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Default April 2017 Judge Applications [CLOSED]

FFR Simfile Judge Applications are CLOSED.

• Overview and Sending Applications
• Part 1: Questionnaire
• Part 2: Reviewing test files

Overview and Sending Applications

e-mail applications to with the subject "[Judge Application] <username>", e.g. [Judge Application] DossarLX ODI. Submissions that do not follow this format will be ignored.
In addition, please send any new information (any updates to Part 1 or notes for Part 2) as a reply to your first e-mail, so your whole application will be threaded together.

From April 8th through April 30th, applications for judging positions will be open. The application process will consist of two parts:
1.) Filling out a general questionnaire
2.) Reviewing test files

The GM Team will review the general questionnaires and contact users who are decided to be a good fit for a judge position for Part 2. Applications for Part I may take a week or so for Game Managers to go through as they come in. Applicants will be PMed as soon as decisions have been made. On that note, please do not post completed applications in this thread. This thread is for discussion of the application process itself.

When it comes to Part 2, reviewing of the test files need to be e-mailed within two weeks of receiving them. This will be strictly enforced. Also, do not send the test files to anyone and do not discuss them with anyone outside of the application process.

Part 1: Questionnaire

A few considerations before answering this questionnaire:
• Remember to send the answers to these questions through e-mail, preferably as a text file attachment. Do not post answers to these questions in this thread!
• Please answer honestly. This questionnaire can also be taken as an opportunity for reflection.
• There is no one right answer to these questions. When looking through this questionnaire, do not think in terms of "what answer is this person looking for?" as that will hinder the quality of your application. This isn't a pre-determined lab manual for a school course.

1. Do you have experience reviewing simfiles? If so, please give at least two examples of reviews you've written with the link to the original file and your review.

2. Do you have experience creating simfiles? If so, please give at least two examples of files you've created (if not on FFR) and provide the links to the original files.

3. Describe how well you can interpret and judge files at different difficulty ranges? Please cover the whole 1-120 scale. Note that a 93 on the old 1-99 is now a 100 and so on, although you should be able to give reasonable estimates.

4. What is your availability like throughout the year? For example, do you have more free time in some months than others? Files are judged in sets, usually from 4-6 files each. Does judging three to four sets every two months seem like something you can do? If not, why?

5. What is your work ethic like? For example, do you work better by spreading the load over a period of time? Do you prefer infrequent but intense work sessions?

6. Of the following, which would be the best channel to get your attention? Would you respond within a few hours or a day through it?
-- Discord
-- FFR User Control Panel (Private Messages, subscribed threads)
-- E-mail (the address you sent in this application with)
-- Instant Messengers (name which messenger service you would be using, e.g. Skype)

7. If there is any more relevant information you can share that was not prompted by one of the previous questions, please put it here.

Part 2: Reviewing test files

If your application was reviewed and accepted in Part A, then you will be given instructions for Part B. Part B contents will not be posted in this thread. When you receive the test files, do not send the test files to anyone and do not discuss them with anyone outside of the application process.

You must make the reviews yourself. Do not ask others about your reviews. Honesty is one of the key points we emphasize in this process. Do not take a "what is this person looking for" attitude.
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