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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

July 2013

Judge Team 1


Alice's Garden (XelNya)
Rating: [NONE] [n/a]

- judgment not needed; file was already accepted

Chipscape (mi40)
Rating: [NONE] [n/a]

- judgment not needed; file was already accepted

8-Bit Purple Comet (Reshiram)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]

- changed offset from -2.110 to -2.155 (45 ms)
- the alternating in and out from following the lower chip makes the structure a little jarring
- 33.776/37.019: no sort of accenting for the upper melody here?
- 64.992: should be a jump given that 60.938, 62.560, and 64.182 are jumps with nothing else being layered on top of the clap
- 73.101: jump? both melody and clap coincide here
- 82.830: missing step for clap -- deliberately leaving it out to accent the chance in melody is ok
- structure doesn't sit well with me due to inconsistent percussion accenting; perhaps I'm not comprehending the concept?

A Crimson Rose & A Gin Tonic (MarioNintendo)
Rating: [+] [9/10]

- for my tastes, this is fantastic.
- even if I tried excessively hard, I doubt that I could conjure up any errors.
- the one thing stopping me from [++]'ing this file is just a disagreement on the accent at the end of the file -- while the pattern differentiation at 132.955 does effectively accent the change in key, it really could use a change in speed (potentially up to 32nds) just for those few notes to give that true descending feel.
- awesome chart, cannot stress this enough.

A.Q. Children (mi40)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- PR in the beginning could use a little tweaking, but it certainly is a pleasant change from none at all!
- 10.934 to 19.011: jump accenting is strange
- 20.165 to 38.165: your jump patterning is very repetitive (lots of [12][34] patterns); there's lots of mini-jacks here, but they are somewhat fitting to me oddly enough
- 48.550 to 52.212: don't drift from your structure here -- the vocal sample shouldn't represent a jump in this instance because it hasn't prior to this
- 53.396: triples are a bit arbitrary here and are somewhat sticking out because they're a random instance of combined layering (lyrics + bass drum), and they actually disappear just as soon as they came
- 57.089: ^ - although, seems to utilize the fact that there's no percussion on 8th notes for this particular spot
- 80.166/84.781/89.397: with your layering setup here, it actually wouldn't be a bad idea to use quads on these three steps, since singles represent the bass, doubles represent the cutoff bass drum, and triples represent the full bass drum -- you actually get the full bass drum when the cymbals come on these three steps, so it would offer another level of differentiation
- 94.127: remove jump
- 114.320/(etc): concept of color gimmicks was smart here, well executed
- 120.551/129.782: these may be a bit overemphasized
- for the most part, layering makes sense, and the rhythms seem correct for the whole chart
- there are a lot of 8th note jacks that happen as a by-product of connected jumps, but... for whatever reason, they actually don't bother me much in this chart.
- I can see this chart in game, personally.

Aim Burst (icontrolyourworld)
Rating: [PASS] [n/a]

- I can't judge this. I very badly want to leverage my position as a judge to get something like this in, but I outright know I can't do that. There aren't enough good stamina-oriented jumpstream charts like this. I'd love a chart like this in game, but I am very strongly in the minority.

Aishiteri Yo Ne (Razor)
Rating: [NONE] [n/a]

- judgment not needed; file was already accepted

All i wanna do is touch your power points (I like it)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]

- 27.025: rhythm should be much finer than 16ths
- 54.493: might not be a bad idea to differentiate the patterns here (no big deal)
- 55.662: ambiguous triple, even though it goes to the vocals, it's strange coming after a bunch of jumps
- 64.428: again, should be much finer than 16ths
- 65.207: differentiate this sample from the vocal sample by removing the right arrows in the jacks and moving them to another arrow (best decision might be LD to keep it on one hand)
- 76.895: see 64.428
- 77.674: see 65.207
- 95.596: ugh, split-handed jumpjacks?
- 99.468: this last 64th is strange, because there's only three noticeably chopped vocal samples
- 101.051: this is where the first 64th note should be to accent the vocals, because as it stands, it looks like there's something to be accented at 101.830, when there simply isn't
- 107.455: jump placement is weird - looks like it should be shifted up to the 64th nearest the 4th note, not nearest to the 8th
- 126.766: see 64.428
- 127.545: jack is misplaced - listen to the song on a lower rate
- jack placement in this file is somewhat unreasonable, as well

Amber Shores (DarkZtar)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 19.089: after not having mini-jacks for repeated samples before, these seem to stand out as erroneous to me, despite correctly distuingishing the appropriate instruments
- 34.264: odd... starts faster and gets slower, but your rhythm does the opposite of that?
- 43.682: jump forces a mini-jack on the left-hand; not sure why it's there to be honest
- 44.554: correct rhythm, but quite unforgiving as a pattern - spread it out a bit rather than leaving it as a trill
- 50.136: use 32nds, since that's actually the correct rhythm here
- 79.787: correctly done, even on a pattern level, but that is ungodly rigid; might be worthwhile to make a minor pattern change for flow
- 90.427: not quite the same as the instance at 45.775, but your rhythm choice is the most reasonable -- at the least, mirror this pattern
- 130.194: remove that mini-jack - there were instances in the chart where you left patterns on the same hand for repeating the same sample
- 141.357: ^
- many of the errors brought up are very minor in nature
- your rhythmic subdivision in this chart is pretty well done; nice work

Ame to Asufaruto (Doug31)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- 21.470: while this note differs from the melody, it's still quite jarring considering that you were just following the vocal(oid)
- 32.997: despite the change in intensity/overall structure of the song, your chart remains relatively unchanged and continues to follow vocals only, which makes the song drag along
- 59.997: with you only following the lyrics for the entire time, these steps are strange (it's easily understood that these follow the drums, but why not follow it in other spots?)
- 61.260: jumps don't serve a purpose here -- these vocals are no more accented than previous ones (jumps at 65.839 are fine).
- 67.102: remove note as no sound exists here
- 70.102/70.260: remove notes, nothing to follow here
- 71.523: personally, I would double the BPM here since the percussion clearly defines a much faster pace here
- 74.365/74.681: unfocused step placement; you seem to represent vocals pretty strongly in your chart, but following random bits of the percussion makes your rhythmic structure look very awkward
- 80.365: remove note
- 90.470: remove note
- 93.628/94.102: remove notes
- chart doesn't seem to follow any sort of consistent structure, which may be difficult for the audience of this file to follow

Black (YoshL)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 94.018 to end: layering seems a bit strange here compared to the rest of the chart; 101.291 seems to indicate that you don't have full intentions on following all of the percussion (alternatively: it could be done that way to avoid a huge spike in layering at that point), but some of the jumps seem like they fall on bass drums (104.200/104.927/105.655) when others are deliberately ignored (101.655, 102.382, etc)
- 97.291: missing jump
- not much wrong with this chart on an objective level, but the file definitely feels overlayered in many spots due to single taps having double representations, like the intro steps following the bass and shadowing the percussion for example, or the ending with the percussion and vocals creating heavy jump usage

Boot (Gradiant)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 19.128: missing note
- 29.933: nice place to change layering, very smooth transition
- 47.602: a bit overemphasized; those toms aren't quite as audible as your snares
- 48.111: missing note for percussion
- 50.950: remove jump
- 62.984: very nice job catching that flam, it's very tough to hear
- 104.424: cute and quite appropriately placed
- this file is pretty well done. Structure is simple where it needs to be, and pays attention to detail when it needs to. No complaints aside from a few missing notes here or there.

Casino fire Kotomi-chan (bmah)
Rating: [+] [9/10]

- 35.414 to 50.023: holy fuck it's Love & Justice on steroids, I love it!
- file is accurate in terms of structure/layering, nothing to really pinpoint
- on another note, absolutely despise the song, lol

Clockwork Gearman (YoshL)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 23.349/25.748, 28.147/30.546: what's the difference that is causing the change between single taps and jumps?
- that's about it, really -- chart is structured well and makes sense throughout

Day's End (Zakvvv666)
Rating: [?] [3/10]

- see my previous Easy batch notes; unfixed sync + misrhythms from previous submission resulted in heavier deduction -- take care to fix objective errors next time, please

Derezzed [Remix] (mi40)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]

- 7.936: add a jump here, since there is a noticeable bass drum (repeat for other instances up to 14.061)
- 14.061 to 38.061: representation of the melody could be better improved with appropriate pitch relevancy
- 22.061 to 38.061: melodic accents are accommodated for in strange and inconsistent ways, like mini-jacks that don't exactly correspond to repeated notes in the melody for notes leading into the beat (30.436, 32.436) or starting on upbeats (34.311); in addition, melody in general is accented with jumps and single taps but doesn't seem to do so consistently -- you might be able to get away with the jump usage if you were to structure your file around having jumps at 22.061/22.186/22.436, ommitting the jump at 22.561 (and repeating for other instances)
- 38.061 to 42.061: this is good, though.
- 46.061 to 62.061: this area is appropriately represented, but it seems slightly erroneous because there are a few missing jumps for the bass that happen to occur while the melody appears (48.686/48.811, 52.686/52.811, etc). Also, with jumps occurring on 4ths during the melodic riffs, it might be sensible to fill in the empty spaces where percussion should be (46.561/47.061/48.561 for the first set) to make your structure a bit more consistent. If you wanted, you could also make bass drums single taps outside of the melody and have jumps show up during the melody for the second half as a by-product of layering.
- 62.061 to 78.061: see 46.061 to 62.061
- 94.061: patterning isn't well done in terms of pitch relevancy since it's the same melody repeating for the first three bars - the repetition in the patterning will make this part a bit more visually appealing
- song actually repeats in the same manner, so notes will continually be applicable; remove any and all mini-jacks that correspond to non-repeated parts of the melody, and fill in missing components of the layering appropriately

Doki Doki Robo Bunny (0 & kjwkjw)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- offset is 46 ms early
- 12.026: quite overemphasized/overlayered
- 31.226 to 33.226: after using jumps to follow the prominent melody, this too also seems quite overlayered/overemphasized
- 61.826: ouch
- 62.726 to 67.226: makes sense for sure, just a bit rough
- 68.126: a few of the jumps in here feel like they don't belong (direct layering makes some of the streamy areas look a bit overdone, as mentioned previously)
- file has no real errors, but could benefit from a change in structure

Electric Angel [VN02 Remix] (Doug31)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- offset is very late (55 ms)
- chart is very plain and dry with no real accenting at all, uses single taps for just about everything when there are plenty of ways to at least intervene with jumps to make the chart a bit more accurate to the song
- patterns are very scale-heavy, utilizing many 1234 and 4321 patterns (or shorter derivatives)
- amongst this pattern scaling, representation of the vocals by pitch relevance barely exists
- pieces of the chart seem copy-pasted from earlier parts, adding to the chart's very draggy feel
- rhythms are appropriately accounted for, but there's no real layering nor is there a large amount of relevance towards the instruments; needs a lot of work

Rating: [+.] [7.5/10] (holy what I used a half value)

- 6.748/8.843: missing guitar notes (at 8.843, you can technically add a grace note since there's a minor slide)
- 10.277/12.373: ^
- 22.520/22.961: missing notes for... whatever that is...
- 26.049/26.490/29.579/30.020/33.108/33.549: ^
- missing notes for second guitar area are applicable to first area
- 62.115: note is slightly late, belongs 3/64th after the triple as opposed to 1/16th off
- 62.336: note is slightly early, belongs 3/64th before the jump as opposed to 1/16th off
- repeat above notes for this section up to 65.334
- and repeat above notes again from 69.064 to 72.593
- missing notes for the third guitar area are applicable to first area
- the fourth area that layers in the power guitar, you can apply the missing notes as single taps since they remain noticeable but subtle
- great file in terms of structure/layering, just missing a lot of -really- subtle notes
- some slight rhythmic details can be addressed

Pokemon battle imaging - No. 3 (Silvuh)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- gets a little difficult to follow due to some syncopation between the melody and the bass
- despite using only 8th notes, the difficulty of this chart is polarized between sections
- structure/PR are good, rhythms appear to be correct, although are slightly hard to follow at times particularly in the first half

Rolex Nike Air Low Low Interest (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- you told me the gimmick of this chart, and I understand how it's applied when the player is doing spinning patterns, but...
- ...is this abstract concept something that people can grasp while playing the file?
- I am admittedly having trouble understanding the concept behind some areas -- why is there layering for 46.406 to 51.807, but not 41.179 to 46.406 (not withstanding that particular instrument, but why nothing else in other areas like 52.329 to 62.782)
- 63.131 to 68.706: it almost seems like there's two intentionally anchored patterns in this run (one for 4ths/8ths and another for 16ths), because those notes seem to follow some sort of distinct pattern; it plays so strangely, though
- 82.991: jack seems unnecessary in this particular area
- I don't know... I tried pretty hard to understand pieces of this file and just couldn't get it right -- it's a bit too cryptic. I would love a full on explanation of how each particular section works, though!

Sagano Rakuyou Emaki (kjwkjw)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 21.642: if this follows the snare, it seems slightly erroneous considering that other snares aren't followed prior to this (it does serve acceptably well as an accent/transition into the next section)
- 48.172: add jump
- 61.492 to 90.149: I understand the structure, but it did take me a while to figure out -- to make following this area a bit easier, I would signify repeated taps on a per-instance basis for bass/snares so that it feels a little better
- 93.283: should be 24ths, not 3/3/2 64ths
- file is acceptably executed, no major errors in rhythm/structure and there is some noticeable pitch relevance, always a plus

Somerset Blather On and On (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- 16.284/17.863: patterns can be manipulated a bit better to accommodate for the chime's pitch, which will in turn allow for more pattern distribution
- 44.313: this scaling pattern doesn't fit well with this particular spot...
- 112.235: why are you repeating the same 123423 pattern over and over again?
- as a whole, file actually could use some more pattern variance; this song feels draggy even though it's not long
- on the flip side, this file plays with somewhat of an old-school feel, with light layering and heavy, index-friendly patterning overall
- I do feel that the song can still be accurately represented while applying friendly patterning, but it takes some effort to really manipulate things

Sunshine rainy (bmah)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 58.948/65.805: seems more appropriate as a jump layered on top of percussion
- 68.269: should be a 24th note fill
- good file, accurate layering/PR as usual

Wonder World! v2 (bmah)
Rating: [+] [9/10]

- nothing wrong, layering is 100% correct, PR is apparent
- file is a monster compared to the first one in terms of difficulty

EOS (ilikexd)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- 12.868 to 23.840: feels a bit awkward with percussion not being accounted for, quite the strange structure - it's done correctly, but it doesn't feel very natural
- 32.068: removing the accents for cymbals/percussion/etc. makes this part feel unnecessarily empty
- 56.754: utilizing direct layering here makes this section seem painfully overemphasized/overaccented because you're using a non-prominent element to assist in the layering
- 96.011/97.383: missing jumps? Considering the melody has been accounted for by primarily streaming, these certainly can be filled in for clarity
- 103.383: THIS structure feels a lot more appropriate compared to 56.754 -- yes, the vocal choppiness doesn't exist here, but it is considerably less prominent than the percussion and could have just been used as filler rather than added layering
- 125.326 to 147.268: see 56.754
- as it stands, the melody doesn't audibly sound like it is 16ths; it is very possible that the melody is a gated synthesizer that fills in the riffs by matching notes in lower octaves, but it's hard to hear in general - because of this, portions of the chart feel overstepped/overdone

Eternity (Xelnya)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]

- see my previous Easy batch notes

Euphoria [Antinomie] v2 (FFR Pro 21)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]

- direct layering for the first 56 seconds causes some jumps to appear out of place
- 56.082 to 97.670: while this is technically correct in terms of layering, it doesn't work well because it's a less active area, musically. This area appears overabundantly layered.
- 147.923: ^
- ending operates under the same issues as the first note -- jumps seem out of place
- chart is overall quite repetitive and lacks any sort of distinguishing qualities
- rhythms are correct, and structure is arguably correct

Exogenesis (Xiz)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 18.032 to 28.318: rather than making all of the snares jumps, make the snare and clap combination jumps (happens every beat). That way, the snare run that happens at 28.318 looks correct, and your chart will actually have room for variation.
- 34.478: missing 32nd for the bass
- 36.353: missing 16th for the synth
- 63.139: missing 16th
- 70.853: missing 16th
- 94.961/101.818: comparing to other parts of this section, these jumps stand out like a sore thumb because, despite combining layering from the synth/bass, your other jumps only occur on snare hits
- one other thing; the first part of the drop seems overly layered compared to the rest of the file - you can consolidate some space by removing jumps for the bass synth and use jumps for bass drums/triples for snares (you can also smooth the layering out even further by potentially adding triples for snares at the end of the file as well)
- as it stands, file is fine but could use a little tweaking; currently game-worthy

Extratone in a Perfect World (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- you're an asshole for making all of those bursts split-handed, fuck off
- in all seriousness, for a hard file, this does the song justice without being absolutely retarded -- the concept of runningmen for the higher-end bass drums was a great idea for accenting purposes
- for the sake of deviation, I personally would prefer 4th/8th note jumps in the areas where there aren't runs - it would make the chart look a little better
- rhythms are correct, structure is forgiving and uses little to no jumps
- not much to do for pitch relevancy because... extratone.

farscape (storn42)
Rating: [?] [3/10]

- see my previous Easy batch notes

First Flight (icontrolyourworld)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- 4.441: two missing notes in this sequence (4.574/4.774)
- 6.241: put another note 1/48th before this one
- 30.999: with the note at 30.766 being the same as this one, there should be no reason for a mini-jack here
- 32.863/38.469/40.334: ^
- 47.333/47.800: instances of this should be 24ths - up to you to avoid polyrhythms or leave them intact
- 56.668 to 73.701: there are numerous instances of mini-jacks don't aren't relevant to the music and happen either as a by-product of heavier layering or just exist because of a similar tonal sample repeating (albeit in a different pitch)
- 51.534: check your rhythm - the thing you're following speeds up and slows down repeatedly
- 61.413/61.491: remove these two 24th notes and add a 16th between the jump and the 8th
- 71.136: remove jump
- 71.914/71.992: ghost notes
- 73.701 to 103.571: rather indiscriminate structre -- initially, you start using jumps to accent the bass melody, but this disappears for an inconsistent accenting of the percussion, which gives little attention to the melody; structure is also quite convoluted due to accenting the clap/snare/w.e. on beats 2/4 as 32nd triplets. Mini-jack placement is somewhat inconsistent, and notes are occasionally missing for when the melody makes reappearances.
- 107.771: poly-rhythm is over-emphasized (notes at 108.082/108.160 are ghosted)
- 115.472: more 24ths that don't have a sound accommodating them
- 118.506 to 133.441: jumps/layering make sense in this area, but the 32nds arbitrarily follow the chip when it is the same arpeggiated rhythm repeating in different keys
- 133.441 to 148.376: definitely sounds like there should be some breaks in this 24th stream
- 139.508/157.711: so heavily layered before, why did you remove it now?
- 163.311 to 166.578: why is there no layering here, and why does it suddenly reappear? With the percussion and melody overlapping in your chart (which seems like what you're trying to follow considering 162.245/167.979 has no melody but percussion and has a single step), jumps feel somewhat out of place with your structure
- 194.115: if the intentions are to treat this current melody as if it were the solo, the point of structural deviation should start at the beginning of this musical phrase (185.714) -- this way, you don't have a sudden drop in layering when the melody picks up here
- 200.649 to 214.651: again, another are that needs a lot of structural work -- under the constraints of direct layering or accented layering, this area doesn't have a coherent/consistent structure for jump usage.
- 214.651/226.786: former time represents a heavily layered area with occasional mistakes in structure due to an unclear representation of direct layering/combined layering; later time represents an area that loses layering in the middle/end of a musical phrase for no determinable reason
- 235.187: another area that seems to implicate a structure for accommodating a single active instrument, but it happens in the middle of the same musical phrase, making a layering decrease look downright strange; if you want to use this as a solo, you can accommodate for other instruments without adding jumps so that you can keep a pace that isn't entirely boring, and then switch to the solo melody as it builds up in speed
- 236.120: so much going on for so few notes in the active melody...
- 266.458: technically, the musical phrase containing the solo hasn't finished yet, but under any case, this is a pretty large and unexpected boost in layering within an area that had little to no layering prior...
- 278.593: large layering decrease in an area where heavier layering might be acceptable
- from there up to 310.797 suffers from the same general issue with layering and whatnot
- 310.797 to 321.998: understandable place to put a climax, but the 32nds are not correct as the bass hits do stop and go occasionally, sometimes drifting into and out of 24th note rhythms
- rhythms are correct in some areas, but the chart as a whole is so incredibly overemphasized
- structure needs an overhaul and needs to pay closer attention to rhythmic changes in the song's samples

Future Invasion (icontrolyourworld)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- pitch relevance in the intro is apparent -- could use slight tweaking so that the up arrows don't match the initial pitch of the left arrow, haha
- 7.696: where's the little burst/flourish? You accented it immediately before.
- 65.196/65.996: ghost notes
- 73.296: remove note, put a note at 73.196
- 73.796: jump is a bit out of place
- 74.796: missing note
- 82.646/85.846: add a 32nd here
- 98.296: there are other instances of 24ths leading into jumps and this sample has been accounted for using jumps as well
- 105.696: fix rhythm - should be 12th notes
- 109.496: missing jump
- 113.496: missing jump here as well, but not nearly as important since it creates a rather uncomfortable polyrhythm
- 115.396/115.596/120.196/120.396: remove these 16ths; there are more instances of them not there than there are being there, and it would be a lot more comfortable with them gone
- 120.496: what's with the added jumps?
- 128.646: with this stream being 20 NPS, you might want to remove instances of mini-jacks that occur
- 144.396: remove 16th, add 24ths instead
- 181.946: remove 32nd flam here, just make a jump
- 215.696: missing burst for the little flourish here
- 218.696: here too -- remove jumps if you have to; it looks strange with you accenting some but not others
- 233.096 to 235.696: re-pattern this stream; lots of mini-jacks that occur with your stream patterning
- 242.896: mini-jack, although it's a bit more acceptable here because this stream is technically pitch-relevant
- this file is also pretty technical in its own right - I think forcing players to have to jump-trill 48th walls somewhat detracts from the intended technicality
- file is acceptably done, but has quite a few minor errors; structure is well done and easily definable, PR exists, and rhythms are done acceptably overall

green-grass holiday (Silvuh)
Rating: [+] [9/10]

- PR'd well, structure is clean
- patterns are actually intricately placed in a way that allows two sets of pitch relevancy to go at certain points, really well done easier file!

Guile of the Rime King (FissionMailed1)
Rating: [NONE] [n/a]

- judgment not needed; file was already accepted

Her Majesty (bmah)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 10.769/etc: separate this jump from the repeated taps, as the bass drum is the first note and the hi-hat/ride samples are notes 2/3/4/5; repeat for other instances
- 17.255: while this layering makes sense, it's a bit abrupt of a jump increase; not sure how you can possibly get around that, though...
- 36.715: awesome structure to accommodate for a call & response patterning, very nice usage of 192nds
- 88.606: same concept as 10.769
- direct layering makes for some pretty awkward structuring in this file, but it is coherent/understandable at the very least
- file is acceptably done

Herbie Goes Ballistic (mi40)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- 7.158/13.158: probably should be a jump
- 21.858: should be a 32nd burst as opposed to these separated triplets
- 37.158: make a jump
- 39.258: check rhythm/accenting here, jumps should probably be 4th/8ths and there should be a 16th at 39.483
- 43.308: make a jump
- 43.458: the rest of these samples aren't prominent hits, so jumps probably should be removed
- 46.233/48.333: remove jump
- 50.208: check rhythm
- 57.264: cut the wall here, holy fuck that's fast
- 64.533: roll starts a little early, adjust that
- 67.758: remove jumps here, not quite as accented as other samples here
- 69.558: with an area this chaotic, stick to the really powerful/accented samples, half of these jumps probably should be removed
- that clusterfuck of an area actually has decently accurate rhythms, good job being patient and nailing the timing
- 80.508/81.258: fix rhythms here, should just be 16ths
- 103.383/104.283: add a jump here
- 106.158: triple is a bit out of place; nothing to really accent here
- 107.808: if you really want to be a dick, you can actually add taps in between this triple and the next one (and after)
- 113.883/114.108: more triples that seem a bit out of place
- 120.858: xx-xx, jumps on x's
- 124.608: over-emphasized, jumps can be removed here
- 126.708: remove triple
- 130.458: triples can go here; remove the ones at 130.908 and 131.358
- 133.608: remove jump
- 136.908/137.508/139.008/141.108/etc: add jumps for prominent instruments
- 142.420: missing 32nd, although can be optionally omitted to allow for the accent to be a triple
- 145.758: should be 32nds
- 153.558 to end: honestly, I really can't sit and nail all of these structural inconsistencies, it will take entirely too long...
- 197.458/197.908: should be a 32nd
- 206.358: haha, nice quad
- 212.895: I think the first two notes here are just a touch off, the rest seem alright
- 242.227: rhythms seem a tiny bit off
- 244.308: might be better as single taps here
- 273.533/277.908-279.464: fix rhythms, pretty noticeably off in this instance
- 296.921: move this triple down slightly to catch that cymbal at the right time
- 303.858: rhythms are also a bit off after this point
- ending triple is a bit arbitrary
- structure is pretty inconsistent, and there are noticeably incorrect rhythms; file could use a lot of work; ambitious undertaking for sure, but could use some better execution

He's a Pirate F-777 Remix (MarioNintendo)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- 10.054 to 15.654: patterns could be executed better for pitch relevancy purposes, as there are some instances of repeated taps that don't correspond to the melody but instead are a by-product of layering
- not feeling the 300 BPM structure, honestly -- song is clearly 150 BPM and doesn't really merit that kind of pace
- 16.454 to 43.654: after thorough examination of the layering/patterning, it definitely seems like the melody isn't appropriately accounted for, and arbitrarily following the bass synth makes the chart's appearance more convoluted than it already is being dominantly two colors
- 36.554: missing jump for clap
- 43.654 to 56.454: at this speed, the pitch bend is appropriately accommodated for using 16ths - if it's intentionally avoided for pattern clarity, the least that could be done is appropriate pitch relevance for the 64th notes; even so, this gimmick only accents half of the high synthesized notes and really doesn't accommodate for the full melody when notes aren't really more accented than others
- 54.071: at least pitch is accommodated for here
- 56.454 to 75.654: leaving this section at 300 BPM is non-sensical - there's barely anything going on to just make this pace possible in the song, let alone in this particular area
- 90.054 to 102.854: nothing really worth making this a full stream compared to the earlier area, as the climax happens at the end of the song anyway
- 142.854 to 148.454: following the main melody here is really bad because you're causing polyrhythms to exist between what the player is most likely to hear in the section compared to what you've charted (as in: your 24ths in the chart will clash with the filtered melody that plays at 32nd notes)
- 177.854: should be 32nds
- 178.054 to end: with this climax, you have done nothing to distinguish it from the previous areas
- megamon's chart is miles ahead of this one in my opinion

I Can't Wait (gameboy42690)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 6.989: if the jump corresponds to bass, it should be shifted up 1/16th of a note
- 23.106 to 30.925: nice patterning for subtly following the percussion
- not much wrong with this file, very coherently stepped and has a pretty straight-forward and accurate structure despite having somewhat tricky patterning
- a bit draggy, but not unbearable in my eyes; a cut might do this song well

I'm Back (popsicle_3000)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 2.053 to 11.196: jump placement is a little strange; focus on more prominent samples for your jumps
- pitch relevance is acceptable, but is very constrained to only four positions rather than "wrapping around" to deviate patterns a bit more
- 50.482/55.053/59.625/64.196: missing note
- 67.184: remove this note and put a note 5/192nds after the 4th note
- 69.470: see 67.184
- 71.756: see 67.184
- 74.041: see 67.184
- 76.327: see 67.184
- rinse and repeat for white notes
- this song is so short, yet it feels like it goes on forever
- chart is acceptably done, but rather bland in terms of patterning

Indignant Divinity (LightArrow)
Rating: [-] [1/10]

- offset is off by 74 ms, that is quite significant
- chart structure is nonexistent, jumps and triples are seemingly randomly placed
- many ghost notes exist and chart does not have correct rhythm usage for the most part

Kaepora Gaebora's Message (axith)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- see my previous Easy batch notes; file remains unchanged

Kirby Smashed (Xiz)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- most major changes requested from last time were done
- 73.132: while you added some layering, the PR is still noticeably similar in each instance, despite having a changed melody - you can play around with this next time. (Not a big deal for this particular instance.)
- chart is overall noticeably improved, also noticeably heavier

Kirlian Isle I (yo man im awesome)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 35.727: could be a right arrow, with the next three being L/R/U
- 43.172: make a left arrow; repeats same pitch as before
- 49.113: move to up, same pitch as up arrow at 50.147
- 50.785: the second to last 12th note in this position for each repeat can be push to 1/16th before the last 4th note
- 51.105: move to left, same pitch as left arrow at 49.458
- 56.799: that previous set of 12th notes should look pretty much like this, with the last arrow again being moved to a left arrow
- 64.479: ^
- chart has noticeably accurate pitch relevance that can be manipulated to be even more accurate, but chart is very easy and serves well as a very easy file

Labyrinth of Logic (Zaevod)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- 2.861: this and other up arrows up to 4.807 should be shifted to right arrows to more appropriately accommodate for the key change that falls on 4.969
- 7.564: ^ (up to 9.996 for change at 10.159)
- repeat process up to 23.131
- 30.429: a bit jarring to use jumps even though they are technically correct to accommodate for the extra piano notes
- 33.150 to 54.267: thank you for using the piano's pitch relevance behind all of the percussion - very intelligent structural choice
- 45.672/50.375: because this is your own song, obviously the rhythms and melody are appropriately represented; however, be mindful of your pattern distribution -- while this type of music usually leads to freeform charting in terms of patterning, this particular section is very right-hand dominant (look at the lack of left arrows here!); manipulate your 16ths to fill in some left arrows here without touching the piano's 8th note structure
- 75.024 to 85.402: because this part uses only a left-handed piano melody, it naturally sounds less intense - however, your chart's intensity is just as strong as when the regular melody comes back - reduce the layering a bit here
- 106.159 to 126.915: accenting the snares with jumps is alright, but using 192nds causes separation and will convert very poorly - it's also a very arbitrary accent in theory considering that the snare has been around the entire song
- 157.401: ahaha, this is so mean <3
- 162.590: this polyrhythm is actually a bit unreasonable, I'd recommend changing the pattern a bit because it's considerably harder to execute than other components of the chart
- 168.428: to make this part interesting, I would add the 16ths with the left-handed piano melody (with, and not OVER) to have a bit more an active flow, since the song never really truly dies down - certainly not required
- file isn't too bad, but the song itself certainly goes on for a while

Lapis (DarkZtar)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- 26.775: missing note, not sure if intentional
- 39.823: not really hearing the 32nds
- 41.279/41.347: missing notes
- 52.974/53.077: see 39.823
- 54.429: see 41.279
- 105.936: see: 39.823
- 119.087: see 39.823
- 120.594/120.662: ghost notes
- this file is interesting, it actually steers away from conventional percussion accenting and utilizes multiple instances of instrumentation that appear seldomly as the basis of layering
- file did drag on, unfortunately
- on another note, the audio quality on this music file is absolutely horrendous; deducting there as well

Laplace (DarkZtar)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- nothing really erroneous about this
- audio quality is absolutely atrocious, please find audio files with higher bitrate, you should know better

Locked Into Phantasy (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- 8.166 to 22.778: jump usage makes sense, but follows something that is barely audible and is hard to pick up on until you know what's going on - with the percussion being very prominent, it would be a bit better to follow the bass drums/snares with jumps
- 31.257 to 42.081: the pattern repetition is intelligent if accounting for the arpeggiation changes, but make sure you change the chart when the melody audibly changes (33.061/35.587: no change in melody, but change in patterning?)
- 48.575/54.348: for the former time, I understand using the heavy synth for the jump accents, but for the latter time, you have really heavy percussion completely overshadowing what you're following, which causes your chart to look quite strange since prominent instruments are seemingly being ignored; not changing your structure also creates a level of repetition
- 65.893 to 77.439: same situtaion as 8.166-22.778
- pitch relevance at the end would be nice, since it's just a basic three note sequence
- rhythms are correct, but the layering is questionable (arguably correct) - relevance to moving melodies does exist, but isn't prominent
- despite being under two minutes, the chart feels somewhat repetitive because it doesn't distinctly change structure during some non-repeated areas of the chart

Medley Rush #2 (Charu)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- 22.613 to 34.787: doesn't seem like this should be a constant stream - if there are samples to justify this, they are barely audible
- 78.333: check rhythm here, definitely not constant 24ths
- 98.411: missing jump for snare
- 104.482: jump is out of place with the rest of your structure
- 124.574: bunch of missing notes for percussion samples here
- 130.692: if you're following the steel drum/other percussion here, there you are missing a ton of taps prior to this section
- 149.998: jumps are fine here, but change your patterning to better represent the change in pitch there
- 166.111 to 175.711: jump placement here needs work, some jumps go to guitar properly, some jumps don't go to any guitar, and some single taps land where guitars are represented as jumps in other spots
- 175.711 to 185.311: jump placement here is slightly better, but still has a few unclear jumps that probably result as guitars being accented when they aren't nearly as prominent
- chart could use some tweaking in structure for the sake of clarity; it also feels quite overstepped in some spots
- also, file is in OGG format, which technically is in the incorrect format


8 Bit Purple Comet (Reshiram) - [+] 8/10
- Great chart. The pitch relevancy is pretty much perfected to this song and it all flows very well. The hands also mirrors that 'umph' the song provided near the middle-end.
- However, the one problem with this chart is the offset. It's way off.

A Crimson Rose & A Gin Tonic (MarioNintendo) - [++] 10/10
- Wow, that was amazing to play. Structure just feels so right for the song and the patterns have a lot of diversity.
- Here's your official 10/10 sticker, MN.

A.Q. Children (mi40) - [+.] 7/10
- So many (12) and (34) jumps in the beginning.
- s46.13, s47.40: missing jumps.
- s53.40, s53.63, s53.86: questionable hands.
- s55.13: questionable 24ths, probably should be a 16th roll.
- s61.25, s61.59: missing jumps.
- s65.98, s66.29: missing jumps.
- s70.83: missing jump.
- s75.56: the continuous 22 and 33 patterns don't make much sense.
- s94.02: after this the patterns are ugly looking but that's just subjective.
- Everything else seems fine, constant mistakes here and there. look after those next time.

Aim Burst (IcyWorld) - [<]
- We already have this song in game.
- There's nothing different between the two except this one has denser jumpstream and much longer.

Aishiteri Yo Ne (Razor) - N/A
- Already accepted.

Alice's Garden (XelNya) - N/A
- Already accepted.

All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints (I like it) - [+?] 5/10
- Quite a few inconsistencies in this chart, especially with the jacks (which aren't 16ths by the way).
- s27.03: yeah check the sync of the notes on this jack, it starts to drift off near the end of it.
- s39.50: not a jump.
- s42.62: not a jump.
- s47.29: not a jump, it only seems to happen between 2 16th jumps. Check for those later on in the chart.
- s58.39: shouldn't be a hand since that scream doesn't happen here.
- s64.04: this was a jump from before.
- s64.43: again this single note jack needs to be synced properly. The jumps coming right after should be seperate from this jack as well.
- s69.90: not a jump, but s69.69 is supposed to be a jump.
- s76.90: same thing from s64.43.
- s97.55: not a jump.
- s99.50: should be a 4th jump, the vocal stutter ends before this jump.
- s100.67 & s100.96: both aren't supposed to be jumps.
- s101.84: same thing from s99.50. Also the vocal stutters start at s101.06.
- s102.83: I'm going to stop naming what's not supposed to be a jump, there's too many to count.
- s105.64: missing 16th note.
- s107.29 - s108.65: these green notes make no sense to what they're going to.
- s111.19 & s111.58: these screams are much more open than the other two, it would be better if these were different hands.
- After that it's all the same mistakes over and over again. Look over your chart for any mistakes you've made before submitting.

Amber Shores (DarkZtar) - [+?] 4/10
- Definitely calls for layering in this chart, just a bunch of single notes.
- s25.90: work on the PR here for the piano.
- s59.04: this left hand trill is just sudden, in my opinion. Gives the player less reaction time.
- s61.83: around here, you're not defining the bursts very well. It just feels really empty.
- Overall, you're making a lot of bursts feel completely empty to what the song provides. Needs more 'oomph' if you know what I mean.
- s125.32: I really recommend that you try to refrain from one handed trills.
- Everything else just looks so messy and unstructured. You have the right idea with stepping this particular song, but it's like you didn't take much time into putting in good patterns. I'll gladly go in more detail about this if you send me a PM.

Ame to Asufaruto (Doug31) - [?] 3/10
- You're missing a lot of prominent instruments in this simfile. PR also isn't that great.
- s9.00: at here you start changing the 4141 to 2323, make s11.53 a 2323 pattern as well, not 3232.
- s12.79: you have this as a jump, but ignore the piano and jump straight to the vocals... keep this as a single note or at least acknowledge the piano if you're going to keep that jump.
- s17.06: check PR on this.
- s21.48: now you go back to piano? Stay consistent on what you're doing.
- After s53.21, you're missing a lot of the percussion here, and you still focus on the vocals. Focus on something else or start having some layering.
- s60.79, s61.27, s61.74: I know that you're trying to focus on the vocals here but these jumps seem to have more definition than anything else that's going on. It makes things unbalanced.
- s67.11: ghost note.
- s70.11 & s70.27: two more ghost notes here.
- s70.98: missing 32nd.
- After s71.53, you're making no sense anymore. You're going from the vocals to the percussion, then vocals again, piano, vocals... I just...
- It's best for you to learn first or have people playtest your simfile and give you critique, before you think about sending a simfile into FFR.

Black (YoshL) - [+.] 6/10
- I think it's fine with what you're doing here. However, it gets hard to follow what's going to what near the end since it's just dumpstream.
- Actually, I'm not even sure what you're layering after s117.30.
- Probably tone down on layering, try to focus on what's more audible/prominent.

Boot (Gradiant) - [+] 9/10
- Very fluent and diverse. Found this to be really fun.
- Nothing I can note.

Casino fire Kotomi-chan (bmah) - [+.] 8/10
- Probably risking it with that jumpstream in the beginning, but it's fine. Nothing too bad.
- Very well structured too, nothing I can note.

Chipscape (mi40) - N/A
- Already accepted.

Clockwork Gearman (YoshL) - [+.] 7/10
- I'd check the PR, it needs a bit of work after s43.45.
- Other than that, it's a nice easy chart to playthrough. Good job.

Day's End (Zakvvv666) - [-] 1/10
- Since you're going to neglect the notes that were provided for this previously, then I have no obligation to go through this again and will give you a 1/10 rating.

Derezzed (Remix) (mi40) - [+.] 6/10
- I'd go in to check through the whole chart for PR issues, because there's a lot of them.
- Song also drags on a lot as well, at least you didn't make the steps reflect that.

Doki Doki Robo Bunny (0 & kjwkjw) - [+.] 7/10
- s61.79: this roll here is a complete trap for misses, boos, etc.
- Other than that, the chart is fine. However, the offset is off.

Electric Angel (VN02 Remix) (Doug31) - [?] 2/10
- Offset is way off.
- Very simple chart with no redeeming qualities.
- You keep copying and pasting the same 8thy rhythms to the vocals and piano, which makes the chart repetitive and boring. Change it up, or at least layer in some stuff.
- Also, find a better quality .mp3.

EOS (ilikexd) - [+.] 7/10
- s11.16: needs to be a hand.
- s11.50: you have ascending bass notes starting here. I recommend that you should have those bass notes as left notes.
- s32.07, s32.76, s33.45: you missed the cymbal crashes here.
- s99.96: missing jump.
- Everything else is fine. The jumpstream gets a bit dumpy at the end as it's hard to follow what's being layered.

Eternity (XelNya) - [+?] 5/10
- You have so many inconsistencies in PR, it's ridiculous.
- s4.29: lower pitch than the first jump, make that first jump a (23) maybe.
- s8.53: lower pitch than s6.41.
- s12.76: a (34) jump?
- s14.88: you had this as a (23)123 pattern before. Stay consistent.
- s16.99: should be a (12) jump, since it's the same pitch as s9.58.
- s20.17: since you are missing a lot of other grace notes, make this a solid jump.
- s21.23: lower pitch than the hand before...
- Just going to stop focusing on PR mistakes from there.
- s30.40: not a jump.
- s32.87: are you not layering the strings? Should be a jump here.
- s34.99: and here...
- s36.05: why are these hands? The strings stopped.
- s54.04: the strings pick back up again and you just ignore them.
- s69.92: you're not following a solid triplet here (1 2 4 would be suitable).
- s120.74: you should end it off with a continuous triplet here. Not change it around.
- Ultimately, a very inconsistent chart in pitch relevancy and layering.

Euphoria [Antinomie] v2 (FFR Pro 21) - [+?] 4/10
- Since you're layering the bass hits as jumps, make them jumps. You're missing a lot of them.
- s56.09: jumpstream got unnecessarily abrasive.
- s69.95 - s97.68: the 16th jumpstream shouldn't continue for this long. In fact, it shouldn't even be a full 16th jumpstream.
- Also, find a better quality .mp3. Would be nice for a v2, but this doesn't cut it.

Exogenesis (Xiz) - [+.] 6/10
- s56.61: should follow along with the (24) jumps.
- s59.61: you could anchor those jumps into a jack that follow the wubs.
- Missing a lot of jumps after s90.90.
- s96.68: shouldn't be a jump.
- End the chart off with a (14) jump. Ending it with a (13) jump doesn't give it that full finish, like something else is going to happen.
- You should work more on the ending. You were missing a lot of jumps that should have gone to the wubs.

Extratone in a Perfect World (DossarLX ODI) - [+] 8/10
- Stepped pretty much perfectly in terms of playability. Plays very well.
- Nothing I can note.

farscape (storn42) - [?] 3/10
- PR needs a lot of work.
- s38.73: start layering in the melody since you're focusing on those synths as well.
- s53.03: don't abruptly stop the 16th stream just for the accents. Could have had jumpstream there.
- s58.57 - s60.18: why jumps?
- s60.42: really need 16th stream here.
- s75.65: you stopped layering the bass?
- s81.18: random jumps.
- s91.57: grace notes aren't needed in this section.
- s106.57: random 192nd out of nowhere.
- s113.03: and some more.
- s119.95: after this, there aren't supposed to be 32nds or any of the sort. Just anything under 16ths.
- s140.72: 15 seconds of nothing? Step the vocals.
- s156.41: missing jump.
- s171.18: should be a 4th jump, not a single accent note.
- s178.10: 32nds?
- s185.95: missing a lot of 16th stream here. You even continue to not acknowledge the bass from here.
- Needs a lot of work before you can submit this again.

First Flight (IcyWorld) - [+?] 5/10
- s44.07: getting way too abrasive here for the start of the song.
- s53.41: ^ ditto.
- s65.07: probably best for you to remove that 32nd. It wouldn't be noticable.
- s73.71: after this you have a lot of 32nd triplets that aren't necessary.
- s103.58: everything is getting convoluted here.
- s133.45: not sure what these 16ths are going to in the jumpstream.
- s139.51 - s140.91: missing jumps in this section.
- s148.85: best to layer the melody, not the percussion.
- s152.12: you don't need to step this.
- s156.32: after this you're not even layering much of the percussion throughout the rest of the chart.
- s230.53: barely focusing on the solo here.
- s310.80: I guess this is fine to get rid of the anticlimactic feeling but uh, something other than generic 32nd stream would be better.
- Everything else pretty much features the same errors I've pointed out. You're being inconsistent on layering, having some unnecessarily abrasive patterns... overall, stepping almost everything. Work on this.

Future Invasion (IcyWorld) - [+] 9/10
- Very diverse patterns, especially for a scoring chart, this plays amazingly.
- s86.90 - s90.10: I recommend changing those jumps to hands, just to give it that 'oomph'.
- s98.30: missing jump.
- s109.50: missing jump.
- s113.50: missing jump.
- Everything else plays out great to me. Just like Milky Blue, this doesn't confine to the whole 32nd trill stereotype for YMCK songs. Which makes this very fun, in my opinion.

grass-green holiday (Silvuh) - [+] 8/10
- As always, another chart from you that is stepped well and what is considered to be perfect.
- Nothing to note here.

Guile of the Rime King (FissionMailed1) - [+] 9/10
- I still think you should refrain from copying and pasting patterns because I'm sure you could have some good variety in this.
- This still plays extremely well though. Great job!

Her Majesty (bmah) - [+] 8/10
- Nice use of the accent notes. Chart played out very well.
- Nothing to note here.

Herbie Goes Ballistic (mi40) - [+.] 7/10
- That ending is brutal, rofl.
- This chart does indeed reflect the "ballistic" in the title.
- I can't really note anything in this. Given how long the song is, nitpicking everything wouldn't make a drastic change in how the chart will play out.

He's a pirate - F-777 ReMiX (MarioNintendo) - [+.] 7/10
- s36.56: missing a jump.
- s43.66: not fully understanding what those 64th accents are going to.
- s56.46: I find the use of accenting these hands are a redundancy. People will know what the hands are going to, so just regular 4th note hands will be fine here.
- Everything else plays out well.

I Can't Wait (gameboy42690) - [+] 9/10
- Very awesome song and chart.
- Nothing else to say, that was just fun.

I'm Back (popsicle_3000) - [+?] 4/10
- PR needs a lot of work.
- The jumptrills at the end make the chart look messy. Try to take some time and think of some more unique pattern choices.
- Even the 32nds at the end are patterned awkwardly.
- File overall needs work. Would make for a nice casual chart to play.

Indignant Divinity (LightArrow) - [-] 1/10
- I really don't know where to start with this. The only thing I can tell you here is to fix the offset.
- I'd recommend contacting a simfile artist to tutor you in knowing how to charting a simfile. I can't really give you any advice based off this one.

Kaepora Gaebora's Message (axith) - [+.] 6/10
- Meh, not bad.
- The only thing I can tell you to fix is to try and seperate a lot of the jumps from the melody. It's causing some questionable jacks.

Kirby Smash (Xiz) - [+] 9/10
- This is excellent. Great job on the fixes!
- Diverse patterns and plays very well throughout.

Kirlian Isles I (yomanimawesome) - [+.] 7/10
- Not that bad.
- s49.12: missing jump.
- s51.11: ^
- s56.81: ^
- s58.80: ^
- s64.49: ^
- Nothing else to note. Plays out fine.

Labyrinth of Logic (Zaevod) - [+.] 6/10
- It was fine up until you started using accents at s106.49. What's the point of those?
- s125.30 - s126.92: this part doesn't make any sense. What is any of that going to?
- s168.43: stopped layering the percussion pretty abruptly there.
- Everything else is fine, but you made some heavy mistakes in there that killed this from getting accepted.

Lapis (DarkZtar) - [+] 8/10
- Very well done. Nothing else I can really say other than that.
- s143.54: shouldn't be a jump.

Laplace (DarkZtar) - [+] 8/10
- Again, very well done here. You stepped both "lap-" songs from Sakuzyo, nice.
- Felt like you went a bit overboard on the accents but, it's not harming the chart in any way.

Locked Into Phantasy (DossarLX ODI) - [+.] 7/10
- Nothing that bad. Very simple chart.
- Change the 8th 3 2 1 triplets in the very ending to 1 2 3.

Medley Rush #2 (Charu) - [+.] 7/10
- Plays like an old-school chart. It's not perfect, but it's something that I would love to see come back into FFR.
- All I can really tell you is that you're missing some notes in the first song. Other than that, everything else plays fine.

ORIENTAL SEA!! (bmah) - [+] 8/10
- Very great chart, however it's a bit repetitive since you used copy and paste for a portion of the beginning.
- Nothing I can note that's wrong.

Pokemon battle imaging - No.3 (Silvuh) - [+] 9/10
- Very thourough and PR'd well. The climax theory was also excellent, great job.

Rolex Nike Air Low Low Interest (DossarLX ODI) - [+?] 4/10
- I really didn't get what was going on there. You had a bunch of split patterns that had no definition of what they were going to. Switching between the 234 notes to 123 back and forth was annoying, in my opinion.
- PR really needs work, and the jumps at the very ending didn't seem to make sense at all. You missed a lot of parts that could have used jumps by layering the percussion.

Sagano Rakuyou Emaki (kjwkjw) - [+] 8/10
- Diverse patterns, plays very nicely. Good job.
- Nothing to note here.

Somerset Blather On and On (DossarLX ODI) - [+.] 7/10
- Much better than your other NDAD chart.
- s12.34: has a lower pitch than the note before.
- s44.32: these staircase 8ths need better PR.
- s63.27: the 16th streams you have after this need better PR as well.
- Everything else is fine, just PR errors here and there. Not bad of a chart.

Sunshine rainy [Heavy] (bmah) - [+] 8/10
- Again, you never cease to be perfect about your charts.
- Although, there's copy and pasting in this one.

Wonder World! v2 (bmah) - [+] 8/10
- Very good v2 chart, much different from Silvuh's in difficulty.

============ RESUBMISSIONS ============

My Fxxxin Desire For You (Xx{Midnight}xX) - N/A
- Already accepted.


8 Bit Purple Comet (Reshiram) - 6/10

A.Q. Children (mi40) - 5/10

A Crimson Rose & A Gin Tonic (MarioNintendo) - 8.5/10

Aim Burst (icyworld) - 7/10

Aishiteru Yo Ne (Razor) 6.5/10

All I Wanna Do Is Touch Your Powerpoints (I_like_it) - 7/10

Amber Shores (DarkZtar) - 3.5/10

Ame to Asufaruto (Doug31) - 5/10

Black (YoshL) - 6.5/10

Boot (Gradient) - 7/10

Casino fire Kotomi-chan (bmah) - 8.5/10

Clockwork Gearman (YoshL) - 6.5/10

Day's End (Zakvvv666) - 5.5/10

Derezzed Remix (m140) - 6/10

Doki Doki Robo Bunny (0 & kjwkjw) - 7.5/10

Electric Angel VN02 Remix (Doug31) - 5.5/10

EOS (ilikexd) - 7/10

Eternity (XelNya) - 4.5/10

Euphoria v2 (FFR Pro 21) - 6/10

Exogenesis (Xiz) - 6.5/10

Extratone in a Perfect World (DossarLX_ODI) - 5.5/10

farscape (stom42) - 5/10

First Flight (icyworld) - 7.5/10

Future Invasion (icyworld) - 7/10

grass-green holiday (Silvuh) - 6.5/10

Guile of the Rime King (fission) - 8/10

Herbie Goes Ballistic (mi40) - 9/10

Her Majesty (bmah) - 7/10

He's A Pirate F-777 Remix (MarioNintendo) - 6/10

I Can't Wait (gameboy42690) - 4.5/10

I'm Back (popsicle_3000) - 4/10

Indignant Divinity (LightArrow) - 6.5/10

Kaepora Gaebora's Message (axith) - 5.5/10

Kirby Smashed (Xiz) - 7/10

Kirlian Isles I (ymia) - [PASS]

Labyrinth of Logic (Zaevod) - 5/10

Lapis (DarkZtar) - 5.5/10

Laplace (DarkZtar) - 6/10

Locked Into Phantasy (DossarLX_ODI) - 6/10

Medley Rush #2 (Charu) - 7.5/10

Oriental Sea!! (bmah) - 8/10

Pokemon Battle Imaging No.3 (Silvuh) - 7/10

Rolex Nike Air Low Interest (DossarLX_ODI) - [PASS]

Sagano Rakuyou Emaki (kjwkjw) - 7.5/10

Somerset Blather On and On (DossarLX_ODI) - 6.5/10

Sunshine Rainy (bmah) - 7.5/10

Wonder World! (bmah) - 7.5/10

Wayward Vagabond/kommisar

EOS (ilikexd) - 7

Eternity (XelNya) - 5

Euphoria [Antinomie] v2 (FFR Pro 21) - 6.5

Exogenesis (Xiz) - 7

farscape (storn42) - 6

First Flight (icontrolyourworld) - 8

grass-green holiday (Silvuh) - 8

Extratone in a Perfect World (DossarLX ODI) - 9

Future Invasion (icontrolyourworld) - 8

Guile of the Rime King (FissionMailed1) - 8

Her Majesty (bmah) 7.5

Herbie Goes Ballistic (mi40) - 7

He's a pirate - F-777 ReMiX (MarioNintendo) - 7

I Can't Wait (gameboy42690) - 8

I'm Back (popsicle_3000) - 6

Indignant Divinity (LightArrow) - 6

Kaepora Gaebora's Message (axith) - 7

Kirby Smashed (Xiz) - 6

Kirlian Isles I (yomanimawesome) - 6

Labyrinth of Logic (Zaevod) - 6

Lapis (DarkZtar) - 6.5

Laplace (DarkZtar) - 7

Locked Into Phantasy (DossarLX ODI) - 7.5

Medley Rush #2 (Charu) – 8

8bit Purple Comet [6/10]
-Sync early by +.02
-m25 feels a little too empty compared to the rest. I'd fill it in with a few other background sounds. Unless it's a solo empty sections feel too inconsistent
-m53 the first 16th note here feels a little off based on what you're following. The background hi-hats would be easier to follow here I think as a nice variation.

A.Q. Children [6/10]
-m11/12 the bassline is fine, but the jumps aren't warranted. It's just the same note. Maybe mix it in with what you were previously following?
-beat 226 this section should just be stepped like you did before. No idea why there are hands here when it sounds the same.
-m82 fix the PR on these bass notes. Should be pretty apparent.

Aim Burst [3/10]
-First section listen closely, you're missing plenty of background synth 16ths that you're following.
-Once the Jumpstream starts, guess what, invisible 16th stream. Listen closely, it's not constant jumpstream at all.
-There isn't any constant jumpstream in this actually. The synth is doing something completely different. I can't accept invisible streams, sorry.

Aishiteri Yo Ne [5.5]
-before m15 missed a 24th, same with before m19 you put a 16th instead?
-m20 all the kicks should be jumps
-m21 the synth here has a very distinct melody. It isn't being followed properly. The lower notes should be included as well.
-m36 this section is underwhelming. As a buildup/transition there should be more here. Add some jumps or switch up the patterns because it doesn't feel like this is building up to anything.
-m69 I don't understand the use of 192nds. They're inconsistently used and add nothing to the actual accuracy of the notes, especially when they're mingled in with straight 4th jumps

All I Wanna do is Touch Your Power Points [7.5/10]
-Nothing to point out here at all. Well constructed and very consistent.

Amber Shores [5/10]
-Now I'm not one to criticize buzzing accuracy, but switching between 24ths and 32nds doesn't seem necessary.
-On the buzzing topic, beat 54 should be a burst of sorts instead of just a 48th
-beat 98 the buzzing sound is slowing down yet you increase the speed of the notes?
-m34 this is how all the other sections should've been done.

Ame to Asufaruto [3/10]
-beat 2 these 4th notes on the snare are inconsistently being followed. Why isn't there one at beat 1?
-Once Miku comes in the pitch relevancy is all over the place. Should be relatively simple.
-m20 none of the percussions are stepped and it feels really empty as a buildup transition
-m21 you could at least add the snare
-beat 90.5 missed a note
-m24 these jumps are inconsistent with the rest of this section
-Needs lots of revisions regarding accuracy.

Black [6.5/10]
-Rather simple file with bland patterns, but nothing really wrong to point out.

Boot [8/10]
-beat 26.5 missed a note. It's very feint but is still a presence
-beat 263.750 missed a 16th
-Fantastic file.

Casino Fire Kotomi-chan [6/10]
-m6 the percussions here are ignored at the start. Actually the entire first section of this file is missing a lot of key syncopated percussions
-m11 if you're doing trumpet flams, beat 43.5 should have one as well. The entire measure after it doesn't have any at all. Pretty inconsistent.
-m25 while there's nothing wrong with the jumpstream, the patterns are abysmal. Try to avoid too many one handed patterns.
-I absolutely love this file, but needs some fixing. Has potential to be a really memorable file.

Clockwork Gearman [5.5/10]
-I feel like some jumps could be added to the snare when it's on 16th notes to add some variety.
-File repeats a lot and doesn't really offer anything interesting beyond the same beats over and over.

Day's End [5/10]
-before m18 there are some 32nd hi-hats you should follow. Much more defined than the vague crash cymbal 32nds (which shouldn't be 32nds, at beat 34.5)
-m18 this section doesn't feel like it changes much, and there's so much more going on in the background that could embellish this.
-given the overall difficulty of the file, I'd consider removing the 32nds all together. I just think some more attention could be given to the hi-hats to give the flow some momentum instead of always having the same rhythms.

Derezzed [6/10]
-end of m25 up until here I didnt mind the mini-jacks, but it's just not fitting here. Note changes.
-m23 and on the snare shouldn't be ignored. It's a really loud prominent sound and would fill in some empty looking sections.
-Rest is pretty fun although pretty repetitive rhythm wise. Most mini-jacks are notes that change, might want to look over those.

Doki Doki Robo Bunny [4/10]
-sync is early (+0.4 ish)
-Ending is abrupt. Whole file just feels like an overlayered jumpstream with awkward patterns.

Electric Angel [4/10]
-Pitch relevancy needs work.
-pattern useage is really bland and repetitive. the only thing you're doing most of the time is going from 1 to 4 and back.

A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic [9/10]
-hngggg right in the kokoro. fantastic file. even the solos weren't butchered with the potential 32nds

-beat 10.750 missed a 16th note. this continues throughout this section
-m7 the accentuations here are either bland or non-existent. There's so much more potential here than just systematic dumpstream. Technically this section is wrong too.
-Most of the guitar isn't followed properly. Listen carefully for strummed notes and perhaps notes that are in between sections.

Pokemon Battle Imaging - no.3 [7/10]
-For this difficulty the song accentuates what's necessary. This would make a great hard chart as well, if you ever consider it.

Rolex Nike Air Low Low Interest [4/10]
-beat 16.750 missed 16th
-beat 18.625+18.875 missed 32nds
-beat 19.375 missed 32nd
-beat 21.250 missed 16ths and 32nds here
-you miss a lot of beats. file is really inaccurate. just going over this at .8x rate is a disaster.

Sagano Rakuyou Emaki [6/10]
-beat 14.250 missed 16th.
-beat 16.250 missed 16th
-beat 18.250 missed 16th
-beat 22.250 missed 16th
-They're far too prominent to ignore. You can argue they don't go with the synth, but they are basically an extention of it.
-m33 at least a jump here would help accentuate the transition

Somerset Blather On and On [6.5/10]
-m25 the jacks are neat but aren't pitch accurate.
-not bad at all. pretty old school style of file.

Sunshine rainy [7/10]
-m10 i think you put the 16ths at the wrong spot. should be before the 4ths not after them
-really fun accents throughout the file.

Wonder World! [6.5/10]
-really textbook structured file. a bit bland and repetitive as a result of the song though.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Team 2


As usual, feel free to contact me via PM or Skype if you would like for me to go over your file more in-depth.

asdfmovie6 song (rparty89) [5/10]
- Feels overstepped overall; a tone-down in layering wouldn't hurt (it would also assist you in stepping some sections more accurately, such as the 32nds that are present throughout the file).
- m. 33 - misrhythm with the 24ths here. They start a tad later.
- m. 63 (beat 249.75) - missing 16th.
- m. 64 (beat 254) - hand?
- m. 69 - why the sudden 32nd? There are several instances of the flam for synth before this section that you didn't step. (Also, this part is slightly different from the blips you stepped from m. 72 on.)
- m. 83 (beats 331~332) - this part is really awkward as it forces a 3-note jack. Sacrificing a hand for playability would work. (As a side note, you're missing a 32nd right at the end in this section and in other similar sections. You can be slightly flexible with your layering/PR should you choose to add those in -- e.g. change some of the hands to jumps, make the 32nds simple rolls, etc. This is up to you.)
- m. 98 (beat 391.75) - missing 16th.

asdfmovie6 song (AlexDest) [6/10]
- m. 9~12 - Layering seems a bit unclear. If you were stepping the drumbeats on top of the melody, a note is missing at beat 43. Also, some jumps are missing.
- m. 28 (beat 110) - hand.
- m. 33~ - Be consistent with your 32nd flams here. A lot of them are missing.
- m. 57~ - the 16ths in the jumpstream go to the synth, so adding notes to beats 237.5, 253.5, 269.5 and so on would make the players less confused.
- With some tweaks, this could be a really enjoyable file.

Eclipse (Luna) (TC_Halogen & who_cares973) [8/10]
- Not much to say here. Solid chart. Jump accentuation was excellent.

KOMMICORE (0 & Choofers) [4/10]
- Still don't really find too much enjoyment value in this, haha...
- m. 21 - notes for vocals at the beginning of measure? (as stepped in m. 25)
- m. 34 - missing a note near the end of the measure for vocals.
- m. 38 - The percussion that starts here still seem off. Some sections have ghost notes (or notes that go to sounds that are very, very faint sounds: ex. beat 150.75), while others are missing notes (e.g. percussion for beats 175-176 on m. 44).
- The jump placement in this part of the song is also slightly inconsistent. The jumps on the vocals are fine, but you may need to double-check the percussion. For instance, you choose to have the jump on beat 171.5 when some other instances of the same sound are stepped as single notes.

Mirage Garden (ilikexd) [7.5/10]
- m. 70 - Be sure to take out the 192nd minijack here when you resubmit or send in fixes.
- m. 128 - missing note after the last 192nd jump?
- Neat song.

Moon Rabbit (Scintill) [6.5/10]
- This is a great song, but it calls for a chart that drags in several sections/has pretty big difficulty spikes.
- m. 8 (beat 28) - single note. No piano chord here.
- m. 11 (beat 41.5) - jump?
- m. 15 (beat 57.5) - same as above.
- m. 34 (beat 132) - jumpjacks will suffice.
- m. 45 - I have mixed feelings about that handjack, haha.
- m. 49 (beat 192.67) - the [23] jump and the following [24] jump seem to come up slightly early relative to the music.

Murderous Rampage (Baq12) [7/10]
- First half of the file felt more fun to play than the second half (hand usage seemed a bit excessive which took away from its emphasis effect).
- m. 55~56 - Not a technical error, but the 32nds are so quiet that from a player's perspective, they could be omitted to give the chart better flow.

Neurotoxin (Reshiram) [7/10]
- askjdfkjdsafkjsdjkf enough with the 64ths
- m. 47 (beat 185) - jump?
- m. 61 (beat 241.5) - missing note.
- m. 62 (beat 245.5) - same as above (if you choose not to add the note in m. 61, disregard this for the sake of consistency).
- m. 63 (beat 249.5) - missing note.
- m. 95 (beat 374.5) - following your layering for this section, a jump would make sense here.
- Nice to see a chart for this one.

New World Disorder (.Gazelle.) [5/10]
- Hm...
- m. 18 (beat 71.5) - jump here (change patterns around if needed).
- m. 61 - Polyrhythm (12ths + 16ths). The 16ths go from beat 240 to 241.
- m. 67 (beat 267.33) - hand. Also, I highly suggest changing the hands in both of these 12th sections (m. 50-57 and m. 66-73) to just jumps -- this many hands seem too much for the song.
- m. 77 - Polyrhythm (same as m. 61).
- m. 78 (beat 311) - single note.
- m. 79 (beat 313) - same as above.
- m. 81 - Drumbeats for beats 320-322 are 16ths. If you'd rather not create a polyrhythm, you could either 1) take out the two blue notes to keep just the synth or 2) ignore the synth 12ths altogether and just step the 16th percussion (this is what you did for m. 65). I would suggest the latter, since players will likely be able to follow the drums here, and you already went for stepping the drums in the later half of the measure.
- m. 81 - Percussion is there for the 24th right before the quad. Maybe add it in and change the quad to a jump or a hand?

Ninur (Razor) [7.5/10]
- Dubstep!!!11!1
- m. 10 (beat 38.5) - missing note.
- m. 14 (beat 54) - jump?
- m. 40 - It seems that the second note for the coin sound should come up a bit later.
- m. 47 - Constant 24ths from beat 185 to 187.
- m. 97 - 12th note on beat 384.33.
- Pretty fun to play.

Northwing Fury I (Zaevod) [4/10]
- Overall the file feels very overstepped, partly due to the 32nds/64ths (which largely beef up the difficulty) being very quiet. To the player, this file would be more enjoyable (and perhaps even easier to follow) with those omitted.
- Slightly inconsistent usage of jacks. This isn't as big a deal as the overstepping, but fixing this could definitely make your file more fun to play. Personally I don't see an essential need for jacks anywhere in the file. If you have further questions about this, please feel free to ask me.
- m. 66 - The 32nd stream is constant from here all the way down to beat 270 on m. 68. If you decide to give the entire file a tone-down on the layering, this section could even do as a 16th stream.
- m. 80 - Why a random pause for the percussion at the beginning of the measure? (You're missing a note on beat 317.75 even if you decide to keep the pause.)

Palace of Destruction (DarkZtar) [6.5/10]
- mp3 could be amplified a bit, haha. It'd also be nice if you could get an mp3 with better sound quality. It was hard to tell if a few notes were going to anything.
- m. 135 (beat 538.75) - 16th note just like in the previous couple of measures.
- m. 177~178 - Check your rhythm here. (Notes on beats 707.67 and 708.33 for guitar?)

Phantom Of The Opera (VisD) [6/10]
- m. 8~12 - Rather than having this entire section be jumps/hands/quads, you could try using the same layering scheme you used for m. 13-15.
- m. 17 - Please check the violin rhythm from beats 67-68. They're closer to 12ths than 16ths, but you may need to use more precise snap.
- m. 21 (beat 83) - same as above.
- m. 23 - Going by your layering in this section, beat 90 is a ghost note.
- m. 33~34 - You seem to be following the violin and snare -- consider taking out the note on beat 128.5 and making beat 129 a jump. Should you choose to change this section, be sure to do the same for m. 37.
- m. 36 - Note for percussion on beat 141.5.
- m. 47 - Misrhythm for violin from beats 185 to 186. A bit too many notes.
- m. 66 (beat 261) - jump here.
- With some misrhythm and layering inconsistency fixes, this could be a fun little intermediate-difficulty file.

Piano Sonata in A Major, K. 331 (Baq12) [7/10]
- Solid file, though I'm not sure if a v3 of this song is in much need (different performance, but still).
- m. 40 - Suggestion: Take out the note on beat 159.75 since it's hardly audible? Same thing for m. 48 (beat 191.75).
- For variety, try switching around patterns a bit. A lot of the sections repeat, but they don't need to have the exact same patterns -- especially considering the length of the song.

Pleasant Farmer (pxtang) [6/10]
- This song...!
- m. 16 (beat 63) - not sure what the jump here is for.
- m. 17-30 - Layering is a little inconsistent. You could either 1) take out the notes on beats 79.75, 95.75, etc. to follow just the bass thumps or 2) add in additional 16ths for the percussion for the simple 8th run measures. Also, don't forget the jumps for beats 79.5, 95.5, and so on.
- m. 31 (beat 123.25) - single note.
- m. 33 (beat 131.5) - jump for melody.
- m. 37 (beat 147.5) - same as above.
- Jumps for m. 40 (beat 159.5) and m. 44 (beat 175.5), as you have a jump on m. 36 for the same recurring section.
- m. 51 (beat 203.5) - jump (same as m. 49, beat 195.5).
- Please double-check your file for consistent use of jumps in the following measures as well. Check on a lower rate if it gets hard to follow.
- m. 64 - The 32nd roll is actually longer (if you decide to change this, mess around with the patterns following it).
- m. 65~ - The synth is a constant 16th run. Change the 24ths to 16ths.

Po Pi Po Kouka de Uchi no Miku wa Kyou mo Genki Desu (0) [6/10]
- Chart feels overstepped for the song. Also, it's very hard to follow which sounds the notes are going to sometimes. Sections such as m. 5~12, for instance, could be improved if you chose to underlayer a little in order to cut down on the hand usage and to capture the "vocals" more accurately.
- m. 3~4 - Check your rhythm for the synths, some notes are missing.

Pollyanna Rocks My World (YoshL) [8/10]
- m. 28 - Suggestion: follow PR for jumps, in a similar way as the previous few measures?
- Not the most interesting chart ever, but pretty solid.

Power, Wisdom, Courage (FFR Pro 21) [5/10]
- Not a bad chart, though it drags.
- Check all BPM changes carefully as sections slightly drift in and out of sync. For example, the slowdown in m. 69~70 makes notes come up a bit late relative to the preceding section.
- m. 82 (beat 326.25) - missing note.
- m. 167 (beat 664) - jump.
- m. 194 (beat 772.5) - jump.
- m. 195~ - some of the guitar notes don't exactly fit with 16th snap -- try following just the guitar first on a separate chart?
- You also randomly start and stop layering in certain drumbeats during this section, which renders it inconsistent. Perhaps it was to prevent overstepping? If you would like to keep your layering method, just be sure you don't miss any jumps for the sections you *do* layer in the drumbeats (e.g. beats 778.75, 800.5, etc.). I would also recommend reworking this section.

Powerhaus (YoshL) [5/10]
- This song sounds like it could make a very fun file.
- Please change the 48th trills (as well as some of the 48th patterns that force 24th minijacks)! As pretty big spikes given the overall difficulty, they take away from the flow of the chart. (They're not 100% accurate, either.) I would even be okay with the blips being stepped as 32nds (sans the ones at beat 62.5, 142.5, etc. which play nicely as they are).

Prismatic Lollipops (Elite Ninja) [7/10]
- m. 2 (beats 5.25, 7.25) - ghost notes.
- m. 18 (beats 68, 70) - Minor suggestion: how about using just jumps instead of hands here? The bass percussion isn't present in this section, which makes these two notes not as intense. Same goes for the hands on m. 69.
- m. 20 (beats 77.25, 79.25) - ghost notes.
- m. 30 (beat 116) - Add a note here for the synth, since you follow it for the preceding few measures.
- m. 64 (beat 255.5) - single note, for the sake of consistency (refer to m. 13)? You could also go a step further and add jumps for m. 5 (beat 19.5), m. 9 (35.5), etc. where the same simultaneous occurrences of drumbeats and synths are.
- Catchy tune, fun file. Just needs a few tweaks here and there.

- Sure.

Pure Innocent Skirt (Doug31) [1/10]
- I salute you for your song choice. 40mP \o/
- Please recheck your BPM -- the notes start coming up late relative to the music as the song progresses.
- Misrhythms right off the bat. Beats 6.25 and 6.75 should be moved down a 16th; beats 9.5 and 9.75 should be moved up a 16th.
- As for layering: for most of the file you decide to follow just one instrument, which is fine on its own. In your chart, however, this results in several abrupt changes in what sounds you decide to follow (since otherwise the file would be very empty). In addition, the song offers variety, so the file could be much more enjoyable if you divvy up the song into sections and layer multiple instruments in a consistent manner.
- m. 16 (beat 63) - random jump?
- m. 18 (beat 71) - ghost note.
- m. 19 (beat 75.25) - move note down a 16th.
- Several other misrhythms throughout the file, which I suspect could be because the BPM may be incorrect to begin with. Take your time and start with sync, then tackle stepping the song, measure-by-measure. If you have any questions or would like further assistance, please feel free to PM me. I'd love to see this song ingame, too. :3

Racoon Flicka (Charu) [7.5/10]
- A bit repetitive, but nice chart.
- m. 26~32 have more going on than m. 33 -- a way to capture this in the chart would be nice. Changing your layering scheme for m. 26~32 is an option that would take care of this while adding more variety to the chart. However, you don't have to go through with this suggestion, as the section isn't stepped "incorrectly".
- Suggestion: m. 41 - add in notes (on beats 160.5, 161.25, 162, and 162.75) to make this section gallop-y? Same for m. 49.

Red Vector Acid Minute (pxtang) [8/10]
- Good file, plays nicely.

Reminiscence (GH3luver) [4/10]
- Hmmmm...
- m. 5~12 - I'm not sure of your layering here. The jumps don't follow any instrument in particular, nor are they ones that occur from layering of both synth and percussion. It's consistent, but you could definitely make your layering scheme here make more sense.
- m. 13~16 - The 24ths you step here occur on every beat.
- m. 17~20 - Then you have this section stepped quite differently from m. 5~12, when the two sections are pretty much the same (excluding the background synth that starts at m. 13 and continues on until m. 20). Consider reworking your layering for the beginning section.
- m. 25 (beat 97.06) - random note? No additional sound here. I would suggest just following the synth in its entirety by adding notes at beats 81, 83, 85, etc.) -- this wouldn't take away from the toned down feel of this section while making it easier to follow.
- m. 38 (beat 149.75) - missing note for percussion.
- m. 41 - A bit odd jack placement. The wubs happen all the way down to beat 163.75 -- if you would like to capture this in your chart, you could have a 4-note 16th jack that starts at beat 163. This is just one of many things you could do for this part though; a simple stream would work just as well.
- m. 41 (beats 161~162) and m. 42 (beats 165~166) - Fill in notes for the background percussion to be consistent with m. 37~38?
- m. 42 (beats 166~167) - Drumbeats here are 16ths, not 12ths. Alternatively you can follow the 24th synth in the same manner as m. 38 (beats 150~152).
- m. 49 (beat 194.25) - Move hand up to beat 194.
- Missing notes at the end of m. 52 for the synth?
- m. 54 (beats 214~216) - Misrhythms here. Check carefully at a lower rate.
- m. 63 (beats 250~252) - Strange sudden emptiness, haha. Try continue following the melody.
- m. 69~76 - Missing hands (beats 278, 286, etc.). Also consider making these just jumps, and using a hand only for the cymbal crash at beat 288.
- m. 77~80 - Suggestion: simple 12th stream?
- m. 85 on seem like the exact (or close to exact) mirror of the corresponding sections of the first half of the file, sans the very ending. Many of the suggestions/fixes I already mentioned also apply here.
- Well done with the rhythms overall, despite them being quite tricky. With some fixes (mainly in terms of your layering) and reworking of certain sections, this could make another fun dubstep file for FFR. Good luck!

Rip Roar Power (rparty89) [2/10]
- Too overdone to be enjoyable... ;-;
- m. 1~16 - Suggestion: add notes at beats 0.5, 2, 3.5, 8.5, 11.5, etc.? Same suggestion for m. 53~68 and m. 104~121.
- m. 33 - Misrhythms. Note on beat 128.25 and 131.75,
- m. 89 - 16ths are on beats 354.75 and 355.75.
- m. 93 (beat 370.25) - ghost note.
- Aside from other inaccurately stepped parts (mainly with the 32nds), some sections like m. 48~52 are just *way* too much. I strongly recommend toning the chart down to a more reasonable level.

S.E.B. in B.E.D. (Sanzath) [7.5/10]
- Pretty fun, albeit some repetitiveness.
- m. 25 (beat 97.5) - jump for synth.
- m. 59 (beat 232.5) - ghost note?

Sfjskalhisinis (0) [7/10]
- Almost the exact same chart as last time. Still not much to say except that the song itself is quite repetitive given its rather short length.

Shade (XelNya) [8/10]
- Relaxing song, great easy file.

Silent Wind (0) [6.5/10]
- This is a pretty relaxed song; I still think the layering is a bit too heavy. For some sections, consider following just one instrument at a time with jumps to reduce clutter and to make the file easier for players to follow. BPM halving was a nice touch.
- How about a tone-down for m. 32 (beat 127) to m. 36 (beat 141) since this section is not as intense?

Slam Crunk (VisD) [6/10]
- Not a huge sync issue, but notes come up late relative to the music for the last few measures (m. 42 on to be specific). Easy fix, though: take out the BPM change at beat 162.
- m. 6 (beats 21~23) - If you're following vocals, try using a more precise snap as they don't fall on the 16ths you stepped.

Sonic the Hedgehog Dubstep (TC_Halogen) [9/10]
- Cha-ching! You win!
- m. 14 (beat 55.5) - note?

Speedcore Cannon (Klosethy) [3/10]
- Yeah...
- As accurate as the file might be, it needs work in terms of playability. Some parts are too much given the speed.
- I strongly recommend reworking your patterns on sections such as m. 31 and m. 35 to avoid long anchors.
- m. 58~ - Suggestion: jumps on beats 232, 236, 240, etc.? The short minijack runs are a bit empty, and they go on for a while.
- m. 89~ - Not sure what the jumps are going to. Perhaps jump beats 352.75, 353.5, etc. or just keep the section as single notes?

Summer Colours Arch (VisD) [6.5/10]
- Pretty fun, though hands seem overused near the beginning. Jumps should suffice for beats 48.25, 48.5, 49, 49.25, and 54~56.
- m. 12 (beat 45.5~46) - 24ths for percussion.
- m. 14 (beat 53.5~54) - ^ (You may need to change patterns that follow immediately after.)
- m. 22 (beat 85.5) - 24ths instead of 32nds. Not a huge deal, though. Same for m. 30 (beat 117.5).
- You randomly start and stop stepping the percussion at times, which gets slightly confusing to follow. For instance, note on beat 168.5 on m. 43?
- m. 57 (beat 225.75) - missing note.

Taking Wing (Xiz) [8/10]
- Straightforward chart, fun to play.

The Artichoke King (mi40) [7.5/10]
- Gets a bit repetitive, but flows nicely.
- m. 7~8 - Change patterns to better fit PR? (It plays okay as it is now, so this is optional.)
- m. 113 - jumps on beats 448, 450, and 450.5.
- m. 115 - three 32nds starting at beat 457.25. Take out 32nd note at beat 457.63.
- m. 115 (beat 459.75) - note.
- m. 120 (beat 476.75) - note.

The Steel Monster Above the City (Reshiram) [7/10]
- Some small fixes and this should be good to go.
- m. 17 (beat 65.38) - ghost note.
- m. 17 (beat 66.75) - missing note.
- m. 19 (beat 74.75) - same as above.
- m. 27 (beat 106) - ghost note.
- m. 60~ - Check for missed jumps (e.g. beats 241 and 257).

The Whip (Xiz) [8/10]
- Lol, totally saw that dubstep coming
- m. 37 (beat 146.5) - jump.
- m. 38 (beat 150.5) - same as above.
- m. 50~51 - This part is really fun!
- m. 68 and m. 72 feel a bit overjumped. How about stepping the entire section (beats 265~end) with the jumps going to the main synth (beats 265, 266, 266.5, 266.75, 267, 267.75, 268.5, etc.) and the percussion (every 4th)?
- Good swingy chart.

to luv me I xxx for u (Reprise) (TC_Halogen) [8/10]
- Tough file, yet plays nicely.
- m. 72 (beat 285) - jump.
- m. 97 (beat 385.25) - missing note.
- m. 105 (beat 417.25) - same as above.

Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year - Fate of Sixty Years (FFR Pro 21) [7/10]
- Sooooooo loooooooong x.x
- m. 154 - a 32nd after beat 612.25 for drumbeat?
- m. 207 (beat 825.25) - note here, too.
- Good to see fixes for the things I caught from last time. Aside from the amount of repetition for a 5+ minute file (the song itself doesn't help much here either), this looks and plays fine.

Umlaut Ampersand (trumaestro) [6.5/10]
- m. 12 (beat 47.75) - missing note (if needed, change the hand that follows).
- m. 35 (beat 136) - jump for the same sound as beat 138.
- m. 37 (beat 146.75) - missing note.
- m. 41~44 - Double-check your rhythm in these measures. Your jump/hand placement is fine, but your steps for the quieter sounds need a revisiting.
- m. 47 (beat 186.75) - note.

Virginal (Doug31) [4/10]
- Song title should be "White Wings (Virginal FTN-Remix)". Neat song btw though I prefer the LostVirginal-Remix
- Since you're following just the vocals for the very beginning, some more PR wouldn't hurt.
- m. 6~14 - Pretty minimal layering here (vocals + just a few jumps for emphasis), which is fine. However, please check for ghost notes (such as beats 32.25 and 48.25).
- m. 15~18 - It's pretty hard to follow your layering here. What exactly are the jumps going to?
- m. 15 - Both beats 57 and 57.5 should be moved up a 16th.
- m. 16 (beat 63.5) ~ m. 17 (beat 66) - Not sure what you were trying to follow. Vocals are beats 63.5, 63.75, 64.25, 64.75, 65.25, and 66. A lower rate might assist you in getting the rhythm down -- take it one instrument at a time if needed.
- Not a bad start for the file. The biggest word of advice I can give is to be consistent and accurate with what you decide to step for any given section of the song, even should you choose to understep. (Personally I would've found more layering + stepping some of those "32nd" percussion rhythms irresistable, haha. The song does give you quite a bit to work with.)

Visitor (glassvox) [5/10]
- Playtest: chart felt too dense for the song, haha...
- m. 4 - Experiment with other layering schemes. The jumps in this measure don't seem to emphasize anything in particular.
- m. 5 (beat 19.33) - Personally think a single note will suffice here.
- m. 8 (beat 30.5) - Either add a jump here for the synth, or only have jumps for beats 28, 29.5, and 31 (plus the percussion on every 4th if you'd like).
- m. 19 (beat 74.75) - Move jump down to beat 75.
- m. 43 (beat 168) - jump? It would make sense to also put a jump at beat 168.67, but you can skip over it if you think it would create a mess with the 24ths that come right after.
- m. 58 (beat 228.25) - missed note.
- m. 101 - straight 24ths from beat 401.5 to 402.5.
- m. 124 (beat 494~) - 24ths instead of 32nds.
- m. 127~128 - Check your steps for the synth.
- m. 134 (beats 533~534) - 24ths.
- m. 135 (beat 536.67) - ghost note.
- The heavy layering not only makes it hard to follow what you're stepping during a playthrough, but also results in quite a few inconsistencies. I would recommend toning down the chart overall, but if you would like to keep its difficulty, please be sure to check for mistakes such as missed notes/ghost notes.

We Are Hi-Speed (Remix) (mi40) [7/10]
- Dohohoho that rigidness, that difficulty
- Consider halving the BPM for sections that are less intense (namely m. 1~32, 65~80)
- m. 83 (beat 330.75) - missed note.
- m. 132 (beat 527.75) - missed note.
- m. 144 (beat 575) - Technically a 4-note jack... consider just making it a minitrill. A 4-note jack at 240BPM would be ehhhhhhhhhh...
- m. 147 (beat 587.75) - missed note.
- m. 168 (beat 668.75) - note (change the jump on beat 669 if you go through with this).
- Some minor fixes and this should be a nice challenge for the higher-end players.

Welcome 2 Omnicore (popsicle_3000) [7.5/10]
- Alright, this plays better than last time.
- m. 26 (beat 100) - move this jump down to beat 101. (Keep a single note on beat 100, of course.)
- m. 34~37 - A suggestion would be to tack on single notes where the synth occurs, in a way that doesn't add on to jacks (notes on beats 133, 137, etc.). You already have the percussion stepped well, so this is completely up to you.

XTC Hill Zone Act 24.7 (T-Force) [7/10]
- You cut this song well, my friend. You cut it well.
- m. 36 (beat 143.5) - jump, seeing as you decided to jump the percussion additionally. Preferrably the same jump as the one preceding it.
- m. 41~48 - Jumpstream flows nicely, props.
- m. 48 - Very trivial, but change the jump on beat 190.5 to be different from the one on beat 191 for the sake of PR?
- m. 60 (beat 239) - note?
- m. 97 (beat 386.25) - Eh? No note here? Same for beats 390.25, 394.25, 398.25, 402.75, and 406.25 in the following measures.
- m. 116 (beat 463.5) - jump (same thing as m. 36).


asdfmovie 6 song (rparty89) - 4/10 [+?]

- Personally not a fan of abusing 192nd notes to emphasizing sounds that sometimes don’t stand out much in the song.
- It feels overlayered and at 12.246s it has a hand that emphasizes the crash cymbal, yet every other hand prior is emphasizing the snare .
- Lots of grace notes are missing, at parts like 2.416s, 3.684s, etc. which can be heard on 1.0 rate but clearer on a lower rate. You actually did step it at 87.36s5, however, and in some parts of the end, but then it isn't stepped in some parts after it, so the grace note layering is very inconsistent.
- Missing notes between jumpstream at 84.234s, as well as in 77.891s.
- Not many players would enjoy the jump trill to quad transition from 121.337s to 123.874s. It also looks overlayered and lazy in terms of having climax theory if that was the purpose. That could be much lighter by using single note two-hand-trills and layering in jumps according to the melody, or step it as jumpstream.

asdfmovie6 song (AlexDest) - 5/10 [+?]

- It would have been more accurate with the grace notes added in to the melody (for example, right before the 4th note at 0.379s). However, you do actually include them later on, like at 43.468s, but then it's left out before the hand at 44.777s. Keep it consistent.
- If crash cymbals are being layered as hands, then the very first note should be a hand instead of a [14] jump.
- The jumps/trills at 49.533s and 119.301s are really overlayered, and the jumptrill to quad transition is awkward.
- Most of the layering (specifically the jumps to the dubstep sounds) looks very similar to rparty89's chart.
- I preferred this version better but it needs fixing.

Eclipse (Luna) [TC_Halogen & who_cares973] - 6/10 [+.]

- Jumps to percussion, but missing jumps at 10.816s and 11.080s?
- I'm not a fan of that transition at 43.815s which has a right mini jack leading into a forced mini jack from the 32nd note 43234 pattern.
- Very nasty forced 212 pattern at 55.374s.
- The rest of the 32nds are simple roll/spin patterns which is how it should be unless forced mini jacks don't cause awkward one hand patterns such as 212 or 343.
- Very clean layering and pretty fun, but please fix what's mentioned above.

KOMMICORE (0 + Choofers) - 7/10 [+.]

- Very rigid layering and minor anchor patterns in the jumpstream but consistent and the song length makes it seem like a heftier and longer version of The Adventures of Lolo.
- There really should be more dense-jumpstream files on FFR in my opinion.

Mirage Garden (ilikexd) - 7/10 [+.]

- The drum roll at 30.029s is actually 48th notes right after that up arrow 8th note, not 64th notes. Keep that 324321 pattern leading to the [234] 4th note hand but swap the note value from 64ths to 48ths. Same problem happens at 200.613s
- ***lol accidental 192nd note jack at 119.340s, please remove that***
- I personally prefer that cut used for this but you pulled it off with sweet pattern choices and layering was superb. The layering was not too heavy and not too light. Well-balanced and it has a nice replay value.
- The ending is actually in 192nd notes (though obviously fast for that BPM) so a 96th note roll would have been fast-enough (or rather slow-enough) for the piano roll at the very end.

Moon Rabbit [Scintill] - 4/10 [+?]

- Missing 8th note jump at 57.794s and 79.612s, missing 16th note jump at 62.908s, missing 8th note at 145.410s, and missing note after last note (an F#).
- It's very long and has a difficulty spike near the middle.

Murderous Rampage (Baq12) - 6/10 [+.]

- 24th note ghost arrows at 31.926s.
- Song is really repetitive. Chart is alright though. Very light accept.

Neurotoxin (Reshiram) - 5/10 [+?]

- Pointless 192nd note piano layering if it's not consistent. Using them in the first place is pointless if it lands perfect as is on 4th/8th/16th notes.
- 16th notes are stepped on parts such as 53.723s and 54.388s, but not in the section before it which is pretty much the same thing.
- The color note theory is not necessary, and the 192nd note piano chords are overlayered.
- Most of everything else was nice and consistent though.

New World Disorder (.Gazelle.) - 6/10 [+.]

- The beginning 8th note jumps are overlayered to the kick. It's fine as single arrows, especially since you delved into single arrows anyways when the kicks hit 32nd notes.
- Missing 16th notes at 49.075s and 49.289s.
- 130.611s, should be 16th notes instead of 24th notes.
- Heavy 12th note hand layering but it emphasizes the kicks quite nicely.
- Solid file for the most part but it needs fixing.

Ninur (Razor) - 3/10 [?]

- Missing 8th note at 16.496s
- There should be a 16th-32nd-4th note pattern at 26.531s.
- 32nd note ghost arrows at 44.014s and 136.699s
- Missing 12th note jump at 46.773s
- 77.118s, should be 24th notes throughout until 77.945s.
- Missing 4th note jump at 95.319s
- The 12th note jump at 112.561s is out of place since the snares are just single arrows.
- 48th note ghost arrows at 123.871s
- Missing 12th note at 159.596s
- At some sections there were missing 24th notes or even "12th note triplets" right before a hand, such as in 105.940s (starting at that 12th note, if heard at a lower rate, there's three notes played before the 4th note).
- Song was a bit long too so I would suggest a cut.

Northwing Fury I (Zaevod) - 2/10 [?]

- The beginning shows obvious use of mirrored/repetitive patterns.
- Why the sudden 16th note mini jacks at 66.880s?
- very awkward pattern at 103.818s and 106.912s
- the heavy layering gets real boring real fast, especially the use of jumptrills when the snares are not much louder than the other instruments.
- why the sudden break at 118.630s?
- chart was really sloppy. the only thing right was the rhythm.

Palace of Destruction (DarkZtar) - 3/10 [?]

- Is it me or is the sound quality really bad? It sounds quiet and muffled.
- Because of sound quality I can't make of that weird rhythm at 34.974s but it doesn't sound accurate at all
- Random 24th note at 71.883s
- Missing 16th note at 138.901s
- It's a pretty long song too and it gets boring seeing 8th note rhythms for 8+ measures.
- If possible, find a better mp3 quality for this and cut the song.

Phantom Of The Opera (VisD) - 6/10 [+.]

- The 48th note offset quad in the beginning and end was really unnecessary. Same with the 192nd note hands to the bell sounds.
- Missing jump at 103.119s
- Solid song and chart overall though. Needs a few fixes.

Piano Sonata in A Major, K. 331 (Baq12) [PASS]

- inconsistent arrow rhythms such as in 18.115s where there's a 192nd-8th-12th note sequence should be avoided when it's nothing more than a 16th note sequence at different BPMs per each note which can easily be fixed through syncing each note.
- I will say that your use of PR is phenomenal and spot-on.
- last arrow was unnecessary
- What irks me most are the inconsistent rhythms used. I don't want to reject this, though. I'll have to pass.

Pleasant Farmer (pxtang) - 3/10 [?]

- Why did you decide to exclude the 16th note hi hat rhythm at 19.906s?
- Random 24th notes at 79.251s when it's just consistent 16th notes, and it repeats again several more times during the jumpstream which happens to look repetitive like the song.
- Missing 16th note at 113.368s
- This is a very overrated and repetitive song in my opinion and most charts for this are usually stepped in a similar fashion.

Po Pi Po Kouka de Uchi no Miku wa Kyou mo Genki Desu (0) - 5/10 [+?]

- missing grace note before the hand at 20.609s, 28.162s, etc.
- very overlayered with the hands and inconsistent too (assuming hands go to the snare, there's one missing at 46.623s). It feels like every single instrument/rhythm was layered in which doesn't have to be done that way.

Pollyanna Rocks My World [Yoshl] - 6/10 [+.]

- There's quite a lot of missing hand layering for the crash cymbals within the jumpstream section. Since you chose to have nearly every crash cymbal sound layered in as a hand (minus parts that include a grace note after the crash cymbal), I suggest you follow with that pattern and fix it.
- Everything else seemed fine, consistent, and alright to play through.

Power, Wisdom, Courage (FFR Pro 21) - 3/10 [?]

- offset isn't right. everything is just slightly offsync except the very beginning. the trill isn't correctly synced either.
- missing hand layering for crash cymbal at 30.532s, 31.505s, and 34.099s
- those 24ths starting at 133.112s for that section aren't rhythmically correct.
- I'm not liking the drastic changes in difficulty where it goes from jumpstreams to slow rhythms for a long time.
- Really overlayered jumpstream at 243.927s.
- Not sure what you use for syncing but I highly recommend DDReam for efficient syncing.
- I see that most of the jumpstream layering comes from adding in jumps to the guitar sounds. Keep it simple by having jumps to the snare and crash cymbals.
- For a marathon file, I personally like this song. Needs a ton of work though.

Powerhaus [YoshL] - 2/10 [?]

_ That's a 420 BPM trill (converted to 16th notes) at 20.406s and 27.263s. Just replace that with a simpler roll pattern, or at least a triplet pattern.
- Weird to have those offset 48th notes when you'r still using 4th notes in some parts during that section.
- Seeing those 48th notes again, it really tested my patience whether or not I should judge everything through or just simply reject it without looking any further.
- very awful anchor pattern at 101.192s and again at 108.263s
- never force one hand patterns like at 150.692s which causes an awful transition to the 48th note "4 3 [124]" pattern.
- the song itself didn't appeal to me and I felt as if the intention was to force a hard chart by making short vibratrills and bursts.

Prismatic Lollipops (Elite Ninja) - 3/10 [?]

