitive chart, weak replay value but technically correct for the most part

Bexarametric - Off the Wall (+.) 5.5/10
-10 bpm...waiting...
-seems like a waste of a chart if you're only stepping the piano that plays the same thing over and over
-some beat accents missed once the dnb starts (mostly on starting 4ths)
-m83 you stop following the percussion for some reason, makes the chart inconsistent
-last part is fine without the percussion layering however

Powerglove - Omnishred (+.) 5/10
-the gallops aren't neccesary 90% of the time you used them throughout the whole song
-some guitar pitch relevancy would be nice in the beginning
-m75 you missed a 32nd after the 2nd 16th note, the sequence is missing a few notes if you listen closely
this happens for the next few measures
-m102 the bass isn't stepped correctly at all, notes missing and they're still 12ths not 16ths unless you
want to sync it more closely which woudln't be necessary

Disturbed - Pain Redefined (!)
-check permissions next time

Fether - Piano Concerto No.1 "Anti-Ares" (+) 7/10
-not sure hands would be accepted since it doesn't feel like an fmo, but that's subjective
-Pitch relevancy overall is lacking
-Song is really cool and flows well for the most part

Tom Haid - Push (+.) 5.5/10
-you tend to add a few notes that don't exist while following the melody in the beginning
-chart is alright but isn't anything special. 

Cranky - PWRPFF RAVES (-) 3/10
-first off, 32nd trills at 160 bpm are a big no.
-pitch relevancy for the beginning synth is wrong, the melody goes down and you climb up
-m9 you randomly stop following the synth?
-m10 the jump jacks could be single jacks, also you missed 16th notes
-starting at m11 the steps make no sense whatsoever. I don't hear 16th streams, the jumps don't accurately
go with the melody if that's what you're doing.
-after the 3rd 4th note at m18 there's no 16th note
-m19 you could've done something so much more interesting than jumpstream honestly.
-m26 24ths? they don't exist. the vocals go to 8th notes already.
-m27 this sequence again your jumps make no sense.
-quit out once the jacks came in. wrong use of jack theory sorry.

MSXOmega - Radiant Moonlight (-) 3/10
-if you're going to use jacks, pitch relevancy wise they would be 3 note jacks in the beginning. also
after the 3rd 4th note you missed a 16th, same with the following measure.
-layering becomes inconsistant at m14 where you don't follow the same melodies and remove jumps for no reason
-you somehow place different steps after each 4/8 measures when it's the exact same thing playing.
-jump stream patterns are a little unfun and broken.
-when the piano starts, jumps are missed when you layer the high piano notes with the bass melody
-m52 you could've stepped the background synth to make it more interesting
-m77 you stop the jumpstream. why. this makes the chart very inconsistent.

t+pazolite - Rain (+) 6.5/10
-the starting melody, as hard as it is to hear, shouldn't lead to a jump jack since the melody is descending
-a few pr issues with the 12th notes
-jumps are well used through the song
-could've used one final note at the end on a 4th beat

DJ Pretzel - Revival Day Impoetus (?) 4.5/10
-in the start, you put jumps on the bass hit yet you miss it in other parts, which makes no sense.
-the jacks shouldn't be started with a jump since there's nothing to accentuate it
-the colored notes really weren't necessary
-once the beats start picking up at m20, you have the same jump issue. however jack use is well done
-m31 24ths shouldn't be there.
-m59 a 16th would fit more accurately than a 12th
-m61 you missed a 16th note right after the first 4th
-m66 is too understepped compared to the rest of the song
-colored notes again aren't necessary in m70 and whatever measure after
-most of the colored notes you use to follow the synth aren't onsync

Dust Galaxy - River of Ever Changing Forms (?) 4.5/10
-m7 pitch relevancy is blatantly off, and you even had it right the first time this melody played
-m9 the 16ths aren't placed properly. listen to the background percussion closely.
-m41 again pitch relevancy is off when the same melody plays.
-m49 16ths are off again. same issue
-m57 jumps could've been layered in here. seems too empty.
-in this same sequence you also add invisible 16ths
-same issues for the rest of the song, i'd just be repeating myself.

Bit Upper - Round (-) 4/10
-starting at m9 you put jumps to barely audible sounds when they could be easily placed for more present
-last 8th of m18 should be followed by a 16th note rolling into the jump of m19, same with m21 etc.
-m49 the synth plays a 16th note after the first 4th. this can be heard in the following measures also
-song isn't cut properly

Drumcorps - Saddest RMX battle customstuff vs. dore
-the three notes before m12 don't need to be there imo
-you put jumps to the screaming, honestly it could've been used for percussion a lot better
-m31 32nd note?
-m66 missing jumps
-m68 the song's done stop putting arrows ;_;

-hands weren't really necessary. jumps would've sufficed for the start
-m8 the 16ths aren't placed right, added too many
-m12 32nd wall COME ON.
-m13 this is ridiculous...
-m40 is retarded...
-m52 LOL.
-M53 you step it this way and the next measure you step it completely different. the second time you 
step it is actually more accurate since you don't add invisible 16ths.
-m61 you add too many 4th notes when there aren't any at all.
-m62 wow....
-m70 etc ok quads are way too much for this.
-nice colors at the end. random slowdown what.

Dore - (+.) 5.5/10
Customstuff (-) 2/10

SHE - Session (+) 7/10
-m3 obvious PR issue, but i figure this was intentional
-cool use of jacks
-m16 you missed the first 8th note. pretty sure there's something there
-not much else to say about this. layering is interesting. bursts you stepped as 32nds i guess that's ok.
Zaghurim - Sjon (!)
-unfortunately i'm forced to auto-reject this

Glome - Ska de Chocobo (+.) 5.5/10
-the whole song is on 8th notes. why.
-m19 you missed a 16th after the first 8th, same for when this plays again
-the song is pretty straight forward and basically steps itself.
-m54 you missed a 16th with the melody that's pretty obvious
-m67 you left a hole with no 8th note. put something here.
-m78 the 16ths aren't jumpstreams. they have a specific pattern that you didn't follow properly
-fix 8th note syndrome and i'd probably accept with a few fixes

Bong-Ra - Skeletor (+) 7/10
-fun as hell. nice vocal steps
-stream at the end is a little repetitive though. could use some diversity
-32nds wut.

A-OK - Slow Down (-) 2/10
-wow one note jacks totally aren't boring at all =/
-you completely ignore the background percussion that would make this interesting
-pitch relevancy off for the 8bit lead
-inconsistent chart. quit out.

DJ AirWave - Solar Force (+) 6.5/10
-beginning PR is wrong since it's the same note, should be jacks
-Simple chart, nice pr. Not much else to add

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Sonata in F - Presto (-) 3/10
-pitch relevancy is off. jumps layered to multiple piano notes missed.
-very very inconsistent chart. jumps are all over the place and follow one thing then stop the next
-it's a piano song, pitch relevancy shouldn't be an issue.

ParagonX9 - Sonic 3 Boss Battle (--) 1/10
-pitch relevancy off right from the start.
-8th jumps is all the song delivers. nothing much.
-waaaaaaaaay too short./
-why didn't you step the whole thing?

Nuq&Skip ProductionZ ft.Lovely Checkmate - StaI With Me (-) 2/10
-you don't follow the background synth but sometimes you do, inconsistent start
-Pitch relevancy is off also.
-when you do follow the background synth, you miss 16th notes
-singing starts, jumps are all over the place. not really following anything specific.
-bad use of jack theory, some are good however
-lots of things missed, too numerous to list. very inconsistent.

Rushjet1 - Story of the Constellations (+) 7/10
-if it were me i would've kept stepping the background melody when the lead starts in the beginning. but
that's just me.
-pitch relevancy good. nothing really to add about this chart since it's pretty simple.

The Flashbulb - Sunset Dept. (+?) 5.5/10
-m8 you missed some 32nds with the snare, same with the next measure
-jumps are questionnable through the whole song. seems you're placing them wherever
assuming that the chart'll be fine. rhythms seemed ok.

Saskrotch - Super Spy Hunter (?) 4/10
-jumps in this would've been so much cooler.
-considering the length of the song this makes the chart quite boring.
-m2 melody doesn't present a jack. different notes
-m3 pitch relevancy issue again. there's a jack when the melody actually changes note.

Nosrac - Swallowing an Avalanche (+.) 6/10
-beginning seems fine. jack theory is fine at parts but others don't fit
-m43 jacks aren't pitch relevant. 48ths are questionnable.
-some parts you miss some jacks  
-listen to the tone of the drums to see where jacks would fit. you seem to have the beats down correctly

Venetian Snares - Szamar Madar (+?) 5/10
-this chart seems so naked without all the background percussions.
-easy chart but follows the main idea of the beats somewhat.
-jumps are inconsistent where you use them.
-16ths sometimes are understepped and you miss most of the essencial beats

Karco - Temple (+) 6.5/10
-I won't bitch about PR here since it would be boring to repeat itself
-follows the melody nicely. very zen song
-some parts could use better pitch relevancy still. especially when there are hardly any notes

Championanwar - The Great Storm (+.) 5.5/10
-16th jump at m7 is inconsistent with the rest of the start
-16th patterns are fine starting at m9
-jacks seem kind of unfun and differ from the difficulty of the chart
-jumps at m32 don't seem to fit

Da Tweekaz - The Past (+) 7/10
-beginning pitch relevancy ok but iffy at parts
-beginning of the song is cool haha
-beats are well placed, jumps are good. not much to complain about this file.
-even the bursts are well sync'd i think. that would be a first

Jon Brownell - TizAshura (+?) 5/10
-m4 second 4th note should be followed by a 16th according to the melody
-jumps are questionnably placed. they are used inconsistently at parts and don't follow any sort of layering
-i'd say to go over the chart again and make sure everything's layered correctly

Seishuu Saitama Heiki - Try to Star (+) 7/10
-awesome guitar pr in the start
-m28 shouldn't be all 16th streams, only the last 4 notes should be a 16th pattern, same at m48
-m59 you could've placed the trill in a better pattern to have an easier transition to the 32nds
-m66 missed the first note
-m68 follow the percussion for 16ths rather than inserting invisible 16th streams
-end of m74 missed 16th notes to guitar
-song + chart are awesome. fix the things i mentionned preferably.

Protest the Hero - Turn Soonest to the Sea (+) 7/10
-m16 this sequence seems too understepped without jumps
-well sync'd file, very fun to play. don't have much to say about it. beats well placed.

Venetian Snares - Twelve (+) 7.5/10
-good use of jack theory
-wow this is fun lmao
-starting at m70 the sync seems to have gotten late.
-later on this sync is fine (m86)
-Send a fix for this sync since it's so awesome to play

Venetian Snares - Twelve (<)
-imo other one beats this by a long shot. different styles entirely but this would be very hard to
compare. would reccomend tass to play both anyways but my vote is neon's. sry patasher.	

Kommijet1 - Twilight Desert (+?) 5/10
-sigh...why this song.
-jacks are right, song is horrible to step though
-when the cymbal crashes come in, chart is way too understepped.
-so repetitive...cut it shorter so that the last cymbal chorus comes in earlier or else the desert is
bound to engulph you in boredom.

OrangeInferno - Ultimate Drum Solo of Doom (+) 6.5/10
-jacks leading to the 2nd roll in m12 are a little much. should probably put the jacks on the other side
-duno about the hands if they're tolerated for the difficulty but they're fine i guess.
-m25 is an odd transition feels empty but fine i guess

Permanent ME - Until You Leave (+) 6.5/10
-m10 missing 16th notes
-some vocals jumps could technically be more precise than 4ths/8ths but that would suck
-m41 jumps go to..?? i think you meant to put them earlier since you missed the snare hit on the first 8th
-could add the little bass drum accent before the last 4th in m63
-when the guitar solo starts around m70-71 would feel more complete with jumps but i guess this is
what they call solo theory

KgZ - Versatile (+) 6.5/10
-32nd patterns aren't too friendly
-jumps are layered weirdly starting at m57 since it's the same as the melody before basically
-jump jack at 79 is =/
-chart is pretty cool. fun to play

dBu - voyage 1969 (+.) 6/10
-m8 you start layering percussions yet right after in m9 you don't. question mark
-streams. jacks.
-12th part is cool
-nothing really much to add since it's a pretty straight forward chart.
-if you did something about the 16th streams i'd accept this. either change the patterns or add something to it

KgZ - Wave Rip (?) 4.5/10
-end of m4 you seem to have added 16ths when there aren't any? listen to the melody again
-m9 jumps used inconsistently in some parts
-I often have a hard time understanding what you're following since it seems all over the place ;_;
-not a terrible chart but needs revising.

Orange Dust - Witches Hat (+) 7.5/10
-this song sounds awesome in assist tick haha
-really cool chart fun to play.

SHE - Yeah Yeah Beats (+) 7/10
-For an easy chart, i found myself enjoying this quite a bit
-i'm questionning how you placed jumps though since they don't seem to pop up when they should idk

You're my Number One (+) 7.5/10
-i can't believe you stepped this lmao. Sonic R wowwwww
-chart is actually really awesome, flows really well
-m49 is completely empty. flow broken. gah. fix this file was so awesome ;_; there are percussions you can
follow here

Zaghurim - Zymgoria's 8-Bit Adventure (!)
-fury of zymgoria the battle laser dragon

403 - Wapanese Title that my stepmania is too retarded to read aka yorukmoryuu yamikaze (+) 6.5/10
-I actually have nothing to add about this chart. idk why my mind is drawing a blank. 
-File's fun and well made. It's not amazing but thank god you didn't put 16th jumpstreams for no reason

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


The Queue
Band Dynamics - dore
Dimensions of a square - kommi - apparently i'm the only one who thinks it's overstepped. and pretty repetitive.
Eternal Struggle - v4n
Extreme dishwater race - megamon88
Farewell, my little basquiat - who_cares
Hyoukai - patashu - would be nice to have a cut/faded mp3
Katharsis - megamon88 - verify permission w/ jx
laser shooter - bmah
Piano Concerto 1 For Kirby - bmah
Reveal yourself - bmah
Ripoff - who_cares
Shut up and let me go - xander
Skeletor - psycho / blu
Travel Demon - spitfire
Tribe Attacker - patashu
Two Sisters - xander - already in-game as widget... just have to make public
Wish reprise - hammy - at least it's finally fairly different from the in-game file
Yoshi's Cookie - spitfire
Lost Memories - maikelru

Conditional Queue
Blindfolds Aside - dore/bdn - jacks are like c-c-c-combo breaker
bundy - bdn - fix up per notes
inspector gadget - v4n - fix jacks to trills
Mephisto waltz - volume of mp3++
Ramua - v4n - fix up stuff from motes. a bit bland song.
Wow, I can Get sexual too - xander - especially vocal sync. band sucks.
You Will Die - v4n - as per notes

Played by Tass, Not Queue'd
666mph - see notes
Bunny - song is cool, chart is overstepped
c7 funk - see notes
ex-girl - fix the jumps, other notes
lolhappy - long, repetitive, boring in beginning, awkward
midnight sky - see notes
nighttrain - see notes
omnishred - see notes, maybe used to ff7 battle... but seems a bit much, mostly 12th jumpgluts
sky dive - this is 8 kinds of suck
slaytronic - see notes
the black monster - i'm with blu
xenobius - see notes

Blu's Notes
3 files from operationstrawbarry - all have the right mp3 but the sm/dwi are for some other file

495 (bob bob) [+?] {5/10}
. section starting at m104 way overstepped compared to music and feel
. section after this could step that hihat 16th (like 2 notes or something), would flow better
. I think people would really like some PR minijacks to some of the violin in the heavy section after^
. check sync on the middle slowdown
. thank you for not stepping any super hard rolls
. wow very long wait till last note

666 MPH (Vote4Nixon) [+.] {4/10}
. That missing yellow note on all the BDs makes me cry inside, it doesn't ruin the flow to add it, please do qq
. Ending notes may be swung

All Around the World(GG_Guru) [-] {1/10}
. Terrible PR, missed rhythms, misrhythms and overall terrible but better than what you've submitted before

Around the Planet (leonid) [?] {3/10}
. Layering the drums and synth together would be much more fun than one at a time
. Some sections overstepped and awkward
. Get someone to help you with this file as it does have potential

Arrrrrr (Vote4Nixon) [?] {2/10}
. Wow this song ok this song makes me want to kick dogs and i love dogs why do you want me to kick dogs?
. The layered parts are super awkward because you're stepping two rhythms that don't compliment eachother
. Ending needs a jump on that crash for srs
. Maybe a reworking would work but somehow I doubt it because all of the rhythms in this song suck ass to step and layer

Band Dynamics [dore] [+] {9/10}
. k i love this file now

Beadumaegen (Vote4Nixon) [+] {8/10}
. The only thing I'd check is the sync on the bagpipe but otherwise really fun

Blindfolds Aside [dore + BDN] [+.] {7/10}
. It's like DSok but slower but still fun
. That ending is super long though... It's not terrible like that clock in DSoK but still...

Bump (Xandertrax) [+?] {4/10}
. There a not so crappy version of this mp3 somewhere?
. Sync iffy in some parts
. Too many one handed trills for the difficulty of the file
. Overall patterns awkward to play and don't fit difficulty

Bundy (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+.] {6/10}
. Are you sure BDN stepped this file because the patterns weren't weird and the layering made sense
. Some of the sync a little off, maybe just the gap is off by 40 ms

Bunny (_.Spitfire._) [+] {9/10}
. **** yeah 150 bpm JS and minijacks

C7 Funk (Xandertrax) [+] {7/10}
. That was kinda neat, nothing really wrong with it, just kinda neat
. Could chop off some of the start of the mp3

Clockwork (Xandertrax) [+?] {7/10}
. m48 PR
. Man the breakbeat section suprised me
. The direction of some of the rolls could be improved
. Rolls are super hard when they don't start on 1 or 4
. Improve the little bit of awkward and the PR^ and I'd + it

Crazy Loop (Makilaz) [?] {4/10}
. Some misrhythms and layering issues
. Some ghost notes
. Overall good but needs a lot of work

Dimensions of a square (kommisar[os]) [+.] {6/10}
. 18 seconds of no steps isn't gonna work haha
. Ending abrupt, could use a fade out
. Good flow in the very layered section

Eternal Struggle (Vote4Nixon) [+.] {4/10}
. Easy file and boring as ****
. Like I really closed my eyes for a bit and almost fell asleep

EX-Girl (JX) [+.] {6/10}
. m64 stepping that stream would have been cool
. I swear I've heard this song before...
. Seems a bit overstepped but it's ok

Extreme Dishwasher Race (megamon88) [+.] {7/10}
. Cool concept
. Some of the PR seems a little off in the BD
. Weird to get two slow fun JS files with minijacks all over the place

Farewell, My Little Basquiat(who_cares973) [+.] {7/10}
. m34 no 12ths, one orange and one yellow and again later
. I kept expecting some 240 bpm messy section but it never came, I wasn't disappointed

Floating Through Time (Bluearrowll) [?] {3/10}
. Sync needs work
. Some ghost notes
. PR needs work
. Layering needs work

Generic Techno (kjwkjw) [+?] {4/10}
. All of the 8-note rolls should be 7 notes long (drop that last orange note)
. Blah so short that this mistake is glaring

Geno's Forest F-Zero V2 (Coolboyrulez0) [?] {2/10}
. Many missed or ignored rhythms in both drums and synth that would be fun
. Pattern choice could be muchly improved

GENTLEMAN (samurai7694) [?] {3/10}
. Didn't play last batch's version but this is still a cockdump
. Jacks are just lame
. Inconsistent layering scheme

Greensleeves (woker-X) [?] {4/10}
. The sync kind of needs reworking to get the notes the right color
. DDS, really, it would be easy to sync this with DDS even if you just know the basics
. You need to step, like, everything, both hands almost all of the time and you left out some cool stuff

Hello Mr. Tree (Vote4Nixon) [+?] {5/10}
. Missed some drums
. Some of the PR is a bit wacky in the jumps

Hot Soup (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+?] {5/10}
. Sync better than I remember it
. Overall could use better PR to vocals
. Check colored note sync to guitar and fast rhythms, some grace notes feel forced

Hyoukai (Patashu) [+] {7/10}
. Cut it off before the music starts again
. Fun and easy

I'm A Maid (C-Type Remix) (0) [!] {}

Impulse (CyclopsDragon) [?] {3/10}
. The version that almost got played by Tass is better than this one
. Missed rhythms, PR issues, some colored notes off

Inspector Gadget (Vote4Nixon) [+.] {7/10}
. Change the 24th jacks into trills
. Tweak the ending sync and then this sim is good to go

Katharsis (megamon88) [+] {8/10}
. Very nice

Laser Shooter (bmah) [+] {7/10}
. m49 should go 1414
. Overall very fun and simple

lolhappy (HammyMcSquirrel) [+.] {6/10}
. I think it's better than last time, all feels organic now, at least
. Some of the stream is a bit handed but it's not too awkward

Lunar Dial (Vote4Nixon) [+?] {6/10}
. Better than it used to be but I think the end needs to be a gallop instead of a jump and some of the jacks need rethinking

Magical 8bit Tour (NSane) [-] {1/10}
. Everything is wrong quit out

Mephisto Waltz (Xandertrax) [+] {7/10}
. Hard as balls, can you turn up the volume a couple notches?

Midnight Sky (championanwar) [?] {3/10}
. Layering scheme and PR need work
. Kind of drones on and on and on

Mourning Heart (Bluearrowll) [+?] {5/10}
. Honestly it doesn't sound that dynamic of a bpm
. Ok for an easy sim but recheck the sync it seems off in places

Nightmare (leonid) [+?] {5/10}
. Long blank sections got boring and overstepped in other parts
. Missed some rhythms, almost same exact problems as your other simfile, get some help and it'll be good

Nightmare (Ziergdsx18) [!] {}
. No permission

Nightrain (trumaestro) [] {}
. Multiple charts almost just rejected it
. Kinda overstepped but good for the most part, hands seem unnecessary
. The layering just seems cluttered and makes playing it a bit awkward

Nitro Panic! (Coolboyrulez0 & Xandertrax) [?] {3/10}
. lol come on now you couldn't make this fun at all?
. There's nothing technically wrong except this has a zero on the fun scale

Omnishred (MeaCulpa) [+?] {5/10}
. Some of the fast drums should be 24ths and not whatever else you have them as
. Overall pretty good but some parts seem overdone and others underdone, I don't know...

Over the Rave F.O.R. Remix (trumaestro) [?] {4/10}
. Tons of misrhythms and missed rhythms
. Eh PR

Piano Concerto No. 1 'ANTI-ARES' (For Kirby) [bmah] [+] {7/10}
. People would probably love this file if you stepped those background 16ths and hihat stuff
. In retrospect, leave it as it is, it's hard enough

Pure Ruby (Cyrenics) [+?] {6/10}
. Don't ignore the BD
. Some layering a PR inconcistent
. This file is fun but could be better, get it there

Radiant Moonlight (Bluearrowll) [+?] {5/10}
. Stuff in the beginning that's that jumps and 8ths is boring has hell, step something else in that section
. The ending 32nds should be a roll for consistency
. Nice progression in difficulty but it ends a bit overlayering, but whatever

Ramua (Vote4Nixon) [+.] {7/10}
. m66 missed 24ths
. Good otherwise

Real Over Drive(Ziergdsx18) [!] {}
. No permission >: (

Red Flag Defrag (jajadiddle06) [?] {4/10}
. minijack stream part needs better PR
. m64 missed a minijack
. Some missed rhythms that would be really fun, mostly 32nds I think
. PR needs work overall but this could be a neat sim, lots of room to improve

reveal yourself (bmah) [+] {7/10}
. m65 those fast hihats would be a fun addin maybe, maybe not, see if it works

Ripoff(who_cares973) [+.] {6/10}
. Wow I can't believe you successfully stepped that song, good reflection of the song too haha
. Is the ending sync a little off?

Shut Up and Let Me Go (Remix) (Xandertrax) [+?] {6/10}
. Could use more pattern variation and layering, good start though
. lol this song

Skeletor (cut) (psycho & bluguerrilla) [#] {}

Sky Dive (Vote4Nixon) [+.] {6/10}
. Some of the PR is goofy
. Anwar change the song name so it's not lame in FFR

Slaytronic (Vote4Nixon) [+.] {8/10}
. Um layering and PR in m42 and m46 what are you on crack?
. Otherwise this sim kicks mother****ingassballscock****dickmonkies

Sly (Remix) (Vote4Nixon) [-] {3/14}
. Ew, I don't like this file at all.

Swallowing an Avalanche (New Mix) (Bynary Fission) [+?] {6/10}
. This would be so much more fun with no jacks
. Better than it used to be for sure

The Black Monster (robertsona) [?] {3/10}
. So... Long... It's not even that long but it just lasssstsss foreverrr
. The 64th walls are a bit much
. Some of the patterns are super hard to hit
. Some of the PR when it switches ears could be better
. Blah this file

TizAshura (Vote4Nixon) [+?] {5/10}
. Why do you always ignore rhythms that you're already stepping? Whatever.

Travel Demon (_.Spitfire._) [+] {8/10}
. Really fun but I could see people complaining about the lack of minijacks, maybe, up to you

Tribe Attacker (Patashu) [+] {7/10}
. Rly fun, the rhythms you left out didn't detract from the fun either so yay

Two Sisters (Xandertrax) [+.] {6/10}
. Seems rushed
. Some fast rhythms much harder than the rest of the file
. Not much else you could have done for the file, however

Versatile (robertsona) [?] {4/10}
. Missed rhythms
. Awkward Patterns
. Not fun enough for this song
. Jacks too much

Welcome to Cyberdrome (Xandertrax) [+?] {5/10}
. Very jumpy
. left off lots of 32nd bds for no apparent reason
. zomg it lasts forever...

