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Default TC_Halogen's Good-Perfect Inversion Tournament

TC_Halogen’s Good-Perfect Inversion [G.P.I] Tournament
Hello there! Welcome to the Good-Perfect Inversion tournament! If you’re seeing this for the first time and are still before the sign-up conclusion of the Keysmash Refresher (February 5th, 2020 - 10:59 PM server time), go over there and join for more chances at prizes!

Round 8
Please Don't Remember
Stepartist: Shxfted
Length: 2:54
Difficulty: 98

cold (Kurorak's Bootleg)
Stepartist: hi19hi19
Length: 2:15
Difficulty: 100

Staple on Smile
Stepartist: hi19hi19
Length: 2:21
Difficulty: 102

This round will conclude on March 3rd, 2020 at 9:59 PM server time.
Scores from round 6 and earlier will no longer be accepted.

Round 7
The Bird's Midair Heatstroke
Stepartist: samurai7694
Length: 2:08
Difficulty: 93

Eclipse (Solar)
Stepartist: ElectricWerewolf
Length: 1:52
Difficulty: 96

Epileptic Crisis
Stepartist: ilikexd
Length: 1:58
Difficulty: 100

This round will conclude on February 29th, 2020 at 9:59 PM server time.
Scores from round 5 and earlier will no longer be accepted.

Round 6
Stepartist: SKG_Scintill
Length: 3:21
Difficulty: 83

Coconut Aventure
Stepartist: suicidaln00b
Length: 2:39
Difficulty: 86

No Reply
Stepartist: Deamerai
Length: 2:46
Difficulty: 91

This round will conclude on February 26th, 2020 at 9:59 PM server time.
Scores from round 4 and earlier will no longer be accepted.

Round 5
Just Why
Stepartist: DossarLX ODI & qqwref
Length: 2:20
Difficulty: 76

Bloodmeat [Heavy]
Stepartist: Dore
Length: 3:49
Difficulty: 79

Kono spoon, suteki desu ne (#sorrynotsorry)
Stepartist: 0
Length: 2:04
Difficulty: 82

This round will conclude on February 23rd, 2020 at 9:59 PM server time.
Scores from round 3 and earlier will no longer be accepted after 9:59 server time on February 20th, 2020.

Round 4
Angel Island Remix
Stepartist: Silvuh
Length: 2:10
Difficulty: 68

Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) [Heavy]
Stepartist: psychoangel691
Length: 3:08
Difficulty: 73

Stepartist: Niala
Length: 2:09
Difficulty: 75

This round will conclude on February 20th, 2020 at 9:59 PM server time.
Scores from round 2 and earlier will no longer be accepted.

Round 3
Rat Twist
Stepartist: gameboy42690
Length: 2:27
Difficulty: 54

Baby Still Too Fat
Stepartist: MarioNintendo
Length: 2:17
Difficulty: 58

Otter's Dance (Hotroot Mix)
Stepartist: Silvuh
Length: 1:50
Difficulty: 61

This round will conclude on February 17th, 2020 at 9:59 PM server time.
Scores from round 1 will no longer be accepted.

Round 2
Work (S. Pitron & M. Sanna Radio Edit)
Stepartist: Macgravel
Length: 2:17
Difficulty: 34

Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta
Stepartist: Silvuh
Length: 1:43
Difficulty: 39

A Beautiful Storm
Stepartist: Wayward Vagabond
Length: 2:15
Difficulty: 42

This round will conclude on February 14th, 2020 at 9:59 PM server time.

Round 1
Finding A Way
Stepartist: Razor
Length: 2:27
Difficulty: 14

tightrope city
Stepartist: Silvuh
Length: 2:27
Difficulty: 19

Time Bomb (feat. Veela)
Stepartist: DarkZtar
Length: 2:14
Difficulty: 21


Scoring and Eliminations/Details
If you weren’t already able to guess by the title of the tournament, the scoring system is… slightly modified. This tournament will be scored using FFR’s raw scoring system, with a twist: The values of goods and amazing/perfects have been switched. This means that you are aiming for as many goods as possible to attain a perfect score.

All songs in this tournament will be on the official FFR engine. In order to submit a score, you must post a full, non-cropped, in-game screenshot of your score.

To take a screenshot of your game, click the screenshot button to the left of the date inside of the R^3 engine. You will be prompted to save your screenshot to your computer, where you can then upload it to an image sharing website and share it here. If you are unable to post your score in the thread due to post count being too low or some other technical reason, send the score to me on Discord so that I can post in the thread on your behalf. Use in emergent cases only.