- extra 16th notes in the beginning at 1.605s. Assuming x = a break, it should look like [14] x 3 2 [14], instead of [14] 2 3 2 [14]. Similar problem at 22.991s
- It seems sloppy to include background noise into the clean consistent layering you had going on until 12.057s with those 64th ntoes.
- missing hand to emphasize crash/transition to next section at 25.070s
- missing 16th note at 29.749s
- missing 4th note 34.575s (understandable that the percussion ends on the 16th note but that 4th note stands out because of that one instrument playing and should be stepped)
- unnecessary grace notes on the section starting at 47.645s
- 57.150s that section should just be 4th notes, no need for offset 192nd notes
- layering becomes inconsistent with missing jumps emphasizing bass kicks at 66.506s and yet they're layered in at 68.585s.
- Not a bad song but needs fixes.

- Song says "pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows" and yet title says "PUNK...(etc.)"?
- Very useless color "quad" trick which glitched my Stepmania.
- For a 58 second song, it wasn't pleasant playing it through.
- Chart was boring. Aside from the dumb quad trick and pointless offset 192nd note jumps, it was...at least consistent.
- I really don't like the song or the color note tricks. I pass.

Pure Innocent Skirt (Doug31) - 4/10 [+?]

- the two "2 3" 16th note arrows starting at 4.518 should be a down arrow 8th note and an up arrow 4th note.
- missing 32nd note at 7.453s
- missing 32nd note at 8.496s
- jumps would go nicely with those four "3 4 3 2" arrows at 32.561s to emphasize the vocals, percussion and piano which both share the same rhythm. same case with the measure at 49.257s
- those two "3 4" 16th note arrows at 71.822s should be an up arrow 4th note and a right arrow 8th note.
- This actually would make a sweet easy file. Fix what I mentioned above, have consistent layering emphasizing crash cymbals and strong 16th note rhythms such as that part at 32.561s with jumps and it should be good to go.

Raccoon Flicka (Charu) - 3/10 [?]

- It seemed consistent and pretty good up until the 32nd trills. It got boring and repetitive real fast. I suggest layering in what's going on in the background and changing those trills to roll patterns.
- The jumpstream at 106.627 goes to absolutely nothing. There is no consistent 16th note rhythm in the background.
- Song's pretty repetitive too.

Red Vector Acid Minute (pxtang) 2/10 [?]

- Hmmmm, not a fan of these type of charts where it's forced difficulty by stepping rhythms that aren't there. (example: that 48th note burst at 3.962s amd 4.789s)
- really bad pattern at 7.685s
- yellow note syndrome at 10.999s, it should start off on a 4th note.
- while some bursts may be accurate, a good amount aren't.
- forced one hand grace notes at 28.892s is completely unnecessary and awkward to hit accurately.
- I see no point in those random BPM changes at the end. There should have been a BPM change earlier to fix that yellow note syndrome issue.
- last 4 notes were dumb.

Reminiscence (GH3luver) - 1/10 [-]

- Those 4th note jumps in the beginning weren't really going to anything in particular and are inconsistent.
- Those 24th notes are better off not stepped since they continue to echo within the background and it becomes inconsistent if it's stepped for one beat and not for the rest, so either step it during the whole time it's heard or don't step it at all.
- random 8th note section at 32.020s when the same rhythm as before is still continuing
- what's with the random 64th notes?
- 44.820, that's how the section should be stepped instead of how it was stepped in the section before with 8th notes that aren't going to anything.
- awkward forced minijack at 56.020 because of that jump. better to leave it as a single left arrow
- This next section is actually well-stepped for some parts. At 66.420s, 24ths should be there for the melody.
- weird burst at around 74.820s that should be removed.
- random 16th note hand at 77.720s as well as a missing hand at 76.820 to emphasize the crash cymbal.
- forced mini jack and unnecessary grace notes at 78.420s
- the 24ths continue until 83.220s.
- Most of the color theory stuff is pointless and it's better to keep things simple like 4th/8th/12th/16th/24th notes instead of using higher note values for pointlessness.
- 85.620s should be straight 16th notes for that one beat
- repetitive pattern on the section at 88.020s. emphasize the snare drum with different jump patterns.
- weird rhythm that needs to be fixed at 96.020s
- what's with the blank spot at 100.020s?
- bottom line, this chart needs some serious fixing, plus the song, along with the chart, is extremely repetitive and definitely needs a cut. after 2 minutes, I am pretty much done with it. Everything was all over the place.

Rip Roar Power (rparty89) - 0/10 [--]

- Very dense and has no replay value unless chosen for some sort of stepmania training.
- Very awkward one handed patterns such as in 20.583s
- Pointless grace notes at 21.730s and 22.051s
- In fact, this file is loaded with awfully forced one hand patterns such as in 22.359 (121 pattern), 23.216s (that 434 pattern and 212 pattern starting on that[24] 8th note jump), and that godawful anchor pattern at 23.859s
- forced mini jacks such as at 26.216 is a no-no.
- I can't take a file seriously with 64th note bursts at 280 BPM. Definitely rejected at this point. I won't even look at the rest, sorry.

S.E.B. in B.E.D (Sanzath) - 8/10 [+]

- consistent layering
- pretty fun file, probably the best one of this group so far

Sfjskalhisinis (0) [PASS]

- extra 17th note at 7.608s that needs to be removed
- as a musician, I find very interesting to an extent where I wonder what person had the balls to write a song using diminished/cluster chords and what the sheet music would look like. as a stepfile judge, it's painful to play through, honestly.
- I barely made it to the end but the song was giving me a headache at this point. I'll pass this.

Shade (XelNya) - 5/10 [+?]

- the grace note actually starts earlier on a 16th note before the 4th note at 25.070s as well as at 27.827s, 35.768s, 46.355s, etc.
- the other grace notes should be removed since they're unnecessary
- continue layering the snare drums as jumps since in some spots it's been avoided
- random hand at 105.027s should be removed
- pretty solid easy chart. just fix what's mentioned above.

Silent Wind (0) [PASS]

- change up the layering scheme because it became blatantly obvious that the bass kicks were on the down arrow for a long while.
- even with the cut I felt as though the song and chart were really boring, almost like One More Cutie except not as bad. It's best to see what the other judges think since I won't give a fair rating.

Slam Crunk (VisD) - 8/10 [+]

- looks like a pretty solid chart
- not a fan of these type of songs but this was actually pretty catchy
- omfg........it took me a while to get the sir mix a lot song reference in the lyrics and then I just burst out laughing.

Sonic the Hedgehog Dubstep (TC_Halogen) - 7/10 [+.]

- at 111.543s. what do these 32nds go to?
- overall, fun chart and good song!

Speedcore Cannon (Klosethy) - 1/10 [-]

- weird transition from the rolls to anchor pattern at 36.140s and again at 39.569s
- bad anchor pattern from 53.604s to 54.140s
- not a very fun "chart". the least I can say is that rhythmically it was spot on. the patterns were not fun to hit and the song itself isn't too pleasing to listen to.

Stories Can Wait (Razor) - 7/10 [+.]

- I would have prefered the cut to end at 131.754s to be honest.
- A bit repetitive but a pretty fun chart to play through.

Summer Colours Arch (VisD) - 7/10 [+.]

- missing 8th note jump at 8.052s
- missing 4th note jump at 14.960s
- very heavy and uncomfortable hand-jacks at 20.980s, change them to jumps (the 12th note hand jack is fine)
- solid chart, nice song!

Taking Wing (Xiz) - 8/10 [+]

- very nice use of PR!
- chart was well layered. well done!

The Artichoke King (mi40) - 6/10 [+.]

- What made you decide to go from simple 16th notes to jumpstream (example: from 36.878s, to 39.362s?
- 48.208s, hands to jumps when it's the same volume and instrument?
- the rest pretty much is the same exact thing as the beginning except mirrored
- I strongly suggest a cut because it's repetitive

The Steel Monster Above the City (Reshiram) - 7/10 [+.]

- Those 24ths in the beginningare incorrect. They should be 32nd notes. (so 16th-32nd-8th-32nd-16th note instead of 16th-32nd-8th-12th-24th note)
- missing notes after hand at 135.680s?
- consistent and a decent speed for a decently hard chart. I really liked this one.

The Whip (Xiz) - 8/10 [+]

- pretty cool song
- nice solid chart to go along with it. good job!

to luv me I xxx for u (Reprise) [TC_Halogen] - 7/10 [+.]

- oh my.....what a savage file
- 16th note trills felt overstepped since I mainly hear the bass kicks
- I found the ending piano to be anti-climactic to be honest
- overall pretty fun aside from personal tastes on certain jumpstreams that I would change such as in 166.298 with its mini-trill-trap pattern.

Touhou Judgement in the Sixieth Year - Fate of Sixty Years (FFR Pro 21)
- 7/10 [+.]

- hands could be used more on those crash cymbals that were layered in as jumps in certain sections. it was a bit inconsistent at some parts.
- fun chart though. song felt a bit too long for me to be honest. It gets boring to see straight 8th notes for too long.

Umlaut Ampersand (trumaestro) - 8/10 [+]

- very interesting song choice!
- awesome layering and fun chart to play through

Virginal (Doug31) 4/10 [+?]

- wrong offset
- Snare drum actually kicks in at the 16th note starting at 16.654, add that in there
- missing 16th/8th notes at 44.102s, 44.284s, and 44.647s
- remove 8th note at 44.647s
- replace 16th note jump for single note at 46.829 since it's not emphasizing anything
- similar case with the third note except at 49.192s
- 51.009, a note should be here instead of on that 16th note above it so remove that
- It just recently caught my attention that the file has blue note syndrome (where the main beat lands on the 8th notes instead of the 4th notes.)
- You certainly have potential to make files. It's just a matter of figuring out the rhythm and a few layering stuff. It helps to lower down the rate and figuring out the rhythm at a slower tempo as well as emphasizing loud cymbal crashes with jumps or hands (though jumps are more encouraged for easier files).

Visitor (glassvox) - 8/10 [+]

- not bad, minus some bad patterns such as in 54.929s that forces mini trills such as 434 or 121 (434 in this case) and anchor patterns such as the 343 1 [14] pattern at 53.686s
- consistent solid hard chart. pretty fun minus a few patterns and awkward mini jack transitions but not too bad.
- I really hope to see this in game.

We Are Hi-Speed (Remix) (mi40) - 6/10 [+.]

- 192nd note bursts are getting lame, same with 192nd note offset hands. they're not needed at all.
- lol rato-style 16th note jack at 145.844s
- song and chart was a bit too long so I would suggest a cut and fixing what's mentioned.

Welcome 2 Omnicore (popsicle_3000) - 7/10 [+.]

- very...interesting song choice.
- chart felt right with the song. layering was consistent.

XTC Hill Zone Act 24.7 (T-Force) - 8/10 [+]

- consistent layering.
- cool song and the patterns flow well with it

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


DossarLX ODI

asdfmovie6 song (rparty89): 5/10 [<]
- 22.41 through 42.71 are very close to what AlexDest stepped in ODIPack 3, along with m40-m41 and the ending jumptrill
- 40.38 and 41.65: 32nds, not 24ths
- 62.55: ??? The gallop is totally off
- 75.37, 85.52, 90.60, 105.82: Terribly patterned 32nds, 105.82 being the worst one
- 87.35, 91.15, 92.42, 94.96, 96.23, etc.: Missing 16th note. This occurs many times.
- The jumps to the dubstep wubs would have had a much greater effect if they weren’t abused so many times with the normal beats. The plethora of jumps to the normal beats and the jumps to the dubstep parts makes the file disoriented along with the hands to the snare having a higher layer amount than the dubstep parts with way more energy.
- 68.24: Missing offsetted color note to the staccato vocal. Check for other instances of this.

asdfmovie6 song (AlexDest): 6/10
- Second 9.75: This minijack stands out like a sore thumb.
- 18.48: This is a jump, but the same snare at 19.74 is a hand. The hand causes an issue with the 24th stream and it’s inconsistent with the jump usage before.
- 20.38: This cymbal crash is mainly very loud because of the sudden change from the silence, but it should be a hand at most (this also keeps consistent with the cymbal crashes after)
- 40.67: This part is a calmer section and there’s still heavy layering going on. It ruins the effect of the jumps in the dubstep parts that have far more energy.
- 48.60: Layering problem. The 32nd burst here creates a sudden split-heavy minijack spike.
- 60.49: This isn’t three 16th notes, it’s a fast gallop for the first two notes and is noticeable on normal rate
- 70.48: Same problem with 19.74
- 73.34: 32nds, not 24ths. The way it’s stepped represents the part fine however, but the 16th note right after that 24th is ugly. Same thing with 83.49 and 88.56, but they end in a hand instead. 73.65 then would be missing a hand (only a jump is there)
- 103.78: Weird transitioning, also 32nds and not 24ths. It only plays ok in stepmania, but in FFR it’s going to be much worse.
- rparty’s ending was basically the same as yours in the very end: 16th jumptrill into a quad. It’s a nasty surprise to the player.
- The layering in the beginning was much more cautious than the rest of the file, and after a while there were just too many jumps and hands that the file strayed a bit away from the feel of the song. Some of the pattern usage also has sudden weird one handed patterns which ruin the flow of the file.

Eclipse (Luna): 7/10
- There are a lot of split-heavy one handed 32nd bursts and 16th minijacks in this file that just ruin the flow of the chart.
- Measure 32 and 40, seriously? The patterns in this file could really use some reworking.
- This file had some nice ideas, but the split-heavy nature of the bursts just makes the difficulty very forced along with the 16th minijacks.

Kommicore: 0/10
- This file has been submitted many times with the same errors that the judges have been pointing out every time. Do not waste the judges’ time if notes are going to be neglected.
Also consider the notes from the other judges. My notes from previous submission:
- The mix of 12th notes in measure 8 are terrible. Just make the measure 12th swing and get rid of the jumps.
- Second 18.88: This polyrhythm burst is technically wrong because both the drums and the synth are 16ths.
- Measures 17-34: Just make the 48ths 8th notes.
- The patterns in this file are absolutely atrocious. Starting on measure 38 there are a lot of ghost note 16ths and they also make for very rigid one handed patterns. The file in general is also very unfriendly to the player from the heavy layering, and that’s not a nice combination with ghost note streams. Even if I were to judge this file ignoring the ghost note portion the rigid one-handed 16th jumpstream patterns are split-heavy and horrible to play through.

Sfjskalhisinis: 6/10
- Ghost note in Second 0.92, 12.22, etc. recheck the note placements
- Second 5.69: Missing hand
- The song has the same repeating notes over and over again and after the first 20 seconds you start an inappropriate change in layering that even has random jumps like 23.86, 26.33, etc. all that happens is that a background piano enters alongside the main one.
- Second 31.10: One handed 32nd trill difficulty spike with the heavy layering
- The file itself would work out a lot better with jumpstream and no jumpgluts. With all this layering and the jumpgluts, the patterns become excessively repetitive. The file does follow a structure with the hands but the jumpgluts are just messy.
- Song ends abruptly.

Mirage Garden: 7/10
- The layering and accenting in this file is pretty nice.
- The 16th minijacks really get on my nerves. Second 41.30 for instance just has bass kicks that would suffice as a 16th trill, but you stepped two minijacks. Same thing with 53.32, 166.40, 211.88, etc.
- Second 87.93: Rather than have a minijack here, you can step a jump-gallop that will also show the higher piano note playing. It’s clearly not the same note here, and while the down-to-up arrow would show a higher note is playing, the minijack takes that focus away.
- This needs to be fixed: Second 119.35, I’m assuming that 192nd minijack is unintentional.
- In the 58.50 BPM slowdown it would make more sense to have the notation in swing. The song is playing 12ths and 24ths here, and while your rhythms make sense, the song itself is not playing in 32nd notation.
- Second 152.36: The piano here is too soft for three jumps. The jumpglut also does not make sense at all here.
- Second 157.26, 169.60, etc.: Possibility of a zero frame interval here, and it’s just not nice to play fast one hand gallops like these.
- The 78 BPM slowdown at the end isn’t necessary; the song just switches to swing notation there.

Moon Rabbit: 5/10
- Doubling the BPM would make this file a lot more aesthetic and playable. While layering in the background piano with the prominent piano is fine, and even with some accenting, the jumps lose their effect after a while for such a long song.
- Places like second 132.42 are an example of what I mean when your jumps lose their effect. This part isn’t any more intense than the single notes you had the measure before. The same thing goes for your hands, and the 32nd handjack at second 183.30 in this file is a sudden split-heavy difficulty spike for this level of a file.
- Second 216.62: You do realize that this 32nd handjack has a chance of being a 1 framer handjack right? It’s 239.26 BPM, and that’s above 225 – the highest cutoff for a 2 frame jack, then it enters 1 framers. That also makes it very split heavy and a bad difficulty spike.
- Very nice work with the syncing on this file, but the layering loses its effect and this file has sudden spikes that don’t match the song. The 32nd handjacks I stated above are the worst ones.

Murderous Rampage: 5/10
- Leave the hands to the cymbal crashes. The other hands aren’t any more intense than the sounds around them to warrant heavier layering like that.
- Second 40.97: Why is this triplet stepped with color notes? It’s just a 16th triplet.
- Second 51.61: Same issue as above. Everyone is going to hit it as a 24th burst, disregarding any microscopic difference in sound. Just make it a 24th burst.
- Second 55.11: Now the colors don’t even make sense. This part is misstepped – the intervals aren’t even correct.
- Second 62.07: More colors when it’s really just 16ths.
- Second 66.07: Ghost note. It’s the 16th before, not a 32nd gallop.
- Second 73.59: This section is using offsetted color notes when there are only 16ths.
- Second 90.78: 24th burst, and the offsetted 64th jump should snap to the 8th.
- I’m not going to continue listing the sections of the file where color notes were used when the actual rhythms were much simpler; recheck the rhythms in this file, and don’t use unnecessary color offsets.
- The 32nd bursts are split heavy, some with 16th jumps that make it worse.
- Second 137.74: 32nd jump to nothing

Neurotoxin: 7/10
- The quads in this file are very exaggerated
- Second 63.16: Using 48ths here doesn’t make much sense because the song is very energetic; cool colors don’t represent the mood of the song here.
- Colors used are going to the piano, but that’s a rather forced use of colors in this case when there are that many notes being played.
- Second 100.49: Whoosh sound does not warrant an extra 48th; it plays way off. Just keep to the beat.
- The excessive use of hands and quads in this file ruin the emphasis they would usually give; the colors are standing out more.

New World Disorder: 6/10
- At 5.49 you start layering in the background bass 4th beat with the xylophone, but it doesn’t have that great of an effect.
- The 8th jumps you have at 12.34 would be pulsing on the synthesizers and bass beat rather than creating 16th stream which could work here, but the sudden switch in 14.92 is awkward; I recommend just sticking with the gradually increasing since for this part. The 32nd burst is also rather rigid.
- 48.34: The jump here goes to the hi hat and synthesizer, but it’s a sudden change from the percussion layering you’re doing
- Second 82.56: This 24th should just be a single note; it’s not layering the melody here.
- At 84.34 the jump usage is empty; instead, there are just hands. Only the synths and hardstyle beat are being layered here, and every time there are 12th beats there are handjack gluts and minijacks (in some cases 4 note hidden jacks) which really don’t look good and overemphasize what’s going on in the song.
- I wouldn’t recommend stepping the 16th hi-hats with the 12th melody since the synths are overpowering them by a lot and it creates polyrhythms to work with, but that’s personal choice.
- Second 114.92: Missing hand (single note here).
- 130.63 is stepped incorrectly; there are 16ths and 12ths here, but no 24ths. 131.92 is fine.
- The layering structure in this file can be followed easily, but the heavy hand usage doesn’t effectively deliver emphasis.

Ninur: 6/10
- The 12th minijack you have at 9.69 is out of place; the way you step the 24th triplets after don’t have minijacks either and it doesn’t match the song.
- In the beginning 12ths you have something going on with layering the orchestral melody with the 12ths, and you should stick to that. The color note at around 18.02, while going to a sound, is not exactly appropriate to step.
- At 42.74 rather than stepping a 64th gallop here you can just step a quarter note jump. The sound also lands on the 4th.
- The 32nd burst at 44.03, etc. are weird to play and they sound like 48ths; instead, you can just use a color jump to pulse on the prominent part of the sound. You have some color theory going on in this file and this would definitely be another good spot to apply it.
- 51.17 should be a 24th note
- The color burst at around 52.72 starts off fine in the first 4 notes, but then the last 4 notes are offsetted too much. It’s a 32nd burst.
- 67.78: I’d recommend just stepping this as a 12th. Everyone’s going to hit it as one
- 99.45: This has a good chance of converting to a quad, but if the jumps before and this note don’t snap to the 4th placements at conversion, then this part will be awkward to play and the color theory won’t work out correctly. I recommend recoloring rather than taking conversion chances.
- 104.17: Ghost note. The wub sound is on the 8th note.
- 123.89: A considerable number of color notes have been used in this file, so rather than have sudden bursts like this that ruin the flow of the chart, a color jump can be used here.
- This applies for wherever it happens in the file: If there is something like an offsetted 64th note when the sound lands on 4th notes then that has a chance of converting off. Recolorizing would be a better alternative.
- 163.20: Since the song is fading out here, a descending pattern would make more sense.

Northwing Fury I: 4/10
- The first 36 seconds of this song doesn’t have much to offer.
- Then when the percussion comes in after that beginning, there are a bunch of jumps and unnecessary sudden changes to overemphasized hands that don’t make sense, many unnecessary minijacks and jacks, and then the file turns into a mess of one handed trills with rigid layering. Some parts of the jumps are going to the percussion, but then there are many other jumps unexplained.
- The 64th bursts are stepped in nasty ways and are bad difficulty spikes to the file.
- The 32nd section at 96.90 is another huge spike, with a lot of nasty transitions. It’s also misstepped; recheck the rhythms
- 104.12: 32nd one handed trill going into a 4 note jack, another sudden unnecessary difficulty spike
- 125.96: Sudden split-heavy 32nd patterns
- The patterns need more attention in this file. The layering could also use more work.

Palace of Destruction: 5/10
- The accenting of the 8th guitar in the beginning was great, even though those jumps looked like they were meant to layer in the cymbal crashes. I wish you constructed the layering to accent the guitar because with the percussion it becomes bland.
- In the part at 19.48 you’re using jacks to the guitars, but then you also have single note patterns when the guitar is doing the same thing.
- At 34.99 I had to slow down to 0.3x rate to see what you were doing. The 12th bass pedal stands out a lot more here and the hard-to-hear guitar in the background doesn’t snap nicely to the color notations you put there. 12ths would be a better option there.
- At 60.17: 16th triplet, not a 24th burst. Missing 12th at 60.08
- Layering in both the percussion and the guitar puts in more jumpglut patterns that limit the available patterns
- 71.90: Bad one handed transition, same thing with 179.71. That 24th sound is also barely audible.
- 79.49: The main problem I have with layering both the percussion and the guitar is that when one of those elements is missing, the layering focus suddenly changes like it does here.
- 87.75: All those jumps to the snare are overkill
- 100.08 and 100.59: 12ths, not 16ths
- 110.00: That 16th minijack stands out like a sore thumb, is totally unnecessary, and has a chance of being a 1 framer since the song runs at 235.98 BPM.
- Be careful of the jumps that stray away from what your layering is focusing on. Something like 156.53 does layer both the piano and the background guitar, but you’re focusing on the percussion and the guitar.
- 167.97 you’re introducing weird one hand trill sections that aren’t nice to play at all when the previous half of the file spread out the patterns more.
- 195.18: Very unfluent polyrhythm stream; it’s like doing a spin, then a quick jump into another quick one handed gallop. The 48th gallop also has a good chance of being zero frames apart.
- 200.01: 12ths going into an 8th note. No colors needed here.
- 200.52: The guitar starts on this quarter note, but then you offsetted the 12ths by a 24th and put a lot of color notes here that don’t match the solo. Rework this part.
- 207.89: Missing jump.
- 211.70: Sudden one handed runningman difficulty spike making the 8th jumps split-heavy
- 222.00: This note is not part of the 24th kicks.
- The file could follow a structure more closely and prevent sudden pattern spikes along with color note usage when it’s not necessary.

Phantom Of The Opera: 5/10
- The 777 note part was neat, but it’s not worth limiting the scope of the song.
- 20.74: The sudden change from 8th jumpgluts with hands to more single notes when the song hasn’t changed in intensity is awkward
- 27.65: Seriously? This is just 16th violin. The offsetted 64ths are wrong. The 24th note does have violin that doesn’t snap nicely to 16ths though; resyncing to an even interval and then recoloring to 16ths would be better there.
- 44.68: The violin is misstepped again and this part is very awkward to play. It’s 16ths going into a short 24th burst, then some other interval after that.
- 48.97: Incorrectly stepped violin again, and this is occurring too frequently. Not only is it unnecessarily using colors, the player is having to hit offbeat fast gallops instead of playing 16ths to the violin.
- 50.55: Way off. The 48th after is also a 4th note for the violin.
- 73.70: The 24ths look fine, but on 74.22 that is way off from what’s being played.
- 75.88: Ghost note
- 76.12: This polyrhythm is disruptive and while the notes do check out here the prominent sounds of the violin land on the 12ths. The 16th note is just a “slide” type sound.
- 83.25: 16ths, not 24ths
- 101.20 and 104.30: The violin slide is just two notes. Three note bursts here that don’t have even intervals are wrong here. Also, a jump would accent it nicely instead of stepping fast gallops that might even be converted to zero frame jumps.
- 103.82: Missing 16th to the violin

Piano Sonata in A Major, K. 331: 5/10
- It isn’t worth layering in the softer piano in the beginning. Later on in the song the jumps lose their effect from being used so often. Stepping the prominent piano would have worked perfectly fine here.
- The color note usage for the piano 16ths should be recolored to stand colors. It really just doesn’t look good when the piano is playing 16th notes and then these sudden colors come up.
- Watch out for ghost notes such as 35.26
- 45.44: Another problem with the heavy layering. Forced minijack from the 48th triplet here.
- 47.19, 51.14, 58.18: Stick to 48ths. You’ll have potential zero frame intervals from using 64ths, and 48ths play better.
- 75.55: Hidden minijack on the down arrow here, and it ruins the flow of your 16th stream along with being inconsistent with 79.22; the same thing is done in 90.14
- 81.43: 16th not here not only creates a sudden minijack, but is also a ghost note. Same thing is done in 96.07
- I noticed the same exact errors you made twice from copy and paste.
- 129.91: 32nd triplet here starting with a 16th note. The offsetted color note before the 32nd is an uneven interval and everyone is going to hit this as a 32nd triplet.
- 140.07: Ghost note
- 168.01, 168.66, 169.28, and 169.53: Barely audible. 176.52 is a ghost note.
- I’d recommend just stepping this as a quad since it’s most likely going to convert to zero frames apart anyways.
- 187.37: Just use cohesive hands here. Some of these, if not all, of the color notes into the jumps that aren’t the 48th gallops will most likely turn into hands, and having a mix of zero and 1 frame intervals that the user is going to hit as hands anyways just looks very messy.
- 188.75: Players are only going to hear a two note gallop here when playing. The first note of the 3 note burst is barely audible.
- 192.96 is a mess and it should just be snapped to 8th jumps. Is this purposely intended to bait goods for the player?
- The section at 199.59 is most likely going to convert to zero frame intervals for at least one of those hands. Same thing with 202.99
- The file has a lot of copy paste, there are many sudden unnecessary colors that should have just been snapped to standard colors, a good number of the gallops into jumps won’t convert to gallops and they ruin the flow of the chart. I would suggest starting with less hand and jump usage.

Pleasant Farmer: 6/10
- For the first 19 seconds of the file you step the 16ths cymbal sound but then you suddenly stop. The first 35 seconds of the file are very dry and repetitive.
- You should start the 16th stream on second 34.54 (or 35.12) rather than 36.29
- 39.65, 44.33, 47.83, 52.51, 60.69, 63.03, 65.37, 67.70, 72.38, etc: Missing 8th jump to the melody. I wouldn’t recommend layering both the percussion and melody here.
- The 16th stream you have at 73.11 should start at 72.53
- 79.27: Not a 24th burst, it is just 16th notes. Technically if the song is slowed down on 0.3x rate the 32nd triplet here can be heard, but it is barely audible and overpowered by the 16th melody. You do this multiple times throughout the jumpstreams
- Song ends abruptly, a fade out would have been nice.

Po Pi Po Kouka de Uchi no Miku wa Kyou mo Genki Desu: 6/10
- A fade out would have been nice. The mp3 is also 4 minutes long which will make a large .swf file
- Second 23.30, 30.02 etc: Ghost note, the synth is on the 16th note. Recheck rhythms.
- This file is very dry and it feels like I’m playing a bunch of 8th hands and jumpjacks for the entire file. The heavy layering for this file limits your pattern availability and is too repetitive, and in general such heavy layering is hard to follow. The 16th jumps into the hands don’t fit with the song at all.

Pollyanna Rocks My World: 7/10
- This is case specific, but this song is exactly 180 BPM on the dot. That means the 64th gallops are either going to be all 1 frame apart or zero frames apart. This is important because do you want your player to hit those 64th gallops as a cohesive hand/jump or an actual gallop?
- 25.93: While the synth and percussion are being layered here, it’s not a good idea to do that here because now there are going to be minijacks going into the hands. That causes for more sudden spikes like at 44.76, 60.76, 84.76 etc
- 71.43: I see what’s being done with the 16th minijacks, but I do not recommend this.
- For the piano ending there should only be jumps accenting the piano when it gets played noticeably louder (e.g. 127.93, 128.76, 130.18). Recoloring the ending to standard colors would also be more aesthetic.
- The layering was clear and the file had a nice structure. If the 64th gallops were meant to be hit as gallops, stick with 32nds (48ths also have a chance of being zero frames apart). I would strongly suggest removing the minijacks because they disrupt the flow of the chart.

Power, Wisdom, Courage: 5/10
- For the first 38 measures I was getting early greats and goods. The sync in this file is weird, since after a while I started getting late perfects. The sync issues interfered with file play. I also started getting early greats again at measure 71 at the slowdown and the early great issue lasted until measure 133.
- 133.13: Not a 24th burst, same thing with 136.23, 139.33, 142.42, and 145.52; these are four 16th notes to the guitar
- 148.62: What’s with the 24th burst here?
- 295.82: Ghost notes; the 16ths start on 296.59
- 316.14: Missing jump
- 332.11: Misplaced jump, the guitar note is on the 4th after.
- 340.72: Missing jump
- The layering structure with the guitars was a nice idea, but it got messy when the percussion layering got mixed in along with it. I think the layering focus on the guitar would be much better to go by for this song. Also, the sync really needs work in this file.

Powerhaus: 2/10
- 13.78, 16.78, 17.21, 20.64, 23.64, 24.07, etc: Jumps would work fine here. The color notes to all the xylophones is very forced.
- 19.57: This is actually 32nds. 20.00 is a six-note 48th burst. Second 20.43 is also 32nds. The vibrating trill at 20.43 is also terrible to play with that up arrow creating an anchor on what’s already a hard enough to combo vibrating trill.
- 26.43: Same problem as above. What you stepped as 48th bursts are 32nds except for the ones you stepped as two 48th gallops, which are actually six note 48th bursts but stepping the gallops covers the most prominent parts of the burst. The vibrating trill into the hand again is another bad difficulty spike.
- The 48th/32nd burst problem occurs over and over and the vibrating trills are unnecessary difficulty spikes. Just found it again at 60.71 and 67.57
- 62.21: 48th notes. They’re stepped here as two 64th gallops.
- 67.57 is completely misstepped. Starting from the 8th note at 67.57, it is 32nds until the 4th jump. Then at the vibrating trill at 68.43 it’s 32nds.
- 75.39: Missing 16th note. Stepping the 48th one handed gallops right next to each other like this is awful.
- 101.43 and 108.28: More unnecessary one handed rigidity.
- 129.93: This should be a 3 note 16th jack since the sound starts there; the 16th before it is part of the 32nd burst, and it doesn’t warrant the 4 note jack.
- 137.64 and 144.50: Again, 48ths. Here they’re stepped as 64th gallops.
- 143.00: misstepped and ridiculous.
- 149.85: Also grossly misstepped and ridiculous. These are all 32nds, no color notes or 48ths.
- There are plenty of difficulty spikes and misstepped parts in this file, and it needs some serious reworking.

Prismatic Lollipops: 6/10
- Seconds 1.70, 2.29: Ghost notes. Same thing with 23.09 and 23.68
- The cartoon sound lands on the 4th note in 12.32, so stepping a 64th after relies on conversion to turn it into zero frames apart.
- 42.91 is that cartoon sound again; stepping an offsetted 48th will most likely make the note a frame off.
- 47.66: In this section the 64ths are supposed to cover the cartoon sounds, but again that relies on the converter to make it into a hand.
- Overall, you are taking a risk by stepping offsetted color notes when the sounds land on the standard colors (e.g. 4th notes) and relying on the converter too much.
- Focusing on the melody would have created a much more interesting chart. Following the percussion caused some rigidity that limited what you could do with the file in terms of patterning and made the file dry, but it still had some structure.

- The beginning 4 measures are weird to play through in terms of following the guitar. Second 8.50 and 9.33 are ghost notes. There may be other instances of this, but it’s usually due to barely audible guitar slide sounds.
- Your jump usage in measures 5-9 is weird and after the NOOOO! Part. The structure when the vocals entered was nice however.
- The video is divided into four rectangles at the NOOOO! part with each square of Andrew Huang wearing a different colored shirt. Red, yellow, green, and light blue – all these colors are used in that quad. I hope other judges caught this one, haha.
- Second 31.88: Rather than make a jumptrill here with a minijack in the hand which really doesn’t look good, a single note stream would be fine for the percussion. Same thing with 45.80.

Pure Innocent Skirt: 4/10
- You had 115.04 as the BPM in your other submission, and in this one you have 115 on the dot. Measure 44 I started to get early greats (even goods) and the sync interfered with how the file played.
- Second 6.36: Ghost note. 4.54 and 4.80 are placed a 16th before the actual sounds. 71.84 and 72.10 are placed after the sounds too; recheck your rhythms.
- Second 47.58: The 16th gallop you have here starts a 16th too early.
- None of the minijacks fit with the vocals. 37.93, 41.19, 46.28 are two different notes.
- There is a lot of empty space that can be filled. The file is lacking when just the vocals are being stepped and there are other elements in the song that can be utilized easily. Some layering could be used to provide more structure for the file. Also recheck the rhythms in the file.

Raccoon Flicka: 7/10
- The jumps make sense and are structured well, although at 67.46 the sudden shift of jump usage from the melody makes this part more bland; I’d stick with the melody there for the jumps.
- At 67.46 the 16ths in the stream are barely audible putting aside the prominent melody. At 106.65 the 16th streams are barely audible except for the trills you stepped.
- I saw what was happening in 41.34 but there are many elements going on here that stepping just the 32nd sounds makes this part lacking.
- Rather than have 32nd minitrills and 16th jacks, you could make them rolls and jumptrills. It would certainly flow better.

Red Vector Acid Minute: 5/10
- I was getting early perfects when I played this file so there’s a slight offset issue and I noticed some of the bursts also had colors that weren’t necessary.
- The jump usage doesn’t make sense before the 114.98 BPM slowdown. After that the layering with the percussion should be introduced.
- Second 2.64: Four note 48th burst starting on the 16th note. 32nd triplet at 2.84 starting on the 8th note; no colors are needed here.
- There should be a 16th on 4.29 instead of the offsetted color note right after. Missing note on 4.50
- 4.60: This is just a four note 32nd transition, no colors needed. It must be the offset because I was getting early perfects when hitting on time.
- 8.05: This should be a 32nd note.
- 14.02 and 15.05: These minijacks don’t make sense.
- 18.21: Uneven interval, recheck rhythms (this is most likely from the offset issue).
- 22.71: Barely audible note here created a minijack that doesn’t make sense. The sound in 23.64 is basically like the notes right before, so there shouldn’t be a minijack here as well.
- There are many minijacks in the file that aren’t warranted because of similar sounds, barely audible notes, inconsistent usage etc. The jump usage was also not coherent since there were many softer hi hat sounds that were stepped as jumps when the louder snare was being layered. Also recheck the rhythms and offset; many of the color notes used in this file aren’t actually needed.
- 36.26: This color jack is too fast; the sound is slightly slower.
- This must’ve borrowed the sync skeleton from the stepmania file because the ending has the 1160 BPM speedups which aren’t necessary.

Reminiscence: 1/10
- The first 32 seconds of the file are stepped very incoherently. The sound that was stepped as 24ths would only be stepped once every measure when it occurred every 4th note; the sound still continued on 25.64 but then it was no longer being stepped. The jump usage is also seemingly random, and it’s not clear what is supposed to be followed here.
- From 32.04 to 44.84, the 4th notes are missing from the 3-note 8th melody. There’s also a random offsetted 64th note at 38.86 that makes no sense; it is the same sound.
- 51.24, the jump usage here doesn’t have any layering structure. The kicks are all 8th notes, so half of the jumps are missing, and the melody is the same 3-note 8ths.
- 56.04: Unnecessary minijack
- 66.44: 24ths, but these are stepped as 12ths, yet right after they’re stepped as 24ths
- 72.04: ???
- 74.81: Random ghost note 64th note
- 77.74: Random hand. From this point on the file starts becoming something that strays away from the song. Focus on certain elements in the song and don’t randomly switch to stepping color notes that are inconsistent with what was being stepped previously. Right now the file has a lot of jumps and hands sporadically used and there is no coherent structure, along with sudden minijacks and jacks.

Rip Roar Power: 1/10
- File drifts offsync to the point that I got early goods. The syncing needs work.
- At 19.16 every 8th kick is being stepped as a jump. Needless to say, this causes a huge problem with playability. Then after that all hell breaks loose. 16th minijacks in between bursts, jumps everywhere, one handed transitions that aren’t doable… This file needs a serious reworking. Some of the bursts are also wrong.

S.E.B. in B.E.D: 5/10
- The first two notes being color notes instead of a 16th gallop doesn’t fit here
- 6.96 to 18.23, having a jump every 4th note makes this section dry and generic; you can follow the melody rather than having the 8th jumpstream here.
- 38.77: Missing 8th jump, you’re layering the melody here
- 41.41: This 16th note is just going to the prominent melody, so it should be a single note.
- 44.05: Overemphasizing with hands in this section.
- For 47.05 stepping the 16ths as single notes is the right way to go because there’s no other sound to layer there. However, like what happened in a previous section, the jumps at 49.41 and 50.14 are only going to the prominent melody and there’s nothing else being layered; they should be single notes too. Check for other instances where this happens.
- The jump usage in the section starting at second 55.32 is a confusing mix of layering in the 4th beats and then randomly accenting the prominent melody
- I tried looking around to see if the colored note usage was some kind of reference to an album art or video etc. but I didn’t find anything. They aren’t appropriate in this file
- 82.59 to 88.41: All hands, no jumps. Another case of overemphasizing. Same thing with 93.50
- 107.32: Same layering idea with the part at 55.32; the higher notes of the prominent melody don’t necessarily call for jump accents especially since the percussion is also being layered here so it becomes more confusing to follow. It occurs in the ending.
- 120.41: Again, layering is confusing to follow
- 130.59: If this part was intended to be hit as gallops, conversion is going to be very ugly here.

Shade: 7/10
- I really liked the first 13 measures. The jump usage was nice, and the focus on the percussion allowed a smooth transition when the strings entered in measure 14.
- 25.20, 27.85, etc: The grace note is before the 4th note, not after. Also rather than have the color gallops in this file, the sounds are close enough that having a jump would be better – both for play and aesthetics.
- Jumps like 30.94 don’t really fit in because even though it is layering the background piano and kick, the jump at 32.26 involves both a powerful percussion hit and the piano. At the very least, 29.61 should be a different jump from 30.94 (both are currently up-left). Same thing with something like 62.26 where the song is softer.
- The repeating end patterns were a nice way to end the file
- 136 BPM is going to create a messy mix of zero frame and one frame intervals for the gallops in this file, which is why I recommend either making a slower gallop (48th instead of 64th, etc) or just make a jump (jumps also make it player friendly for this level). The hand usage didn’t have much of an effect, but the file did have a nice structure.

Silent Wind: 7/10
- Layering in the soft hi-hat isn’t worth the layering problems. The other elements of the song overpower it too.
- 72.75 disrupts the flow of the chart in a very bad way; the 24th minijack should be removed, and the layering could be toned down. What is being layered makes sense, but is not worth the density.
- The slowdown wasn’t appropriate; what would have been better is that since it’s a break section with less intensity to not have continuous swing jumpstream like most of the file is.
- Having more of a focus on the melody would have been nice. In its current state, the file is a lot of bland 24th swing jumpstream that’s hard to follow because of all the jumps and different instruments playing at the same time.

Slam Crunk: 5/10
- The minijack usage is confusing as well as some of the jumps
- It looks like you’re trying to do a mix of the vocals and the guitar, but the vocals don’t all snap nicely to 16ths (e.g. second 24.30 is a 3/32nd). Some vocals are also missed, so it’s confusing to follow.
- 26.64: Missing jump
- 62.42: Vocals are misstepped. It’s a 16th on 62.58, then a 16th on 62.89
- Why aren’t 71.17 and 71.48 offsetted color notes? They’re the same low sounds and the vocalist is singing in the same manner.
- 76.33: Forced difficulty spike from the roll inside the jack
- 79.30: What’s with the BPM change here? Staying with the normal BPM would have been fine, but the speed changes make the color notations off by a 16th note.
- 111.79: Changing the BPM here to 90 from 96 makes the ending notes after offsync. I was getting early greats.
- The file is very confusing to follow, mixing several elements but not structuring them in a way that would be clear to the player.

Sonic the Hedgehog Dubstep: 7/10
- While the layering is passable those jumps to the kicks were overkill
- 52.13: Missing 3/64th? The rhythm for this sound is weird because the last sound is like it falls more on 52.10 (the 16th note); same thing with 65.28, 123.57, and 137.28
- 111.62: These 32nd notes are ghost notes on normal rate and on a very very low rate there was some really quiet squeaky nose that vaguely fell on the 32nd placements.
- 149.23: That 32nd down arrow into the jump that enters a 16th trill looked a bit yucky
- 153.68: I can’t hear those offsetted color notes, only the 48ths. I could only vaguely make out a sound on a very low rate.
- The long 16th jacks could have just been trills. They’re sudden difficulty spikes that push the FC difficulty of the file way up. The heavy jump and hand usage also didn’t give much flavor to the file; the color usage stood out way more.

Speedcore Cannon: 4/10
- The jumps are unnecessary and don’t even correctly layer anything aside from the 8th kicks in the beginning except for the few 4ths that land on the vocals
- 17.30: The hi-hats are 32nds here but faint. Stepping 16ths in this slowdown just makes it a continuation of the previous jumpstream but without the fast bass kicks. Same thing with 20.73 and 24.16; it just winds up being the same unbroken jumpstream over and over.
- In the 280 BPM stream part with the 32nd bursts some of the 16th patterns were good, but then there were one handed transitions with jacks that were poor (especially with the 32nd bursts).
- 48.16: The jumps every 4th note don’t fit here. The strong bass kicks could just be stepped as the single notes while that other distorted sound could be accented jumps on its most prominent parts (e.g. 48.80 and 49.02)
- 53.30: Sudden ridiculous anchor jack spike
- The patterns need more attention along with the layering.

Summer Colours Arch: 5/10
- What’s with the different colored gallop in the first two notes of the file? The other ones are 24ths and 48ths.
- 11.89: 16th note, not a 24th. Same with 13.47; however you step a 16th note at 15.28 and this becomes interesting because what I just mentioned were also 16th notes. A 4th note is missing on 15.37, which makes this section of the file bizarre to play.
- 17.10: The mix of minijacks and single note gallops to the percussion hits really doesn’t look very good. Just stick with single notes here.
- From 18.53 to 24.06 there is an excess of hands and literally zero jumps. It’s also a spiky section that stands out from the rest of the file, being split heavy with the handjacks right next to each other.
- At 37.48 there’s a lot going on here: there is a flute, a background acoustic guitar, and then percussion. Many fragments are being stepped here and this section doesn’t play well because of it. Not all of the 16ths fall to the drums – some fall on the acoustic guitar.
- 55.84: Just because it’s the same sound doesn’t warrant sudden jacks. If anything, the drums themselves could be jacks by this logic.
- 58.80: Same problem with the minijacks. The snare here is stepped as 16th minijacks, but then at 64.32 it’s just stepped as single notes. The focus here was on the melody, but the point is that mixing both single notes and minijacks/jacks make for a noticeable inconsistent feel that makes the file confusing to follow along with not looking good.
- 68.37: A different note is being played. This is not a minijack. Same problem in 81.00; with how you stepped this, 81.39 should be a minijack too etc. but they’re different notes.
- The file suffers from heavy layering. Too many instruments are going on at once, and fragments are being stepped; focus on a certain element to make the file more interesting.

Taking Wing: 7/10
- For the first 24 seconds the bell is the most prominent element in the song. You’re layering soft piano sounds here and I’d recommend saving the jumps until 24.40 where the beat comes in. Having a jump to a powerful beat makes a lot more sense than layering in a soft piano in this case; it’s a matter of the jumps having more emphasis.
- The one handed 16th triplets really don’t look good at all.
- 39.32: Watch out for different notes being played. This 8th note is stepped in a way that a 3 note jack is made, but it is a different note so it should only be a two note minijack with this 8th note being in a different column.
- 46.35: The melody was a good choice to follow, but all the extra jumps to the 4th beat ruin the jumps to the powerful cymbal crashes and it adds more unnecessary density along with making the file bland/generic. The melody is the prominent element here, and it would be best to follow it like you were earlier.
- You stepped the 16th stream at 66.92 but not at 43.95; it’s the biggest difficulty spike in the file so it should just be removed. The melody would be a fine replacement here.
- 77.89: Up to this point no hands were used. I can see what you’re layering here, but it really is not worth it. Sticking with the jumps to the cymbal crashes for this file would make the jumps have their intended emphasis effect, and it’s not worth adding extra density when the melody itself already gives something nice to follow.
- The file had a nice structure to it but the extra density is not worth the reduced emphasis of the jumps and it makes the file more boring and generic.

The Artichoke King: 4/10
- The first 7 seconds are fine, but then at 7.10 there are suddenly long 8th jacks that are very inconsistent with how you were stepping the snare right before.
- 15.48: Extra jump. It looks like the melody is being layered in as 8ths here and makes the most sense considering it’s very overpowering.
- 16.57 through 16.88: The static-sounds make sense as jumps, but then here the lower melody is the most audible and the static-sound isn’t there anymore.
- 17.03: Single note, nothing is being layered here
- The 16th minijacks and jacks (especially the ones into jumps like 57.54) ruin the flow of the chart and many of them don’t make sense. Remove them please
- It looks like both the snare and the melody are being layered but there are some missing jumps
- 26.24: This 24th roll is misstepped and the last 24th is a noticeable ghost note
- 38.30, 48.23, 78.02, 87.96, 182.46, the offsetted hands starting at measure 151, 192.40, etc: Overemphasized hands
- 55.99 through 56.45 is an unbroken 32nd roll, but the way it’s stepped here is broken up in a bizarre way; I saw what you were trying to do, but that up 32nd note on 56.18 gets in the way and it ruins the focus on the prominent parts of the 32nd sound.
- 65.97: Another misstepped 24th roll. The sound starts earlier than the 12th note and is slower than 24ths.
- 92.53: Missing 16th note
- 95.72: Like at 55.99, this is just a 32nd roll sound. But here the file experiences several BPM changes and the colors go out of whack.
- 116.16 is on the 4th note right after, and 116.37 is on the 8th note right before
- 137.54: Missing 16th note. Also the layering has been hard to follow this file since bits of the percussion and melody were mixed in with the layering, and it’s very noticeable here.
- 149.95: Another missing 16th notes. Check for more missing 16th notes.
- 156.86: Not a straight 24th roll but it works fine here since the interval differences are only noticeable on very low rates
- 162.52 and 162.68: Barely audible sounds
- 166.63: Not a 24th roll and it’s noticeable on normal rate too. Recheck rhythms; the problem also occurs in this section at 168.03 etc
- 200.16: This section is entirely 16th notes, there are no 32nds.

The Steel Monster Above the City: 4/10
- Misstepped burst at 8.13; there should be a 16th note rather than a 24th burst. Also, the “24th sound” is only audible on very very low rates. The 16th sound completely overpowers it. Same thing with 11.44, 14.75, 18.06, etc
- Layering is passable
- The sound you’re stepping the 24th stream to at 67.89 has prominent accents on the 16th placements and is actually 32nds. Same thing with 74.51, etc.
- 80.71: Sound isn’t 24ths and it’s noticeably wrong on normal rate
- The 32nd broken roll section starting at 110.90 is very awkward to play through properly. There are also many awkward 32nd patterns throughout this file, not just this section. Watch out for the patterning used in this file because some of the 32nds are mixed with jumps, making excessive one hand gallop usage split heavy.
- 140.21: Awkward one handed part; this is just going to be hit as a triplet by players.
- 143.57: This difficulty spike reminds me of Integraation. The 24ths are barely audible compared to the 16th snare that overpowers it.
- 146.77: Watch your pattern usage. The layering itself also provides a rigid structure which doesn’t allow much room for bursts like these.
- 153.90: Entirely misstepped. This is a 32nd stream and here it’s stepped as 24ths. The 48th burst in the last four notes of the file are also misstepped.
- The patterns and rhythms need work in this file. The rigid layering also limits the song’s scope.

The Whip: 7/10
- 9.02, 17.45, 25.87, 34.29, etc: Watch out for one handed minitrill usage like this. It ruins the flow of the file; same thing with those one handed 48th gallops. Yes, the song is at 114 BPM, but the unfriendly pattern feel still stands out.
- 12.51: This 32nd is a ghost note. 12.58 is a three note 64th burst starting on the 32nd at 12.64, but it would be better just to step it as a 48th burst there.
- For the first 35 seconds more hands are used than jumps. The song is just getting started, and using hands here already when the song doesn’t even have that much energy is definitely too much emphasis.
- 30.08: Sudden spike pattern in this 32nd stream
- 59.29, 63.50, 67.71, etc.: The 32nd rolls, while I can see what was being done here, don’t work so great. Color usage can work better here! For instance, a 192nd jump can be used to cover the entire whoosh rather than a 32nd roll.
- 74.94, 108.63: The main focus in these sections is the 24th swing. Don’t let sudden polyrhythms like this disrupt the flow of the chart (and being 16th jumps, it’s also split heavy).
- 107.31 and 107.38: These 32nds are ghost notes. It starts with a 24th on 107.36, then the five note 32nd burst is after.
- 111.00: The sound lands on 111.04 (24th note)
- 115.08: The 32nd gallops you stepped in this section are “slide” type sounds which are covered by the jumps already. The accenting works better rather than hitting notes to barely audible sounds.
- 127.05: Missing 16th note
- For the ending jumpstream, having both the melody and the 4th beats layered at the same time turns it into boring jumpstream. For instance, 149.29 to 152.44 is just a jumpstream with a jump every 8th note, and even though the jumps are going to the 4th beat and the melody landing on the 8ths, I just felt like I was playing straight jumpstream not following the feel of the song.

to luv me I xxx for u (Reprise): 8/10
- 20.61: In this speedup that color trill is just rude and would make me immediately turn sound off, ignoring everything else you’d be going for in the file. Sorry, but this happened in Trinity and it’s not properly playable with sound on.
- That beginning runningman section is surprisingly fluent. Hard but doable.
- 95.14: I’d probably split those hand/jump transitions after the 16th trills pretty hard haha. Reminds me of Scrap Syndrome’s long trill parts
- 180.23: Nice speedup trick, I’m glad you didn’t step the constantly speeding brrrrr noises here haha. Although, trills felt kind of awkward here… stream could have worked.
- The 8th jumpglut usage and the heavy layering was definitely fitting for the song’s intensity. This file was great but the beginning color trill parts was really bad. At 237.35 BPM 32nds also have a chance of being zero frames apart (albeit small chance), so if one of those gallops does happen to turn into a jump, that part really does become crap. Please step something else other than a trill.

Touhou Judgement in the Sixieth Year - Fate of Sixty Years: 6/10
- The first 41 seconds are very boring; the song is already long enough
- 63.57, 68.73, etc.: Actually 32nd bursts, but 24ths represent the bell slide fine
- 98.65 and 98.82: Ghost notes, check for other instances of this (e.g. 160.59 and 160.75 and 243.17 and 243.33, there might have been some other cases)
- 104.22: Three note 32nd burst starting on the 16th note. I’d just step a 16th triplet here since the 24ths this time don’t represent as well as they did for the bells.
- The hands don’t add much to the file. If anything, they take away from it. The layering to the guitar melodies was nice.
- 225.35: The 24th drums overpower that 16th note here and the polyrhythm suddenly disrupts the flow here
- 248.90: The player has been going through a bunch of 8th jumps already. This is a calmer break section and there are still more jumpgluts. Just follow the melody here.
- 259.22: Five note 32nd burst here, no 24ths. It’s also not a nice surprise for someone who played through four repetitive minutes of the file to suddenly get swamped with this dense section.
- The file could have ended at 228.25 or somewhere around there because after that point it’s just the same thing as before and this file is already generic and bland enough that at this point it would be a good place to stop.

Umlaut Ampersand: [PASS]

Virginal: 5/10
- This feels very… incomplete. The file starts off and builds up a little bit, and then before I know it it’s already over.
- File starts off on the wrong notation. The first note to the vocals is stepped as a 4th note, but it is actually an 8th note. This causes the 4ths to land on 8ths for the entire file which doesn’t look good at all. Also the offset is wacky; I was getting early greats and goods.
- For the first 40 seconds it was a simple and generic layout, but then after that the file just fell apart. It’s also very lacking with just the vocals being stepped and there are many other elements to utilize in the song. The BPM should also be doubled when the song picks up.

Visitor: [PASS]

We Are Hi-Speed (Remix): 5/10
- It takes 50 seconds before the song picks up a little bit more and before that there’s just a bunch of generic jumpstream that’s very anti-climactic along with an 8th jack section that didn’t lure in any interest.
- At 50.11 The layering starts getting confusing and there are seemingly random jumps. The patterning is also disoriented
- 66.11 would have been a much better spot to start the file and I strongly recommend doing that. The first 66 seconds don’t have much to offer and considering how difficult the rest of the file is, the first 66 seconds is like wasting time just to get to the actual harder sections (e.g. Pandora). 114.11 is another spot you could have started the file at (or a little later since this rest section is long).
- For the breakcore JS section starting at 81.11 the patterning is very disorganized and the one handed 32nd gallops are terrible to play through. There are many hidden jacks of reasonable length in here as well which cause many transitioning problems. At this speed the player is more focused on just hitting the patterns anyways, so it should be very clear what the jumps are following, and here it is not. Single notes would work better with some accenting/emphasis.
- 115.78, etc.: This is done multiple times; the rhythm is 3/16ths, not a 12th with an 8th note.
- 141.36 is a misstepped burst (and is also one of many trap burst patterns in this file). It starts on the 16th note. There are also technically 32nds on 141.58 and 141.65.
- 145.86: If this were really going to be stepped as a jack it would be a 4 note 16th jack to the same sound. But of course at this speed it is nonsense. A trill would work fine here; A Rudi The Techno Pioneer jack is terrible to play through.
- 148.25 and 148.63: Random 64th notes
- 149.36 is a full 32nd burst, and the way it’s stepped here is broken up at odd spots that make no sense. This file is 240 BPM on the dot which does mean that conversion will consistently make certain 32nd placements zero frames apart, and if that happens here then that would be very bad.
- 155.74: Putting 32nd trap patterns like this make hitting jumps useless when the patterns right after require unnatural transitioning.
- 159.86 through 162.11 is very split heavy and awkward
- Many less jumps could be used and the patterning needs much more attention. The disorganized nature of the patterning results in sudden awkward one handed positions mixed in with jumps and it takes away from what could make a decent 240 BPM chart.

Welcome 2 Omnicore: 7/10
- The 4th notes on seconds 2.08 and 2.54 are noticeably off. They can be resynced and then snapped to 4th notes. The “8th notes” right after could also be snapped to standard colors for aesthetics.
- Doing a mix of minijacks and gallops to the snare is a noticeable part of the file that makes it feel very inconsistent with how it’s patterned. The 24th swing is stepped as gallops, but then there are 16th minijacks to the same sound used.
- To add some flair to the section starting at 24.58, you can layer in that distorted sound that occurs at seconds 26.45, 28.33, 30.20, 32.08, etc. The pattern usage here is also pretty random.
- 38.17: From how this part is being stepped, this should be a 16th minijack
- The bass kicks at 41.45 has the bass kicks going in different columns, and then the same sound is stepped at 45.20 yet it’s in the same column there. The parts after also follow the same column, so this should be changed for consistency.
- 47.55: Misplaced jump. You’ve been layering the snare in this section, so the jump would be on 48.01
- 65.83 and 67.70: The 16ths are going to the same sound, so with the way you’re stepping these should be 4-note 16th jacks but that would create difficulty spikes. Instead, rather than going with a lot of minijacks, I’d suggest doing trills rather than a mix.
- The distorted wub sounds have been a nice addition to the file instead of just focusing mainly on the percussion. In its current state the file is a bit lacking. The structural ideas are there, but it could use some touching up.

XTC Hill Zone Act 24.7: 7/10
- Second 23.00: The 24th roll here is way off from the actual rhythms; it is too fast.
- In the break part around starting at Measure 49 don’t put a jump for one instrument (e.g. 64.61). I’d just recommend following the melody here considering how calm the section is
- 79.05: Same problem as 23.00; it’s not a 24th roll and it’s noticeably wrong on normal rate
- The patterns seemed to have gotten more attention – watch out for the hidden 3 and 4 note 8th jacks within the jumpgluts and jumpstream. There’s some rigidity but it’s playable. This version is definitely a considerable improvement from the previous submission with the cut as well; recheck those 24th roll parts though.


Please note that former resubmissions are now accepted:
N's Farewell / Xx{Midnight}xX
Suit Up / DarkZtar

It is still highly recommended for fixes to be made on these songs. For more information, please refer to this thread.

asdfmovie 6 song / AlexDest
rating: 5/10 [+?]
- the main tune of the song has a lot of bursts that you seem to omit or just put as a group of three 16ths - doesn't really do justice to the song as many are inaccurate; e.g. 0.33s: a 24th gallop here; 1.54s: a 24th burst starting on a 12th note here
- 5.61-9.89s: the melody seems to be a small chorus of synths here, so if you want you can layer this area as jumps (which you do later)
- 10.21s,60.95s,etc.: what's with the sudden underlayering of the file?
- 12.27s,63.01s,: poor PR
- 14.97s: don't get the following two jumps
- 19.09s,69.83s: awkward as heck 24th patterns, namely the transitioning
- 22.26s: why no hand according to your layering scheme?
- 28.29-30.31s,etc.: the melody coming in and out of the wub sounds is quite prominent so I was a bit vexed that you omitted the melody in many cases in place of repeating jumps (you can just have one arrow repeat instead)
- 31.93s: missed arrow
- 44.14s,44.78s,etc.: hands don't seem justified to the sounds
- 48.50s: minijack caused by the 32nd burst into the hand (again, hand doesn't seem justified)
- 83.57s,88.65s: anchor 12ths to the 24th patterns
- 101.54-111.69s: watch out for anchors, you have a ton of 8th note anchors in the 16th handstreams
- 119.30s: overkill IMO; how about keeping the drums as a single stream of 16ths and then layering the melody? Also may be better to end with a hand instead of a quad
- Summary: There are a lot of things that just seem irksome, from the inaccurate stepping of the main melody (bursty) to underlayered parts to ignoring the main melody in dubstep sections. Considering how the difficulty of the song is relatively high, I don't think the intention of generalizing bursty sections as simple 16ths would be a good idea. The file was still somewhat fun to play, but it needs work.

asdfmovie 6 song / rparty89
rating: 4.5/10 [+?]
- just like the other file, there are simple 16ths generalizing the bursts in the main melody of the song
- 11.77s: three-arrow down jack is doable but really not a good idea
- great job on the color theory, it spices the file up and accents the sound clips nicely
- 21.13s,etc.: the 24th patterns are slightly better than the above file I'm comparing this to
- 26.83s,etc.: like the other file, the dubstep sections ignore a lot of the PR of the main melody
- 40.36s,etc.: now this is how you should be stepping the bursts; it's too bad this wasn't applied anywhere else
- 47.76s,48.08s: sounds don't seem to warrant hands
- 75.35s,etc.: these sounds are 24ths, not 32nds; in any case, the 32nds create some really bad framer placements - please consider this when stepping files for FFR
- 76.31s,etc.: rather awkward jump placements (due to one-handed trilling patterns), although consistent; consider changing the jump patterns
- 105.80s,etc.: same as 75.35s above...especially considering that you begin AND end in hands
- 232.34s: again, what's with this one big jumptrill like the other file?
- Summary: A lot of the issues in this file are the same as the previous file I reviewed, so look at both notes and compare for yourself. The 32nds were also quite ridiculous in comparison to the rest of the song. Both asdfmovie 6 files I reviewed have potential, but they both also need a lot of work.

Eclipse (Luna) / TC_Halogen & who_cares973
rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- a number of 32nd patterns are very tight due to their patterns often being staircases such as at 44.87s,55.42s
- some missed notes: 45.40s,54.32-54.93s
- also some missed percussion: 46.82s,47.52s
- 69.05-77.70s: optional but you could step some of the 16ths to the tinkly background melody
- Summary: Pretty fun drum'n bass file, with relatively friendly 32nd patterns except for the staircases. Also some obvious melody missing at a few places. The file structure and song reminds me a bit of Sleepmix Strikes Back.

KOMMICORE / 0 & Choofers
rating: 6/10 [+.]
- so you did change some thing after all, some for the better, some for the worse; it seems to even out in the end. I'll only address the new stuff in this review
- 18.86s: this polyrhythm seems pretty unnecessary; may be better to simplify this
- looks like you've changed the steps for the first part of the lyrics
- the last section of the file seems to be broken up from straight 16th jumpstream, which seems to be fine; however, the problem of awkward patterns due to anchors remain, and there are a lot of them. Check out places like 50.59s (right arrow anchors), 59.96s (left arrow anchors), and so on. The transitioning into these patterns also matter. For instance, it's more doable to hit the left arrow anchors at 59.96s than at 62.02s due to the prior arrows
- Summary: I'm glad you did make changes, but the main problem is still the jumpstream patterns being anchors and runningmen at this speed.

Mirage Garden (long) / ilikexd
rating: 9/10 [+]
- a suggestion for aesthetics: since the song changes time signatures a lot, I recommend fixing the bpm so that you don't have half of the song as 16ths. Some might say you have a bit of yellow arrow syndrome.
- 39.07s,51.09s,etc.: why is this a jump but not a hand? Might as well make it consistent or make the other hands jumps instead
- 65.41-74.45s: I don't quite understand what all of these jumps go to, but it plays fine
- 109.26-112.14s,118.23s-122.53se: these two parts still feels a bit empty
- 134.71s: missed 32nd
- 185.22-185.61s: awkward 24ths transitioning to hand (due to left arrows)
- 215.23-215.61s,etc.: why is this part jumps while other similar parts are hands?
- Summary: I only see small issues, but the bigger picture is that the file is structured very well and is just a blast to play. A real keeper.

Moon Rabbit / SKG_Scintill
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- well-synced, but I recommend -doubling- the BPM of at least the first 2/3rds of the file. It is far, faaar too slow. It might be a practical BPM value on a piano score, but more of an eye sore on FFR.
- the song is significantly harder in the last third, but there are easily places you could step in the earlier parts as well to even the difficulty a little bit. For instance, the delicate piano melody at 17.38s could be stepped to fill in what are really large empty gaps.
- 30.05s: missed 16th
- 30.54s: the jump here may be a tad late
- 39.39s,167.16s,213.61s,etc.: a few places have jumps where they shouldn't be. In this case, you have a slightly emphasized piano sound, but clearly only one note playing.
- various places throughout the file are underlayered. When you solely have the piano playing, I recommend trying to be as accurate as reasonably possible. Check for places like 57.45s,62.91s,etc. This issue is scattered throughout the song.
- 145.41s: missed note
- 221.21s: I was so sad that you omitted the trill entirely
- 276.47s: missed last note!! D:
- Summary: Overall, the file got better in the second half. Try to be as accurate as possible when it comes to piano solos, as nothing's better than feeling like you're playing the piano. Tweak this file some more, and it can be quite an amazing file.

Murderous Rampage / Baq12
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- the 16th trill patterns in the first half of the song become stale after a while, so vary it up a bit
- 10.93s,16.26s,etc.: the hands that appear on every other phrase don't seem to emphasize anything
- 76.93s: the following patterns are quite interesting, but be wary of awkward transitioning from these semi-trilling patterns onto another
- 83.18s,etc.: not a fan of strange 32nd patterns landing on hands, but they're certainly doable; see if you can make some patterns more ergonomic
- Summary: Another fun drum'n bass song. See if you can vary the trilling 16th patterns throughout the file, but leave some of it in. It naturally makes sense to step them as trills, but being the entire basis of the song, they need some variation on occasion. Also watch out for 32nd transitions into hands. Everything else is cool.

Neurotoxin / Reshiram
rating: 6.5/10 [+.]
- 17.75s,62.71s: ghost arrow
- 18.16-37.15s,106.66-125.15s: I didn't really like the fact that there was very little acknowledgement to the main melody of the song (with exception to the colored arrows). I understand that most of the drums go to the louder drum kicks, but the main feature here is the melody. Even if the purpose was to stand out from LG's file, the main melody is pretty important.
- 43.57s,44.23s,etc.: missing a bunch of 16ths to the drums
- 55.05s,57.72s,etc.: in some cases, there seems to be ghost 16ths, which simply may be a misunderstanding of the above 16th drum patterns
- color theory was reasonable and not overdone
- Summary: File was very reasonable and fun to play overall. Fix up the drum misrhythms in the middle of the song and add the melody in the beginning and end of the song.

New World Disorder / .Gazelle.
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 18.75-19.07s: reversed PR
- 43.72s: ghost arrow
- 95.61s,etc.: there are a few places where you could avoid 12th jacks if you make yourself a bit more flexible in PR placement
- 103.18-103.61s,130.61-131.04s: these aren't 24ths. These are 12ths with 16ths going to the synths (i.e. a polyrhythm).
- 114.19s: missed a hand
- 137.47-138.00s: optionally this can also be a polyrhythm as well with some 16ths
- 139.11s: I would just add this 24th and end the song in a hand instead of compromising for a quad
- Summary: Pretty fun file! There are a few errors, namely the 24ths, but the rest is great.

Ninur / Razor
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- 16.50s,19,67s,etc.: what happened to the small bursts at the beginning? You started stepping them, but then stopped for some reason.
- 21.39s: missed 12th
- 33.26-36.01s: the 12ths are continuous here
- 38.22-38.63s: bad PR to the phone beeps
- nice color theory throughout the file
- 44.01s,123.87s,136.70s: I really don't agree with these bursts/rolls going to these unusual sounds, since they're not the least bit abrasive. I recommend just stepping the single sounds with a bit of color theory in these places.
- 47.32-47.95s: these are 16ths, not 12ths
- 66.50s,134.49s,134.91s: optional 12th
- 68.22s,68.63s: I think these are 12ths, not 8ths
- 107.30s,108.96s: these feel better as small grace notes
- 157.25s,159,18s: ghost arrows
- 159.60s: missed arrow
- Summary: Great file to play, but there are also a lot of numerous mishaps too. I'd reconsider the rolls and bursts that go to single sounds as well, but that's just my personal tastes.

Northwing Fury I / Zaevod
rating: 3/10 [?]
- all things considered, the density was a bit too much for most of the instruments this song went to (e.g. a lot of the bursts and 16ths came from very quiet hi-hats)
- the initial 16th streams (e.g. 20.57s) show good PR
- 38.66s,etc.: at first I thought the streams here were, although dense, reasonable. However, the song later offers more things to step, so I would recommend avoiding 16th jumps on all of those snare drum kicks. The patterns are reasonable so far however.
- 50.38s,50.94s,51.51s,etc.: the sounds here don't seem warranted for hands (not to mention it creates a minijack preceding the first hand)
- 55.44s: surely there's a better pattern than a straight three-arrow jack
- 56.38s: here's where I first think the 16th jumps become a bit much - you have a main melody going on and the 16th jumps just seem to confuse the stepping
- 64.72s,etc.: a few places in this song have [13][24] jumptrills; use these sparingly as they're easy to split goods on FFR
- 67.54-68.10s,etc.: left hand jacks mixed along with 16th jumpstream is very awkward; consider that most people are right-handed so left jacks are taxing to play. This can be easily avoided.
- 70.35s: yes I do hear the 32nds but the hi-hats are so quiet they should be considered with care; at least give consideration to pattern placement
- 71.05-71.24s,85.72s,86.01s: 64th jumptrill is a big no considering the context of this file; plus that, it's barely audible
- 96.88-101.38s: if you're making a hard file, then this is somewhat reasonable despite all the 32nds. Please consider how you transition from one 32nd pattern to the next though.
- 118.63s: what's with this pause?
- 125.94s,etc.: ending jumpstream has a ton of weird 32nd bursts that are hard to hit (and once again, barely audible); it also has those splittable [13][24] patterns...
- Summary: This file needs a LOT of work. You don't have to step every sound, considering how a lot of them are simply quiet hi-hats. Be mindful of patterns in all aspects of this chart.

Palace of Destruction / DarkZtar
rating: 6.5/10 [+.]
- I highly HIGHLY recommend people start cutting S.S.H. songs (and repetitive, lengthy songs in general) - this song is no exception
- 14.95s: what does this 16th go to?
- 29.00s: missed 8th
- 31.67s,57.09s,etc..: a few places have melodies that you seem to ignore in favour of emphasized percussions instead; I'd argue that the melody is the highlight of any part of a song, so it shouldn't be ignored
- 52.01-53.03s: at this BPM, the right-handed 8th minijacks are awkward
- 69.93s,177.74s: missing 8th jump?
- 71.88s,179.69s: I don't hear this 24th at all
- 104.64s: there are 16th drums to step if you want
- 109.98s: at this BPM (and especially the transitioning pattern), the minijack is a no
- Summary: The steps are in general pretty fine (with the exception of that minijack). The main complaint I have is that the song is just another lengthy, 8th-filled S.S.H. file. Please attempt to cut the song.

Phantom Of The Opera / VisD
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- arrows are offsync in several places to the violin: 26.09s and 26.47s (shift back 32nd or so), 28.19s,65.34s,etc. (should be 12ths)
- 45.03s,75.79-76.24s: too many arrows to the violin here
- 62.44s: could use better PR
- 69.79s: jump to violin?
- 94.97-97.88s: reverse PR
- 103.10s: jump
- 103.68s: could be a small gallop/burst to violin
- Summary: Not bad, very consistent difficulty that suits well for a moderate difficulty. The syncing is off in many places with the violin however.

Piano Sonata in A Major, K. 331 / Baq12
rating: 6/10 [+.][<]
- essentially, Rondo Alla Turca v3. It feels very similar to the previous versions (despite the offsync, even v1 has a similar structure), so while I'll review this, I do not think we need another version in the game.
- in general, the syncing is fine
- the very beginning of the melody is skipped before m1 starts; please shift the chart down to encompass the start of the melody
- 33.43s: ghost arrow
- 45.32s,103.62s: in contrast to the rest of the file, the burst to hand is a bit harsh
- 80.20s,94.86s: add 8th jump (assuming you want to step only the emphasized chords)
- 81.31s: not a minijack
- 86.47s,95.94s: no jump (assuming you want to step only the emphasized chords)
- 163.12-176.78s: according to the score of this song, these are actually all just 16ths (with very few empty gaps as you've shown here); still, even with the varying tempo of live performance, the 12th and 24th gallops feel sloppy
- 177.51s: should be a quick jack to melody (different than the following 32nd grace notes)
- 187.13s,198.00s: missed 8th
- 188.28-194.97s: missing a lot of 16ths, although this might not be a bad thing for a contrast to the other versions of this song already in-game
- 200.23s: this is a grace note/ornament as well
- 206.09s: don't need this placeholder arrow
- Summary: A lot of missing notes and some inconsistencies, but my gripe is that it feels very similar to v1 and v2 of Rondo Alla Turca already on FFR.

Pleasant Farmer / pxtang
rating: 5/10 [+?]
- file is really repetitive, so it would greatly benefit from an edit
- 37.22s: accidental 16th jump?
- 39.63s,44.31s,60.67s,etc.: lots of missing 8th jumps to melody
- 57.02-58.92s,etc.: there are a lot of 8th arrow anchors in your pattern, which makes this file more rigid than it has to be
- 75.96s: omit this 16th
- 76.04-112.27s: this is where I would cut one of the two long 16th jumpstream phrases
- 79.25s,83.93s,etc.: the jumpstream does not contain any 24ths; what you're hearing is actually a 16th jack to the melody (don't add a jack, but just use 16ths here)
- 112.27-113.44s: try groups of three 16ths in this last section of the song; just use a hand at the very last note
- Summary: Biggest issue is file repetitiveness due to the song, so I would start off with cutting at least some of the jumpstream section at the last part (and perhaps some of the beginning too). Afterwards, clean up the missing jumps to the melody and change the 24ths in the jumpstreams to regular 16ths. Not too bad otherwise though.

Po Pi Po Kouka de Uchi no Miku wa Kyou mo Genki Desu / 0
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- please cut out the remaining part of the mp3 you don't intend to use
- really dense for the song, but flows fairly well overall
- the density of the file limits patterns in some places such as 11.17-12.22s where you simply have a lot of [24] jumps and repeating 8th anchors
- I feel there are a bit too many hands, particularly those that don't seem to go to claps (e.g. 15.15s). Slim down on the hands a bit.
- Summary: A bit too dense for me, although this is quite certainly the intended way you stepped this file. Technically nothing wrong I could find though. I would cut down some hands but still retain the overall density.

Pollyanna Rocks My World / YoshL
rating: 5/10 [+?]
- 12.74-21.91s,etc.: the underlayering feels a bit weird here, especially when intersecting percussion and melody only results in a single arrow
- 24.24s,etc.: alternatively these grace notes could just be accompanied by a single note instead of a jump; consider this in denser areas as well
- 25.99s,44.66s,etc.: you can easily avoid minijacks from delayering 16th jumps like these, especially in denser jumpstream sections
- 28.74-60.74s: unfortunately the density of this section just does not fairly represent the song, even though the sounds of the 16ths are legit; I'd avoid stepping the hi-hat 16ths, especially since you already have 16ths elsewhere that make the jumpstreams even denser (e.g. 41.74-42.91s).
- jumpstream patterns are ok, but a lot of it are trills; one-handed trills like at 34.57s aren't aesthetically pleasing
- 67.57s,etc.: can't these just be single 16ths?
- 79.57-84.32s: I guess these 16ths are fine, but they're not very audible
- 129.93-131.99s: this is ok but see if you can find the proper bpm for this slowdown
- Summary: Personally I think the file is overdoing it in terms of difficulty. Avoid the 16th hi-hats, avoid a lot of the minijacks resulting from 16th jumps, and consider more fluent 16th patterns if you do plan to keep the jumpstreams. I'm hoping you can fix this file since the song is very nice to listen to.

Power, Wisdom, Courage / FFR Pro 21
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- the syncing is all over the place in this file. The first 2/3rds of the file is a bit late in sync. This is followed by a short period (219.80s) where the file is a bit early. Lastly, it corrects itself towards the end (257.84s) with on-sync arrows. I first thought the file had a late gap, but it looks like you'll need to readjust the BPMs a bit as well.
- 10.73s: not sure if the flute really increases that much in speed at the trill here
- 15.76s: 16th to start of guitar
- 70.25s: 8th jump to guitar melody
- 92.49-93.79s: at first I thought the 8ths were quite off against the orchestral strings but you probably are stepping the drum kicks. In any case, I'd try to acknowledge those strings.
- 120.07-121.48s,etc.: bad PR
- 132.41-161.16s: I was sorta distraught that the guitar wasn't synced very well here. I suppose that generalizing to 8ths is more simple to follow, but it just doesn't feel right. I'd pay closer attention to syncing the guitar melody here.
- 217.67-219.61s: check the sync for this small bridge; it seems to get on sync towards the end but not at the beginning
- 257.55-257.75s: ghost arrows
- 267.42s: should be single 16th
- 316.00-316.10s: misplaced jump?
- Summary: Steps get a bit monotonous after a while, but overall you did a fairly good job for this marathon file. Please check the sync of the entire song though!

Powerhaus / YoshL
rating: 3/10 [?]
- color theory is ok, but it might be a bit oversaturated to some
- 20.41s,etc.: 48th trills = NO
- 28.37s,etc.: are these really 48ths or just 4ths? If this is color theory, then it's too much. If not, then that's an unusual sight I suppose.
- 58.12s,60.05s,etc.: jumpjacks are fine to play, but I don't think all of them are warranted to the sounds they go to
- 62.19s,etc.: even these quick grace notes are awkward to hit
- 64.76-65.19s,etc.: jumpjacks in this sort of patterns is quite awkward to hit, especially the mixing of hands and triple right-arrow jacks
- 101.41-101.73s,etc.: right-hand jacks with a 32nd minitrill is very awkward to hit. Even up jacks would've been better.
- 116.08s: a [12][34] pattern would be better for this
- 150.69s: BLARGH
- Summary: I'm sure this file was stepped deliberately hard, but this isn't how to do it. Generalize the 48th bursts and trills to start. Also consider jumpjack placements.

Prismatic Lollipops / Elite Ninja
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 7.99-8.29s,68.59-68.88s: I don't get what these jumps go to. If they're going to jumps then the layering's incomplete.
- 22.10-22.40s,82.69-82.99s: the jumps should change around since the melody does as well
- 53.59-61.90s: you could layer more here since the background sounds become more involved second time around; climax theory would be a good idea
- Summary: A happy-go-lucky song with a file that feels great to play. Very good!

rating: 8/10 [+]
- 31.08s: lol rainbowquad
- 32.69-45.99s: it was a good idea you didn't step the main melody as all jumps, as that'd reduce the little pattern variety this song has to offer
- Summary: Short song like most songs from this artist. Smooth to play, everything is fine pretty much.

Pure Innocent Skirt / Doug31
rating: 5.5/10 [+?]
- this file seems to drift a bit towards the latter third of the song (around 92s); if the BPM is correct, then perhaps it's due to a song cut
- 4.52s-5.43s: right away, easily offsync arrows
- 6.34s,38.43s,54.47s,117.08s: ghost arrow
- 8.50s: I know this is supposed to be a relatively easy file, but obvious sounds that are simple enough to add and play such as this 32nd should be considered
- 10.78s,12.08-12.60s,15.60s,29.69-29.95s,etc.: throughout the file there's a lot of PR inconsistencies. When you're stepping a file to a simple, easily noticeable melody, the lack of PR stands out more.
- 40.65s: how about an 8th to the lyrics? (also see 57.21s)
- 47.56-47.82s,71.69-72.08s: ghost arrows/misrhythms
- 57.21s: how about an 16th to the piano? (also see 40.65s)
- 75.34-76.13s: reverse PR
- 113.78s: missing arrow if you're stepping the drums
- 136.91s: missing arrow to piano
- 139.52s: wouldn't hurt to add the small burst, would it?
- Summary: It's not bad for an easy file, but there are a lot of inconsistencies relating to ghost arrows and misrhythms. Check the sync of the song as well. And finally, be mindful of PR when it comes to stepping a melody that easily stands out.

Raccoon Flicka / Charu
rating: 6.5/10 [+.]
- 2.14-28.06s,etc.: I know you're stepping jumps solely to the louder 8-bit sounds, but the song gives off a strong emphasis on the 4th beats. I know you add those in later, but giving the 4ths a lower priority makes an all-jumps-to-loud-8bit-sounds approach feel less satisfying to the fingers.
- 30.20s,etc.: why is the previous 16th a jump but not this one?
- 31.32s,83.46s,etc.: the 32nds in these instances start a 16th earlier. If you want to avoid a 6-arrow 32nd trill, then have a different 32nd pattern.
- 32.55s,32.95s,etc.: why no jumps to the emphasized 8ths?
- 38.67s,etc.: 8th arrow
- 41.53s: I was a bit iffy on this section at first, but I think it's rather unique. Perhaps add one or two things here and there halfway through to reduce the repetitiveness.
- 80.50s: copy-paste patterns...why not change things up a bit?
- 106.63-118.06s: I'm not sure if these are all 16ths but it's fine; also, the lack of jumps on the emphasized 4ths bothers me a bit, but you can get away with it more here because this section is a busy 16th jumpstream.
- Summary: Pretty unique file with small but manageable 32nd trills. I'd say you should work on jump emphasis and pattern variety. Not bad!

[6/10] Red Vector Acid Minute / The Flashbulb // pxtang
// Has a number of iffy minijacks, but the layering is mostly reasonable.
// Do you really need to step all the buzzes that densely?
2.51-2.72s: You're missing the 8th this should end on. The second 32nd should be a 12th.
2.82s: These white arrows can be 32nds. It doesn't sound like they need to be emphasized with white.
3.75s, etc.: You jumped this sound at the very beginning but never again? I'd just unlayer the two jumps at the beginning for consistency.
3.96s: Yes, you can hear multiple boops on a low rate here, but you don't hear them when you're playing the file. It would be fine to just have the 8th here.
4.78s: I'd say the same thing I here that just did at 3.96s, but it may be fine because the buzz is louder.
7.75-7.89s: This is slightly off and would be better fixed by using subbeats in ddream than trying to change the note value.
8.04s: 32nd instead of 12th here.
8.30-8.51s: See 7.75s.
11.62s: Jump to the kick here.
15.13s: Change the pattern here so there's no minijack.
15.55s: You think 32nds could be enough?
30.34s: Minijack should be with the 16th before, not the jump after.
36.23-37.18s: Shouldn't all be in one column, because the pitch shifts.
38.82, 38.92s: This is the same sound as the previous minijack, so do the same here.
41.61s: Minijack with the 16th after, not the jump before.
46.88s: Shouldn't be a minijack.
50.09s: Shouldn't be a minijack.
50.89-51.45s: The four arrows you have here, put the first one on the left hand because the sound plays in the left ear. Then remove the other three, because those sounds are inaudible at 1.0x.
Then step 51.044s (white) and 51.36 (8th) on the right hand.
61.89s: Just put a jump here instead of the burst unless everyone else tells you to end the file at the quad, then do that.

[3/10] Reminiscence / Nav // GH3luver
#OFFSET:-0.058; (-38 ms)
// Has a lot of odd layering and patterns that don't seem to fit the music. Lots of repetition, odd color theory choices.
// I mention many times cutting the repetition from the music. If you would like me to create a cut for you, send me a PM.
6.45-19.25s: You should either be stepping to the percussion or that melody here. That will determine where your minijacks are.
For instance, the melody does .AAB.BCD in the first measure and the percussion does xxXxx.X. (x is kick, X is snare)
You do need to watch for when there's a minijack into or out of a jump. You can hear there is no repeated sound at 9.45, 9.65s or 10.45, 10.65s.
The layering is very inconsistent. I agree with the very first jump of the file ... But then you jump the first snare (6.85s) but not the second (7.65s). You have a jump at 8.05s, but the kick is the only sound there; there's nothing layered. I see you're jumping the first beat of every measure here, but that's not necessary. If you want to jump anything here, it would be better to consistently jump just the snare. Unlike the kick, the snare always hits on a melody note.
19.25-32.05s: At the start here, you have another crash like at the first note, so this should be a jump. I understand only stepping the 24th burst at the beginning of each measure when the pitch changes, but then you stop doing anything with it in the second half of this phrase. This is the only sound that makes this phrase different from the previous one. I would have cut these phrases in half, because it's a lot of repetition in 25 seconds.
You increase the layering for two measures at 28.85-32.05s, but it would be better to do it for four measures (so it feels like a complete phrase) or not at all. If you do want to do strict layering here, you should have a jump pattern of oXXXooXo instead of XXXoXoXo.
32.05-44.85s: Here again you have the same thing repeating twice, so I'd cut half of it out.
Go ahead and step the whole melody (and do it with pitch relevance) here, because that would still be less dense than what came before it.
The sound that you put a green note to doesn't play again at 38.85s, so that shouldn't be colored.
44.85-51.25s: Should have a jump to the crash at the beginning here.
Start filling in the 4ths at 47.25 when that kick comes in to differentiate it from the previous phrase.
51.25-56.05: Try cutting half of the jumps here. First jump at 51.25s and remove every second jump.
Also, note, a one-handed pattern like 11(12)2(12)1, especially at a high BPM, can be really tricky to hit properly.
At the end of the 16ths, you have a minijack into the jump. Change one of the patterns so this doesn't happen, because jacks should be musically relevant.
56.85, 57.25s: You stepped 24th bursts earlier, so putting two four-note 24th things here, rather than a single note for each, might work better.
57.65-60.05: The starting crash I think is louder and more emphasized than 58.45's bass thing, so I would try changing what you put hands on.
The hi-hats don't start until 58.05s, so I'd clear the previous beat of those three notes.
You have a trill at 59.15-59.85s, so that melody between the jumps gets lost. Try changing the pattern and removing the two 16ths between the 59.55, 59.85s jumps.
60.05-61.25s: The pitch starts by going down, so the arrows should too (4321). The third part (60.85s) has the same pitches as the first, so those should be the same pattern. You seem to have stepped this pattern in fours when you should be stepping it in sixes.
61.25-62.05s: Try following the pitch of the melody here with your arrows.
62.85s: If you're going to do hands here, try having the minijacks after the hands, e.g. (134)32(134)
64.05s: Same thing as 58.05s; there shouldn't be 16ths here because the hi-hats don't start yet.
64.45s: There's nothing layered here, it's just the start of the hi-hats, so it shouldn't be a jump. And you're missing the notes to the hi-hats before the hand.
It's odd to have a three-note jack at 65.15 when the sound is repeated more times than that. A trill here would be easier to play than the six-note jack it sounds like.
65.65s: Like the last time, the melody gets lost in a trill, but you do have the two 16ths removed as I suggested.
66.45-67.65s: This is the same as 60.05s, so you don't need to cut out half the arrows to follow the kicks.
67.65-70.45s: This melody is a nine-note-wide staircase. You can hear peaks at 68.32 and 69.39s. Make a pattern that goes up and down with the peaks and valleys in the right places.
70.45: Same as 58.05s.
72.05-72.65s: Not sure what you're doing with these minijacks here.
74.85s: You had a pseudo-jump at 62.05s but have a pseudo-hand here, though there's no difference in the sounds.
75.25-76.85s: The layering here should match the layering from before.
77.65s: The sound that should be layered is on the 4th here, not the 16th after.
78.45-79.05s: These being pseudo-jumps is unnecessary.
79.25-80.05s: Try not to put fast one-handed mini-trills in streams like this because they don't flow well, especially when the music doesn't even make a trill sound.
The only difference in the music between 58.05-70.45s and 70.45-83.25s is the windy noise at the end of the second repeat ... and then all of that repeats again with little variation, so I'd do a lot of cutting here, too.
108.85-121.65s: I can see how the first part goes with the hi-hats, but the rest of the patterns here are all arbitrary. Maybe try to follow the melody.
121.65-128.05s: Except for the first note, there's nothing special about the notes the white arrows go to, so those should just be red.
131.25-132.72s: Because every note here goes to the kick, no one note is emphasized any more than the other, so try making all of these single notes.
132.85-134.45s: This might actually be an interesting location to use color theory to emphasize the notes moving off-key.
134.45-185.65s: This sounds familiar.
185.65-188.85s: This is different, yes, but I don't know if it's different enough to warrant a different color map.

[0/10] Rip Roar Power / The Quick Brown Fox // rparty89
1.14-14.85s: This (and repeats) is the only sensible parts of the file.
The rest is just random 8th jumps and rolls and stuff that go to pounding noise with no melody.
The BPM isn't even right. Your notes are two frames too late by the end of the file. (And the offset is a little late.)

[7/10] S.E.B. in B.E.D. / rainbowdragoneyes // Sanzath [intro silence]
// I really like the way you turned jacks into stream. Color usage is good. Some of your jumps could use better PR though.
// A few more subjective layering notes for later parts of the file.
6.38-6.93s: The first two notes of this pattern go to a different sound, so separate them from the notes to the sound starting on the 4th at 6.56s.
6.93-13.11s: (missing 8th at 7.11s) There actually is a way to step this without doing seemingly random eighth jumpstream. Hear how the pitch is constant until 9.84s, and there's a melody you can follow with the jumps from 10.56s to 12.75s. For 6.93-9.65s, I'd suggest alternating jumps to the percussion, like repeating a [12]4[13]4 pattern.
20.56s: The jack sound hasn't started again yet here, so here's a suggestion for those four notes starting at 20.38s: 4234 (just move the 16ths over)
23.47, 26.38, 29.29s: Do something similar for each one.
30.20-32.29s: I like how all the jack notes are in the middle, so these staircases are a fitting non-jack pattern for this.
33.11-34.38s: There's a melody on each note here, so these should all be jumps. You don't need to avoid eighth jack jumps here. The melody does ACCBCCDC and the jumps should reflect that. (Note: All the "C" jumps in that pattern being the same and B and D being different will cause either the B or D jump to anchor into the Cs; usually, long 8th anchors in patterns like these are best avoided, but it would be justified with the PR here.)
36.20-36.56s: These three notes go ABA, so you can step that as like [14][23][14] and there won't be the three-note anchor there.
38.38-38.75s: Another ABA pattern in the melody, but don't step it the same way as 36.20s, because the pitches are different. (And you're missing a jump at 38.75s)
39.29, 39.47s: These two are the same pitch and should be the same jump.
40.75s: This melody note is loud enough for this to be a jump here.
42.02s: Hand here? This is a lot more emphasized than the hands you use at 44.02 and 44.29s.
42.56, 42.93s: These two are the same pitch and should be the same jump.
43.47s is the same pitch as those two notes I just mentioned and shouldn't be the same jump as 43.11s.
45.29-45.65s: These are all the same pitch, but the middle note is staccato, so an AAA or ABA pattern would work here.
47.47s: You can see a 1234 pattern happening ending on the 8th, but the 8th isn't part of the melody, so it should be moved over to 1.
50.56s: If you add the hand I suggested earlier, one should go here, too.
55.38s: Jump to the bass here.
56.75-57.11s: Adding the jumps in, you ended up doing exactly what I suggested earlier at 20.56s.
60.75-61.84s: Jumping the melody over the bass on the 4ths here is confusing, because you lose the 16th to the bass at 61.20s, which, because it's the bass that's had jumps layered in, is what a player would expect to be jumped. (Try just jumping that 16th instead of the three extra jumps to the melody.)
70.93-82.56s: Good PR in this section!
82.56-88.38s: Keep the first hand, but then unlayer them from 82.93-86.56s. Another layer comes in at 86.93 (the melody starts high over the previous one that has been constantly going down, so keep the hands from 86.93 to 88.38s.
88.75-89.47s: I would unlayer these three jumps to distinguish it from when a high melody comes in again at 89.84s. Also, 88.75 and 88.93s should be an 8th minijack to the bass.
89.84, 90.20s go to the same pitch and should be the same jump.
91.29-92.56s: Change the trill or the first jump so there's no minijack.
93.47s: Doesn't have that cymbal-ish sound on it and might could just be a jump.
94.56s: Same thing as 20.56s now.
99.11-100.02s: The sound these jumps go to is so quiet that it may work better to use off-color singles to show them, because the jumps feel like too much.
102.38-102.56s: Maybe make these green/pink/green? Because it's kind of one of those odd sounds like that.
111.65s: Same as 60.75s.
115.47-115.65s: Same as 102.38s.
121.65s: These hi-hats are too soft for jumps.
123.29-126.20s: It feels like this should be layered less than 120.38-123.29s, because this melody is secondary. Like, maybe take out the 16ths to the background thing.
128.56s: Same as 102.38s.
137.84s: Same as 60.75s.
143.65-144.29s: These sounds repeat seven more times, so make this a pattern that you can repeat and just do that (either AAAAAAAA or ABABABAB).

[6/10] Sfjskalhisinis / Icarus Moth // 0 [intro silence]
// sfuh-jiss-kull-HISS-uh-niss? Also on the soundcloud page, it's titled "Sfjskalhisinis's Op"; the title might should be that.
// Just some layering notes. Don't need to repeat all the comments you got about song choice last time.
0.54, 0.90, 7.60, 11.84, 12.19s, etc. : You don't need to step the notes that are this soft.
21.19s: This note is way too soft for a hand.
22.60s: And you really don't need hands until here when the other melody comes in.
23.84, 26.31s: No main melody note here; should be singles.
31.07s: You don't neeeed to use one-handed trills ...
35.43s: Swap the two 24ths here so there's no minijack.
45.90s: Should be less than a hand, because it doesn't have one of those chords on it.
59.60, 59.96s: No background melody here; should be singles.
66.66s: No main melody note; should be a single.
69.66-s: I guess either keep these hands here to just keep up the hands to the chords from the middle or, if you unlayer the hands in the beginning, unlayer these to give the sections equal weight. Whatever you want to do.