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [+?] {6/10}
. Stepping the synth that's only on the blue notes at the end would be good
. The long stream section could use some JS maybe to that repeating synth (the one that goes red blue red, red red red, if you don't know what I mean I can elaborate)
. Some sections just seem awkward with the addition of minijacks, that might just be me though
. Seems like you could still add a bit to make it more fun, I know you've been working on this sim forever but keep it up and it could be really fun

Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (Xandertrax) [+?] {6/10}
. I don't know what I want section needs emphasis on bass, guitar and drums, not vocals
. Man this song is so awesome
. The chorus needs filler notes to guitar to make it flow nicer
. I think some of the vocals need some tweaking to colored notes, maybe off by a 32nd or so, nothing major
. I know it's kind of 'normal' but layering the solo snare hits in with the vocals might make it more fun, as long as it doesn't get awkward
. I can't help but sing along to this simfile

Xenobius (samurai7694) [?] {4/10}
. m38 instead of 1234 and 4321 do 1243 and 3421 for consistency with pattern choice for 32nds ++sexy, m46 too
. PR in the snare needs reworking as it changes pitch overall
. Lots of the rhythms are wrong, check with megomon if you can't figure them out
. Jacks caused by keynoting suck ass
. Jumps to both BD and snare is a bit much for this /icantalklol
. Could be a bit more creative with the ending PR
. Overall vast improvement over your other submissions

Yoshi's Cookie (_.Spitfire._) [+.] {5/10}
. lol fun
. lol short

You Will Die (Vote4Nixon) [+.] {7/10}
. Aw step those um, 21ths? at the end, you know what I mean, don't be a wuss, they're fun at this bpm, I guess you could leave them out but whatever
. Overall this file is really fun, I enjoyed it

{Lost Memories} (Maikelru) [+.] {4/10}
. Needs one more blue jump at the end
. Overall a bit meh, could have easily stepped the drums at some blank parts and added in the rhythms that would be fun without making it really that much harder

Kommi's Notes
Operationstrabarry: (drop,Shlashfic, infiltration) (!)
all your files are repeated into your infiltration chart, and even the infiltration file itself is completely
offsync. Fix this and re-submit your three files.

t+pazolite - 495 (?) 4.5/10
-at m23 and beyond you could've kept stepping straight 4th notes even when the bass kicks come in
-technically m32 should be jumps
-m68 there should be something here, same with m100,m157,190,231
-m104 you might want to listen to this passage again. i don't hear 8th notes between the 4th jumps.
-m126 could've placed a note here on the first beat
-the 8th jump you placed with the time freeze is offsync
-m194 single notes would have sufficed since there isn't anything to accent jumps on every 4th note
-m197,198,200 you placed jacks that don't seem pitch relevant.
-m234 should be a jump on this note
-m236 in this sequence you don't seem to be following anything at all when there's a distinctive melody
in the background that could be stepped.
-As much as the xmod gimmicks look cool in stepmania, they won't give much in ffr

Bong-ra - 666 MPH (+?) 5.5/10
-right off the start you should take a look at pitch relevancy. the 2nd 4th note you placed goes to an
ascending sound and you put it lower. same goes for the rest of this sequence
-m18 missed a 16th note after the 3rd 4th note
-m19 after the 2nd 4th you left a gap where sounds are still playing, and the first 16th you placed in
that measure is a 24th since the beat kind of swings. take a look at this measure again since there are
quite a few things missing
-m20 same problem as m19
-this same problem happens throughout the song actualy
-m45 and the other measures before that have this guitar-ish hit you should keep layering the percussions
since it seems kind of inconsistent when you start stepping it again a measure later.
-m49 same as the start
-Go over this chart again since it has lots of potential and I would see myself accepting this with a few

Hamu - All Around the World (-) 4/10
-pitch relevancy is wrong off the bat
-inconsistent layering with percussions
-Colored notes are off and aren't necessary most of the time
-once the song gets more into it, you don't seem to be layering the percussions or important beats playing in the background
-needs a lot of work overall

Nero's Day At Disney Land - Arrogant Cobbler (#)

Leonid - Around the Planet (-) 3/10
-if you were going to follow percussion 16ths later on you should have layered them in the start also
-jumps were kinda stupid since you don't really follow anything else. jumps with 16ths also weren't necessary
-very inconsistent chart

Jon Brownell - Arrrrrr (-) 3/10
-i can't even tell what you're following in the start
-pitch relevancy is off when the he's a pirate theme starts
-Feels too empty and nothing is being followed consistently
-Rather than simply following the melody, you could have layered the background sounds/drums

About - Band Dynamics (+.) 6/10
-the vocal parts seem iffy with the 12ths you placed here. also seems like there should be more
-pretty fun chart overall. the vocals however i think would be straight 8ths not 12ths.

Wisp - Beadumaegen (-) 4/10
-the gallops you put for the bag pipes need revising. you missed a few
-once the breakbeats start at m14, you miss a lot of 16ths. I'd suggest slowing it down to hear them
-adding those 64th note gallops in the middle of 16th stream wasn't really necessary (m32 etc)
-chart needs revising

Protest the Hero - Blindfolds Aside (+.) 6.5/10
-sync feels a little late imo
-jack at m14 is a little much
-32nd patterns at m22 could flow a little better
-m52 a little suggestion you can add one 16th before the jump to make the guitar feel a little more complete
-m74 jacks weren't really necessary. this ain't guitar hero
-not a bad file but needs a few tweaks

Mucca Pazza - Bump (-) 4/10
-file just really seems like a mess. the beginning is long and boring
-the gallops for the sax in the middle of jumps at m49 is just a dump to play
-a nice attempt but hardly has any fun/replay value

Animal Alpha - Bundy (+?) 5/10
-stepping those guitar strums in the beginning would be a nice touch instead of only following percs
-m40 since you're following jumps to vocals, it's not an 8th to a 4th, it's a 16th if you listen closely
-m65 if you're following jumps to percussions, you're missing a jump after the 2nd jump of m66
-some parts your jump layering is questionable

Glowstyx - Bunny (-) 4/10
-file is pretty repetitive, constant jumpstreams aren't very fun
-jacks are questionable and don't seem to be used consistently

Tomo Fujita - C7 Funk (+?) 5.5/10
-song quality is horrid
-m17 you missed a few guitar taps
-you miss some guitar syncopations of the same sort through the whole song

Breakbeat Heartbeat - Clockwork (-) 4/10
-constant jumpstream doesn't make a good file. beginning is insanely repetitive
-jumps aren't very consistent, 64th walls dump up the file quite a bit and doesn't really match the rest of the file's difficulty
-song is really repetitive and generates the same kinds of steps at every transition.

Dan Balan - Crazy Loop (--) 1/10
-chart is insanely inconsistent. one second you're following vocals, the next you're following some sort of percussion that's hardly there
-invisible 16ths. quit out.

Championanwar - Dimensions of a Square (#)
-sup. maybe reject for generic steps

Championanwar - Eternal Struggle (+?) 5.5/10
-Pitch relevancy needs a little work. a few notes don't follow the up/down sequence right
-easy chart, not sure what to say about it.

Kuchibaschi-P - Ex-Girl (+.) 6.5/10
-file is awesome but me and patashu both have no idea what the jumps are layered to. if it's vocals it's missing some stuff
-honestly have nothing else to say. jacks were used alright

Sanxion7 - Extreme Dishwasher Race (+) 8/10
-awesome jack theory use. you win brownie points with me
-really fun chart. props.

Kkrusty - Farewell, My Little Basquiat (+) 7/10
-m13 you could have layered jumps to the hits on 4th notes
-layering is clear and I don't see many mistakes
-Pitch Relevancy is well used

The Flashbulb - Floating Through Time (-) 4/10
-m7 after the 2nd 4th you missed an 8th note
-the sync could use a lot of work
-the jumps in the beginning could use some more layering since most dual piano notes aren't being layered

Envy - Generic Techno (-) 4/10
-jump layering needs work, inconsistent use once the percussions start
-m16 the jumps here need to be revised as well. since you're following the jumps to the melody, some are missing
-the 32nds seem kinda much for the difficulty of the song since the rest is relatively easy.

XBrav - Geno's Forest F-Zero V2 (-) 3/10
-the 32nds are incorrect. slow down the rate to hear them; some start on 32nds not 4ths
-jumps are hardly used in the song yet they are randomly layered in other parts. They should be used more consistently
-very repetitive and boring chart, sorry.

Venetian Snares - Gentleman (+.) 6.5/10
-the sync is very late
-jump jacks at m35 imo could be single note jacks for better flow since convering from a 34 jump to 14 jump jacks is kind of awkward
-Hands are quesionable at parts but i guess they can be explained
-m125 missed a 16th note after the first 4th
m142 3rd 4th note should be followed by a 16th
-otherwise the chart is pretty fun. just needs a few fixes

David Neuvue - Greensleeves (-) 4/10
-following the piano, you miss jumps to the bass notes in the beginning and throughout the song
-pitch relevancy also needs quite a bit of work, especially it being piano this is very important.
-nice job on the sync however

The Flashbulb - Hello Mr.Tree (+.) 6/10
-you still forget some hi-hats (ex: measure 1 right after the 8th note there's a 24th/12th note here)
-some jumps on accented crash cymbals would be nice
-just needs those few fixes and i'll accept since the rest is done right

Doko Benjo - Hot Soup (+?) 5/10
-sync is late by like one f12
-percussion jumps are used inconsistently in the start
-m22 might want to check the sync on those guitar notes. the first 64th feels off
-check the snare jumps you seem to miss quite a bit throughout the song. inconsistent use

ASK - Hyoukai (+) 7/10
-i bet you put your name in the song description so i would feel bad for rejecting it =>
-16th triplet patterns are kinda meh imo
-i'm not going to try to find little mistakes since i'm sure you're going to do that yourself anyway lmao
-File is easy and fun however. I could see this as a harder chart but yours fits well

C-Type - I'm A Maid (!) 5/10
-m16 hands weren't needed
-I honestly don't know what to say about this except that you only decide to step the vocals at the end
-just found out we don't have permission peace. wrong artist

An Endless Sporadic - Impulse (+?) 5.5/10
-pitch relevancy =/
-m52 no jumps on snare anymore?
-this entire section after that you randomly place jumps with no relevance to what you were folloing before
-overall could use more jumps and consistency when using them

ParagonX9 - Infiltration (!)
-see first post. also there's a way better version that has been submitted sorry

Dr.Steel - Inspector Gadget (+) 7/10
-Song choice = awesome
-m10 jacks are kind of inconsistent with the difficulty of the song maybe. could be just me
-m14 the jumps the 2nd 4th the note changes so it should differ from the first one
-pretty fun

Cranky - Katharsis (+) 7.5/10
-good use of jack theory with piano notes
-I don't really see anything wrong with this. Good layering and progressive build up

Ryo Ohnuki - Laser Shooter (+) 7/10
-pitch relevancy questionable at the start
-jacks used well
-very consistent chart, i was happy with what you did with the song
-m51 however lacks jumps

DarkbearX - lolhappy (?) 5/10
-pitch relevancy inconsistent
-16th streams don't really follow any prominent sounds
-very repetitive and boring chart although not completely wrong with accuracy

dBu - Lunar Dial (+) 7/10
-kinda drawing a blank here. Nothing blatantly wrong

YMCK - Magical 8 bit tour (-) 3/10
-beginning is a mess with the 24ths/32nds which are mostly wrong, also you ignored 24ths and used 16ths instead
-jack at m14 isn't a jack. nothing here generates that
-m18 the 24ths are really 32nds
-layering the vocals in the middle of this kinda makes the chart a huge mess
-jack theory not used properly
-very inconsistent chart

F.Liszt/Xandertrax - Mephisto Waltz (+.) 6/10
-beginning is really boring and awkward
-has some really fun piano parts later on
-48th gallops could use some more firendly patterns
-nice challenge, probably one of your best charts

championanwar - Midnight Sky (+.) 6/10
-lots of stuff going on in the song yet you only follow the piano which i find i a shame since it could make a more interesting chart
-i noticed a few things wrong with the pitch relevancy. when the same note repeats you tend to switch its place even though it's near the first one
-taking in consideration this is made to be easy it's consistent and follows the idea well

Ensiferum - Mourning Heart Interlude (+.) 6/10
-pretty sure i didnt find much wrong last batch. nice sync, easy chart nothing too amazing

leonid - Nightmare (-) 3/10
-m12 you suddenly stop stepping the strings. should keep going
-you miss quite a bit of 16ths once the music starts picking up. jumps are questionably used
-pretty inconsistent chart overall needs a lot of work

M2U - Nightmare (!)
-nice try

S.S.H. - Nightrain (+.) 6/10
-jack theory needs work since i don't see why they're used most of the time
-m43 missed 32nd note to guitar after the 24ths
-go over the chart again i'm sure you can make it more consistent

Kommisar - Nitro Panic (--) 1/10
-you're kidding right
-chart is really boring to start with, then you had to add 32nd trills. there are no 32nd trills. it's a vibrato and if it were
to be used accurately, they would be 64ths/128ths

Powerglove - Omnishred (+.) 6.5/10
-same as before, 24th gallops to guitar aren't needed
-rest of the chart is fine

Takoyaki - Over the Rave (+.) 6/10
-this is your bluexoon submission without freezes lmao
-colored notes in the middle of 16th jumpstream is a little much imo
-some 32nd patterns could flow better in the start

fether - Kirby piano (+) 7.5/10
-really fun chart, well made. don't have any real complaints about it

Shiki - Pure Ruby (+) 7/10
-m13 needs a jump here
-m55 the piano notes here could be single notes for climax effect
-bluexoon submission again i imagine

MSXOmega - Radiant Moonlight (-) 4/10
-in the start you miss 16th triplets to the synth
-16th jumpstreams. nothing really interesting about this chart
-32nds at the end are weird. they could be rolls
-blame it on song choice

t+pazolite - RAIN (+) 7.5/10
-fun as hell. why was this rejected last batch?

Onoken - Ramua (+?) 5.5/10
-m11 16ths used inconsistently in this sequence
-before m36 i have a hard time hearing those 24ths, same with other measures. seems like you copy pasted from the 24th drums earlier on

NieN - Real Over Drive (!)
-let's not step djmax songs for ffr aite

Jajadiddle06 - Red Flag Defrag (-) 3/10
-pitch relevancy off in the first few measures. same notes are played yet you place them elsewhere
-jacks are correct but they don't seem to flow too well in this kind of stream
-stream part is insanely boring
-near the end of this stream, 32nds are missed (m75-76)
-more 32nds missed after this with the jacks
-m85 you randomly stop the stream in the middle with 8th notes
-needs a lot of inconsistencies fixed

KURi-ZiLL - Reveal Yourself (+.) 6/10
-nothing technically wrong with this chart but gets very repetitive

StuntRock - Ripoff (+?) 5/10
-seems like a very accurate file, but kinda dumpy in the sense that it's a clutter of arrows
-second time the guitar riff comes around you ignore the hands you were using, third time you do though which is kinda inconsistent
-very repetitive song and it's a shame since it's well done

Drumcorps - Saddest Rmx (#)
-saddest rmx to end them all

KO - Shut up and let me go (+.) 6/10
-for an easy file pitch relevancy is decent i guess.
-regardless of how easy the file is, i feel that some transition points could use some jumps
-layering is done alright and the tune flows nicely

Bong-Ra - Skeletor (+) 8/10

Championanwar - Sky Dive (?) 5/10
-pitch relevancy already wrong from the start
-jump use for layering needs work, mostly for the 8th jumps
-starting at m19 it's more of a swing and it would help to have 12ths/24ths to add to the feeling, not saying what you placed is wrong however
-check some of those 16ths notes starting at m43. it feels like you're only using them to fill in blanks when they don't actually exist.

Bong-Ra - Slaytronic (+?) 5.5/10
-m42 the first two single notes are still the same sound therefore a jump
-also last 8th note at m42 is a note too much
-m46 the jumps need to be looked at. second jump should be on a 16th note. re-do this measure
-m57 you missed a 16th note right after the first 4th
-m58 last three notes should still be jumps and be the same note since it's the same note
-m59 missed a jump on the second 8th? same with the next few measures
-m69 missed 16th notes at the end of the measure
-overall just take a look at your jump use. file itself is really fun

Championanwar - Sly (-) 4/10
-i'm having a really hard time figuring out how you're following this. it's not the piano and if it is, it's very inconsistent
-jacks make no sense and don't follow anything specific
-file needs a lot of work overall

Nosrac - Swallowing an Avalanche (+?) 5.5/10
-the 32nds start after the 8th note before. this means you're missing one 32nd note
-jack theory is well used but not consistent since other places the same sequences comes up yet you just use 16th streams
this would probably affect the difficulty of the file however
-m53 first two jumps are the same note so should be a jack
-file is very repetitive but that's what the song gives you i guess. not sure about this one

AloysiusRexford - The Black Monster (+.) 6/10
-end of m16 i don't think this generates a jack
-m19 forgot a 16th after the 2nd 8th note, same with m27, m35, m51 etc. just small notes you missed
-i can't help but think that you could've added more jumps into this to match the file's difficulty

Jon Brownell - TizAshura (-) 4/10
-jumps are following what exactly? it's really hard to tell
-missed a 16th note after the 2nd 4th in the 3rd measure, same happens every time this melody comes up
-you miss quite a few 16th notes or little sounds. go over the chart again to find them
-last note isn't even on sync ;_;

S.S.H. - Travel Demon (+) 7/10
-m 29 could have a jack after the 2nd 4th note to follow the guitar and add more JaCk ThEoRy
-besides that file's awesome. really fun. last note take it out tho it's kinda pointless way down there

Canblaster - Tribe Attacker (+) 7/10
-you know better than to start on odd beats =/ first measure would have sufficed
-good use of kil's bedtime story theory
-only complaint is that at the start you use jumps on 8th notes and at the end for the same sequence you use 4ths

Fiction Plane - Two Sisters (+.) 6/10
-sync is a little iffy
-vocals aren't being followed right sometimes, some notes aren't straight 8ths
-file is fine but needs a few vocal fixes. just take a look at them, most of the time they're just small mistakes

KgZ - Versatile (+.) 6.5/10
-jump jacks are eh at the start since it doesn't really match the difficulty of the file but they're accurate i guess (maybe single note jacks?)
-nice pitch relevancy with the piano/synth
-m49 these jacks have small variations (ex: first 4th, 2nd 8th note are different notes) so they should be placed differently
-pretty fun file overall.

MashedByMachines - Welcome to Cyberdrome (+?) 5.5/10
-beginning has inconsistent jumps with snare hits since you layer them, sometimes you don't.
-file can be really repetitive at parts but that's due to the song choice
-file has some inconsistencies when it comes to following the same percussions (m91 etc)

iPatcH - Wish (+.) 6/10
-m4 the jack you placed is wrong pitch relevancy wise
-rest of the file is relatively simple and flows well. layering is clear and easy to tell appart.
-Only complaint is around the end you use jumps (m63) and right after you switch back to the 16th gallops which is sorta sudden

Say Anything - Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (+.) 6/10
-if you're going to follow percussion like this, the bass drum should be on the lower arrows and snare on the higher ones
-wow interesting song lmao
-m53 either you follow the piano/synth with the vocals or not at all. not just half and half when you feel like there should be synth notes
-rest of the file is fine and flows well

megamon88 - Xenobius (+.) 6/10
-file is rly offsync for me. feels pretty late
-the 3 note hits don't need to be on 64th notes. they're 4ths. same with all the other 64ths you placed
-good percussion layering. this impresses me.
-64ths really really aren't needed ;_;
-k LAST 64th note was ok.

Saskrotch - Yoshi's Cookie (+) 7/10
-replay value : very yes

You Will Die (+.) 6.5/10
-m31 i'd rather see jumps on the cymbal crashes to give more of an impact when you're hitting them
-end of m34 you forgot a 16th note to percussion
-m41 i get dissapointed since you only follow the guitar that you haven't really been following much before, and ignore the rest of the sounds
-m69 after the first 8th note you missed a 16th note, same with after the last 8th note
-8bit isn't pitch relevant =/

cornandbeans - {Lost Memories} (+.) 6.5/10
-really don't have much to say about this. easy file, good pitch relevancy, nice layering.

Patashu's Notes
Notice: Don't just take my notes at face value but also look at the sense of what they mean. If I point out a technical or fun-factor error somewhere in your file and it crops up somewhere else too, obviously it's still a problem, and similarly any other errors of the same kind should be taken into consideration as well. And, of course, make sure that it will still flow right with regards to the rest of the file; sometimes I am wrong, or sometimes you might think of something that goes above and beyond my corrections.

presque, adjective: uses pitch relevancy techniques

Drop, Infilitration, Slashfic (operationstrawbarry) [!]
it has the chart of infilitration and the song of drop for all three

495 (bob bob) [-]
Opening PR can be better.
The 8ths in m104 are -definitely- erroneous and would actually make it, with the jumps, harder than the ultra rockin' speedcore section just prior to this. What were you thinking? Make it go like jump step jump step jump step on 4ths + pr.
Step the 8ths to the percussion in m112 on? it goes boom boom ra raraboom boom ra ra boom boom etc.
Wouldn't put jumps alongside the fast 8th trills when it goes fast gabba again.
m194 on; way too hard, again! The quiet sections should never be harder than the ultra doosh doosh gabber speedcore parts.
The notes in m194 drift early until about m199 by which point they're roughly a 16th early; slow it down earlier.
The ending notes you've sprinkled in make no sense and go to nothing in particular - make them meaningful or don't put them in.
I like the concept but seeing as it's simple and has loads of errors, rejecting.

666 MPH (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
16th triplet leading into m25 is erroneous; same for the one into m73.
m81 on pr could be better.
Doesn't seem too much different from the last time this was submitted... +. again? haha

All Around The World (GG_Guru) [-]
Still sucks, sorry. erroneously steps the flute with misplaced, wrong speed and/or nonexistant slides while missing other melodies, has random 16ths that don't go to anything (if you're trying to step the acoustic guitar you're doing it way wrong).
And it still has the cyan jump thing lmao
It's a bit better than what you sent me but still lacking and unpolished, adding more notes than are present to some patterns while neglecting others. Figure out what you want to step, figure out what it's playing and be consistent about it until the music changes again. Use low rates and assist tick to check everything you do against the music and you'll be well on your way to stepman mastery.
Also, don't use arbitrary patterns. Use the -simplest- pattern you think fits the music (i.e. 24ths, 32nds) and resort to weirder ones if and only if you slow the music down and ensure that it actually IS that weird.
Oh yeah, and in m59 on you're definitely not placing the minijacks quite right.

