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Default Mastering and EQ

I think mastering can be one of the most difficult things in production. I've been practicing and prodding away at finding the perfect frequency range for every seperate synth and beats. I just can't seem to find that perfect mix to stop making the mix sound muddy or even to light. I think working with EQ is one of the most difficult parts of it, I try my best but I think without proper input, I'll keep struggling with this.

(Also, do I add sub bass to this next to having a reese bass aswell?)

I've cut out a bit of a track I'm working on for a while just to show you what I mean. The overall track sounds muddy, too busy, some tones are muffled while outher frequencies peak way to much. I've added some sidechaining (it's actually just volume slider modulation) to see if it helps, but even this adds a weird effect to the track. If any of you guys have tips whatsoever on how I can best approach stuff like this in the future, i'd gladly listen to what you have to say. for me it feels like i've hit the brick wall.

this is how I've got my parametrics set up for the reese bass on the rigt, kick at the top left and percussion at bottom left. Don't blame me if these look redicilous, I've never learned how to do it properly hahah

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