[6/10] Shade / Yuyoyuppe // XelNya
// The two big things are adding more relevance to the bass kick sounds and stepping grace notes into the beat instead. Just a few layering notes other than that.
// 64ths and 48ths are so close that, really, when I suggest one of them for a grace note, either will be fine; just pick which color you think fits best.
To the bass that starts the file, listen for when the notes that are an eighth apart are the same pitch and step 8th minijacks; that would add some relevance.
This repeats for about 20 seconds, so maybe for the 5th-8th repeat, layer in the melody. You can do this without confusion if you put more bass notes in the same column, e.g. 442131[34]
25.18s: Slow the rate down a little and you can hear a grace note about a 24th before the beat. I think these into-the-beat grace notes when they happen should take precedence over the quick post-beat ones. Also, this grace note is lower in pitch than the 4th; watch out for direction.
27.82s: Grace note about a 32nd before the beat instead.
35.76, 38.41s: 64th before instead.
41.50s: I'm guessing you don't step the jump here because it interferes with the notes around it, but I'm sure you can find a good pattern using a jump here. The bass is too loud for a single note to be enough.
I like how 22.09, 32.68, and 43.26s are the only white ones here, because they end every phrase.
46.30, 49.00s: 32nd before.
56.91s: 64th before; 67.53s: 24th before; 70.17s: 32nd before.
72.38s: This only has a low note, so it could be a single.
75.03s: Make this a white pseudo-jump; doesn't need to be a hand.
75.91s: This one should be a pseudo-hand, like you started 65.32 and 54.73s.
78.11, 80.73s: 64th before.
83.85s: Same as 41.50s.
88.70s: 32nd before; 91.35s: 48th before; 96.20s: White after; 99.26s: 64th before
105.02s: Only has a low note and a kick on it, so this should be a jump.
114.73s: Either end the steps here or remove the left/right arrows that go to the percussion after here. It's unlayering relevant to the fading out of the music.

[6.5/10] Silent Wind / DJ Sharpnel // 0 [intro silence]
#OFFSET:-0.093; (-13 ms)
// The dense layering, with all the hi-hats and other sounds going on, can make it hard to tell what's being followed.
// Only two objective errors were fixed since last time (and halving the BPM of the break was a nice touch), but you will have better luck getting this accepted if you try changing the layering and patterns around and alleviate some of the repetitiveness.
15.68-16.21s, etc: Try to avoid having the same gallop three times in a row, because the percussion doesn't do that.
19.39s: Now with all the steps to the hi-hats, these jumps to the hi-hat/bass seem out of place.
72.74s: Remove the minijack here. Please.
72.97s: 2[34] instead of 3[24] to break the 2-3 trill.
85.77-87.13s: Change the jumps to distinguish between long and short notes.
Maybe do light steps until 148.88s so it doesn't end so suddenly.

[7.5/10] Slam Crunk / Holiday Parade // VisD
// Good job with the jacks, the choruses are all good, but the layering in the verses are tricky.
// Might want to cut off the beginning or add silence and step it, because people don't usually like to wait 11 seconds for the steps to start.
21.77-31.77s: Oddest layering is here. It's that other guitar sound layered in with the vocals that does it.
22.08-22.55, 23.65-24.11s, etc.: Maybe unlayer the jumps to that other guitar sound here, because you lose the rhythm to the vocals (see next note).
23.65-25.36s: The rhythm uses 32nds here rather than 8ths. You can hear how the words "president" and "Washington" are pronounced without syncopation. (x..x..x.x..x..x.x..x..x.)
24.74s has the same guitar as 23.49s and should be a jump.
26.61, 26.77s: Missing arrows here.
28.02s: Put a note to the bass here.
62.40s: Jump to percussion here.
In this section, it's 8th jumps more than any other that half the time feel like there's nothing really layered there. (see: 64.58, 67.08, 68.33, 74.58, etc.) Often, the 16th has a louder guitar note on it.
74.74s: Guitar on here to jump instead of whatever at 74.58.

[9/10] Sonic the Hedgehog Dubstep / Boyinaband + NoneLikeJoshua // TC_Halogen
// Good patterns and layering, good color usage.
38.36s: Maybe do a [12]34 with the 32nd thing here instead?
44.79s etc: Maybe use a different color map for the brake noise? (like doing purple/pink/cyan)
You have the brake noises on the inside in the first repeat and on the outside in the second, but the ring-losing noise is stepped as one-handed trills both times. Maybe mix that up for the second repeat, too?

[PASS] Speedcore Canon / Pinkie Cake // Klosethy
#OFFSET:-0.173; (-33 ms)
// People don't usually like to wait 11 seconds for the steps to start.
// Having a troll face in the background makes it harder to take this file seriously.
// uh

[6/10] Summer Colours Arch / Y.W // VisD
// I think the title should be "natsuiro arch", because that's the file name of the BMS zip file. (Also, "colors" vs "colours" wouldn't have to be debated.)
// Mostly just needs some layering tweaks (especially unlayering the hand jacks).
15.32s: This here should be a single on the 48th and a single or jump on the 4th.
19.89-20.09s; 23.05-23.24s: Make the two arrows in the middle 24ths to follow the percussion rhythm.
20.98-24.03s: I don't think all the hand jacks quite fit. The 16ths don't sound like they should be hands (they're between 18.51 and 21.67s which are hands to crashes) and the 12ths could be a PRed jump pattern that's not too difficult.
30.74, 30.94s: Eighth jack here to the melody.
38.05-38.64s: With these 16th patterns, at least have the third 16th note not anchored with the others. The last 16th is softer.
38.44s: You're putting this jump on the 8th here every time, but if it's just to the melody, it's not any more emphasized than the other melody notes you're not putting jumps to, so consider unlayering these.
58.77-59.17s: Maybe don't jack the cymbal here so it's not confused with the jacks to the drum.
64.30s: There's a high note here that should be jumped.
68.24s: This 4th should make a minijack with the 16th before it instead.
68.44s: There's a note to the percussion you're jumping here that could just be a single.
71.01-72.19s: Try removing the jump at 71.40s because it doesn't go to the main melody, and jump all the 16ths to the other melodic sound instead of the other 8ths.
77.72-78.51s: The music doesn't sound like this 16th pattern should be anchored, especially not into the previous jumps.
80.88s: Same as 68.24s.
83.84-84.82s: Same as 71.01-72.19s.
86.21s: [23] instead of [12] (PR)
97.65-98.05s: 234 instead of 123 to avoid the left anchor.
99.82s has a different percussion sound on it and shouldn't be part of the anchor.

[6/10] Taking Wing / Assertive Fluttershy // Xiz
// Layering is mostly good, so that just leaves PR and patterns ... which still need some work.
3.81s: First note is lower than the second; shouldn't be 4321.
5.18-5.75s: Should be different than 2.44s, because they're different pitches.
6.89s: Make this arrow an Up so there's no one-hand trill.
When doing PR here, you can also consider the pitch of the notes the jump go to. Increase the rate and just listen to those notes and you may find you'll want to change some of the jumps (e.g. 9.29 and 10.66s are the same jump but different pitches.)
13.41-13.92 and 16.15-16.66 shouldn't both be the same pattern.
46.58, 47.26; 52.06, 52.75 etc.: Maybe step these 16ths? Try it if you don't think the notes are too soft.
47.52s: Move this 8th out of the anchor if you can.
68.78s: It's odd that the lowest note of the first four ends up on the highest jump. You don't have to be like totally precise with your jump PR, but that sticks out.
69.64-70.66s: Each note in these five is higher than the last, but you have two [34] jumps.
I don't know what your method was for stepping this section, but try stepping only the jumps first to get that PR sorted out then place singles around them.
77.86-79.24s: This is all hands and jumps, and it's the only spot you use hands, so it may be better to take one layer out of this section. Otherwise, it brings up the question of other places that would be good for hands (for instance, any loud crash, like 88.84) ... If you want to keep those and put in more, that's okay, too, if you can do it consistently.

[6/10] The Artichoke King / Virt // mi40
// The way you jump all the bass and percussion and seemingly the melody sometimes feels way too dense and often inconsistent.
4.44, 4.59s: Minijack here to the kick.
23.06s: Odd that you only have this one jump in this section that goes to the melody.
24.07s: This sound is just a little blip. Does it need to be a jump?
Because you only jump the percussion every 4th from 26.94 to 29.11s, it's hard to tell what all the jumps from 29.11 to 31.91s, because it can't be just the percussion.
55.96s: These bursts should be going down. The 32nd at 56.16 is unnecessary. The second burst should also start on the 8th, so remove 56.23s and add 56.39s.
56.89-57.05s and 57.52-57.67s are the same sound and should be the same pattern.
68.53-76.29s: Sections like this make me think jumping all the bass and such is not a great idea.
76.60-93.05s: A mirror of 36.87-53.32 with the right layering edits, except for 82.81-83.74s (43.08-44.01s).
92.90s: Is a minijack necessary to a sound this soft?
95.69s: You only stepped short bursts to this sound last time, so be consistent.
106.86s: You didn't step this jump at 101.90 and 104.38s.
109.19s: Is the same as 109.50s, so it shouldn't be a hand.
129.21s: Missing 8th.
140.54-142.25s: Suddenly ignoring the percussion plays inconsistently; add it or unlayer 140.38, 140.54s.
143.91s: 32nd should be here instead.
145.17s: Is only the same pitch on the echo and has a more prominent note that's different, so this doesn't sound like it should be a minijack.
145.58s: This one doesn't even have a note of the same pitch on it.
157.46s: Nothing too new after here.
188.18-190.20s: These being hands don't fit the loudness of this section. You're already adding emphasis with the color.

[8.5] The Steel Monster Above the City / Kitsune^2 // Reshiram
#BPMS:0.000=145.060; (-0.030)
// Layering is heavy but understandable.
31.47-32.30s: I'd jump the bass (louder than the hi-hat) here, also so the minijacks won't be anchored.
Would have to change the jumps at like 33.13s and so on, too, if you do that.
Don't need to have different kinds of patterns at 67.86 and 74.48s because they're the same kind of sound.
For the end, you should be able to hear 32nds from 159.03s to the 4th to step instead of the 48th burst.

[6/10] The Whip / FoxSky // Xiz
#OFFSET:-0.335; (-15 ms)
// Mostly fun, but there's a some PR stuff, a layering issue at the end, and anchors that need fixing.
4.13s: Don't start the steps until the percussion on this 16th.
4.794, 72.17s: Try emphasizing the whip cracks with a different color, like white or cyan.
9.01s, etc.: Takes a low rate to hear it, but it's slightly faster than a 32nd triplet. Should be a 48th. Also, maybe don't make these a one-handed pattern.
10.86s: Move this a 2 so it's not confused as an 8th jack with the sound before it.
12.44-12.70s: If you want this to follow the synth noise, make the 32nds go down rather than up; to go to the percussion, do 48ths from the 16th to the 8th instead. (You don't step the same synth noise at 20.86s like that, so I'm guessing you meant to step the percussion).
16.12-16.65s, etc.: For "perfect PR", this should be 212.3 to match the pitches before it.
24.01-24.28s: Should be 321 again, because the melody isn't doing an ABA thing here.
37.30s: That jack noise doesn't drown out that fast, so try continuing the jack until this 16th, then put an 8th on a down arrow, because that's where that synth noise pitch-shifts.
64.01-70.33s: Do something different with the jumps here because the pitch is shifting.
73.66s: Should be a 2 to go with the following anchor for being that pitch.
75.33-76.12s: Break these gallops into a different anchor.
83.75-84.54s: Same as above.
107.30s: 12th instead of 16th and 32nd here.
118.22-118.55s, 120.59s: Sounds aren't as loud as the 115.07s ones, so maybe remove these 32nd gallops.
113.49-134.14s: Shouldn't be a trill for PR.
140.59-140.86s: Shouldn't be a three-note jack. (just make the 16th a [23])
141.12s: I can hear what sound this was jumped to, but it gets in the way of the jumps to the main melody. If you want to try some color theory, unlayer the jumps to this high-pitched sound and use single white notes to accent them. (ex, 141.64s would have a pseudo jump because it also has a main melody note on it)
141.91-144.01s: Jumping the high-pitch sound really gets in the way here, because every other jump goes to a different sound.
Same comments apply to the repeat of this section.

[7.5/10] to luv me I xxx for u. (reprise) / // TC_Halogen
// A few PR things to fix, but this is solid.
// If you could cut any of the repetition out well, do that, because there is a lot of that stuff.
4.25s: Don't need this grace note.
20.58-22.6s: Maybe do some BPM things to make the colors pretty? (A few are off: check 20.716, 21.000, 21.058, 21.158, 21.895)
Maybe add a couple arrows at the end of the roll so it ends at that weird vocal sound.
42.75-47.04s: So I thought the anchor at 43.57s was odd, then I decided to try stepping this section and came up with almost the exact same patterns.
(Differs only at 46.16-47.04s: At 46.70s is the highest note, so I'd put it at [34] and have the next two jumps step down.)
50.66-51.47s: 51.07s is the lowest note and 51.34s is the highest in this section, so that should be seen in the steps.
(Also, I like how you use white notes instead of bursts.)
68.93-76.57s: I can see how your PR was supposed to work here, but those long 8th trills should be avoided.
79.57s: Should be [23] to match 80.11s
81.20-82.02s: If you want a clearer down-step here, the first two jumps should be [34] [24].
93.61s: Move this 8th out of the jack.
121.84-122.93s: Make this pattern lower so 126.20-127.29s can be made higher for better PR.
137.52, 146.25s: I get that you're doing hands to the crashes and not layering the melody, but these doesn't have a melody note and might could just be jumps.
147.47-148.57s: Same thing about making the colors nice if you want to.
151.43s: Move to [12] to get out of the anchor; un-anchor this jump on each repeat.
190.56s: Don't need this grace note.
192.91s: Has a melody and chord; should be a jump.
210.63-212.85: PR is backwards.

[5.5/10] Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year / S.S.H. // FFR Pro 21
// Layering is mostly good, but some PR and anchory things could use some work.
// A lot of repetition in this. 104.36-125.00, 166.29-186.94, 238.55-248.87, 260.48-281.13, and 281.13-301.77s are all very similar, which is like a minute and a half of the same patterns.
3.57-20.37s: You have three [14]s, two [13]s, and two [24]s here, but there are four different chords: the first six chords go ABDABC.
23.97s: This should also be on 4; same pitch as the previous two 4ths.
42.42-63.39s: When stepping this section, you should pay more attention to the peaks and valleys (PVs) in the guitar melody.
Here's my full process for how I would step this: start in a doubles chart and do step-wise (no gaps) steps to the melody; this makes seeing the PVs much easier. Then in a 4-key difficulty, place jumps/hands on the beats they are supposed to go. Referring to the notes in the doubles chart, step the PVs while integrating the jumps into your patterns. If the steps don't feel right, try a different starting point. (You should be able to find something good here if you start with [134]2[13]43[12].)
(If you want me to check your patterns before you send the file in again, PM me.)
45.16, 55.48s: Jumps here. (Maybe also at 42.58s and 52.90, because those are similar.)
65.97, 71.13, 71.94, 73.87, 76.29, 78.8s: Notes in this section that shouldn't make minijacks/be anchored. (When they're not musically relevant, avoid anchors when you can.)
66.86s: Missing 16th (to the sound the same sound as 73.31s).
66.94, 67.10s: The guitar does the same note here, so these should be the same jump.
83.55s: Move this to 3, out of the anchor on the left.
93.71s: Missing jump to the percussion sound.
95.81s: Don't anchor this note. (I won't be mentioning every single one of these now, because you should be able to listen for them.)
104.36-106.29s: Every guitar note in here is the same pitch except for 105.32s.
122.42-124.36: Because the jump at 123.55s fits, unlayer the jumps at 122.58, 123.06, and 124.03s (There's a guitar note on each 8th between the hands, not just the first one).
130.48-130.81s: I only hear the 12ths here. (Remove the 8th and 24th.)
145.48s: Jump here?
158.23s: Don't jump the percussion hit here because it interferes with the melody.
186.94-207.58s: Because this is the "guitar solo" section, you may want to unlayer the jumps to the percussion (if other judges suggest it), because the guitars deserve all the attention here.
197.26-166.52s: The pattern that is repeating here actually starts with 24ths (where the first 16th is). You have it starting high on the 4th, but it should start low, and the first 24th should be high. (When unlayered, it could look like 1'43'214.)
198.55-200.00s: Break the long anchors here.
206.61-206.94s: Two ghost 16ths here.
227.15-227.58s: Don't need to unlayer the hands here.
240.81s: Same as 158.23s.
301.77s: Same stuff I mentioned at 42.42s applies here.

[7/10] Umlaut Ampersand / JT Bruce // trumaestro
// Could use some layering tweaks.
42.83-43.08s: Make this a triplet like the others.
65.71s: The way you step this sound should be consistent. (See: 69.71, 75.33, 95.33 ...) This is the only time you step it as a 32nd burst, so just remove those if you don't want to add 32nds every time.
70.33-70.66s: Instead of jumping these (the sound doesn't carry much weight), just jump 70.8s (same sound as 71.83, which is jumped).
74.33s: No jump here; it's no more emphasized than the notes before it.
74.83-75.71s: Maybe jump these bass notes instead, similar to 71.83s.
79.21s: Jump on this 16th, single on the 4th (79.33s).
83.33-90.83: That woodblock sound you jump here is very hollow, so try just using singles for them and see if you think that plays any better.
86.21s: Missing 16th to the same percussion sound as the 16th before it.
86.83s: Should be [134] so it's not a part of that minijack.
87.08s: Missing 8th to a percussion sound.
96.96s: Missing 16th to the guitar.
108.83s: This has that crash, but it doesn't have the bass, so it's not "complete" like 104.83s and should probably just be a jump.
125.83s: It's that sustain and echo that makes this sound different from the previous ones, so go ahead and step the notes of the echo in white.

[3/10] Virginal / OSTER Project // Doug31
// Full title is "Shiroi Tsubasa (virginal FTN-Remix)" (or "White Wings" if you want to use English).
// This cut is odd. You don't need 23 seconds of "hm"s; that's like nearly a third of the file. Without the "hm"s, it's barely a minute of music, and that's not enough.
// PR is really important for a melodic track with little layering like this, most of your note placement seems arbitrary.
// There are a lot of repeated-pitch notes in the vocal melody that would be better stepped as jacks.
3.32-4.04s; 4.95-5.13s, etc: Listen more for places like these where the pitches are the same.
45.49, 48.40, 51.30, 52.76s: Jumps here.
49.12, 50.21s: Not sure what these jumps go to.
49.31s: Missing 16th.
As many "hm"s as you leave in there, do unlayering that matches the fade out.

[6.5/10] Visitor / Virt // glassvox
// A lot of layering choices that make it too dense or too stale. I'm afraid my objection to this is more personal preference, because I can kind of see what you're trying to do with this...
6.86s: There's that high-pitch sound you don't step, but other than that, there's just that percussion here, so it doesn't need to be a jump.
7.07-8.72s: Yes, there are multiple percussion sounds here, but none really stand out that much (only 7.27 and 7.79s do to me), so the heavy layering is odd.
9.66-9.97s: Hard to hear what these notes go to if you're just playing the song.
10.38-19.50s etc.: The percussion on the 4ths is soft and really doesn't need to be layered.
16.08s: This 16th has the same percussion sound as the 8th before it, not the 4th after.
24.05-s: You have a lot of minijacks after fourths, but the melody sound isn't doing the same pitch. The percussion isn't the same, either. So these should be minijacks.
I'd suggest jumping the melody instead of the percussion every fourth to make the steps a little more interesting.
28.54s: Ghost 24th?
33.79-34.83s: I usually wouldn't think these sounds are enough for jumps and hands, especially if you're not stepping that melody behind it.
I'm going to stop mentioning where I think layering should be toned down or altered completely and try to just mention errors, because I don't know how much of your vision you'll be willing to change.
45.74s: Ghost 12th.
You have some unintentional left-hand trills in your 12th jumpstream: 58.03-58.96, 62.90-63.94, 67.87-68.91.
72.53-72.95s: Starting from this 12th, your 24th pattern should be xxx.xxx.x to that percussion.
73.26s: Anchor with the 12th before, not after.
82.07s: Why ignore the melody here?
124.13-127.03s: I do have to mention, though, how odd having these as all jumps is.
239.94s: End steps here.
Exhausted now.

[PASS] We are Hi-Speed (remix) / Saskrotch // mi40
// Biggest flaw is inconsistent layering.
It's odd that you step the background as different arrows when the other melody is doing the same note (2.84 and 3.09s, etc) but step the different pitches as the same arrow when the melody doesn't play (around the 8ths).
11.09s: Missing jump; it's like it could be removed to make room for jumping the new melody that comes in, but then you don't unlayer this jump again.
11.84s: Odd not having the last note of the melody jumped when the first two are. ex, having a [23] at 13.84 doesn't really interfere with the other jumps. And then you ignore the melody until like 66.09s.
67.21, 67.96s: Why jump this sound when it's by itself and not when it's actually layered?
75.59, 77.59s: Just percussion and shouldn't be jumped.
80.09s: Missing jump.
84.84, 89.84s: These don't need to be pseudo-hands.
90.09-114.09s: .... okay, I have no idea how to judge this stuff. Passing now.

[7/10] Welcome 2 Omnicore / CBR // popsicle_3000
#OFFSET:-0.659; (-9 ms)
// Only big fixes to be made are the offbeat notes in the beginning and some percussion relevance in the earlier section.
// Plays okay for something that's just percussion.
The voice isn't totally on-beat, so "I" should be a 32nd at 2.59s and "R" should be a 48th at 3.90s
"And" a 64th earlier, "this" a 64th later, "is" a 64th earlier ...
The first "Om" a 64th earlier, the every other "Om" a 64th later, and the "ni"s a 32nd later.
And just for the hell of it, maybe make "core" a white note, because all the other vocals are off-beat (and put it on 3 instead of 4, out of the Om column)
11.11, 12.99, 15.86s, etc.: Every time, there's a third swung note you miss, but
11.20, 11.44s: Here, you do an 8th minijack to the bass, so you should probably try keeping that up, like at 13.08, 13.31s, etc.
12.14s: Move this 8th out of the anchor.
16.12-16.83s: Another incorrect 8th anchor here.
69.56s: Jump here.
70.03s: Stop here.

[6.5/10] XTC Hill Zone Act 24.7 / DistantJ // T-Force
// Mostly has good structure but could use some PR tweaks.
14.75, 14.92s: Make this 3[24] instead for PR with 13.92s.
19.25s: Change the pattern here a little so this jump matches 20.59s
23.03s: This should start on the 24th here. 24ths are a fine simplification of this sound.
32.75-42.25s: Tip for better PR: step the melody in a doubles chart using one column per pitch when you can. Listen to one note at a time and compare pitches.
There are eight different pitches in this section, and you certainly don't have to be "perfect", but here are some notes:
32.42s is the same pitch as 33.25 and 33.75s.
It would be better to have 33.09s anchored with the eighth after than the eighth before, because it's a different pitch from 33.42s.
34.42s: Don't need the 8th minijack here.
35.92-36.92s is the same as 33.25-34.25s.
37.09, 37.25s: Minijack here to the kick.
42.25s: Jump to the melody here. This note is the lowest note of the melody, by the way.
Same melody notes in the second repeat of this.
47.92s: [23] jump here to go with the previous jump to the bass/clap?
53.42-s: Because the 4th jumps just go to the clap, you can't really PR them ... And if you wanted to PR the stream, you'd end up with a lot of 16th minijacks, and I don't think you want to do that.
Patterns are definitely better, with fewer anchors, than before, though.
75.75, 80.75s: shouldn't be the same jump as the ones around it
88.67s: This 16th shouldn't be a part of the anchor; the other 16ths here do have the same percussion sound, though.
89.50s: If I had stepped this, I would have used cyan notes for the bubble sounds, because ... bubbles.
101.25, 106.59s: Have these match the previous jump, like at 47.92s.
106.75-117.42s: These ring sounds just alternate, so, yeah, it'd be boring to just have the same two patterns repeating over and over again, but maybe have like one kind of patten only in A and one only in B so it still looks like there's alternation going on and it's not just random.
If you want to do perfect PR here, you'd end up with 16th jacks and running men, which aren't the most fun, so, yeah, perfect PR isn't necessary.
ex: 106.92-107.42s is ABBCABB and 108.09-108.67s is ACACABAC
108.86s: This ring noise is actually on a 12th here.
117.42-127.09s: Although your extra layering here is because of the bubble noises, so there's something the jumps can go with the pitch of, try jumping to the bass here.
You do have some AABB already ... but sometimes on the wrong beat, like BAAB, which doesn't go with the bass.
128.09-130.75s: Unlike the other 16th streamy stuff, here you can do something more PR without minijacks.
128.84s: 16th here?
128.92-129.25s is an AB.AB thing.
129.42-130.00s is a BCABCABC thing.
130.75-133.42s is a repeat of the previous section.
136.75-138.09s: "O" a 32nd later, "K" a 16th later, "One more time" a 32nd later.
138.75-s: Same stuff as earlier.
149.42-s: Here, I'd start jumping to the jump sounds on the 8ths rather than the claps, because the jump sound is what makes it different from last time.
160.75s: "Doc" and "tor" could be a 48th later if you want to be picky.

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i want to be cucked by cirno

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


[PASS] Files

If your submission was not reviewed with a numerical rating, was given a [PASS] rating, or otherwise was missed/skipped, then these judges will review it. All such files will end up here.


Aim Burst v2 (icontrolyourworld) - pass
Rolex Nike Air Low Low Interest (DossarLX ODI) - pass
Kirlian Isles I (yomanimawesome) - 6.5, okay as an easy file
Piano Sonata in A Major, K. 331 (Baq12) - 7, nice but awkward grace note usage in many places
Sfjskalhisinis (0) - 5.5, questionable music choice (just cacophony, quite repetitive), file is okay/nothing special except for a few patterns.
Silent Wind (0) - 6.5, overlayered, understandable for its difficulty level though
Speedcore Cannon (Klosethy) - pass
Umlaut Ampersand (trumaestro) - 7
Visitor (glassvox) - 5.5, technically understandable for most parts, but overall a bit too spikey/intense pattern choice in many parts.
We Are Hi-Speed (Remix) (mi40) - 7

Files I passed have no chance of acceptance/resubmission.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

August 2013

Hard Songs Batch
link: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...d.php?t=131401


Accelerator (MarioNintendo) - As eventful as this song is, the file drags on a LOT and it seems pretty obvious that you copy-pasted certain sections. That weird 2 223 3 23223 thing near the end felt unneeded. 192nds in place of bursts fit well, though, and most of the transitions into the rolls were solid, but this file really needs to be more eventful. 5.5/10

All I Wanna Do Is Touch Your Powerpoints (I like it) - I'm really glad you changed up patterns from last time. The jacks in this file, at any other speed, would be pretty brutal. But the jacks are implemented in a way that, I think, will cause very little boorushing. The only real issue I could find was the 64th around m73. Should be brought back to an 8th, imo. Other than that, no real issues and anyone who likes loliripe should enjoy this file. 6.5/10

Anal Destruction Factory (I like it) - I like dancecorps music as much as the next dude (I actually don't), but this is far too long to be enjoyable. After a certain point, you really can't do much to make an interesting file. It's all 16th jumpstream with interspersed 32nd bursts. It'd be nice if you could cut this by taking out the middle, the "let's go party" part with low-pass/hi-pass filters, and just keep the intro and ending, because that ending, oddly, is the most interesting part of the file. As is, though, I can't let this through. 5/10

Apopcynthion Drive (Kommisar) - I really do NOT like this file, and you know this. I don't like the way the file is set up. Patterns are super rigid, and the 24th stream is way over the top, and the sync, quite frankly, reminds me of Unknown Girl. But it's a fast file! 4/10

Beautiful Beachfront Properties (DossarLX ODI) - Very fast and straightforward jumpstream. Honestly, for a song that's as chaotic as this, this feels like it's very hastily thrown together. This may sound strange to mention as well, but you can use PR even at high speeds like this. Specifically during the intro, jumpstream, and outro. 5/10

Before Cynthia (XelNya) - First and foremost, that fadeout is gross. And it feels like the file is slightly off sync. With those out of the way, the file isn't all that bad, although a bit bland. PR felt like it wasn't the main point of the file, but the layering was consistent and the jacks were tricky. 5.5/10

Black Hole (~Zeta~) - A lot of the 32nds were just awful to hit, and the intro was pretty bland. Outside of the fast sections, it doesn't feel like there's much you can do to make the file interesting without overlayering. 4/10

Breakcore Ein Prosit (bmah) - mfw Yamajet. Not a bad file, slowdown were cool but the transitions into some of the 12th jacks and the 32nds near the end were just awful. I'd look at those and try to streamline transitions. 6.5/10

Choco (ilikexd) - Really enjoyed this, layering scheme worked really well and the jumpstream was smooth as hell. It was kinda tough to tell what that speedup roll thing was going to at first. But overall, super fun. 8/10

Decipher (DarkZtar) - Overall the file is very boring. The focus of the file seems to shift arbitrarily. Certain sections are terribly overlayered, which detract from the chart as well. This would be great as an easier file, and if it was cut. 3.5/10

Disregard (XelNya) - Very bland jumpstream, 16th streams make no sense whatsoever, it feels like they're just placed randomly to artificially inflate the difficulty. This chart needs a full overhaul before it's looked at again. 2.5/10

Don't Be Quiet (bmah) - Nice minijacks. It feels like this file needs a cut, drags on quite a bit. And that minijack section... Either that needs to be implemented in a better way, or cut out altogether. It only happens once during the entire file, even though the song repeats that multiple times. 24th rolls get annoying pretty quickly. At least the file's fast. And that outro is pretty perfect. 5.5/10

Exam Cram (rCaliberGX) - Super boring, overlayered, and the 32nd streams are so convoluted. This file really needs a huge overhaul before it can even be considered. 3/10

Extratone Pirates (DossarLX ODI and qqwref) - 16th streams feel random, 32nd walls are atrocious. Needs a complete overhaul. 4/10

Extratone Pirates (XelNya) - PR is practically non-existant, layering scheme is all over the place. And the section that starts at m32... Everything in this file seems very random. I can't accept this as is. 3/10

Felix^3 (MarioNintendo) - A little bit better than Accelerator. The song is pretty cool, very reminiscent of Flashbulb circa '07, which is kinda jarring considering how "new" this file feels. 32nd rolls don't flow very well, and the colored bursts near the end are only slightly better. Overall, file's okay. 6/10

Folklore of Post-Modern Man (Charu) - Very boring, copy-paste syndrome all over the place. Really not a fun chart. 4/10

Fuse Gymnast (Kommisar) - Waaay better than Apopcynthion Drive. At this point, I'd say it's one of the best files in the batch... But that's not saying too much. Transitions into some of the jacks are brutal, but the streams flow very well. This kept me on my toes, and the song's pretty groovy to boot. 7.5/10

Heterochromia Iridis (TC_Halogen vs hi19hi19) - It's like Scrap Syndrome and Rave7 had a child together. Oh wait, look at the step artists! File's pretty tough, polyrhythms are pretty iffy but doable. Not too shabby. 6.5/10

I (DarkZtar) - 48ths at 230 bpm are not going to convert very well, 32nds walls that last for an entire measure are not fun at all. Needs a complete overhaul. 3/10

Love Hurts (mi40) - Drags on after a while. Could definitely use a cut, and that (14)(23) 16th trill is so gross at this speed. But other than that, not too much to say. 6/10

Malicious Fingers (Silvuh) - Only two things really stood out to me: The song was a bit boring and generic, and that the grace note usage was awkward. Other than that, decent chart. Nothing special. 7/10

Paraclete (ilikexd) - Very fun file, streams flow really well and it has a bit of an old school vibe to it. I'd dare say that it plays like a JenovaSephiroth file? Any way, really fun and short enough to not drag on. 7.5/10

Prequel to the Sequel (Tidus810) - Are you dore? Because this plays a LOT LIKE A DORE FILE. Having said that, I thought this was good, a very well-done file. There were a few things that I noticed that would make a TON of people mad, such as the 24th jumpgluts and the one handed 32nd trills. I liked how you used bpm changes to keep the file on a 4th note, but the color scheme on the end makes no sense. Honestly, this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be; I was pleasantly surprised that this didn't feel like 8 minutes. 7/10

Purple Drank (Kommisar) - Nice one handed trills. Nice 32nd rolls. Nice file. 8/10

Rave5 (YoshL) - Color scheme during the intro was a bit jarring at first. Flow of the file fits how disjointed the song is pretty well. Not much to say about this file, I enjoyed it. 7.5/10

Red Vector Acid Minute (pxtang) - Some bursts were total balls to hit, and the fact that half of the file has yellow note syndrome is something that cannot be overlooked. I highly recommend going back and fixing that. Perhaps by using your own sync and not Blurk's. Besides those issues, decent file. 5/10

Robotomy (Choofers) - STEPMANIA [PASS]

Shatterscape (DossarLX ODI) - Hmm. Interesting chart. 32nds work pretty well but outside of that section, the chart is very boring. I would suggest layering in a bit more, or using other patterns, like jacks, trills, etc. 6/10

Sigatrev (rCaliberGX) - Did you play test this? You really should go back and play test this heavily, these patterns do not flow well at all. I'm relatively sure the intro is not made up of 16ths. Quads for the ending doesn't fit the music (cymbals on the 4th notes, not on the 12th notes in the middle). It seems like you arbitrarily placed 24th stream, and simply layered in the rest of the notes willy-nilly, which causes the file to be very annoying. 4/10

The Devil Play's Dance Games (EzExZeRo7497) - This is one of your first few files, and, quite frankly, it shows. Some streams feel placed randomly (the 16ths in the song follow a certain flow but your 16th streams do not). Some parts are layered more heavily than others, causing annoying difficulty spikes. PR is all over the place, but I noticed some sections followed some sort of scheme. Percussion sections were boring. This is gonna need more effort put into it before I can accept it. 5.5/10

The party's starting! (bmah) - I CAN'T EVEN [PASS]

Thinking of You (I like it) - Long and draggy jumpstream, mediocre song. Really, nothing stands out as interesting or fun during this entire file. 3/10

UBER Juice (~Zeta~) - God, this is such a chore to play. Grace notes are gross, anchors are gross. I can't imagine anyone enjoying a 6 minute long file to a song that sounds like it was made for the sole purpose of being used in rhythm games. 3/10

Umbral Ultimatum (YoshL) - It's apparent that you took your time while making this. The only thing I can really say is to fix those jacks. At this speed, they are not fun at all. They really need to be changed to something else, maybe one handed trills. Otherwise, good file. 7/10

Visitor (glassvox) - Wow. That was intense. If anything, it's slightly overlayered, but it's a very straightforward file and really well-done. (ps who are you) 8.5/10

Wake Up, Gladiator (VisD) - Really cool song, pretty boring chart. It's obvious that you know how to step stuff, so step something more eventful next time. The song repeats that drum beat for the entirety of the song (I was expecting something like Passage D), which causes your chart to follow that beat. Layering was solid at least, but the chart still felt like forever. 6/10

Wanderlust (Gradiant) - Super overlayered. If you're gonna keep this layering scheme, I recommend smoothing out transitions because as is, a lot of them are nasty. I'm also not a fan of the section at m105. But definitely look at transitions. Also, step better music. 6/10

Where's Bill (mi40) - First and foremost, a lot of the bursts are awkward to hit. This really needs a cut, the file begins to drag on about 2:30 in. Should have used the cut for your stepmania chart, imo. If you do cut this, I will gladly accept this. Maybe you can make your chart a bit more aggressive? 5.5/10

Winnipeg is Fucking Over (mi40) - I'm kinda torn about this file because there are parts that freakin' own and there are other sections that are just so underwhelming, it makes me sad. There are a ton of great ideas in this chart, but a lot of those ideas are implemented poorly. A majority of the bursts aren't strong enough (ie when you use 24ths, they sound and feel like they should be 32nds). The file as a whole doesn't feel aggressive enough. I think it's good, it just needs to be nudged in the right direction to be great. 6/10

Winter Night's Journey (VisD) - Maybe it's just me, but that jumpstream feels kinda... random? Color note usage is terrible, I don't understand why a simple ride cymbal should be colored differently than the rest of the chart. Honestly, this is a pretty generic file and nothing stands out about it. 4/10

Wraith (DarkZtar) - An okay, although your layering feels off in certain sections and I'm pretty sure those 24ths are inaccurate. Nothing too special about this file. 5.5/10

Turbo (hi19) - Those jacks are absolutely brutal. Outside of the jacks, the file's pretty fun but damn. People will boo-rush like crazy with jacks at this speed, and it doesn't help that jumps are layered in as well. Guess it will be a notable file though. 6/10

HAELEQUIN (hi19 vs ilikexd) - Damn good chart, got a really strong bmah vibe to it. The only thing I would change is that color note section near the end, make it a bit more friendly. Wonderful job otherwise. 8.5/10

Great Battleship (hi19) - This was badass. Needed way more guitar solos but let's blame Zagh for that. Not much to say about it, fantastically solid. 8/10


Accelerator - 7/10
@ 3.755s - should use two different descending patterns here and two different ascending patterns with the next 8 32nds
@ 12.127s - i don't know why you aren't layering these heavy bass hits with the accented synth notes
@ 43.941s to 44.220s - i'd make these sets of jumps distinct from the ones that follow right after since they are different sounds
@ 55.243s - should be a 3 note minitrill here
@ 56.778s - change this trill to 1 3 trill instead? up to you
@ 91.383s - i'd fix this mini 1h trill
@ 133.681s - what's with the random white note?
@ 153.805s - this transition is kinda ugly

All i wanna do is touch your power points - 7/10
@ 52.642s - how come you don't have a hand here?
@ 58.584s - seems like a good opportunity for a color note
@ 83.908s - i would step the voice here, it's pretty empty
@ overall, i feel like this needs a slight cut because a lot of the jumpstream sections feel the same

Anal Destruction Factory - 3/10
@ 10.168s - an anchor on 4 for that long is really unnecessary
@ 25.032s - ghost 32nds
@ 40.577s - vary these 32nds more, it's pretty repetitive
@ 45.895s - these jumps should decend
@ 112.918s - another unnecessarily long anchor. this is fine for like 5 notes or so, but not this much
@ 159.351s - this would be better as 3 different trills
@ 195.897s - 16th is after the 4th, not the 8th
@ 228.078s - this is really overstepped. most of the 16ths are ghost notes.

Apocynthion Drive - 3/10
@ 318.48s - it doesn't even matter how well stepped the rest of the file is, this 24th jumpstream is much too difficult compared to the rest of the file, and it's 5 minutes in.

Beautiful Beachfront Properties - 5/10
@ phantom notes - either you need better audio settings or a better mp3 because there are a lot of ghost notes. not going to point them all out.
@ patterns - you have a lot of hidden minitrills that make the patterns really rough to play and they aren't going to anything that qualifies them as minitrills

Before Cynthia - 6/10
@ 6.736s - missing jump
@ 24.722s - not sure why these are [34] jumps, they should be [12] jumps imo
@ 28.824s - these shouldn't be hands. they aren't heavier chords, they are just different from the previous 3 notes.
@ 78.371s - missing jump
@ single note patterns - you have 24ths that are ascending, but the piano is dropping in bitch and vice versa. listen on a slower rate to see what i mean.
@ the second half of the file isn't much different from the first so it gets kind of boring.

Black Hole - 8/10
@ 76.73s - missing jump
@ 84.83s - i would have really liked to see the 16th stream stepped here, but it's not a big deal.

Breakcore Ein Prosit - 9/10
@ your offset - slightly early. other than that, awesome file.

Choco - 8/10
@ 96.102s - for this build-up part, i would have stepped some 8th notes right after the hand instead of just leaving it empty since there is still something happening here.
@ it appears as if your layering choices were chosen very carefully, and you chose them all correctly imo. nice job.

Decipher - 5/10
@ you should cut the beginning before any notes to 1/3 - 1/2 of the length it is now. i feel like it's kind of long without really offering much of anything.
@ 24.527s - this pattern after the 12th note could have a little bit better pitch relevancy. consider a pattern such as 32123 to start out with
@ 25.759s - this could have better pitch relevancy as well -- listen to this song on lower rates. i can hear it on 1.0 as well.
@ 26.581s to 52.780s - i don't really see any reason to forego layering like you did starting here. you stepped the bass when there was no synth, but i don't agree with you not layering it with the bass.
@ 69.321s - most of these aren't actually 64ths. if they were used for color theory, that would be different, but you used so many of them so i can't believe that's the case. your offset is slightly off and these are actually 16ths with the occasional 24th swing.
@ 182.754s - i really don't understand some of the layering here. it seems really excessive.

Disregard - 6/10
@ your stream patterns are really repetitive are very awkward to hit at this speed.
@ 53.91s - everything after this is much easier than the streams and it's unnecessarily long when it doesn't really anything different from before. it needs to be significantly cut imho.

[u]Don't Be Quiet!?] - 8/10
@ i would have liked to see you vary up the 24th bursts a bit more. other than that, another great file.

Eclipse (Luna) - 7/10
@ 15.144s - watch out for minitrills like this. not sure if this was intentional.
@ 22.644s - this section has way too many color notes. i can see what you were trying to do but at this point they are just extra noise to the chart when the layering could be followed without it.
@ 44.88s - i would change this minitrill in the roll to something
@ 55.424s - ditto
@ 56.527s - not going to comment on this color note usage because it isn't as cluttered or obvious as the previous usage. it's fine as it is.

Exam Cram - 5/10
@ i'd reexamine the pitch relevancy at the beginning. there is only 3 notes for each octave, so that will change your patterns drastically.
@ once the layering is present, i would still try to be as pitch relevant as possible with your jumps for the main synth because percussion in general is pretty pitch neutral so you have a bit of leeway. it will make your patterns look a bit less random as a result.
@ your layering is gets really heavy. when this happens, it's hard to tell what anything is going to. you should tone it down by making a lot of the jumps singles and some of the hands into jumps.
@ 28.034s - the layering and patterning should change here because the synth melody is different from before.
@ 32nd streams - the minitrills are fine in these, but a lot of them are one handed when they don't need to be. in moderation one handed minitrills are ok, but at this speed this many of them become really hard to hit compared to the rest of the stream. try using 13, 24, and 14 more.

Extratone Pirates [DossarLX ODI & qqwref] - 6/10
@ 22.151s - i would have done something with these jumps to make them stand out.
@ 30.791s - you should change the patterning of these streams to acknowledge the existence of the blast beats (runningmen, trills, etc.) because it's a lot more intense then the other sections
@ 38.771s - 3 ghost notes.
@ 40.451s - 4 ghost notes.

Extratone Pirates [XelNya] - 5/10
@ the layering in the beginning is too ambiguous
@ pretty repetitive without the potential 32nd bursts stepped. as a result, some of the different rhythms are stepped as 16ths so everything feels the same.
@ 40.487s - i don't understand what the two notes after the 4th are going to. i slowed it down and couldn't figure it out.
@ 42.407s - this trill is missing a note at the end and the 3 trills after it have one note too many

Felix^3 - 7/10
@ 20.264s - please fix this minitrill
@ 21.556s - missing note
@ 92.389s - pretty sure this is a single snare hit

Folklore of Post-Modern Man - 5/10
@ 8.368s - should be 3?
@ 9.411s - this should ascend
@ 10.455s - should be 1?
@ above 3 things i mentioned for the next repetition
@ a lot of the chart from 16.716 on feels really unstructured. the layering feels a lot lighter than it should be. if you are going to forego layering, you should at least try to match certain sounds to certain columns in your patterning to give your file some structure. as it is now, it feels too random.
@ in addition to the to the the lack of structure, a lot of the sections feel copy/pasted and they don't really even when different samples are present.

Fuse Gymnast - 7/10
@ some of the 32nd stream usage is dubious and feels slightly overdone. there is also some things that i would have PRed a bit differently, but these aren't a big deal.

Great Battleship - 8/10
@ the only thing i would change about this file is to cut out some of the repetitions to make the file a bit less draggy. other than that, this file is rock solid and i can't really comment on anything.

@ wow.. this file is really sick. i can't find aything that i think should be changed.

Heterochromia Iridis - 8/10
@ 41.459s - ghost 32nd
@ 42.042s - i don't see any reason these should be 96ths
@ 102.199s - this should roll in the opposite direction

I - 3/10
@ your offset is pretty early. i'd fix that.
@ the 32nd walls and longer bursts are massive difficulty spikes compared to everything else in the file. the 48ths are sure to causes massive amounts of framers, but that's beside the point.

Love Hurts (Lonely Dance Mix) - 7/10
@ 64.046s - random 1h trill
@ 89.046s - the layering here should be reversed
@ file is pretty repetitive, but the patterns are smooth.

Malicious Fingers - 4/10
@ why aren't the 8th notes in the beginning hands? they have the same emphasis as the hands on the 4ths.
@ 11.71s - this could be soundmatched a lot better, you have snare hits on the same column as bass hits when the chart isn't even that cluttered yet.
@ 12.01s - ghost note
@ 14.41s - ghost note and missing 4th note
@ 18.01s - misrhythm here. this is two 32nd gallops, not 4 24th notes.
@ 22.51s - same as 11.71
@ 25.96s - missing 32nd and 16th
@ 32.11s - these should be jumps
@ 35.11s - starting here, your layering becomes very ambiguous. you give the same amount of emphasis to snares and cymbals that you do to just cymbals and it makes everything start to feel the same.
@ 62.56s - i don't understand why this is a jump
@ 65.71s - i would recommend PRing these jumps to the synth, it makes this section less repetitive.

Paraclete - 7/10
@ 42.67s - i'm almost certain there is some missing 16ths in the section starting here. there is also sections similar to this one later in the file that have this same problem later in the file.
@ 52.265s - these notes going to the screeching could be stepped a bit more accurately. there should be 5 of them and not necessarily the same spacing between them.

Prequel to the Sequel - 4/10
@ there are many spots in your file that you are severely lacking
@ 62.081s - i would step the cymbal here. it's pretty empty anyways so i don't think it would hurt.
@ 78.081s - should be a flam
@ 290.753s - this one-hand minitrill is pretty unnecessary
@ 297.98s - see 78.081s
@ 310s - at this point, i probably missed some flams. you should go through your file and correct these to differential them from regular snare hits.
@ 326.153s - i don't agree with a staircase being used here. should have just made it a trill.
@ 407.522s - see 290.753s
@ 465.917s - see 62.081s
@ ending - is there something wrong with this part of the file? it's showing up as all white and green notes for me.

Purple Drank - 7/10
@ i'd change these first two notes to be anchored on the same column because of the repeated sound
@ 1.376s - i don't think this should be a jump
@ 9.038s - this shouldn't be a trill, it feels a lot more like a roll
@ 9.471s - missing 8th note
@ 10.628s - see 1.376
@ 101.848s - some pretty noticable copy/paste here.

Rave 5 - 8/10
@ 19.801s - ghost note
@ 112.83s - i don't agree with these being jumps. you had these as single notes before.

Red Vector Acid Minute - 6/10
@ 7.426s - missing note
@ 10.271s - should be either a 1 or 4 based on what the other notes are
@ 11s - there really needs to be a BPM change before this point because it makes almost every jump in this section fall on 16th notes which isn't correct.
@ 26.617s - missing note
@ 31.633s - missing note
@ 51.361s - the speedup makes sense, but i don't understand why it goes back to 145 bpm in the middle. this is a bit unnecessary.

Robotomy - 5/10
@ 110.905s - this burst is really overstepped
@ 114.242s - up arrow anchors that are really difficult
@ 116.19s - down arrow anchors that are also really difficult
@ 140.639s - difficult to hit hidden trills
@ this is mostly what i feel like is wrong with this file. a lot of the patterns are so much more difficult to hit than other ones because of hidden anchors and trills like the ones i mentioned.
@ there is places that that bpm should shift a little bit as well (the ending, for example) because it's just a mess of green and white arrows when i don't feel like it needs to be.

Shatterscape (Bexarametric Remix) - 8/10
@ your offset is a bit early
@ 20.348s - 5 ghost notes. this is just a sustain.
@ 27.382s - 3 ghost notes.

Sigatrev - 5/10
@ all of the 24th triplet notes in this section are ghost notes.
@ jumpstream is decently patterned. watch out for anchors and 1h minitrills though. you have quite a few of those.

The Devil Plays Dance Games - 5/10
@ the entire intro feels too simple. there are 12th notes that could be stepped, and the jumps could be PRed better as well. honestly, it would have just been better to cut this.
@ many of the 8th sections in this file feel really empty.
@ in regards to the rest of the file, the PR is really weak in many areas and your whole chart feels really unstructured as a result.
@ your layering is fine for the most part, but the bottom line is that the patterning really doesn't make much sense with the music.

The party's starting! - 8/10
@ 44.342s - i would swap this one-handed trill with the two-handed trill @ 46.127
@ 94.392s - the 32nd is misplaced, it should be after the 4th

thinking of you - 6/10
@ 22.785s - 2 16th ghost notes
@ 27.014s - ditto
@ 2 1/2 minutes of jumpstream is kind of bland.

Turbo - 8/10
@ file felt repetitive in some sections due to copy/paste. it's really accurately stepped and it's not that long so it isn't that much of an issue.

UBER Juice - 8/10
@ the way you layered some of the 24th stream with the snare hits but not the 32nd stream is questionable. other than that, another good file from you.

Umbral Ultimatum - 9/10
@ awesome file. didn't notice anything significant that should be changed.

Visitor - 4/10
@ for the beginning sections, i think you could have chosen what you were following and layering to a lot better.
@ 7.485s - this section could have had better PR without losing anything.
@ 44.984s - not sure why this 32nd roll decends, the music is ascending.
@ 48.092s - i don't really understand how you are patterning this 12th stream. if the jumps are going to the main synth, you should at least make some effort to PR them.
@ 194.762s - pretty significant misrhythm here
@ this chart has a lot of missed opportunities for PR that would greatly improve it's structure

Wake Up, Gladiator - 7/10
@ 11.853s - missing note
@ 12.603s - misrhythm. reexamine this on a lower music speed.
@ the color note gimmicks are kind of cute, but there is no discernable change in the music warranting them.

@ 104.121s - ghost 192nd jump
@ 130.24s - overstepped as 24th jumps
@ during the sections that aren't as dense, you should vary up your jump usage. additionally, the 12th note triplets could use a bit of variation as well.
@ file overall as a result of the aformentioned points feels repetitive.

Where's Bill - 4/10
@ lot's of [12][34] trill usage. vary it up a bit.
@ 42.068s - could have PRed this better.
@ 67.977s - should use an 8th anchor instead.
@ 70.295s - shouldn't be a jump
@ 75.409s - some missing notes
@ 94.421s - if you are going to make the previous section that sounds like this use white notes, at least be consistent.
@ 106.091s - ditto
@ 117.681s - snare on on the 16th, not on the 8th. additionally, would have used some time of repeated roll here.
@ 140.522s - overlayered
@ 173.683s - missing note
@ there is more of the previous comments later on the file, but i'm going to omit them for brevity. you can ask me if you want the details.

Winnipeg is Fucking Over - 5/10
@ 60.096s - missed some layering and this should have been a trill.
@ 126.398s - unnecessary jump.
@ 134.541s - this section is overlayered
@ 163.929s - this one is underlayered
@ 262.133s - overexaggerated
@ 271.806s - these should be hands too
@ 268s - ghost note
@ 269s - ditto
@ 324.95s - jump on wrong note
@ more technical nitpicks that i noticed i also omitted.

Winter Night's Journey (Through The Storm) - 8/10
@ the song is repetitive and i would have made a cut. file is very accurately stepped though.

Wraith - 7/10
@ 4.053s - 24th note is a ghost note
@ 8.519s - see 4.053s
@ 16.193s - missing jump
@ 18.425s - ditto
@ 46.053s - ditto

i love you

- = Actual errors that I see in the file.
• = Short side notes/General notes/suggestions.
+ = Things that will not count for judging rating (Just my opinions and subjectiveness on the file)

NOTE: If you guys want me to go more in depth, PM me. Please be aware that there will be some files, in this batch, that I will be more in depth then others depending on the potential of the file and if I feel that it needs the attention. I also will note that I will be more strict about the playtesting of each file in comparison to errors I see in the editor.


Accelerator [MarioNintendo] (5/10)

Playtest: This file felt very empty at times and there were inconsistencies with pattern usage, layering and note placements. This was not consider fun in terms of gameplay and felt incomplete.

- Change offset to -2.060.
- 33.91: Should be 32nds. Not 24ths.
- 34.19: Should be 32nds going into a 16th triplet then back to 32nds again.
- 34.85: Not sure why you stopped stepping the 32nds here.
- 42.84: Look at CS 33.92.
- 43.12: Look at CS 34.15.
- 43.78: Look at CS 34.82.
- 51.00: It is actually 3/32nds notes.
- 54.14: These are actually 64th notes however I would place that section as 5/32nd notes.
- 59.93: Look at CS 51.00.
- 63.06: Look at CS 54.14.
- 76.04: Dat 48th note...Why is it there?
- 76.05: Look at 54.14.
- 77.06: You might want to finish those 32nds starting here.
- 77.34: Look at 77.06.
- 81.87: Random BPM Change?
- 85.05: Look at CS 76.04 then 76.05.
- 85.99: Look at CS 77.06.
- 86.27: Look at CS 77.06.
- 90.91: Add a 32nd note.
- 91.47: Look at CS 77.06. Not sure why you decided to add another 16th note (91.43) in this section in comparison to what you did on 77.06 where it is not even added. It makes the file very inconsistent and confusing.
- 91.88: Add a 32nd note. Not sure why you decided to add the LAST 4th note (91.92) in comparison to what you did on 91.47. This is turning out to be more confusing.
- 92.30: Look at CS 91.88.
- 99.76: Add a 32nd note.
- 100.32: Add 2/32nd notes starting on this spot.
- 100.74: Add a 32nd note.
- 101.16: Add a 32nd note.
- 132.61: Look at CS 85.05. This time you added a 24th note instead of a 16th note...again why?
- 141.53: Look at CS 132.61.
- 142.62-150.30: All single notes? You could have done much more with this section.
- 154.90: What the hell? If you are going to make that section offset, you might as well make every note offset so that it flows right. Also, the note placements are wrong.
- 163.82: Look at CS 154.90.

• There were several inconsistencies, note misplacements, and missing notes.
• One thing that I did not mention in the editor section was your layering inconsistency. You were missing a lot of doubles throughout the file and there were times where you could have used hands to emphasize the more intense sounds.

All I wanna do is touch your power points [I like it] (8/10)

Playtest: This file was fun and flowed well for the most part. Those double jacks in the file have a slight difficulty gap in comparison to the jumpstream however it was correct so no complaints there. I will say that a few of those 64th/192nd snapped notes felt a little weird to play.

+ 12.71, 13.10: Technically, the 16th are missing on these sections but it is barely audible.
- 114.88: Eh...just make this a 8th note hand. It flows better.
- 126.18-126.38: Eh...I feel like this section would be very weird to hit on FFR. I think you should just make that section 5/32nds ending with a 4th double (126.38) because it flows better. I suggest either 4312[34] or 4321[34] as your pattern.

Overall: Great file! I would definitely play this again.

Anal Destruction Factory [I like it] (3/10)

Playtest: Holy shit...there were a ton of bad pattern transitioning when playing though this file. I also felt like there were a few overlayering sections in the file and that some of the notes did not existed. Almost felt like I was playing a bad dumpfile in a way. I did not find this fun at all. Also, song needs a cut.

- 27.61: Remove 32nd note.
- 38.59: Remove 32nd note.
- 47.28: Missing 4th.
- 50.55: Missing 4th.
- 51.76-55.03: Those 24th gallop sections should just be 16ths.
- 55.15: Remove 32nd note.
- 55.29: Remove 32nd note.
- 62.26-END: From this point on, the song and file gets really repetitive and drags on with several mistakes. I think you should cut the file here. This was what hurt the file the most imo.

- Repetitive, Repetitive, Repetitive...
- Patterns had a lot of transitioning issues.
- Tons of ghost notes throughout the file.
+ Horrible song choice.

Apocynthion Drive [Kommisar]

- I will [PASS] on this one mainly because I do not want to be too biased seeing that there were huge syncing issues.

Beautiful Beachfront Properties [DossarLX ODI] (9/10)

Playtest: Wow...this file was amazing. Quite challenging but everything flowed so well.

• Nothing too noticeable. I just felt that a few patterns could have been done slightly better.

- Amazing file! Great job!

Before Cynthia [XelNya] (6/10)

Playtest: Blue note syndrome and unreasonable double jacks to hands patterns. Other then that, file was pretty fun to play and flowed well. It seems like a file a lot of people would get random boos on.

- 2.56: File should of started here instead on 2.26.
- 24.65, 28.82, 29.42, 30.02: There should not be a hand on these sections because the piano is not playing an extra instrument. It is just playing a different note.
- 60.06: This was a really bad move because it creates a hidden jack within the song which makes no sense. It also should not be a double note to being with but rather a single note.
- 60.46: Again, the hand is not needed here. Should just be a double going to a different tone.
- 64.24: Make this a single note.
- 64.64, 65.24, 65.84: Again, should not be hands on these sections.
+ 81.46: Dat cut...was not expecting that.

Overall: File was fun for the most part. This file would of got a much higher rating from me had it not have been for the blue note syndrome.

Black Hole [~Zeta~] (4/10)

Playtest: This file felt repetitive at times especially during those stream sections. I also felt like some of the notes were misplaced and layering was inconsistent at times especially with the hand usage.

- 1.63, 4.83, 8.03, 11.23: Why not just place these as doubles rather then hands?
- 27.23-94.00: This section lacks variety. It contains a lot of repeated patterns. Also, notice how many times you used the [14] 4th double when clearly, you can hear PR going on within the file.
- 44.70, 44.76: Missing 2/24th notes.
- 44.83-46.38: I see what you were trying to do here but it would be better to avoid those 4-5 note hidden jacks when doing this specific pattern especially at this BPM.
• I will add that this pattern ruins the flow of the file and it should just be changed to stream-like patterns but I will let you decide on that.
- 46.43-47.03: Should be all 24ths.
- 47.06-47.20: Should be all 48ths.
- 47.23-47.83: Should be all 24ths.
- 47.86-48.00: Should be all 48ths.
- 49.63-52.83: Should be all 24ths.
- 54.83-56.03: Should be all 24ths.
- 56.43-56.83: Should be all 24ths. (Technically, it's 48ths)
- 57.23-57.63: Should be all 24ths. (Technically, it's 48ths)
- 59.23: Why is this a hand? Very unreasonable for this bpm. Just make it a double.
• 46.43-59.23: Generally, this whole section is really repetitive and contains the same patterns being used over and over again such as the rolls for example.
- 59.63-67.23: The way you layered this section is really confusing to follow. Also, there were times where you misplaced notes and had some missing 16ths. Too many errors here.
- 70.33: This should be a jump.
- 71.93: Why would you do this? This does not even match the beat of the song.
- 78.43: Should be stepped as 24ths.
- 79.23: Should be stepped as 32nds.
- 80.63: Should be stepped as 32nds.
- 81.23-81.63: Should all be 24ths.
- 84.83: This section is really easy in comparison to the rest of the file. It feels very empty. More could have been done.

Overall: Decent file with several mistakes. It had a lot of awkward patterns, misplaced notes, confusing layering approaches and random difficulty gaps that ruins the flow and fun factor of the file.

Breakcore Ein Prosit [bmah] (7/10)

Playtest: This file was fun for the most part. The only thing that I have complaints about are those mini-jacks you added into the file. It slightly ruined the quality of the file however it was correct.

Editor: The only thing really wrong in the editor are those exaggerated quad/hand section between CS 44.39-46.53. You definitely got carried away there haha.

Overall: Pretty good file. It would have got a higher rating from me had it not been from those minijacks.

Choco [ilikexd] (7/10)

Playtest: This file was pretty fun to play. It definitely had the fun factor aspect into it but I questioned your layering at times.

- 21.92: I do not understand why you decided to not step jumps here. This should of been a jumpstream. It makes overall layering inconsistent.
- 26.17: Add an 8th note here.
- 96.10-99.65: Whoa? I have no idea why you decided not to step the main melody on this section. Also, you're missing notes between 96.10-96.58 and the 12th notes you stepped are ghost notes.
• 98.28: I question this section because I know it's not 64th notes but it's also not exactly 24ths either. The actual placements are much more complex but honestly, it flows better with just 24ths.

Overall: A pretty decent file. Most of the patterns were stepped correctly but what killed you were your note misplacements and inconsistency with layering.

Decipher [DarkZtar] (4/10)

Playtest: This file has a lot of weird awkward colour snaps that makes no sense with the song which killed the quality of the file. There were also random difficulty gaps and noticeable inconsistent layering during gameplay.

• The beginning section is really repetitive and kinda weird to follow since the patterns looks random and the sound of the melody is kinda hard to hear.
• Throughout the file, you have really bad transitioning from one pattern to the other especially on sections such as 84.14 and 163.04 for example.
• You also have some misplacements, missing notes, a few random difficulty gaps, and inconsistent usage of layering.

Overall: File needs some readjustments. This file will have some potential if noticeable errors were fixed but it's not yet passable at it's current state.

Disregard [XelNya] (5/10)

Playtest: The patterns in this file is a lot more awkward then the one in Stepmania. I did not enjoy this file very much however it was stepped accurately for the most part.

• In general, this was stepped more accurately then the stepmania version however the transitioning of patterns in this one are really bad. There are also sections were you just stepped repetitive patterns in the 16th stream and that 8th jumpstream section doesn't have any kind of variety to it.
- Remove note on 35.08, 60.28, 66.28.

Overall: File needs pattern readjustments and more variety during the 8th note jumpstream sections. Keep in mind that it is 300BPM so the patterns you create in this chart will either make or break the file.

Don't Be Quiet! [bmah] (5/10)

Playtest: File's offset felt wrong and I felt that some sections of the file (such as those 12th notes in the beginning section for example) were missing notes. I also thought that some of your pattern choices were done poorly in terms of transitioning from one pattern to another. It made the file a bit awkward to play and annoying to score on. Other then that, this file was decent.

• In general, there were some inconsistencies throughout the file especially your layering and jack usage. Also, some of the pattern transitioning choices ruined the flow of the file and your offset was wrong.

Overall: Potential file that needs some fixing and adjustments. What killed your file the most was your inconsistency.

Eclipse [Luna] (4/10)

Playtest: This file was not fun at all. Those 32nd bursts and the overuse of those note snapped notes and mini jacks were uncalled for.

• In general, the pattern transitions of the file are poorly done and needs to be redone especially those 32nd bursts. It almost felt like you were trying to purposely make this file hard and awkward without considering the leniency of patterns which is never a good idea. Also, the colour placements you have placed in your file does not flow with the song at all. It is a huge mess.

Overall: Not such a great file. The pattern usage and the random note snapping of colour notes was what killed your file the most.

Exam Cram [rCaliberGX] (6/10)

Playtest: The beginning steps were really repetitive however I really enjoyed the build-up of layering. Patterns were mostly reasonable however I also did felt like there were times then you decided to exaggerate some of those hands. That stream section also felt repetitive.

- In general, there really is nothing wrong in the editor except maybe a missing note on 36.63 and 88.85. I also noticed that you did overlayer some sections that did not require a hand to be used.
• Throughout the file, there were a lot of repetitive patterns being used especially during the beginning and stream sections.

Overall: Pretty decent file. What killed your file the most were those repetitive patterns you used in various sections in the file.

Extratone Pirates [DossarLX ODI/qqwref] (8/10)

Playtest: LOLOL this file was challenging but fun as hell. One of the first things I have noticed was that you stepped those 32nds ina way so that it would be double trill-able when played on FFR which was a really smart move.

• Nothing too noticeable especially at this BPM. I felt that some of the patterns inside the 16th stream could have done sightly better.

Overall: Pretty good and challenging file. I would definitely play this again.

Extratone Pirates [XelNya] (5/10)

Playtest: From measure 1-8, I really enjoyed the way you approached the beginning in comparsion to Dossar's chart however during m9-m16, it was underlayered which immediately made layering inconsistent. Therte were also some repetitive patternsd here and there but other then that, decent file.

- 7.37: Should be a jump.
- 7.43, 7.49, 7.55, 7.58: Ghost notes.
- 7.85-15.53: The layering and intensity of this section does not match with the beginning section on 0.17-7.37. It makes the layering and flow really inconsistent.
- 22.25-22.73: Those 32nd gallops are actually 4th jumps.
- 30.89-36.05: You could have been way more creative during this section. Just stepping those as [12]3 or 2[34] trills not only making that section repetitive and boring but it lacks variety.
- 63.53-70.13: Look at CS 30.89-36.05.
• The streaming/non-streaming sections throughout the file are missing a lot of 32nd bursts that should have been stepped. You basically completely ignore those in your file which was a bad move.
• Most patterns you placed were used over and over again throughout the file. Which makes it repetitive as hell.

Overall: There were some missing notes and a lot of repetitive sections throughout the file. File needs more variety in terms of pattern usage and layering needs to be more consistent.

Felix^3 [MarioNintendo] (6/10)

Playtest: This file was fun for the most part but as you approached the second half of the file, it started to feel awkward and less fun. I also felt like there were note misplacements as well.

- 8.31: Missing a note here.
- 8.89: Finish off the 32nds all the way to that 4th [24] double.
- 24.31: Missing a note here.
- 24.72: Like 8.33, finish off the 32nds.
- 28.69: Should be 32nds.
- 28.72: This should be a jump.
- 73.95: Should be a 32nd gallop.
- 75.97: Should be a 32nd gallop.
- 78.12: Sound is on the 16th after
- 78.39: Should be a 48th triplet.
- 78.64: Should be a 48th triplet.
- 79.06: Should be a 48th triplet.
- 81.72: Should be a 48th triplet.
- 84.69: Should be a 32nd gallop.
- 85.88: This should be an 8th note.
- 86.64: Should be a 32nd gallop.
- 87.14: Should be a 32nd gallop.
- 87.37: Should be a 48th burst.
- 88.37: Not 64ths...48ths.
- 89.04: Not 64ths...48ths.
- 89.29: Not 64ths...48ths.
- 89.70: Not 64ths...48ths.
- 90.37: Not 64ths...48ths.
- 91.04: Not 64ths...48ths.
- 91.37: Not 64ths...48ths.
- 91.70: Not 64ths...48ths.
- 92.37: NOT 64THS...48THS DAMNIT MARIO.

Overall: File was decent in general. What killed you the most were those huge amounts of misplacements near the 2nd half of the file.

Folklore of Post-Modern Man [Charu] (3/10)

Playtest: This file was ridiculously repetitive and lacked a lot of variety within the steps. I noticed a TON of copy/pasting thoughout the file which is a really big deal. I also felt like this file needed a cut.

• In general, this file is loaded with TONS of copy and paste sections. In fact, there are so many of them that it will take me a long time to note every single one. I will assume that you know which sections I am referring to. The copying and pasting also affected how extremely repetitive the file end up being. You really need to do a ton of pattern variation if I am going to bother reconsidering this file.

Overall: What killed you the most was your over usage of copy and pasting which ruined the fun factor of the chart big time since it makes it that much repetitive.

Fuse Gymnast [Kommisar] (9/10)

Playtest: This file was amazing and well-stepped. Everything flowed nice and the file was consistent the whole way.

• I don't see nothing wrong in the editor. Everything seems fine.

Overall: Excellent file! Really fun and enjoyable.

Great Battleship [hi19hi19] (8/10)

Playtest: This file was really fun and enjoyable. I really liked your jack usage and layering style. Some of the rolls felt a bit awkward to hit though.

• Nothing really wrong in the editor although that 32nd runnyingmen section on 97.98 was a bit uncalled for haha

Overall: Awesome file! I would love to play this file again.

HAELEQUIN [hi19hi19 + ilikexd] (6/10)

Playtest: This file was fun for the most fun however there were times when I felt certain sections of the file could have been done better in terms of layering and pattern approaches. Nonetheless, file was decent.

• In general, your minijack usage throughout the file makes this chart very inconsistent. There were times when mini-jacks were a bad idea to use with the different sounds playing within the song. There were also times when you would overlayer some of those double jacks to hands when really, it was not needed.

Overall: Decent file. What killed you the most was your bad usage of minijacks in comparison to what instrument was playing throughout the file.

Heterochromia Iridis [TC_Halogen + hi19hi19] (6/10)

Playtest: Holy shit...this file was so fucking challenging. I felt that some parts in this file were a little too forced like some of the mini-jacks for example. I also felt like those 64th note snapping you did were so offsetted. If you wanted to do that, just make them one 192nd later to the original note. Other then that, file was pretty decent.

- 7.49, 7.52: As much as these notes are slightly off from the 32nds, the flow isn't there when play-tested. I would just make these a 32nd burst because it is barely noticeable during gameplay especially at this BPM.
- 19.50: Uh...WHY? Just make this a 3-note 16th double trill.
- 47.75: I would just make that 192nd note, under this 8th note, a down arrow if you really wanted to approach it like that. Otherwise, I would just make this 3-note 24ths since it flows better.
- 98.20-99.27: ミ●﹏☉ミ
- 108.69-110.04: ミ☉﹏●ミ
- 118.11: Eh...not a big fan of super technically correct rolls. I would just put these as 24ths just for it to flow better.
- 122.82: Same issue as CS 19.50
• Also, every offsetted 4th note that you did should be either a 4th note or offseted a 192nd later from the 4th note so that it converts well on FFR.

Overall: Pretty decent and challenging file. There were sections that were uncalled for however I think that this would make a really hard tournament file if it gets in hehe.

I [DarkZtar] (3/10)

Playtest: This file had no fun value at all. It most felt like I was playing a dumpfile to be honest. Also, the offset felt wrong.

• Sync is wrong.
- 2.87: 32nds, not 48ths.
- 4.38: Random hand? Why?
- 16.79: Random color notes? Why?
- 21.41: Should still be 32nds playing here all the way up to 21.53. From there, it's 24ths.
- 21.98: Random 64th note? Why?
- 37.76: I'm pretty sure this section has some BPM changes in it. Probably the reason why your sync was off.
- 40.06: Random quad? Why?
- 57.62: Should be stepped as 32nds.
- 64.48: Should be stepped as 32nds.
- 64.75: Should be stepped as 32nds.
• In general, this file contains a lot of unnessarary difficulty gaps and syncing problems which needs to be fixed. This file also contains misplacements, bad transitioning of patterns, over usage of hands/quads and inconsistencies of layering.

Overall: File needs some re-adjustments and sync needs to be fixed. File being off-sync, having misplacements and several inconsistencies was what killed your file the most.

Love Hurts [Lonely Dance Mix] [mi40] (7/10)

Playtest: This file was pretty fun to an certain extent. There were times that I felt that the patterns were awkward but other then that, didn't see much of a problem playing this.

• In general, you tend to overlayer things a lot. A lot of jumps you placed should have been single notes and a lot of hands that you have placed should have been jumps. You jacking usage is also inconsistent during certain sections of the song.

Overall: Pretty decent file. What killed your file the most was that you put a lot of unnecessary jumps and hands.

Malicious Fingers [Silvuh] (6/10)

Playtest: File was fun to play but it has it's awkward moments during gameplay. I felt like some of those color notes were placed wrong and I noticed yellow note syndrome somewhere while playing this file.

- 28.42: That 64th note should be on that 16th note before.
- 30.09-30.69: This colour section does not sound right at all. You should double check this.
- 82.53: Add a note here.
- 135.78-181.23: Yellow note syndrome. This really needs to be fixed.
- 188.28: Guitar plays 16ths.
- 190.64: Guitar plays 16ths.
- 192.93: Should be 24ths until 193.08, then it goes to 16ths.
- 193.63: Guitar lands on the 16th before this note.
- 194.23: Guitar lands on the 16th before this note.
- 197.84: Guitar plays 16ths.
• There were also some patterns throughout the file that I feel could have been approached better.

Overall: Pretty decent file. What killed you the most was the yellow note syndrome and some misplacements in the file.

Paraclete [ilikexd] (9/10)
Playtest: This file was hella fun. I really enjoyed this!

- 52.24: This should just be 8ths.

Overall: Excellent file! Only thing that stopped me from getting this a 10/10 was just that I felt that some of the jump patterns with the stream could have been improved.

Prequel to the Sequel [Tidus810] (4/10)

Playtest: This file had A LOT of unnecessary skill boosts and it is annoying to play though especially since it is a long file. For long files, you really need to learn how to stay consistent with your layering and pattern usage. Also, that colour ending was totally not offsetted correctly. Other than that, file was decent.

• In general, basically what I have mentioned while I was play-testing this file. Another thing that I would add is that you tend to have a lot of awkward transitioning from one pattern to other which completely ruins the flow of the file and makes the file as a whole less fun and enjoyable. I recommend that you reduce your layering density and jacking usage.
• I also noticed that your offset got off somewhere in the end of the file. You might want to double check on that.
- 513.21-END: That offset ending was just uncalled for.

Overall: Long ass file with several mistakes that needs to be fixed. What killed your file the most was the uncalled skill boosts throughout the file and unreasonable pattern usage.

Purple Drank [Kommisar] (8/10)

Playtest: Pretty much similar to the stepmania version of the file. File was fun and enjoyable however one thing that was kinda meh was your slight over usage of the same patterns at times.

• Nothing really wrong with the editior. I just think some things could have been toned down a bit.

Overall: Fun file. I would definitely play again.

Rave 5 [YoshL] (5/10)

Playtest: This file was fun to an certain extent however I did not like the way you used your patterns throughout the file. There were obivous missing notes and misplacements in this file as well. Other then that, decent file.

- Those color notes in the beginning and end sections of the file can just be snapped to their original notes. It just does not feel right the way it is placed.
• In general, this file contains some missing notes, misplacements, unnessarary color snappings and some bad burst usage.

Overall: Potential file that needs to be fixed before I think about giving this a higher score.

Red Vector Acid Minute [pxtang] (6/10)

Playtest: This file was pretty fun to an certain extent however i did not agree with some of your pattern approaches and mini-jack usage. Other then that, pretty decent file.

- In general, there are some missing notes, a lot of inconsistent mini-jack usage, misplacements and some random layering here and there.

Overall: Pretty decent file. I would like to see this file make more nesserary changes before I give it a higher score.

Robotomy [Choofers]

I am going to [PASS] on this file just to avoid some of my biased thoughts on the file. In general, I am pretty much in agreement with what Dossar had to say about it.

Shatterscape (Bexarametric Remix) [DossarLX ODI] (7/10)

Playtest: This file was fun to an certain extent. I did not agree with some of your layering approaches.

• Nothing really wrong with the editor. I just think that layering more obvious sections of the file would have been a much better approach for a file like this.

Overall: Fun file. I can picture myself playing this again.

Sigatrev [rCaliberGX] (6/10)

Playtest: This file had a good balance of fun patterns and repetitive sections. Most of those mini-jacks in the file felt too forced and some of the patterns in general had transitioning issues. Other than that, decent file. I felt like some of those jump/hand placements could have been placed much better to maximize flow.

Editor: In general, there were ghost notes in some places in this file, pattern transitioning issues, forced mini-jacks and some bad placement choices which should have been improved.

Overall: Potential file. What killed your file the most was bad pattern choices and placing notes that either did not exist or ruined the flow of the file. This file does contain some fun factor in it so it is passable in my eyes.

The Devil Plays Dance Games (FFR Engine) [EzExZeRo7497] (7/10)

Playtest: This file was fun to a certain extent. There were sections where random difficulty spikes existed and times when bad pattern choices were made. Other then that, pretty decent file.

Editor: In general, this file does not really have that much mistakes except for the fact that you have sudden increases in difficulty during those dense jumpstream sections which can be frustrating for some people.

Overall: Good file. I would probably play this again. What killed your file the most was random difficulty spikes and making some bad pattern choices along with it.

The Party's Starting! [bmah] (7/10)

Playtest: This file was fun to a certain extent however I was not that pleased with some of those doubles you placed during those dense JS sections. It slightly ruined the flow of the file and it made it that much harder to hit it properly which bothered me a little. Other then that, pretty decent file.

• Other then the fact that there was a missing note on 25.16 and a few misplacements like on 89.90, 91.61, this file did not really have any noticeable errors. Only issue I have with this file are the difficulty spikes.

Overall: Pretty decent file. I am sure you can guess what killed your file the most hehe.

Thinking of you [I like it] (9/10)

Playtest: Holy shit, this file was hella fun. Song choice was pretty sick as well hehehe

• I noticed very slight inconsistencies in your layering but other then that, this file was badass.

Overall: Excellent file. Marry me plz.

Turbo [hi19hi19] (7/10)

Playtest: Haha this file was pretty fun. I will be honest though, I am not a big fan of those kinds of long jacks with doubles hidden in them but other then that, good jacking file.

• Nothing really wrong with the file. I just not a big fan of those double jacks inside those jacks but it did match well. I also felt like one or two of those long jacks did not match part of the beat well.

Overall: Great jacking file. This will probably turn out to be one of those files people will whore for the FC/AAA.

UBER Juice [~Zeta~]

I will [PASS] this file mainly because I am going to be extremely biased on this file seeing that I have stepped my own version of this.

Umbral Ultimatum [YoshL] (5/10)
Playtest: This file was somewhat fun. I did not like the random spikes this file contained. The patterns you use at times were totally uncalled for and needs to be made more reasonable.

• In general, pattern usage needs to be make more reasonable. There were also some ghost notes, misplacements and missing notes.

Overall: Decent file. Patterns needs to be fixed.

Visitor [glassvox]

I will [PASS] this. Just check the previous notes Silvuh and Halogen did to see if anything was fixed.

Wake Up, Gladiator [VisD] (7/10)

Playtest: This file was pretty fun to an certain extent. Offset was wrong but other then that, file is replayable.

• Offset is wrong and most of the 64th were ghost notes.

Overall: Good file.

WANDERLUST [Gradiant] (6/10)

Playtest: File was fun to an certain extent. I did not like your layering approaches though.

• In general, layering needs to be more consistent and patterns needs to be improved.

Overall: Potential file that needs some work with layering and pattern fixes.

Where's Bill [mi40] (2/10)

Playtest: This file was not very fun at all. It was incrediblely boring and there were a lot of obvious missing notes thoughout the file.

• In general, this file just needs a total makeover. A lot of misplacements, bad pattern transitioning, missing notes, inconsistent layering, random placements that does not make any sense.

Overall: Bad file. Needs a total makeover.

Winnipeg Is Fucking Over [mi40] (4/10)

Playtest: This file was not very fun at all. It dragged on a lot and the file in general was repetitive and had a lot of misplacements.

• In general, there were a lot of misplacements, bad pattern transitions, repetitive patterns that drags on too much and some missiing notes.

Overall: File needs work.

Winter Night's Journey (Through The Storm) [VisD] (5/10)

Playtest: The file was somewhat fun however it contained a lot of repetitive patterns and generic approaches of patterns that I am not a big fan of. It ruins the fun factor a lot.

• In general, a lot of repetitive patterns were used throughout this file. Layering was decent but pattern usage needs more variety.

Overall: Decent but repetitve file. I felt like you could have done much more with the file. At the moment, the file is repetitive, and not very interesting with the pattern and layering approaches.

Wraith [DarkZtar] (7/10)

Playtest: This file was pretty fun to an certain extent. There were a few obivous missing notes and I felt like you could have done more with the patterns and layering approaches.

• In general, some missing notes, and I felt like you could have done something with the way you approached some patterns. There were times where as the file was kind opf plain.

Overall: Good file. Could be better though.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


DossarLX ODI

- [5/10]
- Changed offset to -2.061 so I wasnít getting early perfects
- 33.91: 32nd burst
- 34.14: 32nd gallop going into a 16th triplet, then a 32nd triplet on 34.38
- 34.87: The 32nds are still continuing here
- 42.82: Like 33.91, it is a 5-note 32nd burst
- 43.10: See 34.14
- 43.80: See 34.87
- 50.92: This is actually a 3/32nd triplet, not 12ths
- 54.13: 5-note 32nd burst (technically 64ths, but thatís unplayable)
- 59.85: Same problem as 50.92, 3/32nd triplet
- 63.06: Same problem as 54.13, 5-note 32nd burst
- 76.03: 5-note 32nd burst (technically 64ths, but thatís unplayable)
- 77.01, 77.29: Why are these 32nd gallops? They are 5-note 32nd bursts. Technically 64ths, but thatís stupid.
- 84.96: 5-note 32nd burst (technically 64ths)
- 85.94, 86.22: Same issue as 77.01
- 90.93: Missing 32nd
- 91.49, 91.52: Missing notes. Before the bursts were being stepped as gallops, and now theyíre being stepped as triplets. This is lacking a coherent structure in the bursts.
- 91.91, 92.32: Missing 32nd
- 99.78, 100.34, 100.38, 100.76, 101.18: Missing notes
- 127.05: Earlier in the file you were stepping offsetted notes to accent the buzz sounds with jumps (e.g. 55.95), and something like that could have been done here
- 133.87: Whatís with this offsetted note?
- 132.61, 141.53: 5-note 32nd burst again (technically 64ths)
- Putting aside the burst technical errors I listed above, the burst patterning in this file is pretty bad.
- 154.93: The rhythm here isnít straight 16ths, and not having all the notes offsetted makes this wrong to play through; same thing with 163.85
- Overall this file felt like a more unorganized version of Xanthystrauma with several incomplete and misstepped bursts with bad patterns

All I Wanna Do is Touch Your Power Points
- [9/10]
- Iím going to look at the previous batch notes for this file to see what also got fixed
- 13.12: Missing 16th
- 27.025: Fixed jack, good job
- Looks like the hands are accenting the screams so theyíre passable
- 64.43: Fixed jack, good job
- 76.90: Fixed jack, good job
- 95.62: Holy shit this part is split heavy, definitely the hardest part to FC in the file
- 99.468: Snapped to 4th
- 101.06: Snapped to 64th for choppy vocal sample
- 107.455: Snapped to 64th, choppy samples here again
- 114.88: This could probably just be snapped to the 8th note; the vocal is choppy for placement here, but this is the only 64th there and it looks weird
- 126.37: This is most likely just going to convert to a jump. Recommend 4th jump here to cover the 64th gallop.
- 126.79: Fixed jack, good job
- Most of the technical issues seem to have been fixed. There might be some minor layering spots; it looks like the judges covered most of them already.

Anal Destruction Factory
- [3/10]
- 11.69: Gross, hidden 3/32nd minijacks here with the burst sandwiched in between the jumps
- 25.05: Bad pattern transition for the 32nd burst
- 27.61: Ghost 32nd note. Getting rid of this 32nd would also allow the roll to start on the 4th note, making the part less messier.
- 34.05: The hidden 3/32nd minijacks make fast bursts like these harder to hit without massive splitting
- 38.59: Ghost 32nd note
- 46.87: Hidden 3 note 8th jack. This file could also use some more attention on its pattern to prevent situations like these from happening often and improve fluency.
- 47.28: Missing 4th
- 50.55: Missing 4th
- 51.78: Whatís with the 24th gallops here when the rhythms are 16ths? I feel like Iím playing Orion.78 civilization mix here
- 55.15 and 55.29: These 32nds are ghost notes. The section before was also entirely 16ths, so this part was stepped rather bizarre.
- 62.28 sounds like a potential place to start the file for a cut. The beginning section brought up a lot of energy but it kind of just died down here.
- 77.01: The drums are starting to kick back in here, but not all of those 16ths exist. Recheck the rhythms there.
- 82.19, 86.55, etc: Same problem as 77.01
- 88.53: This 16th note creates a hidden 3/32nd minijack which is ugly to hit
- 105.51: Missing 8th to vocals
- 107.82: Hidden 5 note 8th jack, as mentioned earlier watch your patterning to prevent situations like this from occurring often. Same long hidden jack issues with with 109.73, etc
- 112.60: Yuck, this 32nd burst transition is rather nasty
- 114.51: Considering the player is already dealing with a long 8th jack here, having a 3/32nd hidden minijack trap burst right after is mean
- 121.32 and 121.87: Yuck
-132.78: Hidden 6-note 8th jack. Having 32nd bursts involved in the hidden jacks also causes for very unnatural positioning.
- 138.10: Different notes are playing here, but the same patterns are being stepped over and over
- 142.05: Ghost 8th note
- 146.83: Same issue with different notes playing but the same jumpglut patterns being repeated over and over, look for other instances of this
- 161.69: Missing 8th note
- 163.73: 32nd burst starts here, not on the 8th after. Also thereís a big long hidden 8th jack herestarting on 163.46
- 188.96: Yuck.
- 189.64: FFFFF-
- 190.87: Hidden 6-note 8th jack
- More issues after 190.87, but I think itís clear there are many patterning issues with this file and itís all over the place. Some parts having some technical issues as well; please look over the rhythms again and watch out for all the hidden 8th jacks that cause problems with the 32nd bursts.

Apocynthion Drive
- [1/10]
- The immensely heavy layering for the light percussion just feels so overdone it basically just makes the file feel dumpy. 1/3 of the file is jumps.
- It takes over 35 seconds from the start for anything interesting to happen.
- 41.55 through 43.02: Gross on the one handed positioning
- 46.22: 24th patterns are absolutely terrible, also possibility of cameljacks. 48.62 through 49.42 is an entire hidden long 8th jack inside the 24th stream, which causes for terrible transitioning issues over the fast minitrill triplets.
- 57.42: This 450 bpm speedup causes a 16th 225 BPM jumpglut to form along with making a 16th into a 32nd gallop, all one handed right after an 8th jack on the same hand
- 59.75 and 59.89: Missing 16th notes. Check for other instances of this.
- 83.84: Random forced minijack into hand. For this section it also would have been better to find the BPM the sound snaps to since it does sound like a straightforward rhythm on a different BPM, but on 225 itís a mess of 64th placements.
- Starting at 87.29 the sync starts to get weird giving me late perfects, and you made a stop at 107.19 to make up for the slight offsyncness.
- 59.95 through 155.98 the player is basically just doing a lot of 8th jumpgluts and several bursts of 225 BPM 16ths. At 162.64 thereís a sketchy 32nd interval part.
- The player proceeds to play through more 225 BPM 8th jumpgluts starting at 167.44
- 170.84: 7-note one handed trill out of nowhere
- 177.84: Rigid patterning, but manageable at 225 BPM. The density involved with the 8th jumpgluts in the 16th streams also makes for the awkward one handed positions with the hidden 8th jacks.
- 200.24 through 229.04 has nothing interesting, just more 8th jumps. Goes back to how 1/3 of this file is jumps.
- 229.04: Ridiculously split heavy
- 241.31 through 262.50: A cut can be considered for this song because the second half is where the 16th sections are. The song is already very repetitive.
- 271.03: Another sound comes in but that doesnít necessarily warrant the change of having jumps every 8th note. The drums fall on the 16th notes.
- 283.30: Disgusting
- 288.76: Down arrow here is very problematic with the burst
- 302.05: Ghost note. This is also more complex than 24ths. The sudden 24th trill is also a ~169 BPM 32nd trill.
- 307.56: There are 16ths here, but you stepped 24ths
- 314.23 is basically unplayable. The patterning at 318.50 is even worse with all those jumps involved. All the hidden 8th jacks, the fast reversing gallops, the minitrills right next to each other, etc. this is also 5 minutes into the file.
- 322.76 through 352.63: User has to proceed through another boring section after getting smacked with the 24th stream with abysmal patterning
- The second half has many more interesting sections that the first half and the 24th section at the end destroys every other section by a long shot. The difficulty spike is too extreme compared to the rest of the file and is too long into the song.
- Another problem is the sections where there are a mix of many 32nd/64ths/whatever. Those sections are at different BPMs, and using 225 throughout causes syncing issues.

Beautiful Beachfront Properties
- Own file

Before Cynthia
- [6/10]
- File starts off being placed on an 8th note instead of a 4th note, which causes each beat to start on an 8th which really doesnít look that good
- The song doesnít follow a normal 4/4 time signature in the jack sections so in spots like 21.68 the jumps land on the 12ths and 24ths, which is very unaesthetic
- 28.55: The placements of the hands are when the piano plays a different note, and the hands being stepped at the end of these 4 note jacks make no sense. Both the background and prominent piano are playing, and there are no other notes being played to warrant this sudden change (except for making it easier to get boos and/or goods)
- 60.18: The 12th before creates a 5-note jack, but the piano plays a different note here; it also plays a different note where the 4th hand is placed, so this should only be a 3 note jack like 28.55. The hand problem is evident again.
- The cut for this song is very incomplete and abrupt, and there hasnít been much offered to the player in this time. To make the chart less forced, make the jacks more accurate to the changing notes of the piano.

Black Hole
- [5/10]
- The 1337 note part was neat, but isnít worth the extra technical errors
- For the first 8 measures, a jump would suffice instead of a hand
- Missing 24ths at 44.65
- 44.85: The trills in this section do not fit. The 4th note is played, but then the three 32nd notes after are a higher note. Same thing for the 8th and 4th trills after; if this stream is going to be more accurate, there should be 3-note minitrills, not 4 note trills (especially not 4-5 note 16th jacks either because theyíre inaccurate)
- 47.05: Here a spin is stepped, but then at 47.85 a disgusting 32nd one handed runningman burst is stepped. The stream patterns in this section are also very repetitive and sometimes just straight rolls when different notes are being played (e.g. higher notes at 56.05, but itís just a straight roll).
- 47.25: 48ths, 24ths should have been stepped here
- 47.95: 48th burst
- 49.65: Also 48th notes; 24th notes should have been stepped here; it goes back to 32nds on 52.85
- 54.85: 24th notes up until 56.05
- 56.45: 48th notes (should be stepped as 24ths) up until 56.85
- 57.25: 48th notes (should be stepped as 24ths) up until 57.65
- Jump usage at the part starting in 59.65 is awkward
- 60.35: Stepping a minijack here to the 16th kick but then suddenly transitioning into minijacks at 61.65 that are also inconsistent with how the synths were stepped previously gives a very erratic feel here
- 60.95-61.15: Missing 16th notes
- 63.25: Jump placement is incorrect here and the 24ths are ghost notes. The synths are 12ths here, and the bass kicks are on 63.25, 63.52, 63.65, 63.92, and 64.05
- 64.05: More missing notes
- 64.35: In this section you have single note minijacks into jumps with a 16ths in the background but then 66.75 is stepped as a jump minijack
- 70.35: Thereís a synth on this 16th too, so this should be a jump.
- 71.95: The 5-note 16th jack here does not match the higher sound at all
- 78.45: Technically 48ths. 24ths should have been stepped, not 32nds
- 79.25: 32nds, not 24ths
- 80.38: Ghost note, sound lands on the 16th before
- 80.65: 32nds, not 24ths
- 81.25: 24ths up until the 4th on 81.65
- 90.45: For the ending 32nds to distinguish the higher notes, rearrange the 32nds that create 4-note 16th jacks
- Some parts of the file have quite repetitious patterns and the technicality could use some work.

Breakcore Ein Prosit
- [7/10]
- The 16th minijack usage in this file makes it ugly, especially at sections such as 47.17
- 44.41: Death by overlayering, these hands are overkill
- 60.55: Thatís mean
- 93.16: That hidden minijack is mean
- Removing the 16th minijacks would be a major improvement to this file

- [8/10]
- 21.92: This section couldíve had 4th jumpstream like previously at the start of the chart. It feels weird to not have the jumpstream when the kicks are blasting loud and there are full 16th streams.
- 26.17: Missing note
- 96.65: The 12ths here are ghost notes; it would be better to just step the main melody than step to a sound with sporadically changing intervals
- 98.28: The actual sound here is more complex than 3/64ths, I would recommend just keeping it at 24ths for aesthetic and making it better for the player in this section. Another alternative is to have 24ths replace the 3/64ths and then have 32nds replacing the 24ths to indicate a speedup in the sound.

