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James May
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Default James May's Ye Semi-Olde Fashioned Stepmania Tournament [Canceled]

(nice cooltext :T)

Hello people, Captain Slow here, the guy who stepped Pepper Steak, DANBO, Juicy and currently on track to release a fifth pack (totally not a self-promotion thing I swear oops), and also ran two previous tornaments known as the Wheel of Arrowsmashing Tournaments a year or two ago. Anyhow, time to get to the jist of the tournament. I'm planning on running a Stepmania tournament. One that doesn't involve mods or gimmicks, silly trivia stuff or even have to use math to get some sort of algorithm to achieve a perfect score. Just some good ol' fashioned Arrow smashing.

Now, here are some ground rules
1: All files/songs/maps/charts/whateveryouidentifyyourselfas must be played on J4*, there will be no bonuses rewarded in using a higher judge count.
1a: the only exception to this rule is if both players agree to use J5 in the match, otherwise both players have to use J4
2: All rates must be played on 1.0, of course you can try higher rates but there will be no bonuses awarded if you are playing a song on 1.5 compared to someone playingthe same song on 1.3 and so forth.
3: I have a right to request anyone to present a video of any files that they have played if I, and/or the majority of the players, feel like you are bullshitting.
3a: Addendum to Rule 3, if I find that the proof isn't sufficient enough to see that your score is legit, I do have the right to deny your score and eliminate you from the tournament. (really terrible example: Getting a FC on OME at one point in the tournament and failing it misreably on the proof video)
4: I will allow livestreaming if you wish to do so, just remember to post a screenshot of the score in the thread.
5: You are -not- restricted to using the default theme/noteskin/speedmod, that you have full freedom on using whatever you want. Hell, you can even use Jousway's Minestorm noteskin or a Siezure noteskin for all I care :B
5a: Because most players that play Stepmania has gone on to Etterna, and the scoring system I am using is on WIFE, I do require players to be on the Etterna engine. This is to maintain consistency.*
5b: And because most players are using the latest Etterna version, with the lack of Chord Cohesion: Players are required to have at least Etterna v0.55 or later. To download the latest etterna version - https://etternaonline.com/downloads **
6: No, you are not forced to log onto the SMO server to play the songs.
7: Have fun, we're all here to have fun.

(*Rule 5a was added due to the span of the year of updates that happened during the development of Etterna and most players shifting to Etterna instead of other Stepmania versions. **Rule 5b was added due to the lack of Chord Cohesion in the later Etterna versions, thus being added for consistency)

The breakdown
This tornament will be run by dual brackets: A Winner Bracket and a Loser Bracket. Each round will be a best of 3, and the skills comprising it will be Stamina, Speed, and Accuracy (MA). So for instance, for one round: Stamina's song could be The Deceit/The Violation from Xeo & Friendz, Speed's could be Torero from Kaiten 4, and Accuracy's song could 0 (Piano Version) from PMOE. As for determining how the brackets will be done, I'll probably use a bracket generator website to use for it. Scores will be determined by WIFE% (The default scoring% for Etterna). The files will be selected personally by me and only me, and the three files will be put up in a .zip file together and posted on the thread. Rounds will also be running 5 days each round (so if it starts on Saturday, round will end on Thursday and that's when the next round starts and so forth), this will give time to players to play the songs and post the scores/improve on it. I will only take the best scores of song from the round when the deadline hits.

How do I screenshot?

For windows, you just press the PrtSc button on your keyboard, which will promptly save in your screenshots folder (for those using Stepmania 5 on Vista [which why? lmao] to Windows 10, it will be in %appdata%>roaming>Stepmania 5>Screenshots; for those using Etterna: it'll be C://>Etterna>Screenshots) and upload it to either here in your FFR photo gallery or any image-sharing websites. For Mac users, press command+shift+3, that will save the picture, double-click on it, crop it, cut it (command+x), and follow suit to the instructions for windows but instead use the command button instead of the control button.

Seeding breakdown

The seedings will be determined by the game client's Etterna rating that you currently have. The reason why I'm using the game client and not the online one is because there might be the case where not everyone is on the latest version of Etterna. Next tournament, I will require players to be in the latest Etterna version.