Around the Planet (leonid) [-]
At the end of m4: the last two blue notes shouldn't be there, and the last 4th of m4 should be a jump. same for m6, m8, m10.
m11: Jump to the cymbal crash? Also you really need to decide how hard you want this file to be, because early on it's just 8ths and eventually it turns into 16th jumptrill spasms and 8th jumpruns. If you want to go that way you ought to layer in some percussion here too. Also step the 16th drum triplets every time they come up they're cool.
m27 on: These patterns infuriate me to no end. The jumps on blue thing is right but never EVER varies and gets tedious, no exemptions are given for the melody or anything else. The blue jumps should be 'wandering' every time the offbeat synth bass changes its pitch, jumps containing the melody or cymbol crash should be placed differently, don't leave out the first blue jump just after each measure's beginning, etc!
Jumps in the trill in m34 are erroneous.
m35 on suuuucks. Make it bass drum + synth bass + melody or bass drum + melody or whatever (esp. since it plays 12ths! here), anything but this boringness.
m42: augh
m46: jumps in trill erroneous again!
Jump in m69 and m73 should be DU.
Minijack in m76 is erroneous; should be D,L,D or something instead
m79 on: should change around every time there's a cymbal crash to make it more variable while emphasizing the cymbal crashes, as well as changing the jump whenever the melody plays. Actually, this (this kind of thing that is) is a good idea for the song in general. You can do percussive stuff but you NEED to always emphasize the melody as well, the cymbal crashes, shake it up as much as you can, don't just straight layer if you can change patterns to incorporate the feel of other instruments
missed the cymbal crash in m89
jumps in m93's trill are...yup, erroneous!
m95 on: Doesn't make any sense in light of how you've been stepping this musical part before. You don't feel like layering in the percussion any more or what? Try to be consistent about it, or otherwise build up over the course of the song. (Why save the easiest for last?)
m97: The second jump should be on the 8th after it
Randomly changes to straight 4ths in m104?
Slide in m105 should be four notes, not three, 24ths seems to be right tho

Arrogant Cobbler (Kommisar) [+.]
needed to spend more time on this, lol

Changes in opening:
-m13/m17 beat 4, move note to L
-m18/22 beat 4: add 16th after beat on U, change offbeat to R (or equivalent)
-m21/25 beat 4: change in similar fashion to m13/m17
-m27 beat 4: add 16th after this beat

16th right before m54?
m58: beat 3.5, add this pattern on 16ths: URDU. It matches up with the little ditty in the background XD
m60, m63's second 16th triplets are bs, as is the five-tuplet in m64. m66 should lead into m67 on a triplet
m68 should start with a five-tuplet; the next five tuplet should just be a triplet starting on the third beat
suggestion for m73/m74: slow it down in rates, and layer the percussion with the melody playing mostly isolated beeps (as opposed to the one doing wild scales)
three-note 8th jack in m78 should start on the second beat
m99 on feels so empty...I mean, I know it's not 'music' here, but you could at least pick out one background sound and add that in, idk (and def. step the shout lol)
last blue note should be an LR jump

Arrrrrr (Vote4Nixon) [-]
m5 on: The vocals are incorrectly stepped. Should be something like blueyellow..blueyellow..blue...blue...blue..yellow....blue before anything else is layered in
Also, since this song has a high level of repetition, suggest you vary the pr slightly for each repetition to still follow certain 'rules' you set for yourself (for example, you might say that this part always rises and this part always falls but it wanders otherwise)
m12: don't have a jumptrill in an easy file please
m13 on: can improve the pr of this section, definitely. L..L..LDU..U..URD..D..UDLD or something. at the very least make sure that identical pitches use the same column within any one measure (with the exception of minijacks which you can make minitrills instead)
m21 absolutely baffles me and is suddenly way too hard. where's all this yellow stuff coming from? you absolutely must decide if you want an easy file out of this or a hard one, since you've both underlayered and overlayered in places, btw
don't understand what the jumps are going to in m29 on
m61: the 4th on its lonesome should be a jump (melody + percussion)
m62: jumps for all three of these 8ths

Band Dynamics (Dore) [+]
m23: should be a 12th galloping into the third beat
otherwise seems good now, unless people would object to the quietest bits being among the hardest

Beadumaegen (Vote4Nixon) [+?]
misses a 32nd gallop near the end of m4/m8
32nd percussive triplets in m9/10?
weird ass song, lmfao. scottish breakcore?
m14 steps the hi-hat thing (sorry, I don't know my drum names) a bit weirdly. missing lots of triplets of it and hitting extra notes where there's none, and repeating your errors over and over thanks to copypaste. have a closer look, I see streams and gallops that are too long and breaks where there ought to be triplets.
m20 specifically seems very wrong
m48: still misstepping the hihatty instrument, and...lmao, are you putting jumps to the quietest melody you can barely hear? not a good idea, and what's with those random green notes that crop up?
random green again in m72?
m80 on needs more 16th notes to the shaking sounding percussive instrument
don't hear the 32nd gallops in the very end

Blindfolds Aside (dore + BDN) [+.]
don't understand jump placement in m25
blue note at the end of m26 should be moved down a 16th
m29 green note should be orange, I think
first pink note of m30 is erroneous, same for the one right before m31
missed a note between the two purples of m35's beginning and m37's beginning
second blue note in m38 is erroneous, if it's going to the vocals, same for the first of the two right before m40
should be a blue note between purples at the end of m40
jump on second beat of m43 is erroneous
jumps on first, third beats of m47?
yellow just before fourth beat of m48 should be a jump
missing first blue note in the beginning of m54
jump on second beat of m56?
jumps to the guitar instead of beat around m57's start?
missing blue note just before m59
jump at beginning of m67?
8th before third beat of m72, last blue note of m72 needs to be moved up a 16th or so
m72 jacks should (imho) alternate hands so as for maximum comboability
missing a 16th just before the run of m84 on
missing some 16ths in the beginning of m114 to percussion
m121 on: the guitar is playing 16th sets of five notes at a time if you want something to add in (maybe not since you do it later when it gets stronger? your call)
(hmm, latter half of the song seems a lot more careful than the first half for some reason! polish up the first half and you're good to go)

Bump (Xandertrax) [+?]
check all of the gallops and slides to ensure that they're on time; they really don't seem right
pretty sure m21/m22's yellow starting gallops are definitely not right
should probably avoid quick clusters of notes that span more than two columns if this is meant to be an easy file, btw (as well as 24th bursts with jumps in them, lol) (p.s. check the 24ths too)
the last beat of m76 sounds like a quick burst rather than a jump
m85's slides definitely aren't right; too fast and I think too many notes too
cool song btw

Bundy (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+.]
seems to have erroneous yellow-to-blue gallops in the opening; I caught one with its yellow note going to a bass drum but the others seem wrong
m10 on: maybe when the guitar swaps to the offbeat, put jumps to it as opposed to the percussion?
m18: ought to have a yellow note to the vocals, it doesn't do it like that any other time tho
end of m44: crash cymbal, then in m44 very fast gallops to the percussion?
m58, beat 3-4, bass drum on the offbeat here
m66 on: not fully layering in the bass drum, misses it on the beats and offbeats sometimes
end of m68: no, no two 16th jumps in a row in an easy file. make it a single note
m113: would just make it 16ths, no jumps here
seems to have the right feel overall

Bunny (_.Spitfire._) [+.]
song: awesome as hell
just before m11: missed a yellow note to an extra percussive bit seems to be missing a blue jump right before m19
32nds from third offbeat to fourth beat of m20?
ending lot of minijacks could probably end earlier, given that the sound you're putting them to (the stuttered vocals?) actually goes to the end of that segment anyway but gradually fades
layer in the bass drum for m49-m55

C7 Funk (Xandertrax) [+.]
missing 16ths between second offbeat and third beat of m10, missing offbeat between second and third beats of m11, fourth beat of m12
48ths in m14 are too fast I think
missing: second beat of m17, yellow note just before third offbeat of m17
don't understand jump at the beginning of m27
misisng: 16th just before the third offbeat of m29, 16th just before the second beat of m31, 16th just before the third offbeat of m32, 16th just before the second beat of m33, 16th just before the third offbeat of m34, 16th just before the third and fourth offbeats of m38, fourth offbeat of m41, fourth beat of m42. missing notes like this can be fine tho if it's done in a consistent manner throughout

Clockwork (Xandertrax) [+]
misses blue jump just before m15?
intensity problem: m21 on gets easier even though the music is growing more intense. maybe remove the 16th stream at m12 fourth beat in preference to the static-y hi-hat, bass drum and piano so that it transistions smoother? either that or just fill m21 on with jumps on the 8ths...
the very last measure, 64, should be fully pr so as to leave a lasting impression.

Crazy Loop (Makilaz) [-]
second part of m17: move the third beat a 48th forward, the last offbeat a 24th back
m18 on: the blue notes coming just before the 16ths on the same column are erroneous. also, when the melody and vocals overlap there ought to be jumps
lots of triplet/streamlet misrhythms...
m38: all the 8ths should be jumps
has a decent feel but, ya know...it's bs. just kinda meh overall, hmm

Dimensions of a square (Kommisar) [+]
A square has two dimensions :eng101:
it's good or something

Eternal Struggle (Vote4Nixon) [+]
good, presque easy file

EX-Girl (Jimerax) [+?]
in the opening: should follow a different set of triplets when it changes pitch
m6 on: triplets to trumpet occurs an 8th earlier than it should and there are a few extra bs triplets. also, what's the jump pattern here again?
really really overjumped - what're these going to? also follows lots of really subtle percussion and stuff, had to turn speaker way up
16th pentuplet just before m19: I only hear a triplet
misses the 24th gallop in m35
m45: move the note on the third offbeat forward a 16th
m47: second beat shouldn't be part of the 8th jumpjack
good for scoring I guess but as a file this kind of blows
Extreme Dishwasher Race (megamon88) [+?]
song is cool
opening is not presque!
missed 24ths at beginning of m4, 16th jump right before beginning of m5 (to open hi-hat), 24ths from third beat of m5, etc etc!
fourth beat of m8 shouldn't have a jump
the bass in m9 on plays five notes at a time; split it up into minijacks for the whole thing or make it trills
m16.5 on is bare melody so should have pr applied to it (if you can't figure out how you'd do that, any one of the judges can show you)
around the beginning of m24: the bass drum is going xx.x so the minijacks should reflect it
m25, m29: should be a three note minijack to bass, the next two 16ths after that are not bass
m28, second offbeat: minijack
m37.5 on: needs more minijacks to the bass, and even if it's not a set of two minijacks but goes xx.x then the extra note should reside apon the same column
m44.5 on: don't forget, still minijacks to the bass
m47.5: should be a jump on this beat
m51.5: step the echos to the bass drum, imho
fix up 'n it'll be good

Farewell, My Little Basquiat (who_cares973) [+]
I gotta ask - what's up with all the bpm changes in the beginning? it doesn't sound like a bpm change-y song. no foul no harm tho
triplet out of m35 beat 1 - maybe (out of m67 too if you do)
m36: 8th between beats 2 and 3, make it a L note (same for m68 later on, only maybeb a U note?)
layering's a bit awkward in m45 on, should be passable though
triplet into m46 and m55?

Floating Through Time (BluearrowII) [+?]
very first jump is about 40 milliseconds late!
feels like it needs lots more jumps...not oversaturated, every time you can do it do it kind of more jumps, but more 'key' jumps if you get me
m23 should fall at the third beat and stop on the fourth beat
sync issues persist through song. for example, m23 suddenly drifts late
short and simple so perfect it, please

Generic Techno (kjwkjw) [+.]
long 32nd runs seem to be only 7 notes long but idk (the ones into m25 and into m33 are definitely 8 notes but the earlier ones feel a bit different). you don't have to change this tho since I had to lower rate to verify. (also, consider mirroring them all so they go right to left so they're easier to hit one-handed)
32nd triplet into third beat of m12?

Geno's Forest F-Zero V2 (Coolboyrulez0) [?]
pr sucks but you probably already knew that. this is one of those files that's not quite right in a lot of places, as follows:
missing 32nd before fourth beat of m4, m5, m7. 32nds leading out of m7 should only have three notes not four
to keep with the standard established in m6: needs an extra 16th in m7 after beat 1, m8 after beat 2, m9 after beat 1, 2 and maybe 3
m9: starting on the yellow note before the fourth beat, on 32nds, it should go: xxxx.xxxxx and next measure
missing 32nd right before m11 beat 4, m15 beat 4, m17 beat 4,
m18 on needs extra 16ths: see the idea in m6
m19: first 32nd burst needs to go back two more notes; second one needs to be split up into a lone blue and a 32nd triplet
gonna stop now, you get the idea anyway 8)

GENTLEMAN (samurai7694) [-]
beginning is still a little off in places
hmmm. actually I think I have to reject this because tasselfoot said 'moar vsnares fgo cockdumps??' and his word is law of the land. (sorry)

Greensleeves (woker-X) [+]
m36 beat 3.5 is late
m40-m41 still lacks proper pr
m45 beat 4 should have one of its notes moved back an 8th
m52 has two notes on the same column that are not the same pitch. every time this pattern repeats make the first note a right arrow or w/e
m54: missed 32nds just before beat 4
m84: first beat is slightly late
m95: cyan note is early
m101: beat 2.5 is late

Hello Mr. Tree (Vote4Nixon) [?]
m1: if you're jumping to the snare the purple jump should be blue
m2: blue jump to the cymbal crash
actually this is barely changed from last batch. fucen V4N, spend more time looking over your files *fistshake*

Hot Soup (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+]
sync still isn't perfect but better: m42 is particularly off, for instance. the whole file could use some attention
opening: minijacks to identical bongo pitches or not?
m30/31: suddenly stop putting jumps to trumpet?
m58 on: guitar maybe? since vocals are all 8ths
cool song/chart, underlayered masterfully. now fix that sync

Hyoukai (Patashu) [#]
my file
possible changes:
forgot jump at beginning of m13 (silly me!) and m21
m37 on, put jumps at the start of every other measure (going to the ultra slow melody) for variety
m46 on is hard for its intensity level, not sure what to do about that
m68 on, lots of jumps to crash? possibly extend 16th streamlets to be 8 notes long until it double times

I'm A Maid (C-Type Remix) () [!]
Permission issues; we do not have permission from C-Type

Impulse (CyclopsDragon) [?]
we have permission for this?
m17 on needs gaps
m33 on: -nothing- is playing on the offbeats here, deal w/ it
m52 on: not feeling these patterns
m88: jump on third beat should be on the 8th before it
m99 is 16ths not 12ths
has confusingly and annoyingly stepped patterns throughout that don't bring out the instruments but instead meld them together into a featureless pile
Consider watching the GH3 expert chart alongside making the chart for pitch relevant guitar goodness; transform that as appropriate onto four columns then figure out what else ought to be layered, how to signify any unusual percussion, when to change the way you're applying pr, etc.

Inspector Gadget (Vote4Nixon) [+]
step the yellow notes at the start of each measure in m7 on? maybe
m23 sounds like it should be even more intense, your call
ending should follow the melody, so it'd be something like 64th gallops then a 24th minitrill and 16ths after that. hmm

Katharsis (megamon88) [+]
there shouldn't be a gap after m13 beat 2; should continue into beat 3 then 8ths into beat 4 (same for m68 later on)
stepmania theory time: make jump just before m20 LR because naturally LR jumps feel the strongest?
m29 fourth beat: add a 16th R note just after this cuz if you listen to the other piano line it plays a bit more this time
m40 on: maybe make it jumps to the melody playing 4ths instead of just every 4th here? (and also to the crash obv.)
m48 on: I think stepping the mid-stream jumps would be appropriate here
maybe put 24ths leading into fourth beat of m55?
8th after m74 shouldn't be there
maybe make the last note of the 24th and the two 16ths in the middle of m75 jumps (like LR, LR-UD-LR kind of thing) for emphasis?

Laser Shooter (bmah) [+]
(in m31 on: there's a cool extra percussive track in the background. it's playing on 8ths x...xx..x...xx.. for the first three measures then has some extra 16thy things on the fourth. probably shouldn't step it though since it would interfere with your layering/buildup setup later on but it's still cool!)
missed the 8th notes before each minijack in m45
layer the extra melody in m47/48? or just step it exclusively/semilayer
m51: the first stream ends on the 16th before the third beat, the next one starts on the offbeat after the third beat and should start something like ULUL
(also I think they're 6 notes long not 5? have another look)

lolhappy (HammyMcSquirrel) [+.]
dull patterns for the first 30 seconds or so; when you change to pure 8ths, they should 'wander' a bit more because it's not the most interesting pattern in the world
don't get the 16th triplet at the end of m24; how about a jump on the 4th instead?
the melody-relevant stream in m49 on is cool
well stepped for what the song offers

Lunar Dial (Vote4Nixon) [+?]
m1: 48th should be 32nd, 32nd triplet just before m2 begins (then jump b/c cymbal crash?)
16ths at end of m5 don't make sense; they're not to percussion, and you didn't layer in the guitar last time this happened
m6/m8: the guitar is going x xxx xxx x xx xx
m7: 32nds to organ should just be a 32nd triple; 32nd gallop leading into m8 also
m10: minijacks to the double bass hits and to the melody repeating pitch but not to the snare drum/melody interface pls
^^^ repeat every time music repeats
m18/m19 is bs as hell
don't think there should be an 8th gap in m28?
m46: missed a jump on the last offbeat to the snare (plus every time it repeats)
m63/64 makes no sense, try real patterns next time
don't forget to fix up the guitar-substituted section too!

Magical 8bit Tour (NSane) [--]
with God as my witness, this is the worst file for magical 8bit tour I have ever seen

Mephisto Waltz (Xandertrax) [+]
lol look at this fucen chart. classical beat breakcore by a few centuries
the running man in m68/69 should go 3123123123 if possible
m80 on drifts offsync, very ending is late, sync might be wrong in other parts too didn't check!

Midnight Sky (championanwar) [+.]
(lots of championanwar music in this batch and last batch)
Offset should be -0.060 (is: 0.000)
put an up arrow on m17 beat 2?
m23 should start UDLU, m24's second offbeat should be right note, blue note right before m25 should be up, second red note of m27 should be up, second blue note before m28 should be D, etc etc. fix your song's pr, you composed it so it should be easy
maybe vary the 16th triplet's pattern more, since it's doing the same thing over and over anyway?
middle beat of m84 should be a jump; beat after m85's forst jump?

Mourning Heart Interlude (BluearrowII) [+?]
in m2, the extra note seems to be after the burst not before; fix
needs more jumps when the two instruments play at once or otherwise more consistently add gallops
the orange-blue gallop in m6 is erroneous
should be a gallop into m17... etc etc, not very accurately stepped :P
gallop in m35 feels wrong...and shouldn't m36 start with one? (m45? 46?)
m53: when I said it should have a 48th gallop I meant -after- the 4th, not before it, sorry

Nightmare (leonid) [-]
eh...doesn't strike me as a very interesting song/stepchart. -incredibly- generic fast 8th patterns, nothing to captivate. similar kind of problem to all around the world.
m82's first/last jumptrill should place the second yellow note on the left/right (to distinguish the two different instruments' 16ths)

Nightmare (Ziergdsx18) [!]
Permission issues; we do not have permission from M2U
(would have rejected anyway :> also blue note syndrome lawl)
Yo, Ziergdsx18, if you're reading this, check the artist blank permissions thread to see what we're allowed, legally, to have on FFR

Nightrain (trumaestro) [+.]
(layering/stepping style in general still feels iffy but I think improving?. make sure you're really really consistent about layering crap and that, if you do continual jumps back and forth between a guitar and background music stepping that it feels and flows well.)
(also, in the beginning you don't seem to be able to decide whether breaks in the guitar are filled in by the secondary melody or the hi-hat? clearing that up might help)
m4 feels like it needs a bit more of a guitar riff to it. hear what I mean?
pr in m8 sucks
first 24th roll of m17 is bs, should be a 32nd triplet
the random green-orange thing during m30: check accuracy
the yellow jump in m37 during a 24th run probably isn't too good of an idea
green note in m39 is almost certainly part of a 32nd triplet. ssh generally doesn't use slightly offbeat rhythms
m43 has five 32nds off the second beat

Nitro Panic! (Coolboyrulez0 & Xandertrax) [+]
oh god
this is technically perfect btw tass, but the beginning being harder than most of the file is kinda annoying but not really fixable. maybe mirror half of each buildup (just melody, melody + hihat, dual melodies) so that it's equally biased to either hand?

Omnishred (MeaCulpa) [+.]
maybe make 24th gallops/etc more closely following the guitar whammying?
end of m13 is ?_?. I think it should be three notes then four including the first beat of m14
m46 on neeeds to have consistent correct usage of the minijacks. I can see that the the rear guitar is playing 12th gallops of the same pitch and the bass drum is playing 6ths (x.x.x.x on 12ths) but they should only make 1.112.2 patterns (if you step both) or (if you just step the bass drum) (with the jump on the second beat inserted as appropriate). figure out which one it is and stick with it
yellow note in m61 is either purple or blue. doubt it's yellow
m112 on: maybe layer both guitars together? not sure
m116: step the hi-hat as well this time.
m130 just feels weird
think m131 should start with a purple jump instead of a 24th gallop (listen to the main guitar)

Over the Rave F.O.R. Remix (trumaestro) [?]
opening should be 4323(14)
layering feels inconsistent by measure 3...jumps to the percussion or to the orchestral hint? either way, minijack when pitch repeats on third beat
one-handed trill around m14's start isn't pr
fourth beat of m15: red note
m16 on, would like to see minijacks
end of m27: the orchestral hit plays on consecutive yellow notes, so move one note of the blue jump back
32nds at end of m32 bs (so is the yellow note just before it)
m33 wrong too, snare jumps misplaced
m36 on utterly lacking in consistency, makes no sense to look at
16ths in m39 start too late
m41: uhh, missed a minijack to the lead melody? an 8th one at that? geez you pay less attention to the song than I do
what do the red jumps at the end of m51 go to again? I think you've done this a bit before too
yellow note at beginning of m53 erroneous
last blue jump in m54? I can justify a jump to snare alone (depending on the snog) but background quiet melody alone?
also step the outro, cooloutro

Piano Concerto No. 1 "ANTI-ARES" (For Kirby) (bmah) [+.]
still want to call it Kirby Dirge
m13 needs a bit more percussion: I hear a 5 note minitrill then three notes
12ths into m94, 16th gallop into m94 second beat. missed minijack to melody in m99
m100 feels like it needs more climactic percussion
missed first 12th gallop or whatever it is in m118. I'd make them 16ths
m121-m123: extra melody here too
don't hear the first 16th note on the minitrill leading into m125

Pure Ruby (Cyrenics) [+?]
first 16ths should be five notes
m19/20: missed 8th minijacks to strings melody (same in m27/28, etc)
m22: very first gallop should have second note moved down one (same in m30, etc)
m39 on: the breaks between the 123123123 style patterns should be straight 8ths or runningmen, it doesn't transistion very well atm
blue jump in m44 strikes me as kind of ?_?

Radiant Moonlight (BluearrowII) [+.]
m10 on boring and generic. need to involve the newest addition to the music
m42 on: underlayered underlayered underlayered
beat before m69 is missing a jump
m82: needs a jump on the second blue note, jump on fourth beat removed

RAIN (_.Spitfire._ & bluguerrilla) [!]
identical to last batch's RAIN which was rejected

Ramua (Vote4Nixon) [+]
the song is mostly just cool sounding trancey noise but you could probably find more 16ths in the song to distinctly follow
missed a 32nd triplet... err I mean 24th burst *winks* in m42/m66
and maybe (maybe) work in the yellow bass note runs it plays in m26 on on occasion

Real Over Drive (Ziergdsx18) [!]
Permission issues; we do not have permission from NieN

Red Flag Defrag (jajadiddle06) [+?]
would like to see hind rhythm get stepped during breaks in m41
m49 on needs to be spiced up a -lot-; whenever the other melody plays something that isn't 4ths, step that instead (also minijack into m63). as it is it's just a lot of stream
m69 on should have the little 32nds in the main melody stepped; again, spice it up
m93 on is bs

reveal yourself (bmah) [+]

Ripoff (who_cares973) [+]
second green note in m28 is early

Saddness RMX (Kommisar) [+.]
oh boy saddness rmx again
m11 buzz plz?
m28, m30: beats 3 and 4 should have different jump placement
m51 on: minijacks to indicate repeated use of same pitch? this is like pr 101 kommisar
skittle rainbow prism ending
if dore's got rejected I don't think this one's going to get in...

Shut Up and Let Me Go (Xandertrax) [+.]
jumps to crash?
m20: second last blue note needs to be moved up one
could use more spicing up and variation. it reverts back to the x...x...x..x.xx thing a -lot-

Skeletor (psycho & bluguerrilla) [+?]
vocal syncing: it needs to be tighter
jump on the first offbeat in m19? (bass drum) (same for m27)
m31: each one of these hi-hat streams continues for exactly two measures to the first beat of the third measure THEN stops. I'm not going to repeat this for each one
m34: first beat and second offbeat should have jumps, move note on second beat down a 16th and continue 8ths until the end of the measure
m35: first offbeat, jump (same for m43)
m36: first offbeat, second beat jumps erroneous
m41: blue jump should be a single note
m44: third offbeat, jump
m46: second offbeat and third beat should be jumps, something like (UR) (UL). third beat has a 16th triplet leading out of it, third offbeat does not. fourth beat should have a jump
m54: starting on the third beat I hear x.xx..x. on 16ths then m55 begins
m71 on: I would suggest two rules: one, put a single note to the clap when it appears alone. two, when the clap sounds during the three 8th bass hits, make that jump use one column different from the others following it.

Sky Dive (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
aww, I liked one-handing the beginning but then it got randomly really hard
on the other hand 666 steps so ?_?

Slaytronic (Vote4Nixon) [+]
don't get m42 or m46
missed 16ths in first beat of m57, end of m58 should be a four note single jack
probably rife with more technical errors b/c it's a v4n file but it's still cool

Sly (Vote4Nixon) [+]
im v4n and I do whatever the hell I feel like. deal with it
you're lucky this time tho since it's actually quite cool

Swallowing an Avalanche (Bynary Fission) [+?]
It still feels as technically incorrect as it did last batch...augh. It has such a cool feel, but it's so technically inconsistent. I am torn!

The Black Monster (robertsona) [+]
could step even more sounds if you wanted to; like the clicky noises, sounds, that trail some of the percussion instruments

TizAshura (Vote4Nixon) [+]
awesome flow (there I said it)
would really like for the m9 32nd break to follow -something-
the 64th gallop in m23 should be a 32nd gallop
ending white note is early; ending 64th gallop erroneous

Travel Demon (_.Spitfire._) [+]
btw tass, this -isn't- a holy orders remix, it changes 20 seconds in
m4 between last offbeat and 16th before it: 32nd triplet
pattern leading into m9 could be better; heard jump on yellow note
maybe more yellow jumps in m13-m17 section?
roll into m18 beat 2?
wow lol, jack theory detected
flows really well so I'm not going to critique it on technical grounds

Tribe Attacker (Patashu) [#] my file
might add more 16ths into crash jumps (conversely more crash jumps after 16ths), ensuring that the patterns are one-hand-newbie compliant

Two Sisters (Xandertrax) [+]
first note of m77 needs to be moved up an 8th
m135-m136 8ths?
m152: what
very very ending is late, pretty sure the 16ths are wrong too
take those parts out and accept dis

Versatile (robertsona) [-]
lmfao this jumpjack is intenseeeee
suggestion for m9 on: make streams of a certain archetype and change the archetype every two measures. for example you might have one going 12343234321232 then one going 1323142324231324 and then one going 1313242423132414 and one going 1413231434243412141 and I pity the person who has to type those up just to see what I'm getting at
to cut down on repetitiveness: m25 on should be slightly more layered compared to the section just before it
m39 third note should have a 16th right note just after it
m49 on: sorry but this is even gayer than the thing you put here last batch XD
m65 on: if you're following that previous tip, layer slightly harder again

Welcome to Cyberdrome (Xandertrax) [+.]
m5 on: missing some jumps to main melody but -seems- to be consistent so whatever
16th triplet into m21?
m21 on: I don't hear x.xxx patterns, I hear xx.xx patterns, fix every time it appears. also, maybe put a single note to the second beat of m22 and every time that -specific- part of the music repeats? should minijack with the jump before it each time
m34: don't hear that 16th triplet
missed 16th triplet into m49
m53: jump to first beat, lone 16th, single note on last offbeat (maybe)? and maybe make 32nd gallop r-l so it feels stronger (also, I think it's actually 24th or 16th, check)
m78,79,80 beat two: minijack?
m81-84: last time that xx.xx / xxx synth and that percussive pattern is going to appear; maybe step it in favour of the chiptune melody every time it comes up?