- [5/10]
- 24.41: Sound is on the 8th before (24.34)
- 39.75 you had a jump but at 46.33 there is only a single note
- The beginning is excessively repetitive so I recommend providing more pattern variety
- 73.25, 74.07: Everyone is just going to hit this as 24ths. The mix of 3/64ths and 16ths switching back and forth from the piano and the light cymbals plays awkwardly.
- 75.51: The 3/64th swing should stop being stepped here, thereís only 16ths starting from that point
- 78.90: These are begging to be hit as 32nds instead of 48th gallops
- 84.14: The sudden switching from the piano to the light cymbals (resulting from 16ths to 3/64ths, etc) is really hard to follow, and since 3/64ths are between 16ths and 24ths itís hard for the player to determine if it is supposed to be hit as swing or not; the player would have to use judgment from how the notes were placed after conversion
- 105.30: This has eclipse syndrome where there are a lot of up/down and down/up gallops that will be hit as jumps from the player and itís very messy to hit
- 107.77: 24th gallops here, not 16ths.
- 108.93: Missing 24th
- 109.34: Missing 24th gallop. Also in this section of the file, it should just be all 24th gallops because the sound being stepped as 24ths also happens wherever there are 3/64ths, and the sudden switching from the synth to the light cymbals is not appropriate. (109.34 through 130.16 should just be 24th gallops) The switching back and forth also has missing notes to the light cymbals (e.g. missing 3/64ths at 110.57 and 110.77, Iím not going to list all of them) which makes this section erratic to play through as well, check for any other missing 24ths. The difference between a 3/64th and a 24th at this speed is less than 10 miliseconds and will be better for the player.
- 130.92, 132.56: The main focus in this part is the 16th snare; stepping fragments of the 24th gallops doesnít do this part any justice. Either just step the 16th snare or leave out the 24ths
- 134.27, 135.92, 137.56, 140.85, 142.49, 144.14, 147.42, etc.: Missing jumps
- 158.11: Major difficulty spike that is incredibly split heavy
- 163.04: Same problem as 84.14 Ė the player will be deciding to hit 16ths or 24th gallops depending if the patterns are one handed or more spread out (in the case of one handed patterns, hitting 16ths is more likely)
- 184.41: Placing the 8th jumps as a jack limits availability of patterns for the polyrhythms, making this part very awkward. It is begging to be hit as 32nd bursts; the actual keytaps involved in hitting this part properly sound very erratic, they are a mix of fast gallops that donít match the feel of the song itself.
- The last few notes can use recoloring

- [5/10]
- Technically this is more accurate than Tearís Disregard that had more ghost notes, but the patterns in this one are worse to hit properly. The player is literally just doing a bunch of back-and-forth gallops on each hand in these streams, which also brings me to the point of how the streams are the same patterns repeated over and over again. The streams are incredibly lackluster with the little diversity.
- The file doesnít offer anything outside of the 16th streams except for repetitive 300 BPM 8th jumpstream, most with a jump on every 4th note. The first 30 seconds of the file gives most of the difficulty, and considering how short this song is half the file isnít even FMO difficulty and is very generic and boring.
- 35.08: Ghost note
- 60.28: Ghost note
- 66.68: Ghost note

Don't Be Quiet!?
- [3/10]
- Changed offset to -1.650 since -1.670 was giving me early perfects
- In the beginning, going from minitrill triplets to spread out triplets is erratic
- 18.76: All of a sudden the percussion gets layered in (there are also missing notes to the snare in this case)
- The color usage in the middle of the 330 BPM sections is incredibly obnoxious
- Before you were stepping jumptrills, now there are minijack jumps
- 40.58, 44.03: Minijack problem again; the layered vocals and bass kicks were being stepped as jumptrills, now there are minijacks again
- 57.67: There are inconsistencies with the jack and minijack usage throughout this file. This jack for instance should only be 4 notes long, and then different length jacks are stepped for the same sounds after
- 91.58: Thereís a hidden up minijack here involving the 24th burst and the color notes right after make this part even more obnoxious to play
- 118.94: 32nd triplets, not 24ths
- 122.40: The transition from the one handed trill into this jumpglut is awful
- 131.67: There are several missing jumps in this speedup section. It looks like the jumps here are trying to layer the bass kicks and the static-like melody.
- 135.85: All of a sudden minijacks are introduced and are placed arbitrarily, also causing more jumpjack issues
- 147.12: The 8th jumpstream here suddenly switches to stepping all the bass kicks as jumps which causes even more problems with the 24th bursts. 157.49 and 158.49 are ugly (at 157.49 the jumptrill starts on a different color, making it harder to read and thereís also a hidden 16th minijack inside the roll so anyone who starts it as an actual roll will fall behind)
- 164.58: Suddenly the bass kicks stop getting layered
- 170.40: The jump usage here makes no sense. Fragments of the bass kicks are being layered and the same static-like melody is still going on.
- This file needs to have its layering layout restructured; most of the difficulty of the file comes from sudden 24th bursts in the speedup sections that have hidden minijacks in the transitions

Eclipse (Luna)
- [4/10] , [<]
- The 32nd burst patterns, excessive minijack usage, and overuse of colors are obnoxious. The file for this song that was already accepted in a previous batch is better.

Exam Cram
- [6/10]
- 36.63: Missing note
- 50.58: Disgusting
- The overlayering in this file is grossÖ such light percussion is being layered as hands with the other light-sounding sounds, and it makes the 32nd streams anti-climactic
- 66.33: Watch the jack usage here Ė itís not entirely accurate since the sounds are each at different pitches
- 88.85: Missing note
- 89.05: The patterns were decent up to this point, but then the repeating 432132432132 layout ruined the streams

Extratone Pirates - DossarLX ODI and qqwref
- Own file

Extratone Pirates - Xx{Midnight}xX
- [PASS], canít judge this due to bias on my submission

- [6/10]
- 8.33, 24.33: Missing note
- 15.39: This 64th is too far off from the whoosing sound, a 32nd sounds better
- 20.06: Same thing as 15.39; and considering the fact that this song is 180 BPM on the dot (special case), all 64ths placed at a 4th or 8th will convert to either zero or one frame apart.
- 20.28: Seriously? This is most likely going to create a cameljack
- 8.91, 24.74: Only half of the 32nd burst is stepped
- 28.71: Like the 64th gallops earlier, this interval is too fast for the whoosh sound; a 32nd works better here
- 28.74: This should be a jump
- 73.99, 75.99: There should just be a 32nd gallop here to cover the whoosh sound
- 78.14: Sound is on the 16th after
- 78.41: Sounds like thereís a 48th triplet burst here
- 78.66: 64th triplet is too fast, the burst is a 48th triplet
- 79.08: 48th triplet
- 81.74: This is just a 48th burst
- 84.71: 32nd gallop works better for the whoosh sound
- 85.90: What is this offsetted note emphasizing? This should just be on the 8th note
- 86.66, 87.16: Same thing as 84.71, 32nd gallops work better for the whoosh sound in these sections
- 87.39: This is just a 48th burst
- 88.39, 89.06, 89.31, 89.72, 90.39, 91.06, 91.39, 91.72, 92.39: 64ths are too fast, theyíre 48ths
- 91.12: Ghost note, this burst is just a 48th triplet
- Overall the file was decent, but in the second half the mix of 48ths with the 32nds were not only wrong but also weird to play through. Fix the cameljack in the 32nd part I mentioned, the 64th triplets, and the other technical things I pointed out, and this can be a solid file.

Folklore of Post-Modern Man
- [4/10]
- 18.11, 18.69, 18.76: Missing 16th notes
- 19.28, 22.28, 22.87, 22.93: More missing 16th notes
- 19.83: Ghost note, missing 32nd on 19.96
- 20.45: Ghost note
- 24.01, 24.63: Ghost notes again. The copy/paste here is evident with these same exact errors appearing again and again.
- The above errors I mentioned proceed to happen until 32.91
- 33.43 actually sounds like a nice place to start the song instead of where it currently starts at; the first 30 seconds donít have much to offer and the first 16 seconds donít hold much interest
- This file as a whole is extremely repetitive, and the copy/paste is evident with how many of the same patterns are repeating along with the same errors.
- 64.72: Rhythm here is more complex than whatís currently stepped, but the low BPM limits what intervals can be used
- 80.63, 84.80, 97.32, etc.: Missing 5-note 32nd burst. Since these sections are very dry and repetitive, more pattern variation would be nice Ė the copy and paste hurts the file immensely
- 108.54: The 16ths running in the background could be stepped while still keeping these jumps
- 132.54: 3/16ths are too fast here, 5/24ths are the actual rhythm (starts on the 4th at 132.54, ends on the 8th at 133.19)
- 149.24: Same problem as 132.54
- 150.28: In this half-BPM section there are some other things happening outside of the vocals, but you decided to step just the vocals. The player was already following the vocals in an earlier part and repeating it again here just increases the repetitiveness of the file.
- 168.80 Missing 5-note 32nd burst and missing note on 169.00
- Iím not going to continue listing any more missing notes. I will say that the layering structure is simple and easy to follow in this file, but it is incredibly dry and repetitive with excessive copy/paste and can use much more pattern variation. The player is doing a lot of jumptrills with how the file is stepped, and it doesnít have many interesting things to offer to the player. The file could also benefit from a cut considering how repetitive this song is
- 233.78: This part can be structured so that rather than have the hands, the jumps can be stepped in a higher column

Fuse Gymnast
- [8/10]
- The heavy jack usage feels dumpy considering how light this song sounds, but itís a solid file.

[b]Great Battleship
- [8/10]
- Some roll-type patterns were a bit awkward
- 98.00: These must have been the one handed 32nd runningmen you mentioned in your post. Fix this please.
- 102.50: Hidden 3-note jack doesnít fit here and makes leaving the 32nd stream transition harder

- [6/10]
- 16.75: This should be a 3-note 16th jack if itís supposed to be going to the bass kicks; stepping minijack fragments doesnít represent the parts well
- 19.80: Missing jump. Also at 19.63 a minijack wasnít stepped but at 16.75 a minijack was stepped to the bass kick. Stick with the non-minijack patterning.
- 22.50: This should be like 19.63; the piano is doing straight 16ths and the layering would work out. The beginning of this file is rather erratic considering how only fragments of each element are being stepped.
- 26.81: Considering how prominent the bells are here, this minijack takes the focus off the bells and forces the player to focus more on the minijack
- 28.25: The kicks shouldnít be stepped as minijacks, itís causing problems with consistency in the file
- 31.93: Personally starting the high note of the bells on the same column that the bass kicks were in right before doesnít feel right. But the bigger problem is that the minijack into 8ths on 31.21 puts more of a focus on the bass kicks and the bells are stepped at a lower pitch
- 44.42: The minijack problem keeps coming back. On 44.42 there is a note that lands on the melody, but then the minijack forces more of a focus on the bass kick.
- 54.92, 59.24: These 16th notes are hard to hear considering they form minijacks
- After this the 16th minijack usage gets heavier and makes forced jumpglut sections
- 97.95: Triplets would represent the song better here than the minijacks
- 128.80: The fast gallop sound here is a product of the piano player splitting a note by accident. There should only be one note here. 130.04 is a ghost note; there should only be the 16th on 130.01 instead of the two 64th notes here. Some of the other placements look sketchy but it looks close enough.

Heterochromia Iridis
- [6/10]
- What ruined this file was the excessive usage of 16th minijacks. If all of those were changed to single notes and/or jumptrill type patterns, this would make an amazing file. The bursts were passable.
- 7.41: This should just be a 32nd burst. The last two notes do sound just slightly off from 32nds, but they are not an entire 64th off
- 19.52, : The 16th minijacks are incredibly forced, a 16th jump minitrill is better
- 8.37, 10.76, 40.92, 45.23, 55.72, 124.60, 127.16, etc.: This being offsetted as a 64th is quite a lot Ė for the offsetted colors, they should be snapped to the original sound placements (in this case, the 4th note) instead of taking converter chances
- 34.32: This is really stupid, the excessive minijack usage is killing this file
- 47.75: Hopefully this doesnít convert to 1 frame apart
- 90.66: This part was manageable in stepmania but in FFR the split-heavy nature of it is insane
- 97.68: These 24ths are barely audible; only at 98.08 do they become noticeable
- 98.67: Disgusting; in stepmania it was manageable, but on FFR itís incredibly split heavy
- 99.18: Hitting this 48th gallop could be ok in stepmania, but in FFR if this gets converted to zero frames apart, thatís going to be quite horrendous
- 102.20: Gross
- 108.98 is disgusting; reminds me of Winter Wind Etudeís ending but with jumps involved
- 118.11: This sounds between 48ths and 32nds; this part has a good possibility of making another Tageri-type cameljack into hand
- 125.75: Ghost note, sound lands on the 16th before
- This file was ok to play in Stepmania, but in FFR, the combination of the fast jump minijacks with the 48th gallop combinations were terrible to play through. The structure is there, but the execution of the file needs work.

- [3/10]
- Judging with -0.660 offset because -0.680 was giving me early perfects. Later in the file the changed offset gave me late perfects, so the sync in this file is questionable.
- 2.87: 64th bursts in this section (should have been stepped as 32nds), not 48ths.
- 17.01: Random color notes when the piano is just two 64th gallops starting on the 8th and 16th notes (17.06 and 17.20)
- 17.62: This note was placed too early
- 21.41: The 32nds are still continuing here. 21.53 is when the 24ths start
- 21.98: The sound is 12ths. This 64th is nonsense; the 12th after is the same sound
- 37.76: This part is awful. At 240 BPM there are a few guaranteed zero-frame 32nds at this speed. At 38.03, the sound is much more complex than just 32nds; it is slower than 32nds in fact.
- Had to change offset back to -0.680 since the sync is a little off in this file
- 57.26: Technically 64ths. This has the same problem as the 48th bursts in 2.87; 32nds should have been stepped here
- 64.48, 64.75: Again, 64ths and not 48ths. 32nd bursts should have been stepped here.
- 66.15, 66.23: Ghost notes. There is a 16th on 66.13
- 69.80, 69.89: Whatís with the 12th ghost notes? There are 16ths here.
- Now that I mention it, the 3-note 24th burst also happens at 53.99 (which is just a 16th triplet). The 12th on 49.44 lands on the sound, but the 12ths after are wrong. There are 16th notes on 49.56 and 49.69
71.79: Same problem as 57.26; the burst starting on 72.04 goes through to the 4th on 72.30 (should be stepped as 32nds instead of 64ths, 48ths are technically wrong)
- 80.06, 80.16, 83.29, 83.40: Missing notes. There are others that I donít want to list; recheck the sections after this
- It takes almost 80 seconds until the player finally reaches the Revolutionary Etude section with 32nd split-handed and trap bursts at 280 BPM
- 104.03: The handspam here is overkill and the overemphasizing makes it anti-climactic
- 118.51: Because the sync is weird, this offsetted note that should have been an 8th is stepped slightly after to compensate for the sync. The jump right after is earlier than the sound.
- 120.74: Revolutionary Etudeís infamous anchor, starting with a 32nd burst
- 126.94: Unplayable
- 152.69: At least the 32nd bursts could have been stepped so it indicates a change in the burstís pitch (e.g. 1243124321342134), split handed trills arenít necessary here
- The file switches back and forth from reasonably difficult to absurd 32nd spikes, making for an awful difficulty spread in the file and several unplayable parts. Redo the 8th jack sections with the 32nd bursts so the difficulty spikes arenít as tremendous.

Love Hurts [Lonely Dance Mix]
- [6/10]
- Considering how loud and high the sound is, the first note should be stepped on the right arrow
- 33.57: Unnecessary hands
- 34.07: In this jack section, where the jacks end there are 16th triplets (e.g. 34.57, 34.94, etc.)
- 41.57: The melody only lands on the 8ths here and this shouldnít be a split-jump trill
- 42.94, 43.94, etc.: There shouldnít be jumps on the last 8th notes of the measures, there is only one sound there
- 48.19, 49.19, 49.82, 49.94: This should be a single note
- 50.94, 51.94, etc.: Same issue as 42.94. There is a clock-like sound in the background too, but that just happens to be a sound that falls there and it doesnít follow the layering layout that was established earlier.
- 56.19, 56.82, 56.94, 57.19, 57.82, 57.94: Should be single notes
- 65.57: Only one sound, this jack should only be single notes
- 66.07: The problems at 42.94 are found again (basically there are a lot of extra jumps that shouldnít be here). Noticeable copy and paste from the same layering errors.
- 85.44: The switching back and forth between jumptrills and jacks is inconsistent and erratic
- 90.00: Missing 16th. At 89.57 the sudden switch from all jumps to this is very erratic when both sounds are still going there
- 105.19: This trill is out of place considering everything before it was diverse stream patterns
- Like 33.57, more unnecessary hands. 97.57 is the same sound but is stepped as jumps.
- Most of the errors in this file have to do with extra hands and jumps and some inconsistent jack usage. The ending jumpstream is a lot more rigid in patterning than the previous ones, but itís passable.

Malicious Fingers
- [6/10]
- Jumps in the beginning would suffice
- 28.42: Sound is on the 16th before
- 30.41: 64th gallops here are way too fast. The problem is that such a low BPM used gives almost no room for more complex rhythms, so more color notes are involved here and the 64th gallop doesnít match.
- 82.53: Missing note
- 135.78: Yellow note syndrome. When the BPM changes back to 200, all the 4th notes lie on the 8th placements and it is unaesthetic. The file snapped back to normal placements at 181.23 however, so at least it wasnít the rest of the file.
- 168.93: The jumpstream here has a lot of roll-type patterns that are easy to hit lazily, but hard to hit properly.
- 188.28: The guitar here is actually 16ths. There should be notes on the 16ths at 188.36 and 188.51 instead of 12ths and 24ths
- 190.64: Again, the guitar here is only 16ths. There should be an 8th on 190.68, at 16th on 190.91, and an 8th on 190.98
- 192.93: 24ths until the 8th note on 193.08, then it goes to 16ths.
- 193.63, 194.23: The guitar sound lands on the 16th before
- 197.84: The guitar here is just 16ths

- [9/10]
- 52.29: This part is just 8ths
- 113.26, 113.83: The streams play really well but these hidden 3-note 8th jacks interrupted the flow

Prequel to the Sequel
- [4/10]
- The heavy density in the beginning when the song is just start is very anti-climactic
- 29.85, 34.65, 44.25, 49.05, 53.85, 55.95, 58.35, etc.: Missing notes to the double bass pedal.
- 88.91: Random 32nd one handed triplet
- 91.99, 95.97: Ghost note
- 93.06: Whatís with these BPM changes?
- 97.24: Having jumpjacks here is incredibly forced and severely limits the scope of this section. There are vocals and drums to take advantage of. The BPM changes that create the 12ths in between are not necessary because the song snaps itself back into position.
- 124.91: The jumpjacks before this part of the file ruin the transition into it. The guitar here is also powerful and thereís a double pass pedal playing, but itís only single note jacks now. The layering is inconsistent and the jump accenting before lost its effect.
- 138.98: You were stepping the guitar as 16th jacks. The drums shouldnít be jacks here, especially with the 24ths right after. Just because itís at a doable speed does not warrant the sudden change back and forth from singles notes to jacks.
- 147.23: Missing note
- 155.60: It looks like youíre layering in the vocals here. This jump should be on the 12th after.
- 157.52, 157.98: Missing jump
- 170.29: Vocal is on the 8th after (misplaced jump)
- 179.70: These color notes are off. The bass guitar is just 24ths starting on the 12th at 179.74
- 205.02: Having single note 16th stream here is bland
- 212.52, 216.27, : Having the jacks on the same arrow right next to each other can cause serious problems if the player happens to fall behind on a transition; I recommend breaking these up so they arenít all in the same column right next to each other
- 220.02: The guitar here allows for more interesting layering than what is currently here
- 242.52: 4 minutes into the file (halfway point) and Iím encountering more heavily layered jumpgluts. There was already enough of this in the beginning and if the player is going to keep interest the heavy layering needs to get cut down.
- 246.02: This should be a jump
- 258.02: Entering this section considering how dense the layering is itís hard to follow what you were trying to get at. 261.52 should be a jump. Shouldnít 260.02, 260.52, 263.52, 264.02, etc. also be hands from the cymbals being included with the guitar and bass pedal?
- 282.77, 290.77: Watch out for sudden one handed spikes like these
- 283.52 is a jumpglut spam and rather than having that you can do something such as layer the vocals.
- 298.42: This minijack is around the speed of a 80 BPM 48th (240 BPM 16th), but slightly slower. This is not something you want to happen to the player 5 minutes into the file. Same goes for 309.69
- 351.35, 351.68, 352.80, 353.12: Why are these jumps offsetted? Itís just 12th swing
- 391.74: Missing jump
- 402.74: The player is almost 7 minutes into the file. This 32nd trill into the hand is a bad difficulty spike.
- 407.54: Random one handed 32nd trill out of nowhere, another bad difficulty spike.
- 409.94: The minijack/jack usage for these 32nds needs to be cut down.
- 416.23: This section is very plain with single note stream. Layering in the vocals would be an alternative.
- 464.84: 32nd gallop
- The ending is offsync and the color offsetting is obnoxious. The player has gone through 8 minutes of the song to be bombarded with an offsync ending.
- Song cuts abruptly at the end
- I recommend cutting down the jack usage or splitting up the jacks more, reduce the density of the layering since itís very heavy throughout the file (even in the beginning when the song is just starting), get rid of the sudden fast minijack difficulty spikes, and redo the color ending.

Purple Drank
- [7/10]
- 16.29: Overemphasized hands
- 53.01: This transition spike is gross especially considering the 8th jump right after the 32nd gallop
- 118.06: Very split heavy
- 127.56: That hidden 3/32nd minijack really bugs me
- The layering in this file is passable but some parts could be toned down a little bit. More pattern diversity could also be used since I saw a lot of similar patterns (possibly copy and paste). Fix up the split roll sections so the spikes arenít as extreme as well; if you want to indicate a change in the 32nds, going from 1234 to 2143 is an example of an alternative.

Rave 5
- [5/10]
- For the beginning, the sounds can be snapped to the 8ths and 16ths (most of them are just slightly offsetted and they do snap rather nicely to the standard colors)
- 24.52: Sound lands on the 32nd before
- 28.39: Sound lands on the 16th before
- 31.84, 31.99, 34.24, 34.39, 43.53, 52.52, : These are just 16ths
- 65.62: This 8th note starts on a different pitch, so this minijack is wrong
- 81.14, 81.63: Missing note
- 92.63: 32nd note
- 97.26: This is just a 32nd burst
- 99.24: Sound lands a little bit before this 32nd note
- 109.40: Same issue with 65.62
- 128.01: This is just an 8th note
- 132.04, 132.64: These are 32nd bursts
- 135.64, 138.04, 140.44, 145.23, 147.63, 150.03: Like 97.26, this is just a 32nd burst
- 139.06: It looks like what you were trying to step was the 32nd gallop here starting on the 32nd at 139.05
- 143.80: The offsetting doesnít give much here; the sound is on the 16th
- 151.23, 151.83: Like 132.04, these are just 32nd bursts
- 166.45: This is ugly Ė 3-note 3/32nd jack into an 8th jack. This part has a slight resemblance to the part in grind2 that does this.
- 169.10: Sound lands on the 8th before
- 175.37: This is very ugly on FFR
- 176.21: This is a hidden fast minijack on the down arrow
- 182.34: Missing note
- 191.64: Ugly on FFR
- 193.60: Sound lands on the 16th before
- The ending can also be snapped to 4ths/8ths/16ths instead of the offsetted color usage like in the beginning
- A lot of the burst patterns could use some work and this is another file that would benefit immensely from removing the sudden fast minijacks

Red Vector Acid Minute
- [5/10]
- 2.64: Four note 48th burst starting on the 16th note. (Fixed)
- There should be a 16th on 4.29 instead of the offsetted color note right after. Missing note on 4.50 (Not fixed)
- 4.60: This is just a four note 32nd transition, no colors needed. (Fixed)
- 2.43: Missing note
- 3.05: Missing note
- 6.05: Noticeable burst missed here
- 7.45: Missing note. These become arbitrary at this point though, so Iíll just focus more on what has been stepped
- 8.05: This should be a 32nd note. (Fixed)
- 10.39: 114.98 BPM slowdown causes yellow note syndrome. 11.02 should have started on a 4th note, but the slowdown offsetted everything after by a 16th.
- 12.67: Hand is overkill
- 14.02 and 15.05: These minijacks donít make sense. (Fixed)
- 15.57: This is quite a dense spike
- 15.98: Shouldnít be jumps, the jumps are mainly going to the snare and this is just a soft cymbal
- 18.05: A jump to accent the burst here would be better; in its current state this part is just two odd jump gallops
- 20.71: Should be the 32nd, not the 12th note
- 21.28: 64th doesnít fit here, a 48th sounds and works better here
- 21.36: Hand overemphasizing issue. The hands in this file arenít warranted
- 23.64: The two notes right before are the same sound, so the minijack doesnít make sense here
- After this point, more minijacks and jacks come into view. A lot of them are stepped inconsistently as well (for instance, 26.12 isnít stepped as a minijack but 27.77 is for the same soft cymbal sound, and this occurs in several other areas). Minijacks such as 31.08 donít follow any kind of structure since those sounds occur before and also arenít stepped as minijacks.
- 35.01: Should be 12th intervals (but with the 16th offset issue it becomes 16ths with 48ths, yuck). The color usage here is unnecessary.
- 36.23 through 36.81: The sound lands on the (offsetted) 16th notes. Itís just 8th intervals here.
- 38.95: Minijack problem occurs again, more stepping inconsistencies at 39.26 as well
- 40.19: Random jump
- 40.60: Many forced minijacks from this point on. The same sounds are getting stepped as a mix of normal single note stream and then minijacks/jacks lacking a coherent structure
- 43.29, 44.94, etc.: Layering in these sounds make the jumps involving the snares feel awkward, giving the file an ambiguous layout
- 49.68: This might turn into a zero frame gallop and the whoosh sound lands nicely on the 32nd.
- 51.69: Random hand
- This mustíve borrowed the sync skeleton from the stepmania file because the ending has the 1160 BPM speedups which arenít necessary. Get rid of the ludicrous BPM increase here.
- Also look at Silvuhís notes. The minijack and jack layouts along with the ambiguous changes to layering different sounds also makes this file lacking in coherent structure. Itís an improvement from the previous submission but still has a long way to go. Some of the burst patterns were also poor.

- [1/10]

For clarification, I had to set the offset in the file to -0.020 because the original offset was giving me early perfects. I also doubled the bpm to 254 to make notes easier to follow (e.g. 5/64ths instead of 5/128ths)

52.72: Missing note
57.21: 5-note 16th burst
57.82: Offsetted note, should just be on the 8th
59.92: There's a 5/64th thing going on here, but whatís currently stepped is decent enough
61.83: Sound is on the 8th
67.84: 5-note 16th burst sound missed
71.20 and 71.32: Missing 16th notes
73.17: Just step the 8th note. 73.48 is too early; sound is on the 4th
73.82: Sound falls on the 16th note
73.86: 32nds, not 24ths
75.87: This offsetting scheme is ridiculous. Just step the 4th and 8th notes; same thing with 76.46.
82.13: Missing note
82.44: Missing note
88.50: Offsetted note
90.18: Sound lands on the 8th note
90.39 and 90.45: Missing notes
94.51: Sound snaps better to the 32nd
94.41, 94.65, 94.90: Offsetted notes
95.12: Five-note 16th burst starting on the 8th note
95.89: Missing note
95.59, 95.72: Offsetted notes
96.08: Offsetted note
96.18: 32nd burst, not a color mess burst
96.65: There are no 12ths or 24ths here. 96.89 there's an interesting 48th gallop thing going on, but everyone is either going to jumptrill it or hit as a 32nd roll. Just step 32nds here.
97.74, 98.68: Offsetted notes
98.25: 16th note here, but itís faint
100.51, 100.62: Sounds land on the 16th notes
103.56: Missing note
103.62: 32nd burst, not a 24th burst
104.11, 104.32, 107.71: Offsetted notes
107.82: It is an 8-note 32nd burst starting on this 16th note.
108.94: 32nd triplet burst with a 5-note 32nd burst on the 8th note right after it.
109.36: Offsetted note. 7-note 32nd burst starting on the 16th at 109.47, no 24ths there.
109.76: The sound is slightly earlier than this 8th note
110.92: This part is very complex, but the 32nds are incorrect. Starting on 110.91 (the 12th) the sound closely resembles a 24th burst up to 111.14 (the 8th jump at 111.18 is a ghost note). 111.67, whatís offsetted as a 48th is a sound on the 8th note.
112.95: 16th notes. 7-note 32nd burst starting on the 16th at 113.25
114.90: 7-note 32nd burst starting on the 16th at 114.90, 115.16 is also misplaced (sound is on the 16th before)
115.37: Ghost note
116.62: Offsetted note
116.85: 32nd triplet, not a 24th burst. The 12th on 117.05 should be a 16th note
120.28: These are the placements for the high pitched sound: 120.28, 120.36, 120.45, 120.51, 120.60, 120.69, 120.84, 120.93. All of these are placements involving 16th and 32nd placements, no 12ths involved.
121.36: Offsetted note
125.98: Ghost 32nd note. Missing 32nd note on 126.21
129.14, 129.33: Offsetted notes
130.55: 5-note 16th burst starting on the 8th note. Offsetted note on 131.04
131.88: Weird one handed minitrill thatís also wrong. Thereís a 16th on 131.91, 8th on 131.97, and a 12th on 132.01
148.29, 148.76, 148.99, 149.93: Offsetted notes, inconsistent intervals again
151.22: This part is 5/64ths. The 16ths at 151.52, 151.99, etc. are stepped correctly, but the parts in between are a 12th going into a 32nd which is not what the actual rhythm is.
153.23: 5/64ths are the correct rhythm here, ending on 153.52 (16th note)
153.60: This burst section is wrong. The sound starts on 153.58 (4th note), then there are 24ths starting at the 12th on 153.66 ending on the 4th at 153.82
154.42: Offsetted note, sound lands on the 8th
154.87, 154.93: Offsetted notes. This is just a 16th triplet starting on the 8th note
155.00: Again, the rhythm for this is 5/64ths. Thereís an incorrect mix of 12ths and 32nds (155.07 is another offsetted note)
156.42: Again, 5/64ths. It is 5-note bursts in these parts. Same thing for 156.89 through 159.56
159.70: See this picture. Itís another 5/64th thing going on
160.67: See this picture.
162.26: See this picture.
163.50: 5-note 5/64th burst starting from the 4th note and ending on the 16th at 163.80
163.98: Misstepped again; the sound starts on the 32nd at 163.95, then there is a 5/64th thing going on at 164.02. There is another 5-note 5/64th burst at 164.45
164.80: Sound is slower than 16ths. Recheck this part.
166.34: 5/64ths again here, although thereís another sound at 166.60 this time
166.81, etc.: 5/64ths
168.80: Sound lands on 168.78 (the 12th), not the 48th. Itís also a 24th burst from 168.78 to 168.94
169.37: See this picture.
170.12: 5/64ths again. Same thing with 172.48, 173.90, etc.
171.54: 5/64ths
174.37: 5-note 5/64th burst, then 16ths until 174.96
175.77: Sound lands on the 24th before, not on the 48th
175.87: 5-note 24th burst starting on this 12th note. 176.05 is a ghost note.
176.22: There are no 12ths or 24ths here, just 16ths. 176.56 is a ghost note.
176.73: This part is 24ths, not a mix of 32nds and 12ths. The 24ths last from 176.81 to 177.21, which is then 32nds
177.44: 16th triplet starting on the 4th note
177.52: Ghost note
178.46, 178.58: Missing notes. Thereís a 5-note 5/64th burst starting on the 4th at 178.62
179.57: Anoter 5-note 5/64th burst. The sound after also starts on the 32nd at 180.01; the sound is slower than 16ths here too.
180.59: 5-note 24th burst starting on this 12th note.
181.61: Missing note
183.11: This is an entire section thatís empty and thereís a lot going on here. See this picture.
185.26: This part is ridiculously complex in its actual rhythms. It is messy here, and what you currently have in the file doesnít match it.
189.02: 16ths work just fine here instead of 24th swing. There are also a lot of sounds missed before this section.
189.96: This area is also sketchy
191.05: Sound is on the 8th. Same with 191.28
191.61: 32nd triplet
192.59: Sound lands on the 4th note.
193.15: Very understepped considering how much is going on here
194.80, 194.93, 195.35: Unnecessary offsetted notes. Missing note at 195.60
196.02: This part is very misstepped. Thereís a 48th on 196.00, a 5-note 24th burst starting on 196.12 and ending on 196.28, which leads into 16ths on 196.34
198.47: Again, 16ths sound and play better here.
198.88: Offsetted color note, it's just a 16th placement. This section also has a lot of unnecessary offsetted placements.
199.37: What you stepped is faster than the actual sound
200.30: 32nd triplet, not a 48th gallop
200.49, 200.59, 200.73, 200.95: Offsetted notes again
201.15: Ghost note
201.30: 7 note 32nd burst, no 48th gallops here
201.91: Random offsetted note
204.08: Missing note
204.13: The sound falls more nicely on the 16th notes
205.05: Ghost note
205.79: Very complex rhythms here
206.40: Another offsetted color note
206.97: 7-note 32nd burst starting on the 4th, then a 32nd triplet at 207.21 on the 4th note
207.50, 207.62: Missing note
209.15: Missing note. 4-note 32nd burst on 209.45
210.34: Missing note
211.26, 211.36: Missing note
211.69: 16ths sound better here
212.52: Misstepped trill. 32nd burst at 212.64
214.29, 214.59, 214.71: 32nd triplets, no 24ths here
215.24: 24ths are ghost notes, there are 16ths on 215.30 and 215.41
216.18: This is just a 16th burst
218.43: 4-note 32nd burst. 5-note 32nd burst on 218.57
219.25: There is an entire 16th section here you missed. Look at this picture.
221.32, 221.44, 221.67, 221.79: Missing 16th notes
221.85: No 24ths here. Itís a 32nd triplet going into 16ths that end on 222.09
224.36: Offsetted note, sound lands on 8th
225.21: Offsetted note here but you have a 16th on 225.69. In fact, these two bursts are the same sound, but stepped differently.
226.54: Another offsetted note. Sound lands on the 16th before.
227.44: 12ths are too slow here, the rhythm starts at the 32nd on 227.43, then proceeds to be a 5/64th triplet ending on the 16th at 227.58
227.76: This is also a 5/64th triplet
227.99: 5-note 24th burst, 228.19 is a ghost note
229.33: Same issue as 227.44
229.65: 5/64th triplet
229.88: Same issue as 227.99
The above 6 errors continue for this section.
234.67: Sound is on the 12th after, not the 16th
234.76: Ghost note
235.32: This part is sketchy. A 5-note 5/64th burst starting on the 4th at 235.32 works better, then at 235.55 there's a 16th triplet with a 32nd at 235.70
236.08: There is a 24th triplet starting on the 24th at 236.06 going into 16ths.
236.76, 236.87: Missing note. Offsetted note on 236.92
238.03: What's currently stepped here is too fast compared to the actual sound.
238.31: 5/64th triplet starting on the 32nd at 238.30
239.21: Missing note
240.34, 240.81: Same problem as 236.08
241.49: Missing note
241.64: Offsetted note
242.08: Missing note
242.32: 32nds on 242.31, 242.37, then a 32nd gallop on 242.43. It looks like you tried to cover these gallops with jumps in this section. Missing 32nd on 242.90
243.44: This would just convert to a jump and is also not going to anything; the sound is on the 12th
244.29: Ghost note, sound lands on the 32nd at 244.32
244.49: Way off, sound falls on the 8th at 244.41
244.68: Missing note
244.85: Sound does land on the 32nd here, but it's faster than a 16th gallop interval
245.47: Ghost note (and also a jump)
245.47: Ghost note. The sound is a 32nd gallop starting on 245.50
245.83: 3/32nd triplet starting on this 8th note. Recheck this section as well because it is very much off from the actual sounds.
246.73: Sound lands on the 16th before, not the 12th
246.88: Missing note
248.45: Sound lands on the 8th
248.84: 3/32nd triplet
249.62: Unnecessary offsetted notes in this section
251.02: Missing note
251.38: Too fast and too early. The sound snaps better to a 3/32nd gallop starting on 251.41
252.80, 253.03: Missing 16th triplets
253.27: 5/64th triplet
253.64: This section is an offsetted mess. There is a 4-note 16th burst starting on the 8th at 253.62, then a 5-note 16th burst on 253.92
254.29: 6-note 16th burst starting on 254.27.
254.75: This is just a 16th note.
254.84: Sound snaps closer to 254.82 (could place a 64th or 48th here, that much of a difference is arbitrary)
254.89: 32nd triplet. What's currently stepped here is very wrong.
255.32, 255.67: Why do you have 12ths/24ths here? It is just a 16th gallop offsetted as 32nds.
256.46: Many missing 24th notes in this section. See this picture.
262.36, 263.31: Missing note
263.65: More unnecessary offsetted notes. Same thing with 264.86 and 265.56
267.44: Missing note
267.56: It looks like the sound you were trying to step with this 24th burst was the 32nds at 267.59, 267.65, 267.71, and 267.77, but the 24th burst itself is wrong
269.80: Missing note
270.39: Many missing notes in this section. Missing notes on 270.39, 270.63, 271.10, and on 271.46 the sound falls on the 16th after the 4th
271.81: See this picture.
274.06: See this picture.
279.08: Missing 16th note
279.41: 3/32nd gallop on 279.90
280.14, 280.26, 280.67: Missing notes
283.23: Missing note
283.74: Complex burst here, last sound ends on the 32nd at 283.77
284.69: The sound here seems to bear a resemblance to a 32nd roll, and the 32nd roll lasts until 285.16. There is a 5-note 32nd burst starting on the 8th at 285.28
285.51, 285.98, 286.10, 286.22, 286.29, 286.46: Missing notes. 286.31 is a ghost note.
286.58: Sound is offsetted by a 64th here if you want to get really technical -- it could be recolored after, but for simplicity this works out. The 16ths go from 286.58 to 287.52 (but like I said, the sound is actually offsetted here)
287.64, 287.82, 288.52: Missing notes
288.70: 9-note long 16th stream
289.29: 6-note long 16th stream. Missing not at 289.71
290.00: 16th triplet, no offsetted notes here
290.35: Missing note. 290.48 is just an 8th note.
290.80: This offsetted thing is absurd. 291.08 is just a 4th note. Missing 8th at 291.18
291.54: 32nd triplet
292.02: Ghost note
292.24-294.02: You missed an entire 16th stream here. 292.24-292.72 technically has prominent 32nds.
294.13: 5-note 16th burst
294.49: 7-note 16th burst
294.96: Missing note
295.08: 7-note 16th burst
295.55: 16th triplet
295.91: 16th triplet here. There's an offsetted color minijack which makes no sense here.
296.14: 16th triplet
296.73: 7-note 32nd burst
297.00: Ghost note
297.68: 16th triplet
298.27: 16th triplet
298:50: 16th triplet
298.59: Ghost note
299.57: 16th triplet
301.46: 32nd burst up until the 16th at 301.75
301.81: 16th triplet
302.05: Missing note
302.28: Offsetted note
302.40: 16th triplet
302.65: Offsetted note
302.87: 16th triplet
303.11, 303.35: 16th triplets. Missing note on 303.31
303.92: Sound lands on the 32nd before. 304.15 is also incorrect; it is just a 32nd gallop starting on the 32nd at 304.14
304.41: Missing note. The 32nd on 304.56 is way after the sound happens; a 16th triplet on 304.41 could work for this part
304.76: There are multiple sounds going on at once in this part and optionally you can put in 32nd gallops here
307.48: 5-note 3/32nd burst, no 12ths or 24ths here
308.17, 308.29, 308.44, 308.92: Offsetted notes
309.13, 309.37: This is what I meant by multiple sounds going at once. There's an inconsistent transitioning going on here in stepping the other sound that lands on the 32nd, but not doing this previously.
309.82: Sound lands on the 32nd before. There is a 5/32nd triplet starting on 309.67
310.17: Ghost note, sound is on the 16th before
311.30: Ghost note
311.50, 311.67: 16th gallops. The 24ths/12ths here are ghost notes.
313.00: Missing note. For 313.58, the sound is on the 32nd after.
313.86: This section is grossly misstepped, and the 32nd with that 24th is nothing close to what is happening in this section.
314.57: 5-note 3/32nd burst
315.22: 16th triplet
315.45: Missing note
315.63: This part is much more complex than what is stepped here
318.11: 4-note 16th burst, which leads into a 3-note 3/32nd burst starting on the 16th at 318.29
318.58: 16th triplet
319.17: Missing 4th note. The 48ths here are ghost notes.
319.41: Grossly misstepped. See this picture
321.93: Sound lands slightly after the 8th note, but this 12th is placed too far from the 8th note.
323.38, 324.26, 324.38, 324.98, 325.09, 326.26, etc.: Offsetted notes
325.43: 16th triplet
326.86: 8th note. Missing 4th on 326.97; the heavier sound lies on the 32nd 327.00
328.70: These bursts are way faster than the actual sounds, and may convert to hands. The prominent sounds are the 3/32nd triplet on 328.62
329.10, 329.69: 16th triplet
330.65: Offsetted note
331.46: See this picture.

Overall: I found some disgusting 16th minijacks, a lot of 24th bursts are actually 32nds, the jumps and hands make no sense, some parts are completely understepped, there are many missing notes (these are arbitrary though), lots of unnecessary offsetted color notes that sometimes even had the wrong rhythm to begin with, and there are too many fast one handed gallops for this file to be remotely playable without a lot of guessing especially due to color notes. I am very sure a lot of the technical errors are due to such a low BPM being used (127 BPM), which causes color madness everywhere. This is a complex song, but some recoloring can make it more readable and a unique hard file. But in its current state, it is a mess.

It took me over 20 hours, probably even 30 hours, to review this file.


- Own file

- [5/10]
- The beginning is very repetitious and a 12th rhythm is introduced at 20.10, which would cut the dryness of this section of the song. The 16th jump-minijacks are also very forced; the layering is identifiable, but it doesnít fit with the rest of the single notes stepped
- 25.63: This shouldnít be a jump, that higher sound isnít there
- 39.73, 42.35, 43.98, 47.35, 47.98, etc: Ghost notes. Iím not going to list every single one here, but this section should be rechecked for ghost note usage.
- 53.10: In this section a lot of 24th triplets are stepped but this part is only 12th notes. Whatís with all the ghost notes here? Same problem goes for 59.10
- Another thing I noticed up to this point is that thereís a random spread of minijacks and single notes that make the feel lack a coherent feel
- 103.73: Missing jump. The one-minute stream does a good job at layering the 12th melody that goes over the 24ths, but check over for any other layering problems such as these.
- The one-minute stream, while having understandable layering, has a lot of hidden long jacks in between the 12th jumps (some of them are very extreme) which isnít properly manageable without a lot of spitting involved.
- 122.48: Quads here are overkill

The Devil Plays Dance Games
- [7/10]
- The beginning starts off in 12th notation. The jacks are also erratic (the jacks should all be full jacks and not end or be split up on different notes since there are two drums here, and one of them is always playing the notes). The jacks are also out-of-place with the soft sounds and make the pickup at 29.12 very anti-climactic.
- 80.50: This shouldnít be a jump
- 98.12: While the 8th jumps are going to the drums this sudden spike in density ruins this section
- 124.12: This jumpstream section has very awkward patterning and itís not quite as noticeable in stepmania. On FFR, this part is pretty bad (watch out for parts like 131.50, etc).
- 138.12: Sudden jump in FC difficulty
- 157.12, 161.12: Missing jump
- The main problems I have with this file are the sudden increases in density (particularly 98.12 and 138.12) while most of the song is a lot of 8th note jumpstream with a 12th section 57 seconds in. The plethora of 212 type one handed mintrill patterns mixed in the jumpstreams also cause some messy transitioning.

The Party's Starting!
- [7/10]
- Just from the burst pattern usage alone I could tell this was a bmah file
- 6.43: This was a good decision. Even though the 24ths start on 6.12, only the most prominent part of it was stepped and it prevents a major difficulty spike
- 25.16: Missing note
- 57.26, 58.82: The main problem I have with these minijacks is that there are notes right after and considering the speed of these minijacks the player could get into a messy situation and fall behind
- 62.18, 62.81: These start on a different pitch. The maximum length of these 12th jacks should be 4 notes.
- 89.90: Technically 48ths (a 24th burst would work nicely here and be accurate)
- 91.61: 48th triplet
- 91.79: Sound lands on the 8th before. Technically itís a 32nd triplet going into a 48th gallop, but for the playerís sake a 32nd burst would be fine here.

Thinking of you
- [9/10]
- Watch out for the long hidden 8th jacks outside of the jumptrills (e.g. 34.90, 44.68, 51.55, 57.50, 61.73, 63.97,67.14, 102.83, etc.) Iím not going to list all of them but itís something to consider since these are long jumpstreams that required a lot of stamina and the splitting issue becomes worse with that factored in
- The layering is passable. There might have been minor layering errors, but other than that this is a great jumpstream file that requires some more stamina than Freedom Dive.

- [8/10]
- 42.27: This 16th note doesnít go to the melody you were stepping as jacks, but it does go to another sound; this shouldnít be part of the jack. It also makes the jack 3 notes longer with the previous 2 notes
- 80.22: Dammit
- This file focuses heavily on long jacks so the FC difficulty of it is hard all around, which makes me respect this as a hard file.

UBER Juice
- [3/10]
- Changed offset to -0.013 because I was getting early perfects
- 2.03, 5.59: Ghost note
- 4.48 through 5.14 is 24ths
- 15.37: It is still 32nds here, the 48ths are wrong
- 15.81: 32nd triplet starting on this 8th note. The 48th and 24th stepped here are wrong.
- 19.14, 19.37: Technically 64th triplets. 32nd gallops should have been stepped here.
- 33.37: This entire section is 32nd gallops, but 48th gallops were stepped.
- 37.48, 37.70, 38.03: 32nds, not 48th gallops
- 39.14: Two 48th gallops here; first one starts on the 4th note, the second one starts on the 16th note.
- 44.48: Holy crap thatís a huge 48th roll
- 57.37, 58.03, 59.14, 59.81, 60.92, etc.: 7-note 48th bursts. Also the patterning is random here with the sudden changes in trills. 63.26 is a hidden 4-note 16th jack
- 71.09: Ghost note, the sound ends on the 16th note
- 79.59: 32nd gallop
- 83.59: The pitch changes every 4 notes, so the 3-note 16th jacks are wrong, they should only be 2 notes long. Also, diverse stream patterns would be able to represent this part better considering how light the sound is.
- The 32nds are acceptable here and are better for play even though this part is technically 48th gallops.
- 88.03 however is misstepped; it is not just straight 24ths. Thereís a 48th gallop on 88.11, 88.22, 88.77, and 88.88
- 88.92: 32nd triplet
- 89.14 and 89.26: These notes are placed a 48th after the actual sound. At this speed, 48ths are guaranteed a frame off.
- 89.48: 32nd gallop
- 89.64: 32nd 4-note 32nd burst
- 90.20: Sound lands on the 48th after
- 90.49: If these color jumps are supposed to accent the synth, the synth doesnít play here.
- 93.37: Considering how barely audible these four 32nd notes are, the trill doesnít fit
- 95.59: 48ths here
- 97.03: The sound here is more complex than 48ths, but for the sake of playability 48ths here is fine
- 101.81: Considering how soft the piano is in this section of the song, these jumps are inappropriate and anti-climactic.
- 106.18: Missing 24th
- 111.53: Missing 32nd. Also, stick to 32nds for the sliding synth sound on 109.81 to make it consistent with 111.59
- 121.37: 5-note 48th burst
- 121.87: Ghost note. On 122.03 there are 24ths.
- 123.14: 24ths here
- 123.64: Ghost note. 24ths on 123.81
- 124.92: 24ths
- 125.42: Ghost note
- 128.92: Sound is closer to 48ths than 32nds
- 130.03: 32nd gallop. 130.14 is a ghost note
- 137.26: Missing note. The jack on 137.92 is inconsistent with how youíre stepping the hi hats.
- 138.42, 138.59: Missing note
- 140.98, 141.09: Ghost notes. There is a 32nd triplet on 140.81 and 141.26
- 141.37: 24ths until 141.81. Then there is a 16th note, and on the 8th at 142.03 there is a 24th burst.
- 143.37: Ghost note
- 144.92, 145.64: Missing note. The jack at 145.03 makes no sense.
- 168.87: Ghost note
- 172.26: Ghost note. The 12ths are still continuing at 172.03 until the start of the next stream
- 174.26: These are 48ths. Playing 32nd trills to a different sound interval is very erratic.
- 176.92, 180.48: These are 48ths
- 182.70: This is actually 64ths; 32nds could be stepped.
- 190.37: This should be a trill to stay consistent with the speedups that are stepped as trills.
- 195.59: The pitch changes after every four notes, so this long trill is long. Every 4th and 8th should start on a different column.
- 201.14: 24ths
- 201.37: This is 64ths; 32nds could be stepped
- 205.14: This is all 32nds.
- 206.26: This is all 24ths.
- 220.92 through 221.37: 32nds
- 221.37 through 221.81: 48ths
- 221.81: 64ths
- 223.14, 223.37: 4-note 48th bursts
- 226.48: Missing note
- 236.92: 32nd gallop
- 240.51: Sound lands on the 32nd after
- 250.37: Ghost note
- 253.53: The 32nd gallop starts on the 16th before. Missing 32nd on 253.76
- 254.26: In this section the prominent synth only has 32nd triplets, so the 4 note trills here are wrong. The 4th note does exist, but itís on a different lower synth.
- 257.48, 257.70: Ghost notes. The sound is a 64th before
- 266.14, 268.14, 269.70: Missing note
- 269.81 through 270.26: 48ths
- 272.03 through 272.92: 48ths
- 273.14: 48ths
- 274.26 through 274.70: 24ths
- 301.22, 302.11: If these jumps are trying to layer the blast beats, they land on the 16th after
- 302.26 through 304.03: 48ths
- 326.70: 24ths
- 339.59: This is actually 32nds
- 362.48: 32nds continue until 362.59; thereís a 16th gap here to the next stream
- 363.37: 24ths
- 364.92: It looks like you were trying to follow the 3/64th synth here
- There are technical errors throughout the file and some of the patterns were very repetitive and sometimes even wrong (e.g. parts of the trill sections).

Umbral Ultimatum
- [5/10]
- 16.08: Please recolor this to a 16th triplet
- The 3-note 16th jacks in the beginning make the pick up of the song after anti-climactic, and Rudi The Techno Pioneer jacks is very hard to hit
- 51.66: These spikes ruin the file and boost up the FC difficulty unnecessarily
- 55.51: Hidden 3-note 3/32nd jack. The 16th on 55.67 makes this part very ugly
- 57.87: 5-note 32nd burst starting on this 16th note. The 48ths are ghost notes.
- 67.76: This polyrhythm mix is absolutely disgusting.
- 70.59: Hidden 3-note 3/32nd jack again, hitting these properly bumps up the difficulty of the file by a lot
- 75.06: What is this offsetted note going to?
- 89.44: The up jack right before this 32nd burst makes it bad to transition through if someone is trying to hit it legitimately. Itís still rather ugly with jumptrilling.
- 126.11: The mix of the static sounds with the piano and hihats is very obnoxious and some of the placements look a bit sketchy
- 145.83: Ghost note
- 161.52, 176.35, 177.59: Forced minijack is ugly here, a jump would suffice this transition
- 171.48: Quad is overkill
- 181.10, 181.15, 181.20: Ghost notes. It starts out as a 24th, then speeds up to a 48th burst at the 8th on 181.22
- After all of that, the jacks in the beginning half of the file were definitely anti-climacticÖ this file is all over the place with the patterning

- [PASS], someone could check the notes Silvuh and TC_Halogen on the previous submissions to see if anything was fixed

Wake Up, Gladiator
- [7/10]
- Changed offset to -2.250 because I was getting early perfects
- 12.16, 12.77: Missing notes
- 33.54: All of these 64ths are ghost notes. The burst starts on the 16th note and ends on the 24th after (in other words, this is actually a legitimate 4-note 192nd burst).
- 33.94: 24ths here. The 32nds start on 34.10
- 50.85: Same problem as 33.54
- 51.27: Same problem as 33.94
- 57.10: Missing jump
- 69.52: Same problem as 33.54
- 69.94: Same problem as 33.94
- 90.85: Same problem as 33.54
- 91.27: Same problem as 33.94
- 108.19: Same problem as 33.54
- 108.60: Same problem as 33.94
- 126.83: Same problem as 33.54
- 127.25: Same problem as 33.94
- 130.92: Missing jump
- 153.49: Same problem as 33.54
- 153.91: Same problem as 33.94
- For the 192nd bursts that were stepped as 64ths, an offsetted color jump would work fine to cover the brzt sound since you are incorporating some color theory in here. However, all of the color changes didnít make much sense; the song has a similar mood throughout and orange/red/warm colors would represent a greater increase in energy which did not happen.

- [5/10]
- The burst at 14.84 is awkward because at 13.64 thereís also another fast burst like that and the focus in this section is on the 32nds.
- 17.48: The sound is 16th notes although the 12th patterns here can work as an alternate representation.
- 33.08: While it is identifiable what the jumps are going to, there are too many unnatural one handed parts here caused by the heavy layering issues. There are a lot of hidden 3 and 4 note 8th jacks within the jumps in the 16ths as well.
- 63.56: Same issue as 17.48
- 94.52: Same issue with 33.08
- 104.15: Random offsetted ghost jump
- 104.84: 6 note long hidden 8th jack
- 126.74: This jump should be on the 16th note. Also, this section has the heavy layering one-handed issue again.
- 130.27: 32nds, not 24ths
- The file certainly has potential, but the layering causes many problems with the patterns. There are also some technical inaccuracies (putting aside the 12ths for representing the melody). If heavy layering like this is going to be used, reduce the number of long jacks involved.

Where's Bill
- [2/10]
- Changed offset to -0.048 because I was getting early perfects
- 183.34 Would have been an excellent place to cut. 183.36 through 206.27 is awful to play through.
- 46.09, 46.36: Missing 16ths
- 58.57: This is a 192 BPM 16th trill placed as arbitrary color intervals. Now the players have to play through color nonsense instead of a straight trill.
- 62.32, 65.45, 69.27, 73.09, 73.77: Missing 16th
- 62.91: Sound lands on the 32nd before
- 70.02: 5-note 32nd burst here going into 16ths, and the jump on 70.30 makes no sense
- 75.48, 75.55, 75.95: Missing notes
- 78.33: The colors already add a lot of emphasization, the hands are just overkill here
- 80.18, 82.09: Ghost note
- 83.52: This is a straight 32nd roll
- 85.91, 87.82: Ghost note
- 92.65: Offsetting color notes here and then continuing on with regular notes (e.g. 94.70) loses any emphasis those offsetted notes could have had
- 95.25: 32nd triplet. The 24th jump is a ghost note
- 96.00, 96.68: Missing note
- 96.10, 96.17: These 32nds are ghost notes
- 102.89: Same problem as 95.25
- 117.34: Technically this is a 64th burst last until the 8th note. A 5-note 32nd burst here would suffice.
- 118.16: 32nd triplet
- 120.07: Missing note
- 125.86: Random jump
- 128.18, 130.91: Missing note
- 130.98: Technically this is a big 64th wall going until 131.52; at 131.39 the jump isnít placed on the 8th but instead the offsetted note while the previous three are on the 8ths or 4ths
- 135.34: 48ths here are way too fast. Itís a 32nd triplet
- 143.77: Sound lands on the 4th after
- 143.98: Sound lands on the 16th after
- 156.55: Missing note
- 174.61: 5-note 32nd burst
- 193.02 Random jump
- 210.89: These 24ths are entirely wrong. Itís 3/64ths starting on the 4th at 210.89 and the 3/64ths end at 211.30
- 214.98: Technically there are no 24ths here. The 24th burst from 214.98 to 215.11 is fine (itís actually a 3/64th triplet) but there is a 32nd triplet on 215.18
- 217.64: 48th burst
- 218.11: We actually have legitimate 128ths here. Since 32nds all fit into 128th intervals, 32nd triplets would work here.
- 219.77: Missing note
- 220.02: Starting on this 8th note there are 5/64ths until the 16th on 220.36. The 32nd gallop at 220.26 is a 64th earlier than the actual sound
- 220.43: 3/64th triplet
- 220.86: Sound lands on the 8th before. Then on the 8th, there is a 3/64th triplet.
- 221.24: This part has a complex burst that is beyond the limitations of 220 BPM. However, 32nds seem to work fine here.
- 222.89: 3/64ths
- 223.84: 32nd triplet. There is also a 32nd triplet starting on the 4th at 223.98
- 224.66: Technically a 7-note 64th burst, this should be a 32nd burst
- 225.89, 226.16: 32nds work fine here
- 226.86: Sound lands on the 32nd after
- 228.07: The bursts here are very complex, but some of the bursts are definitely erratically stepped (e.g. 228.34 went way too fast when the sound is a 32nd triplet)
- 228.45: Missing 48th gallop starting on this 48th
- 228.95: 3/64ths until 229.16
- 232.16: 32nds until 232.23, then it turns into a 48th burst. The 48th on 232.32 is wrong; it should be a 32nd since thereís a 5-note 64th burst starting on the 8th note
- 233.86: Itís obvious there are BPM changes going on here, but like the 192 BPM 16th trill earlier in the chart you decided to leave this as an incorrect colored mess.
- 256.57: 5-note 32nd burst
- 258.89: The 12ths here are entirely wrong. Itís 3/32nds from this 4th note to the 8th on 259.30
- 274.43: Technically 3/64th triplets into more 3/64th triplets, but the 24ths work fine here
- 290.08: Sound lands on the 48th after
- The overlayering issue and the technical errors donít make a good combination for this long of a song

Winnipeg Is Fucking Over
- [1/10]
- Changed offset to -0.080 because I was getting early perfects
- 8.74: This offsetted jump makes no sense. It is the same exact sound as the previous two jumps, and the sound is on the 16th
- 33.28: This should also be a hand. Iím already seeing a massive layering problem here from how youíve decided to step the distorted bass kicks
- 58.29: 64th burst starting on this 32nd ending on the 4th. A 4-note 32nd burst could have been stepped with the hand removed.
- 59.98: 5-note 32nd burst starting on this 8th note (if you want to get really technical itís 64ths, but that is unplayable)
- 61.57: 7-note 32nd burst
- 62.30: 5-note 32nd burst
- 67.57: 5-note 32nd burst
- 81.28: 5-note 32nd burst
- 82.88: Missing 32nd burst. Iím not going to point out every single missing burst, but stepping fragments inconsistently removes coherency from the file. 84.71 is another 32nd burst, but at the very least you could step the 16th on 84.77
- 112.17: This 32nd roll was cut short and considering it doesnít end cleanly on the left hand either itís just erratic
- Itís two minutes into the file and the player hasnít encountered anything interesting except for a lot of 8th jumpgluts and hands with occasional (misstepped) bursts and 16ths
- 124.05: Erratic trap burst. Missing notes on 124.02 and 124.23
- 124.88: 32nd triplet
- 130.08: Missing jump
- 133.45: 32nd triplet. This also has a high possibility of being a cameljack.
- 133.63, 135.10, 135.59, 136.20: Missing notes
- 139.57: These 32nds keep getting cut short and itís making these parts erratic with the 32nd sounds blasting at the user
- 144.53, 144.65: Missing notes
- 146.49: Missing 32nd triplet starting on this 16th
- 152.67: This part is entirely 3/32nds up to 153.41. The offsetted color notes make no sense.
- 155.28: Stepped a fragment of the 5-note 48th burst here with a 48th gallop. Just 24ths should have been stepped.
- 167.06: Missing 32nd triplet
- The first 3 minutes of the file is very uninteresting. There are many more 8th jumpgluts with some 16th one-handed jumptrills in between and itís basically been the same thing for this time.
- 193.81, 194.06, 194.30: These are 4-note 128th bursts (starts on the 4th note, ends on the 32nd after). This was stepped entirely wrong.
- 213.02: Sound lands on the 8th after
- 219.00: Sound lands on the 16th before.
- 219.41: Sound lands on the 32nd before.
- 219.92: Sound lands on the 8th before.
- 224.57: Eight 12th notes offsetted as 48ths starting here.
- 225.51: Sound lands on the 16th before
- 226.86: Sound lands on the 16th before
- 231.28: If the BPM was 490, this would be 5/48ths ending on 231.59. On 245 BPM that would be 5/96ths. This part was stepped entirely incorrectly, and is also limited from what can be used for 245 BPM.
- 232.77: Sound lands on the 32nd after
- 233.20: Sound lands on the 16th before
- 233.75: Sound lands on the 4th before
- 234.22: 7/64ths at 490 BPM ending at 234.65, 7/128ths at 245 BPM. The limitations of 245 BPM is making you place arbitrary color notes.
- 238.18: The sound lands on the 16th after
- 238.53: Sound lands on the 8th before
- 241.81: At this point the trill becomes very early. The vocals actually snap decently to the standard 4th/8th/16th color notation here. Stepping a 48th early makes this trill technically wrong. Also, considering the player had to play through four minutes of excessively repetitive parts to get to this section, offsetting that trill like that is a major setback to the file.
- 262.14: 4-note 128th burst (starts on the 4th note and ends on the 32nd). Whatís stepped here is totally wrong.
- 272.79: The jumps in this section make no sense.
- 291.16: 32nds. Technically 64ths, but thatís unplayable. Same thing goes for 318.59
- 332.43: 5-note 32nd burst
- I noticed a lot of 32nd bursts were stepped as 24ths, most of the file was just a lot of 8th jumps, the trill offsetted a 48th early is wrong, and this file needs a complete overhaul.

Winter Night's Journey (Through The Storm)
- [7/10]
- The beginning sounds like a sloppy cut
- If the offsetted notes in the beginning are supposed to be going to the cymbals, there are missing color notes such as 25.70 etc; Iím not going to list all the instances but it causes inconsistencies with what youíre trying to represent in the song
- The file is very dry and repetitive and the dense layering limits the scope of the file to generic handstream. The layering is passable but there are many hidden long 8th jacks inside of the jumpstreams that donít follow the song at all (sometimes theyíd fall under the guitar though).

- [7/10]
- 19.98: If someone falls behind on these jacks theyíre screwed; try breaking these jacks up. Technically since the same thing is being played four times in a row it should be the same patterns, but there could be some more pattern diversity.
- 37.70: Missing note
- 39.31: Missing note. If the focus is just going to be on the melody and heavier kicks, then 16ths like 38.89 shouldnít be stepped; otherwise, you are missing a lot of 16th notes.
- 46.07: Missing jump
- 46.77: Something could be done with the synth melody here rather than just the heavy kicks and hi-hats. The file is a bit dry.
- 65.05: Here you break up the 16th trills/minitrills, but then after step long 8th jacks with the 16ths in them. Back in 28.91 you were also breaking up the trills; I would recommend stick with the broken-up jacks
- 73.56: The increase in rigidity is noticeable here with the hidden long jacks between the one hand trill transitions
- 93.47: This 12th creates a minijack on the up arrow and itís ugly
- 135.81: This offsetted 64th is unnecessary and stands out since itís the only note value different from 16ths or the 24th bursts
- The main problem I have with this file is the abundance of hidden jacks inside of the 16th sections.


[color=red]Accelerator (MarioNintendo)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- rhythms are correct throughout the file, and relevance exists where it is necessary
- one thing bugging me about this file is accenting of overtoned sampling (buzzes) doesn't seem to be consistent throughout the file; sometimes two note flams are used, and other times, three note flams are used for an overtone of the same pitch
- be mindful of your pattern usage: bursts at 34.452 and 43.383 are considerably harder than other 32nd bursts because they force you to hit a tap that exists on the same hand before the roll in question; 53.987 is considerably harder because it forces a 12th note mini-jack
- 34.592/43.383: these bursts can actually be reworked for accuracy, because there's actually clear pitch changes within this -- try something like using five 16th notes offset by 1/192nd of a note
- 53.987: same instance as above, there's two clear pitches so it might not be appropriate to accent as one constant rhythm
- 106.935: PR for gabba kick? love it
- 127.033/135.944: I'm a little surprised to not see some colored offsetting here for these buzzes, considering you did it earlier.
- 154.921: offset all of them to 192nds, or add a 16th to 155.543 to make it seem like there's only a partial color change
- 163.840: ^
- file is certainly acceptable, but could use a few structural/patterning tweaks

All i want to do is touch your power points (I like it)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 46.506 to 58.584: there are a number of ghosted 16ths in this area (I couldn't tell if they were last time due to not-so-good sound hardware, but my newer laptop has a much better sound clarity)
- 71.441: the separation is a bit tougher to hear compared to 65.207; I'd personally leave the jacks at 65.207/77.674 and remove the ones here
- 95.596: that is quite cruel
- 98.884/101.027/107.261: when working on a color gimmick like this, make sure that you snap to the closest rhythm as possible - the FFR convertor doesn't particularly like it when you try to offset something by nearly 25 milliseconds -- you could use some sub-beat manipulation to ensure that the colors are placed at the precise time that 4ths/8ths would do
- 114.858: odd 64th
- the subtle changes to this chart actually made a noticeable improvement compared to the last version, but it can still use more work

Anal Destruction Factory (I like it)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- 11.736: first two 32nds are ghosted
- 13.372: ghosted note
- 18.009: missing note for drum breaks
- 24.895: mmm, this burst is quite nasty at 220 BPM, even though there is a method for nailing it on FFR
- 33.895: drop the relevance to the vocals here and just follow the percussion like you do a bit later, that way, you can remove that ridiculous jump at 34.032
- 47.122: random spilt-handed burst? not a big deal, but I thought that I'd mention it
- 51.350 to 55.304: two things -- first off, the swing rhythms aren't correct all the way through - slow the song down and check your rhythms again; second, remove any jumps up until 55.304 -- it'll give those three jumps transitioning into the next section a little more accenting power
- 77.804 to 92.804: check 16ths -- there's a lot of added notes that shouldn't be here, and there's actually a few notes missing near the end too; slow the song down and ensure that you're catching everything that you're supposed to
- 99.350 to 134.259: jump usage could use work overall; the accenting isn't consistent -- also, check 16ths again as there are certainly some notes that shouldn't be there
- 134.259 to 151.714: straight jumps doesn't seem appropriate for this section, as the song is filtered out and doesn't really leave much in the way for accenting in between the 4th notes
- 151.714 to 168.078: check rhythms for drum samples; there are a number of instances where steps are missing for them or where there are steps for nonexistent sampling
- 169.169 to 173.533: while the accenting is clear for this little bit, you end up breaking this structure to follow the drum samples again -- why?
- 173.533 to 193.170: the ghosting/missing notes continue - please run through these sections a bit more carefully to ensure that you are appropriately accommodating for what you are trying to chart
- 196.442 to 225.896: structure is quite overdone due to a large amount of triples, which implicitly creates rigidity by addition of one-handed trills that are seemingly unavoidable with your layering structure -- to alleviate this, it might be worthwhile to remove triples unless the synth combines with the gabba drum that plays every 4th note (alternatively, you might want to remove them altogether and use them only for important accents)
- 202.033: these 32nd bursts are quite unforgiving, haha (not deducting for this, I'm guilty of it in a file of my own for this batch )
- 208.306: ghost 32nds here
- 214.851: this burst is ridiculously hard to hit properly; if you want to accentuate the difference in overtoned sample, you can start with a spin (2143) into your roll so that it remains smooth
- 223.987: colors are overdone here, there's no processed samples here, it's just a snare
- 224.123: this is where you could do the colored trick for the vocals
- 228.078 to 237.350: this should not be a constant 16th run, there are definitely breaks
- way too many noticeable errors to be passable

Apocynthion Drive (Kommisar)
Rating: [?] [2/10]

- 23.800: such a drop in layering -- the intensity of the song doesn't drop much, so the huge lack in layering makes the chart awkward both on a visual level and on a playability level
- in addition to that note, the layering actually looks a little unclear here up to 26.734; jumps are a bit ambiguous before that
- 35.267: this triple stands out like a sore thumb
- 36.334: so do these, because there are single taps representing two melodies at once in other areas and nothing else sensibly has the power to bring that kind of accent
- 46.200: this stream patterning needs a lot of work; the mini-jacks make the stream so incredibly rigid and just horribly unfun to play, especially when there are mini-trills that are actually forced on one particular hand - 337.5 BPM 16ths are extremely touchy, and actually equates to the fastest extended stream we have in game, so you need to be sure your patterns are at least doable.
- 57.400: what happened here -- why is there a 450 BPM 16th burst here in the process of trying to readjust sync, this is a pretty bad mistake
- 59.734/59.867: there are actually audible notes here that allow you to extend the stream into this triple
- 82.734 to 85.134: not sure if this is some sort of color gimmick or anything, but those 64ths are not properly synced up to the sound behind it and this is a somewhat extended are -- it's simply 3/32nds after the first triple and that pattern/rhythm repeats at a regular interval
- 87.400: at this point, your file becomes 30 ms early; at this point, I also have to start judging in SM because of a pause, bluarhg
- 107.134: this BPM accommodation has another extraneous tap that should normally be a 16th and it simply doesn't look good - that tap is ghosted anyway
- 132.081: again with the BPM changing; these BPM changes are causing taps to be added at uneven intervals when they simply don't need to be
- 134.363: this particular melody continues past this green note - you're missing a couple notes
- 157.024: mis-rhythm; this note should be at 157.158
- 157.958: missing note
- 158.758: ghost note, or incredibly faint and probably not worth accenting in a solo
- 163.125: rhythms are noticeably off at 1.0 rate, turns out that there's a number of 64th in there that need to be included for appropriate rhythms; required fix considering solos typically require detail
- 171.425: considering the previous area seems to combine a generalized structure that causes 4ths to be jumps and 8ths to be single taps, this area has some slight inconsistency
- 173.159/173.225: 8th should be a jump and there should be a 16th after it to accommodate for what you've been following the whole time
- 288.879: remove 24ths after this note and replace with a 16th
- 301.945: 24ths are questionable here
- 314.212: this patterning is actually a little nicer than the first stream, there's only one instance of one-handed mini-trilling; however - it comes in after five minutes of playing, a really bad thing considering FFR's main scoring mechanic is based on combo
- 318.479: this is too much -- it would be one thing if you had this kind of difficulty pretty early in the file, but this is 337.5 BPM streaming with jumps at a semi-regular interval -- on FFR, the stream itself is barely feasible, but the jumps are absolute overkill
- 322.745 to 339.812: the difficulty polarity from here and the previous section is absolutely absurd -- you should probably fill this area in a bit more
- file is overkill and actually has a number of noticeable errors, including semi-frequent sync errors/BPM structure mishaps

Beautiful Beachfront Properties (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- 18.022: shift the 16th down slightly to be more accurate
- 25.269: there's a few extra notes here; accommodating for that increase in volume as 16ths doesn't work well here, personally
- 27.736: few ghosted notes here and around here, take a listen please
- 29.278 to 29.586: more ghosting here, you might want to represent that fading sound with something a little different
- 31.848: same fading thing, really
- 32.053: few more ghosts
- 43.026: missing 32nd, up to you to add it or not
- 45.005: 24th can probably be placed just before this, like you did earlier in the song
- jumps at the end are -brutal- inside of 290+ jumpstreams
- your sync is early in the second half
- honestly, I'm not going to keep repeating the same notes again; your rhythms are respectably accurate, the layering makes sense, and the patterns are pretty forgiving, but there are a number of hard-to-notice ghost notes, as well as a few that are somewhat easier to hear
- take a look at the samples that are faded in and figure out a way to accent them a bit more accurately, that's all I have for you
- file is alright

Before Cynthia (XelNya)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- offset is synced to a blue note
- pitch relevance exists for the accented chords, which is a nice touch
- 24.645/28.824/29.421/(etc.): be aware that these triples are technically incorrect because all of these notes are hit with the same level of force
- 30.316/30.614: missing jumps
- 60.064: uneven patterning here, use the opposite of the [23] chords so that you get the maximum level accenting for the [23] jumps, since they are accommodating for something that hits pretty hard in the song
- the pitch relevancy for the notes outside of the chords could use a little work, but that would require a lot of manipulation for something that most people aren't going to notice nearly as much as the left-handed piano accenting, which you do a pretty good job of catching
- with the exception of the triples, the structure is quite solid - just resolve the BNS/triple issues and this chart will be pretty polished. Best chart from you so far, in my opinion.

Black Hole (~Zeta)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- like the triple usage, it really allows you to differentiate between the synth stab and the layering of the two synths for the melody
- 44.830: trills don't work right in terms of PR, as the 4ths and 16ths actually have different pitches, all the way down to 46.130
- 46.430 to 54.830: when dealing with a really hard file, you either want to provide noticeable pitch relevancy, or reasonable pattern choices that make the file playable -- the amount of mini-jacks in here don't really showcase playability, and the pitch relevancy is noticeably incorrect, unfortunately
- 54.830 to 56.030: should be 24ths
- 60.430: ambiguous steps here; the string stops playing, but if you're following the background synth, you should have 16ths past this triple
- 61.230 to 65.630: these jumps make your structure inconsistent since you were following the bass kicks immediately before, take a look at this section again
- 62.830: should be 12ths
- 63.230: same issue with jumps - also, if the 24ths are supposed to represent bass kicks, they are technically misrhythms as the bass drum forms polyrhythms
- 70.630: should be 32nds - the pattern ascension is a nice touch, just adjust the rhythm appropriately
- 71.830: missing 32nds and the jumps preceding these don't really accommodate for the song in any way
- 75.030: jump?
- 79.230: should be 32nds -- if you want to give this 32nd burst a little more power, accent the prominent descension in the melody before using 16ths, rather than trying to accommodate for it with some stupid fast rhythm
- 80.230: unless you want the chart to be really messy, I would ignore this little blip - it creates a really dumb swing for a split second
- 80.630: should be 32nds
- 81.230: should be 24ths, and check rhythms/reconsider structure after 81.430
- 90.430: arguably incorrect, but I do like that there was some consideration to how reasonable the patterns should have been -- for accuracy, these would be 4-note 16th mini-jacks (so 8 note trills)
- file needs a lot of work and has noticeable patterning issues/misrhythms

Breakcore Ein Prosit (bmah)
Rating: [+] [9/10]

- love the layering in this file, and the accenting is very clear and representative of the music; really like the layering shift at 44.391, haha
- 60.534: I would personally like to see these as [12][12][34] (or mirrored counter part), because the lack of cohesion here really kills that part
- no real mistakes in this file - really fun!

Choco (ilikexd)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]

- 17.557/21.920: no accommodation for the cymbal crash?
- 29.557: not a fan of the chart breaking away from the synth melody, I personally don't care that there's triples there
- 30.647 to 43.738: this area/structure isn't very well conceived for a number of reasons -- 1.) it is lacking in variation due to using jumps to follow the melody no matter what; this keeps the layering unreasonably high in an area where it really shouldn't be - 2.) because you're using all jumps, you can't accommodate for the rhythm appropriately in a reasonable way (see: 31.329, 35.693, 40.193 where the melody actually plays faster than 16ths, and see 40.193 where you can't appropriately layer a triple like you should be because of having to use all jumps); 3.) the pitch relevance within the jumps isn't correct in a few areas (see: 32.147/32.693 + 36.511/37.057, where you have two different jumps for the same note, 33.647, where you neglect to follow the descension in melody), and 4.) there are random extraneous taps for the percussion that make your structure even more questionable at 34.738, but you opt out of following percussion anywhere else aside from there which drives me insane D:
- 39.375 to 43.738: on another note, this part just looks so forced
- 43.738: section with almost nothing going on but has some really intense layering/jumpstream -- very counter-intuitive
- 50.352: ghost note
- 53.420: poor PR for a few notes here, doesn't account for pattern descension
- 54.716: ghost note
- 55.261: ghost note
- 55.466: poor PR, again
- 57.238: this part is overstepped with all of the jumps because there aren't multiple layers within the melody like there were in earlier instances of jumps, this is just one synth changing in pitch and therefore should just be a solid stream
- 59.011 to 67.738: address errors above for second half of solo too, as the ghosts/extra layering/occasionally poor pitch relevance do exist
- 72.102: rather than rolling over and over again, you could alternate between 1234 and 1324 to indicate to the player that you are accenting an ascending arpeggio that cannot be fully accented with four notes - that way, the player also has two different patterns to focus on and it provides a little more visually
- 74.284: same deal here; if you opt into following the previous notes, you would end up doing 3214 2314 for the arpeggiated melody
- 76.466: another area that just feels wrong with the song -- it's quite heavy and feels very overstepped, despite being one of the calmer areas of the song in comparison to other phrases
- 85.193: initially, I wanted to mention that this was counter-intuitive layering considering that you accented the cut-off cymbals as triples, but accenting the melody is a bit more important here, so jumps do work well
- 87.375 to 91.738: you're missing a number of 8th note double-taps here for the bass, why?
- 93.920: running-men aren't quite correct here for pitch, but I do see what you were going for - you might want to change these just to give a little more accenting power to the steps at 94.466, which are actually correct
- 96.647: this is a pretty neat and unique build-up for that strange sound, but you have a two beat gap after a triple -- fill it in!
- aaaaaaaaand repeat errors mentioned in previous synth areas from earlier because they exist from here to the end of the song
- this file has a lot of noticeable issues and can definitely use some work

Decipher (DarkZtar)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]

- 24.390: move to 24.424 (should be 1/16th before)
- 25.451: missing note for piano
- 39.709: remove jump, as you don't have this jump for any other instances of this sound before or after
- 57.095: missing note for piano
- 57.506: notes are near impossible to hear at this spot
- 64.390: missing a few notes for piano here
- 69.321: given the fact that you started with 16ths, it almost seems like you're trying to accent the piano with this 3/64th swing, but it's simply too hard to tell if it's right and is more of a distraction than anything - if you're trying to follow the hi-hats/percussion, your swing should be 1/24th
- 78.773: these polyrhythms are pretty nasty considering the difficulty of the rest of the file...
- 80.828 to 107.129: this area seems quite unfocused, because you go in and out from following the piano with 16ths, to using this strange 3/64th swing, to occasional 3/2 [12th/8th] polyrhythms, and it's really hard for a player to get their bearings/enjoy a file when there's not a really consistent structure
- 105.075: same mention with the polyrhythms before, it's really messy and is a large spike in difficulty that will most certainly not be done in the way you intend on it being done
- 107.129: the swing should be 1/24th here as well - both the melody and the hi-hats land at exactly the same time, so there really shouldn't be any differentiation unless you're trying to apply some sort of color gimmick
- 134.561: missing note
- 157.677: another mess of polyrhythms that is far from fluent and is a massive jump in difficulty overall
- 159.732 to 186.033: same issue as before, relatively unfocused area due to constant changes of following the piano to swing and strange polyrhythms; the end of this is a disgusting polyrhythmic pattern that is extremely split-heavy
- chart needs some improvement in structure just to be a bit more clear

Disregard (XelNya)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- when you're dealing with extended 300 BPM streams, you definitely need to have difficulty outside of there to balance it out
- one way to help this might be to accent the bass drum as straight 8th jumps at 19.116; be VERY mindful of your patterns if you do this
- 22.216: accidental mini-jack, fix this
- 28.715: holy christ these stream patterns
- 60.259: ghost note
- 63.229: ghost note
- 66.658: ghost note
- despite being just under 80 seconds and 300 BPM, this file actually somewhat drags somehow - it's due to the large amount of jump-step combinations; it's hard to make this file interesting, and this chart didn't quite do the song justice in terms of intensity

Don't Be Quiet (bmah)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 18.397: this is a pretty random layering boost
- 58.155: last down arrow seems a bit strange here because the melody only has four notes; if this is for layering, it should be switched to a different note
- 118.943: it's hard to hear, but it sounds like these should be three note 32nd bursts
- 123.852 to end: solid layering, but the best part about it is that it's actually done well while being really hard to pull off
- nice work making a really nasty file that looks somewhat easy at a glance

Eclipse [Luna] (???)
Rating: [PASS] [N/A]

- cannot assume impartiality as I was a collaborator to an accepted file for this song

Exam Cram (rCaliberGX)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- pitch relevancy could use a little work right at the start
- the overlayering in this file is absolutely unbearable and exists for more than half of the file -- literally everything is layered on top of everything else until the chip synth goes berserk over 20 NPS
- patterning in the 32nds could use some work; there are a number of one-handed mini-trills or 16th note jacks forced due to overly forceful patterning, more prevalent in the second half
- you lost a 32nd at 88.831; slow down when you're crafting your streams
- there's really not many mistakes with rhythms with the exception of that one missing note, but the song is ridiculously overlayered

Extratone Pirates (DossarLX ODI + qqwref)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 37.451: there is in fact a note here
- 50.951/52.991/53.231: missing jumps?
- 62.471 to 63.431: I personally don't agree with jumps here simply because the following section has that same sample playing 8ths in the middle of the 16th bass drum sequence
- 71.111: you could also get a little more differentiation here by having a straight 8th stream with jumps following the bass drum, as opposed to straight 8th jumps
- abrupt song cut, haha
- file is pretty reasonably patterned for the difficulty it represents

Extratone Pirates (XelNya)
Rating: [<] [5/10]

- 7.367: missing jump and this sequence is incorrect in terms of rhythm
- 7.847 to 15.527: such a layering drop for a more active part of the song
- 22.247: these flams are an interesting touch, I actually like them
- 22.967: 32nds should start immediately, not be delayed until 23.087
- 23.207 to 30.887: nothing really clearly accents the 32nds in the bass rushes - jumps would have worked, 32nd bursts would have worked, even some off-colored notes would have worked, but nothing is here, it's just a dull 16th run
- 30.887 to 36.167: eeeeeeeeeeeeee, it makes sense, but... not the best of choices to use jumps here
- 42.827: missing note
- 43.847/44.567/45.047: ghost note
- 45.427/46.007: the trills here are a nice touch to the buzzes
- 50.087/52.127: straight jumps here that don't change are quite boring in this instance
- 67.367: see 30.887
- last sets of streams are just plain 16th streams that don't add much flare, they're just monotonous and draggy
- Dossar/qqwref's Extratone Pirates wins this battle by a bit

Felix^3 (MarioNintendo)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 15.723: missing 32nds?
- 20.264: this sequence of 32nds has an unintentional mini-jack here
- 24.889: missing 32nds
- 78.389: if there's going to be flams for these samples, I'd definitely use them here too
- not much wrong for me, plays pretty smoothly and has some tasteful flams at varying speeds of rhythms for differentiation

Folklore of Post-Modern Man (Charu)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]

- 17.433, 18.672, 18.737: missing notes
- 20.042, 21.607, 22.846, 22.911: more missing notes
- 25.781, 27.020, 27.085: missing more notes
- 28.194: this 32nd burst is misplaced and should start at 28.194
- 29.955, 31.194, 31.259: notes more missing
- 32.303: 32nd burst is misplaced and should start at 32.368
- 68.629, 72.835: 32nd burst can exist here, if you choose to add it
- 75.672 to 77.107: this little bit here is a bit stronger of an accent in the song; you could pull off jumptrills here if you felt like it
- 79.846: this burst creates a minor mini-jack on the 32nds here; I normally don't bring it up for this interval, but it's at 230 BPM and isn't easily cheatable so it's quite tight
- 92.368: see 75.672
- 96.411: see 79.846
- 100.846: if the jumps are for bass drums, this 8th note here doesn't need a jump because you're only accommodating for the synth and nothing else
- 102.803: misrhythm - should be 4th (102.803), 8th (102.933), 16th (103.129) as opposed to what you have now
- 132.542: these jumps are noticeably desynchronized from the synth's rhythm, your jumps are a bit early - adjust accordingly
- 149.237: see 132.542
- 166.976 to 183.672: this section is a near duplicate from the first instance, and most of the errors apply, so make the necessary fixes to patterns here as well
- 192.542: also, if you intend on changing bass drums in the section immediately before this, I'd advise against doing it here
- 186.281: if you really want to make this part interesting, you can keep your current jump structure but create jacks while following the bass drum in back (for example, keep your jump placement, but change 186.803 and 186.933 to right arrows; another example is changing 191.107 to an up arrow, or a trickier one: 204.542, 204.672, and 204.933 to right arrows)
- 225.411: from here to the end is a little bland; you could add some more taps to follow the clap that happens on 4th notes without creating triples, or you can add that and the 8ths for the hi-hat... anything to beef up the chart's playability/engagement here
- 241.063: accent this synth, you do it earlier in the song as well
- 249.411: oh man, the part after this could have been an awesome ending with the right pattern choices, haha
- file suffers from copy/pasting and also has a respectable amount of missing notes/ghost notes, as well as a structure that could use a little bit of changing once in a while

Fuse Gymnast (Kommisar)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- first two measures could use re-working in pitch relevancy
- 13.987: should be an 8th followed by three 32nds, rather than four 24ths
- 24.195: check rhythms here, it's actually four 24ths and a 16th repeating every beat
- 52.454: OCD here: change this right arrow to an up arrow, please
- 97.787 to 102.587: should be 24ths, not 32nds
- chart seems quite heavy in layering in comparison to the song
- file is ok, nothing amazing but certainly acceptable

Great Battleship (hi19hi19)
Rating: [+] [9/10]

- 97.980: fix these runningmen, they're not even right in terms of PR; this is such an out of place pattern/mistake, haha
- thank you for making me a very happy man after trying to trudge through these files, because this file is awesome with the exception of that one thing (p.s. that cost you a [++] - next time make sure you send in the right file you derp)
- on another note, I can't help but feel like this should be 260 BPM as opposed to your 130.

Heterochromia Iridus (TC_Halogen + hi19hi19)
Rating: [PASS][N/A]

- fuckD7players/10

HAELEQUIN (hi19hi19 + ilikexd)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 18.078: ambiguous tap that doesn't quite fit anywhere without questioning the layering structure
- 19.246: really strange bit of stream here considering that the lower piano streams constantly behind it
- 48.887: I personally would really like if the first two beats of streaming here had the same exact taps as the first beats that introduce this phrase, because the melody is exactly the same for the first 8 notes, haha
- 57.869: I always mention the same thing to people who do this: when you have a running scale/arpeggio using 1234, you can more evenly accent an ascension on four keys by going 1234/1324/1234/1324 so that it doesn't feel like your fingers are doing the same exact motion as you're ascending further and further up; same thing applies to the descension as well
- 82.749: this tap shouldn't be a triple being that the bass drum doesn't fall there
- 97.569: change this jump and the next step after it to indicate that you have two notes repeating (preferably connecting a right arrow), and then use mini-jacks like you have now to ascend up in pitch for each instance so that you can end on a right arrow - there is a bit of a pitch issue and it's a pretty heavily accented point so it should be alleviated
- 102.420: on another note, I'd personally change the triples to jumps so you can fully accent the snares all the way to the next musical phrase
- 105.204: this note should be shifted down slightly (to 105.234, which lands on a 24th note)
- 128.512: these colored notes don't have great sync to the piano at all, definitely touch it up a bit
- chart is alright, although the intro is quite strange

I (DarkZtar)
Rating: [?] [3/10]

- 17.405: missing a couple piano notes here
- 21.405: a.) these should be 32nds; b.) they go up to 21.530 before changing to 16ths
- 37.763: absolutely not -- in fact, after 38.013, they slow up a bit; the patterning here is absolutely ridiculous and is just not reasonable under any means
- 64.462: split-handed 48ths? not when it comes out to 46 NPS, sorry
- 66.040/69.692: what are these 12ths for?
- 71.768/72.023: see 64.462
- 79.548: having a L/R jump here is really bad; it creates a pretty fast mini-jack that is hard to deal with being split-handed
- 87.747: same deal as 79.548, although not nearly as hard since the entry is still [12][34][12][etc].
- 88.176: also not nearly as bad as 79.548 since it's short and technically can be done as [14][23][14]
- 88.631: another burst that forces a mini-jack
- 112.581: one-handed mini-trilling at 280 16ths is a little over the top
- 126.918: for the love of god no
- file is accurate, but is so incredibly overemphasized and overstepped, and is downright insane

Love Hurts [Lonely Dance Mix] (mi40)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 30.049: while these three jumps accent the same sound, it might be a little better for chart clarity to make the third jump something different just to indicate the return of a stream
- 34.549: missing notes at 34.611 and 34.674; repeat for empty gaps in this area
- 41.546: split-handed jumptrill is pretty mean at 240, although it does accent a transition that uses somewhat forceful percussion
- 42.046 to 58.046: the first beat of every measure has a jump, but the melody doesn't accent the first beat here, so the jumps seem a bit out of place (also, jumps at 42.921, 43,921, 44.921, [etc] feel a bit strange as well, considering it's only the bass)
- 65.546: understandable choice, but these sounds are very quiet and in addition, are the only things played here -- single taps, maybe?
- 66.046 to 82.046: see 42.046
- 89.546: I see what you were trying to do here, but a reduction in jumps is counter-intuitive for jump accents; instead, do the first half as a single trill and then transition into a jumptrill
- 122.043: close, but not quite correct in terms of PR
- ending jumpstreams are rough, but quite doable
- solid structure overall, a -bit- overstepped but nothing too major

Malicious Fingers (Silvuh)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 30.385: the grace notes in your chart are just a touch too fast to represent the guitar, readjust this slightly
- 135.010: the BPM change here is mis-timed, which makes the song synced to a blue note from here on out, fix this
- 192.910/193.510: only 16th notes here, nothing fancy
- nothing much wrong with this aside from the offset thing for my taste, I like this file quite a lot

Paraclete (ilikexd)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 20.884: for pitch relevance purposes, this should be a right arrow
- 29.384/31.670/33.956/(etc): if this section features the piano, you should probably catch the notes that play in between the 4ths as well, to make this area a little less bland
- 43.027/43.170/43.313/43.527/43.599: missing steps for percussion, very noticeable on normal rates, and certainly no more prevalent than the instance at 39.286 where there's actually no percussion around the three accented snares
- 44.527: missing note for percussion again
- 80.813: considering that the earlier part of this section was syncopated, this part stands out a bit because this little bit of stream breaks that syncopation for no discernible reason -- accent only the most prevalent notes like you were previously so that your next section stands out more as a solid stream to fully follow the melody; also, within this syncopated area, there are some subtle pitch relevance issues that can be addressed
- 102.670: see 29.384 (etc)
- file is alright, no major errors

Prequel to the Sequel (Tidus810)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]

- 60.881: BPM change seems a bit random; just having the flams and jumps as 12th notes at the regular speed would suffice as enough accent for the next area
- 84.081/86.581: same as above
- 97.216 to 123.964: using jumpjacks here really inhibits the pattern potential you might have; single jacks might have allowed for more variation while keeping a semi-consistent difficulty
- 103.197: this BPM change is acceptable considering it would have been BNS without it
- 110.342/123.964: unnecessary, chart would have been fine without it
- 144.349: love the relevance to the drum fills, nice job catching the snares on one side and the toms on the other hand
- 147.214: missing note; also, the 16th before this missing note should be a left arrow as the snare plays again
- 153.503 to 171.964: some misplaced jumps to vocals here, check your timing
- 181.503: these last three triples probably should just be jumps since the cymbal crashes disappear
- 191.725: this section seems like it was trying to accommodate for the guitar using jumps, but the second tap in this three note jump-jack is very hard to hear (it's a bit more audible the second time around)
- 197.169: see 191.725
- 204.253: if you want to knock the BPM to 240, it would be a bit more proper to start it at the beginning of the measure (203.503).
- 205.003: having only stream here makes this section a bit empty (although, one could argue that it at least gives the player something different to pay attention to)
- 216.253: I like this.
- 258.003: pay attention to the drums in this section, because your layering doesn't quite correspond properly (there's a missing triple or two for crash cymbals at 260.003, 260.503, and potentially 261.003 depending on how you want your layering to play out)
- 275.503: this section keeps a pretty fast and energetic pace - I would double the BPM here to correspond with that
- 282.753/290.503: normally I wouldn't say things like this, but remove the one-handed trill - you're almost five minutes in and that is just a really sudden/unexpected spike that is quite frustrating to have to deal with
- 283.503: I understand keeping to structure, but this is one situation where it might be better to break from it so that the player doesn't have to do an extended jumpspam -- there are a number of other things to direct your player's attention to without having to make a large stream of jumps
- 298.480/309.753: PR is nice and all, but I would suggest you remove these jumps or change this to a jumptrill so that you don't have that nasty mini-jack happen at the end of those patterns
- 402.722/405.122/407.122/409.922: same deal with 282.753 - trills are acceptable here, but be mindful of the fact that the player has been in your song for nearly 7 minutes and has had to deal with focusing on sections that go in and out from constant and slower
- 416.210: neat way to mix the guitar with the blast beats in the back
- 459.716: holy end-of-file layering
- 464.815: this flam is a little too fast as 64ths, it might actually be 32nds
- 484.553: this should be a flam (a note at 484.553 and a note 1/32nd after will work here - do this at 487.118 as well)
- 506.142: see 402.722
- 513.777 to end: recolor this ending with proper colors please
- chart isn't bad, but definitely needs more polishing to get in game being over 8 and a half minutes long...!

