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Originally Posted by Celirra View Post
The pretentious culture fostered around Mina was a contributing factor to my withdraw from the stepmania community, so in hindsight I should be thanking him
you're the only dp apologist post 2016 so that probably also had a factor

i mean if im gonna go further that stems from your inability to appreciate nuance which results in you not being able to comprehend nuanced arguments or thought which is you know, stupid

i'm not going to bother to press you on how the concept of pretentious actually logically applies to me since i:

1) dont give a fuck about any of you and make that very clear all the time
2) think most of you are stupid
3) tell you exactly why i think you're stupid
4) tell you what you have to do to convince me you aren't not stupid, which granted, if you really hate me and have convinced yourself im a brainless idiot then i guess my opinion doesn't matter
5) do not present myself to have any skills or credentials i cannot demonstrably prove, like, idk, darkshark
6) dont pander and hugbox people i dont give a shit about and make faux social inroads to give surface level comfort to people so that they might do so in return
7) don't selectively call stupid things out based on who says them
8) make it painfully clear all of the things i do or do not like
9) say whatever i think to someone's face instead of only behind someone's back, unlike, idk, celirra
10) don't subscribe to the notion that the internet should be an escape from reality and function as an emotional bounce castle at all

11) i'm the only person who follows the golden rule here, if i give you shit, it's because i want you to give me shit, if i press you on something stupid, it's because i want to be pressed if i say something stupid, if i sit here challenging your broken emotional perspectives of other people it's because that's what i want

and that makes me the least pretentious of any of you fuckers
sometimes stepmania

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