Wish (Reprise) (HammyMcSquirrel) [+]
augh, dissonant song, <3 these steps though
m4: pr catastrophe rivaling the likes of chernobyl (m8 is similarly wrong cuz you reused it and the very beginning of m16)
m32: stream should start one 8th before you start it (if you're okay with making it harder)
m62: stream should end on fourth beat

Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (Xandertrax) [+]
parental advisory as ****, lol (not swearing, sexual themes)
16th pentuplet into m38 should just be a triplet (first three notes)
no 16ths in m77?

Xenobius (samurai7694) [+.]
opening jump is slightly late; sync early by about a 32nd once song begins. fix sync
yo the hi-hat stream ended in m22 so until m30 it's inaccurate. stop streamin'
(streamers get stitches etc)]
m48-m56: white probably unneccesary for this part; kind of defeats the point of using it for keysounding if you're using it for the snare too, no? p.s. you -love- using white for keysounding
actually yeah don't use white for pitch distorted snare at all please

Yoshi's Cookie (_.Spitfire._) [+.]
saskrotch file

You Will Die (Vote4Nixon) [+]
m11, m15 on for a long time: every second measure's first offbeat should be absent
m31 on: putting jumps to the lord snare over your true master the crash cymbal eh? edgy
m85: 32/3ths is slightly too fast for the sound you're trying to follow

(Lost Memories) (Maikelru) [+]
not sure if the ending jumps are needed? maybe
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Default Re: Batch Review Thread


The Queue
Beadumaegen - V4N
Determine - Silvuh
Floating Hour - bmah - maybe address one section near end, 24th/16th glut, as mentioned by dore
Hey Hey Monkey - Spitfire
Im sick of uprock - Patashu - consider cutting... last minute-ish is boring.
Magical 8bit Tour - jimerax
memories - bmah
Moonlight - megamon88 - get leonid to fix mp3
Of course need need need - kommi - consider bmah's notes. played on x-mod... not that different.
Prelude No 7 - Xander
Rage Template - Spitfire
RAIN - spitfire & blu - for a remix, song doesn't sound similar to original... and wtf @ ending 24ths.
Sexperation - bmah - interesting song...
Ska de Chocobo - Redorigami
Slaytronic - V4N
Time to eye - bmah - maybe tone down the 48ths?
Winter Wind Etude - Xander - technical, not that fun though. increase mp3 volume

The Queue - Conditional Style
A battle for the sky - Silvuh - notes
Angel island remix - Silvuh - jacks/trills as per notes
Arrogant Cobbler - kommi - dore/bmah notes
Bouff - Patashu - fix up 2 small issues
Colossus - Silvuh - tiny fixes
DeVour - Xander - notes
DKC2 Symphonic Rock - BDN - fix minijacks
Koisuru VOC@LOID - bmah - song sucks. consider what blu/dore says.
Red Wings Over Baron - blu and HighAndroid - look/fix per notes. yay crazy hard js and 16th jumptrills.
Sunny Funny Chiny - Spitfire - remove hands, cut after / shortly after 64th roll.
Tageri - TC_Halo - as per notes
TizAshura - V4N - notes
Twist - V4N - remove 32nd rolls
Versatile - Xander - remove jack, do dore's mirror thing if you want, bmah's stuff.
XP Sound Attempt - carlos - jacks to trills

Played By Tass, Not Queue'd
A change of seasons - cut
Aki - song is bland, file isn't fun
Asteroid run - fix up per notes
Blame it on bad luck - blame it on bad luck? or, inconsistent difficulty. cut intro or make easier.
Chemical attraction - fix up, especially minijacks
Clockwork - close to conditional, but enough stuff to fix that i'll want to re-play this
Csikos post - did not find that fun, except jump-runningmen patterns. also worried about konami, w/ banya's version of this song.
Discocube - fix up per notes
Fruhlingsrauschen - see notes
Greensleeves - quit out, fix noteskin.
Halloweenies - quit out. wtf at 32nd trills. seriously? make um rolls or axe them. probably cut the hands too.
If - as a widget file, can't cut. but man it's long/boring.
It's only natural - difficulty jumps all over the place. easy, JS, easy, JS, solo, wtf easy vocals, JS. no consistency.
Jazzman - hands, etc
Kirby 64 - runningmen and 16ths earlier feel wrong in difficulty for the relaxing nature of the song.
La plume de ma tante - what blu said.
Rain - BDN and Kommi - way too long. happy songs != FGOs. way overstepped for the happy singing Japanese 8bit girl.
ReMotion Remixed - overlayered. also, get permission from Kr1z for the original... better song than this.
Ska de chocobo - tc_cyrenics and bmah - other file is more fun
Star of andromeda - agree with dore
Super spy hunter - not FMO, remove hands. rolls after 1st one are awkward.
Swallowing an avalance new - agree w/ all judges
Vah-Jay-Jay - yes, i do! but not for FFR.
Worse - agree w/ bmah.

Bmah's Notes:
4ME / Otomania / Coolboyrulez0
rating: [+?]

- m2: might be nice to step the drums when the mp3 starts
- m4,m8: PR could be better
- for a good part of the song, stepping syncopated rhythms seem rather empty if you want a song of difficulty 8; at the very least, you should try to step some of the other instruments that come into play
- compared to the majority of the simfile, 16ths in places like m26 is fine but inconsistent with the overall difficulty
- m38,39,other similar measures: PR could be better

summary: Correct but relatively empty for the most part. Layer more with the current patterns, or if you want this to be an easy simfile, be more consistent with the difficulty.

11ELEVEN / DJ Sharpnel / 0
rating: [+?]

- m1: jump not really warranted
- m2: you could step a 16th that appears right before the 16th stream you have here
- m3-9: a lot of the 8th arrows may be best omitted, because a percussive instrument at 8th beats comes later at m11 and on - this would be better layering as well
- m10: redo 16th pattern right before the jumps to be consistent with a pattern similar to that in m18
- m18: right before the next measure, missed a 16th that goes with the drum
- m19-25: might want to check the drum patterns that go on here - you're missing additional 16ths that appear in each measure
- some patterns are pretty uncomfortable such as those in m32, 34, 66 and especially patterns like m38 in which the jumpstreams are partially trills; please reconsider many of these patterns

summary: as hard as the file wants to be, many of the patterns are overly awkward and not really fun.

666 MPH / Bong-Ra / Vote4Nixon
rating: [+.]

- m13-15,77-85: more fun if you layer the oncoming/fading drums
- m25-26,33-34,45-46: don't forget to layer the hi-hat 16ths like you do in other measures
- m27-28,43-44,59-60,75-76: 12ths/24ths missing
- m37-38: missing some 4ths/8ths going to bass drum
- m88: last jump should be a single arrow

summary: Would be fun if you step a bit more percussion and drums as indicated. Repetitive song.

⑨'Piano Lesson ~Beginner~ / Mistbell / MahouMinachan
rating: [-]

- I guess the arrows are timed accurately, but the uneven timing of the piano notes result in a pretty unappealing simfile. I question the suitability of the simfile for beginners.

summary: I think for a game that's mainly focused on timing arrows, a beginner piano song with a performance-based type of accuracy (i.e. mostly offbeat) is not appropriate for an "easy" song on FFR. An easy song on FFR would be better off having more timely arrows.

A Battle for the Sky / Ikodo Moonstrife / Silvuh
rating: [+.]

- you step mainly 16ths to the synths for most of the song, but it still may be preferable to layer a bit more. Some examples: the opening melody that starts at around m7; percussion in m14 and on; melody at m26; and more, etc.
- m44, 46: fix PR (involves 16th down arrows)
- m48,64: the 32nds at the end of the measure is pretty emphasized; I recommend you add it
- m50: missing an arrow? check arrow patterns
- m51: should have a repeated arrow here; check arrow patterns
- m57-64: you've partially layered this section with 8th arrows; fully layer it with 8ths you're missing

summary: Not bad, but a bit more layering would be nice. The current patterns are pretty linear.

A Change of Seasons / cornandbeans / Patashu
rating: [+?]

- m26,28,etc.: measures with this melody has a few 16ths that can be added. I don't think it would change the difficulty of the simfile.
- m81-88: a single 8th stream may be better instead of dividing into smaller 8th streams
- m113-120: repeated arrows of double taps would be better here according to the synth melody
- song is repetitive and rather lengthy

summary: Biggest complaint above all else is the song length. Please make a shorter edit if possible.

A Question of Fate / Dimrain47 / Psychotik
rating: [?]

- m25,26, etc.: place jumps at cymbal crashes; also, the arrow patterns at the end of m26, etc. could probably have a better pattern
- m27, etc.: 8th jump at beginning of 16th stream unnecessary
- m31: missed jump at cymbal crash
- m37,38,etc.: perhaps layer also to the percussion that goes on briefly here
- m39-46: don't know why you place some of the jumps as you have here; check the multiple melodies in this section again and add/remove jumps as needed
- m47-48,etc.: you have 16ths in these sections, but not the measures following them. The synth melody isn't any less emphasized. Add more 16ths to other measures for consistency.
- m51,etc.: missing a 4th jump here
- m55-56,etc.: firstly, jack at beginning of pattern is unnecessary; secondly, the melody definitely calls for a more varied pattern than one long trill
- m81: missing 4th jump
- m112-133,etc.: perhaps some of the 8th jumps are better off as single arrows

summary: Patterns could be stepped better overall. Some areas are understepped, some places could have better patterns. Also, if you can cut this song a bit, that would be appreciated - it's repetitive.

A Quick Death / kkrusty / who_cares973 & Coolboyrulez0
rating: [+?]

- noticed a lot of arrows that were either missing or were stepped to nonexistant/unnoticeable sounds:
- arrows to unnoticeable sounds:
m7,etc.: unnecessary 16th right arrow right before m8
m8,etc.: one of the 32nd up arrows is unnecessary
m17: two 32nds in this measure is unnecessary; also, check arrows right before the fast rolls
- missed steps:
m13,14: in several areas after groups of 32nds, check and redo 16th patterns; also, missed a 16th jump in m14
m15,16: each measure has one or more missing 32nds
m18: roll after the left-right jump is actually faster than 32nds
- there are plenty more areas with missing or unnecessary arrows. Please check each measure carefully. Try editing at 0.6x speed.

summary: File's very technical. There are just too many places where patterns having missing or unnecessary arrows. A few arrow patterns were pretty weird too, especially at this speed and difficulty, so perhaps look into that too while you're at it.

Aki / she / TK_pavonineukon
rating: [+.]

- m10,12,14,16: jack placement is questionable
- m17,etc.: minor suggestion: jumps that go to the loud percussive sound at every second beat might be better off placed to areas that wouldn't create jacks.
- m33-35: the runningmen pattern would actually have the repeated arrows on 16th beats rather than 8ths. You're probably putting the left 8ths arrows to the other sound that's prominent here.
- m37: last arrow is misplaced

summary: Discrepencies are minor. Take a look at some of the jack patterns again, as well as the runningmen pattern. Nice and short.

Altered Beast / Saskrotch / who_cares973
rating: [?]

- some areas seem to have 16ths that doesn't seem to go to anything, such as m3
- louder percussive sounds are often marked with jumps, but you seem to be missing a few, such as 16th jump in m5 and several in m6; actually, this error is found throughout the song
- m9-12: missing some 16ths that occur from the bass sounds; oddly, you did acknowledge one of them in m11
- m28: repeated arrows should start on a 4th (the up arrow), not an 8th

summary: There's an inconsistency of using jumps and single arrows to percussive sounds that are more emphasized.

Angel Island Remix / darphfluffy / Silvuh
rating: [+.]

- m4: missing the layering of percussion in latter half of measure
- m18,etc.: missing some layering of percussion, but it also looks relatively good as it is
- m26,etc.: I know you've put a jack to acknowledge the percussion here, but you're focused on the synth melody. Avoid jacks here. There are several measures like this.
- m62,63,66,67: the melody would be enough, so perhaps avoid jumps here. Also, trills don't need to begin with a jump.

summary: Pretty fun overall. Biggest thing is that some of the layering combines the synth melody with the percussive instruments to make patterns that flow a little strangely.

Arrogant Cobbler / Nero's Day At Disneyland / Kommisar[os]
rating: [+]

- m55: missed a 16th jump from drums
- m56:
- m73-74: 16th jumps questionable, but it plays fine on the fingers; it might be neater to step this section more accurately if you can.
- m91,95: missing a 16th at end of 16th stream in each instance

summary: Nicely done! Just look over that weird section at m73-74 again.

Arrrrrr / Jon Brownell / Vote4Nixon
rating: [+?]

- I'm assuming this is supposed to be an easy song, since the layering is very thin and steps mostly go to even beats and some melody at most.
- the song has so much more potential for stepping, but it's ok for an easy version

summary: Easy steps, but IMO song is better suited as a harder file. Meh.

Asteroid Run / Rushjet1 / Patashu
rating: [+.]

- m7,etc.: at first I disliked the fact that the trill pattern turned into a seemingly random 16th pattern, but since this repetition of 16ths occur throughout the song, a mixture of patterns is understandable for variety
- m11,etc.: optionally, you might want to continue the 16th streams with jumps that go to the melody, but this is fine too
- m25,etc.: the 16ths in certain places seem to be "fillers" but are unnecessary
- m82: don't need jump

summary: Most of the suggestions I've made are optional. PR is ok for the most part too.

Battle Theme #31 / Reone662 / SulferDragon
rating: [+?]

- m1-4: main drums stepped with same repetitive pattern boring; why not vary it and add the bass as well?
- m13-20: again, vary your patterns
- m29: jacks don't go with the guitar that well at all

summary: Make for some variation in your patterns. Please change the jacks too!

Beadumaegen / Wisp / Vote4Nixon
rating: [+.]

- m1,5,6,etc.: in a few places like here, I don't hear the 32nd going to anything. Also, the quick gallops should have jumps from layering.
- m4,etc.: in these parts, you miss a 32nd preceding the last jump
- m12: there should be groups of triple 16ths here
- m14,19,22,etc.: in a couple places, there are a few 16ths I don't hear
- m28-29: missed a few 16ths
- m54-55,72: no need to step the faint sound effects going to 64ths
- m80,etc.: the "hoo!" sound effect goes to 8th beats, not 16ths

summary: Weird song, but it generally plays well. There are several steps that go to nonexistant or highly inaudible sounds, which is not necessary.

Black and White / KgZ / Silvuh
rating: [+.]

- m1-7: many of the single arrows should be jumps in conjunction with the piano chords
- m28,36: should be repeated right arrows at end of measure (listen to sounds)
- m57-63: same comments as m1-7, but in addition, I don't think you need to step the "residual" sounds that follow a flute echo. For example, the first four arrows or so as m59 begins is unnecessary. Residual sounds are generally best ignored for stepping.
- m67,etc.: more "residual" arrows not needed

summary: Nice, except that you don't need to step the residual sounds resulting from echoes.

Blame It on Bad Luck / Bayside / bluguerilla
rating: [+]

- m1-8: some patterns feel pretty weird; also makes for a pretty inconsistent difficulty compared to much of the song
- m43-50: perhaps step to some of the drums as well

summary: The beginning just results in inconsistent difficulty - you may want to change some patterns to mitigate that, since you do step the sounds correctly.

Bouff / Machinae Supremacy / Patashu
rating: [+]

- m17: missed some 16ths where the drum rolls into the next measure
m65: missed some 8ths preceding the following measure

summary: Minor errors at most. That's about it.

Bunny / Glowstyx / _.Spitfire._
rating: [?]

- m16,etc.: stepping jacks to the voice samples present throughout the song is kind of a poor excuse to make this file harder; it's worst when you add jumps as well, starting at m41
- m17-32: One huge 16th jumpstream makes for a monotonous file. Perhaps an occasional break-up of the streams?
- m35: change the last left-up jump, according to PR

summary: Enormous 16th jumpstream + jackstream = no.

Bullet's P.O.V. / Jon Brownell / Vote4Nixon
rating: [+?]

- m2,etc.: the almost-quad rolls are not needed; a jump will do
- m5-9,etc.: more layering please!
- m11,etc.: incorrect pattern; listen to melody again
- m19,etc.: I don't hear the last few 16ths
- m22-24,etc.: if the main melody is still playing, it's better to step that instead of the sound effects
- m25: underlayered

summary: Many areas have a lot of errors. The main melody is more important than the sound effects. The second half of the song is very repetitive with copy-paste patterns.

C7 Funk / Tomo Fujita / Xandertrax
rating: [+]

- m26: missing a 16th near beginning of measure
- m27: missing (a rather quiet) 4th
- m29: missing two 4th arrows
- m33: missing a few arrows here

summary: Just a few arrows missing to some guitar strumming and you're done.

Car Sax / Cranky / who_cares973 vs Cyanite
rating: [?]

- m9: 32nd rolls is a feature that's a bit overboard here; a single arrow will do
- m11-12,etc.: incomplete layering; this is common throughout the simfile
- m18,etc.: stepping to every little sound in this song results in some pretty clumsy-looking, cluttered steps; you don't need to step every sound!
- m38: 16th streams not fully complete

summary: Don't step to every sound in this song, or the steps will certainly be messy. Also, the layering's pretty broken and not fully integrated. Finally, you only stepped half of the song...the other half's awesome too.

CCUK / Venetian Snares / i love gabba
rating: [+?]

- m11-12,15: single arrows preferable, not gallops
- there are several areas where you add arrows to nonexistant sounds, such as m16,22,23,26,34,38,etc.
- there are several areas where you missed arrows to pretty noticeable sounds, such as m17,21,35,41,etc.
- some places simply have misplaced arrows, such as m26 (misplaced roll at end of measure), m41 (64th jump really just an 8th jump),etc.
- m106: since the drum sounds appear to have "descending" tones, use PR for the 16ths instead of a trill

summary: Inspect the file more closely for the details. Add in missing arrows and eliminate arrows that go to nothing.

Chaoz Japan / ParagonX9 / who_cares973
rating: [?]

- m7-9: there shouldn't be a 4th jump after each 16th jump in these measures
- m10,etc.: the string's melody plays with two jacks in each instance, not three
- hard but really awkward patterns at several places such as m57-58
- the version in-game already is pretty sufficient; I don't think a buffed-up version is needed

summary: Hard but not really in a fun way. Also, the in-game version is good enough as is

Chaoz Survivor / ParagonX9 / Ziergdsx18
rating: [+?]

- m8: the slowdown is neat and all, but since you wouldn't see the difference on FFR, as well as the fact that you turn every 4th beat arrows into 8th arrows, please remove it
- m11,18,etc.: the 16ths here don't usually go to the music, such as the group of five 16ths at the end of m11 or the 16ths in m18
- m24,31: I don't hear the 32nds
- m49,etc.: the groups of five 16ths doesn't go to the music well

summary: It's kinda fun. but much of the steps do not fit to the music. Step more accurately - slowing down the music in the editor helps a lot. Also, re-adjust the simfile so that 4th arrows are on 4th beats and so on - remove the slowdown.

Charging Swarm Of Mouseketeers / Nero's Day At Disneyland / SulferDragon
rating: [+?]

- suggestion: since the song repeats itself again approximately halfway through the song, change patterns a bit for variety, starting at perhaps m62 or m70
- m86-87,etc.: jumps should alternate according to the music, not just left-down jumps for example; also missed a 16th at m87 and similar measures
- m88,etc.: beginning of measure is missing some arrows
- m86-99: patterns are really repetitive, so change patterns a bit

summary: A hard simfile with some frustrating parts to PA, but the main thing is that a lot of the patterns are overly repetitive. Has good potential.

Chemical Attraction / AEROJET / TK_pavonineukon
rating: [+.]

- m17-20,57: layer the synths that results in triplets of 16ths, like you did in other parts of the song
- m17-23: layer the drums too here like you did earlier in the song
- m41: start measure with jump to cymbal crash
- m42-47,59: step drums that go to a gallop beat
- it would be nice to hear the fade-out of the song, so optionally, you could leave a lone arrow at the very end of the mp3

summary: We need more songs of this difficulty. Not much to say other than fix the incomplete layerings on some parts of the song.

Clockwork / Breakbeat Heartbeat / Xandertrax
rating: [+]

- m13-19: why not step the main melody as well? Add a few 4ths here and there.
- m21 or m29 onwards: The way the beat of the song is emphasized, I think it's way better to double the BPM, even if it's just for aesthetics
- m25-28: it's better to still focus on the melody rather than the characterless percussion with a repetitive pattern
- the fast dnb section of the song has a few areas with missing arrows or those that should be omitted. Some examples:
m28: after trill right before m29 you missed an arrow
m29: some fast arrows missing halfway through measure
m30: the right and up arrows in the fast roll doesn't exist
Several other measures too...m31,32,etc.

summary: Just take note of the dnb areas and correct missing/unnecessary arrows. Editing at 0.3x is very helpful. And if you don't feel lazy, try doubling the BPM at m21 or m29. Really fun file.

Coldest Night / Koto / -Barista-
rating: [+?]

- m25: incomplete layering on the drums and claps
- m27: probably don't need the repeated two left arrows
- m28-35,52-59: jumps not quite justified; the synths aren't any more emphasized in those places/piano playing only one note each time
- m37,41: missing 16th to a clap in these measures
- m60: according to jumpstream pattern, first jump here isn't needed
- m68-75: the second half of this long 16th jumpstream should be a little different; since you placed jumps to the piano, add some more jumps here than you did in the first half of the stream (climax theory)
- m80-83: why stop the layering all of a sudden? Continue with full layering.

summary: Some parts of the song are more appropriate than others to emphasize with jumps. Fix the ending as well.

coloris / she / TK_pavonineukon
rating: [+?]

- m5-7: pattern should have repeated arrows, not alternating up/down ones
- m10: misstepped a few arrows
- m12: missing an arrow
- m17-18: try placing jumps on the emphasized 4th note beats
- m27: don't hear any sounds going to 24ths
- m29-36,45-52: stepping the synths and guitars here would be really great plz!
- m67-74: patterns pretty bland; layer more (e.g. 4th beat drums) as well as make patterns more varied

summary: The file initially looked promising, but it ended a bit sloppy with the omission of many neat synths and layering

Colossus / Ikodo Moonstrife / Silvuh
rating: [+.]

- m12-17: you seem to step to some nonexistant/inaudible sounds, namely 8th arrows
- m19: don't hear the 16th
- m37,41,45: incomplete layering of strings and drums
- m62: misstepped an 8th

summary: Not much to say, other than don't step to nonexistant or unimportant sounds.

Cook Rock Disko / t+pazolite / _.Spitfire._
rating: [+?]

- m2: how is first jump justified?
- m2-16: acknowledge the synth in this section instead of making one long stream of 8ths; remove arrows or layer more
- m17: you can have the string of repeated arrows, but why not layer this section as well?
- m21,29: add a jump to the start of the 16ths to complete the layering
- m25,33: optionally you might want to step to the offbeat voice sample in middle of measures
- m51,etc.: extraneous arrows not going to lyrics not needed
- m58-74: same patterns over again; vary this repetitive section; I also don't hear some of the 16th jumps you've stepped

summary: Repetitive song, so vary patterns more. Several places also contain unnecessary arrows.

Corneria / megamon88 / cry4eternity
rating: [?]

- m7,9: first beat is not a jump according to your layering
- m10-11,etc.: this file is defined by these 16ths streams that go to relatively weak 16th sounds. Maybe it's ok to use on occasion, but IMO it's better to step some other sounds altogether
- m13,etc.: incomplete layering near end of measure; something like m70 is better
- m46: missing a 16th
- m50: might want to step 16ths to the drumroll
- m101: what's with the ending?

summary: The 16th sounds aren't really too audible to justify having a simfile with mainly 16th streams. Also, the song is repetitive but can easily be cut.

Csikos Post / SHK / woker-X
rating: [+.]

- m1: should actually be all jumps in this measure (listen to piano)
- m2: check jumps and single arrows, according to piano notes and chords
- m6,10,etc.: missing an arrow in the grace notes of the piano (the fast notes); do something similar like m2
- m44: one right arrow is nonexistant; steps would fit better as a trill just like piano playing; also layer a little more in the end

summary: Minor fixing, and it's overall fun.

Cybertron / Orange Dust / megamon88 and cedolad
rating: [+.]

- m23,31: some emphasized drums here may be better as jumps
- m35: first jump better as single arrow
- m45: should be a single arrow in place of what is currently a down-right jump
- m46,57: missing a 16th in each measure
- m47: single 8th arrow should be a jump
- m55,63,85: might be better with no jacks; try different pattern
- m56: misplaced a 16th
- m58: 32nd roll not justified for the sound it steps to
- m87: three of the down-up jumps better as single arrows

summary: Minor errors at most. Technical file, but I like it.