Purple Drank (Kommisar)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 52.985: doing this transition as is is pretty tough; you can signify the change in sounds by inverting the roll pattern (in this case, you could choose 4312 to maintain direction, or change directions using 3412)
- 71.200: same as 52.985, this transition is brutal
- 117.461: ^, etc. these patterns are massive difficulty spikes that need to be addressed
- file is good, but those 32nd patterns are not conceived with playability in mind

Rave5 (YoshL)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 31.720/34.119: no swing here, just 16ths
- 43.514: there was an earlier instance of swing like this, I think it's actually 3/64ths as opposed to 1/24th (not a big deal obviously)
- 52.503: this is what 43.514/etc should look like, haha
- 81.121/81.606: missing notes
- 97.238: should be just a plain 32nd burst, nothing more
- 99.299: this 32nd should be up a tiny bit - the interval connecting these three notes is almost even, so it might be a 64th (99.280?)
- 115.454: odd missing note for the percussion
- 132.145/132.745: missing a note for the percussion burst, not necessary to include because it's quite faint, but worth nothing (also jesus, those 48ths are mean)
- 132.420: this note is a bit early (push it down to the nearest 32nd)
- 135.619/138.018/140.016/145.214/(etc): same as 97.238, should just be five 32nds
- 182.321: missing note, sticks out quite a bit since there's clearly an audible sound on that beat
- 191.691: this mini-jack isn't very nice
- chart needs some slight rhythmic adjustments, but the chart flows pretty nicely overall - structure is there; just has a few missing notes once a in a while

Red Vector Acid Minute (pxtang)
Rating: [3/10] [?]

- 10.374: this BPM changes is unnecessary and actually causes your chart to be synced to yellow notes as opposed to red notes like normal
- 11.827: missing jump
- 15.557: 64ths here are technically correct, but are unreasonably fast when compared to the rest of the chart's difficulty
- 16.584: missing jump
- 18.032: another instance here where 64ths are correct, but you would probably be able to accent the sound a bit more clearly using a combination of jumps and offset taps
- 20.687: remove the 12th
- 21.963/(etc): another missing jump for the ride/soft cymbal (you accented at least one of these earlier, so either clean them up or remove them - there are other instances of this)
- 23.617: remove mini-jack; it's not consistent with your structure
- 26.617: missing note
- 31.064: remove mini-jack here
- 39.132/45.752: if you have intentions on using jacks for the percussion here, you structure the chart in a way that accents the four repeated samples as opposed to only using a three-arrow jack like you have now
- 40.891/41.201/41.615: mini-jacks here don't really work
- 50.716 to end: skeleton from B_Lurk's SM file?
- file needs a lot of work in structuring

Robotomy (Choofers)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- 38.415/39.714/40.423/etc: I don't remember these notes being missing in the chart, haha. There's actually quite a few of these around here, fill them in.
- 52.706: missing note for hi-hat
- honestly, I don't have much to add -- yeah, there are various bursts with ever-so-slightly-off timings, but I'm not going to list all of them because it's hardly noticeable at normal rate and the intervals play/feel accurate overall; there is a level of reasonability within this chart, and I respect it
- on another note, the jump usage in this file is really just not good -- if I were you, I would literally just remove every jump that doesn't correspond to a very audible accent on 1.0 rate that isn't a burst, because many of the jumps are just following things that are represented as single taps during calmer areas as well
- 254.675: obviously didn't notice this burst before, those patterns are just dumb lmfao
- 292.470 is still absolutely disgusting
- and 300.620 still makes me want to kill myself (seriously, fix that mini-jack created by the 64ths )
- I was a little too lenient last time I judged this file, but I still have no issues giving it a rating within acceptable bounds

Shatterscape [Bexarametric Remix] (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- offset is a little off, your chart is early
- 49.488: flams hardly represent anything notably audible - the synthesizer doesn't quite syncopate to 32nds
- 51.971/52.695: add some jumps here, this is quite bland
- 54.661: this section adds another instrument and considerably heavier percussion outside of your bursts/other structure, but your current chart is really empty
- 62.730: these cutoff cymbals are a bit less prevalent than the actual snares that come in, so while this accent is acceptable, the structure for this section as a whole is a bit lighter than you might expect
- 69.350: these flams don't represent those synth hits well; it's just two 16ths
- 100.178: 32nds work here, but they're representing a choppiness in a sample that is barely audible
- 101.419: should be 24ths
- chart is acceptable, but the structure is so light - the long runs/bursts are quite a polarity in difficulty because there's no real method for cheating them, you -have- to do them as is

Sigatrev (rCaliberGX)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 15.207/18.207: missing jump
- 20.082: adding the 12ths here would be kinda cool, it would force some very minor but easily doable polyrhythms that would catch the player's attention, a must for a song that is pretty repetitive like this one
- 25.613/25.707: no jumps here, we don't have two instruments layered up like we did in the earlier part of your chart/song
- 39.707, 42.332, 43.957, (etc): ghost notes here, check this area to make sure you don't have any notes that shouldn't be in your chart
- 56.082 to 61.707: jacks don't quite make sense here in terms of pitch, notes do change around a bit; also, the 24ths at 53.394, 53.769, 54.144 (etc) are ghosted as well
- no complaints about the big jumpstream in terms of patterning, but you are missing some jumps for repeated notes in the melody (94.332, 100.332)
- quads at the end are a bit too much despite finality -- jumps would work (triples could work but might be a stretch)

The Devil Plays Dance Games (EzExZeRo7497)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]

- for the first 26 seconds, your chart is not quantized properly (BPM should be 160, using 12ths for the base)
- pitch relevancy would be a nice touch to the harpsichord intro at 29.103
- 36.853: should be a jump given your layering with snares
- 40.603: mix up your jump patterns again while still giving a descending feel (something like [24] [23] [13] would work well here)
- 48.103: this would look a lot better backwards as opposed to forward since the harpsichord does a descending scale (this note is technically applicable to the jumps as well)
- 56.353: a number of jumps missing for your layering scheme here
- 70.853: more PR-related things that can be easily fixed since there's not too much going on (in this case, make your triples descend)
- 72.541/72.666: missing notes -- make these jumps if you want this accenting to be consistent, or make them all singles (a trill for example) for a more "transitional" accent
- 80.291: missing jump
- 91.853: careful with your patterning here; you're implicating a repetition of six notes when the melody repeats a phrase of eight notes
- 98.103: really greatly appreciate the patterning here; even though it's 8th jumps, it's quite easy to hit because it's a pseudo-roll of sorts
- 149.103: somewhat abrupt transition in layering here, not very progressive
- 157.103/161.103: missing jumps, these are very noticeable because they serve as the start of new sections
- file is not too bad, but could really use some tweaking to improve visual clarity -- rhythms all make sense and structure is respectable

The party's starting! (bmah)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 61.749: minor PR error - these five notes are actually lower than the 6th note in the sequence; this also happens in the second iteration
- 89.884: normally, I would advise 32nds in place of 48ths, but in this case, you can clearly hear every odd numbered note accented here - use 24ths here
- 91.652/91.769: since this is very fast and in the middle of a relatively hectic section, it might be a better idea to just snap this to the nearest notation (16th for the first instance, 8th for a second)
- not much else wrong with this! Really good file.

thinking of you (I like it)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- the jumps in the intro can be manipulated slightly to accommodate for better pitch relevancy (in each set of four 8th notes, the second and third jump should be the same)
- 27.476 to 35.935: jump usage isn't quite consistent -- it occasionally uses some 16th note sandwiches, but not consistent manners for the same thing
- 78.226 to 86.884: see above note
- 154.350 to 162.808: same as above, although not quite as applicable due to the fade for the song
- some of the patterning is a bit rigid; there are some instances of three-or-more 8th notes/16ths offsetted by a 8th in a row, causing some implicit mini-jacks
- in most cases, this would unbearably boring - however, this chart is an extreme exception because it -demands- a willingness to keep going with how much stamina it requires, which is excellent; this reminds me of a slightly harder version of FFR's Freedom Dive with the dense and unrelenting jumpstreams

Turbo (hi19hi19)
Rating: [+] [9/10]

- this file is absolutely fucking terrible and you should kill yourself
- (serious note: very well structured file with appropriate pitch relevance and layering, but jesus christ the jacks in this file make me want to cry)

UBER Juice (~Zeta~)
Rating: [?] [2/10]

- 2.700: missing note for the strings
- 4.477: should be 24ths up to 5.144
- 12.033: starting trills here makes a lot of sense since the melody intensifies to 64ths, but the trill at 13.144 is strangely placed
- 14.177: this is where the trill should start
- 15.848: strange coloring
- 16.033: the start of this section has ambiguous layering - it looks like you're starting to follow strings, but then it looks like you switch gears to percussion at 18.255 (up to 23.144 - what's with all of the mini-jacks?)
- 37.366: these 48ths should just be 32nds
- 44.477: loooooooooooong 48th wall, increases the scoring difficulty 10-fold
- missing note at 57.218; bursts should be eight 48th notes long with the first note starting 1/48th from the given beat (relevant for 58.033, 59.144, 59.811, 60.922, 61.589, [etc]).
- 68.477: missing note/jump for snare
- 81.477: the trill should start here since this is where the pitch holds constant
- 83.589: pitch changes should be happening every four 32nd notes - your first trill is six 32nd notes long -- even then, trills at this speed are quite brutal -- you might want to consider using specific stream patterns to accent what you want to do
- 97.033: in comparison to what you're following, this is a pretty arbitrary usage of 48ths; you're giving this sound more attention by following it at full speed
- 109.811: I have no issues with doing rolls for a synth that slides down, but 48ths seem much too fast for this purpose
- 111.533: noticeably missing 32nd
- 121.311: missing note
- 121.866: ghost note; 122.033 is mis-rhythmic (should be 24ths from this point)
- 123.089: missing note
- 123.144: mis-rhythms
- 123.589: same as 121.866
- this pattern of mis-rhythms/missing notes continues to 126.255
- 140.922: the 32nds here are ghosted; there should be a 32nd at 140.866
- 141.366: should be 24ths - there's a mess of misrhythms here
- 172.033: 12ths continue here
- 174.255: normally, I'm alright with 32nds in replacement for 48ths, but the inherent issue you have here is that the switches in pitch occur on 24ths, making your 32nd transitions a little less sensible
- 181.366: should be 32nd trills in terms of PR
- 190.255: these jacks aren't very fun -- besides, you chart the latter half of it as trills anyway; your speedup would have a better effect with trills
- 193.811: these trills are good in concept, but you should try to make sure that different pitches get represented with different columns to get a better pitch changing effect (even if your patterns aren't entirely different, you can get a good visual by changing the prominent rhythm's columns)
- 201.366: 32nds would work nicely here
- 205.144: these 48ths follow the background synth even though the main synth is playing somewhat clearly; in general, they're quite overemphasized as 48ths, especially in the second half where you're repeating a constant 48th stream with three notes
- 206.255: should be 24ths up to 207.144
- 220.477: check the rhythms here; your timing is way off in that trill
- 250.366: ghosted note here
- 254.255: xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx (in 32nds) is the proper rhythm for this, down to 261.366
- 266.144: missing note
- 269.700: missing note
- 269.811: as with other instances, these are supposed to be 48ths -- however, if you want to keep them toned down to 32nds, make sure your patterns appropriately syncopate to the synth's higher notes
- 339.589: this should be a 32nd run
- 362.477: should be two more 32nds from here
- 363.366: should be 24ths
- many mistakes in rhythms, pitch relevance, and structure; file at least has appropriate offsetting but needs a massive overhaul

Umbral Ultimatum (YoshL)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 51.644: being that this is in a somewhat cooled down part of the song, I'd personally like to see this as a one-handed trill as opposed to a set of jacks (190 jacks are pretty harsh and should probably only be used for climax purposes)
- 57.848: from here, you should have five 32nd notes in a row; 48ths are a bit too fast
- 67.037: these polyrhythms are REALLY nasty, but at the very least you managed to keep the patterns tight and rolly to be hit in different ways
- 126.409: the accenting for the white noise is alright, but the patterns here are a little messy - try to make them a little cleaner/easier to read
- 145.807: ghost note, and stands out like a sore thumb because it creates a poly-rhythmic combination visually
- 180.895: whatever this jump is going to, it's barely audible and probably shouldn't be represented as a jump
- you toned this file down quite a bit compared to when I last saw it, haha

Visitor (glassvox)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]

- many instances of jacks do not represent the melody appropriately and seem out of place (ex: 12.457, 17.222, 19.086, etc
- certain areas are overly emphasized (19.915, 42.705)
- 48.092 to 77.926: many problems exist outside of rhythmic choice here -- first: there are a number of mini-jacks that don't correspond to the music; second: there are areas where the chart poorly represents the song (58.037 is a good place to start, where the prominent jumps represent the melody but don't have good pattern placement to reflect the changes in pitch); three: this area is quite overlayered when the melody starts to get more active, particularly in the latter half of this section
- 96.572: jumps here are quite strange because they follow something largely faded
- 110.039: melody still runs over the top of this and switching to the less prominent percussion for jacks really breaks the flow
- 110.868 to 127.445: first half - somewhat uninteresting structure using mini-jacks for percussion when more variation could be achieved following the melody (or, STRICTLY following the percussion so that it's not a complete stream); 124.131 to 127.445 is quite boring with unvaried jumps
- 132.418: very heavily overemphasized; this over-emphasis continues for a while
- 194.762: largely incorrect rhythm
- many of the same errors with mini-jacks and over-emphasis just continue to the end of the song
- this file could be considerably better if there was more clarity and attention paid to particular instruments at appropriate times; as is, this needs an overhaul for me
- rhythms are mostly accurate, but structure/PR are hardly existent

Wake Up, Gladiator (VisD)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- jumps have some slight inconsistencies; certain bass drums are accented with others are not (particularly in three 16th note jump sequences -- 30.103/47.603 for example)
- 54.270: understandable layering structure, just seems a bit out of place and a touch abrupt, haha
- 88.138: overemphasized -- it's just an ascending guitar scale, it really doesn't merit a color shift since the sound isn't modulated any differently or anything
- 91.603: same deal as 88.138
- 102.170: etc
- 110.270: etc
- structure is solid, rhythms are correct, PR exists where necessary, and everything makes sense -- colored gimmicks are a bit of a turnoff, though

Rating: [+] [8/10]

- 12th notes in intro represent the melody, which is 16ths; however, they are very passable in this instance because the bass drums are a noticeably different accent and also are 16ths
- 36.296: missing note
- 40.136: missing note
- 45.896: missing note
- 78.416: this wall could be more effective if you change the direction of the patterning since it'll likely be jump-trilled anyway -- vary in and out from rolls and spin patterns to give a more accurate (and threatening/surprising!) visual effect
- 107.336: missing note
- this file is quite solid in terms of structure, there's really not much objectively wrong with it; there's some slightly rigid patterning, but it makes the file a bit more difficult for scoring, increasing the replay value -- for me, the melodies being 12ths instead of 16ths works out for me because the bass drum is a much harsher accent and also paces straight 16ths; this gaves a bit more of an accenting separation and just feels more natural to the song

Winter Night's Journey (VisD)
Rating: [+] [8/10]

- pitch relevance is noticeable despite heavy layering
- layering is very sensible overall
- song is a bit repetitive and the chart structure follows suit, but there's nothing incorrect about the file at all

Wraith (DarkZtar)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]

- 37.681/39.286: missing notes here
- 46.053: missing jump
- 64.611 to 82.193: normally I don't complain about this much - this part of the file is INCREDIBLY rigid. Between the split-handed 16th jumptrilling at 215, to the implicit jacks that happen by way of layering and the overall speed/pace of this section; this is downright nightmarish.
- 135.791: don't offset this 64th; doesn't really accent anything noteworthy/different
- at 2:30, this file feels like it drags pretty hard, despite having a pretty heavy average of 13.5 NPS

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


[PASS] Files

If your submission was not reviewed with a numerical rating, was given a [PASS] rating, or otherwise was missed/skipped, then these judges will review it. All such files will end up here.


Robotomy / Choofers & t-rogdor
rating: 3.5/10 [?]
- still a very confusing file made more confusing by not just merely the song, but pattern choices and burst placements. See notes from the May 2013 batch for more details.
- as I mentioned a while back, you should elect to generalize and simplify certain sounds for sake of gameplay. Some examples:
- 63.69s: ignore the burst entirely and keep the trill
- 73.73s: the patterns themselves are not super complicated, but at this speed, even minor pattern inconsistencies make them hard to hit, such as the break from the rolls at 74.26s
- 110.90s: the speed of this burst makes a 342312 pattern very hard to execute amongst other things adjacent to it
- 122.86s: this pattern occurred a few times prior to this, but I recommend starting the fast rolls on a different direction than the repeated left arrow jacks
- 140.64s: up arrow anchors at very irregular beats...and then that 48th arrow! Consider better pattern placements please!
- 176.01s: the following section suffers from stepping overly accurately in general, regardless of the pattern placement; generalizations would do good here instead
- 190.03s: 24th jack...really?
- 254.73s: stuff like this is far too dense and once again would benefit from a generalization. I wouldn't even try to have jumps here.
- 300.85s: 24142 at basically 64ths? Pattern placement (and generalize)!
- Summary: Once again, the file suffers awkwardness more than it has to. Whether someone likes the song or not, the patterns can be deliberately less awkward than what you have now. Bursts are probably the single biggest culprit. I realize the file will still be very colorful even after generalizations...remember though that I'm asking you to generalize minute sounds that would create very fast bursts. And of course, please step such bursts in the most ergonomic way possible, which I know is difficult for this song, but can be done better than currently is now.

Visitor / glassvox
rating: 5.5/10 [+?]
- throughout the file, I felt that the rigidity and overall difficulty was excessive considering the layering and patterns that you could've used instead
- the percussion and drums throughout the song stand out and are relatively louder compared to a lot of the synths and main melody; who could blame you for stepping these? However, there are also many times when the melody takes prominence and preferability over these percussions. A few examples of this: 24.78s, 29.03-30.27s (better without jacks here), 33.59s, 124.54s, etc.
- some places with generally awkward patterns. A few examples: 75.75s, 84.14s, etc.
- the jacks (particularly in the 12th sections) definitely contributed to the rigidity of the file, and at times became excessive and unnecessary. A lot of this is due to your preference of making jumps out of emphasized percussion, which happens frequently. Some examples: 85.70s, 123.92s, 133.66s, etc. Even if you did want to add jacks, the jack placements in some areas felt uncomfortable compared to other patterns you could've used instead (e.g. 146.61s has a lot of left and down-arrow jacks).
- a few places don't seem to warrant hands, such as 132.42s
- a lot of the jumpjacks seem to be better off as single arrows instead of jumps (e.g. 168.36s)
- some polyrhythms got a bit too crazy (e.g. 203.34s)
- Summary: You definitely know how to step; you just need to lighten things up with the density of the file and use less rigid patterns. Much of the rigidity comes from the very constant and relentless prevalence of minijacks. Ignore the percussion at times and focus on the main melody of the song, as this will reduce the possibility of using too many jacky patterns.


Apocynthion Drive [Kommisar] - 4.5

m44-47, m296-304 - not 24ths
m74 - a bit offsync color notes, and steps get offsync after this part for a while.
m154 - a bit off
(some similar color notes after this)
m267 - awkward one hand biased effect?

sound quality is bad, needs better music file. also, songcut is preferable.
there are some fun parts, but some inaccurate/ridiculously done parts.

Beautiful Beachfront Properties (DossarLX ODI) - 5

many of streamish 16th parts / bursts - pretty confusing due to stepping not very audible sound + heavy layering, rather than fun for me
pattern usage are acceptable though.

overall, notes can be focused to major sounds more.

Eclipse (Luna) - 5.5

m32, m40 - causing 16th jack in 32nds bursts
m49 - overuse of hands in relatively quiet parts

basically jumps on snare + color notes on melody style, which is somewhat enjoyable.
including some bursts, patterns can be sophisticated though.

Extratone Pirates (DossarLX ODI and qqwref) - 7

m33- , m67- - can use different/difficult structures for the sound change but okay as it is
m41 - unneseccary notes

no major complaints for the chart, it matches the potential of the song.

Extratone Pirates (XelNya) - 4.5

m13 - PR error
m35-, m53- - long jumpjack usage (same column I mean) like this don't make it interesting to play, usually
m65-66 - a bit overdone for the song
m98 - If you use fade-out, charts should be watered down.

butsts can be added in the long stream, less simplistic with these.
overall, the other version is better.

Heterochromia Iridis [TC_Halogen + hi19hi19] - 6.5

m12-13, 108-109 - jumps are slightly offsync (especially first 16th ones)
m14 - 24ths are too fast for the sound, 18ths here?
m26-28 - felt some mini jumpjacks are out of place for the song
m34 - 32nds -> 24ths
m78-80 - quastionable jumpjacks usage
m86, m95-97 - felt too heavy layering

interesting song choice and has many enjoyable features.
some parts are kinda rough though, patterns and structures have room for improvement for better ratings.

Robotomy [Choofers] - 5

well, not going into partial details but as a chart for this song mostly well done aside from some rhythms/patterns.
but struggling with 5.5+ mins irregular fast noises will definitely give people huge pain.

needs songcut at least, maybe useful for tournament benchmark but can't say enjoyable as of now.

Shatterscape (Bexarametric Remix) (DossarLX ODI) - 6.5

m6 - inaccurate bursts (missing notes)?
m46-48 - felt 32nds interpretation of the noises don't match the song

unique noisy song, some people will find it fun, and some people won't understand the way of stepping.
jumps can be used for more accents at parts.

The party's starting! (bmah) - 7.5

big jumpstreams and some interesting burst features.
no major complaint for the chart itself but it's typical js chart.. anyways.

UBER Juice [~Zeta~] - 3

m3 - 32nds -> 24ths at parts
m7 - even if not putting 64th JT-able bursts, can express faster sounds in a different way?
m33 - 32nds -> 48ths
m48 - awkward jacks&hands combination
m50 - misrhythms
and so on. not listing all errors here.

it's too long so song can be cut.
steps are technically correct but others are not. still needs major rhythm/pattern tweaks for the accuracy and playability.

Visitor (glassvox) - 6.5

m27 - inconsistent stepping target change (32nds)
m53, m88 - unnecessary 24th note?
m78 - no very good reason for putting jacks?
m134 - 32nds too fast (requires color note sync)

rhythms are mostly correct but wrong in a few parts. minijack usage is nice but felt too much parts.
will be good with a few tweaks, maybe. overall enjoyable.

Where's Bill (mi40) - 6

around m146 - 16th+24th one can be better expression?
m202 - missing note
m215 - 218 - can be synced better

can be inproved minor technical issues but no major technical problem except for the length.
songcut is better for the playability.

Winnipeg Is Fucking Over (mi40) - 5.5

m128, 137 - 24th -> 32nd
m138- unnecessary 16th notes?
m227 - need to be hands?

partially good, but considering this song is quite long and has multiple silent parts, full length shouldn't be stepped.

Wake Up, Gladiator - 6

m15 - the last 8th should be a single note
m18 - last burst = 24ths + 32nds
m69 - the last 16th should be a single note
m104 - is the layering for drums needed here?

the song is fairly repetitive (especially drum part) so it causes "avoiding repetitiveness vs keeping consistency" issue.
felt like the whole chart is leaning to the former, causing some inconsistencies, in terms of pattern/layering.


m9-20, and similar parts - not 12ths
m99 - color note jump?
m117 - a bit random stream pattern?
m126 - 24th mini-jumptrill for what reason?

jump usage of this chart is quite understandable.
there are some weird parts/errors in the chart like listed above, which make it weird to play.

Winter Night's Journey - 6

missing notes for bass drums in some parts, which is primary part for the layering in this song (e.g. m10-, m66, m80, etc)
long jumpstream sections drag on by a bit (ex. m101-102 a break should be added).

basically well-done, but has room for raising replay value I think.

Wraith - 6

m2, and many other sections - 24ths like this seem to be incorrect (and 16th for similar sound in m4)

hands/jumptrills usage overall, probably those are not wrong but felt overused/can be differently done.
song/steps get better towards the end.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

October 2013

Judge Team #1


[Resubmission] Kirlian Isles I (yomanimawesome)

33.736s: missing note
50.865s: 16th note is actually a 12th
66.196s: 16th note is actually a 12th
73.908s: 16th note is actually a 12th (it's really most obvious in this spot)
87.543s: no reason to use two up arrows in a row, pitch descends so use a down arrow, and consequently the following arrow a left arrow
88.500s: early by .12 seconds

-pitch relevancy is correct everywhere besides the one spot
-file is structured fine and relatively lightly layered to match the music

[Resubmission] Laplace (DarkZtar)

3.917s: missing grace note
34.205s: missing jump
57.141s: missing note
85.205s: missing jump

[Resubmission] Neurotoxin (Reshiram)

39.639s: all these notes are the same pitch, just keep them in the same column
40.972s: missing note (actually lower pitch than the previous ones)
44.222s: this 16th note is going to the percussion, but it's occurring on literally every other beat, so step it in every instance or ignore it
64.556s: missing note
70.222s: missing note
90.306s: missing note
102.139s: just make this a jump, it's the same sound but higher pitch
103.431s: this should be 4 32nd notes starting at the 32nd placed already (103.431s), remove the 16th
104.014s: missing guitar note
104.59s: missing guitar note

[Resubmission] Prismatic Lollipops (Elite Ninja)

offset is .024s late

12.075s: ghost note
47.496s: missing jump
54.328s: missing note
56.704s: missing note
56.927s: missing note
57.150s: you stepped this as hands in 47.645, so do the same here, and this sound you're following occurs mostly throughout the entire song
58.635s: same missing notes in this section
71.259s: missing jump

[Resubmission] Silent Wind (0)

72.731s: 200 bpm minijack into a hand... too hard in context with the rest of the file

- for how soft and relaxing this song is, the layering is surprisingly heavy
- halving the bpm and using color kept it interesting

[Resubmission] Somerset Blather On and On (DossarLX ODI)

12.929s: it's bizarre that you stepped this part the way you did: 2 8th notes then a 16th gallop. you have an arrow on all the 4th notes for the bass drum and bell which
makes sense, but you're only stepping the 2nd percussion sound when they come in groups of 2, for example, there's a missing note at 12.929s, 13.225s, and this repeats for
the entire rest of the section. granted, they're not as loud as the individual notes you placed, but they're still loud enough that i think they should be followed. it's
also better from a difficulty flow perspective seeing as you have long 16th streams with some jumps later on in the file.
15.791s: missing note, same happens at 17.370s, 18.949s, 22.107s
26.942s: ignoring this lower pitch sound in this part and everywhere else in this section of the file is just weird, especially in places like 27.732s; you can clearly hear the sound but it's just emptiness in the file
32.666s: missing 8th and 16th
38.390s: jacks here aren't pitch relevant: 39.37, 40.759s, 42.536s can have a 2-note jack, and 43.918s is correct, but the rest is random. you can still have jacks in this
part, but it's a lot better if they actually follow the pitch

-file definitely has potential, but so many sections were unnecessarily empty when there are very audible sounds that can be followed

A Brief Tutorial on VIP Productions (emulord)

30.442s: these aren't 24ths
31.727s: missing jump
32.263s: if you're layering the hi hat, it's missing all over the place here, but comes back at 34.834s
37.299s: this is stepped differently than 30.442s
38.477s: missing hi hat
38.692s: missing notes
39.656s: more missing hi hat
40.299s: missing jump
48.013s: from here on it's just a ton of jumptrills and jumpjacks, very repetitive
48.013s: very difficult minijack
58.192s: very difficult minijack
60.013s: why jumptrill instead of gallops like before?
79.406s: these notes are very offsync
95.156s: missing jump
98.370s: missing note
99.442s: again, just repeating jumptrills and jumpjacks, the song literally just repeats again

-yes, the song is a joke, a satire on poorly created music. but that also makes it a really bad song, it's just repetitive, simple, and abrasive and offers nothing in
diversity. very poor song choice.
-there are numerous errors
-difficulty flow is pretty awkward with half of the file being very empty and sparse and the other half being full of jumptrills and jumpjacks

A Pierce of Flesh (DossarLX ODI)

offset is early by .027s

12.805s: ghost note
15.873s: this 16th triplet section is actually 12ths
17.714s: ghost note
110.002s: these triplets are higher than the previous ones, but there's a lack of pitch relevancy accentuating that

-good choice to cut the song
-not much to say, i really like the structure of the file and think it makes for a good challenging jumpstream song, well done

A Yodeler In Texas (gameboy42690)

18.714s: missing note

-file is totally accurate, pr is well used
-layering structure is pretty much perfect and exactly what i'd imagine for the song
-the difficulty flow of the file is good
-in addition to being perfect in those three respects, the cool color accents to the sound effects make me give this a perfect score

Accelerator (MarioNintendo)

35.011s: transitioning from the 32nd roll to this long right anchor is extremely hard, and the existence of the anchor doesn't seem necessary since the first part is bass
drum and the second is snare drum. this part is much better how you stepped it at 43.941s
92.848s: trill here seems counterintuitive as there isn't any audible 16th sound that corresponds to it, as opposed to the very loud sounds you have associated with trills
such as 103.586s
101.633s: ^

-this file is mostly pretty good, but those trills i talked about are really wonky

Apocynthion Drive (Reshiram)

78.694s: this 64th section is 1/32nd early
84.894s: from here the beats for the ENTIRE SONG become .023s early, also this entire section up to 107.294s has 16th notes that were ignored leaving this as just a long
8th js when it could have been different for variation
88.094s: why is this a hand instead of a jump?
94.494s: ^ what is making these hands?
96.894s: this has 16th percussion that could be stepped to alleviate the repetitiveness of this section
100.894s: why hand instead of jump
123.727s: incorrect grace note
124.494s: missing note
124.761s-125.294s: the jumps should be on the 8ths not 4ths
126.627s: missing note
153.194s: incorrect grace note, it's just a 16th
154.761s: this should be a different note than the previous
154.894s: 1/16th early, remove grace
155.161s: trill is backward (it's actually closer to correct with the offsync beats, but with the beats shifted back in place it's backwards)
156.227s: this is just a 16th gallop not 32nd triplet
156.761s: missing note
157.361s: ghost note, the trill should start at the 8th after this and it should also be on a different column than the 4th before it
158.194s: grace note is fine but it should be a 16th and 32nd not 32nd and 8th
158.494s: these are 12ths not 16ths
---from this point on i resynced the song by shifting the beats up by .023s because it was too difficult to comment on accuracy when all the steps were almost 1/32nd off,
so the timestamps will be +.023s from where they are in your submission---
158.984s: no need to make this a jump while stepping only singles for the solo
159.117s: missing note
159.184s: missing note
160.917s: missing note
161.184s: 1/32nd note late
161.317s: again, kind of arbitrary jump since you have only singles everywhere else for the solo, same with the hand that follows at 161.650s which should at most be a jump and should be on the 4th note not 16th note
161.850s: all of these color notes are significantly offsync
163.550s: remove 32nd note, it just goes to some background noise you aren't stepping in this part
170.739s: this is a 16th triplet not 12ths, and it starts at the 8th note
180.339s: ^
180.917s: missing jump
181.317s: missing jump
181.450s: extraneous jump
211.717s: neglected percussion that could be stepped here
225.884s: backwards grace note, should be ascending
242.650s: what's with the random BPM double? absolutely nothing is happening here to merit that
278.017s: this is just 4 16th notes
278.650s: ghost note
279.317s: arbitrary jump since you're just stepping the solo
281.000s: first 64th note is ghost, just make this trill 16ths or you're going to have a really screwy ridiculously fast color trill FIVE AND A HALF minutes into a very
hard file
281.450s: see 279.317s
283.984s: trill should start here, 2 16ths earlier, and the trill is backwards
286.384S: these are 24ths
286.984s: missing note
287.117s: missing note
290.517s: missing note
290.784s: missing note
292.384s: 8th gallops, what are they going to?
293.317s: you stepped only 3 16th notes for the percussion, it goes on a lot longer
298.916s-299.406s: these aren't even 24ths, just 16ths
299.450s: only these ones are 24ths
300.050s: missing note
303.517s: trill is backwards
308.550s: it's just a single note and it's a 4th not 16th
308.850s: 4th not 16th
315.984s: leaving 24th jumpstream bursts right at the end of a 7 minute file really sucks for its playability and replayability, the least you could've done here is removed
the anchors like at 316.917s and especially 318.250s
322.517s: why is this a jump and the rest not
324.250s: missing note
328.650s: should just be a single note
337.184s: step the percussion here
345.117s: ghost note

-this file is full of errors of various types, and is offsync for the majority
-for how long it is, it doesn't offer much variation. the vast majority is just 8th jupstream and then the very hardest parts are saved for the ending, which is really harsh for a seven minute file

Arianrhod (hi19hi19)

63.785s: since the pitch is higher here i think you should use different patterns than the previous 24ths
69.035s: given how intense this section is, i think you can layer in the sound in the background which is faster than 12ths
115.10s: this is begging to be a quad imo

- personally i thing you could use more hands throughout the file for accenting the crash cymbals, but it's ok either way as i see you've used them for other sounds
- file is just really well done, very similar to what i had in my head listening to this song a while ago

Artemis (DarkZtar)

36.980s: missing jump (doesn't go to the singing)
51.980s: ghost note

- file is pretty good, good layering choices

Artificial Rose (hi19hi19)

too many seconds of silence in the beginning

23.088s: missing note
25.831s: missing note
81.881s: ghost note, it's just a gallop, remove the 1st note
92.852s: ^

Autumn (Dabomb2223)
The .sm I have has no steps.

Autumn Breeze (Silvuh)

53.015s: what's with the backwards PR? it's the same exact pitch as the part before and repetition isn't a problem because the steps here have different intervals

-very good job capturing all the color notes correctly
-pr is very accurate

Aventyr (VisD)

4.173s: both instruments are 24ths so the poly doesn't make sense
7.810s: ditto
9.287s: minijack doesn't make sense, pitch is descending
30.618s: missing note
33.673s: what does jump go to?
35.491s: ^
48.673s: whatever this trill goes to is not audible enough and definitely doesn't feel right playing through
76.852s: again, these trills don't make sense
99.806s: missing note
104.806s: i really think you should step the piano in this section. feels quite empty without it.
122.079s: missing notes
124.011s: grace notes are after the 4th note not before
125.942s: these 64ths are 48ths
129.579s: ^
151.873s: this trill is much better as just a triplet

-chart needs a lot of fixing up in some spots, but others were very well stepped. i think this chart and song have lots of potential, but there are some big problems at the moment
-i'm really not a fan of the 4-note 48th bursts throughout the file to the guitar, it's not really noticeable and i think you'd be much better off focusing on the
instruments in the foreground

Axel Man (hi19hi19)

-steps feel like they cut off a little sharp, i'd try an earlier fade out or something

Be My Pet (mi40)

3.513s: ghost note
25.374s: grace note should be placed further down
32.709s: 24th is a 16th
32.951s: missing note
33.149s: why is this a jump? also there should be a 16th after
33.414s: 48ths don make sense here, the buzzes start after the 16th
35.726s: missing 16th note
35.000s: shouldn't be a jump
38.766s: missing note
41.938s: these were stepped as 48ths before now 32nds
50.726s: this was stepped as a single grace note, now it's a triplet
57.995s: this was stepped as 48th bursts, then 32nd bursts, now it's a lot 32nd roll
65.132s: why is this not a jump
66.982s: why is this a jump, also missing 16th after it
67.246s: why is this not a jump
76.630s: grace notes to these vocals makes no sense
89.449s: missing jump
118.921s: lots of missing 16ths
errors like these repeat throughout

-this whole chart is extremely random. what you have stepped as one thing in one place is totally different in another, without any good reason for that change, and there
are lots of missing notes/jumps.

Bits (Mr.Stepmaniac)

please include a .sm in your submission so people with ddream can look at your file

4.357s: missing note
4.786s: should be a jump
6.072s: missing note
6.500s: should be a jump
13.786s: this section is full of errors: missing notes and notes that should be jumps
28.357s: this section is full of ghost notes as well

-file just has too many errors and inconsistencies, there is no comprehensible structure.
-song is pretty bland and repetitive as well

Chaos (Scintill)

-very good pr and pattern choices

Cowbell Rock (Xiz)

5.822s, 7.429s, etc: if you're stepping the bass drum here, why are you not stepping it on the other 4ths?
7.161s: missing note
7.603s: ghost note (you're stepping an instrument here that you aren't anywhere else)
8.768s: missing note
11.447s: missing note
23.936s: grace note is pretty arbitrary? also why are you using 64ths here
24.204s: this is a 12th
25.152s: this should be a 24th (it's early)
26.447s: not a fan of stepping this sound as a grace note, doesn't sound like that at all
28.221s: see 23.936s
28.489s: see 24.204s
30.375s: this should be a jump
33.143s: this should be a jump
35.018s: same as 26.447s
38.768s: this should be a jump
42.518s: this should be a jump
44.036s: i wouldn't ignore the percussion in this section
50.733s: this should be a jump
51.090s: ^
52.429s: same as 44.036s
85.643s: should be a jump

-actually this entire song is 64th swing... so the vast majority of all the 12ths and 24ths you've placed are actually 64ths, although there are a few short 24th runs, so
that should be fixed
-the chart has quite a few errors otherwise, and i don't like some choices you've done like the grace note usage

Crab Nicholson Extreme Sleepover

9.928s: shouldn't be a jump, the next 4th should be
12.213s: ^
16.785s: not a jump
18.951s: this grace note is early, probably as a result of the recoloring, and the grace notes are a bit off in the whole file.
25.642s: should be a jump
29.760s: shouldnt be a jump
34.785s: should be a jump
54.49ss: ^
54.785s: ^
57.642s: ^
59.475s: ^
61.356s: ^
67.189s: ^
67.356s: ^
68.213s: ^
71.356s: ^
72.785s: ^
73.070s: ^
80.499s: ^
89.642s: ^
91.356s: ^
108.092s: this section is offsync. it's still all swing.

-recoloring is just pretty ridiculous. it's 48th swing, so let the file reflect that. also it can be done by quadrupling the bpm instead of placing 746 subbeats. as a
result of the recoloring a lot of the grace notes are slightly off or placed next to the wrong note.
-file has potential if all of the errors are fixed and is colored correctly

Cross Galaxy (AlexDest & rparty89)

3.268s: this whole section feels understepped as a result of only stepping the melody and ignoring all the percussion
102.459s: a lot of these 16th notes are ghost notes

-song drags a lot, it's kind of the same thing for 2 minutes straight
-the 2 climaxes at 51.263s and 105.259s are obnoxiously hard in context with the rest of the file

Day's End (Silvuh)

119.604s: this section confuses me, if you're stepping the snare drum here, it's missing in a lot of places like 119.091s, 123.194s, 127.297s, etc. if those 16th notes are going to something else, i can't tell what it is.

Day's End (Zakvvv666)
3/10 [<]

6.839s: why is this a jump?
23.506s: missing note
52.223s: missing note
86.710s: missing note
94.274s: missing note
100.684s: i don't at all like how all of these are jumps instead of making some notes and then layering on other instruments
109.658s: and why is this not a jump?
133.504s: this is full of ghost notes. the snare drum in the background is not constant 16ths
150.427s: these grace notes make no sense, they are 16th jacks on the piano

-jump usage is really inconsistent throughout the whole file. sometimes you have bass drum stepped as notes, somtimes as jumps.
-there are lots of objective errors but also a lot of the layering choice is really poor, some places have way too many jumps.

Daybreak (Fission)

30.215s: missing note (unless intentional following 64th grace?) still think it's a good idea to place it
31.435s: this ascends in pitch so a minijack isn't good
31.967s: missing note, kinda quiet though, i'd prefer one but it's arguable
41.005s: hand
61.838s: 12th instead of 16th
66.243s: missing note
76.251s: i think a grace is a good addition here, especially if you'd do it in a spot like 30.056s, but not bad if left out
89.817s: 8th is a bit early
105.759s: possible grace note usage

-pr is basically perfect
-structure is fine, jumps/hands used by volume rather than strictly chord length which is kind of cool and works well with this song
-errors are only minor

Direct Advance (MrPopadopalis25)

-perfect pr in the intro
-i see no errors, and all the layering makes sense. file is simple and good.

Dive into the Wings of Freedom

15.142s: should just be a single note
24.415s: poor pr here
47.733s: minijack into hand here is just kind of ridiculous, trivially avoidable
57.142s: since the sound on the main instrument doubles, you could step the melody as all jumps and it would be a lot better than just repeating the first half of the file
63.415s: this shouldnt be a minijack

-file is not that bad, but a bit repetitive/bland. i think it would be a bit better with the change i recommended.

Dolphin Talk (Xiz)

offset is .017 early
11.269s: shouldn't be a jump
19.996s: ^
89.468s: missing note

-this entire song is 64th swing, not 24th, please fix
-song drags a bit

Doki Doki Robo Bunny (0 & kjwkjw)
5/10 [<]

12.920s: nasty down anchor
25.220s: again, anchor. these can be trivially avoided
30.170s: ^
50.420s: ^
61.820s: this is just monstrously overdone, only a 32nd roll would be more than sufficient, there isn't really a need to stick jumps in it... on top of that it leads into a
very long anchor...again
62.720s: this part feels way way overlayered. simple jumpstream would do just fine rather than dense handstream. and it's loaded with anchors, 9 notes long

-this file feels way, way overdone. there are countless 9+ note long anchors that don't really need to be there, and there are many sections stepped really densely and with
hands when sparser jumpstream would be perfectly fine, when the song is fairly calm

Doki Doki Robo Bunny (DossarLX ODI)

-pretty cool that it's indexable but has play value on spread too
-because it's indexable, it feels a bit empty at parts for spread play (which is the primary concern), e.g. 72s could use jumpstream

Endless Maze (hi19hi19)

62.043s: early note
63.889s: why are these not stepped as jumps like they were before?
67.582s: layering doesn't make sense in this section
74.966s: a lot of the minijacks don't make sense here, they go to ascending and descending sounds, but some of them are correct

-i didn't see much appeal in this at all. the first half is really empty compared to the second.
-layering wasn't very intuitive

Eirin's Clinic That People Queue Up For (MrPopadopalis25)

At first I thought this was going to be a boring all 8ths chart , but I was wrong. Progressively layering in the snare and ignoring the bass drum was a good choice, and. PR was good where applicable. My only (minor) complaint is that the steps drift about 15ms late by the end, since the BPM isn't precisely 132.

Euophoria v2 (DossarLX ODI)

70.578s: in this entire section the isolated 8th note is actually a gallop with a 16th note before it that is missing
146.774s: i think i can tell what these notes are going to (some faint background sound), but it took like 10 listens to figure it out and it's certainly not very audible
while playing

-obviously offers more than Synthlight's steps, and i like the idea of a v2 for it
-good difficulty progression and layering choices (except for one thing i pointed out)

Fading Star (VisD)

24.924s: should just be a single note
34.353s: missing note
41.210s: ^

FF4 Last Battle (Shadow 1800)

offset is late by 38ms

12.531s: handjack makes no sense here, the sound only happens once, and a jump is much better
13.756s: these are 24ths
29.672s: missing drum notes
56.608s: just make these jumps
70.994s: missing drum notes
72.525s: this part is faster than 16ths
73.749s: all of these 32nds are ghost notes
83.850s: missing notes
87.829s: 48ths make no sense here, it'd be much better to follow the drums or just use 32nds for the guitar
118.438s: all of these 24ths are ghost notes
137.416s: trills don't make sense here, they're better represented as runningmen
144.762s: these are 32nds not 48ths

-this file really doesn't make much sense at all, there are lots of sections that have notes that don't go to anything

Fill Me Up With Snacky Happiness (gameboy42690)

33.278s: missing note
59.678s: ^
115.128s: missing note(s) (you could put one or two here)

-this song is hilarious

Floating Free (Liamis01177)

-bpm is wrong and is compensated with random notations while still being offsync by a significant amount
-file has no structure; notes are just arbitrarily placed at random notations in random locations

Forbidden Tracks (rCaliberGX)

please include a .sm in your submission so people with ddream can look at your file

36.767s: 16th doesn't go to anything
39.744s: ghost note
48.219s: hand usage? they go to crash cymbal and now you have them for snare
50.738s: ghost notes
61.808s: 32nds not 48ths
62.418s: 32nds not 48ths
62.724s: missing note
63.182s: grace note doesn't make sense
63.665s: this is just a 16th
64.098s: not 48ths, 32nds
66.159s: missing note
66.236s: what are these grace notes? i guess they go to the background instrument but it's pretty inappropriate. it makes the entire section really cluttered and doesn't
help to express anything.
67.610s: this note is a bit early, should be a 64th
79.672s: this should also be a hand
109.599s: what's with this grace note and the one after it?
149.145s: missing note
149.603s: missing note
150.824s: missing notes

-file has a lot of errors
-in general, it feels way overlayered because in many parts every single snare/bass drum hit is stepped as a jump, and most of the cymbal hits are stepped as hands, so it's hard to follow what each jump/hand goes to while playing. could be stepped much much lighter.


please include a .sm in your submission so people with ddream can look at your file

-the file is lacking structure or any sense of consistent layering throughout. there are jumps that don't seem to go anything, jumps that seem to be miss ing, and jack usage that doesn't make sense.

FUSE!! (Scintill)

35.902s: missing 32nd
68.090s: 24ths between the 4th and 8th
70.840s: ^
90.798s: ghost 48th
108.590s: these are 24ths not 16ths

-file is pretty acurate and has good pr
-difficulty flow is good
-some of the 48ths usage for guitar was questioable but overall sounds ok and plays well

Gabbaber (fatpaints)

-song choice is pretty poor, there's nothing musically redeeming about the song, it's just bass kicks for a minute and a half
-the chart was ok in that it didn't seem to have any errors and made sense, but is really unenjoyable due to the repetitive nature of the song and consequently the chart

Gee [Areia Remix] (DarkZtar)

32.600s: missing note

-good song choice, i think this will be played a lot
-well done structuring the file to keep it interesting

Get Squirrely (mi40)

4.107s: missing note
11.768s: these are 3/32nds not 24ths
12.200s: 12ths is early
56.651s: step this as 3 notes like you do everywhere else

-The song is actually 170.14 BPM. You have it stepped as 255 BPM. This makes a lot of rhythms unnecessarily colorful and not truly representative of what's happening in
the song. What would be mostly 16ths and 24ths is often 3/64ths, 5/64ths, and 3/32nds. This is a problem in itself, but is made worse by the fact that notes are slightly
offsync in various parts of the file (like in 12.2s). And occasionally you'll use a different rhythm like 24ths for 3/32nd (like in 11.77s). None of them are likely to be more than one frame offsync, but it happens all over the file and is certainly something that should be improved/fixed if you're
going to use the wrong BPM.

Gonna Take You Down! (Reshiram)

offset is 19ms late

3.901s: these are 24ths
23.032s: 24ths
73.467s: these are 24ths

Great Expectations (beary605)

4.581s: if you're stepping the keyboard echo, it's actually all over the place, not just these few single notes, so i wouldn't step it at all
18.581s: minijack is misplaced, should be 1 16th later
19.706: ^, in general jacks are all misplaced in this section
29.581s: missing jump
39.081s: poor pr
40.581s: missing note
48.581s: missing note
49.206s: this section is stepped pretty inaccurately
66.206s: jump placement in this section is very inaccurate
98.206s: jump usage here is pretty random

-chart has lots of inaccuracies
-the layering and structure is really poor, the whole file is a long jumpstream with minijacks which doesn't help emphasize anything in the music

Gruntilda's Final Battle (Charu)

28.698s: missing jump
111.698s: This is just way, way too hard in comparison with the rest of the file
122.365s: these all 16ths, not 12ths
152.365s: all the trills are backwards in this section
177.809s: this long trill is a bad pattern choice, doesn't really go with the song
180.254s: ditto

-the minijack section aside, it's a bit of a drag that the first 70 seconds of the file are so easy compared with the rest. this isn't a huge deal though; the problem is mainly just the jack section

Holy Winter (woker-x & Silvuh)

96.300s: missing note
160.784s: this would be so much better as a jack IMO
163.595s: ^
166.436s: ^
209.769s: I don't think this trill is too hard for the file per se, but it's the fact that it's closer to a bunch of gallops rather than a trill, particularly at its end.
Even if it being gallops is closer to on-sync with the music (I can't distinguish at 1.0), I think it would be better to step it as an even trill; this is so much harder to
hit than anything else in the file, and it's right at the end, which hurts its playability.
212.299s: I think a 24th would go well here before the 64th. It's pretty audible.
214.638s: this note is kinda late

-Personally, I love the song choice. I wanted to see this in game and considered stepping it, and am happy you did.
-excellent work syncing a 3:30 long dynamic BPM song. The sync was pretty much perfect.
-PR perfect
-layering is perfect; can't see anything wrong as far as jump/hand usage

Indignant Divinity (Kyuji Sayomi)

37.638s: missing note
43.745s: having this section as a jumpstream isn't good at all since it now plays exactly like the previous part, just follow the melody and the percussion and ignore the
background noise
49.745s: 32nds start here
50.602s: layering makes little sense in this section

-chart has lots of potential, the first half is stepped very well!

It's Over (Scintill)

12.160s: missing note

J219 (ItsOnlyDanO)

22.892s, 29.423s: you use jumps here, but not in other spots like 32.688s, inconsistency in jump placement
38.199s: use a different jump here for better PR, same with the following jump, and the following group of notes
49.423: should be a jump
50.44s: 32nds dont make sense
53.709s: ^
55.954s: should be a jump

Kaepora Gaebora's Message (Poison-)

offset is 45ms early

8.571s: should be a jump
29.143s: backwards pr
34.929s: a lot of these minijacks into jumps make no sense because the pitch is changing, and it's really hard for beginners to hit
42.643s: missing note

KOMMICORE (0 & Choofers)

18.861s: what's with the polyrhythm? there are no 12ths here, it's just 16ths

-jumpstream at the end seems unecessarilly anchored/rigidly patterned. if you're going to have one half of the song really easy and the second half really hard, the least
you can do is alleviate it a little with better pattern selection
-this file doesn't seem very enjoyable. very short and just ends with really hard jumpstream.
-what i said to fix is the same thing that all the other judges have said, multiple times. if you send a file and it's rejected, and you send it again, and it's rejected,
for the same reasons, consider actually fixing the file. it's a waste of everyone's time if you don't.

Kotabatoraborato (0)

-file is way overlayered given the energy of the music. hands everywhere to quiet parts
-song/file is very repetitive
-color usage in the intro makes no sense, just use normal color notes, there's already variation in that it's not layered at all.

Lawn Wake III (mi40)

8.008s: jump usage makes no sense, the same exact sound is stepped as a jump, then a single note
8.608s: ^
9.208s: ^
this error repeats itself many times in the file
10.033s: missing note
14.833s: ^
17.758s: missing jump
17.908s: ^
19.783s: missing note
21.658s: missing jump
26.758s: missing note
30.133s: missing note
31.258s: this is much better as descending
45.283s: this 16th should be a jump, not the 8th
47.458s: ghost note
47.008s: shouldn't be a jump
52.783s: missing note
85.258s: 48ths here make no sense
89.383s: random jumps

-chart's structure is pretty random at times. jump placement is arbitrary and inaccurate in many places. pick a sound you want to step as jumps, and then do it every time
in a section of a file. it's just being done randomly and results in tons of inconsistencies. i think the file has lots of potential if everything was made more consistent.

Live and Learn (Zen Death Squad Remix) (DossarLX ODI)

12.383s: poor pr, same as 15.206s,18.030s,23.677s
36.501s: a 12th note would work well here, and in all the following instances of this sound, feels empty to just follow the percussion

-color usage was fine, kept the file interesting
-i think pr should be followed more in the intro of the song during the 8th notes


offset is .037 early

- initially i was going to comment on your exclusion of the main 24th instrument, but i realize stepping just 12ths and making an easy file works totally fine. good jump
practice for beginners.
-not much to say, short and easy and no errors

Why Did You Have To Make It Hurt? (GammaBlaster)

15.415s - minijack could be used for repeating note
34.786s - minijack here isn't good because it makes a big difficulty spikes transitioning into from the 64th roll, and the sound isn't even repeating
36.501s - again i question your minijack usage and the sounds aren't repeating
42.929s - ditto
43.529s - ditto
46.701s - ditto
51.072s - ditto
74.815s - missing note
75.672s - you should probably put a note here for this sound if you're going to step ones like at 73.358s since the former is noticeably louder
76.701s - same minijack problem
77.301s - again, wouldnt use minijack after roll
79.015s - ditto
82.272s - this is much too quiet to have stepped as 32nds especially considering the other sounds you chose to step as 32nds
85.786s - same minijack problem
89.644s - if anything, the minijack should be on the 8th before this since here there's a different sound on the 4th
92.215s - it's really, really questionable to have these sounds stepped as long 24th streams since they're barely even audible. they're actually at 32nds (i'm not saying you should step them as 32nds, obviously it would be better as 24ths), but the interval is so fast they sound more like single tones than a bunch of individual sounds that merit being stream, so i think it would be better to just step 1 note at a time when it changes pitch, which would also allow you to step other sounds in this section at like 94.786s.
155.215s - same minijack problem, sound is changing pitch
178.272s - ^
180.929s - ^
193.444s - why here?
206.044s - minijack problem

The big issue here is the minijack usage. In some cases, you're using minijacks to the same sound repeating but clearly changing pitch where in other spots you don't put minijacks to. So that makes the minijack usage feel pretty random and hard to associate with anything. In other cases there are minijacks to things that aren't even the same sound, which is the worst problem. Perhaps some of the minijacks I pointed out are arguable as the sounds seem pretty similar when playing through, but certainly too many of them shouldn't be.

Zanzibar Green (DossarLX ODI)

57.487s: add a triplet here

-really cool pattern selection at the end to bring out the melody
-good difficulty progression and progressive layering

Zanzibar Green (T-Force)
6/10 [<]

offset is 37 ms late, time signatures in notes will be shifted accordingly

43.094s: bass drum stepped here, but not everywhere else
48.741s: ^
43.447s: if you're stepping the bass drum here, step it everywhere else too
80.241s: there is no snare here
80.506s: ^


[4/10] A Brief Tutorial on VIP Productions / Dubba Jonny // emulord
#OFFSET:-0.026; (-13 ms)
X Don't put your username in the subtitle; anonymity will weaken bias.
// Mostly is just not fun to play with the stale layering scheme. But there's also some inconsistencies and PR things.
4.31, 11.16s: You have a 212 triplet here, but the 4th isn't just a hi-hat, so this shouldn't be a triplet like 4.74s.
6.45, 9.88, 13.31s: Would be good to consistently step these hi-hats as triplets, helps make the steps feel less random.
13.74, 14.59s: These jumps go to different percussion instruments and shouldn't be the same.
The synth on the off-beat plays the same pitch from 13.95 to 27.24, but you have the beat in the same column and the 8ths alternating, which is backwards. You seem to stepping to this synth because you ignore the hi-hat 16ths. So to be more accurate, trills should only occur when the 4ths are repeating pitches too, which you're missing at 16.31-17.16. The one starting at 23.18 should be only three beats long: 24.45s is a different pitch.
30.24, 31.09s: The pitches to the synth here go AABBA but your steps are ABBAA.
31.74-34.31s: No musical reason for cutting out the jumps in this section.
30.45-30.88s would play better with a x.xxX 16th rhythm. There's no swing here, just reversed hi-hat sounds with a straight rhythm.
32.16, 32.59s are different pitches and don't need to form a trill.
33.02-33.88s: There are more repeated notes in the synth here than shown in the steps.
36.24s: Same pitch as the 4th before it.
36.88-41.16s: There's no sound that's doing 8th trills here. The 4ths should be alternating to go with the new synth sound.
48.02-65.16s: Not sure what to suggest to make this more fun.
54.45-54.88s: Missing 16ths here. Step some singles.
57.02s is a different sound than the jump before it and shouldn't be on the same arrows.
59.16s: I would only use a hand like here where the percussion and synth overlap, but I can kind of see what you're going for this hand usage.
60.02-60.50s: These don't sound much different from 51.45s and don't need to be pseudo-quads. Also, they don't hit as hard as the hands before them.
66.45-67.63s: The minijacks should be starting on the 4ths/8ths, not the 16ths. From 66.88s, the pitches go AABBAACC.
It also seems that you're capping your jacks at three even when the sound goes on for longer, like at 66.45s. At 67.74-68.49s, it's all the same note, and should be stepped like 69.45s for consistency.
70.09s: The sound you're jumping doesn't have a note here, so remove this jump completely because you haven't been stepping the soft percussion.
78.02, 78.24s: These first two go to a different pitch, so they should not anchor into the following jumptrill.
79.44s: It's a lot easier to see in ddream what the rhythms should be for sections like this.
This first arrow would more accurately be a 12th, which is a frame later.
For "see", I would step the vowel at 80.14s (it's louder) than the start of the S sound.
The 8th at 80.38s is over a frame early, and the 24th at 81.09s is two frames late.
Timing-wise, your first two arrows at 82.45s go to the k and vowel of "can" rather than both "can" and "you". The syllables here are pretty evenly spaced out.
82.56-83.06s are all around a 16th too early; 83.43 and 83.83s are both too late.
One solution would be to just not step any of this voice, because you ignore the other voice when the synth comes in at 84.02s.
84.02-97.74s: You have it backwards here again: the 4ths should be alternating. Try just listening to the synth on the off-beat to hear that it's the same pitch until the frequency shift.
98.38s: Missing a jump to the kick here.
105.88s: You had this note as a hand before, so this is inconsistent. And you missed the 16ths again.
109.20s: Removing an arrow from this 16th jump would be better than causing an unnecessary minijack.
114.45-116.49s: Same as 66.45s.
133.31s: More missing 16ths. You consistently didn't step these, but it still feels more like an error.

[6.5/10] A Pierce of Flesh / Burn7 // DossarLX ODI
// Quality of the music feels a little off, like it got telephoned.
// The constant fourth jumps often feel like too much.
5.78 and 6.05s, 10.14 and 10.41s etc. are the same pitch and should be the same arrow(s).
9.39s: Missing 16th.
18.05-22.14s: In 16th stream like this, jumping every fourth is odd when every other fourth is emphasized with a crash like at 12.32-13.41s.
31.41-32.10s, 33.60s etc: That swipey sound goes up, down, up; it doesn't do triplets.
32.78-33.32, 44.23-50.78s etc: Not sure what the backwards PR here is for, ascending when it should be descending.
74.03, 74.57, 75.12, 86.03s: Ghost 16ths. Or I just can't hear what they go to, because they seem regular.
83.50-86.23s: Before you had jumps every 4th to the guitar that played only on every fourth, but now with the guitar doing 8ths, the 4th jumps to the guitar don't fit, because only half the guitar notes are being emphasized rather than all of them.
88.14-105.32s: Pick maybe just one or two things to jump here so it feels like the jumps actually go to something.

[9.5/10] A Yodeler in Texas / CanBlaster // gameboy42690
#OFFSET:-1.171; (-16 ms)
// fun stuff, appropriate layering and good PR
When you have jumps PRed to the yeehawing at like 9.62-10.68 and 12.44-13.50s, it's odd to then not step the 3/16th yeehaw at 8.56-9.09s.
The left-hand stuff at like 26.21s isn't particularly fun. Maybe switch that up a bit.
44.80s: This could be a minijack with the hand to go with the pitch.

[7.5/10] Accelerator / Scylaax // Marionintendo
X Don't send your files with CD titles, but we already know this is your file anyway.
// Much of the stuff from last time was fixed, but I'll repeat a few things.
// Could probably cut nearly half of this with every section repeating itself like that.
33.89-34.45s: The drilly sound here does 32nds for one beat and 16ths for one beat.
34.59s: As Dossar said, the sound continues, but that long of a 32nd wall doesn't play well here. I would just step three 4th jumps from 34.45 to 35.01, because the sound seems to peak at 34.73s, so a roll all the way through doesn't fit.
42.82s: See above two notes.
54.12, 63.05s: There are two different sounds on each side of this 8th (the synth and buzz), so there shouldn't be a contiuous ascending pattern in one rhythm.
77.32s: The second one ends higher, so these gallops shouldn't both be the same two notes.
99.67s: This noise was stepped with a 48th before this.
115.86s: Don't have the 4ths before here all on the right, because it's not a part of the new sound that comes in.
169.14s: Odd rhythm on the left hand here.

[5/10] Apocynthion Drive / Hertz Devil // Reshiram
// Base BPM is more like 225.027. Starting at 84.89s, all the arrows are a frame (a 32nd) early.
The beat drifts to become in time by the end of the file. This needs to be fixed.
// Listen to what everyone else has to say about all the 16th stream, because I can't play that.
// Has a number of messy rhythms. Lots of sections are repeated and drags on.
5.42, 6.49s etc: These feel like start-of-the-measure filler jumps that don't go to anything in particular.
21.42, 22.22s etc: These notes echo twice and are anchors you could step.
23.09s: Ghost 16th.
23.82-28.62s: Maybe have the anchor change more often so it's not so stale.
28.22, 29.15s: Missing note/jump to a melody.
34.75-35.55s: You can step singles to the melody here.
45.42s: No need to change the colors here. The percussion was as intense as this at the start. And if you want to keep the color change, change it back at 47.42s where the percussion dies down again.
54.61, 56.61s: A couple unnecessary anchors here.
57.55s: Hm, this sound has been repeating a lot. Wouldn't be impossible to cut this. The extra fourth jumps finally sound like they go to something here.
78.69-80.21s are all 3/64ths early.
80.35-82.74s: Each trill should be six arrows long. Second trill starts at 80.87s before your jump.
84.92-107.32s Missing many 16ths you could step in this section. Could be a warm up before 107.32s.
116.12s: Ghost note, should be an 8th later.
122.38, 122.92s etc.: You don't need to jump this instrument. 122.92-123.18s should be a three-note anchor two it and then you don't step all of that instrument at 123.58s.
133.45s: Anchor this triplet to the 4th jump before it like at 132.38s. Maybe jump the 8ths to the echo.
137.58-151.45s: The 4th jumps sound like nothing again here.
154.78s: Ghost 8th.
155.11-155.58s: Missing three 16ths to the oscillation, one before, two after.
157.38s: Ghost 16th.
158.05s: Oscillations continue until here.
158.18-158.38s: This sound would be better-represented by 1234 16ths.
158.56-159.00s: This one actually has some distinct pitches. To follow the peaks, put six 12ths from here to here, starting high.
159.24s: 16th here, not a 32nd after.
160.51s: 4th here, not a 12th before.
161.58s: Hit is on the 4th, not the 16th after.
161.71-163.04s: Rhythms here are all wrong.
163.54s: No need for the 32nd again.
198.77s: Odd that this is the highest jump but the second-lowest pitch of the section. It's the same pitch as 199.97, which is [12].
199.31, 199.71s are the same pitch, and so on.
213.04-227.70s: Odd to take a layer out here when there are long stretches of singles that sound the same as the all-doubles of the previous section.
243.03-260.10s: Would be good to follow any changes in instrumentation so it's not the same thing every time. This is a soft section, so maybe don't layer so much.
278.70s: Trill doesn't start until here and should at least go to the 4th.
281.03s: The sound the trill goes to doesn't start until here. The last peak is on 281.24.
283.96s: Should be six 7/96ths from the 8th here for better accuracy.
286.96, 287.10s: Missing 16ths.
287.30s: If you want to put a grace note here, it should be after the 4th.
289.43-289.96s: Unnecessary colors, and the stream should be filled in here.
303.78s: Oscillation doesn't start until here, and it's slower than 16ths (8 notes instead of 9).
307.03-308.23s: Take out the 8ths to the percussion and don't put jumps, because you didn't earlier.
320.36-337.42s: Large decrease in layering doesn't fit climax theory here.

[8.5/10] Arianrhod / LeaF // hi191hi9
X Don't send your files with CD titles; let anonymity weaken bias.
// Good layering and climax theory, just has a couple odd bursts.
3.78s: I don't hear the 64ths here.
26.97s and after the 4th, there aren't kicks here, so all these jumps are unnecessary.
30.84s: Another odd burst thing that doesn't have audible notes at 1.0x.
57.87s: Ghost 16th.
75.03s: Trill doesn't start until here. There are some ghost notes before this.
100.53s: Feels more emphasized than the last time, so the jumps here work.

[8.5/10] Artemis / Mono // DarkZtar
// Good simple layering scheme, mostly good PR.
22.61-43.04, 104.32s: PR to the melody in these sections could be better.
You have alternating jumps at 25.97 but three descending jumps at 107.67s (correctly) to the same sound. Thought you might be avoiding non-percussion anchors, but then you step it with PR later.
36.98s: Missing jump to the melody.
Random picker PR stuff:
24.85 is higher in pitch than 23.89s but you have them as the same jump.
25.17 and 25.97s are the same pitch.
27.08-27.72s are ascending.
27.72-29.95s: The two ABA patterns here are correct, but they share a pitch, so that it's BABBCB (which won't be necessary to change if it makes the patterns awkward.)
31.39s is lower in pitch than 31.07s.
39.85 is lower in pitch than 39.613
109.42-111.66s: Same BABBCB here.
115.49s is higher in pitch than 115.01 and is the same pitch as 117.56s.

[7/10] Artificial Rose / 8284 // hi19hi19
X Don't send your files with CD titles; let anonymity weaken bias.
X Remove the path for graphics from the .sm file; it inconveniently triggers pop-ups before playing.
// Plays well and is consistent, but the climax theory is wonky.
// You could cut nearly three seconds of silence from the start of the .mp3.
33.20-42.97 and 44.17-53.94s are exact step copies, but the second repeat should be filled in more because another instrument comes in.
54.97-64.57s: Stepping the strings would make for better climax theory.
65.94-71.43s: This section could be filled in with more singles, because the next section has more jumps.
134.51-142.74s: Maybe break up the 4th anchor into fours or eights.
135.37s: Ghost 8th?
135.88-136.40s: The instrument these go to continues until 137.25s and has a lot more notes that you're not stepping, so maybe just don't step these. You don't step them at 141.54s.

[0/!] Autumn / Nik Grosland // Dabomb2223
No steps in sm file.

[PASS] Autumn Breeze / Grand Thaw // Silvuh

[7.5/10] Aventyr / Grand Thaw // VisD
// Needs some layering tweaks, fun patterns though.
4.17, 7.81: The polyrhythm is unnecessary. Remove the notes to the arpeggio, keep the notes to the flute.
6.04s: Missing 32nd to the arpeggio.
9.40s is not the same pitch as the note before it and should not be the same arrow.
29.82: Missing note, possible jump, to the percussion.
30.50s: Hand to the crash here. Don't mind that it makes a 16th minijack, it's not that fast.
43.38s: Fill in 48ths here. This strum is longer than the others.
49.46s: Missing note to the percussion.
57.53s: Doesn't need to be a jump because it doesn't go to the percussion and the melody is doing 16ths. (Compare with 61.17 where the extra jump works, because the melody is doing 8ths.)
64.34, 67.98s: Missing jump to the percussion.
86.39, 89.12s: The telephoned sound starts the beat that your white notes end on, so if you want to color them, color the notes of the next beat, not the previous one.
But really, coloring to that sound is unnecessary, because it happens later at like 144.56s, and that would look odd being all white.
95.26, 95.94s: Missing jump to the percussion and add a hand again.
99.80s: Missing note to the piano.
109.57s: Not the same pitch as the 8th before it and shouldn't be the same note.
117.64s: Ghost 16th.
117.76s shouldn't be the same jump as the 8th before it.
122.76-123.67s: This is so soft, just singles would be enough here.

[7/10] Axel Man / Virt // hi19hi19
X Don't send your files with CD titles; let anonymity weaken bias.
X Remove the path for graphics from the .sm file; it inconveniently triggers pop-ups before playing.
// It's not wrong, it's just not interesting. It's short and doesn't have much variation between the two repeats.

[PASS] Be My Pet! / LOLI RIPE // mi40

[3/10] BITS / Wavelength [intro silence]
#OFFSET:-0.058; (+14 ms)
X Don't delete the .sm file. It takes a second of your time to do and several seconds of ours to deal with.
// Full of weird incomplete layering, has no PR, and that summarizes most of the file.
// The way you decide which sounds to step feels random.
// The music is very repetitive and a much shorter cut could be made.
At the beginning, the pitches go A.B.A.BA.BA.BAA.
7.14s: Starting here, there is no musical reason to have any of those long anchors.
28.14s: From here, there is no reason for these anchors or trills. A lot of the stepped rhythms feel random.
39.50s: Why start jumping here?
54.91s: From here, more unnecessary anchors.
74.63s: These minijacks are wrong.
122.76s: Many, many more irrelevant minijacks starting here.
165.99s: The music is lighter, so the steps should be lighter starting here too. Climax theory.

[7.5/10] Chaos / godspeed / Scintill [intro silence]
// Some breaks that could be filled in, some jumps to crashes that could be added.
// Music is repetitive enough that I would do some cutting, but the patterns are good.
46.63, 46.98s: Might be good to fill in the 4ths to that other synth instrument in these breaks.
52.27, 52.98s: Could be jumps here.
63.22s: Not as loud as the 64.27s crash but could also be a jump.
122.51s: This section should be stepped differently than the previous one for better climax theory.

[6.5/10] Cowbell Rock / Pyramyth // Xiz
X Fill out song information so your username doesn't appear in the subtitle. The music artist wasn't in the .sm or .wav.
X Missing dwi file.
// BPM changes before any notes are pointless. Arrows are 18 ms late.
// Some odd layering and choices in emphasis.
5.83s: This goes to the kick, not to the bass you're stepping.
7.17, 11.46, 13.60s: You miss the last note to the bass every time.
8.78s: Another missing note here.
17.62-17.89s: Maybe step the 24ths here? They don't get in the way of the other rhythm.
19.50s: This 8th is a different pitch from the others.
20.97s: Missing a 48th. So make the pattern something other than a left-hand triplet.
35.30-36.91s: The percussion doesn't go AABB here, and the column of swing notes aren't all the same sound, so these should be mixed up.
42.17, 50.75s: Jump to the percussion.
46.28, 54.85s: Pesudo-jump to the kick to match the jump before it.
52.44-53.25, 56.73-57.53s etc: Missing rhythms, and it's not the same sound played four times.
59.27-80.75s: Couldn't hear what these green notes were going to during play-testing. Might be unnecessary.
87.80s: Same as 35.30s.

[5.5/10] Crab Nicholson Extreme Sleepover / Kitsune^2 // Gamma Blaster [intro silence]
#OFFSET:-0.052; (-8 ms)
// Listens to preview, thinks "this seems nice and calm" then sees the 100% SVAC. "Welp."
// The music doesn't call for such layering, which all seems to be to the kick. The quads are especially inappropriate.
// Recoloring to 12ths is kind of pointless. Your sub-beats aren't even correct. If you want to step in purple, use alternating BPMs of 240 and 168.
(The 48th breaks a beat into 7+5, the 12th into 8+4. So from the 4th to 12th are 8 step beats but 7 music beats, which is 210*8/7=240. Likewise, 210*4/5=168.)
Go ahead and step the 210 BPM 48ths that they are.
0.90, 1.07s: Swap these two arrows for better PR.
3.64-4.79s: The off-beat anchor here is bad PR.
10.05, 12.33s etc. should be a jump if you're going with the kick instead of 9.93s.
18.33s: It's odd to still be jumping the kick when the melody comes in.
And that's kinda the whole thing. Not feeling the melody while playing.
91.48s: Some unnecessary minijacks in this section. Watch out for when you have two notes near each other in the same column that aren't the same pitch.

[5.5/10] Cross Galaxy / kanone // AlexDest & rparty89
X Don't put your username in the title; anonymity will weaken bias.
// Dragged on for a while, lots of repetition. Odd layering choices and PR.
3.26-22.46s: A lot of random PR in this intro.
15.36s: Missing something to the kick here.
15.86s: The hands at first felt okay as like an intro thing, but this is kind of sudden in the middle of all these singles.
20.26-40.06s: The extra layer to the kick every 4th causing alternating jumps/hands yet leaving it empty between the galloping melody is unnecessary. It's good that you leave the 4th between the melody open to not hide the rhythm, but then to have a hand on a note with only one more sound than a spot where there's no arrow ... it's odd.
51.26-52.66s: Stepping singles to the kick and jumps to the crash would be less awkward here, but I guess it kinda fits with 102.45-107.25s and such.
66.46-72.16s: Try using singles here that are relevant to both the snare and kick.
66.66s: Missing 32nds here.
79.66s: Put the second set of 12ths on 3 so it's not all one long anchor.
83.26-102.45s: Try putting only jumps every other 4th to the clap thing here and it won't feel like there are so many missing jumps (Most of the melody breaks land on 4ths with just the kick.)
Also, there are a number of repeated arrows that don't go to the same pitches in here, like at 88.06, 89.66, 90.16, 90.56s, etc.
107.45s: Shouldn't be the same arrow as the 4ths around it, the pitches kind of do an ABCBA thing.
108.85-128.05s: Same as before at 83.26s.
132.85s: Similar to 107.45s.
134.05s: A jump to the melody here would also make it more jumptrill-able.

[PASS] Day's End / Sole Signal, Tweek // Silvuh

[PASS] Day's End / Sole Signal, Tweek // Zakvvv666

[8/10] Daybreak / Ryan Iyengar // Fission
// Good PR, just a few odd jumps.
3.86s: This note isn't louder than 4.18s and doesn't need to be a jump.
28.62s: Is odd being a jump to a loud note when the other jumps around it go to bass.
31.43s: Should be a 2, not 1. Not the same pitch as the 48th before it.
30.53, 31.51s: These aren't the same pitch and shouldn't be the same jump. But 30.53 doesn't feel noticabely louder than 31.01s.
38.15s: Ending a phrase with both a high and low note feels like it should be a jump.
39.57s: Doesn't need to be a hand. It's no louder/more dense than 40.53s.

[9.5/10] Direct Advance / SpitzRegen // MrPopadopalis25
// Really good PR, good layering, and climax theory.
66.65-67.67s: Maybe just singles here to match the climax theory of 50.21s.
76.14-78.34s: Likewise, singles and jumps here.

[6.5/10] Dive into the Wings of Freedom / cheztheguy // Lamdadelta
// A nice easy file, but some more PR and kick relevance would help.
2.86, 3.14s: When the kick repeats like this, there should be an 8th minijack unless the two notes go to different pitches in the main melody. Kind of a biig instrument-relevancy thing.
2.59, 3.68s: Not the same pitch and shouldn't be the same jump.
7.50s: Should be on 4 not 3, because you form a hidden 8th trill.
24.96s: Similar to 7.50s.
29.59-30.68s: Another incorrect 8th trill here.
32.32s: Shouldn't be anchored onto 32.59s because no pitch or sound is repeated.
39.14-56.59s: The new thing about this section is a melody that hits every 8th, so really the 16th stream is unnecessary.
47.73s: Another unnecessary minijack.
62.05, 79.50, 91.50s: 7.50s again.
68.05, 69.68s: Similar to 32.32s.

[6.5/10] Doki Doki Robo Bunny / flashygoodness // 0 & kjwkjw [intro silence]
// Some odd hand usage, a little unnecessary stream.
12.17, 12.62s: Ghost jumps that don't go to the melody.
17.87, 18.02s: Should be a minijack to the kick.
18.17s: Doesn't share the pitch with the next two jumps and shouldn't be anchored to them.
24.02-24.62, 25.22-26.27s etc: Try to avoid long, unnecessary anchors in your jumpstream.
33.62-47.72s: Strict layering hands to clap/melody plays inconsistently. Try not using hands here.
48.02-51.62s: Steps that are more relevant to the increased percussion would fit better with climax theory.
53.12-72.02 is kind of like 33.62-48.02. It only kinda makes sense to step 16ths here where the synth goes in and out at parts.
63.77s: In some places like here you have hands that don't go to that new lower instrument like at 63.47 and 64.07s.

[6/10] Doki Doki Robo Bunny / flashygoodness // DossarLX ODI
// Everything outside of the 16th streams are good, but that's not much of the file.
4.82-10.82s: I like how you change repeating patterns when the pitch changes direction. Makes for good stream that isn't all ascending/descending.
10.67-10.90s shouldn't be all descending, because the pitch peaks at 10.82s.
33.62-48.02, 52.82-69.62s: The sound the stream here goes to isn't as loud as the other streams, so this feels unfitting.
81.55s: Missing 16th.

[6.5/10] Dolphin Talk / Pyramyth // Xiz
#OFFSET:-0.375; (-15 ms)
// Some unnecessary jacks, some awkward patterns.
14.82s: This 8th is tinnier than the others around it and could be a different jump. There's also a pitch here that's different from the one at 15.23s.
41.82-46.19s: Just 4th/8ths here would work better to make the unlayering to just 4ths less sudden.
57.10s: Put a single to end the thing here.
65.01, 73.73s: Sounds different than the 24ths before it, so these shouldn't be three-note jacks.
70.46s: Sounds different than the 24ths after it.
76.73s: These could just be a triplet.
79.64, 79.73s: Sounds like two different pitches.
81.10-82.19s: The anchor is unnecessary.
82.46s: Doesn't have a kick on it and doesn't need to be a jump.
83.28-84.92s: These other 8ths have just as much emphasis as 83.01s.
87.92, 96.64s: Same as 70.46s.
92.01s: Shouldn't be the same as the 8th jump before it.
91.64, 91.92 carry different pitches in that one sound there and should be different arrows.

[7/10] Eirin's Clinic that People Queue Up For / IOSYS // MrPopadopalis25 [intro silence]
// So I guess you were ignoring the 16ths to the vocals on purpose. I don't see a reason for it, though. It won't add to the difficulty. You'll just have to move the jumps around them sometimes. 3.19, 6.82, 11.37, 19.55, and 23.19s.
// Sometimes you'd have a 4th jump to a percussion hit followed by a series of 8th jumps to the vocal, which makes it feel like they should all go to the vocals, but there's the jump to the percussion. Like, see 89.66s. It's consistently done, though.
25.57-28.75s: Good climax theory here.
32.39s: Putting a [14] here to the hit won't mess with the 16ths.
55.80s: Doesn't go to the vocal or percussion hits and shouldn't be a jump.
85.12, 85.34s: These have the kick and vocal on them, so they could be jumps.

[8/10] Kirlian Isles I / The Flashbulb // yo man im awesome
X Don't put your username in the subtitle; anonymity will weaken bias.
// Good PR, but there are some off-beat notes. I'll mention any over a frame off.
11.97s is about a frame early.
16.54s: Often times like here, the piano chord plays earlier than the violin, so it's odd to hear the piano chord and then wait two frames to hit the note to the violin. If I had been stepping this, I would have used a grace note before the beat to the piano chord, but no one told you to do that last time, and people might not like having that many grace notes in an easy file anyway, so I guess this good.
42.38s: Something other than 212 would be more friendly for one-handing an easy file.
71.11s is a frame early.
72.46s is almost three frames early.
72.80s is almost two frames early.

[9/10] Laplace / sakuzyo // DarkZtar
// Nice flowy patterns except for the few weird minijacky things.
// Lots of good edits that weren't suggested by the judges last time, nice.
63.52s, etc: [24][13][24] in white looks a little messy, [12][34][12] would be nicer.
71.46-71.85s: Maybe step 24ths to this sound here?
88.49s is emphasized enough to be a jump.
97.01-97.78s: You don't need the minijacks here. If you insist on putting minijacks into your file, then you should also PR your white jumps when the pitches don't alternate (see 63.52s).

[8.5/10] Neurotoxin / sakuzyo // Reshiram
X Remove the path for graphics from the .sm file; it inconveniently triggers pop-ups before playing.
// Good layering, PR, and patterns. Plays very well. Still a few hands that are a little much.
There's not much of a crash at 7.47, so maybe remove a note from it; stuff like 18.13s sounds more quad-worthy.
24.80 and 26.13 don't have the strength of 23.47s, so the latter might be better as jumps.
42.13-60.80s: I actually liked the green/white stuff you had here, because it's an isolated section. Though I do agree the green to the chords at like 31.93s were too much.
60.47s: You had a quad on the last sound like this (42.13s) so these two should have the same weight.
95.47s is a light crash and could just be a hand.
106.47s: Hand usage starts to become too much here. You seem to step hands to the percussion when it's on the melody, but it plays inconsistently. Hands would be better left for crashes and such. Check 108.47, 111.13, 111.80, 113.13, and 114.47s.

[6/10] Endless Maze / asha // hi19hi19 [intro silence]
X Don't send your files with CD titles; let anonymity weaken bias.
X Remove the path for graphics from the .sm file; it inconveniently triggers pop-ups before playing.
From the beginning, you use the same pattern for the same instrument, but it could use a little variation: The first instance of the sound is very watery, the second less so, until the third, and from then on it's more than less the same. If you don't want to change the first two, at least alter 30.65s, because the kicks make it unique.
Also, the first pitches and repeats go ABCB, so something like 4131 would be more accurate.
43.58-44.38s: This one doesn't have percussion in it, so it shouldn't be the same pattern as the two before it.
44.96s: The sound the trill goes to has a frequency shift here.
45.42-58.35: The percussion doesn't sound like it's doing constant triples, so the steps feel like filler that ignores the two synth rhythms. Also, there's no musical reason for any three-note 8th anchors here. Can't tell how you decided between ABC and ABA 16th patterns; there's no pattern.
58.46s: This has all the same sounds on it and should be a jump, too. I would suggest pitching the 16th jumps to the synth that the 8th at 59.04s goes to.
60.88, 61.58d have no other instrument layered on it and should be a singles. The music doesn't emphasize this note more than 64.58s. It's actually 62.04s that has instruments layered, but you have a single there.
62.73s: Missed a low note here.
62.96-63.88s: This sounds like three 4ths to me rather than three 3/16ths.
66.65s: This arrow should be an 8th earlier.
67.58-74.96s: The layering here needs a total rework. There are two percussion and two synth instruments here, and the jumps follow none of them nor their layered sum.
73.58s: This one doesn't have any of the four instruments on it and shouldn't be a jump.
74.96-77.85s: These steps are over-simplified, and using 1 and 4 is the least fun choice of arrows.
75.52 is a noticeably different pitch and should not be on the same arrow as the 8th before it. Also, from here, the pitches go ABCA: there shouldn't be a minijack at 75.65s. Same goes for the other right-hand minijacks here.
78.77s: This jack should be on 2; it's not as low as 81.08s. Also, you just had a minijack on 1.
80.85s: This arrow can be moved out of the jack; it's a little lower it pitch than the others.
84.54, 84.65s: These should be a minijack.
87.53s: Similar to 78.77s.
89.04, 89.15s: These pitches are different.
89.73-s: The half-layering of the melody feels incomplete.
116.04-119.27s: The empty ending here subverts climax theory.

[6/10] Euphoria v2 / Antinomie // DossarLX ODI
#OFFSET:-0.064s; (-29 ms)
// A lot of the repetition can be cut out if you don't think people would object to a different cut of one of the original FFR tracks (I wouldn't). This could easily be cut nearly in half.
32.89, 39.84, 43.32, 55.49s: Instances of the 8th being on the opposite side of the 4th before it as in the pair two 4ths earlier despite being the same pitches.
40.49, 41.36s: These 4ths should be lower than the 8ths after them; that's what distinguishes every fourth repeat from the first three. You do the opposite thing a few times.
41.47s: This 16th would be better in the same column as the 16th before it, because they both have the kick.
37.02-44.84s: You have five instances in a row of the 16ths all being on the right hand; the steps would be better in groups of four.
55.39s: Missing the 16th to the kick here.
62.67-69.62s: Fill in some of the noticeable boops here to climax-theory it above the previous four measures. e.g. x.xx.xx. 8ths in the first measure and 3/16ths from 64.84s.
90.28s: Maybe anchor the 8th to the previous jump when it does three kicks like this.
146.15-137.99s: Might be better to just put 4ths on the claps here. Had to listen for that synth the 8ths go to.

[6/10] Fading Star / ginkiha // VisD
// A few PR notes, but the big thing is the odd 4th layering.
3.93-4.89s are all the same pitch and should be on the same arrow.
11.11,11.43s: Swap the columns of these two; 11.43 has the higher pitch.
14.21-15.20s: Should be 3234. Those two 3s are the same pitch.
16.24, 19.67s: Melody does the same pitch as the 4th before it, so this arrow should share a column.
16.88s: This 16th shouldn't be in the same column as 17.21s for PR.
Check this whole section for more instances of the above two notes.
24.92s: Your layering scheme says this shouldn't be a jump (doesn't have the melody on it).
27.92-29.63s: Should be more than a long trill to reflect the variation in instrumentation.
29.63-43.35s: Your layering makes the jumping feel random. Because kick is constant but the jumps aren't, layering the kick over the melody doesn't play naturally. Putting a jump every four beats to louder notes of that one sparkly sound (31.35, 33.06s etc.) would play better.
36.28s: Doesn't need to be a jump if you change the jumps like above. Then, to reflect three kicks in a row, this could be in the same column as the 4th before it.
43.99s: This could be a jump to match 44.63s if you come up with a pattern you like.
58.78-72.49s: Layer in some more singles here, like to percussion, for better climax theory over the previous phrase. 58.78-60.06s and repeats should not be just as empty as before.
86.85s: Same as 43.99s.
87.92-99.92s: Just jump the claps here.
99.92-101.63s: Same as 27.92s.
101.63s: Hand here.
101.63-115.35s: Now it would be better not to jump the claps, which get in the way of the jumps to the melody.
109.94s: Jumps to the extra percussion like this are good, but [12][34][12] will be better than [13][24][13]

[9.5/10] Fill Me Up with Snacky Happiness / Protodome // gameboy42690
// Good, easy-to-follow layering.
107.06s: Don't need this grace note because it doesn't feel like a separate sound.
134.04s: This is the highest-pitched of the three jumps here.
You don't neeed the filler note at the end.

[0/10] Floating Free / Vibrasphere // Liamis01177
// This is a waste of time, and you know it. If you want to seriously submit a file for this, please cut it first to something manageable.

[5.5/10] Forbidden Tracks / The Flashbulb // rCaliberGX
X Don't delete the .sm file. It takes a second of your time to do and several seconds of ours to deal with.
// Suffers from over-layering and odd anchors.
// If you want to color the guitar white, don't forget 4.70, 8.36, 30.35, 131.73. All the white notes other than these sections in the beginning muddy up your steps and don't play well.
4.70, 4.85s: Try stepping all the minijacks in the guitar like this one for some more relevant steps.
8.82-10.50s: Like this one, any anchor that's longer than three needs to be broken up, because there's nothing musically relevant for it. Also check 13.55, 14.93, 16.76, 18.75, 19.97, 21.95, 23.63, and that's just in this section.
28.98s: If you're going to halve the BPM here, also do so at the beginning, because it's the same volume. Doing it here, there's only two beats of it, so the measures become offset, which is a nuisance for people who look at files in the SM editor.
37.98, 38.14s: These two percussion sounds are different and shouldn't be a minijack.
38.75-39.21s: Remove an arrow from all of these, because that percussion is not loud enough to warrant jumps and a hand.
The layering of that light percussion into jumps is kind of silly in general. Two light sounds on top of each other doesn't make a loud jump-worthy sound.
45.47-46.69s: Watch out for unnecessary hand bias like this. Have some arrows on the left here, too.
58.29-69.72s: Anything that's not 32nds here is a misrhythm. The white notes don't help.
62.19, 69.76s: Ghost notes.
70.51-75.39s: None of the percussion warrants these long anchors.
>>> The rest of the file is mostly more of the same stuff. <<<

[2/10] FORM THE ALLIANCE / PREY // Mr. Stepmaniac [intro silence]
X Don't delete the .sm file. It takes a second of your time to do and several seconds of ours to deal with.
>> Please get a known stepartist on here to help you with your files before submitting them to the batch. You've wasted months waiting for feedback when you could be actively working with someone. Message me if you revise the file and plan to send it in again so I can look at it before you do.
// Has an abundance of irrelevant jacks, and misses several opportunities for appropriate ones.
// Your PR needs work everywhere. Try stepping the melody in a Doubles chart, using one column for each pitch, and use that for reference. For example, 8.56s goes ABCBAB and 9.98s goes ABAB.
// Layering and patterns feel random, missing and ghost notes.
// There is no need for speed-ups like this, because it's not reflected in the FFR engine. And by multiplying by three, you just put the starts of measures in the wrong place.
3.62s: The arrows shouldn't all be in the same column after this to match the frequency shift.
8.21 and 9.62s are just single notes and shouldn't be jumps. 7.86, 9.27, and 10.68s are okay as jumps because they're louder, but even they are just single notes.
12.09s: If you want to use hands, this would be a great spot for one.
12.09-23.39s: It would make more sense to have a jump on each beat of the percussion, not randomly like this.
16.92, 17.03s: The pitch in the melody here does a minijack.
24.79-44.55s: This section's sounds make a lot of jacks, yet your steps start with one-handed trills. The trills are entirely irrelevant to the music.
33.26, etc: Start jumping the claps here.
>>> There's a lot more I could point out, but it's so much that I don't think this is the best way to do it. <<<

[7.5/10] FUSE!! / Godspeed // Scintill
#OFFSET:-2.105; (-15 ms)
// I'm going to assume you didn't precisely step the guitar on purpose, so I won't mention where your arrows are like 20 ms off. The over-simplification can get bad, though.
// Good jump and hand usage, the stream plays well, but some rhythms should be fixed.
3.46, 5.46s: 16th instead of 24ths here.
6.09s: Jump here?
9.46, 11.46s: Same as 3.46.
15.71s: 24ths instead of 32nds.
16.42-17.09s: 32423432[14]
25.54s: At 1.0x, it's hard to hear the sound the grace note goes to.
34.96, 35.21s are the same pitch and should be in the same column (swap with 35.46).
39.09s: It's odd to have this minijack here, since the previous one went to the kick, which is more audible.
42.96s: Same as 34.96s.
51.59-52.42s: The number of arrows between the 8ths here should go 2-1-2 rather than 3-2-3.
53.59-53.84s: These should do an ABA pattern.
55.59s: Like before, the first note after the 4th is earlier than a 24th, but there's still only two sounds between the 8ths, not straight 32nds.
55.96, 56.71s: 16ths here, similarly.
58.09-65.46s: Try alternating the columns of jacks between the hands if you want it to be feel easier to play.
74.49s: The rhythm here is closer to 32nds rather than all 48ths.
94.96s: 16th rather than 24ths.
95.27s: Ghost note.
95.40s: 48ths rather than a 32nd.
95.65-95.02s: If you listen to the number of guitar notes, you'll hear these arrows are about a 48th late.
96.77s: Same as 95.40s.
99.46-100.90s: There are seven guitar notes here but eleven arrows.
103.81s: Add a 48th here.
104.47s: 16th with grace note rather than 24ths.
108.19s: 64th here rather than the 32nd/16th around it.
110.10-125.85s: What you do with the 48ths here is pretty neat.
132.23s: same as 58.09s.
>>> Look over the rest of the streamy guitar for rhythmic errors. <<<

[6/10] Gabbaber / TenshiHanka // fatpaints
// The sounds that you step to follow really simple, repetitive rhythms, so the file isn't very interesting.
11.33s: The sound that comes in here, there are a lot of notes to it you could step. It feels empty otherwise.
16.45s: You layered in jumps here earlier, despite not putting jumps to the other 8ths to this sound (e.g. 8.33s)
25.09, 27.92s: The third jump in every other group like this does a different pitch than the ones before it and shouldn't be the same jump.
45.21, 45.39s: These and repeats have the same pitch and percussion instruments and should be the same jumps.
56.51-67.80s: Work on your layering here. Really, only the crashes like 56.51 and 58.98s are loud enough to warrant hands.
67.80-73.27s: Take a layer out of everything here (all jumps) and make 73.01 a single (because it's a short note). Another instrument comes in at 73.45, which is why it shouldn't be all hands until there.

[8.5/10] Gee [Areia Remix] / Jun Areia // DarkZtar
// Best use of hand bias for musical relevance I've seen in a while.
// The steps feel complete with the music.
2.00-15.33s: There are some sounds in here you can step. Please don't leave the intro empty.
45.93-46.17s: Patterns like this make it easy for a player to subconsciously average out their taps, leading to hitting 46.05 too late. So having the 8th be on the other side of the way the 16ths are going would be easier for AAAing.
53.43-54.50s: Patterns are awkward for the left hand here.
94.08-94.38s: A little more unnecessary handedness.
101.05-102.12s: Same as 53.43s. Try anchoring the 8ths onto the jump before them. It's good for making X.xxX patterns play well.

