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Default TWG 190 Host Voting Thread

ffa x shadowolfe
submitting my insanely bastard nonsense game being cohosted by wolfe
for any number of players
and maybe since it's about that time it will have a halloween theme


TWG Lost Season 1

In which those aligned with the Island clash with the Survivors.

Phantoms: On
KitB: On
OOTC: Off (Excepting Mafia chat)
Nighttalk: Off
Cardflips: Full by default, affected by the Ethan Rom role*
Instalynch: On
No Lynch/No Kill: On, cannot be done two day/night phases in a row.
Minimum Activity Requirement: 5 posts per Day.

Ethan Rom, Mafia Janitor- Once, at night, you may target one player in the game to ensure their death is secretive. If the Island team's kill is successful against this player, only their alignment will flip publicly. The Island team will be informed of the full cardflip privately.
John Locke, Mafia 1-shot Roleblocker- Once, at night, you may target another player in the game to attempt to block them from performing any night actions.
4 8 15 16 23 42, Mafia Bulletproof- Can one kill an idea? Not with guns. You are immune to killing actions.


Jack Shephard, Town Doctor- Each night phase, you may target one player in the game to heal them. They will be protected from a single kill. You may not target yourself. You may not target the same player two nights in a row.
Sawyer Ford, Town 1-shot Vigilante- Once, at night, you may target another player in the game to attempt to kill them.
Aaron Littleton, Town Innocent Child- Beneath the OP, there is an image. You may post this image at any time during any day phase. Doing so will reveal that you are the Innocent Child.

Vanilla Town x7- No special powers. Character identity revealed on flip.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
is funny eaman?
Can you like not use those stupid names right now? Took me long enough to get these screen names straight in my head
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
(eaman is her name irl, friend)

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
There comes a point where we have to ask our selves, "do we really want to deal with that, desperate as we are?"

I think we can all agree on the answer, yeah?
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