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Default How are people so heartless as to not main Raffina?

I'm disappointed in the Puyo Puyo community. You have a beautiful little girl in front of you on the character select screen, she's dressed all feminine and cute in her nicest outfit; and you just HAVE TO PICK A DaMN CHIHUAHUA Or A FISHHHHH over her. How could you ignore her color combinations? That girl knows her secondary colors super fucking well. She's also a very classy lady, and she knows her shit better than most other female cast members.

Raffina has an adorable voice too. I really like her voice. My only regret is that I never hear her singing voice. At least her voice is bearable unlike that wannabe fake goth Feli, or that immature little shit Ess. How could ANYONE choose Ess over Raffina? Like dude, are you having done a screw loose? And people that choose fucking Zed over Raffina? DUDE. NO.

And don't use fusion mode as an excuse, Raffina is top tier just like Ex and Ecolo.

I mean, come on, what other character ships with Lemres well? Ringo and Lemres isn't fitting. Schezo and Lemres is kinda cute.... I guess.... Risukuma and Lemres is just fucking weird. Ess and Lemres wouldn't work since Ess is fucking annoying and only like 2 people unironically play her. But Raffina and Lemres? That couple WORKS. They both are energetic and their personalities clash perfectly, I feel like it could be a love story of the ages if a well written Raffina x Lemres fanfiction came up.

Come on guys, it's a no brainer that Raffina is the best Puyo Puyo girl. She has no annoying sidekick like Arle, she isn't sickeningly sweet like Amitie to the point where you want to put on earplugs during story mode, she doesn't have a dumb pun name like Ringo, she isn't ungodly annoying and immature like Ess, and she isn't loud and destructive like Draco.

Pick Raffina, the objective best choice of all puyo puyo games.


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