[6] Get Squirrely / Terminal 11 // mi40 [intro silence]
// This 3/16th stuff makes the file look like 85 BPM. 8ths sound like 12ths, like the BPM should be 2/3, 170.04. It's wrong, but it plays okay.
// Lots of half-to-quarter frame early 64ths, only a few other misrhythms.
// Some inconsistent layering, but the patterns seem mostly alright.
2.51-3.40, 3.98-4.04s: backwards PR
4.57s: Ghost note
4.69-4.81s: You could put 32nds here, but at least add a 16th on the end.
8.51s: Sound is on the 4th, not the 16th.
10.45s: Has the same sound as 10.27s so should be a jump.
11.69-11.86: 3/32nds instead of 12ths.
11.86, 12.04s: Odd for only one of these two to be jumps, because they both go to the kick.
12.21s: 16th rather than 12th.
12.39s: Could be a jump to go with 12.21s.
13.52, 13.62s: Same as 11.86s.
13.41, 13.52s: These two are about 12 ms early, not a big deal.
14.62s: Missing arrow to the kick here.
15.63-15.99s: First note is about 16 ms early, most other 64ths 5 to 8 ms early.
20.24s: 32nd rather than 24th.
23.50s: Could just be a 16th here rather than 64th.
28.97, 34.62s: PR would say to put these higher than the others.
38.56, 38.74s are also slightly early.
55.93-56.41s: All the white arrows here except for 56.23s, the sounds are closer to th 3/16th beat than the white arrows. You're not constantly emphasizing this sound with white here, so these should be on the beat.
58.58, 58.94s: Jumps here to go with 58.41s?
62.82s: 16th rather than white here.
66.87s: 16th or something here to the sound that the 66.70s jump goes to. (And 66.70s doesn't need to be a jump.)
67.17s isn't different from the off-beat arrows after it and shouldn't be a jump.
67.37-67.31s: You have arrows at the start of the reversed sounds, but they should be closer to the beat, when they're actually heart.
68.93s: Jump to the ride that the other 8th jumps go to here?
69.87s: The lone woodblock note doesn't need to be jumped here, gets in the way of jumps to other more-emphasized sounds.
74.81s: Feels odd to have this jump just to the kick between two jumps that go to louder sounds.
76.22-77.16s: Might want to reconsider jumps to just the kick, because the jumps make it seem like there should only be kicks on the 8ths, but it's doing those 16th things.
77.28, 77.51s: You don't jump the ride+kicks here but jump the just-kicks at 77.63, 77.87s? Kinda odd.
82.56-83.20s: All these notes have the same weight, so it's odd to have jumps on just the 8ths.
89.97s: Jump to the woodblock here rather than whatever 90.09s goes to.
97.20s: Missing 16th to the jumped sound.
97.90, 97.97s: These jumps go with 98.02s which can't be a jump without making a bad minijack, so these two don't need to be jumps, either.
98.43s: Same sound as 98.08s and could be a jump.
107.96s: Anchor to the previous 4th, same kick sound. Also, you have this not a jump when 108.90, 109.01s are jumps to the same kick sound, I guess because 107.84 and 108.07s are louder sounds, which goes back to what I said earlier at 74.81s.
113.36, 113.60s: You had hands to this sound at 111.01s, inconsistent?
128.00s: Missing 16th.
128.32s: Missing 32nd, and then maybe make the pattern nicer.

[9.5/10] Gonna Take You Down! / megawolf77 // Reshiram
X Remove the path for graphics from the .sm file; it inconveniently triggers pop-ups before playing.
// Good jump PR, good layering, consistent minijack usage.
42.59s: anchor needs to switch here when the pitch of the bass changes.
64.33s is a different pitch than the jumps before it.

[6.5/10] Great Expectations / Renard // beary605
// Layering is mostly good, music is very repetitive though. Could be cut a bit.
// The voice and lyrics both sound like Owl City: so saccharine it hurts. But anyway.
Needs better PR in the intro. Follow the main melody, not the lower-pitched synth.
18.33s: Minijack with the hand.
18.70s: Minijack with the 16th after, not before.
18.95s: Shouldn't be a minijack.
... And so on. Filling in between jumps with minijacks plays nice, but it's not accurate. Do another run-through of the steps to check for where minijacks should be going to that synth. Sometimes minijacks can go to the percussion, but make sure not to muddle the two.
34.20s: The melody does minijacks in here sometimes, like 34.70-35.08s are all the same pitch. Go ahead and step those.
48.58s: missing 8th to the kick here.
49.20-49.45s: It's more important to have the proper rhythms than special colors. These should just be x.xxx 32nds.
50.12s: 12th rather than 32nd here.
60.83s: Make this a [12] so it's not the same as the next two 16th jumps for PR.
66.20-67.70s: Your layering scheme doesn't totally work here. There's nothing that does just those three 16ths like that (the kick also hits on the 8th between them), so it's odd.
You have some crazy long yellow anchors like at 80.08 and 83.58s that don't need to be there.
146.20s: The ending shouldn't be jumped like that. Use the chords for layering like you did at 98.20s.

[8/10] Gruntilda's Final Battle / Grant Kirkhope // Charu
X Don't send your files with CD titles; let anonymity weaken bias.
// Mostly really fun.
7.69-8.36s, etc: Pitches here go ACBCBA.
23.69, 26.36, 29.03, 34.36s: The crashes could be hands.
28.69s: Almost thought there should be a jump here and then realized it's because the melody's stopped. So yeah, no jump here is good.
44.03, 44.36, 45.03s are all different pitches and shouldn't all be in the same column.
51.03s etc.: The single 4ths between the hands could all be jumps due to the layering of the horn on the melody (also, sections with only hands and singles look kind of silly.)
62.36s: Hand here.
117.04s: Start with hands here because another instrument had been layered on.
124.36-124.80, 127.03, 129.03s: Put arrows to the horn in the same column for relevance.
130.36-141.03s: Good peak/valley relevance here.

[PASS] Holy Winter / cranky // woker-x & Silvuh

[8.5/10] Indignant Divinity / flashygoodness // Reshiram
// Alright jumpstream file. Short.
33.35-34.63s: Unnecessary yellow anchor here.
43.74-50.60s: Climax theory says this section should be stepped less densely.

[8.5/10] It's Over / Yuyoyuppe // Scintill
// Same issue as FUSE!!: has some unnecessary hand bias with the minijacks.
// The layering and anchors and PR are all good.
121.74s: I'd step the weird bubbly noise at the end here and end the file with the third gallop at 125.80s.

[5/10] J219 / Cranky // ItsOnlyDanO
// Nothing really sets it apart from Cyanite's old file yet.
// PR needs a lot of work, some of the layering is stale.
No reason not to start stepping at the beginning, though you will need 0.4s more silence (Eight seconds is a bit of a wait.) So if you do that, fix your file first, or else my times won't match up.
8.20 and 8.61s are not the same pitch and shouldn't be the same arrow.
Some more pairs like that: 9.22 and 9.43s, 9.84 and 10.24s, 10.11 and 10.45s, 13.10 and 13.51s.
14.73-19.63s: Step the 4ths to that weird sound here.
21.26-22.08s: The pitches here go ABCBCDCEF.
22.08-23.51s: Unnecessary one-handed 8th minitrills here.
24.53-26.16s: The pitches here go BACAD.BC.CD.E.C
28.10 and 28.30s are not the same pitch.
32.28-33.51s: You have a long trill here, and the melody ends in the middle of it, which is odd.
37.79, 38.20, and 38.61s are all different pitches and should be different jumps.
39.43s, etc: Same as above.
40.65s: Do a minijack to the kick to distinguish it from the other 16th. (If you do, always jack the kick when it plays like that.)
46.47, 46.88s: Missing 16ths.
49.02s: This jump needs to be lower than the previous two, and then move the next three jumps down two.
52.28-53.51s: These anchors are irrelevant.
55.55s: Same as 49.02s.
58.61s: The way you step the trills makes an unnecessary mini-anchor here.
61.67, 61.88s: These two should be a minijack to the kick, and the 8th should not be anchored on the following jump.
62.18, 62.79s: Try putting 16ths here to make the patterns a little more interesting.
64.73, 67.18s etc.: Cyanite didn't step the echoes to that synth here, either. Odd. I'd suggest stepping at least an anchor, if not a full jump, for relevance.
75.14s: Similar to 62.18s.
76.77s: Similar PR problems as before.

[6/10] Kaepora Gaebora's Message / Piasa // Poison-
#OFFSET:-0.042; (-42 ms)
X Don't put your username in the subtitle; anonymity will weaken bias.
X Watch out for multiple difficulties. Thankfully, both are exactly the same.
// Mmmmm, Cave Story ... So, PR is even more important for music like this.
// Also, only two melodies are stepped here, so it's repetitive.
For the first half, 10.75-13.32s has all ten pitches of the melody in descending order. Try stepping the melody in a doubles (or pump doubles) chart, using a column for each pich, for reference. (In ddream, dance-single Edit and dance-double Beginner are adjacent, so that's helpful.) Every note I give you about PR is something you can find out for yourself if you do this. (The few notes not about PR I tagged with a >.)
7.54, 7.56s: The 4th is higher in pitch than the 8th. In fact, the same two pitches repeat, so these two arrows should be whatever the next two arrows are.
8.39-9.25s: The steps should be ascending to follow the pitch here.
14.39 and 15.25s are backwards.
11.82s: This 8th shouldn't be anchored onto the jump, because the pitch is not repeated.
18.68s: This 8th should be anchored onto the jump.
>20.61-34.32s: Try layering in the instrument that comes in here to distinguish it from the previous phrase.
21.25 and 22.11s are backwards.
22.54s: Another incorrect 8th anchor here.
23.61-24.47s: Even incorrect 4th anchors like this are noticeable.
25.54s: Same as 22.54s.
26.18-26.61s: These three pitches descend.
28.11-30.04s: More backwards PR here.
30.47-31.32s: Same as 23.61s.
32.18s: This arrow should not be a part of the jack.
34.32-59.18s: There are no minijacks in the melody in this section.
>The only minijacks would go to the bass kick, which you don't step (and it may play better if you do; it never gets in the way of the melody.)
>35.82, 42.68s: Missing arrows to the melody.
>44.61s: Missing jump
>48.04s: Maybe start stepping that secondary melody here to distinguish it from the previous phrase.

[5/10] KOMMICORE / kommisar // 0 & Choofers
#BPM:232.670; (+.128)
// Despite not meeting the resubmission line, you didn't make any of the edits the judges suggested, so...
The vocal "la-yu-ri"s are each a different pitch. It is inconsistent to put minijack to ri-yu at 2.86 and a trill at 4.15s.
9.44s: This vocal note is a different pitch from the previous one.
9.83-18.34s: The swing rhyhtm is actually 32nds, but it's only a 10 ms difference, so, not a big deal.
18.89s: Here you can see see a melody note; it's offset a 32nd from the percussion on the 4ths. And because of this, the melody plays at the same time as the swingy stuff, so as it's been said before, this polyrhythm is wrong. (But there is a polyrhythm around 19.11s.)
19.11-37.43s: If you want to use two different colors here (orange/cyan would be more accurate), do it somehow that it's musically relevant, because the rhythms are indistinguishable at 233 BPM.
22.52, 22.65s: There are two 64ths gallops here, so put 64ths or 16ths.
23.02s: 64th rather than 32nd.
27.10, 31.23s: Not sure why one is a jump and the other is a hand though they're the same sound.
40.77-59.23s hasn't changed in two years, welp.
41.35, 41.48, 43.41, 43.54, 45.47, 45.60s, etc.: Ghost 16ths.
41.41-41.93, 50.57, s: Overly-long anchors.
41.41s: You jump the snare by itself here and other places but not at 45.54 and 47.60 and such, which is inconsistent. Try both layering them in and taking them all out in separate difficulties to feel which you think plays better.
57.34s: There's a crash here.
57.53-59.21s: All these should be at least 3/64ths later.
59.33s: And the hands after this one (which starts a new phrase) don't add anything to the file, because the notes aren't more emphasized. The two hands from 65.52s are odd because the last vocal note at 66.43 isn't as emphasized.
59.33-67.46s: Brenton asked you to work on making these patterns flow better over two years ago, but the only change made was removing some 16ths (and adding those new hands.)

[7/10] Kotobatoraborato / daniwell // 0 [intro silence]
// This is waay over-layered, but that seems to be your style.
16.38, 23.05s, etc: Same as 14.71s and shouldn't be a jump.
82.42-88.67, 130.75s: Even in your style, hands are too much here. This is like a break, so having just singles with a jump every other 4th would be better for climax theory.

[4.5/10] Last Battle / S.S.H // Shadow1800
// You put hands to light sounds. There are more emphasized sounds, like crashes, that would be better off with hands. This needs a total rework. There are sections that could use more hands and sections that need fewer.
// Check over all the minijacks again, I shouldn't need to pinpoint all of them. Watch out for putting minijacks both to the guitar and drum, which can get hard to follow.
// Has some incorrect walls.
4.57-7.02s: The pitches here go BACBD.
7.94-9.16s: Missing 16ths between all of these 8ths.
12.53-13.14s, etc.: It's just the guitar here, one layer, so all the hands like this should only be jumps.
20.03s: This 16th shouldn't be anchored into the 32nd wall.
20.796s: This jump shouldn't be a part of the previous minijack.
21.25s: This jump should be anchored to the previous 4th jump, not the 8th.
23.09s: Anchor with the previous jump to the percussion.
27.22-27.68s: Step the guitar flam.
56.60s: In all of this, only this first 4th has a crash on it, so the rest shouldn't be all hands.
70.99s: Missing some notes to the percussion around here.
72.67-73.74s: Should be 32nds to the percussion here.
73.74-77.42s: No sound is making 32nds here.
81.70, 82.01s go to different pitches and shouldn't be the same jump.
83.23s: The left-hand minitrill here is odd.
83.85s: More missing arrows to the percussion.
87.82-89.05s: The percussion here only goes up to 32nds, and it's not straight 32nds.
118.43-125.78s: This should all just be 16ths.
137.41-144.76s: These should be ABCB things, not trilly ABAB things.
144.76-147.21s: The sounds here are also just 32nds.
163.73s: Put a jump or something at the end here.

[PASS] Lawn Wake III / The Flashbulb // mi40

[9/10] Live and Learn (Zen Death Squad Remix) / ill.Gates // DossarLX ODI [intro silence]
#OFFSET:-0.050; (-20 ms)
// Very repetitive, but the patterns are good. Nice colors.
13.81, 19.46, 25.10s: Ghost notes.
36.38s: You could do 32nds to that one sound like here and on repeats. You do have 48th rolls, so it won't add much to the difficulty.

[6.5/10] NO MONEY DOWN LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS / Nero's Day at Disneyland // DossarLX ODI
#OFFSET:-0.529; (-29 ms)
// Maybe add intro silence so you can step the beginning.
// It's very repetitive for such a short song.
11.93s: The next four 4ths are lower in pitch than the first four and should be on 1 instead.
15.09, 15.41s: These two 12ths go to different pitches and should be different arrows.
19.53-22.28s: Each of these jumps is just the same sound, so they should all be [23].
37.90s: You jumped this sound earlier like at 22.7s (and the 22.7s ones are actually lighter.)
60.70s: Start using some hands here for better climax theory, to match the increased intensity of the music. A few won't make it that much harder.
You start to have some odd anchors here: you don't need any three or longer.

[9.5/10] Prismatic Lollipops / DJ Mashiro // Elite Ninja
#OFFSET:-0.101; (+19 ms)
// You fixed everything you were asked to, that's good.
// Good layering, good PR.
57.13-58.02s: Make these jumps; it's odd for them to be singles when they're not that much softer than the other groups of four hits like this.

[5.5/10] Silent Wind / SJ Sharpnel // 0 [intro silence]
#OFFSET:-0.093; (-13 ms)
X Remove the path for graphics from the .sm file; it inconveniently triggers pop-ups before playing.
X No patterns have changed since the last time I looked at it.
// So ... all the same stuff as last time still applies. Read the old notes again and try something new.
15.68-16.21s, etc: Try to avoid having the same gallop three times in a row, because it's awkward to play and the percussion doesn't do that anyway.
19.39s: Now with all the steps to the hi-hats, these jumps to the hi-hat/bass seem out of place.
32.36, 45.16 etc.: Try not jumping the snare where it muddies up jumps to other melodies.
54.86-56.22s: Long anchors like these are unnecessary.
61.15s: Doesn't have either sound you're jumping on it and shouldn't be a jump.
64.79s: Similar to 61.15s because you don't jump the high melody on the 16th.
71.38-71.8s, These cyan notes don't seem to go to anything. And why are the hands blue? It just looks like you're trying to mask the 24th minijack at 72.74s, which is still musically irrelevant and should be removed.
86.45s: Make this a different jump, because the pitch is different.
105.54, 108.27, 111.15s etc: Sudden increase in layering density that doesn't reflect the change in instrumentation (It's not that much.)
Maybe just jump one melody at a time, because, for instance, the jump at 134.86 is misleading between two 4th jumps to that one high-pitch melody that was just being jumped.
Do light steps until 148.88s so it doesn't end so suddenly.

[7/10] Somerset Blather On and On / Lauren Bousfield // DossarLX ODI
#OFFSET:-0.117; (-17 ms)
// Some simplification works, some doesn't. Repeated-note PR could be better.
The intro is much better now.
17.66s: Missing 8th to the bass kick.
25.95s: This arrow shouldn't continue the upward motion of the 8ths before it.
29.70s is the same pitch as the 8th before it.
34.83s: So the melody doesn't play a note here like earlier, but it's odd to have it empty with the loud percussion there.
38.80s: Each "off" is a different pitch than "get it", but I guess this simplification kind of works?
45.71, 47.09s etc.: Would like to see 8th minijacks to the synth here.
61.70-63.28s: Between the crashes, the other percussion isn't very loud and doesn't need to be jumped.
63.28-68.02s: Each measure has a different base pitch, so for instance, it makes sense for 65.35, 65.55, 66.14, and 66.34 to be 16ths in the same column, but then 66.93 and 67.13s shouldn't also be in that column because the base pitch has changed.
75.92-87.76s: This second repeat could easily be cut out.
88.55s: Jump here?

[7/10] Zanzibar Green / FGJ! // DossarLX ODI
Base BPM is 170.045, so you'll need to redo the subbeats to grow it all.
// The music is so repetitive that stepping nicer-to-play patterns like this fit better than trying to be accurate. An unlayered stream file fits this music better.
5.57-39.54s: These 16th patterns are random, but the music is repetitive, so I guess it's more interesting this way?
39.54-50.84s: It's odd have the hi-hats stepped here when it's the softest sound in the music here. It's also weird because there are more 16ths in this section than the previous section, which is actually just as loud as the 62.13 full stream section.
51.90, 57.55s: This triplet sound is louder than the one at 52.25s.
(Stepping the triplets like this here makes for good climax theory.)

[6.5<10] Zanzibar Green / FGJ! // T-Force
#BPM:170.045; #OFFSET:-0.035; (+37ms)
// Has more objective errors than Dossar's file. There's really nothing to say about trying to make stream patterns more PR, because the music is all so repetitive.
Remove the first arrow.
4.35-4.88s: Maybe step this sound here, which is on the 16ths.
16.70s: This should be a jump, too, if you're jumping the percussion here.
21.82s: Missing jump to the percussion.
39.55-50.84s: It's odd that you jump the melody here without actually layering in the percussion under it. See 40.17, 40.87, 41.76s etc.
And if you want to keep the jumps, the PR needs work, e.g. 40.78 should be the same as 41.49s, not 41.14s.
You have the PR right at 50.84-58.96s, so just follow that.
59.49-60.54s: There's no sound layered under the synth here, so these 8ths shouldn't be jumps.
60.90s: 32nds shouldn't start until here.
90.36s: Break the stream here for better climax theory.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


YoshL / TC_Halogen
[7] (+.) [Resubmission] Kirlian Isles I - (yo man im awesome)
36.727 - make it a 4
47.262 - jump to stay consistent with the layering i think
48.185 - a little bit confused why you're using grace notes here; in a couple spots the piano hits before the violin (e.g. 16.547, and even later on in the song like 74.162), and I'm wondering the reason, whether it's just because it's the violin doing the grace note or what.
50.147 - for true sync here, get rid of this 4th note, put it on the 64th right above
50.466 - should be the 16th note above
52.642 - should be the 12th note above
52.812 - bass sound represented by a 4 note, maybe think of 1
57.792 - sounds better synched as straight 12ths
65.478 - (same as above)
68.395 - 32nd below
73.908 - 12th above
76.002 - remove the jump, doesn't go with layering
77.912 - pattern PRs better as [14]2314
PR, sync issues, grace note usage needs work

[5.5] (+?) [Resubmission] Laplace - (DarkZtar)
5.659/7.013/8.948/etc. - all these are a series of 3 notes extending a 16th after the 32nd note
9.722 - you're stepping the first part of the sound, why not the little ending of it?
15.190 - same 3 note issue, but why a 12th note?
21.722 - I recommend looking at these patterns much more closely; i can see that you're layering in the guitar as jumps and the new synth in as the new single notes, however there's a couple of errors in what notes are there and aren't there(22.980 - remove, 23.173 - put in, 26.076 - remove)
26.754 - from here, i can hear that beeping noise thing as 16ths, not just the 8th (white) notes that you stepped
28.109 - alot of this, at least from what your layering should be, should not be broken jumpstream. It should be fluid jumpstream all the way through, with the exception of a couple places (34.302 for example)
40.109 - jump for the snare?
47.463/97.012 - please get rid of these minijacks, there's nothing in the song to warrant them
53.657 - wish you'd have stepped the first note as a jump for each of these piano notes, so it goes jump, note, jump, note, so it brings out the echo-ness
57.098 - echo?
63.721 - stopped using hands for cymbals because of a jumpglut?
68.560 - also seeing alot of layering problems, for ex/ this should be a jump because you're layering the kick drum as well (the next burst is fine cause it's a burst i think)
72.237 - this is a 64th pattern for one measure, then a 48th for the first half of the next measure, not straight 24ths. Maybe do like 32nds than 24ths
88.302 - doesn't really warrant a quad
89.076 - 32nd pattern starts here not the 4th after
Please go over your patterns. The layering that you're using doesn't warrant broken jumpstream, rather full on jumpstream for the majority of the file

[8] (+) [Resubmission] Neurotoxin - (Reshiram)
Really liking the structure of this song, simple and to the point
18.139 - Changing up the layering style? It's not something I agree with, but something you might wanna look at. Probably would be too much though to keep in your layered kick drum in addition to melody+snare
23.472 - don't agree with this hand. piano octave hit, yes, but it's nothing that needs that much emphasis i think, a jump would be fine
same w/ 31.972, 32.306, 32.639
34.139 - yassss hands are good here
42.139 - not a big note really? quad -> hand
42.139 - also, this section in general, has the occasional 16th note, which does appear before each little drum motif thing. it's a bit small though, your choice to include
52.806 - i see what you did there now. But now, in the gallops, (again) if you listen, there's another 16th following some of them, your choice x2
you might want to consider it, because these 16ths wouldn't be appearing in the prev. pattern
63.472 - here's the kick drum layering! yassssss
85.639,85.972 - single notes please
86.639 - this is me being a fuckwad, but make it 32 please, the sounds go down in pitch
106.139 - would like this to be a [12] maybe for extra oomph into the quad
106.472 - kick drum layering goes away again, but this time for the ending, and it bugs me a little

[4] (+?) A Brief Tutorial on VIP Productions - (emulord)
moved offset to .026
30.455 - This pattern is a bit tricky: move the first 24th down to the 16th below. move the 8th note up to the 96th above, and the 12th should be on the 96th below. the final note occurs a 96th above the jump you have, your choice to put that in as a little grace note
36.776 - There's alot of places where you're cutting in and out with layering the hi-hat, this is just one example of it. Try and keep consistent maybe.
36.883-41.169 - And on that note, keep the jumps. there're massive hits for the kick and snare, and you're best off leaving them in i think.
54.455 - missing notes for the bass kick following this hand.
66.455 - Your layering conventions are switching around really fast, and it's hard to discern a reason why.
66.883 - PR'd wrong, double mini-jacks should start on this note (something like a 11331144 or something)
68.597 - then you're back to layering as jumps, which really confuses me.
78.883 - re-check sync on this section.
84.026 - PR should be the 8th notes on one note, 4ths fluctuating
98.383 - missing last kick drum jump
105.883 - same exact thing as last time, except this used to be a hand, and you're still missing the kick notes
114.883 - did you just copy paste and mirror this section? same notes as above
118.097 - ghost note, shouldn't be here
121.526 - ""
133.312 - kick notes following
take a look at why you're using jumps, I feel like that'll be important for this file. all of the snare hits are huge, and pop in your ear, those are better used with jumps than mindless layering in and out of the main synth. This file wasn't really fun either, being only jumptrills out the wazzoo

[5] (+?) A Pierce of Flesh - (DossarLX ODI)
7.145 - feels cleaner w/o the jumps
12.805 - ghost note
13.009 - ""
13.555 - ""
15.873 - 2 measures of 12ths, followed by 2 more measures of straight 16ths should be the correct pattern here.
17.714 - ghost
18.055 - I understand having jumps on the snare hits, but not on the 4ths inbetween. Goes for this whole entire section until like 27s
31.145 - I don't hear triples at all for this section, they do come in later at 35.782 though
44.236 - yes
50.782 - jumps every other again i think.
57.327 - like, these are more warranted because there's the high hat that actually occurs on those jumps. alot of the time, it seems like you're adding in those extra jumps because there's a drum fill and you don't want to layer in a dumb glut or something stupid. It still feels like much, and a little forced
68.236 - 12ths
76.145 - Please actually chart these 12ths, they add a nice extra to this chart.
87.873 - i would have liked something like, stream with hands accenting the snare drums and jumps to the guitars, not a garbled, layered to look dense thing.
At some point in the song, i couldn't even say what was wrong because i couldn't hear the difference between notes.

[9] (+) A Yodeler In Texas - (gameboy42690)
i was smiling the whole time i played this, superb
beginning - kinda want that cowbell layered in, i feel like you can play with that and make the beginning even better
18.714 - Think there should be a note here
26.037 - something that caught my ear was the "yeah" in the background every 8th note, you may want to pop that into areas like this on the 4 or something, or even play around with the layering in this section to accomodate that even? i feel like that'd be cool, but that's up to you (e.g. also 31.684)
-- your pr makes me feel this song like 1000x more good job wow --
32.831 - note here for that banjo
40.243 - note for person saying stuff
40.596 - same as above, idk if you'd want the minijack, or change the 8th
53.626 - those yeah things are back! (just a suggestion)
59.037 - perfect. the dog barks on the 3 is phenomenal
72.890 - note here, not on the yellow note under
97.332 - missing note

[6] (+.) Accelerator - (MarioNintendo)
30.822 - tiny PR's sake, this should be 3
31.101 - Might want to have this as a jump for emphasis
31.522 - should be a 8th and 16th here following
33.894 - these are 32nds, not 24th flams
34.731 - from here, this transition might work better being a full extended 32nd roll, (12341234) into [12][34] jumpjacks, and could fit the song better
36.545 - should be 24ths not 32nds
42.824 - same issue as 34.731
45.476 - just be really careful of split patterning, you have alot of these (not just rolls, but also things like [13]24) and at high speeds, they suck.
53.987 - lol i can't even tell what this is, but watch out for that hidden minijack on the 3
71.987 - again, these split patterns aren't fun to play.
77.010 - you could revert back to that cool white note placement that you were doing instead of this
80.917 - watch the hidden jack
154.921 - what minijacks, out of no-where? your pr has been pretty much spot on for this song, but i think you can probably diverge the tiniest bit for this.
160.498 - again, watch the little minijacks, the 8th could be well put on the 4 (162.723)
repeat notes alot for the next section
the file really is tough because of a surprising amount of split jumps and rolls and patterns ([13] and [24] centric), which kills alot of the "flow" if you will, especially in a harder file

[3.5] (?) Apocynthion Drive - (Reshiram)
5.161 - throughout this whole section, this 4th is missing, and it really bugs me, since this whole song is very driving. missing this for the sake of climaxing somewhere else is not worth it.
20.894 - background toms for the 16th pattern for 2 measures you missed
23.094 - not sure what this is even doing here, just straight 8ths
26.094 - there's a melody note here you missed
28.227 - again
31.161 - ""
31.427 -
35.027 - deciding not to layer in the countermelody is a bad idea i think.
41.027 - jump
41.161 - ""
this is so messy at this point, and mostly your layering choices baffle me. You have massive 225 bpm jumpstream sections, and choose to underlayer other parts that aren't even a fraction of that difficulty comparitively. Layering is also very inconsistant in other parts. (hands on cymbals sometimes sometimes not i.e. 97.694) You should also take a look at your solos, cause you're often missing random notes, idk by accident or something else.

[7.5] (+.) Arianrhod - (hi19hi19)
3.787 - random weird burst unnecessary
33.035 - take a look at what you're stepping here, it feels really off
35.285 - places like these leave me wondering exactly what you're layering
48.972 - feels better with the 8th notes as not jumps
83.097 - jumpjacks may be a bit excessive here
a bit quirky, interesting layering choices, sometimes i disagree w/ what you're leaving out, but it works well I think. a little of clutter in that polyrhythm section to watch out for, but good job

[9] (+) Artemis - (DarkZtar)
Beautiful song choice right off the bat
31.635 - you haven't layered this in before, might be a better idea to wait til after the cymbal crash ends the phrase before putting this in
36.980 - missing jump
Simple, sweet, amazing file well doen

[7] (+.) Artificial Rose - (hi19hi19)
22.059 - probably could have upped the layering even more here, since it's a climactic intro, not a de-climactic
just careful (a tiny bit, you're fine i think for the most part) with 1 hand trill usage, too much and it gets a bit....annoying i guess? (lack of better word)
76.916 - smiled at kick drum layering at 1
79.145 - smiled even harder well done
90.288 - kinda wish you added in some stuff for the bg drums (all these little white note sections), to add in a little flavor and to seperate it from the prev. iteration
109.831 - ideally, you could have put something for the woodwind melody in jumps or something, but w/e
134.516 - ???? the layering just dropped? what?
that end part confused me alot lol

[!] (!) Autumn - (Dabomb2223)
No steps?

[6.5] (+.) Autumn Breeze - (Silvuh)
30.459 - note missing
31.355 - same, unless i'm really missing something
32.250 - i can understand this one b/c of the break in violin, but i think it's better with the 4th note in (same with 33.146)
38.743 - note?
seems like you're ignoring the hi-hat ish thing throughout most of the song on and off, and it's a bit confusing
80.385 - (again), and I understand there's a solo in the bg, but it's a little break in the solo, and i think the 8th keeps the nice jazzy flow thing you have
nice colors and sync throughout the whole file though. All the missing notes that i've mentioned (i've stopped mentioning them) i feel like you aren't holding the file back by putting them in b/c of the speed/density of some of the other sections

[6] (+.) ńventyr - (VisD)
Superb intro
20.846 - note for guitar stuff, optional you put them in, just noticed (it's p-quiet)
29.823 - note
30.505 - weird trill on violin, idk
31.414 - feels/sounds cleaner as a straight 16th pattern
skimping on alot of jumps that could be put on snare sounds
48.673 - i've ignored not stepping alot of smaller sounds until now but ??????????
63.215 - could be PRed better
77.761 - ok now i kinda see what you were going for, and i'm going to say no
88.670 - i can't tell what these 128ths are going to
99.806, 100.261, 100.374 note
110.829 - ??? jacks i have no idea what these are going to
124.011 - careful of bursts, the burst should follow the red note, not the 32nd note for the piano note.
Felt really kinda messy and while the intro thing was great, that was also repeated like 40x times or something

[8] (+) Axel Man - (hi19hi19)
omg axel man
simple file, nothing too special, decent PR

[4.5] (+?) Be My Pet! - (mi40)
27.731 - jump, then a single, then jump sounds better here
29.845 - just alot of layering changes, i guess it's kinda hard for this song
32.422 - note
33.215 - ""
33.612 - ""
35.528 - jump
38.766 - note
41.674 - note
i really don't want to continue doing this, but you really need to take a second look through your file and make sure that you're actually stepping the song. things like 73.722, jumps to your whim, or 89.499 where you don't jump for some reason. Not to mention that the file is p-much the same stuff the whole time, not even anything interesting musically

[4] (+?) Bits - (Mr. Stepmaniac)
4.357 - missed the click thing
4.786 - now you're not jumping the click thing
28.357 - you're not stepping the echo for other things, why here?
gets extremely messy, really need to look at what you're layering
39.500 - random jump? Make sure to determine exactly what these go to
71.643 - missed note
74.643 - this is nasty for the difficulty of file you currently have
109.786 - sync drifts like crazy, everything feels behind
140.369 - minijacks are really not condusive to the tone of this song, at least, not here. Especially since half the notes aren't supposed to be there

[7.5] (+.) Chaos (Easy) - (Scintill)
good representation in easier notes
28.984 - was hoping you'd layer in for the shriek-ish sounding noises, but oh well
decent easy file, good choice in cutting at that point

[7] (+.) Cowbell Rock - (Xiz)
6.090 - you definitely want this layered in. It's the loudest, most prominent sound and you shouldn't be leaving it out
18.143 - this part warrants something like a staircase of straight 24ths
42.161, 42.518 - jump
watch out, your layering is iffy at alot of sections, you mostly seem to be layering kick and snare (which is fine), but you deviate from it when the song varies up. keep an eye out for those; it'll help keep the player on their toes when playing too (e.g. the 42.161 example, at 50.733, etc)
51.268 - note
52.429 - missing all the gallops into these jumps
56.715 - ""
65.286 - same deal
85.018 - maybe accent this
great song pick, grooved along to the whole thing. moombathon A++

[3.5] (?) Crab Nicholson Extreme Sleepover - (GammaBlaster)
9.189 - doesn't warrant a quad
I can't tell what you're layering.
9.928 - if you're layering kick drum and snare as jumps, this should be single, and the 4th following a jump. You have this problem a couple times in a row
16.785 - no jump
18.046 - note?
18.332 - again no quad please
This just becomes an overlayered mess of notes.

[5.5] (+?) Cross Galaxy - (AlexDest & rparty89)
Cool intro then....??? what difficulty are you going for?
15.366 - I can't see the significance of the layering you chose to the music, and the difficulty spike is ridiculous.
what are these difficulty fluctuations?
Missing notes everywhere: 67.962, 68.561, 69.361, etc.
ghost notes in places too, 69.461
79.261 - what are these patterns
83.260 - I guess i can see why you didn't really layer the intro much, it would become js otherwise. still, you could have put in singles to some drum sounds in the beginning.
89.160 - missing note
92.060 - missing jump
92.260 - ghost
94.060 - jump
95.859 - i'm pretty sure you've used a 32nd roll before.
114.758 - note
etc. alot of the weird spikes can be toned down, because they make no sense in the song, there's alot more missing/ghost notes than i mentioned as well

[8] (+) Daybreak - (Fission)
31.967 - note
84.977 - note
88.783 - i respect the decision to leave these couple notes out
106.087 - note
even stuff like 53.546 may be pushing what you'd want in this kind of song, but really well done. A couple missed things, but overall superb

[8.5] (+) Day's End - (Silvuh)
102.295 - these minijacks may be too much during the violin part
not much else to say, it's a weird song for stepping, you did a good job with what it was. Really good job w/ hands/quad accenting, and PR

[7] (+.) Day's End - (Zakvvv666)
50.685 - these rolls for the cymbal roll don't feel really right, maybe take out the 8th
133.504 - this is i'm pretty sure not straight jumpstream.

[7.5] (+.) Direct Advance - (MrPopadopalis25)
24.369 - note
48.522 - jump (there's a kick drum)
53.861/55.217 - note
this song sounds off musically, but w/e. File is good, only a couple mistakes and stuff

[7.5] (+.) Dive into the Wings of Freedom - (Lambdadelta)
freedom diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive
only thing is 47.733 maybe advert the minijack. that's all. Kinda boring and repetitive.

[9] (+) Doki Doki Robo Bunny - (0 & kjwkjw)
3.020 - jump for the squeak maybe
i just really enjoyed this lol, nice quick js file

[3] (?) Doki Doki Robo Bunny - (DossarLX ODI)
33.626 - if this stream is for the hi-hat, you're better off stepping to the melody, cause you can hardly hear it
43.526 - same thing
52.826 - stop stepping the least prominent part of the song: the bass line is louder than this. You'd have something interesting if you layered melody w/ the bass and drums.

[7] (+.) Dolphin Talk - (Xiz)
offset to .375
58.738 - you can afford to step this properly: a 48th roll (5 notes), then the 32nd under the last 12th note
79.647 - careful w/ your minijacks, alot of them aren't even minijacks (like this one)
81.920 - polyrhythm, add this note innnn
92.465 - jump
thank you for submitting moombahthon, come again

[6] (+.) Eirin's Clinic That People Queue Up For - (MrPopadopalis25)
kinda wish you'd put in things for 23.190 and the like, since it's main vocals doing changes and pitch and stuff
62.281 - for that little bg thing you're stepping, there should be a note here, not on the next 4th
It felt like a lot was missing from this.

Prismatic Lollipops (Elite Ninja)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- offset changed from -0.120 to -0.098
- 11.904: missing jump for bass drum
- 12.276: triple stands out as erroneous since the sound it follows is a bit ambiguous compared to the triple accenting the cymbal crash not too far after
- 17.919 to 20.296: layering is a bit strange (why is there no jump at 18.959, but jumps before that?)
- 21.038: move this down arrow somewhere else to more appropriately accent the two repeating notes in the melody
- 47.622: if you start this sequence with a [234] triple, you can ascend in such a way where the note at 48.810 ends on [234] to accent the highest note more appropriately
- 72.498: missing jump for bass drum
- 79.553 to 80.890: see 17.919 (no jump at 79.553?)
- structure is overall well done – doesn’t sit well with me personally in some areas, but it’s very unfair to deduct for subjective disagreements. Pitch relevance could use some slight improvements, but it’s not bad under any circumstances.

Silent Wind (0)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]
- offset changed from -0.080 to -0.089
- 34.104: missing jump
- 41.377/41.831: missing jump
- 87.361 to 105.543: not entirely sure why taps disappear here; there is a clear percussion line running through and the vocals don’t carry a discernible rhythm corresponded by your chart
- 141.901: rather abrupt place to cut off; you could continue charting past this point while lowering your layering as the chart fades out a bit more
- typical overlayered 0 chart, although this one actually plays a bit more nicely than expected since most of the jumps in place clearly accent instruments that can be easily heard

Somerset Blather On and On (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.] [6.5/10]
- 16.284/17.863: better than before; my mistake was giving you this criticism without realizing that 16.284, 17.074, 17.863, 18.653 are four distinct pitches that descend from earliest point to latest point
- 44.313: indifferent to this pattern
- 112.235: much better
- pattern variation is a bit more prevalent
- I still feel like the song can be more appropriately represented with pitch relevance while utilizing index-friendly patterning, but it does play a bit better than before as it stands; old school players might find this a bit fun

Endless Maze (hi19hi19)
Rating: [+?] [5.5/10]
- 30.658: even with the introduction of newer musical elements, the chart remains unchanged; not very fond of this
- 58.466: jump would be appropriate here for the cymbal crash
- 62.043 to 67.582: make this a jump, it’s still a low-end synth accent similar to the ones you use jumps for immediately before this; there are missing notes/jumps for that same synth a bit more on, so add them in (or change them to singles, the choice is yours)
- 63.197: mis-rhythm; it’s just three 4th notes starting at 62.966
- 67.582 to 74.966: ambiguous jump usage; very unclear as to what takes precedence
- 74.966 to 89.735: not sure how I feel about this
- 89.735 to 119.332: while I understand syncopating the melody to add appropriate jump usage, it feels really awkward because there are some pretty prevalent notes missed; pitch relevance scheme is a bit convoluted because there is pitch relevance in the single taps that accent the same synth, but the jumps seem out of place
- file seems quite dated; doesn’t play nicely in some parts – structure could use some polishing

Euphoria v2 (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]
- whoa, nice job on finding a high quality .mp3 for this
- offset changed from -0.035 -> -0.060
- 70.604: missing 16th for this and every other instance of this bass sequence in the same spot
- 148.756/150.495/etc: missing 8th notes
- patterning is… ok, I suppose. I guess I was just expecting a little more detail to the melody, rather than just following it generally, is all.

Fading Star (VisD)
Rating: [+] [8.5/10]
- very nice intro, using calm colors and whatnot
- 24.924: jump doesn’t belong with your current layering scheme
- 34.353: missing note for the bass drum
- 41.210: missing note for bass drum
- 70.782 to 71.639: 192nds are a bit unnecessary; they’re still accenting the violin, it just happens to be a somewhat higher pitch
- chart plays very well – has great structure and builds really nicely; file just feels right overall

FF4 Last Battle (shadow 1800)
Rating: [?] [2/10]
- 7.634: based on the general difficulty of the file itself, you are missing a ton of notes for the strings starting here – you should have 16ths running here
- 10.695 (etc): I see a ton of 16th note repeats that seem to signify the bass drum of the song, but the problem is that these jacks occur in instances where they have no reason to (here is fine, but something like 11.766, 15.133, 19.877, 20.796, etc – try to smooth out your structure so that you’re very clearly accenting things
- 19.877 to 27.224: I see jumps that seem to go to the melody, but between all of the accidental jacks that you have in these sections, it’s very hard to understand that you’re attempting to follow the melody only – this is where having a clean structure comes in play
- 39.467: this jump sequence certainly shows that you have at least understanding of pitch relevance; this is a really good thing – use it to your advantage in place your taps accordingly
- 46.813: another really interesting thing that makes sense (referring to the three-note repetition in 16ths)
- 56.608/61.506: massively overlayered – it might be a noticeable accent, but you should opt out of doing things like this unless they are extremely abrasive and overly loud
- 66.403: this run doesn’t exist in the song for any instrument
- 87.829: large spike, and it really isn’t fitting with the sound
- a lot of stuff repeats, so apply the notes as needed and move on
- 118.438: this 24th run doesn’t exist with anything in the song
- 137.416: when you get to the part of a song that has a somewhat detailed melody, slow it down and work out your patterning so that it corresponds to the music appropriately – trills here do not fit for the melody
- 144.762: the guitar also does not speed up, so there’s no need to generalize this rhythm
- more of the same for the rest of the file
- when deciding to make a chart, try to think of what you want to follow in your chart such that the player can very clearly understand what’s going on; pick the most prevalent things you can, and then organize your structure. Despite the large amount of mistakes in this file, there are bits and pieces in this file that indicate an understanding of detail – you just need to practice and hone in on that detail.

Fill Me Up With Snacky Happiness (gameboy42690)
Rating: [+] [9.5/10]
- offset changed from -0.078 -> -0.084
- 114.583: missing guitar note (I understand the omission at 114.883 – would be quite messy)
- excellent file

Floating Free (Liamis01177)
Rating: [--] [0/10]
- incorrect BPM, in addition to an improper offset
- chart does not correspond to the music at all and resorts to placing notes completely at random

Forbidden Tracks (rCaliberGX)
Rating: [?] [3.5/10]
- start to 9.436: with a melody that is predominantly triplets, you could do better by creating patterns that visually accent the melody in sets of three – since it’s atonal, pitch relevance isn’t a real issue, just be a bit creative; on the flip side, the more resonant notes of the guitar being accented as 192nds is a nice touch for me personally
- 9.436 to 28.980: your patterns seem to really force a lot of down arrows here – again, try utilizing a pattern that captures the melody by forcing patterns of three arrows that are very distinct and you might actually have some decent results here
- 28.980: be careful – cutting your BPM here and still using non-offset 192nds might actually cause a frame discrepancy
- 31.423 to 70.511:
---- your layering scheme is a bit problematic for this entire section simply because it’s hard to see what some of the single taps go to, as there are instances where jumps are bass drums and singles are bass drums as well
---- the generalized structure feels alright on the hands, but doesn’t quite look right visually; also, there are instances of missing notes for bass drums scattered throughout, but it is hard to tell whether or not those are intentional or accidental
---- there are some strange instances of repeating taps that could be avoided (alternatively, repeated taps could be more consistently used)
---- triples don’t seem to be clear enough; sometimes you’re accenting open-to-closed hi-hat hits (e.g. 58.601), other times, you’re catching hard cymbal crashes (e.g. 59.365, 60.739)
- 39.668/40.279: these 32nds follow something that is practically inaudible, remove them
- 40.889/41.042: these jumps are following something considerably less prevalent in the percussion here, they should probably be changed to single taps; this way, you’re giving a bit more of an accent to the two jumps before, which are noticeably more prominent
- 50.661: at this point, the 32nds are hardly audible
- 59.670: should be a three note 32nd blip
- 61.808/62.418/64.098: ^
- 67.457: mess of misrhythms here
- 80.512/80.817: should be a 24th away from the jump, not a 32nd
- 89.444: 32nds are barely audible at this point; removing them would make your jumps a bit more powerful for accenting since they come after an intense drum fill
- 90.055 to 129.143:
---- jump placement is far from consistent here – it’s hard to tell whether or not you’re trying to follow the chords from the guitar or if you’re just trying to follow percussion
---- this area just feels extremely overlayered in general, not to say that it doesn’t fit the tone of the song, but it’s disproportionately heavy compared to earlier areas
---- quite a few steps here don’t even seem like they follow anything at all
- 128.914/129.066: can’t hear the percussion for these two notes
- 136.014: many of the notes in this fill are really difficult to hear even if they’re generalizing a rhythm, because the fill really just disappears into the soundscape
- 137.083: check your rhythms here, straight 24ths isn’t quite correct
- 142.579: a number of misrhythms here
- 162.658: move up 1/64th of a note (at 98 BPM, this mistake was noticeable at normal rate)
- 167.009: should be this note, a note 3/64th after, and another note 3/64th after that
- 168.994: if you’re planning on accenting snares with jumps, there should be jumps here and at 169.070
- file has a foundation to work with, but really needs a lot of polishing to be acceptable

FORM THE ALLIANCE (Mr. Stepmaniac)
Rating: [?] [2/10]

- improper BPM usage; starts slightly off-sync and gets on-sync after a speed-up
- offset changed from *-0.098 -> -0.079
- 7.843 to 12.079: piano inconsistently accented (jumps and single taps for single piano notes)
- 12.079 to 24.773:
----- inconsistent structure: why do jumps exist in their particular spots? Why are the other notes for the piano only single notes?
----- large amounts of repeated taps that have no purpose really existing within the chart structure
----- 340 BPM 6th notes are going to look exactly the same as 170 BPM 12th notes because FFR is entirely C-Mod.
- 24.773 to 44.538:
----- this is the inherent problem with your BPM structure; your intent on cutting the BPM for less intensity makes complete sense if your scroll rate is actually changing, but because you had your BPM at 340 and cut to 170, you’re still using the same colored notes (in essence, a player on FFR would NEVER know the BPM was cut in half).
----- patterning is hardly reflective of the synth musically and could easily be manipulated
- 44.538 to 55.832: more of the same, see 12.079 to 24.773 and resolve the inconsistent structure between the percussion and the synth holding the melody
- 55.832 to 72.773: see 24.773 to 44.538
- 72.773 to 84.067: see 12.079 to 24.773
- 84.067 to 89.714: a number of repeated taps here don’t make sense, as mentioned earlier
- issue continues through the end of the song, even when the song changes into 8th notes for a bit
- file needs a lot of work to even be plausibly acceptable

FUSE!! (SKG_Scintill)
Rating: [+] [8.5/10]

- 68.090: I can’t help but feel like there should be a few notes here for the pitch bend in the guitar, but it’s certainly not necessary given that you seem to avoid it elsewhere
- 90.798: if you’re trying to catch the drawn out guitar note here, it would be more logical to place this 48th after the 8th note instead, not before it
- 108.590: not quite correct as 16ths – rhythm can be fine-tuned a bit more
- 164.715: whatever this burst follows is near inaudible on my end
- great file overall, just has a few kinks to be worked out

Gabbaber (fatpaints)
Rating: [+?] [5.5/10]
- chart is very boring/redundant overall; this isn’t to say that it’s not acceptably done, but your chart is being done for a song that is relatively uninteresting
- 45.216 to 56.511: could be interesting with repeating jumps for the melody
- not much to say, just quite… dull. Song choice certainly does not help at all. Your chart is by no means a bad chart, but your song is not good at all. Try charting something else – you might have more success.

Gee [Areia Remix] (DarkZtar)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- I personally see absolutely no reason to have a double BPM for this file; the percussion very clearly lays out a bass drum at 126 BPM *shrug*
- 37.362: missing note
- 54.683: missing note
- 61.885: missing note
- 102.302: missing note
- good structure, strong layering overall, just a few missing notes here or there

Get Squirrely (mi40)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]
- Chart is incorrectly quantized due to a proportional BPM, creating an overabundant and unnecessary number of colored arrows that do not appropriately correspond to the music – the steps do generally follow the music, but the colors do not coincide with the song structurally
- not going to delve into the rest of the chart until this notation error is fixed

Gonna Take You Down (Reshiram)
Rating: [+.] [7.5/10]
- offset change from -2.597 to -2.582
- 3.887: should be 24ths instead of 32nds
- 23.017: while you are following the piano here, catching the 24ths could be good for accenting
- 32.582: while there is a repeating bass drum here, accenting it to break a relatively smooth flow given by pitch relevance doesn’t feel right
- 68.358: there is a slight swing here, shouldn’t land right on a 16th note
- 73.452: should be 24ths instead of 32nds
- file is decent, nothing horribly wrong anywhere

Great Expectations (beary605)
Rating: [+?] [4.5/10]
- 4.581: while I do understand following the keyboard echo, you have to realize that this echo does exist in other areas, so following this is somewhat of an inconsistency on its own
- 18.206 to 34.206: most of the mini-jacks here are incorrectly place with consideration to the melody
- 34.206 to 41.706: pitch relevancy could be improved quite a bit
- 40.581: missing note
- 104.581: this jump breaks your structure by accenting a vocal rather than the more prominent piano chord
- 130.206 to 146.206: this structure is a bit strange with jump placement; it’s difficult to discern exactly what the jumps go to
- 157.206: why do the jumps stop here?
- rhythms are coherent overall, possibly moreso due to the fact that it’s almost a constant stream; as such, the chart is quite draggy because it doesn’t seem to change all that frequently – you would do better with an overhauled structure that isn’t so reliant on strictly accenting prominent instruments with jumps only

Gruntilda’s Final Battle (Charu)
Rating: [+.] [6.5/10]
- 111.698: interesting… quite the spike, though.
- 122.365 to 130.365: should be 16ths instead of 12ths
- 152.365/153.698/155.032/156.365: technically, these trills should be in reverse order since the lower note occurs first
- the mini-jack section is interesting, it looks incredibly difficult, but plays quite smoothly because you were intelligent with your pattern choices and actually alternated between hands rather than worrying stringently about pitch-relevance – it still is pretty difficult in comparison to the rest, though.

Holy Winter (woker-x + Silvuh)
Rating: [++] [10/10]
- 209.769: ugh, right at the end of the file
- absolutely fantastic, oh my god!
- I have a few very subjective qualms with pattern choices, like jumps for repeated notes in a few instances, but it is incredibly fluent and just works.

Indignant Divinity (Kyuji Sayomi)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]
- pitch relevance could use some slight tweaking at start and finish
- 43.745: with this part of the song being a bit calmer, you could do better than just a straight jumpstream combining both elements here, add some deviation by either following the melody explicitly or ignoring it
- 49.715: the 32nds for the synth start right about this point
- solid file that use a bit more structural tweaking

It’s Over (SKG_Scintill)
Rating: [+] [9/10]
- 20.910: missing jump for snare (I can understand omitting at 21.639, though)
- 67.056: triple is a bit out of place here…
- 96.743: missing jump created by repeating up arrows (your earlier structure does this)
- 100.910: missing jump for snare (omission at 101.639 is acceptable)
- excellent chart

J219 (ItsOnlyDano)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]
- 22.892/23.301: those jumps shouldn’t be there, there’s really nothing special about those notes other than the fact that they’re a higher interval of the same synth
- 29.423/29.831: ^
- 32.280: starting a sequence of this many right arrows implies that something important should be followed here, but the left/right arrows don’t accent anything in particular
- 34.321 to 47.382: proper pitch relevance can really help you out a lot here; your jump placement is correct in terms of rhythm, but it doesn’t complement the melody properly; for phrases like 37.586 and 39.219, it’s important to separate the repeated notes from the non-repeated notes
- 47.382 to 57.178: the repeating 16ths are a great touch, but the jump placement isn’t all that good since it does not accent the melody appropriately
- 78.403/78.811 + 84.933/85.341: see 22.892/23.301
- structure and pitch relevance overall could use some work

Kaepora Gaebora’s Message (Poison-)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]
- offset changed from -0.000 to -0.041
- 8.612: missing jump
- a recurring issue throughout this file is that there are a number of repeated taps that occur accidentally through layering, and a large majority of them should not exist in correspondence to the melody, as there are very few repeating notes in the melody
- with a song this short, everything needs to be near perfect in structure to be acceptable; your jump usage is ambiguous and only accounts for some of the drums in the background (either remove them all or accent them all – the choice is yours)

KOMMICORE (0 + Choofers)
Rating: [?] [3/10]
- sync is still really poor
- 18.861: this polyrhythm needs to go, it’s only 16ths
- jumpstreams are still continuous when they probably shouldn’t be
- not accepting this, and the score will continue to drop until the sync gets fixed – don’t want to hear excuses about how the vocals and the percussion are disjointed, that’s not an excuse

Kotobatoraborato (0)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]
- colored notes in the intro are acceptable since they accent a synth that is filtered out, I don’t mind the color usage at all
- however, the structure of the chart is poor. It’s correct, but beyond overlayered and really overemphasized
- minimally acceptable, as usual

Lawn Wake III (mi40)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]
- overall, jump utilization seems slightly better than last time, but there are still issues with jump placement over sample prevalence, and it’s visually glaring
- a number of bursts are inconsistently used
- ghost notes and misrhythms still exist throughout the chart, some of which are very noticeable and can be easily removed with a careful run-through of the file
- file still looks relatively similar and isn’t quite there yet

Live and Learn [Zen Death Squad Remix] (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- 10.148: you would be better off moving the 24th/8th notes to left/down so that the up arrow can appropriately correspond to the snare
- 11.324 to 30.383: ^, check around to ensure that you have proper pattern placement corresponding to the percussion, it would be a nice detail to have if pitch relevance isn’t a big deal to you
- 36.501/42.148/(etc): missing notes that could help add some variation to your chart
- 80.571: cute!
- 122.030: remove one of the two notes in this jump and shift it down to 1/32nd away from the jump
- good chart overall

Rating: [+.] [7/10]
- acceptable file, but is quite boring even for an easy file because it literally carries the same, straight 12th note pace the entire time
- some syncopation to the melody could benefit this chart’s playability a bit

Zanzibar Green (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+] [9/10]
- 16.958 to 39.546: love the patterning, the implicit pitch relevance is really nice here
- 62.134 to 84.723: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! <3
- this file is such a good tribute to the song – it has a very clear old-school feel, but also possesses some great concepts that bring it up to date, absolutely love the structure

Zanzibar Green (T-Force)
Rating: [+. / <] [7/10]
- your file opens a bit better than Dossar’s does, however…
- 17.366 to 39.601: your streams here really are lacking in pattern relevance – I tried really hard to find some pitch relevance, but there really isn’t that much in here, unfortunately; the layering is acceptable in this area, but the detail is lacking
- 39.601 to 50.895: the taps not following the melody aren’t quite consistent in what they follow; you start initially omitting the bass drum, but inconsistently attempt to account for it, making some of the lone 4th notes a bit ambiguous
- 80.278/80.542: jumps for snares that don’t exist (potential copy-paste/shift a direction)
- file isn’t bad, but the streaming lacks relevance to the melody – plays a bit more like a newer file, but I like the combination between pitch-relevant detail and old-school structure that Dossar implements; had you submitted this a batch earlier, you might have had a better shot!

bmah/ YoshL

A Brief Tutorial on VIP Productions / emulord
rating: 3/10 [?]
- 30.44s: these 24th gallops don't exist
- 31.73-34.30s,35.58-41.16s: why did you stop stepping the percussions here?
- 48.87-61.73s,etc.: there's really not a lot of variety here by stepping only jumptrills - not to mention several of them are split-heavy such as [13][24] patterns. There are other percussions you missed (e.g. 54.44s) as well. Split jumptrills ending in hands (e.g. 58.30s) result in bad transitions.
- 64.44s,etc.: the jacks follow the PR very sloppily, so check closely
- 70.08s: ghost jump
- 79.41s: probably better off not stepping the sound clip. Some of it is offsync too.
- 84.01s: bad PR - check what parts of the melody are -actually- alternating!
- 98.37s: forgot a jump here
- Summary: the file repeats with a lot of the same unimaginative jumptrill patterns, along with some obvious errors that could've been avoided if you checked over your file again.

A Pierce of Flesh / DossarLX ODI
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- offset feels too early
- 5.02s: should be repeated down arrow to melody
- 7.21s: not sure what these jumps go to
- 12.86s,13.07s,13.61s,17.43s,17.77s: ghost arrow
- 18.11-19.75s,etc.: seems more sensible if you added the jumps to the emphasized cymbal crashes, not every 4th note.
- 68.30-70.48s: would've been more fun if you stepped the 12th note ascending guitar melody instead of the same guitar riff+percussion combo. This middle part of the song in general would benefit from acknowledging the main guitar melody.
- 87.93s: again, not sure why all 4ths need a jump; just add them to accented stuff. As for the jumpstream pattern, there's a ton of mini-anchors/twists and turns that reduce the flow. It's fine for a while, but to have that same sort of pattern going through the entire section makes it more difficult to execute than it should be.
- Summary: Not bad, but the middle section can be reworked with some more creative stepping, and the ending stream could flow better.

A Yodeler In Texas / gameboy42690
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 16.42s,etc.: if you're stepping the bg 16ths (which it seems like you are at places like 14.30s), then this should be a 16th as well
- 24.54s,etc.: 16th
- 25.33s,etc.: ghost 8th if you're only stepping the main melody, but I guess not
- 27.18s,etc.: missing 16th
- 29.39s,etc.: single 4th arrow to distinguish it from areas with the main melody
- 35.65s,etc.: missing 16th
- 38.13s,40.60s: the yodeler actually plays 16ths here
- 53.63s,53.98s,etc.: why not step the accompanying sound clips?
- 103.51s: ooh, that 32nd roll is tight, but I think it works out well
- Summary: Just minor errors. Overall the file is loads of fun.

Accelerator / MarioNintendo
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- 11.57s,etc.: so I still ask the same question I did before: why are these not jumps to the emphasized sounds?
- 31.80-32.78s,139.29-140.13s: really awkward pattern to hit due to the down arrow anchors
- 43.45s: the down arrow leading to the 12341234 32nd rolls makes for a difficult transition
- 53.99-54.27s,etc.: not 24ths, nor do all of the arrows exist
- 64.86s,etc.: good use of color theory
- 95.85s: good thing you adjusted the sync this time
- 168.28s: really weird 32nd burst
- Summary: A file with a good amount of variety and consistency, but there are a number of awkward transitions in a few places.

Apocynthion Drive / Reshiram
rating: 3/10 [?]
- 5.16s,6.23s,etc.: what's with these breaks? I do recognize that breaks can give variety to a file, but there really doesn't seem to be much justification on these ones
- 20.89s: longer 16th drumroll
- 23.09s: no 16th jump here
- 26.09s,28.23s,31.43s,156.76s,etc.: missing 8th - please doublecheck the entire song for these little things
- 29.16s: jump?
- 34.76s: a running sequence of 8ths you missed
- 39.69s: 8th jump
- 43.83s,etc.: I don't think these are 24ths, but I see what you're trying to do
- 70.03s: missing 16th
- 75.76s: don't think this part is entirely on sync (esp. 2nd half of this color section), but in any case, you should probably do some bpm offsetting to get the arrows in proper sync. I would consider this note color syndrome. Actually, this seems to make the subsequent steps a bit early.
- 89.36s,etc.: this area has some 16th scattered that you've omitted
- 107.29s,227.69s,260.09s: the jumps make sense, but some of them result in horribly awkward anchors within the 16ths
- 130.09s: ok, the sync is becoming even earlier and worse
- 232.89s: don't try to fit 32nds here
- 286.89s: likely 12ths
- 315.976s: sure, this isn't continuous 24th streams, but the patterns are still awkward and the breaks actually would be quite the bootrap for FFR. Also, take a look at the left arrow anchor at 318.23s
- 330.70s,etc.: again, missing some 16ths to drums (if you deliberately underlayer these parts as "reprieve sections", then I feel they're unnecessary considering the energy of the song)
- 350.23s: 16th drumroll, could be used for climax, although I guess it could be ignored as well
- and in general, the song needs a cut. Why do people think it needs to be stepped in full?
- Summary: There are just too many numerous mistakes, bad pattern choices, and other sloppiness in this chart. Most importantly, there are syncing errors that need to be amended first. Also, the song should probably be cut.

Arianrhod / hi19hi19
rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- 4.72s,etc.: the minijacks get a bit tiring after a while, so honestly just normal 16th triplet patterns would do IMO
- 6.78s,7.16s,etc.: jump to piano chord?
- 45.22s,45.97s: two of the 24th groups are [13][24], which is a bit nasty; maybe change at least one of them to a less splittable pattern
- 49.16s: color theory maybe?
- 53.38s,88.63s,112.44s: missing 16th to drum
- 53.94s: I'm guessing you're just deliberately ignoring the 16ths here, which is fine since they could be dismissed as echoes
- 66.04-70.41s: oh darn, why didn't you add the small bursts that pop up throughout this section (the drums)?
- 82.16s: the piano is more dominant, which should be 16ths
- 111.22s,111.60s,111.97s: these could be jumps to accent the choppiness
- Summary: Pretty fun file, a few hiccups here and there, but nothing major.

Artemis / DarkZtar
rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- 31.40s: could use better PR
- 31.63s,etc.: really subtle, but it works I suppose
- 36.98s: jump to melody
- 91.55s,92.03s,102.25s: don't understand these jumps according to your layering scheme
- 103.68s: leave this as a single arrow
- 104.32-123.47s: the pattern reverting back to the previous layering of percussion 16ths seemed a bit inappropriate considering all the new stuff going on (the synths for example). I thought this part was rather plain, anticlimatic, and didn't highlight the synths. Layer this differently.
- Summary: Overall a very simple file in a straightforward way that reminds me of older FFR files (reminded me of straightforwarded cornandbeans files). The latter end of the file was rather unintuitive though, so I would look over that again.

Artificial Rose / hi19hi19
rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- first of all, the artist is not "BoF 2012", but "8284"
- 0.00s,etc.: I sort of wish the chords had jumps in them, but I understand the need to use single arrows to highlight the cymbal crashes later on
- 25.83s: arrow to melody
- 33.03-54.80s: copypaste much? Same melody, but you have the opportunity to change it up!
- 54.97s: jump
- 60.33s: this 32nd is a ghost arrow
- 72.63-72.80s,75.20-75.54s: acknowledge the melody here. The first instance is a 16th and the second instance are a few 12ths.
- 79.14s: good usage of color theory
- 86.69s: ghost 8th
- 89.94s,etc.: in the second round, there are some interesting drum rhythms that I think you should try to add in for interest
- 114.29-114.37s: jumps to accented drums? Maybe check over other areas for accented sounds too.
- 139.66s: I hear it, but the 32nds just seem pretty quiet and is probably best ignored
- 144.63s,144.97s,145.32s: jumps to cymbal crashes. There are cymbal crashes after this, but I'd say those could be optional considering how your jumps change focus to accented percussions.
- Summary: Minor errors, some suggestions here and there. The beginning has some notable repetition that I would suggest you change though. Song and file is pretty dandy.

Autumn / Dabomb2223
rating: -/10 [!]
- SM file has no chart.

Autumn Breeze / Silvuh
rating: 9/10 [+]
- 5.06-5.32s,etc.: unless you're planning to layer the beginning more fully, I'd say it's very much acceptable to ignore these background synths and focus just on the main flute melody and percussions.
- 65.27s: 16th to melody
- 79.71s,etc.: ooh, these are tight! But considering the patterns, these are easily hittable. Also, would 79.71s be a jump if 78.82s and 79.27s are jumps?
- 80.16s: I was first wary of the light layering, but then the chords of the piano later on completely legitimized that conservative decision.
- 108.93s,109.15s: missed 16ths
- 137.29s: missed 16th to the melody
- 137.79s: jump to melody layering
- Summary: Excellent file. The steps have a very loose feel that is appropriate with the highly embellished melodies of the flute, and I really like that. The song itself is also a beauty.

Axel Man / hi19hi19
rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- I never thought I'd see the theme song from Beverly Hill Cops on FFR, but here is a neat rendition of it in lieu of the 8-bit genre like Megaman games.
- 13.86s,22.50s,24.40s,etc.: could use better PR
- 18.72s,27.37s: might make more sense to start off with a 1234 roll here; although the up arrow has a slight emphasis, it doesn't make as much rhythmical sense (similarly, add an arrow at 59.80s)
- 25.88s: questionable arrow, considering your previous stepping
- 33.86s,74.94s: not part of the main melody, omit
- 37.10s,78.18s: a tough call if you had to choose between the interesting 16ths and just following the main melody which is more straightforward; I personally would lean towards the latter for sake of novice players
- 44.80s: missed arrow according to your previous layering
- Summary: Pretty simple file and mostly very straightforward. A few areas with minor issues, but I'm just nitpicking. Try to follow all of the main melody.

Be My Pet! / mi40
rating: 5.5/10 [+?]
- 3.51s,8.70s: questionable arrows to the sound clip
- there are a number of drum/percussion sounds that have a questionable degree of emphasis. Instead of putting jumps in these areas, just try to use a different pattern as single arrows. Reserve louder sounds for jumps. Note that listening to these sounds at a slower music rate (0.9x or below) may give the impression that they're more emphasized than they really are. Some examples: 27.80s,28.13-28.26s,etc.
- the same part of the song mentioned above happens again at 53.11s,53.50s or so but the jump placements are different. So again, jumps to questionably emphasized percussions, but also inconsistency to your previous pattern.
- 29.12s: no arrow here
- 32.42s,38.77s: missed 16ths
- 32.71s: no 24th here...that's just the residual sound of the percussion, which happens all the time
- 33.15s: two 16ths leading into a jump; no 8th jump here
- 77.16s,etc.: this next part is where all of the jumpstream occurs. This is fine at first, but becomes quite monotonous after a while. Try cutting the song as the progression of variability is really slow and just makes very large walls of jumpstreams. Patterns become a bore at around 94.07s and become really dull at 111s and later. I'll give you credit though on the relative lack of highly anchored patterns.
- 194.38s,195.04s: first one is a short burst, second one would be a long jumptrilling wall, but you may want to leave that one out.
- 196.76s,etc.: ignore the residual sounds of the gabba beats and just step the 4ths.
- 197.56s,etc.: these sounds seem more like single arrows than hands IMO
- 217.74s: why step the sound clip now? Step all of the sound clip, or just end the song with a placeholder arrow instead.
- Summary: There are numerous areas with questionable jumps to certain percussions and drums. The long jumpstreams have doable patterns, but they go on for too long. Not technically bad, but drags on for a bit.

BITS / Mr. Stepmaniac
rating: 2.5/10 [?]
- as a note in the future: you put the first two measures as blank, but according to the mp3, the music starts right away. What we'd like you to do is to actually ADD two seconds of silence to the mp3. The offset in your editor is independent from actual silence in the audio file.
- this file has a lot of older style stepping elements, which unfortunately created a lot of inconsistencies in your stepping
- 3.50-3.93s,13.79-14.21s,etc.: here is an example of layering inconsistency. In any one measure, why are there two 4th note jumps and then the 4th note stepping is ignored for the rest of the measure?
- 6.93-11.86s: you could also layer the 8th note hi-hats with the rest of the synth instead of solely focusing on the percussions, but this still can be an acceptable way of stepping, as often seen in older files years ago. However, there is no symmetry or pattern to the steps. They're quite random, often being 8th note anchors.
- 27.50s: the previous layering comes to a sudden halt and now starts off with [14] and [23] jumps. Why is this? There needs to be reasoning for all of the arrows you put in.
- 28.36-41.21s: a ton of ghost arrows. I suppose some of them are supposed to go to the reverb of the main melody, but what they correlate to is vague at best, nor are they consistent.
- 41.21s: again, example of an instance where you seem to need to stop acknowledging the previous melody/rhythmical lines of previous measures and focus on something else entirely. Try to integrate various rhythms and melodies - that is layering.
- 54.93s,etc.: Even with the simple 8th note steps, they don't seem to have a pattern and appear to be random. Again, a lot of the 8ths tend to be anchored on specific arrows.
- 71.64s: missed an 8th (I also don't understand the jacks)
- 74.64-75.50s: it looks as if you tried to make an attempt at layering, but again, a number of arrows are missing to the background synths. And the patterns are minijacks which don't make much sense to me.
- 82.36s,etc.: see notes on 41.21s
- 113.91s: it's acceptable to consistently step 16ths to the melody and its reverb, but I honestly would ignore most of the 16ths and step just the emphasized melody instead.
- 122.91s,124.00s,127.14s,etc.: now when you're adding jumps to the 16th stream, please try to have some reasoning to the patterns you use. There isn't much reason to add repeated 16th arrows (jacks) when you layer the jumps.
- in general, the song itself is a problem in that it doesn't have a whole lot of interesting rhythms to offer, so in some ways, you have that repetition of the music to deal with while trying to entertain the player.
- Summary: Tons of layering inconsistencies, poor pattern choices, ghost arrows, and in general, charting a song that is relatively bland for stepping.

Chaos (Easy) / Scintill
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 0.75s,6.40s,etc.: subjective, but why not add a few more jumps to the cymbal crashes? There are many other examples where you had jumps in conjunction with 8th streams.
- 52.28s,74.87s: would be nice to add the isolated cymbal crashes as well
- 81.84s,83.25s: again subjective, but here I would add the 16ths, as the melody is as explicit as can be, and this isn't a big climb in difficulty either
- 83.60-84.04s: this is actually 12ths, not 16ths. Please correct this.
- overall nice PR
- Summary: Nicely made easy file, and is consistent throughout. Most of my comments are just suggestions, but please fix 83.60s.

Cowbell Rock / Xiz
rating: 6/10 [+.]
- what's with the random bpm changes at the beginning? just get the correct bpm right from the start. BPM changes without any arrows have been known to cause conversion problems on FFR.
- 5.55-13.86s: tons of misrhythms, missing arrows, and other errors; review this section again at a slower music rate
- 18.14-20.29s: pattern does not take into account the change in the melody line/PR
- 21.00s: the 48ths are doable, but please note that there are better patterns than a one-handed minitrill
- 23.95s: unintentional 24th?
- 25.15s,26.49s,etc.: 48th gallop a nice touch, or an unnecessary detour? Perhaps use it only on strongly modulated sounds (e.g. 26.49s is more obvious than 25.15s)
- 30.20s,82.70s: totally optional, but if you forfeit the jumps for some faster notes to the strange sound, that could be interesting
- 31.27s,etc.: nice color theory
- 33.14s,85.64s: jump
- 42.16s,etc.: this could be a jump, considering the drum sound used
- 43.86-44.66s,etc.: I always felt that the repeated jumps didn't really stand out well and also ignored the other beats going on
- 71.89s: ghost arrow
- Summary: It's a cool file and song, but there are just a lot of sloppy errors that could've been preventable if you looked it over more closely.

Crab Nicholson Extreme Sleepover / GammaBlaster
rating: 1.5/10 [-]
- please keep the file to one tempo - the BPM changes are absolutely headache-inducing and extremely unnecessary
- 4.21s,etc.: PR throughout the entire file is pretty questionable
- 9.19s,etc.: smashing a quad within the swing pattern is overdone (and causes 12th minijacks)
- 18.05s: missed the ascending roll
- 18.33s,etc.: it's important to acknowledge the main focus of the song at this point - the main melody. NOT the swing drums or background synths. So at the very least, please put focus to the main melody within your layering. This applies for the entire song.
- 24.62s,etc.: why the hands? The sounds here aren't any more emphasized or layered.
- 35.64-36.62s,etc.: good example of very heavy layering creating 12th jacks
- 93.64s,95.36s: even in an unlayered part of the song, there are unnecessary minijacks that do not correspond to any sort of PR
- 108.09-112.97s: wrong quantization of the rhythm. Fix the bpms and show correct arrow notation. Don't rely on DDReam's syncing without taking the time signature into consideration.
- probably one of the biggest problems is that the song rhythmically has very little to offer other than 12th notes and the occasional 24th
- Summary: In addition to a song with very little rhythmical variation, the file is simply overlayered with little regard to PR. And wrong BPMs are everywhere.
edit: I was informed that the BPMs are the result of some sort of gimmick, but my stance remains the same, as the layering is still a major issue.

Cross Galaxy / AlexDest & rparty89
rating: 3.5/10 [?]
- side note: you don't need to put your username in the song title, and especially not preceding the actual title of the song. This throws the ordering of songs out of whack in Stepmania.
- 3.27-15.07s,etc.: what's with the sudden delayering of everything other than the main melody? Also, the steps aren't overly PR either. Later on, the song builds up with other elements, but the steps are still single arrows.
- 15.27-16.07s: blatantly obvious misrhythms, as well as disregarding some interesting elements, such as the roll before the next measure
- 28.86-48.06s: pretty unimaginative stepping. The lack of a 4th between the 16ths is also questionable but a minor thing. The slow building of elements in the song (which is the nature of most trance music) should also be expressed in the stepping, but it's pretty flat here, even in the second part of this section.
- 40.86-41.66s: again, more misinterpreted rhythms. 40.96s should be a single arrow, 41.36s's arrow doesn't exist, and 41.46s doesn't have any rolls either.
- 47.86s: 8th jump
- 51.26s: [13][24] jumptrill wall is very split-heavy; choose a different pattern. And then the transitioning to the ascending 32nd roll is even worse.
- 53.46s,53.86s: no 8ths
- 67.26s: hand+jump jack? Just make the hand a jump instead.
- 67.26-73.66s: missing a ton of 16ths to the drum'n bass. Some arrows also don't exist.
- 73.86-79.26s: if you didn't add jumps to all of the emphasized parts of the synth melody, you would have room for the interesting 32nd rolls
- 79.26-79.66s: the right arrow jacks here are 16th minijacks, not 12ths. The other arrows also don't really correlate to the synth melody.
- 83.26s,etc.: again, what's with the sudden underlayering? Understand that a trance song often builds up to a climax!
- 87.66s: randomly missing 4th?
- 89.16s: missing 16th?
- 90.36s,etc.: the arrows here aren't even following good PR!
- 102.46-105.66s: some of these are ghost 16ths
- 106.36s,106.96s: wtf? Minijack in here? Arrow placement, please! Also, please note that these small areas of dense stepping stand out amongst the delayering of other parts of the song (i.e. big difficulty spike).
- 121.06s: again, obvious missing note to synth melody. Check the entire song for these little errors. And also again, not taking the 32nd rolls into account.
- 134.06s: the 32nd rolls last longer than this.
- Summary: The file has good intentions, but is such a mess. There isn't one or two main things to focus on; instead, there are just a myriad of issues that should be addressed.

Daybreak / Fission
rating: 6/10 [+.]
- keep in mind that I scrutinize a lot more closely when it comes to piano files, mainly because accuracy is more important for a song that focuses on a single instrument.
- 2.44s: not a repeating arrow
- 2.91s,3.86s,5.77s,etc.: these are not jumps at all. They're single notes. Emphasized or not, they don't warrant jumps on a song that is focused on a single instrument. You can, however, find other ways to stand them out from the crowd (pattern placement, even color theory at times).
- 4.82s,6.57s,12.44s,etc.: these however are jumps because clearly the bass and treble melodies are playing simultaneously, and/or there are chords.
- 10.69s,17.20s,etc.: missing note; please check the song over again for randomly missing arrows.
- 20.06s,20.69s,etc.: see note on 2.44s; PR in a few places need checking
- 89.90s: probably isn't a 12th here...sync a little earlier
- Summary: Not bad for a piano file. The PR is relatively good, but a lot of work needs to be done on missing notes, and distinguishing chords/simultaneous melodies against emphasized notes, which determines the correct placement of jumps. Note that there may be times when it is obviously not reasonable to step all chords or melodies, but do whatever you can to make this file more reasonably accurate to playing the piano.

Day's End / Silvuh
rating: 6.5/10 [+.] [>]
- 14.34s: single arrow
- 26.52s,45.37s,etc.: I don't hear this, and others in similar spots are really quiet. You can probably omit these if they're not readily audible on 1.0x music speed.
- 50.75s,etc.: considering the bpm of the file and the intensity of these sections, a quad is appropriate.
- 52.80s,56.14s,etc.: jump to layering and melody?
- 58.70-58.96s: how about all jumps here, and an ascending pattern?
- 68.45s: the 16th triplets aren't readily audible here, and you could ignore these until they become more audible. At the same time, don't compromise these by ignoring the main melody in places like 72.04s and 72.29s.
- 79.34s: 16th to background synth
- 86.91s,etc.: one thing I liked in Zakvvv666's version was that he stepped the 32nd percussions which are quite audible here. How about it?
- 87.68s,95.88s: not sure if a hand is needed
- 100.37s,etc.: again, while the minijacks are nice, they're also pretty quiet. Perhaps put emphasis on the 4ths.
- 134.35s: jump to chord
- Summary: Chart is not bad, but it doesn't seem to have too much impact either. There are a number of questionable steps, mainly concerning quiet instruments.

Day's End / Zakvvv666
rating: 6/10 [+.] [<]
- 4.28s,5.81s,167.86s,170.43s: jump
- 20.69s,24.79s: minijack seems out of place but it's fine
- 52.22s: missed melody
- 62.48s: don't hear this
- 62.99s,74.27s,88.12s: how about stepping the background strings here?
- 71.71s,111.71s: missed a timpani drum here
- 86.58s,118.12s: jumps could be more PR
- 93.76s: why not step the piano here?
- 99.91s,116.58s,149.91s: jump
- 101.45s: are all of these jumps?
- 128.25s: no 16th here...check for other similar places
- 133.50-149.91s: the jumpstream is a nice change, but unfortunately a lot of these 16ths don't exist
- 150.43s,etc.: I still don't understand these 32nd gallops
- Summary: Similarly to Silvuh's, the file has difficulty presenting an impact. Other than miscellaneous errors, I don't really get the 32nd gallops.

Direct Advance / MrPopadopalis25
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 51.74s,53.10s,54.45s: why not make these a repeated single arrow instead?
- 56.32-57.00s: start layering to the gabba here and forget about having everything as jumps
- 66.49s,71.91s: the 4ths here are probably better off as single arrows, since the gabba beats disappear temporarily
- 78.52s: jump to melody
- 79.88s,85.30s: PR could be better here
- 93.61s: could make this a colored jump for effect
- 94.96s: copypaste, but PR is good
- 115.30s: consider changing the patterns here, as the left arrow 16th anchor feels pretty weird
- Summary: Good file, with some small suggestions as mentioned above.

Dive into the Wings of Freedom / Lambdadelta
rating: 6/10 [+.]
- 3.14s,3.41s,7.23s,7.51s,etc.: incomplete layering in these places. While I understand that the layering may be deliberately underlayered here, the inconsistency shows when you step the 8ths in places like 2.87s. It sounds like you're just stepping the slightly emphasized snare drum, but then there are places when you acknowledge the other drums beats. And since there's not much else going on in the song, you might as well complete the layering.
- 24.96s,38.87s,63.14s,etc.: some places have questionable PR, but I can see that you're making a decent attempt overall
- 39.14s: in this part, the running 16ths is actually a decent excuse to layer only the emphasized snare drums in this case
- the song itself unfortunately doesn't have much to offer in the way of variety
- Summary: The song is the biggest issue here, as you can't really step many interesting things. Good attempt at PR, but needs a bit of work in regards to layering.

Doki Doki Robo Bunny / 0 & kjwkjw
rating: 4/10 [+?] [<]
- 12.02s: pretty densely layered here, but the anchor 8ths fortunately doesn't seem to obstruct the flow for spread players
- 15.17s,22.82s: single arrow to bass drum
- 24.02s: ok, now I think the jumpstream is becoming a bit unreasonably layered. Again, there are 8th anchors that will make this a bit harder to hit
- 30.02s: layering with hands is becoming too much and is creating patterns with tons of anchors
- 33.62s: layering is unusually dense here, but why not save this for 43.22s when there appears to be a chorus of the melody the second time around?
- 52.52s,etc.: again, more unreasonably dense jumpstream. Technically fine, but doesn't fit the music well.
- 61.82s: wtf? jumps within 32nd rolls?
- Summary: This could've been really fun, but unfortunately the file is overlayered to death.

Doki Doki Robo Bunny / DossarLX ODI
rating: 6.5/10 [+.] [>]
- 2.73-4.75s: I think you should step the obvious cymbal crashes and drums preceding the 16th stream
- the 16th streams themselves show nice index patterns
- 33.78-47.88s: I really disagree with stepping a predominantly 8th section as 16th streams. Is this some sort of throwback to older streamy files? On the other hand, the 16ths later on at places like 52.83s are quite audible, but unfortunately undermines the melody a lot. I totally understand the intentions, but I still think it doesn't do the song's melody justice.
- 52.53s: personally would step the 16th drums here
- 69.48s,81.48s: 16ths don't end here
- Summary: Nice index file, but it would've scored higher if the middle 16th streams were simply following the music with 8ths (the ones at 33.78s).

Dolphin Talk / Xiz
rating: 7/10 [+.]
- 7.45s,8.54s,etc.: personal preference, but I think there's value in acknowledging the differences in oomphs for the drum kicks. It just feels a bit incomplete when there are only jumps to the 8ths
- 15.81s: possible burst here?
- 23.54s: hard to hear the 24th roll on normal music speed. Perhaps emphasize the 8ths here with jumps?
- 46.18s: nice, symmetrical build-up here
- 61.72s,etc.: the triple 24th jacks are quite doable, but compared to other parts of the song, rather harsh. Especially reconsider the left arrow jacks.
- Summary: Actually is a pretty fun file to play. I felt the 24th jacks were troll, but on the other hand, the rhythm of the song doesn't offer too much variety either. At least the song is cut appropriately.

Eirin's Clinic That People Queue Up For / MrPopadopalis25
rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- 6.71s,10.35s,etc.: some parts of the lyrics throughout the song are questionable in terms of adding jumps. You may be better off to just use jumps when the lyrics are explicitly obvious.
- 20.58s,21.03s,21.49s,21.94s,etc.: you could make these neat synths stand out from the rest of the 8ths by using some color theory
- 27.51s,50.01s: missed 16th
- 32.39s,32.62s: these could be 8th jumps as well
- 55.80s: no 8th jump here
- 84.67s: optionally, you can continue layering in the background synths to make the rest of the file interesting, but I understand if you want to conserve the consistency of the file's difficulty
- Summary: Straightforward file, with few errors. Nice to play, feels a little dry, but overall pleasant.



Kirlian Isles I / yomanimawesome
rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- 20.42s,etc.: a few chords feel a bit offsync, and you may want to adjust the bpm
- 50.87s,58.54s,73.91s: feels a bit offsync here, and is probably not a 16th in the first place (change the bpm to reflect 12ths if needed)
- 66.44s: start the slow 16th stream here
- Summary: Not much to say, other than fix the sync of a few arrows, and start the only 16th stream a bit earlier. The PR is good. Nice, relaxing song.

Laplace / DarkZtar
rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- 26.75-27.33s: I hear more 16ths than any of the 32nds. In fact, I'd recommend you omit the 32nds up to 27.87s altogether
- 28.59s: no 16th
- 34.21s: according to your layering, this emphasized kick should be a jump too
- 37.11s: 16th jump, similar to what you did at 39.04s
- 40.50s,etc.: yes, color theory makes the melody stand out, but I feel that it relies on it a bit too much. I would reserve color theory for sparser melodies.
- 47.46-47.95s,97.01-97.50s: I disagree with making these jacks; instead, how about 16th jumps like your previous layering (or perhaps just single 16ths)?
- 49.45s,99.00s: again, I don't hear the 32nd at all
- 51.14s: personally think this should be a [13] jump to create the continuity of the 23 trill
- 52.88-59.08s: it would've been cool if you stepped the bass as well
- 72.24s: generalizing this part as 24ths is a good idea
- 80.75s,83.08s: jump
- 83.66s: the guitar melody starts before the 4th
- 85.21s,89.75s: jump to melody
- 87.92s: should be a 32nd
- 88.30s: make this a hand, as there's a 32nd note right after this
- 100.59s: no 16th
- Summary: Pretty good drum'n bass file. Overall plays consistently.

Neurotoxin / Reshiram
rating: 8/10 [+]
- 67.97-69.31s,70.64s,71.97s: why did you not step jumps to the main melody here, when you did just previously? The main melody is important to acknowledge!
- 80.14s,81.47s: perhaps a jump to the emphasized synth?
- 87.47-88.31s: some piano in the bass melody could be layered
- 101.47s,102.81s,104.14s: how about stepping to the violins too?
- 130.14s: the blip is a little offsync at the 4th arrow
- Summary: I wonder if this is different enough to warrant another chart. That aside, the chart is solid!

[3.5] (?) [Resubmission] Prismatic Lollipops - (Elite Ninja)
I dunno. It seems like your whole song is based off of the main melody, kick drum, and snare, and with the amount of difficulty that gets put into certain sections with the drum, it really makes no sense to leave the rest of the song that empty, even though there's alot going on in terms of other instruments. There's a hella lot to be revisited in terms of layering other things to keep the song actually entertaining. At this moment, it was basically, sleep sections with end of phrase spikes as we get jump/handstream, some slow gluts, or jumpjacks. The spikes aren't even anything memorable, since they occur at the end of phrases usually and just are there for the purpouse of being layered in.

[6.5] (+.) [Resubmission] Silent Wind - (0)
offset changed from .080 to .095, which puts all the 24ths and 12ths on sync
0-14.643 - took me a while to find out your layering, nicely done though
59.415 - missing note; small noise, but i think it helps add to your flow
63.052 - same
72.370 - no note should be here
72.824 - watch out for that minijack
87.370 - i was, and still am pretty confused why you stopped layering the hi-hat, something that's been prominent and unchanging for the most part throughout the whole song. why is it just like...gone, then sometimes half there, then gone again etc.
125.097 - and now it's back
138.658 - note here
That layering drop really got me, because I personally feel like the song just gets messier and more disorganized with the layering drop, although it might have been because you wanted to vary the song up a bit

[5.5] (+?) [Resubmission] Somerset Blather On and On - (DossarLX ODI)
6.423 - Pr the beginning, it's nothing big.
15.791 - I can see what you're layering, but I really don't think notes like these should be left out, as they're the same sound as what you're layering otherwise. (another example, 18.949)
29.508 - again, these nice and simple sections can be PRed, and i'm not just saying that for the sake of PR. repeat notes especially add a lot to a song. for example, having this 8th note be a 2, and the following 8th be a 1 would just feel better.
34.837 - big drum hit pattens start here. you might wanna put something on them, cause they pop out a lot more than the main melody, which already has gotten a bit repetitive by this point.
37.995 - PR is horrid, neither the background synth nor the vocals follow this pattern. The vocals have a triplet, yes, but shouldn't be on the same note.
49.052 - bad layering choice i think. yes, there's the bells there, but i had to listen about 4 times to pick that up. you'd be much better off layering drums or something, or just not having these jumps.
63.268 - It's like you're afraid of layering too heavily to create this climax. I think, if you can have stream (with a couple jumps in it) like this, you can take the liberty of fixing alot of your layering choices in the earlier sections. I was also envisioning a bunch of runningmen patterns, but that's getting a bit too into PR, and you already have pretty concrete pattens for this stream that's divided well.
106.311 - note for bass note change
109.964 - should be on the beat above

[6] (+.) ńventyr - (VisD)
Superb intro
20.846 - note for guitar stuff, optional you put them in, just noticed (it's p-quiet)
29.823 - note
30.505 - weird trill on violin, idk
31.414 - feels/sounds cleaner as a straight 16th pattern
skimping on alot of jumps that could be put on snare sounds
48.673 - i've ignored not stepping alot of smaller sounds until now but ??????????
63.215 - could be PRed better
77.761 - ok now i kinda see what you were going for, and i'm going to say no
88.670 - i can't tell what these 128ths are going to
99.806, 100.261, 100.374 note
110.829 - ??? jacks i have no idea what these are going to
124.011 - careful of bursts, the burst should follow the red note, not the 32nd note for the piano note.
Felt really kinda messy and while the intro thing was great, that was also repeated like 40x times or something

[8] (+) Endless Maze - (hi19hi19)
73.582+73.812 - singles please
74.966 - jump for emphasis
really liked what you did to make the song less boring w/ the jacks
101.158 - note for the melody
Felt a tiny bit empty, but there wasn't anything really wrong

[7] (+.) Euphoria v2 - (DossarLX ODI)
changed first note offset to .066
The whole intro feels incredibly empty, but it's a nice progression into the actual meat of the song. Too bad the song is repetitive as heck.
146.153 - the change doesn't make sense, you're jumping to stepping a noise that you can barely hear.

[6.5] (+.) Fading Star - (VisD)
28.533 - was imagining jumps in the trill in places like here might be cool
34.353 - note
41.210 - again
46.353 - the melody is actually a 12th pattern here
49.782 - "" (there's a bunch more of these)
72.924 - this feels more like a hold than a minijack (take out the 16th). the next one (76.353) is a minijack though
87.710 - could consider having a note here for the zip up on like the 4
101.639 - the ending feels a tad bit overlayered, perhaps something where you keep the original layering, except have jumps on every single snare, which would automatically make 108.496's section even bigger, helping lend to climax

[2.5] (?) FF4 Last Battle - (Shadow 1800)
5.185 - slow parts can be PRed better (starting on this note, change to a 243 pattern
7.634 - 16th pattern
8.858 - 32nd roll starts here
12.531 - i don't think hands are needed here, jumps should be fine
13.756 - this pattern is 24ths
(repeat notes until 19.877)
there's alot of potential in this file, there's just not a lot of attention that's being paid to key parts in the song, like the little small drum things added in that can make this chart so much more interesting. e.g. 49.185, a 32nd can be added in here. Also, in the beginning, you're basically only layering in the guitar, where you could also be adding in jumps for each of the snare drum hits. More attention also should be paid to capturing the guitar parts, like 54.083 where there's another hidden 32nd that should be there. Also, careful to not overstep things like 56.608, that's too many hands.
Also, lots of misrhythms (use of 32nds in the place of other time value notes, and cases like 73.749, where there's no sounds on the 32nds). Needs alooooot of work

[7] (+.) Fill Me Up with Snacky Happiness - (gameboy42690)
27.984 - beautiful
33.278, 34.478, 45.278, 50.078, 102.578, 114.578 etc. - note
47.378, 47.978, 52.178, 59.678, 59.978, 60.878 etc. - bass plucks a note here
54.684 - smiled so hard
116.378 - should be the 16th above
careful with bass, each of these occurances (130.590) is an extra note (sliding bass)
I'm so torn; you're paying attention to the bass sometimes (75.978), but sometimes not (64.878 section) and i'm not sure what you want to do, either leave it be, or add in the bass stuff. Also, careful, you missed alot of melody notes.
fun and groovy as heck, but with a bunch of mistakes

[1] (-) Floating Free - (Liamis01177)
sorry, didn't use correct bpm, patterns are pretty much all wrong

[4] (+?) Forbidden Tracks - (rCaliberGX)
31.423 - you stop layering in the bg guitar thing, but you keep adding in extra notes and missing others and such. Be sure to clean up and make clear decisions on your layering: e.g. 33.713, 35.851
36.004 - jumpjacks are too much, i'd recommend having this note a single
37.988 - ""
38.752 - this whole section is needlessly overstepped. Just because there's a snare hit doesn't require a jump to be placed there. Jumps should be an emphasis point
43.027 - layering changing again
from here on out, the layering gets even messier. Really go back and take a look at what you're actually stepping, taking care to do that consistently and accurately

[3] (?) FORM the ALLIANCE - (Mr.Stepmaniac)
13.039 - note
you've stepped the piano in the background, but I'm seeing absolutely nothing regarding the most central part of this song (the bass beat thing). That's what you should be using your jumps for, to put massive emphasis on those, especially in the beginning.
13.509 - melody doesn't warrant jacks.
15.039 - missing note
20.686 - ""
36.439 - jump
37.145 - ""
37.851 - the snare effect is a clear 12th pattern, except you've chosen to step the piano. Good idea to keep in mind is to step the song as a whole, not just the melody.
89.733 - up to this point, generally the same notes as before. Missing notes to the melody even, and not paying any attention to other prominent features of the song. BPM change here, and your rhythm goes completely off. Really take a look at this section again.

[8] (+) FUSE!! - (Scintill)
17.090 - disagree w/ this jump
Also disagree with your lack of kick drum layering, but that's fine
36.340 - snare, but without it, great effect
73.090 - I think the last time, you used a minitrill instead of a 4 note trill for this kind of sound
lack of kick drum is interesting because at 78.465, you do have it
(sweet stream patterns btw)
90.090 - ghost
95.090 - my right hand says "aaaaagh"
superb solo though
172.215 - alot of little small missing notes to the kick drum. This section is just an example, but you don't layer it in here so again it's fine, but take a closer look at the other sections, I think i saw a couple there too
182.215 - actual missing note

[3] (?) Gabbaber - (fatpaints)
16.628 - Actual pattern is a set of 12ths with a 16th triplet starting on the 8th note
22.893 - note
23.687 - missing a 16th pattern
(repeat for next sections)
27.393 - missing note
27.922 - missing the next two 16th notes
Repeat until 45.216
56.864 - wondering why you're ignoring the trills now. Also, these don't need to be triple notes. Reserve them for harder hits
Make your intentions clear when you step, and pay attention to what you're stepping. Overall this chart is pretty boring, just kinda jumps everywhere.