Cyclone Escape / anth0n / bob bob
rating: [?]

- m1-10,etc.: steps don't follow the music too well; they're more like DDR-type steps
- m11-12,etc.: plain 8ths are boring, so layer more (e.g. drums, the "boom" noise on m12)
- m34,etc.: missing 16ths in these sections; layering is lacking as well
- m50,etc.: missing 16ths in these sections; also, why is there a lone jump only on m50?

summary: Follow arrows to the music more closely, and layer a lot better. The prominent 8th streams get boring quickly.

Cynthia / Glome / Cyanite
rating: [+?]

- m6,etc.: some parts of the piano play either single notes or is much more easily interpreted that way, so not all steps should be jumps here IMO; also, you should still step to the background synths
- m38-39: three-arrow chords are most likely two-arrow jumps according to the piano notes
- m45-57: maybe this time around, layer the piano more fully as well to up the difficulty a bit
- m61-88: numerous jumps missing from not stepping some of the piano or string instruments; it also gets a bit bland after a while, so one big 16th jumpstream isn't ideal
- m88-89: missing 16ths from piano notes
- m98: IMO remove the placeholder jump; I don't think anyone would want to listen to the very end

Summary: Some step patterns become bland after a while. Also missing several jumps in the second half of the song. Finally, this song doesn't really feel like an FMO.

Deceitful Wings / SSH / cry4eternity
rating: [+?]

- for a song that certainly has areas of repetition, it's way too long. Please cut the song.
- m6: change placement of jumps (listen to melody)
- m13: should be single arrow after 32nd rolls
- m15: jumps are single arrows
- m56: listen to the guitar melody again - it's not the same as in previous measures
- m64: incomplete layering of drums
- m76: synth may allow for a 32nd here
- m91: a bit empty here
- m97-112: incomplete layering. It's mainly missing 16ths from percussion.
- m124,etc.: incomplete layering of synth melody
- m167-174,183-184: check carefully to make sure arrows are synced well to guitar solo; don't assume they're all 12ths or 16ths
- m185-190: if possible, please try to fill in empty spaces, despite the fact that this part is a guitar solo; also forgot to step guitar at m190
- m193-195: 8ths are better as jumps
- m254: missed an 8th
- m271-273: there could definitely be a better pattern than this; also, missed some 32nds going to drums

Summary: A lot of places have incomplete layering. Also make sure to step the guitar solos accurately. Finally, cut the song!!

Determine / Ikodo Moonstrife / Silvuh
rating: [+.]

- m1-8: layer also to the percussion as you do in other parts of the file
- m21-28: incomplete layering of percussion (8th arrows missing)

summary: Minor fixes; easy song.

DeVouR / DJ Cristo / Xandertrax
rating: [?]

- this song suffers from "step to every buzz" syndrome, and many of the 32nd patterns are too awkward as well. Some of the main culprits include: m27-42, 45-59, 64-65, 72-74, 77-84
- m77-84: follow synth melody more closely instead of stepping repeated arrows through entire measures
- m95-102: incomplete layering (lone arrows between repeated arrows should be jumps)

summary: Basically is Toxiferous Dystopia on crack but in an unfun way because of the 32nd patterns.

Discocube / KgZ / Brilliant Dynamite Neon
rating: [+.]

- m3,etc.: 32nd should be a 16th
- m1-8,etc.: I feel that this section might be better with a little more layering, but it's still fine
- m9-16,etc.: Current layering is ok, but since this section comes up again later in the song, maybe change the patterns a bit for variety. Suggestion: since the piano plays mostly chords, try adding some jumps to those chords.
- m17,etc.: don't see why a jack should belong in these parts
- m20,etc.: missed a 48th where the piano plays a small grace note
- m22,30: second 16th needed?
- m48: the last jack here shouldn't exist; listen to piano melody again
- m62,64: missing jumps at the start of these measures, according to your layering
- m69: missed a 16th near beginning of measure

summary: Cool file with some minor errors. Fun to play. Also, difficulty is more like an 8 or 9 rather than a 6.

Disconnected -Hyper- / Inspector K / bob bob
rating: [-]

- first of all, please convert .ogg to .mp3 next time
- entire simfile has very simplistic layering; many sounds that you should step have been ignored (e.g. m9)
- for the parts you did step, not all of it is even accurate (e.g. m4 should be faster than 16ths)

summary: Overall, layer a lot more, and accurately too. Steps are too DDR-ish. Also, convert .ogg to .mp3.

Disregard / The Bezerker / 0
rating: [?]

- this song would only work if the 16ths are very simplistic in that the patterns would not have a lot of jacks, twists, or turns. The 16th runs at this bpm are too complex to be played enjoyably my most people
- the 8th runs that include a lot of jacks are ok in small amounts, but if they run too long, it's not fun either (e.g. m81-88)

summary: Accurately stepped overall, but most patterns are too complex at this speed.

DK2 Symphonic Rock Remix / cornandbeans / Brilliant Dynamite Neon
rating: [+]

- layering is partial throughout the whole simfile, but it is consistent, so it's fine; if you want, you can try layering more (e.g. step the main melody in addition to the drums in m1) as long as you maintain consistency
- PR is pretty good; some areas can have better PR though, such as m11, middle of m19

summary: Feels pretty nice. You can layer more if you want.

Dr. Tetris / ThePlasmas / woker-X & ClAsSiC_RoCkEr
rating: [+.]

- some parts of this simfile seems a bit overlayered, especially when it comes to 8th note runs with jumps ahd three-arrow chords. A few examples where layering can be reduced (three-arrow chords > jumps, jumps > single arrows, etc.): m2,4,21-22,29-36,73-81,97-104
- m12: pattern might be better off without jacks at this bpm
- m21: should be some 16th jumps if you're stepping jumps to percussion
- m113: forgot a few 16ths at the very end from drums

summary: Pretty fun file, but some areas seem a bit overstepped in regards to jumps and chords.

Dr0p / Ukeru / Operationstrawbarry
rating: [<]

- m1,etc.: why not step to the echoing percussion, especially in measures that feel emptier
- m21,23: not the best use of PR at the end of these measures
- m24: there should be a 16th jump here
- m41,etc.: may be better to leave the 24th percussions out and step to the 16th-run melody
- m57,77: last jump should be a single arrow
- m68,70,72,73: the pattern shouldn't suddenly be all jumps; stick with jumps on even beats

summary: Fairly accurate for the most part, but I don't see anything that would merit another version of this song in the game. The provided rating is purely on the technical aspect - the aesthetics of the simfile however doesn't stand out.

Elfin Pirate / Redsky139 / Redsky139
rating: [?]

- m11-12: flute seems to play not exactly on beat, so steps shouldn't be just 8ths
- m27: missing an 8th
- underlayering is prominent throughout simfile, such as: m11-14,31-33,42,47-53
- m27-28,32: the bursts in these measures are highly inconsistent with overall simfile difficulty

summary: Layer more, and with some better accuracy. Be more consistent with the difficulty of the simfile. Finally, the song is pretty quiet, so please increase the volume of the mp3.

Epileptic Crisis / Nightmare / qqwref
rating: [?]

- m5: should start with a jump going to the piano note)
- m8: avoid stepping a burst here
- m15: missing several 16ths
- m85: missing some 16ths
- you don't (and shouldn't) step to every buzz noise, especially if doing so creates large inconsistencies in difficulty and feels awkward. 32nd bursts at 300bpm (or 64ths at 190) is not fun in more than a small amount. Some examples: m13,20,22,27,29,32,etc.
- also, most difficult sections are followed by a much easier part that's often not fully layered such as m34-47

summary: Simfile is very inconsistent difficulty-wise, mainly because of the stark differences between easy sections and insane bursts.

Eve of the End / August Burns Red / Bolth Mannn
rating: [!]

summary: The actual steps to the simfile is missing.

Experiment / Silentoath / championanwar
rating: [+?]

- m7-8: jumps aren't necessary
- m8-15,33-40,etc.: in these sections, layering could be done better (e.g. step to the claps); the dark-sounding synth can definitely be stepped more accurately
- m16: it's better if you only step a jump to the single emphasized beat
- m31,47: don't stop stepping to the synths until it really fades out
- m36: why suddenly step repeating arrows? Try maintaining a consistent pattern.
- m61: check accuracy of the last few steps

summary: Cool song that's underlayered. The layering that's already present can be done better too.

Felys -Chaos Mix- / SHiNKA / suicidaln00b
rating: [+?]

- m5-7: step 8ths to the gaps since the xylophone instrument is still playing
- m10-12: it's better to step to the drums rather than placing jumps at emphasized percussion
- m13-14,etc.: 16ths missing in many places
- m15,17: measure should start off with 32nds
- m17-24: again, place jumps to drums
- m26: awkward pattern, especially with the jack
- m27-34: jumps don't make much sense; step to the melody as well
- m36-37,etc.: during these 16th runs, layer to the drums/percussion as well
- m83-86: change bpm to account for the slowdown in the tempo of the melody

summary: Patterns and layering just doesn't seem to really shine. Also, take the changing bpm at the end into account. Do we really need another remix of this song?

Floating Hour / paraoka feat. haru*nya / bmah
rating: [#]

summary: A simfile of VC difficulty. Weird name.

Floating Through Time / The Flashbulb / Bluearrowll
rating: [?]

- syncing is very bad
- m2,etc.: piano may sometimes play grace notes, so take this to account
- m10,12: missed jump on piano chord
- m21,25: 8th jump should be a single arrow

summary: Redo the entire syncing. As for the steps, PR could be better in some places. Step accurately to grace notes.

Flower Forever / DJ Sharpnel / TK_pavonineukon
rating: [+.]

- m7-8,80: step to the drumroll
- m17: you probably misstepped this measure
- song and several patterns become quite repetitive; can you vary the patterns a bit more (e.g. m18-31) and cut the song too?
- m48,97: awkward 16th pattern going to the drumrolls
- m49: drumroll is faster than 16ths here
- m140: placeholder arrow unnecessary

summary: The song is pretty nice, and the steps are good, but it gets rather stale, so edit the song first.

Frühlingsrauschen / C. Sinding / Xandertrax
rating: [+.]

- m1-2,etc.: Since this is a piano solo piece, you shouldn't ignore the main melody, so step jumps throughout simfile where appropriate unless it's inconvenient (e.g. m5). Sometimes you do this, but not completely (e.g. m30)
- m16,47: missed a 16th

summary: Layer and step the piano more fully. Right now, simfile is similar in playing style to Black Key Etude. Also would be nice if mp3 is a bit louder.

Greensleeves / David Nevue / woker-X
rating: [-]

- not a fan of the syncing that causes green arrow syndrome, despite the fact that it's a gimmick that pays tribute to the song name
- m35-36,etc.: misplaced and missed a few arrows to piano notes; actually, this area marks a major offsyncing of the arrows

summary: Two things: green-arrow gimmick is pointless, and major syncing problems starting about halfway through the song.

Gun Sounds / Serpento / -Barista-
rating: [+?]

- m6,etc.: some 8ths are stepped to nothing
- m7,11,19,etc.: throughout the song, watch out for incomplete layering
- m10,17,25,etc.: watch out for 16ths that shouldn't exist
- m30-36: the tone to the gun noises here actually differ a bit and so not every arrow should be repeated
- m64-65: drumroll adds to the tension - make this part more climatic

summary: The steps play ok, but on closer inspection, the layering is sloppy with missed steps and nonexistant ones. Also doesn't really feel much like an FMO to me. Cool concept to the song though.

Halloweenies / cornandbeans / _.Spitfire._ + Flaming_Dingleberry
rating: [+?]

- m2: stepping to the sound effect needed?
- m4,etc.: random 32nd pattern to up the difficulty of the simfile isn't the choiciest thing to do
- m6: jacks are pretty random
- m18-19: underlayered

summary: The 32nd patterns seem like a very artificial way of making this file an FMO. A few areas are comparatively underlayered as well.

Hello Mr. Tree / The Flashbulb / Vote4Nixon
rating: [?]

- out-of-sync steps everywhere. Pretty much any 16th is an offsync arrow that should be a 12th or 24th instead. Learn the rhythm of a swing beat.
- m9: unnecessary additional 16th
- m9,12.20,24,etc.: a few places are missing 24ths to percussion
- incredibly repetitive song

summary: The big problem here are the offsync arrows, which are almost all 16ths. After fixing this, there are little issues, save for repetition.

Hey Hey Monkey / DJ Sharpnel / _.Spitfire._
rating: [+]

- m1,etc.: missing an 8th jump going to drums in these sections
- m16: last jump should be a single arrow; synth disappears here
- m73-88: you should cut this part of the song out; song gets old

summary: Minor issues at beginning of simfile. Cut the last bit of the song and you should be good to go.

Holy Funkin Shiz! / Metaljonus / Cyanite
rating: [+?]

- m1,6,etc.: I'd advise not to step the extremely quiet sounds of hitting the strings throughout this song. Instead, layer more to the drums, especially starting on m13
- m4: step this measure!
- m12,57: pattern doesn't quite follow the guitar struts
- m33-34: pattern can be varied a bit more
- m37-44: make sure arrows are on sync to guitar, especially when transitioning to the next measure
- m45-52: again, check arrows on syncing accuracy; this part really shows that you should layer more (drums!)
- steps end abruptly; fade out the song earlier or step to the end of the mp3

summary: Layer the simfile more, especially on the drums. Check to see if the guitar solo in the middle is on sync. Those are the two big things.

Identity / S.S.H. / DarkZtar
rating: [+.]

- have consistent jump patterns with guitar melody in the beginning (around up to m37)
- m41,43: excess jumps
- m76: missed an 8th at end of measure
- m123,129,234-238,etc.: sure the steps may be accurate, but it's really out of place in terms of overall difficulty. For the length of the song, this is a headache.
- m124: missed an 8th jump
- m170: missed a 16th
- m201: misplaced arrow near end of measure
- m337: missed an 8th

summary: For the length of the song, actual errors are minimal. But most of the patterns are endless 8th jumpstreams, with little to leave for the imagination, save for a few isolated hard spots that are guaranteed to cause frustration due to the song length. You've already edited the song, but please edit more - many parts repeat, so this is certainly doable.

Identity pt. 2 / S.S.H. / SHK
rating: [+?]

- m1-10: stream is boring; layering should be apparent, especially as m7 kicks in
- m19: missed an 8th jump
- m22-29,etc.: stepping to the percussion that goes to 16th beats is not recommended IMO; it's quite minor compared to, say, the drums. You can try the pattern once or so, but please don't do 16th jumpstreams for the whole song.
- m78: try a jump at the beginning of the 16th stream

summary: Steps are fun to play, but unfortunately, song shouldn't be dominated by 16th jumpstreams going to minor percussion sounds.

If / Crush / Xandertrax
rating: [+]

- m33: try a jump at beginning of measure
- m34-44: why not step to the bass drums as well? Also can use some 16ths at m44.
- m61-67,69-84: would be fun if you stepped to the snare drums
- m68: missed a 16th from synth

summary: Could be more fun with a little more layering, but the file difficulty can get away with that if you wish to have it remain that way.

I'm A Raver (D'nB) / ZeRo-BaSs / IgroMAN
rating: [-]

- file would not be an FMO+, so hands and quads cannot do
- m3,etc.: only one instrument playing at a time, so jump is not justified
- m5: jumps not PR to the melody
- m8,etc.: 32nds missing to the dnb beat all over the file
- m9,17,etc.: what's with the 64ths?
- m12: missing 4th note on piano
- m13: layering to drums?
- m13-21: most of the 32nd arrows aren't justified to the music
- m23-25: underlayered

summary: Quads/hands, bad PR, underlayered and overlayered at parts, offsync 64ths, etc. Nice try.

I'm Sick of Uprock / Orange Dust / Patashu
rating: [+]

- m7,11,15: last 16th inaudible to me; unnecessary detail?
- m18,22,28,30: add a jump at the beginning of 32nds to complete the layering of the bass, melody, or drums
- m62: 32nd pattern at end of measure should be faster than 32nds
- m68: optionally you might want to step the other melody playing here
- m69: 32nd needed?
- m70,72: missed a 4th to hi-hat
- m112: last jump better as a single arrow

summary: Cool file. Minor stuff that doesn't really affect the simfile.

Islamey / M. Balakirev / Xandertrax
rating: [+?]

- the dynamics/loudness of this piano piece varies a lot, and some parts are very quiet. Could you increase the mp3 volume a bit?
- m16,40,42: lone jumps? Either put more jumps (there are several chords) or remove them
- m23-26: the whole section should technically be a running 24th stream, but it's acceptable
- m39,41: piano sounds less jacky than these measures play
- m75: last jumps better as a single arrow

summary: This file is technically A-OK, but it doesn't play feasibly well (m44-58!). Definitely caters to the best players.

It's Only Natural / The Higher / bluguerrilla
rating: [+.]

- m7-14,32-39: IMO it feels better with slightly more layering, particularly the emphasized drums in places you didn't step at all
- m15-20,40-45: you'd think it would be better to step the vocals here instead of the congas, but it is consistent though
- m21,46: just 8ths? How about the background drums and percussion?
- m30,51: try adding jumps to the emphasized drums
- m56,95-96: there is a slight separation of the drum hits on most of the 32nd jumps - sync to that
- m77: missed a 32nd
- m94: see comment on m56, except these are on 8th and 4th jumps

summary: Fun overall, but feels underlayered. Not everything has to be, but there are many parts that just begs for more layering.

Jazzman / KgZ / Cyanite
rating: [+.]

- simfile doesn't feel anything like an FMO/FGO, so hands and quads may have to go
- m2-4,etc.: for aesthetics, turn some jumps into quick gallops that follow the grace notes that's typical of piano jazz
- m17: don't hear the last two arrows
- m22-23: missed some 16ths going to the piano
- m25,29: down-arrow jack not PR to melody

summary: Mainly just syncing some arrows that go to grace notes and removing hands/quads. Fun.

Kirby 64 - Forest / MasterJace / Xandertrax
rating: [+]

- m2: arrows are 4ths if you sync this part better

summary: Relaxing and easy.

Kirby Gourmet Race / ThePlasmas / Xandertrax
rating: [+?]

- m10: I don't hear any 16ths
- m12,20,140,etc.: drumrolls are 16ths, not 24ths. 24th trill isn't the choicest pattern anyways. Some drumroll patterns even start too early, such as m24.
- m28: missed a 4th jump in the 16th run
- m40: 16th jump missing; should create jacks (m48 is similar but doesn't have the 16th)
- m42: 16th jump nonexistant
- m48: misstepped 16th pattern near end of measure
- m113: sync to guitar better - shouldn't be an 8th jump
- m125-132: step more of the bass melody. You do so later, but the patterns are completely misstepped (m130-132)
- first part of song loops exactly the same, and steps are similar, so it's better to cut mp3 around m55-104

summary: almost all of the 24ths are unjustified (except for places like m124) and should be actually 16ths. Many other errors throughout song. Also, middle part of song can be easily cut.

Koisuru VOC@LOID / OSTER project feat. Hatsune Miku / bmah
rating: [#]

summary: Medium-difficulty song. Could be harder but I wanted something middle-of-the-road.

La Plume De Ma Tante! / Bong-Ra / irionman+samurai7694+Kommisar[os]
rating: [+]

- m26: slight misstepping near beginning of measure
- m27: missed single arrow to percussion
- m33: single sound better as a single arrow
- m38: 32nd and 16th missing
- m58: 24th jump an error?
- simfile cuts off suddenly

summary: For what the file is right now, it's stepped very well, but do something about the ending. Fade-out, finish stepping the whole song, etc.

Last Battle (Final Fantasy 4) / S.S.H. / Shadow 1800
rating: [-]

- m2-3,24,etc.: PR could be better
- m4: please double the BPM at this point. The song definitely asks for it.
- m6,8,etc.: would be fun if you stepped the organ playing 16ths
- m8-12: enormous underlayering
- m18: example of misstepping drums
- many other errors matching similar descriptions

summary: Well. It's a start. But you need to layer to a lot more sounds, correct erroneous steps, and have a wider variety of patterns than 16th runs on left and right-arrow jacks.

LONLY LONLY / DJ Sharpnel / sc979
rating: [+.]

- m25: layer to the drums
- m101-115: you could definitely layer more here - 16ths to the synths in your 8th-note runs and 4ths to even-beat drums in emptier measures

summary: Very repetitive steps, but formulaic in a way that it's hard to go wrong.

Magical 8bit Tour / YMCK / jimerax
rating: [+]

- m41: step to 8th-beat percussions
- m83: missed an 8th jump
- m90: a jump will do rather than a quad

summary: Nearly flawless technically, and fun. I just wonder if those 32nd trills is the best idea...nevertheless, I'd hit it either way.

memories / KURi-ZiLL / bmah
rating: [#]

summary: Not to be confused with the one already in-game, this is a slow and easy simfile. Obviously not layered to the fullest.

Metropolis 8-bit / ParagonX9 / Operationstrawbarry
rating: [?]

- m2: 32nd jumpstream would be more fun
- m3-10: almost all of the 16th triples are out of sync by a 16th beat, or is nonexistant. Listen to percussion again.
- m11-13,17: several misplaced jumps to the music
- m18,50,82: 24ths don't sync to the buzz noises, not that you should step them anyways
- m34: 24ths only four notes long, not seven
- m38,46,86: would be nice if you layered to the melody still during the 16th run
- m50,65: missed 8th jump
- m51-57,99-: some 16ths missing and some nonexistant to percussion; however, you should probably step the melody instead of the percussion
- m98: missed a 16th

summary: Plentiful errors that probably resulted from carelessness. Check your syncing of some rhythms more closely and watch for nonexistant/extraneous arrows. Song gets a bit old after a while.

Mnk / Raymond (Dj Goon) / Operationstrawbarry
rating: [?]

- m1-2,16-19,58-60: many of the 12ths/24ths are misplaced to the synth melody
- m3-4,etc.: pretty much every second triplet of 16ths in these sections are misplaced to the percussion
- m71-101: majority of the 12ths/24ths don't exist; many are stepped to 16th noises instead
- m104-106,108-109: why put jumps?

summary: Just like the Metropolis file, there are a lot of errors that can easily have been corrected if you listen carefully. Misplaced 12ths/24ths or 12ths/24ths that should be 16ths are common errors.

Moonlight / Leonid / megamon88
rating: [+]

- the bpm of the speed-up parts are technically incorrect, but it'll do
- m38-42: trills don't seem too appealing, but it's not bad either

summary: Pretty straightforward. Good.

Mourning Heart Interlude / Ensiferum / Bluearrowll
rating: [?]

- however you've synced this song, several areas aren't synced correctly according to the arrow colors (e.g. m3).

summary: There doesn't seem to be much in this file to offer. The patterns themselves are ok but sometimes stagger unnecessarily. Fix the syncing.

Multicore / Anth0n / Mr. Nothing
rating: [?]

- m2,59: incomplete layering
- m4,6: a few jumps are mistepped to the melody
- m11-18,etc.: pattern is boring and not very PR
- simfile overall lacks variety. Patterns repeat over and over again. Perhaps you can induce variety by stepping some other instruments like percussion that goes in 16th triples.

summary: Patterns are incredibly unintuitive and mostly copy-paste.

Nice Guys Finish Last / Adamaja456 / Adamaja456+mac attack
rating: [--]

summary: entire simfile is synced badly as indicated by colorful arrows and general inconsistency of syncing. Start by figuring out the correct bpm first.

Nitro Panic! / Kommisar / Coolboyrulez0 & Xandertrax
rating: [+?]

- m1-12: jacks match song, but really doesn't play out too well
- m46-48,50-52,54: 32nd trill patterns even less feasible than the previously mentioned patterns

summary: Steps are accurate per se, but not fun, thanks to some ridiculous sections. Also repetitive to some degree, but that's hardly a problem.

Northern Lights / 403 / 0
rating: [+.]

- m3,5,7: missing a 4th and/or 16th in each measure from guitar melody
- m6,14,17: other measures that typically have missing 16ths or 4ths
- m8: there probably should've been a 16th jump here
- m19: missed an 8th jump at end of 16th run
- m45: nonexistant 16th
- m62,69,71,99,101: missing some 8th jumps from incomplete layering
- m72,107: shouldn't have an 8th jump according to lyrics
- m108-109: 16th pattern incorrect
- m118: missed an 8th jump

summary: Several errors, but they're not too noticeable. Generally incomplete layering. Fun song.

Now You're Gone / Basshunter / championanwar
rating: [+?]

- m6,56: extraneous arrows according to lyrics
- m10-34,62-86: not all 4ths have to be jumps; you can differentiate by listening to alternating drums and claps, and lyrics
- m27,30-33: missing a few 12ths going to percussion
- m43,52: would be nice if you layered the oncoming drums as well
- m54,72: missed 4th jump
- m69: missed a 12th
- m62-86: since this is a chorus repeat, make things a little different. How about stepping the continuous running 12th synths?

summary: Not bad, but some noticeable errors, and the patterns get repetitive a bit. Also, I don't mind the 12th jacks, but others might.

Nu-Island / KgZ / Silvuh
rating: [+?]

