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Default Attribution-ShareAlike

This means we can use it on ffr right?

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Default Re: Attribution-ShareAlike

someone's gonna have to remind me how the CC licensing discussion went when we had it last time

my inclination is the license doesn't actually work in this case because we don't distribute FFR under the same license (that i know of), but if we do, then maybe

in any case, even though the page talks about uses without having to ask permission, we like it when artists know we exist
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Default Re: Attribution-ShareAlike

It's basically CC+Free Distribution

So, tl;dr:

You don't need to ask for permission

Credit must be given (a link to their page works upon release, same with author labeling in-game)

It must be distributed "worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, and perpetual". FFR ticks all these boxes. It is a download that is not region-locked, we don't require money to host it/don't make money off of it, anyone can access it (no paywall), and it's available 24/7.

If it was just Creative Commons, then remixed work of it could be monetized, but in this specific situation, the monetization of the finished product is prohibited.

Hope this helps.
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- Tosh 2014

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