[7.5] (+.) Gee [Areia Remix] - (DarkZtar)
22.481/24.386 - jump etc. alot of times
61.885/109.504 - note
kinda boring and stagnant remix and file, but without mistakes for the vast majority

[PASS] (~) Get Squirrely - (mi40)
can't do this

[7] (+.) Gonna Take You Down! - (Reshiram)
20.206 - based on your previos layering, i would have expected either jumps where you currently have 4 notes (nice PR btw), or on cymbal crashes, not just straight up transitioning to layering snares as jumps, because you're immediately off snares in the next bunch of measures. you do this a couple more times, and it felt a little awkward trying to adjust suddenly to the new layering. not saying it's a good idea to make that whole section jumps, but maybe focus on crashes
41.184 - again, layering in these little crashes will do you good i think. A little oomph to this part (same with other areas)
59.771 - extra note for hihat (repeated in later instances)
68.358 - sounds like it should be on the 24th below
75.640 - feels much more natural since you've been layering drums only

[6] (+.) Great Expectations - (beary605)
4.581 - seems like you're stepping the echo here, but you haven't before, take this out (8.581 etc.)
18.958 - kinda expected a jump here because it's the main melody hit (20.956 etc.)
26.206 - jump
34.831 - I don't see the harm in using a minijack here, since your intro was full of em, and it's better PR (36.831 etc)
35.831 - speaking of PR, maybe a 4341 here
40.706 - this pattern is a 32nd on 40.893 and a 16th on 41.081 (48.706 etc)
42.206 - layering the melody feels excessive, maybe have snares jumped
49.331 - from this note, it's a simple 32nd triplet
50.143 - should be the 24th above
67.456 - if you're layering the bass, then make sure to layer it all. jump (71.456 etc)
72.206 - check layering for this whole section.
99.206 - straight 12ths (103.206, the other one is ok, again at 147.206 and 151.206)
105.956 - missing note (153.956)
129.706 - what are you putting jumps to?

[6.5] (+.) Gruntilda's Final Battle - (Charu)
2.587 - PR please
23.698 - layering change? why didn't you layer the bass stuff in the first section? just confused
90.365 - hand?
111.698 - holy difficulty spike. If you're thinking of having this part this hard, you're going to want to reconsider the whole structure of this file. e.g. you could have afforded to layer in polyrhythms in 122.365 section

[6.5] (+.) Holy Winter - (woker-x & Silvuh)
13.632 - watch the sync here. note lagging.
64.829 - more sync stuff. Also, why did you all of sudden drop the grace notes here?
83.671 - i would question every instance of this, because often times the note is waaaaay too soft to even hear
134.423 - that difficulty spike
145.793 - jump? (repeated)
really watch sync in slower parts, and your accuracy (208.965 is way off, same w/ the trill after, notes around 212.356 you're missing too). the ending seems to get really sloppy

[6.5] (+.) Indignant Divinity - (Kyuji Sayomi)
21.995 - watch your stepping. choosing what to layer is important, but sticking to that is key. I'm not entirely sure of your layering scheme here, because you weave in and out of layering hi hats and such, and occasionally miss notes like this
49.745 - roll should start here.
Just felt very messy

[8.5] (+) It's Over - (Scintill)
All i have to say is some random hands usage that confuses me (67.056 e.g.)
108.618 - vocal step? (same with other following instances)
fun minijackland

[6] (+.) J219 - (J219)
22.892 - what are these jumps accenting?
27.280 - since you were stepping these earlier, there's a kick drum hit
37.382 - could be an interesting set of jumps if PRed correctly. from here, maybe a [13][12][12][13][23] to account for pitch going up, instead of having all the jumps be the same
46.464, 46.872, 72.995, etc. - kick
Alot of things that can definitely be PRed
68.607 - what is this new stream to in the music?
Try to pay more attention to clarity and constantness of layering
Dcently representative of the music though, gj

[5.5] (+?) Kaepora Gaebora's Message - (Poison-)
2 difficulties, they're the same, but >_>
set offset to .046
For an easy song, I'd expect alot more PR
7.500/14.357 - 2 then 3
8.357 - should be ascending not descending
20.618 - ignoring the background drums isn't the best idea, since this file is already pretty repetitive
22.332 - this song really shouldn't need repeated notes
32.189 - esp. not here. Work on your PR, there's alot of stuff unmentioned
35.832/42.689 - missing notes
easy file, but alot more attention to PR and even stepping the right stuff is needed, /especially/ since it's ez

[6] (+.) KOMMICORE - (0 + Choofers)
10.736 - nothing here, jump should be on the 12th below
18.861 - not a polyrhythm, the toms are the first 2 16ths
19.119 - what the offset sounds jesus
45.564 - jump here, also at 47.628, 53.045, etc
47.950 - note
a lot of issues due to the music vocals being synched up strange for stepping

[7.5] (+.) kotobatoraborato - (0)
53.155 - ghost
69.092 - no need for a hand
82.426 - hands????????? maybe make them jumps, would help the transition into 88.467
110.342/111.176/114.509 - now you're missing hands lol
121.176/127.842 - ghost 16ths
fun happy song, just fix a couple things

[5] (+?) Lawn Wake III - (mi40)
10.033/14.833 - could hit up a 16th here
15.733 - note for melody
19.558 - note
26.758 - you missed a snare after the burst
29.158/31.108 - jump
43.108 - again, snares after these couple bursts (117.508)
108.433/110.833 - note
141.508 - did you just copypaste this?

[6] (+.) Live and Learn - (DossarLX ODI)
21.795/27.442 - nothing really here, maybe the hihat thing but that's negligible enough to leave this out
32.854 - maybe convert to a faster speed roll here
55.795 - you're stepping the hi-hat sound /alot/ but then you're dropping it /alot/ like here. There's more prominent things to step, like the cool synth at 58.971 and such
74.942 - missing note
80.571 - jumps for snares would be good. nice colors
90.220 - melody does an ascendy thing that you ignored
104.736 - missing hi hat notes that you've left out all of a sudden

changed offset to .538
could use a bunch of nice 24ths to accent a couple parts here and there
61.350 - what. why is this not stepped
it's fine as a file, not as a representation of this song though

[4] (+?) Zanzibar Green - (DossarLX ODI)
Innacurate all over the place, especially the section that gets out of the gallops from 40.252 onwards. I'm not sure why you step what you do because often times I can hardly hear the sounds, or there aren't any at all. Pick better things to layer please

[6.5] (+.) Zanzibar Green - (T-Force)
Moved offset to .037
39.213 - your problems start in these sections. Jumpstream easy enough before this, but your layering goes all over the place; take a closer look at sections like 48.390, maybe even right around 39.213. The decision not to layer in the kick drum isn't the best i don't think.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Team #2


Breakthrough Atmosphere (Razor) - [+.] 6/10
- s27.902: this jump needs to be dropped down an 8th.
- s30.560: this pitch is the same as s29.042 & s29.421, which were both (13) jumps.
- s33.598: same thing as the note above.
- s36.067: you have a lower pitch here which is stepped as a (24) jump; whereas both s35.117 & s35.497 are higher in pitch but are (14) jumps.
- s40.054: same mistake as s27.902; jump should be dropped down an 8th.
- s48.028: shouldn't be a triple.
- s53.217: seems like all of the intense bass here should be jumps since you have a bunch of 12ths going to hardly audible sounds.
- s60.812: you have a 64th accent going to a 192nd accent but then right after you have a 192nd accent going to a 64th accent, both going to the same sounds.
- s66.634: the 192nd accent above doesn't seem to be going to anything, or at least something audible enough.
- s68.217: 24th ghost note.
- s68.280: there should be a full 32nd roll here (technically a 48th roll).
- s69.166: now you're really getting inconsistent with accents. You were using 64ths/192nds on these sounds. Why a 48th?
- s72.710: the accents here don't even play like smooth 12th patterns... incredibly messy.
- s76.507: more PR issues here; should be an up arrow.
- s77.077: should be a down arrow.
- s84.861: should be a jump to layer in the melody.
- s89.291: missing 12th.
- s92.329: ^
- s93.468: ^
- s95.367: ^
- s97.772: again, another mess of accents that don't play like 12th patterns.
- s135.493 & s135.619: both should be single notes.
- s147.264: should be a single note.
- s151.948: again, with a lot of 12ths going to hardly audible sounds, the bass will need to be jumps.
- s158.087: 24th ghost note.
- s199.540: feels empty without the snares being layered.
- Countless errors throughout but are mostly minor. It just needs a huge rehaul on the PR and cleaniness with accent notes.

Electric Butterfly (ilikexd) - [+.] 7/10
- s14.617: missing jump.
- s107.536: not sure what the 64th and 32nd are going to.
- Nothing that special about this chart since you approached it generically. There were certainly some opportunities that you could have taken to give the chart a spark of creativity.

Euphoric Field (Final Shaft Remix) (Coolboyrulez0 & bmah) - [+] 8/10
- s42.102: I feel like a long split roll is a huge dick move for this chart, but that's just me, haha.
- Everything is stepped very nicely from what I'm seeing though.

Lawn Wake IX (ilikexd) - [<] 7/10
- I found it a bit confusing with the beginning guitar and percussion notes because you're focusing on both of them individually. With how prominent the guitar is, it makes the percussion hits seem unnoticable (e.g. s5.700). I recommend layering to avoid confusion.
- s8.925: burst should be continuing until the 8th note.
- s10.538: missing 8th?
- s11.506: this is a lower pitch than the previous note at s11.183.
- s15.538: missing 8th?
- s23.764: percussion gets louder but defining them alone as jumps seems overpowering.
- s25.054: according to how you stepped the previous percussion note as a jump, this combined with the guitar would make this a triple. I recommend that you continue defining the percussion hits as single notes.
- s28.925 to s29.247: this pattern is ascending when it should feel like it's descending.
- s34.812: higher pitch than the note right above.
- s44.187: the drawn out guitar here only needs one note. The other isn't very audible enough on normal rate.
- s66.344: these 4 notes should be in a descending pattern.
- s67.312: personal point, this jumptrill can be very split heavy when entering into it and kind of screws with the feel of the snare hits. Possibly make it 132(34)(12)(34)(12)?
- s68.279: missing 4th note.
- s71.183: I don't know about these 3 jumps here... the snare fades out and makes the jumps feel overpowering to me.
- s83.118: feels very empty when you're not stepping the more bursty sounds.
- s84.408: It hardly feels like you're focusing on the guitar in this section of the song when it gets more prominent.
- s117.312: another personal point, split heavy jumps like (13) or (24) don't feel the best on snares, even when you're using a roll pattern with such jumps in them.
- s119.409: missing 8th note.
- s128.844: missing 16th note.
- s131.748: should be a single note and have a 4th jump right after.
- s130.861 to s136.022: missing quite a few notes in this section.
- s143.764 to s144.409: I don't know, feels a bit underemphasized on this burst given how you're in the climax of the song.
- s145.700: missing 4th note.
- Overall, the beginning of the chart was a bit confusing with the lack of layering but as the chart progressed it got better. Nicely done.
- However, I felt plop's chart had better accenting on the brusts and had much 'cleaner' patterns.

Lawn Wake IX (MrPopadopalis25) - [>] 7/10
- s13.774: missing 8th note.
- s24.096: ^
- s35.709: feels like a ghost note when the guitar pauses on the 4th above.
- s42.322: I get vexed when this drawn out guitar isn't stepped because Puppet & Cetaka did the same thing in theirs, lol.
- s62.807 & s62.887: the jumps just feel ambiguous if some go to sounds other than snare hits. Should just make the buzzes as single notes.
- s67.646 to s67.968: ^
- s73.453: these 3 (23) jumps with 64th graces don't seem to fit very well for this burst sound to me.
- s74.905: another ambiguous jump; 4 snares right above were jumps but this one is a bass hit.
- s76.518: just not agreeing with illustrating a burst as a triple.
- s84.788: might be too much to make this one a triple considering that the rest of this section is jumpstream.
- s112.323: this part is very calm; having a triple just feels too much.
- s115.388: starts to feel overstepped in this section as you're stepping the bass hits as jumps now.
- s122.323: this is a lower pitch than the 8th triple above.
- s128.614 & s128.775: feels weird to illustrate the burst sound as jumps here.
- s140.468: missing 16th jump for the snare.
- Everything else from there is fine.
- Overall, nice work. Some of your accenting on the bursts are a bit weird to me but the chart plays fine.

lifework (Niala & bmah) - [+] 8/10
- This felt so weird and fun to play, lol.
- s32.410, s75.556, s107.915: a personal point, but I'd use note accents to represent the beepish sounds.
- Not much to say other than the patterns are very anchor-heavy which caused some awkward jump placements.

Malicious Fingers (Silvuh) - [+] 8/10
- This chart drags on quite a bit but it's still well done. Nothing to note here.

Micro Media Broth (Zephei) - [?] 3/10
- The chart is very simplistic with nice BPM changes here and there; however, there's a lot of errors.
- Also I think the chart is slightly off-sync, but I can't seem to fix the offset myself.
- s14.509: ambiguous jump placement; (14) jumps for the bass hits and for the snares on the 16ths.
- s16.164: your pitch relevancy gets very erroneous at this point.
- s18.128: shouldn't be a jump according to your layering scheme.
- s18.335: where does that 32nd come from?
- s19.472 & s19.679: this is what I mean by the pitch relevancy getting erroneous; both of these are the same pitch but you stepped them as different jumps.
- s20.610: missed a jump.
- s21.540 & s21.747: both are missing notes.
- s22.367: another missing note but the 24ths following after are a misrhythm.
- s30.226: you don't need jumps on every 8th here.
- s30.846: need 24ths here.
- s31.053: from here I can't figure out what you're trying to layer.
- s36.947: triples?
- s40.772: according to your layering scheme you're missing a triple here.
- s44.288: really don't know what you're trying to chart aside from the melody.
- s50.233: needs to be moved down to the next 16th.
- s55.868: now what are you layering?
- s59.866: not hearing anything that makes this a 24th.
- s66.484: ^
- s95.367: what warrants this part to have triples?
- s99.916: don't agree with the sudden halt of layering just for the melody.
- There's really nothing else to say, countless mistakes repeating themselves over and over throughout.
- The main problem with this chart is the layering, pitch relevancy, and the overall feel of the song. You're layering the melody on top of carelessly placed percussion notes that really have no feel for the song, which also disrupts the pitch relevancy.

Monkey Island (PrawnSkunk) - [+.] 6/10
- s5.542: I don't agree with the minijacks here.
- s15.287: misrhythmic jump.
- s17.617: the melody starts an 8th below this one so this shouldn't be a jump.
- s23.337: make this jump different from the one above because this is a different percussion hit.
- s25.243: no percussion hit here; shouldn't be a jump.
- s27.786: same problem from s17.617.
- s46.216: focus on layering the percussion after because the melody stops an 8th above this.
- s49.394: no 24ths should be here.
- s50.929: should be a 192nd.
- There's quite a lot of pitch relevancy mistakes in this chart as well, especially in the 64ths.
- Overall, it's a simple swing chart but has a little bit of layering inconsistency and a lot of pitch relevancy mistakes.

My Fxxkin Desire For You v2 (gameboy42690) - [<] 6/10
- Difficulty wise, this isn't any different from the chart in the game.
- s2.906: not sure why you would need to emphasize this cymbal crash as a jump here.
- s11.781: what is this note going to?
- s25.031: why isn't this a (14) jump if you were using those to follow the snare?
- s59.156: you could be following the guitar here, but instead you just copy and paste the same jumps from the beginning.
- s67.156: why are you following the piano as jumps?
- s129.295: shouldn't be a triple.
- Okay, the whole chart just has unnecessary heavy layering to the percussion, although you were a bit more coordinated in your jump placement to certain instruments (with a couple errors), but it is all you're focusing on throughout the song. The chart in-game already follows a lot of the percussion, so try to follow the other elements of the song (vocals, guitar, etc.) to make it different from the v1, or you could make an easier chart.

Once Upon a December (DarkZtar) - [+.] 7/10
- s16.029: missing note.
- s22.671: you should try to coordinate that hi-hat to a specific column (just a personal aesthetic).
- s77.957: same pitch as s77.529.
- It's an okay chart overall. The pitch relevancy is a bit wonky but it plays fine throughout.

Our Final Mourning [Beginner] (XelNya) - [?] 3/10
- This chart weighs in at approximately .49 NPS.
- I highly doubt that any novice players will want to play something that consists of 4th notes at 30~ BPM.

PARANOiA (HADES) -MiDNiGHT MiX- (Mr. Stepmaniac) - [?] 3/10
- Pad charts aren't exactly what we're looking for on FFR. We're looking for keyboard charts that follow the music via pitch relevancy, layering techniques, etc.

Phase 1 (M0nkeyz) - [?] 2/10
- Offset changed to -0.184 seconds.
- Not sure why you had to have a 12 second silence, you could just cut some of it out.
- s24.765: why is this a jump when the rest of the 4ths could be jumps?
- s37.345: hardly pitch relevant after this.
- s40.442: jump?
- s58.636: why'd you stop layering the claps?
- s61.861: 12th here should be moved down to a 32nd.
- s68.313: you could be focusing on the fading in melody in the background so that this isn't so repetitive.
- s86.894: you're focusing on the aforementioned melody but now there's another that you should be focusing on instead.
- s111.281: missing notes.
- s111.668: these notes aren't on-sync.
- s114.765: this gets really repetitive here.
- s139.539: why 24ths? It should be 16ths.
- s163.346: these jumps aren't pitch relevant.
- s168.958: you really could be using variety on these patterns here.
- s174.765: notes aren't on-sync from here.
- Overall, it needs a lot of work in terms of variation because you're using many of the same patterns throughout sections of the chart. Not to mention pitch relevancy and layering work.

Play It Loud (gameboy42690) - [+] 8/10
- Wow, I really enjoyed this one, haha.
- s97.117 - s107.621: you have quite a few 4th jumps that shouldn't be here.
- Overall, it's a very simplistic chart and the layering stays consistent throughout. Great job here.

Po Pi Po Kouka de Uchi no Miku wa Kyou mo Genki Desu (0) - [+.] 7/10
- Offset changed to -0.056 seconds.
- Nothing special about this, just overlayered throughout. It's at least short to prevent monotonous play though.

Premium Pine (MrTea) - [+.] 7/10
- Nothing special you can show for this chart since the song is very repetitive.
- Regarding your steps, I can't really point out anything wrong. You were coordinated with your jump placement and constantly had variety, nice job there. The pitch relevancy in the beginning should at least be better though.

Rage (Sukia's Theme) [Cut] (XelNya) - [+?] 4/10
- s3.130: these are 16ths, not 24ths.
- s3.804: pitch relevancy is pretty lackluster here.
- s8.520: again, these are 16ths.
- s13.574: missing 16ths.
- s13.911: same thing as s8.520 and s3.130.
- s14.585: pitch relevancy is still very lackluster.
- s29.747: nothing constitutes the runningman here.
- s32.863: ghost note.
- s32.948: this is disproportionately harder than the rest of the patterns in the chart so far.
- s33.453: the pitch relevancy is at least noticeably better.
- s37.159: shouldn't be a jump since this doesn't have a guitar sound that you were layering.
- s38.001: should at least be a jump to finish layering in those drums.
- s41.876: shouldn't be a jump.
- s42.887: work on the pitch relevancy in this section.
- s47.604: feeling like the jumps here are a little too overpowering, that's just me though.
- s53.669: work on the pitch relevancy here as well.
- s63.776: shouldn't be 12ths/24ths.
- s75.906: feel like you should layer in the horns here because this section is pretty generic to me.
- s85.508: you chart the piano here but not at s88.878?
- s99.322: really think you should just refrain from using any of these jack patterns.
- s102.692: missing note.
- s110.272: not 24ths.
- s114.821: missing note.
- s134.531: I'd stick with just layering the guitar here, try to ignore the snare for once.
- s139.585, s140.596, s142.617: missed cymbal notes.
- s151.378: I think the jumps you have here should be triples to accentuate the cymbal crash.
- s164.855: you make this just a single jack while at s47.604 you made them dual jacks?
- This does have potential, but it needs work on a lot for better pitch relevancy and to fix a lot of inconsistency, misrhythms, etc.

Ray of Moonlight (DarkZtar) - [+.] 7/10
- s66.640: pretty abrupt to stop charting the melody but then chart it at s68.440 again but with accents.
- s95.440: would be nice if you could half the bpm at this part, just a personal point.
- s132.240: missing some jumps to the snare in this part.
- s136.840: not sure about the accents here to define the faint buzz, I doubt it'll go unnoticed if you didn't use them.
- Overall, it's not a bad chart. Pitch relevancy could definitely use some work but since you wanted to show variety, then I suppose it's fine the way it is.

Red_13 (TheSaxRunner05) - [+?] 4/10
- s2.469: work on the pitch relevancy.
- s11.211: the 3 12th notes here are actually supposed to be 16ths.
- s12.006: should make this a jump since this is a piano note that you seem to be layering after.
- s12.403: it's a little confusing to follow the snare and the piano at once, maybe just layer the piano and not the snare?
- s31.079: not hearing 12ths here.
- s37.138: missing some snare notes around this jump.
- s37.436: pitch relevancy here needs work.
- s38.628 & s38.827: same sound but using different jumps?
- s50.152: still think you should just refrain from layering the snare.
- s62.469: the jack here is a bit disproportionately harder than the rest of the patterns in this chart.
- s62.867: same thing as s50.152.
- s69.820: unsure at why you use jumpjacks when you've had jumptrills throughout before?
- s81.940: and again refrain from the snare (at least until the secondary instrument stops playing).
- s91.476: missing 2 8th notes here.
- Overall, this needs a lot of work on fixing the pitch relevancy and layering confusion.

Revolutions (M0nkeyz) - [?] 2/10
- s3.685: hardly any pitch relevancy being used in the stream here.
- s4.885: missing note.
- s16.085: should finish off the stream until the next 4th note.
- s16.685: just a repeating cycle of 1234 to 4321.
- s30.885: lack of pitch relevancy in the stream again.
- s34.085: why'd you stop charting the stream here?
- s40.485: ^
- s69.485: move this down to a 16th.
- s77.585: random jump.
- s81.985: missing note.
- s94.885: you start layering the piano-esque sounds but then stop doing so after this stream ends.
- s173.185: doubling the bpm? It should end on a 4th note too.
- The main problem with this chart is the lack of pitch relevancy, consistency, and layering. This is going to need a 'lot' of work.

Run Away (bmah) - [+] 8/10
- s15.520: missing jump.
- s96.734: missing jump.
- Very selective with your pattern choices here while still showing variation. Well done.

Samus Bubblebath (trumaestro) - [+.] 7/10
- s5.393: 32nd ghost note.
- s7.952: 24ths?
- s31.599: supposed to be a 32nd triplet.
- s34.246 & s35.305: 64th graces here are supposed to be 32nd graces.
- s39.893: missed a 192nd accent.
- s51.187: ^
- s64.776: there's no snare here to constitute a jump.
- s84.540: supposed to be 48ths.
- s92.835: 64th here should be dropped down to a 32nd.
- s95.835: ^
- s151.776: missing note.
- s185.835: drop 64th down to a 32nd.
- s198.364: this doesn't sound like a 32nd stream.
- s223.246: not a 24th grace.
- s239.482: the 12ths below are off.
- s250.776: ^
- There are most likely a few more off-sync notes and misrhythms but that's all I could point out in here (really suggest fixing those), pitch relevancy is fine. Nice job.

Savant On Mushroom (ft. Savant) (Razor) - [+?] 5/10
- s40.421: these 24ths don't seem to go to anything audible enough.
- s45.992: missing 12th jack.
- s52.849: ^
- s56.706: you copy and pasted the same pattern here from s54.992 but these are a lower pitch.
- s59.921: when you're stepping this sound here it makes the 12th above seem like a ghost note.
- s75.349: I'm not hearing 32nd rolls here, more like 24ths.
- s77.921: yeah, these are supposed to be 24th rolls.
- s80.064: the 32nd above is a ghost note and so is the 16th below, it's best to just continue charting the 12th jacks.
- s109.849: this melody is very prominent here, which is hardly being acknowledged.
- s123.564: once you start using accents it gets difficult to tell what they're going to when the melody is growing louder and louder. Try to make the accents form 2 note long minijacks instead of seperating them (e.g. s133.278 & s133.421).
- s149.278: thought this was a nice aesthetic for this sound, probably a bit too long though.
- s153.242: 16th here doesn't seem to go to anything, this repeats.
- s155.706: 32nds, not 24ths.
- s162.564: ^ this keeps repeating as well.
- s191.064: ghost note.
- Overall, this really needs work on avoiding certain instruments that aren't prominent over another and fixing quite a few misrhythms.

Scrambooch (Silvuh) - [+] 9/10
- Excellent use of accents here, it really fit the dancy nature of this song and gave the chart a good amount of variety.
- Overall it's very well charted, there's not a single thing I can point out.

Senorita Bonita (hi19hi19) - [+] 8/10
- s26.326: you could make this a jump to acknowledge the kick that is there.
- Chart stays simple and to the point, nothing more.

Sincerity (Condoct) - [+?] 4/10
- Unnecessary generic handstream to a metal song.
- There are many missing notes and ghost notes throughout the chart (e.g. s6.371 and s9.833, respectively).
- I can't tell what you're trying to layer, it just seems like you're dumping hands and jumps in random places.
- Really, this isn't the right approach to a song like this. It all just looks like you dumped a bunch of jumps and hands in there without any correlation to the music.

Sneakman (Silvuh) - [+.] 7/10
- Nothing too special but it's a very simple chart and it's easy to understand. Great for beginners.

Sound of Infinity (Tmah_Rhythm) - [?] 2/10
- Offset changed to -2.060.
- Your pitch relevancy really needs work throughout this chart.
- s8.060 & s8.917: not sure what these jumps are going to.
- s11.060: minijack isn't really needed.
- s12.346: shouldn't be a jump.
- s16.203: missing jump.
- s16.631: not sure why you stopped layering the snares after this point.
- s21.774: a lot of jumps that don't really go to anything here.
- s30.346: missing jump.
- s44.060: the jumps that you're using to follow the background melody form a lot of unnecessary minijacks.
- s81.774: felt like the 16th jacks here were unnecessary.
- s82.631: 32nds?
- s139.631: not a great idea to use 32nd trills considering how easy the rest of the chart is.
- s169.203: more questionable 32nds.
- s179.489 - s181.203: a 32nd trill leading into a 64th roll? Come on now.
- Really, the whole chart needs a lot of work. It feels extremely empty without the use of layering the percussion, you have some jumps that have no correlation to what they're going to, the pitch relevancy desperately needs work, and many more questionable stuff that you put in (minijacks, the sections with mostly 32nds, 32nd trills, etc).

Southern Cross v2 (rCaliberGX) - [+.] 7/10
- Really overlayered chart, but it's acceptable since the difficulty is much harder than the v1.
- Maybe work on the pitch relevancy more, that's all I can really tell you.

Speedbreaker (M0nkeyz) - [-] 1/10
- The whole chart desperately needs a huge re-working on sync; many wrong BPMs being used (the speed-up being a prime example).
- I'm not sure why you don't chart the melody, it's very apparent in the song. Instead you just focus on the percussion which doesn't make for anything interesting in the chart.
- s61.388: should be a 32nd roll.
- s105.307: there's really nothing in the song here that constitutes a 16th roll.
- You really need to work on the sync and re-work the whole chart. Way too many jumpchain patterns and a huge lack of charting the melody.

Still Blastin' (Scintill) - [+.] 7/10
- Pitch relevancy in here is acceptable.
- Just an easier version of a chart for this song, nothing too special.

Strength (bmah) - [+] 8/10
- Found it hard to discern between the layering of the piano and vocals in the beginning.
- This is fine though, very pitch relevant and carefully charted on the percussion.

T&J (ilikexd) - [++] 10/10
- s135.275: I notice that you're coordinating the (23) jumps on the cymbals, but this one I'm unsure if a cymbal is here because it's pretty inaudible to me.
- s262.770 - s285.970~: a couple bass notes being missed in this section, not sure if it's intentional though.
- Nitpicking aside, this was pretty extraordinary. It may be argued that this chart is underlayered but I found it great that there wasn't any heavy layering to overwhelm certain elements in the song, which is usually the case with songs like these and usually causes it to be confusing to discern what is being layered. I'm sure if other people charted this they would probably layer in the percussion in certain sections of the song which you mostly shyed away from to give another instrument more attention (e.g. the piano and guitar), which worked well.
- To put it simply, this is all well-deserving of a [++], amazing job.

Tetris (samurai7694) - [+.] 7/10
- Nicely charted for a song that ongoes an infamous trend of remixes.
- Just a personal point, but maybe work on the pitch relevancy for consistency purposes.

The Last 8 Bars (XelNya) - [+?] 4/10
- s11.082: should be moved up above the 8th note.
- s20.601: move this note down by a 24th.
- s31.467: why'd you stop layering the snare?
- s32.909: accenting this sound with more 24ths is a bit odd to me, personally, but I suppose it works.
- s51.659: why isn't this a (14) jump?
- s52.236: pitch relevancy really needs work here if you're going to try and accommodate the vocals into the piano.
- s100.697: sudden stop of 8th jumps here.
- s125.216: missing jump.
- s220.696: missing notes for some drums after this.
- The whole chart needs a huge re-working for better pitch relevancy and to layer more of the snares because you did this for one section in the beginning and then stopped completely.

The National Anthem of Japan (hi19hi19) - [?] 3/10
- I really don't know about accepting charts that have a very low NPS, this one weighing in at approximately .67.
- It just really becomes questionable at this point to what novice players will enjoy, I certainly don't believe they should be limited to just slow music and 4th notes.

The Rhythm (Tman_Rhythm) - [?] 2/10
- Offset changed to -3.960 seconds.
- Your pitch relevancy is 'okay', but very erroneous.
- s7.974: missing note.
- s21.495: ^
- s31.002: could have a triple here to end off strong on this section of the song.
- s41.143: not sure what you're trying to layer here.
- s48.537: you're missing some jumps here that you had from before.
- s52.763: try to refrain from patterns like this.
- s54.242: missing jump.
- s55.509: sudden stop of layering here?
- s58.044: there's so many kicks here that you're ignoring.
- s65.650: some missing notes after this.
- s67.974: really unsure at what you're layering at this point; very inconsistent.
- The song is generally uninteresting since it's just the same melody repeating over and over.
- s108.749: a lot of heavy bass you're ignoring here.
- I'm just going to be pointing out the same errors over and over from here so as a summary you aren't showing any consistency with your layering and the pitch relevancy just becomes very lackluster.

The Sun and the Star (glassvox) - [+?] 4/10
- Offset changed to -0.022.
- The melody in the beginning is pretty apparent in here, yet only the percussion is being followed.
- No sense of pitch relevancy is being used.
- s11.534: missing jump.
- s12.580 & s12.755: what are you layering here?
- The jumps to the snares make sense but what about the rest of the jumps?
- s75.371: don't think 64th triplets are really necessary for this part.
- The rest of the chart is pretty much what I mentioned before: lack of pitch relevancy and many random jumps.
- s133.976: the use of triples here might be a bit overpowering.
- s141.301: notes after this part aren't exactly on-sync.
- Definitely has potential, just needs a substantial fix of pitch relevancy and layering.

Timepiece phase II (High-transparency Mix) (bmah) - [+.] 7/10
- I found the patterns to be a little bit weird and confusing to follow at first but after a few more plays it started making more sense.
- It gets a little draggy after a while but I suppose it's fine.

Trap Factory (Oni-Paranoia) - [+.] 6/10
- Offset changed to -0.438 seconds.
- s44.714: this part here is pretty much copy and paste throughout until s71.198, change it up some.
- s112.577: ^
- s151.888: missed a 32nd here.
- It's a simple chart throughout but it gets very bland with the lack of variation. Try to also fix a bit of the pitch relevancy too.

Treasure Trove Cove (drizzleRomanceGirl) - [?] 3/10
- The chart starts to drift out of sync after a bit, check the BPM.
- s4.323: not sure what you layered here.
- s8.167: ^
- s12.010: a bunch of random jumps going on here.
- s27.382: the percussion comes in but you're not layering it in the correct places?
- s41.193: what does the 12th go to?
- A lot of the jumps you're using throughout the chart make no sense to what they're going to.
- s56.365: 4 of these notes should all be moved a 24th down.
- s58.126: sudden stop of layering here. The pitch relevancy is noticeably better but still lackluster.
- s87.910: the 48th graces here should be 32nds.
- s95.837: missing a note in here.
- s98.479: sudden stop of the stream here.
- s102.322: ^
- s106.165: ^
- s108.086: ^
- Overall, countless errors throughout with layering, lackluster pitch relevancy, and sync. Needs a huge fix.

Tsumeawase Pt. 3 (bmah) - [+] 9/10
- This was really good.
- The song choice made for a great amount of variation and the heavy layering worked very well here. Nicely done.

Twirling Star (Wayward Vagabond) - [+] 9/10
- Insanely well done chart and excellent song choice.
- Between s236.229 and s299.968, it started getting really draggy but I'm guessing a cut is out of the question.

VALEDICT (VisD) - [+.] 7/10
- s79.282: unsure at what this small stream goes to.
- s83.513: probably best to just focus on the bass instead of anything else since it overpowers.
- s98.897: should be a triple.
- Overall, I thought it was fine. The pitch relevancy could certainly be better but this is acceptable.

Valentine (Gradiant) - [+.] 6/10
- s4.749 & s5.349: if you're going to coordinate hi-hats to be on the 4th column then these need to be on that column.
- s31.733: you could make this a triple if you were to layer in the clap.
- s53.180: missing quite a few 16th claps in this section.
- s61.423: you could at least layer the piano instead of the claps to show a bit more variation.
- s70.869: it shouldn't hurt to end this jumptrill off as (12)(34)(12).
- s84.064: you should layer in all the bass notes in this section if these are the only ones you're going to focus on.
- s93.811: should be a jump.
- s110.603: missing 8th jumps for the claps.
- s120.197: ^
- s122.297: not sure what you're trying to follow with this change of patterning.
- The jumpstream had a huge lack of pitch relevancy which makes the whole chart feel generic. You even had a couple opportunities for using triples that you missed (e.g. s97.411).

Vanquish the Horrible Night (beary605) - [?] 3/10
- s5.586: not hearing anything that would constitute the (34) jumps.
- s14.836: guitar here is descending but you're using ascending patterns.
- s20.961: if you're going to layer guitar notes, layer all of them.
- s37.086: missing jump.
- s39.086: ^
- s41.086: ^
- s52.086: missing jump?
- s52.211: this note here (along with many others) is higher in pitch.
- s56.211: are you going to be layering the guitar or the snares? Stay consistent.
- s59.711: missing note.
- s60.836: kind of vexed that you're not acknowledging the guitar here.
- s70.336: check the pitch relevancy in the guitar solo here.
- s80.836: inconsistent layering here (safe to say that this describes the whole chart).
- s88.836: ^
- s144.836: feel like you should represent this booming combination of instruments here as triples.
- Honestly, a lot of this chart really needs a huge re-working because of countless layering inconsistencies, missing notes, pitch relevancy issues, etc.

Violet Leaves (SulferDragon) - [+.] 7/10
- Changed offset to -0.549.
- s50.114 & s52.201: same pitch but different jumps?
- s100.201 & s102.288: ^
- Most of the chart could have a fix on some pitch relevancy mistakes throughout but I assume you wanted to be simplistic so I'll accept.

Visitor (glassvox) - [?] 3/10
- s6.864: I believe only the snares should be jumps in this section, some just don't make sense here.
- s8.728 - 10.385: this section here is hardly pitch relevant.
- s10.385 - s11.628: this part here is pretty empty.
- s15.979 & s16.082: these are jumps but s16.289 & s16.393 aren't? Just leave the bass as single notes.
- s19.086: really don't get your minijack usage here.
- s19.501 & s19.708: not sure what these jumps go to.
- Your jump and minijack usage just gets really inconsistent throughout, there's hardly any pitch relevancy in here as well.
- s34.832: triple?
- s36.904: okay, what constitutes anything in here as triples?
- s44.984: this roll should be ascending to the ascending sound here.
- s46.849: you were using triples for these cymbals before, why not here?
- s56.793: random jumps.
- s58.037: jumps here aren't pitch relevant.
- s72.954: why aren't you layering the melody now?
- s75.751: not sure what these 96ths and 64ths go to, seems unnecessary.
- s82.588: random triple.
- s124.131: pretty vexed that you flat out ignore the melody here.
- s132.418: really questionable usage of hands here. I actually don't know what you're layering here in this part of the song either.
- s177.998: you should tone down on the layering throughout this chart because you've pretty much suffocated the solo here.
- Just, all throughout the chart is nothing but unnecessary heavy layering to the percussion which takes a lot of focus away from the melodies in the song. The lack of pitch relevancy doesn't help either.
- Going to need a lot of re-working throughout.

WANDERLUST (Gradient) - [+.] 6/10
- s9.896: this sound is the same pitch as s11.936.
- s17.456: really like the triplets here.
- s30.656: maybe use some patterns with a descending feel to represent the fade out here, and then ascending patterns to the fade in.
- s48.176: possibly work on the pitch relevancy in this section.
- s92.816: missing vocal note.
- s115.372: missing note on the 8th after.
- s126.400: this might be a 32nd burst here, not sure.
- s135.400: triple?
- I wish I could accept this but the jumptrill patterns are just too split heavy and has a lot of unnecessary anchor patterns when it could be much more cleaner.

warm sea (Silvuh) - [+.] 7/10
- s18.454, s19.197, s19.291: feel like you should recognize the 32nd, 64th, and 96th (respectively) here, up to you.
- Overall, it's very nicely done on the pitch relevancy. Nothing too special about this chart or the song.

We Are The Vampires (gameboy42690) - [+] 8/10
- I thought this was charted by samurai7694 the first time I played it, haha.
- s54.856: pitch relevancy issue here.
- s83.185: maybe put a note here. Felt that the break was a bit too long.
- Everything else was very well done. It's nicely varied and pitch relevant.

Why Did You Have To Make It Hurt (GammaBlaster) - [PASS]
- Passing because there's a lot of ambiguity involved with columning certain sounds in songs like this, making me unsure how to judge this correctly...

Winnipeg As Mandatory Scat Feed (MrTea) - [?] 3/10
- s30.579: not sure why this is a triple since the triples you used so far were for more unique sounds to the gabber drums.
- s34.498: The steps here aren't very coordinated; they're just thrown in there out of random. There's also a lot of snares here that you aren't layering, which are more prominent than the bass.
- s39.885 & s40.375: snares here but are different jumps?
- s44.049: the gabber drums are all the same except you're making the 4ths/8ths as jumps and 12ths/24ths as single notes. All single notes should suffice.
- s46.498: lower pitch than s46.253.
- s49.069: same thing here from s34.498 but now you layer the snares? Stay consistent.
- s50.416: you have some bass notes as jumps but this one isn't?
- s52.987: same sound as s52.498 but different jumps.
- s53.232: surprised this isn't a jump.
- s55.069: you missed layering some bass notes after this.
- s57.763: I see no reason for this triple here.
- s64.375 & s64.865: more lack of coordinating your jumps to similar sounds.
- s65.600: missed jump.
- s68.538: surprised you didn't make this a triple.
- s69.518: jumps for all 8ths but not for the 16ths? The jumps should be left for the snares at least.
- s70.253: why a triple?
- s70.375, s70.742, s71.110: same snares that aren't the same jumps.
- s70.498 & s70.865: safe to say that you have many similar sounds going throughout numerous sections of the chart but are usually not assigned to the same jumps, columns, etc.
- Okay, really this whole chart is filled to the brim with incorrect note coordination of sounds that are the exact same in specific sections of the song; some sounds are jumps but some aren't when they're the exact same sound. Which just makes it seems like you carelessly thrown in a bunch of patterns for the sake of it being a difficult chart.

================================================== ========================================

Black (YoshL) - [+.] 7/10
- Nothing too special since it's just 16th jumpstream throughout.
- Can't find anything wrong with it actually, the pitch relevancy might be a bit wonky at parts but it's not too noticeable. Nicely done.

Clockwork Gearman (YoshL) - [+.] 7/10
- s42.839 - s59.631: work on the pitch relevancy in this part.
- s78.821: same thing here.
- It's really just pitch relevancy issues throughout but it's okay for the most part. Acceptable.

EOS (ilikexd) - [+.] 7/10
- s18.354: missing note?
- s35.154: you could make this a triple to show some layering consistency (along with many others).
- s45.354: vocal note lands on a 16th here, not an 8th.
- s51.268: found it too sudden that you stopped focusing on the vocals and snare here. Maybe layer just the snare in this section?
- s103.383: pretty hard to hear what these 16ths are going to.
- I found this chart to be a bit unique to a song like this, and it's nicely done. Although I found there to be a couple slight issues with the chart, nothing major though.

Slam Crunk (VisD) - [+.] 7/10
- s25.838: could probably use a jack to represent these vocals here, feel like it would fit better.
- s26.619: missing 16th to vocal note.
- s59.588: missing some notes here.
- s63.885: missing 32nd to vocal note.
- Couldn't find anything else particularly wrong. The chart is pretty nice for a song like this, especially the layering choices for some of the vocals.

Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year - Fate of Sixty Years (FFR Pro 21 & Silvuh) - [+.] 7/10
- s113.723: missing note.
- Didn't think anything else here was particularly wrong, although I thought the 8th minijacks at s50.981 could be seperated from the jumps (i.e. instead of (13)33, (24)22; make it (13)22, (24)33, or however else).

We Are Hi-Speed (Remix) (mi40) - [+?] 5/10
- s31.219 & s31.594: wrong jump placement.
- s34.094: many sudden stops of layering in places after this section.
- s66.094: found this part weird that you were charting the fading out kick. I'd just stick with the melody.
- s84.719: the 23432 right above went to the snares while this same pattern goes to the bass.
- s85.844: it shouldn't hurt to make a 432 4321 pattern here.
- s86.969: really don't know why you don't want to finish some of these rolls here.
- s90.094: cymbal crash but not a triple?
- s90.344 - s114.094: missing 'a lot' of prominent 16ths in this section.
- s114.094: felt like you could accomodate some jumps for the melody in here.
- s117.719: personally think this a pretty ugly pattern to use for a more tame section of the chart.
- s119.594: missing jump.
- s131.761: not a 12th.
- s138.094: inconsistency with the triples after this.
- s154.094: some more missing 16ths after this.
- s192.344: not sure why you changed from 414141 to 424242 if the pitch gets lower here.
- s194.094: don't know why you stopped layering the melody here.
- A lot of pitch relevancy errors and many missing notes

DossarLX ODI
60 total files.

[Resubmission] Black
- 4.58: Here you have [12]1342 stepped, but at 12.08 you have [13]1243. For consistency sake since the piano is playing the same notes in those parts, they should be stepped the same
- 23.13: Only two notes to the trumpet, not three. A 24th burst here can suffice.
- 35.86: The mix of the hi-hats is hard to follow here. Since the song is just starting to pick up, I feel like this part could be made into less of a dumpstream.
- 47.86: Considering how overpowering the trumpet is, it would be nice to focus more on the trumpet than the hi-hats.
- 52.77, 56.40, etc.: 4-note long hidden 8th jacks, the sounds here don't warrant them and they're awkward to play.
Up to this point the file could have used less 16th notes, although what you have works -- it just needs some cleaning up
- 59.49: Again, trumpet here is overpowering. The layering should be focused on the trumpet here, right now the layering is hard to follow
- One of the main problems I have with this file is how it's patterned, there are a lot of hidden 8th jacks where they aren't warranted (they work for piano trills like at 63.86 but there are many other spots where the 8th jacks seemingly go to nothing)
- Ending plays like a dumpstream and it doesn't really match with the song well, what concerns me more is the overlayering in this chart
- Other judges in the previous submission stated it was hard to follow as well. Like what was also previously said, focus on what is more prominent.

[Resubmission] Clockwork Gearman
- 41.96: Watch out for the down 8th jack you have here, this part could be cleaned up to make it clear what the bells are going to
- 40.46: You could have a 4-note 8th jack here to go to the bell's pitch changes.
- 43.31: I don't like the appearance of that 32nd minitrill

[Resubmission] EOS
- 15.63, 17.69, etc: Leaving out the 4th beats in these spots is fine, but I feel like they are noticeable enough to be included while still maintaining the focus on the melody.
- 60.72: This works but I think not having a minijack here would be better
- 62.43, 73.40, 131.00, 141.97: Missing 8th vocal note
- 66.03: Same thought as 60.72, I think a minitrill would be better here
The minijacks are very infrequent and don't add much emphasis to the vocals, they occur later in the file as well
- 92.26: At 99.12 you have 32nds to the same sounds, depends on if you want the 24ths into the hand or 32nds into a jump

[Resubmission] Slam Crunk
- 16.33: What is this minijack going to?
- 26.64: Missing 16th jump
- 59.69, 60.62: The 32nds here aren't fast enough for the drum, 48th gallops fit it better. Also, missing 16th note on 59.76
- 63.83: Missing 16th to the vocals
- 76.33: Technically a 64th burst, but 48ths could work if you stepped the burst as right-to left. In its current start this part is stepped rather erratically.
- 79.69, 80.62: See 59.69
- 79.76, 80.70: Missing 16ths to the drums
- 92.58: Missing 16th to the vocals
- 93.98: The hidden 8th jack here could be removed so this part isn't just an awkward shift to short slow minitrills
- The layering could be reduced in a manner such that only the cymbal crashes are stepped as hands.

[Resubmission] Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year - Fate of Sixty Years
- 36.00: The 32nd burst here is totally out of place here and erratic, the focus should be on the 12th drums like you have here (take out the 32nd burst and step the 12th at 36.05)
- 47.69: Ghost note, the 16th you're looking for is 47.53 to the guitar
- 48.26: Missing 16th triplet
- There may be more cases of missing notes or ghost notes but I'm not going through all of them
- 86.48: These stream patterns are really random, they can be cleaned up a bit. The runningman is random
- 97.61: The straight 1234 roll here is bland
- 102.29: 12ths, not 16ths
- 143.90: Not a good surprise for the player
- File is much more tolerable with a cut.

[Resubmission] We Are Hi-Speed (Remix)
- 51.99, 54.99, 57.99: These should be either the full 32nd bursts (technically correct) or stepped as 24ths with how you patterned them
- 65.86: Overemphasized hand
From my previous review: 66.11 would have been a much better spot to start the file and I strongly recommend doing that. The first 66 seconds don’t have much to offer and considering how difficult the rest of the file is, the first 66 seconds is like wasting time just to get to the actual harder sections (e.g. Pandora). 114.11 is another spot you could have started the file at (or a little later since this rest section is long).
- 81.61: The percussion hits here are noticeably different from the 16ths right before, it should be stepped differently (the patterning here is also bland)
From my previous review: For the breakcore JS section starting at 81.11 the patterning is very disorganized and the one handed 32nd gallops are terrible to play through. There are many hidden jacks of reasonable length in here as well which cause many transitioning problems. At this speed the player is more focused on just hitting the patterns anyways, so it should be very clear what the jumps are following, and here it is not. Single notes would work better with some accenting/emphasis.
- 83.49, 86.99, 87.49, 91.24, 98.99, etc.: See 51.99
- 85.93, 93.55: Missing 16th note
- 85.99: Incomplete 32nd burst
- 103.74: See 51.99, also be careful of disoriented patterning with lots of hidden long jacks
- 105.86: 32nds, not 24ths
- 131.78: Note should be on the 16th after
- 133.49: See 51.99
- 141.58, 141.65: Missing 32nds. At the very least the full burst can be stepped here without that trap-kind of transition.
- 147.86: The vocals go from here to 148.11, and the way this is stepped is very erratic
- 148.85: Random 64th note
- 149.05: Missing 16th note
- 149.86: Missing note, this could even be a jump
- 171.61, 173.74, 179.61, etc.: Again, a major problem with this file is disoriented patterning with a lot of hidden 8th jacks that don't match the song
- The rest sections can be stepped much less densely and with less one handed patterns (there are even 3-note jacks in the rest parts with 16ths that are inappropriate). This file needs more cleaning up on its pattern usage and the jump usage, it still needs a lot of improvement.

Breakthrough Atmosphere
- In the beginning the violin is heavily accented yet you stepped the bell as jumps. The violin is much more powerful here.
- 34.00: Better patterning alternative can be used here, right now that minitrill just looks awful and doesn't fit with the song. The 12ths can be stepped as a one handed trill with the jump being on the other side, for instance.
- 40.26: Missing 8th to the violin
- 44.63: There are 12ths running in this section but you missed most of them
- 63.62, 93.99, etc.: Technically 48ths but I can see why 32nds were used here. Another alternative is a 24th trill.
- 66.42: Why did you step a 32nd and not a 12th here?
- 68.30: 48th burst starts on this 12th note, the way you have the 48ths stepped here doesn't make much sense
- 69.15: Rather than using a 48th for that "sliding sound" effect the 12th on 69.19 could be accented with a jump
- 69.31: Oh boy. Looks like this file is going to need a massive cleaning up in frame placements. I strongly suggest doing some BPM shifts.
- 72.99: Yeah, word of warning, this file is not going to convert well.
- This part has a boring spin pattern thing going on that doesn't match the song well. For instance, 73.37 and 73.51 can be placed as up and right notes to focus on the shift in pitch. Something else can be worked out here.
- 76.15: Rather than step the 12ths incompletely here, you can just ignore the 12ths until 85.64 where it picks up. I also don't see what the 12th minijack at 84.75 is going to.
- 93.74: What is this 12th going to?
- 93.87: Why is this a jump?
- 98.15: Like what I mentioned at 72.99, The patterns are bland here when there are noticeable changes in pitch.
- 135.39: Why all of these jumps?
- 158.11: Ghost 24th note
- 158.99: Missing 24th note
- 162.35: The mix of 32nds and 12ths doesn't really work well here. Since the burst is also 48ths, you could work something out with 24ths this time probably.
- 164.88: This should be a minijack
- 167.47: These 32nd bursts are wrong. It's a 48th burst starting on the 12th note after the 8th, then the second 48th burst starts on the 12th at 167.79.
- 168.56: Why was a 32nd stepped here instead of a 12th?
- 170.95: Missing jump
- 186.46: Missing 8th note
- 186.65: I could see the other 32nds being stepped as the rolls they were, but this is wrong.
- 198.66: Yuck, that 12th into the 32nd looks incredibly unaesthetic (and the 32nd roll is also wrong).
- 207.66: Why is this a minijack?
- 209.69: Missing jump

Electric Butterfly
- 14.64: Missing jump
- 35.56: I saw the triplet synth structure you had here, but there are some other 8th minijacks and other 3/16ths involved that make it confusing to follow
- 39.45: Example of what I mean above. The stream here could be restructured to make it clear you're placing the 3/16ths to the prominent parts of the melody
- Another thing to mention about that stream: When transitioning into the next set of 3/16ths, the melody has three prominent 8th notes (the 8th minijack at 41.72 is an example of something you could do, but the stream patterning here is pretty random in its current state)
- 56.80: Change in pitch in the synth. The same hands shouldn't be stepped throughout here (jumps would also suffice)
- 69.29: The hidden 4-note 8th jack at 69.91 makes the 24ths here awkward.
- 101.72: These stream patterns are random compared to what you had at 35.56 where you stepped triplets to the melody.
- 117.77: See 56.80
- 128.80: Missing hand

Euphoric Field (Final Shaft Remix)
- 21.90: The kick and the vocals are the most dominant elements here, put the focus to that instead of the much quieter sounds.
- 25.61, 29.65: What is this jump going to?
- 40.77: That's a very long 8th jack, this part is also an unreasonable difficulty spike (41.95 should have been stepped as [14][23] to go straight into that split handed roll and prevent the 3/32nd minijack)
- 52.74: These long implicit jacks are messy, alternate patterns can be used
- 57.80, 58.72: Missing 16th notes
- 71.45: Missing jump
- 75.83: Sudden layering focus changes here when nothing in the song is changing, stick to either this melody or the vocals.
- 84.59: Missing jump
- 106.84: The vocals and melody should not be layered until 113.58 when the 16th stream kicks in
- 146.78, 147.71: Missing 16th notes
- That difficulty spike section at 40.77 really needs to be cleaned up.

Lawn Wake IX [ilikexd]
- 60.56: Missing notes here
- 131.85: Missing 4th
- 145.32: This part is right-to-left the entire way and it's very awkward to play through
- Some patterns could adjusted. Also look for other missing notes. I'd take this submission over the other one.

Lawn Wake IX [MrPopadopalis25]
7/10 [<]
- 6.86: The patterning of this burst is disgusting
- 47.30: A single note here would suffice
- 58.71: Stepping a 4-note 64th burst here is awkward, potentially just make it 48ths starting on the 16th?
- 63.88, 65.08, 71.54, 79.28, 147.99: The short buzzes don't need to be stepped this densly.
- 73.47: This part is incredibly awkward
- 112.34: Why a hand here?
- 121.70: The blue note syndrome change is incredibly unaesthetic
- 142.02: Why wait this long to snap the file back to 4ths? There shouldn't have been any blue note syndrome in the first place
- The other submission was better.

- 12.20: The song is only starting to pick up here. Jumping to this kind of heavy layering is anti-climactic. I'd suggest just focusing on just the drum n bass here until 33.78
- 34.11, 35.46, 38.16, 38.83, 46.92, 48.27, 49.62, etc.: Missing jumps. Please check over this section again.
- 58.03, 63.42, 68.81, 74.21: 64th gallop here is too fast and has a good chance of being zero frames apart (32nd gallop is better)
- 98.50: This is a slowdown section yet the layering is basically still as heavy as before, it's anticlimactic. Tone down the layering here so at 109.28 you can reintroduce layering without having the jumps lose their effect
- 110.29, 111,64, 112.99, etc.: Putting jumps to these 4ths would give nice emphasis
- 119.31: Missing 16th
- 122.85, 128.24, 133.64, etc.: If this is a minijack then 122.51, 127.91, 133.30 etc. should be too. Minitrills would be a better alternative for this.
- The ending has a lot of 3/32nd minijacks placed in nasty positions and that minijack in the jump is messy. This part could flow very nicely if it's rearranged, it just has a lot of technical gaps in it.
- What bothered me most about the layering is in the calmer sections where the layering was still just as heavy. Just because multiple elements are playing at once doesn't mean they have to be stepped. A jump in a calm section was stepped the same as a solid bass kick.

Malicious Fingers
- 2.13: Up to 11.73, jumps here would suffice
- 23.73: This doesn't have as much power as the cymbal crashes before, this should be a jump
- 18.93, 28.53: Patterning here is bland, patterns other than rolls can be used
- 32.13: Jumps here don't add any effect, these should just be single notes.
- The previous problems with the non-16th streams has been fixed, nice work
- 140.73, 143.13: Several notes are missing here if you aren't just focusing on the drums. These notes don't go to the drum
- 236.78: Why is this a jump?

Micro Media Broth
- 15.94: This sounds closer to the 32nd before
- 16.80, 20.11, 23.42, 26.73: Ghost note
- 21.72: Missing 32nd
- 22.46: These 24ths are ghost notes, you're looking for the 32nd triplet starting on the 16th at 22.49
- 28.28: This shouldn't be a hand, the one after has much more power.
- 32.62: Nothing is being layered here, it should be a single note
- 36.66: Missing 8th note
- 40.79: Why is this a single note?
- 50.25: Ghost note, the 16th is on 50.36
- 59.89, 66.50: Ghost note, just step the 32nd.
- 76.47: What are these hands going to? The massive layering in this file is very confusing
- 93.25: 32nd, not a 12th
- 95.39: Why is this a hand?
- 109.79: Previously you had 24th/16th polyrhythms, but here that isn't used -- the light percussion lands on the 16ths here
- 113.93: These aren't 12ths. It's a 16th on 113.90, then a 32nd on 114.05.
- 114.77: Ghost note, the 32nd triplet you're looking for starts on the 8th after
- 116.02, 117.05: Missing 32nd notes
- 121.44: Missing 32nd triplet
- 121.62: These 48ths are wrong, it's a 32nd triplet starting on the 4th at 121.65 after
- 122.58: Missing 32nd triplet
- 128.35: Ghost note. There is a 5-note 32nd burst starting on 128.27
- 135.99, 136.06: 24ths missing to the light percussion
- 137.78: This is a 48th burst
- 139.59: Missing 32nd
- 140.16: This is wrong, it's a 24th burst from 140.06 to 140.26
- 140.40: Same problem as 113.93, 16th on 140.37 and 140.52
- 140.64: Ghost note
- 141.35: Missing 32nd note
- 150.38: Stepped incorrectly, it's a 4 note burst starting on this 12th ending on the 12th at 150.58. Why the change in BPM here?
- 153.73: Offsync, if this was done correctly 153.95 should have had a 16th triplet
- File was very overlayered in general, there were many misstepped parts and missing notes, and the ending needs work on syncing.

Monkey Island
- For the sake of readability to the player the 64ths should all be 12th and 24th swing.
- You used 24ths every time there was more than just a 24th gallop, and the mix of the 64ths makes it annoying to read
- 5.67, 9.48, : A trill would suffice instead of a minijack here.
- 11.39, 15.20, 17.11, 47.61, 49.52: These are ghost notes. I originally thought they went with the main melody, but they don't
- 17.32: Only the most prominent melody should be layered here
- 17.84, etc.: Missing jumps to the light percussion you were layering before (and layered after this section)
- 36.58, etc.: The minijacks in this file should be removed
- 50.88: Going back what I said about making the 64ths 24ths and 12ths, having this mix of 64th and 48th looks very unaesthetic and the player is just going to subconsciously convert it into a 48th triplet
- 54.70, 62.32: Missing jump
- 67.09: There isn't anything significant to layer here, this minijack should just be single notes (and the minijacks should be removed)
- 67.31: Missing 12th
- I can see why 3/64ths were used here since that's what the song snaps to but honestly every player is just going to convert it into 24th swing, some of the switches from 64ths to 24ths just look awkward in this file

My Fxxkin Desire For You v2
6/10 [<]
- This doesn't expand much on the version that is currently ingame. It is also overlayered to death with quite poor patterning. The file is just a bit harder overall compared to the one ingame.
- Direct percussion layering is also what Midnight did in his file. Something else would need to be done for a v2 to work here.

Once Upon a December
- The abrupt cut in the beginning is rather unappealing, if possible fix this issue please
- 16.05: Missing 8th. Check for any other missing notes like this
- 20.23, 20.33: These two 16th notes are very soft and almost neglible. It would be better just to stop at the 4th jump before.
- 58.26, 68.55, 78.41, 91.26, 99.41, 109.69: Missing jump
- 64.48: Missing 8th
- 92.23, 92.33, 92.76, 93.19: Missing notes
- The layering in this file could be more conservative. The excessive appearance of jumps and hands makes their emphasis diminish. If anything, it could make a very nice easy file without any hands at all.

Our Final Mourning
- That ending gallop has to go. A 4th jump would have been great to accent the guitar.
- Any file with a lower TPS than Power is pushing it. If you want users to listen to a relaxing song, just let them listen to it -- don't have all that empty space.
- The sync felt a bit weird in some spots too

- Paranoia Hades is notorious for its excessive jump usage within the crossover streams.
- I tried playing this index and thought this file was supposed to imitate what I described above. I was wrong, especially when those minijacks and jacks came in later with all the doublesteps. The part at 81.66 is especially terrible to play.
- Get a layering layout and put more thought into the patterns if this was supposed to be a spread file -- I originally played it with index in mind, but the doublesteps ruined it. If you're going to step an index file, check the patterns over again so the player doesn't turn into a pretzel.
- What's with the absurd speedup in BPM at the end?

Phase 1
- Changed offset to -0.168, I was getting late perfects
- The beginning of this file is really bland. The patterns are boring; don't just stick with the beat on the left note for the entire part
- 37.35: The patterns in this section are convoluted (there are a lot of spin and roll-type patterns here that don't play well and don't match the song well)
- 37.83, 46.45: Missing note
- 49.93: Why was this jump stepped?
- 50.12: Major pattern repetition again with 16th streams (more spin type patterns), this file needs a reworking on pattern usage. This section also looks copy and pasted.
- 58.64: All of a sudden, the jumps stop being stepped. Also there's a bland repetitive 31423142 pattern here.
- 62.03: The bass kick is actually on the 12th before.
- 75.09: Stepping the hi-hats as minijacks is a bad idea, the file hasn't offered much up to this point and this doesn't add any kind of effect
- 92.90: I expected something like this after seeing the minijacks to the hi-hats... these 3 note 16th jacks are wrong since the minijacks were going to the hi-hats in the first place, and the third note of the jack is the bass kick which is a completely different element.
- 113.22: This is where the second syllable of the vocals is, not 113.08
- 114.77: More copy and paste syndrome here, this file suffers from too much repetition and little thought put into patterning
- 139.54 through 161.99: There are 24ths stepped when there are only 16ths. This entire section is stepped wrong.
- 174.82: Ghost note. There's a 5-note 64th burst starting on 175.06 so the 48ths are also wrong.
- 176.99: Like 113.08, second syllable is stepped too fast
- This file drags on with too much copy and paste syndrome. This file needs a serious reworking, especially with the minijack and 3-note jack section and solving the copy and paste/repitition issue.

Play It Loud
- What bothered me most about this file was the copy and paste syndrome (this one occurs way too often throughout the file). More pattern variety could be used here. Just don't have the same patterns repeated over and over again for this repetitive of a file
- Rather than have an 8th jump for the drum hits you can just have a 3-note 16th triplet, then keep the jumps to the vocals. What stands out most in the chorus is the vocals.
- 13.06: This file has a lot of trills, and having too many of them makes the file drag on. An alternative solution is to keep the trills to the drums, then for the guitar have other stream patterns; this also differentiates the guitar from the drums since they're both being stepped as single notes with the vocals layered in.
- 27.08: Same thing as 13.06
- 73.38: The drums were being stepped as trills before, this part needs to be fixed. The drums start after this 16th note. At 74.59 the drums start again but there is a runningman here. The trills to the drums worked nicely here; just find an alternative patterning to the guitar sections so the file isn't so heavily filled with trills.

Po Pi Po Kouka de Uchi no Miku wa Kyou mo Genki Desu
- 7.94, 10.24, 10.66, 14.65, 16.96, 17.38, etc.: Missing 16th to the vocals (not referencing the hi-hat here)
- 23.29, 30.00: Synth is on the 16th before
- Every other judge seemed to have problems following this file. This is also not an appropriate song for a handstream dump. The layering really needs to be trimmed down -- just because there are multiple instruments with vocals going on at once doesn't mean it should all be layered.

Premium Pine
- 30.12: It's just the drums here. The trill already differentiates the snare; jumps are not needed
- 32.12: Same thing as above
- 32.62, 33.29, 33.79: These are exmaples of what should be stepped as jumps. The extra jumps don't add any emphasis; here the jumps layer in the cymbals.
- 34.12: It would most likely be better if you just didn't include the percussion in the layering here except for the cymbals, it's very dry and the mix doesn't work
- 35.95: Stick to a certain type of patterning for these 5-note 16th sections. Here you have a runningman with a 3 note jack, at 38.62 you have a 4-note trill, etc. basically choose one or the other
- 54.95: Missing jump
- For a very long time the layering focus is on the percussion and when the other instruments come in there's a missed opportunity to give the file more variety. It's very dry and repetitive at this point
- 60.29: Missing jump
- 68.29: Missing jump
- 98.62: Missing 8th
- 114.95: The bass kick isn't until the 8th at 115.29 so this should be a single note trill
- The direct percussion layering in this file over and over again along with what looks like copy and paste is a terrible combination... there were opportunities to go away from the percussion layering but it was done throughout the entire file and it drags on forever.

Rage (Sukia's Theme)
- 3.15: The violin here is 16ths, not 24ths
- 8.54: These are 16ths, not 24ths
- 13.93: 16ths again instead of 24ths
- 27.07: Patterning here has a lot of left-down type gallops that can use variation
- 30.02: Sound is on the 24th after, a runningman here doesn't fit either (At 29.94 the lead guitar stops yet the runningman is being treated like there is a prominent melody to follow when there is not)
- 32.88: Ghost note
- 32.97: Minijack here is inconsistent with what you did at 22.35, stick to the jump-gallop structure in 22.35
- 33.47: Make the hand a jump so there and get rid of the one handed 32nd minijack
- 42.57: Missing jump
- 43.08: Having all these 8th jumpjacks doesn't add much, it's overdoing this part
- 47.20, 47.37: Missing notes
- 50.24: Ghost note
- 51.08, 51.41, 51.58: Ghost notes
- 53.69: The runningman pattern idea is here, but the shifts in the patterning are random (e.g. 57.73 suddenly has jacks on 4th/8ths instead of the 16ths, then 60.43 shortly turns into some spin pattern)
- 64.13: Again, 16ths, not 24ths
- 64.47: The patterning here starts to get very random
- 75.93, 76.60, etc.: The melody here is prominent enough that layering it in can add to this section so it's not just direct percussion layering
- 85.53, 96.48: Same problem as 32.97
- The three sentences below mention missing flute notes because you stepped the flute at 85.70 previously
- 88.98: Missing 16th
- 89.29, 89.35: Missing 24ths
- 89.49, 89.66, 89.99: Missing 16ths
- 97.49: Ease on the layering in this section, you're in a calmer section of the song. Get rid of the hand at 99.51, it isn't needed and it forces a minijack
- 102.63, 102.71, 103.39: Missing note
- 110.29 up to 110.63 looks fine for the 24ths, but then after the 24ths are just a mass of ghost notes.
- Instead of 24th notes, there are 16ths on 110.71, 110.88, 111.05, and 111.22; after that is just two 8th notes.
- 112.06, 113.41, 113.58: Missing 16th
- 114.67: What's with all the sudden missing notes here?
- 118.04: Same issue as 32.97
- 119.05: Layering the two instruments here is inappropriate. The overuse of jumps reduce their effect and this is a calm section.
- 133.88: Just step a jump here to accent the guitar instead of a 64th gallop. Same for 137.58
- 138.59: In this 16th stream you can add jumps wherever there are cymbals (e.g. 139.60, 140.62, and so forth)
- 147.69: The cymbals should just be jumps like above
- I noticed the sync starts to drift here to the point where I get late greats
- 159.48: The drum here is 12ths, not 16ths. This section also has the same problem as 43.08
- 164.28, 164.45: Missing 16th notes
- 164.87: All of a sudden you step single notes here when before you stepped it as jumps?
- Fix the 24ths in this file -- like I mentioned, they're actually 16ths (with the exception of 110.29 up to 110.63). Also rework the layering structure and fix the sync since it drifts later on in the file. The patterning could also use work.

Ray of Moonlight
- 18.26: How the synths are stepped here don't make much sense, I recommend just stepping all of the 16ths up to the 4th jump at 23.46
- 29.86: The claps are prominent enough in this section that layering them in can add to this section.
- 32.46: Get rid of the one handed minitrill here. In fact, getting rid of all the minijacks here would work better for the 32nd triplets.
- 40.13: This triplet is wrong. It's a 4-note 32nd burst starting on the 8th at 40.06
- 52.86: Also a 4-note 32nd burst. The offsetted 32nd triplet on 52.93 is wrong.
- 53.06: Missing 4th note
- 68.47, 68.86: I understand these color notes are for the fast bursts here, but the synth is also very loud. I recommend placing 8th jumps here instead.
- 108.46: None of this section should exceed 8th minijacks (I see 3-note 8th jacks here which even though are slow don't match with the song and are bad to look at, and a 4-note 8th jack at 115.46)
- Rework the patterning to get rid of the unnecessary 8th jacks inside the 16th sections and fix the 64th-offsetted triplets I mentioned.

- 11.83: This would flow much better if it wasn't a one handed minitrill
- 14.01: Watch out for long hidden 8th jacks like these that aren't relevant to the file
- 19.67: Why was this 16th stepped? Before these 16ths were left out
- 22.06: Ghost note (fade out of the synth isn't enough of a sound to warrant a note and it's also inconsistent stepping this 16th since in that spot previously 16ths weren't stepped)
- 30.70: These 24th patterns can be improved, remove that minitrill at 30.97
- 37.06: This one handed trill with the jumps mixed in doesn't make sense (37.46 is an entirely different element from the percussion yet is still within the same trill and jack)
- 39.05: This should start on a different column, the two 8ths before are to the bass kick and this 4th is not part of it.
- 40.44: Melody shouldn't have an 8th mixed in to the bass kicks. The bass kicks make sense as the 8th minijacks, but the melody should not be include in them.
- 42.22: See 39.05
- 43.81, 46.79: See 40.44
- 48.58: See 39.05
- 62.19: Missing 16th. The 16th jack at 62.49 also needs to go, a trill suffices.
- 69.84, 71.43: These jumpgluts aren't needed, you can step the jump on the 4th to accent the highest note or step a short mini jumptrill.
- 75.20: Why a 16th jumptrill? There isn't anything to accent here, a single note trill makes more sense
- 81.96: All of a sudden this section introduces a jumpspam of layering; just focus on layering the piano here instead of mixing in the percussion with it to prevent that dumpstream-kind of feel (you also have long 8th jacks on 82.95 and 83.75 resulting from this)
- 85.93, 88.32: Missing jump
- More thought needs to be put in the patterning in this file. The structural ideas are there, but could use some work.

- 4.90: Missing 4th note, slow down when you're charting streams. The first 16 seconds have very random and bland patterning with little thought. It needs to be redone.
- 16.50: The 16ths should go all the way up to here (this is where the bass kick burst also ends) so the empty space isn't awkward transitioning into the melody you stepped next.
- 16.70: The patterning here also needs work. It's basically the same patterns repeated even when the notes change. Including the 4th beat would also make this part less empty.
- 25.30: Here another synth is prominent enough to be stepped, it shouldn't just be ignored (up to 29.30)
- 34.00, 40.40, etc.: These empty spaces are awkward and don't make sense. If you want to accent the loud synth, layer in jumps to the stream. Also, The patterning again needs work; this section of the song has a triplet-like rhythm that can be utilized.
- 43.70, 50.10: The empty space is awkward without the 4th beats, include them here
- A recurring issue with this file is how bland the pattern usage is. More thought needs to be put in the patterning in this file.
- 57.00, 57.20: These are stepped a 16th too early
- 57.90: There are a lot of missing 16ths here and an alternative is to step the 16th stream with the prominent synth being on up-right and then the background synth being left-down etc. something else can be worked here.
- 69.20: Again, slow down when you're charting streams, missing note
- 69.50: Placed a 16th too early
- 75.70: This section is missing many jumps, I'd recommend just sticking to the loud crashes here
- 82.00: Missing 16th
- 85.20, 91.50, 98.20, etc.: Same problem as 34.00
- 96.30: The trills and long 8th jacks here don't make sense, this file needs a reworking with pattern usage
- 113.20: Missing 16th
- 114.10: Lots of noticeable copy and paste here, more thought needs to be put into patterning. Layering in the claps can also add some flavor here.
- 126.60: A new synth gets introduced here and it can be layered. The single note stream is bland.
- 136.50, 139.70, 140.30, 141.30, 149.70, 152.10, 152.50: Missing note, slow down
- 165.30: There's a running 16th hi hat in the background with a 4th beat, at least stepping the 4th beat will make this section less empty
- 168.50: This minijack section needs to be redone, it's not even done correctly here
- 173.20: What's with the sudden doubling in BPM here? Worse, the drum hit after isn't even stepped
- File needs a major overhaul, very little thought was put into the patterning (there were missing notes in the middle of streams, most likely from hastily going down the editor to fill in streams).

Run Away
- 54.12, 67.83, etc.: Going by this logic, 47.05 and 60.76 etc. should have been 4-note jacks, but I'd recommend just not creating minijacks here to keep that trill kind of structure
- 96.54, 96.75: Missing jumps

Samus Bubblebath
- 5.41, 8.09: Ghost note
- 31.62: 32nd triplet, not 24ths
- 32.24, 38.85, 41.68, 44.50: Ghost note. 32.24 and 46.00 are barely audible.
- 47.52: Alright now that's a bit excessive
- 51.21, 54.38, 55.44: Ghost note
- 73.09: You were stepping the hi hats right before so this is a missing note
- 77.85, 81.56, 82.09: Missing note to the hi hat. However after this part it seems like some of these notes are deliberately left out, but putting in the hi hats will help the player keep a better beat without detracting from the song.
- 82.09: Filling in the the 4ths and 8ths here would make this part less awkward (you already have the gallops placed on left and right)
- 84.56: This is a 48th burst, not 32nds
- 95.50: 24ths sound better here
- 151.80: Missing note
- 158.85: Missing jump
- 166.80: Missing note
- 175.80: Missing jump
- 196.80, 198.56: Missing jump
- 211.62: This is a 48th burst
- 213.91: What is this triplet going to? From what you stepped previously, 213.74 should have a 64th gallop.
- 220.53: This gallop is too fast. What works better is a 48th on 220.50 and then a 16th on 220.62 (this creates a 24th gallop)
- 223.27: Same issue as 220.53; 48th after the 4th note, then the 16th note to create a 24th gallop that starts on the 48th.
- 225.38: This is just four 12th notes; 225.91 and 226.18 are too far off
- 239.74: These 12ths are wrong, it's a 32nd on 239.77 and then a 32nd on 239.94
- 243.56: Jump placed a 16th early, it should be on the 4th after
- 251.03: Same issue as 239.74
- 252.56: The notes are on 252.47 (32nd), 252.74 (16th), 253.00 (32nd) for the three notes here.
- 253.44: The sound lands on the 32nd before, not the 16th. This gallop is too fast compared to the actual sound.
- 254.41: The four notes here starts on the 4th on 254.33
- 255.30: This gallop is too fast, sound is on the 12th before.
- The structure is there and the file plays decently for the most part, but there are several missing jumps, missing notes, and parts that need to be snapped better (especially the ending).

Savant On Mushroom (ft. Savant)
- 13.87: The vocals are introduced here and can be stepped to make this part less empty
- 39.58: Missing jump
- 39.94, 40.12: Missing note
- 40.44-41.15: ??? The drum here is just 16th notes, but was stepped as 24ths
- 41.30: It would be better to split up the 12th jacks here or just not step them at all from how soft they are
- 44.03, 44.13: These color notes are off. The sound is a 16th gallop starting on the 16th at 43.98
- 44.43: Same issue, the sound is on the 8th note after.
- 47.73: Minijack placement here is erratic; these two 16th notes should be part of the trill starting at 47.51 instead (same exact sound).
- 49.08: Missing 24th
- 54.44, 54.51: Ghost notes, there's just a 16th here
- What was being stepped as 12th jacks suddenly stopped getting stepped, then got stepped again. There needs to be some kind of focus.
- 55.01: Nothing here warrants a hand. This part is just a lot of hands with zero jumps; layering in the third synth doesn't add any emphasis either
- 75.42, 75.48: Ghost notes. There should be two 24ths here instead.
- 77.94: 32nd burst here is wrong. It's a 48th burst starting on the 12th at 78.01 and ending on the 4th note
- 78.80: Same issue with incorrectly stepped burst. 48th burst startong on the 12th at 78.87, ending on the 4th note.
- 79.65: 32nd burst is wrong. There should just be a 24th on 79.80 instead
- 80.03: 32nd notation is wrong again. There's a 12th on 80.01, then a 48th triplet on the 8th note after on 80.08
- 75.37 through 80.19 needs to be fixed. The 32nds are completely wrong.
- 82.44: This quad is overkill
- 85.73, 92.58: Ghost note
- 89.03: Why a 32nd here?
- 89.18: This color note placement is a 16th placement even though the sound is on the 12th before
- 99.80: Ghost note. 99.96 is also wrong notation; the synth is on the 24th.
- 102.90: The "swoosh" sound here is so insignificant it shouldn't even be stepped. The quads are also uncalled for.
- 108.53, 109.94, 113.23, 116.80: Ghost note
- 129.87, 130.15: Missing offsetted color notes.
- Going to what I said above, not only is this section missing offsetted color notes, but it is also an eyesore to play through. The file has dragged on long enough and this isn't adding anything beneficial to the file.
- 135.15: This 24th burst is wrong. There a 32nd burst from the 16th on 135.26 to the 4th on 135.58
- 149.31: Quite a spike in difficulty and again an eyesore to read, not to mention that it isn't even going to any legitimate sound (it's just a "whoosh")
- 155.73: 24ths here are wrong, it's 32nds
- 156.69: Two 24ths here, not a 16th
- 159.90: Ghost note
- 162.58: Again, 32nds here, not 24ths
- 169.44: 32nds here
- 170.40: Two 24ths here, not a 16th
- 173.83: Ghost note
- 176.30: 32nds here, not 24ths
- 184.51, 184.87, 184.98, 185.19: Missing note
- 191.08: Ghost note
- That ending 32nd roll is a huge troll
- The layering in this file needs to be toned down, the color usage needs to be removed, many bursts need to be fixed, and the file drags on.

- Do we have permission from Cloudspires?
- 26.06: This is just 24ths, mixing in the 24ths and 64ths is very unaesthetic
- 34.71: Why were 3/64ths being stepped before but then 24th swing here?
- 68.20: This fast minijack is an outlier
- 71.89: The rhythms in this section are 3/16ths; I can see what was done here since the song is swing but for this section in particular it's 3/16ths (there should be notes on the 16ths before the 24th)
- 102.62: The mix of 24ths and 3/64ths again isn't good to look at
- I couldn't understand the switching between 24th swing and the 3/64ths but otherwise the file was fine

Senorita Bonita
- 11.62, 13.80, 15.98: Missing jump
- 13.60: Careful of the patterning here, there's basically a hidden one handed minitrill here
- 18.16: The hands don't add any extra emphasis, they're more annoying than jumps that would do the job here
- 46.53, 48.71, 50.89: Missing jump
- 48.50: Same problem as 13.60
- 53.07: Same problem as 18.16
- 81.44, 83.62, 85.80: Missing jump
- 83.41: Same problem as 13.60
- If the missing jumps I mentioned above were to "prevent difficulty spikes", then the 32nd one handed 4-note trills and the 32nd-to-48th burst one handed transitions need to go.


- Thank you so much for splitting that 8th jack up into 4 notes each and not using any hands in this file. This is definitely one of the funnest easy files I have ever played. The song is nice and funky too!

Sound of Infinity
- Wrong offset. I can see this affected the file because of the 32nd orange note syndrome at 82.64
- 95.02: The 32nd burst here is incorrectly stepped.
- 169.22: First thing that needs to be done is to adjust the offset so the song snaps to 4ths on the beat. -2.060 worked for me.
- 179.45: This difficulty spike is way too hard compared to the rest of the file. It's basically a section of The Wises Were Wrong's 64th wall with the 32nd trills.
- Another thing I should mention is that this file needs a cut. It is four and a half minutes long with bland patterning that had little thought put to it and the layout of the file didn't make sense (random switching to 32nds etc) with an FGO+ spike 3 minutes in.
- Fix the offset, get rid of all the 32nd sections, remove the difficulty spike, have a structure that makes more sense, and reduce the heavy minijack and jack usage.

Southern Cross v2
- 2.98, 3.66, 4.34, 5.06, etc.: Is it really worth stepping split notes from the piano player as 96ths/etc.? 8th jumps work much better here
- In the beginning to reduce layering you can just follow the lead piano and not step the background piano. I couldn't take the hands at 24.47 seriously because a calm piano part was stepped with the same density.
- 25.86: Missing hand.
- 29.85: This should have the same 4 note trill structure as 24.13
- 61.93: While the layering makes sense, the jumpglut spamming here doesn't fit with the song at all.
- 79.62: Same problem as 29.85
- 96.26: Here just the vocals and the piano should be layered in. The extra 8th notes are an obnoxious increase in density when you already had the focus on the vocals with the running 16ths to begin with.
- 116.73: Handjacks at this speed are split-heavy and are generally bad to play. I didn't get any extra added effect here except for having to jack fast.
- 119.67: This should also be part of the 16th minijack being the same piano hit, but it's better just to have a minitrill here
- 120.37, 121.76: Missing note (to the piano)
- 128.36: This color note isn't going to anything significant, this should just be a jump
- 154.89: This "quad" is overkill
- 178.47: What's with all the extra jumps here? The focus is on the piano and vocals and it's the same 16th run as before
- 182.12: These color notes don't go to anything significant. Just make them normal notes
- 184.02: Stepping piano player splits as fast gallops is getting very old. Just make this a jump.
- 191.47: You can still layer in the vocals here
- The density of this file was irritating to play through as it basically made all off the hands lose their effect and become more of an annoyance than anything, creating more rigid patterning with lots of long 8th jacks. While the file makes sense, it feels like an overlayered dump that doesn't match the song. I also couldn't take the jump and hand usage seriously because the calmer piano sections had the same layering density as the energetic rock sections.
- Also fix the piano grace notes so they're jumps and not color gallops

- Changed offset to -0.795
- The beginning doesn't have to be that empty
- 15.48: This has almost no thought put into it. There's a blasting loud melody that is completely ignored and just the 4th beats are stepped here as jumps.
- 25.73: Missing note
- 26.15: The patterning here doesn't match the song at all. More thought needs to be put into the patterning.
- 42.98: 6-note hidden 8th jack
- 47.98, 48.31, 48.65: These should all be jumps
- 54.15: The sync here gets weird (it's definitely faster than 180 BPM on the dot since I was getting early perfects by 59.45, the 225 BPM speedup doesn't compensate for the slightly higher BPM)
- 58.78, 59.28: Missing jumps
- 61.45: This is a 32nd roll and this part gave me more early perfects. There's a 360 BPM speedup that shouldn't be here.
- 66.39: Missing jump
- 72.20, 76.52: Missing jump
- The "jump chain" patterns keep appearing over and over again and this file is using direct 4th beat layering that is incredibly bland, it is making the file overly repetitive
- 78.76: When this was stepped earlier it was spread out in patterning, but now all of a sudden it's an 8-note one handed 16th trill
- 81.83: Missing jump. Also in this section I'm getting early greats.
- 84.16: From what was stepped previously, this should be a jump minitrill
- 87.12: Missing jump
- 87.54: Missing 16th, mentioning this now since you're introducing them into the chart here (this is technically a 5-note 32nd burst starting on the 8th note but it's arbitrary and stupid)
- 88.37: Missing note
- 89.95: It's pretty clear from these speedups that the BPM is not 180 on the dot here.
- 90.84, 92.84, 93.67, 94.50: Missing note
- 95.00, 95.17: Ghost notes
- 95.75: Repeating the same triplet pattern over and over here is very awkward, you can diversify it. I don't feel like I am playing the song doing a slow one handed trill when it's speeding up.
- The speedup syncing is also a bit off, and I am sure it has to do with the offset issue.
- 105.44 is a ghost note. Missing 16th at 105.58
- 105.65: Random 16th rollstream, there are only triplets starting on the 8th notes. Basically the 16th up arrows from 105.72 to 109.72 are ghost notes.
- 109.54 through 112.97: Missing 16th triplets starting on the 8th notes.
- In the above section the jumps are just used willy-nilly, going from layering the clap to no jumps at all to layering in the 4th beat.
- 117.23, 118.35, 118.73, 119.10, 119.48: Missing jumps
- 119.85: These jump chains are beating a dead horse. This chain patterning has been used so many times and the file has dragged on heavily despite only being 2 minutes up to this point.
- 139.73: Missing note
- This file looks like it was rushed with bland repetitive patterning and the layering is not cohesive. More thought needs to be put into this file; direct 4th beat layering was another issue this file had and it made it drag on too long.

Still Blastin'
- List the artist properly please (shows up as unknown artist)
- 34.00: Did you really have to copy and paste this here?
- 73.17: Missing note
- 90.47: Missing jump
- 93.29, 93.47, 95.41, 98.94: Missing note
- The missing notes I mentioned above are rather prominent and fit in with the melody. Some accenting could also be done but that's optional -- the file was meant to be conservative in layering here from what it appears.
- 113.06: I feel like it would be better to have a note here too.
- My main quip about this file is that copy-and-paste section. Fix that please.

- The beginning would work much better without that much layering. The song is just starting up and there hasn't even been anything else interesting introduced yet.
- 25.98: The hands in this section are absolutely uncalled for. It looks messy, the piano and the vocals are soft, and even a jump is already a lot here. I predicted this happening when I saw the jump usage before.
- 35.52: Now no hand? This section needs all the hands turned into jumps.
- 46.77, 49.50, 52.23, 54.95, etc.: There are soft hi-hats here. Missing jumps.
- The next 35 seconds play like a slow dumpstream. This is very disappointing and does not match the song at all. Also, missing note on 89.73
- 92.62: Missing note
- 114.61: The dumpstream feel is back here again.
- 119.95: This 24th is wrong, it's a 32nd triplet starting on the 16th before
- 130.86, 136.32: There is a 32nd triplet here, no 24ths
- I also see a lot of missing notes to the soft hi-hat in this file.
- Even though the layering "makes sense" here, it does not match the song at all and the file dragged on heavily. I was playing slow jumpstreams that were bland and uninspired. The piano melody with the singer can be utilized in this song rather than just making 16th dumpstreams, and the hands need to go.

- 7.86: Why didn't you just stick to 8ths and 16ths here? Halving the BPM is a bit much
- 10.58: A jump to accent the guitar on this 8th instead of the 3-note burst sounds and plays a lot better
- 19.81: I could see a lot of syncing work was done here, but these should just be 16ths.
- 20.04: Note placed too soon, guitar note is on the 16th after (20.07)
- 22.24: This part can be snapped to 16ths and a 32nd triplet, not sure why you left it like this. It looks very messy.
- 47.13-48.69 can be recolored to 16ths, 48.77 and 48.86 can be recolored to 24ths
- 49.60: Yeah I can see more recoloring done here as well. Originally it may have been for syncing purposes, but during actually gameplay the player will convert this into something more tangible like a 24th into a 16th into a 32nd burst and such.
- 59.82, 60.46, 61.53, 62.17, etc.: Trills play much better here than the 3-note 16th jacks, these parts are just too soft to have the difficult feel of jacks.
- 69.31: This was placed a 64th too early, the guitar is on the 16th after
- 72.16: Placing the 12th after instead for the guitar would make this 24th section make much more sense.
- 78.74: Missing jump (there is one at 82.74)
- 84.63: Recoloring can play a role in fixing the 48th-offsetted 16th gallop here (again, understandable for syncing purposes, but the playability also matters)
- 84.80: Missing note
- 120.27: Guitar sounds closer to the 32nd before
- 131.38: This is going to the snare hit so it should be part of the 3-note jack before creating a 4 note jack, but a trill would be better here
- 156.80: This part also plays fine like 47.13 with the color notes, but I found myself subdividing into 16ths etc. just wanting to mention the recoloring point again. I won't be mentioning recoloring any more in this review.
- 162.51: This is just a 24th burst to the guitar leading into a 16th. So there should be 24ths on 162.58, 162.64, and then a 4th on 162.71
- 168.92: This should just be placed on the 4th before
- 171.97: This should just be placed on the 4th after; the 4th also covers the bass pedal here and is less awkward.
- 179.35: Something I should bring up here -- there was also another 3/64th burst stepped earlier in this file, but is it worth stepping it as such instead of 24ths? In game it might convert to something ugly and off and may just be turned into 24ths.
- 203.57: It would be more worthwhile just to place this on the 8th before so this doesn't turn into a 2 frame interval
- 210.04: Why wasn't a 24th stepped?
- 212.00: Missing 12th
- 215.96: A 48th here is so close to the 64th placement that it would make much more sense just to have a 48th here to have it match with the 48ths and 16ths around it. Also there's going to be a gauranteed at-least 3 frame minijack on 215.22 which makes the left minijack weird to play; the 48th on 215.32 should be moved to a different column
- 217.03: There's a 24th burst starting on this 12th until the 4th at 217.29
- 260.86: This minijack is a bit awkward, possibly split up into two gallops?
- 265.01: The guitar is on the 8th before
- 275.71: This was placed a 64th too late, the guitar is on the 16th before.
- 281.09: Missing 16th to the guitar
- 281.76: A 24th gallop here isn't fast enough for the first two notes, this should be placed on the 32nd before.
- 298.16, 298.27:
- 328.83: See 131.38
- 338.82 through 339.52 should just be a trill to the snare 16ths
- 341.38: Missing 16th
- 343.61: This should be on the 8th before
- 365.16: Missing jump
- 369.89, 370.11: It's just the 8ths before
- 373.39: This should just be on the 32nd after, it also properly completes the 3/32nd intervals here
- 376.44: Missing note
- 446.62: This should just be stepped as a 12th burst instead of 5/64ths
- Recoloring the close guitar placements (e.g. 64ths and such) to 16ths, 8ths, 4ths, or whatever should be considered in this file because there were many parts were color notes were used for sync.
- This file has many interesting parts that kept me engaged throughout the file. Despite how long this list of notes looks, it did play pretty well and the song was worth it.

- For the beginning it would be better just to focus on the tetris melody instead of having all of this layering, I didn't see what the jumps were going to at first
- 18.81: This jump is going to nothing, there's just a single double bass pedal hit here
- 29.55: 4 note hidden 8th jack
- 31.90: Get rid of the one handed minitrill here
- 46.63: Layering was a bit confusing up until here, toning down the layering would make it better to play through
- 56.35: I can see what this 16th jump is going to but it's not worth it, the melody stresses the 8ths more
- 56.99 through 58.07: Missing jumps on the 8ths (this is layering in the guitar with the tetris melody)
- 59.71: Death by overlayering; the jump minijacks in this section are also uncalled for.
- 72.28: Wow, and I thought the previous section was overlayered. This is basically Higan Retour Oni with the hands in the 16th jacks. This section is terrible to play through and an unacceptable difficulty spike.
- The file suffers from a "layer all the instruments" mentality and the section at 71.35 illustrates it very well.
- 140.59, 143.53, 146.43, 149.34: These 3-note 16th jacks are unnecessary and don't add any emphasis to the drums, they are just annoying
- This file is a mess; the layering needs to be redone and the pattern choice is very poor. The sync is there, but that's pretty much it.

The Last 8 Bars
- 3.99, 6.29, 8.60: Ghost note
- 11.10: This is just the "fade out" effect of the sound, this note should be removed
- 16.10: Why isn't this stepped on the same column as the previous 4th note?
- 20.62: Incorrectly placed 24th gallop, it's on the 12th after; also like mentioned above this should be stepped on the up note since that's how the file is structured
- 23.03: Why isn't this stepped on the same column as the previous 4th note?
- 30.93: There should be a jump here
- 32.06, 34.56, 36.68, 37.45, etc.: Missing note
- 33.03, 34.76, 37.64, 39.37, 42.26, 43.99, 46.87, 48.60: Ghost note.
- 50.53, 51.10, 51.39: These jumps aren't layering anything, they are just going to a bass kick.
- There are a lot of missing notes before this section and it's stepped rather erratically. The ghost notes I mentioned make it more confusing.
- 52.51, 53.69, 54.80, 55.60, 55.98, 57.14, 61.76, 64.82, etc.: What's with all the color notes? The vocals are just standard notation (8ths and 24ths)
- 66.29: Ghost note, the vocal is on the 8th after
- 69.37: Ghost note, there seems to repeatedly be a 12th placement here for some reason
- 70.72: You can introduce snare layering here, the single note usage is getting bland now (every two 4th notes starting from 71.29)
- 80.20 and many more: You keep using color notes here when the vocals are just 8ths and 24ths
- 83.03: This file needs to be reworked to get rid of the random color note usage.
- 85.93: This is an entire 32nd earlier than the vocal note on the 8th
- 92.51: [Color] minijack out of nowhere. After this part you step the 24th bass kick as a different pattern (not a minijack). I can't see an identifiable pattern structure in this file.
- 97.80: A 64th at 104 BPM is guaranteed to be at least one frame apart, and a small chance of 2 frames apart. If color theory was the aim here it wasn't executed well. The color usage also doesn't make sense.
- 103.03: What's with the jumpspam all of a sudden?
- 103.46: This song is swing, the note is on the 24th after
- 107.21, 107.50, 108.07, 115.00, 116.15: Again, the song is swing. These are 24th gallops.
- 112.74: Missing note
- 121.39, 122.54, 123.70: What are these minijacks going to?
- 128.12: Now I'm really lost at this point. I see a 16th where it should be a 24th gallop, more random color usage, a ghost note at 131.68... this file needs a serious overhaul, this doesn't make sense.
- 133.79: 48th triplet makes no sense (133.84 is a ghost note), I don't know what's going on here
- 163.02: ???
- This file would benefit from a cut as well, the song maintains the same atmosphere for the basically the entire way through and it drags on heavily. Most of the file didn't make sense.

