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Default Kono spoon, suteki desu ne [10 or 11]

Apologies in advanced because I'm not exactly FFR savvy enough to back up my claim in serious detail, I just kinda hope others will agree with what little I know >_>. Anyways Kono spoon, feels like a medium to a hard 10 to me, hardly an 11, those 4-5 bursts in the song while I've never seen a 10 do sweeps that long (if that's what they're called on here) but they're not really that fast, they're just kind of there, and outside these bursts is pretty much nothing. Maybe if the song were shorter it could be an easy 11 but it's not THAT short really like "The Adventures of Lolo", or "Grocery Escape Plan" .I'm not 100% sure what merits an 11, but this song doesn't feel difficult enough to be considered one. Hopefully I said something somewhat intelligent enough to get this considered, or at least explained why it's an 11 in the first place.
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