- I know you didn't want to layer everything in order to tone down the difficulty, but playing through the whole chart, it's a bit more difficult than a typical easy file, so you might as well make the song harder and layer more. A few examples:
m4: layer tinkling percussion
m5-22: layer the drums and other percussion along with melody
m37-44: layer more piano notes and the oncoming percussion
m66: incomplete layering of piano solo
m92: incomplete layering of synth melody

summary: Song is a bit hard if you consider this an easy file, yet feels rather skimpy too because of the layering. IMO, making the file slightly more difficult with more layering is the way to go.

Of Course you Need and nEed and neEd and neeD and NEED ME / t+pazolite / Kommisar[os]
rating: [+]

- m18,22,26,30,46,140,156: 8th jump missing
- m34,42,144,152: 8th missing near end of respective measure
- m40,150: jumps in middle of measure actually 16th triples
- m47,158: missing some 16ths going to voice sample
- m101: 32nds missing near beginning and end of measure
- m138: 16ths missing

summary: Fun and relatively clean file, but fix the above errors! File is for those who love fast songs.

Otaku Speedvibe [EDIT] / Neon Genesis Gabbangelion / who_cares973
rating: [-]

summary: Incredibly layered, unfun file with mainly three-chord hands and more arrows going to buzz noises. Having this file in the game for FGO AAAers is, although very hard, highly unrewarding.

Phanta! / t+pazolite /

rating: [+?]

- too long and mp3 can be cut easily. Naturally, patterns also get old.
- m34,etc.: in some of these sections, there are various emphasized beats, so some jumps might be better off as single arrows
- m67,etc.: I don't hear the last yellow 16th in each measure. Also, why don't you step the rap vocals later on too? Repetitive.
- m103,etc.: incomplete layering
- m196,etc.: overlayered with a lot of hands

summary: Stepping is technically correct almost everywhere, but: 1) Too long. Cut song. 2) Very repetitive. Vary patterns more. 3) Overlayered in many places. Overall, the simfile doesn't feel like an FMO, save for the song length. Get rid of hands and quads.

Pleasant Farmer / Jea / stavie33
rating: [?]

- m1-16: the chains of repeated arrow pattern is more appropriate elsewhere. Not the best patterns here
- m1,etc.: the percussion throughout the song should create a group of five 16ths, not three
- m17-28: underlayered; noticeable contrast in difficulty
- m52,56,60,etc.: missing 8th going to drums
- m62-64,94-96: combination of jumpstream + bursts is really unfun
- m97-127: insanely repetitive with unbearable jumpstream; at the very least you could've varied the layering and make anything more interesting

summary: Repetitive song that should be cut for sure. Retarded patterns in many places, but the last part of the song definitely takes the cake. Please also induce some variety into the steps.

Prelude No. 7 / Frederick Chopin / Xandertrax
rating: [+]

- m1,7: first up arrow should be a jump according to piano chord (lol how could you've missed this?)

summary: Short and sweet. But I'm itching for you to fix the above error! >:0

Primitivism / Glome / CyclopsDragon
rating: [+.]

- why not step the beginning of the song?
- m4,5,etc.: 16th/32nd jacks not the best choice of patterns to use, however accurate it may be to the drums
- m34-40,etc.: again, 16th jumps creating some pretty awkward patterns
- m42,etc.: according to your layering, these sections have incomplete layering from drums
- m53-54,etc.: strange jacks creating awkward patterns

summary: Would be nice if you could change some patterns to make it a bit less awkward and jacky. But it's actually pretty accurate overall and rather interesting.

Radiant Moonlight / MSXOmega / Bluearrowll
rating: [+?]

- m2-13: many 16ths missing to the synth
- m14-21: 8th pattern a little stale; maybe add a few 16ths?
- m22: second trill pattern starts a tad too early
- m61,65-66,68,82: incomplete layering; layering also a bit funny at m66

summary: Straightforward (albeit generic) file; PR is ok; noticeable incomplete layering.

Rage Template / Dev/Null / _.Spitfire._
rating: [+.]

- m7: extraneous left-down jump
- m15,etc.: no 32nd up arrow nor the following 16th right arrowt+pazol exists
- m16,92,etc.: burst that goes to a warped noise near end of measure not really justified
- m25,etc.: not a fan of three-arrow jacks at this bpm
- m65,69: 16th missing near beginning of measure
- m68: first 16th up arrow nonexistant
- m86: 32nd jump nonexistant
- m95-114: underlayered, especially in contrast with previous section; try stepping to background synths and hi-hats
- m119: left-right jump needed?

summary: It's pretty fun, but just be careful in knowing what sounds you're actually stepping. Helps to discern the differences in 0.3x - 0.5x speed.

RAIN / t+pazolite / _.Spitfire._ & bluguerrilla
rating: [+]

- m61: 24th pattern pretty wacky; care to make a better-flowing pattern?

summary: Typical gabba with lots of 12ths. Steps are fine.

Rain / YMCK / Brilliant Dynamite Neon & Kommisar[os]
rating: [+]

- m44-45: misstepped some jumps
- m48: first right-arrow 16th nonexistant
- m69: down-left jump should be single arrow
- m72: down-up jump should be single arrow
- m75-77: empty parts still have trills running, which you may want to step if you like
- m79: missed a 16th
- m85: should be 32nd trills here
- m86,89: a few extraneous arrows here, namely 12ths/24ths

summary: Long song, but consistent, fun, and challenging. There's a few errors but they don't detract from the overall quality of the steps.

-Razor_Blade- / customstuff / customstuff
rating: [?]

- m7,9-11,13,15,17,27,29: incomplete layering
- m20,22: obvious 24ths missing
- m31: 24th trills not PR
- m35-36: too many jumps here
- m40: last 12th jack should be an up arrow
- m41-44: some jumps go to nothing
- m46: 12ths should still be layered on the 8th jumps; fast rolls start earlier
- m51-73: patterns extremely repetitive
- m73: shouldn't have repeated arrows according to PR

summary: It starts out ok, but there are several layering errors and the last third of the song is highly repetitive and boring.

Red Wings Over Baron (FFIV Medley) / Powerglove / bluguerrilla & HighAndr0id
rating: [+?]

- m9-10: 24th up arrows nonexistant
- m14-22: step guitar more accurately; offsync in some places (e.g. right before m15 or m16)
- m37-40: incorrect steps; drums not playing to that many 16ths; also, layer the guitar melody more
- m45: more jumps for guitar melody?
- m56-58: incorrect steps; guitar and drums not playing to that many 16ths; also, there should be 12ths/24ths near end of m57 instead of a 32nd
- m67: start off with a jump
- m72,75: some 16ths nonexistant
- m78: incomplete layering
- m80,98,110,214,245: step more accurately to drums
- m95-96: optionally, you might want to step some quick bursts according to orchestral strings
- m152: needs better PR
- m165,209: forgot a jump
- m168-170: should be all jumps according to your previous layering
- m178-182: some 8ths should be removed; ignore unimportant hi-hats
- m185: incomplete layering
- m198: step more accurately to guitar
- m199: would be fun if you stepped to drumroll; you should offset the timing with a pause so that the oncoming section won't have 8th arrows on 4th-note beats
- m238-242,275-281: don't hear all those 16ths
- m253,257: should be 16ths near the end, not 12ths/24ths

summary: Extremely long song, but it's varied enough to keep people playing the whole way through. However, there are still too many errors. Keep on going!

ReMotion Remixed / ZooSafari / Xandertrax
rating: [+.]

- m33-40: 16th jumps doesn't seem justified to music; layer differently

summary: Technically consistent step-wise. Some repeating 8th patterns in the middle feel a little strange. Steps are really repetitive though, due to the song's nature.

Saddest Remix / Cor de la Drem / Kommisar[os]
rating: [+]

- m43: jump unnecessary
- m65: forgot a 4th between the three-arrow hands

summary: Awesome job.

Secret Zombie Room V2 / For Great Justice! / unkdavar
rating: [+?]

- m1-2: you should try to step the beginning of the song
- m3,5-8,25-34,57-64: underlayered; layer more the main melody, bass synths, and/or percussion
- m11,19,36,39,41: incomplete layering
- m20: last 16th nonexistant
- m44: 16th pattern not consistent with your previous patterns

summary: Better than the original version, but it's still quite underlayered.

Sexperation / Virt / bmah
rating: [#]

SELF-NOTE: m33 has a 32nd, m41 has a 16th

summary: 80s song with Virt's own vocals.

Ska de Chocobo!! / Glome / RedOrigami
rating: [+]

- m5: one extraneous 16th
- m45-50: you should acknowledge the main melody here; also, forgot some jumps on cymbal crashes
- m53,55: missed a 16th on the drums

summary: Pretty good. Some technical errors; middle part of simfile a little boring. Steps are similar to the other simfile in this batch.

Ska de Chocobo!! / Glome / TC_Cyrenics + bmah
rating: [#]

summary: Simfile originally stepped solely by TC_Cyrenics. Helped him to the point where it's sufficient to call this a collab. Coincidentally, steps are very similar to the other one in this batch.

Slashfic / Dr. 1010 (Hearts) / OperationStrawbarry
rating: [?]

- m1-7: not fully stepping to synths; need more 16ths
- m9-16: not quite sure what you're stepping to - the drums/percussions or the background melody; either way, layering is incomplete; also, there shouldn't be 24ths
- m17-32,etc.: stepping is pretty linear if you add jumps to the whole melody; it's more interesting if you layer other sounds as well
- m17,etc.: some patterns are inconsistent (e.g. single 8ths vs 8th jumps)
- m32: jumps are misstepped
- m33,etc.: buzz noises don't justify 12ths and 24ths
- m48: missed a few 16ths jumps; however, this would lead to many jacks if you keep the current pattern
- m66,74: too many 16ths
- m84: 16ths start earlier

summary: Simfile suffers from stepping jumps to every note of the melody without layering anything else, as well as some easily preventable errors.

Slaytronic / Bong-Ra / Vote4Nixon
rating: [+]

- m22: 16th drums more justified than 32nds that go to a faint buzz noise
- m35,59,etc.: throughout the song, there are a few 4th/8th jumps missing. Many of them begin on a 16th stream (m35), but it's not always the case (m59).
- m42: last 8th arrow unnecessary
- m68: missed a 16th

summary: Only thing is really adding more jumps to the drums. Fun to play.

Slow Down / A-OK / Xandertrax
rating: [+?]

- m6-12,14-20: repeated jumps are ok, but it might be just as good to step the drums and percussion too
- m5,13,21-29,55-70: layer more to percussions and drums
- m30: technically wrong PR
- m33,37,41,45: forgot 8th jump

summary: I feel this is too underlayered in some places. Also is repetitive like crazy.

Smash Podcast / Jihnsius / Coolboyrulez0
rating: [+.]

- m1-4: would be great if you stepped the beginning
- m9-24: could have a better 8th pattern that's more PR
- m26-28,etc.: better if you layer the percussion as well
- m45: could have better PR

summary: Not too bad. Thing that sticks out the most is the bad PR in the first half of the song.

So Sexy Robotnik / Powerglove / SKG_Scintill
rating: [+?]

- m7,10-17,35-38,etc.: most jumps aren't needed
- m9: don't need the 16ths
- m22,26,29,96,100-102: guitar very weakly justifies 16ths; they don't feel necessary
- m34: there shouldn't be that many 16ths
- m40,42: 32nds unjustified; at most, there may be 16th jumps
- m47-52,etc.: there are definitely better patterns than jumptrills; layering also incomplete
- m80-83: too many 16ths
- m88,90: missed a few 12ths
- m94: 16ths not needed
- m96: 32nd should be a 12th
- m120,124,128: 12th hand misplaced
- m170-192: should be single arrows

summary: Interesting, but many areas could have better patterns. Also didn't like 16ths in certain places.

South Paw (Koshien Version) / DJ Sharpnel / ~HentaiXXX~
rating: [-]

summary: Simfile offsync resulting in mainly 12ths or 24ths. Highly underlayered as well, and also includes some unreasonable jack patterns.

Stai With Me / Nuq&Skip Productionz ft. Louey Checkmate / -Barista-
rating: [+?]

- m2-10: underlayered; try stepping some synths you missed
- m11-33,51-65,etc.: I don't seem to understand some of the 16ths you've added. Some go to lyrics, while others flow to either inaudible or nonexistant sounds/lyrics. Some 16ths are missing too from drums or percussion (e.g. m12,33).
- m34-43,45-48,etc.: incomplete layering on drums and percussion; some inconsistencies present (e.g. m38)

summary: Many 16ths aren't stepped accurately to the lyrics. There are many places that have unnecessary 16ths or too many of them. Also, layering could be better.

Star Of Andromeda / sun3 / bmah
rating: [#]

summary: Remix of Andromeda from IIDX and Casket of Star from Touhou.

Sunny Funny Chiny / t+pazolite / _.Spitfire._
rating: [+.]

- m60: missed an 8th
- m91-94: would be better if you had more 16ths to synths
- m99-114: feels a bit empty; layer more? (e.g. hi-hats)
- m144: extraneous 8th jump

summary: Steps are fine, but song is really repetitive especially towards the end (and so are the steps). In terms of difficulty, the simfile doesn't feel like an FMO, so if that's the case, hands and quads may have to be removed.

Sunset / SolusLunes / Bolth Mannn
rating: [!]

summary: The actual steps to the simfile is missing.

Sunset Dept. / The Flashbulb / CyclopsDragon
rating: [+.]

- m4: misplaced some arrows in middle of measure
- m6,9,11,12: don't hear one of the 16ths
- m7,13: missed a 16th
- m11: jacks may not be exactly 16th notes
- m14: a few 12ths/24ths missing
- m27: 32nd should be a 24th
- m28: 24th jacks are a rather unfitting pattern
- m35: first and last arrows of measure should be jumps

summary: Interesting file; just missing a few sounds here and there.

Super Spy Hunter / Saskrotch / who_cares973
rating: [+]

- doesn't feel like an FMO except for the very end of the song; hands needed?

summary: Steps are fine. It's only a question of whether the simfile's hard enough as an FMO to warrant hands.

Swallowing an Avalanche (New Mix) / Nosrac / Bynary Fission
rating: [+.]

- m2-8,etc.: there's at least one extraneous 16th in every measure that doesn't exist;
- m35,37,etc.: missed a 4th at beginning of measure; extraneous 4th near end of measure
- m49: check the steps here; misinterpreted a lot of things
- m106: don't need a placeholder arrow at the end

summary: Fun drum'n bass song. However, there are a lot of nonexistant 16ths littered throughout the whole simfile. A few missed steps as well.

Tageri / Sabrepulse / TC_Halogen
rating: [+?]

- m7,31: missed a 16th
- m27,30,33: missed a 4th
- m34-38,62-63,77,79,82-84: missed a lot of steps, mainly on drums
- m49: last 32nd not needed
- m68: jump on the emphasized 4th?
- m71: extraneous 8th
- m87-89,91: step more to percussions
- m93: should be more 32nds
- m108-109: one-handed trills not the best patterns to use
- m111-119,121-125,127: feels underlayered; check over these parts carefully
- m121: fun if you added more jumps to emphasized drums
- m127: last arrow should be an 8th

summary: Another fun dnb song; many little things missing throughout the song. Also feels underlayered near the end.

The Duck Grinder / Powerglove / samurai7694
rating: [+]

- m5: missed an 8th jump
- m65-66: missed a few 8ths
- m69-71: perhaps layer to drums as well
- m75,78-79: don't hear the 16ths
- m79-83: perhaps layer to drums instead of simply repeating jumps here
- m87: jump at cymbal crash
- m109: redo steps that go to the drums

summary: Fun. Only minor errors.

Time To Eye / sun3 / bmah
rating: [#]

summary: My rather dumpy file. I like it, but the song results in one part resulting in an inconsistent difficulty.

TizAshura / Jon Brownell / Vote4Nixon
rating: [+.]

- m3-4,etc.: steps are good, but optionally, you might want to take the other background melody into account, especially if this section repeats later.
- m9: misplaced a 32nd and missed a few 32nds as well in the slowdown section
- m9,11,30.: missing some 16ths going to the melody
- m13-14,22-23,32: missing some arrows from layering percussion
- m20-21: speedup is silly

summary: Nothing much except for the absence of stepping some percussion sounds.

Twist / championanwar / Vote4Nixon
rating: [+?]

- the steps appear to cater to a difficulty 6-7 file. I still think that additional layering is preferable. Step to some percussion (e.g. m5) and rolling click noises (e.g. m9).
- PR is questionable at many places throughout song, such as m10,14,34,38,etc.
- m16: feels a lot better if this section is all 8th jumps. Also missed a 4th after the 32nd roll.
- m19,20,22,etc.: incomplete layering of piano/xylophone

summary: As an easier file, it would've been ok, but there are still too many issues regarding incomplete layering and poor PR.

Ultema, the Perfect Body (PSy Mix) / Glome / CyclopsDragon
rating: [?]

- m2: step the beginning
- song patterns throughout the song completely unintuitive, even for easy steps

summary: Steps are easy, but they're mostly just copy-paste 8th patterns.

Under the Clearest Blue Skies / Kommisar / dooty_7
rating: [?]

- m7-8: most jumps should be single arrows
- m24: watch the PR
- m24-28,31,34: incomplete layering

summary: Appropriate easy song, but incomplete layering is noticeable enough to be a bother.

Usatei / myu314/BeatMARIO / Bynary Fission
rating: [?]

- m7: missed an 8th jump
- m9: 32nd bursts start earlier
- m19-50: steps to the voice sample are amusing, but it gets a bit long and ridiculous; you could do some layering through this whole part
- m54,63,etc.: 24ths and 32nds aren't well justified and their patterns are awkward too

summary: Not crazy about stepping solely to the voice samples. Also, the last part of the song is overdone and awkward.

Vah-Jay-Jay / Psychostick / dore
rating: [+]

summary: At 10 seconds long, is there really much to say? Song itself is lol.

Versatile / KgZ / Xandertrax
rating: [+.]

- m21-23,25-31,etc.: layer a bit more, perhaps to the background piano like you did in m20 (add 16ths?)
- m33-47: incomplete layering when you take into account the piano; layering more might be better
- m63: missed an 8th jump
- m64: missed some 16ths at end of measure
- m81,83,85,87: missed 4th jumps; refer to beginning of song to maintain consistency

summary: Very fun to play. I just have a few suggestions in terms of layering and consistency.

Warren / The Flashbulb / who_cares973
rating: [+?]

- occasional PR issues throughout simfile (e.g. m2-3)
- incomplete layering throughout simfile; step as you would if you played this piece on piano
- syncing is ok, but might be a little off in some places

summary: Main issue is the incomplete layering. It's easy to notice because the only instrument playing is the piano.

Welcome to Cyberdrome / MashedByMachines / Xandertrax
rating: [+?]

- m16,44,48,82,87,etc.: missed a 16th
- m20,77,104,107: missed a 4th
- m21-36: underlayered; step percussion
- m61-64: underlayered
- m83-84: missed a lot of 16ths going to drums
- m88: missed the 32nd pattern you usually add

summary: Many parts feel a tad underlayered. A few parts are also inconsistent.

Winter Wind Etude / Frederick Chopin performed by B. Hisamori / Xandertrax
rating: [+.]

- m14,etc.: at the end of these sections are missing 24ths/8ths.
- m19-21,etc.: some jumps missing to the main melody throughout the song, but you might want to skip this anyways; steps are hard as is
- m48: forgot a 4th jump

summary: Very technical as is, and mostly accurate, but the nature of the song results in an admittedly monotonous simfile of endless 24th streams.

Worse / Drumcorps / Xandertrax
rating: [?]

summary: Pretty unintuitive file. Jacks are ok at first, but soon realizing that jacks comprised pretty much the whole file, it just wasn't fun anymore. Jacks went on and on. Song name says all.

XP Sound Attempt / SomethingUnreal / who_cares973
rating: [+.]

- m6: check layering again (add/remove a jump)
- m27: check PR
- m27-28,35-36: missing some arrows in empty areas
- m32: missed an 8th jump
- m48: continue to layer to the "tap" noise as well

summary: Interesting song and steps. Just fix a few things here and there. Jacks are doable IMO.

Yosakoi / Cranky / -Barista-
rating: [+?]

- m3: 16th stream doesn't end in a 16th
- m6-7: incomplete layering to synth; also, why the weird 64th?
- m8,18,etc.: missed some 24ths going to drumroll
- m9: drumroll is actually 24ths until the end of the measure, where it becomes 32nds
- m11-18,etc.: 16th stream doesn't represent this part of the song at all; step something else
- m20,22: missed a 16th
- m26,40,etc.: step more accurately to flute
- m61: bad 32nd pattern

summary: The file is fun but unfortunately is far too inaccurate, with many 24ths missing to drumrolls and the flute. 16th streams doesn't do justice to the song.

Blu's Notes:
-Razor_Blade- (customstuff) {1/10} [-]
. k I'm sorry customstuff but this song is terrible AND there are misrhythms AND there are PR issues and I'm not sure how you managed that


11ELEVEN (0) {6/10} [+?]
. This file would be 100x better if for the intro you only put jumps to maybe snare, ignored no rhythms and don't start jumps to bass until m35
. Other than that the file is pretty solid
. 24ths in m46 should probably be a swung 16th, slow it down and double-check (just a 16th might be good enough but it's not 24ths)


4ME (Coolboyrulez0) {4/10} [?]
. m10 2nd yellow note goes to nothing, other misrhythms later in the file
. Parts of this song are very sparse, could have 8th note stream and layer in blue jumps when the horns come in in one really long blue note section
. There's a lot more you could do with this song and keep it easy like I think you want to


666 MPH (Vote4Nixon) {6/10} [+?]
. Still missing those yellow notes to BD throughout
. Some rhythms to guitar as jumps wrong
. m30 48th should be 4 notes long and start one 48th before the red note you have it starting on


A Battle for the Sky (Silvuh) {6/10} [+.]
. m48 32nds there aren't too hard to not include (and again later)
. Is this a Touhou remix?
. Overall solid mid-difficlty sim (more fun at 1.3x tho)


A Change of Seasons (Patashu) {7/10} [+]
. Good easy file, start with a jump and add 2 seconds to the song


A Question of Fate(Psychotik) {3/10} [-]
. Lots wrong with this file.
. Check layering, stream PR, layering-induced jacks, jump PR and 8th note PR
. Sometimes you need the PR and sometimes not (like with the 'triplets')
. Some ghost note issues in the stream


A Quick Death (who_cares973 & Coolboyrulez0) {6/10} [+?]
. m11 yellow before 32nds doesn't belong
. m16 missed an orange note
. Some odd pattern choices in the faster rhythms like in m21
. PR issues in jumps throughout
. m45 is annoying how it changes noises but not denomination, consider not stepping the 192nds or whatever they are at all? (other misrhythms in m45 too)
. Overall I think you left out 32nds that could be fun and missed some jumps
. Lack of PR in the 32nds (ie not trills) makes the file more tractable, needs work though


Aki (TK_pavonineukon) {4/10} [?]
. Some PR and layering issues, check it all
. Jacks that go yellow red yellow should not be jacks at all
. Ending stream could be better


Altered Beast (who_cares973) {5/10} [+?]
. Song is too short, I think, to leave out rhythms like you did
. PR issues in the jumps (m22 spec.)
. Might want to put jumps to all those loud snares, would play better


Angel Island Remix (Silvuh) {5/10} [+.]
. I think I'd prefer keynoting the jacks so you only do it to synth, not to bass drum, at least when it's jacks to BD near the synth 33331(24) instead of 33332(24) etc
. The 16th trills that should be jacks would be fine as jacks


Arrogant Cobbler (Kommisar[os]) {zomgfun/10} [+]
. kommitakular file, no complaints


Arrrrrr (Vote4Nixon) {4/10} [+?]
. Works better as an easier file but some ddr-ing of the patterns would make it more enjoyable (or at least calculated randomization instead of 222333444 etc)


Asteroid Run (Patashu) {6/10} [+.]
. Ok weird file
. m56-m59 could do JS to the bass maybe getting rid of the jumps on 2 and 4
. like what you did with the stream
. m81 don't need the first red jump
. Plays like an older file which is neat


Battle Theme #31 (SulferDragon) {3/10} [?]
. Jacks in m29 should be trills (they're actually not the same note repeated if you listen closely)
. This file would be better without putting jumps to every snare and layering the guitar with the drums (making jumps happen on guitar mostly)
. m33 shouldn't repeat as much as it does
. Some parts where you don't step the bass drum make it feel empty
. This file could be better


Beadumaegen (Vote4Nixon) {8/10} [+]
. Still think this file is spectacular


Black and White (Silvuh) {6/10} [+?]
. Would like to see a progression in layering where you layer more when more instruments come in playing the melody (and I mean a starker contrast, layering less than you do at before they come in and keeping it like you have it when they do)
. Some parts feel overstepped (parts like m20)
. Overall this file is solid but I think it could be more fun


Blame It on Bad Luck (bluguerrilla) {fun/10} [#]
. can't help but love this


Bouff (Patashu) {7/10} [+]
. m17 don't want to step those drums? I think it'd be nice if you did
. Solid, fun file


Bullet's P.O.V. (Vote4Nixon) {3/10} [?]
. OK you left out a ton of rhythms probably on purpose but it makes it nonintuitive to play and annoying
. Also, tell Jon Brownell to fix the levels in his song because the clipping makes me want to punch kittens


Bunny (_.Spitfire._) {7/10} [+.]
. Think is still a bit overstepped. First JS put jumps to snare, then add jumps to 'ting noise' and leave the rest of the JS the same


C7 Funk (Xandertrax) {6/10} [+?]
. m20 yellow note to guitar missing
. You missed 32nds to the guitar all over the place


Car Sax (whocares973 vs Cyanite) {4/10} [?]
. 32nd gallops should be 24th gallops
. Feels cluttered with those layered in everywhere
. Some missed rhythms throughout, recheck the solos


CCUK (i love gabba) {4/10} [?]
. Overstepped, a different layering style would be better
. Some of the 32nds forced (to quiet rolling sounds not discernable at 1x)
. Some PR shoddy


Chaoz Japan v2 (who_cares973) {5/10} [+?]
. 3-note jacks in lots of this should be 2-note jacks
. m18 get rid of those jacks and other jacks caused by layering
. Meh, overstepped
. meh


Chaoz Survivor (Ziergdsx18) {3/10} [?]
. Misrhythms, recheck at .5x
. Some 32nds should be 24ths
. Some 16ths where there should be none


Charging Swarm Of Mouseketeers (SulferDragon) {5/10} [+?]
. m54 16ths missed
. More interesting PR in the parts where you do (34) to snare the entire time would be nice
. m86+ missed tons of 16ths and 32nds in the BD
. PR should change more than it does because of the syncopation between the drums and melody


Chemical Attraction (TK_pavonineukon) {5/10} [+?]
. Some parts you could include some BD, when it's just 8ths to vocals
. Otherwise neat file, just some parts felt empty


Clockwork (Xandertrax) {7/10} [+.]
. BPM needs doubling from m21-37 and m41-57
. PR at the end could be better in the yellow notes
. Breakbeat sections super-fun


Coldest Night (-Barista-) {3/10} [?]
. Eh, boring
. PR could have been better throughout
. Some difficulty jumps out of nowhere
. meh


coloris (TK_pavonineukon) {4/10} [?]
. Jacks don't belong
. Misrhythms throughout, double-check them
. Some parts feel overlayered


Colossus (Silvuh) {5/10} [+.]
. m33 blue note should be purple
. overall, boring but little wrong :\


Cook Rock Disko (_.Spitfire._) {7/10} [+]
. ver good


Corneria (cry4eternity) {4/10} [?]
. Stream felt forced and the patterns didn't have the right feel
. Missed some obvious stream at the end
. Some of the layering pretty meh


Csikos Post (woker-X) {4/10} [?]
. Tons of the gallops should be 3-notes long
. Overstepped, rework layering


Cybertron (megamon88 and cedolad) {4/10} [?]
. Jacks caused by layering all over the place
. All jacks felt forced
. 32nd trills are OK if they aren't one-handed
. 48ths aren't right
. Inconsistent pattern choice
. This file could be 100x more fun but you made it hard


Cyclone Escape (bob bob) {4/10} [?]
. m33+ step those 16ths
. m50 etc misrhythmed and PR should be a 3-note pattern
. Overall file could be much better


Cynthia (Cyanite) {4/10} [?]
. PR in piano intro could be MUCH better
. 32nd pattern should be mash friendly at this bpm
. m43 piano run should go 12342341341241231234 not 12341234123412341234
. The JS part was kinda meh for how hard it was. Stream would be more fun. JS just feels forced.
. Ending quad forced
. Missed piano in the ending
. Overall could be much better
. Pattern choice overall was harder than it had to be


Deceitful Wings (cry4eternity) {2/10} [-]
. zomg long boring misrhythms pr hatehatehate


Determine (Silvuh) {6/10} [+]
. Straightforward easy file with ok patterns


DeVouR (Xandertrax) {7/10} [+]
. One handed jumps near 32nds would be muchly appreciated
. Other than that you've chopped this file down a lot since the last time I played it
. Still hard as **** to PA... Those gallops...