Credits breakdown (will update accordingly)
Grand winner: 50% of the credit pool (360,162 credits)
Runner-up: 30% of the credit pool (216,097 credits)
3rd place: 15% of the credit pool (108,048 credits)
4th place: 5% of the credit pool (36,017 credits)
Credit pool total: 100% (720,324 credits)

Donation Pool
James May (Me~): 310,324 credits
PhantomPuppy: 100,000 credits
Spacegorilla: 100,000 credits
11Brendon: 60,000 credits
HitlerWasRight: 150,000 credits

1. storn42 [20.39]
2. who_cares973 (wv) [18.66]
3. Fanta [30.26]
4. RenegadeLucien [11.99]
5. DMRIw (Deamerai) [21.46]
6. Icyworld (Ristyy) [24.55]
7. FirstMaple8 [22.86]
8. blindreper1179 [18.95]
9. PixlSM [27.69]
10. Pizza69 [23.19]
11. PhantomPuppy [18.76]
12. 11Brendon [28.98]
13. External (Spacegorilla) [31.14]
14. Walrusizer [29.68]
15. KyungSook (NinjaSM) [29.31]
16. Toby1018 [29.27]
17. itsjake (Ziltoid) [32.07]
18. ZephyrSM (Lethal Assassin) [25.75]
19. Flossy [25.99]
20. lemonguy (Shxfted) [30.54]
21. Xonica (HitlerWasRight) [30.75]
22. FFRGreen [22.22]
23. Amascite (Signed up via Discord) [24.59]
24. DDMythical (DDMythicalB3ast) [26.23]
25. D2Enthusiast (gabrieljd) [24.38]
26. theropfather [18.07]
27. DourGent [20.16]
28. Spartan- [23.49]
29. Ce2 [19.15]
30. poco0317 [24.05]
31. Winrar [22.26]
32. Jole (Jolocaust) [27.92]
33. Nixo [28.31]
34. Nick12 (Nick012) [19.81]
35. Ety (Haku) [24.33]
36. RushyRulz [24.13]

Round History
Originally Posted by James May View Post
Round 1 has started everyone! Round 1 will end on Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 11:59 pm!

The file's ratings are set with the calculations present in version 0.56.2, so do pardon me if the ratings look a bit over or below the ratings placed in your etterna client if you're playing in an earlier or later version of the game. Also, if you're not in a match this week, your round will start next week due to Challongs implimenting Bye weeks!

Matches for the round
6. Walrusizer [29.68] vs 14. Flossy [25.99]
Beyond Bludgeoned (NBJS4) [24.70] {Stamina}
fuck ANIME (Minty Fresh 2) [26.68] {Technical}
Let it End (Lemon's panty Shots 3) [27.61] {Streams}

28. storn42 [20.39] vs 29. DourGent [20.16]
Mathsma Attack (LCP3) [19.95] {Technical}
Bit Howl (ODI3) [20.43] {Stamina}
Captain Murasa's Ass Anchor [Oni] (ODI3) [18.66] {Handstream/Jack Speed}

26. FFRGreen [22.22] vs 31. Ce2 [19.75]
Mariostep (ODI3) [20.86] {Technical}
Take This Life (Astronomic Metal Collection 2) [20.85] {Jack Speed}
Cheatreal (boiled egg) [21.80] {Stamina}

18. D2Enthusiast [24.38] vs 8. Toby1018 [29.27]
brbjpusr2vip(o) (boiled egg) [26.25] {Jumpstream}
While Sleeping [Oni] (Boss Rush DLC) [26.31] {Technical}
endleSSSation (frums bootleg) (Elexon) [24.21] {Stamina}

If you don't have the files, let me know in PM or in Discord, I will provide the files for you!

Link for the brackets: http://challonge.com/Etterna_Tournament

Just remember people, have fun and if you need to ask any questions, ask me in the thread or PM me <3

James May

Sign-up End Date/Tournament Start date

I will aim to end signups on November 30th. Will give a 1-week leeway for people to practice before starting the tournament on December 10th (If things get in the way, December 13th is the latest that it'll start)

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