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Default a couple ?'s...

Okay so I'm pretty new at this game but I am already like insanely addicted. Lol. But I have a few questions for yall "good" people?

1. Lately I've been playing and I'm getting a lot better, but sometimes it's really hard when the screen has like a billion arrows all over the place? And I can't see them? How do I get better? Do I just keep practicing or practice easier ones?

2. Is it bad if I fail on purpose? Like on a song? Like sometimes I get mad that I don't do it perfect so I just type random arrows, does that ruin my "overall ranking"? And if so is there a way to pause a song?

3. Sometimes after I play for a while (i play spread) my hand will hurt, am I positioning my wrists wrong? I am just laying them down on a table but does anybody else feel sore after a while like in the top of your hand? Or will that go away once I get better?

Thank you VERY much I love all of you for helping me

(Oh also I think I am posting this in the noob section but im not sure if i am? I am not used to forums so I apologize if this is in any other section...)
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