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Default Replay to frame comparison

Originally Posted by TC_Halogen View Post
i'd love to see my La Campanella replay compared, haha

you guys should make a thread taking requests for your program to parse everything, I think a lot of people would get a kick out of that
Either I or qqwref can take a replay you have and compare it to how far off from the frame placements you were in your playthrough of a song. It's interesting to see how heavy splitting is with something like this, or how you're hitting certain sections of a file. You could even compare two AAA runs and see which one is "worse" from more splitting!

Also please don't try swamping us with a lot of requests, this is rather time consuming too.

Current requests:
- Pants (OWA)
- Mourning the Lost (OWA)
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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