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Default TWG 189: Voting Thread

What's that smell?

Good ol' TWG, that's what.


Xiz With balancing help from thesunfan

Day by Day

Game Mechanics:
- There are no night phases
- 48h phases
- Wolves are compensated by a communal day wolf vigi, refreshes daily
- Wolves are compensated by discord daychat
- All other roles go into effect at the start of D2. Game starts on D1.
- Cop gets only alignment checks back. They will come up as 'green' or 'red'
- All lynch flips are alignment only.
- Town Vigi can shoot anytime in the day twice.

- 1 Wolf Roleblocker
- 1 Wolf Redirector
- 2 Wolf
- 1 Cop
- 1 Town Vigi (2-shot)
- 7 Town



game: the funnygurl vs t-force rivalry game
17 players

ootc: off (except for wolf chat)
day/night: 48hr/24 hr with n0 twilight phase of 24 hours

1 godfather
1 roleblocker
1 joat (role cop check, extra wolf kill, voyeur)
1 vanilla wolf

1x strongman modifier, 1x ninja modifier assigned pregame

1 jailkeeper
1 doctor
1 cop
1 watcher
1 miller (doesn't know they are miller)

6 vanilla townies

additional mechanics:
1 person will be randed as the xelicopter. they have to type /whirl at the end of their posts at a satisfactory rate (determined by host). if you do not meet this requirement, first you will be warned, and then you'll be modkilled. the xelicopter will be revealed at the beginning of the game

every phase, everyone has the opportunity to vote for t-force. if 2/3 of players votes for t-force, then someone at random from the voters receives an action. the action may be good for the random player or bad. gimmicks are predetermined; which action someone gets and who gets it will be randed.

if t-force joins the game, he'll have to go by twgma (or his irl name i guess, if he wants)

there will be flavor


the sun fan

The MU Champs Version


13x Town
4x Mafia

Of the following 18 roles, 1 will randomly be discarded and the other 17 will be assigned at random to one player in the game without regard for the player's alignment. Each role is restricted to using its action only on the nights listed on the chart. The Mafia will be told which role is not present in the game.

Watcher: Learns who visited the target, but not what actions they did

Alignment Cop: Learns whether the target is town or mafia, but not their role

Vigilante: Kills the target

Doctor: Protects the target from kills on that night only (cannot self-protect)

Tracker: Learns who the target visited, but not what actions they did

Roleblocker: Prevents the target from using their action on that night only

Jailkeeper: Performs both a Doctor and Roleblocker action on the target, both protecting and blocking them (cannot self-protect)

Role Cop: Learns the role of the target, but not whether they are town or mafia

Jack of All Trades: Can use one of their abilities per night without repeats

Voyeur: Learns what type of actions were performed on the target, but not who did them

Macho: The player cannot be protected from kills

Strongman: Kills performed with Strongman cannot be stopped in any way (serves no purpose if the player is town)

Ninja: Night actions performed on the night that Ninja is used are invisible to investigative roles (Trackers, Watchers, and Voyeurs)

  • Role reveals at death are alignment only. You will not learn a player's exact role when they die.
  • Usage of night actions is optional, but unused actions will be lost.
  • Mafia factional kills are optional. Mafia may submit a factional kill each night, but are not required to. However, starting night 5, the factional kill will be mandatory.
  • Mafia factional kills are assigned. They can be tracked, watched, or roleblocked.
  • Mafia share a factional Night Kill, which is a single standard shot for their faction.
  • Mafia members may perform the faction kill in addition to their regular action at the same time.

Role PMs
Please go to this page to find the exact wording of the Role PMs:

FAQ [Specifics for this setup]

Q: What changes to the setup have been made since the practice games?

A: The Roleblocker role has been split into two roles, creating 18 total. One role will randomly be excluded from the setup, and the Mafia will be told which one it is. Also, both Tracker roles have gained Strongman modifiers.

Q: What does Cycle mean?

A: Cycle is MU terminology for the night(s) on which a role can act. This is an example of how some roles might appear in Role PMs and Role Cop investigations:

Jack of All Trades (x1 Doctor, x1 Jailkeeper, x1 Voyeur) | Cycle 1, 2, 3
Doctor | Cycle 2, 4
Alignment Cop | x1 Ninja | Cycle 2
Macho Watcher | Cycle 1

Q: What do the Voyeur results look like?

A: The Voyeur sees the type of action performed on the target, but not the exact action. There's four categories: Protection (Doctor), Manipulative (Roleblocker, Jailkeeper), Killing (Vigilante, Mafia Faction Kill), and Investigative (all others). The Voyeur does not see their own action in their results. This is a sample results PM: "the sun fan had Manipulative, Investigative, Killing done to them."

Q: What is the order of operations? What happens if a roleblocker targets a roleblocker?


Night actions are processed in this order:

Strongman kills

However, there is one important clarification: the order of operations lists Strongman Kills first because they are immune to blocks, and regular kills are listed ahead of investigative actions because investigative roles can witness killing actions, but this only means that the target is marked for death before other actions are processed. No deaths actually occur until after all actions have been processed. In other words, dying at night never stops a player's action from happening.

The other important pieces of information are that Roleblockers act before Jailkeepers and that those roles are capable of blocking another player who attempts to use the same action.

Q: Can Mafia players target their teammates with night actions?

A: Yes. The Mafia's faction kill cannot be used on a member of their own team, but all other actions (including Vigilante kills) may be used on members of their own team.

Q: Can Doctors and Jailkeepers self-target in order to protect themselves?

A: No.

Q: Which roles can self-target?

A: Only Watchers.

Q: Are the Strongman and Ninja actions limited only to the nights listed on the chart?

A: No. If a player is Mafia, they may use their Strongman or Ninja ability on any night.

Q: Can players be investigated while they are jailkept?

A: Yes. Jailkeep is a combination of roleblock and doctor, neither of which prevent investigations on the target.



These are the results you will get when you submit certain actions.

Non-investigative roles when they submit an action (they also receive this if they are roleblocked):

Your action on Player A was received.
Investigative actions return results even if the target dies on the same night.

Actions that count as visits are counted as visits even if the actor dies on the same night.

Investigative roles (Tracker, Cop, etc.) when roleblocked:

Your action on Player B did not return any results.
Trackers when tracking a person that didn't visit anyone (or if they targeted a Ninja):

Player C did not visit anyone.
Watchers when watching a person that wasn't visited by anyone (or only visited by a Ninja):

Player D was not visited by anyone.
Alignment Cop when investigating a town-aligned player (or a Godfather):

Player E is Town
Watcher when watching a person that was visited by multiple people:

Player F was visited by Player G, Player H, Player I

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All of the other Snivies
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All in all I would say that Charu not only won this game, his play made me reconsider how I play it.
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