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Default RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

Just kidding

P.S You suck
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

Tech me how 2 b funy leik u.
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

Breaking news:

Nobody likes 654654654

Oh wait-
Originally Posted by kaiten123
wow, you were bs before i knew what stepmania was
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

haha, you fail at life sir.
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

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Bluearrowll = The Canadian player who can not detect awkward patterns. If it's awkward for most people, it's normal for Terry. If the file is difficult but super straight forward, he has issues. If he's AAAing a FGO but then heard that his favorite Hockey team was losing by a point, Hockey > FFR
PS: Cool AAA's Terry
- I Love You

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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

Another awesome waste of space, good job.
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

I just got 654654654 roll'd.

1st place in Expert Division of Phynx's 2nd Unofficial FFR Tournament

Tier Points: 605 (565 + 40 for 671 AAAs)

Originally Posted by TC_Halogen View Post
hard files = hard penis. Shash's motto!
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

Hey, look at it this way, at least this is a new thread.

And that, my friends, is FFR forum activity. =)))))

Waste of time/space/*whine* =/

I buy all FFR Trading Cards I don't own:
See My FFR TCG Binder

Originally Posted by badman7772 View Post

You have completed the Lucky Achievement and will be awarded 25k credits.

seriously what the fuck.
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

and now, ladies and gentlemen... 654654654, the paradigm of wit. you'll laugh until you drop
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

I wanna **** him.
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!


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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

just kidding

"BURN IN HELL, MOTHER ****ER!!! I am not retarded, okay. Oh, and one more thing. Even if we do plant twice as many trees as we cut down, which we don't, let me remind you, that TREES TAKE YEARS TO GROW, NOT DAY
S!!!" -

"*Twinklesky* makes me want to skip through a forest while playing a pan flute. And then all the little forest creatures will start dancing behind me." - Quigly

"I would link you to these great video demonstrations of good vibrating but I think I would get banned for it. D=" - Quigly

ZC's Birthday tournament - Signups are open and donations are greatly needed D:
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

Check out my Speedruns
Originally Posted by TEEX
I want me a grrrl that will call me at 4 in the morning and ask me what my best is on Ants.
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Psychotik View Post
Takes one to know one. :P

jk, just felt like saying that.
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No fucks
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!



Last edited by Card Man; 05-7-2009 at 04:35 PM.. Reason: facepalm
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

654654654 is funny.

Just kidding

P.S You suck
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

I haven't seen a bigger waste of space since that time my friend built a stack of boxes covered in bubblewrap in an attempt to prevent getting the swine flu.

He got bored and popped all the bubbles.

654654654, go 321 boom already.

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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

and the next stop on the trollercoaster issss?

1000% supporter of FFR character additions
Originally Posted by leonid View Post
FFR should implement a form of CAPTCHA that filters out not only spambots but also retards.
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Default Re: RATO AAA!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by 654654654 View Post
17 posts
Welcome to FFR. Read the rules and stickies when you have the time.
Originally Posted by Djr Rap dancer View Post
Alcohol make peoples retard.
Drink for forget you are retard and this bring you more retard.
Just take nicotine patch lol
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