Discocube (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) {4/10} [?]
. Recheck ALL of your jacks because only about half of them actually belong
. 32nd gallop to flute should be a 16th gallop each time


Disconnected hyper file (bob bob) {just like every other Disconnected remix/10} [?]
. Lack of layering made this file boring
. meh


Disregard (0) {nothx/10} [-]
. Chains and terrible patterns


DKC2 Symphonic Rock Remix (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) {3/10} [?]
. 24th jacks should be a minitrill pattern
. Bad PR
. Could be better


Dr. Tetris (woker-X & ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) {4/10} [?]
. Overlayered
. Could use some 16ths during the jump-y section after toning down the overall hands and jumps


Drop (OperationStrawbarry) {5/10} [+?]
. m70 I hear only the first yellow note
. Parts like the 12(34)21 in m35 should go 22(34)22, pay attention to PR in the 16ths more overall, the file is getting there


Elfin Pirate (Redsky139) {5/10} [+?]
. Gap is off (maybe you stepped it in 4.0)
. 48ths in m27/28 should be an easier pattern like 324132
. Same overall, make the patterns for the bursts easier otherwise it's stupid for the overall file difficulty
. PR in the ending flute could be better


Epileptic Crisis (qqwref) {4/10} [?]
. Stepping all those buzzing noises is just dumb
. Could be a cool file without all that


Eve of the End (Bolth Mannn) {whatever/10} [!]
. Blank sm file


Experiment (championanwar) {6/10} [+.]
. Fun and easy
. Don't like the lone jack in m36


Felys -Chaos Mix- (suicidaln00b) {5/10} [?]
. Terrible pattern choice for the bursts
. Either do minijacks or don't, don't do them just sometimes (I'd vote for removing them)
. Missed a ton of rhythms that would be a neat addition to the file
. Has a lot of potential


Floating Hour (bmah) {8/10} [+]
. That's a really fun file


Floating Through Time (Bluearrowll) {3/10} [-]


Flower Forever (TK_pavonineukon) {3/10} [-]
. Overstepped
. Too long!
. Sync shoddy
. meh PR


Frühlingsrauschen (Xandertrax) {7/10} [+.]
. I might be crazy but I think I'd like you to step both hands and also listen for jacks in the second half
. Might be OK as is...


Greensleeves (woker-X) {6/10} [+.]
. k not bad, dds would have made your like 100000x easier though


Gun Sounds(-Barista-) {3/10} [?]


Halloweenies (_.Spitfire._ + Flaming_Dingleberry) {7/10} [+.]
. Fun, kinda weird but fun
. m19 PR


Hello Mr. Tree (Vote4Nixon) {5/10} [?]
. Missed a TON of the drums, do over
. Ashura122112 (11:15:13 AM): "hey i'm blu, i don't really like this file but i'm not gonna tell you why unless it's brakebeetz. make it so that i like the file k thx [?]"
. "ps ur rhythms are missed and oh your PR is bad too"

Hey Hey Monkey (_.Spitfire._) {6/10} [+?]
. PR in 8ths could be much better
. meh


Holy Funkin Shiz! (Cyanite) {5/10} [?]
. Recheck manual sync, some is off
. Jacks caused by layering = D:
. Cut before distorted guitar comes in so it doesn't feel so cut off


I'm A Raver (D'nB) (IgroMAN) {2/10} [-]
. Tons of rhythms wrong
. PR needs tender loving care
. Hands not needed


Identity [S.S.H] (DarkZtar) {why/10} [?]
. So
. Boring
. Fell
. Asleep


Identity pt 2 (DarkZtar) {5/10} [?]
. Overstepped
. Needs more fading and fading out of layering


If (Xandertrax) {4/10} [+?]
. Cut please!
. Meh, could use more layering in places but really really needs a cut


Im Sick Of Uprock (Patashu) {6/10} [+?????]
. Seems cluttered
. Grace note 32nds near 32nd gallops make it feel weird to play
. I don't know, some parts you could ignore the drums (:O) and just step whatever other sounds there are to make it less cluttered


Islamey (Xandertrax) {7/10} [+.]
. Um, wow that's kinda hard
. I know the file would probably be less correct but this file could be easier and more fun...


It's Only Natural (bluguerrilla) {timberlakelookalike/10} [#]
. Too much fun


Jazzman (Cyanite) {4/10} [?]
. Not FMO
. This file would be so much fun layered less


Kirby 64 - Forest (Xandertrax) {5/10} [+.]
. It kinda works, nothing really wrong with it except the difficulty contrast, just not really that fun


Kirby Gourmet Race (Xandertrax) {4/10} [?]
. m10 16ths don't belong
. m12, m20 24th should be 16ths, (m24 MIGHT be 24ths but it's really hard for me to tell, definitely not 16ths there) but this mistake happens all over the file
. m21-24 missed tons of 16ths to both guitar and BD
. Jumpjacks don't fee like they fit the layering scheme
. If only the levels didn't suck mokey butt it'd all be easier to hear...


Koisuru VOC@LOID (bmah) {7/10} [+.]
. You could force in the 24ths to BD during the 16ths like in Dazzling Destiny, making it cooooool
. You could also work in the 1.1..1 pattern you have in the intro into the file later like m80+
. Fun fun


La Plume De Ma Tante! (irionman+samurai7694+Kommisar[os]) {} []
. m58 is an abortion
. How did three people work on this and there's only 70 seconds of it stepped?
. step at least till m136 where you cut the song, or did you send in the wrong version dummie?


Last Battle (Shadow 1800) {1/10} [--]
. Terrible... just terrible, quit out 25 seconds in


LONLY LONLY (sc979) {5/10} [+?]
. Would be less drab if you layered in the hihat 16ths
. A better cut might be from m9 on, so starting at 10.78 with music


Magical 8bit Tour (JX) {8/10} [+]
. m16b4 missing a prominent yellow note
. m42b1 missing another yellow note
. Thank you for not layering in 32nd trills the entire time


memories (bmah) {6/10} [+.]
. Song makes me want to suicide but the file was fine


Metropolis [8-bit] (OperationStrawbarry) {4/10} [?]
. Tons of misrhythms throughout
. Layering in parts could be better


Mnk (OperationStrawbarry) {2/10} [?]
. Zomg the rhythmic errors are making me convulse I can't even play the rest of this file
. Not FMO
. Bad pattern choice leading to layering induced jacks


Moonlight (megamon88) {4/10} [+?]
. Pattern choice could be better
. PR in jumps sucks
. Tell leonid to fix the clipping ffs


Mourning Heart (Bluearrowll) {5/10} [+?]
. Missed some guitar and the manual sync could be better
. Use dds to find the guitar you missed maybe
. This song sounds like it's from E.V.O., is it?


Multicore (Mr.Nothing) {2/10} [-]
. Boring layering, missed rhythms, layering induced jacks, inconsistent, bleh


Nice Guys Finish Last (mac attack+adamaja456) {1/10} [-]
. space, end, space, enter, down, down, enter
. Really though this is like all wrong, 99.9% of those purple notes just aren't right
. And the song just cuts off wth


Nitro Panic! (Coolboyrulez0 & Xandertrax) {3/10} [?]
. Not testing the same file over again, see previous judgement


Northern Lights (0) {6/10} [+?]
. Some misrhythms in the guitar
. This song could stand more steps than you gave it, I think people will be unhappy with the lack of JS


Now You're gone (championanwar) {4/10} [?]
. Please make the jacks either trills or 3-note patterns that change when the pitch changes
. Remove all the other jacks
. The first set of jumps should change one beat early for PR
. Ending where you just do half jump gallops should be more stepped, more layered, more better


Nu-Island (Silvuh) {7/10} [+.]
. Change the couple jacks to gallops and this file is good to go I think


Of Course you Need and nEed and neEd and neeD and NEED ME (Kommisar[os]) {7/10} [+.]
. Missed a couple vocals but I didn't really miss them as this is pretty damn intense as it is...


Otaku Speedvibe [EDIT] (who_cares973) {5/10} [+?]
. You left out a lot that needs to be stepped for an EDIT, I think, also didn't really like it


Phanta! (_.Spitfire._) {6/10} [+?]
. m109 PR in the hands bad
. Any part that goes (12)..(12).3(12).(12) should be (12).3(12).3(12).(12)
. Progression of layering could be faster and this song could be half as long, I'd prefer it that way
. A lot of it just didn't feel right, like you weren't stepping the dominant rhythms sometimes.


Piano Lesson Beginner (MahouMinachan) {1/10} [-]
. So terrible I can't even think of something pseudo-witty to say
. Not salvagable


Pleasant Farmer (stavie33) {5/10} [?]
. Every time you step the hihat it should be 5 notes long not 3
. Some of the fast rhythms are total bs
. Boring


Prelude No. 7 (Xandertrax) {7/10} [+]
. Kinda short, wish the piece was longer


Primitivism (CyclopsDragon) {3/10} [?]
. PR made me cry
. no 32nd jacks


Radiant Moonlight (Bluearrowll) {5/10} [+?]
. m42 red jump should be a (34)
. Ending is kinda hard compared to the rest of the file
. Some parts boring, could use variation or at least doing something different, especially in the first 1/3


Rage Template (_.Spitfire._) {8/10} [+]
. m119 should be a (24) not a (34)
. Some of those 32nd rolls could be trills just to **** with people and it'd be badass
. loved the use of grace notes


RAIN (_.Spitfire._ & bluguerrilla) {desu/10} [#]
. ^^;


Rain (BDN & Kommisar[os]) {7/10} [+]
. Not too shabby! The patterns I thought were pretty good but I found it easy to get lost, maybe bad habit forming but whatever :P


Red Wings Over Baron (bluguerrilla & HighAndr0id) {FFIV/10} [#]
. I love this song so much


ReMotion Remixed (Xandertrax) {5/10} [+?]
. Layering too intense in the intro, it's harder than the rest of the song
. PR in the gallops later in the song could be better


Saddest RMX (Kommisar[os]) {7/10} [<]
. like dore's better sry kommi <3


Secret Zombie Room V2 (unkdavar) {3/10} [?]
. Not good enough of a V2, needs to be stepped differently
. Overall needs more steps by a lot


Sexperation (bmah) {ghey/10} [+.]
. this song is so fruity
. pitch is changing on the drum in the last measure so PR
. Maybe missed some stuff to vocals that you were stepping, eg a yellow note in m76 like (23).41231, if that makes sense


Ska de Chocobo (Redorigami) {6/10} [<]
. m9 16ths shouldn't have a break in the middle
. filler notes make it not as fun later but I like the change in layering


Ska de Chocobo!! (TC_Cyrenics + bmah) {6.5/10} [+.]
. m9 16ths shouldn't have a break in the middle
. I like the ending better than red's but I like that he stepped the intro more
. Step the intro pls


Slashfic (OperationStrawbarry) {4/10} [?]
. 24ths wrong (everywhere)
. could use a progression in layering, not just jumps jumps jumps
. some rhythms to piano wrong
. could be fun if the layering didn't suck ass


Slaytronic (Vote4Nixon) {9/10} [+]
. lerve it


Slow Down (Xandertrax) {5/10} [+?]
. consistently missed a red note to keyboard like m60 should go 1(34)21141.
. too much full layering, especially in the intro and outro


Smash Podcast (Coolboyrulez0) {5/10} [+?]
. Could step hihat and be more fun
. PR in 8ths should be a pattern like 123 not 223 (and variations)


So Sexy Robotnik (SKG_Scintill) {.0001/10} [--]


South Paw (~HentaiXXX~) {3/10} [?]
. gap wrong, should be ~-.240 (first note should be blue)
. Lots of the rhythms wrong
. Meh otherwise


Stai With Me (-Barista-) {3/10} [?]
. bs rhythms just like the last time you submitted it
. could be 110x better


Star Of Andromeda (bmah) {7/10} [+]
. Fun JS


Sunny Funny Chiny (_.Spitfire._) {7/10} [+]
. long and a bit tiring but it's good, i like it


Sunset (Bolth Mannn) {NA/10} [!]
. No chart gg


Sunset Dept. (CyclopsDragon) {1/10} [-]
. pattern choice made me gag
. missed some 16ths in the beginning and some of them are swung
. BAD! NO!


Super Spy Hunter(who_cares973) {crotchsass/10} [+.]
. Last step should be a jump
. Fine otherwise


Swallowing An Avalanche (New Mix) (Bynary Fission) {6/10} [+.]
. Change the jacks in m103 t0 212 and I'm fine with this file
. It's just a bit... droning?


Tageri (TC_Halogen) {8/10} [+]
. Gap should be -.51
. Very fun O:
. m49 jack caused by pattern choice+layering take it out (the other one later with the hand is fine I guess)


The Duck Grinder (samurai7694) {2/10} [-]
. Many BS 16ths
. Hurtful PR
. Layering bad in many parts


Time To Eye (bmah) {7/10} [+]
. ow 48ths
. fun but owie


TizAshura (Vote4Nixon) {6/10} [+.]
. Why isn't there a yellow note in m3 (and other places) like (24).12(34)1(23) instead of (24).12(34).(23)? Because I hear the synth there.
. Otherwise fine, very you :P


Twist (Vote4Nixon) {6/10} [+]
. m58 should end in a blue 4
. Pretty fun, keynoting chords plays a bit weird but you're a bit (hur) weird


Ultema, the Perfect Body (PSy Mix) (CyclopsDragon) {1/10} [-]
. Multiple charts >
. Wow so boring. Quit out.
. How about not sending in copypasta ****


Under the Clearest Blue Skies (dooty_7) {4/10} [+?]
. Bad PR caused by layering fix dat
. Could use variation


Usatei (Bynary Fission) {2/10} [-]
. Bad
. Like, yeah, bad grace notes to vocals
. Sync to vocals could be much better


Vah-Jay-Jay (dore) {9/10} [+]
. I do!


Versatile (Xandertrax) {7/10} [+]
. Not bad, that one jack is kinda lonely and should go home where his friends are, not hang around in this simfile


Warren (who_cares973) {5/10} [+?]
. PR made me cry dead kittens
. Also missed like one note somewhere in the last 1/3 of the song


Welcome to Cyberdrome (Xandertrax) {6/10} []
. Not bad, a bit jumpy and overstepped with a couple strangish transitions...


Winter Wind Etude (Xandertrax) {6/10} [+.]
. Volume can be increased easily without causing clipping
. Dang that really wasn't that fun
. Ending should be one way, not snaking


Worse (Xandertrax) {7/10} [+]
. Call me crazy I liked it


XP Sound Attempt (Who_Cares973) {7/10} [+.]
. Even at this bpm make those 32nds trill not jack
. I liked it otherwise, fun


Yosakoi (-Barista-) {2/10} [?]
. made up 32nds
. layer in those minijacks to piano everywhere pls (but only correctly)
. Forced stream
. Also MISSED 32nds AND 16ths wtf
. lol pattern choice for 32nds no
. so inconsistent I don't even know where to begin, do over
. This file could be cool and fun but it's neither

Dore's Notes:
-Razor_Blade- (customstuff) [?]
m11-19 layering doesn't make musical sense, try layering cowbell over toms
m23-30ish pr is really wonky
m31ish-35 either pick good pr or fun patterns. this is neither
m35-37 jump after pink note is extraneous
m40 2222 3 3 should be 2223 3 3
m41-45 no reason for those jumps other than the ones for the crashes
m46 48th roll is completely unnecessary plus there's so much clipping that you can't hear anything anyway
m51-65 I'd use jumps for the synth melody rather than snare/bass
m65 should be a jump
m65-73 you're going for the RB chart here but those patterns are godawful, put snare on up and bass on left and it plays better
m73-end 2 3 4 23 3 32 1 would be how to do it pr

4ME (Coolboyrulez0) [+?]
m11-24 I see what you're doing, but I think it would be more fun if you stepped something else at least part of the time. try 4 bars of vocals, 4 bars of offbeats, etc
-if you want to keep it as is, m14b3-m18 should be 333322223333444 or something similar
-I feel like the rest of the file would be more fun if you somehow incorporated the vocals, especially in the blank spaces
m56 it should be straight 16ths instead of triples
-Overall, the file is fun; I just question the complete absence of vocals when there are gaping blank spaces.

11ELEVEN (0) [+.]
m46 the 24ths should be 2 32nds as in 2 43(12)
m72b1 the blue note should be a jump
m75b4-m76b2 should have jumps on the 8ths
-same thing 4 measures later
m83b4 missing a jump
-dunno whether this is fmo or not, might have to get rid of the hands
-this file isn't really fun IMO but other than the few little things there's nothing wrong with it and nothing worth a rejection

9 Piano Lesson ~Beginner~ (MahouMinachan) [+?]
-that stupid 9 thing broke my goddamn stepmania
m10 cyan note should be an up to make pr sense
m16b4 first orange note should is a missed note
-same with m17 the blue note
m19 on you should do 2123 instead of 2124 and vice versa (actually after looking at it more you should switch most of the ups and rights in this entire section)
m20 that first run should be more like 4212123
m21 4th green note should have a partner
m24 purple note should be a left
m36 take out the red note, switch up/right on the three green notes then change the last orange to up
-Interesting song, pretty good sync as far as I could tell. There's some PR work to be done throughout but the concept is solid.

A Battle for the Sky (Silvuh) [+]
-I'm not a fan of the song
-good mid-difficulty file

A Change of Seasons (Patashu) [+]
-fun, easy file, I enjoyed it
-maybe change to straight 4ths at m54 or 55 since that synth takes over

A Question of Fate(Psychotik) [?]
m19 you messed up that rhythm by a lot
m27 blue jump is unnecessary
m29 trills don't really make sense since there isn't a single trill for the rest of that stream
-the constant stream should end at m36
m39-47 check jump placement
m54 why is there a jump?
m55 and every time that pattern occurs a trill doesn't make any sense plus the jack is unnecessary
m65 blue jump is unnecessary
m88b1 should have a jump
m94-102 check jump placement like m39-47
m107b3 missing a 16th somewhere in there
m112-120 jumps and rhythms feel off

A Quick Death (who_cares973 & Coolboyrulez0) [?]
m13b2 the last 32nd note doesn't go to anything
m14b1 doesn't go to anything
-missing a 32nd right before m16
-missing a 32nd right before m17
m17 the rhythm is all wrong
extra note right before m19
m20b2 32nd note is extra
m61b4 is missing a 32nd
m67 to the end is missing a lot of notes, the 32nds should be in groups of 5 (like x-xxxxx-x-xxxxx etc)
-recheck all the rhythms, especially in the beginning. the middle seemed pretty well done

Aki (TK_pavonineukon) [+]
-jacks are kinda meh for me, I'm sure others will enjoy them
-good job overall

Altered Beast(who_cares973) [+.]
m5b1 missing a couple 16ths
m10 randomly following the melody? not that following the melody is a bad thing but it's inconsistent with the rest of the file
m17b1 missing a 16th
-not bad other than that one inconsistency and a couple little rhythmic things

Angel Island Remix (Silvuh) [+]
-your files are hard as hell to follow
-fun to play, I especially enjoyed the color trill things

Arrogant Cobbler (Kommisar[os]) [+.]
m73-75 all those yellow jumps are kinda buried, I'd layer something more obvious that actually jumps out from that mess
m91-99 could have more 16ths
m108 I'd step that rhythm instead of having a huge gap there
m123 minijack is silly
-that one loud part (m73) is the only major issue I have with the file

Asteroid Run (Patashu) [+?]
-I like most of the file. The trill to stream thing works pretty well and the second half is really fun.
-The first section (up until m29) felt really schizophrenic, and it was distracting to switch back and forth between different stuff every beat. I think the file would be more fun if you picked one style through there instead of jumping around all the time.

Battle Theme #31 (SulferDragon) [?]
m14 and every time that repeats, that pattern really sucks
m21-25 you missed a few notes if you're going to do that
-really, for the whole thing you should focus less on the drums and more on the more important stuff. as is, it's a mess to play

Black and White (Silvuh) [+?]
from m65 to the end the 16th notes are out of place, like they're sort of half-ass following the hi hat stuff but it just feels like they go to nothing
m77 and every time that pattern occurs the first grace note makes sense but the second one going to the echo doesn't work as well
-the file is fun but those sections seem a little off

Blame It on Bad Luck (bluguerrilla) [+]
m4b3 I don't like the pattern here, the 12421321 just doesn't play well in my opinion
m105b4 shouldn't that be a 12th later? check 106 too
-fun file

Bouff (Patashu) [+]
m11b4/m15b4 the guitar leads into the next measure with an 8th ote that you missed (this repeats itself throughout the file, too)
-the rest looks good

Bunny (_.Spitfire._) [?]
I feel like you could make this a fun JS file if you did the jumps with the drums instead of the synth. The synth gets buried underneath everything else going on and it'd make more sense if the JS got you into the groove of the drumbeat.
-The minijacks from m42 on are a weak excuse for that kind of pattern once you start layering other stuff in. Like before, it gets buried under all the other stuff.

C7 Funk (Xandertrax) [+?]
m5b2, m8b4, etc should only have 3 32nds
m20b4 missed a guitar 16th
m23b2 the burst should be 2 32nds then 3 48ths
m26b4 should be blue orange yellow green
m44b1 step the 24ths
m46/47 the first two bursts there should only be 3 32nds (check all the bursts towards the end)
-there are also many really quiet notes on throughout that you didn't step but they aren't necessary (just informing you in case you want to add those in)
-fun overall, just needs a little fixing

Car Sax(whocares973 vs Cyanite) [?]
m13b3 as an example, every time you have that hi hat swing rhythm it should be a 24th swing, not a 32nd swing
m39-40 missed a lot of vibe notes
-through that whole solo section all those times where you fill a gap with drums for a beat or two it feels really schizophrenic. layering a simpler drum part instead would make it feel less like it was jumping and more like it's following the groove in between the solo instruments' notes
-the concept is there in this file but fix up the polyrhythms and try making the solo section less schizo and more playable

CCUK (i love gabba) [+?]
m40 those colored notes aren't right, it's a straightforward rhythm
m41 you could step the 16ths
m43 there's a bunch of extra notes
m66 is all wrong
m102 jumptrill lasts too long
-there are a lot of places, like the m83 jumpjacks for example, that are way overstepped. You put jumps on all the snare drums which is a decent concept except that the song uses so many different snare drums to make the melody. the jumps should follow the musical accents instead of just every snare, because there's so many of them
-there are also lots of hihat rhythms in the background. a lot of them you ignored, but some of them you didn't making it inconsistent and ultimately hard to follow
-check through the file again on a low rate and check your rhythms. you don't have to step every single sound you hear but make sure the ones you do step are right on and make the rhythms consistent. the file was pretty fun but still could use plenty of work.

