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Default Learning to code in C++

I'm curently in a position in which I need to learn how to code in C++ and was wondering if I could get some advice on how to start from you FFR coding experts.

My background is engineering physics and so far, I've pretty much been able to make do with Matlab for whatever type of tech project/simulation/math analysis that was thrown at me. However, I've been assigned a project in which I need to interface instruments using C++ for various reasons. One being the fact that I'm dealing with a necessity for low response time. The other one being that everything else associated to those instruments are coded in C or C++ for compatibility. I don't expect being able to acquire some l33t skills in a week, but I don't exactly have 5 years to slowly and carefully build an absolute foundation of knowledge.

Do you know any material (Books/tutorials/etc) that could help me get functionnal in this language relatively quickly without having to plough through 800 pages long textbooks?

Much appreciated!

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