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Default Has anybody ever had...

A supernatural experience?

Last night I took a long car ride with my friend as we often do when we are bored. Apparently my friend can sense the presence of supernatural beings. He has told me this several times in the past, but I never believed him. He continued to tell me that I would experience something supernatural tonight because he had never driven this route without experiencing something like this. Anyways, last night we were about half-way through the ride when he told me "over the next 5 or so miles some freaky things might happen". I blew it off thinking "yeah, whatever". All of a sudden a street light we were approaching burns out. He looks at me and says "And... we begin".

I looked at him like "what the hell...?"

This happened two additional times through this 5 mile range.
Once we got out of the range, it stopped.

The creepiest part of this whole thing was that the first two lights burning out happened right away.
Thinking it was over, I asked my friend "Do you think our little buddy is gone?"
And like that, the third light burns out.

By the time we reached our destination, I was very spooked. Granted this was a half hour after the events happened.

On the way back, the same thing happened again, only twice this time.
I am still very spooked from this event. It has also opened my eyes to these kinds of things, which previously I waved off.

I now think to myself, one street light burning out is a coincidence. Three however, is no coincidence.

Please post here and share any stories you might have of similar encounters =)
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