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Default [CLOSED] Temporary Web Development Positions

Temporary Web Development Positions are OPEN.
e-mail applications to with the subject "{username} Web Development Application", e.g. DossarLX ODI Web Development Application
Please send any new information as a reply to your first e-mail, so your whole application will be threaded together.

Applications End September 25th, 10:00 PM EST.

This Application is for a Temporary Web Development Position until the end of December 2015 that will entail a guided learning experience with me and provide some beneficial utilities for the FFR Wiki (and possibly a few other areas of the FFR site itself). Development will not take place on the FFR site itself, just like the Batch Search Engine is currently not on FFR itself. I will create a GitHub account that will be shared across the accepted applicants and they will be given a contract to agree to.

Some requirements for the positions (I'm planning on having at most 4 accepted applicants, although that number can change):
- Willing to learn and ask questions
- Willing to read through any training documents as needed
- Willing to communicate problems that arise, and log hours worked frequently
- Basic understanding of storing data in a programming language
- Basic looping constructs in a programming language
- Basic usage of functions
- Has created some basic programs with at least one programming language
- Willing to attend 1 on 1 discussions about their experience with this position
- Mention any other programming experience

Preferred but not required:
- Exposure to JavaScript
- Exposure to HTML
- Exposure to CSS
- Exposure to git as source control (GitHub will be used here)

Also mention your preferred method of communication. A Skype group will be created for the accepted applicants and myself (Silvuh will also be a part of it).

The exact details of what these positions will entail is to be determined after applications are reviewed and accepted. I am still discussing possible scenarios with noname219 about what site ideas could help benefit the FFR Wiki and I'll be preparing the scenarios for the applicants.

Below is a list of technologies that accepted applicants will be working with. I will act as a guide and provide documents about what assigned tasks are in addition to providing help if any applicants get stuck. This is meant to be a pleasant learning opportunity that also provides something beneficial to this site or the FFR Wiki.

- git (Source Control)
- Jade (Templating language for HTML)
- Node javascript (For running a server)
- jQuery
- Twitter Bootstrap 3 (Styling and page layout Twitter uses)
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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