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Default Re: R^3 Air 1.0.0 ALPHA Test

First time poster. Been playing FFR a lot recently, and have two different devices I use it on. Normally I set my FPS to 144 in my settings because that what my monitor's refresh rate is on my gaming computer, and on 0.07 AIR it usually just lowers it to whatever my current setup's refresh rate is. My laptop is the first I have tested this build on. Have not tested it on my gaming computer, will try that tomorrow.

Note: On no grounds am I to be regarded as a great FFR player. I am mediocre at best, so my opinions may not be expert quality, but my opinion is of that coming from an average, no AAA songs player.


Flash in-browser: 7/10

For me, I use the in browser version when I have free time at school. No major issues besides the occasional lag spike, which is much rarer than it actually sounds.

Flash standalone: 4/10

The quality drop is very noticeable to me and it is very hard for me to actually hit any notes perfectly. Usually tend to avoid flash standalone.

Air Edition 0.0.7: 9/10

LOVE this version so much. The quality is great and I notice no lag spikes nor inconvenient bugs. Look forward to even better fine tuning of this version.

Air Edition 1.0.0 ALPHA: 2/10

This alpha was disastrous for my laptop. In this new version, the program no longer tries to play the game at the monitor's max refresh rate (depending on what you have your FPS set at), but it will play exactly what you have your FPS set at. For example: as previously mentioned, I have my FPS set at 144 so that it will play 60fps for my laptop and 144fps for my gaming computer. This worked perfectly until this alpha, which tried to play the game at 144fps instead of lowering it to meet the monitor refresh rate. "Why don't you just lower your FPS to 60 then?" you may be asking. Well, I did, and even then, it was terrible. There were lag spikes every other 20 seconds, dropping to nearly 35fps in the spikes. Not only that, but there was a gigantic increase in screen tearing. This is a version I cannot use until fixed, and it is understandable that these issues occur because it is in early alpha.

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Default Re: R^3 Air 1.0.0 ALPHA Test

Originally Posted by NotNate View Post
Thanks for the great feedback. Would you please be able to PM me your DXDiag system report, or post your computer specs?

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Default Re: R^3 Air 1.0.0 ALPHA Test

Will try this after work today. Air 0.0.7 can be very inconsistent for me and I'm constantly fighting small frame drops, so I'm hopeful.
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Default Re: R^3 Air 1.0.0 ALPHA Test

Thanks for all the feedback so far. We have a couple of options/fixes incoming in the next 24 hours that will hopefully improve performance for those suffering.
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Default Re: R^3 Air 1.0.0 ALPHA Test

On a scale of 1-10, please rate your experience playing:

Flash in-browser: Haven't touched this since ancient times .-.
Flash standalone: Relatively stable, necessitates low fps (FP9 only) [7]
Air Edition 0.0.7: Higher framerate cap, constant visual stutter, inconsistent offsets [5]
Air Edition 1.0.0 ALPHA: Much better offsets and stable framerate (occasional slight drop/stutter down to FP9 levels) [9.5]

How does the Alpha build compare to Air Edition 0.0.7 and Flash? Has it fixed any issues that prevented you from playing Air Edition 0.0.7 (lower FPS, lag spikes, input delay, etc.)? Do you notice any new screen tearing?

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Default Re: R^3 Air 1.0.0 ALPHA Test

From best to worst

Alpha 9/10: Edit: Slight visual stutter sometimes

Flashplayer 8/10: Slight visual stutter and tear.

Air 7/10: Visual stutter and can't go higher than 55 fps without input delay.

Browser 4/10: Aids.
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Default Re: R^3 Air 1.0.0 ALPHA Test

so, this version is giving me issues and i was told to do a writeup so here i go:

this version was giving me very noticeable stuttering in every song i played (particularly when there were many notes on the screen at once). also, when i started a song, sometimes the game would feel like it was running at 30 fps until i quit out and restarted it (also, i disabled the vsync thing mentioned in the nvidia control panel before using it).

here is a view of the profiler on this version (was told to include it):

dxdiag stuff (cpu didnt show up for some reason, but it's an i5-6600k, not oc'd):

the issues i had with this version did not happen when i used the version of air i normally use (whatever the most up to date one is), and the version of air i used ran very very well compared to this. if there's any more info required
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