The National Anthem of Japan
- Beginning sync is weird, it needs some adjusting.
- This shares the same problem with Our Final Mourning except without the gallop at the end.
- Any file with a lower TPS than Power is pushing it. If you want users to listen to a relaxing song, just let them listen to it -- don't have all that empty space.
- The file was easy to follow.

The Rhythm
- Do we have Ti-Mo permission?
- Changed to -3.960 offset for this review
- 16.66 This minijack is incorrect. This part should be a four note up-down trill starting from 16.23 from how you stepped the previous two notes; these are the same exact notes being played, but stepped as minijacks.
- 20.04: The drum roll starts here, missing three 16th notes
- 21.52, 24.05: Missing 8th note
- 26.80: Drum roll starts here, missing three 16th notes
- 30.18: This minijack is also incorrect
- 44.54, 46.23, 47.71, 48.56, 48.77, 49.40, 49.61: Missing jumps (The other synth was being accented previously, but for some reason it's not here)
- 51.30: These 8th jacks get old fast and the minijack at 52.89 is uncalled for, this jack part is entirely left handed which is just awkward to play
- 54.26, 55.53, 55.95, 56.37, etc.: Lots of missing jumps that should be layering in the 4th beat with the melody.
- 63.98: Missing note (and jump)
- 65.88, 66.09: Missing melody notes
- 66.52, 69.68: Missing jumps again (accenting just suddenly stops)
- 79.61, 80.46, etc.: The jump usage in this file keeps changing and makes no sense in many areas except for the accenting of the synth melody.
- 93.98: Missing note
- This file also needs work on how it is patterned. 91.87 all of a sudden is a stream of 8th jumpgluts and there's no attention to patterning
- 107.08: There's a 16th stream blasting here
- 115.53: Jump usage looks like it's layering in the 4th beat, but then suddenly stops again. There are a lot of missing and ambiguous jumps in this file; a layering layout is needed.
- 117.38, 117.59: Vocals are on the 16th before
- 119.23, 120.28, 128.31, 128.42, 128.52, 128.84: Missing notes to the vocals
- 132.11: Missing note
- 133.38, 133.80, 134.02: Ghost notes
- 138.98, 139.83: Missing notes
- 148.49: Like 30.18, this minijack is incorrect (there are two different notes being played here)
- 162.85: The 16ths in this part are barely audible
- 171.73: Missing note. I also noticed the copy and paste here.

The Sun and the Star
- The running percussion beat in the background is at 172 BPM 4ths. The song does have a nice relaxing atmosphere to it, but halving the BPM makes the file look more complicated than it actually is.
- 55.76: This shouldn't be a jump
- 75.38: This section is incredibly awkward. The triplets are also hard to distinguish on normal rate, jumps are a better alternative to accent the higher pitch
- Using hands at the end is very inappropriate, this file has a tremendous problem with overlayering when the song doesn't even warrant it. The BPM being 86 gives off the feel of a calm relaxing song, yet this file has rigid anchor patterns all over the place. The overlayering with the half BPM doesn't fit in the slightest.
- In the beginning jumps do not need to be used. A minijack can be stepped and then the higher snare can be stepped on a different column. So many jumps are used in this file that any accenting effect is essentially void. Redo the layering on this file and the pattern usage, it drags on.

Timepiece phase II (High-transparency Mix)
- 5.90: Missing 16th gallop
- 8.80: At least step a 16th gallop here, there are more 16ths but leaving this out feels awkward
- 14.50: No minijack here, but at 19.10 etc. you stepped a minijack
- 24.80: Missing 16th
- 26.70: Missing 8th. This section also doesn't make sense. The 16th on 26.60 is on the synth but the 8th on 26.30 is missing, etc.
- 28.80, 32.80, 33.20: Missing 16th to the hi-hat
- 31.20, 37.60: Missing 16th to the synth
- 39.70, 63.70, 90.90: This is a 24th burst
- 42.10: The minijack usage keeps changing willy-nilly.
- 44.60, 51.00, 52.00, etc.: More missing 16th notes
- This file tends to keep changing structure; sometimes notes are stepped to the same sound and sometimes they are not. There are missing notes and other notes stepped due to this
- 56.90: Yeah, I can't tell what the jumps are going to at this point. Rework the layering, try finding something to focus on whether it be the percussion or the melody
- 78.10: Overlayered and messy
- 105.60, 108.80, etc.: What are these trills going to?
- 142.90: This section of the song is very overlayered and bland, rather than continue using hands etc. a focus on the piano would be nice. This file needs more variety.
- 161.00, 161.60: These 64th gallops are barely distinguishable on normal rate, a jump would work better to accent instead

Trap Factory
- 14.96, 82.82, 150.68: The way this 32nd is placed forms a 3/32nd minijack which is a bit ugly
- 85.56, 89.60, 90.12, 99.01, 100.67, 102.32, 105.63, 107.29, 108.94: Missing note
- 152.60: Missing note
- Conservative layering is nice and this file has an old-school feel to it. I have a problem with the copy-paste syndrome however, some more pattern diversity would be nice.

Treasure Trove Cove 2
- Please label the song properly next time (artist is listed as Unknown Artist, title comes up as Banjo Kazooie TTC)
- 4.34: These jumps don't make sense, starting the file here and just having single notes to the louder xylophone would be better.
- 27.40: The jumps look like an accenting attempt, but single notes still work better here. Layering jumps on the light percussion is another possibility, but I don't recommend it.
- 35.09: At this point the drift in sync is noticeable, I'm getting early perfects and greats
- 36.53: Long 8th jack on the right arrow, split it up and find alternate patterning
- 41.17: I'm willing to bet this 12th is from the drift in sync. The xylophone is only 16ths.
- 42.77: At first it looked like you were trying to layer in the light percussion for the jumps but then the 16th jumps came in and then there were more missing jumps that should have layered the light percussion. What are the jumps going to?
- 43.86, 45.54, etc.: What's this jump going to? I can't find a layering structure here
- 56.39: The sync on this file needs to be fixed. This 24th burst starts on the 8th note after.
- 73.52: At this point I'm getting early greats and goods. Also what is with all these jumps?
- 95.86: This is actually a 6-note 48th burst. If the sync was correct, it should start on the 48th after this 8th note and then end on the 4th note.
- The jump usage in this file is random, there needs to be some kind of layering to follow
- The BPM of this song is 125, not 124.90; using 124.90 made me get early goods by the end. This may have been the result of you keeping the offset at 0.000 as well.

Tsumeawase Pt. 3
- 7.50, 7.68: Ghost notes. 7.16 shouldn't be a jump
- 12.43: These should just be jumps
- 21.68: Quite rigid with that hidden 3-note 3/32nd jack
- 34.84: Make it so this minitrill isn't one handed
- 38.28: This part is way too soft to be stepping hands, wait for the volume to pick up first and then introduce this layering at 47.42
- 64.73: Missing hand
- 69.89: Why the sudden increase in density? Quads are overkill here
- 76.60: This part has a quad and then hands, but no jumps. This rest section is too calm for hands, jumps will suffice.
- 87.87: This is a 48th triplet.
- 88.03: Did you really have to step these 24th jumpjacks
- Change the 24th jumpjacks at the end and ease on the layering in the calmer sections

Twirling Star
- While the beginning plays fine the color notes make much more sense if recolored to 16ths
- 11.83: This part is offsync with ghost notes, 13.23 is where the 16ths start.
- That's quite some rigid patterning
- 49.78: This 48th gallop is way too fast, the sound is closer to the 16th on 49.68
- 94.07: Why did you step 16th jumpgluts here instead of 32nd stream?
- 112.37: This area of the file is very very rigid, it's noticeable with those hidden jacks
- 127.32: This triplet was misplaced, it's a 3/64th triplet starting on the 8th note at 127.27
- Why was the BPM set to 150 here? It's causing a 32nd and 64th note syndrome problem
- 141.46: Same jumpglut idea mentioned at 94.07
- 167.10: Careful of the one handed minitrill usage here, 167.85 leading into 168.08 is disgusting (it also forms a staircase)
- 237.75 would have been an excellent place to stop, this slow part drags on heavily
- 266.91, 267.28: These were placed a 32nd too early
- 282.94: All this empty space? I would seriously consider the suggestion of cutting at 237.75 because this file turns into a snoozefest after
- 295.11: It's 5/32nds, not 3/16ths. There should be 4 single notes instead of 3 before the jump.
- 297.46: This gallop is fine, the next gallop starts on the 32nd at 297.69, and the last gallop starts on the 16th at 297.92
- 325.48: Same jumpglut idea mentioned at 94.07
- 358.36: Why hands all of a sudden? this also creates a 16th minijack. Not a pleasant surprise.
- 180.23 to 204.00 is empty, then there's a 32nd trill, 210.37 to 262.41 is a lot of empty space, etc. It's not worth it to step the 200 BPM 16th parts 5 minutes in.
- The patterning in this file could also use some work.

- Changed offset to -3.518 since I was getting early perfects
- The quad at the very start is overkill.
- 21.74: Sound lands on the 16th before
- 65.07: This should be a hand
- 90.82: Obnoxious usage of colors
- 98.90: Missing hand
- 101.21: The melody is a 24th stream here and it's blasting loud, just stepping the bass kick is empty here
- 115.82: The song is settling down here. Still using heavy layering is absolutely ridiculous here
- 124.28: Missing jump (piano and snare).
- At the very least ease on the layering at the end. Just because there are multiple instruments does not mean all of them need to be layered, the song is settling down at the end. Having layering equal to the previous energetic sections are inappropriate.

- 20.89: The jump should be on 20.74, the focus is on the bass kick
- 22.46, 22.77: These offsetted notes are random. If they're supposed to be going to the "GO! GO!" echo, you are missing notes on 21.86 and 22.16.
- 23.06: Layering in the bass kick would make this jumpstream nice, that would make a jump every 4th note with some 16th minitrill jumps from how the bass kick works out in this section
- What is with all the BPM changes instead of a constant BPM? It just looks like 200 with a lot of unnecessary changes
- 42.40: Missing 8th note
- 53.20, 54.10, etc.: Since you're layering in the clap here it would also make sense to include steps for the clap when it doesn't land on the melody.
- 53.80: Missing jump
- 61.00: Change it so this 8th jump isn't part of the jack in the split 16th jumptrill
- 61.44: See 23.06
- 70.96: Missing jump, you can just change the 4th jump after to [12]
- 80.56: Same thing as 70.96 except instead of the 4th jump being [12] it should be [34] here obviously
- 84.33, etc.: Restep the polyrhythms so it's not an awkward one handed gallop transition (stepping like this tends to make players hit a 16th minitrill instead of an actual gallop)
- 93.83: Missing jump
- 100.58: Oh hey this is the vocal sample from Slake's Gambol at the end
- 101.85: Get rid of the hand after and make this a jump
- Watch out for hidden 8th jacks like 113.17, 113.77, and such. The file just needs some tweaking, the jumpstreams match the song well (just be careful of the hidden jacks like I mentioned)

Vanquish the Horrible Night
- 5.61: These jumps are unnecessary, the up/down trill already covers the double bass pedal. Same for 9.61
- 16.22: This offsetted jump doesn't add anything, it's just a different pitch of the guitar which has been happening this entire section
- 19.36: These 16ths to the drums are blasting loud, it doesn't feel right to leave this empty when you also step the percussion right after
- 19.86: In this section of the file the jump usage is confusing. I'd recommend leaving the jumps to accent the most prominent parts of the guitar
- 24.11, 27.98, 31.98, etc.: Missing jumps (both guitars are playing at once)
- 34.52: The guitar is just 16ths, what's with these color notes?
- 37.11, 39.11, 41.11: Not layering the drums here? Also, missing note at 37.73
- 51.36: Follow through with a trill for the drums here.
- 52.11, 53.11, 56.11, 57.11, 58.11: Missing jump
- 54.11: Careful of your pattern usage, long 8th jacks like these limit available patterns and are bland
- 59.73: Missing note
- 67.11: Missing jump
- 73.48: There's a 24th triplet starting on the 24th at 73.44 and ending on the 8th at 73.61.
- 73.74: What is this offsetted note going to?
- 75.79: Ghost note, the guitar lands on the 16th before at 75.73 and then there's percussion on 75.86
- 77.17: The solo guitar starts on the 8th at 77.11, then the next two notes are separated 5/32nds apart (ends on the 16th at 77.73).
- 79.44: Missing 24th
- 80.48, 80.73: Blasting drums, missing notes
- 82.86: Missing jump
- 87.48: This should just be a minitrill
- 88.11, 88.36, 88.61, 88.73: Missing notes to the drums
- 89.23: It looks like the snare is being layered on the 16ths here but then there are single notes where there should be jumps (e.g. 88.98 and many more)
- 92.36: There's a short 32nd drum roll starting from here going to 92.73
- 92.89: I recommend getting rid of this gallop and instead have a jump. The layering should be kept to the cymbal crashes and the lead guitar here.
- 94.98, 95.36, 95.48, 95.61, 95.73: The double bass pedal is noticeable enough that these notes should be stepped
- 97.17: Missing 32nd
- 100.61: Missing jump
- 108.98, 112.98, 116.98, etc.: Layering is confusing, this has the same problem as 24.11
- 119.52: Same problem as 34.52, the guitar here is just 16ths
- 120.86: Missing jump
- 122.11, 124.11, 126.11: See 37.11
- 128.23, 128.61: These jumps don't go to the cymbal crashes
- 131.61, 135.73, 139.61, 140.23, 141.23, etc.: Missing jump. I think the problem here is that you don't want to step jumpgluts. Here I would say just use jumps to accent the most prominent parts of the guitar
- 158.86: At least step a 4th note here
- 160.62: Why is this note offsetted? The hi hat doesn't warrant any color usage here, it should just be an 8th note.
- 163.98, 165.98: Missing jump
- 168.48: This should just be a minitrill
- 168.86: This section has the same problem as 89.23
- 172.67: Missing 32nd
- 172.86: See 92.89
- 174.98, 175.36, 175.48, 175.61, 175.73: Bass pedal should be stepped here (see 94.98)
- 176.23-176.86: 16th drums should be stepped here
- 179.86-180.86: 16th drums should be stepped here
- 180.37: This color note doesn't add much effect
- 191.61: Sound is on the 32nd before
- 192.42: Yuck. Step a 4th on 192.36 and then a jump on 192.86 to accent the prominent sounds of the lead guitar.
- 195.61: It's a 12th triplet starting on the 12th at 195.52
- 196.69: Missing note
- 196.86: The first three notes are fine, but 197.14 and 197.23 are ghost notes. Those two notes fall on the 32nds on 197.17 and 197.29
- 197.64, 197.86: These are way off. The guitar lands on 197.54 (32nd) and 197.73 (16th)
- 198.36: This solo needs better syncing.
- 201.73, 203.61, 205.73, etc.: More missing jumps
- 204.86: See 92.89
- 208.36-208.86 and 216.36-216.86: 32nd drum roll
- 231.86: 5-note 32nd drum roll. Missing 32nd on 232.42
- 234.04, 234.29, 234.54, 234.79: Missing 32nds to the double bass pedal
- 235.11: 5-note 32nd burst
- 235.48-235.86 should have all 32nds
- This file has many layering problems and uses a lot of the same patterning (or very similar) throughout. The guitar solos also need to be synced better.

Violet Leaves
- Offset is way off, changed to -0.014 from 0.066 for this review
- 4.01, 8.19: Missing 32nds. Also, these shouldn't be one handed
- 29.06, 33.23, 37.40, etc.: Missing 32nd
- The jacks need to go. There is a lot of empty space in this file and they're sudden spikes that aren't relevant to the music and the file drags on.
- Getting rid of the jacks, the percussion sections will be much more fluent and it will be possible to put more of a focus on the calm melody.
- 41.77: Getting rid of the snare here in the layering will be better for the piano melody while still having notes to the percussion (and of course, without the jacks).
- 58.47: The focus here gets shifted to the synth which is fine, but the number of jumps used here is unnecessary. Limiting the layering to the piano will allow both the piano and synth to be integrated without jumpspams. The minijack jumps don't look good. Another benefit is that you might even be able to step the percussion again with the reduced layering without spiking the difficulty up too much.
- 75.16: Even though this song is a little less than 2 minutes in length, there isn't much after this part. A fade out here would be nice (this section also is weird to play, I got late greats).


- 30.80, 30.86: These 16ths don't go to the bass rush (They go to what you stepped as 12ths), Since the emphasis is on the bass rush here the two notes should be removed.
- 33.08: While it is identifiable what the jumps are going to, there are too many unnatural one handed parts here caused by the heavy layering issues. There are a lot of hidden 3 and 4 note 8th jacks within the jumps in the 16ths as well.
- 94.52: Same issue with 33.08
- Looks like most of the long jack issues are resolved but this kind of heavy layering is still incredibly obnoxious. Going by this logic any song that "has a loud bass kick" can be stepped as dense 16th jump sections.
- 125.23: The way this section is patterned there's a lot of [12] and [34] type stuff going on that involves some awkward pausing and the patterning is really limited. This is a problem caused by the heavy layering; toning down the jump usage will increase the diversity in pattern usage tremendously.
- 126.37: Ghost note, missing 16th on 126.49
- 129.67: Nasty transition, [23][14][23][14][23] would work better here with changing 130.03 to 4
- 131.71: Missing 4th
- The file is more playable than the previous submission, but the main problem still remains. Concernig the jump usage, The jumps didn't make me feel like I was playing the song, the jumps in the 16ths were annoying and didn't add any emphasis to what's already a fast and powerful bass kick. Stream patterns with more diversity do the job better. Alternative layering can be used, such as going to the vocals in the 16th sections.

warm sea
- The structure was fine, but it would have been much better to be conservative with the jump usage on this one.
- Recoloring the 48ths in the beginning and the 24th at 23.90 would make this file more aesthetic

We Are The Vampires
- Overlayering galore
- 45.49: This should be a hand.
- 66.95: This should be a hand.
- The ending cuts abruptly, it sounds like the "ire" is missing in "vampire" due to it and it makes the last note awkward.
- I'd still personally prefer the 3/64ths to be 24th swing

Why Did You Have To Make It Hurt
- 34.81: Technically the minijack should be on the 32nd after the 8th note. The pitch changes on 34.89
- 38.92: What is this quad going to? It just came out of nowhere
- 39.26: Vibrating jumpjacks are unnecessary here. "Why Did You Have To Make It Hurt" as the song's title doesn't justify them.
- 42.35: This section uses a lot of minijacks that are erratic to play. Going by the logic of "same sound", 42.35 should be a 4-note long 16th jack, but it is stepped with one minijack. The best alternative is to go with trills (and jumptrills for the parts involving the jumpjacks)
- 44.06: What is this 5-note 8th jack going to?
- 54.73, 54.78: Missing 32nd notes. There's a very short 48th burst right after but stepping that would be nonsense.
- 68.06: What is with these quads coming out of nowhere?
- There are 4-note long 16th vibrating jumpjacks sometimes, and then sometimes there are minijacks into a minitrill. The mix is erratic to play.
- A lot of 32nds in this song are just the "sliding" type sounds which gets rather obnoxious after a while
- 78.78: More complicated than just a 48th burst, stepping a 32nd burst here works better
- 85.21: Why isn't there a 32nd burst here?
- 88.63: Vibrating jumpjack problem again
- 92.23: These are actually 32nds. With 24th notes, different patterns need to be used -- right now it's convoluted
- 102.95, 105.69: Ghost note
- 124.89: Jump should be on the 16th before
- 134.92: Technically the 3-note jack should start on the 32nd after. Really though, the minijack and jack usage in this file is overdone; there are better alternatives.
- 148.04: What's with the hands?
- A lot of the patterns (especially the 32nds in the beginning and the 16th jacks) in this file are very forced and I feel like they were just done due to the song's title. The second half of the file becomes overlayered and bland.

Winnipeg As Mandatory Scat Feed
- NOTE: My pictures in this review may have used an offset of -7.049 instead of -7.069, and the original stepcount is 5486.
- 8.62: Why isn't this a jump?
- 11.31: Ghost note
- 21.91: The loud distorted bass kick isn't here, this should be a single note
- 24.23: These hands aren't necessary
- 28.40: A slight increase in pitch doesn't warrant hands
- 28.95: Why isn't this a jump?
- 29.80, 29.93: Ghost note
- 30.23: More unnecessary hands, ease on the layering
- 31.35: This section is wrong, there's 12ths starting on the 4th at 31.33 going to 31.58 and then the same thing goes for 31.82
- 33.87: 5/48th starting on the 12th at 33.86
- 35.68: Ghost note
- 36.97: Why isn't this a jumptrill?
- 37.30: This is a 24th gallop, stepping an offsetted color note here doesn't add any emphasis
- 41.07: Missing 16th
- 41.25: 24th burst
- 43.82, 43.95: There are loud fast bursts here that can be accented with a jump
- 45.48: Missing note
- 47.80, 47.93, 48.05: Missing notes
- 48.29, 48.54, 48.78, 49.03, 49.27, etc.: Lots of missing notes
- 54.81: Missing 32nd
- 61.15: Missing note, 61.03 is actually a ghost note
- 68.86, 69.11: Notes like these are continously missing and the loud bass kicks are already emphasized by the jumps
- 75.48, 76.82: Ghost note
- Just a side note: At places like 69.84, 80.07, 86.93, etc. the bass kick is a 24th gallop instead of 16ths, but for playability sake I don't mention this
- 88.95, 89.07: Ghost note
- 97.40: Ghost note
- 108.51: Unnecessary offsetted note, this is just a 32nd placement (3/32nds)
- 109.44: 32nds, not 24ths
- 114.84: The "step loud distorted bass kicks as jumpspams" mentality detracts from the file
- 124.70, 124.95, 128.13, 128.37: Ghost note
- 129.05: Going by this mentality 129.17 should also be a minijack. This minijack is unnecessary, alternative patterns can be used.
- 130.15: 24ths at this speed is 183.75 32nds, which has a possibility of a cameljack here
- 140.31: Missing note
- 140.56: This is 3/64ths starting on the 4th ending on the 16th at 140.74
- 145.03, 145.27, 145.76: More missing notes
- 146.25: Ghost note
- 148.33, 149.93: Missing note
- 150.84: 32nds, not 24ths
- 157.46: Technically 64ths, if not stepping 32nds keep in mind 12ths at 245 BPM are 183.75 BPM 16th minijacks and they're right next to each other on the up arrow
- 160.40: A trill would suffice here, the minijacks are unnecssary and inconsistent with the rest of the song
- 160.88: Again, technically 64ths, if 32nds are not being stepped be mindful that there's a 183.75 bpm 32nd minitrill here and players will wind up hitting 3434
- 163.27: Missing note
- 166.15: This patterning makes no sense and just looks like something to irritate the player. Remove this minijack.
- 174.78: Missing note
- 175.82: 24ths, not 32nds
- 178.27: 32nds, not 24ths
- 179.68: Missing note
- 183.35: Ghost note, it's just part of a buzz
- 187.52, 187.76, 194.37: Missing note
- 195.48, 202.95, 206.01, 206.13, 206.74: Ghost note
- 211.52: Missing note
- 212.62: Poor patterning, this is basically an awkward minijack into jump minijack or hit-as-24ths scenario with a one handed minitrill.
- 225.78: This is 32nds going into 64ths. Not only are these 24ths wrong, the way this is patterned is absolutely atrocious.
- 226.64: Missing note
- 230.99: This does not go to the percussion
- 232.82, 233.07, 233.31: Missing 16ths
- 236.74: Ghost note
- 238.46, 244.56: Missing 16th
- 252.23: See this. There's a 5/64th triplet, then a 3/64th triplet after.
- 258.29: Missing 16th
- 259.03, 270.42, 275.07: Ghost note. Missing 16th on 270.29
- 275.74: Unnecessary sudden jump-minijacks, this is at a blazing fast speed too.
- 279.45: This gallop was placed after the sound occured. It's a 48th gallop starting on 279.40 (stepping a jump at that point is a better idea)
- 281.19: This is just 16ths, more random offsetted color notes.
- 285.11: Missing 16th
- 285.54: 32nds, not 24ths
- 287.44, 287.80: Missing note
- 299.99: What is this? This is just a 16th going into a 32nd burst, but it's stepped as an offsetted not with a 12th minijack. This is completely wrong.
- 300.69: Ghost note
- 307.92: Missing 32nd
- 310.82: Missing 16th
- 320.96: Ghost note
- 325.66: This is just a 16th
- 326.84: Incorrectly placed, it's on the 8th before
- 329.01: This part was stepped very very wrong. See this.
- 332.12: The biggest mistake here was staying at 245 BPM. There is no way this ending can be properly stepped at such a low BPM, this is a mess with a lot of errors and there would be too many screenshots for me to take to fix this section. The ending also abuses color notes to "look technically correct" when it isn't.
- 340.37: Atrocious patterning, get rid of this 32nd triplet (guaranteed at least a cameljack)
- 345.81: This is just a 3/32nd placement, no colors are needed
- 346.11: It is just the 16th before, random color offsetting. The burst after is also wrong.
- 352.61, 353.10: Sound is on the 16th before. There is also more obnoxious color offsetting here. A BPM change can get rid of the yellow note syndrome.
- There is a lot of hand abuse in this file that isn't needed, the heavy layering causes a lot of problems, there are a plethora of technical errors here (especially the end, the BPM needs to be at least doubled to even consider stepping it), many patterns are absolutely atrocious. This file needs an overhaul and would benefit immensely from a cut.
- I definitely want to stress the patterning portion again. There are too many 8th-jack one-handed heavy parts in this file that are terrible to play through.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


MarioNintendo / TC_Halogen


Slam Crunk


- Proves that a rock song can actually be fun for once!


- Weird jump placement at the beginning (27.401s, 28.807s, ...)

- There's a phrase you always use 8ths instead of 12ths, which is wrong (ex: 34,588s)

- missing note 60.369s

- 82.244s Jump is too strong here, has a weird effect.

note: 7/10

Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year - Fat of Sixty Years


- Really intense, feels nice!

- The solo is sublime!


- 35.819s is more convoluted than it should. I see that you tried incorporating both instruments, but it doesn't quite work. Stick to the drums for the novelty their rhythm brings to the song, I'd say.

- 70.819s For PR, make this jump (34), I beg you!

- 112.916s It felt quite strange that you didn't layer the drum here. It is quite important: it's the reason you slowed down the BPM!

note: 7/10

We Are Hi-Speed (Remix)


- Great diversity in the steps!


- Your intro's PR is really broken. All along it, your "mini jacks" (e.g. 2.344s and 2.594s) are the same arrow, but aren't at the same pitch in the song. That means instead of "313", that triplet should be something like "312". You'll have to fix this for your whole intro.

- 190.594s Why no 8ths to follow the bass?

- This song doesn't know when to end.

note: 7.5/10




- Feels like a DDR tutorial song

- Impecable chart

- Easy, yet engaging!


- Repetitive steps could be balanced with a cut of the song.

note: 8.5/10

Sound of Infinity


- Good sound choice, can't go wrong with F-777!


- Had to make the offset at -2.040s because it was offsync

- Awkward hidden minijack (10.933s) -- this mistake is repeated later on as well.

- 12.111s Jump usage, jack usage and PR don't add up at all to fit the song

- Section 16.611s feels really empty because you didn't emphasize the bass by filling the gaps with 4th and 8th notes. Really underwhelming feeling!

- 29.790s Unexcusable missing note, this is the kind of beat that makes your song unique, don't pass it up!

- 43.183s Beurk layering

- Your color usage is well intended, but makes it hard to read a few key sections (101.469s), which kills the effect in the end. Don't limit yourself to only 1 color.

- Song should've honestly ended at 111.326s. The rest is just copy/paste or contains a lot of mistakes. It's almost 5 minutes long!!

note: 4.5/10

Southern Cross V2


- It's nice to use the second version of this song.


- Song artist is 403, not (error) 404.

- Really dense jump usage diminishes their overall impact. It's like we're playing in "forte" during the whole song. Lacks nuance.

- 117.054s Follow PR, these notes should be the same

- Missing notes 120.348s, 121.736s

- 122.603s It might be me, but I feel this section should've simply be a trill. We're losing the essence of the song by convoluting the chart this heavily.

- 196.481s and 199.255s shouldn't be hands compared to 193.706s.

note: 6/10



- Awesome sped up section


- 58.638s how could you miss that note

- Super repetitive/generic steps throughout

- 139.665s how could you miss that note

note: 6.5/10

Still Blastin'


- Very engaging for an easy chart! Makes me wish you stepped a harder version as well, though!


- 49.506s Using triplet-trills here would've been a cool effect to emphasize the fast speed, even if you're aiming at a low difficulty chart.

note: 7.5/10



- So clean it makes me want to live in it.


- 7.207s maybe use a left or right arrow for PR, that note's pitch is really far from the previous note, so make the gap between the two larger (and also switching hands). The pause between the next "1234" will then erase our notion of PR for that specific note and it'll just be better afterwards.

- 29.877s There was a way you could avoid that pesky minijack (see 35.502s)

- 72.832s No trill here?? See 67.377s)

- 78.286s, etc. ^

note: 7.5/10



- Simply wonderful marathon chart, from start to finish.


- 221.010S It's hard just to hear the notes playing this, so I'd suggest to simply make the patterns easier to read just to compensate this fact.

note: 8.5/10



- Solid! Gladly accepted.


- 69.702S Huh? Why not make this a (13) jump to follow PR?

note: 8/10

The Last 8 Bars


- 66.659s That was immensely satisfying.

- 140.505s OOOH that feels great!

- It took you a long time to get to this level of goodness in your charts, but I think it was worth the wait! Don't mind the score: if you fix those little mistakes, you've got a golden chart.


- Section 29.159s While technically correct, I really suggest you try to find a way to incorporate more drum layering in that particular section; the patterns it could make have a lot of potential to be memorable.

- 32.909s Those pitch slides are comprehensive, but I think you'll agree they "slide" faster near the end. In order to represent what's actually happening, I think you should make the three last arrows closer to each other. This applies obviously to every pitch slide in the song

-50.505s Eh, I don't know about those jumps! I think that if you removed the arrow that isn't in the jack, this could flow better without removing the idea you had of this section.

- 66.274s If I'm not mistaken, this arrow should be an 8th.

- 69.399s Place an arrow here, and remove the 24ths right next to it (down and up arrows).

-98.822s Don't forget the song is in "swing", so use 24ths, not 16ths.

-100.986s An arrow here (for the piano chord in the background) would make a great, yet easy polyrhythm. Idem for 101.563s

-103.438s, 107.188s, etc. see 98.822s

- 110.217s etc. see 100.986s

- The song is way too long. Parts like 218.389s are great, but they don't feel worth waiting 3 minutes to get there, especially considering the first 3 minutes are pretty repetitive. And to be honest, I much preferred the first half of the song. I think you could use a cut just fine!

note: 6/10

The National Anthem of Japan


- It's pretty good technically, I guess! There wasn't much difficulty involved in stepping this chart, though.


- Feels like we're waiting for something that never happens in the song...

note: 6.5/10

The Rhythm


- Energetic song if layered properly


- 5.419s Inverted PR, should be "123432".

- When the beat starts pumping up, I think you should use jumps more consistently not to drop the energy (ex: 54.644s vs 55.489s)

- 65.841s Nah, this gap is awkward. Fill it somehow!

- 93.940s Putting a left arrow here would be fantastic

- 171.686S ^ (up arrow, though)

- Yeah, your jump usage was a tad inconsistent. It doesn't help that this song is all about jump usage. It doesn't help that the song is also repetitive.

note: 5.5/10

The Sun and the Star


- Surprising ending!


- Why use such a low BPM?

- 75.363s You exaggerated a tad much here. I disagree with how you stepped the stream; it doesn't play well at all!

- Oh how this song is repetitive, and sadly the steps too

note: 6/10

Timepiece phase II


- Clean file!


- 78.080s This kill the flow you established for the past 70 seconds.

- 90.080s This is not a pure trill; do not hesitate to use jacks!

- 91.680s In this section a new melody is born (the synths), but it seems you didn't bother layering it, and opted for using the same patterns from the past 90 seconds. It's not because these new synths are apart from each other that you can't step them properly. Bad decision!

- The song is way too long. Please consider cutting it.

note: 6.5/10

Trap Factory


- 91.026s Good decision!


- 9.923s I'd opt for stepping the continuous stream of synths instead, for the sake of novelty.

- 17.785s How you can invert such obvious PR is beyond me! Use "1234" instead of "4321", or buy new headphones.

- 77.992s This note goes to a drum hi-hat in the background which played constantly since the song started. This is the first time you step it. Why now?

- The way you chose to cut the song is weird. You cut it in the middle of a piano solo. I think you should rather include the full solo and then cut the song, or cut the song before the solo starts.

note: 7/10

Treasure Trove Cove


- You got permission from Rare to use their music. Respect!!!


- Name your song right in the editor, since it's not the same name as your folder. Because of that, I almost skipped the song by accident!

- 41.153s Remove this arrow

- Section 102.322s You can keep stepping the stream without worrying about it being too difficult. At the moment, it feels way too empty!

- You seem to need a bit of help on how and where to put jumps, and how to follow the pitch of a song. You placed notes at the right timestamps, all that is left is to do is to place the RIGHT notes! There are quite a lot of small mistakes to list here, but I think that if you ask help to anyone around here, you'll be able to iron out this chart in order to get it in the game!

note: 4/10

Tsumeawase Pt. 3


- This song should be the definition of diversity


- 38.261s Never in a hundred years will this be a hand.

- 53.546s Ghost note remove it

note: 8/10

Twirling Star


- My hands hurt

- Excellent song choice

- 46.813s jizz


- I'll never AAA this

- The above mention was a joke and didn't affect the note.

- The statement below is false

- The statement above is right

note: 8/10



- Song got me super pumped to go into space! Merry Christmas!


- Why did you always avoid putting jumps on beats that were in the middle of a stream??

- Placeholder note GO DIE obviously i'm joking about the go die part, but please remove it thank you

note: 7.5/10



- Disguised Canon in D?


- Generic jumpstream

note: 7/10

Vanquish the Horrible Night


- ROCK THAT SOUNDS GOOD. oh wait, it's video game music. nevermind.


- A few jumps are inconsistent (presence, absence, etc.). Because of it, the chart feels pretty loose and not terribly clean.

- Don't use beginner difficulty thank you

- 175.336s missing notes in this gap

- After 3 minutes, it got pretty repetitive. I bet people won't like replaying this song over and over. You might want to consider cutting it.

note: 7.5/10

Violet Leaves


- The steps were good. I think it's the song choice that didn't help from the beginning. You didn't have much to work with.


- Lazy way to respect the 2 second of silence rule. Be courageous; modify the mp3 with Audacity. Like everyone else does.

- Inverted PR in your trills of the beginning

- An honestly generic experience. There was nothing particularly likeable about the chart.

note: 6.5/10



- Another chiptune in the game!


- Another chiptune in the game...

note: 8/10



- The chart felt like an attraction. Brb hospital.

- Those BPMs changes rofl



- 2*4=

note: 8/10

warm sea


- Made me smile through and through


- I wanted to step this song, now you ruined my plan ;_;

- 14.989s There should be an arrow playing a triplejack here. Even though we have an harmony, the most important notes stay the same ("cha-cha-cha")

- The song is technically (almost) perfect, but I can't help thinking you're overcomplicating the layering on such an easy song. It's a different way to view things, but I think I had to mention it.

note: 7.5/10

We Are the Vampires


- That voice sample is so cool! XD


- Pure fun.

note: 8/10

Why Did You Have To Make It Hurt


- Chart fits the title


- Some really mean streams here, ouch!

- And the song is so, so, so draggy............................................ ......................................

- Seriously, consider cutting it. I beg you.

note: 7/10

Winnipeg As Mandatory Scat Feed


- Winnipeg Winnipeg Winnipeg Winnipeg


- Trollish file

- Repetitive beat gets on everyone's nerves

- Ridiculously long

note: 6/10

Black (YoshL)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]
- chart is still quite similar, just a few jumps added/removed for inconsistencies in jump usage
- ending is still quite heavy, but not much can be done about that with this current layering scheme

Clockwork Gearman (YoshL)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- looks about the same, still wondering the same question as before from the July notes

EOS (ilikexd)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- 18.354: add a tap for the bass drum here; it looks awkward not being there
- 19.897: switch the 8ths from D to L, the pitch is lower
- 56.754: really liking the layering change, looks better
- 89.668: completely changed structure, neat! Looks a bit cleaner.
- chart is noticeably improved, nice work

Breakthrough Atomsphere (Razor)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]
- offset is good
- 40.054: ambiguous jump
- 57.015/62.231: connect this tap to the jump to have a more consistent layering
- 68.153: strange burst for a constant sampling
- 72.710: while I do appreciate the color changes to follow the filter's intensity, you're causing frame discrepancies with steps that fall > 20ms off of their original location
- 76.128 to 88.279: check layering, there's a few inconsistencies here
- 97.772: see 72.710
- 112.582 to 124.734: respectable PR, but could be improved a little bit
- 124.734: interesting structure, repetition is nice and works well despite missing a number of notes in the melody
- 130.430: repeated taps? if you're not catching the repeated notes in the melody, you really shouldn't be using these either
- 135.619: remove jump
- 136.126/136.505: no accent for the filtered bass drum?
- 167.738: start the 32nd burst here
- 173.719: there's a really fast piano here that could work for making this a nice little climax, if you didn't already notice it
- 198.527: this pattern entry is not very nice; also, there's a missing 24th after here (oddly enough: adding the 24th on the right arrow at 198.591 might make this pattern a little smoother)
- ending layering could use a little tweaking as well
- chart is alright but could use some polishing; song could use a cut because it does get a little repetitive

Electric Butterfly (ilikexd)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- offset is good
- I'm not feeling the first 25 seconds -- the rhythms are proper and the structure does make sense, but it's quite difficult to accent the repeated vocal samples while including the synth/percussion in a somewhat coherent matter
- PR is very strong; changes but stays noticeably correct during the changes
- solid file

Euphoric Field [Final Shaft Remix] (Coolboyrulez0 & bmah)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]
- offset is a touch early
- 42.102: this is a pretty massive difficulty spike
- 66.035: missing jump for vocals
- 92.495: missing jump for synth
- file has proper rhythms, but the structure of the file itself leaves more to be desired in terms of PR
- acceptable

Lawn Wake IX (ilikexd)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- 60.618: missing note for hi-hat here
- 117.312: stupid nit-pick Ė disappointed at the fact that you didnít continue to accent the faded snare by keeping either the L or U arrow repeated until the fade stopped
- there are a few instances of chained 8th notes that could be separated for improved accenting
- PR is sensible, albeit ambiguous in a few spots
- solid file overall

Lawn Wake IX (MrPopadopalis25)
Rating: [<] [6/10]
- 6.838: harsh burst, especially because you started split-handed there
- 26.677: missing note
- 56.838 to 81.357: while the bursts are correct in terms of rhythms, is it absolutely necessary to use them this way when the song is 185 BPM?
- 81.357: convoluted transition Ė creates some really difficult/uncomfortable patterns
- 91.356: ^
- 121.678: the color gimmick is alright, but the lack of a reset in sync causes the chart to be BNS (I see that it is reset later, but thatís quite a long time).
- 141.002: empty area as a result of resetting the BNS; this could have been alleviated earlier on
- 144.579: more convoluted transitioning due to multiple accents at the same time
- file is not bad, but ilikexdís file is more polished for sure

Lifework (Niala + bmah)
Rating: [+.] [7.5/10]
- offset is slightly late
- structure is sensible; however, I do have issues with the extended streams considering that they occur considerably more frequently than the sections that accent that wonky synth Ė it would have been easily possible to build up
- the section where the synth volume increases also irks me a bit only because of the style of layering Ė if it simply assigned jumps to the percussion, it would be a bit more clear because it would clearly separate the percussion (jumps) and the synth that plays loudly (single taps, only as jumps when coinciding with percussion) Ė this occurs in two sections
- not a bad file at all

Malicious Fingers (Silvuh)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- grace notes were fixed from last time I judged this Ė however, the BNS issue still exists; apply a BPM change at 135.010 such that 135.760 lands on 4th notes (and compensate so that 181.210 lands on 8th notes).
- other than that, Iíve got nothing

Micro Media Broth (Zephei)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]
- structure needs serious work Ė the file is very unfocused and overlayered
- Ĺ BPM cut is completely unnecessary and really has no merit
- on the flip side, rhythms are quite accurate where they need to be, particularly in the solos and more complex percussion sequences (however, there are a ton of ghost notes that need to be assessed)
- thereís also some notable pitch relevance, which is a plus
- you have a solid foundation for a file, but you need to work out a path for your file, rather than just trying to layer everything you hear

Monkey Island (PrawnSkunk)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]
- offset is good
- technically nothing really notably wrong with the file, but the layering looks a bit strange being so heavy when the song is relatively slow
- song is annoyingly draggy despite how short it is, but thereís really not much you can do about it Ė you made do well with what you had

My Fxxxin Desire For You v2 (gameboy42690)
Rating: [<] [8/10]
- offset is good
- 42.843: missing step for ride cymbal
- 115.906: jumps for the next four taps are a bit iffy; you would do better separating the snares (first four taps) as jumps and the toms (115.906 to 116.156) as single taps
- this is very frustrating; the chart is certainly more coherent than the in-game one, but itís practically the same difficulty thanks to the same spike contained within both charts, which will likely disqualify this version from being accepted

Once Upon A December (DarkZtar)
Rating: [+.] [7.5/10]
- pitch relevance in the intro occasionally seems questionable thanks to a few overlaying 8th note jacks
- a few instances of repeated 8th notes exist when there is a bass drum/snare alternation, making things look slightly questionable
- 77.529/77.957: sequence looks a bit strange with repeating notes but a non-repeating tap (make the triple [124]?)
- 88.651: missing jump for repeated note
- 92.421: missing tap for bass drum
- chart structure seems quite sensible overall, just clean up the missing steps and polish up the bits of structural inconsistencies

Our Final Mourning (XelNya)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]
- because this file generalizes a very slow pace, itís hard to imply that the chart follows anything notable within the song, it just has a really low pace for the sake of being incredibly easy
- beginner charts are one thing, but balancing playability is another Ė at 91 seconds, a 44-step chart averages under a note every two seconds; being introductory and easy is one thing, but this is justÖ too easy, even for the most beginner of players.
- I would be more than accepting for an appeal of this rating if my rating is the one keeping it from being accepted.

PARANOiA (HADES) ĖMiDNiGHT MiX (Mr.Stepmaniac)
Rating: [?] [2/10]
- offset is good
- however, the structure on this file is very inconsistent; it barely syncopates to the percussion
- jump usage is also consistent
- not suitable for FFR; structure isnít even passable as an index/pad chart that is fluent

Phase 1 (M0nkeyz)
Rating: [?] [2/10]
- chart is slightly early
- 24.535: clever patterning, but the jump stands out like a sore thumb
- 37.696 to 49.696: patterns could definitely be deviated quite a bit more than they are now given the situation
- 40.406: no reason to have a jump here
- 49.696 to 61.890: extremely repetitive patterns; missing jump at 58.600 (why did they stop in the first place?)
- 61.696: misrhythm
- 74.471 to 86.858: having one arrow and then another set of mini-jacks is a bit strange when they represent the same instrument Ė you would do better just having varying taps a bit more (it would make this part less repetitive anyway)
- 92.664 to 112.116: at this point, any sort of coherent structure disappears here Ė the mini-jacks were passable when repeating two arrows, but repeating three means youíre no longer properly following the hi-hats in the song, not to mention that the jump placement isnít really sensible either Ė the patterning is also incredibly repetitive
- 139.503: 24ths do not exist in the song, these shouldnít exist in the song
- chart needs a massive overhaul to be acceptable

Play It Loud (gameboy42690)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]
- offset is good
- 6.996, 8.771, (etc): you could add jumps on the 16ths since the guitar is pretty noticeably accented Ė the jumps being left on the 8ths at the end of each riff seem like misrhythms, even though theyíre actually not
- do your best to accent the most audible notes in a song like this Ė notes at 11.400/12.276/(etc throughout the entire song) are tough to hear and might actually detract from heavy snare accents like the area mentioned above
- 60.334: nice percussion detail
- some of the jump usage is a bit odd to me, but it does look like itís following the guitar (which is a bit masked in the background)
- structure seems acceptable to me

Po Pi Po Kouka de Uchi no Miku wa Kyou mo Genki Desu (0)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]
- offset is very slightly early
- this isnít 6 key, holy christ Ė calling this file overlayered would be a ridiculous understatement
- chart makes sense, but it is far beyond a good file Ė it literally just layers anything possible without creating mini-jacks, which creates a structure that doesnít seem consistent unless the player can discern every single thing that goes on at any given point
- despite being 60 seconds, this file feels like it drags
- this file will get the minimum acceptance rating from me, that is all

Premium Pine (MrTea)
Rating: [+.] [7.5/10]
- this is a pretty neat song, kudos on the creation
- rhythms are all correct
- structure is sensible, but I am slightly irked at the lack of attention paid to the non-bass instruments when the drum breaks come in Ė itís not bad at all, just a personal nit-pick, really
- 110.768: opportunity for a flam here to break the repetition a bit
- 113.518: this jump is a bit out of place
- overall, this chart isnít bad; it could use a bit of tweaking to prevent some of the 8th note jack placement that occurs throughout the file, because your chart is implying more accents than there are

Rage [Sukiaís Theme] (XelNya)
Rating: [+?] [4.5/10]
- 3.130: the strings sound a bit closer to 16ths at full speed, so your file might look a bit more solid changing all instances of 24ths attempting to follow the strings to 16ths
- 8.520/8.857: while understandably omitted, jumps here would keep your structure a bit more secure/solid
- 13.659/13.827: missing taps for the bass drum here
- 13.911: see 3.130
- 18.460/26.546: being that you have all jumps for the snares that happen every beat, you might want to add jumps to the guitar when they fall off of 4ths like here, for example (this does run the risk of being somewhat convoluted at 21.829 if you follow It, hmmmÖ)
- 27.473: ghost note
- 29.747: donít confuse the little guitar bit and your percussion background here; make sure you identify the rhythms properly
- 32.948: being that you used snares at 22.x seconds that were separated [13][24], why add a forced jack here?
- 33.453 to 47.604: this progression is alright, but itís a bit lacking in the second half where you layer up the strings and guitars to make all jumps. To build this up, you could add triples for snares to give a bit more deviation.
- 53.669 to 75.232: PR could use a little bit of work Ė I appreciate the attempt, but itís not quite polished enough
- 64.113: should be 16ths
- 85.808/96.548/118.022: same deal as 32.948
- 99.406: while not required, you could remove this jump here to give more accenting power to your triple (itíll also be a bit cleaner)
- 102.523 to 118.359: you have a number of missing or misplaced taps for bass drums that need to be resolved in this area, keep consistent to your structure
- 110.272: while the flute isnít quite snapped to 16ths, itís certainly a more reasonable and closer option than 24ths for the flute
- 133.857/137.564: (nitpick) flip the arrows on this flam because the higher note is the second note of the flam
- 138.574: I understand this being a bit of a guitar solo, but the cymbals are something that probably shouldnít be ignored, given that the second section after this actually has those cymbals accented with triples
- 159.464: drums here should be 12ths
- this file needs a lot of work, but the foundation of the file actually possesses the potential to be quite unique in charting style Ė a little bit of work and this file can really be something interesting

Ray of Moonlight (DarkZtar)
Rating: [+.] [6/10]
- offset is good
- 19.640: not really feeling that syncopated rhythm switch there
- 23.440: given the difficulty of the piano areas, you could have easily filled in the filtered bass that you charted in the intro rather than cutting the difficulty down only to drastically increase it again
- 57.040: there are a number of missing notes in this area for the synth line that are followed previously in other areas, although you did capture all of the prominent parts of the melody at the least
- this file is correct rhythms and layering for what it is, but the difficulty is FAR from consistent Ė it opens up as if itís holding back but brings a pretty solid/strong difficulty near the end; not very well conceived structurally

Red_13 (TheSaxRunner05)
Rating: [+?] [5/10]
- offset is very very slightly early
- 12.006 to 30.681: with a part of the song that is quite constant, you should try and keep your chart flowing with the song Ė the abrupt stop at 23.529 doesnít fit because nothing noticeably changes about the overall pace/structure of the song aside from the piano. Also Ė you obviously have an understanding of pitch relevance; your chart would look a lot more visual appealing if you structured the piano with somewhat stringent pitch relevance, and then put the 16ths around that because theyíre following a percussive element, where patterning isnít nearly as important
- 23.430/23.728: missing jumps for piano
- 31.079 to 34.257: you shouldnít worry too much about putting jumps down, because they wouldnít create polyrhythms Ė keep accenting those snares/claps!
- 36.989: missing 32nd note for percussion
- 62.469: this jack is quite abrupt (sensible, but quite harsh)
- 64.953: remove this 16th, try to keep a constant pace
- 69.820 (etc): understandable choice in pattern, but the pitch relevance can be accounted for more comfortably (something like [13][24][34] would be nice because it only forces one mini-jack)
- 75.681 to 81.542: spice this stream up a bit by adding the bass drums to the layering Ė this way, the next section wonít have quite as much of a layering boost when it adds 8th jumps to the stream a bit later
- 81.940 to 88.297: this is a really generic ending Ė it does combine multiple elements, but it still seems anti-climactic because there are jumps following multiple things that donít quite merit as much accenting relevance; this area could be a bit better by not accenting the snare Ė the player would know precisely why their hitting jumps if it goes to the melody in the background
- there is a discernible structure with some understandable pitch relevance, but the file itself is quite bland; some structural polishing could help this file

Revolutions (M0nkeys)
Rating: [-] [1/10]
- stream patterning seems almost randomized and isnít relevant to the song at all
- rhythms arenít solid because they alternate between following the synth runs and just abruptly stopping, or subdividing down to 8ths for no real reason
- misrhythms do exist in this file on occasion as well
- chart is quite random, honestly Ė thereís not much that I can say without making an entire novel about all of the issues that exist in the file

Run Away (bmah)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- 24.234: 24th note seems a little out of place even though it attempts to follow the vocal there, it might just be better as a 4th
- 48.949, 62.663, (etc): not really feeling the jumps here; even if they layer the synth and the bass at the same time, the synth accent masks the bass here and it almost feels erroneous to have those jumps there
- other than that, Iíve got nothing. File is well constructed.

Samus Bubblebath (trumaestro)
Rating: [+.] [7/10]
- layering is quite interesting in this file, particularly in the first half Ė very subtly combined as there are multiple instruments accounted by single taps; it works quite well in this file
- PR is acceptably done
- 84.540/85.599: thereís a missing note somewhere in that burst, as there are four very audible notes
- 122.923: ghost note here
- 163.423: another missing note somewhere in here
- 166.776: missing piano note
- 191.482: noticeably incorrect rhythm here
- 198.364: ^
- 211.599: missing note, should be four notes here
- 217.599: this grace note should be a bit later (this isnít the first instance that it happens, change them all for this sound if they sound delayed, there are a number of them)
- 239.482: also a misrhythm here
- 250.776: ^
- the white note usage will cause a ton of flams to happen because the BPM of the song is quite low
- overall, this file does make sense; however, there are a lot of really careless mistakes near the end

Savant on Mushrooms [ft. Savant] (Razor)
Rating: [?] [3/10]
- not a fan of the fact that it takes nearly 30 seconds to get to the actual chart itself Ė you could have at least layered the vocals in the beginning to make the player slightly less bored
- 33.135/33.564: should be 24ths
- 40.421: should be 16ths
- 44.278 to 54.992: this section needs work; pitch relevant jacks arguably arenít timed properly (42.849, 44.564 definitely sound half a step higher than the seven notes following it, but later instances do sound really close Ė if they have pitch changes, they are incredibly minute); in addition, there are glaring misrhythms (41.983/42.144, 44.001/44.108, 50.921, 52.849)
- 56.278/57.992: these jacks can come across as erroneous considering that there is deviating pitch here
- 64.528: missing note for synth
- 75.349: should be 24ths only
- 77.921: arguably incorrect on the 32nds considering the snares are 48ths
- 79.635: snares are 24ths here, remove the 32nds
- 80.010: 32nd is a ghost and is out of place
- 89.064: 8th doesnít follow anything here
- 86.706 to 109.849: why do the triples appear and disappear for the snares? Direct layering wouldnít dictate any sort of changes here, either. Honestly, this entire drop is really convoluted because of you trying to generalize a structure using jacks Ė it looks quite messy and is missing a number of jumps for bass drums, has added jumps for barely audible things, and overall just feels incredibly forced
- the jack patterning continues to be convoluted up to about 144s in
- 153.242/159.885: arguably incorrect 16th
- 155.706: should be 32nd notes
- 162.564: should be 32nds (up to the 8th at 162.778)
- 169.421: ^, this continues to happen throughout; if itís intentional, resolve the first instance by making it four notes rather than five
- remove that last roll, thatís really unnecessary for the end of the song, itís just the same sustained note chopped at a high frequency Ė if it were something notable that actually changed, it would be alright
- I hate to say this, but this is easily my least favorite file of yours in quite some timeÖ it seems very unpolished, very dirty/messy, and just really boring Ė none of this is normal for your files.

Scrambooch (Silvuh)
Rating: [+] [8/10]
- my only complaint is the changes in 64th swing to 24th swing for accenting the melody, when the melody also falls on the 64ths Ė you could create a ton of subbeats for the current 24ths so that they fall on the 64th rhythm (certainly a lot of work but not really necessary because Iíve got nothing else for you, lol)
- like the color change at 94s, itís cute
- good file overall, plays really nicely

Senorita Bonita (hi19hi19)
Rating: [+] [9/10]
- 13.576, (other instances with this rhythmic pattern): this creates a rather fast mini-trill, you might want to change this to be a bit smoother of a flourish
- Iíve got nothing else; this file is great!

Sincerity (condoct)
Rating: [+?] [4/10]
- as a whole, the file is quite convoluted and the layering is certainly not clear; instruments are followed in some spots and not others, and this is probably in part of the fact that the layering tries incorporating the lyrics on top of other prominent elements, which isnít visually fitting/logical
- 1.097/6.371: missing notes for snare
- 31.360: remove 24ths and put two 32nds before the jump
- 39.674: missing note for bass drum
- 45.944: missing note for guitar chug/bass drum
- 60.062/60.591: missing note for bass drum
- 71.885: missing note for bass drum
- 84.986: ^, etc
- 100.248: slew of misrhythms here
- 126.672/127.021: missing notes -- 4th jump at 126.934 is not sensible
- 131.033/131.207/131.382: missing notes for bass drums
- 138.091: pattern does a poor job representing the snare accents/build-up here
- 141.068/146.342/147.661: missing notes for snare
- 149.804: ghost note
- 175.596/178.371/181.146/186.695/(etcÖ): ghost note
- in addition to the first note, there are a number of ghost notes, missing notes, and occasionally misrhythms as well

Fission / ilikexd

Black - 7/10
@ 27.5s: no reason this shouldn't be a 4 note jack. it's not that fast.
@ 36s - 47s: the stucture of this entire section doesn't really make much sense. it doesn't seem like you are following the bass guitar at all and it feels arbitrary.
@ 46.5s: shouldn't be a jump
@ 82.38s: could use a bpm change here imo
@ 91.84s: missing jump
@ 102.93s: missing jump or the previous occurance of this shouldn't be a jump

Clockwork Gearman - 8/10
@ didn't spot any noticeable errors. i think pr could be slightly improved in some spots but it's a good file overall.

EOS - 7/10
@ 23.8s - 31.7s: PR sounds off in this section. i'd repattern it because the jumps don't really correspond to the violin synth sounds the way they should
@ 34s: not really "wrong" how this is stepped, but i would have personally made the jumps descend with the violin
@ 102.3s: missing 48th
@ 125.3s: good use of climax theory
@ there are some spots i would have acknowledged the piano more (i.e. 121s) break up the monotony of the synth, but it's not a big deal
@ it's a good file, but the song itself can only offer so much before it's a lot of the same

Slam Crunk - 5/10
@ cut more of the beginning and make it fade in next time
@ 11.15: two missing jumps on 4th and 8th to vocal samples
@ 11.77s: the patterning here really doesn't make much sense. the vocals don't vary dramatically enough to warrant a runningmen instead of trills.
@ 14.27s: pr could have been a lot better for these 3 notes
@ 24.51s: both of these 32nds are 12ths
@ 30.84s: shouldn't be a minijack
@ 36.15s: would have used a trill in here for the vocals
@ 37.4s: you stepped this differently before
@ 59.74s: missing 16th
@ 63.8s: missing 16th
@ 69.28s: really unncessary white note usage
@ 79.74s: missing 16th
@ 80.76s: missing 16th
@ 81.78s: should be a hand
@ i didn't point out everything because a lot of the mistakes are the same as the ones i already pointed out, but the file needs a pretty big structural revamp.

Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year - Fate of Sixty Years - 8/10
@ 36.79s: missing jump
@ 85.34s - 86.3: layering doesn't make much sense
@ 116.79s: should have stepped the poly here
@ 145.26s: missing 16th
@ pretty cool file and has a decent amount of variation to it. pr is pretty much spot on as well.

We Are Hi-Speed (Remix) - 5/10
@ 20.8s: should only be an 8th minijack here, not a 3 note jack
@ 60s: missing 16th
@ 81.6s: not the same sample as the previous two [12]34 patterns, so make this pattern different
@ 83.5s: this roll should descend
@ 111.2s-112.9s: your layering here is way off from what it should be
@ 157.8s: you only layered the 4th here but you layered the 8th and 16th as well in the next occurance of this
@ 160.7s-162s: layering here doesn't really make that much sense
@ lack of PR is something that still really irritates me about your files that you could massively improve on
@ patterning in general doesn't feel like it goes to what the samples are actually doing (trills, etc.). this is really important in stepping breakcore.

Breakthrough Atmosphere - 5/10
@ 3.22s: these jumps should be [12] because they don't share the same note that the single organ notes do
@ 27.9s: shouldn't be a jump on the 4th and you stepped an 8th jump for the organ sound on the next occurance of this section.
@ 31.7s: should be [34] instead in accordance with the previous jump
@ 34.1: really ugly minitrill here for no reason
@ 36s: these sets of jumps could have been PRed much better
@ 38.16s: ditto
@ 41.2s: ditto
@ you did this a few more times as well
@ 51s: misrhythm on these accents. missing synth note as well.
@ 57.52s: should be a 64th accent since that's what you did before for this sound
@ 60.84s: accents here are colored differently for the same sounds?
@ 66.25s: should accent these as all the same color
@ 69.92s: see 57.52s
@ 135.5: these two 12ths shouldn't be jumps
@ 137.14s: this pattern is pretty different from what the synth is actually doing
@ 156.5s: should only be a jump
@ 174.5s: missing note
@ 175.1s: see 137.14s
@ 208.8s: you had accents here before but now you don't
@ lots of inconsistent accents and sections where PR could have been a lot better are what brings this file down

Electric Butterfly - 8/10
@ didn't spot any technical errors and i think this is probably as well as this file could have been stepped for what the song is

Euphoric Field (Final Shaft Remix) - 7/10
@ 42s: this split roll is a pretty substantial difficulty spike compared to what the rest of the file is like
@ 44.8s: this should be a hand
@ 47.5s: ditto
@ 53.5s: these next 4 notes should be jumps
@ 64.3s: these next 3 notes should be hands
@ file is generally ok, just some small things

Lawn Wake IX [ilikexd] - 6/10
@ 8.6s: pretty understepped
@ 60.61s: missing 16th
@ 63.4s: should be the same jump as the one before it
@ 68.3s: missing 4th
@ 79.6s: don't see any reason these sets of jumps are different from each other
@ 80.4s: missing 8th and 16th
@ 83.1s: this is quite frankly entirely wrong. it's really understepped.
@ 85.8s: what is this jump going to?
@ 86.75s: missing jump
@ 93s - 94.7s: you could have followed the synth a lot better here
@ 117.7s: missing 4th and 32nd
@ 134.1s: missing 16th
@ 134.25s: should have made this a 64th burst
@ 134.6: missing 16th
@ 134.7s - 135.7s: this feels really empty
@ 146.3s: see 83.1s

Lawn Wake IX [MrPopadopalis25] - 9/10
@ 92s: patterning for these two beats is strange. it's descending but the patterning is ascending.
@ 121.68s: i would have made these multicolored hands personally.
@ 123.94s: these would have been better as short trills imo
@ 125.87s: missing jump
@ file is exceptionally executed overall. well done.

lifework - 7/10
@ 59.46s: pr here really doesn't make much sense
@ 64.85s: ditto
@ 108.8s: should ascend
@ 124.1s: patterning here is a bit weird. same types of jumps going to different sounds.
@ file is alright and the layering and pr is fine. check the things i mentioned though.

Malicious Fingers - 6/10
@ 60.1s: shouldn't be a jump
@ 60.9s: shouldn't be a jump or the previous two 4th notes shouldn't be jumps
@ 62s: pr could use a bit of improvement here (notes are ascending)
@ 62.5s: shouldn't be a jump
@ 127.5s: missing a jump
@ 135.7s: not sure what you are following here? it doesn't make sense no matter what it is.
@ 188.1s: some misrhythms in this section (should be some 12ths and 24ths)
@ 237.6s: should be an 8th trill
@ a lot of the patterns in the solos don't really reflect what is going on in the music (you have an excessive amount of staircase patterns) in addition to the jumps that aren't really going to anything. those are the two biggest things wrong with this file.

Micro Media Broth - 3/10
@ 15s: both of these 16th jumps should ascend in pitch
@ 16.7s: ditto for these next 4 16th jumps
@ you should be using minijacks way more than you did. it makes the staccato percussion noticeable -- as it should be.
@ 20.6s: missing jump
@ 20.8s: missing jump
@ 21.5s: missing 4th
@ 21.7s: missing 32nd
@ 22.4s: this is just 3 16th notes
@ 23.2s: missing 4th
@ 25.1s: missing jump
@ i'm not going to enumerate every single error, but you have so many of them which are mostly comprised of missing notes and inconsistent layer as well as general pattern choices. this chart needs a massive overhaul for it to be passable.

Monkey Island - 8/10
@ personally i would have made some things hands but it's fine how it is. it's well stepped with good pr and sensible layering.

My Fxxkin Desire For You v2 - [ < ]8/10
@ it's better than the current file in game, but it's not different enough in how it's stepped to warrant a v2

Once Upon a December - 6/10
@ 15.81s: shouldn't be [12] and missing 8th
@ 27.39s: should be same column as previous note
@ 31.67s: snare hit so jump should be different
@ 64.46s: missing 8th
@ 92.74s: ditto
@ pr is lacking in multiple spots throughout the chart. listen on a slower rate and you should be able to find most of where it needs improvement.

Our Final Mourning - 3/10
@ this is way too easy even for a brand new player. free space or power are perfectly fine for a player first starting out and there doesn't need to be anything easier, especially when it's this understepped. it's 1 note every two seconds for most of the chart.

@ this looks exactly like a pad chart. nothing makes sense to the music including pitch relevancy and layering.

Phase 1 - 3/10
@ your offset is noticeably early
@ 40.41s: jump?
@ 59s: no layering here?
@ 139.5s: these 24th bursts are entirely wrong
@ 174.67s: misrhythm
@ most of the patterns you chose don't really make sense to the music. the song is incredibly reptitive which doesn't help either.

Premium Pine - 7/10
@ PR in the beginning is really weak. check this again.
@ 102.52s: missing jump
@ 111.35s: ditto
@ 134.27s: shouldn't be a jump
@ file is alright but the song itself is really repetitive. you did a pretty decent job varying the patterns while keeping a sensible structure.

Rage (Sukia's Theme) - 5/10
@ offset is 20ms late. you also have some really bad drifting.
@ 3.11s: just 16ths
@ 33.27s: should ascend
@ 85.99s: didn't ackowledge flute at all during this part??
@ 110.3s: see 3.11s, 3 24ths @ 110.98s
@ 112.04s: missing 16th
@ 114.74s: ditto
@ 134.53s: layering is inconsistent here. you step the snares as jumps in the broken stream but you don't layer the snares at all in the straight stream.
@ 122.43s: see 85.99s
@ 159.49s: just 12ths
@ chart has numerous errors including misrhythms and missing notes that need to be addressed

Sound of Infinity - 1/10
@ pr is non-existent pretty much everywhere in the chart
@ 44.86s: minijacks.. WAT
@ 82.625: 32nds are completely nonsensical
@ 179.43: massive unnecessary difficulty spike
@ the file has so many problems i don't even know where to start. entire chart needs to be scrapped.

Southern Cross v2 - 7/10
@ 104.83s: what is this jump going to?
@ 117.14s: should be same hand as before
@ 123.3s: what are you layering with any of these 4th jumps in this section?
@ 196.48s: shouldn't be a hand
@ pretty alright jumpstream file. nothing spectacular

Speedbreaker - 2/10
@ your layering doesn't make any sense, nothing is PRed, and your offset is off by 40 to 50 ms. not going to go into details because this file is missing the fundamentals of simfiling.

Still Blastin' - 7/10
@ 83.9s: would be better as 3 and the next triplet as 121
@ 101.7s: you should have acknowledged the percussion in this section to change it up from what followed before.
@ it's a good, easier version of this song but you could have made it less repetitive by following the percussion more.

Strength - 8/10
@ 15.2s: this would be better on 1 to keymatch the next kick drum
@ 17.9s: ditto
@ 21s: keymatch to the kickdrum before it
@ 23.7s: ditto
@ i thought it was interesting that you keymatched the kick later on in the file
@ 52.5s: not sure why you PRed these jumps in the opposite direction
@ 72.6s: ditto
@ file looks pretty good overall though. layering and structure was sensible throughout the file.

T&J - 7/10
@ 240.1s: PR could be better and missing jump
@ 252.9s: ditto
@ 307.3s: missing jump
@ 317.7s: missing piano grace note
@ 275.3s: should be a minijack
@ 350.7s: missing jump
@ 352.4s: 16ths here should have been stepped
@ 447.9s: missing note
@ 452.2s: missing notes
@ 452.5s: ditto
@ 452.7s: missing note
@ 453.4s: ditto
@ 458.2s: these last two notes could be quads
@ overall the file is pretty structurally sound and the layering is pretty consistent but the things i pointed out definitely stood out as needing improvement

The Last 8 Bars - 4/10
@ you need to use more repetition to represent a cohesive file structure. it really detracts from the file when you are stepping in different columns for the same pitches. the file is grossly underlayered, especially when new instruments are introduced and you don't acknowledge them at all.
@ if you are worried about the file getting repetitive as a result of the former, you should consider a cut. there are a lot of sections that are nearly identical and shouldn't be stepped since they don't really add anything interesting to the file.
@ 11.9s: ghost note
@ 12.4s: should be a hand
@ 21.6s: ditto
@ 31.4s: ditto
@ not going to enumerate every layering layering mistake because there is so many of them
@ file needs a huge overhaul in pretty much every area of the chart

The Rhythm - 3/10
@ 52.53s: this pattern is incredibly annoying to hit
@ 133.24: this runningman makes no sense
@ 162.81s: ditto
@ so many missing notes that i'm not going to point any of them out. you would be better off just stepping most of the prominent sounds unless you have a good reason not to.
@ pr is lacking pretty much every in the chart
@ file could use bpm changes for the slow parts
@ really needs a cut because the same section repeats multiple times.

The Sun and the Star - 4/10
@ bpm is half of what it should be
@ a lot of the minijacks in the beginning don't make any sense. what sound are you repeating?
@ 5.16s: missing 32nd
@ 10.74s: ditto
@ 133.97s: hands and jumps should be jumps and singles.
@ file is ridiculously repetitive and desparately needs a cut. you didn't even make an attempt to pr anything either.

Timepiece phase II (High-transparency Mix) - 9/10
@ i was really hard pressed to find any errors. the one thing that stopped me from giving this 10/10 is that the file starts to drag given the length.

Treasure Trove Cove - 4/10
@ bpm is wrong, it's 125.01 not 124.9. the chart is offsync by 60 ms in some places.
@ chart is majorly lacking structure for a keyboard chart. feels like a pad chart. use repetition with good PR.
@ layering doesn't make any sense either.
@ PR is good in some places of the chart, but i can't really say anything else good about it. it needs a massive overhaul before i could give this a good rating.

Tsumeawase Pt. 3 - 10/10
@ 14.6s: would have made this a broken snare hit
@ can't find anything else other than that and the file has excellent variety

Twirling Star - 8/10
@ 19.9s: should be a minijack
@ 31.5s: shouldn't be a 3 note jack
@ 117.7s: ghost 32nd
@ 133s: should be a mini jumptrill
@ 134.5s: missing jump
@ 157.4s: see 133s
@ 237s: would have made these on 3 to align with the the next 2244 pattern
@ 300.4s: missing jump
@ 304s: ditto
@ 304.7s: missing note
@ 306.7s: missing jump
@ 308.5s: missing note
@ for a file this long you didn't really make that many mistakes and i agree with most of your pattern choices

@ your offset is late
@ 9.7s: if you are going to use accents, use subbeats to properly sync them
@ 18.5s: this isn't a straight 24th burst. could have better pr.
@ 19.3s: missing jump
@ 21.2s: would be better as a [12] jump
@ 21.6s: this is just straight 16ths
@ 26.2s: ditto
@ 26.5s: could have better pr
@ 28.1s: ditto
@ 28.9s: why didn't you any of these as jumps?
@ 40.4s - 61.2s: a lot of pr improvements can be made here.
@ 55.2s: missing grace note
@ 90.8s: first two 192nds are ghost notes
@ 69.8s: missing jump
@ 71s: ditto
@ lots of pr mistakes and questionable layering throughout the chart

Valentine - 5/10
@ start: you didn't step a ton of the 8th notes but you stepped but you did @ 12.24 when the only thing that changes is heavier layering
@ start: your patterning doesn't make much sense. why do you have anchors going to distinct sounds? you also have the same jumps going to distinct sounds as well.
@ 19.36: missing 16th
@ all of your jumpstream patterns don't really make any sense with what the synth is doing, you have tons of 3 and 4 note anchors as well as 1h minitrills for no reason. finally, they are layered really generically when you could have made them so much more interesting.

Vanquish the Horrible Night - 3/10
@ file should start on a 4th note and the offset could have been better
@ 10.6s: missing jump
@ 13.6s: these two notes should be jumps
@ 14.8s: there really isn't any reason you should have mirrored this. it's only one repetition. same errors as before apply.
@ 17.8s - 19.8s: disagree with leaving this section empty
@ 19.8s: pr could have been better
@ 20s: should be a jumptrill
@ 20.7s: should be a hand
@ 21s: the layering here is a mess. this entire section needs to be restructured.
@ 34.5s: misrhythm, slow it down and check again.
@ 35.8s: pr is really off in this entire guitar solo and there are tons of misrhythms
@ 51.8s: pr again
@ 67.8s: see 35.8s
@ 80.8: see 21s
@ i'm not going to go through the rest of this chart. you might as well just restep the entirety of it from scratch.

Violet Leaves - 7/10
@ file should start on a 4th note and the offset could have been better
@ 41.7s: should be a hand
@ i really like the minimalist approach to this file and think you executed it really well. offset really hurts, though.

@ your jumpglut patterning is pretty repetitive
@ 135.4s: not sure why this is a hand
@ 130.2s: in the section prior to this, you didn't step some of the 32nds
@ file is decent for what it is, the song itself isn't that varied so there isn't much that can be done with the file

warm sea - 8/10
@ 7.5s: should be PRed ascending
@ 59.6s: should be a 24 or 34 trill instead. the 4th jump should represent a lower pitch than the 16th jump before it as well.
@ layering and PR are fine from would i could see other than that

We Are The Vampires - 7/10
@ entire beginning pattern would make a lot more sense as 111...432
@ 33.4s: should be a 6 note trill
@ 38.9s: this pattern is really mean. consider changing it to something easier.
@ 44.8s: ditto
@ 65.6s: missing 16th
@ 66.9s: should be a hand
@ 67.9s - 76s: a lot of bass hits that should be jumps instead of hands
@ 72.3s: should be a hand
@ 88.4s - 92.4s: see my first note

Why Did You Have To Make It Hurt - 6/10
@ 35.5s: missing 16th
@ 42.5s: inconsistent layering
@ 52.5s: should be a 16th not an 8th
@ 59.3s: inconsistent layering
@ 84.9s: missing 16th
@ 148.3s: should be a different jump than before
@ 160.2s: would make more sense as (12)
@ 162.7s: should be different from the jumps after it
@ 165.4s: ditto
@ 167.5s: ghost 16th note
@ 181.3s: missing jump
@ 206s: missing jump

Winnipeg As Mandatory Scat Feed - 3/10
@ the patterning all around is unnecessarily difficult in some areas. you have really long anchors and 1 handed trills at 240 bpm and they are much harder than other parts of the file. the structure doesn't really make sense either (same types of jumps going to different sounds in a lot of different sections). whole file needs to be revamped.

Play It Loud (gameboy42690)

-a bit draggy/repetitive song. couldve been alleviated by varying patterns, but a lot of the same were used for the choruses

Po Pi Po Kouka de Uchi no Miku wa Kyou mo Genki Desu

23.267s: 12th should be 16th

-way overlayered. you dont have to layer in every single sound

Ray of Moonlight (DarkZtar)

8.440s: missing note

-good layering and pr throughout

Red_13 (TheSaxRunner09)

23.529s: makes no sense to cut out from your previous layering here
30.681s: backwards pr
33.463s: missing note
33.860s: missing note
35.151s: bad hand bias in this part
62.171s: missing note
85.913s: missing jumps
85.615s: why switch from stream to broken stream?
88.297s: jump to accomodate crash
91.675s: missing note

Revolutions (M0nkeyz)

16.085s: arbitrary cutoff from the stream
33.985s: again
40.485s: again
58.185s: missing notes
69.285s: no pr, and minijacks should be used where the same note repeats
139.685s: broken stream here why?
168.485s: jacks are all pretty misplaced

-this is a very bad song choice, it's extremely repetitive and just generic 16th synth 4th bass drum and never goes anywhere
-pattern choice is very poor, it seems you start using one repeatedly for a while, then switch to a different one instead of mixing in various stream patterns
- pr is nonexistent
-various errors/inaccuracies

Run Away (bmah)

- pretty well done. i think the climaxes could be made a little bit easier or the jack sections a bit harder to improve difficulty flow, but they aren't so hard enough to cause a real problem

Scrambooch (Silvuh)

-file is well done, nothing i can point out
-cool use of colors

Samus Bubblebath (trumaestro)

5.393s: ghost note
7.952s: really inaccurate rhythm
12.364s: ghost note
14.482s: ghost note
22.599s: grace note is wrong
34.245s: grace note is very early
34.599s: missing grace note
35.305s: grace note is early
45.982s: ghost note
47.526s: grace note is early, missing note after
59.305s: 16th is late, grace note is backwards
60.893s: missing grace note
98.658s: jump is off
151.776s: missing note
179.658s: inaccurate
223.246s: inaccurate
239.717s: these arent exactly 12ths, and you stepped them as jumps before
243.540s: jump is off
246.540s: jump is off
251.011s: see 239.717s
252.540s: this whole part is pretty inaccurate

-when placing grace notes one problem you have is correctly identifying the grace notes but stepping almost all of them as 64ths when they're much slower than that, there are whole sections that are way off
-the 32nd section was way overdone considering the rest of the chart's difficulty, it could be much more lightly layered

might be more missing grace notes, incorrect grace notes, and ghost notes, stopped looking


Savant on Mushrooms (Razor)

5.278s: is descending from the previous note
33.135s: these are just 24ths
39.885s: missing notes
40.421s: this part is pretty inaccurate, they're not straight 24ths, there are some 16ths
52.921s: ghost note
54.421s: ghost 24ths
78.939s: missing 32nd
79.689s: there is no 32nd here
80.010s: these are 48ths and the first 32nd is a ghost note
99.939s: should be a 24th
103.564s: should just be a single note, dont understand a long of jump usage in this section, seems inconsistent
156.671s: this is actually 24ths, same with the one before it
171.242s: missing notes
184.492s: missing 24th, a few missing notes after it
191.064s: ghost note

chart has some potential, but is just chock full of errors right now. seems very hastily made, some ghost notes like at 191.064s show signs of really rushed-through stepping

Senorita Bonita (hi19hi19)

19.099s: this 16th should be moved up by a 32nd, same goes for every other instance of that sound

- song drags a bit, and i don't think the jumptrills were the best way to step the sounsd at 26.871s etc, would be better to use hands for the guitar everywhere and jumps on the bass drum imo

Sincerity (Condoct)

missing 2 seconds of silence

9.833s: ghost note
60.062s: missing note
71.885s: missing note
78.707s: missing note
79.056s: missing note
141.068s: missing note
146.342s: missing note
147.661s: missing note
149.804s: ghost note
181.146s: ghost note
183.400s: ghost note
183.920s: ghost note
186.695s: ghost note
192.244s: ghost note

- the chart lacks any sort of layering structure. jumps and hands are arbitrarily placed instead of corresponding to certain sounds/instruments

Sneakman (Silvuh)

- file is well done, can't see anything i think that should be changed

Tetris (samurai7694)

27.528s: jump is slightly late
72s: these jumpjacks into hands are way too hard compared to the rest of the file, it could have been more passable if there were no hands, or easier patterning like [12][12][234] but stuff like [12][23][124] is too hard
87.281s: missing 24th
126.661s: this should just be straight 16ths

- the majority of the file is good and the speedup at the end is pretty cool, the only issue is the big spike in the jumpjack section

The National Athem of Japan (hi19hi19)
- looks fine as an easy file

Trap Factory (Oni-Paranoia)

offset is .032 early
audio/music quality is poor

35.578s: poor pr
35.785s: missing note
47.061s: poor pr
50.268s: ditto
56.889s: ditto
63.509s: ditto, so on, so on, happens many times

- song and steps are incredibly repetitive, there are sections that repeat themselves more than 4 times, and theyre stepped with copy and paste, and the same PR errors (lowest note placed on column 4)

Visitor (glassvox)

8.521s: 24ths not 32nds
9.660s: backwards pr on 32nds
10.800s: shouldnt be minijack
11.421s: ditto
15.564s: minijack here is questionable
16.082s: should just be a single note
16.548s: ghost 32nd
17.222s: stepping these as minijacks here is questionable again because the ascending background melody is more apparent and audible than the bass drum hits
17.895s: missing 32nd
19.086s: both minijacks dont make sense, they should be ascending and descending, respectively
26.234s: missing note
33.589s: i don't follow your jump placement here
34.832s: what does hand go to?
35.039s: this minijack usage here is questionable again, it'd be better to follow the melody rather than associating minijacks with every bass drum hit. also with minijacks here it makes it very difficult to transition from the 24ths to the 16ths
37.111s: backwards pr
37.422s: this and the next few hands seem pretty arbitrary, see 36.075s you have a hand for the crash which is good and makes sense, but the rest don't
42.705s: this section is very problematic. it plays as a right hand trill and then left hand alternating gallops, and it has minijack to 1hand jump transitions on both ends, resulting in an immense difficulty spike killing the flow. it would suffice to just step 24ths here, or if you find it necessary to step polyrhythms, to at least have easier transitions and patterning
44.984s: these 32nds here are actually occuring during this entire section, so starting to step them here after no change in the music is arbitrary. moreover, they're ascending and you have them as descending rolls.
45.744s: ghost 12th
48.092s: this is all still 16ths
57.001s: minijumpjacks make no sense given the pitch is changing (ascending)
60.937s: jacks dont make sense

before going further into the file to point out specific errors, i'm informed there are things judges pointed out from the previous batch when you submitted this, and you did not fix them, for example "@ 44.984s - not sure why this 32nd roll decends, the music is ascending.", and may other things.

-this file has many errors and layering inconsistencies; within specific sections you differ between how you step certain sounds
-pr is very poor
-layering is over-the-top heavy in many spots, disallowing the player to feel any of the prominent elements and instead is just hitting lots of jumps. solo in particular is way, way suffocated
-the worst thing of all is that you did not fix most of the things other judges pointed out in the previous submission, it is a waste of the judges' time

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

November/December 2013

Adventure Time (Xiz) - [+.] 7/10
- The offset needs to be synced to a positive offset, which I can't seem to do in DDream.
- s9.226: the pitch gets higher here, so create different patterns than those of s7.381.
- s14.762: backwards PR from copying, pasting, and mirroring the same patterns.
- s64.815: kind of weird to have a completely opposite jump to the one right below if both jumps are going to the same instrument.
- s65.737: can't tell if there are 4 bass notes here to justify those 4 jumps.
- Very simple chart. The PR in the beginning really needs work though.

Akasha (DarkZtar) - [+?] 6/10
- s23.701: piano note here is lower in pitch than s24.188. Doesn't make much sense to force a minijack into a jump too.
- s74.620: the 64th and 32nd jumps here are off.
- s89.215: you could at least simplify this to 24ths; 48th rolls are completely unnecessary compared to the rest of the chart. Maybe if it was more heavily layered then this would be fine.
- s113.215: there's 2 pipe organ notes being played here and at s115.809, kind of feels empty without those two being jumps.
- s131.377: the use of minijack jumps here ramp up the difficulty a bit too much.
- s151.485: this 48th split roll pattern is just cruel though, which again, 48th rolls are unnecessary for this chart unless it was more heavily layered.
- This chart is pretty fast-paced, however the difficulty spike and those 2 48th rolls just seem to be there to make it artifically more difficult.

Amber Shores (mi40) - [?] 3/10
- Beginning pitch relevancy needs work.
- s8.273: missing jump to piano chord.
- s14.988 - s15.163: you layer the bass drums here as jumps but there are plenty of bass notes before these three that you didn't layer.
- s16.820 - s16.994: snares were also layered as jumps but they're single notes here?
- s18.215 - s18.913: the jumps between this time frame are off-sync.
- s19.785 - s20.046: more 16th snares that aren't layered as jumps.
- s20.308 - s20.483: should be a 24th roll.
- s20.657: these two 48th triplets seem weird to me, personally.
- s21.006 & s21.238: what are these jumps going to?
- s22.576: missing note.
- s23.317: no 32nd note should be here.
- s23.360: this buzz is continual but you aren't showing that with these sudden breaks in the bursts.
- s24.363: should just be a 32nd note here; remove the surrounding 48th and 12th.
- s25.541 & s25.657: jumps, why?
- s26.238: your layering choice is confusing here as you're layering 3 different things at once.
- s27.110 & s28.506: can't hear any 16ths here.
- s29.378: nothing here constitutes a jump.
- s30.599: 16ths?
- s31.209: why not finish the 48th roll?
- s33.390: this should just be a 48th 1234 roll, not 12[34].
- s34.262: the buzz here progressively slows down but you use a constant 32nd roll.
- s37.227: seriously, what are you layering?
- s40.366: a constant buzz but is abruptly ended early, make this a 32nd roll instead.
- s41.326: missing 16th note.
- s42.110: missing 8th note.
- s43.593: now you use 64th rolls? This is also a note too short.
- s43.767: move down to a 12th.
- s45.294: missing 32nd note.
- s46.209 - s46.471: this is a constant 32nd roll.
- s46.820 - s47.517: the sequence of notes here are supposed to be 12ths.
- s47.517: a lot of broken up buzzes here but you use a constant 32nd roll?
- s48.215 - s49.087: this fading out and in buzz just doesn't seem to be accented properly to me.
- s49.349: move up to a 24th.
- s50.657: why not a 48th roll here?
- s51.049: missing 32nd note for the buzz.
- s51.267: the 32nd triplets here just feel like they should be quicker than 32nds.
- s52.401: the 16ths just don't accurately represent the fading out buzzes.
- s55.977: should be represented as a 4 note 48th roll, take out the 32nd at s56.108.
- s56.326: should also be represented as a 4 note 48th roll here.
- s59.988: ghost note.
- s60.250: again, 4 note 48th roll should be here.
- s63.128: missing 16th note.
- s63.826: ghost note.
- s68.099: the 12ths stop here.
- s68.491: missing 32nd note.
- s69.145: at least have some sort of pitch relevancy here.
- s75.206: ghost note.
- s76.209: ghost note.
- s77.518 - s77.866: 12thy section here.
- s79.131 & s79.218: missing 32nd notes.
- s80.483: ghost note.
- s81.006: the roll still continues from here.
- s81.529: the roll here abruptly ends too early.
- s81.878: a 4 note 48th roll would be put to good use here.
- s82.227: again, another 12thy sequence of notes here that you miss.
- s83.840: ghost note.
- s87.154: the roll should be continued from here.
- s87.895: missing 16th.
- s91.733: wrong use of triples in this section.
- s95.047: what's the point of sandwiching 24ths with 32nds here?
- s98.012: the roll continues from here.
- s99.669: nothing really goes to this 48th triplet.
- s101.762: more pointlessly sandwiched 24ths + 32nds.
- s102.023: missing 16th.
- s102.198: this roll can be better.
- s104.959: there should be no 12ths in this part.
- s107.692: this roll can also be better.
- s109.610 - s109.959: sequence of 12ths here.
- s111.224: this roll continues from here.
- s112.982: random use of a 12th.
- s113.796: not liking that you're ignoring the piano in this section.
- s114.145: pitch relevancy needs to be better also.
- I just can't go through any more of this, it's just a mess of the same mistakes over and over. Your layering is just beyond inconsistent, bursts aren't represented well, pitch relevancy is hardly there, constant misrhythms, etc.

Arcanum Guardian (VisD) - [+?] 6/10
- s7.921: shouldn't be a hand if the synth doesn't play here.
- s9.895: missing jump to cymbal.
- s10.132 & s10.211: missing jump to bass drum and cymbal, respectively.
- s10.842: should just be 48ths here.
- s14.632 & s15.263: the 4th jumps you have here don't really go to anything audible; you're also missing a lot of bass drums on 16ths in this particular section (e.g. s14.237, s14.711, s14.869, and s15.500) that could be layered as jumps.
- s16.526: the parts where you have just 4ths could have better pitch relevancy.
- s18.342 & s18.500: personally, I would make these 2 jumps as single notes just to avoid clutter.
- s19.052: more missing bass drums on 16ths.
- s27.263 & s27.895: layer in the synth here to make jumps.
- s29.000: should be a jump if you're layering the snare as such; also missing a 16th at s29.079.
- s31.053, s31.684, s32.316: missing synth layering.
- s41.316: ghost note.
- s44.316: missing notes in this part.
- s46.763: missing note to piano.
- s47.474: missing 24ths.
- s48.105: pitch relevancy could definitely be better for these 12th jumps for easier hitting.
- s49.368: missing triple for the cymbal?
- s49.447: ghost note.
- s49.605: there are so many bass drums throughout this chart that you're ignoring to layer as jumps.
- s58.210 - s59.474: all the cymbal hits here should be triples.
- s64.526: missing triple to the cymbal.
- s78.421 - s79.684: again, missing triples to cymbal hits.
- s84.736: ^
- s102.736: first two trills here could be 1313131324242424 to imply pitch variety in this section.
- s107.789 - s108.753: since the piano in the background descends in pitch in this section, you could move the bass drum to the up arrow within this time frame so that it follows the pitch accordingly.
- s111.043: missing 16th.
- s111.675: ^
- The chart itself is structured pretty well, however you're missing a lot of key sounds that could potentially make this a good rigid jumpstream chart. It just feels too empty without the bass drum being layered as often as it should. The pitch relevancy can also be worked on as well.

Ascension to Heaven (DarkZtar) - [+.] 7/10
- Offset is off by a tiny bit.
- s15.300: missing jump to layer in the bass drum with the piano grace.
- s16.875: missing jump.
- s20.100: ^
- s75.300: why isn't this a grace note?
- s106.500: some missing notes here.
- s113.850: missing note.
- s117.900: missed to layer piano chord and a missing 16th right after.
- s125.700: more missing notes.
- s128.175: ^
- Some nitpicky errors here and there but it's a pretty solid, fast-paced chart. The columning of the jumps to the snares in the beginning were nice and clean and the pitch relevancy is well done.

Beauty & the Beast (Hairy Cabbage) - [+?] 5/10
- Given the difficulty of the chart, it should be fine to chart the 17 seconds of piano in the beginning instead of ignoring it completely.
- Offset is off by a tiny bit.
- s43.235: up until this point, you should not put notes to the echoed snare afterwards.
- s47.122: there's a note missing after this 32nd.
- s51.588: no cymbal here to constitute the (34) jump.
- s60.042: this 48th grace seems ghosted.
- s89.224: not 32nds.
- s143.360: missing note.
- s143.565: ^
- s144.042: not 24ths.
- s146.633: 2 missing 32nd notes.
- s148.133: no 32nds here.
- s150.315: missing 32nd notes.
- s153.451: should have 24ths here.
- s155.974: missing note.
- s156.520: ghost note?
- s159.315: not 24ths.
- s165.042: this minijack goes to a different snare than s164.633.
- s165.588: no 48ths should be here, only 32nds.
- s169.270: should also be a (34) jump.
- s172.133: 32nds here, not 24ths.
- s173.292: missing note.
- s176.224: this one-handed 12th trill aren't exactly 12ths, check again.
- s189.860: what are these 3 16th note going to here?
- s201.451: should have 24ths here.
- s201.792: ghost note.
- s203.633: again, 24ths here.
- s209.292: missing note.
- s219.860: same as s176.224.
- s228.588: ^
- s237.315: ^
- The song choice is really grating, and songs like this are always abrasively charted just for the sake of it being difficult. The chart doesn't have much to offer since it's all percussion that you're following. Certain sounds are columned appropriately which helps give it consistency. On top of the empty beginning, misrhythms, and missed notes, the song choice is what makes it more difficult to give an acceptable rating to.

Be-Music Polyphony (hi19hi19) - [+] 8/10
- Chart doesn't provide too much but it's pretty much perfectly pitch relevant throughout. Nicely done.

Big Up Toronto (___________) - [?] 4/10
- The whole chart is a convoluted mess; you're trying to layer practically everything in here it seems.
- s5.084: 8ths here but at s7.640 they're now 32nds?
- s6.185: move up to a 48th.
- s8.702: ^
- s10.118: why isn't this following a down jack?
- s10.747: shouldn't be a jump here. In fact, a lot of the jumps in here are questionable.
- s14.523: same wubs here at s9.489, but are jumps here?
- s19.085: missing 32nds here.
- s20.186 - 40.007: a lot of missing 16ths in this section of the song.
- s41.109: you're layering a bunch of synths in this section, but this one (and along with many others) isn't layered.
- s45.356: what constitutes this as a hand?
- s48.424: ghost note.
- s48.581: missing 16th.
- s49.682: ghost note.
- s48.030: the 8th jumps here are layered on the synths but you missed to layer some 16ths.
- s49.918: both of the 8ths here aren't jumps?
- s50.390: a lot of the same mistakes repeat here.
- s60.458: your layering here in this section is really questionable.
- s61.323: missing 16th here and many more in this section.
- s80.594: missing hand to cymbal crash.
- s80.909: missing note.
- s81.223: missing note.
- s81.617 & s81.695: these are single notes but are the same sounds as the (24) jumps?
- s100.730: the chart starts becoming a mess here. There's no clear distinction on which notes are going to the wubs or anything else.
- s120.866: missing hand and more of the same mistakes repeat all the way up to s161.138.
- s161.138: The pitch relevancy for the synths here need to be worked on.
- s162.397: what are some of these hands going to?
- s165.543 & s165.858: missing hands to cymbals.
- s168.689: some ghosted 16ths here.
- s178.757: ^
- Overall, there's a lot of layering mistakes, inconsistencies, missing and ghosted notes, etc. that really call for this chart to be revamped.

Bird Sprite (DarkZtar) - [+] 8/10
- There are a couple jumps you could add in the very beginning that stand out a bit (e.g. s3.729 & s4.223).
- Other than that, the chart itself is pretty good. There's a lot of variety to the patterns with some good pitch relevancy. Not much else to say.

Caelumize (gameboy42690) - [+.] 7/10
- Chart stays nice and short to prevent repetition.
- Nothing too special about this though, just another jumpstream chart. The ending may be a little confusing to follow your layering scheme but everything is nicely varied. Good job.

grind2 v2 (DossarLX ODI) - [+.] 7/10
- Chart is acceptable for a v2, definitely much easier and not a mess of color notes like the v1.
- Nothing I can particularly point out.

I UPDATED MY F-LIST (beary605) - [?] 4/10
- Pitch relevancy is lackluster throughout the chart, work on it.
- s26.060 - s49.193: this whole section just looks really bland when the notes aren't relevant in pitch.
- s49.193: once the breaks start coming in, the coherence in your note placement isn't there. You're missing some jumps to either the snare or bass drum, you have jumps that shouldn't be jumps. Everything just seems randomly placed.
- s