Chaoz Japanv2 (who_cares973) [+.]
I think this file is an overstepped piece of crap but the v1 is kinda crappy and this file is decent I guess so whatever if Tass wants to use it, he can go ahead, but if not, I don't blame him.

Chaoz Survivor (Ziergdsx18) [-]
-the notes don't go to anything

Charging Swarm Of Mouseketeers (SulferDragon) [+?]
-best song title ever
-and by ever I mean so far in this batch
m20 and every time that pops up couldn't you step something a little more spicy?
m49 check the rhythm
m54 you missed the 16th notes that you stepped in m56, 58, etc
m85 to the end you should represent the changing pitch of the bass synth thing instead of slow trills like that

Chemical Attraction (TK_pavonineukon) [+]
I like your style
m63 and 64 are awkward compared to the rest of the file which plays really well. it's just a weird pattern and it's out of place. other than that the file is good fun

Clockwork (Xandertrax) [+.]
that got hard out of nowhere *insert immature jokes here*
m21-25 should have a jump on every 8th
m25-29 feels awkward after all the jumps went to the bass and all the snares were ignored and now the snares are the most important thing with bass in second?
m31b3 should have a grace note
m33b3 should have a grace note
repeat those two^^ the second time they appears
-overall pretty fun, just 21-29 felt really weird

Coldest Night (-Barista-) [?]
m1-13 all of those 16th notes are just echoes of the piano which you step some of them but not all of them
m25 randomly stop stepping the claps?
m28-36 use pr to separate the different sounding notes rather than jumps
m36-44 jump placement?
m44-52 same as beginning
m52-60 the concept works but the jump placement is wrong
m60-76 blue jumps for no reason?
m76-end same as 52-60

coloris (TK_pavonineukon) [+?]
I don't like the random minijacks throughout (like the section at m37 for example)
m21-29 has some rhythmic issues
m35b4 jumps?
m45-53 has rhythmic issues like before
-fun overall but those sections with the weird rhythm problems detracted a lot from the file

Colossus (Silvuh) [+.]
m12 try stepping something other than the timpani there? it gets buried under all of the other stuff
m62 you put the 8th in the wrong spot

Cook Rock Disko (_.Spitfire._) [+?]
m42-50 I don't get jump placement at all
m58 on the yellow jumps don't work for me. when the jumps go to the vocals it's fine when you're layering on top of the 8th rhythms but it feels weird if you keep the 8ths and the jumps for the vocals. also random 16ths?
m74, etc the long 8th jacks don't fit
-the file was fun but some of the stuff just didn't feel right

Corneria (cry4eternity) [+?]
-the song is a little too long for my taste
-the stream patterns were not very fun at all. if you're going to make a file in that style you've got to have fun patterns and none of that 323121323121 crap over and over (though m83 had good patterns)

Csikos Post (woker-X) [+]
PR isn't perfect or anything but the file is fun

Cybertron (megamon88 and cedolad) [?]
-jacks are really inconsistent. there are some noises that have jacks in one spot and not another a couple beats apart from each other. I think the file would be better off without the jacks for the most part, and if you're trying to make the file as hard as possible and step every jack then it won't be as fun.
-when you both the synths and snares get jumps it starts to feel overstepped and muddled. there are so many jumps in some parts that it's unclear what exactly you're following just because there's too much going on. again, I think simplicity would be better in this case

Cyclone Escape (bob bob) [+?]
-this file isn't very good at all
-it's also really fun to play for some reason
m50 and every time that occurs you should use straight 16ths instead of having that gap in between the two sets

Cynthia (Cyanite) [?]
m18-32ish the notes don't go to anything in particular
m44 should only have a couple rolls, not all 4 of them
m45ish same as before with the random rhythm thing
-the pantsstream at the end shouldn't be a consistent stream, there are breaks in there
-there were also some really unfun patterns scattered throughout

Deceitful Wings (cry4eternity) [+?]
m40 random notes?
m97-113 there are a lot of 16th notes to the ride/bd that you missed, there's no reason for a slow 8th stream
m128 wrong rhythm
m143 and every time that repeats the little 16th thing to the guitar squeal isn't rhythmically accurate but it works, I dunno if you would want to change that or not
-There are inconsistencies throughout the file where sometimes you have hands for every cymbal and sometimes you don't. I'd pick one way or another (and I'm not sure if the file is hard enough for hands, anyway, but I'm not an expert in difficulty ratings so I won't hold that against you). There are also some parts where you randomly layer in the snare when there are gaps in whatever else you are layering, which is fine except that you only do it some of the time.
m166-175 isn't rhythmically accurate at all
m177b1 should just be 8ths
m179-182 you could do more with the pr to differentiate the descending notes grouped by 2's, 3's, and 4's
m183-185 shouldn't be straight 16ths
m271-274 shouldn't have a long jack, the drums are going snare bass bass tom bass bass etc throughout there
-not bad overall but there are plenty of inaccuracies and consistency issues

Determine (Silvuh) [+]
kinda boring song but the chart is fine

DeVouR (Xandertrax) [+]
m58 extra 32nds?
m61 you ruined my jumps are for punks comment, damn
-thanks for not stepping all the 16ths at places like the end, that would have been godawful
-the title is probably going to get that ****ty Shinedown song in my head, thanks

Discocube (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+.]
-holy **** I got the biggest nose itch while playing through this file, dunno if it's the song's fault or what
-most of the jacks in the beginning (starting at m21ish) shouldn't be there at all
-a lot of the patterns aren't very fun
-I swear to god every jazzy kgz song has the exact same chords

Disconnected hyper file (bob bob) [-]
-it's like you took the itg chart, added in some random bad patterns and hit shuffle

Disregard (0) [+?]
-do we really have to do this?
-I mean really?
-the beginning with the 12ths and what not is all wrong, the rest is fine, I'm using that as my excuse to not accept this

DKC2 Symphonic Rock Remix (Brilliant Dynamite Neon) [+]
-I'm not sure the snare minijacks are appropriate for this difficulty level, but they work for me
-CnB songs are really loud and have way too much treble and I need to turn them down before I start playing

Dr. Tetris (woker-X & ClAsSiC_RoCkEr) [?]
-I was expecting some death metal growling, disappointing
m5-9 each of the little sets of 16ths have extra notes
-JS patterns were really fun in the first half of the file (up to m50ish)
-patterns stopped being fun after that
m74ish the layering doesn't make sense here because the synth/guitar melody has straight 8ths so if you were going to layer the melody over the drums you'd have to have straight hands the whole way. don't do that btw, figure out something else
m98 and all the places with those hand things don't make sense

Drop (OperationStrawbarry) [+?]
m24 random blue jump?
m27 and I'm sure this repeats every time the 24ths are later than they should be.
m33-41 random jump placement?
m67-74ish I don't get why there are 8th jumps half the time and not the other half, also the pr is wonky

Elfin Pirate (Redsky139) [?]
-delete your blank difficulties
-make the roll things (like ~m28) a not retarded pattern, take out a couple notes if you have to
m32 that's dumb
-pr is wonky throughout and the file was mostly boring

Epileptic Crisis (qqwref) [?]
-doubled bpm?
-lots of rhythms (especially in the bursts) are wrong, and if you're going to make a mash file with 129830912830 notes it's gotta be perfect

Eve of the End (Bolth Mannn) [!]
-.sm has no steps in it

Experiment (championanwar) [+?]
-who needs gap
-places like m23 (one of many spots) with 3 blue jumps don't make sense, stick with 2 jumps
m31 random gap?
m36 random jack thing?
-kinda fun even though there's no pr or anything

Felys -Chaos Mix- (suicidaln00b) [?]
m13-17 misrhythms all over the place
m26 horrible patterns, especially the random 24th jack thing
m27-34 you have a minijack one measure then not minijacks the next, but it's the same sound
m34 trill starts half a beat too early
m44 kinda random rhythms, they're in the music but you should probably step a more prominent 16th sound
m53 is 32nds not 24ths, you'd probably want to use a roll instead of a trill
-same thing a few measures later
m59-65 more random/wrong rhythms, plus the mini jump jacks feel out of place
m86 the last thing should be 3 notes not 4
-kinda fun but needs work

Floating Hour (bmah) [+]
-that one 24th over 16th thing took me by surprise lol

Floating Through Time (Bluearrowll) [?]
-sync is noticeably off in some spots
-PR issues (mainly in the middle)

Flower Forever (TK_pavonineukon) [?]
-boring in some places, flat out unfun in others
-poor difficulty engineering: it switches between pretty hard to really easy all over the place, and sometimes you would step a huge roll, other times you wouldn't, etc. it was just really inconsistent
-the places where you tried using pr weren't very well done

Frühlingsrauschen (Xandertrax) [+?]
-layering was pretty random, you'd just stop stepping the melody sometimes but not others, it was weird
-kinda unfun patterns imo
-sync was good

Greensleeves (woker-X) [+]
-I love what you did with the coloring
-yes yes yes <3 greensleeves

Gun Sounds(-Barista-) [+?]
-some little technical errors throughout
-not a fan of the song but the concept is pretty cool for a file, I guess

Halloweenies (_.Spitfire._ + Flaming_Dingleberry)) [+.]
m18b2 should be 4 16ths there
-32nd streams suck
-feels overlayered but whatever, I guess other people like this kind of stuff more than I do

Hey Hey Monkey (_.Spitfire._) [+]
-after hearing the preview I was like goddammit not another 12098213 bpm sharpnel dump
-but yeah, that was really fun, good patterns in the JS
-if it was a cut, it was a really tasteful cut as well. I was thinking right at the end that if the song didnt end right there I was gonna be pissed and it did and I was happy
-I really need to hit escape so I don't have to keep hearing the preview music in my headphones when I'm typing this up
-I'm gonna stop rambling now

Holy Funkin Shiz! (Cyanite) [!]
multiple difficulties

Identity [S.S.H] (DarkZtar) [?]
-so long
-so boring
-such a generic song
-rhythms/jump placement aren't perfect
-the part where you made it a giganticass chain is no fun
-the huge JS woke me up
-the whole thing really isn't fun

Identity pt 2 (DarkZtar) [+?]
-generic and way too long
-there were some really gay patterns throughout, especially with the (13)(24) repeated parts
-yay for 230293 minute long JS
-slightly more tolerable than part 1

If (Xandertrax) [+.]
-the song runs a bit long, I think you could end it before the last repetition of the chorus (maybe just cut ahead to the ending fadeout or something, I dunno)
-I think it would be better if you used PR when stepping the vocals
-fun file, I liked the little mirror PR thingies you did

I'm A Raver (D'nB) (IgroMAN) [-]
-holy inconsistency batman
-holy wrong rhythms everywhere and bad layering

Im Sick Of Uprock (Patashu) [+]
-very fun, very tastefully done. most people would find a way to turn this into a cluster**** of arrows, but this was really good

Islamey (Xandertrax) [+?]
m31 the two jump things end on different notes, it would be cool to differentiate them, same with m32
m39,41 I don't understand where you got all those jumps from, it seems like it should be jump tap tap jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump tap tap jump jump jump jump jump jump jump, maybe if you wanted to use hands too that'd be fine but not how it currently is
-I would've stepped the first part at twice the bpm but that's just me
m52b3-m53b3 I only hear jumps on the yellow notes. same as when it repeats a couple measures later
-not really sure what's going on at the end, but I'll take your word on it
-seemed overstepped all the way around

It's Only Natural (bluguerrilla) [+.]
-gayest song ever
-nah it was cool I guess
-bpm changes were exactly something I would do lol
m10 the last couple beats feel off, I see what you stepped but I think it would be more fun if the vocals were represented, at least rhythmically
m62b4 the first yellow note shouldn't be there THERE'S A GAP AND YOU MISSED IT SUCKER
m66b3 should have a note, he strums again, and then a pick up into the next measure
m69-70 should be 12ths
m75-76 is all wrong, I think the first half has some 12ths and the second half has gallops but I really can't tell what's going on and nobody will notice anyway
-the jumpstream patterns in the last js section sucked, just saying they played like cream cheese
-not gonna really hold the technical errors in the solo against it because it's not a really technical file and it was fun

Jazzman (Cyanite) [+]
-no complaints

Kirby 64 - Forest (Xandertrax) [+.]
-not a fan of the song
-kinda boring
-nothing wrong with it

Kirby Gourmet Race (Xandertrax) [+?]
-those jumpjacks are really lame, especially since there's no layering to justify their existence
-a lot of really eh patterns and layering inconsistencies

Koisuru VOC@LOID (bmah) [+.]
-file made a lot more sense when I put on headphones
m68ish at the slowdown what are you layering there?
-you never stepped the 24th bass drums except at m78 and 94, it was consistent up until that point
-song made my ears bleed lol

La Plume De Ma Tante! (irionman+samurai7694+Kommisar[os]) [+]
m26 first blue note should be a 12th or something, it's definitely swung
m38b4 missing 16th
m58 I think the rhythm should be starting at the first yellow 3 48ths, 6 24ths (blue to blue), 1 16th. I think. it's really hard to tell lol
-tastefully done, just check over those little things

Last Battle (Shadow 1800) [-]
-long jacks were wrong and unnecessary, the guitar is definitely changing pitch at all those times
-bad pr throughout
-seemingly random patterns sometimes
-huge silences
-inconsistent layering

LONLY LONLY [sc979] [+?]
m31 that 24th thing is a godawful pattern
m100 ugh patterns
-really long and boring
-colored note syncing was ok, but honestly I think you should just try a different song

Magical 8bit Tour (JX) [+]
-I didn't like the bits with the straight 16th jumps, but I understand why they're there.
-fun other than the dying lol

memories (bmah) [+]
-shouldn't measure 39 have a yellow jump

Metropolis [8-bit] (OperationStrawbarry) [?]
-song is long and boring
-misplaced/extra/wrong 16ths all over the place
-lots of really unfun patterns caused the layering style

Mnk (OperationStrawbarry) [?]
-sync felt wonky
m1 rhythm is wrong, same with every time that repeats
-misrythms throughout and lots of unfun patterns, plus it's probably not hard enough for hands

Moonlight (megamon88) [+]
-song is loooooouuuuuud
-simple but fun and effective, I like it

Mourning Heart (Bluearrowll) [+.]
-I don't think you could've synced that any more weirdly while still being correct lol
-the grace notes are probably too much for a file of that difficulty, it might work out better as just jumps on the dominant beats

Multicore (Mr.Nothing) [?]
-.040ish gap
-poor layering choices throughout, some places it was obviously wrong, other places it just could have followed more prominent stuff and been more accurate
-missing some notes where you stepped 16ths in one place and not in others
-not really fun

Nice Guys Finish Last (mac attack+adamaja456) [-]
-wrong bpm bad sync etc quit out

Nitro Panic! (Coolboyrulez0 & Xandertrax) [+]
-beginning feels a little dumpy (the part after you layer the stuff onto the jacks) but the trill part is so hard it doesn't really matter

Northern Lights (0) [+?]
-bad sound quality, get a better mp3?
-around m60ish you messed up a couple jumps, assuming you're layering the vocals
-should've stepped the vocals more often, especially during the blank spots/obvious vocal features

Now You're gone [championanwar] [?]
-do we even have basshunter blanket permission?
-do we really need any more basshunter? all his songs are the same lol
-jack part was fun but completely clashed with the rest of the file, which just felt like random generic arrows over a generic beat
-I'm surprised you didn't step jacks again at the end
-there was a jump missing somewhere towards the end
-my honest advice is scrap this song and pick a better one lol

Nu-Island (Silvuh) [+?]
-the really repetitive patterns don't work too well for an easier file
-patterns at m29-33 are way too awkward
-jacks at m69 are out of place compared to the rest of the file
-ok technically just wonky difficulty engineering would put off the targeted audience

Of Course you Need and nEed and neEd and neeD and NEED ME (Kommisar[os]) [+.]
-i used a cmod
-plays like a sharpnel dump on steroids
-not a fan of the 1 handed minitrills in the fast streams

Otaku Speedvibe[EDIT](who_cares973) [-]
no. just... no

Phanta! (_.Spitfire._) [+?]
-lol @ that random bigass jack
-song is so loooooooooooooooooooooooong for the love of god cut it

Pleasant Farmer (stavie33) [?]
-why would you step this song? it's just the same thing repeated 57 times lol
-chain patterns and especially the long 8th jacks are just dumb, plus they don't really make sense anyway

Prelude No. 7 (Xandertrax) [+]
-I doubt anyone is actually going to want to play this but there's nothing wrong with it

Primitivism (CyclopsDragon) [+?]
-try making a version where you actually try to avoid all those dumb patterns instead of making it a technical dump that plays like ass

Radiant Moonlight (Bluearrowll) [+.]
-on the one hand, most of the file was really generic
-on the other, the jumpstream patterns were pretty fun
-there was a jump missing in the beginning of the second jumpstream

Rage Template (_.Spitfire._) [+?]
-a lot of the notes you step are really weak and not that important, which gets lost under everything else going on
-missing notes here and there, extra notes here and there

RAIN (_.Spitfire._ & bluguerrilla) [+]
-tpaz needs to make his snares audible without me having to use headphones
-accepting on the condition that when everyone complains about that 24th pattern you are not allowed to make any rebuttal

Rain (BDN & Kommisar[os]) [+.]
-yay an 8bit song with lots of trills and crap
-nothing wrong with it i guess?

Red Wings Over Baron (bluguerrilla & HighAndr0id) [+]
-m165 in that section you missed a few jumps here and there, like the first blue note of 165
-i hear two 16th pickups going into m185 and 187
-m198 BNS lol, it fixes itself but then the 12th quad jack is a little off sync. i think the bpm change should come before where you currently have the 12ths and they should be 8th notes so it'd be bpm change on a rest blue red blue red and i think that would fix all the issues in one swoop
-i doubt the solo is 100% accurate but I'm sure 100% accurate would end up being a load of hore**** so how you have it works
-minor details

ReMotion Remixed (Xandertrax) [+]
-I'm not a fan of m33ish but it works with the ups and downs of the file so I can't hold that against it
-one of these days I'm going to figure out how you come up with your PR

Saddest Remix (Kommisar[os]) [withdrawing vote]
-I like mine better but I'm not going to judge comparatively since it's against mine

Secret Zombie Room V2 (unkdavar) [+?]
-dnb sections were boring
-in the quieter parts you should've stepped more stuff instead of having gigantic blank spaces
-you missed lots of piano at the end
-decidely eh

Sexperation (bmah) [+.]
-took me a couple looks to get some of the jump placements
-the sax solo is a little off syncwise. most of it was good though

Ska de Chocobo (Redorigami) [+.]
-I liked the patterns of this one a lot better compared to the other version
m52-60 there's a reoccurring 16th pattern that you step the same way as you did earlier in the file but there's one extra note in this section

Ska de Chocobo!! (TC_Cyrenics + bmah) [<] (+.)
-to be honest, this file was better technically, but the other was more fun to play IMO. I think either file is worth putting in, I just liked the other better
-in a perfect world I'd say collab the two files, use red's patterns for the main sections, you guys help him out with the little technical errors, and use your ending

Slashfic (OperationStrawbarry) [?]
-jump placement felt arbitrary
-wrong rhythms in random spots, m32 for example, also at those minijumpjack things
-just really inconsistent overall

Slow Down (Xandertrax) [+?]
-half the file felt like it should have been mirrored
- the patterns felt very arbitrary, like they made sense within themselves but it was really inconsistent overall

Smash Podcast (Coolboyrulez0) [+?]
-patterns like the ones at m9 should be 123123 instead of the 8th jacks
-24th trill at the end might be too much for the difficulty level but I dunno really any way to make it better

So Sexy Robotnik (SKG_Scintill) [?]
m34 too many 16ths
m40 I don't hear any 32nds
parts like m47 with those longass trills are kinda dumb to play, really lots of the patterns with those huge zigzags and stuff are really dumb although technically accurate
m83 not quite sure what those 32nds should be but it's definitely not 32nds
-wrong rhythms abound in the funky section
-the sax solos aren't straight 24ths

South Paw (~HentaiXXX~) [-]
-what's with the colors
-the 8th chains were like a straight cut out from that one old file with all the godawful patterns
-generic bleh sharpnel song

Stai With Me (-Barista-) [+?]
-pretty fun, there were just lots of wrong rhythms all over the place, generally extra 16th notes

Star Of Andromeda (bmah) [+?]
-seemed like poor climax theory, I wasn't a fan of the really hard really weird part at the beginning then it randomly got easier, and then randomly a lot harder again, and it didn't seem to fit with the music. Other than the 94858934 jumps sections the patterns were really good

Sunny Funny Chiny (_.Spitfire._) [+]
-lol this song
-thanks for making that not godawful, it really could've been

Sunset (Bolth Mannn) [!]

Sunset Dept. (CyclopsDragon) [+?]
m6 has a wrong rhythm
m9b3 extra 16th
-there are wrong rhythms throughout the file so check it over
-pretty cool song

Super Spy Hunter(who_cares973) [+.]
-hands didn't really add anything to the file

Swallowing An Avalanche (New Mix) (Bynary Fission) [+.]
-like NWE v2
-song kept going and going and going and going and going and going and going
-and going and going
-it's not even that long it's just it's so boring and repetitive that it still should probably be cut lol
-jacks were evil

Tageri (TC_Halogen) [+.]
-fun other than that bigass 12th jack and that evil 1 hand trill thing

The Duck Grinder (samurai7694) [?]
-great way to start a song lol
-your layering scheme didn't make much sense, you'd put jumps on quarters when the dominant beat was on 8ths and vice cersa and it just didn't have the right feel

Time To Eye (bmah) [+]
-wow that's left hand heavy lol
-ending seemed like you would randomly omit claps and stuff, dunno if that was intentional or not

Ultema, the Perfect Body (PSy Mix) (CyclopsDragon) [-]
-I just stopped playing, the song is still going in the background right now
-if you're going to make an easy file the patterns need to be varied, not the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

Under the Clearest Blue Skies (dooty_7) [+?]
-a couple of inconsistencies in the latter half of the song
-really boring song and boring file, even for an easy file

Usatei (Bynary Fission) [?]
-waaaaay overlayered, there wre plenty of dominant sounds but they were lost amid a sea of jumps and bursts and crap
-too many notes in the vocals, when you slow down somebody talking it tends to make it sound like there are more notes than there really are, you had 4 syllable words with like 7 notes and stuff like that

Vah-Jay-Jay [dore] [#]
-pure ****ing masterpiece

Versatile (Xandertrax) [+?]
-in that long roll stream thingy at the start I think it'd be better if you used more patterns, i.e m11-12 use mirror or something
-jump placement in m57-65?

Warren(who_cares973) [+.]
-good but not perfect sync, kinda boring song but whatever

Welcome to Cyberdrome (Xandertrax) [+?]
-I think it'd be better if you did some layering other than just jumps to the melody. It might've been alright but the loud claps that didn't have anything while the synth had jumps were distracting to have empty spaces.

Winter Wind Etude (Xandertrax) [+]
-I liked how you altered the layering based on dynamics, I don't think it was perfect but it was good

Worse (Xandertrax) [+.]
-as a marching band person who had to always listen to these goddamn drumline warmups, I hate you
-interesting concept for a file, I really dunno if I like it or not
-I wouldn't step the voice at the end as bursts

XP Sound Attempt(Who_Cares973) [+]
-those jacks were fast
-really fun

Yosakoi (-Barista-) [?]
-the stream at m11 doesn't really go to anything, I mean there's assorted sounds that fill up most of the 16ths but it would probably be better to at least follow something. it plays well, at least
m23 on any particular reason you only stepped half the stabs?
m25 random 32nds?
-the whole next section really doesn't go to anything in particular
m61 those 32nds are one helluva terribad patterns lol
lots of really inconsistent stepping/layering throughout


666 MPH [+?]
-fun and tastefully done file
-a few missing 16ths here and there which are pretty noticeable and distracting
-I don't like the ending the way it is but I dunno if stepping the talking would be any better

Arrrrrr [+]
-some of those rhythms were weird lol

Beadumaegen [+]
-not a fan of the song but hey that's why I'm not in charge of anything

Bullet's POV [?]
-dsjfnvkdjsfvgisdfg that song hurt my ears a lot
-lots of missed rhythms all over the place

Hello Mr. Tree [?]
-lots of missing drum notes across the board, I think there were a few yellows that should've been swung but that was minor

Slaytronic [+]
-I liked it, was that actually a Slayer remix or am I reading too much into the title?

TizAshura [+.]

Twist [+.]
-those little 32nd rolls are a little much compared to the difficulty of the rest of the file, I'd just put 'em as 16ths and it'd play fine
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