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Default WV Presents: L A Collection of 50 files(RELEASED)

(Click the banner to download)

Song List:

some months ago I stepped a file for Celirra. Stepping that file got me back in the mood and reminded me of how much i enjoyed stepping. Prior to this I had not really stepped anything and every time I tried I would open up ddream and just close it immediately because I just didn't feel like actually stepping anything. After stepping Bu Bu Paruche for Celirra i continued stepping and 8 months later this is the result, 50 files. A labor of love both for the community and stepping. Some of these files were single releases and a couple are from FFR but most of them are new. There is a wide variety in music and in difficulty so that everyone would have something to get out of this pack. There's even a dump file !!! and jumpstream files !!!! So I hope those who download this enjoy it as much as I enjoyed stepping them. I have been a part of this community for 10 plus years and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks to everyone who helped playtest this pack and who helped with gfx you guys are seriously amazing.

special thanks to:

people that exist:


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