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Default 2016 September/October Set 3 (Complete)

Business Cat
Shut the F--- Up (Remix)
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: September/October 2016 Set 3

Unless somehow the artist dun goofed again...Shut the F Up still has the hold on the same spot as in the previous batch...

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Default Re: September/October 2016 Set 3

DossarLX ODI finished the primary judge task for September/October 2016 Set 3. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the September/October 2016 post.

[4/10] Business Cat {Weebl's Stuff} (Xtreme2252)
- 15.59, 20.52, 23.65, 24.10: Missing 16ths. There are more after these and I'm not going to list them all.
- 24.99, 54.54: Examples of ghost 16th notes. The pulsing synth is erratically stepped throughout the file.
- An immediate improvement for this file would be to remove the 16th minijacks and jacks.
- 44.06: This 12th should be on the 16th before, with the 32nd on 44.30 being on the same column as this note.
- 46.60: This is a 5-note 32nd burst
- 47.27: This section is 32nds
- 50.74: Missing 16th note for vocals
- 50.96: This should not be a jump. The pulsing synth is not playing here, only the vocals
- 58.97: This 32nd should be on the 12th note after
- 62.74: There needs to be a BPM change to account for the 64th shift here, and even then this entire shifted section is unnecessary.
- 76.49, 76.71: Missing 16th notes
- 83.20: This single note shouldn't be a part of the jack.
- The layering is all over the place for this file. In the first half I can see that the majority of jumps are layering in the lyrics for this song, although here and there the occasional jump will be included for the percussion. Staying with just the lyrics for the first half would be coherent. For the second half the hand and jump usage is contradictory when it comes to the percussion, and the hands force several minijack patterns that aren't needed for a file of this difficulty. When toned down, this song could make for a solid easier chart.

[3/10] Forests {TheDiamondCrafter} (TheDiamondCrafter)
- 12.43, 14.61, 16.79: Missing notes. These same notes are missing after as well.
- 17.61: The percussion is introduced here, although the accompanying melodies are also prominent and they're essentially ignored here. Some of the melody is stepped, although many notes are left out. The previous 4 measures would allow for a buildup here, but no buildup happened and instead there was a jump every 4th note with the occasional 8ths. The 8ths should also not form 8th minijacks with the different notes playing.
- 35.06-48.15: Rather than have long trills, the piano hits occur every six notes twice and then four notes for each measure. Splitting up the trill in the manner of 6 notes - 6 notes - 4 notes would allow for the full 16 notes in the measure to be split up into three parts that would make this part much more enjoyable to play. That should be done for each measure here.
- 48.18-49.81: There shouldn't be jumps here.
- 51.02, 51.29, 51.36: Missing notes for the percussion
- 51.97: This shouldn't be a jump, there is no snare hit here.
- 52.52: Same problem as 17.61
- 78.70: Leaving out the loud piano hits makes this part empty. The low bass guitar by itself is lacking in substance. The low bass also shouldn't have any color notes.
- 104.34: Abrupt cut needs to be fixed, and this is a bizarre spot to end the song. It sounds like the song is picking up again, but then it fades out.
- In terms of the layering, Something more creative could be done instead of having the 4th note jump chains when the percussion is playing. There are many missing notes in this file that could spice it up.

[2/10] Teenage Dirtbag {Wheatus} (Xtreme2252)
- Please include the song artist in the file submission next time.
- This song drifts a bit and the file doesn't account for the drifts, which results in lots of forced offsync play. There are cases where the notes play fine by chance, although this is a problem throughout the file.
- 3.23: I understand what these 48ths were attempting to step, although this part is mostly incorrect.
- 5.76: Starting from here there are many missed record scratches that could spice up this section.
- 22.51: The 48th gallop should start on the 8th after. This was probably placed earlier due to the drifting sync.
- 22.82: There isn't a 48th gallop here.
- 63.92-72.48: These record scratches are stepped all over the place. Some of them are 48ths, and a lot of these 32nds are off. The 48th minijack at 71.32 also needs to go.
- The layering in this file also isn't coherent. The first essential step is to fix the drifts and remove the fast minijacks. This file could also remove the unnecessary difficulty spikes.

[6.5/10] Underwater {Shnabubula} (MarioNintendo)
- 16.14: While there isn't anything wrong with this BPM change, this part could have been left as 12ths at the original BPM.
**- 26.14: These piano hits don't land nicely on the 24ths. It's more like a 3/64th triplet followed by a 32nd note on 26.39; the right number of hits are there, although they need to be adjusted a bit.
**- 26.54: This 4th jump falls on the 48th before. The four piano hits mentioned above, in addition to this, should be snapped better and can be recolored.
**- 40.08: This 24th is a ghost note. The piano hits fall on the 16th notes at 39.85, 39.95, and 40.05.
**- 40.55-40.95: There are only 6 actual notes here, and 7 were stepped. Please fix this to only have 6 notes; this may be a "BPM change" section. Using 60.94 as a reference it looks like these 24ths might be at 112.46 BPM, although that requires investigation.
**- 46.67: I really think these types of sections should just have a BPM change with 12th notes. The mix of 32nd, 12th, and 64th notes don't mix nicely and it's barely an acceptable approximation in comparison to just having a BPM change. Another good example for a BPM change with 12ths is 36.55
**- 54.28: There should be two 3-note 12th jacks back-to-back here. The 4-note jack at 54.54 is an incomplete jack for what would be the 8-bit snare.
**- 55.88, 59.08: Missing jumps
**- 60.89: Around here is a missing piano note.
**- 67.61-69.21: If you want you can just focus on the percussion here which is 12ths with some 24th triplets. However, the synth does not fall onto the 24ths here. This may be another "BPM change" scenario if you want 24ths for the synth.
**- 75.28: This piano hit is on the 32nd before.
- 82.81: Arguably not a jump
**- 86.88: Erratically stepped section. There is a 16th triplet at 87.08 for the 8-bit hi-hat, although there are only two piano hits that fall on the 48ths at 86.97 and 87.06. The 12th at 87.17 should be moved over to the 48th after. With these recurring offbeat notes, I think there are BPM changes in this file.
**- 88.21: Missing 16th note
**- 89.45: This 32nd piano section is wrong. Please redo with a BPM change and resync this section.
**- 90.55: These 16ths are 12ths.
**- 99.35: This is a 5-note 16th burst for the piano
**- 101.61: This should be a jump
**- 102.25: Again, incorrect piano 32nds. If you shifted these 32nds a 32nd later, you'd have a nice approximation with a 16th run (which isn't exactly what all the notes here are, although it's much better than the current 32nds).
**- 104.41, 104.81: Missing jumps
**- 109.45, 109.61: These piano hits should be .02 seconds earlier (this could end up rounding to an incorrect frame)
**- 117.01: There is a missing piano note somewhere around here.
- 129.61: This is arguably a jump
**- 147.95: There isn't a 24th here. What you're look for is 16ths from 147.73 through 148.00
**- 149.60: Missing jump
**- 166.63: This 24th is a ghost note. What you're looking for is the 16th triplet start on the 8th note at 166.54
**- 167.00: Missing 16th
**- 167.56: Remove this 12th and have a 16th before it. 167.74 and 167.87 should be 8th jumps.
- The foundation for this file is pretty good, although there are glaring issues that need to be resolved.
- Please address items marked with ** for acceptance.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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