The plan is to have 7 divisions for this tournament. However, if division sizes prove to be too small, then the number of divisions will shrink and the scaling of song difficulties/player placements will be rescaled.
UPDATED: 2/6/2020 (1:45 PM server time)
As far as this tournament's format: I've officially decided to change it to a non-divisional, non-elimination, cumulative tournament. There's not enough people in this specialized tournament to merit a divisional structure.

All players in the tournament will play three different songs for each round, with the tournament's difficulty starting point accommodating for the lowest level players in the tournament - eventually increasing upwards to accommodate for the higher level players.

Round length will remain at 3 days per round.
EDIT: 2/8/2020 - LATE PENALTY: Scores can be posted for the previous round at a penalty of 250 points per day late. Scores for songs two rounds behind the current round will not be accepted.

I will be basing decisions off of leaderboard rank/placement, individual level ranks, recent gameplays, known presence in other rhythm games, and off of all players within the tournament as a whole. Do not discuss incorrect divisional placements in the thread. Instead, private message me on FFR or send me a message on Discord -- I can be found on the FFR public discord, and I am open to direct messages from anyone.

The tournament will consist of eight rounds, starting at minimal difficulty for each division and will gradient upward as the tournament progresses. At the end of every round, eliminations will occur. Those who do not submit for a round will receive a score of negative infinity on their song. If multiple people have a score for negative infinity on any round, they will be placed into a random number generator to determine eliminations.

It goes without saying, but it is very beneficial for users to manipulate their judge offsets to make the good window easily attainable. The concept of the tournament is not necessarily anti-PA, though you're welcome to do so -- the main idea is to experience the game with a tighter timing window (2 frames on one side, and a weird, lone, disjointed single frame good window to catch a complete stupidity).

While you're free to approach it however you'd like, this is an example of the likely easiest way to maximize scores:

Sign-ups will be open until February 6th, 9:59 PM server time. The tournament will begin on February 8th, 9:59 PM server time. Rounds will be three days long unless noted otherwise.

1.) You must have a minimum of 250 games on your FFR account, spanning over at least 75 fully played songs, with an account age of at least 0.1 years. This is not only to ensure that alternate accounts don't raid the tournament, but also to ensure that I can make a proper placement based off of your level ranks. SIGN UP WITH YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT, or tell me the name of your main account if you're signing up on a less known account. I will contact a moderator if I think you're sharing an IP address of a well known account. If you enter using an alternate account without making a mention of it, you will be removed and will not be allowed in under any account.

2.) NO CHEATING. If at any point in the tournament I feel like you have used/abused any loophole, exploited any particular rule, played on someone else's account/had someone else play on your account, or have used other means to increase your scores, I will contact the appropriate staff to verify your gameplays. I reserve the right to request video proof for any user at any time.

3.) Be respectful to all other competitors in this tournament. Arguments will NOT be tolerated, and can result in immediate removal in the tournament.

4.) If you fail to submit for a prize round while still in the tournament, you will not receive your prize, and your prize will be passed down to the next place down! Top 5 in every division receives a prize.

Updated to post #60.

Donations are always greatly appreciated. I’m going to kick off the tournament with 250,000 credits; send all donations to TC_Halogen.

Starting Pot: 250,000
TheToaphster: 250,000
WSCB: 125,000
Andrew WCY: 96,950
Ultimate Mike7: 50,007
EppuJoloZ: 25,000
Arere: 25,000
Total Pot: 821,957

  • Psychotik
  • Matthia
  • One Winged Angel
  • SubaruPoptart
  • Gradiant
  • SeoulSlayer
  • gold stinger
  • Andrew WCY
  • ositzxz369
  • Pizza69
  • TheToaphster
  • devonin
  • TheSaxRunner05
  • Swedcxzaq
  • Ultimate Mike7
  • awein999
  • Neomaxx69
  • EppuJoloZ
  • danredge
  • FirstMaple8
  • Knerves
  • Deamerai
  • Josemba
  • LeKrispyKreme
  • Araket
  • Thehidden0ne
  • MarcusHawkins
  • AlphaPanda721
  • Cryolien
  • SputnikOwns
  • s1rnight
  • EvilSweeT
  • RenegadeLucien
  • Thegaminggenius

Last edited by TC_Halogen; 03-5-2020 at 06:00 PM.. Reason: Tournament concluded; prizes to be paid out soon.
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