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Unhappy Skill Rating not going up?

I don't really know if this is a bug, but for some reason every time I go update my ranks, the only thing that changes is the Average Rank.

So I thought that, fine, I'll play more. And after getting like 110 equiv from songs, the Skill Rank still didn't rise at all! It has been stuck at LVL 65 98% XP for like a month now....why?

And even today I got 62 equiv from a song and still nothing.

This has happened to me before, that the skill rank doesn't go up and suddenly one day it boosts like crazy, but it has never been stuck this long...

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Default Re: Skill Rating not going up?

getting 110 AAAs on Power doesn't equal getting 1 AAA on Undici.

62 equivalency you talked about(rocket flight 61.93) is indeed high but in comparison to the rest of your scores it's not that prominent.
to get any skill rating at your current level you would need equivalency higher than 61.97.
and to see a big skill boost you would need an equivalency higher than your current level 65

this is not a bug.

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Default Re: Skill Rating not going up?

You will only notice drastic jumps in your skill rating if you get a top 5 score. You have an outlier score in For FFR that is affecting your skill rating heavily, and that score is basically the reason your skill rating is what it is in the first place.

I'm assuming you are referring to your Rocket Flight score as the 62 you got today. That score doesn't even land in your top 15, so you will not see an increase in your skill rating. Even if you AAA'd it and it landed as your 10th place score, the affect on your skill rating would be pretty insignificant (but I believe it would just barely be enough to push you to 66).


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